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Meeting Dan (no sex)

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on: June 06, 2019, 10:42:02 PM
This is not a sex story.  It's just a story of how Dan and I came to be.  It probably doesn't belong in this "True Sex Stories" category, since there is no sex, but it's true, so here it is.

I wrote it for myself and only myself.  And when I was finished I wavered back and forth on whether or not to post it.  I did share it with a few of my KB friends though.   And now, because of a mention by Watcher earlier today about the drive-in, it reminded me of this writing from a number of months ago.  


Two months had gone by since the breakup.  I trudged through each day thinking how unlucky my life has been… whole entire life.  But I was thinking a lot about her.  I missed her.  I hated her, but I missed her.  I have suffered through break-ups before, but I didn’t see this one coming to an end, at least not like it did.  It hurt bad.  

My good friend, Barb, had spent many days since the breakup at my house.  She helped so much with my niece, and she was someone to sit and have a chat with at the end of the day.  She was usually busy with her boys, who go to the local high school, both active in sports.  But she always made time for me.

She texted me and told me she had some exciting news and wanted to swing by.  I told her I was free.  Barb dropped her youngest off at baseball practice and stopped by to visit.  We sat on the patio with drinks while watching my niece in the pool.

She eventually got around to the reason for wanting to come by.   “You have a date this Friday.”

“No, I don’t,” I replied.

“Yes, you do.  I’ve set it all up.”

“I’m not going.”

“Yes, you are.  He’s adorable.  He’s cute.  He’s kind.  And I would like you to know that he was about to ask you out last year just before you started dating Kim.”

“Do I know him?”

“Yes, my friend Dan.  You know, Dan and Debbie.  Well, used to be Dan and Debbie.  Just Dan now.”

I knew who he was.  And he was cute.  They had gotten divorced a couple of years ago, I remembered.  I see him occasionally when I’m out running, but we’re usually on the opposite side of a busy 5 lane road when I have.  I remember meeting him at Barb’s before.  I also remember him as being quiet.

“I’m not ready, Barb.”

“Yes, you are.  I know you are.  He’s ready to move on, too.  He’s a really sweet guy.  His kids are great too.”

I didn’t know he had kids.  Barb went on to explain he had one daughter in college and one that was 15 years old that went to the high school with her son.

“I told him that I would ask you for him.  He’s a little shy.”

“Well, the answer is no.  For right now at least."

“But…“  She hesitated for a bit before saying, “I already told him you said yes.”  She waited for my reaction.  I looked at her.  She mouthed, “I'm sorry,” and a moment later added, “I just have such a feeling about you two, Jules.  I’m really sorry, but, please?  He was really happy when I told him you said yes.  He thinks you’re cute and was really bummed last year when I told him you started seeing someone.  I can't go back and say no now.”

I sighed and looked at my niece in the pool.  “One date.   If you can watch Jessica for me, my parents are busy.”

She was giddy for the rest of the evening and told me all about Dan.  She informed me that he lived less than a quarter mile away in the same subdivision, which I didn’t know, but it made sense, since I saw him running on occasion while I was out on a run.  The more she told me about him, the more I was accepting of her setting me up with him.

I didn’t think much more about it until Friday morning.  I was going to call Barb to cancel with him but couldn’t think up an excuse.  We were meeting at my favorite restaurant (thank you for that Barb) and it was close by.  I only got anxious when I got home from work and was getting ready.  Barb arrived soon after to pick up Jessica.   “Oh my god, Jules, you look so cute.”  I wasn’t wearing anything special, the only real prep was curling my hair a bit and touching up my makeup.  She could tell I was nervous, and came in.  “What’s wrong?”

“I’m really anxious, because of…”  I didn’t finish.  "I always am."   She knew it was because of my speech.

“Jules, he already knows.  It’s not like it’s a completely blind date.  Relax.  He’s well aware of it.  Just be you.”

I pulled in the restaurant parking lot and found a place up front.  My heartbeat quickening as I walked from the car.  As I approached the entrance, one of the double doors swung open.  It was Dan.  He had a big smile on his face.  “How are you, Julie?”  I smiled, nodded, and mouthed, "Good.  Thank you."  He held the door as I walked past and stopped at the hostess stand.  He followed me and said, “We already have a table,” and gestured toward a short hallway that led to one of the eating areas.  Dan pushed my chair in as I sat down.  I noticed there was nobody seated at any of the tables around us.  I found out later that he is friends with the owner and asked for a quiet table away from others if it wasn't too busy.

“You look very pretty tonight.”

“Thank you,” I said.   He didn’t react to my speech.  

“What would you like to drink?”

I pointed at the water, then I said, “Bourbon.”  He didn’t understand. Great.  I could feel my face flush.  Always with a pen and paper ready I wrote, “Woodford bourbon, neat.”  He smiled and gestured to the waitress who came right over.  He ordered my drink and ordered a wine for himself.

We had a nice time over the next 2 and a half hours.  We talked and had a few drinks, along with hors d’oeuvres.  Dan had me smiling and laughing a lot.  He didn’t seem shy at all, as Barb said and as I remembered.  He was quite talkative.  Most of my communication was yes and no answers accompanied by a nod or the shake of my head, along with a number of notes scribbled down.  

At one point I noticed two girls looking in the room.  They seemed to be looking in our direction.  Any time I made eye contact with them they would either turn to each other or turn around.  When Dan noticed me looking, he turned to look in the same direction.  They quickly backed away through the room entrance.  

“Your daughters, by chance?”

He smiled and nodded.  “Yes, my daughters.”

“They’re both so pretty.  Did you want to invite them to join us?”  I wish I hadn’t said it, but I had.  He didn’t understand me, thankfully.

“They were very excited to learn I was going on a date.”  

How sweet being excited for their daddy.  I just smiled.   The girls must have left because I didn’t see them the rest of the evening.

We had spent about 3 hours there before we decided to call it a night.  He walked me to my car and told me he had a nice time and gave me a hug.  I said, “Thank you, I had a really nice time.”  Which I did.  It was very nice.  I enjoyed spending my evening with him.

He repeated what I said in a questioning but confirming tone, “Thank you, I had a really nice time?!”  

My face lit up and I nodded.  He understood.  It was an easily predictable response, but he did get it word for word.

“…and,” he continued, “Did you also say you want to go on a run with me tomorrow or Sunday?!”

I looked at him. Then smiled and said, “Yes, that sounds fun.”

“Yes, that sounds fun?!”  He repeated.

I smiled and nodded again.  As I got in the car, my eyes watered a bit.  They always do when someone can understand me.  It opens up my world just a little bit more.  They were simple phrases, but that didn't matter.  It really lifts my spirit when this happens.  And this night it did especially.  

Dan stood where he was and waited until I backed out of the space and put the car in drive before he waved goodbye.  I waved back.  As I drove through the parking lot I realized I had a very big smile on my face.  I had enjoyed his company and was already looking forward to seeing him again.  Not even thinking we didn't have each others phone numbers.  

I went to Barb’s to pick up Jessica.  I went inside as she fixed us drinks.  She wanted to know how it went.  I told her I had a really nice time.  My phone beeped, I had received a text.
It’s Dan.  I have church with the girls on Sunday, so after 10 if Sunday.  Or tomorrow, anytime.

I said, “I wonder how he got my number.”

“I gave it to him,” Barb said.   I looked at her.  “Sorry,” she said softly.  “I gave it to him with the intention of him actually asking you out, but he just never did.  So I prodded things along.”   I smiled, then told her she is not allowed to give my number out anymore, to which she replied,  “Hopefully I won’t have a need to.”

Sunday, 10:30.  We can meet at ...”
…and I mentioned some crossroads halfway between our houses.

Two days later as Dan and I ran through our neighborhood I couldn’t help but smile.  He was a good runner, but I decided to see who was better.   I picked up my pace and I heard him say in an exaggerated tone, “Ugh, seriously.”

“Try to keep up,” I said as I sped ahead.

When I got to the main road I had to slow and come to a stop because of traffic.  Dan came up behind and said, “Okay Speedy Gonzalez, you proved your point.”  He was panting hard, but I think he was faking it.

“Sorry, I’ll slow down.”

“Don’t be sorry.”  He understood me, yay!!

And then he took off across the street.   I followed.  He sped ahead.  It wasn’t long before he was 10 yards in front of me.  Then 50.  Then 150.  My legs were burning.  I couldn’t keep up.  I slowed.  I kept a nice pace until I caught up with him at the next crossroad.  He was smiling at me.  

“Why couldn’t you keep up earlier?”

“Why couldn’t I keep up earlier?!” He repeated.  He had understood me again.  “Because I was enjoying the view following you.”

I hit him on the chest and gave him a look.  He looked at me like I had just slapped his face.  He was afraid he had offended me.  I let him think that for a moment before I began to laugh.  He was instantly relieved.  His shyness dissolving a bit, I didn’t want to scare him.  I liked his sense of humor.  

We ran to the nearest super market and visited the drinking fountain.   Then purchased some fruit and veggies.  And we walked back to my house.  We enjoyed some coffee and a protein bar on the patio by the pool.  Dan told me he was going out of town on business for a few days but asked if I would like to go out with him on Friday.  I told him I would like that very much.  We hung out by the pool for a couple of hours talking before he left.

Midweek I received some caramel apples at work from an anonymous source.  I recall telling Dan I loved them, that first night at the restaurant.  I sent a thank you text to him.

Thursday I received a text. “Drive-In tomorrow?”
I sent back a smiley face.  
He responded, “Pick you up at 7.”

Friday night he picked me up.   Barb was watching my niece again.  We were about 10 miles from the house when my nose started to run.  Pet Dander, ugh.  I’m allergic to it.  

I said, “We have to stop at CVS.”  He didn’t understand but he could tell something was wrong.  He looked at me.  I just waved my hands motioning to keep going forward down the road.   I opened the armrest glove box and thankfully there was some tissues in there.  I pulled out the whole box.  I blew my nose and pulled out a few more Kleenex.  

“Allergies,” he asked.

“Yes, pet dander.  You have a dog.”

“OH, shoot, yes.  You’re allergic to the dog.  I’m sorry, I didn’t know.  He’s in my car all the time.”

I saw the CVS and pointed to it.  He pulled in, parked and we both went in.  I went to the cold and allergy section.  He said he was going to the snack aisle.  I found some Claritin and went back to find him in the candy aisle.  He had some white cheddar popcorn and licorice, both favorites.  

“What do you want?”

I pointed at what he had in his hands.  I like them both and gave a thumbs up and a smile.

“Great,” he said.  “Find what you needed?”

I nodded.

We went to the counter where I noticed some Hot Tamales candy, I put those on the counter and I paid for the items.  Before getting in his car, he popped the trunk and opened the cooler.  “I have water, pop, beer, wine and…”, he reached behind the cooler and lifted a paper bag with a bottle in it.  He pulled the bottle out.  “…Woodford Reserve.”

I smiled and gave him another thumbs up.  I said, “Just water for now, please,” as I reached in and grabbed it.  He took out a water also and we got in the car and proceeded to the drive-in.  We were early, one of the first cars in the lot.  He parked in the middle, about ¾ of the way toward the back.  I hadn’t been to the drive-in in a long time.  He poured us some drinks and we talked for a while as the lot filled up around us.  He told me about his daughters.  One goes to school near my niece.  Well, actually the niece of my brother in law, but I know her well and consider her my niece because she was so close to my sister.  We would see each other at my sister's all the time.

Then I figured I’d bite the bullet and brought up my sexuality.  He knew I had just gotten out of a relationship with a woman.  We talked on that for a bit and there didn’t seem to be any issues.  So I dropped it.  I was relieved.  I didn't want that hanging over my head for however long.  It was over and done with now.

The movie started.  My nose issues had mellowed a bit.  Dan owned a Durango.  He reached over and took my hand.  I put my hand in his.  It was a little awkward with the center console and our first hand holding experience.  We watched “Hidden Figures”, I didn’t tell him I had already seen it.  I enjoyed it just as much the second time though.  

When the movie ended we walked to the restrooms.  Afterward we met in the concession area.  The bathrooms and the food area was so dirty.  I gave him a look.  He said, “Yeah, No!”  As we walked back to the car I grabbed his hand to hold.  My nose had begun to run again.  Another Claritin wouldn’t help.  I told him that I needed to lay so my head was tilted back.  He suggested I recline my seat.  I didn’t want to lay my head down like that and had a better idea.  

“Let’s sit in the back,” I said.  I wasn't sure if he understood, so I opened the door and looked for the button to fold the front seats down.  He understood what I had planned and walked around to the other side to fold the drivers seat down as much as it could go.  I got in the back seat, he put the key in the ignition so we could get sound and climbed in the back also.  I laid down with my head in his lap, looking up at him.  My sinuses instantly felt better.

“Feel better?”  

“Yes,” I said nodding.   I was beginning to feel more comfortable speaking to him.

“Can you see alright?”  I turned my head and could see all but the bottom of the screen.  An animated ketchup and mustard were chasing an animated hotdog.  The words “Visit our Concession Stand” displayed at the top.   I laughed at the animation.  It seemed so 1950's.  He laughed also.  I looked back up at him.  

“Is this where you bring all your fist dates?”  I had to repeat it a couple of times.  When he understood, he laughed.

“You’re my second date since the divorce.”

“Mmm-hmm,” I said skeptically.

“And do you always do something to force your date in the backseat at the drive-in.”  Again, I had to repeat it.  

“Hey now, this was your idea.”  

“But because of your dog,” I said and smiled.  Our eyes locked for a moment and then I reached up and grabbed his shirt near the collar and pulled him down to me.   Our lips met.  Our mouths opened and our tongues met.  I leaned up into him opening my mouth wider, he did the same, our lips sealed.  He kissed very nicely.  He was a soft and tender kisser.  

“Patriots Day” started on the screen.  The movie started but I never looked up to the screen.  We just kissed.   His left hand was suddenly touching the side of my face.  His other hand rested on my stomach.  

We stopped for a minute and I asked him to get our drinks which were still in the cup holders in the front seat.  He reached forward and handed me my solo cup that had some bourbon in it.  He sipped from his cup that contained wine.  He took my cup from me and put them in a cup holder.  When he sat back I asked him how his trip was.  He said it was okay but he’s getting sick of traveling and he added, "I was really looking forward to getting back to Michigan this week."  Then he initiated the kiss, leaning down and kissing me again.  The noise from the cars sound system was deafening, and Mark Wahlberg was yelling at someone.  Dan’s hand was back on my stomach.  I reached down and pulled my shirt free of my jeans.  That gave him the courage to slide his hand to my bare stomach.  I felt a little shock go through me.  I loved being touched anywhere on my front side.  He rubbed in a circular motion and I kissed him harder hoping to encourage him.  About 15 minutes later he had progressed no further.  My lips were getting kissed raw.  We stopped.  I sat up, reached back and undid the clasp on my bra, then I wiggled my way out of it while still keeping my shirt on.  I laid my bra on the front seat.  I figured if that wasn’t a clue, the next step would be taking my top completely off.  I laid my head back down and pulled my shirt up a bit to expose my stomach and put his hand on my stomach.  We began to kiss again.  I kissed him a bit harder and then his hand slid up and engulfed my breast.  Finally, I thought.   And then he moved on to the other one.  And we saw pretty much none of the movie.  I could feel the hardness form beneath my head.  He was enjoying himself.  It was a bad time of the month, and our first time wasn’t happening in the back seat at a drive-in anyways.  

Without seeing the remainder of the movie, we got out and climbed back in the front of the car.  We held hands as we drove home.  At my house he pulled in the driveway.  I reached over and turned the car of and got out of the car.  He followed.   We sat in front of the tv and cuddled and kissed to late in the night. Eventually laying down on the couch, I pulled his shirt up, and mine, so that my chest was against his, skin to skin.   I pulled a throw off the back of the couch to cover us.   Eventually, being tired, I fell asleep with his arms around me.  

I woke up at some point and he still held me.  My back to him, his hand under my shirt.  I smiled and fell back to sleep.  We woke about 5:30 in the morning.  We kissed a bit more and then we said goodbye.  I walked him out to his car.  And another kiss.  His arms wrapped around me holding me against him as he leaned back into his car.  It was a little chilly and the warmth of his body felt so good.  I actually didn’t want him to leave and almost asked him to come back in for breakfast, but I didn’t.   It was Mothers Day morning and I needed to go get Jessica so that my friend Barb could enjoy her day with her boys.  I went in, got showered, then drove over and picked up my niece.  She was very sleep and I had to carry her to the car.  We got back home and I laid on the couch with her.  My arm around her.  I pulled the throw over us and I went back to sleep with a smile of my face thinking about the previous night.

I text Dan on Monday saying “ I’m not going to be wondering over the next few days if you’re asking me out again, so if you are going to, do it now.”

He replied, “When can I see you again.?”

“As soon as you want.”

“Tonight, dinner?”

“Yes, but we’re taking my car.”


And that’s where I finished my writing of our story.  I planned on writing more but haven't progressed any further.

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Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 11:08:01 PM
Jules that was lovely... it reminded me of what it’s like to be in love with someone.

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Reply #2 on: June 11, 2019, 06:52:53 PM
Wonderful narrative, Jules. I just might have to write about how Mrs JBRG and I got together.

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Reply #3 on: June 11, 2019, 07:10:44 PM
Thank you, JBRG.   I would love to read about how you and Mrs met.   

I had plans to continue my story, but along came Thanksgiving, then Xmas, then a busy January, and so on.   Maybe one day.   

I guess I can write a part 2 real quick.   Here goes.

Meeting Dan, Part 2:

And as we got to know each other better, we kept wanting to know each other more.  And there came a time when we hated being apart.  We both fell in love quickly.  He's made me happier than I ever thought possible.  And we're living happily ever after.

Yikes, happy ending but horrible writing.   I might rewrite part 2 at some point and give it a little more substance.  It will have to do for now though.

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Reply #4 on: June 12, 2019, 04:13:29 AM
I loved her so much, I gave up my dog for her.  That's love.

When I got home the night after our first date, my daughters were waiting at the door.  They told me how beautiful she was.  They asked how the date went.  First words out of my mouth "I'm going to marry her one day".  Probably not the best answer for my youngest.  But I knew it.

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Reply #5 on: June 12, 2019, 04:21:11 AM
I loved her so much, I gave up my dog for her.  That's love.

Truth is, Dan gave up living with him.   He still visits him and takes him on runs with us.  He's a good baby.  He even comes over the house in the summer.  He just isn't allowed inside the house.

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Reply #6 on: August 11, 2019, 03:21:26 PM
It probably doesn't belong in this "True Sex Stories" category, but here it is.

Well, it's true, and it's good, so I don't care.

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Reply #7 on: August 11, 2019, 05:09:58 PM
It probably doesn't belong in this "True Sex Stories" category, but here it is.

Well, it's true, and it's good, so I don't care.

Thank you, PSI.  :)

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Reply #8 on: August 11, 2019, 06:59:05 PM
Nice to see good things happen to good people. This is the best thing I've seen on KB in many a while.

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Reply #9 on: September 09, 2021, 08:16:28 AM
Not sure why I never saw this until now, but I'm happy you shared that heartwarming story, Jules :)

I also noticed an interesting guest appearance ;)

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