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My Daughter-in-Law (M+F, )

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on: June 15, 2019, 07:52:55 AM
My Daughter-in-law. Pt.01 (M+F, )

Rebecca is my daughter in law and I love visiting her unannounced especially early in the mornings before she has gone out shopping and while my son was at work. I love catching her wearing just her bathrobe, as I usually get a glimpse of her large breasts and pointy nipples along with her shaved bald cunt, she knows I stare at her body and flirts with me, letting her bathrobe fall open when she hands me a cup of coffee or as we sit at the kitchen table one of her large breasts will fall out and she pretends not to notice it happening.

Today was a total surprise and was totally unexpected she had phoned me and asked if I could pop in for a coffee in the morning as she wanted to ask me for a favor. When I arrived and walked in through the back door, I found her waiting for me sitting at the kitchen table, today however she had no bathrobe on and was just in her nighty my eyes grew bigger and my cock started to twitch, at the sight of her near naked body showing through her see-thru nighty she was wearing.

"I will make us a coffee, then we can have a chat," Rebecca said to me.

I kept checking out her body and her wonderful bubble butt as she faced away from me making our coffees. I knew from a previous visit after having gone through her washing basket that she wore size 12 panties and 12D cup bras, she is 23 years old with a slim figure and about 5'7 tall with long brown hair.

As she placed my coffee down in front of me her breast brushed the cheek of my face through her nighty, my cock twitched in anticipation that she had done that on purpose.

"Dad, I need your help," said Rebecca, she always calls me dad when she wanted something, she knew that I liked her calling me that.

"What can I do for you sweetheart?" I asked.

Rebecca started to cry and I moved my chair closer next to hers and gave her a cuddled and say. "Don't get upset, everything will be alright, what has happened and how can I help."

"I need to borrow some money of you," she explains.

"How much do you need?" I ask.

"Two thousand dollars, ” she whispers.

"What two thousand dollars, why do you need that much?" I asked.

Rebecca started to cry again and I gave her another cuddle this time my hand brushes over her breast and I feel her nipple becoming harder.

She finally tells me she has lost the money that my son had given her to pay the bills and buy the groceries with.

"Where did you lose the money?" I asked.

Rebecca starts to cry again as she tells me. "I lost it all at the poker machines, I was bored being at home alone and started going to the club to play the poker machines. Now I have people ringing me asking us to pay their outstanding accounts."

"Have you told my son of what you have done?" I ask.

"NO, I can't tell him I don't want him to know, I'm willing to do anything so he won't find out," she says.

I pulled her body closer to mine and give her another cuddled and kiss her on her cheek, and run my hand over her nighty covered breast and give her breast a squeeze.

"Are you sure your willing to do anything... really anything?" I asked as sexual thoughts run through my mind.

Rebecca leans back against the chair and turns and faces me, and says, "Yes, anything."

She then begins playing with the ties on her night and says. "I know you like looking at me and I know you took my panties from the washing basket...what if I let you fuck do want to fuck me don't you?"

She undoes the ties on her nighties and lets the front of the nightie falling open to exposing her lovely firm D cup breasts to me.

I smile at her and say. "I'm sure we can come to some agreement."

I stand up and lift Rebecca to her feet and watch as her nighty slips down her body to her ankles and onto the floor. My daughter in law stands there in front of me naked as I gaze at her sexy body, I can see that her cunt has been freshly shaved and I reach out and run my fingers over the lips of her cunt, she lets out a low pitched moan, and when I push a finger inside her cunt and give my finger a few pumps Rebecca lets out a louder moan.

"Let's go to your bedroom," I say to her and take her by the hand and lead her towards their bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Rebecca lays down on the bed and spreads her legs apart giving me a clear view of her bald cunt. I reach into my pocket and pull out my mobile phone and switch on the phone's camera and begin taking photos of my naked daughter in law.

I say to her, "I want to have these photos to remind me how sexy you are."

Rebecca smiles at the camera and begins to pose in different positions.

"Show me your cunt, pull your cunt lips apart and play with yourself, make yourself cum," I tell her and switch my phone's camera to video mode.

After recording Rebecca masturbating and have an orgasm, I remove all my clothes and climb onto the bed beside her. My cock is hard pulsating as I move my cock closer to her mouth.

"NO... I don't like sucking cocks," she tells me and turns her mouth away from my cock.

"Well for the sort of money you're asking for, you are going to have to learn to love sucking cocks plus everything else," I say to her.

Before she can answer, I turn her head to face my throbbing hard cock, she opens her mouth to complain and I push my cock into her mouth and start sliding my cock in and out of her mouth over and over, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth each time.

Rebecca begins sucking harder and gags as I push my cock into her mouth as deep as I can, I pull my cock back out slightly letting her catch a breath then push my cock back into her mouth as hard and as fast as I can. I feel the knob of my cock hitting the back of her throat. I hold her head by her hair and move her mouth up and down on the shaft of my cock, her mouth clamps around my cock shaft and I can feel the suction she is creating.

As I start to shoot my cum into Rebecca's mouth she tries to lift her head away from my cock.

"Swallow, swallow every last drop," I tell her.

She reluctantly does as she's been told and swallows each load of my cum that I squirt into her mouth, when I have finished cumming and my cock starts going limp I remove my cock from her mouth. I wipe up the excess cum from around the edges of her mouth with my fingers and push my fingers into her mouth to suck clean, Rebecca sucks the cum off my finger then licks my cock clean.

"Now that wasn't too bad was it?" I ask.

"I don't even suck your son's cock," she tells me bluntly.

"Well maybe you should," I tell her.

I start kissing her wonderfully large breasts and suck her nipple into my mouth and bite her nipple, pulling on her nipple with my teeth.

"Ow, that hurts," Rebecca screamed.

I let go of her nipple and began kissing her body all over as I move lower down her body. I kiss her bald cunt and run my tongue over her clit, I can feel her clit becoming harder as it pokes out from under its hood, I suck her bud into my mouth and she starts to squeal and her body shivers as I keep sucking on her love bud.

As I begin to finger fuck her wet cunt Rebecca gives out a loud squeal and begins moaning as her body squirms and shakes on the bed as she has an orgasm. I pull her cunt lips apart and push my tongue as deep as I can into her cunt inside her cunt.

Rebecca presses down on my head pushing my mouth harder and my tongue deeper into her bald cunt, she lifts her hips up and starts to hump my face as she has another orgasm.

Her sweet tasting cunt juices start squirting into my mouth as my tongue continues to tongue fuck her wet bald cunt. When she is ready I move up the bed and position my hard cock leaking precum at the entrance to her cunt, Rebecca pulls her cunt lips apart letting me thrust my cock all the way inside her cunt, she lets out a scream as she feels my cock being thrust into her cunt. For a woman her age, her cunt is very tight.

Her cunt muscles tighten around the shaft of my cock as I begin to thrust in and out of her cunt. Each time I pull my cock partly back out I can feel her cunt muscles trying to keep my cock buried deep inside her cunt. I slam my cock back in till our pelvic bones smash together and then I repeat this action over and over again, slamming my cock into her cunt.

I am finally fucking my daughter in law Rebecca, my wish has come true, I have always dreamed of fucking her ever since the very first time my son introduced her to me. The pace of my thrusts begin to get quicker and I'm close to shooting my load of cum into her cunt.

She feels how close to cumming I am and screams, "Don't cum inside me, I'm not on the pill."

I don't listen to what she says and I thrust my cock into her cunt and leave it buried deep inside her as my cock erupts and shoots my cum into her cunt several times as I fill her cunt with my cum, I smile as I think about how I might have made my daughter in law pregnant. With my cock starting to become limp I slowly remove my cock from her cunt and watch her cunt muscles close keeping my seed inside her.

I look at her face and I see her smiling and say, "You liked me fucking you, didn't you?"

"Fuck Yes, you fucked me much better than your son does," she tells me.

Moving up the bed beside her, I give her a kiss and she opens her mouth and pushes her tongue inside my mouth, we wrestled with each other’s tongues as we kiss each other passionately. I pull her into a tight embrace and reached down and cupped the cheeks of her ass and give them a squeeze, they feel so soft and little in the palms of my hands.

When I pushed my finger against her asshole she breaks our kiss and lets out a yelp, and begs, "Not my ass, please don't fuck my asshole."

"Well I won't fuck your ass today...but sometime soon I will be," I tell her.

"I've never had my ass fucked," she tells me.

"Well that's going to have to change," I tell her.

"NO, I'm not going to let you fuck my ass," she says.

"Well, two thousand dollars is a lot of money for just your mouth and cunt... I want your arse too or you can get the money from someone else." I tell her then add, "remember your promise to do anything I want."

Rebecca goes quiet and just lies on the bed thinking, then after a few moments, she says, "OK."

"OK, what?" I asked.

"OK, you can fuck my ass but you have to be gentle," she says.

"Don't worry my darling I will treat you like you deserve to be treated, today is just our first day together, we have many more days to go," I tell her.

"How many times do I have to fuck you?" Rebecca asks.

"It depends on how much money you owe me and how long it takes you to pay me back," I tell her.

"What, I have to pay you back?" Rebecca asks.

"Of course you do plus interest as well," I tell her.

"Fucking're going to charge me interest?" she screams.

"Yes, I am unless you're willing to keep doing anything I ask... and to fuck me anytime I want," I tell her.

"Another condition is that you're not allowed to go to the club and use any of the money I give you on the poker machines," I tell her.

Rebecca just lays there thinking about what I've just said.

"While you think about our arrangement I'm going to have a shower before I leave," I tell her.

As I'm soaping up my body in the shower the door opens and Rebecca steps inside the shower with me and begins washing my body,

"I accept your conditions and I am willing to do anything you want with long as I don't have to pay you back the money and your son doesn't find out that I'm fucking you," Rebecca says.

"That's great," I tell her and pull her tight against my body and kiss her on the mouth.

"I wish I didn't have to leave the now but I have an appointment, if you give me the accounts that you want to be paid, I will pay them and bring you the receipts tomorrow along with some extra money," I tell her.

We hop out the shower and dry each other's bodies after I get dressed, Rebecca gives me all the accounts that need paying and I gave her some cash to buy the groceries. I gave her a kiss and cuddle and head to my appointment.

On the way home from my appointment I drive past the poker machine club and I'm not surprised to see that Rebecca's car there. I have a chuckle to myself and think of the fun I'm going to have with her, she has no idea what I have planned for her and what else she will have to do for me.
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My Daughter-in-law. Pt.02

The next morning I was waiting for my daughter-in-law Rebecca to return home from shopping, my son was at his work, the house was empty and as usual, I used my key to enter the house from the back door. I walked into Rebecca's bedroom and sat on her bed and waited for her to come home, I noticed a pair of her panties laying on the floor and I picked them up and held them to my nose, I could smell her wonderful aroma from the gusset of the panties, I was tempted to masturbate with her panties as I had so often done before, but I decided to wait for the real thing, I knew she would be arriving home soon.

A few minutes later I heard the backdoor open and close and heard Rebecca's footsteps approaching her bedroom, she stood at the doorway and looked at me holding her panties.

She smiled and said, "Hello Dad have you been waiting long?"

"I just arrived a few minutes ago,” I replied

I stood up and reached out for her to come closer and when she was close enough I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a passionate kiss and started to undress her. I unzipped the back of her dress and she let it slide off her shoulders down to the floor. She stood there in her black lace panties and matching bra, fuck she looked gorgeous standing there, I had her turn around so I could unclasp her bra, then as she turned back around to face me she let her bra slip down her arms to expose her lovely D cup breasts.

I reached out and squeezed each breast and then pulled and twisted her nipples, they grew hard instantly and stuck out from her breasts. I slipped my fingers into the sides of her panties and lowered them down her legs to her ankles, after she stepped out of them I pulled her closer and kissed her on her bald cunt and then gazed at her puffy cunt lips, I ran my finger over her slit and watched as her cunt lips opened to let me push a finger inside her cunt, Rebecca let out a moan and took a deep breath as I began to finger her wet cunt.

"Did my son fuck you last night?" I asked.

"He wanted to but I told him I had a headache," she replied.

"I want you to let him fuck you whenever he wants," I barked and then said, "Remove my clothes."

Rebecca unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it down my arms and threw it onto a chair, next she kneels down and unclasped my belt and opened my pants letting them slip down my legs to the floor, after I had stepped out of my pants, she took hold of my underpants and slipped them down my legs letting my hard cock spring out and slap the side of her face.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her head closer to my hard cock and said, "Suck my cock like you did yesterday."

Rebecca licked one side of my cock's shaft then the other side and then she licked all around the knob of my cock, making my cock nice and wet with her saliva. She then opens her mouth wide and took my cock deep into her mouth and wrapped her lips around the shaft of my cock and begins bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock.

Fuck, for someone who doesn't enjoy sucking cocks, she is sucking my cock much better than she did yesterday morning. I could feel my balls tighten as my cock was getting ready to explode and with a few more bobs of her head my cock erupted and shot my hot sticky cum into her mouth, Rebecca swallows every drop of cum that I shoot into her mouth.

When I had finished cumming, I lifted her up onto her feet and laid her down onto the bed and after pushing her legs apart, I begin licking up and down her wet puffy slit, pulling her cunt lips apart, I pushed my tongue deep inside her wet cunt tasting her wonderful juices that flow from her cunt. I then begin to tongue fuck her.

After a few minutes of stabbing my tongue into her cunt, I remove my tongue and push two of my fat fingers deep into her wet cunt and start to finger fuck her. Rebecca starts moaning and taking deep breaths as I pumped my fingers in and out her tight bald cunt at a furious pace. I use my other hand’s fingers to rub and flick over her clit making her moan louder.

Rebecca screamed, "Oh fuck you have just made me cum, I'm cumming again.”

I kept rubbing her clit causing her body to start humping my fingers as her cunt begins squirting her juices everywhere. After we had stopped to catch our breath we laid there on the bed together and I said, “You have a gorgeous body and I loved fucking you yesterday... and as soon as my cock is hard, I am going to fuck you again."

My daughter-in-law smiles at me and said, "Dad, I have often thought of you when your son was fucking me it made me cum harder."

I gave her a passionate kiss and as my tongue probe her mouth, I could taste the cum, that I had just shot into her mouth. My cock was once again hard and I told her to kneel on the bed and when I stood up behind her, I parted her knees further apart and pushed two of my fingers deep into her tight cunt and gave my fingers a few pumps.

Then, I removed my fingers and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and then drove my hard cock into her wet cunt as I held her hips steady. I then began fucking her doggy style, thrusting my cock hard in and out of her cunt making my balls slapped her on her ass cheeks each time I drove my cock into her cunt.

I kept pulling my cock back out and thrusting it back in as deep as I could, Rebecca had one of her hands under her body and was rubbing her clit with her fingers as I fucked her. I looked at the mirror and watched as her large breasts swayed back and forth with each of my thrusts.

When I grabbed her hips tight and pulled her cunt back onto my cock, my cock erupted and started squirting my hot cum into her cunt, squirt after squirt shot out of my cock filling her cunt with my seed. When I had finished, I let my limp cock slide out of her cum filled cunt and collapsed onto the bed beside her.

Rebecca cuddled me and beamed, "Dad, I've never been fucked like that before, you have given me multiple orgasms, I've never cum so much, it was fantastic."

"I'm glad you liked me fucking you because I'm going to be fucking you a lot more from now on," I chuckled.

"Would you like a coffee Dad, before you fuck me again?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes, a coffee would be nice, sweetheart," I replied.

We both climbed off the bed and walked naked into the kitchen, I sat down at the table and watched Rebecca making us both a coffee, after she handed me a coffee, she sat down on my lap and as we drank our coffee, I said, "This afternoon I wanted you to pose for some professional photos for me.”

"Who is going to take the photos?" she asked.

"I have a friend who is a professional photographer and he told me he would be happy to take your photos," I replied.

"NO, I'm not letting any of your friends see me naked," screamed Rebecca.

"Remember our agreement that you would do anything I asked," I barked.

"Fuck, I didn't know, I had agreed to do this," she cried.

"If you don't keep your promise, I will let my son know you fucked me for money," I chuckled.

"You bastard, you can’t tell him that... alright I will pose for the photos," replied Rebecca.

"Good, now go have a shower and get dressed and I will drive you over to his studio," I barked, not giving her a chance to change her mind.

Rebecca climbed off my lap and headed back to her bedroom en suite, by the time she had finished having her shower, I had dressed and have gone through her lingerie and picked out a red lace thong and matching red lace push up bra for her to wear to the photo shoot.

As she came into the bedroom, I handed her the underwear that I had picked out for her to wear and said, "Wear these they're my favorites and wear your very short mini skirt along with your white blouse."

I sat on the edge of the bed and watch Rebecca getting dressed, she brushed her hair and tied it back into a ponytail, then applied some red lipstick. Fuck she looks gorgeous and sexy.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt.03

After we arrived at my friend's photography studio and I had introduced Rebecca to my friend Daniel the photographer who will be taking her photos. He reached out and shook Rebecca's hand and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Rebecca, I'm so glad that you could come, you're a very beautiful young woman and are going to look great in the photos."

Rebecca smiled at him and said, "Thank you... What do you want me to do?"

"First, I would like to take some casual photos of you in the clothes that you are now wearing," he replied.

Daniel led us into the main studio and showed Rebecca where he will be taking the photographs. Rebecca looks around the studio and sees several lights and cameras on tripods set up around a large bed. At the side of the room are two armchairs and a couch facing the bed.

“Marcus, why don’t you have a seat and watch Rebecca posing for me?” said Daniel.

I sat down in the closest armchair and watch and listened to Daniel giving Rebecca instructions and explaining what is going to happen.

"I would like you to sit on the edge of the bed as I take a few photos from different angles," said Daniel.

Rebecca sits on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed after Daniel switches on the floodlights. He begins moving around Rebecca taking photos of her from all angles.

"Uncross your legs and lean to one side," said Daniel.

Rebecca does as requested and doesn't notice that her short mini skirt has ridden up her thighs and her red thong is clearly visible and that the bright lights make her blouse transparent.

"Open the front of your blouse to reveal your bra," Daniel tells her.

Rebecca does as she has been asked and Daniel takes more photos focusing on her hard nipples poking through her red bra.

After taking a few more photos Daniel tells her, "Remove her blouse for me."

Once again Rebecca does as she has been told and sits there in miniskirt and bra and Daniel moves around her taking more photos of her.

"Take off your miniskirt and move around the bed," he tells her.

Again Rebecca follows his instructions and is now being photographed in just her thong and bra, moving around the bed in her underwear as Daniel takes lot more photos of her.

"Now remove your bra," Daniel tells her.

Rebecca instantly complies and Daniel said, "Rebecca, you have fantastic looking breasts,” and he keeps taking photos.

"Turn over and get on your hands and knees," Daniel tells Rebecca.

Rebecca does as he requests and moves onto her hands and knees on the bed. Daniel moves around the bed taking photos of her hanging breasts and her cute bubble butt and runs his hand over her bare ass and gives her ass a soft slap.

"Move your knees further apart," Daniel tells her and adds, "Look over your shoulder at me."

Rebecca complies with Daniel’s instructions, and he pulls her thong to the side to expose her bald cunt.

"Hold your thong to the side for me," he tells her.

Once again Rebecca does as instructed and Daniel steps back and begins taking photos of her ass cheeks and ass-hole. He bends down and takes a few close up photos of Rebecca’s bald cunt.

He then stepped forward and ran his hand over Rebecca's ass cheeks and slips his hand between her thighs and over her cunt. Rebecca with her eyes closed lets out a low-pitched soft moan and doesn't complain as he rubs her cunt.

"You must be having fun...your cunt is soaking wet," he chuckled.

He then ran a finger between Rebecca’s cunt lips making her gasp and take a deep breath. As Daniel starts to slide her thong down her legs Rebecca rolls over onto her back and lifts her legs up into the air for Daniel to remove her thong from around her ankles.

"Stay like that for me," he tells her as he starts taking photos.

"Now open your legs and play with your cunt," barked Daniel.

With her eyes closed and moaning softly, Rebecca begins fingering her wet cunt, pushing two of her fingers deep inside her cunt. Her other hand reaches up and begins to pull and twist on her nipples. Her body starts shivering as she begins having an orgasm. My shy Daughter-in-Law is surprising me as she has an orgasm in front of a man she has just met.

Daniel keeps moving around the bed taking more photos of her. Rebecca doesn't notice him turning on the video cameras and has no idea that she is being recorded. Rebecca doesn't know that I have told Daniel about her having sex with me and that I have suggested that we could both fuck her once she was excited.

I have already undressed and have been stroking my cock waiting for the right moment to join Rebecca on the bed, when Daniel nods his head at me and I move my cock closer to Rebecca's mouth, without any complaints or protests from her she eagerly takes my cock into her mouth and begins sucking my cock as Daniel takes more photos.

Daniel puts down his hand-held camera and after checking that the video cameras are recording, he undresses and moves behind Rebecca and rubs his cock up and down her wet bald pussy and with a quick thrust drives his cock into her cunt. As Rebecca feels Daniel's cock being thrust into her cunt she tried to scream but her screams are muffled by my cock in her mouth.

I start pumping my cock in and out of her mouth faster trying to keep up with the pace of Daniel's thrust into her cunt. Rebecca is being fucked at both ends of her body and her body starts to shake as she has an orgasm. It doesn't take long before I feel my balls tighten and my cock erupting and start shooting my hot cum into her mouth for her to swallow.

As Daniel started to slam his cock in and out of her wet cunt from behind, I slip my limp cock out of her mouth and Rebecca drops her head onto a pillow to muffle her screams as she has another orgasm. When Daniel’s cock starts squirting his cum into her wet cunt he grabs her hips and keeps his cock buried deep inside her filling her cunt with his cum.

For someone who doesn't enjoy sex Rebecca is doing a great job and I think about the fun times I am going to have using her. My cock is nearly hard again and I can't wait to replace Daniel's cock inside her cunt with my own. As soon as Daniel removes his limp cock from her cunt. I turn Rebecca over and lift her legs up onto my shoulders and drive my cock into her cum filled hole.

I begin fucking Rebecca’s cunt faster and harder as I stare at her face. When I thrust my cock hard into her cunt she screams that she is having another orgasm. I am so close to cumming and adding my cum to her already cum filled cunt that I began fucking her faster, slamming my cock into her cunt as my cock exploded and shot my hot sticky cum into her cum filled cunt.

After I had finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her cunt and lifted her legs off my shoulders and place them down on the bed. I then sat down beside her and ran my hand over her large breast as I took a few deep breaths to recover. I can't believe how easy it was for me to turn my daughter-in-law Rebecca into a cock hungry slut.

Daniel hadn’t finished with Rebecca just yet he handed me the handheld camera and then rubbed his hard cock over her mouth. Rebecca opened her mouth wide and took his cock deep into her mouth and wrapped her mouth around the shaft of his cock and began sucking as Daniel held her head as he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth.

I watch as Daniel face fucked Rebecca’s mouth, it was only the other day that she had told me she doesn't like sucking cocks and the taste of cum. I watch Daniel pull Rebecca's mouth all the way onto his cock as he started squirting his hot cum down her throat. After Daniel had finished cumming and slipped his cock out of her mouth.

Rebecca surprised me by opening her mouth wide to show me a puddle of Daniel's cum in her mouth and once she has shown me his cum she swallowed and showed me her empty mouth.

"That was incredible, I have never enjoyed having two cocks at the same time before," giggled Rebecca.

Rebecca laid on the bed with her legs spread wide rubbing and fingering her cunt as she watched us stroking our limp cocks and we watched her finger fucking her cum filled cunt. When Daniel’s cock started to become hard it was easy to see that he was eager to fuck Rebecca again.

"I want you to fuck me doggy style again," giggled Rebecca.

She then rolled over onto her hands and knees and lifted her ass up into the air. Daniel grabs her by her hips and pulls her closer to the edge of the bed and slammed his cock into her cunt and began to fuck her like a dog on heat.

I move up beside Rebecca's head and wave my soft cock in front of her face, she held my cock in her hand and stuck out her tongue and lick the head of my cock and then licks up and down the shaft of my cock. Once she had made my cock hard she took it deep into her mouth and started sucking as hard as she could. The way she was sucking my cock it wasn’t going to take long before I was cumming.

Daniel was thrusting his cock in and out of her like a mad man, he was fucking her like a wild animal and he began grunting like one as he started to cum inside her cunt. Rebecca’s muffled moan turn to a loud groan as my as she let my cock slip out of her mouth. My cock shot rope after rope of my hot cum all over her face and hair.

As we lay there trying to recover, Rebecca looked up at the clock and screamed, "I have to be home when my husband comes home.”

She quickly puts on her short mini skirt and stands there topless as she used her red thong to wipe her face and hair clean of cum. She slips on her blouse and shoves her bra and thong into her bag.

"Quickly get dressed I need you to drive me home and have a shower," Rebecca yelled.

On the way back to her house, I look at Rebecca, sitting beside me she looked so sexy without a bra on, her large breasts clearly visible under her blouse and as I look down at her legs, her mini skirt is up around her waist exposing her bald cunt, my young daughter-in-law is a fucking incredible sexy young woman.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt.04

Tomorrow was Friday and I was looking forward to visiting my daughter-in-law for a morning fuck. So when my phone rang on Thursday afternoon and I saw the call was from Rebecca, I expected her to cancel my visit for tomorrow.

I answered the phone call and asked, "Hello sweetheart, what can I do for you?"

"Dad I need to talk to you urgently, can you please come straight over?" cried Rebecca.

She was too upset to tell me what had happened on the phone, so I said, “ I will come straight over, baby girl.”

On the way over to her house, I started thinking why was it so urgent that she needed to see me. Did my son find out about me fucking her? Did he find the nude photos Daniel had taken of her? What could have happened I wondered?

I entered the house through the back door and found her sitting at the kitchen table still in her dressing gown crying.

"What's happened? what's wrong? why are you so upset?" I asked.

Rebecca just handed me a letter as she continued crying. I read the letter it was from the Bank of America and was a demand for house payment arrears of two thousand four hundred and sixty-nine dollars, to be paid in seven days or they would be evicted.

"What the fuck. How many payments are you behind?" I asked.

"Only three months," she told me.

"ONLY three months... Why haven't you been making your payments? Don't tell me you lost the money on the poker machines?" I curiously asked.

"I'm so sorry Dad," she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"You're sorry... You have to tell your husband about this," I blurted.

"Can't you help me so I don't have to tell him?" she pleaded.

"I can't help with that much money," I told her.

Her tears had now stopped and she asked, "What can I do?"

"You need to ring the bank and explain and ask for extra time to pay," I replied.

"I rang the bank last month and they gave me additional time to pay. I need to find money fast," she cried.

"There is only one way to make that sort of money quickly," I told her.

Rebecca gave me a confused look and asked, "How?"

"Let men pay you to fuck them," I told her bluntly.

"You want me to be a prostitute?" asked a shocked Rebecca.

"I don't want you to do anything. It's up to you what you do," I told her.

She sat there thinking for a few minutes then asked, "How much money would they pay me?"

"Well you are an attractive young woman... so maybe one or two hundred dollars a time," I told her.

"That will take me ages to make the money I need," she said.

I thought about what Daniel had told me, he had said that he would love to take more photographs of Rebecca having sex and to make a video of her.

"Maybe there is another way... Daniel told me he wanted to take more photographs of you having sex and he would pay you," I told her.

"Who would he photograph me with? Would it be with you?" asked Rebecca.

"No not me. He has a few models he likes to use," I explained.

"Can you ring him and ask him for me?" Rebecca asked.

I phoned Daniel and told him about Rebecca's problem and he excitedly suggested that I bring Rebecca over tomorrow morning.

"Daniel asked me to bring you over to his studio in the morning," I said.

For the first time since I had arrived, I saw a smile on Rebecca's face.

"Now let's go into your bedroom and you can thank me,” I chuckled.

Rebecca giggled as I helped her to the feet and opened her dressing gown and saw that she was naked under it. She let the dressing gown slip of her shoulders and fall to the floor. I stood there grinning at her naked body knowing that I could fuck her anytime I wanted too.

We moved into her bedroom and she sat on the edge of the bed and watched me undress. As soon as I was naked and with my hard cock in my hand, I moved closer and pointed my cock at her face, when I placed my hand on the back of her head she leaned forward and licked all around the knob of my cock and up and down the shaft and licked the eye of my cock dripping with pre-cum.

She then opened her mouth wide and took my cock all the way into her mouth and wrapped her mouth tight around my shaft and started to suck on my cock as she moved her mouth up and down. I stood there letting her suck my cock and then I gripped the hair on her head and began moving her mouth up and down on my cock faster and faster.

There was something about fucking my daughter-in-law's mouth that made me want to treat her like a whore even though, I loved her. I vigorously pumped her head up and down causing her to gag several times. I wasn't about to stop now I was too close to cumming and when my cock erupt. I pulled her mouth down onto my cock and held it there, I must have shot several large loads of my hot sticky cum into her mouth for her to swallow.

She swallowed each load I shot into her mouth as fast as she could only gagging a couple of times, every few thrusts of my cock, I would let her take a deep breath and get ready to swallow the next load of cum that I shot into her mouth. In the last month, Rebecca had gone from someone who didn't like sucking cocks to a really good cock sucker.

After I removed my limp cock from her mouth, I laid her down on the bed and knelt down between her parted thighs and stuck my tongue deep into her cunt and started licking and sucking on her sweet tasting nectar. Each time I flicked my tongue over her clit her whole body shivered, then as I sucked her clit into my mouth she screamed and started gasping for breath.

Her cunt juices squirt out of her cunt and over my face, as I tried to swallow and lick up her juices. The more I licked and sucked on her cunt the more she humped my face and ground her cunt onto my mouth, it was like she was trying to fuck my mouth.

When I lifted my mouth of her cunt and I pushed my finger deep into her wet cunt and started to finger fuck her wet hole, she screamed that she was having an orgasm, and the faster I pumped my finger in and out of her cunt the more of her juices she squirted out of her cunt.

When I added another finger to her wet cunt and began to pump both my fingers in and out of her soaking wet cunt, the louder her screams became. At the same time, I was finger fucking her, I rubbed my thumb over her clit making her scream even louder. She was now pulling and twisting her nipples hard and screamed, "Dad, fuck me... Please fuck me now.”

With my cock once again hard, I moved up over her body and aimed my hard cock at the entrance to her cunt. Then with a quick thrust, I drove my cock all the way into her cunt. Rebecca gasped and then start moaning and whimpering softly as I began to drive my cock in and out of her wet cunt faster.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming yes I'm cumming don't stop, please don't stop," she screamed and pleaded.

I kept fucking my daughter-in-law like I was a wild man and I grabbed her by her hips and slammed my cock into her cunt again and again. With each inward thrust, my balls slapped against her ass making a clapping as if someone was cheering and clapping us.

Rebecca’s breathing had increased and she was moaning as she took deep breaths. I watched her breasts rise and fall at the same pace that I was fucking her. Fuck she looked beautiful, I was a lucky man to have such a sexy daughter-in-law like Rebecca.

When my cock exploded and started blasting cum inside her, Rebecca screamed out, "I'm cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming again, oh fucking hell."

Once I had withdrawn my spent cock from inside her, I collapsed onto the bed beside her and pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her.

"You were fucking great," I told her.

"So were you Dad... I've never had so many orgasms or come so hard before," she giggled and then kissed me.

"I better go home before my son catches me in bed with you," I laughingly told her.

"Maybe we could have a threesome with him?" giggled Rebecca.

I laughed and said, "Now that is an interesting idea."

Rebecca climbed off the bed and said, "I'm going to take a shower, do you want to join me?"

"I better not, there is not enough time. I will pick you up tomorrow morning and take you to the studio," I said.

As Rebecca took a shower, after I had dressed, I poked my head into the bathroom and saw her fingering her cunt as she stood under the running water with her eyes closed, and said, “See you tomorrow, Darling.”

She opened her eyes and smiled at me as she saw me staring at her, and said, “Bye Dad.”

On the drive home, I kept thinking about what Daniel had told me on the phone about him wanting to take a few photos of Rebecca and video her being fucked by the models. I didn't tell her about Daniel wanting to video her being fucked, I was leaving it up to him to tell her.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt. 05

Friday morning could not come quick enough. I was looking forward to seeing what Daniel had planned for my daughter-in-law. I knew had made a few amateur porn movies before and had sold them to a distributor for a healthy profit.

Rebecca was waiting for me to arrive and as soon as I pulled up outside her house she climbed into my car and leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. As I drove towards Daniel's studio Rebecca cuddled up beside me and ran her hand between my legs and gave my cock a squeeze through my pants.

“Thanks again for arranging this for me, Dad,” she excitedly cried.

“Your welcome, anything to help my baby girl,” I replied.

“How can I ever repay you?" giggled Rebecca giving my cock another squeeze.

"Just do what Daniel tells you and have fun," I replied as I ran my hand under her short mini skirt and felt her wet panties.

Not only had she dressed in her sexiest clothes for Daniel to photograph her in, but she was also already wet from anticipation on what was about to happen to her. When we arrived at the photo studio Daniel invited us inside and after locking the front door he turned and gave Rebecca a kiss and led us into his office and sat down beside her.

"I want to start by taking some photographs of you as you undress and then take more photographs of you masturbating," Daniel told her.

Rebecca asked, "Are you still going to be taking photographs of me being fucked?”

"Yes I am," Daniel chuckled.

"Who will be fucking me?" Rebecca asked.

"There are two men that I use regularly in my photo shoots," Daniel replied.

"I have to fuck them both?" asked Rebecca nervously.

"Yes, they will take turns at fucking you. Would you like to meet them?" Daniel asked.

"Before I agree... How much will I be paid?" asked Rebecca.

"Two hundred dollars for the photographs and eight hundred dollars for the video," he replied.

"The video... What video?" she blurted and looked at me.

"I will make a video of you having sex," Daniel explained.

"No... I can't be in a video," she cried.

“That’s one thousand dollars for a day of fun, if your after the big money that is what you need to do,” Daniel blurted.

Rebecca sat quietly thinking for several minutes and then said, "Alright... I will do it, you better introduce me to the men first."

Daniel led us through to the studio, there were two men sitting on the edge of the bed wearing bathrobes. One of the men is older enough to be her grandfather and the other young man old enough to be her son.

"Rebecca I like you to meet Mal and Jackson... men this is Rebecca she is going to be our model for the day," said Daniel.

After everyone said, hello to each other Rebecca whispers to Daniel, "How old is Jackson?"

Daniel smiles as he says, "Jackson's nineteen."

Rebecca giggles and says, "I thought he was younger."

Daniel picks up his camera and says, "Rebecca start undressing for us."

Rebecca looks over at me and then at Mal and his son Jackson and then begins to slowly undress as Daniel walks around her taking photographs of her. At first, Rebecca looks nervous standing there in her thong and bra in front of the two men she has just met.

Daniel says, "Turn around a few times and bend over,"

Rebecca does as she has been asked and starts to pose seductively. She is now beginning to enjoy herself and flirts with the father and son as Daniel keeps taking her photographs.

"Remove your bra and play with your breasts," Daniel tells her.

Rebecca removes her bra and squeezes her breasts and pulls on her nipples in front of the men. She then without being asked, slides her hand inside her thong and starts rubbing her pussy. As she starts taking deeper breaths her breasts rise and fall. Again without being told Rebecca bends over and slips her thong down to her ankles and steps out of them.

She stands there naked letting Daniel take photographs of her and the men to stare at her ass and bare cunt.

"Lie on the bed and play with your cunt," Daniel barked.

Rebecca lies down on the bed and begins fingering her soaking wet cunt, as she stares at Mal and Jackson standing there without their bathrobes, stroking their large hard cocks.

“Spread your cunt lips and let me see the inside of your cunt,” Daniel barked as he takes a few photos of her bald cunt.

He then puts down his camera and picks up the video camera and begins to video Rebecca fingering her wet cunt.

“Mal, Jackson, kneel on the bed on either side of Rebecca and stroke your cocks for the video camera,” blurted Daniel.

“Rebecca, take turns at sucking on their cocks,” Daniel barked.

Rebecca takes Mal’s cock into her mouth and sucks his cock, she then lets his cock slip out of her mouth and turns and takes Jackson’s cock into her mouth to suck. She switches back and forth between the men’s cocks as they each reach out to squeeze and fondle one of her breasts.

“Jackson, move down between Rebecca’s legs and start sucking and licking her cunt,” blurted Daniel.

As Jackson moves down the bed, I watch as Mal holds Rebecca’s head and starts to thrust his large cock in and out of my daughter-in-law’s mouth. When Mal starts thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth faster, Rebecca reaches out and tries to slow his thrusts down but Mal just wants to keep fucking her face at the pace he is going.

I watch as Rebecca struggles to suck on Mal’s large cock and am relieved to see Mal start to cum and fill her mouth with his hot cum. After he removes his cock from Rebecca's mouth, I see his cum dripping out of her mouth and running out of her nose.

“That’s going to look great on the video,” Daniel chuckles as he videos Rebecca’s face.

“Jackson, I want you to fuck Rebecca just like you fuck your sister Holly,” barked Daniel.

Jackson stops licking Rebecca’s cunt and moves up over her, as Daniel barked, “Rebecca, hold your cunt open for Daniel’s cock.”

Rebecca reaches down and spreads her cunt lips apart for Jackson to drive his hard cock into her cunt. She gasps as Jackson drives his cock all the way inside her cunt. Daniel kneels down and videos Jackson slamming his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Keep fucking her hard son, just like how your sister loves having her cunt fucked,” yelled Mal.

The expression on Rebecca’s face is of surprise at hearing that she is having a threesome with a father and his son.

“Rebecca’s cunt is a lot tighter than Holly’s cunt, blurted Jackson as he slams his cock deep into Rebecca’s cunt and keeps it there.

Rebecca can feel her cunt being filled by Jackson’s hot cum as his cock shoots his hot cum into her cunt.

“Pull your cock out and shoot your cum over her,” yelled Daniel.

Jackson pulls his cock out of her cunt as his cock shoots a rope of cum over her breast and stomach and another rope of cum over her cunt.

“That’s what my customers want to see,” chuckled Daniel and then barked, “Rebecca, wipe up the cum with your fingers, and suck on your fingers.”

Rebecca does as instructed and wipes up the cum on her body with her fingers and sucks her fingers clean. It’s easy for us all to see that Rebecca loves the taste of cum and can’t get enough cum from her body and starts wiping the cum out of her cunt to swallow.

It’s hard to believe that she is the same woman who told me a few days ago she doesn’t suck cocks and doesn’t like the taste of cum.

As the father and son sit down on the bed next to her, Daniel said, "That was great Rebecca, you will look fantastic in the video.”

Rebecca starts to sit up thinking it's all over only for Daniel to say, "Next I want Mal to fuck your pussy as Jackson fucks your mouth... let’s have a short break while I transfer the video to the computer.”

As Daniel checks on the video, Mal and Jackson work on their cocks trying to get them hard again. I watch as Mal starts stroking his large cock back to full hardness and think about how I'm going to enjoy seeing Rebecca's pussy being stretched by his large cock.

"Okay I'm ready," Mal cried.

Daniel starts recording as Mal lifts Rebecca's legs onto his shoulders and rubs the fat knob of his cock over her wet bald slit. He pushes his cock against the opening to her pussy and needs to apply extra pressure to get the knob of his cock inside her cunt. As soon as he gets the knob of his cock inside her it's easier for him to push the rest of his cock all the way inside her cunt.

The expression on Rebecca's face tells me she is not enjoying having her pussy stretched and as Mal begins pulling his cock out and slams his cock all the way back inside her, Rebecca screams out as if she is being killed. Again and again, Mal pulls his cock partly out only to slam his cock into her cunt. Rebecca gasps and screams out each time he slams his cock into her cunt.

I watch as Daniel videos her face as she screams out and gives Jackson a nod for him to drive his cock into Rebecca’s mouth. When Rebecca opened her mouth to scream, Jackson drove his cock into her mouth and muffles her screams. As he starts fucking her mouth Rebecca starts to gag and starts coughing, Jackson pulls his cock partly back out letting her catch her breath only to drive his cock back into her mouth.

Mal screams that he is cumming and Daniel aims the video camera at Rebecca's cunt as Mal starts filling her cunt with his cum. Once he has finished cumming and removes his cock from Rebecca's cunt, Daniel videos Mal's cum flowing out the gaping hole that he has left in Rebecca's cunt.

A few minutes later Jackson screams, "I'm going to cum."

"Pull your cock out and cum over her face," Daniel yelled.

Jackson's first squirt covers Rebecca's face and hair, his second and third squirts land over her breasts and then squirts a couple of small loads over her face again. I stand up and move over and squirt several loads of my cum over my daughter-in-law's face.

"That’s fantastic," yelled Daniel videoing Rebecca’s face covered in cum.

Rebecca lays their exhausted wiping the cum out of her eyes and into her mouth, as Mal asks, "Can I fuck Rebecca’s ass?"

Before Daniel can answer him, Rebecca yelled, "NO fucking way. Your cock is too big for my ass."

Daniel laughs and says, "Rebecca, I will give you an extra five hundred to let Mal fuck your ass."

"NO. Not now, not today," she replied.

Did I hear her right not now, not today, does that mean she is thinking about letting Mal fuck her ass another time.

Rebecca climbs off the bed and says, "I need to have a shower before I go home," she then heads towards the change room showers.

Daniel comes over and says, "Rebecca was fantastic... do you think she would let me video her again?"

"I will have a talk to her about doing another video," I chuckled.

When Rebecca comes out of the change room she is already dressed and after saying goodbye to everyone and giving them a kiss we leave the photo studio. As I drive her home, I hand her an envelope that Daniel had given me. Rebecca opens the envelope and her eyes light up as she counts the money, she smiles at me and leans over and gives me a kiss.

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My Daughter-in-Law. Pt. 06

The following week when I was speaking to Daniel on the phone he said, “Rebecca’s latest porn video is going to be a huge success.”

I asked, “Another video when was that made? She never told me anything about making another video.”

Daniel laughed as he said, “It was four days after you were here with her.”

What did she do in the video?” I asked.

“It was another video of her with Mal and his son Jackson along with Mal’s eighteen-year-old daughter Holly, Mal and Jackson took turns fucking Rebecca and having their cocks sucked by her. The best part of the video was Rebecca and Holly eating each other’s cunts.” chuckled Daniel.

After I hung up the phone call with Daniel, I started thinking about how a month ago, Rebecca didn’t even want to suck my cock. Now here she was loving having a cock in her mouth and cunt, and now I hear that she likes being with another woman. My daughter-in-law had turned into a slut and was willing to do anything for money.

It had been a few days since I had gone over to her house and fucked her, so I thought I would go over and surprise her and ask her about the latest video she made.

When I walked into the house and heard moaning coming from the lounge room, my first thought was that my son had taken a day off work. What surprised me was seeing Rebecca and Holly sitting naked on the couch fingering each other’s wet cunts as they watched the video of them together on the television.

“Hello ladies, what are we watching?” I chuckled.

Rebecca’s head spun around and looked at me and she screamed, “Dad, what are you doing here?”

“Daniel told me that you made another video and it had some hot lesbian action with Holly in the video.”

Holly giggled and said, “Hello Marcus, it’s nice to see you again.”

“You know each other?” blurted Rebecca.

“Marcus, has fucked me a few times,” giggled Holly.

“Do you mind if I sit down and watch the video with you?” I chuckled.

Rebecca patted the seat beside her, “Not at all, please join us.”

After removing all my clothes, I sat down beside Rebecca and gave my cock a couple of strokes as Holly turned Rebecca’s head towards her and kissed her passionately on her mouth. As they tongue kissed each other I began fondling on Rebecca’s breasts and tweaking her nipples. Rebecca broke the kiss with Holly and moaned as I pulled on her nipples.

“Marcus, I want to watch you fucking Rebecca’s ass,” giggled Holly.

“No, not my ass, it was bad enough when your brother fucked my ass,” blurted Rebecca.

“My Dad, wants to fuck your ass for a video,” giggled Holly.

“His cock is too big for my ass,” blurted Rebecca.

“You watched him fucking my ass… you just have to learn to relax,” chuckled Holly.

After Holly had helped Rebecca kneel on the floor between her legs, she said, “Rebecca, I want you to lick and suck on my cunt… as Marcus fucks your ass.”

Holly then pressed Rebecca’s mouth onto her wet cunt as I moved behind my daughter-in-law. When I ran my hand between her legs and over her soaking wet cunt, Rebecca moved her knees further apart and lifted her ass up. After pumping my fingers in and out of her wet cunt, I pushed my finger deep into her ass-hole. Rebecca tried to lift her mouth of Holly’s cunt, I heard her gasp and take a deep breath as Holly pressed Rebecca’s mouth hard against her cunt.

After finger fucking her ass for a few minutes and when I thought she was ready to accept my hard cock in her ass, I drove my cock into her wet cunt, coating my cock with her cunt juices. Then after pumping my cock in and out of her cunt, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and pressed the head of my cock against her tight ass-hole. When she took a breath and I felt her relax, I pushed my cock all the way into her ass until my balls were resting against her ass-cheeks.

Holly smiled at me and watched as I started to pump my cock in and out of Rebecca’s ass. I remember the first time that I fucked Holly ass it was on her eighteenth birthday and her father Mal and her brother along with his friend stood there jacking off watching me with Holly.

I was now slamming my cock in and out of Rebecca’s wet cunt, as Holly ground her cunt against Rebecca’s mouth. It wasn’t long before I was shooting my hot cum into my daughter-in-law's ass, and once I had finished cumming and my cock was becoming soft I slipped my cock out of Rebecca's ass.

When Holly released the grip she had on Rebecca’s head and Rebecca lifted her mouth up, Holly barked, “Rebecca, suck Marcus’s cock nice and clean so he can fuck me when his cock becomes hard again.”

Rebecca didn’t protest or complain about taking my dirty cock into her mouth, she licked and sucked the dirty mixture off my cock and kept sucking my soft cock until it was hard again.

“Rebecca, likes to be dominated and told what to do, don’t you Rebecca?” Holly chuckled.

Rebecca lifted her mouth off my cock and replied, “Yes, I like being told what to do.”

She then returned to sucking on my cock as Holly grinned at me, and said, “That's enough Rebecca you can stop sucking Marcus’s cock.”

Rebecca removed her mouth from my cock and crawled back away from Holly, I moved between Holly’s legs and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and with a hard fast thrust I drove my cock into her wet cunt and began fucking her at a furious pace just like I knew she liked. As I fucked Holly like a dog on heat, Rebecca was pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt.

As my cock exploded inside Holly’s cunt, I reached out and squeezed her small breasts and pulled and twisted her nipples. When I had finished cumming and had pulled my cock out of Holly’s cum filled cunt, Rebecca fetched us a drink.

“Rebecca, why didn’t you come and tell me earlier about making more videos for Daniel?” I asked.

“He told me not to tell you… he wanted to surprise you,” Rebecca replied.

“Tell me about the last video you made for him?” I asked,

“It was a movie where I was kidnapped and tied to the bed and fucked by several men,” replied Rebecca.

“Did you enjoy being tied up?” I asked.

“Not at first, some of the men were rough… Daniel said it was to make the movie more real,” Rebecca replied.

“Was there a lot of other men watching the video being made?” I asked.

“Yes there was a lot of men watching and most of them shot their cum over me,” Rebecca replied.

All those other men paid Daniel, to watch you being fucked,” I chuckled.

“Daniel didn’t tell me that,” Rebecca blurted.

“I want to be there the next time you make another video… to make sure your safe and so I can look after you,” I said.

“He did ask me if I wanted to fuck his customers for money,” Rebecca said.

“Daniel will turn you into a prostitute and an escort… you need to have Marcus looking after your safety,” said Holly and then said, “You have to be careful of Daniel he offered me a lot of money to let a dog fuck me on a video.”

“Rebecca, would you let a dog fuck you?” I asked.

“Maybe if the money was right,” chuckled Rebecca.

“I would love to watch my brother Jackson being fucked by a dog,” laughed Holly.

As I stroked my soft cock I watched as Holly and Rebecca started kissing and groping each other, they were soon lying on the carpet locked in a sixty-nine with Rebecca on her back and Holly on top of her, eating, sucking and fingering each other’s wet cunts. I desperately worked on my soft cock wanting and hoping it would become hard again.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt. 07

With my cock once again rock hard, I knelt down onto the floor behind Holly and lifted her ass up and rubbed my cock over her soaking wet cunt. Holly gasped and attempted to lift her mouth off Rebecca’s cunt only to have Rebecca pull her head back down and pull her mouth against her cunt.

I drove my cock all the way into Holly’s eighteen year-year-old cunt in one quick thrust and heard her let out a muffled moan. I then began pumping my cock in and out of Holly’s cunt as Rebecca began to lick Holly’s cunt along with my cock and balls as I pumped my cock in and out of Holly’s cunt.

With Rebecca and Holly locked in a sixty-nine position on the floor, I held Holly’s hips and began thrusting my cock in and out of Holly’s wet cunt faster. My low hanging balls slapped against Rebecca’s face each time I thrust my cock into Holly’s cunt. Rebecca continued licking Holly’s wet cunt and my cock as I thrust my cock into Holly’s cunt. It wasn’t long before my cock was erupting and shooting my hot sticky cum into Holly’s cunt. After shooting several loads and with my cock becoming limp and soft, I withdrew my limp cock from Holly’s cunt.

I sat back and watched as my hot cum dripped out of Holly’s cum filled cunt and dripped over Rebecca’s face. My daughter-in-law Rebecca who only a few weeks ago had told me she didn’t like the taste of cum, was now sucking my cum out of Holly’s cunt, Rebecca had turned into a sex-hungry slut and I was enjoying how much she had changed.

As I sat there watching Rebecca and Holly eating each other’s cunts, I wondered what else Rebecca would be willing to do for money, would she really let a dog fuck her for money? I already knew that she would let other men fuck her and that she didn’t mind being videoed having sex with men and women. I knew Daniel could convince Rebecca to do anything he wanted for money and knowing how much of a deviant he was I was sure he had a lot more planned for my daughter-in-law.

After Holly climbed off Rebecca’s body, they both sat up beside me to catch their breath. Both their faces were covered and glistened in each other’s cunt juices and when they started kissing each other passionately I started working on my soft cock. Watching them kiss and lick each other’s face had my cock throbbing in no time and when I was fully hard and close to cumming I reached out and pulled Rebecca’s head down to my hard cock.

Rebecca opened her mouth and took the head of my cock inside her mouth, I took hold of her head by her hair and pushed her mouth all the way down until her chin rested on my pubic hair and all my cock inside her mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat and when she started to struggle for breath, I lifted her head up and then began to pump her head up and down on my cock.

Holly sat there smiling at me as she watched me face fucking Rebecca, she knew what it felt like after being face fucked by me plenty of times before. With the fingers of one hand rubbing her own cunt, her other hand fingers were furiously fingering Rebecca’s cunt. I could feel Rebecca sucking my cock harder desperate to make me cum, as my cock started to shoot my hot cum into her mouth I pressed Rebecca’s head down keeping her mouth all the way onto my cock.

When I had finished I released my grip on Rebecca’s head and watched her lift her mouth off my spent cock and give the head of my cock a few licks before sitting up beside me. She turned to face me and with a beaming smile opened her mouth wide to show me she had swallowed all of my cum. I knew that Daniel would have had her opening her mouth for the camera after swallowing cum.

Rebecca then asked, “Would you both like me to make you a coffee?”

“Yes please,” Holly and I replied.

When Rebecca was in the kitchen, Holly said, “Rebecca is going to be making another movie tomorrow.”

“Another movie with your father and brother?” I asked.

“No, Daniel has plans for Rebecca to be fucked by a couple of different men... and what I heard they all have massive cocks,” giggled Holly.

The idea of watching my daughter-in-law being fucked by a couple of men with large cocks excited me and I wondered how big their cocks would really be and if Rebecca knew that she was going to have all her holes stretched to the max.

When she returned with our coffees I asked, “I hear that you’re making another movie tomorrow Rebecca... I’m going to come and watch do you want me to come and pick you up and take you to the studio?”

Rebecca gave Holly a scowl and then replied, “Only if you want to Dad... Daniel was going to arrange for me to be picked up in the morning.”

“I will phone Daniel and let him know that I will be bringing you to the studio,” I chuckled.

The three of us sat there having our coffees, with Rebecca sitting between Holly and me, as soon as we had finished our coffees Holly and I started taking turns at groping her body. Rebecca’s head was turned from side to side as we took turns kissing her and we each twisted and pulled on one of Rebecca’s nipples making her squeal and her nipples stick out further.

I watched as Holly took Rebecca’s nipple into her mouth and gave Rebecca’s nipple a bite and pulled on her nipple making her scream and plead for Holly to stop.

When Holly lifted her mouth off Rebecca’s nipple she said, “Rebecca I think you should have your nipples pierced... what do you think Marcus?”

“Yes... your nipples would look great pierced,” I chuckled and then added, “Maybe some more piercings and a couple of tattoos would look great on you.”

“How would I explain the piercings and tattoos to my husband?” blurted Rebecca.

“Tell my son that you did it for him to spice up your marriage,” I replied.

“Rebecca have you thought about telling your husband Connor about what you have been doing?” asked Holly.

“No... I’m scared that Connor would leave me if he found out, he already hasn't been interested in fucking me lately,” replied Rebecca.

I didn’t have the heart to tell my daughter-in-law that I knew that my son was more into men than women and that he was fucking one of his work colleagues. I’m sure Connor would be happy for his wife to fuck other men and that he might join in for a threesome once he saw the men that were fucking his wife.

“We should all get dressed... Connor will soon be coming home from work and I don’t want him to catch us,” blurted Rebecca.

“I better head home and clean up... Dad has his friend Steven coming over tonight,” Holly mumbled.

After Holly had left and Rebecca and I had dressed, we were sitting at the kitchen table having a coffee waiting for my son to come home from work. When Rebecca received a text message from Connor telling her that he was working late again and that he wouldn’t be home till late tonight. Rebecca was upset that her husband was once again staying at work.

“Rebecca, why don’t you change into something sexy and I will take you out to dinner and cheer you up?” I suggested.

“Dad are you sure that you want to take me out for dinner?” Rebecca asked.

“It will be like we’re on a date,” I replied.

“Okay, let me go and get changed,” Rebecca giggled.

When Rebecca returned to the kitchen she was wearing a short mini-skirt and blouse along with knee-high boots, she looked amazing and like a prostitute that would stand on the street looking for customers. I knew of just the right place to take her out to dinner and cheer her up.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt. 08

I had decided to take my daughter-in-law Rebecca to a five-star hotel restaurant that had great food and a romantic atmosphere and was frequented by visiting professional people. As we entered the restaurant with Rebecca holding onto my arm and as we were shown to our table, I saw the looks that the other customers were giving us. With me being twice Rebecca’s age and the way Rebecca was dressed it was easy for the people there looking at us to assume that Rebecca was an escort.

As we laughed and joked all through dinner, we gave each other the occasional kiss, the way I was kissing and touching Rebecca no one watching us would have ever guessed she was my daughter-in-law. There were three older men standing at the bar having a drink watching us and when Rebecca noticed them she placed my hand on her thigh and pushed my hand under her short mini-skirt and then kissed me passionately.

As she broke our kiss she said, “Dad, did you notice the men at the bar watching us?”

“Yes I noticed them,” I replied running my hand further under her mini-skirt.

We had finished having our dinner and I told Rebecca, that I needed to use the toilet and I stood up and headed to the toilets leaving Rebecca sitting at the table alone. When I returned from the toilet a few minutes later, Rebecca was standing at the bar having a drink surrounded by the men.

As I approached Rebecca she smiled at me and said, “Paul was kind enough to buy me a drink.”

“Hello Marcus, I’m Paul and these are my colleagues Cameron and Trevor,” Paul said as he held out his hand.

I shook Paul’s hand and replied, “It’s nice to meet you all.”

Cameron and Trevor then offered their hands for me to shake and Cameron asked, “What would you like a drink Marcus?”

“I have a whiskey thanks,” I replied.

As Cameron and Trevor chatted with me, I noticed that Paul was continuing to fill up Rebecca’s glass and that she was becoming drunk.

“Why don’t we all go up to my hotel room for a drink?” Paul said.

Before I could answer Paul’s arm was around Rebecca’s waist holding her up and he was leading her to the elevators with Cameron and Trevor, I followed them without any objections into the elevators up to the fifth floor and into the hotel room. As soon as the hotel room door was locked Paul handed Rebecca another drink from the bar fridge.

Paul turned to me and asked, “Marcus, would you like another whiskey?”

As Paul poured me a whiskey, Cameron turned on music and started dancing with Rebecca, he wrapped his hands around her and pulled her close against his body. Rebecca continued drinking and swaying back and forth to the music with Cameron. I watched Trevor take Rebecca’s glass from her and then take a turn at dancing with her, his hands slipped under her short mini-skirt and cupped her bare ass cheeks and pulled her against his groin.

Cameron moved behind Rebecca and kissed the side of her neck, she was squeezed between the two men and Cameron’s hands reached around her and cupped her covered breasts as he kissed her neck.

Paul handed me another whiskey and said, “Rebecca, said that we could fuck her if we paid her... I hope you don’t mind.”

“If that’s what she said, it’s okay by me,” I replied.

I sat there drinking my whiskey as Paul whispered to his friends, they both started to undress her, Cameron soon had her blouse and bra removed and was fondling her bare breasts as Trevor knelt down to unzip her mini-skirt. With her mini-skirt off, Trevor pulled Rebecca’s thong down over her boots and after helping her step out of them pulled her wet cunt against his face and started kissing and licking her bald wet cunt.

Paul had undressed and was sitting on the couch stroking his hard cock as he barked, “Bring the slut over here.”

I watched Trevor and Cameron move Rebecca over in front of Paul and push her down onto her knees. Paul pulled her head closer to his hard cock and when he rubbed his cock over her mouth, Rebecca instinctively opened her mouth and took Paul’s cock deep into her mouth and began sucking and moving her mouth up and down on Paul’s cock.

Cameron lifted Rebecca’s ass up and began to furiously finger fuck her bald cunt, every now and again he would remove his fingers from her cunt and suck on his fingers to taste her cunt juices. Trevor was now undressed and after pulled Cameron out of the way, he moved behind Rebecca and drove his cock deep into her cunt. With each thrust of his cock into her cunt, he pushed Rebecca’s mouth further onto Paul’s cock. I sat there watching them and played with my limp cock, all the whiskey that I had drunk was keeping my cock soft and limp.

“I’m going to cum,” screamed Trevor.

“Fill the sluts cunt with your cum,” yelled Cameron.

I watched as Trevor grabbed hold of Rebecca’s hips and thrust his cock deep into her cunt and left it buried inside her. His body jerked with each loader cum that he shot inside her and when he had finished cumming, he pulled his limp cock out of her letting his cum drip out of her cum filled cunt. Cameron moved behind Rebecca, taking Trevor’s place and drove his hard cock into her cum filled cunt, after pumping his cock in and out of her cunt a couple of times, he pulled his cum covered cock out and drove it into Rebecca’s ass.

Rebecca’s body tightens and jerk in shock, she tried to lift her mouth of Paul’s cock, only to have Paul hold her mouth all the way down on his cock as he started shooting his hot cum into her mouth. Rebecca swallowed each load of cum that Paul shot into her mouth and when Paul released her head she lifted her mouth off his limp cock and let out a loud moan as Cameron fucked her ass like a man possessed, he would speed his thrusts up and then slow them back down making Rebecca moan and whimper.

When Cameron thrust his cock deep into her ass and kept it buried there, Rebecca gasped and took a deep breath as his cock exploded inside her, filling her ass with his hot cum. After Cameron removed his now spent cock from my daughter-in-law’s ass, Rebecca collapsed and laid there on the floor. I had thought it was all over and the men were finished with her but when I saw Paul and Trevor working on their limp cocks I knew they were going to fuck Rebecca again.

With my cock now fully hard it was my turn to fuck Rebecca, without saying anything to the men I quickly removed my pants and underwear and moved over next to Rebecca and lifted her head up off the floor and slapped my hard cock across her face. Rebecca opened her mouth and let me shove my cock inside her mouth and as soon as she had clamped her mouth around the shaft of my cock, I started fucking her face, pumping my cock in and out of her mouth at a fast pace, as if I didn’t know who she was and she was just some slut that I was face fucking.

It didn’t take long before I was shooting my hot sticky cum down her throat and when Rebecca started to gag and lifted her mouth off my cock I shot a load of hot cum over her face. I then stroked my cock shooting two more loads over her face covering her face with cum to the men’s delight. By this time Paul’s cock was hard again and he pulled Rebecca up onto her feet and with Trevor’s help carried her by her arms to the bedroom leaving me in the room with Cameron.

“Where did you find this slut,” asked Cameron.

“She a friend,” I replied not wanting him to know she was my daughter-in-law.

I sat there drinking with Cameron wondering what was happening to Rebecca, when Trevor came out of the bedroom twenty minutes later and said, “Cameron, it's your turn to fuck the slut.”

As Cameron stood up and headed into the bedroom, Trevor poured himself a drink and asked, ”Do you want another drink?”

“I think I’ve had enough,” I replied as Trevor sat down beside me.

“Marcus, you're a lucky man to know a slut as good as Rebecca... I can’t wait to fuck her ass next time,” said Trevor as he fondled his soft cock.

Ten minutes later when Paul came out of the bedroom and collapsed into an armchair, Trevor stood up and went into the bedroom. Paul told me the three of them all worked together and were in town for a conference. It was three o’clock in the morning when I woke up in bed with Rebecca, the men had all left and Rebecca was passed out and covered in cum and had cum dripping out her ass and cunt, her lovely hair was covered in sticky cum, her neck and breasts were covered in bite marks.

When my phone rang a few minutes later and I saw it was from my son, Rebecca’s husband I declined to answer the call, what could I say to him? How do I tell him his wife is a slut and that I have been fucking her? I decided to let Rebecca sleep and take her home in the morning.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt. 09

The following morning when I woke up, I was alone and after hearing the shower running, I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom. Through the glass shower door, I saw Rebecca standing under the shower washing her hair. When I opened the shower door, Rebecca turned around and when she saw me she gave me a smile and reached out and pulled me into the shower with her. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a lingering passionate kiss with our tongues in each other’s mouth.

After our mouths separated, she beamed, “Good morning Dad, did you have a good nights sleep.”

“Yes I did,” I replied.

When Rebecca started washing my body, I started running my hands over her body playfully giving her body a wash. I squeezed her breasts with my soapy hands and then reached around her to run my hands over her back. After slipping my hands down her back to cup the cheeks of her ass, I pulled her cunt against my cock.

Rebecca ground her cunt against my cock and then reached down between us and started to wash my cock and balls when my cock twitched and started to become hard in her hands, she giggled and dropped to the shower floor and knelt in front of me and took my hard cock into her mouth.

She started moving her mouth up and down on my cock as she fondled my balls. I placed my hands on the back of her head and started moving her head up and down on my cock faster. Rebecca looked up and me as I continued to move her head up and down on my cock.

I grunted and pulled her mouth all the way onto my cock and held her head still as my cock erupted and shot several large loads of hot salty cum into her mouth and down her throat. After I had finished cumming Rebecca kept sucking on my cock trying to get at more of my cum as my cock started to become soft. When she lifted her mouth from my cock, I lifted to her feet and we embraced and stood there under the running water.

After we had stepped out of the shower and had dried each other and had put on the Hotel’s bathrobes, I asked, “Would you like me to order us some breakfast?”

“Yes please Dad,” she replied.

Half an hour later there was a knock on the door and when I opened the door to let a young looking waiter wheel in our breakfast.

“Where would you like me to set your breakfast up for you sir?” asked the waiter.

I pointed across the room to where Rebecca was sitting and said, “Over there will be fine thank you.”

As the waiter set up our breakfast in front of Rebecca, she let her bathrobe fall open to reveal her naked body to the young waiter’s gaze. He started shaking as he stared open-mouthed at Rebecca’s breasts and bald cunt and for several seconds he didn’t hear me telling him that was all, when he did finally hear me, he was blushing as he took his tip from me and left the hotel room.

“You enjoyed teasing that young man didn’t you Rebecca?” I chuckled.

Rebecca giggled, “It was fun seeing how he looked at me… Dad, did you see that his cock was hard in his pants?”

“Yes, I noticed,” I replied as I sat down at the table to eat breakfast with my daughter-in-law.

We had just finished eating when my phone rang, I looked at who the call was from and then looked at Rebecca and said, “It’s from Connor.”

I answered the phone call from my son, “Hello Conner, what can I do for you?”

“Have you seen Rebecca, she didn’t come home last night?” blurted Connor.

“She is here with me having breakfast,” I replied looking at Rebecca.

“Can I speak to her?” Conner mumbled.

I handed Rebecca my phone and heard her yell, “You what, okay I will be home soon.”

When Rebecca hung up and handed me back my phone, I asked, “What was all that about?”

“Your son found the porn video, I made, I must have left the video in the player,” blurted Rebecca.

“Was he upset?” I asked.

“No, he sounded quite calm, he wants to meet at us both at the house this morning,” blurted Rebecca.

My first thought was that my son knew I was fucking his wife and wanted to confront us both together. As soon as we had dressed we checked out of the hotel and I drove Rebecca to her home, on the drive there I couldn’t stop thinking about what he was going to say to us, did Connor know that it was my friend Daniel who had videoed his wife having sex with other men? Did he know that she had made other porn movies?

When we arrived at Rebecca’s house Daniel’s car was already in the driveway and as walked into the house through the back door we heard Daniel talking with someone in the lounge room and when we went into the lounge room we were both shocked to see Daniel and a stranger sitting naked on the couch watching Rebecca’s porn video.

“Daniel, what the fuck is going on?” barked Rebecca approaching the couch to see her husband and the stranger stroking their cooks.

Daniel turned and looked over his shoulder and said, “Rebecca, I have something to tell you,” then as he saw me he said, “Hello Dad, you can hear this too.”

“What’s going on, what do you want to tell us?” I asked.

“Daniel, who is this man you’re showing my video too?” Rebecca blurted as she looked at their hard cocks.

“I would like to introduce you to Patrick he is a work colleague and my lover,” blurted Connor.

“Your lover, what do you mean?” barked Rebecca.

Daniel put his arm around Patrick and after giving him a passionate kiss, said, “Patrick’s my lover and I’m going to move in and stay with him.”

Rebecca looked at her husband in shock, and roared, “You're leaving me for a man?”

“Yes, I’m gay and in love with Patrick,” replied Connor.

I looked at my son and said, “Connor, I have always suspected of you being gay and that was the reason you weren’t fucking Rebecca.”

“Rebecca doesn’t need me to fuck her, with what’s on the video she has plenty of men to fuck her,” chuckled Connor.

Rebecca turned and wrapped her arms around me and started crying into my shoulder. I rubbed and stroked her back in front of Connor and his lover Patrick.

“Connor, did you ever think of asking Rebecca to join you and Patrick in bed?” I chuckled as I kissed Rebecca’s forehead.

“No, I didn’t think Rebecca would be interested,” Connor blurted.

I lifted the hem of Rebecca’s dress to reveal her thong and ass-cheeks, and chuckled, “What about you Patrick, have you ever seen an ass looking this good?”

Patrick grinned and for the first time spoke up and said, “I’m bisexual.”

I turned Rebecca around and opened the front of her dress to expose her bare breasts to her husband and his lover and chuckled, “Connor do you want to watch Patrick fuck your wife?”

When Connor looked at Patrick nodding his head and grinning, I slipped Rebecca’s dress from her shoulders, Rebecca stood there in just her white thong and high heel shoes facing her husband.

“If I let Patrick fuck me, Connor will you stay with me?” Rebecca asked.

“Can Patrick live with us both?” Connor asked.

“Yes, he can stay with us, as long as you let me keep making porn videos,” blurted Rebecca.

I ran my hands over Rebecca’s breasts and kissed the back of her neck in front of her husband and his friend. When I slipped my hand inside her thong and rubbed her wet bald cunt, I said, “Connor your wife’s cunt is soaking wet and she wants to be fucked.”

When Patrick stood up and moved closer to Rebecca, I released her as Patrick started to run his hands over her body, Connor sat there watching his friend and lover kissing his wife. Rebecca took Patrick’s hand and lead him towards the bedroom, Connor followed them and I followed my son into the bedroom. Rebecca was lying on the bed with her legs apart waiting for Patrick to drive his cock into her bald cunt. My son and I stood at the bedroom door watching Patrick drive his cock into Rebecca’s cunt.

As Patrick started fucking my son’s wife, Connor started stroking his cock with his cock fully hard, Connor stepped into the bedroom and pushed Patrick’s down on top of his wife, with his chest pressed against Rebecca’s breasts. Connor moved behind Patrick and drove his hard cock into his ass, I stood there watching my son fucking another man, each time he pumped his cock into Patrick’s ass, Patrick’s cock would be driven into Rebecca’s wet bald cunt further.

With my cock throbbing in my pants, I quickly undressed and gave my cock a few strokes and then moved up beside Rebecca’s face and waved my cock at her. My daughter-in-law reached out and took hold of my hard cock and pulled it towards her mouth, with my cock in her mouth I held Rebecca’s head still as I started to fuck her face.

Patrick was the first of us to cum, filling Rebecca’s bald cunt with his hot cum, I was the second to cum, filling Rebecca’s mouth with my hot cum. My son Connor then started filling Patrick’s ass with his cum. After Connor slipped his cook out of Patrick’s ass, Patrick slipped his cock out of Rebecca’s cunt. As Rebecca laid there on the bed with Patrick’s cum dripping out her cunt, my son moved between his wife’s legs and buried his face onto his wife’s cum filled cunt and sucked out Connor his lover’s cum out of his wife’s cunt. Patrick and I sat there getting acquainted as we watched Connor eating his wife’s cunt.

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FANTASTIC!!! Great story

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt. 10

Patrick and I were fondling our soft cocks as we chatted with each other and watched my son sucking his wife’s cunt. Everything was a lot easier to understand now that Connor had told Rebecca and me that he had taken a male lover and wasn’t interested in fucking Rebecca anymore. It was no wonder that Rebecca had turned to me to comfort her and it wasn’t just the money she made at the studio why she went there, it was so she could get all the cock she wanted.

“Mal, you have a lovely cock, it’s much bigger than Connors,” blurted Patrick as he reached out to touch my cock.

Patrick’s hand stopped and hovered waiting for permission to land. When I removed my hand from around my cock, Patrick grinned and replaced my hand with his, wrapping his fingers around my cock and started stroking. As soon as I was fully hard again Patrick looked at me with pleading eyes and when I nodded my head he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth.

It had been a long time since another man had given me head and it felt great, I placed my hand on top of his head and ran my fingers through his hair and pushed his head up and down. Encouraging my son’s lover to move his mouth up and down my shaft faster as Patrick sucked on my cock he fondled and massaged my balls building up the pressure in them.

I watched my son Connor move behind Patrick and after his lover's ass up higher drive his cock into Patrick’s ass. I heard the muffled moans come from Patrick’s mouth as he stopped sucking on my cock for a few moments. He then returned to sucking me much faster and with a lot more urgency.

When I looked over at Rebecca, I saw her pumping a large dildo in and out of her cunt, the same dildo she was given by the porn studio to use in a movie. She was watching her husband fuck another man as that man sucked on my cock, her father-in-law’s cock.

Rebecca gave me a beaming smile letting me know that she was happy that everything was now out in the open and Connor and she knew what each other was up to. I was also happy that I didn’t need to hide from my son that I was fucking his wife. With my daughter-in-law telling her husband that she was going to make a lot more porn movies, I decided to be her manager and look after her.

With my balls completely drained of cum by Patrick’s mouth and my son’s cock becoming soft after having filled Patrick’s ass with his cum, we sat there recovering next to each other. Rebecca sat across from us with the large dildo still in her hand after giving herself multiple orgasms.

“Would you all like me to make us some lunch?” asked Rebecca.

“Why don’t I take us all out for lunch?” I blurted.

We all agreed to go out for lunch and after everyone had showered and had freshened up we were waiting for Rebecca to finish dressing in her bedroom. When she finally came out of her bedroom she was wearing the shortest minidress she had along with a sheer blouse that showed her bra underneath. It was her way of making a statement to her husband and his lover and they both stared at her with open mouths.

I took Rebecca by her hand and as I led her to my car, I whispered, “Did you see how Connor looked at you, it’s as if he wanted to fuck you right there in front of Patrick.”

Rebecca whispered, “Dad, drive us to the studio first, I phoned Daniel from my bedroom and told him that we were all coming over.”

My daughter-in-law had decided it wasn’t food she wanted to eat and she was going to perform in front of her husband, I looked in the car’s rear view mirror to see Connor and Patrick kissing each other. I nudged Rebecca to look over her shoulder and when she saw what her husband was doing she moved closer beside me and put her arm around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder.

When I pulled up out the front of the studio, Connor blurted, “What are we doing here, I thought we were going out for lunch.”

“I thought that you might like to see where I work and meet some of the actors,” blurted Rebecca climbing out the car.

I watched Rebecca unlocked the studio’s door with a key I never knew she had, we followed her through to the main studio where Daniel and several men dressed in dressing robes stood talking.

Rebecca walked up to Daniel and after giving him a kiss said, “Daniel, I would like you to meet my husband Connor and his boyfriend Patrick.”

“Hello Connor, it’s nice to finally meet you,” said Daniel shaking Connor’s hand. He then turned to Patrick and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Patrick,” and shook his hand.

Daniel then came over to me and chuckled, “Hi Mal, has Rebecca been looking after you?”

“Yeah she has and she told me about the new movie she was making,” I replied.

Daniel nodded his head in the direction of Connor and Patrick, when I turned and looked at them, I saw them staring at Rebecca she was standing with the three men whose dressing robes now hung open. Rebecca was talking and laughing with the men as she took turns at giving each of their cocks a few pumps.

When one of the men removed Rebecca’s blouse and bra and leaned down to suckle on her breast. I looked over at my son to see what his reaction would be and saw that Patrick had his arm around Connor holding him up to stop him from collapsing.

“Why don’t you both sit down and relax and watch what happens,” I chuckled.

As Connor and Patrick sat down on the couch facing a king size bed, they saw Rebecca being stripped of her miniskirt and thong by the men and then being led over to and laid down on the king size bed. With the bright lights turned on Daniel walked around the bed videoing Rebecca and the three men. With Daniel giving instructions one of the men held Rebecca’s head still as he pumped his cock in and out of Rebecca’s mouth as Daniel video recorded.

When Daniel had said something to Rebecca and the three men that we were unable to hear. After the man face fucking Rebecca pulled his hard cock out of her mouth, one of the other men laid down on the bed with Rebecca squatting over him and lowered her cunt onto his cock and started to rock back and forth. When the man with his cock inside Rebecca pulled her down onto his chest, another of the men holding his large cock pointed it at Rebecca’s ass.

Connor blurted, “His cock won’t fit in her ass.”

I chuckled to myself knowing that Rebecca had taken far bigger cocks in her ass, Connor and Patrick sat there staring in disbelief as the man drove his large cock into Rebecca and started fucking her ass with long hard thrusts. Rebecca was moaning and gasping for breath as one of the men filled her mouth with his cock and started face fucking her with lust and passion in his eyes.

When Connor gasped, I looked and saw that Patrick had his hand inside Connor’s pants and was stroking my son’s cock.

“You can both undress if you want too,” I chuckled.

When my son looked over his shoulder at me and saw that I had already undressed and was stroking my cock. He opened his pants, letting his hard cock spring free and slipped his pants down around his ankles. Patrick leaned down and took Connor’s cock into his mouth and started moving his mouth up and down on my son’s cock. As soon as Daniel notice what was happening he came over and started videoing Connor and Patrick.

“Why don’t you both undress and let me video you both,” chuckled Daniel.

Patrick lifted his mouth of Connor’s cock and looked up at Daniel pointing the video camera at them. When he looked at Connor and saw that his lover was undressing he smiled and started to undress. As soon as Connor and Patrick were naked, Daniel led them over to the large king size bed.

Rebecca was lying on the bed exhausted with all her holes filled with cum from the three men. As Connor laid down on the bed beside his wife, Patrick laid on the bed and began sucking my son’s cock. Daniel grinned at me and walked around the bed videoing what was happening from every angle. When I saw one of the men lift Patrick up onto his knees and drive his large cock into Patrick’s ass-hole, Patrick lifted his mouth of Connor’s cock and screamed.

I watched as my daughter-in-law rolled over and took her husband’s cock into her mouth and started sucking his cum from his cock. Connor began moaning and groaning with delight, I wondered if my son still wanted to leave his wife, now that he could have both a hot wife and sexy lover in Patrick.

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Reply #11 on: June 23, 2019, 02:22:57 PM
what a well written story with what seems to be a very happy ending for all.

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My Daughter-in-law. Pt. 11

With one of the actors fucking Patrick and Rebecca sucking her husband's cock, I moved over to the bed and lifted Rebecca’s legs up onto my shoulders and with a quick thrust drove my cock all the way into her cum filled cunt. With her husband’s cock still in her mouth, Rebecca moans were muffled as I began pumping my cock in and out of her cum filled cunt. My son looked at me with a look of disgust as if he wasn’t happy with me fucking his wife.

My son’s lover Patrick was now lying face down on the bed with his ass dripping with fresh cum after having his ass fucked and stretched open by one of the men. As soon as my son had finished shooting his hot cum down his wife’s throat and had pulled his limp cock from her mouth. He sat there watching me slamming my cock in and out of his wife, the closer I became to cumming the faster I slammed my cock in and out of Rebecca’s cunt. It only took a few more thrusts before I was cumming inside her and adding my hot sticky cum to her already cum filled cunt.

The actors had showered and left the studio leaving us alone with Daniel still videoing the three of us with Rebecca, when I had caught my breath back I blurted, “The video you just recorded of us with Rebecca, is only for personal use and not to be used in one of your porn videos.”

“Are you sure, it would make a popular family porn video?” begged Daniel.

“Yes, I’m fucking sure, I’m Rebecca’s agent and if you want to keep employing her you will do as I tell you,” I yelled.

Daniel was a good friend but he could be stubborn, he was always looking for new ways to make money. He had recently told me that he had been trying to find younger female actors who looked a lot younger than their true age as these videos were becoming very popular.

As we all laid on the bed recovering, Rebecca said, “Why don’t we have a shower and I will take you out to dinner seeing that we missed lunch?”

When I stepped into the shower with Rebecca she threw her arms around me and blurted, “Dad, thank you for agreeing to be my agent.”

After giving each other a wash under the hot running water, we exited the shower and dried and dressed and waited several minutes for Connor and Patrick to finish having their shower and get dried and dressed. After we had said our goodbyes to Daniel we left the studio and I started driving us to a restaurant that Rebecca had suggested. The restaurant was part of a luxury hotel, I had never been there before. It was very expensive and very popular with actors and actresses from the movie industry.

When Connor saw the restaurant he blurted, “We can’t afford this place.”

Rebecca chuckled, “I can pay for everyone.”

As we entered the restaurant the host said, “Welcome Ms. Becky, would you like your usual table?”

“Yes thank you, Macomb,” replied Rebecca.

My daughter-in-law was just full of surprises, it seemed that she was a regular customer to this restaurant and had her own table.

As the four of sat down at the table a wine waiter came over and asked, “Ms. Becky, can I get you all a drink?”

“Yes Thomas, please bring us a bottle of your best champagne and four glasses,” replied Rebecca.

After the waiter left, Connor blurted, “What are we celebrating?”

“My freedom, to do what I fucking want,” barked Rebecca.

My son looked at his wife in shock and spluttered, “What about us?”

“There is no us anymore, you want to leave me and move in with Patrick,” barked Rebecca.

Connor had no answer for his wife, he just sat there as the waiter returned and opened the champagne bottle and poured our drinks into the glass.

I picked up my glass of champagne and chuckled, “Cheers.”

Rebecca gave me a smile and reached over and squeezed my hand and said, “Cheers,” she then whispered, “Thanks, Dad.”

As we ate dinner, Connor asked, “How many movies have you made and how much do you get paid?”

“I’ve made about fifteen movies and what I get paid is none of your business,” blurted Rebecca.

I was surprised at how many porn movies my daughter-in-law had made and it seemed that her poker addiction had turned into sex addiction. After having our dinner we were sitting there at the table drinking when Rebecca was approached by a young man, “Excuse me, Ms. Star, can you sign this for me?” asked the man as he handed Rebecca a porn video.

Rebecca smiled at him and after taking the video from him, asked, “Who should I sign it out too?”

The man replied, “Can you sign it to Jamie?”

Rebecca signed the video cover, “To Jamie all my love Becky Star,” She then kissed the cover leaving a lipstick kiss on the cover.

After the man left, Connor asked, “Who the hell is Becky Star?”

“That’s my porn name,” chuckled Rebecca.

My daughter-in-law was now becoming rich and famous and people were starting to recognize her from her videos. When an older man approached our table and handed Rebecca a business card said, “Ms. Star if you’re ever looking for more work please contact me.”

After he had left Rebecca read the business card and smiled and handed me the business card to read, the man was a producer from a large porn studio and he wanted Rebecca to make movies for him. The first person I thought of was Daniel and how pissed he would be at losing his meal ticket in Rebecca.

A few minutes later Rebecca’s phone beeped with a text message, after reading the message, Rebecca said, “I have to call it a night, I have a photo shoot early in the morning.”

“What about Patrick and me?” blurted Connor.

Rebecca threw some cash in front of Connor and blurted, “You and Patrick can take a taxi back to the house, I will be staying here in the hotel tonight with your father to talk business.”

I’ve never seen this side of Rebecca before, she was a totally different woman who was no longer the meek daughter-in-law that I used to know. Money and fame had changed her, I liked the new Rebecca who did and said what she wanted. When Rebecca stood up from the table she took hold of took my hand and started leading me out of the restaurant.

After booking in with reception and receiving a key for the hotel room we took an elevator up to the hotel room. As soon as we were in the room, Rebecca turned and wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me passionately and started undressing me.

 When pulled her mouth from mine and blurted, “Dad, I want you to fuck me.”

I finished undressing and sat on the bed watching Rebecca removing her dress and for a brief moment stood there letting me look at her in her sexy bra and thong. Rebecca then started to seductively remove her bra and thong as if she was a stripper. As soon as she was naked I stood up and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her naked body against mine.

When we fell onto the bed she started giggling and pushed my head down between her legs, after  I had licked up and down her bald slit several times, I pulled her cunt lips apart and shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt. As I began tongue fucking her, she began moaning and pressed down on the back of my head trying to get my tongue to go deeper into her cunt.

When her body started to shake and her cunt started to squirt her juices, I knew she was having an orgasm. After she screamed several times she grabbed my head by my hair and pulled me up beside her. I planted kisses all over her body as I moved up the bed, after kissing and sucking on each of her breasts, after licking her cunt juices from my face, we kissed each other passionately pushing our tongues into each other’s mouth.

After our mouths separated, I lifted my body up off her and guided my throbbing hard cock deep into her wet cunt and started fucking her slowly pumping my cock in and out of her cunt like we were lovers and she wasn’t a porn star. Rebecca was now constantly moaning over and over as I pump my cock in and out of her, she wrapped her arms around me digging her nails into my back as she had another orgasm.

When my cock started to erupt, I pushed it all the way into her and kept it there filling her cunt with my hot sticky cum. We laid there coupled together for what seemed like ages before I slipped my soft cock out and rolled off her and laid down on the bed beside her.

“Dad thank you that was wonderful, I love the way you fuck me and take your time it makes me feel special,” beamed Rebecca.

“You are special, especially to me,” I replied.

I understood what my daughter-in-law wanted, she just wanted to feel like she was being loved and not just a slut being fucked by actors for a porn movie who didn’t care how she felt. We pulled the bed sheets over us and drifted of to sleep, cuddling each other like lovers and not like a father and daughter-in-law.

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Hot story. I might advise  being careful of using needless repetitive words simple to make sentences longer and lengthen the story. It tends to lessen the impact of the total story.

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