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Author Topic: Cuckolding Dad With Grandpa and Everyone Else. (Inc, Cuck, M/F, WS)  (Read 1042 times)
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« on: October 03, 2019, 10:53:47 AM »

This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Hello here is a start to another story I've wanted to write for awhile, hope you enjoy


Like most mornings, Amber woke up horny. It wasn’t because she had a shortage of sex in her life. No her morning horniness was only because of the way mother nature made her. She was what people would call a fiery redhead, known for their insatiable sex drives. She stood tall at 5’8 with a set of long smooth legs that led up to her her firm and luscious ass, followed by her narrow waist. You could only tell she was a redhead by the hair on her head, if you checked anywhere else you would see that she was shaved completely bare. Her face was built with high cheekbones and a small nose accented by big blues eyes, her overall appearance was similar to that of a scandinavian runway model.

On this morning Amber awoke alone in her bed in the room she spent the last 9 years in at her father's house. They had moved there when she was only 12 right after her parents divorced. Now at 21 she still lived with her father to save money while attending the local university. She loved living with her dad, they had taken care of each other ever since his divorce and her mother moved across the country to be with her new husband. Their relationship was the classic doting father and princess daughter, where there was nothing she could do wrong and he would give her anything she asked for. But unlike some young girls who are spoiled by their fathers Amber didn’t usually take advantage of her father, she almost felt responsible for taking care of him, often cooking and cleaning for him. She knew her father was a bit of a pushover but that's what made him such a likable character, not only to her but to his friends, family and colleagues.

Laying in bed wearing her usual sleepwear, a thong and a small t-shirt, her right hand found its way into her panties. She slowly started rubbing circles around her clit, occasionally dipping her index and middle finger into her pussy for extra lubrication. She thought of all the men who she wanted to fuck, she would often fantasize about them holding her down as they fucked her. The forceful nature of the men in her fantasies made her body tingle. There was something in her DNA that made her naturally submissive. As her fantasies played out in her head she felt her orgasm starting to build. She started to imagine different ways she enjoyed men to use her body for their pleasure. Just the thought of her being a ‘fuck-toy’ brought her to the edge. Then imagining how she could be covered in the hot cum of her fantasy lover pushed her over the edge as she came moaning loudly with heavy breaths in between.

As she came down from her self-inflicted high she checked her bedside clock, 7:17AM, she had better get ready. She got out of her bed, not bothering to put anything more on, she usually only wore a shirt and thong around the house anyway. Amber made her way to the kitchen and started cutting up some fruit for breakfast. As she was cutting the door opened and her grandfather walked in. Not at all surprised to see his beautiful fair-skinned granddaughter half naked preparing breakfast. Her mother's father was a regular fixture around the house as he lived close by and she was really his only family left in the area. Most mornings he would go for a run and end at her father's house where he would join them for breakfast.

“good morning sweetheart.” he said as his hand held the small of her back and he placed a kiss on the top of her head.
“good morning grandpa” she said turning her head up to kiss his cheek.

he took a seat at the counter as she made him a bowl of fresh fruit.

“has your father already left for work?” he asked

“yeah he had an early call with a customer this morning so he went in early.”

as they ate together they chatted about college, how she liked working part time at her father's office, his house projects, and just life in general. Other than the fact that she was only wearing a thong and t-shirt it was a completely normal conversation.

After they finished Amber needed to shower and get dressed to go to work. She recently started working in her father’s office, just doing small stuff like filing and answering phones. She enjoyed it, and everyone in the office was really friendly.

She kissed her grandpa goodbye as he would be leaving while she showered and got ready. She headed up the stairs as he watched her tight perky ass before leaving out the front door. She had always been very relaxed about what she wore around the house, her father always let her do whatever she wanted, and never shamed her for being so comfortable being so exposed. this fact caused a little concern for her grandfather as he watched her blossom into the sexy woman that she is today, but he too got used to it, and learned to live with the copious erections she gave him. The fact that her body had an effect on her grandfather, and her father too was not lost on Amber. there was something inside of her that was excited by teasing men, and even more so by teasing the men closest to her in life.

She had been in the shower for a few minutes soaping her milky white skin when she was startled by someone coming in.

“Sorry to scare you baby, I realized I had to take a piss” her grandpa told her. He was sweaty and out of breath from running back to the house.

“Oh you scared me” she laughed and kept soaping herself, the bathroom had a large luxurious open shower, so they could both see each other. He pulled his cock out from his shorts, she had seen his cock a few times before, just as he had seen her naked quite often. Amber always thought he had a nice cock for a white guy, probably about 7 inches when hard with good sized balls to match. Although she was always attracted to men with bigger cocks, she knew her grandpa’s was special compared to most of the white guys she knew.

She watched as his stream of piss fell to the toilet in front of him, he must have taken at least a minute emptying his bladder. By the time he finished his cock was semi-hard, from pissing in front of his young beautiful grand-daughter.

“Do you want me to wash you like when you were younger?”

“Hehe yeah sure grandpa”

He let his shorts drop to the ground and pulled his shirt over  his head and then joined his smooth young granddaughter in the large open shower. He grabbed a bar of soap and started rubbing it over her body with one hand while his other spread the soapy water over her skin. His hard cock stood at full mast surrounded by his greying pubic hair. Her soft smooth white body felt his old wrinkled hands has he explored her small perky tits, then her flat tummy. She turned around so he could soap her back, he quickly washed her upper back so he could take more time on her lower back and ass.

Her perky young ass felt like heaven to him as his hand cover her cheeks with soap, on hand finding its way between her cheeks.

“ooh grandpa, naughty!” she gasped as she felt his fingers on her cute pink asshole. He smiled and circled his finger around her hole, then easily dipped the tip in. “mmm” she moaned. He got a little more bold, and slid his whole middle finger up her young ass. He started fingering in and out as she moaned. “Amber, I’m surprised how easily your ass is taking me,”  “I’m sorry Grandpa I’m a bit of a bad girl sometimes” she whined.

“I’m sure you are! your dad has told me about those black men you bring home, you even let them use this slutty little hole don’t you?”

“Yes grandpa, I love letting them use me however they want”

Her grandpa easily pushed a second finger in her ass and started fucking her roughly with his fat white fingers. “MMM that feels so good grandpa!” she moaned and whined as he continued his anal abuse. She reached back and started stroking his hard cock, stopping between strokes to massage his big balls. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, and she looked back into her grandpa’s eyes, he was filled with lust.

She dropped to her knees for him and started stroking his cock. “Do you want me to make you feel good grandpa?” she locked eyes with him and kept stroking then sucked the tip of his hard cock. “Oh yes honey that feels too good!”  She took more and more of his cock into her mouth until her lips touched his balls, then she quickly pulled off and smiled up at him “Oh my god baby you are a little slut!” “thanks grandpa, I practice a lot”

She started sucking on his balls while she stroked his cock faster and faster “ OH Amber I’m so close, Grandpa is going to cum!” He started spraying her face with huge thick spurts of cum. She expertly stroked him onto her face and into her mouth, it was like a scene he had only seen in porn. After his balls were completely empty Amber smiled up to him with her cum covered face, then scooped all the cum from her face into her mouth.
“Mmm yummy grandpa, your cum is so good! You will have to feed me like this more often” she said still holding his softening cock and  kissing his large balls. He could see the love and desire in her eyes, she had always looked at him like that, but now they were even closer than before.

“Oh honey, I always knew you were a slut, I just never realized how good you were at it”

“Thank you grandpa, I'm glad I got to pleasure you like that” she smiled up at him.

“So how much of a whore are you really?”

“Im such a big whore grandpa, honest, I let men use my body in anyway they want, I'm addicted to being used and humiliated”

“Is that so? What's your favorite part of being a whore then?”

“I love being used by black men grandpa, I worship them, I love feeling owned by them. I hope you don’t think any less of me”

“Of course I think less of you, I see you for the whore you are now,” he said and spat cruelly on her face, “and now that I know I’m going to treat you like a whore from now on”

She looked up at him with her big blue eyes, still with the same love and desire as before. He smiled and then slapped her across the face “that's the first of many punishments you will get from me from now on,” he explained.

“Yes grandpa, I know I deserve to be treated like this by you”

He loved this new power he had over his young granddaughter, he had always been a pervert, and now he had a new toy to play with. After his huge orgasm his cock was now soft, but he felt that familiar tingle that brought him here in the first place. Knowing he should degrade his granddaughter even more he relaxed and let his heavy stream of piss flow right onto her face. The hot golden shower surprised her at first, but the good whore that she was she immediately leaned into it, making sure his stream covered every inch of her. She let it hit her perky tits, then leaned her face back into it, opening her mouth to show him she would even drink it. He smiled at that watching her take a few good gulps of his salty piss before he finished.

“Well looks like I have a piss whore for a granddaughter too” he laughed. He gave her one more slap across the face before saying goodbye and leaving her needing to soap up again and finish her shower.
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I hope there's more of this one in the works
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Correct me if I'm mistaken, but at 21, you're an F, not an f anymore.
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well now.. that's a great start
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Correct me if I'm mistaken, but at 21, you're an F, not an f anymore.

I guess you're right! my mistake, I'll see if I can edit the title  Cheesy
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