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Symbiote (Mf-teen, Alien+/f-teen, 1st, bodymod, mast)

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So, if you've come straight here without reading any of the other stories, I'll give you a quick refresher:

In 2019, I made a resolution to copy across my stories from Kristen's Archives, in light of the aforementioned site possibly winding down operations. This was largely to make sure they weren't lost should the archive finally cease, but now also has the secondary job of entertaining those who have never had the opportunity to read those stories. (KA is a very large archive, after all.)

This story was the second I posted, three years after Young Lust, when I had regained the taste for writing again. By this time I had moved to the town in which I currently reside. I think, based on the submission date in the search, I was just settling in; it would be about a week before I found out that things had actually been going pear-shaped since I arrived, and that was starting to have a bit of an effect on my mental state. (Although, given there is also usually a delay between it being sent to the Archivist and it being put up, it's also possible it may have been the last story I wrote before I moved.)

I'm adding a little formatting to the start, which was not in the original.

Okay, time for the orange text:
This story is fantasy, a fiction, and should be treated as such. The author does not condone the playing out of any parts detailed here in real life, especially with anyone under the age of consent.

EDIT (19/7/2019, 23:01, UTC+10): In light of a recent re-enforcement of an existing rule, Zoe's age has been raised to thirteen. Hopefully this shouldn't stretch suspension of disbelief too much.

Symbiote /sim-bee-ote/ : an organism that can live with another species.

Zoe sat on the park bench quietly, her feet swinging in the breeze underneath it. She was just a few days past her thirteenth birthday, with fawny-brown hair down in two pigtails, deep hazel eyes, and pretty, girlish looks and form, despite puberty having already hit her. She wore a brightly-coloured sleeveless vest, khaki boy-shorts and brown sandals. She was sitting alone in the park, enjoying the sandwich she had made herself for lunch; being a good, intelligent kid, she had never had much time with friends, instead resorting to her books when she could.

Below her, a black gooey puddle sat underneath. The liquid rose up towards Zoe a small direction, as if to observe her, before dropping again and sliding across the ground, just in line with her left foot. It rose up again, then latched on to her foot.

Zoe felt it cling, and looked down to see what it was. Noticing the black thing creeping up her leg, she gasped, panicking, then tried to stamp it with her foot. Instead of letting go, it clung on more, climbing further up her leg. Eventually, it had completely made its way up her leg, and inside her shorts.

Scared about what the thing would do, she immediately ran into some nearby toilets, and locked herself in them. She then looked inside her shorts, only to observe the symbiote eating away her panties, and crawling up her stomach, towards her training bra, which it promptly ate away too. It then surrounded her young form, morphing itself into the now-disappeared underwear, even taking on the white colour. She sat there, afraid of what it might do next, and especially afraid it might eat her away too. However, the goo-shaped-as-underwear just sat there, and eventually became more comfortable.

For the rest of the day, she didn't think much of the goo that had attached itself to her. Even while she was washing, when it disappeared before she went to wash, and reappeared afterwards, she barely noticed it. It was only after the first night she became more aware of the creature's effects on her. As she climbed out of bed, she noticed that her breasts, which had not even begun to develop the previous day, had grown to a nice A-cup size. She was shocked at the revelation, and hoped that it was just a temporary side effect.

But, as the days went on, she began to realise that it wasn't, as her breasts began to grow rapidly, from the A-cup to a B, C, D then finally a DD. At this point, the symbiote had begun to take a form more like adult lingerie than a child's, her bra shaping itself to support her breasts, and at the same time look like a shelf bra, while her panties became more like a G-string. But these changes were minor, compared to what was to come next.

A few days after the last of her bodily changes finished, Zoe was lying on her bed, listening to some music, when her hands started to creep down to her preteen pussy, and her fingers started to penetrate. It wasn't very long until she had brought herself to her first orgasm, and it was intense, her large breasts shaking as her body convulsed. But she wanted to experiment more, so she grabbed her hairbrush and pushed the handle end into herself. She felt the ribs move along her young pussy, but didn't feel any pain. She was soon in the throws of another intense orgasm.

That night, on the way home from a friend's place, a man came up to her and, noticing her body, and especially her large breasts, commented, "Looking good!" Zoe turned and asked, "Do you want to see more?" before realising what she had asked. The man walked back up to her, and asked her, "Would you like to come back to my place?" Zoe knew she shouldn't, but said yes just the same.

She and the man had only stepped in the door and closed it when she launched herself into a lust-driven kiss with him. His hands quickly grabbed her butt, as hers lowered themselves to his cock. Their kiss quickly broke as each were pleasantly and erotically startled at their discovery. "No panties," he stated; Zoe quickly realised what he meant, but brushed it off mentally. "Big cock," she returned, and the man just smiled.

She knelt in front of him, zipping down his trousers. The man's cock appeared in front of her, all eleven inches of it. Zoe eyed it off greedily, her lust having taken right over at this point, before taking the head into her mouth.

Secretly, Zoe didn't think she knew how to do this; she had only just learned about sex a couple of days after her birthday, and she was still very naïve about it. But here she was, sucking a big cock into her, DEEPER into her mouth. The head went past her tonsils, but she didn't gag; she simply allowed it to slip into her throat. Her mouth and throat didn't feel stretched around the cock, despite her age and small height (she was only 4'11").

Very soon she had the entire length inside her mouth. The man's hands went behind her head, and almost immediately started fucking her throat. Zoe relaxed, allowing him, her tongue moving across the underside of his cock, especially the head when it came up to her mouth. It took a minute before he finally came, her mouth quickly filling up, Zoe drinking every drop.

Zoe removed the cock from her mouth, swallowing down the last bit of cum, and laid on her back. Part of her was still unsure of what happened, but the other part was hoping for more. She wouldn't have to wait long as the man reached down to her shirt, pulling it over her head, exposing her breasts, which were bare due to the symbiote absorbing itself into her, to him.

He quickly lifted her short skirt up, exposing her pantiless pussy to him. He greedily licked his lips, pointing his cock towards her cunt lips. She opened her legs, ready to take his cock despite not really knowing what she was really doing. He placed the head of his cock at her entrance, and quickly pushed in.

Her entrance was lubricated enough that he slid his entire length inside of her in one go. And inside her he was, the entrance to her cervix just sitting at the head of his cock, her pussy stretched around the shaft. After a brief moment of shock at the unexpectedness, he started thrusting strongly into young Zoe, bringing her quickly to a strong orgasm.

But he wasn't ready to stop, and kept pistoning into her. After what seemed like a long time, both Zoe and the man came, him spilling his seed into her. After their orgasms subsided, his cock still completely inside of her, he laid down so that he was above her, but not completely on top of her. It was then when Zoe made her final request: "Take my ass."

Concern crossed the man's face. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Don't worry," she soothed; "I can take it." And with that, she turned over onto her stomach, lifting her ass into the air.

The man didn't need an invitation, as he stood and placed the head of his cock at her anal entrance. He found it easy pushing in, as her butt enveloped the cock without obstruction, and in a few seconds, his entire 11-inch length was inside her, as she purred erotically. This was all the encouragement he needed, as he began another frenzied series of thrusts, this time in her butt.

It took a while (an eternity to them) before they finally came, and again, at the same time. The man slowly removed his cock, and lifted Zoe up off the floor. She gave his cock a kiss, saying, "I'd love to have that again sometime."

"Come around anytime you want," he replied. She quickly got herself dressed and stepped out the door.

The activities that had occurred inside the house finally hit her, and she asked herself a great many questions, like why she did all that, and how she was capable of doing what she did. She eventually put it out of her mind, and continued on home.

A few days later came the most unusual incident since that day in the park. Zoe was in her room having a lot of trouble sleeping when a bright light shone through her window. She got up out of her bed and over to the light. Next thing she realised, she was inside a saucer, facing three unusual-looking creatures.

They looked a little like thin yellow cockroaches, with segmented shells, and standing 7ft tall. The most interesting feature, however, was their cocks, which measured at about 14in long and 5in wide.

Zoe looked back, her house a distant memory, then back to the aliens. "What do you want with me?"

The alien in the middle spoke. "On our planet, our entire race is male, and we need females from other planets to help us in the breeding process. The symbiote that you came across was helping you prepare physically for this moment.

"You see, we breed for a month Earth-time, and for two months after your body will develop an egg containing our young, which you will help mother for a month."

"Okay," Zoe responded, taking in everything that they expected of her. "So who am I to have sex with?"

"That's the thing," the one on the right came forward, "you're having sex with all three of us. At the same time."

"What!?" Zoe looked at them, shocked.

"In order to produce a child, you need to have sex with all three of us at once."

Zoe had managed to calm herself down, and bring herself back to reality. She would have to fuck three aliens for one month at the same time, one in each of her mouth, pussy, and ass, in order to produce an alien child. "Okay," she said, still a little nervous, "let's do this."

For the next month, she fucked the three alien continuously. She never ate or slept, but, for some reason, she didn't need to, as she felt well fed. Eventually, the fucking ended, and Zoe felt disappointed when they pulled out (despite feeling an irrepressible ecstasy
when they all finally came). But for the next two months, she felt her young body grow with the egg. She finally pushed out the egg, and quickly after, it hatched, revealing a small version of the alien.

After a month—in which she saw her child grow up a little, she was eventually dropped back at her house at night.

"But will I get to see you again?" she asked, wishing she didn't have to go in the first place.

"Maybe," they responded. "The changes to your body are permanent, so we may return to you sometime in the future." And with that, they were gone.

Zoe felt her body. Despite having spent a month endlessly fucking three giant cocks, two months holding an alien egg, and eventually popping it out, she was still as tight as she had been since before the day she became one with the symbiote.

But it didn't take long for the aliens to return to give her a second boning...
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what an interesting story. keep writing