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Author Topic: Someone's cumming (MMMt BDSM)  (Read 314 times)
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« on: August 05, 2019, 03:58:53 PM »

The sun sat, and it was romantic, enough.  There were clouds to light up with pretty colors, but we just kissed for a while, because it was still too hot to get into anything more involved.

Then he stopped, and said "Sh," when I hadn't said anything, but it was dark.  I kissed his finger, but in the shadow, I couldn't really see his face until he stuck his head out, in the light over the parking lot.

"Mwhat is it?"  It looked like he was listening, but he just tapped my lips, and held another one up to his.

Then, this guy just appeared out of nowhere, and another one pushed him into our little spot.

"Turn around."  He jerked the other one's shoulder.  "Give me your hands."

My heart beat out of control even before they started getting rough, or the one did, but the other one just hung his head, and he;ld his hands up together.

"I'll teach you to look at girls."  He ripped something, I couldn't see, but then he practically slapped his mouth, and wiped a piece of tape over it.    Then more tape tore off the roll, going around, and round his wrists, but then my boyfriend got up, and they both looked over when he appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey guys, uh.  Are you okay?"  He held his hand up, but the guy with the tape over his mouth grunted.

"Hm hm!"  Nodding really hard, until his boyfriend put his hand on his head, and tore the tape off over his mouth.  "Ah, huh!  I'm sorry, we didn't know anybody was here.

"Yeah, that's why we use this spot."  He turned back to me, and held up his hand, but I just shrank back, and shook my head.  "It's okay.  You don't want to come out?"

"Not really, uh."

"We'll go somewhere else."  They started pulling the tape off his wrists.

"No, that's okay.  Come on."  He flapped his fingers at me, so I grabbed his hand, and he pulled me up.  I laughed, because it was silly, I just got scared, but then I asked the guy with the tape on his hands.  "You really like bondage."  Well, it wasn't really a question I had to ask, but then his boyfriend smacked him.  Hard.

"Don't look at her."

"Oh, I'm a boy."  I lifted up my skirt, "See?"  I guess it was dark, too dark to see my boner, but my boyfriend held my arm, and reached up to pull my wig off.

"Yeah, he likes to crossdress."

"Is it.  I mean, would it be okay, if we stay and watch?"

The top, he didn't say a work, but instead he tore off more tape.  

"Look at me.  Hold still."  The bondage boy picked his head up, and looked at him, so the light caught his eyes, and he smiled.  I could really see the love there between them.  

"Huh, go ahead.  I'm ready."  he nodded, so sure, and confident, even as his top put the tape over his eyebrows, but I never saw someone so dominated by someone else, and honestly, I was a little jealous.

I mean, my boyfriend is fine, and I love him,, but at the same time, I secretly hoped that if he stayed and watched.  He might get ideas.  Then, I got braver, so when the bull finished taping over his bottom's mouth, I just took the roll from by his hip, and held it up to my boyfriend.

"You want to try it?"

He looked over at them in the other corner and smiled.  Then he nodded, and turned back.  "Yeah," then he surprised me most by holding up his wrists, together, and just bumped the tape with his knuckles.  "Me first."

"Ah, huh?"  I just shook my head, "You're the top."

"I thought you're the top.  You're the one that dragged me off to watch the sunset, you said it was pretty, and."

"I was just playacting, I'm the girl, remember?"

"Wait," the real top patted my boyfriend shoulder.

"Don't touch him?  You've got your own sub there, and you're going to just leave him alone, tied up like that?"

He took his tape back.  "Look, you guys never did anything like this.  So, you better watch first."

"Mhm!"  I looked up, but I couldn't see what his arms were hanging from.  Maybe he just held them up like that because he wanted to, and I really wanted to now.

"Look, you guys.  One of you doesn't have to top all the time.  You can take turns dominating each other, and flip a coin, or something."

"Or, we could find a nice big dominant man like you, to show us how it's done?"

"Doug?"  He turned back, and tore off the tape.

"Yeah, huh.  It sounds so hot, just get on with it?"  

Now, I wanted a dick so bad, I just couldn't wait, and squatted down on my knees.  Going for Marshal's pants, and rubbing him hard again, but he jumped with a loud smak, and covered up his butt.

"You like spanking, boy?"

"I don't know, why don't you try hitting me Augh!"  Then, the top pulled his belt out, and shook the buckle so it jingled.  Right by my face, but I looked up, and he held a finger over his mouth.  He shook his head, and the belt slipped out of his belt loops.  

"You like it too much, let's see if you can suck a dick."  He pointed at Marshal's crotch, and I got it.  He wants me to suck my boyfriend, but he pretended it was him getting sucked off.  "Yeah, I bet you never saw a cock this big before, huh?  Suck it, suck that cock."

"Aglgugughuh gak!"  He rubbed the back of my head, but he didn't force me, he just held me still, and slapped Marshal's ass.  Hammering his hard cock into my face with each swat, getting louder and harder.

"Uh fuck ah huh!  Yeah.  Huh."  It slipped out, and left a little on my chin, but it was just spit from his sucked off cock.  So, I swallowed his wad, as soon as I got the taste in my mouth, but it happened so quick.  Marshal tried to pull his pants up, but he stumbled, and had to catch himself on the wall.

I pleased him, I pleased him so good, it made his knees go weak, and now a little drop was creeping up.  "Snh!"  I felt it well out of my clit, and stick the inside of my panties to it.  I was so turned on that it made me wet myself a little.  

"Jesus that was intense."

"Now, get the fuck out of here."  The tied up boy jumped when he grabbed his jock so hard, he practically slapped him in the nuts!  "I'm not done with you yet, you two timing piece of shit.  I saw you looking at them."

"Come on."  Russel took my hand.  "Huh, I hope you didn't wet your panties yet."


"When I get you home, you're going to fuck me."


"Shut up, I'm not asking you.  I'm telling you, you will fuck me, and you're going to like it."

"Huh, yes sir."  I let my head hang low, so he couldn't see me smiling, but he stopped, and spun me around.  

"Look at me."  I was grinning so hard, I just shook my head, but I never saw this part of him before, and I really like it.  He grabed my mouth, and pushed me back in another dark corner.  "I said, look at me."  He leaned in, and let go of my mouth.  "Are you okay?"

"Huh, I love you so much, and I just want to please you.  You know that."

"I love you too."  He kissed me.  "You know that."

"I'll fuck you, if that's what you want."


"Whatever you want, I'll do it."

"I just wish I'd thought to grab the lube when we left."  He jerked my arm hoard, "Now get going," and slapped my ass.

I laughed, "Race you," and took off running.  Laughing into the night...
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Why we don’t have nice things.

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