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Author Topic: Extreme Pedophilia  (Read 12825 times)
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« Reply #300 on: April 12, 2020, 09:09:10 PM »

First of all, I want to clearly and unequivocally say that there’s no more heinous crime than a person using another person in a non-consensual way or under circumstances where the used person is unable or unprepared to give consent. Let’s not even call it sex, because it’s really always about power and control. I understand that some people achieve some level of sexual gratification from this kind of behavior or can imagine it is something other than what it is. This is in my understanding generational dysfunction, just like addiction to anything. I honestly hope nobody is just born this way. I can relate somewhat because I have my own dysfunctional cravings in the form of compulsive overeating/starvation. It lives with me and I live with it. We can never entirely heal our own childhoods, but we can pass a lot less dysfunction on to the next generation.

I’m posting here because there’s a kind of obvious rationale to describing underage sexual behavior: realism. I don’t know about you guys, but I had my first sexual experience at the age of 11. I had my first experiences some might inaccurately call sexual (drawing a fine line) much younger, like sucking a neighbor’s cock a bit and having him suck my cock a bit. Our conclusion, since we were far from sexual beings at that point, was that it felt great, but was boring to reciprocate, so meh. Playing doctor is another easy to cite example. Not really sexual, just a curious boy wondering what is so special about these girl creatures?

I’m sure there’s a really unique developmental dividing line, too. At the age of 9, my crazy babysitter made a pass at me. I ran away from her and locked myself in a bedroom until somebody else arrived home. Clearly if the 9 year old me had been unsuccessful at thwarting that, it would have been rape, pure and simple. A few years later, at age 11, after the first few months of fantasizing and masturbating like hell about every girl or woman I had ever met in my life up to that point, my response would probably have been hell yeah. Is it possible for an 11 year old to give informed consent? Hard to think back to my real emotional/cognitive abilities back then. I know I would have argued, probably quite eloquently and persuasively, at the time, that the answer was yes. That doesn’t make it so. I’m happy that the age of consent is around 18 in the world. Considering the amount of regret there is out there, it should be higher if anything.

But I digress. Getting back to my point, there’s a lot of formative activity that occurs in our childhoods, some of it I would argue sexual, some I would argue where the power dynamic is not unhealthy. What of this behavior? It is in the strictest sense illegal, though I doubt any court would enforce it. Shame on them if they did.

If you’re writing a piece of fiction about somebody’s life, you want character growth and a character arc. In my first story, I just started the characters at age 13, but even then it only felt realistic when her backstory is that she was very sheltered. Given access to porn these days, it’s a severely messed up time to be a kid. Boys are intimidated into asexuality and girls are terrified into it. It will be a wonder if we don’t all die out. My point is, I’m not even qualified to write about how much sexuality is messed up for kids (and by kids, I mean young adults) in the present day. So I’m drawn to start points I can relate to.

I find that my characters are all having strict upbringing, allowing them to be as innocent as I need them to be for the story arc without violating our age range policies or straining credulity too much. But I figure that trope and others like it are going to wear pretty thin in a few more stories. What’s a budding porn author to do? My distaste for pedophelia is if anything above average considering some of the experiences I suffered in my own childhood. I just want my stories to feel true. I want my characters to credibly discover the thrill of a thing. I want the power dynamic to always be healthy, or for at least the health of the power dynamic to be addressed realistically in the story. I want my characters to grow in wisdom and understanding and not have to always start there. I think it’s a valid question to be asking. Perhaps not the right place to ask it. Feel free to move this post.
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« Reply #301 on: April 12, 2020, 09:22:06 PM »

I’m sorry man, but you missed this debate by about nine months. This board has never been about child sex. Unfortunately, due to crackdowns on other sites, we found ourselves being inundated with sex stories involving children. We’ve always had rules against that, they just weren’t strictly enforced. We made the decision to enforce the rules strictly, and we have abided by it since then. If your story has characters under the age of 13, or prepubescent characters regardless of age, the story will be flagged. If it is not corrected, it will be removed. It’s not subject to debate; this is not a democracy. We’re not infringing on your right of free speech. You can go anywhere you want, and say whatever you want, write whatever you want, but we don’t have to provide a forum for it to be published here. The moderators and administrators are in agreement and committed to this.
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« Reply #302 on: April 12, 2020, 10:23:19 PM »

I noticed another comment from a different member just yesterday.  I ignore it.  We are not going to have this debate again.   It's over.  These are our rules.  We will enforce them as Toe has so clearly spelled out.  You have options to post your stories elsewhere.

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