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Author Topic: Paying the Rent (MF Pros Cuck)  (Read 1055 times)
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« on: November 04, 2019, 05:29:09 PM »

My girlfriend came to see me at work, but she was all dressed up.  By which I mean barely dressed, she went as a naughty nurse for Halloween, but instead of the scrubs, and lab coat, she wore the same underwear, and you could see it.  The tops of her stockings under the hem of her tight miniskirt, and her bra peeking out of the low neck of her top.  It was chilly, the middle of the graveyard shift, but it was slow.  

Basically waiting for the bars to let out, last call, and the beer runs that start coming in around 2:30.  I thought she came to see me, but instead, she acted like a regular customer, and just bought a pack of condoms.  She called me "Chuck," looking at my nametag, as if she didn't know that I hate that, and pulled the belt tight over my trenchcoat.  That she "Borrowed," but she just left me there, confused, and wondering if she was going to break up with me?  

That would explain the way she was acting, treating me like a stranger, and I felt exactly the same way I did when she had to get a rent extension from the landlord.  She just went up to his office, and came back, said she bought us another week, but not how.  Then, I spoke to him, and he just winked, said that if I needed more time, to send "Cherry."  Her name is Cheryl, and normally she hates being called Cherry.  It's not even short for Cheryl, it takes just as long to say, exactly like saying Chuck instead of Charles, but I thought there was no way she'd do something as slutty as cheat on me with the landlord, just to get another week.  

Then, she stepped out from around the corner, of the store.  She knows it's a blind spot, but I had to watch the till, and I didn't see anyone else, until a car pulled up, and a guy got out.  Drunk, I could tell just from the way he held onto the door, before he closed it.  I recognized him, not by name, and looking at the clock.  It was only [1:17] AM, but it wouldn't be the first time he got cut off, and kicked out early.  Then, I was amazed to see her pull open my coat, which she belted like a robe, but didn't button, even though it was double breasted, and had all the buttons.  

"Huh!"  I just watched the monitor, helpless as she turned, and walked around the corner again.  To the blind spot, she didn't look back, or wave him over, but he followed her anyway.  Then, my eyes twitched over to the other corner, because I saw the motion of her pulling open the gate to the dumpsters.  By the back door, there's a camera there to check before we turn off the alarm, and take the boxes out, so we don't get robbed.  She put my coat down on the steps up to the loading dock, and then the drunk appeared, looking around, but he already had his pants open.  

It wouldn't be the first time somebody used the enclosure to take a piss, we have a restroom, but I'm supposed to make them buy something to use it, and sometimes I even have to run off homeless people trying to sleep there, but I never had to worry about my girlfriend using it to turn tricks.  She shook her head, and pushed him back.  He almost fell, but caught himself on the side of the dumpster.  Then, he fished his wallet out, and tried to give her his credit card.  

She shook her head again, and said something I couldn't hear, but then he started to leave, and now I was sure that she had done something with the landlord to get another week on the rent.  I thought I was just imagining her with that old fat sweaty smelly man, but instead of being jealous, my cock was throbbing with my pulse, and I'm on camera here, too.  I could get in trouble, if Mrs. Markowics ever bothered to watch the video, and caught me whacking off at the register, watching my girlfriend turn tricks with drunks to get the money to pay my rent.  

It was humiliating, first of all that means I don't make enough on my own, and it's not like a palace.  I'm just a cashier at a gas station, but he just came in to use the ATM machine, and didn't even buy any more beer.  He didn't say anything, and me neither, but I turned the monitor before he came around front, and as soon as he left, I looked back to see her in her underwear.  Masturbating, with her one hand in her black lacy panties, and the other one squeezing her tit out of the cup of the matching bra.  

Of course, that's what she got the rubbers of, they were cheap.  $4.65, so it came out to an even 5 bucks, she payed in cash, and I didn't ask her how she made the money, but of course he had whiskey dick.  He was drunk, too drunk to drive, no doubt kicked out before last call but he just stood in the gate, and played with himself.  Watching my girlfriend play with herself, on my trench coat, with her spandex mini skirt, and tight top layed out under her butt.  In her underwear, but she turned on her side, and pulled the lacy cup away to show him her tit.

The security camera was grainy, black, and white, it was dark, and the shadows were washed out by the bright light, like an exposed photograph.  I could see him better than her, because the camera was aimed to watch the gate, but I knew just how she liked to pull the bra cup out of the way, show me just 1 nipple, turned sideways on her hip like that, as her favorite tease.  Foreplay, through usually on my bed.  her bed, at home when her folks were out, and she called me to come over.  Because she was lonely, and horny, and she even did the same thing on the coffee table once, while I sat back and watched her like a porno.  

We do t regularly too.  I mean, the regular way, but I always loved how she liked to do, other things.  Like flash me in public when nobody's looking, or drag me off to the restrooms.  Sometimes the boy's room, and sometimes the lady's, we got caught, of course.  She's an exhibitionist, and nothing used to get her in the mood quite like doing it somewhere you shouldn't, like a public restroom.  Or out by the dumpsters, behind the gas station, while I watched, and it was the hottest thing I ever saw, even though he couldn't get it up.  Finally, she waved him over, and she had to help him on the stairs, but he held onto the guard rail, and jerked him off.  

Flaccid, even though he couldn't get it up, I couldn't really see him cum, but I did see his knee give out, so he almost fell.  Her head fall back, and her smile.  Her eyes close, after she looked right up at the camera, over the door.  Just like she does when I pull out, yank the rubber off, and shoot my wad all over her hot body.  Naked, fully clothed, in her underwear, or just the bare minimum like pulling her pants, and underwear down so she can bend over.  Or hiking up her short stretchy skirt to yank the crotch out of the way, and bury her fingers in her twat.

Finally, she helped him pull up his pants, and buckled up his belt, while he got out his wallet.  The cash he just withdrew, right in front of me, to pay my girlfriend for, well.  It wasn't really sex, he couldn't even get it up, at best it was a strip tease, and a hand job.  He just got in his car, and drove off, while I leaned over, my elbow on the counter, watching Cheryl get dressed.  As much as she got dressed, just bending over to pull the stretchy skirt back and forth up her legs, over her hips, and ass.  Covering up the gap between her thighs, and the lacy black crotch of those panties I knew had to be soaked with her juices after doing something so dirty, for money.  

She wasn't a Nurse, that was all the costume was, she didn't even graduate high school, she dropped out.  "Whore," she came in, and grinned at me, the telltale stains of cum on the collar.  My own trench coat, marked with the shameful wad she coaxed out of a drunk, who was willing, even if his flesh wasn't.  "I didn't use the restroom, before.  I didn't have to go, but."

"Huh," I pulled the keys off the hook, by the big metal tab, with [Men's] on it.  "You better use the Men's room, to get cleaned up.  Huh, I have to watch the till, but."  I didn't know what to say after that.

"Thanks."  She just took the keys, and walked down the hall, unbelting my trench coat, she stopped, and looked back.  "You're not mad, at all."

"No, I."  Swallowed.  "Huh, I wish there were cameras in there, so I could watch you wash that man's filthy spunk off your body, but I'm going to have to wait for Mrs. Markowics to relieve me."  I'm not even supposed to leave the security cage.  It's really more of a box, with bullet proof glass for the sides, and cameras to make sure I'm not stealing money, when I have thought about it, but my morals got the better of me.  Honestly, I'm proud of her, and the lengths she's going through to help me make ends meet, and I want her to move in with me.  Hell, I want to ask her to marry me, and I never loved her so much before in my whole life.

My whore, how could I know that when we met, in church youth group that she would drop out, ever see anything in me that she liked.  I'm such a loser, and so lucky to have such a hot promiscuous, loving giving whore of a girlfriend.  I just can't afford to buy her the ring, but when she came out, I'm going to tell her.  "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

I just didn't know how, but I guess I'll ask her.  I need to talk her into moving in with me, and this might be the perfect opportunity.  

Since she's working so hard, to help me pay the rent.


Cheryl (F Pros Excuses)

i guess it comes back to my mom, and dad.  Doesn't it always?  i mean, i failed High School Psychology, but that's what Freud said.  My dad was a good man, but a shitty Christian.  i guess a halfway decent husband, and father.

He never cheated on mom, and even turned down a few women that offered.  He told her right away, and even said he was sorry for being tempted in the first place, but then he turned around, and beat off to dirty magazines.

That's why i always hated the name Cherry, first of all it's 1 letter off of Cheri, and if mom had had her way, i would have been names Cherish, to boot!  She always brought it up, whenever she was mad at him, she'd tell him to go abuse himself, looking at his pictures of whores, because he was cut-off.  

So, i was confused by the mixed signals, until finally, i had to ask him, and we had a little talk.  Of course, the last thing he wanted was for me to turn out to be a slut, like those young women.  Taking off their clothes for money, and posing for nude photos, so anyone could buy a copy for shameful acts of self abuse, looking at them.  

i learned to play with myself, reading about those girls.  Wishing this was a real dick, while sucking on their sex toys, and playing with themselves.  Bullshit, of course.  They had the cameraman right there, and who knows who else watching.  Besides, looking like that, you'd think it wouldn't be hard to find a strange dick to get hard, and fuck them, instead of being stuck with their vibrators, dildos, and fingers.

i knew that, even as i was reading the quotes.  Some of them had stories too, but they looked so hot in the pictures.  With quotes on them like "Wish you were here," dressed up in a red hat with a white puff on top for the holidays, and stripping down to red, and green underwear.  

He never bought any with guys in them, because he liked to look at girls.  Naughty dirty girls, sluts, and practically harlots, to judge them.  Even while he was spilling his seed, he judged their parents, too.  What kind of man lets his daughter do that?  How could he shirk his duty, to teach them such lose morals, and how do they feel about all those men, abusing themselves, looking at the dirty pictures?

i did a little, but you have to understand, how many young girls want to get into porno, as soon as we turn 18?  I thought it would be easy, but I barely even got any of the photos I sent looked at, before they got sent back.  i guess it would have been nice to have the $100.00 prize they offered, if they used them in the Amateur magazines, but i failed at that too, and the rejection just made me feel even more like a loser than i already am, but what else am i going to do?

i can't get a real job, i don't have any experience, i don't even have my GED, so how am i supposed to pay for night classes?  It's a Catch-22, only instead of fighting, and killing in a war, it's needing money to get a diploma, so you can get a job to make money.  i feel bad for my boyfriend, Charley, because he only makes minimum wage, and I want him to move into a nicer apartment, get a car so we don't have to take the bus everywhere, but who am i to judge?

The best i could do was avoid getting knocked up, and have an abortion in high school, but it's easy, i guess.  A lot easier then to find a pornographer that thinks you're special enough to give you a big break, make you a star.  Don't get me wrong, i had offers, but they all turned out to be con-men, lying to get in your pants.  Oh, i'll sleep with you to get the job?  i've seen the casting couch videos, that doesn't make you any more attractive than the other thousand girls waiting in line after you.

i always knew i was born for it, to be a whore.  A harlot, a cheap back alley hooker at that.  Not a high class call girl, nor a gold digger.  Just my luck, falling in love with a boy that's not much more successful then me, but i do love him.  i tell him all the time, and it's not just pillow talk, but especially when other men look at me.  He loves the way i dress, but he always gets so sad, whenever someone else notices, until i tell him how much i love him.

He finally said it back.  Not just "Me too," but out of the blue, as soon as i got done washing the sperm out of my bra.  "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"  He even came out of the plastic box they have him shut up in, so they don't get robbed.  You know, the graveyard shift, but i said "Oh!" and ran up to jump in his arms.  Hug, and kiss him right there by the chips, and snacks.  How romantic?  Well, i learned to settle for what i get, but not when it comes to love.  

He put me down, and pulled at the collar, of his trench coat.  i borrowed it, because it was chilly, and the news said it might rain again, but it didn't.  The clouds kept going, and blew off, leaving the stars to shine through the ugly orange haze of the city lights, after a pretty nice sunset.  i guess it's smog, i don't know, but he felt the dried cum stain on his jacket, and joked.  "I guess you didn't need those rubbers after all."  He kissed me again, and gave me a pat on the tush.  "Well, the night is young," he looked up at the clock, "The lush rush is about to start, so you better get out there, but you might as well come home with me, to stay."

"You mean it?  You want me to move in with you?"

"Of course, I want to marry you, but I can't afford a ring.  Let alone the wedding you deserve."

"Oh, i don't care about that, i accept."  i hugged him, but he pushed me off, and pointed out the door.  

"I better get back to work, but as long as you're paying rent, you might as well move in."

"I better get back to work then, too!"  I skipped out, with a ding, but it was just some fat old lady, and not a lesbian, neither.  At least she shook her head no, when I said "Hey, miss?  Uh, i just want a light, Jesus."

"Well, I don't smoke, and besides.  It's dangerous so close to the gas tanks, and smoking is bad for you."

"So?  You're not going to live forever, and look how not smoking kept you young and skinny, you fat old bitch!"

Yeah, go ahead, and judge me.  Like i haven't heard it already, but if she was.  i'm not a lez, or even bisexual either, but her money's just as good.  Too bad she's just a frigid fat old prude, getting gas.

The lush rush is about to start, some drunk guys will be along shortly.  At least one of them should be able to get it up, but I tore off a rubber, to save if for my man.

The only ring we really need.



All right, you pedants.  She's not just a high school dropout, but she intentionally doesn't capitalize "I" because of her low self worth.  In fact, it's a major motivating factor.  She is an exhibitionist, histrionic, and a slut, but it literally makes her feel worth something.  Even if it's just $50.00 for a strip tease, and soft-off tugger cumshot behind her boyfriend/fiancee's work for rent money.
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Ruth (FM Work Porn NS)

"Mrs. Markowics!"  He ran back to the security cage, "What are you doing here, early?"

"Well, you called the cops, and they called me, so what's happening?"

"It's no big deal, just some hooker using the property to turn tricks, I ran her off."

"Good," I went in the office, to check out the video.  For evidence, of course, but by the time the police arrived, I just barely had time to copy it to the other tape.  For evidence, of course, but there wasn't much to go on, that I saw.  

Not yet, she had her hair down, and while I got a good look in the parking lot, it covered her face, and she was badly in need of a haircut.  Why don't you spend your ill gotten gains at the barber, and get some bangs, or something?  She can afford cheap bleach, or at least she could before her roots grew back out.

I'm sure she's desperate, and maybe even homeless, but that doesn't mean we can just let her use our property to commit her crimes.  Although, I suppose that if ever there was a victimless crime, it's that.  Who am I to judge what lose women do for money, in this economy?  At least Charles carded her, for the condoms, and she wasn't under-age.  Too bad he couldn't remember her name, but if she could afford a decent fake ID, then she probably wouldn't be hitting up drunks, for money.

That Rodney, though.  I knew he was a drunk, and drove drunk, but really.  I had to click my teeth, but finally, she threw her head back, and looked right at the camera.  Up-side down, while Rodney's flaccid penis twiched, and sputtered all over her half naked body, i but my lip, and the moans down to grunts as my climax hit me, and leaned back in the chair.

"Huh!"  Put my feet up, all the way up on the desk, and ignored the papers falling off on the floor.  "I made a mess!"  Giggling like a school girl, but it was so filthy, and shameless.  The way she used the trash enclosure like her personal boudoir, and I wonder what she's going to do when she gets older?  She's not going to be 19 forever, so she's probably going to be one of those wrinkled old dried up whores, or the personal girlfriend of some pimp addicted to smack, and passed around to his drug dealer buddies.  

Worthless piece of filth, a waste of human life, and I know it's not Kosher masturbating to this, but when am i going to have another chance?  "Whew!  Huh!"  I better call papa, and tell him what happened, but if anything is going to get his blood up, for once.  We can watch it together, it's been how long since he had enough interest to get intimate, but the children are gone, out of the house, and she just proved that he doesn't have to get it up to get him off.

Licking my lips, I can almost taste it.  


"John."  (Anonymous)

"Hey, man.  I uh.  I'm a little short on rent."  At first, I though she was just some bum, until she stepped out.  Only instead of pulling a pistol out of that spy vs spy coat, demanding moose und squirrel, she pulled it open to flash her bra, and the warm young globes of girlflesh deeper down.  I saw the corner of a condom sticking out of the strap, "You think you could help me out?"

"Yeah, uh.  I'm a little short on cash myself, how much?"

"Well, there's an ATM machine."  That's always been a pet peeve of mine, like a hot water heater.  What am i supposed to do, put in my PIN number?  "Over at the Quicky Market, but I can't go back there, tonight.  The owner's got it in for me."

"How much?"

"Depends on what you want?"  She came right up, and felt my chest, my arms.  "You feel strong, you work out?"

"How much for all the way?"

"One fifty?"  There goes any pretense of this being just some vagrant, asking for a hand out.

"That's kinda steep, just for a little pussy."  I thought about flashing her my badge, but then again, I'm off duty.  Drunk, and besides, I'm not Vice.  I know the law, and i swore an oath to uphold it, but what's the harm in helping out a girl in need?  A nice young girl, fresh out of high school, I bet.  Old enough to buy rubber,s and get tattoos, but you can take the cop out of the beat, you can't get the beat out of the cop.

I heard the call on the radio though, and I didn't really swing by, hoping she was still in the area, right?  All right, I have a thing for hookers, especially young desperate hookers like her.  I know she'll do anything for money, and I think i can talk her into taking it up the butt.  After all, $150.00 is a lot of money, but it might be worth it, if her young little spinner ass is fucked out already.  Even for a whore, the back door is usually tighter, and that's if she isn't experienced enough to to use the muscle to milk you off.

"Well, better late then never, Officer Loeb."  Ruthie scoffed.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but it's my night off.  I just need to grab some cash, the ATM's busted at the bar, and maybe a cup of coffee?  Yeah, I'm just going to grab a cup, and some cash.  I'll be outta your hair."

It's black, not blue, but there's no telling whether she dyes it, or not.  I'm kinda curious if the carpet matches the drapes, after she called in that whore, and now here I am getting money to tail-pipe her.  Lucky me, I'm not only out of uniform, but also in my personal vehicle, which I shouldn't be driving, but the coffee helped sober me up.  A little.  "Hey, where'd you go?"

"Here, I am."  She stepped out of another alley, "Huh, I'm cold, and lonely out here."

"You want to play games?"  Well, her nipples sure are hard.

"Huh!"  She shivered, and backed up.  "Let me see the cash."  Sat down on a guard rail, protecting a couple trash cans.  To bend her over, once she gets the cash.

"Sorry, I never done anything like this before, but.  One fifty is a lot of money, you do anal?"

"Of course, but it takes a little longer to get ready.  Why don't you get it out, where I can see what I'm in for?"  She folded the bills, tucked them in her purse, and got out a bottle of lube while she was at it.  I was wrong, she was a real pro.  I should have known, she was prepared enough to tuck a rubber in her bra, to skip past the whole talk about safe sex.  She's just so good at acting young, and inexperienced, but now I'm beginning to wonder if she's older than she looks, or she just got started early.  "Huh, it's cold.  I'm sure it'll get bigger once it warms up."  She wrapped it skillfully, and slicked it up.  

"Why don't you suck it?"

"You bring enough for a beej, too?  That'll be extra, you want to go back for another $50?"

"No, that's all right, you ready?"

"Yeah, huh!  Come on, big guy.  Show me you know what to do with that big dick of your's, I'm ready.  Huh!  UH!"  She clenched, but then relaxed, and pulled her cheeks open wider, with both hands.  I had to bend my knees, but the trash can lids rattled loudly when i took over, so she could put her hands down to brace herself.  "Huh, slow down, tiger.  Uhm fugh!  huh!"

"Tight little ass.  Yeah, you like that big cock up your tight little ass, don't you?"

"Uh, yeah ah!  Fugh, it's huge.  Ah fuck it's so ghuge, I never been fucked in the ass like this before, it hurts!  Ah god it hurts aigh!  MHN?"

"Don't scream, bitch!  You want someone to call the cops?"


"Huh!  Uhfuck.  Huh!  Ah fuck.  Yeah.  HhuhHhuh, fuck.  Yeah."

"Uph!" One of the trash cans tipped over, thank god it was empty, but even if I hadn't just shot my wad up her tight young whore ass, the smell would have killed the mood.  Huh!"  She just shook the head, and pulled a plastic knife and fork out.  I threw away the dirty rubber, but before i could ask what that was all about, she pulled the napkin out to whipe her ass, but I just left her.  Went back to the bar, to get my car, now that it was closed, and the parking lot was all but empty.

They know me, that I'm a cop, and the bartender would have no problem calling it in, if I didn't sober up some before I got behind the wheel again.  So, i went for a walk, but just my luck she stuck around.  After getting busted turning tricks behind the gas station, but I got away, Scott free.  it's a great feeling, breaking the law, and getting away with it, but I better not push my luck.


Cherry (MF)

"Are you all right?"

"Huh, yeah.  Fine, why?"

"He got pretty rough with you there, at the end."

"Yeah, well that's the way it is.  Guys don't pay that kind of money to cuddle, and talk about their childhood.  They want a whore, so they can do what their wives, and girlfriends won't do, so yeah.  He wanted me to take it up the butt, call me names, and hurt me, a little.  If you're so worried, then why didn't you step in, and try to put a stop to it?"

"He's a cop?"


"He's a beat cop, he comes in all the time, in uniform, with his partner for free coffee, but no donuts."  He shrugged, "His partner hits the donuts pretty hard though."

"Really?  I never did a cop before, at least.  I don't think so.  Huh, now that I think about it, maybe they don't want to admit it, because they're breaking the law, but."  I had to laugh, "I guess I'm lucky he didn't get out the handcuffs."

"You're lucky he didn't arrest you for solicitation."

"Phbt!"  I waved him off, "He's drunk, it would be his word against mine, and besides.  You think he heard it on the radio, and came running to get a piece of the action?"

"How should I know?"  He shook his head, "I'm having second thoughts, though.  I finally got paid, she payed me out of pocket, since the mix-up between the bank, and the company.  I can make rent, at least."

"Well, I made $200.00 bucks!"  I showed him.  "Two hundred, whole bucks, in a little over an hour, so why don't you let me take you out for breakfast?  I'm buying!"

"Maybe we can get it to go, but we need to talk about this, so don't change the subject."

"Well, I'm hungry, and I need to use the restroom to clean up again."  I guess it's a good thing that I can't afford nicer underwear, because if they were hand wash, or dry clean only.  They might be ruined anyways, but they were my favorite pair.  I'm being silly, of course I can afford to go shopping, at Victoria's Secret!  I just made $200.00!

"How long have you been doing this?"

"Oh, prostitution?  First time, well.  I mean, professionally hooking.  If you don't count kisses for quarters, or flashing my tits for a five behind the portables."  He knew about that, hell he came back for 3 weeks, and a total of $20.00 before he got the guts to ask me out.  "Don't worry, they don't mean anything to me, I don't even know them, either of them."

"I'm not worried about that, i'm worried about you!  He could have raped you, or killed you, and there's no way i could stop him."

"Because you're a coward."

"No, because he's a cop, and that means he has a gun.  Not just handcuffs, and you didn't even know that, so how could you know he's not actually.  Some kind of vigilante, looking to fight crime by killing hookers?"

"Oh, come on.  Don't let your imagination run away with you."

"Huh, look.  The IHOP is open, but I want you to think about it.  Seriously, now what do you want to eat.  I'll order it to go, while you're in there cleaning up, but I was worried enough when it was just masturbating in public, and flashing strangers on the bus.  This is different, you could go to jail, get raped, or killed, for real.  I mean it!"

"Huh!"  I just shook my head, and went in to shut him up.  I don't care what he gets me, to eat.  I just want him to stop nagging me, okay?  I have to laugh, a little.  he's the naggy one, I guess.  Of course it's risky, it would be as much of a thrill if there wasn't some danger involved.  He'd know that too, if he'd ever taken a risk in his life, and i love him.  i do, and he loves me too.  He wasn't just saying that, and he wouldn't have waited until I finally went through with hooking if he wasn't into it, but he just doesn't understand.  

i don't know if he'll ever understand, but i guess if i move in with him.  "Yeah," maybe I can start setting it up over the phone?  Get some regular customers, like i never could do living with mom and dad.  All though, it's really the hottest thing I can think of.  Even more exciting than appearing in The Best of Cheri, and dear old dad seeing his little girl naked, and begging strangers to come over and fuck me, so I can finally find out what a real dick feels like, and hang up my dildo for good.

"Hihihihneahaha!" Such a lie, how naive do you have to be, to believe that bullcrap?  "Men."  They can be so naive when they're horny.



Again, sorry about the capitalization, but she even minimized his name, when she felt that he was talking like a coward.  I know it's confusing, because it is.  Nobody's really sure about anything, even the cop flip-flopped between lust, and guilt for breaking the law.  It's not rational, so it's not going to make any sense, rationally.
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"Yeah, let me get the bacon cheeseburger, to go with a side salad, thousand island instead of fries, and?"  I looked over the menu.  "Better make it a 3 egg omelette, real eggs, broken, I want to see the whites.  None of that egg beaters fake stuff."

"Got it, cheese?"

"Yeah, and rye toast, instead of the pancakes."  I know, it's a pancake house, but she doesn't like them, and that distracted me for all of 5 minutes.  "I'll be out front."

Picking through the ash tray, in the top of the trash can bye the door.  I should have grabbed a pack when I got payed, but it was bad enough lying to my boss's face, and trying to make up a story she'll believe.  She doesn't approve, of smoking, and that's just what I need.

"Here man."  Some guy stuck his pack out the door with a filter sticking up for me.  "You don't have to dig through the trash like a bum."


"You need a light?"

"I got one, thanks."

"I don't know if you should be bringing your whore on dates here.  I'm not going to call the cops, but when she's done in the restroom, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"I already got it to go, and she's my girlfriend.  Not my whore."

"Sorry, but.  You really take her out at night, dressed like that?"

"What's wrong with the way she's dressed?  it's her body, and I like to see it, just as much as she likes showing it.  It's none of your damned business, just because you're the night manager, it's not your place to judge."

"Hey man.  Who's judging?  Too bad, with tits like that, she could make some money."  He looked back through the window.  

I knocked, and waved her out.  Showed her the cigarette, but she had to put her hand up, to see through the glare.

"How much money we talking about?"

He laughed.  "I knew it.  I know a hooker when I see one."

"Well, I don't know if she'd go for it."

"Go for what?"

"You're not going to believe it, but this guy thought you're a prostitute."

She laughed, "What?  Just because of my Halloween costume?"

"Oh!"  He laughed, nervously, and shook his head.  "I'm sorry, but what's the deal with kids these days?  Dressing up like hookers, and naughty nuns.  In my day, Halloween was about being spooky, and scary.  Not underage sex."

"Well, who says I'm underage?  I'm nineteen, and I get enough shit from my dad.  Well,"  She took my hand, "I'm out of the house now, so I'll dress the way I want to dress.  That's what i love about you."  She hugged me, and kissed me.  "He doesn't judge me, he loves me, for who I am.  He's never going to make me pretend to be modest, and ashamed of my body."

"You've got nothing to be ashamed of, and I said I was sorry."

"Well, you're not so bad looking yourself.  You work out?"

"No, I just work."  He flexed, "But those bus pans are pretty heavy, and we've been short handed lately.  We could use some help, if you're interested."

She just took a drag.  Held it back, over her shoulder, so I took it.  "Huh," blew it in his face.  "I don;t have to work in a kitchen, cleaning up after other people's crap.  You like whores?"

He looked around, "Not really.  I mean, I've never been with one before, if that's what you're asking."  He held his hands together, to cover up his crotch.  Looking right down the front of her tight low cut top, at her bra, and slipping his wedding ring discreetly in his pocket.

"Well, when do you get off?  Here, let me give you my number, maybe we can work something out?"

Holey shit, just like that!  Who knew it was so easy to solicit prostitution, but it was like wherever she went. I guess it pays to advertise, but after what happened in the alley.  "You don't mind if I watch?  Just to be on the safe side, man.  I don't know you, and it's not like she does this all the time.  It's just, you know how it is.  Money's tight, and."

"You're into it."  He laughed.

"Yeah, well so what if I am?  I love my girlfriend, and if she wants to have sex for money, then more power to her."  Like he didn't just say he knows a hooker when he sees one.  Then she came out, and he made sure to tell her that it's not like he does it with prostitutes all the time.  So anyway, he got my number, and wrote it down on a ticket stub in his apron.  Not that we're welcome, to eat our dinner/breakfast in the dining room, in front of all the customers.  She hit my arm.

"You called the cops on me?"

"I had to, if Mrs. Markowics had seen the tape, or I tampered with it so your face didn't show up on camera then she could have fired me, just like that.  She doesn't need an excuse to fire me anyway, and she threatens to just for taking smoke breaks, every morning."

"I know, you told me.  'I don't pay you to smoke,' she says."


"She doesn't look anything like I imagined."

"What did you imagine?"

"I don't know, older, more Jewish?"

"Phphbth!  She couldn't be more Jewish if she tried."

"Well, she doesn't look Jewish, she looks Mexican."

"That's because her family's from El Salvador."  I think, or maybe San Salvador?  One of them, but anhow.  "But she married a Jew, because she wanted to be Jewish."

"What for?"

"I don't know, Catholic wasn't Obsessive Compulsive enough for her.  She likes rules, don't ask me why.  Keeping Kosher is just more rules for her to follow."


"What's wrong with the Omelet?  I ordered it just the way you like it."

"Yeah, but they used Velveta, or something."  She scraped it off with a plastic spoon, and tucked the napkin in my pocket for later.  She doesn't throw away Napkins, for some reason.  Never know when you might need one, and besides, they're free.

"Huh, we need to talk."  She nodded, and closed the styrofoam clamshell.  "I don't want to lie to each other, or keep secrets, so I'm going to ask you again, and this time I want you to tell the truth.  How long have you been doing prostitution?"

"Huh, well?"  She shrugged, and shook her head.  "Huh, you remember, a couple years ago, when we agreed to see other people?"

I nodded, "You broke up with me."

"Well, you're trying to control me, and getting possessive, but I didn't want to cut you off.  My mom did that, and it made my dad nuts."

"Oh yeah?"  She never really talked about her family.  Other than she can't take me home to meet them, because her dad is judgemental.  She hates that.

"You're not going to eat your breakfast?"

"Not really hungry, but what did your dad do?"

"Nothing?  That's just it, he never did anything, he just thought about it, then felt guilty, for thinking.  It's stupid, really, but that made him worry about me.  Too much."

"I know, I'm sorry I worried about you earlier, but I can't help it."

"Well, I didn't know he was a cop, so.  I guess I forgive you.  It makes sense, but."  She giggled.


"Well, I was just thinking that, if he had arrested me, I could have finally called him to bail me out."

"I would have bailed you out."

"Well, I didn't know you got payed yet, now did I?"

"So, who did you do it with first?  When we were taking time off, to get some space."  Yeah right, see other people.  She needed some space, let's just take some time off.  Those are all lies, but so common, it's like saying you're fine, when I could tell he hurt her.  On purpose too, but I guess that's just one of the more unpleasent parts of the job, i never thought about.

"Huh!  Well, a friend.  He doesn't want me to say his name, you understand.  Look, it's not just risky for me, he could get arrested too, and this was only a couple years ago."

"All right, okay.  I don't really care who it was, really."

"You really don't mind me sleeping around?"

"As long as you're safe, you always use rubbers, right?  We've been going out for what, 5 years now?"

"Give or take."

"I knew all about you giving kisses for lunch money, and that never bothered me before, I'm just curious.  So, what did you do for Mr. Jackoby, to get an extra week before he evicted me?"

"Evicted us."  She took my hand, so I hugged her.  Right there on the bus stop, with our food getting cold, but I totally forgot to tell them real cheese, too.  that was my fault, but I'll probably eat it later.

"Well, just a blowjob."

"Oh yeah?  What's his dick like?"

"You really want to know?"

"Huh, I love you.  Cheryl, I love everything about you.  I love your face, your body, and I want to know everything about what you do with them, if i don't get to watch."

"You really want to watch?"

"Well, you don't want me to worry."

"No, you're really turned on by it, too?"

"Huh, yeah."  I shrugged, and held her tighter.


"I don't know?  Because I know how you feel about, well?  Sex, and men.  Especially judgemental men, who get possessive, so I vowed never to treat you like that.  Like your, father?"  i guessed.

"Huh!  Yeah."  So, we just cuddled for a little while, in silence.  "But that doesn't explain why it turns you on."

"Because it's you, you're so sexy, you could have any man you wanted, but you chose me.  I just feel so lucky, that you stayed with me, after all the men you've been with, and it's also kind of a relief.  huh!  I just realized, I've been so stressed about money.  Now that I know that you can make it so easily, it's just such a load off.  Now I don't have to worry, about money, either."
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Why are your stories so difficult to read? I tried again with this, but quickly gave up.
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Why are your stories so difficult to read? I tried again with this but quickly gave up.
Probably because you are used to stories that use one-syllable words and have colorful pictures. Have you tried Dr. Seuss books? They might be more up your alley.
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Why are your stories so difficult to read? I tried again with this, but quickly gave up.

I don't know.  It's just the way I write, ultimately because I'm Schizotypal.  I'm not going to insult your intelligence by implying that you're too stupid to understand them.
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