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Author Topic: The missing part ( mf / ff / celeb )  (Read 358 times)
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ft Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson

Shay Mitchell, the hot brunette who plays Emily on the show Pretty Little Liars, and Ashley Benson ,the big busted blonde who plays Hannah,were close friends and quite possibly more as they were seen flirting kissing and generally acting as if they were a lesbian couple,which was ironic since Shay's character on the show is also a lesbian.Most thought it was just an act,girls are known to act that way, and especially female celebrities tend to fuel those kind of rumous when they want to provoke the media and public interest.Its a way to promote the show,hot lesbians always get the ratings up.But where there's a smoke,there's a fire.Shay and Ashley were actually more than just friends,Shay was a lesbian and early in the show she had introduced Ashley into her first lesbian experience.They werent dating on a steady basis as Ashley still loved to get fucked by a man and Shay was there to satisfy her newly discovered lesbian cravings.Shay on the other hand was a fully pledged lesbian and she hated the fact that she had to share Ashley with others,she wanted her for herself.She wanted those huge breasts for her own pleasure,to suck for endless days.

As Shay was making her way towards Ashley's trailer,for their daily sexcapades, she started to get the feeling something was already going on in there, as she began to hear moans coming from her trailer that only seemed to be getting louder as she got closer to it.
"Ashley...are you okay in there?" she asked through the trailer as she knocked on it, hearing what she swore were two voices moaning as she waited outside debating on whether to walk in or leave.Finally her curiosity got the better of her and looked through the window.And what she was inside was Ashley laying spread-eagle on her couch, her sexy long legs as far apart as they could get one of the crew pumping his stiff cock in and out of her hot,wet pussy while she was caressing her own firm tits with her hand.And then, after he had leaned closer to Ashley and started sucking and carressing her bigb reasts,the hot blonde actress has placed her hands on his bare shoulders and said
''Aaahhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it!Let me feel your cock!!Fuck me!Fuck me there!Suck my big tits'' Shay was burning with jealousy from the developing scene inside the trailer,she wanted to go in there and tear off his cock for having the audacity to fuck her girlfriend. Shay was starting to get horny hearing and seeing Ashley getting fucked , Ashley looked so hot when she was having sex , those huge swaying tits of hers could mesmerize anyone and Shay was not immune to their hypnotic power.She stayed there still watching her girlfriend getting fucked by a stanger.The unknown man suddenly stopped his thrusting and withdraw his hard dick from Ashley's pussy with a loud pop,leaving her with a surprised look on her face.
''Turn around'' he ordered as she obedienly turned around, got on to all fours and crawled away from him quickly going up the bed. She looked back at him and shook her ass leaning forward, arching her back. He quickly made his way up the bed and took position behind her, pressing the tip of my cock against her ass hole.
''I want to feel your hot cum in my ass!'' Ashley said with a wicked smile.
''Are you gonna do that? Fill my thick ass with your love juice?'' She asked pushing back forcing her ass hole to swallow his member, working her ass hole up and down his shaft.
''YES!''he yelled grabbing her hips, thrusting in and out of her ass hole as fast as he could.Slamming into her butt so hard that she started to move up the bed, his groin slapping against her butt cheek really hard, sending ripples up her toned back.
''FUCK!'' Ashley screamed. ''FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARDER!'' She yelled, thrusting her ass back to meet his thrusts.
''THAT’S IT!'' She yelled as he rammed into her tight ass at a feverishly fast pace. He reach underneath and grabbed hold of her giggling tits.
''Damn those things are heavy''he commented and squeezed them hard as he tried to hold onto them.He was now going so fast with the intent of cumming and soon he did.
''Fuck!'' he moaned.
''You gonna cum?'' Ashley asked through gritted teeth. ''You gonna fill my shit hole with that white, fucking cum?'' She moaned.
''Yes!'' he moaned his answer back as his balls tighten.
''SHIT!'' he yelled. ''I’M CUMMING!'' he went as fast as he could practically jackhammeing the young blonds ass and just waiting for his cum to shoot out of his cock. Ashley’s body jerked forward and he thrust forward again hard, making sure his cock was deep in her ass.
''Take that cock,slut!'' he moaned as he pressed his groin against her butt cheeks, making sure he was deep in her butt as his cum spewed out into her rectum.Once he finished cumming, he collapsed on top of her in exhaustion and the intensity of his orgasm.
“''My ass too much for you?''” Ashley laughed turning her head, kissing him with her tongue exploring his mouth . Shay almost fell on her ass as she stumbled when she saw Ashley kissing him,could she be in love with him,she wondered.Fearing they might have heard her she rushed away.
''Did you hear that?'' he asked breaking the kiss.
''It’s probably someone outside. We are at a studio filming.'' Ashley pointed out.''I think this is gonna be fun filming this season.'' she added.
''Sure! As long as i’ll get to fuck you between every scene.'' he laughed. ''I need to fuck those titties,i promise next time when we have more time,they arent getting off that easily '' he said and gave them a hard squeeze making Ashley moan in pleasure,as he got dressed and left the trailer.She just loved the attention her big breasts were getting from everyone and she started playing with them as she layed on the bed alone.The camera man was long gone when Ashley's phone rang and a message was received.
[ We need to talk,meet me at my house tonight at 9 ]
It was from Shay,she never texted her,well unless it was sexting. She always called when she wanted something, so what was wrong this time.

At exactly 9 o'clock Ashley had gotten out of her car and walked over to the front door, she rang the doorbell,as Shay casually welcomed her in.
''I’m so sorry,I really didn’t know that you would be showing up so soon.Would you like to come in anyway?'' said Shay,confusing Ashley,she was expecting her didnt she?They got to the kitchen and Ashley asked Shay if the other girls were showing up.
''Well, I’d thought it would be cool if it was just us 2 girls hanging out tonight'' Shay said. Ashley was a little nervous, but Shay just smiled back at her.
''I didn’t feel like being around a whole crowd of people tonight.'' Shay saiw opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine
''How about a toast?'' she asked as she grabbed 2 glasses. Ashley agreed and walked into the living room with Shay right behind her, watching her ass and smiling. She took a glass from Shay as she popped the cork and filled up their glasses.
Shay held up her glass ''Here’'s to us!'' she said as they touched glasses and took a drink. The girls were enjoying themselves as they relaxed on the couch and drinking wine.A couple of glasses later the girls were a little buzzed as they layed back ,it was time for Shay to finally confron Ashley''So, which guy are you fucking this week?'' she asked making the busty blond choke on her wine.
''What are you talking about?'' she replied trying to hide her surprise about the question.
''No need to lie to me,Ash,i heard you today on the set fucking that guy from the crew.'' she said obviously annoyed by the fact that she had to share Ashley with a man.
''I knew it would be hard for us to be together,but i didnt think you'd finally given up on us'' she said looking down.
''No no no,i love you Shay,i love how you make me feel,i never felt like that before,but...but sometimes i just need something you cant give me,i need a hard dick to fuck me'' Ashley said in an apologetic voice.
''I love you too and i know i can give you what you need from now on,you wont be needing to fuck any more guys.'' Shay said as she dived onto her girlfriend and kissed her on the lips.Ashley reached up and put her hands on Shay's back, feeling her soft skin as they kissed. Shay gently sucked on Ashley's lips, slipping her tongue in and out of her mouth, rubbing it against hers. She felt Ashley stick her tongue out and Shay start sucking on it, slowly sliding back and forth on Ashley's tongue. They both moaned as Shay sucked her tongue and Ashley was feeling her tits, squeezing and massaging them.
''Mmmmm,you're such a good kisser,baby'' Shay said as she pulled away and took Ashley's shirt off, exposing her large tits. Shay licked her lips and moved in, slowly licking down to Ashley's nipples as she took them into her mouth.
''Ohhmmm...yesssss...suck my nipples,baby'' Ashley moaned as Shay sucked and nibbled on her nipples. She gently tugged on them with her teeth before she went back to sucking on her tits. Ashley rubbed her hands up and down Shay's smooth back as she feasted on her tits.
''I could leave forever between those huge things'' Shay said as she gave them a squeeze making Ashley moan with pleasure.Ashley pushed Shay back onto the couch, leaning over her and pulling her shirt off.
''My my, look at those sweet little things ''she said as she kissed her way down Shay's chest. Ashley slowly licked around Ashley's nipples, teasing her as she flicked her tongue against them. Shay let out a slight moan as Ashley took one nipple into her mouth while she pinched and pulled on the other one.
'''Ugghmmm? Ashley'' groaned as Ashley went back and forth between her tits.Ashley moved a hand down and reached up under Shay's skirt, sliding her hand along her smooth and tan legs. Feels like somebody is already excited? she said as she felt Shay's wet pussy through her panties. She rubbed her fingers up and down on her pussy, feeling her lips spreading out as she moved. Shay arched her back and pushed her pussy against Ashley's fingers, giving her the go ahead to play with it. Ashley pulled Shay's panties down and slid her hand onto her bare pussy, feeling how hot and wet it was.
''Ohhhh yessss.feels very nice'' Shay she said, sliding her fingers all over her pussy and gently brushing against her clit. Shay moaned as Ashley started pumping a finger in and out of her wet pussy.
''Mmmmmm.fuckkk.yessss'' Shay moaned out as Ashley leaned back, watching her finger sliding in and out. She grabbed her tits, massaging and squeezing them as Ashley added another finger to her pussy.
''Yea those fingers dont you?'' Ashley said as she licked her lips, loving the view of her fingers banging her lover's pussy. Ashley layed down on the couch, sliding her head between Shay's legs and kissing her way up her thighs. She could feel the heat coming off her pussy as she licked around it, teasing her hard clit.
''Ohhhh.Tasty little pussy.'' Ashley said as she started licking on Shay's lips, still sliding 2 fingers in and out. Shay reached down and held onto Ashley's head, running her fingers through her hair as she started sucking her pussy.Ashley flicked her tongue on Shay's hard little clit, sucking it into her mouth and nibbling on it.
''Ohhh.mmmmm....uhhhh.suck my pussy'' Shay said as she could feel her orgasm start to build. Ashley sucked and fingered her harder, tasting her pussy juice as it leaked out all over her. Shay pushed her hips up and held onto Ashley's head tightly as she started to cum.
''Ugghhmmm fuckkk.I'mm CUMMMINNNGGG.'' she yelled out as her orgasm hit, her body shaking as her pussy juice flooded all over Ashley's face. Ashley
moaned and sucked up the juice, still rubbing her fingers on Shay's pussy as she pulled them out.
''Yeaaa baby,mmmmmmsweet pussy juice.I love your taste.'' She pulled herself up and layed on top of Shay slowly kissing her and letting her taste her own pussy. Shay licked and sucked Ashley's lips, tasting her own juices as they embraced.
''Hhhmmmm.I don't taste too bad'' she said as Ashley smiled and kissed her again, holding her close,her huge breasts crushed between them.Shay looked into Ashley's blue eyes as she reached down and rubbed her hands over her ass, giving it a nice squeeze.
''I guess it's my turn to return the favor now and show you why you wont be going to those limp dicks you hang out.'' Shay said as Ashley sat up on the couch, leaning over her lover,swing her big breasts over her face as Shay made an attemp to catch them in her mouth like hanging grapes.After a few moments of teasing Ashley let her catch the soft mounds in her mouth as she proceeded sucking on them and biting gently on her nipples.Ashley loved the attention her breasts got and always turned her especially when Shay knew all to well how to treat them.After spending sometime breastfeed on Ashley's magnificent tits,Shay sat up and looked over at Ashley with a wicked grin on her face
''You better get ready baby,because i don't know if you're ready for what I got for you sweetie.''
Ashely raised an eyebrow and licked her lips
''Oh yea And just what is it that you've got?'' she asked as Shay got up and left her laying on the couch waiting for whatever Shay had planned for her.

Shay returned with her back turned to Ashley who what sat back on the couch  and started to fondle her own tits. She moved her hands around them, feeling how big  and soft her tits were.  
“Mmmm yeah” Ashley lightly sighed.
 Shay looked over her shoulder and saw Ashley with her eyes closed whist groping her tits, they were moving back and forth slowly like an ocean wave. Ashley moved one hand between her legs and started playing with her pussy which was getting wetter and wetter from the anticipation of what Shay had in store for her.
Shay turned around giving her girlfriend a sexy spin and revealed her surprise.Ashley's eye open wide from the shock.
 ''Let me guess… you want to fuck me with this thing?'' Ashley asked.
 ''Yep...'' she said in response as she started stroking the fake cock jutting out from her crotch.Shay had gone and bought a strap-on in hope that this would be what would make Ashley forget about going out with men anymore.
 ''Mmmm…. ready?'' Shay asked.
 ''Yeah… fuck me with that strap,'' Ashley told her filled with lust as she was practically drooling over the huge dick her girlfriend was sporting.It was bigger than any of dicks her boyfriends had.
 ''Ooohhh, I’m gonna do more than fuck you, I’m gonna destroy you!'' Shay giggled.
Once Shay closed onto the couch, Ashley was already lying down on the bed with her butt sticking up in the air.
''Eager, aren’t you?'' She asked.
''Guilty as charged'' Ashley said with a smile.
While Shay moved behind her Ashley had her head resting on a pillow whist she looked at her right side.
''Fuck my tight little cunt.'' Ashley told her.
''Are you telling me what to do?'' Shay asked.
 Shay already had the strap-on on her, as she crouched down and inserted the toy into Ashley’s wet cunt. She began slowly pumping the fake cock in while she was rubbing her hands around Ashley’s cheeks.
''Ooohhh'' she lightly moaned.
''Mmmm yeah, look at that nice, round, ass.'' Shay said.
''Uhhhh'' Ashley moaned.
Shay laid her upper body down onto Ashley’s backside, Shay’s head resting on top of Ashley’s shoulders. She looked at Ashley who was looking back at her. The two with eyes locked with one another, gave a light kiss before Shay moved her hands down to Ashley’s large globes.
''Mmmm'' she sighed next to her ear.
''You forgetting that no good cameraman?'' Shay asked.
''Yes, I’m totally forgetting that guy....''Ashley said biting her lips.
''This is all the man meat you need'' Shay said giving a hard thrust to emphasize her words.
''Yeah,'re the biggest i've ha..'' Ashley tried to responde but was cut off from a violent thurst that took her breath away.
 Shay moved back and lifted the lower part of Ashley’s legs up, putting her onto her knees while she rested her head down. Ashley sighed, as Shay slowly started to pump the big cock into her cunt.
''Ohhhh'' she moaned softly.
''Mmmm'' Shay sighed.
Shay started to pump in further, still holding onto Ashley’s hips for support. She positioned herself to get a better standing. Shay was on one knee while her other leg was up.
''Ahhhh yeah…. mmmm'' Ashley moaned.
''Yeah, put your arms up in the air behind you'' Shay told her.
Ashley obeyed, putting her arms behind her, as Shay moved her hands from her hips and wrapped her arms around Ashley’s arm. She had her arms locked with hers, lifting Ashley up.
''Ohhh'' she cooed.
''Good, you’re obeying me'' Shay said.
With her arms wrapped around Ashley’s arms, Shay started to pump a bit faster into Ashley. She shook her head around to mess her blonde hair up in excitement.
''Ahhhh yeah, fuck me…. mmmm'' Ashley moaned.
''Yeah… your tight little cunt is all for me'' Shay whispered to her.
''Yes…. Fuck me… uhhhh,'' she kept moaning.
Ashley was looking behind her to see what Shay was looking at. She saw two things that Mitchellwas staring at, her butt cheeks and looking at the side of her to see her large tits bouncing back and forth.
''You wanna fuck them don’t ya?They all wannt to'' Ashley asked referring to her proud tits.
''Oh yeah, but once you taste yourself.'' Shay told her.
''Mmmm yeah, give it to me'' Ashley moaned.
With that, Shay started to pump harder into Ashley’s cunt with her strap-on. She started to moan more loudly.
''Ohhhhh fuck!'' Ashley moaned.
''Uhhhh yeah…. mmmm shit…. Come on, harder…. ahhh''
''Whew…. Mmmm Ashley'' Shay groaned.
''Ahhhh…. Mmmm shit… ohhhh,'' Ashley continued to moan.
''Yeah… fuck my tight cunt!'' She yelled.
''Mmmm, time to put that mouth to good use'' Shay said. She took the strap-on out from Ashley’s cunt, as she turned herself around to face Shay. Ashley looked up at Shay before taking the fake cock into her mouth to taste herself. Ashley began sucking on the cock while Shay looked down at her.
''Yeah, good usage of your mouth'' Shay laughed. Ashley let out a small giggle with the cock still in her mouth. She closed her eyes and went back to sucking on Shay’s strapon.
''Mmmmm'' she muffled. Shay moved her hands down to Ashley’s tits. She grabbed them and started to fondle them whilst Ashley was sucking on the fake cock. Shay had Ashley’s nipples between her fingers. She started to twist them, getting them hard.
''Mmmm'' Ashley muffled again.
''Ohhhh yeah!!!'' Shay sighed. Ashley moved her head down, taking more of the strapon deep into her mouth slowly. She had both hands around Shay’s ass cheeks, as Ashley spread them apart while sucking on the toy.
''Ooohhh'' Shay cooed. Ashley started to finger around Shay’s holes, mostly around her asshole. Shay slowly moaned while Ashley was fingering her.
''Uhhhh,nauhgty girl!!'' Shay started to moan loudly.
''Mmmm'' Ashley continued muffling.
''Shhhh…. Ohhhh yeah'' Shay sighed.
''Alright, I want you to ride it.'' Shay told Ashley.
Ashley took the fake dick out from her mouth and sat on her knees with her hands on her legs. Shay lay down, holding onto the toy cock, as Ashley crawled towards her. Before mounting on top of Shay’s strap-on, Ashley sucked on it one last time. She moved her short hair to the left side, taking the toy into her mouth.
''Ohhhh fuck'' Shay moaned.
''Mmmmm'' Ashley moaned.
After a few minutes, Ashley took the toy out from her mouth and mounted on top of it, facing Shay. Her tits right above Shay's face, she couldn’t help but lean up and suck on those giant tits.
''Yeah, suck on them…. mmmm'' Ashley sighed.
''Mmmm'' Shay muffled.
''Ohhhhh'' Ashley cooed, as the toy dick reentered her cunt once more.
Ashley slowly began moving back and forth on Shay’s strap while she was sucking on Ashley’s tits.
''Uhhhh yeah'' she moaned.
''Mmmmm hmmmm'' Shay said.
''Uhhhh fuck… fuck yes…. ahhh'' Ashley said.
Ashley was now grinding on the strapon with force, feeling Shay’s skin onto her pussy lips. Shay moved her mouth away from Ashley’s tits and moved her hands towards her hips.
''Yeah, now the really fun part can begin'' Shay said.
''Yep, I was waiting for it'' Ashley said before kissing Shay right onto her lips.
Shay held onto Ashley’s hips and started to make her bounce on the strapon while the two kissed. Ashley moaned through their kiss, whereas Shay had her attention with the cockinside Ashley Benson.
 ''Mmmmm'' Ashley moaned loudly through their kiss.
 he two were still kissing, as Ashley moved her body down to lay on top of Shay. Their tits pressing up against one another while their nipples were touching one another. Just then, Shay suddenly flipped over with Ashley. She was now on top of Ashley while she was lying down on the couch.All of a sudden, Shay broke the kiss and moved her body up away from Ashley.
''Mmmm, just want a good spot to start thrusting'' Shay told her. Ashley giggled before her giggles turned back into moaning.
''Oh yeah, look at those tits.'' Shay said.While she thrust the strapon into Ashley, Shay had her eyes on her tits, watching them move back and forth, around and around in unison.
''Ahhhh fuck…. mmmm yeah'' Ashley moaned.
''Mmmm…. moan for your lover.'' Shay told Ashley.
''Ohhh Shay....Uhhhh fuck'' Ashley yelled.
 ''Mmmm'' Shay groaned.
 Shay pulled the strapon out from Ashley, crawled on top of her, and placed the slick cock right between her tits. Ashley pressed her tits together, as she had done so many times before with real cocks, as Shay began pumping slowly between them.
''Ohhhh'' Ashley sighed.
''Yeah… those big fucking titties of yours… they deserved to be fucked.'' Shay said to her.
''Ahhh yeah, they do,'' she moaned.
''I mean….. Looking at them would make anyone fall down onto their knees,i cant blame men for hitting on you.'' Shay said.
''Ah stop!'' Ashley blushed.
Shay stopped and smacked the dick onto her tits before going back to fucking Ashley’s tits. She then did a mouth pose with her lips out in a form of a kiss with the tip of her tongue sticking out and her eyes staring in a seductive look.
''Oh, that’s so hot.'' Shay laughed. Ashley kept staring up at Shay before she stopped pumping the strapon between her tits and slapped the head of the toy onto her lips.
''Why not put your slutyt mouth to good use?'' She asked.
''Mmmm'' she sighed before winking at Shay.
Ashley opened her mouth and took the strap-on into her mouth. She began sucking around the head, leaning her head upwards to suck. While Ashley sucked on the toy, Shay had both her hands around Ashley’s tits and began fondling them.
''Mmmm'' she quietly sighed.
''Mmmm hmmm'' Ashley muffled.
Ashley looked up at Shay, who was staring down at her tits, as she kept on sucking. Just then, Ashley took the strap out from her mouth and started to flick the tip of her tongue onto the head of the strap-on as if it was a real one,trying it to make it cum.
''Ahhhh'' she said.
''Must want this to go back inside you huh?'' Shay asked moving her hands away from her tits.
''Yep'' she said with a smile.
''Alright, well…. hmmm…'' Shay said.
 She was thinking of a position that she hasn’t used yet. While Shay was thinking, Ashley spoke up to her.
''Hey, why not lie down and let your huge cockgo into my other hole?'' Ashley asked filled with lust.
''You mean…?'' Shay asked surprised.
''Yep'' Ashley replied licking her sexy lips.

''Stick your ass out then!" Shay demanded, roughly smacking Ashley's derriere hard enough to make Ashley cry out and her fleshy cheeks jiggle. Then Shay smiled wickedly as Ashley did what she was told without hesitation, Shay unable to resist giving her girlfriend's ass another firm slap before practically growling, "Don't move." Shay lay down, holding onto the strapon,as she slowly made her way down while the toy entered Ashley's asshole slowly.
''Aaahhh'' Ashley moaned.
''Mmm, tight ass…. ohhhh,i bet you have let many of those lucky bastards to fuck your tight hole.'' Shay sighed.
Shay wanted to hold onto Ashley’s hips and thrust the strap into her ass but Ashley stopped her.
 ''I want to ride it without you holding onto me,'' Ashley told her.
 ''Alright fine'' Shay scoffed before sniggering.
She reluctantly withdrew the cock from Ashley's ass and sat back onto the couch holding her dick up into the air. Ashley giggled before siting facing away on top of her lover and guided the fake cock back into her ass as she started moving up and down slowly. She had both hands on the back of the couch while she stood above Shay by her feet.
 ''Uhhhh….. ahhh yeah'' Ashley moaned.
 ''Ooohhh'' Shay groaned.
 ''Ahhh… uhhh fuck yeah'' Ashley yelled.
 Ashley began to bounce quicker on the strap-on, letting her boobs fly around, gasping slowly. Shay couldn’t do much except watching Ashley’s round backside bouncing away on the toy. She lay back with her arms out in the open.
 ''Uuuuuhhhh'' Ashley moaned loudly.
 ''Mmmm yeah, look at that ass bouncing…''
 ''And I’m sure your tits are doing the same'' Shay laughed. Ashley laughed but her laughter turned back to moaning within mere moments. Just then, Shay leaned forward, wrapped her hands around Ashley’s tits, and kissed around her neck.
''Mmmmm fuck'' Ashley whispered to Shay.
''Yeah, you like having your ass fucked while someone is feeling your tits up don’t you?'' she whispered to her.
''Ooohhh yeah'' Ashley said back to her.
''Uhhhh Shay…. Almost there…. Ahhh fuck'' Ashley yelled.
''Oh Ash,come for your lover baby… mmm'' Shay said.
''Mmmm…'' Ashley said, as she got off the toy dick.
With that, instead of removing the cock out of her ass, Shay was now violently rubbing Ashley's clit with force. She had her other hand spreading apart her pussy lips while she used her other hand to rub. Shay inserted one finger into Ashley ’s pussy and began moving it back and forth, side to side.With a cock up her ass and Shay's magic fingers in her pussy,Ashley couldn’t do anything but ride the wave as she was moaning non-stop.
''Ahhh….. Uhhhh fuck yes,'' she moaned louder.
''Mmmm fuck'' Shay sighed.Ashley started to reach her orgasm, as she breathed in heavily and slowly, and fell back onto her lover as she could feel Shay's rock hard nippled poking into her back.
''Ahhhh yes… god, it felt so good” Shay moaned as she brushed the hair out of the way and kissed Ashley on her neck.
''Fuck that was intense'' Ashley replied trying to catch her breath,with the fake cock still impaled onto her ass.
''Mmmm, pounding right into your tight little ass… ohhh, I could do this forever'' Shay said to her.
''Uhhhh fuck….. you could…. ahhhh'' Ashley moaned coming down from her orgasm.
''Does this mean you'll stop fucking guys?'' Shay asked as she thursted up into her ass one last time to make her point clear.
''If you can fuck me like this everytime,im all yours to do as you like '' Ashley said rubbing her wet pussy as she got off the cock and turned to face her lover, as the two kissed once more.

The end.
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