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Family Orgy. (Mf, Mm, Ff, Fm, incest)

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on: August 18, 2019, 02:44:49 AM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Family Orgy. Pt. 01 (Mf, Mm, Ff, Fm, incest)

It was on a Saturday night after Lisa and her husband Mark had gone out to listen to a rock band playing at the local club when they arrived home they were both very drunk and frisky and were in a rush to get into their bedroom. As they passed their nineteen-year-old son Jacob’s bedroom they saw that his bedroom door was partly open and when Lisa looked into her son’s bedroom she saw him with his eyes tightly closed sitting on the edge of the bed naked stroking his hard cock with her black lace panties that she had been wearing earlier that day wrapped around his cock.

She pulled her husband next to her and whispered, “Look at what Jacobs using to masturbate with?”

Mark chuckled, “Why don’t you go in and help our son cum.”

Lisa smiled and replied, “Really, you want me to help Jacob?”

“Yes, I would love to watch you with our son and by the look of him he would love to have you help him,” chuckled Mark.

After Lisa slipped her dress off her shoulders and her dress had fallen to the floor she walked into her son’s bedroom and stood there in front of him in her D cup bra and lace panties and giggled, “Jacob, would you like fresh pair of my panties to use?”

Jacob’s eyes flew opened and he screamed, “Mom, what are you doing in my bedroom?”

“Your father said, “You might like me to help make you cum... do you?”

Jacob nodded his head and watched as his mother unclasped her bra and slipped her bra down her arms to reveal her large breasts and hard pink nipples. When Lisa bent down and slipped her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Jacob gasped and took a deep breath as his mother stood back up letting him see her naked body.

“Do you want to taste my juices?” giggled Lisa.

He stared at his mother’s freshly shaven cunt dripping with her juices for a few seconds and then reached out and wrapped his hands around his mother’s ass-cheeks and pulled his mother’s wet cunt against his mouth and pushed his tongue into the hole he had come out off all those years ago.

As her son’s tongue penetrated her wet cunt, Lisa moaned, “Yes, eat my cunt and tongue fuck me.”

Mark moved closer to his wife as she pulled her son’s mouth against her cunt and whispered, “I want to watch you sucking our son’s cock.”

When Lisa lifted her son’s mouth off her soaking wet cunt and knelt down in front of him. Jacob saw his father standing there naked stroking his hard cock he screamed, “Dad... what are you doing?”

As Lisa took her son’s cock into her mouth, Jacob moaned, “Oh fuck that feels so good Mom.”

Jacob looked up at his father with a puzzled look on his face and when he saw his father stroking his cock smiling at him he placed his hands on his mother’s head and started moving her mouth up and down on his hard throbbing cock faster. Mark moved behind his wife and lifted her off her knees, she was now bent over with her mouth on her son’s hard cock as her husband ran his cock over her soaking wet cunt.

Mark drove his cock into his wife’s wet cunt and began fucking her as he watched their son fucking his mothers face. With the expression of joy and lust on his face, Jacob thrust his cock deep into his mother’s mouth and held her mouth on his cock as it erupted and started shooting his hot sticky cum into his mother’s mouth and down her throat.

Mark grabbed his wife’s hips and began slamming his cock in and out of her cunt at a furious rate as their son watched and smiled at him. Lisa began moaning and panting for breath when Jacob removed his limp cock from her mouth, she then let out a loud moan as she felt her husband’s cock exploding inside her cunt.

When Mark had finished filling his wife’s cunt with his cum and had he pulled his spent and soft cock out of her cunt, Lisa climbed to her feet and sat down on the bed next to her son and giggled, “Jacob, as soon as your cock is hard again, I want you to fuck me?”

“Oh fuck, are you really going to let me fuck you, Mom?” blurted Jacob.

Lisa giggled, “You better fuck me... I know that you have been fucking your sister Hope.”

“Did Hope tell you that we were fucking each other?” Jacob asked.

“Your father saw you and your sister fucking and he asked me what we should do,” giggled Lisa.

“What did you tell him?” blurted Jacob.

“I told your father that Hope was eighteen and old enough to make up her own mind,” chuckled Lisa.

With his cock once again rock hard, Jacob stood up and pushed his mother down onto her back. Lisa giggled and laid there on the bed with her legs spread wide apart as her son holding his hard cock moved closer to her cum filled cunt and with no foreplay and in a rush to fuck his mother, Jacob thrust his cock into his mother’s cum filled cunt and started fucking her like he had always dreamed of doing.

“Fuck, oh fuck, I’m actually fucking my mother, oh Mom your cunt feels so wonderful,” screamed Jacob.

“Slam your cock into me, don’t fuck around, I want you to fuck me as if you were fucking a slut,” screamed Lisa.

As Jacob began slamming his cock in and out of his mother’s wet cunt, Lisa began screaming out that he was a mother fucker. Hearing his mother calling him a mother fucker made him slam his cock into his mother’s cunt harder. When Mark saw his daughter Hope standing naked at the bedroom doorway fingering her cunt and pinching her nipples as she watched her brother fucking their mother.

Mark pulled his daughter into the bedroom and pushed her down onto her knees in front of him. Hope giggled and opened her mouth wide letting her father push his hard cock into her mouth, he held his daughter’s head steady as he began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth as she fondled and sucked on his cock.

When Lisa heard her husband groan she looked at him and saw that he was fucking their daughter’s face. She gave him a large beaming smile, knowing that their family had now become a lot closer and this was there first family orgy and that they were going to have plenty more family orgy’s to come.

It didn’t take long before Mark was shooting his hot sticky cum down his daughter’s throat, he held his daughter’s head down onto his cock, keeping all of his cock in Hope’s mouth only releasing his grip on her head when he felt his cock becoming limp and soft in her mouth. Hope loved the taste of cum and she squeezed her father’s balls and sucked even harder on his softening cock making sure there was no more cum left in her father’s cock and balls for her to enjoy.

“Fuck Hope, you suck cock just as good as your mother does and she’s twice your age,” moaned Mark.

“Mom’s cunt is just as tight as Hope’s cunt is,” chuckled Jacob as his cock erupted inside his mother’s cum filled cunt.

Lisa giggled and said, “Jacob at least you last longer than your father.”

“That’s only because he is a lot younger than me... at least my cock is thicker and longer,“ chuckled Mark as he cuddled his daughter and fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

“Dad, wait till you see my boyfriend Thomas’s cock... it’s a lot thicker and longer than yours is Dad,” giggled Hope.

“You better introduce Thomas to us... I would love to see his cock and find out if he knows how to use it,” chuckled Lisa.

“Mom, Thomas’s cock is quite impressive and you will enjoy it,” blurted Jacob.

“Jacob are you telling us that you have seen Thomas fucking your sister?” chuckled Mark.

“Jacob join us in having a threesome and they double-teamed me,” giggled Hope.

“Hope, you’re becoming more like your mother every day, she loves having a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time,“ chuckled Mark.

“I would love to have Mom’s large breasts instead of my small B cup breasts,” blurted Hope as she fondled her mother’s large breasts.

“Jacob, have you ever had sex with another man,” giggled Lisa.

Jacob blushed and his face turned red and before he can answer, Hope squeals, “Jacob has sucked Thomas’s cock and he loves eating and sucking out the cum from my cunt.”

Lisa gave her husband a smile as she saw him stroking his cock and said, “Jacob, why don’t you show us how much you like sucking cock... and suck your father's cock for him.”

As Jacob moved over next to his father, Mark removed his hand from around his semi-hard cock letting his son take over stroking his cock. After giving his father’s cock a few pumps Jacob leaned down and began licking all over and around the knob of his father’s cock. When he took his father’s cock into his mouth and began sucking on his cock, Lisa started to furiously finger her cum filled cunt as she watched the erotic sight of a son sucking his father’s cock.

“Mom, lie down on the bed and let me help,” giggled Hope.

After Lisa laid back down on the bed Hope crawled between her legs and started kissing her mother’s inside thighs as she moved up closer to her mother’s cum filled cunt with each kiss. After kissing her mother’s cunt several times, Hope sucked on her mother’s cunt lips making Lisa moan and squeal. When she started tongue fucking her mother and sucking out the cum from inside her mother’s cunt, Lisa screamed and pressed down on the back of her daughter’s head pushing her daughter’s mouth hard onto her cum filled cunt.

Watching his daughter sucking his cum out of his wife’s cunt was too much for Mark to handle and his cock exploded and he started to cum in his son’s mouth. Jacob sucked and swallowed every drop of his father’s cum that he shot into his mouth, only stopping when there was no more cum for him to have.

“Son, you’re just as good as your sister at sucking cock,” moaned Mark.

As Hope continued sucking the cum out of her mother’s cum filled cunt, she started using her fingers to clean out the cum from inside her mother’s cunt. When she sucked her mother’s large clit into her mouth, Lisa screamed and her cunt started squirting her juices all over her daughter’s face,

Hope kept sucking on her mother’s clit making her mother have multiple orgasms only stopping when her mother pulled her mouth of her wet cunt and moaned, “No more, I’ve had enough.”

With Lisa moaning loudly and her mouth open as she gasped for breath, Mark blurted, “Jacob shut the fucking bitch up and shove your cock into her mouth.

Jacob turned his mother’s head to the side and shoved his cock into his mother’s mouth and started pumping his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth, making her gag as he pumped his cock deep into her mouth. Once Lisa had caught her breath she started to enjoy her son roughly fucking her mouth. Hope sat on her father’s lap as she watch her brother furiously fucking their mothers face.

Jacob’s cock was close to erupting and he was slamming his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth at a tremendous pace and as soon as his cock erupted and shot a load of his hot cum into his mother’s mouth, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot two more loads all over her face and hair.

Lisa wasn’t impressed and yelled, “Jacob, you bastard, you did that on purpose.”

“I’m sorry Mom, I got excited... let me take you into the shower and wash your face and hair for you,” pleaded Jacob.

“Okay come and have a shower with me,” giggled Lisa.

“I’m going to sleep with Hope tonight... Lisa, you can sleep with our son,” chuckled Mark as he lifted hope off his lap and climbed off the bed and led his daughter into the spare bedroom.

By the time everyone climbed into bed, it was nearly 2 am and the screams coming from Lisa’s bedroom was telling Hope and Mark that Jacob was fucking his mother once again. If Mark could have got his cock hard again, he would have been fucking Hope instead of sucking on her cunt and playing with her small breasts, it was probably another hour before everyone was asleep.

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that is one LOVING family. thanks :emot_kiss:

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Family Orgy. Pt. 02 (Mf, Fm, Ff, incest)

The next morning when Mark woke up in bed his naked daughter Hope was still asleep beside him, as he thought about waking her up to fuck her, he ran the palms of his hands over her small breast and felt her nipple becoming harder. When he saw what time it was he realized that he was going to be late for work and he jumped out of the bed and quickly had a shower and got dressed. As he passed the main bedroom he looked inside to see that his wife and son were awake.

Lisa was kneeling on the bed with her head buried in a pillow to muffle her screams of ecstasy, as their son Jacob pumped his cock in and out of his mother’s ass. Mark would have loved to have stayed and watched their son fucking his wife’s ass but he was already running late for work, after making himself a cup of coffee to drink on the drive to his work he left the house and climbed into his car.

Hope was woken up by her mother’s loud screams and as she laid there in bed alone wondering where her father was, she ran her fingers over her cunt wishing that he was there to fuck her. When Lisa let out another scream, Hope climbed off the bed and walked naked into her mother’s bedroom to see if her father was in there with her mother.  When she saw it was only her mother and brother in the bedroom and Jacob was fucking their mother’s ass, she stood there grinning as she rubbed her cunt wishing it was her ass that her brother was fucking.

Hope knew that Jacob loved having his cock in someone’s ass, after having fucked her ass plenty of times before. It was only after she climbed onto the bed that her brother saw her and he started to fuck their mother harder as his sister watched. Hope’s cunt was soaking wet at the horny sight in front of her and she moved up the bed and lifted her mother’s head up off the pillow and slipped her wet cunt under her mother’s face. Lisa licked and kissed her daughter’s wet cunt as Hope pressed down on the back of her head.

With Hope still holding onto her mother’s head, she ground her mother’s mouth against her wet cunt. Lisa pushed her tongue into her daughter’s cunt and tasted the crusty cum that her husband had shot into their daughter’s cunt last night. When Lisa sucked her daughter's clit into her mouth, Hope let out a loud squeal and pressed her mother’s mouth hard against her cunt.

Jacob was now furiously fucking his mother’s ass, the look in his eyes told Holly that her brother’s cock was close to erupting and filling his mother’s ass with his hot cum. Each thrust of Jacob’s cock into his mother’s ass drove Lisa’s mouth harder onto Hope’s cunt and she wished it was her brother fucking her cunt instead of her mother’s tongue.

Then all of a sudden Jacob grunted like an animal and stopped thrusting his cock in and out of his mother’s ass, he held her by her hips, keeping his cock buried deep inside her ass as his body twitched and his cock shot several loads of hot cum into his mother’s ass. Hope was now constantly moaning as she had several orgasms and her cunt squirted her juices all over her mother’s face.

When Jacob had finished filling his mother’s ass with his cum, he slipped his limp cock out of his mother’s ass and collapsed onto the bed beside her. Hope let go of her mother’s head and just laid there letting her mother continued to suck on her cunt. When Lisa finally lifted her mouth of her daughter’s cunt, she collapsed on the bed between her son and daughter, the three of them laid there trying to recover and catch their breath.

“I’m going to have a shower before I make us some breakfast... do you both want to join me?” chuckled Lisa.

“I will have a shower with you Mom,” squealed Jacob.

A minute later, Jacob was in the shower with his mother his hands roamed all over his mother’s body, he lifted up his mother’s breasts and took turns at sucking on each of her nipples. Lisa reached down and started stroking her son’s cock, pulling his foreskin back and washing his semi-hard cock. She lifted Jacobs mouth of her nipple and kissed him passionately, pushing her tongue into his mouth. They both held each other’s head as their tongues wrestled inside each other’s mouth, it wasn’t a mother and son kiss it was more a kiss that lovers gave each other.

“Are you going to be in there all day, do you want me to cook some breakfast for you both?” yelled Hope as she looked into the bathroom.

Lisa broke her kiss with her son, and yelled, “That would be wonderful, sweetheart.”

Lisa then dropped to her knees and took her son’s cock into her mouth and started sucking on his cock, Jacob held his mother’s head still and started pumping his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth, face fucking his mother as if he was fucking one of his girlfriends faces, he didn’t care whose mouth his cock was in, he just wanted to cum as quickly as he could.

After he had finished shooting his hot cum into his mother’s mouth and down her throat, Jacob lifted his mother up off her knees and kissed his mother and tasted his own cum in her mouth. Lisa transferred what cum she had left in her mouth into her son’s mouth, Jacob was just like his sister and also loved the taste of cum.

“Your breakfast is ready for you,” yelled Hope from the kitchen.

After Lisa and her son had dried each other they walked naked into the kitchen and sat down at the table to have breakfast. The only item of clothing Hope was wearing was an apron that covered her bare breasts and just low enough to cover her bald cunt from the splatter of the bacon, eggs, and sausages she had been cooking.

“Do you want me to make you a coffee?” asked Hope.

“Yes please,” her mother and brother replied.

When Hope turned around to make her mother and brother a coffee, her bare ass was on display.

“I would love a coffee as well,” said a voice from behind them.

Hope was the first to turn around to see who it was, and squealed, “Aunty Cathy, what are you doing here?”

“I was in the area and thought, I would pop in and say hello... I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” chuckled Cathy.

After Hope had given her aunt Cathy a lingering kiss hello, Jacob stood up and moved over to his aunt and also give her a passionate kiss. Cathy reached down between them and squeezed Jacob's hard cock and giggled, “Is this for me?”

“Yes it is, now let me see what you look like without any clothes,” chuckled Jacob, pulling down his aunt Cathy’s dress to expose her sexy red lace bra and thong.

“Do you like what you see?” giggled Cathy.

“Fuck, Aunty Cathy, your bra and thong your wearing is so fucking sexy,” moaned Jacob as he placed his hand over her breast and gave her breast a slight squeeze.

Hope giggled as she moved behind her Aunt Cathy and slipped her Aunt’s dress off her body. Aunt Cathy let her dress fall to the floor and stood there in just her bra and thong letting her niece and nephew fondled her body. As Hope unclasped her Aunt’s bra, Jacob leaned down and slipped his Aunt’s thong down her legs to around her ankles, after Cathy stepped out of her thong she stood there naked, giggling in front of Hope and Jacob.

“Are you two happy now that you have me undressed?” Cathy giggled.

“Cathy, they won’t be happy until they have you lying on the bed,” chuckled Lisa.

“That’s a great idea,” giggled Hope taking her Aunt Cathy’s hand in hers and started to pull her towards the bedroom.

When Cathy pretended to resist, Jacob took his Aunt’s other hand and helped his sister pull their Aunt towards the bedroom. Cathy started giggling as she gave in and let Hope and Jacob take her into the bedroom. As soon as she was in the bedroom Hope pushed her Aunt down onto the bed and then knelt down and spread her Aunt’s legs. When Hope began licking her Aunt’s cunt, Cathy closed her eyes and started to moan as her niece pushed her tongue into her cunt.

As Jacob stroked his hard cock he moved closer to his Aunt’s head and rubbed his cock over her mouth, Cathy opened her eyes and looked up at Jacob and then opened her mouth to let her nephew push his hard cock into her mouth. With her nephew fucking, her mouth and her niece sucking on her cunt, Cathy’s body started to shake as she had multiple orgasms.

Lisa was sitting in the kitchen finishing her coffee when into the kitchen walked Ashley, Cathy’s eighteen-year-old daughter wearing the shortest mini skirt and tightest t-shirt Lisa had ever seen, Ashley’s nipples were poking the front of the t-shirt making it easy for Lisa to tell that Ashley wasn’t wearing a bra and her mini skirt was short enough to show off her thong.

“Hello Aunt Lisa, where’s Mom?” asked Ashley staring at Lisa’s bare breasts.

“Let me show you where she is,” replied Lisa.

As Lisa stood up, Ashley’s eyes opened wide as she saw that her Aunt Lisa was naked,

Lisa reached out and took Ashley’s hand and led her towards the bedroom, they stood there at the open bedroom doorway looking into the bedroom, Ashley giggled at seeing her naked mother with her naked cousins.

“Do you want to go in and join them?” giggled Lisa.

Ashley turned around and faced Lisa and chuckled, “I think Mom has her hands full...well her holes are definitely being filled.”

“Your mother is definitely having fun... why don’t we have some fun of our own,” giggled Lisa as she started to lift Ashley’s t-shirt up.

Ashley lifted her hands into the air letting Lisa lift her t-shirt up over her head, with her bare breasts exposed Lisa stood there admiring Ashley’s firm small breasts for several seconds before she reached out and gave each of her breasts a squeeze. Ashley leaned closer to her Aunt and gave her mouth a soft wet kiss and bit the lip of her Aunt’s mouth. Lisa returned her niece’s kiss with a much longer and more passionate kiss, pushing her tongue into Ashley's mouth.

As they tongue wrestled with each other’s tongue, they fondled and tweaked and pulled on each other’s nipples. When they broke their passionate kiss, Lisa bent down and unzipped Ashley’s mini-skirt and lowered it down to her ankles, after Ashley had stepped out of her mini-skirt, Lisa took hold of Ashley’s thong and slipped her thong down to around her ankles.

After keeping Ashley remove her thong from around her ankles, Lisa stared at Ashley’s shaven cunt, it was nearly bald cunt except for a small tuft of fur at the top of her cunt. When Lisa leaned in and kissed Ashley’s cunt, Ashley let out a soft moan and placed her hands on Lisa’s head and pulled Lisa’s mouth against her cunt.

When Ashley released Lisa’s head, Lisa stood up and said, “Let’s go into the other bedroom where we will be more comfortable.”

They both giggled like school girls as they ran down the hallway towards the other bedroom even tho Lisa was twice Ashley’s age and the same age as her daughter Hope. Inside the bedroom, after Lisa laid Ashley down onto the bed she reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a pink rubber vibrator. Lisa rubbed the vibrator over Ashley’s cunt and then pushed the vibrator into Ashley’s cunt. As Lisa began to fuck her niece with the vibrator, Ashley began to moan and lift her hips off the bed trying to get the vibrator to go deeper into her cunt.

After squirming and moving around the bed, they found the perfect position for them, Lisa lying on her back with Ashley lying on top of Lisa, with their mouths on each other’s wet cunt in a sixty-nine position. When Mark entered the house the sound and smell of sex was flowing throughout the house when he looked into the main bedroom and saw his son Jacob fucking some hot looking woman doggy style as the woman sucked on his daughter’s Hope’s cunt.

Mark quickly undressed as he tried to think who it was on the bed with his son and daughter when he realized it was his wife’s sister Cathy his cock started twitching and leaking pre-cum. He had often thought about how good it would be to fuck his wife and sister in the same bed, now here she was being fucked by his son.

He went to find where his wife was and when he saw Lisa and Ashley on the bed eating each other’s cunt, he was shocked and jealous at his wife being with Ashley, when Lisa saw her husband standing there stroking his cock as he watched them she gave him a smile and pulled Ashley’s ass-cheeks apart letting him have a good look at her wet cunt.

With a quick thrust, Mark drove his cock into Ashley’s soaking wet cunt making her gasp and lift her mouth of Lisa’s cunt to look over her shoulder to see who was fucking her. When she saw it was her Uncle Mark she gave him a smile and returned to sucking on his wife Lisa’s cunt as he pounded his cock in and out of her wet cunt.

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Family Orgy. Pt. 03.

The idea of fucking his niece Ashley and her mother Cathy in the same bed in front of each other had Mark’s cock throbbing at the thought. He began fucking Ashley’s tight wet cunt faster as his wife Lisa licked his cock and balls as he drove his cock in and out of Ashley’s cunt. When her Uncle started shooting his hot cum into cunt, Ashley lifted her mouth of Lisa’s cunt and started screaming as she had an orgasm.

After Mark had slipped his limp cock out of Ashley’s cum filled cunt and sat down on the edge of the bed, he sat there watching Ashley’s cunt juices mixed with his hot cum flowing out of her cunt into Lisa’s open mouth. Ashley pressed her cum filled cunt against Lisa’s mouth for several minutes before she rolled off Lisa’s body, letting Mark have a good look at her gorgeous naked body.

“Hello darling, your home early,” blurted Lisa as she sat up on the bed.

“If I knew we were going to have visitors, I would have come home a lot earlier... hello Ashley it’s nice to see you again,” chuckled Mark as he gazed at her naked body.

“Hello Uncle Mark, it’s nice to see you again,” giggled Ashley as she squeezed her breasts and asked, “Do you like them?”

“You look fantastic Ashley, I love how your breasts have developed since the last time I saw you... your cunt felt nice and tight,” chuckled Mark.

Ashley parted her legs and reached down and scoops up some of Mark’s cum from her cunt and placed her cum covered fingers into her mouth to suck clean. After removing her fingers from her mouth Ashley grinned and squealed, “I love the taste of your cum Uncle Mark.”

As Lisa climbed off the bed she blurted, “I’m going to check on the others.”

“I will come with you and let my Mom know that I’m here,” said Ashley.

Mark sat there by himself for a minute before he too climbed off the bed and went to check on the others in the other bedroom. He found all the females sitting together talking and laughing with each other as his son Jacob sat opposite them staring at their naked bodies, wishing and trying to encourage his cock to become hard again.

“Mark why don’t you go and phone the pizza shop and order some pizzas for us to be delivered for our dinner,” blurted Lisa.

As Mark left the bedroom to phone the pizza shop, Jacob followed his father into the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table next to him.

“How many large pizzas should I order?” Mark asked.

“I think three, maybe four, I think everyone’s hungry,” Jacob replied still stroking his cock, trying to make his cock hard again.

After phoning through the pizza order, Mark reached over and wrapped his hand around his son’s soft cock and gave it a squeeze and said, “Would you like me to help you?”

Jacob leaned back letting his father stroke his cock, a few minutes later Mark knelt on the floor in front of his son and took his son’s limp cock into his mouth and started sucking and licking his son’s cock. Mark lifted his mouth of his son’s cock and chuckled, “I can taste your Aunt Cathy’s cunt juices on your cock.”

Jacob laughed and then took a deep breath when his father took his cock back into his mouth and started sucking on his cock once again. As Mark moved his mouth up and down on his son’s cock, he felt his son’s cock growing bigger and harder inside his mouth.

“Can I join you men?” squealed Ashley.

When Jacob moaned, “Fuck yeah, cousin come and join us.”

Mark lifted his mouth of Jacob’s cock and watched as his son stood up and lifted a giggling Ashley up onto the kitchen table. After she laid her down on the table, Jacob lifted Ashley’s legs up onto his shoulders and drove his cock into his cousin’s wet cunt, he instantly felt the cum in her cunt and knew that his father had fucked her earlier.

As Jacob began to slam his hard cock in and out of Ashley’s cum filled cunt, he looked down at his cousin’s smiling face and reached out and squeezed her small breasts, comparing them to his sister's small breasts, his sister Hope’s breasts were slightly bigger but Ashley had bigger nipples. As Jacob kept fucking his cousin, Mark stood up and turned Ashley’s head to the side and pushed his hard cock into her open mouth, Ashley wrapped her mouth around her Uncle’s cock and began to eagerly suck on his clock.

Mark held his niece’s head steady as he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth as his son slammed his cock in and out of Ashley’s cunt. This was what Jacob and his father loved to do to his sister Hope and his mother Lisa, fucking them from each end of their bodies at the same time. When they heard the front doorbell ring both Jacob and his father jumped in fright as if they had been caught doing something wrong.

After quickly removing his cock from Ashley’s mouth, Mark grabbed a towel and wrapped the towel around his waist to cover his cock. When answered and opened the front door, standing at the door was a young woman holding the pizza boxes.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” Mark blurted as he paid the woman and took the pizza boxes from her.

“Thank you,” replied the grinning woman, she then turned around and walked back to her car.

The woman looked lovely and for a brief few seconds Mark thought about inviting her to come inside, but there were already four females in the house that Mark and Jacob were struggling to take care off, another female would have only made it more difficult for Jacob and him to take care off.

When Mark returned to the kitchen, Jacob had already finished fucking Ashley and was sitting next to her. After putting the pizza boxes down, Mark removed the towel from around his waist, letting his hard cock sticking out in front of him.

“Which one of you want to finish taking care of my cock?” chuckled Mark as he gave his cock a couple of strokes.

Ashley looked at Jacob and then giggled as she took Mark’s cock into her mouth, Mark held Ashley’s head steady as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. It didn’t take long before Mark’s cock started twitching and shooting his hot cum into his niece’s mouth and down her throat. When he had finished coming, he slipped his soft cock out of Ashley’s mouth and watched her kissing Jacob transferring some of his hot cum from her mouth into Jacob’s mouth.
As Ashley and Jacob started eating their pizzas, Mark went into the bedroom and chuckled when he saw his wife Lisa eating her sister Cathy’s cunt as Hope watched and pumped one of her mother’s dildos in and out of her cunt.

“Your pizzas are here for you,” blurted Mark.

Hope stopped masturbating and pulled the dildo out of her cunt and stood up to follow her father back into the kitchen, leaving her mother and Aunt to enjoy each other’s wet cunts. When Hope walked into the kitchen and saw Ashley sitting on her brother’s lap eating pizza she came over and sat down on Mark’s lap and picked up a pizza slice to eat. When Jacob began to fondle Ashley’s breasts, Hope placed Mark’s hands onto her breasts.

It was as if his daughter was competing against her cousin and when Jacob push his finger into Ashley’s cunt and began to finger fuck her. Hope handed her father the dildo to use on her cunt, as Mark pumped the Dildo in and out of his daughter’s wet cunt with one hand, he used his other hand to hold the pizza slice he was eating.

Hope was squirming around on her father’s lap, pressing her ass against his hard cock, that was all it took for Mark to lift his daughter up off his lap and bend her over the kitchen table. After pushing her legs apart her father pressed his hard cock against her ass-hole and with a sudden thrust his cock slipped inside her ass. When Jacob lifted his cousin up off his lap, she knew what he wanted and she bent over the kitchen table and waved her ass at him.

As Mark began pumping his cock in and out of his daughter’s ass, she reached down and started to use the dildo on her dripping wet cunt. Jacob was now slamming his cock in and out of his cousin's ass and she was squealing and pushing her ass back against his cock. With hope and Ashley now both screaming as their ass was fucked, Lisa and Cathy came into the kitchen and giggled as they saw what was happening.

Lisa grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and after pouring Cathy and her a glass of wine, she sat down beside Cathy to eat the pizza and have a drink of wine as they watched their daughter’s having their asses fucked. When Mark’s cock erupted in his daughter’s ass, he pressed down on her back holding her onto the table as his cum several times into her ass, after he had finished coming, he sat down next to Ashley’s mother.

Cathy smiled and blurted, “We both love having our ass fucked and filled with cum.”

“So do we,” giggled Lisa.

A few minutes later, Jacob’s cock exploded in Ashley’s ass, he pulled her ass back against his cock as he shot his cum into her ass, when he had finished coming he sat down next to his mother who wrapped her arm around him.

“Cathy and Ashley are going to be staying with us for a week,” chuckled Lisa.

When Hope stood up and turned around, Mark chuckled, “Hope, Do you think your boyfriend Thomas would like to meet Cathy and Ashley?”

Hope giggled, “I know he would, he and his friends want to fuck my mother.”

“What’s his friends like... have you fucked them,” blurted Lisa.

“There a lot of fun, Mom and all have big cocks,” giggled Hope.

“We need to arrange to have a party for them,” chuckled Lisa.

“Cathy, are you interested in a group orgy?” Mark asked.

“Fuck yes we both would love to have one,” giggled Cathy.

Mark’s cock was throbbing at the thought of watching his wife and daughter being gang banged, it was something that he had always wanted to happen. Now here was Cathy and her daughter Ashley also wanting to join in. He started thinking about his brother and his wife, Mark had always dreamed about fucking his daughter-in-law Julie and it might be a good time to invite them to come for a visit.

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WOW that loving family is sooooooooo FUCKING SUCKING HOT

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Nice job

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Gives a whole new meaning to family love!

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Hope dad could fuck son!

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dad fucks son's ass son sucks Uncle's cock.  :emot_penis: :emot_mb:

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This story is fucking hot!!!!!!

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amazing story thanks great fun

Pussy oh how sweet it is