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on: August 24, 2019, 06:33:32 AM

This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Emma Part 1. (MMg )

When Emma woke up she was laying on the bed naked, with two men standing naked looking down at her as they stroked their hard cocks. She had no idea how she came to be here, in what looked like a cheap motel room or who these men were and what they wanted. The last thing she remembered was that she had been walking to school.

One of the men reached out and squeezed one of her small puffy breasts and twisted and pulled on her nipple causing her to whimper in pain.

“Please don't hurt me.” Emma pleaded and tried to push the man's hand off her breast.

He said. “Don't try to stop us if you want to see your parents again. After all it was your idea to do this.”

He then squeezed her other small breast and pulled and twisted her other nipple. Emma grimaced in pain, she knew it was no good pleading for him to stop. What did he mean it was her idea to be here, she had no memories of meeting or talking to these men. She would never have asked to be brought to a motel, to be stripped naked. No man had ever seen her naked except for her father.

“What do you want, why am I here?” she asked.

The man laughed and ran his hand over her young bald pussy as he said. “We want some off this.” and then tried to push his finger into her cunt.

Emma closed her legs tight stopping the man’s finger from penetrating her cunt, and screamed. “NO! I’m still a virgin, please dont fuck me.”

“It’s too late for you to change your mind now. We have already given you the money you asked for.” he told her.

“What fucking money?” she angrily screamed.

The man nodded his head to the dressing table beside the bed, as his friend started to pull her legs apart. Emma looked at the table and saw a heap of notes laying there. She gasped as she felt a finger being pushed into her young cunt.

“Fuck! Her cunt is fucking tight.” said the man as he began finger fucking her. He smiled as he said to his friend. “She a fucking virgin. I’m going to enjoy fucking her tight cunt.”

“Please don’t fuck me. I will do anything else you want.” she pleaded.

“So you have never been fucked. Do you know how to suck a cock?” he asked.

Emma shook her head indicating NO and then nodded indicating yes.

“So whose cock have you sucked you little slut?” he laughingly asked.

She looked away from him as she said. “My boyfriend’s cock”

The other man still stroking his cock moved closer to her head and said. “Well this isn't no boys cock, lets see how well you do at sucking a man’s cock.” and wiped his cock over her face.

Emma had given up protesting and opened her mouth wide to let him push his cock into her mouth. The first thing she felt was how thick his cock was. As he pushed it into her mouth it felt like he was trying to push it all the way down her throat. She started choking and gasping for breath.

He pulled his cock partly back out and she managed to take a deep breath and then he pushed his cock all the way into her mouth till his balls were resting on her chin. Emma could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat each time he thrust his cock into her mouth. It didn't take her long to figure out she needed to take a deep breath in between his thrusts, as they became faster.

She was now starting to enjoy the man fingering her tight cunt. He was using two of his fingers. It was felt so much better with him fingering her than when she did it herself. Her cunt was becoming wet and he removed his fingers from her cunt and moved up the bed and started taking turns kissing each of her small breasts. She felt him rubbing his cock up and down her bald slit, then as the tip of his cock parted her young cunt lips, he thrust his cock into her cunt in one thrust.

Emma tried to scream out in pain as her hymen was torn, but was unable to scream as her mouth was full of the other man’s cock. She started to cry, didn't they say they weren't going to fuck her. He left his cock buried all the way in her cunt and enjoyed the feeling of her young cunt muscles gripping his cock. Then he started fucking her, pulling his cock out and thrusting it back in.

His friend’s cock erupted and shot cum into her mouth, she swallowed as fast as she could each load of his cum he shot into her mouth. She thought he would never stop cumming. She couldn't believe how much cum he had for her to swallow, her boyfriend would only shoot one or two small loads into her mouth and it was easy for her to swallow.

For a moment she had forgotten about the man fucking her, her cunt was now tingling and the feeling of having his fat cock in her cunt was incredible and she was enjoying be fucked for the first time. When the man withdrew his cock from her mouth, she took several large breaths and began to moan as her cunt juices began to flow, her body gave a shudder and her cunt exploded as she had her first ever orgasm.

“Oh fuck that feels incredible, I’ve never felt like this before.” she screamed and moaned.

He was now fucking with hard and quick thrusts as she screamed. “I’m cumming again, oh shit I can't take much more, please slow down.”

He didn't listen or slow down, he just kept fucking her, he was so close to cumming and when she screamed out. “I’m cumming.” again, he started shooting his cum into her cunt.

“That was fantastic, you were incredible.” he told her as he removed his cock and laid down beside her.

His friend grabbed them each a beer from the motel bar fridge and the three of them sat on the bed drinking the beer, as they recovered. It was another first for Emma, she had never been allowed to drink beer at home because of her age, now her she was drinking beer with two strangers, she didn't even know their names. She was no longer a virgin and she had sucked her first man’s cock.

Emma started giggling as she finished her beer and when she asked. “Are you going to fuck me again?”

Both men looked at each other and smiled as they said. “Yes we are.” and stood up and began stroking their cocks as they looked at her laying on the bed with her legs apart.

It was like she was someone else, she reached out and grabbed the mans cock who had fucked her and took it into her mouth as the other man lifted her legs up onto his shoulders. There was no pain this time as the man’s cock was pushed into her cunt and he began driving his cock in and out her cunt at a furious pace.

His friend was holding her head to the side of the bed and pushed his cock into her mouth and began fucking her mouth. She wasn't complaining anymore, she was enjoying herself, today had to be the best day she has ever had.

A hour later after they had finished fucking her several more times in different positions. Then after few more beers, they began taking photos of her with their mobile phones as they took turns fucking her mouth. Emma posed for photos with her legs open showing her bald cunt. She used a empty beer bottle as a dildo as one of the men took a video of her pushing in and out her bald cunt.

“We going to grab some more beer, we won't be long.” One of the men told her.

After they both left she wondered why they both went to get beer. As she waited for them to return she began using the beer bottle as a dildo again, the bottle felt much better than her hair brush she used at home and after having another powerful orgasm she just laid there on the bed exhausted.

She must have fallen asleep, when she woke up the men hadn’t returned. It was late in the afternoon and school had finished. She looked for her school clothes and underwear, everything was missing, she didn’t know what to do.

She had no choice and picked up the phone and rang her father Mal. ”Where the hell are you?” he asked.

“Daddy can you come pick me up and please bring me some clean clothes for me to wear.”

When she told him where she was he was furious, what was she doing at that cheap motel. The school had phoned him and told him she wasn’t at school. Why didn't she go to school today. He wanted to ask her all these questions and more but decided it be better to ask when he picked her up.

After grabbing some clothes for her, he drove to the motel. When he arrived at the motel he knocked on the room door and Emma opened the door hiding behind it. When he stepped inside the room, he was shocked to see his daughter was naked and caked in cum. He was about to find out she was no longer his little girl.

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Reply #1 on: August 24, 2019, 10:22:05 AM
Is this the first adaptation of our Writer of the Year to the new rules? If so, I applaud. Or if not, I still applaud. Thank you, Wayne, for keeping us in business!  :emot_clap:

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Emma. Part 2 (Mg, incest)

“Why are you naked.. and what the fuck are you doing in this motel?” he asked.

“Did you bring me some clothes?” Emma asked as her father stared at her naked body.

“Yes I've brought you some fucking clothes...there in the bag.” he screamed.

Mal looked at his daughter it had been years since he had seen her naked, he looked up and down her naked body, he stared at her young budding breasts, then at her bald cunt. She didn't like the way he was looking at her naked body, and she covered her young breasts with her arm and placed a hand over her bald cunt.

Emma reached out and tried to take the bag of clothes from her father.

“Not so fast, first tell me what you have been up to and where your clothes are?” he asks as he sat down on the bed still staring at her body.

“I don't know where they are.” Emma told him as she stood there in front of him.

“What do you mean you don't know?” he angry asked.

“I can't remember taking them off.” she told him.

When he sees all the empty beer cans, he asks, “Have you been drinking?”

“I don't think so… I can't remember.” she tells him with tears in her eyes, knowing it’s a lie.

Mal shakes his head in disbelief and as he looks around the cheap motel room, he sees all the money and her mobile phone laying on the bedside table.

Picking up her mobile phone, he asks, “Where has all this money come from?”

As Emma sits there without answering, he turns her phone on and just stares at the photo, it’s of his daughter sucking a man’s cock, he swipes to the next photo and it shows her sucking another man’s cock, when he swipes again he sees a photo of her being fucked.

“What the fucking hell is this?” he asks and shoves the phone into her hand.

When she looks at the photos on her phone, she starts crying hysterically. She had no idea that the men had used her phone to take photos of her.

“Who the fuck are these men you have been fucking having sex with?” He furiously yelled.

“I don’t know who they are.” She tells him in between her crying and then says. “I woke up in this room naked and I don’t know how I got here.”

“How long have you been having sex?” he asked.

Emma was no longer trying to cover her naked body and stood there with her hands beside her and said. “Today was my first time at being fucked.”

“What else have you been doing that I don’t know about?” he asked as he stared at her young budding breasts and then looked down at her bald cunt that was now dripping with cum.

“I have sucked my boyfriends cock a few times.” she told her father.

“So you like sucking cocks, do you?” he asked.

Emma didn't answer him and just nods her head. Her eyes open wide as she sees her father undoing his pants and reaches inside his underwear and pulls out his hard cock and waves it at her.

“So my little girl likes sucking cock… why don't you show me how good a cock sucker you are.” he says.

Emma just stands and stares at her father's large cock, it's much bigger than the mens cocks she had sucked earlier.

“Come on, show me what you can do.” he yells.

Emma hesitates at first then drops to her knees in front of her father, she reaches out and takes hold of his cock and gives it a few strokes and then opens her mouth wide and takes her father’s cock into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck baby girl having my cock in your mouth feels so great.” he tells her as he reaches out to hold the back of her head.

As she begins slowly moving her mouth up and down on his cock, Mal grips her head tight and begins to move her head up and down faster, he has never thought about his daughter sexually before. Now here he is in a cheap motel fucking his daughter’s mouth. Emma’s mouth gripped around the shaft of his cock and sucked as hard as she could. He kept pumping her head up and down and then suddenly stopped and held her all the way down as his cock erupted and began shooting his daddy cum into his daughter’s young mouth. After, he had shot several loads into her mouth he released the grip he had on her head.

Emma swallowed everything he gave her, she then lifted her head up of his cock and after licking around the fat knob of his cock, sat up on her knees and looked at him. He reached out and lifted her to her feet and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss, she returned his kiss by pushing her tongue into his mouth and began kissing him passionately.

When they broke their kiss he said. “Baby girl that was the best head job I’ve ever had.”

Emma smiled at him and said. “Your not mad at me anymore, Daddy?”

“How could I be mad at you, I love you so much.” he replied and then gave her a quick kiss.

As he cuddled her he ran his hand over her budding breast and she gave a shudder and groaned.

“What's wrong Baby girl?” he asked.

“My nipples are sore.” she told him.

Mal looked at his daughters nipples and breasts and saw red marks, and asked, “What are these marks?”

Emma replied, “The men pulled and twisted my nipples hard as they could, one of them even bit my nipple.”

“Oh Baby girl did the bad men hurt your nipples?” he asked and said, “Let me kiss them better for you.” and leaned forward and kissed each of her nipples softly and then took turns on softly sucking on them.

“Daddy, your making them feel much better.” she told him as she held his face against her budding breasts.

Removing his mouth of her nipple he asked. “Did the nasty men hurt your young cunt too… do you need daddy to kiss it better?”

Emma laid on the bed and held her legs apart as her father began kissing all around her young bald cunt as he kissed her bald cunt lips she pushed his mouth hard against her cunt.

“Oh fuck that feels fantastic, oh you're making me cum Daddy.” she told him as her cunt juices began to flow as she had an orgasm.

It was one of Mal’s favourite things to do, he loved licking and eating cunt even if it still had someone elses cum inside it. He licked up and down her young slit and then pushed his tongue deep into her bald cunt and began tongue fucking his daughter, her body started shaking as she had another orgasm, he sucked up his daughter's sweet nectar as it squirted out of her bald cunt covering his face with her juices.

“Daddy, will you fuck me too? I want to feel your cock in my cunt.” she pleaded.

Mal stood up and removed his shirt and pants from around his ankles as quickly as he could. His cock was already hard again and he lifted his daughter's legs onto his shoulders, and leaned in and rubbed his cock up and down her slit several times as her cunt lips parted and opened up he slowly pushed his cock into her tight cunt. Holding her hips steady he pushed his cock into his daughter’s cunt as far as he could.

Mal began fucking her nice and slowly gradually becoming faster and faster, he was now pulling his cock out and thrusting back in to her cunt faster and harder. He couldn't believe he was actually fucking his little girl, he was looking at her as he kept thrusting his cock in and out her young bald cunt. She had the biggest smile on her face and was enjoying having him fuck, it just excited him more and made him slam his cock harder into her young cunt.

As he started shooting his seed into his daughter's tight cunt, Emma screamed out as she had another orgasm, as he shot his last load of cum he bent down and leaving his cock still buried inside his daughter's cunt, wraps his arms around her and lifted her up into his arms and kisses her passionately, then he sits down on the bed with her sitting on his lap with his soft cock still buried inside her cunt.

“I love you daddy you're the best Daddy anyone could have.” said Emma as she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him again and again.

Mal can feel her young cunt muscles working on his cock making it become hard once more.
Usually after fucking someone it takes him a while to recover and become hard again. This time however it doesn't take nearly as long and his cock begins twitching and pulsating as it becomes hard once more inside his daughter’s cunt.

Emma feels his cock becoming hard and she starts to bounce up and down on it. When she was younger she would sit on his lap and bounce up and down on his knee, she called it having a horsey ride. Now a few years later she is bouncing up and down on his lap with his cock inside her cunt fucking him.

She continued to bounce up and down, he could feel her tight cunt muscles milking his cock and he couldn't hold back from cumming. His cock erupted inside her cunt, squirt after squirt filling her small womb. When he had finished he held onto his daughter waist and lifted her of his cock and laid her down on the bed and collapsed beside his baby girl, she cuddled up to him a kissed him.

“Daddy the last thing I remember about this morning was walking to school and a man gave me a can of soft drink.” she told him

As soon as she told him about the soft drink, he knew that his daughter had been drugged.

“They gave me $100 for having sex with them.” she explained.

He told her, “There are a lot of men willing to pay to have sex with you.”
“Daddy are you telling me I can get more money for having sex?” she asked.

“You could get a lot of money, there are a lot of men that love girls your age.” he told her.

“I could buy new clothes and the bike I want, I wouldn't have to wait for christmas or my birthday.” she excitedly told her father.

“Do you want to have sex with other men for money?” he asked.

“Yes, it was a lot of fun having sex. How would I find the other men?” she asked.

Mal couldn't believe what she was telling him, that she wanted to fuck more men for money. His cock was becoming hard once again as she kept asking about where to find other men.

“I might know of some men who would like to fuck you… If you really want to do that?” he told her.

Emma through her arms around him and started kissing him, she reached down and started stroking his cock and slipped down and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking and bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Her appetite for sucking cock was incredible, Mal couldn't keep up with her, he was amazed at how she could take all of his cock into her small mouth, he could feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat each time she pushed her mouth down on his cock.

He laid on the bed watching his baby girl bobbing her head up and down on his cock. She was sucking his cock so hard that his balls had started to ache. As his cock started blasting his cum into her mouth, he watched her swallowing each load quickly and was waiting for the next load. Finally, he had finished cumming and Emma lifted her head up of her father’s cock. She crawled back up beside him and open her mouth, showing him she had a puddle of his cum in her mouth, she then swallowed it and giggled.

“Daddy, I love the taste of cum.... Will you help find more men for me to suck?” she asked.

Mal pulled her close and kissed her passionately tasting his own cum in her mouth, and said, “If you really want me too, I will find some men for you to enjoy.”

She was excited and cuddled him and said. “Thank you Daddy, I love you heaps.”

After he had dressed he wrapped Emma up in one of the bed sheets and carried her to his car, on the way home, he stopped at a takeaway and bought some dinner for them. At home after they had eaten they showered together and climbed into bed. Mal switched on the television to a porn channel and they laid there discussing what was being shown.

When, Emma saw a woman fucking three men on the television she said. “That's what I want to do, look how happy she is.”

Mal just cuddled her and thought of how his young daughter had turned into a nympho. Then he thought about which of his friends that would be interested in fucking his daughter.

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and just like that.. their lives changed. thanks for writing.. i enjoyed the story

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Emma. Part 3 (MMg, incest)

After spending most of the night at the motel fucking his daughter Emma in every position he could think off. Mal was woken up in the morning with his daughter stroking his cock and when she took his cock into her mouth and began sucking as hard as she could desperately trying to get at his cum.

Mal just laid there on the bed with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of having his cock inside his daughter’s mouth. She was no longer his sweet little girl anymore, she was now a sex hungry girl that couldn’t get enough sex and what she lacked in experience was made up with her enthusiasm and stamina.

After looking at the time he said. “Baby girl we need to be out of the motel in half an hour.”

Taking her into the shower, he washed all of the caked cum from her body and hair. He wanted to fuck her in the shower but there was not enough time, he knew there would be plenty of other times, for him to fuck her. After he had dried her with the towel, Emma opened the bag of clothes her father had brought with him for her to wear.

After having looked through the bag, she said. “Daddy, you didn't bring me any panties.”

“You will have to wear your dress without any.” he told her as he finished dressing.

Emma giggled and said. “That’s naughty.”

They decided to go have breakfast at McDonalds, and as they sat at a table eating, Mal noticed there was a man that kept staring at Emma. After going and getting another coffee from the counter, on his the way back to the table, he saw what the man who was staring at. Emma was sitting at the table with her legs apart. Her dress had ridden up her thighs and her bare young cunt was on display to the man.

As Mal walks past the man, he smiles and asks. “Is she your daughter?”

Mal just smiled at him and returned to the table and sat back down beside Emma.

As he sat back down beside his daughter, he said. “Do you realize that your cunt is on display and that man is looking at you?”

Emma giggled and said. “Yes I saw him looking at me and decided to tease him.”

Mal said. “You shouldn’t be a tease, why don’t you go over and ask him to join us?”

Emma got up from the seat and pulled her dress down and moved over to the man and spoke to him and then led him back to the table.

As he sat down to join them, he asked. “Is this gorgeous girl your daughter?”

Mal replied. “Yes she is my daughter and her name is Emma.”

“What a lovely name, it’s nice to meet you Emma, my names John.” he says.

“I’m Mal, it's nice to meet you John.” he says and shakes John’s hand.

John looks at Emma and asks. “Do you like showing of your pussy to men?”

“Emma smiles and giggles as she says. “Yes I do.” and then slides up her dress to expose her bald cunt to him.

John smiles and says. “You have a very beautiful looking pussy.” he then reaches out and runs his fingers over her bald cunt lips and says. “I love how smooth it feels.”

Mal can't believe what he is witnessing, and watches as John continues rubbing his finger up and down his daughters cunt lips and then pushes a finger deep inside his young daughter’s cunt and coats his finger with her juices. After pumping his finger in and out a few times he removed his wet finger and put it inside his mouth and sucks on it.

“Not only do you have a wonderful looking pussy, it tastes lovely too.” he tells her.

John looks at Mal and asks. “Have you ever thought about having your daughter pose for some photographs?”

Just then a family comes into the store and sits nearby. Mal immediately pulls Emma's dress down to cover her bald cunt.

“We need to make a move and get home.” Mal tells his daughter.

Emma stands up and says. “Goodbye, I hope we meet you again.” and leans over and gives him a kiss.

John reaches into his pocket and hands Emma a business card and fifty dollars, and says. “I hope we can arrange a time to meet up soon.” and then looks at Mal and says. “Have a think about having Emma pose for me? She could make a lot of money.”

Once in the car Mal takes the card from Emma and reads what it says. ‘Manager John Johnson Art and Media Advertising Company. Professional Photographer.’ Mal looks at his daughter waving a fifty dollar note and immediately thinks what it would be like to have her photographed, plus she would be getting paid.

On the drive home he asks. “Would you like John to take some photos of you Baby girl?”

Emma giggles and asks. “Will John give me more money?”

“I’m sure he will.” he tells her.

“Do you want to pose for naked photos?” he asks her.

Emma giggles as she tells him. “Yes it will be fun being a model.”

As he continues to head home, he can’t get the idea of Emma posing naked for photographs and his cock starts to twitch. Thirty minutes later there at home and once inside and with the front door closed Mal starts undressing his daughter. As he lifts Emma’s dress up over her head she begins undoing his belt and pants, with his cock hard and throbbing, he lifts his daughter up and lays her on top of the kitchen table.

After lifting her legs up over his shoulders, he pushes his cock into her bald cunt, Emma gasps as she feels his cock penetrating and being pushed all the way inside her cunt. In no time at all her father is soon thrusting his fat cock in and out his young daughter’s tight cunt. He had never thought of his daughter sexually before this weekend now here he was fucking her again. Fucking her felt so good, he wondered why he had never thought of fucking her before. Why did I wait so long to fuck her, I should have fucked her years ago he thinks to himself.

Emma screams out. “Fuck me harder Daddy, I love having your cock inside me.”

Her wish is his command and he begins driving his cock in and out her bald cunt with force, his balls make a slapping noise as they hit her ass cheeks each time he drives his cock deep into her cunt. He can feel her cunt becoming wet as her juices begin to flow, he grabs her by her hips and holds her tight, leaving his cock buried deep inside her cunt, his cock erupts and starts shooting his cum into his daughter’s cunt.

Pulling his limp cock out, he picks her up and carries her to his bedroom and lays her down on to the bed and then lays down beside her trying to recover. Emma reaches out and takes hold of her father’s limp cock and begins stroking it trying to make his cock hard again.

“Daddy, make your cock hard for me. I want you to fuck me again.” she asks.

“You are going to have to wait awhile till I recover.” he tells her.

Emma begins rubbing her wet cunt and starts fingering herself, she desperately wants to be fucked again.

“Daddy I want someone to fuck me.” she tells him.

Mal wishes he had now accepted the Viagra tablets from his friend Daryl. Thinking of his friend Daryl, Mal knew he loved young girls and had always fancied Emma. He had even said he would pay a lot of money to fuck her, but Mal just thought he was joking.

“Baby girl do you remember my friend Daryl?” he asks.

“Yes I remember him he is nice and he is funny he tries to lift up my dress to see my panties all the time.” she tells him.

“He told me he wants to fuck you. Do you want me to invite him over?” he asks.

Emma replies. “Yes tell him to come over and fuck me.”

Mal picks up his phone and calls Daryl and invites him over at first he says he is busy but when Mal tells him that it’s just him and Emma at home and his wife’s away for the week. Daryl tells him that he will be right over. In no time at all Daryl is knocking on the front door. Emma rushes to the door and opens it, Daryl just stands there staring at Emma’s naked body, he looks at her young budding breasts, then at her bald cunt. He looks over at Mal and sees that he is naked and stroking his soft cock.

Emma says. “My Daddy says you want to fuck me, is that true?”

Daryl lost for words just nods his head, Emma grabs his hand and starts dragging him to the bedroom. Mal laughs, he has never known his friend to be lost for words. After closing the front door he follows them to the bedroom, when he gets there he sees his daughter is already on her knees and Daryl’s pants and underwear are around his ankles. Mal watches as his daughter takes his friends cock into her mouth and begin to move her mouth up and down on his cock.

Daryl can’t believe this is happening, he goes from a surprised look on his face to the biggest smile on his face, then a look of disappointment as Emma lets his cock slip out of her mouth and stands up. When she lays down on the bed and holds her legs apart, he smiles and moves between her legs and rubs his cock over her wet slit. Emma squeals in delight as Daryl pushes his cock into her cunt and begins to fuck her.

Watching his friend fucking his daughter has made Mal’s cock hard again and he kneels on the bed and turns his daughter’s head to the side and pushes his cock into her mouth. Both men look at each other and give each other a smile as they continue to fuck Emma’s cunt and mouth. They both take one of her budding breast into their hand and squeeze, when Mal pinches and twists Emma’s nipple, Daryl does the same, her muffled moans of pleasure just encourages them to fuck her harder.

Every time Daryl visited his friend he would often watched Emma and think how good it would be to fuck her, he thought about the last time he visited and had sneaked into her bedroom and pulled back the covers as she slept to look at her naked young body. Now here he was pumping his cock in and out of her cunt with slow steady thrusts at first, then he began thrusting his cock harder and faster into her cunt the closer he got to cumming.

As he looked at Emma looking up at him, he saw her twisting and pulling on her nipples of her budding tits. This just encouraged him to fuck her harder, his cock and balls were ready to explode and shoot his cum into her bald cunt. But he wanted to fuck her longer and he slowed down his thrusts. It was no good he couldn’t hold back any longer and when he heard Emma scream out that she was cumming, his cock exploded with a powerful blast shooting his cum into her young bald cunt. After several more blasts he final had finished and he pulled his soft cock out of her cunt and laid down exhausted beside her.

As he laid there with his eyes closed trying to recover from the best fuck he has ever had Daryl felt Emma moving on the bed, his eyes shot wide open when he felt Emma kissing and licking his limp cock, he watched as she took his soft cock in her hands and place it in to her mouth. As he felt her tongue licking all around the large knob of his cock, it began to get hard again, he pushed her head all the way down on his cock.

Emma kept sliding her mouth up and down on his cock making it harder and fatter stretching her mouth. Daryl was impressed that she had managed to fit all of his cock into her mouth. He placed a hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to keep sucking and bobbing her head up and down. He could feel the knob of his cock hitting the back of her throat each time she pushed her mouth all the way down.

Holding the back of her head by the hair, Daryl moved her head up and down faster, he could feel her sucking on his cock, her mouth and lips were stretched tightly around his cock. He had stretched many females mouths with his cock but none were like Emma, her mouth felt wet and tight like her young cunt.

Daryl felt his balls tighten, he was about to cum and he held Emma's head all the way down on his cock as he felt a massive load of cum shooting into her mouth, she swallowed fast but not fast enough, his cum started squeezing out of her mouth. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and took a deep breath just as his cock shot a large load all over her face, she opened her mouth wide and caught the next two loads he shot out of his cock.

Mal had watched his daughter sucking his friend’s cock. His cock was now hard again and he moved between her legs and drove his cock into her cunt, it only took a few thrusts before he was shooting his cum into his daughter’s cunt.

After, he pulls his cock out of his daughter’s cunt he tells her. “Go have a shower and clean up. I need to have a talk to Daryl.”

Mal handed Daryl a bathrobe and said. “You can wear this.” and then asked. “Do you want a beer?”

Daryl replied as he threw the robe on. “Yeah a beer would be great…. How long have you been fucking your daughter?”

“I only started fucking her last night after catching her fucking for money.”

“Wow, she was fucking others for money. I wished I knew.” he said and laughed.

“I thought you might want to fuck her after all the times you were checking her out?” said Mal.

Daryl laughed and said. “Anytime she wants to make some cash bring her over to my place.”

Just then Emma walked into the kitchen naked and dripping wet and said. “Daddy there are no towels in the bathroom.”

Mal goes to the linen cupboard and grabs a towel and hands it to her and says. “Why don’t you let Daryl dry you?”

Emma hands Daryl the towel and he begins rubbing the towel all over her body, when he has finished drying her hair, he holds her head in his hands and gives her a kiss, Emma pushes her tongue into his mouth and kisses him passionately for several minutes. Daryl's cock begins to stir and pokes out from under the bathrobe, when Emma sees his hard cock she bends down and kisses the tip of his cock and runs her tongue all around the knob of his cock.

Daryl looks at Mal and says. “I wish all girls enjoyed sex as much as your daughter does.”

He opens his robe as Emma drops to her knees and takes his cock into her mouth as she looks up at him, she continues looking at him as she starts to bounce her head up and down as she sucks his cock. Mal sits there stroking his cock as he watches his daughter sucking his friend, he starts thinking of who else he knows that enjoy young girls. He has to admit to himself, that watching his daughter having sex with other men is definitely a turn on for him.

After Daryl’s cock fills Emma’s mouth with cum, he removes his cock from her mouth and says. “I wish I didn’t have to go, but I need to pick up my daughter from her friends house.”

Mal smiles as he remembers that Daryl has a daughter a few years younger than Emma, he had never thought much about her until now. He remembers watching Daryl giving his daughter a bath, she was flat chested with nice dark nipples, her slit was puffy and hairless. Mal wondered if Daryl had ever touched his daughter sexually, that was something he would talk to him and ask.

After getting dressed and he was about to leave, he gave Emma a kiss and handed her a fifty dollar note, her eyes lit up and she smiled.

She threw her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss and said. “Thank you for the money.”

Daryl said. ”Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Tell your father to phone me when you want to make some more money.”

Mal laughed and said. “Goodbye, we will see you very soon.”

Mal ordered a pizza for there dinner and after they had finished eating, Emma led her father back into the bedroom, she still wanted to have sex with him. As far Mal was concerned he was happy to oblige her as long as his cock was hard, he was going to keep fucking her. He knew his wife was due home in the morning and that would make it difficult for him to be alone with his daughter. The rest of the night was like one big sex orgy, he lost count of the number of times he fucked his daughter’s mouth and cunt.

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An awesome story as always Wayne

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Amazing Story

If there is more please continue

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Emma. Part 4 (Mg, incest)

The next morning they woke up late after sleeping in and had to rush and shower and get dressed before his wife Lisa, Emma’s mother arrived home. They were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when Lisa arrived home.

Emma jumped up from the table and rushed over to her mother and said. “We missed you, Mommy.” as she gave her mother a kiss and cuddled.

“I missed you too, sweetheart.” said Lisa.

Lisa gave her husband a kiss and asked. “Did you miss me too?”

Mal squeezed his wife’s ass cheeks and said. “Emma kept me busy.”

“I’m glad you both looked after each other… I hope you won’t get upset when I tell you I have to go away again.”

Mal and Emma looked at each other and tried not to smile at the news that Lisa would be going away again.

There was definitely no mention of sex, or that Emma had turned into a cock hungry slut, Mal looked at his daughter, he couldn't believe what had happened in the last twenty four hours, no one could tell by looking at her that she had enjoyed sex that much that she was hungry for more.

The rest of the day was very quiet, except for when his wife wanted him to fuck her, this something new for Mal, usually he had to plead with her to have sex.

Emma sitting at the table was deep in thought, she was thinking of everyone she knew and which ones would fuck her for money, she thought about her parents friends that had flirted with her and those who had accidentally groped her body as they had given her a kiss hello. She also remembered one of her teachers who had kept trying to look up her skirt, and how his cock became hard in his pants as she flashed her panties at him.

Then there was her girlfriend's father who had walked in on her as she showered and had looked at her naked body and gave her a smile, when she had a sleepover at her girlfriend's house. Then there was her mother's boss, she had caught him taking her panties from the washing basket when he was at their house when they had a party. Emma knew that a lot of men thought she was attractive and would fuck her if they could.

The next morning Emma got dressed for school and then after breakfast on the way to school, she decided to skip school and to go shopping for clothes and underwear at the local plaza. When she arrived at the plaza it was early and she walked around looking through the shop windows at the clothes and underwear that was on display.

Emma noticed that there was a man following her as she walked around the plaza, Emma bought a drink and sat at a table. The man sat down a few tables away and continued to stare at her. Emma decided to have some fun with the man and parted her knees letting the man have a good look under her school skirt to see her pink panties.

When he saw Emma giving him a smile, he looked around at the plaza to make sure no one was watching him and then approached her and sat down at table next to her.

“Hello, why aren’t you in school?” he asked.

Emma said. “I decided to skip school and go shopping for clothes.”

Which school do you go to?” he asked.

“St Mary’s Primary.” she told him.

He was becoming more friendly and asked. “What clothes are you looking for?”

“I want to buy a new dress and some sexy panties...But I don’t have enough money.” she told him as she ran her hand over her blouse covering her small breast, and her hand over her thigh moving her skirt further up to expose her panties.

He stared at Emma as he said. “Your very beautiful, I guess you have plenty of boyfriends?”

Emma asked. “How much would you give me, if I let you fuck me?”

The man sat there open mouthed dumbfounded, he couldn't believe this young school student had just propositioned him, he didn’t know what to say.

Emma asked. “Do you want to fuck me or not?”

He looked around the food court and back at Emma and said. “Yes I would love to fuck you?”

“How much will you pay me?” she asked.

He said. “How does $100 sound?”

Emma’s eyes lit up and she smiled and said. “That sounds good… Where can we go.”

“My place is nearby, do you want to go there with me now?” he asked.

Emma stood up and took his hand into hers and said. “Let’s go.”

Fifteen minutes later the man was opening his apartment front door and invited Emma inside, after she was inside he closed the door and locked it and turned around to face her. He leaned down and kissed her, pulling her into a tight embrace as his hands ran under her skirt and squeezed the cheeks of her ass. Emma gave him a kiss and pushed her tongue into his mouth. As they kissed, he began opening her blouse.

“Show me your bedroom.” she said.

He led her through to his bedroom and sat on the bed watching Emma as she began to undress, she removed her school jacket and blouse to reveal a white bra covering her young budding breasts. She then slipped her school skirt down to her ankles and stepped out of her skirt and placed it onto a chair. She stood there in front of him in just her white bra and white panties letting his eyes roam over her body.

He stood up and began removing his clothes as quick as he could without ripping them off. Standing there in his underwear, Emma noticed his hard cock sticking out like a flagpole. She unclipped her bra, letting it slip of her shoulders to expose her bare young breasts, causing the man gasped. She then bent over and slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them as she stood up he stared at her young bald cunt.

“Oh fuck you look gorgeous.” said the man.

Emma let him stare at her naked body for a few minutes and then dropped to her knees and slid the man’s underwear down to his ankles, when he stepped out of his underwear she started kissing and licking his cock, opening her mouth she took his hard cock all the way inside her mouth till she felt the tip hitting the back of her throat. After running his fingers through her hair, he took hold of her head and began driving his cock in and out of her mouth.

He began thrusting his cock in and out her mouth quicker. Emma loved having her face fucked hard. When he held her head all the way down on his cock, she knew what was going to happen, a few seconds later he started shooting his cum into her mouth. Emma swallowed each load of cum he shot into her mouth as quick as she could.

When he had finished cumming, he removed his cock from Emma's mouth and lifted her to her feet and then laid her down on the bed and pushed her legs apart. He crawled between her legs kissing her thighs and when his mouth was close enough he gave her young bald cunt a few kisses. Sticking out his tongue he licked up and down her slit. He pushed his tongue as deep as he could into her wet cunt and began tongue fucking her as he sucked up her sweet nectar.

Emma started to moan as her cunt became wetter, as he rubbed his fingers over the top of her slit, her clit popped out from under its hood and he sucked the small bud into his mouth causing her body to shudder and shake. Emma squealed as she had another orgasm and her love juices started to squirt all over his face.

Pushing his finger deep into her tight cunt he began to finger fuck her, first with one finger then he added another, he finger fucked her cunt with two fingers. Emma moaned and squealed as she had another orgasm, her breathing increased and her small budding breasts rose and fell with each breath she took. After Emma screamed out she was having another orgasm.

“Just fuck me, fuck me now, I want your cock in my cunt.” Emma screamed.

He reached up and squeezed her tiny breasts and pinched and twisted her nipples. Emma bit her top lip, as she began moaning again, he moved further up her body and kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples into his mouth. He then kissed her mouth pushing his tongue into her mouth and began kissing her passionately.

As he kissed her he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, when her cunt lips opened he pushed the tip of his cock into her cunt. With a hard thrust he drove his cock all the way inside her cunt, then he began pulling his cock out and thrusting it back in. He was fucking Emma with a steady rhythm, he loved how it felt, having his cock inside her tight young cunt.

He fucked her for ten minutes and when she felt him shooting his cum into her cunt, she wrapped her legs around his waist and held his cock deep inside her cunt. After shooting several loads into Emma's cunt, he collapsed on the bed beside her exhausted.

After catching his breath, he said. “That was incredible, I loved fucking you.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed fucking me, I loved feeling your cock in my cunt.” she said.

“How long have you been having sex for money?” he asked.

“Only since the weekend.” she told him.

“If you want to make more money, I have plenty of friends that would love to fuck you.” he told her and added. “If you want to meet them just let me know, you can use my place if you like.”

“Yes, I want to meet them.” she told him.

Emma knew it would be easier for her to meet other men, if someone was organising everything and having a place to use would make it a lot easier.

“Would you like to have a shower, before you go?” he asked.

“A shower would be nice.” she said.

He showed Emma through to his bathroom and watched her showering and washing herself. When she finished he handed her a towel and she walked back to the bedroom to finish drying herself before she dressed.

“My names Steve, you didn’t tell me your name.” he said.

“My names Emma, it’s nice to meet you Steve.” she said.

“What a lovely name... Emma do you have a mobile phone?” Steve asked.

“My Daddy says I’m too young to have a mobile phone.” she said.

“I can buy you a phone if you like, so we can keep in touch.” Steve told her.

“Thank you that will be great, I can easily hide it from my Daddy.” she told him.

Emma gave Steve a kiss as he gave her a $100 note and said. “Thank you, Steve.”

Steve watched her walking away from his apartment, he couldn’t believe what had happened, she was the youngest prostitute he had ever met. He knew most of his friends liked young girls as much as he does and they would love to meet and fuck her to.

Emma walked back to the plaza and started looking at clothes.

In a shop called Bras n Things she asked the saleswoman. “Do you have any sexy lingerie that would fit me?” and showed the saleswoman the $100 note.

“I just need to take your measurements first, can you undress for me.” asked the saleswoman as she led Emma into a change cubicle.

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Part 5 (Fg)

In the lingerie shop change room Emma removed her school skirt and blouse and stood there in her white bra and pink panties as the saleswoman look up and down at her young body.

She said. “I need you to remove your bra for me.”

After removing her bra, Emma stood topless in front of the saleswoman, the saleswoman smiled as gazed at Emma’s young budding breasts and then she ran the tape measure around Emma's back and over her small breasts, her fingers flicked over Emma's nipples causing them to stick out further as she took the measurements, when she was finished she gave each breasts a squeeze.

And said. “You have wonderful looking young breasts.” and gave them another squeeze and gently pulled on her nipples and said. “Your breasts are going to look lovely when they fully develop.”

Emma’s breathing had increased as she asked. “Do you have any bras that would make my breasts look bigger?” P

The saleswoman smiled and said. “You need a size 8A cup bra... I might have a couple of push-up bras that will help you.”

It was the first time Emma had ever been touched by a woman, it had made her young cunt tingle. The saleswoman continued to stare at her breasts and gave them another squeeze as she looked at Emma, her eyes were closed and she was licking her dry lips.

As Emma opened her eyes, the saleswoman smiled and asked. “Please remove your panties for me.”

Emma lowered her panties and stepped out of them and stood there naked except for the white socks she was wearing. The saleswoman stared at Emma’s hairless young cunt for a minute and then ran the tape measure around Emma's hips. Emma let out a gasp as the saleswoman finger’s brushed over her bald pussy, at first she thought it had been an accident but when the saleswoman cupped her bald young cunt in her hand she knew it was deliberate, she closed her eyes and quietly moaned as she felt the saleswoman’s hand pressing against her cunt.

“Have you ever considered wearing a thong?” asked the saleswoman.

Emma with her eyes still closed shook her head indicating NO. The saleswoman continued rubbing Emma’s puffy cunt with the palm of her hand as she looked at the expression on her face, Emma was licking her lips and her breathing had started to become faster. From her other experiences with young girls the saleswoman knew that Emma was enjoying being felt up.

“Your pussy would look wonderful wearing a thong. Let me go get one for you to try on.” said the saleswoman.

The saleswoman rushed out to the front of the store and locked the front door. She brought several small thongs that she had for special clients back into the change cubicle and handed them to Emma.

Emma giggled as she held them up and looked at them and said. “There very small.”

“These are very popular... Try a pair on.” said the saleswoman

Emma steps into the thong and looked in the mirror to see how she looked. The saleswoman ran her fingers over the thong and under the straps making sure the thong fitted and wasn’t to tight on her young body.

“How does it feel, is it comfortable enough and not to tight?” asked the saleswoman.

Before Emma could answer the saleswoman squeezed the cheeks off Emma’s butt and then ran a finger under the front of the thong and over Emma’s cunt lips. Emma moaned and reached out and held onto the woman's shoulder to steady herself. The saleswoman’s finger parted Emma’s cunt lips and was pushed deep into her cunt and began finger fuck her bald cunt.

The saleswoman finger fucked Emma’s cunt, she started moaning and said. “Oh fuck that feels so good, please don’t stop.”

After making Emma's bald cunt wet the saleswoman dropped to her knees and removed her wet finger from Emma’s cunt and slipped the thong to the side and leaned forward and kissed the wet cunt and then began licking up and down her slit and pushed her tongue as deep as she could inside her young cunt. Emma took hold of the saleswoman’s head and pulled her mouth harder against her cunt.

As she continued to tongue fuck Emma’s cunt, Emma screamed. “Oh fuck that feels so good, you're going to make me cum, please don't stop what you're doing.”

The saleswoman with her tongue still deep inside Emma’s cunt, started rubbing her finger over Emma’s small love bud and a few seconds later Emma’s body trembled and she screams out in ecstasy as her love juices began to squirt. As the saleswoman’s face was being covered in Emma’s sweet nectar, she sucked up as much of the cunt juice as she could.

After the saleswoman lifts her mouth of Emma’s cunt to catch her breath she says. “I knew you weren't as sweet and innocent as you looked.” and after pushing her finger deep into Emma’s cunt said. “You are not even a virgin.”

Emma’s knees gave way as she had another orgasm and she grabbed hold of the saleswoman to stop herself from falling to the floor. The saleswoman stood up and lifted Emma into her arms and carried her over to a large couch and laid her down with her legs hanging over the side of the couch. The saleswoman knelt down and pushed Emma’s legs further apart and moved her head between Emma’s thighs and began licking Emma’s young bald cunt once again this time she pulled Emma’s cunt lips apart letting her tongue probe deeper into her young cunt.

Emma’s body started shivering as she had another orgasm and her cunt started squirting more of her love juices all over the saleswoman’s face.

The saleswoman sat up and wiped her face clean of cunt juices and said. “You are adorable and your pussy tastes wonderful.”

She then reached out and squeezed Emma’s breasts and pulls and twists on her nipples. Emma moans and whimpers and she wraps her arms around the woman’s and neck and pulls her close enough to start kissing the saleswoman passionately, each of their tongues explore each others mouths for what feels like several minutes.

When, they finally stop kissing Emma asks. “Let me see you naked... undress for me.”

The saleswoman opens the front of her dress and let it slide of her shoulders to the floor, she stands there wearing a black lace thong and matching lace bra letting Emma stare at her. Then she unclips her bra and lets it slip of her shoulders and down her arms to expose her large breasts with big areola and large nipples to Emma’s gaze.

“Do you like my breasts?” the saleswoman asks as she gives her breasts a wiggle.

Emma stands up and reaches out and feels and squeezes the saleswoman’s breast, she then takes the saleswoman’s nipple into her mouth and gentle bites and pulls on the nipple.

“Oh yes, bite my nipples.” the saleswoman screams between moans.

Emma bites the nipple harder making the saleswoman moan louder and pull Emma’s mouth harder against her breast.

“Have you ever made love to another female?” asks the saleswoman.

“No I haven't, I have only been with men.” Emma tells her as she thinks to herself why did I tell her that.

“Did you enjoy being fucked?” the woman asks.

“Yes I loved having their cocks in my cunt… and my mouth.” she tells the saleswoman and adds. “They paid me to have sex with them.” and again she realizes she has said too much.

“Do you like being fucked for money? I think a lot of men would love to fuck you.” the saleswoman said to her smiling.

“Yes it’s an easy way to make money.” Emma tells her.

The saleswoman says. “You know there would be a lot of women interested in fucking you too.”

“How can women fuck each other?” Emma asked with a puzzled look on her face.

The saleswoman moves over to her desk and takes out a large rubber snake looking object and shows it to Emma.

“This is a double ended dildo.” she tells Emma and shows her that each end is in the shape of a cock.

“Let me show you how it works.” She says and begins removing her black lace thong.

Emma looks at the saleswoman’s cunt, it’s bald like hers and has large cunt lips.

“Why doesn’t your cunt have any pubic hair?” asks Emma.

The saleswoman says. “I like my cunt to look like yours, so I shave my pubic hair.”

Emma watches as the saleswoman parts her legs and pulls her cunt lips apart letting her get a good look at her mature cunt. Emma keeps watching as the woman begins fingering her cunt first with one finger then with two. Once her cunt is dripping with her juices she pulls her cunt lips apart and pushes one end of the dildo deep into her cunt.

The saleswoman then takes Emma’s hand and places it onto the dildo and says. “Push the other end into your cunt.”

After, helping Emma push the dildo into her tight bald cunt. The saleswoman moves her hips forward making the dildo go deeper into Emma’s cunt.

“Oh fuck this feels so good.” Emma screams and giggles as she says. “We’re fucking each other.”

They both rocked back and forth, humping each other’s cunt. Emma’s breathing increases as she has another orgasm and the saleswoman’s moans start becoming louder and she starts humping faster, driving the dildo harder into Emma’s cunt.

The saleswoman then screams. “Fuck you little slut you have just made me cum, oh fuck you have just given me an orgasm.”

They lay there coupled together with the double ended dildo in their cunts for a few minutes trying to catch their breath back. The saleswoman sits up and after removing the dildo from their cunts, cuddles and kisses each of Emma’s small breasts and then kisses Emma passionately.

When they stop kissing, the saleswoman says. “Thank you, that was fantastic it’s been a long time since I have enjoyed having sex with someone your age.” She then gives Emma another kiss and says. “I can't wait to tell my girlfriends all about meeting you. I do hope you will consider meeting my friends.”

“If they are anything like you I would definitely love to meet them.” says Emma.

The saleswoman looks at the clock on the wall and she can't believe that she had just spent three hours with Emma, the time certainly flies when you're having fun.

“Look at the time. I need to get dressed and open the shop back up.” the saleswoman tells Emma.

The saleswoman quickly gets dressed and goes out to the front of the shop and opens the door to a few waiting customers. After Emma cleans herself up and gets dressed, she goes into the front of the shop to say goodbye a couple of the customers look at Emma and chuckle knowing what was keeping the saleswoman busy.

“Don’t forget these.” says the saleswoman and hands Emma a bag full of lingerie.

When Emma opens the bag and sees all the sexy panties and bras she says. “Thank you, I will come and see you again soon.”

The saleswoman gives Emma a kiss and says. ”Goodbye, hope I see you again soon.”

Emma walks out the shop with a smile on her face and has a chuckle when she realizes she doesn’t know the saleswoman’s name, she opens the bag of lingerie and takes out a card, on the front of the card is printed ‘Bras N Things’ and phone number and address of the shop on the back of the card is hand written ‘Barbara’ and her mobile phone number.

It was time for Emma to head home, school had already finished for the day and as she began walking home, she was already thinking and planning her next day's activity.

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Amazing storyline please going

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Emma. Part 6 (Mg, incest)

When she arrived at home the house was empty, she undressed and was laying on her bed naked playing with her cunt thinking of the days activities. At work Mal couldn't stop thinking of this daughter, she had been a distraction and was interfering with his work. He was hoping he would get to spend some time alone with her. When his wife had phoned him and told him she was stay at work and would be late coming home, he had decided to finish work early.

Emma didn’t hear her father come home and he walked into her room and saw her laying there naked fingering her cunt he started to undress and when Emma saw her father undressing she gave him a smile and placed her wet fingers into her mouth and began sucking her juices from her fingers.

Emma sat up on the side of the bed and said. “Does Daddy want to fuck his daughter’s mouth?” and opened her mouth wide.

Mal laughed and said. “Hell, baby girl I have been thinking about you all day. Your mother won’t be home till late tonight, that gives us plenty of time.”
He moved in front of her and guided his throbbing hard cock into her mouth. She closed her mouth around his cock and began sucking, he held her head still and started thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, in no time at all he was shooting his cum into her mouth. Emma swallowed every load he shot into her mouth and she sucked on his cock harder wanting more of his cum, Mal couldn’t take much more and pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her back down on the bed.

Dropping to his knees he moved his mouth between her legs and kissed her bald cunt and sucked on her juices. He pushed his tongue into her cunt and tongue fucked her for several minutes. Then he moved his mouth over her clit and sucked the bud into his mouth. Emma squealed as her cunt erupted and started squirting her juices all over her father's face and chest.

With his cock fully hard once more he rolled his daughter over onto her stomach and lifted her onto her knees and held onto her hips as he drove his cock into her wet bald cunt and began fucking her like a man possessed. Emma had her face buried in a pillow trying not to scream to loudly but when her father pushed his wet finger into her ass hole she screamed so loud it didn't wake the whole neighborhood.

After fucking her ass hole with two fingers he pulled his cock out of her cunt and pushed the knob of his cock at her puckering ass hole and with some pressure his cock slipped into her tight ass.

Emma screamed out. “Take your cock out my ass it’s to big, oh fuck your hurting me.”

Mal didn't listen to her and began thrusting his cock in and out her ass hole, he had always wanted to fuck his wife’s ass but she refused and now that his cock was inside his daughter’s ass he wasn't about to stop fucking her ass, it felt incredible her ass hole was so tight and he loved how her ass gripped his cock.

Emma had gone quite she was no longer complaining or yelling out for her father to stop fucking her ass. He heard her moaning softly at first and then felt her reaching under her stomach to rub her cunt. She was now pushing her hips back against his thrusts and she was moaning loudly.

“Oh fuck that feels so fucking good, I’m cumming oh fuck ahhh.” she screamed as she had a massive orgasm just as her father shot his cum into her ass. After he had finished he removed his limp cock and laid down on the bed exhausted beside his daughter.

“Daddy that felt fantastic... I love having your cock in my ass.” she told him between deep breaths.

Mal rolled her over to face him and gave her a kiss and said. “I going to treat you like your my slut... Do you want to be your daddy’s slut?”

“Yes Daddy... I want to be your slut and for you to fuck me anytime and I will do anything you want.” she told him and gave him a kiss.

“Let's go take a shower together before your mother comes home.” he told her as he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom.

In the shower they giggled and laughed as they washed each others bodies, Mal had no control over his cock and once again it was hard and pulsating as his daughter held it in her small hands. Emma looked at her father and gave him a cheeky grin and then dropped to her knees and started sucking on his cock as the shower continued to flow over them.

This time he let his daughter do all the work, he didn't want to cum to quick he wanted to enjoy being sucked by her. She moved her head back and forth with her mouth wrapped tight around his cock it was like she was a milking machine and was desperate to get at all of his cum. Even after he filled her mouth with cum several times she kept sucking his cock, she was never going to stop sucking until she was sure her father had no more cum for her to swallow. In the end Mal had to lift her up to her feet taking her mouth of his cock, her sucking was becoming painful and he couldn't take anymore.

“No more baby girl, I can't take any more of your sucking.” he told her.

“Daddy, I want some more of your cum.” she says.

“You have completely emptied me out, you will have to wait till I recover.” he tells her shaking his head in disbelief at how much she loves sex.

Emma wasn't going to give up and she asked. “What about your friends… can I suck them?”

“Do you want me to arrange a party for you and my friends?” he asked.

“Is it going to a sex party?” she asked her father.

“If that's what you want yes it can be a sex party with plenty of men for you to have fun with.” he told her.

“Whoopee!” she screamed.

My daughters turned into a sex crazed addict, I have a nymphomaniac for a daughter, Mal thought to himself.

“Let's get dressed and we can go to McDonalds.” he told her.

Twenty minutes later they were sitting at a table inside McDonalds having a happy meal, Mal had a chuckle when he had ordered two happy meals, he thought they were appropriate as he couldn't be any happier.

Mal had never noticed the lecherous looks the other men gave his daughter it was if they were undressing her with their eyes and thinking of using her body for their pleasure. There were two men sitting together looking at the children playing in the play area it was if they were discussing what they would do with each of the girls they saw.

After Emma had finished eating she wanted to go into the play area and as she past the two men they spoke to her. Mal wondered what they had said to his daughter and when they looked over at him and gave him a smile, he smiled back.

The two men got up from their table and came over to Mal and said. “Do you mind if we sit down join you?”

Mal was curious and told them. “Yeah take a seat.”

After they sat down, one of the men asked. “Is she your daughter… What’s her name?”

“Yes she’s my daughter and her names Emma.” Mal told him.

The other man said. “Your lucky having a beautiful daughter like Emma.”

“Thank you… She is a very special girl.” said Mal.

“Special and very sexy.” said one of the men.

Mal was shocked, but not surprised that the man had called his daughter sexy.

“I think she is too.” Mal said.

Mal was becoming extremely excited talking to the men about his daughter. He was sure that the men had noticed that his cock was hard. This just encouraged them to ask more questions.

“Her young tits look nice and perky… What size are they?” asked one of the men.

“She wears 8A bras.” Mal told them as he tried to rearrange his cock in his pants.

“Very nice… What about her panties and does she have any fur?” asked the other man.

“Her cunt is hairless and her panties are a size 8.” Mal told him.

“Does she make you hard?” he asked.

“Yes she does.” Mal replied.

“Do you like seeing her naked?” asked the other man.

“Yes.” Mal replied.

“Does she know she makes you hard?” he asked.

“Yes.” Mal replied once more.

Both men were taking turns asking question about his daughter, that most fathers would never answer.

“I wish I could see her naked.” said one of the men.

The other man said. “I wish I had a pair of her panties.”

Mal tried to laugh and said. “You will have to ask Emma.”

“Fuck yeah, I will.” said the man excitedly.

It was if Emma knew her father and the men were talking about her and she came from the play area and sat down between her father and the men.

“What are you talking about?” asked Emma and as she notices her father's hard cock in his pants and gave it a squeeze in front of the men and asked. “Were you talking about me?”

“We were telling your father how sexy you looked.” said one of the men.

The other man said. “He told us to ask you if we could have your panties.”

Emma looked at her father then lifted her dress to show the men her pink panties and asked. “You want my panties?”

“Will you give us them?” asked the man.

“No.” she replied and said. “You can buy them from me, if you want.”

Both men looked at Mal who shrugged his shoulders, then one of them asked. “Can we help you take them off?”

“Only if you pay me.” Emma told him.

“Were willing to pay you for them.” he told her and stood up and said. “Let's go into the disabled toilet.” and took Emma's hand and led her towards the toilet.

Mal watched his daughter being taken into the toilet by the two men and after ten minutes he started to worry what was happening, thirty minutes had past and none of them had left the toilet. Then he saw both men leave the toilet and look over at him and give him a smile as they walked out the store. Mal looked back at the toilet just as Emma walked out, when she came over to him she was a mess, her hair was all sticky and covered in what must have been cum. Her dress was also a mess and it was easy to tell she didn't have a bra on as her young breasts were clearly visible through her wet dress. He took Emma’s hand and led her quickly out the store and into his car.

“What happened in the toilet, what did the men do to you?” he asked his daughter.

Emma showed him the money they had given her and said. “The men had me undress and remove my panties and bra.”

“What else happened?” he asked.

“They offered me more money if I would suck their cocks.” she tells her father and then says. “And they paid me to let them fuck me.”

Mal lifted Emma’s dress up and looked at her bare cunt leaking with the men’s cum and said. “I better get you home before your mother sees you like this.”

At home Emma showered and got into bed, she was laying in bed naked thinking about the money the men had given her, when her mother came into her room to say goodnight.

“How was your day darling, did you learn anything new?” her mother asked.

“I learned all about making money today, Mommy.” she told her mother.

“That's good, you can never make enough money.” her mother said and then noticed that Emma was in bed naked.

“Why aren't you wearing your nighty?” her mother asked.

“I like to sleep nude, Mommy.” said Emma.

“You better not let your father see you naked or you will give him a heart attack.” her mother said as she leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and said. “Goodnight, sweet dreams.” and left the bedroom turning of the light as she closed the door.

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:emot_thdrool: Fantastic series :emot_penis:
hope it keeps going...

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Emma. Part 7 (M+g)

The next morning Emma was all dressed and ready for school, but she wasn't going to school she was heading back to the Mall to meet Steve. Her father had already left for work and her mother was still in her dressing gown washing the breakfast dishes as she left the house and started walking to school.

As soon as she was out of sight of the house she headed for the mall. When she arrived at the mall she immediately went into the toilets and changed out of her school clothes into the clothes she had brought with her. Now she was now wearing a tight pair of pink shorts along with a low cut white t-shirt that just showed off her budding young breasts.

Sitting at the food court table drinking a can of coke, she returned the smiles she was receiving from the men and some women who walked past her, a few women glared at her with disapproving looks and muttered to themselves as they walked past her. Most of the men who walked past her turned and had another look at her giving her a smile.

Emma wondered how many of them would pay to have sex with her. A tap on her shoulder made her turn around only to see it was Steve smiling at her.

“I'm glad you could make it.” he said and then added. “You are looking gorgeous today.”

Emma stood up and gave him a kiss and said. “I thought you might like what I’m wearing.”

“Let's go pick out a mobile phone for you.” said Steve as he took her by the hand and led her over to a mobile phone store.

Emma looked at the mobile phones on display, this was going to be her first phone and she had no idea of which one to choose.

Steve suggested a mobile phone with a camera.

The salesman came over and asked. “Do you need any help to pick out a phone?”

Steve said. “I’m looking for a phone for my granddaughter.”

The salesman handed Emma a phone and said. “This phones is very popular and is easy to use, plus it has a camera if you want to take any photos.”

Steve said. “I will take that one can you activate it and put some credit on it for us?”

The sales did as requested and Steve paid for the phone. As the left the shop, Emma smiled at Steve and gave him another kiss and said. “Thank you Granddad for buying the phone for me.”

“You are welcome baby girl.” said Steve.

Emma giggled at being called baby girl, it was what her father called her too.

“I have some friends that are looking forward to meeting you.” Steve told her and then asked. “Do you want to meet them this morning?”

“Yes, I want to meet your friends.” She told him then asked. “Are they going to pay me to have sex with them?”

Steve said “Yes they will be happy to pay once they see how sexy you are. Now let’s go back to my place and I will give them a call.” said Steve as he held her hand and started walking to his apartment with her.

Emma giggled and started to walk faster pulling Steve with her. ”Slow down they won't be there for another hour.” Steve told Emma.

Once back at his apartments Steve phoned his friends and then sat down with her and explained to how to use the phone for text messaging and how she could recharge the phones credit when she needed too. He also showed her how to take and send photos with the phone’s camera, he took photos of her in her pink shorts and white t-shirt.

Picking up his phone, he started taking photos of Emma in her shorts and t-shirt, then had her undress down to her underwear and took a few more photos as she posed. Emma loved posing for the photographs, it was something new and exciting for her, he was about to have her remove her underwear when there was a knock on his door.

Steve looked to see who it was, it was three of his friends, and he let them inside. As soon as they saw Emma sitting there in just her bra and panties, they moved closer to her and introduced themselves to her.

Steve helped her to her and said. “Dance for my friends and take of your underwear.”

Emma giggled and started dancing, turning and swaying and moving around in front of the men, she then undid her bra and let it slip down off her shoulders to reveal her young budding breasts,

“Oh fuck look at her tits.” one of the men said.

Another of the men said. “Look how young she is.”

Emma giggled and asked the men. “Do you want me to take of my panties?” and swayed back and forth as she ran her hand over the front of her panties.

“Yes take them of we want to see your cunt.” one of the men yelled.

Emma turned her back to them and bent over and slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them and looked over her shoulder at the men.

“Fuck look at her ass.” one of them screamed.

Emma reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart letting the men see her small ass hole.

“Oh fuck Steve you weren’t joking when you told us how hot she was.” said another of the men.

Emma turned around to face them and put one of her feet on a chair, letting them see her young hairless cunt. She then sat on the chair and parted her knees and pulled her young cunt lips apart letting them see her pink insides.

“Are you going to undress and show me your cocks?” asked Emma.

Emma giggled as the three men rushed to remove their clothes, the first man to get naked moved over beside her and began squeezing and fondling her breasts. She took hold of his cock and began giving him a hand job. The other two men were son naked beside her and she felt their hands roaming all over her body as she felt each of their hard cocks.

She then asked. “Who wants to fuck me first?”

“I do, I do, I do.” they all yelled out.

“Did uncle Steve tell you that you need to pay me?” asked Emma.

The three men said nothing and grabbed their pants and pulled out their wallets and waved money at her. Emma took the money from the men and quickly counted it, there was over three hundred dollars and she handed the money to Steve.

“Take her into the bedroom, you will more comfortable there.” Steve told them.

The biggest of the men picked her up in his arms like a rag doll and carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed and pushed her legs apart. He pushed a finger into her bald cunt and gave his finger a few pumps and then added another of his fat fingers to her cunt.

After finger fucking her cunt for a minute, making sure she was nice and wet. He removed his fingers and moved between her legs and rubbed his hard cock up and down her slit. With a quick thrust he shoved his cock deep into her cunt and then pulled out and thrust back in. Emma could feel his cock hitting the back of her cervix each time he thrust his cock into her cunt as he fucked her.

The other two men stroked their cocks in front of her face, Emma reached out and took hold of each of their cocks and began taking turns at taking their cocks into her mouth to suck. Both the men began squeezing her breasts and pulling and twisting on her nipples. As she swapped between their cocks Emma started moaning, the man fucking her was making her cum.

Emma removed her mouth from one of the men’s cocks and screamed. “I’m cumming, oh fuck yes your making me cum.” and her cunt erupted with her juices.

One of the men grabbed her head and shoved his cock back into her mouth and began face fucking her like he was in a rush to cum. The other man just stood there stroking his cock watching his friends, when the man fucking her grunted and kept his cock buried deep inside her cunt, she felt her cunt being filled with his cum, after he had shot several times he removed his limp cock from her cunt and stepped back.

The man who had been stroking his cock stepped between her legs and pushed his cock into her cum filled cunt, he didn’t mind having sloppy seconds. Her cunt was still nice and tight and her cunt lips gripped his cock as he began fucking her. Emma started gagging as the man face fucking her started blasting his cum into her mouth, there was so much cum that she was unable to swallow it all and it was squeezing out the edges of her mouth.

As soon as he was finished and he removed his cock from her mouth she started screaming that she was having another orgasm. The man fucking her was about to cum and he pulled his cock out her cum filled cunt and stroked his cock shooting strings of cum all over Emma’s stomach and small breasts, one string of cum landed on her face and she just wiped it with her finger and pushed the cum into her mouth.

The three men stood there with limp cocks, looking down at Emma laying there wanting to be fucked again. When she saw the empty beer bottle sitting on the bedside table she took hold of the bottle and began fucking her cunt with the bottle, pushing it deep inside her cunt just like the first time she used a bottle at the motel.

“Fuck, that’s incredible I’ve never seen anyone using a bottle like that before.” said one of the men.

Another of the men said. “She’s a horny young slut.”

Emma immediately thought of her father and how he wanted her to be his slut, thinking about her father made her pump the bottle in and out her cunt faster and she was soon screaming out again as she had another orgasm.

When she removed the bottle from her cunt, the man who had fucked her first rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her up onto her knees with her head down on a pillow. He pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and spat saliva onto her ass hole and then covered his finger in her cum and cunt juices and pushed his finger into her ass hole. Emma gasped and then relaxed as he began finger fucking her ass hole.

After pulling his finger out he pushed his cock against her tight ass hole and she gasped again as his cock started to stretch and enter her ass hole. As he started fucking her, Steve looked on in amazement he had no idea that Emma liked having her ass fucked and it wasn’t her first time at doing it, he wondered what else he didn’t know about her.

As she was being ass fucked one of the other men lifted her head up and shoved his cock into her mouth and began face fucking her. Emma was being shoved back and forth as her face and ass were being fucked, once the men had got in sync she started to really enjoy having a cock in each end of her body.

The rest of the morning went fast, Emma had been fucked several more times by each of the men and she had sucked each of them several times. It was early in the afternoon when the men had finally finished using her body. She looked exhausted and Steve let her sleep, he had taken heaps of photos and had even taken a few videos. As she slept he threw a blanket over her naked body.

After the three men got dressed and had a beer with Steve, they thanked him for inviting them over and told him Emma was worth every dollar they gave her, it's not very often you can fuck someone who enjoys sex as much as her and as young as her after they left Steve went and woke Emma up.

“Baby girl you were fantastic, it’s time you went home.” said Steve.

“I’m too tired to go home.” she said.

“In that case why don't you phone your mother up and tell her you're staying at your girlfriend's house tonight, and we can go out for dinner and you can sleep here tonight.”

Emma phoned her mother and asked if it was ok if she stayed overnight at a friends. Her mother told her that was a good idea as she and her father were going out for the night.

After Emma had got off the phone she smiled and said. “It’s all set I’m staying with you tonight.”

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Yes please continue it’s going very well she’s quite the little slut

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Emma. Part 8 (M+g, )

Emma had a shower and thoroughly cleaned her body of the men’s cum that covered her body and from inside her cunt and ass. Having finished having her shower she walked naked back into the bedroom to see Steve changing the sheets on the bed.

Steve said. “Put on your school clothes, I like the way they make you look so much younger, and we will go out for dinner.”

After Emma has finished getting dressed, they head out to dinner at a restaurant that was close by. When they arrived Steve picks out a table at the back of the restaurant, that would give them a lot more privacy. After having finished their meal and were enjoying a few drinks. Emma was kissing and cuddling Steve, when she heard someone call out her name and she turns around to see it's one of her school teachers.

“Emma why haven't you been at school for the last few days?” he asks.

Before she can answer Steve stands up and says. “Hello, I’m Steve, Emma’s uncle and it's my fault she hasn't been at school. She has been helping me at home. I’ve just come out of hospital and she has been taking care of me.”

The teacher looks at Emma and can tell there is something not right with what he had witnessed and if he remembers correctly, according to her school records she doesn’t have an uncle.

Steve says to the teacher. “Take a seat and join us.”

The teacher sits down at the table next to Emma and says. “The school should have been informed of your abstinence.”

Steve tries to change the conversation and says. “I didn’t get your name.”

“This is Mr Roberson.” Emma tells Steve.

“Please call me David,” said the teacher.

“Nice to meet you David, would you like a beer?” asked Steve.

“A beer would be great.” David tells him.

Steve orders them both a beer and a glass of coke for Emma and asks, “How is my granddaughter doing at school?”

“Emma is doing very well at school,” said David.

Emma whispers something to Steve and he turns and says to David, “Emma tells me your very fond of her.”

Before David can say anything, Emma leans over and whispers to Steve again.

Steve smiles and said, “Emma tells me, you like looking up your students skirts.”

David starts to stutter and says, “NO, that’s not true… I don’t look up their skirts on purpose.”

He looks at Emma as she parts her legs wide letting her skirt slide up her thighs to expose her panties to her teacher’s gaze.

“I understand why you would want to look under their skirts. I enjoy looking at girls panties too,” chuckled Steve as he runs his hand over Emma’s bare thigh and pushes her skirt further up to expose more of her panties.

David starts sweating as he said, “It’s not what your are suggesting... It’s the girls fault they deliberately flash their panties at me.”

Emma starts giggling as her teacher squirms in his seat and tries not to stare at her panties.

He nervously asks, “Are you going to say anything to the school?”

“Oh NO I would never report you, in fact I would encourage you to do more with the girls,” Steve replied.

“Do more… What do you mean more?” David asks as he takes another look at Emma’s panties.

Steve reaches out and runs his hand over Emma’s panties and pulled them to the side to reveal Emma’s young bald slit to him.

“From what I’ve been told, there are a few girls at school that would love you to touch them,” said Steve.

“Oh fuck, Emma is that true?” David asks as his breathing increases.

Emma giggled, “Yes we all think your hot and the sexiest male teacher at school.”

David keeps staring at Steve’s hand rubbing under Emma’s panties.

“Do you like looking at my bald cunt?” Emma asked.

David is shocked at what Emma has just asked and he just nods his head.

“Would you like to touch my bald cunt and feel how smooth it is?” giggled Emma.

David looks at Steve and Steve said, “Go ahead and feel how smooth and soft her cunt is.”

David can't believe this is happening and when Emma takes his hand and places it on her cunt, he gasps and his breathing increases. She then places her hand on top of his and rubs his fingers over her slit and then pushes one of his fingers into her cunt. Without thinking David begins to finger fuck Emma’s young cunt, it’s something he has dreamed off and wanted to do to many of his students.

He is surprised when Emma reaches out and squeezes his cock through his pants and said, “Uncle Steve… David’s cock is hard and it feels much bigger than yours.”

David just closes his eyes and thinks he must be having a dream, only to open his eyes wide with shock as Emma opens his pants and slides her small hand inside them to wrap her fingers around his cock and began stroking his cock.

“I shouldn't, I mean we shouldn't be doing this,” blurted David.

Emma doesn’t listen to her teacher and she slips down under the table and takes his cock into her mouth. David gasps and let’s out a soft moan as he feels Emma sucking on his cock.

When a young looking waitress comes over to them and asked, “Would you like anymore drinks?”

She sees Emma under the table and asked, “Is everything alright, did you drop something can I be of any assistance?”

Steve grins at the waitress and lifts the tablecloth up letting her see what’s happening under the table. The waitress smiles as she watches Emma sucking David’s cock. Then she walks away to fetch them more drinks, when she returns with the drinks she is accompanied by the restaurant manager and he lifts up the tablecloth and looks under the table, just as David’s cock erupts and shoots his cum into Emma’s mouth.

After Emma finishes swallowing her teachers cum, she climbs out from under the table and sits down beside him only to see that the waitress and manager have been watching her.

The manager asked, “If you want to continue my office would be more suitable and is more private… do you mind if we join you?”

Steve smiles at the manager and waitress and chuckled, “Your quite welcome to join us.”

The three of them stand up and follow the manager and waitress into the office. After, the manager locks the door he turns around to see that the waitress has helped Emma undress. She stands there naked in front of everyone letting them all stare at her young body. The manager moves closer to her and begins running his hand all over her young body, he squeezes her small breasts and feels the cheeks of her ass and runs his hand over her bald cunt.

As he continues to explore her body, she begins removing his clothes, first she takes off his shirt and tie and then kneels down and lowers his pants and underwear to his ankles and stares at his hard fat cock sticking out at her. She takes his cock into her hands and begins moving her hands up and down, after stroking his cock for a few moments, she opens her mouth wide and takes his fat cock into her mouth and begins sucking on his cock like she the desperate young cum slut she is.

Steve and David are too busy watching Emma sucking the managers cock to notice that the waitress has also undressed, it's only after the waitress moves and stands in front of them, that they notice that she is naked, they gaze upon her naked body.

The waitress stands there with her hands on her hips and asked, “Are you both going to undress or do you just want to watch?”

Steve and David begin removing their clothes as they continue to stare at the waitress as she fondles her breasts and rubs her hand over her bald cunt.

It’s becomes a race to see which of them can undress and get naked first. As soon as Steve is naked he moves closer to her and begins squeezing her breasts. It doesn't take David long before he is naked and is running his hands over the waitress’s body. The waitress takes each of their hard cocks into her hands and begins pumping their cocks as they continue to run their hands over her body.

Hearing Emma scream out in pleasure, the three of them turned and look over to see that the manager has her laying on his desk with her legs on his shoulders and is fucking her like he was desperate to cum inside her young cunt. He was thrusting his cock into her cunt with that much force that he was pushing her across the table and had to pull her back towards him before he thrust his cock back into her cunt.

“My husband loves young girls,” the waitress tells them.

Steve smiles as he thinks about how the manager must have met his wife when she was Emma’s age, her breasts were slightly bigger than Emma’s small breasts and both of their cunts were bald.

The waitress gives Steve as kiss and said, “Thanks for bringing her here tonight,” she then kneels down and takes Steve’s cock all the way into her mouth.

Steve holds her head steady as he begins driving his cock in and out of her mouth. David moved over beside Emma and the manager and began playing with Emma’s small breasts, as he watched the manager fucking her like he was possessed. A few minutes later the manager grunts several times as his cock blasts his cum into Emma’s young cunt and as soon as he has finished cumming he removes his cock from her cunt and steps back and sits down on the couch.

David quickly moves between Emma’s legs and push his cock into her cum filled cunt with one quick thrust. Emma wraps her legs around her school teacher’s waist holding his cock deep inside her cunt for a few minutes. When David begins to thrust his cock in and out of his students cunt, he thinks about how he has thought about this moment many times at school as he has looked at his students sitting in front of him, he had always dreamed of fucking them and now here he was, fucking one of his students.

The manager sits there watching Steve fucking his wife’s mouth, Steve was holding her head still as he drove his cock in and out of her mouth. The manager thought of the first time, that he had met his wife, she was also dressed in her school clothes like Emma was. She had come into his restaurant looking for work and he immediately fancied her and gave her a job washing dishes late at night so he could be alone with her. It didn’t take him long to seduce her and fuck her every night she worked.

Steve held the waitress’s head down on his cock as the manager watched him blasting his cum into his wife’s mouth. The manager knew that his wife would swallow every drop of Steve’s cum that he could give her, she was like Emma and loved the taste of cum. After Steve had finished cumming, he released his grip on her head and withdrew his limp cock from her mouth and stepped back and sat down. The waitress climbed to her feet and sat down between Steve and her husband and the three of them sat there watching Emma being fucked by David.

“Where did you find this young slut, Is one of you her father?” asked the manager.

“I meet her at the mall and that’s her school teacher that’s fucking her,” said Steve and then said, “She likes fucking for money.”

The manager laughed and said, “I have plenty of friends that would be willing to pay to fuck a girl her age.”

Just then Steve starts grunting as he begins shooting his cum into Emma’s cum filled cunt, after he has finished cumming he pulls his limp cock out and sits down in a chair to recover. Emma looks at Steve and the manager working on their cocks trying to get them hard again. When she sees the waitress fingering her cunt and she climbs of the desk and moves between the waitress’s legs and begins licking and tongue fucking her.

“Oh, fuck that feels good,” the waitress screams.

Emma flicks her tongue over the waitress’s clit and begins to finger fuck her.

“I’m cumming,” the waitress yells as her cunt erupts and starts squirting her juices all over Emma’s face.

The three men are excitedly watching what is happening in front of them. Steve has never seen a girl and a woman having sex before and his cock begins to throb and pulsate. David thinks about how exciting it would be to watch Emma and one of her school friends eating each other’s cunt. The manager has always enjoyed watching his wife having sex with a young girl and it never fails to make his cock rock hard.

The restaurant manager stands up and moves behind Emma, Steve and David watch as the manager fingers Emma’s cunt, Steve thinks that the manager is going to fuck Emma cunt again, but when the manager rubs his cum covered fingers over her ass hole, he shakes his head and thinks to himself surely the manager isn't going to fuck Emma’s ass with his fat cock. Steve watches in disbelief as the manager pushes a finger deep into her ass hole and after a few pumps of his finger he adds another finger and pumps both fingers in and out her ass hole.

After finger fucking Emma’s ass for a few minutes the manager quickly removes his fingers and with a quick thrust drives his cock deep into her ass hole. Emma tries to let out a scream but the waitress is holding her mouth hard against her cunt. Steve can’t believe what he was witnessing, Emma is having her ass fucked by a man with a large cock that she has just met.

As soon as the waitress releases Emma’s head Steve moves between the waitress’s legs and begins fucking her, he is amazed at how tight her cunt is and how her cunt lips grip around the shaft of his cock. As he fucks her the feeling of her cunt milking his cock is incredible, the quicker he fucks her the closer he becomes to cumming.

David doesn't want to be left out and he moves behind the waitress and tilts her head back and pushes his cock into her open mouth and  starts pumping his cockiness and out of her mouth. It doesn't take him long before he is filling her mouth with his hot cum. Steve doesn't take long before he is shooting his hot cum into her cunt.

After Steve pulls his soft spent cock out of the waitress’s cunt, he looks over at Emma, she is lying there bent over the chair with her ass hole gaped open with cum running down her legs, she looks exhausted.

“I think I need to take Emma home, I don't think she could take anymore she is exhausted,” said Steve.

“Your welcome to bring her back anytime she wants to have another party,” said the manager.

The waitress after helping Emma get dressed said, “Please come back soon.” and then gives Emma a passionate kiss that lasts a few minutes.

After everyone is dressed and about to leave the manager hands Steve some cash and his business card and said, “Give Emma the money and tell her there is a lot more to be made if she wants me to arrange a party for her.”

The three of them say their goodbyes and thank the manager and his wife. Outside the restaurant on the footpath David says goodbye to Steve and Emma and gives her cuddle and kiss.

“I will see you at school on Monday, remember you have an important exam,” said David as he turned and walked away.

Steve wrapped his arms around Emma and they start walking back to his apartment.

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