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Author Topic: Mel's Soothing Mouth (MF, Rim)  (Read 500 times)
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« on: November 28, 2019, 02:00:55 PM »

** This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is coincidental. Copyright 2019 Colin Piper. **

Mel's Soothing Mouth

He woke me last Monday morning with a lazy nudge against my ass. It was quickly followed by a harder, more insistent thrust. He was off down south on business later that morning, but first there was the hope of a parting gift. I reached back and wrapped my fingers around him. He gasped – stiffened.

“Come to the shower with me,” he said.

I turned over and kissed him. “No honey, it’s too rushed liked that. And I miss you already. I wouldn’t enjoy it.” I slid my hand down and cupped his swollen balls. “You can think of me in there. Be as kinky as you like. You have my permission.”
He moaned in appreciation. “Oh yes.” He touched my lip. “But it’s not the same.”

“Then how about you save yourself until you get back?”  I leaned over and nibbled his earlobe. “I’ll be waiting. Hair up, makeup, red lipstick.” Then a whisper. “Black boots with heels.”

“Tell me more!”

“Call me when you’re near. I’ll wait at the door.”

“What will you do?”

“When you come in I’ll drop to my knees and tell you how much I’ve missed you. I’ll pull your zipper down and reach in and release your cock. It’ll thicken as I put you in my mouth, that red lipstick all over my mouth. I’ll look up at you and moan as I suck. You won’t be able to last.”

“No, impossible,” he said.

“You’ll be so full of cum you won’t be able to control yourself. You’ll explode and I’ll know you’ve saved yourself for me.”

He took my hand and guided it back to his hard length.

I stroked him affectionately. “I’ll really let you do it,” I continued, “I’ll let you spurt all over me, right there in the hallway, my face plastered with your cum.”

“Oh, baby, let me do it now!”

I took my hand away “No honey, save it. Save it for me.”

“God,” he moaned. He raised himself on an elbow, looked at me and smiled. “Fuckin’ tease.” He kissed me and got out of bed.

Twenty minutes later it was farewell time. I lay on my tummy and pretended to sleep, but I knew he was at the bedroom door.  

“See you later babe,” he said. I heard him blow a kiss.

“Later,” I murmured into the pillow. I kicked the sheet down. I’d taken my pajama bottoms and underwear off when he was in the shower. I spread my legs and reached down and parted my butt cheeks to show him my anus, just the way he fucking loves. He stayed there for about ten seconds, breathing heavily. Then I heard the soft click of the door and he was gone.


Of course, he doesn't know what I get up to while he's away.

I run an online ad:

"Mel's Soothing Mouth. Sexy North Shore housewife, slim, long black hair, offers oral relief to discerning gentlemen in private luxury penthouse while husband is away. Appointment only. No penetration. No private numbers. You won't be disappointed 0521 428 921."

Of course there are crackpots, but I can tell if a guy is weird by the tone of his voice and I pretend it’s a wrong number. You'd think no sex, as in no penetration, would be a problem, but it's not really – there are plenty of men who just want to be sucked or jerked off. We chat, and if I like how he talks I'll send a photo, and more often than not he’ll come straight back and want to meet right away. But I stall and say I'm busy right now, but I’m free tomorrow evening. How about it sweetie? I’ll let you cum on me, anywhere you like.

Oh, they get so excited! That’s the thing that gets them – the anticipation.

Like Sam yesterday. I was impressed when I opened the door. He was athletic, average height, dark-haired, I would say mid-twenties, nicely dressed in slacks and a shirt, and he had that shy look that a lot of them do. Well, he seemed shy. I find it attractive in some men. Anyway, I could tell he was the sort I’d have to put at ease straight away.

"Come in honey," I said. I touched him on the arm as he came in and closed the door. The best thing about the penthouse apartment is none of the neighbors know what I get up to.

"Oh Mel, you're just as gorgeous as in the photo," he said.

"Thanks. Does that surprise you?"

"Yes, I was afraid it was fake and you'd be ugly in real life."

I smiled. "Come over and sit down and let's sort out the paperwork, then we can relax and enjoy ourselves."

He looked at me kinda funny. “Do I need some sort of certificate?” he asked.

I’ve learned not to laugh. I guess you can be too discreet. "The money," I said. "Three hundred dollars." I held out my hand.

"Oh, of course. Sorry." He smiled and handed over six fifties.

"How about you go and have a shower? Everything you need is in there.” I gestured towards the bathroom door. "I'll just get changed into something sexy. Then we'll have a nice relaxing time and see if we can get you some relief.”

I put on a silky white dressing gown and black heels. I already had makeup on and I tied my hair up. I don't mind getting cum in it, but when it’s up I can sometimes get away clean, and that saves time. And a lot of men like the exposed neck.

When Sam came out a couple of minutes later he had the towel around his waist. He really did have a nice body. I walked over and took his hand. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”


“How long has it been honey?”

“How long has what been?”

“Since you, you know, had a release.”

“Oh, weeks, I guess.”

I sat down on the bed and patted the space beside me. “Okay, sit down and tell me what you’d like to do.” He seemed unsure. “How about you lie on your tummy and I give you a massage?” I asked. “Get you all relaxed. Then I’ll turn you over and get you off with my hands and mouth.”

He swallowed. “Great.”

I saw him glance at the alarm clock on the bedside table. “Don’t worry too much about the time. No pressure. If it’s going to happen it’s going to happen.” I traced a finger along a vein in his arm. “And I’m sure it will.”

I stood up and offered him my hand and he got up to stand beside me. “Let’s have a look at you.” I pulled the towel away. Then I reached back and unhooked my bra. It dropped to the floor and I stepped out of my underwear.

He looked me up and down. “Wow!”

“You too honey,” I said. I placed a finger on his hairless chest and traced the definition of his pecs, then lowered my hand down to his flat tummy and the beginning of his black pubic hair. His penis was long and thin. I lifted it and pushed the foreskin back, inspected him, then let it fall. I reached under to his balls. The shower had relaxed him and they hung loose. I weighed them gently in my fingers.

“Oh baby, so full. You must be…” I licked my lips and half-closed my eyes, “…aching.”

“Oh yes, oh Mel!” He reached forward and placed a hand on my breast.

I brought my hand up and gently moved it away. “Okay, lie down and I’ll get some oil.”

He lay on top of the large towel I’d draped over the bed and I put some music on. The curtains were pulled shut, there was a small red light in the corner, and a sandalwood incense stick burned on the shelf nearby. I went to the bedside table for the massage oil and got on to the bed and straddled his back. I squirted a generous amount into my hand, placed the bottle back on the table and rubbed my hands together to warm the oil. Sexy wet sounds, I love them. I started with smooth strokes on his middle back to shoulders, making the motions bigger, and ending with his shoulders and neck.

“Oh, you’re good,” he sighed.

“Thanks. Don’t you get this very often?”

“Not like this,” he said. “You’re lovely and natural. Not forced or anything.”

I worked his shoulders some more. “Oh baby, you’re all tense here.”

He sighed again.

“So what work are you in?” I asked.

“I’m a student.”

“Oh, really? Studying what?”

“Um, English and history.”

“Oh, okay. Are you going to teach?”

“I guess. So how long have you been doing this?”

I could take a hint. He didn’t want to talk about himself, which was okay. I moved my hands down to his arms, then to his hands and fingers. “Not long. A year, I guess.”

I got off his back and stood at the side of the bed and leaned over him in the direction of his feet and spread the oil over his lower back and his shapely white butt cheeks. He sighed. I lightly massaged the buttocks, then down to the backs of his legs. I walked down to the end of the bed, where his feet stuck out a little, and with more oil on my hands I took a foot and lifted it so he was bent at the knee. I went to work on the sole and toes.

“Oh yes, so good,” he sighed.

I pressed into the soles, squeezed his foot and traced a finger between the tendons to where his toes joined, then squirmed my oily fingers between them, stretched them till they cracked, then continued with the foot proper. I gently switched one foot for the other.

“Are you still awake?” I asked.

“Just. Oh, Mel, you really are excellent. I’m coming here again.”

“You haven’t even come once yet,” I joked. I oiled my hands again and rubbed upwards from his feet. When I got to the buttocks I slid an oily finger into the crease and gently touched his anus. I felt his body tense a little. “Oh my naughty finger,” I said.

I moved onto the bed and straddled his back again.  I took the oil bottle and poured a generous amount on my tits, rubbed it in and got the nipples really stiff, then I lay flat on his back and moved up and down. I moaned slightly.

“Oh yeah,” he whispered.

I moved to small circles and wondered if he could feel my slit on the back of his leg. The sensation was turning me on too. I slid up and nibbled an ear, stuck my tongue into it.

“You like that honey?”


“I’ve got a naughty tongue too.” I kissed his ear, then the back of his neck. I reached up with my hand and massaged my fingers into his scalp, then placed my tongue at the top of his shoulder blades. The oil was natural and didn’t taste too bad.

I alternated between licks and kisses and traced his spine down, down to the dip of his lower back and the gentle curve of his buttocks. I kissed each cheek and slowly parted them. I held him open like that for several seconds and savoured his exposure. I leaned forward and inhaled the soapy smell from his intimate place. “Good boy, nice and clean,” I said. I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go, pointed it, and lowered it into him.

He moaned as my tongue made contact. I squirmed it around his sweet little rosebud, then pushed it right inside.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” Sam arched up and I held on to his buttocks and forced my tongue up into his rectum. I gripped his buttocks and probed him with my tongue for about twenty seconds.

I leaned back. “Yes baby, get on your hands and knees now,” I said.

Sam got up obediently and I spread his legs. I got on my back at the bottom of the bed and moved myself up until I was underneath his cock and balls. They swung temptingly a few centimetres from my face. “Can I have a pillow?”

“Sure.” Sam passed the soft white cushion down to me and I placed it at the back of my head so I was at the perfect angle for sucking him and playing with his balls.

“All right sweetie, let’s look at taking care of you,” I said. I reached for his long thin cock and pulled the foreskin back and presented it to my lips. I licked around the knob, then, when he thickened, placed it in my mouth. I already had plenty of saliva from when I licked his asshole and I coated his knob with it. I pushed the cock down my throat, making myself choke a little, then out again. I placed both hands on the shaft and squeezed gently, then brought the tip of my tongue forward and gently pressed it into the widening piss hole. I tongued around the opening for a few seconds, and reached under with the other hand to cup his balls again.

“Oh my God Mel, I’m going to explode,” Sam said.

“Not yet baby.” He was really stiff now.

“Mel, can I stand?”

“Whatever you want honey.”

He got off me and stood at the side of the bed, his long cock now sticking up at a forty-five degree angle. I stood and wrapped the fingers of both hands around his stiff cock. “Would you like me to get on my knees?”

“Oh, yes please!” He was begging now, just what I wanted.

I kneeled down, back on my haunches so the long cock was level with my mouth. I moaned as I reached forward to take the swollen glans into my mouth and I looked up to his gorgeous green eyes. I took as much as I could into the back of my throat, then out again until my lips only touched the tip. Slowly sucking, in and out, in and out. Sam placed his hands on the side of my head and I felt a little salty cum leak onto my tongue.

“Mmm, delicious baby,” I moaned. I toyed with his piss hole with the tip of my tongue again.

“Mel I’m close.” There was a pained look on his face now.

I leaned back and gently stroked him with one hand while the other reached under to his swollen balls. “Let me suck them a little first,” I said. I pressed his long stiff cock up against his belly and opened my mouth to take each of his balls in turn. I mouthed them gently and weighed each one with my tongue.

“Oh Christ Mel, I can’t stand it!”

“Ohh, cum for me baby.” I spat on my fingers and gently wrapped them around his long cock. I looked up as I jerked him. “You can cum honey. Is this what you want? Do you want to cum all over my face?”

“Oohhhhhhh yes Mel! Oh baby that’s what I want, I’m cumming. Ahhhhh!”

I felt a fine spray over my face, then his long cock recoiled and erupted and I felt a huge splat on my forehead. He jerked again and it went straight into my right eye. Then another two over my face.

“That’s it baby, squirt it for me.”

“Oh Mel, oh my God!”

He spurted another four times, coating my nose and upper lip. I stuck my tongue out and licked it. He finally calmed down, breathing heavily.

 “Oh, that was so good.”

I smiled and reached for his softening cock and squeezed gently, easing out the last of his cum onto the tips of my fingers. I brought them up to my mouth.

“Let me see myself,” I said as I licked my fingers. “There’s a mirror on the shelf.”

He handed me the mirror and I examined my cum-splattered face. “Oh baby, so much cum. Does that feel better.”

“So much Mel. You’re wonderful.”

I smiled and rubbed the semen that had dripped down over my tits. “You can have another shower, if you like,” I said.

 “No, I’m fine, I think I’ll go.”

“This is so good for my skin,” I said. I placed the mirror on the floor and used both hands to scoop the cum from my face and rub it into my tits and neck. I coated the nipples and pinched them into hard bullets.

He didn’t say anything then. There was just the lovely sound of my rubbing his cum into my chest, up to my chin, down each arm in turn. I brought my hand up to my face and closed my eyes as I spread the cum down over my nose, and mouth and cheeks. I could have stayed there, doing that.

But he was ready, so I stood and led him to the door.

I gave him my card – just my name and number. “You call me again any time you need some relief baby, okay?”

“Oh, I will Mel, I will. That was so good. See you soon, okay?” He stood there, unsure. My face was still drenched.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to kiss me. See you soon.”

He looked back and smiled as I closed the door behind him.

I went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. What I slut! My face and upper body were still covered in sticky cum.

Yes Sam had really needed that, I thought as I brought a hand up to my face again. I even tasted a finger. “Yes.” I hugged myself, all sticky, and dropped to the floor and spread my legs. My man would be home tomorrow. I reached between my legs and gently toyed with the pussy lips, thinking of him, coming home, aching to explode. Yes, yes, yes. In less than twenty four hours I’d get to do it all again. I touched my clit and shuddered. Ooh, I was going to come so easily.

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