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The Motel (MF, )

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on: June 06, 2019, 10:36:27 PM
The Motel. Pt. 01.

After I was retrenched, my wife and I decided to invest in a budget motel. After purchasing a motel, the previous owner was teaching me about the operation of the motel and how to use the guest register and record the guests that stayed at the motel. He also showed me how the motel’s security cameras operated 24/7 and how easy it was to check out different areas around the motel.

It had been decided that my wife would do the cleaning around the motel and I would be in charge of the office and record the guests that arrived at the motel. We had been running the motel by ourselves for a few weeks without any problems when one night while I was sitting in the office that I started playing around with the security cameras and was checking out what was happening around the outside of the motel.

When all of a sudden, the security monitor showed the inside of one of the motel rooms, I immediately recognized the young couple that was on the monitor as the young couple that I had just rented the room too. The voyeur in me took over as I watched the couple undress and go into the bathroom, a few minutes later they came out off the bathroom with towels wrapped around themselves.

I watched as they removed the towels from around their bodies, the woman had a lovely slim figure with average breasts and a partly shaven cunt, the man had an athletic and muscular body with a large cock. When he laid down on the bed the woman crawled onto the bed and took his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down sucking his cock as he ran his fingers through her hair.

My own cock started to stir at the erotic sight on the monitor, it was as if I was watching a porno. I pulled my cock out off my pants and started stroking my cock as I watched the woman straddle the man’s waist and lower her cunt onto his cock, as she bounced up and down she fondled and squeezed her breasts. The fact that they had no idea that anyone was watching them made it more exciting and it didn’t take long for my cock to erupt and shoot a large load of my hot cum into a towel that was next to me.

When I looked at the monitor again the man was now between the woman’s legs sucking on her cum filled cunt. I watched as the woman’s body jerked and she humped the man’s face several times and I guessed that she was having an orgasm. A few minutes later the woman was on the bed on her hands and knees with the man slamming his cock into her cunt from behind. When he had finished fucking her he pulled his limp cock out of the woman’s cunt and collapsed onto the bed beside her, then all of a sudden the lights to the room went off sending the room into darkness.

After tucking my limp cock back into my pants, I started clicking the buttons on the security system and discovered that several more rooms had hidden cameras in them. The rooms were empty, much to my disappointment. I worked out which rooms the cameras were in and decided that I would keep these rooms for guests that I wanted to perv on. With no more guests to watch, I decided to call it a night and head to bed.

The next morning as soon as I was in the office I turned on the monitor and checked on the young couple and wasn’t surprised to see that the man was fucking the young woman again and when he climbed off her and went into the bathroom, the woman laid on the bed masturbating, fingering her cunt and pinching her nipples. When the man returned from the bathroom he started to get dressed and the woman went into the bathroom, when she came out of the bathroom she had a towel wrapped around her hair and one wrapped around her body, after drying herself she also got dressed.

When the man and woman were leaving the motel and the woman returned the motel room key to the motel office. As I took the key from her hand I couldn’t stop thinking where her fingers had just been, after telling her I hoped that she enjoyed staying at the motel and everything was to her satisfaction, she told me that they both enjoyed their time at the motel and would stay be staying here again. I told her the next time they stayed, I would upgrade them to a larger room, what I didn’t tell her was the larger room had another camera in the

When an attractive woman came into the motel office two nights later asking the price of a room for one night. I gave her a cheaper rate so that she would stay and I could see what she looked like naked. After telling me she would be paying cash for the room she gave me her driver’s license for identification. I was surprised to see that she lived locally and wondered why she wanted to stay at the motel.

I watched as she undresses in the room on the monitor, she had a very attractive slim figure, her breasts were quite small and her cunt was completely shaven. After changing into sexy lingerie she sat on the edge of the bed as if she was waiting for someone to arrive. It wasn’t long before she answered the motel room door and inviting a man inside the motel room, I watched as they kissed and after the woman removed her sexy lingerie, she began undressing the man.

As soon as he was undressed he laid the woman down on the bed and I watched as he put a condom onto his cock and then moved between the woman’s legs and lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and started pumping his cock in and out of her cunt. He was fucking her with deep hard thrusts and she laid there looking up at him as if she was in a hurry for him to finish fucking her.

He laid there with his cock buried in her cunt for a few minutes and then after he pulled his soft spent cock out of her cunt, she sat up on the edge of the bed and removed the condom from his cock and dropped it into the wastebasket that was next to the bed. The woman then leaned forward and kissed his soft cock as if she was giving his cock a goodbye kiss.

I was surprised to see him get dressed and then give the woman a kiss and hand her something before leaving the motel room. After the man had left the woman went into the bathroom for a few minutes then when she came back out she put on her sexy lingerie and sat down on the edge of the bed. I watched as she stood up and answered the door and invited another man into the room. As he kissed her she started to undress him and he started to grope her body as he removed her lingerie.

As soon as they were both naked he pushed the woman down onto her knees and held the back of her head as he pushed his hard cock into her mouth, the woman fondled his balls as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. I watched as he held her head all the way onto his cock in what looked like he was shooting his cum down her throat when he releases the grip he had on her head she removed her mouth from his cock and started licking the knob of his cock as she held his balls in her hands.

When his cock was fully hard again she opened a condom wrapper and pulled a condom onto his once again hard cock. After he flipped her over onto her stomach on the bed, he lifted her up onto her knees and with her ass up in the air. With her head buried in a pillow, he slowly pushed his cock into her ass and once his cock was all the way in her ass he held her hips and started pumping his cock in and out of her ass at a rapid pace.

I was interrupted by a new guest arriving at the motel and after booking them in, I returned to watching the woman and man on the monitor only to see that the man was dressed and was kissing the woman goodbye. After he had left the woman went into the bathroom and came out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later with a towel wrapped around her body. She once again put on her lingerie and sat on the edge of the bed.

When I saw her answer the motel room door and invite another man inside, I knew that the men were paying her to have sex with them. I watched a constant stream of men entering the motel room and having sex with her. The woman was a prostitute and I wondered if she would be willing to let me fuck her if I gave her a discount on the motel room.

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Reply #1 on: June 07, 2019, 03:16:08 PM
The Motel. Pt. 02 (MFF, FMM)

A few days later when a man came into the office and asked if there were any rooms vacancies for a family of three, I booked them into one of the rooms with a double and single bed that had a hidden camera, after giving him the key to the room I sat back to watch the rooms hidden camera on the security monitor. I watched as they unpacked their bags and then watched as the older woman undressed, she had large breasts and a hairy cunt. She picked up a fresh towel and entered the bathroom to have what I suspected was a shower.

I was shocked to see the man undressed in front of the young looking woman and removed all his clothes. I soon realized that the young woman wasn’t their daughter when she undressed and I saw her naked body she looked too old to be their daughter. Her young body looked amazing with her small breasts and completely bald cunt, she must have been eighteen or older. When I saw that the man’s cock was rock hard and the young woman give his hard cock a squeeze as they both entered the bathroom. I wished I had a hidden camera in the bathroom.

With my eyes wide open, I stared at the security monitor anxiously waiting for the three of them to come out of the bathroom. When they did come out the older woman and young woman had their arms around each other’s naked body. I watched as they passionately kissed each other in front of the man, who had sat down in a chair to watch them. Their hands were roaming over each other’s body as they fell onto the bed.

With the young woman lying on her back, the older woman moved between the young woman’s legs and began to eat and lick and finger the young woman’s cunt. The young woman wrapped her legs around the older woman’s neck pulling her face hard against her bald cunt. I watched the man stand up and move to the side of the bed and turn the young woman’s head to face him. He then pushed his hard cock deep into her mouth and then started fucking her face with hard quick thrusts.

I pulled my hard cock out of my pants and started stroking my cock with a pair of pink panties that I had found in one of the rooms that a guest had left behind. When I saw the man pull his cock out of the young woman’s mouth and shoot his cum over her face, my cock exploded into the pink panties. The older woman lifted her mouth off the young woman’s bald cunt and moved up the bed to the young woman’s cum covered face and started licking the cum from her face.

After the cum was licked from her face the young woman rolled the older woman onto her back and moved down between the older woman’s hairy cunt. I watched the monitor closely as the young woman began to finger fuck the older woman’s hairy cunt and when I saw the young woman’s hand disappear inside the older woman’s cunt and began to fist fuck her. I wrapped the pink panties around my soft cock and tried to get my cock hard again.

I saw that the man’s cock was once again hard and I watched on the monitor as he moved behind the young woman and lifted her up onto her knees. The older woman pressed down on the young woman’s head pushing her face against her hairy cunt as the man drove his hard cock into the young woman’s bald cunt from behind. He slammed his cock in and out of the young woman’s cunt with such force that he drove her face hard onto the older woman’s cunt.

My own cock was becoming hard the more I stared at the monitor and when I saw the man’s cock erupt and start filling the young woman’s cunt with his hot cum. I began to furiously stroke my cock a few minutes later I saw the man remove his limp cock from the young woman’s bald cunt and lie down on the bed with both women. I was close to cumming and shooting another load of cum into the panties when the lights from the motel room were turned off.

I quickly checked the other cameras to see if there was anything I could watch to cum too. When I saw on the monitor that the two men that I rented a room to were both naked with hard cocks. I wondered what they were going to do, I was shocked with disbelief when I saw a naked woman on her knees taking turns sucking on the men’s cocks, what shocked me the most was that the woman was my wife.

The sight of my wife being face fucked by two men had my cock throbbing and when I saw one of the men lift her up onto the bed on her knees. I started stroking my cock as I watched my wife sucking one of the men’s cocks as the other man fucked her doggy style. Her saggy breasts were hanging down and swaying back and forth to each of the man’s hard thrusts. I’ve never seen my wife like this before, what had come over her? It was as if she was a slut, maybe buying the motel wasn’t a good idea after all.

As my cock exploded into the pink panties, I started thinking about how to tell my wife what I saw, would she be mad at me for not telling her about the hidden cameras? Should I show her the recording of her and the two men? Has she had sex with any of the other guests? There were a lot of unanswered questions I needed answers too. I turned off the security monitor and tucked my soft cock back into my pants and sat there thinking on what I should do.

After closing up the office I took a shower and then climbed into bed and waited for my wife to come to bed. When she climbed into bed with me I started groping her body and tried to push her down under the covers to my cock, she complained and told me she was too tired for sex and that she would make it up to me in the morning. When I woke up in the morning I was alone and she was already up and out of bed and making breakfast for the motel’s guests.

If it was alright for my wife to have sex with the motel guests, I was going to do the same I just had to work out how to approach our guests. A lot of the single females that stayed at the motel were always looking for a cheaper rate. There was also the prostitute that regularly stayed at the motel that might be willing to come to an agreement.
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Great start!! Can't wait to see what happens next