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Aunty eve. (Fb,ped,incest)

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on: November 01, 2019, 11:11:44 AM
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

This was my very first sexual experience. The year was 1985 and I was 2 weeks after my 13th birthday. I had recently discovered the joys of the opposite sex, well looking at them at least. I had acquired some 'mens' magazines which I enjoyed looking at, at least once a day.
Being very shy and quiet I dare not approach any girl I may take a liking to and so, was resigned to things how they were for the time being.
My curiosity however grew every day and I longed for something to happen, craved it. I watched the girls at school, when I thought they weren't looking, some of them had quite big boobs, I imagined what it would be like to touch them....

When something did finally happen it was unlike anything I could have expected and with someone I could never have imagined.
Her name was Evelyn but I knew her better as aunty eve. She was in her 50's, long grey hair, short and on the heavy side, not your usual wank mag material I suppose. However to look at she was kind of pretty for an older woman and her most interesting feature, for me anyway, was her very ample boobs and the acre or so of cleavage she always seemed to show!
I often got caught staring at her chest although I noticed that aunty eve didn't seem to mind, in fact on one occasion after realising I had been rumbled we made eye contact, she smiled broadly and winked at me, all I could do was smile back somewhat nervously.

Aunty eve lived near my gran and would always be there when I visited gran on a weekend. Although nice to look at, I did find eve to be quite annoying, she was the opposite of me, loud, outgoing, sociable.
She was always paying me a lot of unwanted attention, teasing me about being shy and always asking if I had a girlfriend yet, it would even get on my grans nerves, she would say to eve "leave him alone he's only young yet, plenty of time for all that"
Eve would reply with "yes I know, but he's so handsome" then with a smile and a wink "if I was 40 years younger". This would set them both off into hysterical laughter, whilst I would seize the opportunity to skulk off upstairs.
Another annoying habit of hers which she'd recently developed was nipping my bum, she would sneak up behind me and give me a right old nip, like I said, annoying.

The day it happened was a sunday, last day at my grans before returning home, a mile or so walk to the other side of town, school the next day. It was late afternoon and fiercely hot, June was normally a mixed bag in the uk but this month had been hot every day and today was the hottest at around 30c. I was taking refuge in the back bedroom, more from aunt eve than the merciless sun.
I could here them down there, muffled voices, occasional bouts of excited laughter could be heard, no doubt eve was talking about me again. I'd been sneaking a look at one of my naughty mags I kept stashed behind the wardrobe in that room, idly looking at the pretty ladies, not intending to do anything, it was too risky with them downstairs, I was however semi hard, mainly with looking at the pictures but also I desperately needed to pee!
Eventually shrugging my laziness off I peeled myself out the chair, hid the mag under the cushion and made my way to the bathroom just across the landing.

Stepping out onto the landing I could hear them clearly, they were actually talking about dallas, they're favourite show, gran was telling eve about a picture of Larry hagman that had been in the paper that day, jr was their favourite character "I bet I've left it upstairs"
I heard gran saying, I quickly crossed the hall and got in the bathroom before she had a chance to see me.
Just in time, I heard her coming up the stairs and passing the bathroom door.
"You in there luke?"
I was stood over the toilet, piss starting to flow, oh the relief! "Yeah won't be long"
I could hear her rummaging around in her bedroom, mumbling something. Her next words threw me into a panic "well it must be in the back bedroom"
I heard her moving across the hall to my room, the room with a certain magazine not very well hidden under my chair cushion.
"Wait a minute" I shouted, "be right out il help you find it".
My words failed to stall her. Quickly I squirted the last bit of piss out and then went to zip up, my haste was my  mistake.

A lightning bolt of pain shot up from my groin, and I yelped like a kicked dog, no, not a yelp, a scream. It seemed to me at the time, the entire estate must have heard me.
I dare not look down, not straight away, I was so scared that I'd see blood, "Luke! You alright?! What's happened?"
My grans loud voice just outside the door, she sounded concerned, the door handle turning, I quickly leant against it to stop her coming in, "I'm.....I'm..... alright" I managed in a shaky voice.
I was just as concerned about  gran seeing me like this as I was the pain.
"What's happened?" She enquired. "Just...give me a zipper...I got caught in it"
I managed to push the door shut.
"Oh no, you ok honey?"
I ignored her for a minute, gingerly looking down, I was pleased to see no blood however my dick was still trapped in vicious looking zipper teeth, slowly, my hand shaking, I reached for the zipper and very slowly pulled down, it had got me below the bell end about an or so down on the really sensitive area.
2 of the teeth had dug in but amazingly the skin wasn't badly broken.
I continued pulling down wincing at the agony it caused but relieved at being freed.

There I remained for the next 5 minutes leaning against the door, eyes closed, willing the pain to go and everything to be ok.
Meanwhile, on the landing, gran had been joined by aunty eve who was equally concerned about me.
I heard gran explaining what had happened in a lowered voice then to my horror I heard eve say, "I should probably take a look, see if he's alright"
My worry was reinforced by the sudden recall of aunty eves past, she worked as a nurse for many years at a local hospital, now I had no reasonable excuse not to let her take a look!
"Oh no it's alright" I quickly spoke up, "I'm ok really, it's nothing"
My grans voice, "don't be silly, eve used to be a nurse, she's seen it all before better to get it looked at now rather than later"
Still I protested, desperately trying to get out of it, "it's ok, really I'm fine it's not that bad"
As I was talking I heard aunty eve say something to gran but couldn't make it out, then I heard gran say back
"Really? It can do that?"
Eves voice again low down, "yes it can"
Gran was talking again, this time her voice firm and commanding, I knew by her tone I'd have to relent.
"She needs to take a look it for your own good, what's happened can cause damage on the inside, do you understand? I'll go downstairs I'm not going to look it will just be eve alright?"
There was no way I was getting out of it.

"Alright" I said through the door.
Presently I heard gran going back downstairs and then a knock on the door.
"Luke, it's aunty eve can I come in?"
I moved away from the door and she came in, closing the door behind her.
I felt so embarrassed, stood there with my trousers round my ankles my hands covering my dick.
At first I couldn't even look her in the eye.
"It's alright, I know you're embarrassed but I just need to have a quick look, is that ok?"
"Yeah.....I suppose so" my reluctant response.
"Hey, it's just me" she touched my arm and I looked at her, she was smiling, her eyes kind, her whole demeanor had changed, I liked this 'other' side of her, this non teasing caring side.
I managed a smile back and at that moment I swear the pain eased a little.
She went to the sink and washed her hands, drying them on a towel then got down on her knees in front of me put her glasses on and said the words I feared the most.
"Just take your hands away for me"

I slowly moved my hands away, my face felt hot, this moment now held the record for my most embarrassing moment of all time, standing there naked from the waist down, my sore dick inches from my aunties face.
"Let's have a look" she said, "don't worry I'll be gentle"
She carefully took hold of my dick with her right hand, I winced a little, both from the pain but also the fact I was being touched in my most intimate place by a woman, even if that woman happened to be my aunty.
She turned it over to look at the underside, inspecting the skin closely.
I could feel her breath on my dick, warm and tingly.
"It looks like you've got a blood blister forming"
She gently stroked a finger across the area where the zip had dug in, strangely, I didn't feel any pain, quite the opposite, it actually felt nice.

Aunty eve continued to stroke up and down that area.
"Does that hurt?"
"No" I replied, feeling a warm tingling in my groin, no it didn't hurt it felt good, too good , despite being in agony only moments earlier and to my absolute horror, I realized I was getting a hard on!
My dick was noticeably swelling, getting bigger in my aunt's hand, I tried to pull back.
"It's ok" I said, "it'll be alright now  I...."
She kept hold of me , looking up, her voice soft and disarming, she cut me short, "it's alright honey it's a normal reaction, don't be embarrassed"
She continued stroking a finger up and down, my dick was now fully erect.
"Well, that seems to be alright so far, no real damage, just a handsome blood blister"
It was surreal moment, there in my grans bathroom, my aunty on her knees in front of me holding my hard cock in her hand. I could hear my gran downstairs washing up the dirty dishes, outside the open bathroom window i could hear a plane flying overhead.
"Ooh that is stiff" she exclaimed, giving me a gentle squeeze, she looked up at me just then, the kind expression had gone, her eyes locked on mine, intense, full of mischief, she seemed very pleased with herself for making me hard.

She looked to her left, listening carefully, my gran could be heard pottering about in the kitchen still.
She looked back at me, the same intense look of mischief in her eyes.
Slowly with her left hand she put a finger to her lips making the 'sshhhh' sign
Then while I watched in disbelief she took my dick into her mouth!
I stood, froze to the spot, trembling with excitement and a kind of mild shock at what was happening to me, it seemed not real, like a dream.
The sensation of her warm mouth and tongue brought at first pain, I winced a little, but this soon passed as pleasure took over, her head moved backwards and forwards, she was sucking me all the way down so all of my dick was in her mouth, then she would pull back and repeat, the sensation made me gasp, my knees trembled, I wanted to scream out loud, I put my hands over my mouth to muffle groans of pleasure.

With her left hand she grasped and gently squeezed my balls, I could feel her long nails digging in a little, her right hand was exploring my ass, fingers probing, finding my asshole....that was it, I couldn't take any more!
It seemed to me at the time that it lasted hours but in fact it must have been only about 30 seconds, I was only 13 after all.
I came in my aunt's mouth in my grans upstairs bathroom, screaming into cupped hands, the sound muffled by both my hands and the conveniently timed arrival of an ice cream van outside at front, I recall it was playing green sleeves.
The intensity of my climax left me breathless, I felt dizzy for a moment and, with my cries of pleasure now gasps for air, I could put my hands on the sink to steady myself.

I looked down at my aunt, she had removed my slick cock from her mouth and was just staring at it, she had a look of satisfaction, like she was proud of her work.
As I watched a dribble of cum oozed out, before it could drop to the floor she licked it off, then gently kissed the end of my dick.
Looking up at me she licked her lips and smiled, my face must have been a picture, bright red, sweaty, breathing hard, I also must have looked quite shocked as she giggled a little.
When she spoke her voice was soft and quiet.
"Well honey, it seems everything is in working order, nothing to worry about here"
She let go of me then and stood up, her face close to mine, the mischievous look was back, she kissed me gently on the lips then moved to the sink and began washing her hands, she said.
"I think you'd better stay up here for a while, you look a little..... flushed"  she grinned.
Making for the door she paused before opening it, looking back at me.
"You know where I live, you've to walk past my place on your way home, I'm heading back in a moment, I would be nice if you.... called to see me for a while"

Still out of breath and shaking like a leaf, my trousers and underpants still round my ankles and my shrinking dick on show I must have looked a sorry sight! All I could manage in way of a response was a whispered, "thank you".
She smiled warmly, "your welcome honey".
And with that she was gone out the door, the whole thing must have lasted just a few minutes.
My first time. I stood there for a while, still in shock.
I heard her fotfalls going downstairs and voices, she was talking to my gran, evidently about me.
I pulled my underpants and trousers up, regaining a little composure I stepped out the bathroom across the hallway and back into the back bedroom.
Remembering the magazine I absently took it from it from under the cushion and tossed it behind the wardrobe then went to the window and stared out  across a field of barley.
My mind overloaded with what had just happened.
I must have stared out that window for a good half hour going over it again and again, I was in awe, I had never experienced anything like it, didn't know such pleasures were even possible.

Eventually I wondered downstairs to find my gran alone.
"You ok honey?"
I winced a little at that  'honey' is what she called me, seemed wrong for gran to be using it now.
"How's your willy?"
"Gran!!" I protested, "it's fine".
"Eve said you'd be alright"
I grinned inwardly at that, if she only knew what eve had done to check it was ok.
Gathering my things together I began putting my shoes on.
"Is it that time already?" Gran said surprised, glancing at the clock, "your going early"
"Yes..I...I've got some homework to catch up on"
We said our goodbyes and I set off on slightly wobbly legs ...for aunt eves house.

The end.

Chapter 2 continued here
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hope you write more

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Great adventure. What a memory.

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Great story keep it going ...

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Can’t wait to read what happens next!

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lovely....can't wait for the next episode

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This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

Aunty eve lived just around the corner from gran, a short walk, but as I recall it seemed to take a long time to get there.
Deep in thought I eventually found myself outside her front garden gate, hesitating just for a second before opening it and walking down the garden path, part of me, that little voice of sensibility that no self respecting boy of 13 ever listens to, yelled at me to stop, what the hell are you doing! It demanded to know. Fortunately it's protests fell on deaf ears and, with curiosity burning, I knocked on my aunt's door.

There was a brief moment of disappointment mixed with panic as I heard nothing, complete silence, I knocked again, silence again! Had I left it too long? Perhaps she'd thought I'd chickened out.
Then, faintly I heard soft footfalls approaching the door, disappointment was replaced with excitement, the panic remained
I didn't really know what to expect  but I couldn't have guessed at how she would greet me. Opening the door aunty eve smiled warmly, she was wearing a white bathrobe and seemingly nothing else.
"Well hello young man, please come in"
"Erm..hi" I replied in a shaky voice.

I went inside and eve closed the door behind us, I jumped a little as the Yale lock engaged, making a loud 'clack' noise, fortunately she didn't actually see me jump but on turning to face me she noticed how nervous I was, she smiled, her big brown eyes studying mine carefully, then slowly approaching she said.
"Don't be scared, it's just me"
She came right up to me and kissed me softly, tenderly, on the lips, taking time.
So soft, so gentle, my balls tingled at her touch.
She broke off, watching me closely for any signs of rejection, there was none. That feeling of being both desired and helpless was like a drug to me, I was so nervous and so turned on, I've never felt that way before, I was hers,her object of desire and she was mine. She spoke then, softly, quietly, as though afraid to be overhead.

"Did she suspect anything?"
I knew straight away what she meant.
"No, nothing"
She breathed out a sigh of relief. "I didn't think she would"
She giggled "are you feeling better honey?" Letting out a nervous laugh I said "yeah, thank you"
"Sorry if I shocked you, I just wanted to do that for a long time now....I saw my opportunity"
Swallowing hard I found the courage to say what I felt.
"I'm glad you did, it's the best thing that ever happened to me"
On saying this her demeanor changed, as before in my grans bathroom I could see that mischievous look in her come through, the atmosphere took on a more serious tone. Glancing at the kitchen clock she said.
"Sandy will be here at 7, that gives us plenty of time"
Sandy was eves best friend, they went out together on a sunday evening.
Looking me straight in the eye she said.
"Would you like to go upstairs?"
My heart missed a beat then set off at fast pace without me! The nervous excitement was killing me.
I managed a shaky.
"Yes please"
At this she grinned, grasped hold of my hand , and led me towards the stairs.
I willingly followed.

She led me to her bedroom, which was at the back of the house, looking out on the same field I'd stared at not that long earlier when I was deep in thought, it seemed a long time ago..
My mind was full of thoughts now, but rather more robust, excitement filled my veins like a poison, spreading to all parts.
Once inside she closed the door behind us and came to me.
" that bathroom..I made the decision for was on impulse but now..."
As she talked she was unbuttoning my shirt.
"What I mean is...I don't want you to do anything your uncomfortable with ok? All you have to do is say no, and I'll stop"
All I could manage at that point was a nod in reply.
My shirt unbuttoned, I began removing it whilst she undied my trousers, I glanced nervously at the bed, a double, made up, it had a nice floral duvet cover and matching pillows, oh the things you remember

I stepped out my trousers, now just wearing underpants and socks, the bulge in my underwear clearly showing, I was already nearly fully erect.
She embraced me then, pulling me towards her, hands around my back at first, then sliding down, to my bum, under the waistband of my underwear grasping, squeezing my cheeks.
She gently moaned through my mouth as we kissed, I hugged her back, trying to feel her through the thick material of the bathrobe, I could feel her shape, her broad hips, big fleshy bum.
Breaking off our kiss she said.
"Oooh Luke, you've got a lovely bum my lad, here come sit beside me on the bed"
I did as instructed and we sat side by side on her big double bed, the material of the duvet cover pleasantly cool on my bum.

We talked for a while, well, I say we, mainly aunt eve with me listening.she described how she'd had these feelings about me for a long time, couple years at least, knew it was wrong but couldn't help it, at first she'd surpressed the thoughts and urges, keeping it all bottled up. Then, about 6 months ago she noticed that I was noticing her, watching her, staring at her cleavage etc.
This had been the catalyst, she knew I was entering puberty and I would be having thoughts and urges of my own.
Ever since, she had been looking for an opportunity to get close to me. Also she confessed to 'relieving' herself using me as her fantasy.
This surprised me the most! My aunty, playing with herself while thinking of me.
It shocked me into making a confession of my own, recently I had acquired an old photo of aunt eve when she was on holiday some years ago, she was in her bathing suit on all fours facing the camera, helping a young relative build sandcastles, a large amount of cleavage was on show but the thing that did it for me was the look she gave the camera, that same mischievous look I had recently encountered face to face.
I'd folded the picture so just eve was visible and I 'used' it regularly.

This equally shocked aunt eve!
"Well honey, it seems we've both been naughty haven't we?"
Before I could reply she began pulling the tassel that kept her robe closed, undoing it, opening it up to reveal her big tittiies, my mouth opened to say something but no words came out.
My first look at real tits! I was in awe, watching me closely aunt eve giggled, the look on my face must have been a picture.
"Would you like to touch them?"
She said, in that soft sexy voice of hers.
My reply was quiet, and a little shaky.
"It's alright honey, don't be scared, it's just me remember"
She took my hand and placed it on her right breast, I drew in a breath at the sensation, it was so soft and warm and heavy!
Her nipples were big and hard, one hand was not enough and I quickly found myself in young boy heaven with a big titty in each hand, caressing, groping, feeling, getting lost in the sensation.

Her nipples were getting bigger and harder, also I noticed she was breathing quicker.
"They do that...can you feel the ends getting harder?"
I replied that I could.
She explained "they do that when...mmmmm..when I know.. excited"
I found this fascinating!
"If you twist the nipples.. between your finger and this"
She showed me what to do.
"Now you try...oh yes that's it...just like that..mmmmm"
I did as instructed, gently twisting her nipples, first one way then the other, kind of like how you twist a radio knob to find another station, she really liked this!
She purred approval as I played with her.
"Oh yes, that feels.... mmmmm...suck them...put them in your mouth"
I didn't have to be asked twice, eagerly sucking on first one big hard nipple then the other, my heart beat like crazy, breath coming fast through my nose, I was lost in titty heaven.

As I sucked on one I was busy twisting the other much to her delight, she was breathing quite hard now and I noticed her left hand was down between her legs.
Suddenly I felt her right hand sliding down the front of my underwear, grasping my hard cock, she wanked me while I gorged myself on her exposed breasts.
So caught up in what I was doing to her I failed to notice her vigorous attentions on me had got me very close to coming, I got her nipple out my mouth just in time to say.
"I'm gunna cum!"
She continued vigorously shaking my stiff cock until I came in her hand.
"Oh god....aargh!"
As I cried out with pleasure, my cum squirted all over her robe and hand, running down her wrist and dripping onto the carpet.
Eve stared down at my pulsing cock, that look of mischievous satisfaction all over her face, I was still cumming and humping her hand, shaking with the intensity of my climax.

"Good boy" my aunt was saying.
"Good boy, it's alright honey, that's it, give me all of it that's a good boy"
More pumped out  and oozed down her wrist dripping into a little puddle on the carpet.
Eventually I recovered enough to realise she was staring straight at me.
"Did that feel nice honey?"
"Oh god yes!" I gasped, still panting hard. She moved in for a kiss, then whispered in my ear
"Now it's my turn".
Being young and naive, and a virgin, I didn't realize exactly what she meant at the time....but I was about to find out.....

Part 2 to follow in this thread.

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Part 2.
After wanking me off aunt eve got to work cleaning me up, lowering her head to my groin.
"Oh god!" I exclaimed,  at the sensation of her warm wet mouth and tongue cleaning my dripping cock.
After cleaning me she got some tissues and wiped up my cum from the carpet.
Getting back on the bed, taking off the robe, now completely naked, laid on her back propped up with pillows, legs closed, knees together, long grey hair fell loosely about her shoulders half covering her boobs.
There was a moment of silence as she just watched me closely.appearing to study me, then.

"Come here luke, come and join me on the bed"
I crawled across to her so I was positioned near her feet.
"I'm going to show you what you do to me, the effect you have on me"
Now I was confused, what had I done to her? What was she talking about?  She leant forward a little and slowly opened her legs wide! My mouth just fell open at the sight before me, yes I'd seen a pussy before but that was in a magazine, never a real one.
Aunt eve was a buxom woman, broad hips, thick thighs, chubby belly, I guess this first 'look' at a real naked lady kind of made an impression as since I've always preferred the fuller figure.

I stared at her, not saying anything for a long moment, admiring the view, her skin was so clear and soft and pink down there, no hair at all, she was completely bald, I focused on her neat  little pink slit as she carefully ran a finger first  down the slit and then inside a little, just the end of her finger, staring, fascinated, I saw a dribble of clear liquid run slowly down and disappear in the crack of her arse.
Withdrawing the glistening finger she moved it up to her mouth and sucked the end, watching me closely as she did so.

Taking the finger out her mouth she once again slid it just inside her pussy, this time on withdrawing holding the wet finger out towards me.
"Would you like to try some?"
With my heart thumping and curiosity burning I moved over closer to her, opening my mouth, taking the finger, it tasted a little salty and there was an odour, a smell I could not exactly describe but it enflamed my curiosity and brought stirrings once more in my groin, I sucked harder, holding her hand in mine, making sure I got all her juice.
"Mmmmm good boy, you like that?"
Her finger popped out my mouth with a smacking noise as I was in mid suck.
"Oh god yes!" I loved the taste.
She giggled at my enthusiasm.
"You can have a lot more honey, I'll show you how to lick good, but that's for another day, right now I'm just about ready for you, here, lie down next to me"
Doing as I was told, she explained that the wetness in her pussy meant she was excited by me and wanted me, but knowing I was a virgin and once inside her I would not last long so I had to do one special thing to get her more excited, get her to the edge, as she put it.

She told me about her 'special button'
I laid there wide eyed, listening intently, apparently it's proper name was a cliteroris or clit for short, she explained how this was a very sensitive part of her pussy and if I touched it just right I could get her near the edge.
I could barely contain my excitement as my aunt grasped my left hand and guided me down to her pussy!
I actually gasped at the sensation, I was touching my first pussy and oh god it felt good.
She was so soft and so warm it was almost hot!
Eve sighed at my gentle probing , still guiding my hand she directed my middle finger to the top of her slit.
"Now...just put your finger in a little" she said.
"That's you feel it?"
Just inside the slit I could feel a sort of hard little bump, a bit like a button just as she'd described.
"'s there...I can feel it"
I replied excitedly.
"Now Luke, what I'd like you to do honey is this"
She used her finger pressed on mine and moved it up and down over this 'bump' letting out another sigh as she did so.

After guiding me for several times she took her hand away and let me continue by myself.
"Mmmmm, oh honey, that feels good"
She relaxed more onto the bed, opened her legs a little wider, her hand remained near mine and, as I watched, she inserted a finger into herself, in and out, slowly at first, I stared down with growing excitement, my stiff cock pressing against aunt eves thigh, I could see her finger glistening wet as it came out before plunging back in.
Doing exactly as instructed, I continued rubbing her special button, up and down.
Aunty eve started breathing harder and making these strange noises.
I'd once stayed up late to watch a film friends had told me about at school, I forget it's name, a french film, X rated, it had a few sex scenes in it, well when this guy was doing it with his friends wife the woman made noises, eve was making noises like that now.
She sounded very excited, moaning, gasping, it was getting louder, also I noticed she was moving in a strange way, it was mesmerising to watch, her hips moved up and down rythmicaly in tune to what I was doing to her.

Suddenly she turned to face me, her wet hand on top of mine stopping my motions.
"Oh Luke ....honey" she gasped.
"I'm ....get on top of me"
My heart leapt into my throat as I realised this was it, I was going to 'do it' and not only that, I was going to 'do it' with my aunty! .....

Part 3 to follow.

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Part 3.

That surreal feeling washed over me once again, dreamlike, my heart had now migrated and seemed to be in my ears. Scrambling on top of her.
"Oh god!"
I gasped at the sensation of full naked body contact, she was hot, literally, and despite the hot day I revelled in her warmth, the closeness, her perfume mixed with the smell of her pussy drove me wild with anticipation, my eagerness and inexperience showing clearly as I began humping her, my stiff cock jabbing into her upper thigh.
She said in a hushed voice , hurriedly grabbing my shaft and guiding me to her slick opening, her own excitement evident by a shaky hand, suddenly the tip of my cock felt warm and wet.
"Now...push ..forwards..that's it"
I thrust forwards into her, into hot wet heaven, the sensation causing me to gasp.

"Oh god yes....that's it honey...yes...yes...yes"
Everytime I thrust into her she would whisper the word 'yes' over and over. An incredible wave of intense pleasure welled up from my groin, there was no holding back, I was fucking her, losing my virginity to my aunty, and she was right, I wasn't going to last long, I could feel my climax approaching.
Just then, eve became more vocal, she grasped my ass long nails digging in, she threw her head  back into the pillow and actually yelled out.
"Oh god yes..YES!"
Her legs wrapped around me so tightly I couldn't move, squeezing me, her mouth open wide but there was now silence, her face contorted, eyes screwed shut.
She remained like this for several seconds, stiff and quiet, then her whole body shook, like she was shivering.

At the time, in my naivety I actually thought there was something wrong. Had I hurt her? Would I have to call a doctor? What if mum and dad found out?! A dozen thoughts raced through my mind.
As I lay there still rock hard inside her unable to move I suddenly felt relief wash over me, I felt her stop shaking, she relaxed and opened her eyes, her face red, sweaty, hair stuck to her forehead and cheek, breathing hard, a warm smile spread across her face.
"Oh Luke...honey...that was a ...strong one"
I smiled back, glad she was alright. As she relaxed I was able to move again and, with my worries quickly forgotten I immediately resumed my frantic humping!
"Ooooh take it easy"
She put her hand between us pushing back on my belly.
"It's a bit sensitive...just now. ..slowly honey.. careful"
I was in conflict, about to cum and just wanted to fuck her hard and fast, but had to take it easy!
She brought her hands up behind my neck pulling me down towards her, inches from her face, she stared right into me, big brown eyes, full of mischief, that wicked look she had a way of perfecting was back. When she spoke it was in a whisper.

"Easy honey, that's it"
I slid slowly in and out, feeling her juices soaking me, my balls were wet, as was the bed.
Although unable to understand at the time, she was already training me, getting me to control my urges, to delay my climax.
She watched me intently, every thrust into her brought me closer, she knew this of course, and was loving it, savouring the moment.
The moment however was short lived as being only 13 and my first time I couldn't hold back any longer.
Speeding up, humping her hard and fast, there was no resistance from eve, instead she pulled me down towards her kissing me open mouthed, passionate, our tongues entwining, writhing, breath coming hard through noses.
As I came she wrapped her legs around me squeezing hard, I cried out into her mouth with the intensity of my climax, feeling dizziness wash over me. Vaguely aware of her breaking off our kiss, her hands on my ass groping my clenched buttocks.
"Mmmmm oh honey...I can feel you.... that's it... good boy...give me everything..I want all of it"
She whispered close to my ear.

For what seemed like an hour I laid there, my stiff young cock, pumping semen into my aunty while she held me tightly, making sure she had every drop I had to give.
Eventually my cock began to shrink and go limp, relaxing her hold we lay there for a moment longer basking in the afterglow.
We kissed some more, not as passionate this time, slower, sensual.
Then she spoke, softly, almost a whisper.
"Good boy, you did well for your first time"
I felt her hand down below feeling my limp cock as it flopped out her soaking slit.
"Oh my, you got me all wet" she giggled.
" does it feel to not be a virgin anymore luke?"
I grinned, my face red and sweaty, still getting my breath.
"It's the best feeling in the world!" I replied cheerily.
And, as she gently wanked my limp cock back to life, I had something else to say, which would in the coming months that followed become a very popular question, sort of my catchphrase just between myself and my aunt of course, the question was simply. "Can we do it again?"
The answer was always yes.

And so, on that  hazy long hot summer afternoon in June, on my aunt's double bed, we did just that, over and over. 3 times in total, only stopping because sandy would be arriving shortly. I noticed that the more I did it the longer I lasted, much to eves enthusiasm, she actually came again the last time, on this occasion I must have lasted a whole 5 minutes but it was enough.
Afterwards we got cleaned up, put our clothes back on and wondered downstairs to the living room, there we talked for a little while.
Eve told me how much she'd enjoyed the afternoon with me and would like to do it again soon if I wanted to? Oh buddy! Did I want to!!
She giggled at my enthusiasm but shortly her demeanor changed and with it the atmosphere, things became more serious as she swore me to secrecy.
She explained that if this got out she would be going to prison, her life would be over, the family would hate her and not want anything to do with her.

I was actually quite shocked to hear this, it must have shown on my face as aunt eve drew near and kissed me tenderly on the lips.
"Hey, it's alright I didn't mean to scare you, don't worry that will never happen ok? Just as long as we keep it a secret and were careful, you can do that can't you....honey?"
I gazed into her eyes and instantly felt better.
"Yes...yes I can do th......"
We both jumped at the same time as the front door was first tried and then knocked on....sandy had arrived.
Quickly jumping up from the settee, eve smiled at me and said.
"See you tomorrow after school?"
I nodded furtively "yeah"
With that she went through the kitchen to the front door and opened it to a bemused sandy, who questioned as to why the door locked?
"Oh, I forgot, we were out back in the garden so I thought it best to drop the latch"
Sandy was surprised to see me coming into view from behind eve, I said hi but explained I'd better be going, school tomorrow.
And so we said our goodbyes, with aunty eve giving me a special little smile as she said.
"See you tomorrow honey"
"See you tomorrow" I replied smiling back.

I turned and walked back down path and headed off home, with a grin from ear to ear.
Tomorrow, although a school day, was going to be a very good day.......

The end.

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Reply #9 on: December 20, 2019, 10:20:47 PM
Hello Sylas-
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your story and I hope to read the others. However I tried to do as you said and clicked your link, but it not bring up any??
I am maybe like u, an new " pervert" to the "KB".
Anyway I will keep trying to check and see if u post any of yuor other stories.
Your a great writer and story teller.
regards, jamesemu in CA

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HI, Syles great story I wish I had an aunt like her

Pussy oh how sweet it is

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Reply #11 on: August 04, 2020, 02:37:15 PM
loved it will there be more

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Reply #12 on: September 09, 2020, 12:08:30 PM
Aunty is such a great teacher. wonder after reading for a 2nd time will Sandy join them when there are more chapters

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Reply #13 on: November 06, 2020, 01:25:20 AM
Aunty is such a great teacher. wonder after reading for a 2nd time will Sandy join them when there are more chapters

I really like Fb stories
shy child's first experience

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loved the story.. would have also loved an aunt like that when i was his age.