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Author Topic: Big Screen (FF Porn Voyeur)  (Read 296 times)
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« on: November 05, 2019, 04:19:58 PM »

It turned out that our boss over-scheduled, or what have you.  I don't know, it's not very important, but the main thing is I was late for work, and then when I got there, I had to turn around, and go right back home, when if he'd called me, then I would have slept in, and it almost ruined my whole morning.

It turns out that that whole mix-up was my lucky day, because when I got back, I pulled in behind the house.  We have this shed, that's pretty big, big enough to use as a garage, but I didn't feel like getting out, unlocking it, and then driving in, so I just left it in the side-yard, and went in through the kitchen.

That's important, because if I'd just gone in the front door, my room-mate would have seen me, but as soon as I opened up the back door, I heard the music.  Well, it was pretty loud, so I heard the bass on the porch thrugh it, but I guess I just thought "Oh, she's up," or somesuch nonsense.

Samantha, we didn't really know each other that well, but she seemed nice.  Kinda quiet, mostly kept to herself, but when I was interviewing people, what really clinched it for me was she said "It's like living alone."  As far as having a roommate, I wouldn't know.

I had a pretty big family growing up.  5 kids, including me, and also my aunt,and uncle lived with us, out in the family farmhouse.  It was pretty hectic, they had kids too, so with the cousins included, well there was never enough bathrooms for one thing. Big old farmhouse, with 2 full bathrooms, and 2 more that were just a toilet, and sink, but you get the idea.

I tried living alone, and while I managed to make rent, it just sounded so empty, and quiet, even though it was barely what you could call a house.  More like an apartment with it's own yard, and a shed out back, we could use as a garage, when I felt like it was worth the trouble.

Nobody was breaking into cars in broad daylight, and besides it was school kids, and they were probably in school.  If they did skip, they sure weren't hanging around the neighborhood, but it was a pretty poor neighborhood, the best we could afford.  

I'm sorry, I should probably get on with the action, but once I got inside, I heard more than just techno-music, it sounded like a party, only not as loud, as you would think an actual party would be, if it was right there in our tiny little bungalow.  That's because it was, and it wasn't.  

It was a tape of a real party on the TV, and there was a lot of "Woo, yeah!"s.   I was about to say something when I came around the corner, and the first thing I saw was the TV.  She brought it when she moved in, and I really appreciated the big screen, even though it was a bitch to get in the front door, because it was one of those old-school projectors.  It took up most of the front wall, so you could barely get it in the front door, but some nice guys helped us unload it, and hit on us both.

We brushed them off, but the camera moved around a lot, and never really settled on any one thing very long.  I knew one thing, right away, it was some sort of sex party, because everyone was naked, or half naked.  They had strippers, and both kinds, by which I mean male, and regular pole dancer types, but no poles.  At first, I thought it might actually be a strip club, but that's what clued me in.

They didn't have a stage either, not really, but instead there was just this archway, with double doors, like a castle, kinda.  They looked like big old castle doors to me, but inside, and steps down to the living room, but that left a kind of stage in between them where some guys were dancing, in thong underwear, and the ladies were down shaking money, and fighting who got to tuck tips in their butt cheeks, with some gropes, and squeezes of hot tight tanned muscular buns.

"Uh!"  I shook my head, and blinked, suddenly aware that I wasn't alone, again.  Of course, Samantha was there, she's the one that put the video on, I was just so entranced by the scene on the big screen, and the camera focussed on that so long, it was almost like watching it live for a minute there.

'Uh, huh!  Take it off."

I stopped rubbing my crotch, and squeezing my bra cup, with the other one cradled in my arm like a nursing baby, to peek out, and look around the wall at the couch.  

"Take it all off, yeah."

She wasn't talking to me, she didn't even know I was there, and I got that dirty little thrill again.  I don't know how long it had been, maybe even over a year since the last time my aunt, and uncle got busy down in the basement.  My brothers, and sister, and I used to watch through the little windows, around the side.  

They were down low, or up around the ceiling if you were down in the basement, but they used to kick the cousins out, to go play, so they could turn the lights down, and put on some romantic music.  They knew exactly why they had to go upstairs, and leave their parents alone, so that's basically how we learned how a husband and wife make love.  Watching them make love, down in their little apartment,in the basement.

"Uh fuck," Samantha was quiet, "Yeah, suck it."  She kept her voice down so low, and the video turned up so loud, I could barely hear her over the music, and the women cheering each other on.  "Stick that big old penis in your mouth,yeah.  Suck his balls, too."

On the screen, there was this one guy.  One of the strippers, he got up on a couple chairs.  Spread apart, so he had to stand with his legs wide open, and a bunch of the women were down between them.  He was naked, and shaking it, back and forth.  So the women could lap at his crotch like hungry dogs, and he had his hands full of money.  Rubbing it all over his tanned muscular chest, I guess because he took his underwear off, or one of the ladies did.

Then, I heard a wet smacking noise, which turned my attention back to the couch.  Samantha had a dildo out, and her other hand between her legs.  While the pink glistening wet plastic shaft pumped in and out of her mouth, she opened wide, and stuck her tongue out.  I had my hand in my underwear, and my shirt pulled out so I could reach up under it, watching her strain to deep throat it, and just barely touch the tip of her tongue to the fake plastic balls molded underneath.

"Aghl kugh!"  She gagged, and coughed, but then her eyes just drooped almost shut, like she was falling asleep, but she kept them cracked just enough to keep watching.  "HhuhHhuhH!"  She shivered, then shuddered, and started shaking.  With a thick bubbly wad of spit she coughed up, running down her chin, it dripped on her chest, and ran down to the pink slimy head, squeezed in her cleavage.

"Here he cums, girls.  You ready?"


"Wooh, yeah!"

On screen, the women were practically fighting over the big hard cock, spurting all over the place, and trying to get at least one shot of sperm on their face, their breasts, or even in their mouth!  I can't imagine, even going to the kind of party where they have strippers, and get topless right out in the open.  Let alone letting one of them ejaculate in my mouth, with no way of knowing how many women he'd been with, what all diseases he might have, but now they're kissing, and licking each other's faces.  

Rubbing their come covered bodies together, and even though Samantha just finished, she started up again.  "Yeah, yeah, yeah."  She  nodded, plunging that big fucking thing in and out between her legs.  "Get good and gay, you horny homos.  Huh, yeah."

"Uh!"  I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't even notice I was close.  It just snuck up on me, then hit me like a low step?  I guess, it was kinga like backing up, underneath the stairs, and hitting your head on one of them.  "Oh!"  I looked up, dazed.  "Oh, god."  At the ceiling, I must have hit my head on the kitchen floor when I fell down.  "Huh?"

I blinked, and shook my head, when Samantha appeared, looking down from the kitchen door, and covering herself with both hands.  One over her crotch, and the other one over her chest.  "What are you doing home?"  She didn't wait for an answer, she just ran off, and I heard her bedroom door slam, over the party still raging away on the TV.  She didn't even pause it, she heard a noise when I fell down, and ran to see what it was.

She saw me, lying on the kitchen floor.  Hafl unconscious, with my hand still stuck in my underwear, by blouse unbuttoned, and my breasts squeezed out of my bra, so I could squeeze, and play with my nipples, watching her masturbate.

"Huh!"  I felt guilty, right away.  I shouldn't have done that, but getting up, I groaned in pain, and puled my pants up.  Shook my breasts back into place, and pulled my top together to cover them.  I just tied the corners together, and went out to stop the VCR.  

Samantha got dressed, or at least put her robe on, and peeked out when the sound cut off.  "Um," she bit her lip, and loooked down, then started slowly shutting the door.

"It's all right, I'm sorry I watched you, but."  I popped the tape out.  "Where did you get this?"

"I took it, at my sister's Batchelorette party." She took it away, and held it back behind her.  "It got pretty wild, and crazy."

"Yeah, I uh.  Saw that.  It was pretty sexy, to watch."

"Huh, well you should have been there, it was even more arousing to tape it!"

"Yeah," I laughed, "I bet!"

"Well, I guess the secret's out, so if you want to watch the whole thing/"  She set it don, on the table next to the TV.  To hold the VCR, and the stereo, with the speakers underneath it.  She took her big dildo with her, and put it away, before she grabbed a towel, and took it in the bathroom for a shower.

"Huh," well falling down, and hitting my head kind of ruined it, to say nothing of getting caught red handed on the kitchen floor.  Also, my curiosity was peaked, so I put it back in, and ran it back to the beginning.

I kinda wished I had a dildo, too.  I honestly never had the gumption to go out, and buy one, but I also wondered where she hid it.  After she gave me the dirty tape back, and said I old watch it.  I thought about going in her room, she left the door open, and it would be so wrong.   Going through her things,and masturbating with her dirty sex toy.

Just thiking about it gave me a dirty thrill, like watching uncle Jim fucking aunt Martha down in their basement apartment, with my brothers, and sisters crowded around the windows.  We never engaged in any incest, but I sure thought about that, too.
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2019, 05:13:34 PM »

I was so embarrassed, that she saw me like that.  Especially Dineen, she's from the country, and I'm sorry if I offended her sensibilities, but she was supposed to be at work!  

She told me, when I finished washing off the sex-sweat, that her boss called someone else in, because she was so late.  She hit the snooze button so many times, and honestly what's the point of seting an alarm, if you're just going to sleep in, anyway?  

Big surprise that she was watching the video from the beginning when I came out.  They were just getting started, with introductions.  The men taking turns coming out, in full costume, since my big sister decided to get married on Halloween.  They were almost like the Village People, or looked like it, but they couldn't get too gay with all the women crowding around, and starting to get topless.  I don't know if they were gay all the way, and just acted it up for the women, or bisexual like me.

Well, bi-curious, I'm really mostly just curious about sex, in general.  Being a virgin, unless you count my fingers, and what-all else I could find to stick in there, but I'm not outgoing like her, nor Dineen.  It was all she could do just to drag me off to the party, out at the big lodge, they rented out of season, before they snow started to fall, and the prices went up.

Her husband's good for it, and their house is almost like a mansion.  Up in the hills, with a great view overlooking the city.  A swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna.  Decks, and balconies, so you can watch the sun rise on one side, then set on the other.  It looks nice, and he's making her so happy, I guess I'm a little jealous of her, and her life, but my damned Social Anxiety gets in the way.  I can't date, I always get cold feet whenever a boy likes me, and asks me out.  

So, I mostly stay home, alone, and miserable, but the party wasn't just the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.  It was also kind of my big break, because everyone that was there was a little ashamed of their behavior.  So, they payed for copies, but also there was this unspoken extra money, with the understanding that I don't show it to anyone else.  I think it was the part where the men finished, and got dressed, but the party was just getting going, and without the sausage, they were all still horny enough to get gay. They all wound up in the middle, kissing, and rubbing nipples together.  Some of them were even drunk enough to go down, and eat out the ones that just lay back on the steps, with their legs spread to get licked, and fingered.

That's how they found out who's straight, and who's not, so narrow that they won't go ahead and eat each other out, once they get horny enough.  I finally had to put down the cam-corder, my hands were so busy, but they all know me well enough, or most of them do.  A few were invited, by friends, and family, most of them turned out to be the gayer ones.  Some of them hit on me, and asked if I just wanted to watch, so i had a panic attack, and ran, but it was fun while it lasted.

So then, Dineen came home from work, and she said she didn't sneak in the back way to catch me in the act, and I guess I believe her.  She usually parks around back, and comes in the kitchen door, but I sold my car, because there's no reason to park 2 in the driveway.  I'm saving up, and at this rate, i might even be able to get my own place, or move into a bigger house with Dineen if she still wants to be my room mate.

She sure wasn't shy about playing with herself, either in the kitchen before, or right there on the couch, with her work slacks open, and her hand in her underwear.  "Huh," she didn't stop, just looked back at the screen.  At my friends, and family starting to strip off too, and even dance with the men.  helping them take off their clothes, feeling their bodies, groping their buts, and even their hard crotches, grinding their bodies up against them half naked, and getting nakeder by the minute.  "Well, you said I could watch it."

I nodded, and swallowed, but got brave enough to sit down next to her.  On the couch, she scooted over to make room, and even patted the cushion next to her.  I'd never been with, well anyone, but I thought she might be gay when we first met.  That's because she wasn't made up for work, she was out in the yard.  With her hair up in a pony tail, in a flannel shirt, and overalls.  Work boots, but that's because she was out doing yard work, and I even helped her clean out the garage, so we could park in there.  It was just such a pain, pulling out, then back in whenever she left for work.  Too bad I can't keep a job, because I keep getting anxiety attacks, just thinking about going in to an office, or restaurant.  With all those people, and having to deal with them.

"Huh, this is nice."  She looked over, when I pulled my robe open, and unwrapped my hair.  Put the towel over the back, and felt my legs.  Honestly, the way I wanted her to, but her hands were busy.  "Huh, I never showed anyone else this before."  Not even the women that were there, at the party, i just made them copies, if they asked for them.  I guess that makes me a pornographer, even if they were amateurs, i made over a thousand dollars from that, almost 2 thousand all told.

"Yeah, I heard there were wild parties like this, and I've seen commercials for the Spring Break college girls, but I guess i never knew anyone who'd actually been to a sex-party before."

"They don't have Bachelorette parties, where you're from?"  She shook her head, and grunted. Smiled, and her fingers inched quickly in her underwear.  Pretty orange underwear, plain but silky.  Just a little ribbon around the waistband, like the bra.  That matched, and the knot she tied around the bottom loosened so she could get her other arm in there.  

"Wedding showers, but they just get toasters, and blenders.  Not Chippendales dancers, and.  Huh, lesbians.  Huh!"  She smiled, with a dreamy look on her face, and slowed down.  Then she blinked, shook her head, and started up again.  I think she's pinching her nipple, from the way her fingers make the Okay sign under the side of her work shirt.  White collow, but with bloused sleves, and a little lacey trim around the corners of the collar.  Mother of pearl snaps instead of buttons, like a western shirt, and I'm not sure whether that's silver, or just chrome around them.  Maybe nickel plated snaps, but they sure come open easy.  "Hah, hmn!"  She bit her lip, and licked it.  

"You like, uh.  Gay girls?"

"I don't know," she shrugged, and looked over.  Up from my chest, and the open front of my bathrobe.  My hand shook, and I wanted to touch her.  Take her hand, and put it between my legs, to feel how naked I am underneath, and maybe even go further, but i can't.  oh no, my hreat is beating out of control, and I know I'm going to run away, any minute, why does this keep happening to me?  "I never knew any, back home."  She looked down.  "Are you?"

I shook my head, "Bisexual," was a little ashamed to admit, but for some reason.  Coming out like that.  "I guess," somehow managed to calm me down, so I could go on.  Exploring with her, Dineen, instead of running away.  Terrified, like I always do.  

"I never met the right woman before."  I closed my eyes, and felt her breath on my face.  Her nose brush mine, and gently push it on the side.  Turn slightly, then her lips finally touched mine.  I opened my mouth, hoping she'd take the hint, and sure enough, her tongue slipped in, and licked my teeth right away.

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I don't know what I'm doing, but I guess, she's not that much different from me, after all.  When they said that you have to watch out for the quiet ones, I thought they ment something bad.  There's that worry, what they must be thinking, and too scared to talk about, but she's not like those, bisexual girls.  The pushy ones, that remind you 5 times a day.  Did I ever tell you I was bisexual?  Only about a thousand times, there's one of them at work, or she comes in all the time, and flirts with everyone.  

It's like she's trying to prove a point, see how bisexual I am?  Not Samantha, though.  Not at all, I don't think i ever knew her, but the last thing I expected was to find myself making out with her on the couch.  She finally broke the kiss, and sighed.  "Huh, you mind if i turn this off?"  She picked up the remote.

"I can always watch the rest later, but with you here.  We don't need porn, if we have each other."  She smiled, sweetly, and kissed me again.  Or, I guess she kissed me for the first time and I wish I could say that I don't know what came over me, but that would be a lie.  I know exactly what came over me, lust.  Temptation, seeing all those women get naked, and rubbing their slimy bodies together.  They awoke something in me, that I never even suspected.  Yeah, I watched the half hour commercials, late at night, of the college girls on spring break, and their drunken debaucheries.  

They were drunk, and being regular TV instead of Cable, they had black bars over anything too raunchy, but they were still clashing the camera, dancing together, obviously feeling each other up, and rubbing their bodies together, but that did nothing for me.  Maybe it's because I don't know them, or any party girls like that, but not even Sammy is really a party girl, like that.  She stayed home on Halloween, with a bowl full of candy, while I went out to the parties, and completely failed to get laid.  I didn't even really met anyone, little did I know that she was right here, the whole time, and such a good kisser.

I'd only ever been out with guys before, and with them, it's always like a wrestling match.  Tongue wrestling, but it seems like they're trying to win.  Beat your tongue with their's, like a thumb war with tongues, but not Samantha.  She was so soft, and gentle.  She explored my mouth, and then let me slip my tongue in, to feel her teeth.  It wasn't weird at all, and in hindsight, that's the weird thing.  I guess I never really thought about it, which isn't like me at all.  I tend to overthink everything, and try to consider every possible angle, but somehow I ignored the very idea that I might like girls, sexually.

I got a little thrill, and that must have changed the way I was kissing, because she pulled back, and asked, "What is it?"

"I don't know," I looked down, to see that she had her robe all the way open, and for a moment, I just stared at her nipple.  Her tiny dark nipple, it looked odd, because mine are nothing like that, and never have been.  When they were that small, they were so pale, you could hardly even see them, then i hit puberty, they spread out, and turned pink.  Red when they're this warmed up, and a little puffy, but I reached out and touched it.  Just to see if it was as hard as it looked, but then I felt it get hard, rubbing it around in circles.  "Did you really think I was gay?"  I shook my head, and she actually giggled?

She's not a giggler, in fact I can't even remember ever hearing her laugh out loud before, either.  "Well, when I first came over, to live here.  You were out in the yard, in overalls, and a flannel shirt?"

"Oh, yeah?"

"You kinda looked like a lesbian, until I found out that you're just a country girl."

"I don't know.  About that, I'm starting to wonder if maybe I am, all the way gay.  I tried going out with guys, and they're all right, but they're always so pushy, and bossy, it just turned me off.  Not like you at all, you're so beautiful, gentle, and quiet.  I just never even considered the possibility, until I saw your dirty video."

"Huh, well maybe you should wait and see how you feel, once you cool off, before you rush to any conclusion."

"You know, you're really smart, too?"  I kissed her nose.  "Huh, you know what to do?  Because I sure don't.  i haven't even really seen any porno, like real porn porn.  I guess I was a little sheltered."

"Huh!'  She sighed, and pulled the lose knot around my waist.  "You want to talk about it, or help me figure it out?"

"Sorry, I'm just nervous.  I try to talk over it, when i'm nervous, but I've never done anything like this before."

"I know, but turn around."  I started rolling over.  "No, the other way."  She pulled the sleeve off my arm, and then unhooked my bra strap.  So, i put my feet down, and sat up.  Pulled off my shirt, and bra.  

"Uh, Sammy?  Sorry, you mind if I call you Sam, or Sammy?"

"Not at all.  You can call me whatever you want."

"You think you could go get that.  Toy you're playing with, when i first walked in?"

"Yeah, good idea."  She got up, and slipped off her robe.  Naked, she stopped at the door to her bedroom, and looked back.

"Oh,' I got up, "let me join you."  She nodded, and smiled, then went in to dig the dildo out of the shoe-box underneath her bed.  While she was doing that, I kicked off my shoes, and shimmied my hips out of my slacks.  I thought about maybe trying out a sexy strip tease on her, but maybe later.  Right now, i was just in a hurry to get into bed with her.

Too bad it's such a narrow one.  She sleeps alone, of course, and so do I, but maybe when we're done, we can really move in together.  Push the mattresses together, and start sleeping together?

I'm still incredibly nervous, and excited, but at least i kept my thought to myself, instead of rambling on out loud.  Maybe she's rubbing off on me that way, too?
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