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Young Lust (M/f-teen, 1st, school)

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on: June 06, 2019, 05:46:22 AM
So, at the start of the year (2019), I said that I would be shifting my KA stories over to here, given the seeming winding-down of the archive. This one is the first of my three stories, and the one that received the thumbs-up from KitKat when she was around (which further inspired me to return to writing...again). According to the search, I had posted it in 2006; what it doesn't say is that it was posted as a challenge between me and another author, Karischino. (This was a long time before her full turn to religion, back when The Company was still a roleplay between us, and had more of a supernatural element attached to it.) Her story, which she posted a day before, I think, is called "Science is a Girl's Best Friend" and can be found here. You decide who won the challenge in the end, because I can't remember.

Because KA is a text-only archive, I am including formatting that was lost when the original was posted, so expect it to look a little different.

This story is entirely fictitious. The author does not condone sexual activity between an adult and a child, especially a child who is in their care, such as between a teacher and a student.

Once again, my soldier stood at attention.

Students filed one-by-one into the classroom. All female, all looking absolutely gorgeous in their uniforms (as some of you can guess, I teach in a private school). I'd ogle over their tight young bodies...then snap myself back into reality.

"The girls'll notice. Don't do it."

Instinctively, I rearranged my cock so that it wasn't so obvious. Thankfully no-one had noticed.

My eyes glid across the class of fresh, supple-bodied girls. They were all ripe for the picking, but one was especially enticing: my chosen one, Janine Macey. Fourteen years old, blonde hair cut in a bob, which brought out her facial features, a tight, slender young
body, with small handfuls for breasts, ending out in long, creamy legs, which she always had covered up in a pair of sheer stockings, making her legs shine. She was
my Zenith, an epitome of youthful sexuality.

And little Richard knew it too. I quickly sat down at my desk, just so I could adjust myself. Then I stood to deliver my lesson.

After the period bell rang, I asked Janine to stay behind. I could tell there was a look of curiosity on her face; after all, having a straight-A student stay behind after class was unusual, to say the least.

"Yes, Mr Talon," she asked me, as she approached my desk. She was dressed impeccably in her uniform, with a crisp white blouse, red and brown tartan ladies' tie, and a neat plaid skirt with the same tartan pattern on it, which wasn't exactly short, but short enough to qualify as a skirt.

Then came her white stockings and finally a pair of black school shoes, the kind with the single strap across the top and the covered toe, which had been very well polished that morning. On the left collar of her blouse, she had the school pin, squared up perfectly. I
tried to look down her blouse, but I knew that she was wearing a white bra, and possibly white panties too.

I reached down and opened a drawer in my desk, pulling out a plastic bag which was tied at the top. "I want you to see me after school, in this classroom, and make sure you are wearing this," I told her. I then let her leave for class.


Janine entered into the toilets and pulled out her mobile, immediately dialling a number. A 'Hello' came from the other end.

"Mum, Janine. I'll be late home from school this afternoon... Okay, thanks Mum... Bye."

She slipped the mobile back into her bag, and opened up the plastic one her teacher gave her, quickly closing it back up after she realised what was in it. Red with embarassment, she departed for class.


Finally, school was over for the day. Not that all the students were bad; indeed, some of them were quite good behaviourally. But I was still glad when the bell rang. It signalled the end of professionalism, and the beginning of immorality. I packed my books away in my shelves, drew the blinds, and waited.

A weak knock came at the classroom door. I stood and walked towards it, then opened it. Janine was standing there, still in her crisp, clean uniform. Yet I knew something was different about her, and her gesture merely proved it. Of course, I didn't try to show it.

"Come in, sit down," I greeted. She did just that, at the desk in the middle of the room. Again, the tent pole went up, but this time I did nothing to stop it. Instead, I walked over and knelt beside her. Taking her face in my hand, I then kissed her, softly and
passionately. This lasted a good twenty seconds, before I broke it. A weak smile had broken out across her face; she enjoyed it.

I unzipped my trousers, and pushed the fabric of my jocks aside, allowing its captive to escape. I took her right hand on my left fingers, and lead them below my beltline. I then placed her entire hand on my dick.


Janine felt dirty. She had felt dirty putting on the things Mr Talon wanted her to wear, she felt dirty as she came to his classroom, she felt dirty when he kissed her, and now she felt even more dirty touching his cock. As much as she wanted it to happen, she knew it was wrong, and it was that that made her feel dirty.

By the time Mr Talon had stood up, her entire hand was attempting to encircle his dick. An unrecognisable sensation had come over her, and she felt it, especially in her private regions. Instinctively, and in response to this new feeling, she took the head into her mouth.


It was a new kind of pleasure, as I felt the warm inside of this young girl's mouth. I placed a hand softly behind her head, as she sucked more and more of my length in. Her soft red lips encircled my girth, as her beautiful face was interrupted by a seven-inch
cock. (I admit, mine was not exactly the most attractive tool in the shed, but it did the job, and that's all I ask for.) She was about four inches in when she gagged.

I withdrew slightly. "Try not to take it all at once," I advised.

She took my advice well. Allowing her hand to work the lower half of my cock, she commenced working her lips along the upper part. The feeling was astounding, but I
needed more than astounding.

I withdrew myself from her mouth, and knelt again, reaching across to her blouse to unbutton it. I was careful not to break one; the buttons looked too perfect to damage. I finally had it completely open, as I surveyed the prize in from of me.

She was wearing the teddy I asked her to wear. A white silk thing, sheer like her stockings, and her exact size too. Flowers were embroidered all over it. But it was not the teddy I wanted; it was what was inside it.

I pulled one of the cups down over her breast, revealing it to me. The soft, silky skin was heavenly to me, as I took the nipple into my mouth. Her moans signified her enjoyment, as I sucked on it tentatively. Raising myself away from it, I looked across at the
other one, which was still covered. Again, I lowered the cup, and sucked on the nipple.

By this time, I had become more wanting of the ultimate prize. I moved down to her legs, and at the stockings on them. I lifted up the skirt, and took hold of the pair of stockings, and began to remove them. At the knee, I stopped to remove her shoes, and then continued on, removing them completely.

I looked back up along her legs, her womanhood was hidden behind the silk of the teddy. I moved up and shifted the fabric to the side, exposing her flesh. Then, like a cannibal, I went down and began to eat her.


The feeling of his tongue inside of her made her do two things: let out an audible moan, and part her legs a little more. She lay back, as she enjoyed the sensation of his working her cunt.

But it wasn't just that that would make her feel special. It was what he had in store for her next that would be her—and his—defining moment.


I was able to pull myself away from her lovely, warm vagina, and bring myself up to her mouth again, allowing her to taste her own juices. As I did, I brought my cock up to her entrance, resting the head upon it. I then made my way into her, all the time kissing her, even as she let out a small 'yelp' at the feeling of her first penetration.


Janine's yelp was not caused by the pain of having her hymen broken, but at the shock of it happening so fast. It was only when Mr. Talon broke his kiss with her that she realised the extent of what had happened: his cock was buried five inches into her slit, and he was pressing to push it further.

"Do it," she whispered, wishing her menstrual cycle was not at the point where she could conceive.


I buried myself up to the hilt inside of her, before I began a pistoning action inside of her, slowly at first, then speeding up gradually. The stimulation I was giving her cunt made her moan in short, sharp, gradually rising tones.

It was about five minutes before I was going at my fastest. Our groins were slamming together, her moans high and staccato, when my balls finally decided to do their thing. The first drop of my cum in this lovely girl came out quickly and voluminously. Every squirt
after that filled her up even more.


The warmth of his cum filled her body, as she felt his cock bury itself completely inside her. Every squirt came thick and fast, hitting her cunt walls, smearing them with sticky goo.

Finally he leaned down to kiss her, as the spurts subsided. This time the passion that was present in the first kiss had matured, and she kissed him back with the same amount of passion. She felt like a woman, his working her making her feel older and more experienced.

Mr. Talon then withdrew, before depositing a few more streams of cum on the desk. Janine, as carefully as she could with a pussy full of cum, picked herself up and leaned over to the cum deposits, licking them up before licking of his cock. She then proceeded to dress, on her teacher's insistence.

She did, and left his classroom, quietly confident of her sexual prowess.

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Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 04:35:30 PM
Beautiful! Janine sounds like a lovely little cock tease

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Reply #2 on: June 08, 2019, 07:53:26 AM
Nice, thanks for the share ;D

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Reply #3 on: June 08, 2019, 01:15:19 PM
what a great quick little story.. she is an A student for sure.