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Author Topic: Caught by uncle Bert. ( Mm18, cd, inc, BDSM, )  (Read 549 times)
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« on: September 26, 2019, 06:25:24 AM »

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Thanks for your help it's greatly appreciated

It was the summer after graduating from high school.  As usual, I was going to spend it with my uncle, Bert.  He had never been married, and lives in the mountains in a decent sized log cabin on a large property, well away from anyone.  I always looked forward to spending my summer there fishing, and hiking in the woods.  This time, likely to be my last, was no exception.

   Finally, the day came when I was supposed to leave.  Packing my bag, I decided to take a few things that I probably shouldn’t have, but I figured I’d have plenty of time alone to enjoy it.

   I guess this would be a good time to say that I’ve been cross dressing since I was about 13.  I started when I found a pair of my friend's older sister's panties in the bathroom while staying overnight, but that’s another story.   So back to packing, I grabbed my stuff from my hiding spot in my closet ( nosey parents )  Which wasn't much, just some of my year younger sister's things, and a few things I’ve snagged from friends' sisters, or mothers.  A few pairs of thigh high stockings that I got the nerve to actually go to the store and buy.

   The trip up the hill was nothing exciting and I’m sure no one wants to hear about the normal routine for the first week I was there.  So, I’ll get right into the day I was caught by uncle Bert...

   Sunday morning started out normal.  Having breakfast with uncle Bert, always eggs, toast, and two strips of bacon.  He was set in his ways, and never strayed. After breakfast, I cleaned up, and he said that he was going to help the neighbor.  Fixing a fence, he would be gone most of the day, so I had the cabin to myself.

This being the first time I was alone since I got there, I was definitely ready to have some playtime. I went straight to the bathroom, stripping off my clothes and took a shower.  I always made sure that I was nice and clean before I dressed up.  Then, I headed to the spare bedroom, and got my bag.  I went straight for my favorite panties, white cotton trimmed with pink and little pink skulls all over them.  They were my sister's, but I quickly stole them soon as I had seen them in the laundry.

   They always made me feel extra girly when I wore them. Luckily, I’m about the same size as my sister, just a little taller.  I’ve always been a smaller guy, weighing about 110 pounds, and I’m 5' 7" tall.  With reddish brown hair just past my shoulders, and a girly figure that I’ve been teased for as long as I can remember.

   Putting the panties on, I look back over my shoulder.  Always loving the way this pair hugged my round ass, I picked a short denim skirt (also sister's) and a white blouse with a little white bra.  Prancing around the room, indulging in my fantasies as a sexy young girl.  I wasn’t lucky enough to have gotten any shoes, but I was able to grab some lipstick, and a little eye-shadow kit with some black eyeliner. 

   So, I went to the bathroom using the mirror and did my best to do my eyes.  Which in my mind looked great, but I’m sure to anyone else, it would have looked like Mimi Bobek from the Drew Carey show.  I painted my lips with bright red lipstick and blew myself a kiss.  Damn did I think it was killer!  I was turned on, and my cock getting harder as it was tucked between my legs.  I squeezed my thighs together, keeping it trapped, and paraded around the cabin. Enjoying the freedom to be dressed up, and not hiding in my room at night like at home.  I even braved walking outside, but just because the cabin was so isolated.

   After spending some time outside, and lounging around inside, I guess I must of killed more time than I thought.  I made my way to my room, leaving the door open.  I hike the short skirt up, and start running my hands over my pantie clad ass, which always gave me a thrill!  Then, I spread my legs, letting my cock tent out the front of the panties.  Bending over, sticking my ass out, and smacking it.  My cock leaked pre-cum, and made a nice wet spot in the panties.  I turned the radio on, and start dancing.  Shaking my ass, and rubbing my hand on the bulge in my panties.

   That was how it happened.  With the radio blasting, I didn’t hear his truck pull up, nor the front door.  My back to the door way, as I was shaking my ass up and down, dipping lower and coming back up.  I turned around and there he was, with this half shocked/half shit eating grin on his face.

   I just froze and went pale white.  I felt dizzy, like I was going to puke instantly.  After what seemed like a eternity of just standing there, he steps into the room.  Over to the dresser, and turns the radio off.

   I’m still too stunned, and embarrassed to move.  I wish I could just disappear, but then he looks me up and down.  In his deep voice he says, "We need to have a talk tonight."  By this point I was shaking with fear, and nerves.  I think he knew it, but he simply turned around, and walked back into the living room.  I finally broke my frozen like state to scramble to the door and close it quickly.

  I stripped the girly clothes off, and changed back into my normal guy things.  Stuffing everything back into my bag, I sat on the bed, and lost it.  Shaking, and crying:  "Ohh god, what am I gonna do?  How am I gonna explain this to him, and I’m sure my parents are going to find out as well."  That’s where I stayed for what seemed like hours, before there was a knock on the door.  Telling me dinner was ready, and asking if I was going to come out and eat? Honestly I didn’t think I could the way my stomach was turning flips but I figured it was going to happen sooner or later so might as well get it over with.  

Part II: The Consequences coming soon...
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