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Author Topic: Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA,mf,Fm,first,Alcohol,inc,ff,reluctant,BDSM,blkmail,mm)  (Read 7068 times)
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I can't wait till Alex and his sister finally end up in bed together, but I feel.she would need to be the instigator...after she made.out with him at school that one day, maybe she wants a rerun?

I also like the idea of Mindy softening towards Alex.

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Chapter 27 Nap Time and a Grand Re-Opening

“Why don’t you change into your soccer uniform,” Mom suggested.  “That way you don’t have to leave early to change.”

In the back of my mind I knew somewhere in that statement was and ulterior motive, but I ignored it.  Up in my room I quickly changed into shorts, socks, shirt and jock.  Walking past our shared bathroom I heard the water running in the shower. I peaked in but the steam had blocked all but Glory’s magnificent outline. And while I could watch most of her shower on my computer, having seen the real thing up close the computer was just a sad flat facsimile.

Mom on the other hand was downstairs likely waiting on me and she was far from a facsimile. I was correct Vee was on the couch. She was laying on the couch her light weight house coat untied and fully open exposing her whole body. I stood over her admiring a body many a twenty year old would've killed for.  Her pussy lips had lost all of my signature and were red from pounding they took, but still plump and very edible. Her mons rising up gently above her full pussy lips merged smoothly into the beginning of a slight pooch below her otherwise flat stomach. It was a flawless transition from torso to pelvis.  I imagined all the fuckings and cunnilinguses she received had kept her firm and toned.  And though she was lying on her back her boobs hadn’t sagged to the sides, but remained mostly tear drop shaped though larger than I remembered. Her nipples pointing up for easy suckling. 

“You look comfortable.” I said looking down at her.

“Only thing that would make it better is your naked body on me.” She grinned a sly grin.

“You know Glory could come down at anytime. And we aren’t supposed to play together when she is around.” I pointed out, though she'd broken the rule multiple times and we'd always managed to slip away mostly un-noticed.

“How about the next closest thing, you on my naked body but dressed,” she countered.

“Vee, how about I sit at the end and you curl up against me with your robe tied up.” I said not wanting to, but I was guessing; getting caught by Glory fucking Mom would reduce my chances at screwing her.

“Ok,” She sounded disappointed, but rose up letting me sit.  “But I'm feeling out of sorts. I don't know how to explain it but to call it feeling horny.” She curled up against me for a minute with her eyes closed. Only her eyes were resting, her hand slid along my thigh.  Up and down her hand moved along my lightly haired thigh. Each time her hand went further into my shorts.  Her fingers were working on my jock. My stiffened cock made it more difficult to slide my jock off to the side. But she achieved her goal after a couple of minutes cuddling and fighting with my  jock strap.

Having freed my cock from its tight restraint it easily tented my nylon shorts. Her fingers were quickly around my pole slowly stroking its length. Looking first the direction of the stairs and seeing that they were clear; I leaned down and pressed my lips to Vee’s. It was a subtle light kiss, like the ones I'd done with Julie and Daisy or Mindy on extremely rare occasions.  The gentle kiss was met by lips that clamped onto mine filled with the lust I normally got from Vee.  We remained on the couch making out not paying attention to anything but each other.  Only by luck did Glory not come down and see us. 

Gradually my kisses worked their way away from Vee’s lips and to her long graceful neck.  I was absorbing her taste, that was a bit more bitter than usual as the alcohol was passing out of her.  The trail down her neck was soon blocked by the housecoat I'd wrongly encouraged her into pulling together. When my hand slipped between the edges of light fabric finding her breast the gentle stroking of my hardened dick stopped and she squeezed me hard. She muttered, “Oh god my tits have ached for the last couple of days. Could I have you rub and massage them.”

“Sure I’d love to, while you rest a bit.” I stated hoping the stroking of my cock would end before my shorts were stained with pre-cum. 

“Thanks, they hurt so bad at Bunko I couldn’t enjoy all the festivities fully.” She said like it was common knowledge what the festivities were at a Bunko game. Then for some reason she added, “And the smell of smoke,  pot or otherwise just made me nauseous.  So I couldn’t get fast relief.”

“Well I’ll do my best.  Lie down and put your head in my lap.” I suggested.  She quickly scrambled, lying flat on her back with her head resting against my hard cock.  She loosened her robe before sliding one hand behind me and the other along my thigh and up my shorts to my hairless balls. She fondled and rolled them in her palm before I even got started.

I started with her long graceful neck, lightly running my fingers and palms along it. The soft skin passing under my touch while I when up and down from her jaw to her collarbones. My hands pressed together as they passed by her clavicles parting her robe a bit.  Having parted her robe while pressing gently on her sternum, Vee purred. Her expectation I'd continue down to her cleavage was misguided, and caused a whine when I reversed course back up under her jaw. I stroked the underside of her jaw in and out from chin to ears, before going down to the slender collarbones, I fully uncovered.

Running my fingers along the top and bottom the connected bone my hands ended at the outer edge of her upper chest. Moving slowly slightly lower the stroking was totally along her upper chest going in to her sternum again.  Over and over I went in and out moving my carress down and inch each time. The stroking slowly opened more of her robe exposing more and more of her upper torso to me. The usually healthy looking skin was a bit more ashen then normal but was just as smooth as it had been the last time my lips were press to it.

Her purring and humming with delight continued while I gradually exposed the upper breast, while massaging her.  Having reached the upturn of her tits, when my hands met in the center they didn’t just move down an inch for their travels back out to the edges of her chest. The plunged down her cleavage caressing the inner edge of her tear dropped flesh.  At the bottom of her tits’ meat, her robe caught by my wrist, my fondling progressed outward under their lilt.

Her robe opened fully exposing her tits to me and anyone that could've walked by or looked in the front window.  The graze of my hands followed the firm contour of her breasts around back to her cleavage where it had started. I encircled the delectable mammaries multiple times each time they got a little firmer and Vee’s moans a little louder.  When I stopped at the bottom of the perfectly formed meniscus, my hands encompassed the firm flesh uplifting them slightly before sliding fully over them. Her still marshmallow soft areolas molded to my palms as they passed.  The groan of relief from Vee came with a squeeze of my shaft and her saying, “Alex you are fabulous. God no one has ever made my tits feel so worshiped and good.  I can fucking feel it all the way down in my pussy.”

As I caressed and kneaded the firm flesh, the back of a fingernail traveled the length of my dick from ball sack to piss slit.  Her moans got even louder as I gently circled each nipple and rolled them lightly one in each hand.  The puffed nipples hardened in my fingers while they were delicately elongated, before being returned down.  Again I encircled them this time massaging them like I had the pregnant girl, sensually milking the two mammaries trying to entice their product out the spigot.

For more than twenty minutes,  I continued my breast massage and Vee’s legs parted more with each passing minute. The hand that she'd put behind me was removed, so it could pull open her robe below its sash, presenting her bald twat to world.  Her pussy uncovered she began fingering herself, while I kept her breast titillated and contented. I pulled her hand from her pussy, “That is no way to nap. If you want me to keep going; fingering yourself has to stop.”

“Oh no..” She whined. “I need it. I told you I'm feeling a bit horny, and you have my pussy on fire.”
“Yeah, well my cock is rock hard from your fingernail running along it. And I’m not grabbing my dick to beat off though I could use it.” I said. “So deal with it”

I'd used the wrong words, and knew it shortly after her lust filled and slightly intoxicated brain interpreted their meaning completely differently.  She quickly rolled over and yanked on my shorts arranging them so my hard dick and balls where somewhat easily accessible through the loose leg opening. Before I completely realized what she was doing her mouth had enveloped my whole cock down to my nut sack. I could feel her uvula tickling my cock as my knob hit the back of Mom’s throat and kept going. She had great gag flex control, and let her throat contract and convulse around me, without jerking or fighting my bulbous head.  Her throat was squeezing the spongey knob and attempting to swallow me as I said, “Vee what are you doing? Glory could come down any time.”

My objection came with my gently trying to remove Mom from my dick.  Lack of air must've been the catalyst for her lightly dragging her teeth along me as she extricated herself from my rod with a slurp and a pop. Free of my rod, but holding it very tightly she answered, “I’m giving you a blowjob.  And you taste great.”

“But Glory?” I repeated looking down at her, feeling her hot breath on my piss slit.

“If she wants to suck you, she’ll just have to wait her turn. This cock is mine and is staying that way until I have my fill of its cream,” She replied. It wasn’t even close to what I was expecting. She'd an evil grin on her face as her tongue lapped my cock.  She looked up at me holding my gaze; an adoringly look on her face while her loud kisses on my rod filled my lap. Her licking up and down the shaft and around the knob of my cock, was only the beginning.

She began teasing the helmet, sliding her tongue around the top pressing on its piss slit all the while swirling around my cock-head. She let a liberal amount of saliva flow down over my cock as teased my purple mushroom. Her fingers wrapped around the base caught the excess spit and lathered it up and down my rod as she jacked on me. She again sucked me into her mouth and slowly slid her lips to the root of my shaft sucking up the recently slathered saliva. She launched into bobbing her head up and down, suckling me.  With her cheeks sunken in, concave from sucking on my cock; her tongue started poking into my piss-hole, lapping back and forth across my swollen head, tickling the tip of my cock-head with rapid darting movements.  The frantic pace of her tongues movements slowed as she swirled around the edges of my glans, all the while maintaining a constant suction on my dick. It was like she was giving my whole rod a hickey.  Her tongue, mouth and hand that had grabbed my balls and fondled them removed all logic from my brain replacing it with their pleasures. Having lost my last rational brain cell I said, “Fuck Vee, you're one hell of a cock-sucker.”

With a mouth full of my dick a garbled, “Uck ma moph,”came from around it. I understood her perfectly, and the tingling of my dick made it rock hard and ready for fucking. I grabbed two hand-fulls of hair and started yanking her down tight into my crotch while I thrust my hips and dick at her pouty lips.  Jerking her down by her hair; those fleshy lips slid all the way to my ball-sack and I felt my cock-head going into her esophagus. Yanking it back up her lips and teeth drug along the length of my meat stick past the curved ridge of my blown up helmet, with a wet slurping as I fully exited. God did her lips feel good along my rod and head, when I plunged them back through the mostly closed opening.

Up and down I snatched her head, while thrusting into and out of her mouth. I was face fucking her like she was a common slut you'd pick up on the street.  And she was doing her part at being that slut, moaning and squeezing my balls’ every now and then getting a, “mor” in grunted out around my dick. The tingle in my balls and the precum working its way up my rod meant I was less than a minute or two from shooting my wads into her sucking cavity.

It was then my subconscious heard a stair creak. I really wanted to continue forcing my dick into Vee's throat, but getting caught balls deep in Mom’s mouth by Glory wasn’t the plan. Ripping Vee completely off my rigid swelled cock, she whined. I don’t know if it was because of how hard I'd pulled her hair or the fact that she no longer had my dick in her mouth, either way I didn’t care.  Flopping her over back onto her back, I worked at keeping my excited utterance low, “Glory is coming. You’ve gotta stop blowing me and close up your housecoat, fast.”

The disappointment was easily seen on Vee’s face. But so was the fact that she hadn’t been just laying her head in my lap sleeping. Her lips were plumped and red from the sucking and burnishing of my cock.  There was nothing I could do about that but I could help close back her wadded up house coat over her naked body.  And as much as I hated covering up such a magnificent set of breast and splendid pussy, it was necessary for keeping up appearances. 

We had barely finished getting Mom presentable when Glory rounded the turn into the room. By the time we were in eyesight I had my hands stroking lightly up Mom’s neck and face stopping and rubbing on her temples. Again she moaned in appreciation of my handy work.  It was then I realized while we had done a good job of recovering her, my shorts still weren’t on quite right, making my dick and balls easily viewable. Glory came over and looked straight at my crotch asking, “Whatcha doin’?”

I really wanted to answer with, “Wondering how you have such perfectly bad timing.” But instead I answered, “Mom, had a bit of a hangover also. So I'm massaging her temples making her feel better.” While I answered, I noticed her blood shot eyes hadn’t moved from my exhibited dick and balls, that I'd forgotten to stuff back into my shorts.

“Will you do me too?” she asked adding, “And when you get back from your game, I’ll do you.”

“You mind sharing?” I asked looking down at Vee. Looking up to Glory I noticed she was in her lightest and overly loose satin romper. She didn’t have anything on under it, and her nipples made very prominent peaks atop her developing breast. She looked like a sexy angel that I so wanted to fuck. But for that moment I stated, “And you’ll have to lay on the floor. The couch isn’t big enough for you two to be on either side of me.”

“You can just lay with me,” Vee said in her Mom tone, with hint of Vee mischief. “I don’t mind.”

“Ok,” Glory said climbing onto Vee, who was holding her arms out welcoming her.  The front of her romper fell down while she threw her leg over her companion. Her small cones were fully viewable; otherwise the light fabric covered her.  Her knee moving around getting where both women were comfortable opened all of Vee’s  housecoat, leaving the thin satin material of Glory's romper all that came between the two bald twats.

The new closeness of the two was a touch odd, but Bunko had changed them. While the dildo episode at first look made it like the Glory and Mom were typical mother and daughter with a twist, the more I thought about it the less that made sense. More likely Mom was telling Glory what they did at Bunko and after was fine with her, but she had to be a grown-up about it.  And if she liked it; doing it again wasn't outside Mom's realm of possibilities.  I tried putting the thoughts behind me and concentrate only on making their hang overs less severe.

I first stroked Glory’s shoulders and neck before I ran my fingers through her damp black hair.  Massaging her scalp I worked over to her temples. The light circles I was doing on her skull’s small indentions, was matched by small circular gyrations of Vee's pelvis on hers. Glory’ had a light purr after a few minutes of the uncoordinated tag team Vee and I were doing to her.

After a couple of minutes I changed the head my hands were on. I did the same gentle massage of Vee’s temples and stroking of her equally black hair. Glory did as Vee had done while waiting for her turn with my hands; she surreptitiously ground her bald but covered pussy into Vee’s bald uncovered pussy.

Vee’s arms encircled Glory.  Her hands stroked her daughter's shoulders and worked their way swiftly along her neck to the back of her head. Her fingers fanned out going through Glory's thick hair.  Glory too enclosed Vee in her arms; running her arms under Vee’s and moving her hands up to the head resting on my bare thigh. Either of them could have pulled the other in for a soul searching kiss, yet they didn’t.   They only held each other looking into the bloodshot eyes of their doppelganger.

At some point Glory must have realized the back of her hand was up against my hot and hard cock.  Slyly she stroked part of my dick with the back of her hand while she moved her fingers around through Vee’s hair.   

None of us mentioned the different stimulations that were going on. Not talking about it in our family meant it wasn’t happening.  So quietly and surreptitiously Glory and Vee ground their clits into each other with small slow movements, while I got a backhanded handjob. None of the activities would get anyone to orgasm, but it did keep everyone in a hyper aroused state.  It was this state that rapidly filled my nut sack; over filling it.

The alarm on my phone that I had set earlier went off scaring all of us out of our relaxed hyper-sexual states. I silenced the phone saying, “Sorry girls that is my queue. I have one last game this season to win.”

Rolling slightly off Mom, Glory said, “Like that is going to happen.  You guys stink.”

“I don’t think winning more than you lose qualifies as stink.  Not the best in the league maybe. But I’m not playing to put another trophy above my bed.  I have enough of those already.” Getting up and turning my back to the two on the couch, I straightened out my shorts, pushing my hard penis back in the leg hole.  The light weight fabric tented dramatically, with my hard-on not captured within my jock.  Turning back not worried about the tent a circus could have used I waved my hand up and down my body, “I play to keep this body a perfect specimen of manhood.”

Vee said nothing staring at my cock deformed shorts; she merely licked her lips.  Glory also stared at my jutted out blue shorts. She, though, said, “You better keep playing you have a long way to go.” She ended her put-down with her tongue out between her lips.

“Well some girls think I’m hot. Sisters, though, don’t know squat about hot when it comes to their brothers.” I said spinning around to the door.  I stuck my ass out and shook it before I started for the door. I was immediately hit with pain, emanating from my nuts.  The failed blowjob and the slow backhand stroking that kept me hard had given me blue balls. They weren’t noticeable sitting on the couch but moving was painful. But I couldn’t let Glory know what she had done to me. Gritting my teeth I walked the best I could out to the car and headed for the game.

After getting passed the initial sharp pains my balls were inflicting on the rest of me, it became a low deadened pain.  That pain while running up and down the field made me a bit mean, and aggressive.  One yellow card and three goals later, we'd won the last game.  It was a pyrrhic victory but a victory.  Not having figured out how I was going to tell Mindy I missed her, though I didn’t, while she was gone without getting killed, I stayed and showered in the locker room.

I hadn’t done that since Mindy had shaved me clean, and having grown accustom to having no pubes I thought nothing of it.  The other guys on the team noticed immediately, though it was a violation of the guy code looking at another guy’s junk while in the shower.  Simon Russell, our big redheaded homophobic fullback that didn’t like me cause he was Julie’s new boyfriend, spoke up, “Damn man what happened to you. You lose a bet, or did Ben make you do that?”

“Nice,” I said sarcastically. Stroking my hairless groin I added, “I like it and so do the bald women.  I don’t give them road rash when grinding into their slick hairless pussies.  You should try it sometime, even though Julie has a full bush.”

Angry, his face turned as red as his hair but I knew he wouldn’t do anything. First we were naked in the shower and a fight might involve my dick touching him if we ended up wrestling to the ground. And second despite being bigger than I was, he was slower and not that much stronger. And he couldn’t chance getting his ass kicked by someone he just called a fairy.  “So Ben made you do it,” was his retort.

Not seeing a reason to beat up verbally on the mentally handicapped, I nodded and in the same sarcastic voice said, “Yeah that’s it.”  It was then everyone noticed Will Whedon also was shaved bare as a baby’s butt.  He looked at me kind of funny like he was trying to decide if I was the one that had suggested his membership to the ASC, Anonymous Sex Club.

He piped up, “Yeah I saw it in a porno last night and thought why not.”  His reason was flimsy. He would've been better served saying Darla, his girlfriend, had suggested it. But he never commented on her or what they did or didn’t do together, leaving their sex life to the high school rumor mill. 

His being shaved, told me he'd likely be between Mindy’s legs soon. I couldn’t believe I actually felt a fleeting pang of jealousy, despite having Daisy waiting on me. It made me realize why Mindy had always screwed me after I had spent time with the other women, even after it was her idea.  I was guessing my getting fucked after her main events wouldn't materialize. I didn’t do sloppy seconds after any one but myself. And based on what she thought of my fucking abilities she would've a new walking dildo she liked better, but Will also had a girl friend and might not want the job. If he did she wouldn't be coming to me as much.

Although, I'd be losing my walking dildo status, we were still bound together by what went on in our fictitious club.  That was what I was thinking about when I walked into our usual office. Mindy was in the chair that a month earlier, she was bouncing up and down in my lap. She was in the uniform black skirt and white blouse that she had demanded all females wear.  It was a demand she never followed, before now. I guessed it was because she was going to be a participant tonight not just Geppetto pulling the strings.

She said, “I need you to do something quickly for me.”

“Ok,” I said assuming she was talking to me since I was the last one there. “What do you need?”

“Not you, Ben.” She corrected my assumption. “There is a projector, I acquired in the room that Alex usually uses. I need you to connect it into the system in the next hour and mount it so it shows up on the far wall.”

Ben looked at her kind of pissed, “You couldn’t have told me this earlier?”

“I guess I could have but I forgot,” her lie wasn’t even close to believable. “But I need it before I meet Alex’s geeky friend.”

“You mean screw Alex’s geeky friend.” Ben corrected. “So your dream of a sex club is back on?”

“I don't know...maybe. And no I am just meeting him. If he is too geeky, Alex has to do him,” Mindy said staring at me.

“I am pretty sure he is straight.” I informed her. “And last I checked we need a straight guy to help out around here. If your dream is to be realized.”

“Yeah we do, “ Mindy acknowledged. “I am still getting emails. We got another three female request. And one guy, that said he was gay.”

“What you now have them filling out a questionnaire first?” I couldn’t believe how far afield we were getting.

“No but it is a good idea.” She looked as if it wasn’t just a good idea it was a great one. Looking at her brother she barked, ”Didn’t I say I need the projector up in an hour.”

Ben sat where he was not moving. “Why do you need a projector?  Alex and I didn’t when we met people.”

“They were guest, customers, clients whatever you want to call them.” Mindy said with her do it because I said so tone. “This guy is here more on a job interview. And I want to make that clear from the get go, hence the projector.”

“What he has to… watch a porno with you  or maybe make you orgasm four times to pass?” Ben snarked back. I was hoping to get out before Mindy ripped Ben’s head off.  But my moving would catch the eye of the cobra and she'd surely strike. 

“Maybe, I don’t know. What I do know is he can’t do worse than him.” She pointed in my direction.  “I mean he can, but I'm not sure how.  But if he is, he fails the interview and becomes a client instead.”

“Well then I hope he paid the initial fee.  I'd hate to go back and have him pay it retroactively.” Ben commented.  And, he was right it'd be hard to explain why he went from a visit without paying to a paying visitor.

“It still doesn’t explain the projector.” I said against my better judgment.

“I guess you’ll have to watch to know that.” She stated unequivocally. I wasn’t real sure I wanted to watch the girl I'd screwed for a year getting fucked by someone I knew.  “Beside that I need one of you sticking around and act as a bouncer, if needed.”

Ben looked at me, “She means you. Everyone knows I can’t kick anyone’s ass. Well maybe a seven year old girl…Maybe.”

I had to laugh.  He was right. He wouldn’t be able to stop anyone doing anything they wanted.  And while I was fairly sure my two suggestions weren’t the type for doing anything against a girls will, you never know what people are capable of; until you do.  “Yeah I got that.” I acknowledged.

“You’re burning time.” Mindy chided her brother.

“Fine,” Ben capitulated getting up and leaving, heading to install the projector.  Mindy watched the monitors until he showed up.

Seeing Ben on the screen she turned to me. “Now your friend better not be a disappointment.”

“If he is let me know, I’ll beat his ass.” I said, thinking I'd work Ben’s demand into the conversation somehow.  “I was kind of hoping since you've been concentrating on college and not here, I might get to talk you into…Oh I don’t know a game of cards.” It was as close as I could get to what he wanted without causing a big problem.  “But since someone is coming we can play another day.  Hopefully though you don’t make being out of town a regular thing.”

“Don't worry I'm sticking around for until summer vacation.” She stated. “And I only play strip poker. And to play with a dweeb like you, you'd have to spot me ten hands. And you don't have ten pieces of clothing on. So no cards.”

“Ok, I'm going to help Ben. I'll make sure we are done in the next ten minutes.  That should give you plenty of time to freshen up and then take our places. I be back up here and I guess Ben can do what ever he wants.” I said to her heading out the door.

“Oh, tell Ben he has an appointment that starts about fifteen minutes after mine.  Another of my likely gay friends is coming in.  You'll need to put a hood and lock at the third entrance.  That is where my directions have him going.” She said.

“Ok, but tomorrow we need to have a conversation on sudden appointments we don't know about or have planned for.” I said aggravated with her. I made sure I was out of the room before it could turn into an argument, I didn't want her going into her appointment angry.

Ben and I were finishing up the install of the projector in less than ten minutes after I arrived.  I told him about his itinerary for the night.  He too was aggravated with Mindy but also excited about getting laid again.  I went up to the control room after telling him and verified the workings of the new equipment. After which  he went and got ready for the night and I did as Mindy had said and prepared the third entrance for Ben's new member. 

Having done all I needed to do I sat in front of the monitors and watched the rooms where Mindy and Ben sat. I would have watched the area outside the entry doorways but Mindy had disabled those cameras with a password again not letting me see the faces of the people coming in, even though I had suggested one of them.   Watching the monitors Ben was calm and cool as a cucumber, where Mindy was fidgety and agitated.   She kept unbuttoning and buttoning her blouse, deciding which would be best from what I could tell.  She was half way done unbuttoning it for the fourth time when the door opened, and the guy I figured would be my replacement walked in.
It was William Whedon. I didn't need to see his face; he was recognizable by his build, I had seen in the shower not hours earlier. He was tall and while he didn't have bulky muscles he was long and lean. I had heard on more than a couple occasions he had picked up an emptied out car block. I know those things can weight upwards of two hundred fifty pounds.  So throwing Mindy's buck ten frame around wouldn't be an issue. And his long  muscular arms would easily wrap her and be able to squeeze her tight.

I was worried for a minute that even occasional fucks would be out if he did even a halfway decent job at satisfying Mindy.  While he wasn't in Mindy's social circle he was a lot closer to it than I was. The concern only lasted a minute as I remembered part of the reason I had suggested him was his girlfriend, Darla Benz. She was hot and beyond sexy and he was completely crazy about her.  He would never give her up for Mindy.  Getting a little strange or seeing what the note was all about had likely been why he had even agreed.   

Mindy spoke first, “Hi.  You look new around here.”

“Yeah, it is my first visit.” He said sounding nervous. “I'm not quite sure what this place is.”

“It is a club for experimentation an release of desires.” Mindy started off. “A place where no one knows you so no one judges.  A place someone you know is also a member and thought you could benefit from a single visit or membership.”

“So someone I know suggested me.  Will I be told who it was?” he asked.

“No this place is totally anonymous. All our actions and activities are kept in the strictest  confidence.” She said walking up to Will and around him checking him out. She drug her fingers over his t-shirt covered shoulders as she went.  “In that vein there are a few rules that are pretty strictly enforced. All members follow them to the letter, guaranteeing their continued membership, and their safety on the outside.  One of our other members did a really good job of explaining it. He is the one that made me truly understand the extent of what we were expected to do. It also shows the diversity of who comes here.”

“Ok,”Will replied looking a bit puzzled at that moment. I was too. I didn't know of any repercussions of not keeping the secret of this place on the outside. Though if anyone could put the fear of God into someone it was Mindy. 

“And while the tape was recorded in this very room.” She pointed to the camera.  They don't keep tapes. The cameras are for mine and your protection. From my understanding they got the people on the recordings permission to play them to other people; other wise they would have been destroyed by the time they were out the door.”

Again a puzzled Will said, “Understood.”

Mindy looked up to the camera and said, “Play the recording.”  I did as she'd instructed before she left the room, hitting the play button on the monitor.  The projector worked flawlessly.  My image with our pregnant member shown up on the wall.  Seeing my image projected up on the wall I was proud I'd done a good enough job explaining to the round woman our rules that Mindy thought it should be shown again.  I was also hacked off as I realized she'd lied to me the day after saying she erased the whole file. I wondered what made her keep it when we hadn't even gotten good into adding new people to our new world of anonymous sex.

As I droned on explaining the need to have sex even with siblings if it kept your identities secret,  Mindy had stopped before Will. Unlike my routine of having the women strip for me, Mindy began undoing the button of his jeans.  She was on her knees with his jeans and underwear at his feet before I finished.  I realized Mindy hadn't told me when in the recording I was to stop it. And, she'd soon have a mouthful of cock and be unable to tell me about stopping the playback. 

I was right she had Will's rigid cock head in her mouth before who I believed to be Kathy's cousin had told me her doctor said it was safe for sex.  Mindy was fondling the guy's freshly shaved nut sack with her hand while the other was cupping his bare ass, when the recording ended. Popping off the cock she'd just begun sucking Mindy said, “So that is what is expected of members. And I'm obliged to let you know you're free to go at anytime.” She no more got finished telling Will he could go, before she had his dick in her mouth again. 

The likelihood of Will's leaving was exactly zero. He began stroking Mindy's black shear hood with his fingers.  As she sucked at his head I could see him guiding her further down what looked like an eight inch dick. I thought at least I have him there.  While I had a six incher when Mindy and I had started fooling around, two and a half years and an additional seventy five pounds of muscle and over a half a foot of height also had my dick grow. I was a full nine inches when she had me hard. So I still had some hope she’d still screw me for my dick.

Mindy was guided all the way down the cock in her mouth; Will's balls pressing against her leather covered chin. The slurping of one of my favorite cock-suckers was coming through the monitoring system.  Her fingernails were again tracing over his hairless sack when my attention was drawn to another monitor.  Ben's appointment had shown up a couple of minutes early and was in the room with his pants headed for his feet.  Ben, like Mindy, was already on his knees slurping and sucking on the new member's member.

I couldn't help but think how similar brother and sister were.  His fingers were also lightly tracing paths over the nut sack pressed to his chin.  I was debating which one of the two would get fucked first. I was betting on Mindy, but truthfully it wasn't a sure bet.  Mindy had at a minimum talked to her appointment; it looked like Ben had jumped right in to sucking off his.  I guess he'd do that once his stomach was full of sperm and his sex partner needed re-coop time.

Mindy on the other hand had stopped deep throating her partner and gone to licking the full length of Will's rod. Her scrotum titillating had led her fingers to the back of Will's and close to his puckered hole.  She'd used the proximity as an jump off point, that with no lubrication she ran a finger up into the orifice.  She kept the amount of finger in his asshole proportional to the amount of cock she was again swallowing.  As her head went down her finger went in as she rose up so too her finger exited.  Will seemed to enjoy the combination pushing and pulling her head along the firm rod, with no resistance from Mindy.

She twisted the finger back and forth putting a second one in as her throat showed signs of swallowing.  Will too showed signs of cumming pushing Mindy harder into his groin and saying, “Oh god I'm cumming.  You're such a sweet little cock-sucker...Oh yeah swallow all of it.” Mindy was doing just that not letting any of the cum spill out of her lips; mainly because his dick was so far in her mouth it likely when straight to her stomach.

Looking at the monitor that showed Ben; he too was beginning the process of  swallowing the spunk delivered into his mouth.  Unlike his sister, he wasn't as naturally gifted at swallowing semen while sucking on a knob or his participant had a lot more spooge coming out his dick than Will.  Which was possibly the case, Will had a girlfriend he could've recently used as a receptacle for his sperm.  Either way Ben had a dribble running out of the corner of his mouth as he diligently sucked on the guys rigid cock.

Pulled off Will's cock, Mindy said I think for my benefit, “Damn you tasted good.  You can be my pacifier anytime.”

Still in the stages of having his breath return to normal Will replied, “Any time you want to suck on it, just let me know. I'll be happy to oblige.”

“Good,” Mindy said, removing her fingers from his asshole. She stood up well in his personnel space. Will leaned in giving her a kiss with lots of tongue acrobatics. His tongue tumbled with hers as she guided him back to the chaise, carefully. Her movements had looked tense and contrived once his lips were on hers.  When he fell back on the furniture she remained standing over him, her body again had the fluid motion of a well rehearsed cheerleader. She raised his legs pulling the jeans off him. “We won't be needing those for a while.” The jeans were thrown into a corner of the room. Letting his legs fall back to the cushion she climbed up his body.  “Now lets see how good you are at giving, now that you have gotten. But first.” She stopped, sitting with her bared bald beaver on his semi-hard cock and balls, her skirt not between them.  She pushed his shirt up his torso and over his chest. 

He pulled the white t-shirt off over his head without raising up but a little, not disturbing Mindy and her slight movements on his groin. His shirt completely removed, Mindy again started moving up Will's body.  It was his turn at stopping her. “If I am nude you get to be also.” His fingers made quick work of the buttons on her blouse. The garment easily slid off her shoulders and down her arms, discarded  next to the chaise.  Her bra he dispensed with even faster. The front clasp was popped with one quick snap, before he put his hands on the underside of her breast.  Sliding his hands over the small mounds, the cups were dislodged and moved up as he encased the gentle almost perfectly shaped tits in his palms.  Giving them a squeeze Mindy let out a moan I'd heard many times when I'd sucked or massaged those very tits.  The moan deepened when he rolled the areolas and nipples in his fingers. 

The bra was soon gone the way of the blouse, laying on top of it next to them.  From his position under her he admired her breast saying, “Holy hell your tits are just about the finest ones I've ever seen.” I knew he was comparing them to Darla's.  And while he obviously thought Darla's were better, I'd take Mindy's any day over her's and twice on Sunday, though I had never seen Darla's in the raw. But I understood the sentiment to think your girlfriend has great tits, even though Daisy's were still in the developing stage.  “Come down here I have to see if they taste as delicious as they look.” He pulled her forward and down onto him. His mouth kissing the tops of her breast. Maneuvering her even further up his body, his mouth found first one nipple at the crown of her tit, then the other. 

Mindy's tits didn't leave his mouth for over ten minutes.  He licked, sucked and nibbled on them.  While one was in his mouth the other was being massaged or having the nipple rolled and tugged on by his fingers.  She bowed her back forcing her breast further into his mouth as he kept her moaning. Will willingly took the extra flesh into his mouth and wrapped a free arm around her chest squeezing her tighter into his mouth.

When he released the pressure on her back, his teeth drug along her skin leaving read streaks where each tooth scraped up her delicate skin.  She groaned louder at this and wrapped his head in her arms smothering him with her chest. Her eyes had a look of bliss at his sucking on her tit.  I wondered if she'd that same look when I had her firm tit in my mouth since like Will; I couldn't see her hazel eyes while she plastered my face into her ta-tas. 

During one of her long guttural groans, Will found the clasp and zipper of Mindy's skirt.  It was one long piece of cloth with pleats that fell off her bare ass cheeks after the two items were undone. She raised up her hips off of him allowing the rest of the bunched up material slide out from between them. His hardening cock getting up in the fabric had both of them ripping the snagged skirt out from between them.

I think he was under the impression that the removal of the last piece of clothing on Mindy was his invitation for fucking to start, after all it was a sex club.  Mindy had other ideas and resisted his attempts at moving her onto his almost fully rigid cock.  She slid up further on him; her wet pussy lips inching up his chest leaving a trail of lubricant up the center. She stopped her moaning long enough for her voice to be heard, “First you’re going to eat me. If you do that well then we'll see about fucking.” She'd put on a bit of her dominatrix hat, which concerned me.  I didn't want her scaring off the first prospect with her need of control. I feared that would end in disaster.
Looking at Mindy's tit with what I could've sworn was drool on his lips, Will said,”Oh you have standards I have to measure up to. And if I do then we screw. Is that it?”

“Well a girl has to have her standards.” Mindy stated from behind her black leather mask.

“Then I'll exceed them,” came from Will.  “So bring that sweet snatch up here and let the fun begin. I do  love me some pussy.”
Lifting up, her firm tits again fought gravity and won. She shimmied up Will's torso until her knees were on either side of his mask with her feet in the crooks of his underarms.  She squatted down putting her already wet lips on his.  He had little choice but to start licking and sucking on the twat being fed to him. The bald pussy lips covered most all of the opening in the mask and his lips. I watched as Mindy wiggled her hips and gyrated on Will's face.  He was  twirling his tongue around Mindy's clit, while he had hand-fulls of Mindy's ass cheeks.  He hadn't tried manipulating her in any one direction; they had been mostly massaging her beautifully curved flesh.

Mindy was rapidly scraping her clit on his lips when she arched her back in beginnings of what I knew was an orgasm.  She let out a, “Oh you are so good at this.  Mmm put your tongue in me.. Drive me wild.”  She drove her cunt hard into Will's face.  While I knew she was orgasming I couldn't help but think it was too fast.  He'd done what she'd wanted and not made her work for it.  I hoped she didn't find it too easy, and get bored with him, since I'd no urge to screw him if she didn't. He slid one of his hands riding on her tightening and relaxing ass cheeks down into her crack.   In the middle of her orgasm and her loud moaning a finger pierced her sphincter's entrance, releasing a throaty, “Augh.” The first finger was joined by two more and the trio pummeled her ass while she remained frozen with her thighs contracted, showing off their musculature all the while crushing Will's black  hood covered head. Keeping her wits about her she said, “Ahh, you're the best pussy eater I've had down here.”

I believed she was poking at me again, and was using my recruit as she did it. Will couldn't have known her game and even if he had, it likely wouldn’t have stopped his sawing his fingers in and out of her rectum and swallowing down all the delicious juices coming his mouth’s way.   When the initial frozen in place from the start of her climax passed she again bucked and thrashed on Will's mask.   I stop watching her screen or listening, flipping the switch on the monitor, figuring she was intentionally trying to get a rise out of me.  I refused to believe she wasn't and my aggravation was self induced.   

The monitor black, I turned my attention to Ben for a couple of minutes.  He like Mindy was having oral sex performed on him. The guy hadn't been what I would've expected as one of Mindy's friends.  He was quite a bit older and not as physically buff as most of her friends.  When I thought about it most of the people I'd seen her around were one of the two extremes, either very fit and athletic or extremely overweight but made up for their lack of physical fitness with big personalities.  None were just average and this guy was just average. Even the dick Ben had been sucking earlier was pretty average in length and girth, filling his mouth but not over filling it.

The heavy set guy, with brown eyes filling the eye holes, was lying on the couch with his head hanging off, so Ben could straddle it, naked, dipping his balls in the guy's eager mouth.  The slurping and sucking could be heard in the monitors now that Mindy and Will's had been turned off.   Between balls being swabbed in the hooded man's mouth Ben leaned over allowing the licking of his rod while doing the  same to the cock below him.  They performed the modified version of sixty-nining each other for quite some time, keeping Ben aroused but not so much to blow his load. Ben's licking of the other guy's cock was obviously an attempt to re-harden a dick that had likely shot it's load down Ben's gullet.

Having achieved his goal of getting the dick that looked a bit short of six inches hard again, Ben let the guy up from the cushion.  He replaced the laying man though he did so staying on all fours. His partner for the evening, was quickly between Ben's feet hanging off the leather cushion. In about the same amount of time he had his dick head passing through Ben's puckered hole. Ben rocked into the thrusts of the dick in his ass; balls bouncing off balls. The faster the man's hips moved the more rapid Ben rocked back against the skewering rod.  A hand wrapped around Ben and started stroking his solid rod and fondling his balls. 

I guess his time with Mindy had taught him how to delay his orgasm. The guy in his ass not being similarly trained slapped his groin solidly against Ben's ass cheeks. His hairless groin stopping its pounding as he orgasmed rapidly a second time howling, “Oh yeah love your ass.   Take my seed, mmm i'm gonna fill your ass.”     

Ben also moaned, “Mmm, squirt in me, make me taste it.” 

Being spent the guest lay across Ben's back, kissing his neck, still rubbing on Ben's rod.  As soon as the shriveled dick was expelled from his rectum, Ben manhandled the soon to be member swapping positions.  He wasted no time getting his full dick into the waiting colon. The man grunted out, “God you're big, your stretching my ass.  So damn big. Shit I should have done this years ago.”

Ben froze root deep in his partner, “What do you mean should have done this years ago?”

“I've never had a real dick before, only a dildo while fucking my w...”He didn't get to finish his statement.

“Stop talking,” Ben shouted down to the man.  “Too much information. And you're fun.” He said wiggling his hips against the white ass he was pressed into.  “I wouldn't want you banished and finishing that statement will get you that way.  You can say though you are a virgin.  Or should I say were a virgin.”

“Oh shit,” He huffed. “this feels so good and natural to me I can't lose access to this place.”

“Good then don't talk only enjoy. That is what I'm going to do.” Ben said, starting to remove his de-virginizing dick.  He stopped short of removing it completely and holding the man's hip bones ran his pole again into the ass hole; the smack of groin to ass and ball sack to ball sack came through.  Their grunts and moans while Ben hammered away at the older guy’s ass continued unabated.  Ben’s jack hammering ended with a burst out, “Oh yeah…Oh fuck yes.”  Ben pulled hard on the hips in his hands cramming his tool in even further, while his ass muscles tensed over and over while he shot his orgasmic fluid deep in his appointment’s intestines.

Ben did much the same as his partner had done and fell forward onto the hooded man’s back, leaving his cock in its hole.  From below Ben in a panting voice came, “Oh man when can we do that again. You are so much better than a dildo.”

“Funny cause I've been told that is pretty much what I am good for.” Ben said; still keeping it vague enough that he wasn’t giving out any type of personal information.

“Well you can be my dildo whenever you like,” came with the gasping still evident.  I shut this monitor off also. I had no urge in watching the two gay guys exchanging sweet nothings in their afterglow. Hell until Daisy I didn't even know what that was. Most of the time Mindy had little use for pillow talk; it could've been we rarely had a pillow.

I don’t know how long I napped in the chair, before turning back on all the monitors. I couldn’t have Mindy or Ben coming back in and seeing the monitors off. I was there making sure the new guest behaved and the only way I'd know that is through the monitors.

Ben was still with his companion for the evening, as was Mindy.  She though was in the middle of being fucked when the monitors came back to life, and evidently had been for some time. Will was lying on the chaise with Mindy riding him reverse cowgirl style. She had her hands on his ankles while she rode up and down on his rod.  She bounced her ass off his pelvis as he thrusted up meeting her.  Looking directly at the camera she said, “God this is the best fuck I’ve had in weeks.  You’re filling me so good I’m going to cum again. Oh hell it’s coming for the third time.” She was panting and her skin was flushed from exertion and the orgasm.   

Will’s hands that were on her hips helping propel him into her went up to her back and guided her down flat onto his legs. Her tits pressed on his shins as her rosebud was exposed to him.  The hand that had guided her down glided over her perspired skin; wetting his fingers in her sweat.  The wet fingers passed through her asshole and into her colon with some difficulty.  The muscles in his forearm tightened as he forced them into Mindy.  She grunted and moaned at the two fingers in her ass and cock in her cunt.

Will was using the fingers hooked in her asshole, controlling how fast her cunt would slide along his pole.  Again looking at the security camera she smiled, “Mmm god you really know what you are doing. Your cock is so heavenly… Fuck me hard with your big fat dick.”  She growled out.   

Looking at the monitor I said, “Damn girl if he so good why are you looking at me.” 

She howled, “Ah faster…fuck I need faster.” She tried bouncing faster on Will’s meat stick only to be denied by the finger in her asshole. He pulled her down keeping her there despite her whining and mewling that he was keeping her from orgasming. 

He responded to her grumbling with, “God girl you feel good on my dick. Mmm love the way you’re squeezing me.” He unhooked her colon, only to ram a third finger in with the other two.  With the three fingers stretching her asshole he thrashed it, while being freed Mindy pounded her pussy with his dick.  She writhed and flailed on his groin grunting and groaning until she threw herself back bowing her back. Her hands ended up on the cushion, her tits pointing at the ceiling.

Will, no longer capable of finger fucking her asshole pulled the hand from between them. Her tit was the receptacle of the newly released hand. It rolled and pulled on the nipple when not squeezing the small tear-dropping cone. His other hand joined in on the fun cupping her other flushed breast. She tossed her head back squealed and shook as her whole body tensed. Her mouth frozen open she let out a long “Augh.”

Mindy’s orgasm must have overwhelmed Will’s brain. He crushed her breast in his powerful hands saying,”Gawd,  you’ve done it again.” He quickened the plunging in and out of her orgasming pussy. When Mindy regained movement, she was a maniac bouncing, thrusting and gyrating on his dick, until he drove her hard down on it.  She didn’t stop struggling against his compelling her ass tight against his groin until he had a hunk of neck meat just below her hood between his teeth. His nuts shriveled while delivering his spunk deep into her and she pressed her neck against the teeth holding her captive.   

They remained knotted together dick and pussy, and mouth and neck on the chaise until his dick had shrunk and popped out of her with a flood of thick milky fluid following coating his shrunken balls. Mindy had long since fallen completely back on him using her cheerleader’s flexibility, remaining bent backwards; her heels pressed against her hips.  Will’s hands, that no longer needed Mindy’s pussy stationary for his evolutionary purposes, went back to her formally jiggling tits. Unlike when they were screwing, he treated them with light touches; stroking and caressing the flesh he had squashed earlier.

The oozing continued out from between her reddened pussy lips as they rested. His massaging her tits and her gliding her fingers along his neck were starting to arouse his wilted dick.  He asked her, “You ready for round three?”

“Ow I think I'd like that,” Mindy said. But before he could get started on pleasuring her body  again she said, “Unfortunately, I have to be somewhere.”

“Well damn, I was thinking we could have a bit more fun.  Maybe next time,” Will replied letting a hand float across her stomach to her pussy. He found her clit instantly; circling the button.  “And next time I think I’ll have to bring you a butt plug. I know of one that someone I know loves and I’ll bet you’ll love it too.”

“You know I will.” She said unfolding her legs from under her and flipping over on him lodging his dick between her parted, plump pussy lips. Then she looked him in the eyes adding, “And about next time. What would you think  about coming back as more of an ambassador of the club and not a client.”

“Ambassador?” He questioned.

“Yes, kind of like me.” Mindy answered. “The club has new clients matched up with ambassadors their first visit.  It is to give them the rules and let them know like I told you the club takes the anonymity of the people that come between these walls seriously.  Plus ambassadors have to be good at sex and pleasuring the client.  And you were definitely good at that.”

“So I'd work for the club?” His tone told me he was interested.  “How does that work?”

“Pretty much like being a client. Only instead of the email being a time you requested it is them requesting you come in at a particular time.” She said making it up as she went. “And unlike what was said on the earlier video, ambassadors don’t get to say no to anything that doesn’t put them at risk of death.”

“That sounds different. So had I said earlier I demanded we screw again even though you have to go…you would've had to stay and fuck me any way I wanted.” His tone was one of surprise and a bit of concern.

“Yes.” Was the curt answer.

“Damn I wish I'd known that earlier.” Will said with a big smile behind the black mask in a manner I recognized as half serious.

“Yeah that is why we don’t advertise that part of our responsibilities to new clients. Plus that way clients don’t get the idea that is normal for when it is just two clients. Rape is still possible in here, just not likely.   And if you had pressed the issue yeah you’d have gotten your fuck but not the chance to be an ambassador.” Mindy informed him; nothing but seriousness in her voice.

Getting back to joking, which I knew was his way of handling most conflicts, Will started talking rapid fire, “So does the job come with bennies? You know how is the dental plan? And who decides if I get an offer, the owners?  And are there many staff meetings?  And do these hoods come in any color but black?  The black does nothing for my eyes I am more of an emerald green guy. And I am betting you would look killer in hot pink. Say I do get the job do I get to meet the owners?”

“Let see if I can answer all those.” Mindy said wiggling her hips a bit and letting out a gentle sigh as she did. “No pay or bennies.  Your non-club duty scheduled visits are no charge. But hell I’d be over two grand in the hole if it weren’t for the free visits.  But I am a bit different. Once I discovered sex I was addicted. So this place is a god send.  As meeting the owners.. I doubt it.  Hell I don’t even know who the owners are; don’t really care either. All I know is all my transactions are done through email. And yes I look smoking hot in hot pink.” She gyrated her cunt one more time, grinding her clit into his dick before climbing off him.

“I guess that was my hint.” Will sat up, looking around for his clothes.  “Well I hope I get that email. Though it'll be a hard decision to make, as you can guess when things have to stay secret there are always the possibility complications. And I’ll have to weigh them.”

“I don’t need to know anything more,” Mindy said wrapping her skirt back around her waist. She quickly added, “I hope you get the email too.” Then looking directly in the camera said, “We really could use some more people around here that know how to pleasure a woman as well as you.” 

“I may also know some people that may be able to help. How do new possible recruits get suggested?” Will, too, put on his found pants; not bothering with his underwear which was left under the chaise.

“Like you, they come from members.  You were just good enough that I'll suggest you after only one session. Most guys get to this point by having multiple women or guys request the same client for a second or third scheduled encounter.” Mindy replied, having put on her blouse without her bra. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin white material, making me wonder where she had to go yet tonight.

“Wow a good lay and with so much power. I definitely need to meet more people like you.” Mindy grinned broadly at the camera for a quick second as Will too put on his t-shirt.  He stood up swinging his hips side to side putting on the crotch of his jean.  “Damn I hate wet spunk crotch. But I will say no fur down there is making it a bit more bearable.”

“You’re one strange guy, great fuck though.” Mindy said headed to the door.

“What no kiss goodbye? Damn talk about make a guy feel like a piece of meat.” Will joked.

“Fine,” Mindy sounded exasperated. She walked over to him. I could see her whole body tense as he took her in his arms. I could also tell she was hoping for a quick peck but Will attached his lips to hers and left them there until she let his tongue get one last visit with hers.  Mindy still seemed stiff in her kiss, hell she looked more comfortable tonguing her brother.  When they broke their French kiss, Mindy quickly got the door and went through it. Turning back she said, “You do know to go back the way you came in. “

“Yes ma’am.” Will said letting his southern roots show. “And you have a good evening.”

“Thanks,” She headed away.  I lost her on the monitors when I stopped watching her and watched Will go to the exit. Out of one of the other monitors I saw Ben and his visitor still resting but stirrings of their next fucking were evident.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 28  A Banana Split

I waited for ten minutes before Mindy came into the room.  She still had her bra in her hand and her blouse was acting as a semi-transparent second skin for her breast. I was about to tell her if she was trying to annoy me with her comments, she could give that up. I don’t play those type games. If she just wanted sex, I was OK with that. If she didn’t that was good, too. But before I could get a word out she came up to me. She put her face inches from mine like she press her lips to mine.  Instead she said, “That was different. A guy that knew how to get me off...And not just once. You really should take lessons.”

“Thanks I'll take that under advisement.” I said not moving an inch letting her breath continue washing over my face. “Now, I should get going and get some of those lessons. I'd hate being disappointing, again.”

“Like you could get a girl outside of these walls.” she mocked.

“You're right,“ I said calmly, putting my hands on her shoulders backing her up from me. The whole time I was pressing on her shoulders I had a great view of her tits hanging in their natural cone shape with the puffy ends. “What was I thinking.  Well then I better go find a girl first. Then get lessons.” Standing up, I went around Mindy to the door. “I guess I'll see you when I see you. Tell Ben to call me, tomorrow.”

I didn't think she'd be watching me leave or the path I took.  Had I thought she would I'd have left the usual way. But with it being late I headed out the direct route to Daisy's place. She met me at the door devoid of clothing, her svelte body on display.  Taking her into my arms and before kissing her I said, “You know sooner or later it's not going to be me at the door. Then what are you going to do?”

Breaking free of my arms and lips she quickly slid lower undoing my pants. “I guess this,” my underwear was on my ankles with my pants in no time and her lips were around my already hardening dick.

Not being able to do much in the way of walking; my ankles cuffed by my clothing and dick caught in Daisy's sweet sucking mouth I stroked her blonde hair saying, “Damn that is going to be one lucky guy.”

Sliding her sucking mouth off my cock with a pop she stated, “it goes for girls too.” She re-attached her lips to my swollen meat, and began bobbing. Her fingers-tips were driven into my ass using it as a stationary point for pulling her nose into my shaved groin. Her throat contracting on the wide ridge of my cock's head was a phenomenal sensation.  Her tongue conforming to the veins and ridges on the underside of my pole gliding over them as she back up and rammed herself forward kept the neurons in my brain firing.

For five minutes I stood in the doorway while Daisy's mouth slid along my cock her supple lips continuing the sensation beyond her tongue's reach. Her perfectly timed pace bobbing the length of my cock was soon augmented by a hand leaving my ass and cupping my balls. Having lost part of her anchoring for getting me down into her throat, my hands on her head helped in the task, pushing her down my cock.  She slurped and sucked not letting any of the spit or pre-cum leave her mouth.

The blowjob finally weakened my knees and I started stumbling saying, “God Daisy you're making me cum.”

Her blue eyes twinkled even brighter as her nose was pressed hard into my groin by me. Using her as support my cock jumped and twitched clogging with cum as it passed through to her throat.  Daisy's throat swallowed while the five big jets of cum filled it. Only after the massive globs had left did she pull back letting the smaller jets of thinner spunk fill her oral cavity. Her tongue wiped along my pole, encouraging the last of the semen out onto it.

Fully cleaned and no longer dipping cum from the piss slit, Daisy let my dick slide from her lips saying, “God you taste wonderful, I wish I could have you anytime I want.”

“Believe me so do I,” I said helping my naked nymph to her feet. I immediately stroked my hands down her satiny smooth back over the swale at the base of it and start of her curved ass. Her small rounded ass cheeks fit my hands magnificently as I gently squeezed them, to a low moan from Daisy. “But you know while I love your beautiful naked body, it'd be nice every once and a while to be the one making it that way.”

“I'd like that.  It's why Glory is going with me tomorrow to shop for some sexy lingerie.” She stated. “I don't have anything even close to sexy right now. So you get me like this.” She held out her arms and spun slowly around showing off her luscious developing youthful body.

“God to I love that view.” I complimented. “You're absolutely perfect.”

“Thanks, your sister said the same thing.”

“What that you're perfect or that she loves the view of you naked?”

“Wouldn't you like to know?” she taunted with an evil grin.

 “Yes,” I replied honestly. “How often do you talk to Glory?”

“I hadn't for years until recently.  I guess shortly after she saw us walking down the hall at your house, she started talking to me again.” Daisy answered. “She and Harmony both have been nice.  I was kind of surprised though when I found out Glory didn't know Harmony was having sex with you.  Or that Harmony didn't know about us.” 

“Secrets all around I guess,” I said. “Kind of like whether Glory seen you naked or not.”

“I'll let you in on the secret. As long as I have these hickeys on my tits,” she motioned to the lightening purple around the underside of her tits, “Only you are seeing your handy work. Though it is getting hard to think up excuses, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when we go bra shopping.”

“What? You have her in the room with you while trying bra's and panties on.” I asked remembering she kept Glory on the outside of the fitting room when clothes shopping.

“Of course. It is good to get a second opinion if the bra's cup fits right and looks sexy. Same with thongs and bikini panties.” She stated. “And that requires all three of us to in some form of undress or naked in the same dressing room.”

I directed my gorgeous lithe partner over to the coach, after stepping out of my pants. She climbed into my lap putting her knees on either side of my hips. Wiggling her sparsely haired pussy lips onto my cock she got comfortable. “So how do girls get a second opinion on a bra's fit or panties for that matter.” I asked enjoying the heat and moisture of her pussy on me.

Daisy grabbed my hand and flattened it out putting it on her small orange sized cone. “They test the fit by running their hand here between the tit and the bra making sure the cup isn't too tight and the hand can go in with a little resistance.” Moving my hand to the inside of her boob, “You do the same thing here.”  She again moved my hand that was cupping the underside of her boob's flesh to the crook of her pussy lip and and thigh. “Then for the panties you want to make sure they don't bind or bite in too tightly here.”

“Oh so you basically the person trying on the bra and panties is groped.” I said stroking her fattened labia with the back of my fingers.

“I sure do hope so.” Daisy said with a Cheshire grin. “With any luck by both of them will and I will to both of them.”

“I wonder why is Glory getting a new bra with out Mom?” I asked rhetorically.

“I know. She said your Mom doesn't let her get the really naughty sexy ones. And she said in the past couple of weeks her tits have grown on overdrive and her current bra's are cutting into her bigger tits. And she figured it was the perfect chance to get the ones she wants.” Daisy answered. “Personally I wish my tits would grow like hers have.”

Leaning down and raising her up under her arms I fed her tit to my mouth saying, “I like these just this size.  The are a perfect mouthful with nothing wasted.” Stretching my lips to their limit, I put her tit into my mouth sucking in all of its flesh. Suckling on the delicious cone for a while I heard and felt her sigh.  She moaned, when my teeth scraped along her delicate skin and clamped even tighter on the pencil eraser hard nipple.  Flicking the nipple with an out stretched tongue I proceeded to the other cone of flesh doing the same to the same reactions.

“Ooh you are so good at that.” She cooed as I lowered back into my lap. She again wiggled her ass making my hardening dick press into the furrow of the haired labia.

“Well I've been told I need to practice.” I said not thinking of how I'd explain what I meant. “That I'm not that good at making a women orgasm.”

“By who? Cause, I think you do it great job on me.” Daisy again wiggled and rocked her hips running her labia and clit along my still hardening shaft. 

It was as good of a time as any to let her know about Mindy. “Ben's sister Mindy. She is the first girl I had sex with.”

“Really?” Daisy looked genuinely astonished. “Not saying you're not popular, but you don't even come close to running in the same circles. Even in middle school we knew she was a queen bee at the high school.”

“Yeah, it's a conversation for when you're not naked and we have time.” I said not wanting to get into the details.

“OK, then you're gonna have to rock my world tonight.” Daisy said throwing herself off my lap and down onto the couch.  “Now ravish me.”

“OK but while doing it we need first to start on those hickeys.” I said, “I can't have either Glory or Harmony seeing them. The good news is the ones under your tits are already fading.”

“So what do you suggest?” Daisy asked.

“You have bananas?” I asked looking at the underside of her tits seeing the faded purple dots and dashes.

“Bananas?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Yes bananas. I heard they can help.” I said. “And they might be fun. Bring them to the bedroom. I'll meet you there.”

“You are a kinky guy,” Daisy stated, like it was a known fact. From the kitchen she asked, “Pealed or un-pealed.”

“Un-pealed,” I said jovially. “I have plan's for them.”  I stripped of the last of my clothes and sat waiting for her.

“Oh you are being kinky.” She replied handing me a couple of the yellow fruits. “I can't wait.” When I stared pealing the yellow skin off from the dark end she ask, “Aren't you supposed to peal that from the other end?”

“I think monkey's have been pealing them this way for thousands of years.  And I'm just a monkey in pants.  Well not pants right now.” I laughed. “Now lay back.” 

Daisy did as I asked and only shook a little when I rubbed the inside of the peals against her skin. I left the peal covering the purple marks under her tits.  I did the same think to her pussy lips, “Gawd, that feels so slimy and your making me horny rubbing me like that.”

I again left the peals on the outside of the labia acting as a coat for her pussy lips. “If you think that is slimy just wait.” I mashed one of the long white fruits in my hands. Smearing the while mash on her neck and tits.  Further down in and around her cute oval belly button I slathered the white banana mash going into her pubic hair; the white paste making the tight curls less apparent.

“Oo that feels so weird. What are you doing? You're putting banana all over me.” Daisy half giggled.

“Well I think the article said for best results you need to also put one up into your vagina.” I joked with a straight face seeing if she'd believe me.  Pealing the other banana and put the white heart of it against her small pussy hole I said, “But I don't think it is hard enough to stretch your tight pussy to go

Daisy wiggled moving her pussy entrance away from the less than hard banana end. “Yuck I don't want mushy banana in me.” Reaching over she grabbed my swinging cock. “This is what I want in me.”

Wiping the end through in her pussy's groove, I continued my farce, “But the article said it makes for a wild orgasm when fucked in and out.”

Daisy spread her legs wider and humped up at the banana, “Please do it...Stick it in. I want to try it.”

No longer able to hold a straight face I burst out in a guffaw, “Oh you are a kinky girl.”

She slammed her legs back together, while I put the pussy juice covered banana into my mouth taking a bite. She glared before smiling at me smacking my leg. “You are so bad. Making me think that, I could have a wild orgasm.”

“But you will.  Just not from the banana,” I stated a bit cocky. “But first you're gonna be my banana split.”

“Oow, so you're gonna eat me.” Daisy again spread her legs wider.

“Yes after I finish making you.” I commented walking back into the kitchen.  Daisy's eyes got really wide when she saw me walking back into the room a ice cream scoop and some ice cream in hand along with a can of whipped cream “First you need some ice cream.  I mean what is an banana split without ice cream and whipped cream on top.”

“ you're not planning on putting that on me.” she pointed at the mostly black carton of vanilla ice cream.

“That is exactly what I'm planning and you're going to hold still while I do it.  Because you want what comes after.” I informed Daisy as she shook in anticipation.  “Or I can put it all away and you can go get a shower, leaving your hickeys plainly visible. Which will likely put me in a bit of a jam.”

“Damn it Alex. Now I I don't know if I want to let you for the fun after you finish preparing me. Or so you don't get in trouble because of the hickeys. But I do know I not getting in the shower just yet.” Daisy's excited trembling getting more distinct.  “Do your best.”

She clenched her fist tight and pursed up her face in preparation. I tested her resolve, immediately, Balancing a scoop of the frozen dessert on her left tit, her whole body broke out in goose bumps.  I ringed the scoop with whipped cream helping keep the ball from sliding of the pinnacle as it began melting. The second tit soon had a ball similar to the first melting the streams of cream running down her right tit.

Her shaking got worse as the streams of cream ran down both cones and continued onto her flat stomach.  A third scoop was quicly put on her naval and taking the strips of banana peal from her pussy lips I put half a scoop on each after wedging the banana with a bit missing between them. I coated her pussy delight with whipped cream. “I looked for chocolate syrup but couldn't find any. Maybe I should whack off and use it as a chocolate substitute.”

“God no it would take to long and my cunt is freezing. So are my nipples.” She half whined.

“Oh sorry, you just look so deliciously edible right now. I'd love to get a picture.” I said looking down at her stretched out on the bed.

“Don't you dare.  I'm not ending up all over the internet as a luscious dessert.” She said vehemently.

“Well you are luscious, but freezing your nipples isn't going to do you any good.” I said sliding the ice cream scoops down her hard cones exposing the rock hard points her nipples covered in a delectable cream. I put the frozen scoops onto the faded purple letters.

“Ah shit eat me. It's so cold.” She whined. “My clit is frozen and it's running down between my pussy lips.”

Kissing and licking the mashed banana I'd spread on her neck, “Mmm you're a yummy banana split.  I think I need to some of that sweet cream though.” I ran my tongue through the fruit coating her skin on the way to her nipple.  I wrapped my lips around the sweet sticky hard nub mixing the cream and licked up fruit in my mouth.

“Yes your mouth is so hot on my nipple.  Mmm suck on me.” Daisy cooed.

“Just this on for now. But I think I may have to re-chill the other one.” I moved the scoop on the underside of her breast to her nipple freezing the ends of my fingers in the process. Licking where the ice cream had come from I got a mouthful of banana, vanilla, and whipped cream.   

Holding the delightful concoction, I quickly moved to her mouth delivering it with a french kiss. I swished the accumulated dessert around in her mouth while her tongue wrapped mine.  Going back for more I left her lips again kissing and licking my way down her neck.  While I was gathering what I'd slathered on her earlier she commented. “It's so cold. I gotta move.  My pussy feels like it's on fire it's so frozen.”

Going through her cleavage, lapping up the sweet liquid accumulated there I made detours along her rib cage and along her flat stomach.  I stopped at her belly button gathering up the scoop atop it. The large ball of frozen fit in my mouth, but quickly froze my cheeks and gave me a bit of brain freeze.   I moved the now cold banana from her furrow giving me access to her clitoris.  With the other scoops freezing her pussy lips I put the mass of ice cream in my mouth on her raised bud.

Gradually I swallowed more and more of the scoop until I could alternate running my cold tongue across the top of her joined pussy lips and hood, and pressing the remaining dessert there.  The fourth time I'd nipped on Daisy's frozen clit, her legs started shaking not from the cold  but the orgasm that was building up. The last time I swirled the ice cream all around her delicate flesh she wailed, “Oh gawd it hurts so...God I'm cumming.  Yes bite me.” Her clenched hands opened going to my hair pushing me hard into her cunt.  Her legs squeezing together on my head mashed the scoops on her labia into the inside of her thighs.

Her legs sprung back out after mashing the frozen treat. I continued my licking up the melted cream mixed with Daisy's orgasmic honey. The tangy of her and the sweet vanilla of the therapeutic ice cream filled my mouth exposing me to a new flavor. The combined flavor was more extraordinary than  the individual components.  And with her hips bouncing after a brief freezing in place my lapping up the divine mixture began in long pussy covering licks.  Daisy just panted and gasped the whole time, suddenly no longer concerned with the frozen items on her.   

Gradually the hands that had been demanding my lips be pressed to her haired ones, were suddenly pushing me away.  I plunged my cold tongue in her pussy's hole as far as I could manage. It elicited a, “Oh fuck not again.” as her body that was slowly returning to a hyper but controlled state, flung itself about, fist hitting the mattress below her as she push on me.  “God stop, You gotta stop.”

Giving Daisy what she wanted I licked the spots that clung to her inner thighs.  My tongues movement on her soiled flesh had Daisy's panting and huffing continued unabated. I completely cleaned first one thigh then the other collecting the remaining ice cream after. I again licked up more of the mashed banana from her pussy hair.  Going back to her mouth I again, for a second time I filled her mouth with the mixed treat. 

When she swallowed the last of what I had given her I went back for more.  Over and over we shared what I removed from her skin. The longer the mash marinated her skin the more it picked up her flavor. Finishing getting the last of the ice cream and banana's from where I'd rubbed it on her skin, I went to her cunt and finished cleaning up the juice she she put in the slit and the cream I did.

Small cried and whines accompanied her puffing and gasping as I didn't leave her box when the two fluids were all gone. The cleaning done I worked on making her orgasm again. She rolled us over keeping my head between her thighs as her knees were on either side of my head. Basically sitting on my lips, the thrust of her hips as I found her pussy hole pulled my tongue out of her hole one second and drove it further in the next. The pace increased as the light hair of on her labia rubbed my lips to a bright red.  Faster her grunts and gasps came the faster she scrubbed her clit over my lips. 

One final yelp and Daisy put all her weight onto my lips. A torrent of juice streamed out of her pussy hole into my mouth as her body shook and bent in response to her orgasm. “Augh” was all she let out in a long drawn out cry.  After the torrent had ceased and much of her quaking had ended she fell forward across my face before rolling completely off  of me.

I took advantage of her exhausted state climbing back between her legs. Putting my hands behind her knees spreading her legs wide while putting them up near her ears. Bend Daisy up into a ball with her cunt fully exposed and open was easy for limber girl.  Even with tired out and shaky she wrapped her arms around her thighs helping to keep them in place, while saying, “Oh shit, you're going to fuck me, aren't you.”

Lining my cock with her slightly spread hole I said, “You bet your sweet ass I am.”

Wiggling her hips a bit she said, “Mmm something different. Getting it up the ass. I've been waiting for you to do it.”

“And you're going to keep waiting,” I said driving my dick deep within her in a single grunted thrust.

Daisy also let out a grunted, “Umph.” followed  by an “Augh. Damn that felt fantastic. Do it again.”  Once again I did as Daisy asked, yanking all of my cock out of her tight silken sheath. Just as rapidly I shoved it back down the sheath. My mushroomed head deforming as it was wedged down Daisy's silken pussy, stretching it. The rapid brush of her soft velveteen walls all around my prick overwhelming my brain in pleasure. For the next fifteen minutes I hammered my cock into her pussy having our grunts, gasps and the smack of our pelvises fill the room.  My balls slapped her ass over and over with the slosh and squish of our pumping could also be heard.

Three times her cunt walls gripped my cock even tighter while she shook and groan. The walls of her pussy were distended each time I pulled out despite the grab of the slick satin walls. The re-stuffing her passage packed the pulled out walls back into her vagina bit well inside there starting point.  During her second orgasm I began corkscrewing my cock down her while she huffed and groaned at my root trying to fill her passage while my cock head pummeled her cervix.

As her strength and coordination failed her completely, my balls filled my cock with its produces.  The thick mass  stretching the inside of my piss tube further pressed my rod into her sheath.  The first glob of  my man cream elongated her pussy even further making room for potent seed. Daisy howled with what air and strength she had left, “God your life force is so hot...Ah gawd yes.” 

It was the last time I heard her make an articulate statement or word. The rest of the time she just cried out in gasps and pants. My nuts long since had crawled up tight to me for delivery but they continued slamming into her pussy lips as I drove all of me into her heavenly hole.  Pushing even harder into her the bed creaked as I drove her further into the mattress.  It felt like hours that me cock jumped, twitched and spit in her baby making cum receptacle.

Spent, I released her legs flopping down next to her panting. My tightened muscles had started relaxing as I experienced the same wet noodle feeling Daisy and the other women surely felt. My arms and legs felt separated from my brain so much so I threw my useless arm across Daisy's chest  landing with a bit of a thud.  Even my head was a bit much to hold up after getting my lips to hers My lips pressed hard into hers as our tongues touched. But no dancing or frolicking together was done as panting and gasping for air seemed more important.

For a while we lay together unable or unwilling to part as we bathed in the afterglow and muscles regaining strength and coordination.   Daisy was the first to speak, “ don't know what that bitch Mindy is talking about. I don;t think you need any more training.”

Rolling off next to Daisy, staring at the smooth white ceiling I said, “Thanks I don't think so either. But it's fun practicing.” Before my sweaty blonde partner could respond I added, “And let's not call Mindy a bitch, until you meet her.  Hell you may end up liking her.”

“I doubt it,” Daisy said grabbing my still wet and slimy cock. “Not as long as she thinks she has sole rights to this.  I'll share but she'll have to also.”

“Damn,” I thought. “Daisy just pretty much opened the door for me to screw anyone as long as they didn't think they owned me.”   The words passing through my head were hard to fathom. I let the subject alone instead going to, “So shopping with Glory tomorrow.  And we still have hickeys to lighten.”

“Yeah I guess so.” Daisy replied kind of dreamily. “Too bad you can't screw them away. If you could they'd be gone by now.”

“Well actually,” I said as her still blushed body made me think of something. “Maybe the extra blood to your skin that is making you blush right now might help in carrying away some of what makes up those hickeys.”

“Oh God don't tell me you're going to try and fuck them away.  The ones on my pussy won't be visible because my whole pussy will be black and blue from all the pounding.” she argued.

“Yeah but it will be fun.” I quipped.

“God yes.” she strained raising up still breathing deeply. “Let's get to it.” She threw her leg over me putting her knees outside my hips. Her oozing cunt was placed on my mostly shrunken cock. Her sliding up and down my flaccid cock looked like it was taking every bit of her concentration and energy she left.

“Damn, you're make it sound like you're getting a root canal.” I stated her slimy cunt rubbing more of our combined fluid on my cock and balls. “So what do you say to our going  and getting a nice long hot bath first.”

“Yeah I like those with you.” she said kissing me, a broad smile and a gleam in her eyes.

“What do you say you stay here and I'll get it ready for us.” I suggested, kissing a line from her lips to a nipple. I rolled the nipple with my tongue before rolling her off me.  Daisy looked relieved that we'd be getting a bath before she'd be having sex again.  I think the last freezing and fucking had taken more out of her cunt than she' admit.

I filled the bath with water just cool enough that it didn't scald my foot when I put it in. It came out red but unburned. I went back to the bedroom, picking up the relaxing nude girl, who wrapped her arms around my neck.  Once in the bathroom I lowered her into the hot water. When her rounded cheeks broke the surface she jumped in my arms, “Shit that's hot.”

“I like to think of it as not warm. But you'll get used to it.” I said continuing lowering her slowly.  Little by little her ass sunk into the water.

“Oh hell it's hotter on my pussy.” she mewled while her folds were dunked.

Joking with Daisy I poke at her as  her hips sank below the water line, “Nothing is hotter than your pussy.” 

“Not now.  This water is. But I'm thinking you could heat it up if you got in her with me.” she suggested while her belly button was filled with water. I lowered her faster after that letting the hot water cover over the much lighter purple splotches.  Her tiny tits were also submerged quickly there after, the hot water making them cone out and look more plush and marshmallowy than ever.

“Ok you can let go now,” I stated as her butt hit the bottom of the tub. 

“But you're not in here.”

“Well let go and slide up and I'll climb in behind you.”

Daisy let go and moved forward so fast the water sloshed in the tub. “Come on get in.”

“Patience, I coming,” I said putting in the first foot. 

I was standing up in the hot water behind her when she stated her ultimate intention, “That is what I'm planning on. So get in here and in me.”

Sinking in behind her wrapping my legs around her hips, I pressed my dick in the top of her ass crack. My ball hanging lower in the hot water lightly bumping her cheeks in the errant currents. The soft bristled toothbrush was right where I'd left it, in the soap dish. I took it in one hand while the other found a spongy coned areola and nipple.  She turned her head looking at me. “What is the toothbrush for?”

“How about I show you.” I answered. I brushed it firmly across the remaining purple and red marks I'd left around the under side of her small breast.

“Ooh that feels weird.  Why are you doing that?” she asked.

“I heard doing this will help even more with your little problem.” I answered.

“Really? Then are you gonna do my pussy also?”

“I'm thinking you'd like that, way too much.”

“I think you may be right?” she grinned. Pushing her back solidly into my chest we reclined, and I kept brushing the bottom of her tits. The other hand not to be outdone started massaging the orange sized tit. She moaned a little with each squeeze or roll of her nipple between my fingers.

“I know I am. So let's just relax her for a while regaining a little strength for the next round.” I advised. Her nipple was getting firmer while I rolled and caressed it in the hot bath water.  “In the meantime I'm gonna try and brush away the marks on your chest.”

“And my pussy?” she sounded hopeful.

“Maybe after we get some rest. Other wise we won't get any.” I said sure I was right. She'd be on my cock two minutes after the first brush along her labia.

“OK but under protest.” Daisy stated, laying her head back into my neck closing her eyes.  I didn't stop my massage or brushing along the underside of her tits even as her breathing became shallow and regular.  I too closed my eyes lessening the massage and scrubbing of her hickey remnants.  The luxurious feel of her heat along my torso and the warm water stopped my hands as I napped.

My eyes opened to cold water and the very beginning of a sunrise shining through the bathroom window. Daisy still had deep rhythmic breathing raising and lowering her tits under the chilly water. I kissed her neck while I lightly squeezed both of her small tits. “Wake up sunshine.”

She roused slowly, “Damn the water got cold. Mmm but your hands feel good.”

Sliding out from behind her, standing and getting out I said, “Unfortunately that is what happens when you let it stand for a couple of hours.  So what to you say we get you dried off.” I extended an hand down to her.

Taking my hand, climbing out of the tub with her hard nipples point right at me, she remarked, “Then I can have your hands doing what they just were, feeling so magnificent.”

“Sure,” I answered, wrapping her willowy naked body in a towel and hugging it to mine. I rubbed up and down her towel covered back and ass; lifting the white covering off her rounded cheeks letting my hands glide over her still cold ass cheeks each time.   Gradually her adorable butt cheeks weren't so cold, and I asked, “Ready to go back to the bed.”

Jumping up into me so I'd capture her legs in my arms. “Take me to bed and ravish me.” she said making me wonder how many fifties movies she watched while I wasn't around.

“Ok but I have to get home before the sun is all the way up. So we don't have much time.” I told her.

Throwing off the towel once on the bed she said. “Well then we'd better get to it.”   She lay on the bed, unabashedly spreading her legs wide showing me her blonde haired pussy and its pink inner slit. “I bet you can make me cum twice before you've gotta go.”

Taking a hold of a foot I kissed the arch. “No I think it will only be one.”  I kissed all around the foot and sucked on the toes one by one.

She like Mom went crazy with excitement at the digits being swabbed and sucked. “Oh gawd that is so good.  Mmm l love that..suck them.” I continued swirling the digits awhile longer before leaving her foot via kissed up along her ankle. I nibbled on the smooth sculptured curve of her calf kissing a line to  the back of her knee. The soft flesh there easily formed to my lips and she wiggled and giggled a little girl giggle as my tongue tickled her.

Slowly covering as much of the supple flesh of her firm thigh as I could I plied my lips snagging small areas of sweet skin.  The wiggles and giggles quit replaced by an anxious tremble as I got closer to the apex of her thigh. Looking up at her seeing the wanting make her eye all the more brilliant, I saw the hot water and banana's had helped, though I didn't now which one.  Her labia had swelled as I had made the trek up her leg with kisses and dabs of my tongue's tip. The sweet aroma of accumulating pussy juice filled my nose and lungs while I treated her plumped clam shell as I'd her thigh with kisses and flicks of my tongue.

I went from one sparsely haired shell to the other skipping her hard clit just visible poking out from its protective cover.  The skipped clit was noted by her, “Oh no... Go back...Please suck my clit.”I'd come back to her request after I'd gone down the other leg doing what I'd done to the first one. In the meantime to quell her requests, my hand went up to her rapidly expanding and deflating rib cage gripping the small round mound massaging it. The action did stop any further request. The guttural groan felt in my hand while compressing her flesh and squashing the hard bud atop the marshmallow areola let me know I'd chosen the right course.

The other leg's deliciously smooth and firm flesh deformed with my lips as the first one's had.  I took my time while Daisy's body wormed and wiggled caught up with sexual energy that was building. Finding the back of a knee for the second time she didn't giggle at the same treatment but let out a sigh exhausting her air only to refill her lung double, raising the tit meat in my hand filling its palm.  Flicking the crowning nub with my finger I sucked harder on the soft flesh between my lips. 

Letting the tit free I used both hands rubbing and caressing her foot, before my lips arrived.  I lingered on her firm calf giving my hands a time to pull her attention to the appendage  between them.   The last kiss on her ankle encircled the round protrusion leaving it captured longer than I initially had intended.  The delay of finally reaching her dainty foot was worth it. Daisy reaction was an elongated squirming and moaning, her own hands going to her breast squeezing and pulling on them.  Sucking on her toes, her fingers found the hard round buttons of her breast pulling on them stretching them to  their physical limits, in reaction.   She again groaned with what should have come from a two hundred fifty pound linebacker.

While worshiping the cute painted digits on her foot, Daisy's fidgeting on the bed became more intense. With her big toe in my mouth I looked down at her face. Her eyes shown with desire for more. I gave her just that, once the toe left my lips. In one swift move, Daisy's clit was being nibbled on while I flicked it.  Her eyes that seconds earlier had shown with desire seemed unable to focus or stay in one place as they darted back and forth.  Her head did much the same rolling side to side as well as banging it softly into the mattress.  The had that had been on her tit returned pushing hers out of the way.

I lapped and teased the rigid button, causing a moaned, “Gawd, yes.”  She followed it with a even louder “Ahh.” She grabbed my head pushing it hard into box. I responded with running two fingers into the plush hole below my lips.  I corkscrewed the fingers down her; to her pressing me harder into her vulva and panting out “Fuck...So good.”

 I stopped finger fucking her when I felt her body have the first quiver indicating she was on the line of  orgasming.  I removed my fingers quickly and moved my lips further up her vulva fighting against her hands attempting to keep me caught in her box. Overcoming her feeble attempt I kissed her solid stomach and along the almost unrecognizable splotches I'd left days before.  Failing as getting me back to her pussy she changed directions and pulled me up her breast to her nipples. I didn't resist her guidance going to first one nipple then the other.  I ran my tongue on the border of the smooth skin of her breast and its puffed areola.

She kept me at the milk-less teat long after I was ready to savor the other. Running my fingertips along the sides of her breast while I suckled. Her purrs and sighs resonated in her tits and on my lips. Her fingers going through my hair and over my earlobe. Kissing my way down the first breast into the wide valley that made up her cleavage, I progressed up the other breast.  The pattern of kisses and licks on other mound followed the same pattern of adoring as the first.  Her nipple was encircled and flicked. The boundary of nipple and breast was fully explored before leaving it going up her chest.

The further up I went the faster her breathing became. Daisy tilted her head giving her neck to my lips. I indulged in the little bit of oils and sweat on her skin. It was a familiar taste but one I could do every day.  She purred at my lips adsorbing  and took away the oils and sweat leaving nothing behind. Daisy purrs ended when my lips befell hers and my cock press between her young pliable lips.

Her groan was captured with in her chest as my helmet continued passed the plump fleshy clam shells into the stretchable opening leading to her womb.  My dick pressed forward further stretching her plush walls as it was embedded. I eased the rest of my cock into her salacious passage.  The slick passage's size was initially the only resistance in getting my whole cock in. The cervix was the last hindrance, but it too was pushed aside by my plowing head.  Daisy squeaked slightly as it was dismissed on the way to pressing my balls against her ass.

“Ah gawd fuck me.” she sighed as her wet hairs tickled my smooth balls.  I knew what she meant was fuck me hard and fast, but that wasn't the plan for the morning. I withdrew my solid pole enjoying the contractions of her silken walls and rolling of her pelvis at the same rate I'd sunk it into her. The feeling was just as exquisite coming out as it was going in.  I pulled all of the head from her reveling in the sensation of her clam shells flapping over its deep ridge. She gave a whined, “No.” that lasted only a second as I passed my cock back through to her heavenly opening. 

For ten minutes I methodically fucked my cock in and out of her. She rocked and squired under me, wrapping her legs around me, driving her ankles into my ass trying anything to speed up my thrusts. I held her hips letting my much weight rest on her small tits, smashing them down into pancakes while I kissed her letting her frantic tongue bounce around in my mouth. In and out I sawed with precise time and angle rubbing her rippled g-spot with the top ridge of my cock head.

Daisy flailed and hammered my ass with her feet when I rabbited my cock over her sensitive washboard. Every muscle in her vagina contracted shrinking the passage only to be stretched out again. The slosh of the fast short strokes was ended by the squish and slap of our pelvises colliding as I ran my cock fully down her sheath.  For what must have seemed like hours to Daisy based on her panted, “Oh's” “Ah's” and “Augh's” with the occasional, “Gawd yes. Make me cum now” thrown in I continued working our senses over. 

When the grip of her satiny pussy and the glorious friction it was giving my whole rod had me at a fever pitch, I began corkscrewing cock into her and letting my balls slap and bounce of her tight ass.  When my balls rested on her ass Daisy rocked her pelvis driving her feet harder into my ass. With the feeling of my balls starting to deliver their juices to my cock, and Daisy's thighs and stomach quaking for the last minute we went crazy with a flurry of thrust and humping, careening off each other only to crash together again.  The fury of thrust and humps ended in a hard drive of my cock deep into her cunt aided my her feet pushing. About in unison we both cried out. “Oh God I'm cumming.”

The globs of cum jetted into her while her mouth attacked mine. Over and over I felt the wads pass up my tube and shooting out piss slit at the top to a wave of pure pleasure bursting in my brain.  Pulled away from her lips her face had the contorted look of the agony that only  pure bliss could bring. Her sensual lithe body soon followed her faces lead and bend and contorted in what had to be an effort to release all of her orgasm at once. A drawn out gutteral “Agh” lasted while I filled her with my seed.

As the last of my cocks twitching occurred, Daisy was again able to make more than primal noises and said, “Gawd yes fill me with your potent life force.  Coat every inch of me in it.  It so hot in me.”

I kissed all over her neck and face while we recuperated and stopped panting. I gave her a few small thrusts before my dick was shrunk to exiting size.  Rolling off her I said, “You do love my cum don't you.”

“Oh yes,” she replied sucking softly on my neck while cuddling up to me. “I can't wait until it can grow in me...To have you growing in me.”

“Really,” I asked a bit surprised.

“Definitely, in ten or so years I want to be the oven for growing your baby. But until then I just get enjoy the thought of it. Cause I gonna get out of school and show everyone I'm not dumb. Like you said Einstein was slow learner just like me.” She said proudly.

“Good.” I said happy she was smart enough to know not to try and get knocked up before she was fully out of puberty.

“Plus I right now I like sex.” She added. “ Add once prego no more sex for nine months. And that is forever not having you in me.”

“Not that I am suggesting you get pregnant, but sex is possible pretty much the whole time.” I said relaying what the client had stated.

“You'd have sex with me even with a fat belly.” She seemed astonished.

“Well it isn't a fat belly in the same terms as Mistress had a fat belly.  But yes pregnant women can be sexy too.” I said.

“Good cause I don't think I could go nine months without sex. It is way too much fun.” She said a hand going down to my wet shrunken cock. “And when will we be having fun again?”

“As soon as possible, is the best I can tell you right now.” I said honestly.  “You're going shopping today with Glory and Harmony and knowing them that may turn into an all night affair.  And church is tomorrow morning so maybe if I can get away tomorrow afternoon. You can model all your new bras and panties for me.”

“I'd rather just be naked and doing this. But I guess I can put one set on and you can take it off me and do this. We could do that with each one.” she sounded hopeful.

“And if you only find one?” I teased, flicking her nipple.

“Then I put it on ten times” She squealed.

“Ten times. You think you could handle this ten times in one day?” I asked.

“I know I can,” she pulled on my cock. “I'm not sure you could.”

“Oh a challenge. I like challenges.” I answered her pulled cock with a rub on her clit.

“Well how about you start now on that challenge.” She sighed as my fingers moved away from her sex.

“Nope you know I gotta go.” I kissed her on the tip of her nose. “So you need to be over there.” I said uncurling her from me, and jumping up before she could get back into place.

“Yeah and I need a bit of a nap before Glory and Harmony get here. We didn't get much sleep last night.”

“I know, me too.” I said pulling on my clothes. Before leaving her I bent down and we shared a long french kiss.

I managed to get back home before either Mom or Glory were in sight. Slipping onto the bed I wondered if Glory had come to see me last night and left disappointed.  I guess if she had I might hear about it, but I doubted it. I closed my eyes and tried catching up on some sleep.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 29 A Double Dick Debt

I was roused by the front door being slammed shut.  Getting up I quickly checked my email and was surprised at one from Harmony.  She wrote telling me she wasn't going with Glory and Daisy since no one was at her house and she wanted to pay off more of her debt before it was so high she'd never be able to pay it all off. I thought to myself 'Like that would be a problem. You'd be happy if you never paid me off in full.'  I sent a reply telling her I'd be there around lunch.

Thank God Mom was pre-occupied in Dad's old office to notice my going to her room. I found her toy box on her dresser. I went through the box pulling out a few toys. I wasn't sure what I wanted to take to Harmony's. I still hadn't decided what to do with her. I'd need something that would keep her from thinking we'd be a couple. So, slow love making was definitely not on the agenda.  When I thought of it, having her as a long term sex toy wasn't a bad idea, for those days Daisy wasn't available for sex.  Looking in the box I figured I needed toys that weren't too extreme scaring her off, but kinky enough that it was just past what she'd want.

Pulling out two pairs of handcuffs, I put them aside knowing there were always uses for them.  The same was true for the large flesh colored dildo.  The strap on belt that went with it seem necessary though I wasn't sure at the moment why.  I didn't remember seeing Glory use one with Harmony but it didn't seem unlikely, though I imagine it was for the small pink dildo she had.  I'd have taken the leather crop as well but I knew she had one of her own.

I slip from the room quickly once the lid was back on the box, not wanting Mom catching me borrowing her toys. It was something I'd have no excuse for, though she'd also have trouble explaining them to me. Both of us were spared explaining, as I made it to Harmony's without running into anyone.

Harmony wasn't like Daisy, she came to the door fully dressed. She didn't jump into my arms either. Instead she led me into the house saying, “Hey Alex, what's up with the bag?”

“Just a few things I thought might be fun.” I said lifting the closed bag carefully not to rattle anything in it. “But not if your parents are here.”

“No they're gone for a couple of hours. Something about going to the beach with Kathy and me. But they only took Kathy since I acted sick.” Harmony smiled, like she'd done something good.

“What about going with Glory and Daisy? I thought you were going with them shopping.” I asked.

“I just called Glory and gave her the same excuse.” she explained. “I figured you'd want me to make a payment on what I owe you. By the way, how much is that now?”

“I'll have to send you an email with the amount. I haven't calculated it lately, but it will take at least ten of what we do today.” I said not telling her what it'd be. “But I can't believe you would lie to your friends.” I felt a bit hypocritical about that statement since I did it all the time, but I was leading Harmony somewhere and it was the first step in the journey.

“It's no biggie. I lied about you to her also.” she said un-phased.

“You do?” I asked like I didn't know. “Don't you think lying to the other two is wrong?”

I think Harmony realized where I was going but she'd already worked herself into a corner. “Yes I guess so. But I wanted to have sex with you...and paying you was more important.”

“So you lied because you wanted to have sex with me?” I asked not giving her time to answer. “You do understand your payments have nothing to do with that. They have to do with me wanting sex with you. And if I wasn't in the mood for sex or just didn't want to have it with you?  Then you would have lied to your friends for no reason. ”

“What I mean is...” She stammered. “I know I owe you money and I thought you would want to get some of what I owe you.”

“I don't see any cash.” I was having fun playing with my prey. “I could really use cash. I mean what if I have a girlfriend and she has sex with me keeping me completely satisfied?  Who knows she may not want me to have sex with other girls...or guys for that matter.”

“What is Daisy your girlfriend now?” She asked a bit blushed and sounding a touch jealous. Realizing she may have gone too far she began stammering for words  and changed tactics. “I mean.. I guess your sister could be called a girlfriend.  And she doesn't like it when I blow my brother...But I thought that was just because it reminded her of what she wants to do but is too chicken.”

“So your girlfriend is a chicken.  Does she know that?” I saw Harmony go ghostly white at what I had said. “And back to the cash have you asked her for any? I mean maybe she would prefer giving you some instead of being reminded of what she is too chicken to do?”

“Oh please don't ever tell Glory I said she was chicken.” Harmony pleaded. “I have twenty dollars I could give you if you want instead of sex.” She looked downtrodden. She wouldn't look up and started to turn.

“Oh I didn't say I wasn't going to have sex with you.  But again I'm here because I want to be, not because you got horny for a cock for a change.” I stated. “Now what would Glory do if she knew you lied to her to have sex with me and then called her chicken because she wouldn't?”

“Oh gawd I don't want to even think about it.” Her face added fear to its ghostly shade. “I'd be dead. She'd smother me with her pussy making it so I couldn't breathe, after beating my ass and pussy red as a firetruck.”

“I see.” I had to say what she described is pretty much what I would've expected out of my sister. “So what do you think I should do? You lied to your friends and called your girlfriend names. Don't you think there should be some consequences for all that?”

“Yes,” Harmony said meekly.

“And what do you think they should be? “ I asked.

“Mom and Dad used to spank me for lying and soap in my mouth for calling people names.”

“Well, they obviously didn't work.” I said seeing what else she'd come up with.

“It did for a while,” She said with tears forming in her eyes. “Maybe on my bare but it would have taken. Dad always spanked me on my butt through my panties.”

“Did he use a belt or paddle?” I asked getting more insight.

“No just his hand.” She said quietly.

“Well maybe not lying will take if it is on your bare butt and with a paddle.” I said knowing I would hate it if this was done to me every time I lied which seemed to be more often than I liked trying to keep my sex life and club secret.  “And for calling Glory chicken?”

“Soap I guess.” she hadn't come up with anything else I could use.

“How long did you have to keep the soap in your mouth?” I asked seeing if there was anything there I could use.

“Usually five minutes kneeling in front of the toilet in case we gagged or had to throw up.” she said.

“Interesting,” I replied, coming up with a plan from what she'd said. “Come here and give me a kiss because it is the last one you're getting today.  It's so you know everything I do is to make you a better person not because I want to punish you.  And to pay off some of your debt”

The slight nod of her head came with an, “Ok.” She then wrapped her arms around my neck and waited for me to put my lips to hers.  She started the kiss off reticently waiting for my mouth to open and probe hers with my tongue.  While having our tongue play she became more aggressive and demanding in her actions. A quick jerk around of my arms already around her chest holding her tight returned her to a more obedient demeanor.   

I let our kiss linger longer than I would've otherwise, but when it ended I pushed her away from me by her shoulders. “Now you start your punishment and paying me some of what you owe me.”

“Ok,” Came out barely audible.

“Go to your room and strip off your clothes. They won't be needed for the rest of the time I am here.” I stated the first part of the instructions.  “And, get the twenty dollars you have and meet me in the master bath.”

“Oh we can't be in there.” She started until the look on my face said all it needed. “Yes sir.”

“Good, I'll be waiting.” I began taking off my clothes where I stood. Finding the master bathroom I sat on the toilet waiting for Harmony.  She came walking into the room looking resigned. But even that look with her swaying hips that had begun taking on a rounded form more like her sisters was sexy.  The bald pale slit showed only a peak-a-boo of pink as she walked towards me, while her small mounds with their freckles and coned soft looking nipples reminded me of Daisy's.  I guessed it must just be the delectable look of developing tits on a thirteen year old. 

When she got to me she tried handing me the two ten dollar bills she had. “No I will get them from you later.  For now you're the bank. And banks have money in them.  So roll them up and put them in your money hole.”

Harmony knew right what I meant and looked shocked. “You mean I gotta put them in my pussy?”

“That is your money hole is it not? “ I rhetorically asked.  “I mean you were planning on fucking me in place of money.  So your pussy becomes where your value lies. Thus that is where your money should go.”

Her hands trembled some rolling up the two bills. Spreading her legs wide, her hand parted her bloated smooth lips showing the pink below. Taking the rolled bills she moved them about once placed at the opening of her vagina.  Little by little I watched as the green and white tube disappeared into the larger pink one.  She looked at me ashamed after most all of the bills were in. “Is that ok?”

“Move your hands and let's see.” I answered.  The end of the rolled money was just visible past the fattened labia collapsed around them. “Perfect. Now for your punishment.”  Harmony turned as if to go until I asked, “What are you doing?”

“Going to get soap.” She answered questioning.

“Oh it isn't soap going in your mouth. Saying nasty things about people should get nasty things put in your mouth.” I stated pausing, interested in Harmony's reaction. She looked dumbfounded at what she'd be expected to do.  “I would say it was a shitty thing to say and well I do have to take a shit. So I could have you hold that in your mouth for a while.”

Her eyes flew open and her face became even more drained of blood than her earlier ghostly look. She shook her head no rapidly, “Please no. I swear I won't do it again.”

“I've told you before nothing tells me you are lying more than you saying I swear.” I said trying to sound angry.  “But that punishment will be for another day when you say something much more shitty about someone. Instead I think for the next ten minutes you should kneel with my dick in your mouth, sucking and swallowing what ever comes out of it while I take my shit. That is unless I pull it out, in which case you're not to move until I move you or say so.”

“Ok, and you won't tell Glory what I said?” she asked slowly dropping to her knees between mine.

“No I won't as long as you accept your punishment for it willingly.” I said emphasizing willingly. “And, willingly is putting my dick in your mouth and accepting all that comes after..”

On her knees her head bent down into my crotch. In no time her lips were around my half hard cock, holding it in place sucking.  I wasn't joking about needing to take a shit. The first flow of piss that always accompanied one started.  Harmony froze for a second as the hot piss hit her mouth, but recovered nicely before her mouth filled with the expelled fluid.  My cock became her straw and she swallowed down all the stream as a large turd filled the bowl. 

Her mouth remained around my hardening  cock as more shit dropped down filling the air with its aroma. Harmony kept her mouth around my pole breathing in the fumes coming from the bowl. Finished dropping my load I sat there letting her continue sucking on my cock over the bowl of shit.  After a couple of minutes I pushed her back off my gradually growing cock. “Just for now off. I need you to wipe me clean.” I stood up bending over for her. “And do it good cause you're going to be licking it later.”

Looking up at me she nodded. Staying on her knees she used hand fulls of toilet paper meticulously wiping my ass. When she stopped, I flushed down all that had accumulated in the toilet without standing upright. “Now to make sure I'm really clean, a tongue bath is needed.”

“But I..” She started arguing, before I cut her off.

“All part of it Harmony. Or do you want Glory hearing she is chicken?” I asked.

“No!” She exclaimed.  Crawling on her knees she moved closer to my ass. I felt the delicate fingers of her hands slide down either side of my crack, before parting them even more than they were. I could feel her hot breath on the floor of my ass crack before I felt her lips and tongue.  Far from my asshole the tip of her tongue pressed on the skin her breath had been washing over.  As she stuck it further out the whole muscle formed to my crack and its walls. Tentatively she licked and sucked on the area not moving more than a quarter of an inch closer to my anus.

“You do know you have to do all of it.” I reminded her. “From where you are all the way to my ball sack. With the level of care you've taken at that spot.”

From behind me I heard in a pathetic voice, “Yes sir, I will.” My reminder seemed to be the catalyst that got her moving. Inch by inch she slowly licked my ass crack, slurping up any saliva she'd put there. The continuous flow suddenly stopped with the first touch of my puckered hole. She waited a few seconds her breath washing along my crack. I was about to remind her of the stakes when her tongue went back to work.

It was an extremely erotic feeling having her roughened tongue initially dabbing and poking at the wrinkled skin to the full on laps across it. She applied the bath water of spit to my brown rosebud, only to come back and suck up the juices after letting them soak on my hole.  As her tongue scrubbed across the tight sphincter for should have been the last time I thought I heard a slight moan of satisfaction.

Before she had a chance at moving on solely to my perineum I looked over at her saying, “You gotta dig down in it to truly get me clean.”

She again started with, “But..”yet didn't finish her statement as I wiggled my ass. “Yes sir.” came instead. Shortly after I had the salacious feeling of her tongue pushing on my buttoned up hole, forcing its way inside.  Over and over my round muscle gave way to let Harmony's tongue probe my rectum.  With each push of her tongue more of the succulent muscle entered me, sending shivers up my spine all the while hardening my cock further.  It didn't take long before the tentative insertions up my rectum became a raucous analingus with her slurping and sucking on my hole, while I shove my ass back into her face.

Sure she had fully cleaned and swabbed my ass I instructed Harmony, “Suck up the spit and get back on my cock. Your not done with your punishment.” She did as she was told sucking and vacuuming up the saliva she had left while tonguing my hole; forming her lips to my rosebud she sucked one last time before I returned to sitting on the toilet, though with the lid down.

She scrambled back to my dick wrapping her lips around it. She bobbed along the length of my pole though I hadn't told her to, or given her any encouragement. Her hand massaged my hairless nuts one at a time and together, as she worked her lips completely down my shaft. The feeling of her gagging while filling her mouth and throat with my rigid cock was awe inspiring.  The sensations of her lips dragging along the skin of my shaft, while her tongue wrapped it as well as any professional could, kept me on the journey to cumming.  It was her tongues swirling and lapping over the deep “V” on the underside of my cock after pulling back from her retching throat that finally raised my balls within their sack.

I pulled out of Harmony’s sucking mouth when I could feel the first glob of thick cum preparing to enter my dick. Grabbing her hair tightly I forced her face in a position so I could put my piss slit against her nostril.  I tried fucking my cock into her nose; pushing her head hard down on it.  Harmony didn’t fight initially, though I don’t know why. Only when she made the first overtones of attempting to get my dick from the underside of her pert and usually cute nose did I finally take a full wind up swing at her ass adding, “Damn I told you, you're not done.  Now fucking stay still and lick it while I cum. ”

Harmony, again, was instantly shaking nervously from head to toe, as her tongue lapped at the underside of my rod. I'd bet she could feel the cum travel under her tongue through my stiff straw before the first blast filled her nasal cavity. Two more thick jets were fired into her cranium.  The other nostril also was coated when I swapped which nose hole I fucked.  And while not blasted into her with the same ferocity as the first three the quantity was equivalent if not more.  Little but the last of the dribbles left, I backed my dick from her nose.

Harmony  had pretty much stopped fighting after the first shot up the nose occurred. After which she was easily handled. The cum up her nose served a purpose and I let her know what it was, “While you owe me money, you are a cum repository.  Not just your pussy or mouth, but all of you. If next time I want to fill your ears, you will stay still and listen to the squirts fill them. You understand?”

“Yes,” she nodded to my admonishment, ramming her nose down on my prick.

Letting her hair loose I instructed. “Now tilt your head back and hold your nose. I don't want spunk running all over the place.” She did as I said but I still had to correct her. “Further back, tilt it further back and open your mouth.”

I think she thought I was going to shit in her mouth when I stood over her open mouth. She whimpered a little  but did as she was instructed. I let my balls fall into her mouth as they dropped down.  First one ball filled her mouth then the other did.  After a couple of minutes of her mouth licking and sucking on my testicles I ended the tea bagging session thinking of the time. I didn't want to run out of time before I'd fully used her svelte body and the delights it held. 

Still kneeling on the hard tile, I instructed, “Get up and go to your room. I want you to put your crop... You do have a crop don't you...Put it on the end table, we're going to need it. And a blind fold. You'll be needing one of those.”

“Please not a blind fold.” she whined. “I can't do blindfolds they scare me.” 

I could understand her reluctance at being blindfolded, but needed her not to see what was coming. “Ok but only if you keep your eyes closed.  Can you do that... keep your eyes closed no matter what?”

“I will I promise,” she said getting up off her knees not seeing the irony of her statement. The hard tile had left round red spots on her knees that stood out from the pale lightly freckled legs.

“I know what your promises are worth.  Just do it so I don't have to punish you for not doing as your told. It will make what I already need to do so much worse.” I warned. Then pointing at the red spots on her knees I added, “One day we're going to have to make those real rug burns, not just red spots.” As soon as I'd finished talking to her she turned and quickly walked away still holding her nose.  Her tight ass with the finely curved butt cheeks going up and down while her hips swayed, started re-hardening my cock.   

With the toys I brought in hand, I came into Harmony's bedroom. The Disney princesses were still on her bed and a leather crop on the bedside table.  Harmony was laying on the bed her legs spread displaying the smooth lips and parting furrow between them showing the rolled bills.  A finger was laid to the side of her nose. When She sniffed hard there was a wet sound of cum rattling in her nostril.

Quickly and quietly I picked up the black meter long rod with the leather end.  It landed on her displayed labia with a crack. Harmony's, “Oww” and her hands flying to the rapidly reddening flesh happened shortly after. She, though, had kept her eyes closed scrunching them up tight.

“I didn't say anything about getting on the bed.” I said the crop still in my hand ready for a second strike. 

She scrambled off the bed showing more of the princesses keeping her eyes tightly closed. “Sorry I thought I was going to be paying you.” she contritely said, her hand feeling for the edge of the mattress, while her other pinched her nose.

“You are but first you need to spread your legs and bend over grabbing your ankles.” I demanded.

Slowly her hands slid along her legs that were also parting at a crawl.  Once her feet where well outside her shoulders, I took the hand-cuffs out securing her wrist to her slim ankle. She tested her ability at standing back up right. The hand-cuff chains pulled tight at her failed attempt.  The crop that had been used on her cunt was now used on her sweetly rounded cheeks.  The swat was as hard as the earlier one generating the same result on her pale ass. The outline of the rod and triangle were immediately red with the inside gradually filling in with a rosy color.

“Don't try and stand upright again.” I stated. Reaching between her legs I pulled the wet bills sticking out between her puffed lips and their pussy purse. Raising her head up by her hair, the cum in her nasal passages began running down onto her lip.  She ran her tongue across her top lip clearing what cum had run onto it.  “Open,” I commanded.

Her mouth opened.  Into her gaping mouth I held the wet twenty dollars. “Close.” I again directed Harmony.  Her teeth and lips closed on the bills, “Keep it just like that. Don't let it fall.”  Five seconds later the leather triangle landed again on her round ass. The slap of the leather on her ass filled the room nine more times, leaving no part of either ass cheek its original color. Instead her butt was a crimson, but any wailing or crying out was muted by the demand of keeping the money in her mouth.

When I finished I said, “From here on out you don't lie to your friends about me, without getting  my approval first. It will be two winks when people are around.”

Her head still hanging upside down between her legs she nodded mumbling through the bills, “Yes, I promise.”

Despite the tears running up and over her forehead there was also moisture on her pussy lips.  Additionally she was panting either in excitement or attempting to calm herself. Bending down I pulled  on her ass crack widening it.  I crammed my face into her widened split licking the fat folds of her pussy, passing over her cunt's hole. My tongue continued on a path up Harmony's crack applying spit and the lube, I found in her pussy's fissure, to her asshole.  She moaned at the sensations along her pussy lips and up her crack.

My slathering her pussy lube all over it and over the puckered brown hole above it had ulterior motives, besides enjoying the sweet taste of her mostly unfucked pussy and its honey. I used the time tantalizing her and making her gasp to attach the belt and Mom's large vibrating dildo, that had been up Glory's ass, to my  pelvis.  When fully secured in place the base of the dildo pressed against my abdomen just above  my cock. Done affixing the second cock to me, I filled my hand with some synthetic lube; still moving her natural lube with my tongue from her pussy to her ass hole.

Standing quickly to a whine from Harmony  I aligned my cock head at her pussy and the bulbous head of the dildo to the slathered asshole.  Both heads hitting Harmony's sensitive erogenous zones elicited, “What?...What's going on?”  I'm sure Harmony opened her eyes, but it was too late.

Holding the fake dick with my lubed hand, I slid it down the silicon rod, slicking it. Initially with only one hand holding her hip I lodged the heads of both dicks in her two orifices.  Harmony's fear filled cry of, “God no, you can't.” was corrected without changing the feeling of fear, “I can't..God please don't.”

The next sound from Harmony was, “Humph” as I had both hips in my hands, and drove both cocks halfway down her holes. She gave an, “Augh” when I rammed the rest of my cocks to their roots into her.  The sensations of the dildo on the other side of the thin barrier separating her pussy and colon, pushing her walls down on my rod. She groaned as both her asshole and pussy protruded outward as I thrust my hips backward.       

Limited in her movements and bent for maximum penetration, I hammered my cock back in her hot moist hole. Harmony howled, “Fuck.. It's too much..I'm stuffed.” The slap of my pelvis on her ass was muted by the straps of the belt holding the false cock.  Harmony huffed, letting out a low growled, “ugh.” She said nothing but gasped  while I filled and emptied her passages, pushing them inward and making them jut out.  The sawing of my cock and the dildo filled every inch of her pelvis to over full. 

The extra rod filling her butt limited the stretching of her pussy walls, making her tight pussy that much tighter.  Keeping a hold of her slim hips I sawed and pounded away at her svelte pussy and ass keeping her standing. Grunting and rutting my cock in the sweet spasming sheath I added to our sensations turning on the vibrator.  The transmitted waves of the buzzing cock in her ass sent glorious new sensations to my dick as it was buried and removed from Harmony's  vagina.  She gasped and her whole body heaved at the added pulses in her ass.

Her gasps and panting paused as she again howled out from between her legs, “Oh fuck what are you doing to me. Its too much.” She pulled tight on her cuffs fighting them, her chest expanding and contracting while every muscle quaked. A few seconds later she bellowed out a guttural, “Oh yes,” going limp as her velvet walls clenched my cock in waves. I continued holding her spent body up, fucking her holes relishing the sensations of re-expanding her collapsing sheath with my mushroomed head and maintaining the widened canal with my veined rod. 

Twice more my unceasing fucking of her, with my cock expanding her cunt and the vibrating dildo distending her asshole, Harmony livened long enough, crying out, “Fuck....Oh gawd I'm cuming.” Her legs and ass muscles, along with her pussy undulating and jerking spasmodically. 

Dripping sweat into the crack of her ass from my nose as I strained fucking her, I felt my balls finally start to tighten.  I debated stopping so I could continue once the sensations wouldn't send my semen flying, but the internal argument was short lived as the salacious feeling of her wet moist cunt walls milking at my dick overwhelmed my thinking. I fucked her cunt like a man possessed as my balls began delivering their product to the base of my cock.

In my exuberance, I pulled both cocks from her holes. Without thinking I pushed the vibrating dildo onto the top of my cock. Holding the vibrating tip of the dildo against the fleshy tip of my cock I put both at the entrance of Harmony's vagina. The first push forward lodge only half the tips into her already stretched hole.  Harmony seemed resolved to continue fucking, unaware there were two cock head tips in her.  Instead I heard her moan, “God why'd you stop.  Don't stop...Fuck me you feel so good.”

Sinking my fingers into the thin flesh of Harmony's hips anchoring my fingers to the bone underneath I pulled hard and thrust harder into her. The dildo in the belt pushed into my groin while the fake dick and mine stretched Harmony beyond anything she'd experienced.  The feeling of her slick cunt walls expanding and resisting my cock, buffeting the underside of my rod and the “V” of my head. The vibration on the top of my dick adding to the unreal sensations, but halted the semen from reaching the top.

Harmony screamed as the pair of cocks impaled her. The scream was an inarticulate burst of sound ending with her panting and sobbing in front of me. I pulled her hard a second time cramming my cock and the dildo further up her mostly unyielding passage. The velvet walls where crushing my cock and pressing the vibrating silicon cock harder into me.  She squirmed and writhed  as juices filled her cunt and ran down her leg despite the plug the two cocks were making.  She wailed one last time as I backed up a little before yanking her into me, slamming my hips forward.  The end of the dildo pressed harder into me as the belt again pressed into her ass and the cock heads stretched the back of her cavern.

The final thrust getting me fully into Harmony had her limp in my hands. The wailing ended for a minute while she went fully limp, only her panting was still happening.  I held the two dicks that were completely lodged in her passage where they were, waiting for Harmony to react again.  For a minute I was again holding her up from falling over. Though this time she was likely passed out not incapacitated by an orgasm.

Harmony did react a minute later howling, “Fuck...Fuck it hurts too much...God damn it hurts..get it out of me you're splitting me.  My pussy you're killing it.” She again squirmed and tried dropping to her knees. I held her up by her hips and the cocks in her twat. I again started extracting my dick from her causing another tirade of, “Oh shit you're pulling my pussy out.”

She was somewhat right, her vagina bulged outward as her strained pussy lips skipped along my greased pole and the cock pressed on it. The vibrations added to the lascivious feelings of her hot lubricated flesh of her cunt walls. I re-assured her I wasn't going anywhere, “God your deliciously tight with two cocks . Fuck your tight with just one but this is incredible.”  I hammered the two dicks back down into her, only to quickly pull them back out, leaving a little more than my cock head in her. 

Her feet back under her my fingers groped her small tits letting her firm flesh and nipples pass between my fingers.  Her sobs were mostly gone as she panted and grunted “uh “ and “ah” over and over as I fucked the dicks in and out.  Gradually her ass cheeks tightened in waves and she humped back at me while the vibrating toy and I were enjoying the feeling of her racked vagina. A final thrust of the two dicks into the back of her cunt  released the cum that had built up earlier finally letting it spurt from my piss slit.  The pressure of her overly widened sheath caused the globs to come out in long jets, filling what space was left in her vagina.

Despite the strain of the cocks, Harmony's undulating and quake of her thighs were the beginning of her orgasm.  Soon her ass was clenching and thrown out to meet the thrust of my groin, as I delivered the globs of spunk. She moaned out, “Ah I'm cuming,” though her spastic milking cunt flowing rivers of cum told me the same thing.

I held her in place knotted up, as the last of my spooge was deposited.  The vibrating on the top of my cock kept it hard longer than usual after the last of the semen had passed through it.  Still half hard I pulled out of her overwrought cunt that was a gaping hole, once I'd removed both penises.  The flow of our mixed cum flowed out of the wide cavern and onto the floor below in splats that could be heard over the buzzing of the still on dildo. 

The puddle under her cunt was large by the time I had the dildo's belt off my hips. Harmony was frozen in place panting and groaning as the last of her orgasm ended and the pleasure of my cock sawing in and out of her twat no longer masked the returning pain of being stretched.  The small passage that  was there when I first licked her cunt was a wide hole slowly closing back up when I undid her hand-cuffs. 

Harmony didn't immediately stand back up straight after she could.  Gradually her hands left her ankles and she stood and turned to me.  Her face was a beet red and cum once again dripped from her nostrils. She said deadpan, “I think that should remove another twenty dollars of my debt.”

Not believing she put the price so low I replied, “Yeah that sounds about right.”

“Good I'll see when we can do this again,” she stated as she used the back of her hand to wipe the cum out from under her nose; streaking it along her cheek. Then she really shocked me saying, “Next time can we try two dildos. I think I could also take one up my ass while you do me like you just did.”

“I'll remember that,” I assured her, shocked as hell she'd said it.

“I hate to hurry you off  but we don't want to get caught. So you better get going before someone else gets home.” She said gingerly stepping to where the twenty dollars had fallen and bent picking it up.  The pert tits pointing at the floor kind of made me want to suck on the cute points but realize Harmony was right. Staying and sucking on her tits was too big a risk for getting caught.

Taking the money from her I said, “Girl you continue to surprise me.  I like that. That and your sweet tasting and feeling pussy.” Tossing the money in the air and catching it in the same hand, I added as I was walking out the door stark naked, “I'll let you know your balance, and days I'll be available.”

“Ok,” She sounded overly cheery. “I'll send you an email which one will work for me as well.”  She kind of half waved as I walked out the bedroom door.  The lack of a goodbye kiss or even the attempt was a good sign.  I think the visit had broken her delusions of us being secret girlfriend and boyfriend.  Dressing at the front door I left Harmony's house, thinking she now likely understood she wasn't just Glory's toy to play with but mine as well.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Seeing as all of us are stuck in our abodes with little to do but read porn and in the cases of what we read is legal; use it as instructions, I thought I'd add a second chapter  to the first posted today.  And my last helpful hint: investing in diaper companies. In nine months there is gonna be a boom. 
Enjoy the next chapter and as always let me know what you think.

Chapter 30  Secrets

Glory still wasn't home from her shopping with Daisy when I got there. I'd come in as quietly as I could through the side door, thinking I'd be able to sneak past Mom and go to my room. I needed to relax for a while until Glory got home signaling Daisy was at her house.   I wasn't that lucky or unlucky depending on your frame of mind.  Mom was in her Vee robe though it covered little of her body as she lay back on the couch.  She had her smooth cunt hanging off the couch with her finger grinding up and down in her slit. The motion of her arm and the undulation of her body made her tits jiggle, looking fuller and firmer than the last time I saw them. At the same time, her stomach was clenching and relaxing showing off her firm muscles even under the rounding paunch she was developing.

She was a sight to behold as anyone coming to the front door or looked in the front window would have seen. But she wouldn't have seen them. Her eyes were held tightly closed as she pleasured herself. 

I stood there quietly watching her grind her clit as her breathing was erratic and catching. She ran two fingers into her wet cunt and ground her clit with her thumb soon after I'd started watching.  I wasn't sure if she knew I was there or not as she grabbed her tit squeezing it, letting her firm flesh protrude out between her fingers as did her fat hard nipples. She rolled her nipples between groans and pants she moaned and mumbled, “God Alex squeeze my nipples . Oh yes suck on Mommy's titties. Mmmm  finger Mommy's cunt.”  The whole time she was imagining me pleasuring her, her body wormed on the couch yet she didn't move down it.

Mid-crying out, “Oh God yes” Mom's eyes popped open seeing me. She still had orgasm face when I saw the glassy look in them.   Then I saw the cause of the glassy eyes and what was making her orgasm face look funnier than usual.  There was a glass with the remnants of liquid in it. I didn't need to get any closer to know what was in the glass was alcoholic.  What I didn't know was how many times it had been filled, but I was fairly sure it was more than twice.

She held out her arm and her finger motioned for me to come to her, “Come and give Mommy what she needs.”

I would've acted like I didn't hear her, but I was staring right at her flushed breast and sopping pussy.  From a distance I asked, “What do you need Mom?”

“My pussy needs a licking or a fucking.” she answered, parting her wet bloated labia, running a finger put between them shivering as it crossed her clit.

“Mom...” I started before getting interupted.

“Vee.” she stated. “Now come on over here.”

Her toys that I had, needed to be put away before she noticed they were gone.  If she hadn't already by  going after the dildo.  If I did that and she was passed out when I got back, I was fine with it. If she was still awake,  I'd deal with it then. “I'll be right there, I gotta pee first.” 

With the toys back in the box I headed back in where mom was.  She was still awake having finished off the remnants of the alcohol in her glass and was again stroking her cunt.  She again said, “Come on be a good boy and help your mommy out.”

I found her inability keeping her personalities straight humorous. It also meant she likely was crossing into drunk, since fully sober or completely drunk she kept the two separate. Cautiously I approached my reclining mother. I thought I'd try and get her mind off her cunt since Glory could be home at anytime and the last thing I wanted was being deep into Mom's pussy if Glory walked in.  “Is Glory home?”

“No she's still out with DeeDee.” She answered. Then dreamily she mumbled, “Damn is she hot, and that tight cunt of hers...God is it tasty. Oh to have those long legs wrapped around my head again.”

Ignoring Mom's admission of eating out my thirteen year old girlfriend. I agreed with all she said, Daisy did taste fabulous and there was no position I'd rather be in than between her thighs warming my ears; unless it was my hips between them and my cock warmed by her cunt.  “What time do you expect her home?”

“If I know Glory, not until late. She'll have that cute blonde's head in her delicious twat. Either that or have hers in that delectable little slit.”  Mom slurred sounding a bit jealous. Jealousy turned to slurred pathetic pleading,  “Maybe you could do that for me while she's not here?”

Still not acquiescing to Mom's desire for my servicing, I said, “So you're not sure when she could be walking in.”

“Please.” She drew the word out making it take three times longer than it should. The dejected sound in her slur was palatable. Her hand reached out grabbing at me as I passed close by, planning on getting the empty cup she left on the end table.  I under estimated her reach and with a handful of my shorts she pulled me stumbling to the couch.  I fell catching myself on the back of the couch. I was left bridged over Mom's head.

My shorts were easy prey for hands that moved quicker than I would've expected from a drunk woman.  She yanked both my shorts and underwear below my knees making standing back up straight even harder and taking more time.  It was time she needed; seizing my ball sack making my moving  away from her impossible with out ripping my nuts off.  Not wanting to lose my nuts, I stayed in position.

Vee's lips wrapping my mostly flaccid cock was somewhat expected, occurring shortly after.  The vacuum of her mouth felt great on my shrunken cock.  It was the smacking of her lips after circling my dick with her tongue that reminded me I hadn't washed Harmony's pussy juices off my dick.  I hoped my dick washer was drunk enough not to notice the change of taste. Plus I was fairly safe in the assumption she wouldn't have tasted that particular flavor of pussy. 

While Mom had taken my cock into her mouth with it less than fully hard, her expertise at sucking cocks turned it that way. Her cheeks hollowed and her head bobbed along the stretched skin of my hardened member.  She rolled her tongue around my head's ridge concentrating on the piss hole each time. She held me such that only the ridge pressed on the back of her pearly white teeth. Her tongue was magnificent at reducing my will power. The more she slid the tip up my “V” and into the tiny hole at the tip of my head, the more I wanted that tip flicking her clit and buried deep in the canal I came from.
But it wasn't her tongue, which had me move my lips toward her full tear drop shaped tits topped nipples. It was the wonderfully salacious feeling of her throat gagging on my bulbous head one second and pulling it further down the next.  She arched her back raising her tit to meet my lips. My lips encircled the nub pushing down on the puffy skin raising it on the firm breast.  Her moan at my action reverberated on my head deep in her throat.  She bobbed and slurped on my cock as I licked and sucked on the gently sloped, and tightly rounded flesh of her breast.

Abandoning the untenable position I was in, I began licking a path down her taut stomach making her tighten it. Mom gasped and sucked between the times my head cut off her air supply.  Having given in to Mom's incestuous lust and my own base lasciviousness I moved, putting my knee between the back of the couch and her head. My licking down her torso ended after I crossed the pouch below her belly button to the top of her slit. I pushed my groin down into her face mashing her chin and resting my balls on her nose.

I pumped my cock down her throat in tandem with my tongue driving into her pussy. Her smooth thighs clasp down on my ears and the wet flesh from her earlier orgasm pressed on my cheeks when I flicked her clit.  Her worming stopped and only hips bucked up at my face. Lapping down over her clit and inserting my tongue down her vagina  My dick head deep in her throat she dug her fingers into my ass holding me.   I was doing the same to her digging  my fingers into her ass and hips pulling her cunt tight to my lips. 

She tasted different than the night of the fuck fairy. Her juice flowed freely and thickly.  The new taste and feel was delightful. Her juices were smeared on my lips and face as I kissed, nipped and lapped her inflamed pussy lips. Down into the crevices of her pussy and between it and her thighs I licked  and worshiped her flesh with my mouth.  I lapped up as much juice as I could the rest smeared across my face and down my chin.

The heat of our bodies increased as we indulged in each others sex. Mom had been dragging her teeth lightly along my shaft as she skimmed up and down when her hand went to my balls.  She gasp and panted loudly when my cock passed out from between her lips.  But her lips didn't fully leave my prick,  she kept kissing and lapping the length of my pricks underside.  She swaddled my testicle with her mouth. Lewdly she sucked them into her mouth while writhing under my assault on her cunt.  For more than an hour,  we partook in all the carnal pleasures our mouths could. Mom rode a wave of orgasm for half that time.

While she was licking the back side of my balls, she paused and her gasps ended.  She groaned, “Oh god yes, Alex  there bite me there.” She moaned as my teeth were grinding against her clit's protection. Mom's thighs and stomach quivered at the small climax. I continued the gentle grinding of her clit's hood, mixing in a flick of my tongue on the button.  The flow from her passage gushed before my mouth covered the hole letting the orgasmic juices run down onto her ass hole.   Vee being kept on the crest of her orgasm, had returned my cock head to her mouth. Her lips sealed around it when not moaning out the joy my tongue was bringing to her snatch.

I lowered my dick further in her mouth longing again for the half gagging, half swallowing of my mushroomed head and the swirl of her tongue. Her throat instinctively gagged and swallowed but her ongoing orgasm limited Vee's tongue's swirling.  The massage and groping of her ass that had been going on had worked its way to her puckered brown hole. The press on her sphincter put Vee into a higher plain of desire.

She stopped the sucking on my cock, pushing on my hips removing my hard cock from her mouth to whine, “Alex, fuck me...I need your dick in me, now.”  She moved under me taking her over heated cunt from my lips.  I didn't resist her moving, her favorite thin robe getting caught up in us, slowing her progress.  She removed the covering completely off her as she slid out from under me and off the couch.  Standing over me exposing her luscious body with its finely curved hips and her firm tear dropped tits that had definitely felt fuller in my mouth, she bent down letting them form solid bombs as she finished stripping my shorts from my calves.

Not bothering with my shirt she pulled on me to join her off the couch repeating, “Gawd I need your dick in me.  You've gotta fuck me and fuck me hard.” 

Being pulled up my hard cock sticking out below my T-shirt I ask, “What about Glory?”

“Fuck Glory, I need your dick. I need it now,” She said turning and laying her stomach across the ottoman, pulling her ass cheeks apart exposing both her holes. It was a positively lewd exhibition of her rounded ass and two holes both covered in thick pussy juice. .   “Please do me now.” she pleaded over her shoulder, the slur mostly gone.     

Looking at the easy access to Vee's body along with the wanton  actions, I put Glory out of my mind. My own lust for Vee's body took control of my reason.  But I still maintained the desire for the first time Mom would remember my cock down her cunt would be a long love making in her bed, not a quick fuck bent over an ottoman. Yet I was going to bury my dick in her, and I was going to enjoy the hell out of it.   

“Ok Vee, you'll get your fucking.” I said, bending down I put my lips at the top of her ass crack, placing a kiss. I moved up her body running my tongue along her spine making her shiver. Putting my chest on her bare back moving her dark hair from my path and away from her neck, I noticed my name in very light purple from the last time the Fuck Fairy had visited. Avoiding the hickeys, I attached my lips.  Biting down on her long neck,  she became less fidgety. I pressed my chest harder onto her back using it to further reduce her ability for squirming.  It was needed as my cock touched on her puckered hole.

“No..No, in my pussy. Fuck my pussy,” she whimpered, when I applied pressure inward on her colon's gate. 

“Nah..I want your sweet ass.  It looked like it could use a good fucking.” I said being as course as she'd been, before going back to biting her neck. Adding an exclamation point to my licentious intentions, I smacked the side of her ass and hip the best I could.

The lube on her asshole and within the fissure of her butt was just enough with Vee's remaining saliva on my mushy head to get it through the tight muscle.  Vee groaned as the ring gave way to my head collapsing behind its cupped ridge.  Inserted in her rectum Vee changed her tune, “Oh yes..I love your dick in my ass.  Spank my naughty ass while you fuck it...I'm a dirty bad girl who loves your dick in my ass...Spank my naughty ass.”

Mom had gone over the edge in her kinky desire. I pushed my dick further in her hole relying on the saliva and ass oils for lubrication. Her sphincter stretched forming and reforming to my rod as it slid past her snug asshole.  Lifting her hips up off the ottoman's cushion and mashing her tits hard into it, I reached under her finding the orgasm causing button.  It didn't take much over the hard bud before she'd reached the precipice of climaxing. 

Rubbing the button I stroked my dick in and out of her ass my balls bouncing off her fat soaked labia. The tight ring skating over my hard rod pulling on its covering while Vee's asshole bowed outward or curved inward.  Her body shook as the orgasm hit her, taking little time since she hadn't gotten far from the ledge since her first orgasm of the afternoon.  The heat of her ass washed over my stiff pole each time I entered her exit. The crush of her ringed muscle pulsated as I both entered or exited leaving only my head pressing back against it.

I could feel Mom's pulse racing in her veins, my teeth not releasing her neck's flesh while I sawed my rigid dick through her asshole. She panted and her mouth was locked open delivering a myriad of “Oh's” and “Ahs.”  I hammered her ass hard a couple of times with my ball's slapping on her pussy lips echoing in the room followed by a grunted, “Augh” from both of us.

Changing tact of fucking her ass, I rabbited my just my cock head in and out of her hole. It's closing up some before my spongy mushroom head punched through the partially closed hole rapidly set my brain reeling.  I hoped Vee's brain too was reeling from the surging of my dick and the accompanying burnishing of her clit at the same pace.  Her body's reaction became more intense when I pinched the hard nub. She wailed out, “I'm cuming... Fuck me...Aurgh..Fuck my ass harder.” 

I pile drove my cock into her hole, my own climax seconds away.  A second thrust into her spasming ass while her whole body was racked by orgasmic convulsions, put my cock in position delivering my seed into her bowels.  The jets rocketed up through my dick as I bellowed, “Cumming...Fuck so good...take my seed,” though I knew it was delivered where it couldn't flourish and grow.

Vee yipped, “Oh so hot. Ah yes so hot in me.” Her legs quaking barely noticeable as she came down from her orgasm. 

I was loving the feeling of dregs running out of my dick into her rectum, when I heard the side door open. Pulling out of Mom's lovely ass quickly she groaned what sounded like disappointment.  And knowing she wanted to be called Vee at the moment I said sternly and quietly, ”Damn it Mom, Glory is home. Now get moving.”  I threw her flimsy robe at her having it land on her back. She was still wallowing in ecstasy's afterglow appearing physically unable to move. 

Not moving to put on her robe I quickly slid her arms in the covering and tossing her onto the couch leaving the front open exposing all of her. Rapidly moving her hand to her pussy making it look like her red swollen pussy  was from masturbating. Finally showing signs of situational awareness she quietly ask, “Where are you going?”

Finding my shorts, just as quietly I answered, “I'm going somewhere else. I can't be here if you were masturbating.” I said then stressing, “You were masturbating, understand?”

“Yes, but you can stay. I don't care if you see me masturbating. Actually you want to do it for me?” she asked more sober than her words indicated.

“Mom!” was hollered from the other room. Thankfully Glory went to the master bedroom first and then to Dad's office again hollering, “Mom!”  Had she actually looked as she blew past the doorway instead of just glancing in seeing a tiny bit of the family room she would have seen Mom's hand on my dick while I tried pulling my shorts back up, dreamily saying, “You’ve such a nice cock.”

“Damn it Vee,” I said getting the blue shorts back over my still mostly hard cock. As fast and as quiet as I could I went for the stairs. 

Glory must've seen Mom's head as she came in excited hollering, “Mom! What the fuck?! How long has he been doing this? Oh my gawd I can’t believe this. It’s fucking crazy.  Oh shit who else knows?”

Sure we were caught, I spun around acting like I just came from my room upstairs stepping off the stair tread I'd just stepped on, “Glory what is all the fucking hollering about.”

Glory for the first time stopped yammering and took in the room. Mom still giving both Glory and I a full frontal view with a cunt that looked like it had been used recently. My cock being hard didn't help make me look innocent in making her cunt red.  Mom gradually realized that she wasn't helping in looking innocent.  She pulled together of her open housecoat, which she kept closed by crossing her arms under her rounded breast.

Glory looked curiously at Mom and then me. I was sure she put two and two together and even her limited intelligence came up with four. Her lack of curiosity made me sure she came up with the right answer which brought her back to her original topic of agitation.  “Mom I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.  When were you going to tell me? It’s all over the internet. I’ll never live this down.”

I know I was ghostly white. I couldn’t imagine how my incestuous relation with Mom had gotten onto the net. We hadn’t been real careful about being in front of windows, like we were at that moment.  Mom suddenly seemed completely sober and much calmer than me saying, “You’re going to need to be more specific. What exactly, without the hysterics are you talking about?”

“Dad!” she hollered, much to my relief. “Dad is on the internet and he..”

“Oh gawd no.” Mom said looking angry and not letting Glory finish her agitated statement. “Show me don’t tell me.” She said clutching Glory’s arm looking upset and taking her to the kitchen. She hadn't bother tying her robe closed, letting it fly open so I could not only see her front but her ass as well. Evidently her earlier stretched asshole hadn't fully closed tightly, as some of my cum was making the inside of her crack reflect the light as it was smeared on the walls.

I watched as she clenched her ass cheeks together tightly and began walking funny  though no slower. Pulling out her laptop Mom put the glowing screen and keyboard in front of Glory as she sat down wiggling her ass against the seat. “Now show me what you are talking about.”

“I don’t remember the site’s name.” Glory said looking at me and not Mom nervously.

“Well how did you get there?” Mom asked.

“Well after waking up with…”She looked over at me embarrassed.  “Whatever was on my face that morning  I've always wondered what it was. So today when I told DeeDee about it she snickered and told me to do a search on facials. So I did a quick search of weird facial creams.  And there were a lot of videos on creampie facials so I did a search on that.” Glory typed into the search bar “creampie facials.”  The results were instantaneous, she selected the third one down explaining,  “I didn’t really read the result real close. And I got this.”

I looked at the address bar and knew I'd have to make sure my virus software was up to date. On the screen was a man that looked just like Dad from the side.  But he was bobbing his head along the  thick dick in his mouth.  There were five other bared dicks of all shapes and sizes around him jacking off.  The video didn’t have the polish of a professional one, though it didn’t have a homemade look either. I was thinking a professional videographer without the professional editing had made it.

The man in the middle was bouncing between dicks but always in profile so while it did look like Dad it could have been his doppelganger. First he would suck down one cock, just to be drug by his hair to the next guy that would ram their dick down his throat.  A couple of times there were two dicks in his mouth at once.  There was a frenzied excitement in the man in the middle of the circle and the half of his face I could see looked thrilled sucking off six guys at once.  It wasn’t until the end of the video when all the men started shooting their wads of spunk on the man’s face and he turned full faced to the camera saying, “Oh yes cum on me. Spunk my face,” was I sure it was Dad’s face getting coated in ropes of man cream and his voice asking for more.

Mom closed the lid of the laptop. “That dumbass,” she said shaking her head talking to herself. “Seventeen years of hiding it, blown by a video.”  Vee had definitely left the building at that moment. Looking at Glory with disbelief, resentment and gratitude all in the same stare Mom chided, “Glory you really didn’t know what a creampie was.  You are old enough to learn the slang and what words to use in a search and what not to.  And while I hate to say it, what you had on your face that morning was Fuck Fairy spunk…semen...cum...spooge...jizz. Take your pick.  It is actually really good at tightening your skin and making it look younger or so I've been told.”

Not letting her get off on a tangent I pulled her back to the topic at hand. “Seventeen years of hiding what?” I asked.

Gazing at me then Glory, Mom sat down. “I guess both of you are old enough to hear this, and keep it to yourselves.  But first, Alex a round of drinks for all of us.  I think we're all going to need one.”

Not wanting Mom returning to her earlier drunken state and using it as an excuse to not tell us everything, I got three glasses out. I put lots of ice in them and mixed each of us a rum and coke.  The quantities of rum used wouldn’t have gotten a mouse drunk.  While I poured the drinks Mom pulled her hair up on top her head.  Glory noticed the purple marks in Mom’s hairline along the back of her neck. “Mom what is that on the back of your neck?” she asked running her finger over the splotches.

“Oh shit your kidding.” She said. I couldn’t figure out why Mom was suddenly worried about old hickeys on her neck. That was until she said, “God I hope no one at work noticed. I tend to pull my hair up all day.”  Then looking at Glory rubbing the back of her neck she was calmer saying, “Those, Glory, are the Fairies calling card.  At some point you will probably need to be checked also.”  I knew what that meant, the two women would use hunting hickeys as an excuse to explore and pleasure each other’s bodies, after our talk.

Putting the glasses down before them, I again steered the conversation to the elephant in the room. “You were saying?”

Mom downed the drink in basically a swallow and began, “Remember children none of this leaves this room...Ever.” We both dutifully nodded our heads. “Your father and I have a lavender marriage.  I guess today you'd say we're each other’s beard.  I knew before we were married your father is gay. In public he presents himself as a straight heterosexual man, in private he's a flaming queer.  Don’t get me wrong we love each other in a very platonic way. And we have a good marriage.

Glory butted in, “So you and Dad have been gay all this time?”

“No,” Mom said emphatically. “I am not gay, I’m beginning to think maybe bisexual. Until recently I hadn’t ever been with a woman. Now I do enjoy the touch of a woman or girl every now and then, but I still prefer men. After all you can enjoy both not just one or the other.”

Having heard her say each other’s beards I asked, “You said each other’s beard. Now we know Dad was using you as a foil of respectability and to put on a heterosexual face. What was he doing for you?”

“That’s not important,” Mom deflected.

“But it is,” I argued. “If he was keeping your secret then, now that he is gone won’t that secret come out? And if this video is seen by the college won’t he lose his job as a religion professor? And all of us become social lepers?”

Flustered Mom stared at the table before answering,  “My secret is a little easier to keep. And with any luck he won’t be gone too long.”

“You mean you’re not getting divorced? Maybe he can learn to like women more and stay with us.” Glory sounded a bit desperate to keep the family together. She had always had Dad wrapped around her little finger.

“Sorry to say sweetie,” Mom said stroking Glory’s cheek, “Your dad doesn’t like women at all and I've been good with that for years.  So, no we aren’t planning on getting divorced.  I've known about his meeting guys for sex for seventeen years, and it never bothered me.” Mom explained calm though still shaking her head.  “It just became too much for him and that is why he left recently.  It was to be like an Amish rumspringa. He was supposed to go out and experience the full gay lifestyle. After a year we'd decide if we would stay married and live like the other bible toters in public and continue living like we want to in private. But I think he's gone and fucked that up with his video.  I’m not sure we can put the genie back in the bottle after that. Hopefully it's not a well visited site, we’ll just have to see.”

Not letting go of Mom’s evasiveness on what she was hiding I asked, “So where did we come from?” I was thinking back to Mom’s visitors.  “I mean are Glory and I brother and sister or are we half brother and sister? If Dad didn’t like women how did you get pregnant?... Are Glory and I part of your secret?”

Mom got the jest of the question, but looked at me like why would I ask such, “You two are truly one hundred percent brother and sister. Your father and I had sex once a year when I was ovulating trying to get me pregnant. We wanted you two to be fully blood related as your siblings would've been had any of our other attempts panned out. In fact we were due for our yearly sex to try for another baby a couple of weeks back, the day he left.  I think that is what may have hastened his exit.  He didn’t want to have sex with me, again.”

Glory caught on to what she had said and shifted uneasy in her chair. “So you’ve only had sex once a year for almost seventeen years? I don’t think I could do that.”

“Neither could I,” Mom said letting it be known she had slept with someone besides Dad.

“So you’ve had a lover for all those years, that we don’t know about? Does Dad know about him?” Glory looked a bit red in the face; angry that Mom had betrayed Dad by having a lover.

“Damn it Gloria, let it go.” Mom said looking tired of the questions and the effort needed for evasive answers.

Like a typical bratty thirteen year old girl Glory knew better than to stop, “No, this affects me too. So why won’t you tell us?”

Looking exasperated and wanting to be anywhere but where she was, Mom’s long fingers rubbed her temples she barked. “Fine I’ll tell you.” She glared at Glory for a moment then at me with a look of pleading for forgiveness for what she was about to say. “Your Dad and I met early in high school. He was the son of an across the tracks preacher. My parents were upper crust in the town we came from. They owned most of the town and the rental property. Anyway at your age Glory, I developed a love of sex. One of our drivers pulled over one night coming back from a cotillion after dropping off my escort.  He took my virginity and filled me with his lower class seed. I was hooked and every chance I got from then on out I'd find a way to go to one of the surrounding towns where I wasn’t known and fuck any young guy I could find.  My folks found out about it and tried putting an end to it, but I kept sneaking out and getting screwed any time I could. I loved and still do love the feel of a man’s life force swimming around in me after a mind blowing orgasm.” Mom's terminology put me a little on edge as the only other person to call cum that was Daisy.  Tuning back into what Mom was saying, “My parents, being the religious type and unable to stop my screwing around, threatened to disown me.  In fact they'd drawn up all the papers to give all their money to a preacher and his church when they suddenly died in a car crash before they'd signed all them. And your father being gay, his preacher father beat him and threw him out of the house the day we graduated.  That night we had a chance to really talk and realized we could help each other out. So we ran off and got married and moved away from the town and the people that knew us. I think his parents have since died and hopefully are in hell for what they did to your Dad.”

Pausing long enough to gage our reactions which I am sure my face registered as much shock as Glory’s did she continued, “Since then your father has his affairs and I have mine. And I can’t speak for your father but I don’t know the names or faces of the men that quell my urges. I find it more liberating if I don’t know them and they don’t know me. And lately the urge has been almost overwhelming, my pussy is wet all the time and my nipples itch and tingle most of the time. Thank god the Fairy has been able to take care of me, lately. I swear I am hornier than I have ever been.”

The end of her statement was too much information, for both Glory and I but I wasn’t going to stop her.  Glory looked too stunned to do anything but sit with her mouth hung open. I couldn’t help but think I could put my dick in it if it'd help her understand what she had just heard. Finally, looking angrily at Mom Glory roared, “What is it with this fucking fairy shit?”

“I don’t know, an answer to prayer.., maybe.” Mom looked confused on why Glory was questioning his existence. “But you've experienced him. I mean I can’t make the stuff that was on your face when you woke up.”

“Yeah, I know.” I was glad to see Glory at least knew the basics of where semen came from. “But there has to be another explanation.”

“If there is I don’t know of it. And to be honest it is such a great night of sexual pleasure I’m not sure I need any other explanation.” Mom said

“But how do you know it was great. You were drunk the last time so how would you know?” Glory argued.

“Honey, when you've had great sex, drunk or not it sticks with you.” Mom had a sly smile, she flashed me. The flash concerned me that maybe she was getting closer to remembering our night of, what she called great sex.

“How good could he be? After all you admit Dad left so he didn’t have to have sex with you. Maybe you’re just bad at sex and it is just some guy that knows you’re a slut that will fuck anything.”  Glory bellowed. I think because she was mad at the situation she was lashing out at Mom. 

“Gloria,” I snapped. “That was uncalled for.” 

“Oh my God, our mom is a slut.” Glory said to me, “And a hypocritical one at that, dragging us to church.”

Again I said, “Gloria that is enough.” I glared at her. I had said much the same thing to myself and had treated her as such but hadn’t rubbed it in her face. 

“It’s OK Alex,” Mom patted and took my hand. “If she wants to call me a slut that is fine, I know what I am and what I am not. I have urges and there were always men willing to meet them, Does that make me a slut? Maybe.  And to be fully honest when I was pregnant those urges were uncontrollably strong. Many times it took more than one or two men to suppress them. And the fairy has been able to do what three men sometimes couldn’t do. So I'd remember that because I didn’t wake up so horny I had to make a call to get someone here to put out my fire. So call me a slut.  Make fun of the fact a fairy comes to me when I can’t remember and squashes those urges to fuck any man around.”

It was then Mom stared Glory in the eye. “But  you young lady... you should be careful at who you call a slut. Some would say your brother butt fucking you with a dildo on the cabinet might make you a slut.  You can say he was just getting it out, but most people would've grinned and bore it and done it themselves. But not came in here knowing Alex was here letting him know you had a dick.. a fake one but a dick up your butt.  Then letting him see all of your pussy and ass you leaned over the counter and let him fuck it in and out of you in the name of removing it. But I saw the pleasure on your face as he did it.  Or your naked midnight walks to his room where you stare at his cock.  Yeah I know about those also, I figure you are just trying to get up the nerve to impale yourself on it. And you aren’t sure if Alex will stop you. He is right there go try and find out. You know you want to and I won’t stop you.  And you and Harmony..”

“Mom enough,” I hollered at her.  Glory was starting to tear up at the verbal assault. Nothing Mom had said was incorrect, it was just mean.  Both women were on the edge and fighting each other was something they could do, if the situation was what it was. And there was nothing any of us could do about it.  Wrapping an arm around Mom and the other around Glory I gave both of them a squeeze.  Both of them wrapped their arms around me and each other. I gave each of them a kiss on the cheek saying, “I love you both. Now is not the time to be fighting among ourselves. We may need all the family strength we can get.”

Mom pressed her lips to mine a bit longer than they should've been with Glory right there in my arms also, “You’re right. Sorry Gloria.” She kissed her daughter even longer than she had me. Their lips meshed together as their mouths opened, but restraint had prevented their tongues from finding the others.

Glory broke the kiss with Mom, only to press her moist lips to mine. They moved luxuriously over mine likely longer than she'd planned by the red of embarrassment that filled her face and neck, “You are a sweet brother.”

“You’re sweet, too,” I said to my little sister. “You two think you can continue being nice to each other while I go see Ben. We have some stuff we wanted to do yet today.”  It was a lie but I knew the two of them wanted to be alone.  Though I wasn't sure how Mom would explain the dripping cum coming out of her ass to Glory.

Mom hugged me tighter whispering in my ear, “You can always join us.”  It was her polite way of saying she and Glory would be pleasuring each other most of the rest of the night.

Ignoring her suggestion I said, “Let me make you two one more drink before your bartender goes. And then you two can have a good night. I am going to go study for a while, but will be back yet tonight.”  Glory knew the truth that I'd be going to Daisy's  but looked happy I'd be out of the house.

“Sounds perfect,” Mom replied sitting back down quickly. “Bartender bring me my drink.”

Glory chimed in, “Yes Alfred, bring us our drinks.”

“Your  wish is my command...On this,” I joked, though worried Mom might say something wrong. She didn't.  I made their drinks stronger that ever. There was little in the way of mixer in the glasses I handed them before leaving.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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I hope all are safe an enjoying the ability to spend their days here on KB. Let me know if this tale is helping you pass the time.

Chapter 31 Counting to Ten

At Daisy's, I was met at the door by a dressed Daisy, though only scantily. She opened the door in a bra and panties I'd never seen before. The white lace and satin panties came up over her pussy following the natural arc of her legs. They gently curved around lightly flared hips as they circled her tiny waist. Above her tan honed and flat stomach was a matching frilly white bra plastered to her small cones with their puffy nipples poking through the circular openings in each cup. The look on the cute blonde was pure sex.  Spinning around, she let me see how the panties accentuated her smooth tan lined ass cheeks as the half inch wide lace back slid halfway into her crack.

Facing back to me she jumped into my arms saying, “I wasn't sure you were going to make it. But I'm glad you did.” Hanging on to my neck her fingers ran up the back of my head as she pulled our lips together. In little time her tongue was in my mouth and I was savoring her sweet taste.

Breaking the kiss I asked, “You are? Why's that? You planning on driving me crazy wearing something that makes you look sexier than ever?”

A broad smile filled her gorgeous face, “So I'm sexy?”

“God yes,” I replied sliding my hands down the slight swale of her back and under her ass. Lifting her she wrapped her legs around my waist, her pussy flattening my hardening dick into me. “You look sexy enough to eat.”

“You like to eat me even when I not this sexy.” She giggled. “But it is a good thing these panties are crotch-less, you can eat me and I get to stay sexy.  Or better yet fuck me.”

“Sweety, we're going to fuck until we can't move,” I warned her.

She kissed me and with one hand grabbed my ass pulling tighter against me, “But first can I show you what I got today for you.”

I knew what she meant saying, “I'd love a fashion show.”

We kissed again tongues playing together, before her legs unwrapped from my waist, “Yay  they all look so good. I think you'll like them all. I know your sister did when she help me pick them out.”  She stripped off her new lingerie going to her room. Her cute little ass jiggled seductively as she ran on her toes once all the clothes were removed. 

To the empty door way I said, “I bet she did.”

From the room Daisy sing song voice said, “Yeah she made sure they fit right. We tested different positions she thought you'd put me in, to make sure they didn't come loose or pop off.”

“Really?” I said sarcastically.  Knowing  my sister, I had an idea of what she did or wanted to do to test them.

“Yeah, a couple of them popped off like she said they would.” she stated coming out of the room wearing a black teddy that again hugged her willowy form. With her long wavy blonde hair falling over her shoulders and down to the rise of her tits, she put any lingerie model to shame.  Letting her hair fall she bent down and flicked open the clasps between her thighs. “She showed me how to open this with just one hand so you would have quick access to my pussy. And pulled up just a little my clit is easy to rub or lick on without getting pussy juice on it making a mess of it.”

“I'll definitely be kneeling in front of you at some point while your wearing it.” I informed her. “How could I not. Again you look so delicious.”

“Funny Glory said the same thing,” the gleam in her eye along with the look of a remembered satisfaction made me almost positive Glory had said it while kneeling in front of her.

“She did, did she?” I said not asking anything more.  If Daisy wanted to get eaten by Glory it was fine by me, as long as she still wanted to spend the same type of time with me.

“Yeah,” she replied turning slowly letting me admire the way the teddy caressed her ass. It also slimmed her waist even more making her look like a risque teen barbie. “She looked just as edible in the teddy she tried on. But is was harder to get undone.” She unconsciously ran her fingers around the corners of her mouth. 

“So do you have anything else you plan on making me hard with?”  I asked. After asking I realized it could be taken wrong. I didn't correct or add anything else bringing attention to the second meaning. 

“Of course,” She said, heading back to the bedroom. “we picked out lots of sexy stuff, when we weren't fooling around.” I didn't know if she'd intended the doubleentendre but I could imagine them engaging in some form of sexual relations. While Glory seemed willing to play with another girl than boy, from what Daisy had told me she was welcome to either as long as it felt good. Together I could see them running around the lingerie store groping each other's asses and tits. Even a quick fingering wasn't beyond what I figured as a realm of possibilities. But I didn't think either of them would tell me about it directly.

For the next half an hour Daisy came out wearing one outfit more sexy than the last.  In the end she was in a white completely lace teddy that was skin tight with her pink nipples being held out on a wire ledge with nothing about it except a choker of imitation pearls. The hips were cut high well above her hip bones, which had a golden chastity belt resting on them.  She had on matching white lace stockings running up to mid-thigh held up with a couple of gold clasps attached to garter belt straps hanging from the front and back of the teddy. In the back the straps parted each cheek with a skin tight    fit while the gold metal of the chastity belt came up between them with a white lace accent behind it.  Her ass was good and turned up tight by the three inch stilettos that kept her on her toes and a bit off balance.

She turned and turned getting herself dizzy saying, “this one is the best of the bunch, but the belt will keep you out of my pussy.”

“So why don't you give me the key?” I asked.

“First you have to promise to fuck me after eating me.” She dangled the key to the belts lock on her finger.

“And if  I don't promise?” I teased.

She was having none of what I was selling, “Then I'll have to find someone that will. I think I could get Ben to make the promise.”

Walking over to her I ran my hand over the lace covering her back and continued down. The bend of her torso narrowing only to flare back out for her hip and the gold strap. I again found her silky flesh and the supple contour of her ass. I stroked it tenderly adoring the perfectness of it. She closed her eyes sighing delighting in the touch of my hand.  The half a minute I did this to her was planned, having her lower her guard. I pulled on the garter belt and released it letting it snap back with a pop leaving a red band down her butt, “If you think you can get that flamer to promise that, you can keep him.”

“Damn it...You take all the fun out of teasing you.” she stomped. The clack of the high heal on the wood floor echoing.

“I'll tell you what, I'll do to make it up to you. I'll give you the best massage of your life, limbering you up and will rock your world...At least ten times.” I said in the way of an apology.

“I'd rather be fucked, but it's a deal. Ten times you said.” she smiled broadly knowing she got the better of me.

I quickly swept her up, carrying her small frame in my arms before she expected it. “Well lets get to it.” I took her to the bed, laying her down. I took the stiletto off and placed her ankle on my shoulder. I undid the clasp at the top of her stocking. Rolling it down, starting high on her inner thigh, I kissed and nibbled on her flesh as it was uncovered.  She giggled a little when I dabbed my tongue on the back of her knee. The sculptured calf and thin ankles were also venerated by my lips before taking the stocking off her foot.   

Knowing how Mom like having her toes sucked, I had Daisy moaning and her breathing getting more rapid as I let each of them pass between my lips.  With her squirming on the bed I traverse the same path back up her bared leg being sure to breathe in her scent emanating from behind the clasps at her crotch.  I exhaled heavily making sure the heat of my breath passed around the golden protection and permeated the lace fabric beneath it covering her pussy.

Setting Daisy's nude leg off my shoulder and putting it back, hanging off the bed I took the shoe of the other foot.  Putting her ankle on my other shoulder I began doing the same as I'd just finished.  Again rolling a stocking down her thigh I attacked the skin as it was uncovered. Her excitement had her thigh quivering under my lips as she panted faster. Down I followed the lace stocking taking my time on the newly exposed skin making sure I was keeping her in a heightened state. For a second time she jumped and squirmed at my tongue pressing on the back of her knee.  The form of her calf mirrored the other as did my actions with it.  Even her toes were caressed by my mouth in the same way. 

Coming back up toward her pussy I groped the firm flesh devoid of any covering except the thin layer of saliva I'd left as I kissed and sucked my way down her leg. Her flesh was just as warm and supple on the way back up. Her gasps and the quivering in her thighs increased as I got closer to her covered cunt.  In the crook of her leg and pelvis my cheek pressed against the locked on metal protection.

The second time I bumped the warm medieval device, Daisy held up her hand swinging a key hanging from her finger, “You're going to need this.”

“Oh am I?” I asked a devilish smile crossing my face.

“Yes unless you pick the lock,” she replied her chest still rising and falling quickly due to my lips running up her pelvis following the curve of her teddy's leg hole.

Having reached the top of her protruding hip bone I didn't give up on teasing, “I'm pretty sure I can give you a massage with out taking this thing off.” The metal made a high ting when I tapped it with my fingernail.

“But you said you were going to rock my world ten times,” She said still huffing her excitement.

“But I don't remember saying anything about coitus,” I said running the hand that had been stroking and kneading her thigh went to the bottom of her shear covering. With little trouble I undid the hooks, behind the golden looking metal, holding the white lace together between her thighs.

Her fast shallow breathing slowed getting closer to normal asking, “What's coitus?”

“Sex, making love, fucking, screwing, doing it, intercourse, scoring, making the beast with two backs.” I replied rapid fire getting back to her protruding bone biting down on it.

“Oh... Then how are you going to rock my world?” she asked pretty much back to normal, though squirming in anticipation.

Taking a hand, pulling her up to sitting I pushed the the teddy up until if was all scrunched up under her smallish mounds. “I know this is usually taken off downward, but there is a problem with that tonight so if you'd lift your arms. It will go upward this once.” I replied not answering any part of her question.

She did as I asked. I wriggled and snaked the sexy outfit over her head exposing her tits. While her arms were pinned up over her head and her face was covered with the white lace, I attached my lips to her succulent nipples. They were puffed up and pointing at me daring me to suck them. She squealed while her head was wrapped in the outfit.  “That's cheating.” She pushed her chest out making more of the flesh available.

Daisy finished removing the outfit, while I flicked and licked the nub on the end of the puffy cone  on the fuller coned flesh. With her arms freed, she held my head to her breast, moaning at every renewed suck and lick of her nipples. The heaving of her chest pulled and pushed her breast in my mouth while I nursed on the teat. Daisy kept a hold of my head as she fell back onto the mattress.

Despite enjoying the feel and taste of the nipple in my mouth and the naked lithe body pressed against my clothed one, I got off her and the bed. “I'll be back in a minute. So roll over for your massage. “  In her bathroom I found the aloe vera.  I  knew it would be there, since most girls her age have it for after they overdo sunbathing.  I took the bottle to the kitchen and nuked it for a while getting it good and hot. 

Stripping off my clothes once I was back in the room Daisy said, “That's the way I like you best.  Naked.”

“Right back at you.” I stated with a wink. “But right now I'm thinking this would be better if you had plastic sheets.” I said thinking of the mess pulling the dildo out of Glory made when I'd used the olive oil.

“Now your just getting kinky,” Daisy replied. “And right now I'm thinking I like kinky.”

“Obviously, you have a chastity belt around your waist.  How many women or girls have you seen or heard of wearing one of those?” I inquired only half kidding, clicking the metal hoop.

“Not many.” She replied adding, “But I know a whole lot of men wouldn't be where they are today had their girlfriends or lovers been wearing one.”

Climbing up straddling her hips, sitting on her lower back, I felt the metal of the belt across my butt. “Too true,” I admitted. “Now this is going to be hot.” I warned squirting a puddle of the aloe between her shoulder blades. “And pull your hair up, please.” She lifted the thick blonde hair with her hands and let it lay across her forearm before raising them both above her head.  The result was her whole face was obscured by her blonde locks.

The first moaned sigh of many came as I press my hands down firmly in the puddle, pushing it up and over her shoulders. Her taut skin took on a sheen as my fingers pressed into her flesh hard rubbing across the muscles below.  She groaned, “Oh God that is wonderful, forget coitus you can do this all night.”

“But I like coitus.” I laughed, my hands sliding on a layer of aloe traveling up her shoulders and to the back of her neck. I gently squeezed the long muscles along her neck spreading the baby oil up to her hairline.  Up and down my thumb and forefinger rubbed along her slender neck, while she groaned I could feel her muscles relax and become pliable.  Down her spine I continued stroking going over each bone sticking out.  Adding more hot aloe to her back I spread it out going around her shoulder blades and along her sides.  Using both hands I wiped up along one side from her underarm to her hip bone.  Adding more aloe I did the other.

On both sides, my fingers pressed on the sides of her slightly squashed cones. She sighed but her relaxed state took on a more tense posture with each stroke and addition lubricant to the side of her tit.  As I moved away from her tits, down to the swale of her lower back manipulating the muscles along her metal belt, Daisy asked, “Should I turn over now?”

“Oh no. I'm not nearly done with you the way you are.” I replied, continuing the massage of her torso. Up both sides of her I wrapped my hands around the curve of her expanding chest, letting my forearms graze her as my palms again stroked her flattened cones.  Putting on more aloe, my hands slid effortlessly over her back's expanse of skin.  From over her shoulder to the waist band of the chastity belt I coated her completely with aloe making her back shine in the light.

My fingers playing on the side of her tit she again asked, “Now, can I please turn over.”

My answer didn't change, “Not yet, I'm still not done.”

“Please,” She pleaded.

“No,” was my one word answer.  Spinning on her back, my feet ended up in her under arm rubbing the edge of her breast with the tops of my feet.  The turn was followed by my hand sliding down between her thighs, into the crook between them and her golden protection. Again with a short statement , “Spread'em.”  Daisy did as I requested immediately.

I heard her sigh at my fingers sliding down against her plump pussy lips. With her legs widened my hands came back up the same way they had gone down pressing her lips tightly together beneath the belt.  I kept my hands on her butt cheeks on either side of the metal separator.  Back from between her legs I poured aloe on each of her globes. Then I slid the bottle below the golden connector running over her ass crack.  Squeezing the bottle the hot aloe ran into her fissure.

“Oh gawd it's running into my pussy.” she said squirming. I ignored her comment and started rubbing the other puddles that had begun making streaks along her round globes. Spreading the aloe fully on her small tight ass cheeks until all of her skin glistened, I groped the available flesh. I took handfuls of her globes gently squeezing them working my way all around. At the base of the rounded muscles, I cupped them pressing my fingers into the curves as I went around.

Daisy again sighed and moaned at each grope and pull on her flesh. Her breathing increased and shallowed as I took her thigh in both hands. Lifting it from the bed one hand rubbed along her pussy while the other wrapped the outside of it. Up and down and around I smeared more lubrication down to the knee. Back at the joining of leg and torso I added more aloe to her thigh pushing some of it up along her pussy lips. The heat and juices of her cunt mixed with the aloe on my hand and running down her ass crack making her box a slippery mess.

Taking the excess pussy lube and aloe from under her protected fissure, I started applying it to her.  Her calves and back of her legs were coated in the gathered fluids as I leaned down on her butt stretching out on her. My hands traveled up her slick skin inside her thighs as I sat back up. They stopped pressed on either side of her protection. The base of her pussy lips were pushed together as I sawed my hands in opposite directions. She moaned loudly spreading her legs wider. The sawing couldn't go any closer to the split the plumped up lips created. “Argh, Rub my clit, it's burning”

“Your personal protection device is going to prevent that.” I informed her, running my fingers partly into her ass crack under the chastity belt. Again at the top of her crack, the belt stopped me from going any further up. Staying below the stopping ring her oily butt felt good under my hands.

“Then let me turn over and take it off.” she said sounding aggravated at the teasing.

“You can do both of those while I go make this hot again,” I said smacking her behind in a friend kind of way. I climbed off her and the bed going to the kitchen's microwave. Coming back in Daisy was still on the bed but spread eagle.

On the floor next to her was the metal chastity belt, on her face was a huge smile. “Now the front.”

“Now the front,” I repeated back to her. “The question is where to start.” I put a drop of the hot aloe on each of her nipples. “I could start at the top of your breast.” I rubbed the oil into her nipples by rolling them between my thumb and forefinger.  She nodded vigorously, moaning the whole time I rubbed the aloe into her puffy areolas and hardened nipples.

Dripping a few drops on the underside of her tiny tits letting them form small streaks, I cupped her breast where the aloe was dribbling down. “I could start here.” I stated closing my hand on the cones kneading the firm flesh. “They feel truly fabulous,” I stated sliding my hands to the side a little smearing the aloe.  When her sigh filled my hands with more of her tits I moved them away.

I again drizzled more of the hot aloe into the indention of her belly button filling the void. There was a squish when the flat of my finger when into the small indention making the contents squirt out onto her contracting stomach. She giggled as I tapped my finger down on her bellybutton making the remaining fluid splash out. “ But this looks like a nice place also... nice and flat and tight.” I said kissing her below the edge of the puddle and her pussy hair.

She giggled even more saying, “Yeah there... start there.”

With much of her pussy hair already flattened by the chastity belt plus earlier pours and her leaked pussy juice I added a couple more drops, using my fingers to rub it into any hair untouched. I moved some of her sparse fine hairs making them form an arrow pointing at her slit. “Although here works too.  So close to your love button. I wonder if I could massage that and still have you lying still on the bed.” I circled the nub with a finger making it take a long time going up and down in her slit below it. 

“Oh god yes there...It's so good there.” She huffed her body tensing up as I passed over her clit after circling it a couple of times.

I quickly move the finger away putting my aloe covered hands on the thighs, “No...That's not good all the relaxed left. Your thighs they are so tense again.” I started squeezing the tensed muscles working down away from her box. 

“Ah gawd, your going to make this take forever.” she panted. Her head that had raised watching me fell back on to the pillow in a sign of resignation.

“Of course I have to get you in the right state of mind. Getting you off like never before ten times is going to take lots of prep work.” I stated working my hands back up from her knees to the edge of her cunt. 

While I was sawing on the outsides of her plump pussy lips with the sides and edges of my palms, I ran thumbs along the insides of the bloated flesh.  She excitedly said as she inhaled and exhaled deeply, “Forget ten... give me one now.”

“Patience,” I said climbing  back on the bed. Putting her legs on either side of my hips, I sat on my calves. There was a heat from the back of her slick thighs and emanating from her pussy that couldn't be missed.  I scooted up until the natural and aloe lubed lips were wrapping the base of my dick.  She moaned loudly as her soggy bun wrapped my hard hot dog.

“Holy shit,  I'm never going to relax if you keep doing things like that.” She stated grabbing the bedspread. She moaned as my hands left her pelvis going to the remaining puddle in her bellybutton.  Flicking it out I poured more oil on her, letting my palms glide on a sheet of hot oil covering Daisy's finely tanned and hardened flat belly.  At her tiny tits I molded and kneaded them using the slick aloe in skating over her nipples without any resistant friction. 

Leaning forward going further up her chest, I ran my aloe coated hands over her collar bones.  She moaned as my hands went up them. But the moan was more likely a reaction to my dick sliding along her slit than my sliding hands.  My balls trailing my cock, sailed up her labia being tickled by wet pubes still sticking up. My dick went around the curve of her pelvis as it cruised up over her clit, making every vein and bump buffet it.  Working the muscles of her shoulders and upper chest she rocked her pelvis tickling my nut sack and  shifting the dog in the bun. 

I made sure to kiss along her neck up to her ear while she humped on me. “You know I'm not going to cum from that.” I lied. The sensations passed to my brain were thrilling and getting to me.  Daisy's masturbation using my dick as her dildo got more involved. She humped faster on my rod as her moans and sighs increased.  Her face was frozen her mouth open panting as she destroyed any tension relief of my massage with her grinding.  She let out a loud, “Augh,” and arched up, feet and shoulders fixed in place. I pinched her nipples while she was incapacitated by her orgasm, drawing a, “Argh” I let go of her nipples and kneaded her breast as her orgasm came off its peak and she was no longer board stiff.

She melted into the bed as my hands continued massaging her panting breast.  Her scrubbing along my cock also ended as the torrent of cum ran from her.  The peak of her orgasm past, I though, wasn't done with her still aroused body. Down around the outsides of the pert tits I caressed her, while her breathing slowed more and she sighed taking on the look of pure contentment.  I slid my cock down through the soggy bun until only the head was left in the heated slit. My movements and cock head  stopping at the indention of her pussy hole, opened her eyes.   

Her orgasmic juices continued oozing out of the entrance my cock filled. As I humped my cock forward pressing my prick through the constricting velvet walls, her pussy rippled and undulated milking my cock as it pierced her. I plowed it through the wet plush collapsing hole until my balls were press tight against her ass. Daisy's breathing that earlier had mostly returned to normal was again raspy. She groaned, “Oh god I'm gonna cum again. Your dick's gonna make me cum.”

I stopped moving once my cock had bumped over her cervix, resting against it, like we did the first night. Daisy tried humping me when I didn't start fucking her, but I held her hips firmly down. She groused, “Come on aren't you going to screw me.  I need to feel your dick moving in me. Shooting deep in me.”

I smiled down at my skewered blonde girlfriend, “I'm gonna move, just not now. Now I'll continue your massage.” Moving my hands from her hips, she started moving them sliding my dick out of her. Once again I held her hips stationary returning my dick fully into my moaning partner.  “Don't do that. I don't want to strap you down to massage you. It is supposed to be relaxing.” I warned.

Daisy's eyes lit up and she started squirming, “Ooh...tied down. You promise? You gonna spank me too.  I might find that relaxing.”

“Oh you are my kinky girl.” I said pinning her down to the bed. “Tell you what, you behave for the rest of the night and you'll have your night of tied up kink soon.”

“Pinky swear,” She held up her hand with her pinky crooked. It was strange for her to do as she'd never done it before and it seemed like such a little girl thing to do. Which made it all the more ironic she was doing it for a promise of kinky S&M sex.

I figured I would humor her on the method of the swear. “Pinky swear.” I said interlocking my pinky with hers. “Now where was I?” I asked rhetorically as my hands slid back up her to her bellybutton once her squirming stopped. 

“Alex that tickles. And I want my night of kink with you.” she said looking like she was straining against moving. All the muscles in her flat stomach tensed making it look even more like it belonged on a porn site with other oiled flat bellies being screwed.  The contracting wasn't limited to her stomach as her pussy too compressed my invading dick.

“Ok I'll move down here,” I said my hands skidded on her equally flat mons.

“Mmm..Uh-hu that feels good.” She said closing her eyes once again. I pressed down a bit more as I made figure eights in the collected aloe, smirking about the arrow just below my hands. With the extra pressure just above her pelvic bone I could feel the pressure moving her womb. It was an odd feeling as it moved the cervix attached, which my cock head felt. Soon she had a hitch in her breathing, catching each time my cock was pressed more firmly into her. The indirect pressure making my cock rub sideways on her wombs locked door caused a hitch to be a pant.

As her breathing became more labored, I sped up the figure eights, “So you like this.”

Her answer wasn't immediate. It appeared she needed time putting the words together. Even then they came haltingly, “Yes...Please...Please fuck...Fuck me...This isn't fair.” The muscles of her abdomen were contracting in a consistent fashion. With the contracting came her groan “Ungh” and her hands slapping the bed.

Continuing the abdomen massage with one hand, I put a thumb on her clit pressing down. I mimic the motion on her slick abdomen on her clit. Going out and around the hard nub while stroking all of its protection.  In a few seconds the slapping of the bed sped up becoming irregular. It ended with a hard wallop in which she balled the bed covering into her fist, arching her back wailing, “Eee-augh.”

I felt her vagina clamp down while she writhed in front of me. I didn't give her any relief from my stroking her clitoris, even when her clenched muscles started trembling uncontrollably, and she thrashed about struggling at getting away from the stimulation.  The twist and squirms pulled on my cock that her pussy wouldn't let go of. The more I rubbed on her button the harder her walls compressed. I thought she was gonna take my cock with her but I persisted in pressing on her pleasure button.

Seeing the pleasure was seconds from being pain, I left her clit alone, running my hand up to her jiggling tits. The small cones flesh fit in my palms. The lubed nipples when easily through my fingers as  they pinched and pulled up on them over and over again.  I covered her mouth with mine in the first kiss since starting the massage. Her ragged breath filled my mouth, while I began stroking in and out enjoying the constrictions.

Daisy didn't say a word as I pounded her cunt. Her dazzling blue eyes were fixed wide open in surprise. The rest of her face followed suit in being petrified. Her head thrown back into the bed, her mouth was open in a permanent “Ah”. It took a while but her body's movement returned. She rocked her hips and propelled her cunt into my driving cock. The crush of her clit between our pelvises with each concussion brought moans and grunts from both of us.

The slap of my balls on her slimy plump lips made a splat shortly after the pop of our bodies coming together. Her whole body began twitching, her legs and arms quivered against me when she wrapped them around me. Her slick body slid along mine. Her tiny squashed tits slid along my chest her puffy oiled nipples were jabbed by my hard ones as the squish of my cock going through her wet lubed vagina occured. The quakes and tremors for a short time were unbridled jerking and convulsions before she fell back limp.

The sight of Daisy completely enthralled in her orgasm was utterly beautiful. The beautiful sight and feeling of her vagina squeezing my rod and cock head had me ready to blow.  I rammed my dick hard into her depths releasing my load. Daisy moaned into my ear, “Oh fuck yeah, give me your life force.  I love it swimming around in me.” Despite myself, I couldn't help but hear my Mom's voice in what she said.

“God I love this,” I replied sounding raspy  even to myself.  My dick swelled with the jets of cum that added to the sodden flesh it was buried in. Her cunt in response milked my rod sucking in the opaque goo filling her cavity. With each of my cock's lurches she mewled lightly biting my shoulder.

After over filling her stretched vagina  the froth of our churned cum clung to my cock and her pussy lips as I resumed pumping in and out. Daisy thrust up from under me panting and gasping while her pussy pulsed against my emptied rod that was gradually loosing its turgid nature. I stopped the forceful thrust needed for entry down her; lying on her keeping most of my weight on my arms, not crushing her while she chewed on my flesh leaving small indentations.

Tired but not yet to the number of  climaxes I had promised, I rested for a while, her aloe covered arms wrapping my neck  and hands gripping my shoulders.  When recovered from the powerful endorphins our climaxes I found my cock still in her half erect. The warmth and residual contractions of her plush canal around my partially sated cock was increasing the desire for more of what sated it.  I pulled out of the pleasure hole before  I was completely sated. Raising her head with what looked like a lot of effort, Daisy griped, “Don't go, I like you in me.”

“I'm not done yet,” I assured her as I flipped her over like a rag doll. Again I put her legs on either side of my hips such that my half hard dick fell against her soggy perineum. “But, there is still more massaging to be done.”  I said reapplying the aloe to her slender back.

She jumped a bit as the gel hit her skin. “It's not as hot as it use to be.” I figured it'd be a bit colder, but the goose bumps that developed were unexpected.  I stroked over the bumpy skin spreading out the aloe across her shoulders and shoulder blades.  She was more receptive and easier at getting her moaning contentment, having already orgasmed three times. For sometime she enjoyed the kneading of her back's muscles and smooth skin. The feel going down the hour glass like figure to the dimples in the swale of her back had my cock re-swelling.

I added more aloe to her round cute ass and started rubbing it in. I made sure I'd applied ample excess. The extra was painted onto the sides  of her ass crack and down into its valley.  I made sure to coat her round wrinkled flesh with copious amounts pressing my thumb down hard.  The pressure forced the lubricant through the tightly closed orifice. Into the pillow in which Daisy's face was plastered, she began repeating, “Oh yeah, put it in. Fuck my butt.”

Sure I'd forced more than enough lube up her asshole in case later I'd bow to Daisy's wishes and fuck her ass. I put my erect cock between her ass cheeks, while my hand went around her hip to find her clit. Having found her button, it was still sensitive from the last rubbing and grinding. From the first touch Daisy humped at my hand all the while running her ass crack up an down my pole lubricating it.

Not taking her face out of the pillow she reached around behind her trying to get my cock head pointed at her small wrinkled asshole. Not getting a hold of the organ of her desire, mainly because I was blocking her. “Come on let me have it. I'm just gonna point it at my butt, not put it in.” she whined three times before giving up.

“Stop it,” I said blocking her each time she grabbed for my dick. “We're not doing that now.” I added quickly grinding the top of her pussy.

Daisy's reaction to the grinding was predictable. She humped harder and faster at my hand while letting out a guttural groan. The hand going for my cock shot to mine on her clit trying to block me. The wet and aloe lubed pussy lips were bloated and easily plucked. My fingers when left and right and back across them and her clit catching the edges and letting them vibrate back into place.

Reaching under her chest at the same time gently stroking and rolling her unseen nipples increased the flush of her skin and expanding of her rib cage as she gasped.   Her grinding and humping inched her backward, until her oily wisps of pubic hair scratched up against my shaved balls.  My cock being wedge tightly in her ass crack being stroked by her propelled pelvis.  Her moans and movement stopped for a second after trembling overtook her body. The pause and rigidity of her muscles ended with all encompassing convulsions and plunging at my hand.

Her grunted deep, “Gawd, I'm cumming,” seemed superfluous considering her bodies reaction.  My balls felt a new rush of warm juices on them each time her bloated lips pressed down.  She flailed under my hands continued assault of her clit.  There was a second pause of the bouncing up and down along my dick as she bowed and groaned out, “Augh.”  The guttural sound took on a life of its own and lasted a long time. Her outburst ended with her squirming and scrambling dislodging my hand from her clit.  “Oh too much...too much...Gotta stop...Please stop.”

I pulled my hand out from under Daisy, putting it on her lubricated ass cheek, massaging it. “Ok but remember you're not done.” I reminded.  Teasing her, I put the nozzle of the aloe at the top of her crack letting more trickle out. The slow moving stream stopped at her asshole as the underside of my cock was pressed tight against it.

Daisy was fully limp and panted her objection into her pillow, “Done...I'm done.”

Intentionally twitching my dick, pulling it back from her asshole, I felt the held back gel run down between Daisy's pinkish sphincter and the taut skin of my cock. “You sure?” The insinuation was not lost on her.

She perked up saying over her shoulder, “No.” Her single syllable was drawn out as I squeezed her butt cheek at the same time as I lightly pinched her nipple.  “Mmm I love that.”  I continued rolling the nipple in my hand while squeezing its base. The massage of her ass matched the one of her tit.  She continued moaning as I stroked and manipulated them both.

Having worked the hand on her ass back to her wet puffed pussy lips, I quickly found her love canal's entrance plunging two fingers in. She gave a little yelp at the invasion. Curling them, dragging them along the plush and spongy top of her vagina's walls, I pulled them out and plunged them back in rapidly, asking, “how about that? You love that?”

She stared at me over her shoulder with her brilliant blue eyes. There was a short look of defiance in them until I fucked her again with my fingers. Resignation was there when she answered, “Fuck Alex...Again?”

“Yep,” I replied, the squish of my fingers plowing into and out of her soaked pussy acting as the background soundtrack. The longer I played the soundtrack the more it was for an action movie. She bumped and humped at my fingers stroking my dick between her ass cheeks as a enthralling after effect.

After a few minutes of my fingers stroking her G-spot and the base of my palm grinding circles on her clit she again twitched and thrust like a mad woman at the situation. Her shrieking, “I'm cumming,” repeated over and over until she appeared to be out of breath.  Her tight butt cheeks rubbing along my rod as she lost control orgasming had me ready to pop for a second time.

Backing away I pulled my dick from the thin crevice it'd been wedged in.  Letting Daisy come down from the wave of pleasure I, too, took advantage of the temporary respite. No longer feeling her warm and firm lubricated crack sliding along my hard cock, along with thinking of bloody kittens in a blender got me off the edge of spurting my jizz all over her.  My raspy panting returned to normal faster than Daisy's. 

Her orgasm mostly past, I again moved quickly trying to adjust her listless body. My hands slipped and slid over her skin as I got my cock lined with her pussy's entrance. My hands slipped off her shoulders as I pulled her backward thrusting my cock forward. I'd intended to drive my whole cock into Daisy's barely recovered cunt, but had gotten only half of it down her tight resistant vagina.  The second grip of her shoulders had my balls pressed on her aloe coated wisps of pubic hairs.    

Daisy groaned at my grunted thrust down her. She hooted, “God Alex I'm gonna cum again.”  Her cunt collapsed tightly around me before I could move again. I hadn't expected her to immediately get to the edge of climax and jump off from only having my dick in her. But her pussy walls undulated milking my iron rod. The feeling had me close to delivering my seed into Daisy's wanton cunt.

Thinking it would send Daisy to a new level of climax I found my hands on her small coned tits. I pinched her nipples as I used her rounded flesh as hand holds.  Both nipple and tits squirted out of my grasps as I thrust in her pussy. The aloe coating her perfect small breast slickened her skin making it almost impossible to clasp onto them. The inability had me pulling on her nipples until they slid out from my grasp.  She moaned as this happened over and over while I groped her breasts. 

Slamming into her cunt the best I could with Daisy rocking back, my thrust slapped my balls against her labia. The squish of my finger continued with my cock penetrating her over and over.  Daisy was screaming into her pillow, “Oh fuck..Holy Fuck  So much.  Too much.” 

I too wailed, “God I'm cumming,” as I hammered my dick in as deep as I could in the spastic velvet lined passage. The wads of cum stretched my cock from the inside as they made their way into Daisy. The new cum mixing with the old filling her even more.  The spurts felt as if they would last forever though I know they were only a minute or two. I collapsed onto her aloe and sweat soaked back coating my chest with the mixture.  Together our bodies fell onto the mattress below.

As a heap of exhausted used up flesh, I felt her cunt continuing its contractions but no other muscle seemed to move.  I loved that feeling, the feeling of warmth and sweat and her body exhausted from orgasms beneath me. Her once ragged breath had returned to normal, her chest expanding rhythmically against mine as my hands stroked up her sides and over her arms. I gradually lost my hardness and slipped out of her cunt along with the jets of cum I'd coated her walls with. The fluid coated my withering dick and balls that again hung from my body. We lay in a heap for a long while the whole time my hands caressed her.

She stirred under me basically waking me from a fugue state. I don't know how long I'd been on top of her enjoying the heat of her body or running my hand down around her tits. The barely handful tits were unyielding when my hands closed around them sliding up to the hard nipples that had poked my palms. She moaned at the reflexive massage of her still developing breast.

“You know we're only at six,” I stated wondering if I'd overstated my abilities.

Sounding tired but not willing to stop she said, “Yeah, kinda wondering what's next.” When I didn't answer immediately, she asked, “Come on, give me a clue?”

I thought about it for a second before I let her know. I hadn't planned on anything past her massage and fucking, so the next four orgasms presented a challenge.  Teasingly I answered, “Does this give you an idea.”   The smack reverberated in the room shortly after my hand molded to the curve of her ass.

She jumped at the contact. Shortly after the hand print was clearly visible, she moaned, “Mmm...oh yes.” A snake couldn't draw out a “s' any longer.

“So you like that do you?” I asked spanking her ass cheek a second time leaving a hand print on her other cheek. She again flinched at the smack that stung my palm.

Huffing in and out, blowing air out of her circled formed mouth, before noisily sucking in more. Daisy looked over her shoulder with a look of satisfaction and gloating.  She got her wish for a little masochistic fun, before I'd planned. Her look said she knew it.  “Can I have another?” a tinge of superiority creeping in. 

Her puffy nipple hardened with the second spanking of her tight rounded ass. I pinched it the best I could, but it slipped out. I did the same to the other hardened nipple with the same result.  Daisy just moaned and started gyrating her hips lightly. It was a small slow roll that pressed against me. I lit up her ass with ten hard slaps on her ass. With none of her lily white skin remaining on her whole ass, Daisy rolled her forehead in her pillow, while my hand stung from the spanking. I couldn't help but ask, “Would you like another?”

A muffled, “Yes, again.” came from under her hanging hair. I wasn't real sure I'd be able to accommodate her request, since my hand already had the vibrating needles of a sting subsiding.  Switching hands, the needled hand going to her sparse curly hair, her nipples were abandoned.  The heat of her ass was evident on the new hand with each pop. I asked her the question again and got the same answer.  She received the same result on her burning butt cheeks.  We repeated this multiple times until she finally blurted out, “Enough no more, God my butt's burning.”

“Yeah, I don't doubt it. My hand does too.” I commiserated. Rubbing the hand that'd finished her heated up butt's spanking , I asked, “What were you thinking?”

“That it was worth it.”  She bellowed, “ it makes me so wet.”

Running my finger in the swamp her pussy had become. I said, “I think we may have over done it.”

She moaned at the fingers separating her fat lips. The moan continued until she yipped at my gentle pinch of her clit.  The bud was more sensitive than I was expecting.  Only a few minutes of pinching it while soothing her fired up ass had her panting and huffing.  In time the rolling, flicking and pinching her clit had a new gush of orgasmic juice. She cried out, “God I'm cumming.” I could feel her body tense and her stomach muscles quiver as she exhaled her last gasp.

She was again limp laying unmoving panting out, “God, I'm done... I give...Seven is fine.”

“Ok... But I'll give you a couple minutes to change your mind,” I said laying across her for a minute. Opening the side table drawer I found what I expected, her vibrator.  “Just what I was looking for...” I held the flesh color cylinder with the big head up letting Daisy see it.  “..Though I'm not sure why you have it.  There is no way you aren't getting enough sex.”

Her eyes bugged out seeing me holding the toy.  With breathing still labored, she forced and answer, “Call it a security blanket, or a period replacement.”  Then she asked, “Why do you want it?”

Not needing to answer after stuffing the turned on phallus, in her still contracting pussy, “For this.”

The humph was only the beginning of the sounds emanating  from her.  Strained she, “Oh God why?” that question stood only a second or two before crudely was hissed, “Yes fuck it.. Fuck my cunt...Shove  it in...Shove it deep in my cunt.  Use my cunt. Now...Now fuck my cunt hard.”  Her fatigue ridden pelvic thrust and squirms were pathetic. It was clear she had the desire but not the ability to fuck the dildo that was fucking her.

The whole time she panted and gasped into her pillow, groaning each time I crammed the vibrating toy into her. I rotated it clockwise and counter-clockwise as rapidly as it went back and forth through her pussy. The sucking and squish coming from the dildo passing in and out of her got louder as her passage filled with even more lubricant.  The telltale shake and quiver before she climaxed were barely noticeable over the huffing and ragged breathing while she woefully attempted to meet the dildo's pace.

Her wailing out “Cumming,... Augh!”  Her body stiffened and the tug on the dildo increased as she climaxed. The incoherent wails continued while I slammed the humming silicon dick through her sloppy canal despite the added force necessary.  I only stopped the onslaught of her cunt when she lay  unmoving with the exception of her expanding chest.  I left the dildo in Daisy's spastic vagina but on the lowest setting. She was left marinating in erogenous sensations.

When she could speak in full sentences still laid out on her tits in front and legs splayed out on either side of my hips she pleaded, “Out...Please take it out.”

The request surprised me  in its similarity to Glory's previous request. “You can do that, I'm not stopping you.” I said to see her reaction.

Daisy made no moves at retrieving the dildo from her pussy. “I can't. I can't move my arms.”

“Can't or won't?” I asked cheekily.

“Can't you butt munch. You fucked all the energy out of me. I can hardly lift my head,” she replied. I could see she was telling the truth. Her head fell back on the pillow shortly after looking over her shoulder after her reply. 

Feeling sorry for her and the state I'd put her in, I gripped the lightly humming phallus tugging it out. Her cunt wasn't completely willing to give up its prize. Her walls kept contracting around the silicon dick when I pulled on it, extending out. I took my time extracting it, listening as Daisy groaned as each inch was withdrawn.  Then the last of the imitation dick head passed out of her soaked red pussy lips she gave a little “Oh.”

“So if I said your really red butt is looking kinda sexy. And that the only thing that could make it look sexier is my dick sliding in and out of your asshole. You'd be too exhausted to do that?” I asked while teasing her, putting the head of the dildo against her rosebud.

Her hips suddenly rotated around pressing the head harder against her. I moved the silicon head back preventing it from being pushed through her ring.  “Gawd no...Don't move it I want it.” her voice was weak.

“So not too tired? Huh?” I replied, noting her miraculous recovery.

“No give it to me. Fuck my butt. I want to have felt you everywhere in me.” Her voice had a labored excitement to it, like she was tapping into the energy reserves she didn't know she had.

“I see,” I said thinking she'd likely get her wish even though I hadn't planned on it being that night. I scooted up closer, lining my dick back up with her sloppy vagina's entrance.  Pushing forward I inserted most all of my dick in her squishy cum filled canal. Even after the dildo fucking, the walls encompassing my dick hugged it tightly.  Enjoying the squeeze of my dick I asked, “So you're too tired for this?”

Daisy whined a “humph” as I buried my cock in her. She wearily answered, “Jeezus for some reason I'm never too tired for that.”  Her weak pushing against me belied her statement. She was obviously drained, but doing the best she could at the time to prove otherwise.

My balls pressed on her wisps of pubic hair while my dick was stretching her pussy for the third time in the few hours. I pumped in and out slowly captivated by her feeble movements. She had a pace she apparently wanted but couldn't obtain when I didn't do it for her.  She mewled “Damn it your teasing me. Just make me cum.  I'm so close.” I was enjoying keeping her mind and body on the precipice.

For five minutes I kept her there, on the edge not letting her go over. I stopped when she huffed and the panted “Oh”s came too fast. Or slid through her cum and lube deadened velvet palace when they stopped all together. Daisy's screamed, “Fuck!” in frustration when I held her hips not moving in any direction, as I re-acquired the dildo I'd set aside.  Using the aloe already coating my hands, I skimmed the silicon dick across my palm adding a fine layer as it was pressed through her tightly closed asshole.

The cylinder reamed her hole in one firm shove.   I could feel the edges of the fake dick on mine as if plowed it's way into her second orifice. She wailed a second, “Fuck,” though not in frustration. After a second of adjusting to the new reality of both holes being filled she began bucking. It was like the dildo was a power cord plugged in instantly recharging her batteries.  She thrust her butt back and rocked her hips frantically in time with the alternating sawing of dildo and dick in her.

I couldn't imagine how full she must've felt with the extra flesh and rubber embedded in her. I felt the difference as my cock stretched new areas as it was fucked in and out.  Flipping of the switch to high vibration, resonated through her whole pelvis. Even the muted vibrations on my dick were enough to put me on the edge of cuming. They hurled Daisy off her precipice into a primal scream filled orgasm.

She blew through her usual shaking and went straight to a convulsive bowing of her spinal column backward, bending in unnatural  ways. Muscles I didn't know she had became prominent as they hardened to stone. The primordial wail ended long before Daisy's petite body gave up its tension.  Her breathing failing while she filled the room with her climaxed cry.

The silent cry ended with Daisy falling onto her stomach again desperately sucking in air.  Her collapse was just as rapid as the bend into a pretzel. The vibrating walls griping my cock didn't fail as she fell forward taking me with her. The pull and vibrations finally brought the ropes of cum squeezing up through my cock.  The cum being squished into long streams of thick goo added to the erotic feelings shocking my brain. The hot seed added to the gush of girl cum already filling her compressed passage.

It not only added but set off another wave of muscle constrictions and back bending.  The primal scream was missing the full body sound of the first. Nor did it last as long as the first before she was breathless. The clasp of her muscles made her a bent hour glass with sweat pouring out of every pore. The arch of her torso straightened once again as her orgasm subsided.  I lay across her back, panting while the last of the dregs leaked out of my still hard cock. 

I know I was squishing her under me. Her small greased body was hot and wet under me. My chest pressed into her the back of her expanding ribs as we both sucked in gobs of air.  The serenity and afterglow of the mammoth orgasms we both experienced was broken by the fake dick still vibrating in her ass. It's oscillations were slowing the shrinking of my dick.  I could tell they were effecting Daisy as well, as she moaned and squeaked under me.  Turning her face towards me she softly said in a raspy voice, “Get it out of me please.  I can't...I cant do any more.”

Turning back to her I kissed her lips gently, savoring the flavor, suppleness and vibrant feel. I replied as softly, “ Was that nine and ten or just a really long nine.”

“Nine and ten...Please let it be nine and ten.” She answered with her lips basically on mine the whole time.

“Nine and ten it is.” I agreed.

“Good.” She sounded relieved.

“Should I get the vibrator out. If I don't I might not ever shrink and leave you.” I suggested between feather light brushing of our lips.

“Gawd yes.. Cumming again will kill me.  I don't think I have any juice left.” She replied. Kissing me and clumsily throwing her arm around my neck in what I imagine was supposed to be a hug she continued, “But you don't have to go I love you in me.”

“Good...cause I love being there.”  I smiled.  Pushing up off her hot body and out from her limp arm I sat back on my hunches with my cock still half way down her. It was still hard enough to block most of the flow that was behind it, though you wouldn't have known from the large sopping wet spot on the sheets.  Looking at her ass that was still redder than the blush the rest of her body maintained, the vibrating dildo was only slightly past the top of her rounded crack.

First I turned the toy stretching her asshole off. Daisy sighed a sigh of relief at the loss of the stimulation.  Thinking back to Glory and her bent over the counter looking much the same way I quickly pulled the pseudo  dick from her flexible and distended sphincter.  Daisy's hole like Glory's remained relatively open even without the plunger embedded in it. 

A thought flashed across my  brain in that second. With what energy I'd left, I wanked my dick free of her warm velvety sheath. Just as quick as my cock was removed from Daisy's cunt, its head was lined with her still agape asshole. Daisy must have felt the edges of her asshole touching the sides of my mushroomed head and gave a quick, “What...” It was all she got out before my hands were gripping her slick shoulders the best they could. I pulled hard on those petite shoulders driving my cock into her rectum. The surprise, at the slap of my balls on her pussy that was oozing buckets full of our excretions, was evident in her, “Gawd you're in my butt. You're fucking my butt.”

The feeling of re-reaming her hole with my mostly hard cock was fabulous. The ring squeezed and skidded down my veined and bumped cock. And just behind it was a different kind of warm smooth inviting passage. I stroked in and out a couple of times keeping the head inside of the tight ringed entrance.  “Nah,  just testing it.”

“Don't test... fuck.” She pushed her hands on the headboard helping to propel herself down my dick as I thrust forward.  “Oh jeezus fuck me hard.” She tried rocking into me while I fucked my dick into her. The rocking and pushing back was uncoordinated and lacking in timing, thrusting backward as I was too and rocking forward as I pressed into her. 

I finally pulled fully out of her warm sweaty body and flopped down next to her, covering her shoulder with my arm. “Maybe next time.” I kissed her forehead and pulled her into me, snuggling her delight filled body into mind.

“But you always say that.” She whined sounding childlike, but still worming her aloe slick skin into mine getting as much contact between us as possible.

“Yes I do,” I acknowledged. “That's why the statement starts with maybe. Now come on snuggle in. I love the feeling of you pressed into me like this. This is what I could do forever.”

“Good.” She replied, not moving once she was comfortable. Then as a smart-aleck she asked, “What time do you have to go?”

“I have a couple of hours, before I have to get home.” I answered honestly hugging her tighter.

“Ok, but I wish you didn't have to go.”

“I can only use Ben so often as an excuse. I don't want to overplay that hand.”

“I understand.”

“Good. Cause you know I love this and would rather stay here.”

“Yeah maybe one day. Hopefully this summer.” it was the last thing she said for the evening. Her breathing became shallow and regular in little time. Even a couple hours later when I got up she didn't move. I covered my sweet sexy girl up, dressed and headed home. But home to what I didn't have a clue. 

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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For those wandering when I'm going to post the next part of this tale it is coming. But like the first time i wrote it i got sidetracked with "Bunko"

this time it is a little bit different. That story should be out in a week or so. After which i'll  get back to this on. Please be patient.


I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Sorry for the lateness of this.  I'd other tales that need my attention. For a while that attention will be split between this and "No Doors"

Anyway enjoy this new chapter and let me know the good and the bad of it. As was done with my other stories.  Thanks

Chapter 32 Church and Sunday in the Park

Going into the house I went through the kitchen on the way to check on Mom. On the cabinet was an empty bottle of rum and half a bottle of tequila, I know was full before I left. I picked up a pair of lace panties that were on the floor. The crotch was still damp and there was a bit of crusting at the back.  Mom must have put on the panties trying to hide the cum that was surely leaking out of her ass a portion of the night.  I thought it funny she put on lace ones trying to look sexy when normal cotton panties might have done a better job soaking up my cum.

Taking the lace garment with me I looked into the master bedroom. For a second time Mom and Glory passed out eating each other. It was a perfect time for a visit from the Fuck Fairy, but I was fucked out.  But re-applying my name to Mom's cunt and adding it to Glory's just seemed like devious fun.  In a normal tone I called out, “Mom I'm home.”  She was out cold. 

I did the same for Glory saying, “Hey Glory, Harmony called and wants you to eat her pussy.”  Again no reply, meaning I was free to have my fun.  I rolled Mom off Glory and spread her legs out wide.  There was a little cum that must have dribbled out of her ass  while she was unconscious that had glued the bottom of her pussy lips together. I pulled the stuck together lips apart and went to work on the very faint purple Morse coded letters. 

There was the smell of cum as I got close to Mom's cunt.  I bent in for the start of the first letter and was again struck by the idea that I didn't just have to redo my name and leave but I could enjoy teasing her.  I could get her body close to climaxing and stop.  I figured doing this between letters might give her the female equivalent of blue balls.   Pulling her thick lips further apart, I dragged my tongue up the furrow flicking her clit before leaving it.  Mom started moaning after a couple and her tell tale quiver and  muscles tightening began.

I went to making the “A”  ending her sensations she was riding to climax.  The juice from her pussy oozed out as I sucked on her smooth plump flesh. Sucking harder than normal, I wanted to get it done quickly. I decided while licking up Mom's reddened slit I'd alternate pussies after each letter. Give both of them time to cool down while I marked the other cunt. The light in the hall was enough illumination on Mom's box letting me see  the difference in color of renewed letters and old ones.  With the “A” dark red on the red flushed canvas I headed to Glory.

Her pussy lips were still pinkish from Mom's lips and tongue that obviously had spent hours sucking and licking on them.  She still had the moisture from her last orgasm trapped between the bloated lips and up in her twat.  But unlike Mom's pussy hers was a blank canvas but primed for writing on.  I did the same to her that I had to Mom. I pulled apart the bloated lips licking up the fissure between. 

The premier taste of Glory's cunt was fabulous.  I understood why Harmony loved eating it so much.  Though I would've loved for Glory to remember my first cunnilingus with her, she'd be like Mom, not remembering one of her firsts with me. But unlike Mom I wasn't going to be fucking her. I didn't have it in me. Daisy had truly fucked me out, plus I was on a clock.

I had witnessed enough of Glory's orgasms to know her tells before climaxing. She was truly her mother's daughter. She would start to shake and her thighs quiver.  The frozen muscles and straining of her back was also part of it. So I knew when her thighs were vibrating my ears and she arched her back and let out a groan that sounded like it started deep in her cunt, I flicked her clit that I had between my teeth more.  She wasn't about to wake up and I was going to have fun with her making her believe in the Fairy.  Though, unlike Mom she wasn't going to be fucked.   

I held her clit between my teeth flicking and swabbing my tongue over her wonderful little bud while unconsciously she thrashed on the bed.  The thrashing subsided a bit once I let her clitoris free of my mouth, covering her hole sucking up her orgasmic honey.  It was sublime and I drank it down as it filled my mouth, making sure I didn't lose any of it.  She continued shaking and humping while I emptied her canal of her juices and after. But Glory's movements while still going on weren't enough to stop me from starting the writing on her canvas. Sucking hard in the same spot I had on Mom, I made the dark red dot and dash. The letter looked like it was underlined by the redness of her excited slit.   

I returned to Mom after finishing the first letter on Glory. Once again I licked her furrow from top to bottom and back.  Holding her legs aloft I ran my tongue deep in her pussy. In and out I fucked Mom's silken hole feeling a tug on my organ as she got closer to orgasm.  Her juices were smeared all over my face by the time I was done fucking her pussy with my tongue.  Her juices had also run down over her asshole  lubricating it. I figured my dick had been in there not twelve hours earlier so finger fucking her butt while eating her couldn't hurt.  I was right and she bucked and humped as her breathing got shallow.  I quickly backed away when her thighs trembled and shook  and her stomach that I had my  other hand on as a canary in the coal mine tightened. 

Letting Mom's unconscious movements end, signaling she was far from the crest of the wave of cuming I reapplied my lips to her fat smooth labia.  The “L” took longer than the “A” but was just as dark a red after I quit sucking on her.  Half my name finished I again moved to Glory and dipped my head between her thighs I'd separated. 

I did the same to Glory as I had to Mom. Though unlike Mom, Glory got to climax by having my tongue fuck in and out of her tight silky hole.  Her vagina was much tighter than Mom's but had much the same taste.  The flood of my mouth by her honey a second time tasted just as good as the first. I savored it as I continued screwing her pussy hole with my tongue stretching her each time I shoved it in as deep as I could. She bucked and fucked my face while I kept her climaxing for over ten minutes. For over half of it I had my finger up her ass. It wasn't as easy to get my two digits in her rosebud as it had been with Mom's recently fucked hole.  But using the lube from her pussy, I speared the tightly closed exit. Once in her newly stretched ass I began fucking it too, to a cacophony of unconscious moans and grunts . 

When Glory's humping and fucking at my face began falling off even as her panting increased, I began  the second letter.  Her movements were more severe than the ones Mom was making when I made her “L”.  The letter I think came out looking just as good as the first, fully dark red with good spacing for the inevitable bleeding out that would occur. 

Mom still hadn't moved from the last time I left her.  My tongue was tired and needed a rest. I had been giving it a real workout in various pussies for the past day.  I still wanted to get Mom back to the edge.  Sliding two fingers into her wet velvet passage seemed like a good alternative. Pressing on her clit with my thumb I rubbed circles on it.  The whole time I teased her clit I plunge the two fingers in and out of her. 

Even passed out she panted and her breathing got raspy as I continued pummeling her twat, curling my fingers up dragging them along the top of her pipe.  The silky walls tugged on my fingers as I continued putting her on the wave to orgasm. I pulled my soaked fingers from her gushing and squishing hole and left her clit a hard raised bud. I swore I could hear a grumble of disappointment at not getting to climax even though she was still not awake. 

I had to put her hands under her ass before I started the “E.” They were getting in the way as she'd started masturbating shortly after I pulled my hand from her box.  Her hands stuffed under her round firm ass I was able to get my lips to her faded letter.  Sucking on the plump flesh between my lips, I was relishing the feel of it as I turned it deep red.  The single dot meant I was finished much faster than each of the previous two letters.

Being done quickly I got back to Glory faster than before.  Once again I repeated my actions to her cunt. She was much wetter and my fingers made a louder squishing and sucking sound as I fucked them into her tight vagina. Her walls caressed and buffeted my digits with their velour texture. The rubbing over the rubbery washboard on the roof of her stretched cavern had her breathing much like Mom.  Her small nub at the top of her slit was solid and  being ground under my thumb making her moan.  My feminine masturbating skills were proving to be top notch.  Glory was moaning and squirming on the bed in hardly any time, with her pussy walls rolling pulling my fingers in.

With the volume of her groans, moans and squeaks I was amazed neither of the women woke up. Not wanting the surprise of Glory waking up unbeknownst to me, I kept an eye on her face making sure cognitively she stayed dead to the world.  Only as she hit the crescendo of her orgasm did her eyes open for a split second only to have them roll back in her head.  I continued pumping my fingers in and out even after her pussy clamped down hard. When it released its vice like grip her vagina restarted undulating, milking at my un-milkable digits. 

For a second time I only stopped my thumbs grinding back and forth on her clit and fingers fucking her when the panting and gasping was still occurring but the thrashing had become intermittent. It was like her body was resting up for a few seconds before the sensations couldn't be ignored any longer by her primordial brain. And even the nipple I was rolling broke out in a exhausted flop sweat.  Sure she was physically done I removed my fingers and put my lips on her pussy juice coated skin. The flavor was still exquisite as I vacuumed it up while making a perfectly round deep red and purple dot.  Glory was now one letter away from a finished Fuck Fairy hickey tattoo.

For the second time that night, I was beginning to wonder if I had set the bar too high. I'd managed getting Daisy off her ten times, but short of fucking the two females in my family I was running out of novel ways of  stimulating their twats.  I took a second, looking through Mom's sex toy box hoping for inspiration.   Digging in the box I found a vibrating double penetrating toy that Daisy hadn't gotten out of the box when she was the visiting battleaxe's play thing. That and a long thick double headed dildo was available.

The double penetrating toy won out as what I'd use. Mom moaned and though asleep rolled her head side to side as the toy was pushed into her cunt and asshole at the same time. I moved it in and out while it shook in my hand. I could only imagine what she was feeling as I pleasured her with it.  The desire to bring her to the edge but not let her cum prevented me from working on her too long.  Shortly after impaling her for the hundredth time Mom' began showing the signs of cuming soon.  Not wanting that I turned the vibration of the joined silicon dicks off.  I left the two dicks deep in her cunt and ass hoping by not moving them she would come down enough where pulling the toy out wouldn't set her off. 

It took a couple of minutes before I felt safe in removing the fake cocks. Her ragged breath and most of her moans and gasping had stopped, before I pulled the toy free.  The toy having been removed left her whole box open for my last letter. The meaty plumped up labia was again covered in lubricating juices I licked off before going to work.   It was a long one that took a while to finish, but when the deep red and purple of her “X” was complete, it was a sight to behold.  The other letters had already taken on what I thought was there final color, a royal purple. 

Knowing I was on a clock and my actions were burning through the alcohol in the female's.  I rammed the dildo into Glory's twat and asshole at the same time; like the toy was designed to do.  Even passed out she made a “Hmph” before moaning out.  Again her previous climax not long forgotten her box and ass were extra sensitive. She was floundering on the bed in about half the number of strokes as I had done in Mom's cunt and ass.   Glory's climaxing early meant that when I had done the same amount of fucking her with the toy as I had Mom,  Glory was a limp noodle having climaxed multiple times. 

Not wanting there to be much of a difference in what was done with the two on the bed I licked Glory's labia free of pussy juices.  The main marking took about the same amount of time. The dots and dashes were  a bit redder than the other letters when I finished but I knew the color would even out and she would have a perfectly hickeyed cunt with the word Alex.  I wondered if that moment would be the last time I got to see my handy work or if she'd be displaying it to me in the near future. 

Unsure about Glory, I was fairly positive I'd see Mom's hickey tattoo again.  As I turned to go I saw the long thick dildo one more time.  And though it was getting past late and into early morning I had one last devious thought. 

With some effort I positioned the two so their legs were scissored together. Putting lubrication on the fat double headed dildo I forced close to all of it up Mom's ass. I arranged the two together so their smooth pussies could grind against each other before squeezing my hand in between them. Getting a hold of the sticking out silicon head I lined it up with Glory's asshole.  Then little by little I force the large phallus into her.  She groaned as it stretched her little hole likely to its limits.  But gradually I'd gotten half of the cock head and rod of the dildo into her rectum, joining the two women.

As one last bit of fun I found all four of Mom's handcuffs and cuffed right ankles to right wrists and left ankles to left wrists. The crossed arms and legs while joined at the ass would be hard to escape from.  I would've love watching the show of them trying to get free of each other live, but I knew I'd a hidden camera in the room and could watch it any time.  Feeling exhausted I closed up shop, turning off the light in the hall that'd illuminated all of my actions, half closed the door to the room and headed to bed. 

Half way to the room I stripped throwing my clothes in the washer and started it. I didn't want to take the chance of any of the aloe that Daisy had transferred to me had ended up on one of the two cuffed together girls, and evidence of it still be on my clothes.  So in the washer they went with plenty of detergent.  I, too, needed to wash off before getting under the sheets nude. I jumped in the shower and got all the transferred aloe from Daisy off me. Looking over at the clock I saw it was three-forty-five when I finally closed my eyes for the day.     

I awoke to Mom shaking me and the light coming in the bedroom window. She said, “Get up, time to go to church.” My eyes couldn’t help but notice she was naked under her housecoat she’d let hang open.  The pussy lips between her thighs were a bright red with my name in a new royal purple, and the musky smell of sex still emanated from her slit.

“Seriously?” I asked. It seemed hypocritical my half naked mother would be telling me, we needed to go to church to listen to a preacher rail against what we did and wanted to do the evening before. And that was if we weren’t related, I could only imagine the hell he would rain down on a pair like us.

“Yes, we have appearances to keep up.” Mom said acknowledging her true intentions. “And we could use some instruction on avoiding the temptations of the flesh.”

Again I said, “Seriously,” reaching up and massaging the tit hanging down out of her flimsy housecoat.

Her eyes closed and a slight moan passed out of her. When they opened back up Mom looked a bit perturbed and unwittingly rubbed her hand over her newly formed paunch, before she knocked my hand away. “Yes now get up. I have to go get Glory up, also.” 

Mom's looks and actions made me think that maybe she had the equivalent of blue balls. But I dared not ask. Instead I  asked  “Why is she still sleeping?”  not letting on that I knew they had been cuffed in the bed together.

“I was letting her sleep off a bit more of the alcohol.  You were making her drinks weak, right?” Mom looked at me accusingly, again stroking over her uterus. 

“Yes,” I answered honestly, not pointing out I knew they had been drinking after I left. And the ones I'd made were weak compared to the way I made my own. I imagined she'd already put the bottles I'd seen the night before away trying to hide the fact she and Glory had poured a lot of drinks after I'd gone. “So Glory is a little hungover.”

“Yes and she didn’t get much sleep last night.  So she may not be going with us.” Mom replied, not explaining why Glory didn’t get much sleep.  I was sure it was because they spent the rest of the evening, after I left, engaged in acts designed to ring as much pleasure out of their bodies and that of their partner’s as possible.

“Fine, I’ll be down in a few and will go listen to the gas bag talk about shit that he knows nothing about. Cause if he did, he’d know how much fun it is, and how sexy you look naked, Mom.” I said still looking at the puffed out nipples on her tits.

“Thanks, and it’s Vee,” Mom said still looking annoyed, leaving her housecoat open and walking gingerly out the door.

I lay in the bed a bit longer thinking of the past month or so before getting up. I realized for the first time, Mom had been as sober as a church mouse when she had dropped to her knees to suck me off for the first time in the garage.  And, that was on top of her putting my cock at her pussy’s entrance ready to impale herself on it, while very drunk and horny. Plus she let me fuck her ass when she was drunk but not so much so she wouldn't remember it. Then throw in her alter ego Vee that would get her daughter drunk so we could be undisturbed while we did the fucking she wanted. Lastly there was actually fucking her and getting a blowjob when she was blind drunk.  It was all a bit strange when compared to our lives for the prior fifteen years.

Glory was another enigma. She was hungover in Mom’s bed,  after a night of debauchery. And she basically made out with me twice sober and groped me when she wasn’t. Additionally, she had a distinct interest in my dick and when drunk let my hand slide over her sweet little ass and only moaned. It was a shame I couldn't let her know I loved the way her cunt tasted, since I was quite positive it would've put an end to the myth of the Fuck Fairy. But I'm just as sure after the shock wore off her delicious pussy would've been made available anytime I wanted it as long as I got her off.

My life was definitely getting stranger by the week. Ending such a sex filled week with church, listening to a preacher that didn’t know the first thing about me, lecturing on how sinful I am because I enjoy sex, sounded miserable. I would've said if he wanted to preach to someone about sex being  evil he could do it with his daughters.  But they'd already been brainwashed to his way of thinking so much so the two trim nubile blondes that could've been as sexy as any woman I'd ever met, instead stayed in homely ankle length unflattering home-made smocks with bad haircuts making them look frightful.

Not able to put off getting up any longer I headed to the kitchen for a drink, not bothering with clothes. If Mom caught me in the buff maybe it would've gotten all of us out of going.  I was right about her putting all the alcohol away and  any evidence of a night of drinking. The fact she could do all that with what had to be a raging hangover was impressive.  She'd also made coffee so I poured a cup trying to think up a way out of going to church.

It was then I heard a hushed conversation, and it was one I really wanted to hear. Making a lot of unnecessary noise, I said in the direction of the master bedroom, “Mom I've gotta get a shower and I have a few things to do before we go.  So call me when you're ready to go and I'll meet you at the car.” I figured it'd give Glory a way of claiming she came down while I was in my room.   

Back in the room I locked the door and fired up the computer.  I thought I'd first see how the two got free.  Mom woke up first groggily saying. “What the fuck,” after realizing she was handcuffed.  She yanked on first the right hand then the left when it became clear they weren't cuffed together but to Glory's ankles. She yanked on them a couple of times pulling on Glory's legs. 

The pulling woke up Glory, who moaned initially and started stretching, only to jump startled when she initially opened her eyes. The jump must've jostled the fat dildo connecting her to Mom. She squealed, “Shit there's a log up my ass.”  Mom's continued pulling bumped their asses together and rubbed their pussies against each other.   Both of them appeared to like the feeling, as both pulled on their cuffs again.

Mom went further and held tight to Glory's calves and began grinding her cunt on Glory's.  The dildo also slid in and out of both of their holes as Mom started humping.  “Oh gawd I need to cum so bad.”

Glory though looking white as a ghost closed her eyes and matched time with Mom for a while. Their smooth hickeyed lips flapping against one another while they rolled there hips in time.  It was Mom that lost control. She pulled back and rammed their twats together while grinding against her daughter. The dildo moving in and out of Glory's ass finally made her whine, “Stop...God stop, it hurts too much.”

Mom's movement stopped but she whined back, “But I need to cum so bad it hurts.”

Glory though bleary eyed seemed more curious about their situation and how they got into it. “When did you do this Mom?  And where did you put the key?”

Sounding upset at losing her fuck partner Mom was curt, “I didn't.”

“Well I didn't,” Glory said quietly closing her eyes gently moving her head.

“It must've been the Fairy.” Mom stated. She began looking around the room. “He would've left us the keys.”

With the tone of a person hungover and exasperated, Glory said, “I don't give a fuck about any Fairy.  Can we just find the keys before I puke.” She rested her head on the bed and had the look of someone working hard at not puking. Evidently there was one thing she didn't inherit from Mom.

“Just lay back and let the feeling wash over you and it will go away.” Mom stated still looking around. Her eyes stopped on Glory's pussy.  “You may not give a fuck about the Fuck Fairy but he does about you.”

With her eyes still closed pointed to the ceiling Glory asked, “What makes you say that?”

“The calling card around your pussy.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You have purple hickeys on your pussy. And they look like the ones I got from him the time before last.”

Glory lifted her head enough to see her own pussy and Mom's, “Shit.” A second later she added, “Yours are back and dark as ever.”

“That doesn't make sense but it does.” Mom replied like Perry Mason on his final witness before unmasking the real killer.  “I could swear I was fucked last night my him. I think maybe even in the butt. But I don't feel like before, I don't think I climaxed at all. How about you, do you feel like you were fucked last night. A glorious cock fucking until you just couldn't cum any more?”

Glory was having none of Mom's discussion. Instead she answered with, “Mom, I'm a virgin. So I think I'd remember a fantastic dick shooting hot cum in me for the first time.  And, do you see any cum coming out of me?” Totally changing the subject she said, “Hey the keys are on the headboard over your head.” Glory was right. I'd left them where they could get to them with a little effort or a lot of rumpus fucking shaking them loose.   

Mom tried reaching for the keys forgetting she was hand-cuffed to Glory's ankle. Her reach pulled on Glory's leg again,   pulling their cunts tighter together, squashing their cunt lips. Mom looked like she was debating yanking on the cuff again. Instead, she said to Glory, “We're gonna have to work together. It'll probably move the dildo in your butt.”

“Shit,” Glory cussed putting her head back down. “Could we get Alex to set us free?”

“I don't know if he came home last night.” Mom answered. “And I'm not sure I want him seeing us this way.” I couldn't tell If she was being serious with Glory or joking with her.

“Fine,” Glory wormed forward while Mom did the same thing backward. The fat veined and knurled silicon dick inched its way in as she raised and lowered her hips walking them forward. She stopped either because the dick in her ass was hurting or the twat pressing against hers felt too good and she was on a mission.  I kinda think Mom stopped a couple of times that they were moving in unison so Glory's cunt would scrape over hers. In less than ten minutes they had reached the keys and released themselves. But both looked super horny despite the over-sized double headed dick that was fucking their asses.

Hands free Mom directed, “Hold the dildo, I'm gonna pull it out of my butt, then we'll get it out of yours.”  She sounded very calm for someone who's head had to be splitting. Glory reached through her legs brushing her wrist against Mom's wet cunt getting a hold of the invading toy. Mom' not only moaned at the contact but wiggled against Glory's wrist making it glisten in the light. 

The moans and gasps continued coming from Mom while she worked the fake dick out of her.  She must've been feeling a bit mean by the time she had the cock out of her shrinking asshole saying, “I can see if Alex is home. I bet he'd take that thing out of you.”

Glory's being ghostly white may have been why she didn't fight back, “Thanks I think I got it.”  And she did. Little by little she worked the exhaust pipe sized flexible toy out of her stretched rosebud, whining each time she jerked on it.  When it was fully out, her asshole was a gaping opening my cock would have gone in and not touched a thing. 

Mom came out of her bathroom in the flimsy house coat I'd see minutes later. She said at Glory, “If your gonna puke do it in the bathroom. But your best bet is to get up get some water and get back in the bed. Sleep some of it off. I'll get you up when I'm done in the shower. You can get one and dressed after. In the meantime, I'm gonna go see if your brother is home.”

“Thanks.” Glory lay back on the bed her legs splayed out displaying my handiwork to the camera. It had spread just like I'd hoped, leaving defined hickey letters. As she lay there I noticed she was developing the same paunch Mom had, and her firm upright cones were definitely getting bigger.  I don't know what I was expecting, she was after all growing up and becoming a carbon copy of Mom.

I deleted the video and turned to live action in Mom's bedroom.  Glory just waddled into the room from the shower. The towel was wrapped up over her tits, using them to hold it up.  Opening the towel exposing her cunt she gently rubbed her finger over my name.  “You'd think I'd remember getting this. And, that it would've made me horny as hell. But for some reason, I didn't even think about masturbating in the shower. And I always masturbate in there.”

She still looked pale though a little color had returned. Her eyes were bloodshot in their sunken sockets. She flopped back down on Mom's bed her splayed legs hanging off the bed. Her smooth pussy had the a bit of a  hump above it, and her growing firm tits jiggled as she hit the bed.  “Shit that hurts.” her hands went to her head, “I'm not doing that again. This sux.”

“Go get some Gatorade or Pedisure from the fridge. It is what it's there for, when I need a little help after...working out.  You can wear something of mine  into the kitchen and to church if you don't want to go to your room.” Mom offered.

“Ok, but do you have anything that doesn't need a bra? This hangover is even making my titties hurt and my nipples itch.” Her hands went to her pointy nipple that was getting bigger with her expanding tits. She raked her fingernails over them making the puffy cones harden. “I'd also pass on the undies if it weren't for the purple marks all over my pussy.”

“Not me I gonna let the cool air blow over me, unblocked. I'm hoping that will put out the fire that I feel burning deep in me,” Mom said, wrapping a black skirt around her that was much longer than the one she wore to Bunko. It came down to about an inch above her knee instead of the Bunko skirt's inch below the round of her ass.  She threw a second black one to Glory, “That's one I wore before having your brother. I almost fit in it now but you can keep it. I don't have any panties that will fit you though.”

“That's fine. I'll get a pair of mine from the laundry after I go to the kitchen.” She gradually stood up a wrapping the skirt around her waist. The garment fit though it was a little tighter than I expected as it flattened out the paunch she was developing that matched Mom's. The skirt was Bunko material. It came down a few inches on her thighs. “I think I have a clean pair in the dryer I was supposed to have folded two days ago.  I still need a top. And, can I borrow shoes too?”

“Sure nothing fits me right now anyway. I swear my period is taking forever to get here.” Mom said sharing with Glory what I'd call TMI.  Digging a second time in the closet she threw Glory a top. Or she called it one.  When Glory slipped the satin camisole over her head it was clear to me it was designed to have a dress covering it, not to be worn alone as a blouse.  While I could no longer see the actual color of Glory's tits and the recently hardened nipples atop them, I could definitely see the hard buds and the transition from areola to breast. Hell if she'd had goosebumps I would've seen them. 

Mom threw shoes to her as well. “I think those are the shoes I wore with the skirt.” Turning looking at Glory she added, “Though I don't think I ever wore that top with it.” I wanted to scream at the screen, “Because it isn't a top, its a slip.”   Mom looked back at Glory who was once again laying on the bed, gravity pulling the slip down on her tits making satin cones with very hard points at the top. “You sure you can go without puking? Last thing we need with your dad fucking up is you being hungover puking in church.”

“I can make it. I haven't puked yet. But I'll stay home if it is Ok with you.”

“Ok but in the future we're gonna have to limit your fun”

“That's not fair. You were as drunk as I was.” Glory whined.

“Yes, but I'm being an adult and powering through my hangover. You want to be treated as an adult and do adult things then act like one.” Mom chided.  “I'm going to make sure your brother is still moving. You make up your mind on what your going to do.” Mom said leaving the room.  Knowing she was coming my way I quickly turned off the  computer and sprinted to the bathroom. I jumped in the shower quickly mainly to wet my hair getting rid of bed head. 

Mom knocked before opening the bathroom door.  “We're leaving in ten minutes. Be in the car.” It didn't sound like Vee survived the conversation with Glory.  Her not getting in the shower with me was a second way I knew Vee had left the building. 

After Mom left and a quick drying off, I went to my room to dress. From the kitchen I could hear two female voices getting louder and louder.  They never got to yelling stage and I couldn't make out what the conversation was about. It ended abruptly when I heard the front door close harder than was needed.  Which meant Glory had lost what ever argument she'd started.  When I heard the other door close I hurried to the car. 

Mom and Glory quickly stopped talking when I opened the car door. They remained silent all the way to the church and said little on the way to our auditorium seats, me between the two women.  Like all good church going people we had chosen something near the back in the middle of the row with no one within three seats either side. The lights dimmed and the preacher came out in his usual everything is great attitude. He then went into his diatribe about the immorality of sex.  He quoted everything from Revelations to Galations claiming it would be our damnation if we engaged in it outside of pro-creation purposes.  He added his own version of what was right and just for being saved.  He pointed to his daughters as the models of virtue and prudence.  He went further talking of incest and Lot and his daughters, and Absalom and his sister Tamar. My mom and sister squirmed in their chairs as he talked of it.  I was surprised the preacher being a person that believed the literal translation of the bible, he hadn’t brought up Eve and Cain.  I know I'd always gotten in trouble when I was in bible study and I asked if there were only Adam and Eve and Cain after he killed Abel where did all the people come from, if brothers and sisters or Eve and Cain weren’t making babies.

In the dim light, my rebuttal to the preacher sermon was simple; one of my hands went to each of the female’s knees. Their skirts rode up a bit sitting in their seats; my palms resting on their skin.  Glory jumped startled at my touch, covering my hand with hers. I waited for her removal of my hand from her leg, but it never came. She left her hand covering mine even as I moved it further up her thigh.  Our combined hands bunched up more of her skirt into her lap, as I had more of her tender flesh within my hands grasp. Only when I could feel the heat coming from her crotch did Glory press my hand flat against her stopping my going any higher. 

Mom’s reaction was the complete opposite. With the touch of my hand on her knee, her legs separated more and her hands went to work moving the hem of her skirt all the way up to and higher than her naked cunt. The dim lighting allowing her plenty of cover for the invitation she was giving me.  An invitation in which I fully took advantage. There was no reason not to enjoy the unfettered access to her bald pussy lips as the preacher quoted Leviticus 18:7.  I left her cunt hanging out while I stroked up and down her leg, dipping a pinky between her lips when at the junction of her legs.

I made the movements along both inner thighs slow, to keep the knowledge of what was happening with the other female  beside me secret.  And though Glory hadn’t been as accommodating as Mom, what she allowed had my smallest digit brushing against her damp cotton panties. Down her smooth skin and back I bumped her camel toed panties harder each time wadding up more fabric between her puffy labia.

Mom, unlike Glory, was finding it hard keeping the secret. In Mom’s defense, while Glory only allowed bumping into her covered pussy, my hand was all up in Mom’s naked cunt. I abandoned all pretext of gliding my hand along her thigh and initially wormed a finger into her hole. Keeping my hand steady to avoid making it obvious what I was doing I ran the finger in and out barely brushing her spongy washboard in side. I inserted and pulled the finger out of her ever increasing soggy hole slowly avoiding the squish and slosh that surely would have occurred at a faster rate.

Her breathing and Glory’s both became more rapid and shallow. Along with Mom’s muted panting she wiggled and jostled in her seat. The air rapidly filled with the smell of Mom’s musk and orgasmic juice.  I was surprised Glory didn’t notice the aroma filling the air, or she chose not to notice. Either way she sat letting me stimulate her cunt by bumping into her clit, while on the other side Mom clamped her legs together. Passing by my finger the orgasmic juice ran down her crack and onto the seat below her. Her clamped legs kept my hand pinned, while she pushed her skirt down over my hand smothering the aroma coming from her twat.  If she was hoping her clamped legs would stop the stimulation of her, she was wrong. The palm of my hand press and ground against her clit, making her squirm even more.

When her seat was fully baptized in Mom’s spend I relented and let her pull my hand from her crotch.   As the sermon ended and the lights were being brought back up I quickly moved my hand from Glory’s leg. She like wise smoothed her plaid skirt back out over her divine legs.  When the lights were fully on she had the look of someone confused. I could only guess she had enjoyed the not so subtle stimulation of her pussy, but wasn’t sure is she was supposed to be mad I'd done it, or upset I hadn’t gotten her to climax. 

The collection plate was passed shortly after and the congregation seemed willing to throw money at the man. I found him a bore so instead of putting money in I grabbed a couple of twenties which I'd give to one of the truly homeless guys out on the street.  I figured the gas bag had enough cash, cars and planes. Instead, it would go to help someone who actually could use it.

Nothing I think made me happier than getting out of the hall and away from the over aggrandizing preacher. Back in the car I couldn’t help but have some fun with the other two. “What was it with that moron?  I mean really I would bet there isn’t one family in that whole church that has engaged in half of what he was talking about, or even thought about it.”

The two women sat in stunned silence I'd even go there.  So I continued, “ I mean if I was to guess the whole reason he brought it up was he must have caught a glimpse of one of his should be sexy daughters naked and got a woody.  Odds are he wouldn’t even know what to do with a sexy young or old for that matter female.  Probably ran straight for his Bible and flogged himself.” I'd used the double meaning intentionally.

“Like you never flog yourself, or would know what to do with a couple of hot women like Mom and I,” Glory finally said breaking the silence.

“Yeah well, according to Preacher Brasher you won’t ever know if I do or don’t. And better yet you shouldn’t want to find out.” I replied.

She got cheeky, “Don’t worry we don’t.”

Under her breath so Glory couldn’t hear Mom say, “Speak for yourself.” What she said for Glory to hear was,  “Just remember in most all the scripture Preacher Brasher quoted women had children from their interludes.”  After that we finished the drive in silence, both Mom and Glory scratching at their tits when they thought I wasn't looking.

At home Mom and Glory went to their separate rooms.  Before going both said they were going to take a nap.  It was a sunny day that I wasn't going to waste on a nap indoors. I had a girlfriend and a place in the park that I knew was shady and secluded. I was assuming Daisy would jump at the invite as she liked drawing landscapes, if she ever got to that. I called out to Mom, “Hey Mom, I'm going to the park.”  It was a rare time lately that I told her the full truth.

On the phone Daisy was thrilled at the idea of going with me. “God yes. I always wanted to have sex outside.”

“How about we not plan on sex this afternoon.” I said into the receiver.

“No promises,” was her response.  We then scheduled a place to meet, and then together we'd go to the secret place.

I got to the meeting place a bit early. Sitting on the bench I saw Daisy coming up the walk. The sun shining on her long blonde hair shimmered.  Her short pleated skirt came down only a little ways on her slender tone thighs.  The silky smooth skin of her long legs that when all the way up to heaven made her hips sway seductively, The sexy little sashay had the skirt swishing  across the thighs I loved spending time between. 

She didn't see me at first, but when she did she jumped up in place with a huge smile brightening her face. She bound over to me arms flapping as her galloping steps jiggled her small tits under a tight pink t-shirt with “The Angry Stoners” scrawled over them with a big joint underlining them.  Her hard nipples point out the two 'e's, letting me and every one else looking at her know she wasn't wearing a bra.  And while there weren't a lot of people in the park all the guys and half the girls turned to look at her. Those with girlfriends got slaps on the arm or gentle punches in the stomach.

She jumped up into my arms when she got to me. I caught her lithe body as her arms wrapped around my neck and her muscular legs encircled my waist with her feet locking together.  While attached to me like a big leech, she ground her pelvis into my waistband, and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues tumbled for a while sharing saliva and breaths. I got the feeling the guys around me were turning green with envy. When she climbed off me I actually looked around, and I found out my feeling was right. Two guys to the right of us I could read their lips as they said, “What the fuck is she doing with him.” 

Daisy, too, looked around quickly standing back from me. I guess she didn't see anybody else still looking at us or no one that could see what she was doing.  She grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to her tits quickly.  In a flash I saw her blonde curls and plump clam shells closed up between her milky thighs. Just as quickly she put her skirt down saying, “Peek-a-boo.”

“Oh, you are so naughty,” I whispered into her ear before sucking lightly on her earlobe.

She took my hand while reaching for the sack next to me full of provisions and started leading us into the park saying, “When we get to your secret place you can do what you want with your naughty girl.”

“I see and do you know where this place is?” I asked willingly following her.

“No, but it better be close, or I might jump you in front of these people.” she answered smiling one of her heart melting smiles. Her bright blue eyes sparkling with a small hint of mischief on her angelic face.

“Well then I guess I should lead. Since it is this way.” I stated going off to the right suddenly turning her willowy body ninety degrees.

“I hope it is close, since I've been naughty.” she said catching up to me walking by my side, swinging our clasped hands widely in a way I'd never done. It was fun and childish but I loved doing it with her.

“Yes you have been, and I don't see any remorse.” I smiled over at her. “So your gonna have to be punished and punished severely.”

“Oww, like last night.”

“Much more severe”

“Oh really, worse than last night. I could barely sit this morning.” Daisy looked like it was her turn to wonder if she'd bitten off more than she could chew.

“That's too bad. But after we're done, you won't even think about sitting.” I said. We kept walking another ten minutes and the people we saw dropped off to none. Pointing to a couple of big rocks I informed Daisy, “It's right over there behind the rocks.”

Daisy had been chewing on her bottom lip since I told her, her punishment would be worse than the previous nights.  She looked a little pale and put on her best fake smile, “We're already here. But its so close to people won't they hear me.”

“No they shouldn't. We'll be on the other side of the rocks and they will block most all the noise you will make.”

“But I can be really loud. And we wouldn't want to be caught.”

“Yeah you can. But I don't think we'll be caught.”

Daisy's angelic face had lost all of its color, but even then it was absolutely beautiful. She pointed as we were less than ten yards from our final destination, “Other side of those?”

“Yep, “ I stated as we reached the boulders. “Here let me help you up.” I reached down taking a hold of one of her bare buns under her skirt and lifted.  As I lifted her I felt the heat of her bare pussy radiating out.  With her securely on top of the boulder I lifted my self up next to her.  We stood on the rock holding hands looking out on a deep canyon below us. The greens in the valley were the brilliant greens of newly formed leaves. 

There was about a twenty-five foot ledge down past the boulders. I pointed out to Daisy, “See there is like some natural steps along the side of the rocks that will get you down to the ledge.  But be careful it is probably over a hundred foot drop just past the ledge.” My guess on the distance was from the fact only the tops of pine trees below were even close to the top of the rock out cropping.

Daisy carefully traveled down to the rock floor of the ledge, with me leading the way of where to step. Once down on the outcropping  I hollered, “Hello,”  and  the sound of my voice echoed back three times. Turning to Daisy I said, “See no one will hear us out here no matter how much noise you make. And even if they do they'd never find us down here.”

The pale went white, “Oh, you're right.”

Teasing her just a bit longer I said, “Ok time for your punishment for being such a dirty, naughty girl.” I rubbed my palms together rapidly like an evil genius would do in the movies .

“Ok,” Daisy said turning from me, raising her skirt exposing her gorgeous round ass, with its perfectly curved smooth skin. While the skin would have normally been a sweet cream color, the red of the previous night hadn't all faded away.

“What are you doing?” I asked running my warmed palm along the gentle curvature of her butt cheek dipping my fingertips into the crevice between it and the other cheek.

I continued my hand's adoration of her cute ass, stroking it up and down as she asked in a questioning tone, “Aren't you going to spank me?”

“No. I like this just the way it is,” I replied.

Confused she looked up pulling her hair out of her face as she glanced over her shoulder still bent at the waist, “But you said my punishment would be more severe than last night's.” There was a little bit of a tremble I could feel in her butt cheek as she spoke.

I decided to stop the teasing, “Oh it is much more severe.” I sat down on the ground behind her looking straight at the backside of her clam shells with their smattering of blonde curls and pulled off my shoes, “Your going to have to rub my feet. And we don't have anyway to wash them first.  I have been told having to do that is fate worse than death.  I figure a half hour while I nap should be just about right.”

She stood up straight letting her skirt fall back over her naked pelvis. She lightly smacked me on the top of my head, “Oh, you're so mean. I was scared you were going to hurt me bad, like some of Mistress's clients liked to.”

That made me feel like a complete heal. “Sorry, but you should know I'll never be one of those men. I love you.” It was then I realize I couldn't remember if I had ever told Daisy I loved her. I had told her I loved her body and what she did with it but not just her as a person.

Daisy smiled ear to ear and fell down on top of me hugging me tightly, “I know.” She broke her bear hug with a gentle kiss, “Now give me those stinky feet of yours.”

For thirty minutes I leaned back and enjoyed Daisy's fingers caressing every inch of my feet.  For the next hour we lay together on the ground letting our fingers caress every inch of each others bodies, while our lips remained attached. Slowly we stripped each other when clothes got in the way. She'd only two items to remove in the end where I had three.  The clothes ended up being our bedding, while we explored each other's bodies that were already well known.   

The sun shining on my skin with Daisy's hands caressing it as well felt fabulous. Just as fabulous as mine must have been to her, as she sighed and moaned gently. Her smooth sun soaked skin tasted salty as I ran my lips over it. Her head cocked to the side exposing her neck while my lips grazed it tenderly ensnaring bits of it.  The morsels captured in my lips were deliciously luxurious and only matched by the thrill of the skin beneath my hands. I lavished her neck with my kisses, as her hands lingered on shoulders, back and ass.  All of her neck was given over to my lips and tongue for their indulgence.  It wasn't until I'd one of her small breast under my lips did her fingers lightly trace over my stiff cock and balls.

I savored her tit, worshiping it with my lips and hands. The small beads of sweat forming from the afternoon sun were water to a dying man. Only milk springing from her puffy cones turned hard nubs between my lips could have tasted any sweeter. The gradual rise and fall of her respiration naturally moved her flesh in and out of my mouth.  The moans from deep in her core tingled my lips while they soaked up her resilient breast. 

My hands going up her inner thigh and onto her plumped up labia for the first time that afternoon she said,  “Let's sit up for a while.”  Little did I know how long a while would be.

I sat up resting my back on the rock wall, wondering what she wanted to talk about. I couldn't see any other reason she wanted to end our naked make out session, until she climbed in my lap. Behind her plump labia was a torrent of lubricant that had been dribbling out while we explored each other. But sitting in my lap had my hard dick part the bloated lips as she nestled into my lap letting the captured lubricant gush out. Her pussy's flaps wrapped the sides of my dick smearing the underside with her warm fluid the whole way down. She jumped a bit as her clitoris banged into my firm head.

With her legs on either side of me and her arms around my neck she again put her lips to mine.  Pulling a way for a second she said, “I like this better.”  She pulled her tits in tight to my chest hugging me. I did the same in return stroking all of her narrow back and small shoulders.

Daisy's putting her lips on my neck and slowly raising and lowering herself, letting my pole drag along her furrow, I stated,  “I like this too. You feel so wonderful in my arms like this.”

Raising herself a little higher than the other times she had the tip of my cock at her entrance. Slowly she let the warm dewy velvet walls stretch out around my solid head and rod, lowering herself onto me.  The skewered vagina gripping and widening for my cock sent shock waves of pleasure into my brain.  “And this way we can make love until the sun goes down.” 

Her lubricant was already running over my balls before I felt the sanding of her blonde curls at my cock's base. She ground her clit into me waggling her hips around at a snails pace, making me feel each pussy wall muscle contract and release all along my encased rod. I asked as she began raising her firm round ass off my thighs, “Why only until the sun goes down?”

She waited until she had only my piss hole in her to answer, “Cause after that we're gonna fuck.” As the last 'K' came out of her mouth, she slammed her ass back on my legs instantly impaling her pussy with my dick. A  “humph” came from deep within her, when my root became the bumper stop of her downward travel.

Her grinding her clit against me again in the same manner she had done seconds before I asked the nymph sucking on my neck, “So that is what we're going to do is it?”  She didn't stop kissing my neck but shook her head yes.  I could only think of one thing to say, “Ok then.” 

My hands running over her back went down into the small dimples on either side of her spine and around her ass's supple curve. I began helping her raise and lower herself on me while massaging her glorious globes.   A few minutes in, she quit kissing me and subtly leaned back locking her eyes on mine. As she moved slowly along my dick I watched her brilliant blue eyes and what they were saying to me as the contours of her face also changed. I loved looking at her angelic face as her lips parted slightly letting out a barely audible sigh and “Oh” while her eyelids closed. I felt her pussy walls tighten, holding my rod like its life depended on it and a flow of cum filled the passage.

She held still for the moments her small climax occurred, opening her eyes staring deeply into mine only to say, “God, I love you.”  She stayed back a second or two more searching for something in my eyes.  She attached her lips to mine before I could tell her I loved her too.  I think it is the reason she covered my lips she wanted the statement to stand alone, no comment from me was necessary. 

Her small but intense orgasm waning she once again rode slowly up and down my solid pole. This time when she leaned back the hands  in my hair led me to her tits.  Leaning half over my mouth matched her speed and fervor while making love to her breast. Nothing was hurried as I took the small rosy cones into my oral cavity. I let the tip of my tongue run up the captured buds in time with her pussy's lowering down on my cock.  As her slow gyrations of her clit into me occurred, my teeth slowly and delicately ground on her hard nub.   

For a second time that afternoon I could have sworn I heard a rock fall from above us, but like the first time I figured it was just our movements stirring up the rocks around us. I ignored the sound as Daisy's hot body welcomed my cock into it over and over.  For the next four hours we made love and rested in between. It was two hours before I shot my first ropes into her waiting repository.  She gasped and held me tight driving fingernails into my shoulders as she climaxed at the splashing of her walls.

After filling her pussy once with cum her orgasms came faster. Her vagina's milking on my dick while it remained in her sheath  kept me hard. I, too spewed my seed into her more readily and filled her twice more before we saw the sun start to set. Before it was all the way down, we climbed up on to the boulders that were helping in shielding us.  While climbing back up the boulder I couldn't help but notice the cum that hadn't ended up coating my balls was running down her thigh, some even dropped out from her pussy in big dollops. 

We finished watching the sunset from on top of the boulder.  Daisy was sitting in front of me between my legs letting the last of our co-mingled fluids run out onto the stone. She leaned into be so I  could hold her tight from behind with my hands under her pink t-shirt cupping her breast in my palms.  I was lightly squeezing them and kissing the side and back of her neck when she muttered, “You keep doing that and we may have to get to that fucking right here with the sun going down on us.”

Not originally planning on staying as long as we did it was very dark when we exited the rock. I hadn't  brought a flashlight with me so getting out of the park on a moonless night was a bit difficult.  I kept Daisy behind me holding my waist so I would be the one bumping into things instead of her. Traveling with my hands out and not knowing where we were going had me run into more than one branch and a couple of trees. We were laughing and carrying on  having a fun time by the time we got to the side walk. We continued our playing and banter going to her apartment.

Once at Daisy's door she tried dragging me inside saying, “It's time to fuck.”

“How about we don't and leave this as a day of making love,” I said pulling her back to me and kissing her. “And yesterday you wore me out and today while beautiful, it started early. I really need to get home and sleep.  If I promise no holds barred fucking sometime this week will you let me go and not hold it against me.

She smiled big with a Cheshire evil grin,  “So I let you go home and get some sleep, and some time this week I get wild monkey sex.”

“Like your Clyde, “ I said to a look that said she didn't understand.

“Ok, but can I get you to tuck me in. I've never had anyone actually tuck me in. And it sounds nice.” She asked with her best innocent puppy dog look.

“Sure I'll cook while you get cleaned up and ready for bed.”

“You sound like one of those fifties dad's from like 'Leave it to Beaver,” or 'Andy Griffith.' But those dads didn't promise their daughters monkey sex.”


“What Daddy?  You know you could always come get a shower with me. Imagine that episode.”

“Food, cleaned up, and bed  the only three things left tonight.”

“You're no fun,” Daisy pouted. In an imitation huff, she stomped out of the room.  I didn't see her again for five minutes after I heard the shower stop.   She came into the kitchen wearing the bra and panties she had met me at the door in.  If she was trying to get me to stay and screw her, the outfit was going a long way to that end. 

“So you liked this last night,” she said spinning as she walked to me. “You still like it?” she asked running her hands over the lacy bra and the nipples poking out.

“Definitely, but I don't think this is your sleep attire.  Is it?” I asked. What I really wanted to ask was, “Should we just fuck here on the table?”  As I was ready to clear the table with one sweep of  my arm and throw her on the table and yank the tiny  crotch-less panties off her slender hips and pound her cunt with the iron rod my dick had become.  While enjoying her fabulously silken tight vagina, sucking on the nipples poking through the holes in her top would be a necessity.  I imagined we'd digress even further into full on debauchery that would take all night. Unfortunately, I didn't have that kind of time or energy to fuck her in the manner of depravity we'd sink to.

“No you know I sleep naked. I just thought coming to the table naked might be a bit unusual. But if Daddy wants me naked...” She said reaching for the clasp of the bra.

“No Sweety you're fine the way you are. Hell, you're fine the way you aren't. So let's have dinner and get you to bed.”

“Ok” she went to the table. 

After a nice dinner and cleaning up after I walked her to her bed. She slowly and seductively took off her bra in a mock striptease. Her little white panties came off as she bent at the waist, pressing the split of her ass cheeks against my groin. Standing back up she had the panties on one finger.  Holding them up close to my nose she dropped them to the floor. “All ready for bed.” Her gorgeous willowy body and her pert still developing tits with full pussy lips bending down under her and between her sculpted thighs, she was more than ready for bed. She was ready for fucking.  And,knowing we were over a place she could get fucked anytime she wanted, I felt a little guilty I was keeping her all for myself.

“Ok climb in and I'll tuck you in properly,” I told her pulling back the clean sheets.  She'd evidently changed them sometime before meeting me at the park.  She slipped in between the crisp sheets.

Keeping up her little girl act she said, “Will Daddy get in with his little girl; and hold her until she goes to sleep?” The twinkle in her eye was an indication she was up to no good.

“No,” I answered her proposition, pulling the covers over her perfectly nude lithe body. Tucking the covers in under that small frame that always brought me such pleasure I said, “Now get to sleep.” Kissing her on the forehead I said, “Love you now goodnight.” I turned and basically sprinted out of the room hoping to get out unscathed.  I turned off all the lights in her apartment and locked the door as I left with my key before heading home.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Not sure if anyone is still reading this tale that makes "War and Peace" seem short in length.  But here is the next part.

Chapter 33 Stairwells and Short People

At home I again checked Mom's room seeing if she and Glory were at it again.  She was alone, sleeping sitting up with a light on with a paper on her lap “Ethics of Incest in the Bible.”  I left her the way she was, not knowing the state of her sobriety or Glory's.  And I didn't want to risk being caught dick deep in Mom.

Glory too was sleeping. Though she had evidently gone to sleep shortly after using her vibrator.  It was still on the bed next to her as she lay on top of the covers nude with her legs splayed across the bed.  Even with only the hall light illuminating her body I could see her bald pussy still had some of the orgasmic juices she'd produced trickling out of her fattened pussy lips.  Her bigger than ever nipples had a rose tint to them as if she'd been pinching on them while shoving the vibrating silicon cock in an out of her snatch.   Closing the door she'd left open I went to bed.

In the morning it was like the clock had been rolled back three months.  Mom was fully dressed and ready for work with no hint or innuendo of wanting to have sex with either me or Glory.   And Glory came down to breakfast in the same short skirts as she had been wearing for months but didn't try and flash me or Mom. She was her usual bratty self complaining about school in general and that finals were coming up.

Once at school, after dropping only Glory off at her school, I ran into Ben. As usual if we both made it to school before the first bell rang we hung out  on the sophomore wall. It was behind the school off to the side. It was where most of my classmates hung out and other classes avoided.  It was the one place even juniors could tell a senior to get lost.  Social norms said after the seniors graduated everyone moved up one spot and everyone from my class wouldn't be welcome there any longer.  We'd be expected to hang out on the “senior” benches near the gym.

Ben wasn't mad at me but was looking around nervously. “Something is wrong with Mindy again.”

“Yeah so, there is almost always something wrong with your sister.” I replied. “And I can honestly say it has nothing to do with me.”

“I don't know if that is right.  She came home yesterday afternoon mad as a hornet. Then suddenly this morning she was wishing me a good day when I got out of the car.” Ben explained nervously.

“Ok strange but not necessarily the harbinger of death and destruction.”

“So it's not just me you think it's weird also.”

“Maybe a little strange not so much weird.”

“She said nice things about you this morning.  She said that, despite you being a dip shit she kind of missed you being around as much as before.”

“That kind of sounds like Mindy.  The dip shit part. The missing me being around doesn't sound like her at all.”

“I know so be on the look out. I'm thinking at some point she's going to go full on bat shit crazy. No sane person can change personalities so quickly and so often.”

I wanted to say to Ben, “You have met my Mom, haven't you?”  I said to him, “I'll keep that in mind.” I figured if Mindy was acting weird in some way, I would find out after school, and would just go on with my day. And, if I ran into her which I was pretty sure I would, and she acted strangely I'd deal with it then. I didn’t have to wait until after school. While walking in the hallway headed to lunch I had the scare of my life.  Mindy was talking with her upper crust clique when I walked by.  Despite being surrounded by her friends, she smiled and winked at me for no apparent reason. It sent a chill down my spine. Ben was right she was acting wierd.

I kept the incident to myself. Had I told Ben he would’ve grilled me for all the details. By the end of the next period I thought I was being paranoid, that Ben's warning was making me see things that weren't there. It turned out I was way wrong. Right before the last period's late bell Mindy grabbed me in the stairwell. “Stay here geek.” She demanded in front of her friends to whom she said, “Catch you guys tomorrow. I got a free period and this twerp is going to explain how to do some math, so I don’t fail the class. Because come hell or high water, I am graduating and blowing this place.”

When the late bell rung I insisted, “Mindy I've gotta go. Your brother doesn’t know he needs to cover for me and I don’t need detention. And that is what Ms. Calvert will give me. She doesn’t like me since I find her class boring and easy.”

The last of the people in the stairwell had scurried away to class leaving just me and Mindy. “Finally, I didn’t think all those dweebs would ever get out of here.”

“What?” I was confused, “Mindy why am I here? If you need help I’ll give it to you later.” I didn’t need to say where, she already knew.

“No you won’t. I have an appointment later.” She stated matter of fact.  “So drop your pants and screw me with that little dick of yours.  I need a sub-par fuck so I can enjoy what hopefully is a real man.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” I asked not meaning the double entendre. “We’ll get caught. On top of which you haven't given me the time of day for the last what...four or five weeks. And now you think I'll just drop my pants and fuck you because you want me to?” I had to admit, though, it sounded exciting.

She'd dragged me over to the stairs, by my waist band. “Yes, and we won’t get caught if you last your usual disappointing quick three strokes.” Her impugning me was expected, though I didn't know how she thought it would improve her odds of me screwing her. It wasn't totally unexpected when she started opening my shorts when I didn’t jump to doing her. Mindy's hands had my shorts below my nuts in no time.  Taking a hold of my mostly flaccid dick, she jacked it a couple of times.  “Damn maybe you are a gay boy.” She didn’t let go when she started to her knees saying, “Fuck, I guess I’ll have to get you hard also.” 

I felt her warm moist mouth swallow my cock in one quick move. Hearing a door on one of the floors below us close;  as quietly as I could I said,  “Damnit Mindy we’re going to get caught.” When I tried getting her off my dick I realized she had a good hold on my nut sack.  She made it evident she'd make her removal from my cock painful.

I resigned myself to her excellent sucking. She swirled my head a few times and bobbed the length of my rod twice. Her skill and my dick’s willingness to overrule my brain, made it so by the third time she couldn’t get all the way down my dick without choking herself.   The sweet sensations of her taste buds scuffing the protruding veins and ridges along the sensitive skin on the underside of my cock, and the danger of getting caught brought on full hardness.

With me hard, Mindy wasted no time standing up.  Not letting go of her leverage she spun around demanding from over her shoulder, “Now fuck me in that pathetic way only you can do.” She bent over supporting herself with her other hand on the fourth stair. She pulled me closer saying, “Well get to it.”

“Fine,” I was again relegated to the status of a walking dildo. I didn’t mind that when we were securely down in our hide away weeks ago, but we were out in the open and I had Daisy. I wondered if Mindy had thought of what she'd say if someone did come upon us while I was dick deep in her.  Her pulling on my nuts left little doubt she didn’t care about being caught.   If I'd been thinking about it logically, I’d have welcomed getting caught, since getting caught fucking one of the hottest girls in school would've made me a god in most guys’ eyes. But I wasn’t thinking such. I was thinking maybe if I screwed her she'd leave me alone in the long run. If not I  would need to talk to Daisy and explain what was going on less than a hundred feet below her apartment. Reconciled to my fate, my hand hesitantly went up her smooth thigh and under her black skirt.

I didn’t find any material under her skirt that interfered with stroking her rounded ass. Having run my hand over all of her smooth taut skin, my fingers glided into the top of her crack. I was beginning to think none of the women in my  sphere understood it was normal to wear panties under their black skirts.  It made sliding down the fissure between her cheeks easier, and meant I'd full access to her pussy when I got there.

It was already squishing with her juices, when I dipped my finger into her. She sighed at my finger’s entering her, pushing back against it.  Knowing Mindy the way I did, once she was this ready for fucking she’d have me screwing her, it was only a matter of time. Time was the one thing we didn’t have a lot of. The longer we were in the stairwell the more likely one of the hall monitors was to catch us.

Tossing her skirt up over her ass, it came to rest on the small of her back.  Having her orbs exposed, I did what I always seemed to do.  I stared in awe and appreciation of the finely honed muscles and flesh that made up her ass. I could have done what I did to Daisy a couple of days before for her derogatory comments on my dick and fucking style, but I got the feeling that was what she was going for. A harsh performance like that  would leave her ass red and marked, which was unacceptable with her having a rendezvous in what sounded like a couple of hours. Plus the sound of my hand smacking her ass that hard would echo and draw attention. If that was what she was going for and she wanted to show me she wasn’t going to lessen her contemptuous statements about me and Ben, and she was still in charge we'd have the hand to ass discussion, later.

Mindy must have realized I was staring at her ass, cause she said, “Damn Alex you’ve seen or felt my ass hundreds of times, so do it already.”

“Yeah but it still looks gorgeous and feels even better every time I see or touch it.” I said not thinking about it.  I swear I could feel Mindy smile at my statement. Having her smiling and my pants down below my nuts; and my dick with easy access to her cunt, that wanted it anyway, I guided my cock head to the hole my finger had occupied.

Being lined up to sink deep into her velvet sheath was one thing but doing it out in the open for anyone passing by to see was another.  Mindy took care of that issue rocking back skewering herself on me.  She got only half my cock in as she let out a grunt that echoed off the stairs and whitish cinder block walls. I clutched her hip bones driving the rest of my thick meat stick into the heavenly canal. I too grunted stretching the plush narrow passage as my helmet led the way.   The ripples and waves of the opened canal embraced me as a cherished mate.

With my balls resting against Mindy’s plush parted labia, she growled, “Is that all you got? Mmm… Use that tiny thing.”

I could've said something to her but I'm sure that is what she wanted.  Slapping her ass while I defended my cock’s size was also an option I decided against, as the smack of our pelvises together was already echoing in the cavernous space. The slapping of her ass would’ve added to the thumping but much louder. Plus she had squealed and wailed the last time and that would have surely brought an audience. 

Instead I went about running my cock in and out of her vagina stopping just short of slamming our sexes together eliminating the earlier splat of our collisions.  My balls, though, still swung up popping her wet smooth pussy lips.  I reached around and vibrated her clit while I kept my measured pace thrusting into her. Getting closer to climaxing, Mindy bucked back into me, throwing her body backward.  I held on tight as she did so, keeping up the stimulation of her stiffened clit.

My holding her hips, vibrating her clit and its hood between two fingers, prevented her from face-planting into the stairs when she went back to only one hand on them. The hand she removed from the stair had moved her bra up on her tits and out of the way of the nipples she twisted and pulled.  I too reached under her blouse and pinched on the other breast’s crown, giving her priority when her hand wanted access to the nipple I'd captured.

Her loud groans and sighs filled the air as I kept stuffing her pussy full with my dick.  Her sighs mutated into panting and the groans became grunts and verbal, “Augh: and “ Ahh yes.”  The more I fucked the louder she became, with the “Mmm's” and “Oh gawd's.”

Afraid we were going to be caught and her outburst making it even more possible, I stopped groping her breast and covered her mouth saying into her ear, “Good god Mindy shut up, you’re going to get us caught.”

She didn’t try to respond to my demand for silence, continuing her grunting at each thrust and moan as I backed out of her.  The muffled sounds at least lessened our chances of being discovered.  My hand pressed to her mouth became her chew toy as she began trembling. The shaking and weak kneed wobble, requiring my support let me know she was  seconds from cumming. The gush of pussy juice with the clamping of her vagina around my prick came as she bit hard on my finger while the low animalistic growl filled the stairwell. The squeezing and ripples along my rod sent me over the edge. I couldn’t remember a time since I first started fucking Mindy went I hadn’t taken at least twenty minutes before I lost my load. Yet in a little over ten minutes she had wad after wad of my thick juice coating her insides.

I assumed the thrill of possibly being caught had shortened my time, before blowing my load. She seemed to purr despite her almost ripping the skin from my finger.  Each time my dick twitched spewing spunk onto her cunt walls, she sighed and pushed harder into me.  I let my balls empty their contents into her cum receptacle, while she too continued milking and coating my rod, orgasming.  Our being knotted together lasted a little while as  the last of my balls’ fluid filled her.

Having nothing left for giving and her spasming velvet no longer milking my rod, I slipped out of her.  She groused a bit turning to me flushed from head to toe. My hands no longer touching her body anywhere and her trying to catch her breath, she still managed to say, “Well damn that was disappointing in a way only you can disappoint.”

Pulling back up my shorts and underwear I smiled, “Thanks, I try to be consistent. I wouldn’t want to ruin your opinion of me.”

“No chance of that. You consistently suck at satisfying me.” She replied  pulling her bra back down into place and buttoning her blouse.  Finishing straightening her clothes, she added, “I'm sure it is the same for your blonde slut.”

“What?” I said unsure of what I'd heard.

“That little blonde whore I saw you  fucking yesterday, on Lover's Ledge. You should get rid of her before you disappoint her as much as you do me. You wouldn't want her thinking pathetic fucking was normal.”

Shocked I asked about the least important part of her statement, “Lover's ledge?”

“Figures a geek like you wouldn't know what it's called. It's behind two big rocks on the far side of the park.  There are actually three of them you were on ledge two. Most couples wait until night to use them though.  I watched you and that whore fuck. You were so bad with her it took an hour for you to even get her off. Pathetic.” Mindy said rapidly not letting me get a word in.

“You were watching me?” I asked both shocked and mad.

“Yeah, I do that down here all the time. What's the big deal?” She asked not realizing what she was admitting to.

“That is my private life outside of the club. And Daisy...My girlfriend isn't a slut or whore.” I said doing my best at not throttling her.

“Yeah well you're a disappointment sexually. So if you like her don't subject her to your inane attempts at screwing, and set her free. I'd do it before she finds out what you do just below where she lives.” The threat of exposing the club to run Daisy off was obvious.  Before I could say anything she was quickly skipping down the stairs the first of my cum visible on her thigh below the skirt’s black hem. One flight below me she added, “Oh yeah you have an appointment at four. I don’t have any idea who it is but she isn’t currently on the list of possibles. She is just a client so don’t be late.”

I yell down at her not caring about the noise, “We're not finished. We're gonna finish this after your appointment.”  Still pissed off I thought out loud “Easy for her to say don't be late. I am so getting detention for being this late to Ms. Calvert’s class.” Climbing the rest of the stairs to the third floor’s doorway, a hall monitor bumped into me. I wondered how long he had been in the stairwell listening to either, Mindy and I fucking or talking. If he had heard either he didn’t let it show as he hurried past me.

Walking into math class, Ms. Calvert stared at me. Ben from his desk a couple rows back gave me a what the fuck look.  Seeing him in class meant he'd been down and back from the office with attendance, thus I was very late.  Ms. Calvert didn’t give me a chance at explaining before sending me to that very office. But I couldn’t imagine what I could've said to her anyway, not having an excuse for her that wouldn’t be worse than no excuse. 

Vice Principal Miranda with his slate gray eyes shook his head not getting up from his desk when I walked in.  It wasn’t the first time Ms. Calvert had sent me to him.  He understood she and I had a hate-hate relationship. He asked, “You were late to math when you know Ms. Calvert likes sending you to me. So what is your excuse this time?”

Thinking up an excuse that VP Miranda would believe and that I'd have to remember would be too much work. I was still pissed at Mindy and I didn’t feel like lying to the VP. I liked him and hadn’t lied to him in the past and I think he respected that fact.  With that in mind I said, “Mindy West demanded I have sex with her in the stairwell. So I did, and it took a while getting her off.”

“Demanded?! Seriously? Alex that has to be the worst lie I've ever heard.” Mr. Miranda said between guffaws. “And, isn’t her brother more your type.”

“I’m not gay, in fact if I never see  another dick but my own for the rest of my life that would be great.” I said tired of everyone assuming I was queer due to my associating with Ben. “So no Mindy is my type.  Bald pussies for me.”

“She is every straight guy in this schools type. Hell she’s half the gay guys type too.” His laughing having died down he continued, “I will say that it's gutsy using her as an alibi and saying she has a bald pussy is bold.  But I guess if you're going to make up whoppers, go big. And its not like you expect them to be believed or me to ask her.  I’d give you detention if you'd learn anything from being there. Somehow I don’t think someone that'd make up that kind of lie would learn a thing.” Looking up at the clock on the wall behind me he said, “It’s late and all you've left with her is one more class and the final. Go home and we’ll forget this talk ever happened. And if you get Ms. Calvert next year change classes immediately.”

“Thanks,” I said heading out before he'd a chance at changing his mind.  Mindy’s setting up an appointment with a new member meant I couldn’t be late; ans detention would make me late. Plus the torment, she would inflict would make detention look like a cake walk.  And while she’d inflict some of it on me, mostly Ben would pay.  And her tormenting him was worse than her trying to torment me, since I believed in paying for my own mistakes.

Having been let out early, I went home.  I was thankful no one else was there.  I sat on the couch and started to think about my situation.  I loved Daisy more than I could say, but I also had to admit I felt much the same for Mindy, though she made me crazy most of the time. And the club weather I liked it  or not was part of my life. And, I definitely liked it. All the different experiences down there would be hard to give up if Daisy didn't understand the draw of the place.  I didn't know what I'd do if she said I had to quit. I mulled it over for over an hour before I decided to punt the decision and enjoy what might be my last sexual experience as part of an anonymous sex club.

The decision of not making a long term decision being done, I thought if the decision was to end my membership I'd at least go out with a bang. Going to my room, I dug Kathy’s tens augmented dildo out of its hiding place. While I had a few extra minutes I went looking for other toys in Mom’s and Glory’s rooms.  I found Mom had put her toy box in the back of her closet after the Fairy found it so easily on her dresser.  Hoping Mom wouldn’t be using any of the handcuffs, dildos, nipple and clit clips, whips , or flogs for a while, I took two of four sets of hand cuffs, a large ring gag and her leather paddle.

In basically the same location in Glory’s closet I found her new grown-up toy box. She didn’t have the same wide variety as Mom’s, yet she had more sex toys than I’d have expected. She had many of the items Mom had. Having taken items from Mom there was nothing I wanted to borrow from her. Plus most of her toys looked new and she'd likely be trying them out and would miss anything I borrowed.  Though knowing Glory had a new in the box electrified dildo was interesting, she had evidently enjoyed the time with Kathy’s.

Once back to the main security room I saw Mindy was well on her way to being fucked. She was mostly undressed, her blouse open and bra unclasped. Her skirt was already on the floor and between her thighs was the black hood that likely contained Wes Giles. She was straddling his head grinding her cunt on the mouth opening of the hood, occasionally I saw his tongue diving into her hole. While he was wedged in her hole she stopped scraping her cunt on his mouth arching her back exposing all of her breast, which Wes was blindly touching and fondling.  Mindy had her hands down the required jeans. When she restarted her rocking on his face, she finished opening the front of his pants freeing his six inch uncircumcised dick. 

I turned off the monitor and found a note from Mindy telling me that she would be in my usual room, which I already knew from the monitor, and that Ben also had an appointment in his usual location.  I was to use the newly prepared room close to the abandoned building entrance. Walking to get my head covering I was slightly miffed Ben had forgotten to mention his rendezvous. We needed to be clear on who would be in the halls when. If not our anonymity would be lost by one careless moment.  And while I was opposed to the idea of a club initially, losing the need to get a leather hood so I could have sex with some girl I didn't know would be a real disappointment if it was due to carelessness.  My intentionally giving it up while hard to do, it would at least be my decision instead of one forced on me.   

I stashed the items I'd brought from home in easy access locations. Searching for them when I wanted them, likely wouldn’t work. They had to be instantly available not spoiling the mood or giving my partner time to object.  I put them away in locations that neither Ben or Mindy would likely find. It was better to be prepared than not have what you wanted when you needed them.

Opening the door with the number seventeen on it, I found a layout similar to the other two rooms. Only on the wall were rings attached to cables and a wooden chest next to it. I opened the lid of the chest finding straps and restraints that appeared to hook onto the rings and other tie down points.  Mindy had made a BDSM den of sorts. I was surprised she'd put the room together right under my nose without me realizing it. It even had a camera in the corners, which had the red dots letting me know they were active.  When she and I were done for the evening, non-club business and private life privacy would be discussed.

I was pulling on one of the rings, checking how secure it was when a small voice came from behind me. “I’ve never tried that. Is that what you have planned for our time together?”

I turned to see a very tan skinned girl that may have been four foot five and seventy-five pounds soaking wet. I wondered which of the girls or gay guys had suggested the little girl they babysat for or their niece. The dark almost black eyes peering out of the eyeholes made me think she was possibly of Hispanic descent. Looking at her more closely I noticed she had a bra on under her blouse but it wasn’t needed. Even her one size fits all hood was loose, making me concerned about her voice modulator not being all that she heard. This too I needed to talk to Mindy about, though I didn’t think it could wait. I knew we were well on our way to having a club for anonymous sex, but I thought we were all on the same page of only girls that were in high school or older and had to shave their pussies to make them hairless would be allowed to enter. I wasn’t into screwing a nine year old. Having incestuous relations with my consenting sister or mother, I’d do, but sex with a child was out of the question, for me or anyone else while within the walls. 

Nervously I said, “Hi.  Never tried what?”

“Getting tied up,” she replied cheerfully. “That would definitely be different.”

“So you know about getting tied up?” I asked, surprised someone so young would know about any BDSM type activity.

“Sure, who doesn’t?” She asked, walking up next to me, the top of her hood coming up to my nipples. Backing up to the wall stretching her small thin arms out, she added, “The tie downs are a little bit far apart for me though.”

Watching her awe struck I answered, “I would think most girls your age even if they have had sex wouldn’t know much about it.”

“Oh, well I haven’t had true intercourse yet. I’ve had lots of older guys want me to call them daddy. But those are freaks I’ll never screw. And boys my age aren’t interested in anything but big boobs,” Looking down at her chest she joked, “And mine weren’t delivered.”

“You’re a virgin?” I was stunned at this revelation as she talked so freely and acted unconcerned about being tied up. It made me rethink the age of my guest. 

“Yeah, I’ve been fingered and eaten out a lot but that is when the daddy freakiness usually starts.  That or when they see my so called boobs.  The town sheriff was one of the worst. He is a real pedophile going after both boys and girls as long as they have no hair on their privates.” She stated before I could stop her.

“Hush,” I demanded. “In here we can’t discuss others. And while it’s probably against the rules, I still have to know. How old are you?”

“What is the youngest girl you have fucked?” she asked in return.

“As I said it’s against the rules to exchange personal information,” I hedged, followed by a half truth, “But if I had to guess I would think thirteen.” I was sure Glory and Harmony’s birthdays were in the middle of December, making both of them the youngest in their class; barely making the cut-off date to start school eight years earlier.

“Damn you do like them young, are there a lot of thirteen year olds that are part of the club?” She asked.

“Again we don’t give ages or exchange driver’s licenses, for those that have them.” I said hoping she would take the bait of giving me a better idea of her age.  Borrowing from Mindy’s lexicon I added, “And as a club ambassador I am responsible to let you know the rules while here.  And one of them is when assigned an appointment there is some flexibility in not completing it, but not much.”  I went into the long spiel about siblings and ex’s, hoping she would infer incorrectly, that I had to have sex with someone so young not that I had actually blackmail her into it. 

Having finished my explanation of the rules and why we had them she inquired, “So now what? I get laid?”

“In due time, but getting laid is what happens in the back of your… Momma’s car.” The pause was intentional demonstrating no Daddy issues with me.  “I am partial to fucking.  No holds barred get as loud and kinky as you ever wanted to be, fucking.  And that requires us to be nude.  And while I would normally have you do a striptease for me; I think tonight I’d like it if you strip me first, unless you just want to do a striptease.”

She said all business like, “Nah, I think I’ll see what I’m in for.” Her small hands started fumbling with my short’s button. “I’ve come so close only to have it not happen.  Let’s see what it will happen with.”

“To be fair I’m not fully ready yet.” I said while she yanked at my shorts.

“Yeah that is what all little dicked guys say,” She replied while sliding my underwear off my hips and to my shorts wrapped about my knees. Looking at my cock she swore, “Fuck it’s not little. It has to be the second biggest one I’ve ever seen.” Gripping my half hard but quickly growing and stiffening dick she added, “And the biggest one I’ve ever held.”

“So what happened to the biggest one?” I asked, only slightly interested, and thinking it still kept one foot on the right side of the rules line.

“He was one of the freaks. He saw my tits and fingered my pussy a little and shot his load all over me; he got so excited.  I kind a like the feeling of spunk on me, but then he went and started apologizing about hitting his little girl with his cum.  That daddy would clean it up. “ She had left it vague on who the person was so I let her continue. “I was out of there after that.  And up to that point he had seemed fairly normal for an older guy.”

Having explained her big dick experience, she went back to looking and touching mine. It felt so different the little fingers of the girl running up and down my rod. Her tiny hands together barely wrapped my shaft.  The whole of her hand stroking me, sent lightning bolts through my brain faster than Mindy ever had.  Her squishing the protruding veins along the underside of my rod and fingers running up under the purple head’s ridge made my cock finish it’s growing and hardening before she had a chance to step up high on my underwear forcing them to my ankles. 

With movement of my feet limited she knelt down in front of me, her eye holes staring at the base of my cock.  Bending my rigid pole down, it felt like she would break it off at the base. The discomfort was rewarded with the exquisite feeling of her lips on my helmet.  Her thin small lips were stretched by the bulbous knob of my cock as she took it into her mouth.  My bent rod pressed against its roof as it filled it. 

I felt teeth graze my cock’s taut skin as it passed by. She evidently couldn’t open any wider, scraping my dick in a way that didn’t so much hurt as add a layer of sensations I didn’t usually get. Her head being so small half my cock was all that it took to hit the soft area in the back of her throat.  She gagged a bit the constricting muscles grabbing my head as she progressed further along my dick.   Despite my cock plugging up her air way, she took all of me into her esophagus making her neck bulge out as I went.  She was well versed in how to deep throat a cock. Over and over she pulled off my rod and returned it down her throat until her leather covered nose pressed into my groin, and my nuts slapped her chin.

Between the passes into her throat, her petite tongue swabbed all the ridges, valleys  and bumps  along my rod and its head.  Her small tip dipped into my pee hole further than the bigger tongues that had tried.  The squeezing of her throat on my helmet and the burnishing of her rough taste buds all over my cock finished lighting up the pleasure in my brain. I'd been shown the edge and pushed over, and my balls rose up leaving her small palms which had been massaging them, empty. 

When my dick swelled with the first globs of spunk she didn’t backup off my dick. Instead she rammed herself forward pushing my surging cock head further into her gullet than ever before; having my jets of cum ejaculated in her throat half way to her stomach.  There was no spillage out her sphincter like stretched lips as none of the massive deposits could ever reach her tongue. 

Fully spent in her throat the last dribbles were sucked out of my hole before they could trickle out.  Coming off my waning rod with a slurp and kiss on its tip, she quickly stood up and pulled herself up me putting her lips to mine.  The shooting of my spunk so far down her throat and the quick removal of the dregs; meant her tongue had only the faintest taste of my semen when she shoved it into mine. I welcomed the offered tongue and her breath that hinted more of sperm.  She devoured my lips and sucked in my tongue for its tumble with hers. 

Stopping our kiss as suddenly as she had started it, she said, “Damnation you lasted longer than most all the pervs I’ve blown. I swear I thought I might suffocate, and I must’ve swallowed a gallon of cum. I hope you saved some in reserve. I'd love my pussy getting a full splashing of cum during its deflowering. There is just something about the idea of having my whole insides swimming in spunk that makes me so horny.”

Her extensive knowledge and fantastic technique at sucking my dick added a couple of years to my estimate of her age.  Also adding to the estimate was her ease with all things sex.  Girls under thirteen wouldn't speak so freely about it. Hell most high school seniors wouldn't either. But the fact she was still a virgin made me discount a couple of months to a year. How she had managed so far not getting fucked when she was such a great cock sucker was incomprehensible. But if she said all I could fuck was her mouth, I don’t think I'd complain about never being in her cunt.

Finishing stepping out of my pants and underwear, I stripped off my shirt saying, “You don’t want this on do you.”

She ran her petite fingers over my chest; tweaking my nipples. As she did so she commented, “Yours are probably bigger than mine.”

Letting her hands continue roaming and stroking me, I started unbuttoning her blouse, saying, “Let’s see.” Her blouse fell away easily when the last button was pushed through its hole.  Her bra was the type Glory had worn three years earlier. No underwire, no real cup to speak of only heavy fabric covering most all of her chest.  The hook was simple and I had it undone in a few seconds.

Hands that had been running along my abs and tickling me as they fingered my bellybutton, shot to her chest holding the separating  garment in place.  The playful giggles and quiet musings she had been doing while entertaining herself with my bared chest and stomach were gone when she said, “No laughing or getting fucking pervy. And none of that creepy Daddy shit.”

Gently guiding her hands away from her chest, with the bra still clasped in her palms, I quipped, “Can I call you Mommy?”

She just about lost it laughing pulling her bra fully off, letting it fall to the floor, “You are one sick puppy.”

“So I’ve been told.” I replied looking at her chest.  So as not to stare I pulled her to me, bending down to kiss her, but not before the puffy brown nipples that lay atop her ever so slight mounds that barely rose off her ribs pressed into me. The hard points that were in the center of her pillowed areoles poked my skin.  She had the chest a developing eight year old would long for, yet what I had seen looked sexy on her.

I found the clasp on the side of her skirt.  Opening it and the zipper weren’t difficult.  Both being undone her black skirt required little before it was around her ankles.  Our mouths were still attached as she stepped out of the skirt while I directed her backward to the lounge.  It was only when she fell back on the cushion did I get to view her body only in panties.  She was wearing a pink pair of cotton panties that I assumed she wore on purpose; making her look like a pre-teen or younger. 

Staring down at her mostly naked body lying across the worn brown leather cushion with her pink panties she could have passed as someone Glory would’ve babysat. Only the slight flare of her hips instead of the straight hips of a pre-pubescent girl gave any indication of her real age. Looking closely at her she was perfectly proportioned, despite her diminutive stature;  even her lack of any significant rise of her nipples from her rib cage fit her.  The puffed out cones pointing straight up looked delightful.  Taking a step back and pulling her back up to standing, I said, “You are definitely one sexy girl. But can I see all of you in your panties? I’m thinking maybe a bit of a show.” 

“I don't know that is what the pervy guys ask for,” she informed me. “But if you don't start acting all fucked up , I guess so.”

“Sounds like you may be in for a night of firsts.” I remarked stepping a couple more steps back waiting for her.

“I like the sound of that,” She sounded overly happy. She spun around the first time rapidly giving me a quick view of her pantie covered butt.   

“Slower, I’d like to savor the sight,” I requested.

“But there isn’t much if anything to savor,” She said looking down at her body. “Hell Momma said the only reason she got tits was ‘cause she got knocked up with me. She said she had Daddy continue sucking them after I quit so they stayed big and full of milk and it made her orgasm.”

I let the personal information slide. I instead said to her, “But you have such pretty puffy nipples.  They don’t overwhelm your chest and I’m betting they taste as good than they look.” I quickly took her back in my arms and wrapped my lips around one of her small buds. Her marshmallow soft cones gave way when closed down on. The dark skin retreated back into the virtually non-existent tits; becoming flush with them. . 

She moaned and held the back of my head tight while I licked the flattened flesh with the hard goosebump for a nipple in the middle. She did her best at thrusting her non-existent tit into my mouth. I too pulled her tighter with my hand centered between her shoulder blades. My tongue swished over the soft flesh and hard bump making the bump a little bigger each time I grazed it, while my other hand slid down into the back of her panties holding what felt like the whole of her ass in my palm. 

After lavishing both of the nipples with a tongue massage and sucking the bumps where firm enough to catch between my teeth. I pulled out on them until she yelped a bit. Her tit having been lengthened, when let go jumped back in place with the slightest of jiggles.  I stopped by her mask’s mouth opening placing my lips to hers for a slow seductive kiss, before saying down to her, “I wouldn’t change them at all, they are delicious.”

Putting herself back tight to me she kissed my chest below my nipples and at the base of my sternum, not being tall enough to reach my vestigial organs. As she held me tight, the top of my half semi-hard cock was pressed into her breast bone and refilling balls hung down touching her oval belly button. She said between kisses quietly, “Oh but you will be later.”  Louder after she had stopped kissing me she removed my hand stroking her ass beneath the pink panties.  “Time for more of the show.”
She pushed me away and despite being mostly naked she did an abbreviated striptease for me. Having only her pink panties on, she ran her small hands around the top of her remaining covering before turning one downward when they came together in the center of her mons. The hand first went down over her panties, pressing the cotton material into her slit. The fabric darkened as it was pressed into her crevice as her hand passed over it going down between her legs.  The damp fabric better outlined her labia when she pressed it further into the slit; bringing her hand back up to the top of her panties.

The second time she lowered her hand it was beneath the pink covering. The now wet fabric was displaced by her finger which traversed the obviously wet slit. The path appeared to end suddenly as her panties were pushed out further as the tip of her finger was no longer so noticeable.  Her light groan of pleasure as the finger had entered her canal passed over her lips. The lump in the front of her panties getting larger and smaller was the only visible sign of her fingering herself, though her increasingly labored breathing and sighs also confirmed it.  With her eyes closed her cunt was pounded by the finger in her panties.

After a minute, her eyes flew open like she had just remembered I was there watching her. The lump in her underwear disappeared with a groan that sounded much like resignation.  Her hand reappeared from her panties, leaving a light trail of lube as she began running her hands over her stomach’s dark olive skin; the tip of her finger tracing the indention my balls had been pressed against, leaving it painted in pussy lube.  Reaching what would normally be called her cleavage, she parted her joined hands letting them go to the dark pillowed cones. Each of the cones was rolled and pulled on as her hips began moving much like the others who had stripped for me. She lightly moaned at her handy work. For a second time there was a groan of resignation when she again ran her hands down to her waistband. 

She spun quickly wiggling her ass while she lowered the back half of her panties below the curve of her ass cheeks.  Her perfectly proportioned rounded cheeks were lifted a bit by her waist band when it was lodged below them.  The two small round globes split by the deep fissure looked divine as she tightened and relaxed them for me.  I longed to again have the smooth small curved flesh within my palms kneading them, preparing her for all I'd planned for her.

As she lowered the waist band, looking over her shoulder she raised it back up; only to lower and raise it in quick succession three more times.   A twinkle was in her eyes and a mischievous looking grin beneath the mask; meant she wasn’t done with her show.  As she'd done with her bottom she now did with her cunt. A series of peak-a-boo displays of her hairless mons and plumped out labia which had opened giving her clit room to swell and harden. The small button made a lump where other clit’s would have peeked out from between the bloated slick pussy pedals.

Her grin widened right before she lowered the covering. In one swift movement she turned back around bending over forcing her pink panties down her strong slender legs. I got a great view of her dark rosebud and base of her pussy as she had her ass cheeks spread widening her crack and her legs parted a bit more for stability. I felt I could’ve taken the few steps required and buried my stiff rod in either of her available holes. While I stared at the incredible sight before me; she flicked the panties backward at me once she had stepped the last foot out of the tiny garment.

Still bent over, her shit eating grin having gotten bigger behind the mask, she asked, “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Looking at that delectable sight, I am tempted,” I replied. “But, I think you’re going to need a bit more than just my dick in you.  Let’s see what all we have in this box of toys over here.” I half joked. Going to the wooden chest my guest joined me. I'd only quickly glanced at the contents earlier and now I would do a better job of inventorying it.

Pulling out multiple types of leather tie down straps with cuffs at the ends, I said, “For later.”

The short statured girl seemed to get the joke and either was excited or just played along, “Oh I like your way of thinking. I haven’t tied up a guy before.”

“We’ll take turns,” I replied never thinking she would want to be the one free to move around. The next thing out was a crop and a whip, to which I added, “I think turns will be needed with these too.”

“Oh don’t you know it.” She said taking the crop from me and slapping it on my bare ass with a pop. It stung just a bit but faded away into a kind of delightful dull remembrance of the sharp sting.
Next thing from the chest was a ball gag, which I held up saying . “In case you get too loud for even the room’s sound proofing.” The ball gag was quickly followed by a few mouth restraints, “For when you are tired and just can’t hold your mouth open any longer. Or when you want to play piss in the open hole. No worries we have it covered.”

“I don’t think I could ever get tired of sucking your dick,” she said putting her hand on my hard dick stroking it a few times. “But I’ve never played the pee in the hole game; sounds kinda nasty.”

“It's for an accomplished BDSM player. But if you want I can put it on you now and we can play.” I said like I knew what in the hell I was talking about.

“Maybe later, first I want to get fucked!” She emphasized fucked.

Lifting a easily twelve inch dildo that was bigger around than her wrist I said, “This is what I was looking for.  Now we can fuck.”

Her black eyes grew wide at the sight of the huge silicon cock. “What in the hell do you need that for?” She sounded terrified, while I slapped the large black phallus in my palm.

 “Double penetration.  I thought they said you were here to experience double penetration. Who knew you were going to be a virgin also.” I answered trying to keep my voice level and not bust out laughing at her reaction.

“Oh fuck no.” She said taking a couple of steps back, her whole body tensing up like she was ready to bolt from the room.  “I want to have sex, and may even like two at once. But never by something that big. Nope no way.”

Bending down and pulling out some lube I continued the ruse, “But we have jelly.”

“Fuck the jelly, I’m tiny and that thing is bigger than I am.” She said for the first time acknowledging the fact she was tiny.

Smiling broadly and laughing hard I said, “Really, you sure you don’t want to try?”

“Oh you’re an asshole,” The tension in her small frame left. “Fuck do you do all the people you meet this way?”

“Let’s just say I've a sick sense of humor at times.  I think you said I was a sick puppy?” I commented.

“And how right I was,” She said in reply. Bending into the chest herself she pulled out a belt that looked like it would hold the large cock I had in my hand. “Maybe that thing was really meant for you.” She held the belt up to her waist and started thrusting movements.  “Yeah maybe we can use that thing.”

“Oh no, look who is being a sick puppy now.” I said knowing if she really pushed the idea, by Mindy’s idea of what an ambassador should do, I'd have the  black silicon dick up my ass before the night was over.  Suddenly I was questioning the whole idea of a sex club.

“Nah, I don’t think we’ll be needing that thing tonight but keep it and the jelly handy.” She said, tossing the belt back to the box, walking back to the chaise and lying down on it spreading her arms and legs, showing off her little girl looking smooth pussy. “Now maybe can we get to screwing.” She said up to the ceiling.

Before she had a chance of looking down her body at where I had been standing, I had slid in between her feet that barely touched the floor. My mouth enveloped her whole slit, making her jump.  I had my tongue parting her lips before she could get out the first, “Oh god what are you doing?”

I knew it was a rhetorical question, so  I kept my lips plied against the soft plump flesh of her labia.  She already had plenty of tangy fluid built up behind her full folds. It coated my tongue as it spread the clam shells apart. Up and down I ran my tongue, from the base of her clit to the bottom edge of her pussy hole.  Her hands pressed on the back of my head, when my tongue penetrated the hole.  Her hips bucked up as the tiny opening  gave way a little at a time to my repeated attempts at fully entering her.   

Despite the downy like feeling of its walls, they steadfastly resisted any part of my flesh until forced to relent under constant pressure.  My determination at having my tongue buried fully in her kept me going when my tongue muscle fatigued. I feared backing it up for losing hard pressed ground, so instead of fucking it in and out of her hole it was steady pressure shoving it in.

Hoping for better luck getting me into her i spun around over her.  I thought surely I would have better luck in the new arrangement.  Her quickened breath on my belly button meant she was enjoying my tongue’s journey. Not having much more luck getting my tongue into her heaven’s hole I wrapped my arms around her small waist and stood up with her upside down pressed to my body. She felt light as a feather when her arms wrapped me also hanging on. Her legs spread out wide dangling in the air, as I held her up. Her pussy and asshole were served up nicely before me while my prick was pressed on by her leather coated forehead as she began kissing on my stomach.

Again I pressed my tongue into her hole with much the same result, only part of her canal could be accessed.  Determined to have all of my taste buds experience the plush feeling of her tight tangy  pussy flesh, I pounded my head forward.  And like driving a nail through a board I kept my fleshy organ extended and pounded it down into her one head nod at a time. The owner of the opulent yet snug pussy hole moaned and grunted with each little parting. 

I held my tongue as deep in her as it would go for a second like I'd shoved my dick in her. She needed a second, adjusting to my space requirements.  With her juices coating all sides of my tongue, I removed it a little, only to cram it back in.  The little bit of fucking caused a groan and sigh in the girl.  Upside down her hips thrust didn't do much, while I fucked my tongue in her hole.   Her hand on the other hand had kept a tight hold around me but one had found is way down into my ass crack and a finger found its way into my tight hole.

The  feeling was nice but surprised me. Her little finger had little difficulty entering as it required so little opening of the circular door.  But any entry had caught me off guard and I let her fall a bit as I instinctively spread my legs out a bit wider. Her panted breath ran up my dick as her lips moved from my stomach to the “V” of my cock head.  She licked and sucked on me between her gasps and “Oh’s” and “Ah’s” 

Sure she would get light headed at some point before she orgasmed if I relied only on my tongue fucking her, I reached in to rub her clit. Her calves were behind my head helping in holding her up while also ramming my head into her crotch since her fingers were busy running in and out of my asshole.  The rapid rubbing on her clit used the pussy lube running down over her mons and stomach. She bucked and twitched at the combined stimulation of her box.

In what seemed like no time her torso began swinging wildly, her hips firmly anchored in my arms.  Her calves that had flexed and released while I fucked my head into her, held my head tight to her. The finger in my ass froze in place while her other open hand began slapping my ass in time with her “Fuck yes” or just plain “Yes” My ass having been turned a light pink with small handprints, she stopped her swatting and grabbed a hunk of my ass cheek howling, “Oh god yes!”  The hole my tongue was fucking was filled with loads of pussy cum, which stopped my tongue fucking so I could lap it up from my pussy cup.

She continued cuming while I lapped at her cunt and stimulated her clit. Her  grip tightened the longer I lapped and tongue fucked her pussy.  The finger in my ass vacated the premises, instead holding onto my hard rod guiding it back to her mouth. She had pushed off from me arching her back, allowing the tip to pass through her lips.  As her orgasm continued her arms shook and she had no choice but for my dick to go further into her mouth, as her strength waned.  I didn’t help her get my dick out of the back of her throat, where she let it slide past her epiglottis.  I helped keep her strength from coming back keeping her clit and pussy hole stimulated. 

Not stopping when I knew she was attempting to tell me “too much” but couldn’t, due to the almost constant presence of my cock in her throat. In lieu of talking she went to slapping my ass, when she wasn’t straining; pushing off enough freeing up her breathing, unable to fully remove me from her mouth. The second time around her throat’s massage of my dick was just as incredible as the first orgasm inducing deep throat.   The point of no return was fast approaching, as the flashes of intense pleasure blew through my brain. 

Blowing the wads of cum down her throat for a second time wasn’t in the plan, as far as I'd planned.  Two steps were all that were needed for lying her back down on the  chaise. Back on the cushion, I extracted my cock from her warm cavity and spun her back around while she remained dazed.  Looking at her nubile body with its puffy tits and its bloated reddened pussy lips with the hard nub at the top that still didn’t quite peek through, I said, “Now we fuck.”

Her mouth and vocal cords again able to form words, sounding defeated even after being modulated she said, “Oh, heaven help me.”

Picking up the tube of lube she had left next to the chaise, I inserted it and emptied part of it into her hole saying. “Oh heaven isn’t coming to help, but this might.” 

She said nothing remaining splayed out on the cushion her pussy available to me.  She remained quiet though she held her caught breath as I parted her hairless little girl looking labia with my cock head. Only after I had slid it and my shaft up and down in her tiny furrow a couple of times did she return to breathing. It was a quickened breath and her hands clenched the sides of the cushion she was on.  Her eyes grew wider when she looked at my cock sliding between the plumped lips, pushing them until they looked almost folded over. The sight surely made real the difference in the sizes of our sexes, which were to mate together.

The first words came from the black mask when the tip of my head was aligned with her entrance, and it had pressed into her. “Oh god is it going in?”

The outer edge of her pussy canal’s pressure against the middle of my head made me wonder if it was going to go in. How anyone that didn’t have a needle dick wouldn’t split her in two was a mystery to me.  “Not yet but I’m sure it will, and you’ll love it.”  Then rubbing her little cones and rolling them between my fingers, I explained the system of getting my dick into tight cunts. She nodded her head when I asked her if she understood and wanted to continue.

Contorting my body a bit more than usual, due to her being so tiny, I pressed my lips to hers while I tentatively pushed getting all of my head in before she backed her hips up.  She was panting into my mouth and groaning at the little bit she had taken in.   I moved with her as she backed up keeping the ground I had conquered . Her walls were crushingly tight and smashed my head into a shape I don't believe it had ever been in before.  Having let the entrance stretch, she tried moving her hips off the cushion. The agreed to gesture was my go ahead.  I  grabbed her small round ass with both hands pulling her up as I drove down slowly.

The panting into my mouth ended, as she rolled her head back and forth and her small fingernails dug deep into my back.  The insignificant gains we made getting my cock further into her passage; came with a deep groan for such a small body and lasted until she mewled,  “I can't do it. You wont fit,  no body will ever fit.”

In as soothing a tone as I could, hoping the voice changer didn't ruin the intention, I said, “Give it a minute.  We're going to get you there. You are too sexy a woman to miss out on the fun this will  be.”

“Gawd damn you're wrong.” She blurted out. “There's no fucking way this is ever fucking fun.” Her upper body writhed under me her pelvis pinned in place by my penis. The panting increased as did the lubricant along her walls while I waited.

For over twenty minutes we tried the method that had worked twice before, only she'd back her hips up after getting less than a quarter of an inch more depth into her. The pace meant it would be sometime in the morning before I might be fully in her.  While her tight pussy passage would maintain the blood in my cock keeping it hard, her lubrication wouldn't hold out that long. I was sure stroking her body and playing with her puffy nipples would soothe the pain and make the discomfort bearable if we went faster. But with me over her it wasn't a possibility.  She again moved like she was ready for more of my dick.  Unlike before where I had used slow constant force, stretching her, a sudden acute thrust had me against her womb's entrance and my partner wailing.  Whimpering and frozen, I quickly scooped her up and rotated us, landing on my back with the skewered woman on me. The bounce off the cushion and her inertia put more of my dick into her well greased canal.

A stream of tears from her black eyes fell to my chest as she remained propped up, held up by my cock.  Her breath gone the groaning and caterwaulling ceased, her flat chest pressed to mine. I too moaned at the new insertion, my dick in a Chinese finger trap of a pussy. Pushing deeper into her felt like it would strip the skin from my rod, but any attempts at pulling my dick out of her undulating walls, despite her natural lubrication and the synthetic lube inserted felt as if it would rip my whole dick off.  Her earlier statement of this would never be fun ran through my head.

Shaking the thought from my brain, instead concentrating on my dick I felt the protruding round gate to her womb pressing into the ridge of my cock head. The back of her cavern pressing on the end of if. I'd have sworn my dick was being crushed into a pencil's diameter when her vagina convulsed around my rod, despite our temporarily halted initial insertion. Soon she again moved on my  rod, this time she was the one putting more of my dick into her small cavity.  She was slowly sinking onto me though I didn't think it was a conscious effort. I assumed additional length was her legs' strength failing as I felt her slim legs trembling against mine as she was adjusting to my girth.  The slow descent a long my compressed member continued pushing the back of her pussy further up into her. 

Tiring of the pace of our screwing, I yanked her down pressing her bald pussy lips around the hairless root of my cock. The back of the cunt was pushed up into her innards as the friction of her expanding walls stripped five layers of skin from my dick.  Yet the twitching and convulsing waves along my skinned  dick was a glorious contrast to the pounding on my chest of her fist.  The howling and blows on my chest with her small fist continued as she remained joined to me.  The hitting ended when the  tears stopped streaking the leather mask.  She huffed, “You fucker that fucking hurts, and your fucking dick is pressing on my diaphragm. God damn you and everyone else said this would be fun.”  Her voice despite the modulator had a strained cadence to it.  “But I just feel stuffed and its hard to breathe. Get the fuck out of me.”

“Give it a minute,” I suggested patiently. “Then slowly back off my dick. If you go to fast you'll rip it off, then we can start the fun.”  To emphasize the statement I lightly stroked up and down her back and down along her butt cheeks.

“Screw slow. Your dick is in my chest.” She hollered not moving, except the twitch of her legs and the contracting of her pussy. “Get it the fuck out of me it splitting my pussy and it fucking hurts and I can't feel anything down there any more.”

I understood her explanation, likely the sharp pain was replaced by a dull throb but she was remembering only the sharp pain. I too had a bit of throbbing in my cock and felt every pulse of blood being pumped to it, both in the throb and in the stretching of the undersized sheath it was in.  Sure I could get her to enjoy the encounter I again tried, “Please give it a minute, it gets better.” I brought my hands around to run up her flat chest, letting her puffy nipples which made up most of what she called her tits slide in the gaps between my fingers.  “Then, nice slow moving won't cause either of us pain. And will eventually feel better than anything you have ever felt.”

For over a minute she didn't move or say anything else, sitting upright run through by my dick.  The whole time she remained on me I rolled and tweaked her marshmallowy nipples. She closed her eyes and a barely perceptible moan could be heard among her groans and whining, when her nipples were stimulated. I thought I would find a way I could keep my dick buried to the hilt in her twat and suck her puffy nipple at the same time, though at the moment it wasn't going to happen.

I was astonished at her initial shifting on me. I was certain she'd remain stationary until I moved her. Instead she said, “Your dick still feels like it's ripping me apart.” Altering her position ever so slightly, pressing her clit a bit harder on me she added,”But that does feel heavenly for a second.”

“Yeah, see if we move together very slowly we can experience that all the time.” I said up at her.

For the first time since my dick passed through her folds she smiled. It wasn't a smile of delight at the possibility of time standing still while she experienced rapture due to my cock slowly sliding in and out of her body. It was a devious Machiavellian smile which with the new liveliness of her black eyes for some reason terrified me. I was right to be concerned as she said, “Oh fuck that.” In that same moment I saw her steel herself and grit her teeth behind the smile. In one hard thrust she pushed on my chest and liberated herself.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Her howl was almost as loud as mine. My dick was being removed skin, bone and all from me in a single instant of excruciating pain. Her cunt walls where glued to me and the welded together skin didn't part immediately. It held on to one another until the sheer strength was breached, only to have the raw nerves burnished even more by the gauntlet of constricting pussy muscles.  Only my dick head still in the harrowing passage, she remained above me, tears again flowing freely and involuntarily down  her covered cheeks.  “”Holy fuck that hurt.” I yelped.

“Yup, but don't worry it will eventually feel better than anything you have ever felt,” She said the same devious smile crossing her lips.  She howled as she impaled herself on my pole forcing it all the way down her pussy canal until her bloated red lips were pressing on my root.  Her pussy walls gave way to my rod but not without extracting their pound of flesh.  They were more lubricated than before but still the feel of a dick long rug burn burned in my brain. 

I again wailed, “Fuck!” at her sudden immolation.

Tears filled her eyes yet they stayed there.  Her panting and striking my chest with her small fist returned. She grunted out, “Gawd damn what do you think we are doing.”  For a second time I felt my cock being ripped out by the root, while the pressure around my dick increased from her walls collapsing  around it. She had found the strength and will for rapidly raising her body up guided by the pole in her. The fire in my brain from the scraping along her guided pussy with my rug burnt pole intensified, yet felt strangely pleasurable.

I hoped the new sensation would make me cum rapidly, letting my dick shrink down and be too limp for any more of her fucking.  Unfortunately, the new sensation didn't immediately bring my cum to the end of my dick. She again grunted out “Augh!” filling the room. But ran my dickhead over her cervix and into her diaphragm.

I too grunted, “Augh!” as the fire burned more intensely as the sensations along my rod were renewed. Plus while I didn't think it a possibility, it felt like even more than all of my  cock was sucked up into her passage.  As if a rug burnt cock was free to stretch even bigger and longer no longer confined by the top layers of skin, I would have sworn my dick grew even larger.   Again and again she fucked herself on me, keeping the burning along my rod firing the neurons in my brain. Yet the more she did it the more pleasurable the constricting of her walls and their wet velveteen surface felt. 

I don't know when it happened, but soon I had hand-fulls of her small round ass driving her up and down along my pole. She had leaned over and was sucking on my collarbone and chest she had stopped hitting. Instead her small fingers with their equally small fingernails were under me digging into the flesh of my back. She was using me as a hand hold for more leverage as she slapped her cunt down onto my groin.  Our grunts and groans and the sucking, squish and slosh of our sexes pelting against one another filled the room. 

As our animalistic fucking raged on, the pain of the earlier stretching her like a shoe with my now rug burnt shoe horn, no longer existed. Her back filled with small sweat beads, which turned into a stream running down into the crack of her ass and onto my already sweaty balls.  Her puffy tits hardened and scraped along me as she humped her hips furiously.  The tiny woman had had multiple little orgasms that paused her for a moment or two, during which time my cock again felt as if it would be pulled from my body as I continued thrusting into and out of her.   She finally shook violently and exploded crying out, “Oh, Jesus!” over and over.

Every muscle in her body froze, after she yanked on my ass like she wanted me deep in her when she came, knowing I'd be cumming shortly there after and wouldn't be able to move further into her  once she was in full on climax. Her mouth that had been on my chest returned and bit my collarbone hard and remained there, drawing a little blood. 

She was right about my cumming. Her explosion of hot pussy honey soaking me, while crushing my rod more so than before brought on the earlier sought orgasm. I crushed her pussy lips even tighter against me as my dick sought even deeper areas of her belly. The fire became an inferno as the last thousandths of an inch were conquered, and the wads of spunk fought their way up through their crushed pipe.  The first wad sprayed out into her stretched cavity making her whole body twitch. 

“Oh gawd your cumming in me.” She squealed letting go of her bone. The next two blast of sperm elicited, “Ah it's so warm. Fill me with it.” Having a taste of my seed in her, biology took over. Her pussy went to milking my dick, contracting up and down its length, sucking up the rest of the jets of cum. I didn't release my death grip on her small orbs until the last of my cum had been milked from my dick and my partner's insides were overfilled with baby-making fluid.     

Though I had released the small woman's ass, she wasn't ready for me to pull out just then.  She kept pulling me into her any time I started extracting my dick from her sheath.  My fourth attempt in an excited pace she said, “Don't go, I like the feeling of all those spermies swimming around inside of me.”

It was a weird way to describe liking the feeling of spunk in her pussy, “They will keep up their swimming for a couple of days whether I am present or not.” I said, not intending to give her a biology lesson.

Wiggling her hips grinding her clit again against me, she questioned, “But won't most of them come out if you're not there.”

“Yes but legs over the chaise back will work at keeping them in, if you want them to stay for a while longer,” I said then joked, “Or I could strap you up on the wall by your feet.”

“Ooh, that sounds like fun.” She replied. If there was any hint of a joke in her tone the sound modulation removed it.

“Seriously?” I questioned.  I couldn't imagine being hung upside down by spread out legs would be anyone's idea of fun.

“Yeah, my cunt is on fire, and the spermies are soothing.” her tone and cadence were slowly returning to normal. “And I really want to do it again. But I think I'm already going to pay for the first one., but we'll see.”

“You and me both, “ I said not loosing much of my erection, thinking fucking her again might be the best fuck of my life, but also the last one. “My cock is burning also.”

“Well maybe I can make that better while you make me cum again.” She suggested not moving off my rod.

“So when do you think we should start?” I queried wondering if she was really serious about hanging from the rings in the wall.

“Any time you're ready.” She said once again rapidly raising her hips, removing my dick. The fast removal while painful was less so with the bits of sperm that had leaked by coating parts of her walls and my rod. Freed of my dick she quickly swung her legs up over the chaise hooking her widely spread knees on the top. Swinging her feet she added, “But put the ankle cuffs on first so I don't end up upright too long.”

Her straightforward approach to sex and what she wanted was equaled only by Mindy.  Mom also knew what she wanted, but because of Glory and the last of her tattered morality she wouldn't be as direct as the other two.  It was the small woman's directness that had me questioning whether I should do as she wished and hang her up and lick her pussy until she could stand no more, while letting her suck my cock; or I could use the massive dildo and open up her asshole while using her clit as my plaything.  I decided in the end that the second one would be done this visit and licking her pussy while she remained on the chaise was as good as strapping her to the wall.

Coming around to her head, I looked down saying “ready for a clit licking like nothing you have ever experienced.”

 “Promises, promises” came from the girl's lips, in a taunt.   “And I thought you were more adventurous and kinky than a plain pussy licking. And hanging from my ankles getting eaten sounded like a good start for another fucking. ”

“Yeah, that was before my whole dick was exfoliated.” Finding the over-sized silicon dick I ran it along her pussy lips, “But maybe I could think of something out of the ordinary. “ After all  she too had made promises.

“Oh gawd no, you can't put that there. ” her eyes widened in almost a state of utter fear.

Sliding if fully back up her slit and across her perineum letting the head rest on her asshole. “But I wasn't; I was thinking maybe here while I eat you until you cum.”

“Oh fuck no.” She blurted out her hands going down to the phallus attempting to knock it away.

“Ah, so a plain pussy licking will suffice?” I taunted back.

 Her slim legs spread out wider letting the aroma of sex fill the air. “Yes...yes, just eat me. I love that.” She said; the smell of fresh spunk was definitely stronger. When I leaned in for the first time, I realized I would likely be getting a large dose of my own cum as her pussy shrunk back to its regular size.  Yet initially  putting my tongue between her folds, I had only the last of her heaven sent orgasmic juice coat my taste buds.

Her head tilted and hands that had been shooing away the massive dildo were on my ass.  She  wasted no time before I felt fingertips digging into my ass cheeks; pulling me so her lips were pressed to my half-mutilated dick.  The warm wet cavity and the loving caress of her tongue soothing the sting of scrubbed raw skin started the hardening. The lengthening made my dick press on the back of her throat. She didn't take another breath while my head extended down it. The feeling was better than the other two times as this time her saliva was also cooling the burning sting.

Her blowjob didn't stop my eating her. The collapsing of her vagina pushed my sperm out between her smooth pussy lips. The cream of her creampie ran mostly down the crack of her ass and over her asshole, filling the air under my nose with the fragrance of spunk.  Some of the cream ran down the crack where it ended up on my taste buds.  I had had the hint of my semen on my tongue before but never in such an undiluted form.  The thick fluid had stayed in the crevice of her cunt lips before being picked up by my tongue sliding up between them.  The undiluted form was saltier than what I'd tasted before.

Her clit also lengthened and hardened between my teeth. She moaned around my cock with each lick across the hard button. A muffled squeal occurred when I nipped and pulled on her hood and clit.  The jerking and shuttering under me became more frequent and intense as I battered her sensitive button.  The contracting of her shrinking cunt caused the remaining spooge to squirt out in globs which split going both over her ass and down to her clit, though it never reached that destination. 

I maintained the assault on her clit as she humped at my face, all the while letting me fuck her face. Each of us were lost in a frenzy of humping and sucking while our partner moaned and panted, taking in air when possible. Together we each demanded more from the other through our grinding and thrusting. Her fingertips pressed my head into her twat hard, as the quaking of her body started again.  The tremors were followed by her body arching and petite thighs clamping down. She, also tried to let out an “Augh” around my cock but only left her mouth open wider.

Her climax and the vibrating it caused, sent the final sensations my balls needed for climbing into position for cum delivery.  I jammed my cock down hard pressing her head deeper into the cushion and driving my root fully into her small opening. Again she surely couldn't taste any of the load delivered. I shot out in wad after gooey wad directly to her stomach; coating the lower half of her esophagus. She thrashed just a bit as the last of my cum was delivered. She mostly stopped fighting and pushing on my hips after I felt  my head passing under her uvula and gasps of air were sucked around the small cracks of my rod and her lips. Only when lips were no longer on my cock and giant gasping and heaving were heard did all pushing on my hips end and massive shaking of her body occurred, and part of her newly obtained air went to screeching out, “Oh fuck my clit.  Holy shit I'm gonna explode.”

And, she did for a second time. Her cunt became a swamp of juices flowing everywhere. The larger wave of cum still carried some of my spunk with it as it passed between my lips and onto my tongue.  The wild jerking and spasms continued, while I bit at her clit as I sucked on it. She also seemed oblivious to the over sized dildo I had retrieved from next to her and had coated with her juices.  I wrapped an arm around her tiny waist and pulled her tight to my face holding her firmly preventing her from squirming much, as I bit down on her sensitive bud of flesh, all the while aligning the head of the massive instrument.

Her asshole was already a wash in pussy juice and cum, so I didn't add any extra lubrication to it before I rammed the head of the black dildo into her. The force it took was significant and the thrashing  and moaning of her orgasm became a frenzied attempt to remove the newly inserted phallus and a high pitched shriek not even the modulators could modify.  I continued hammering my tongue on her clit while looking at the obscene view of her small brown hole being obliterated by the huge black cock.  I had only gotten the head down between her sphincter with the natural lubrication.  Finding the over half-empty bottle of synthetic lube I sprayed it over the dildo's shaft letting it run down onto the already overly stretched ring. 

She wailed some nonsensical words that, had her brain been functioning in tandem with her mouth, it would've said, “Get that fucking thing out of my ass!” but all I heard was gibberish when I pushed another two inches in. The same gibberish was heard when I pulled the sex toy mostly out and jammed it back in rapidly adding another couple of inches.  I was amazed when on the fifth thrusting only what I needed to hold onto the large cock remained outside her; meaning she had taken at least a foot of cock up her butt. 

I butt-fucked her with the colossal cock and split my time between her clit and shoving my tongue down her pussy hole in time with the butt-fucking.   She moaned and grunted as I used her cunt and butt-hole as play things biting and fucking them. The third orgasm from the combination of holes being screwed shook her violently.  During her orgasm she clawed and ripped at my ass taking parts of my skin with her, while my balls were hanging down on her closed eyelids.  I halted my playing with her petite body when suddenly her hands fell from my ass and her tensed body became limp.  Mindy had laid limp in the past after an orgasm but this surpassed that. Her body had become devoid of any movement but breathing and even that was faint and ragged.

I backed up leaving the big cock still embedded in her ass; looking at her hoping I hadn't killed her with the big dick and my eating her past the normal point in which Mindy would beat on me.  For half a minute I worried until she gasped again shuttering.  I guessed she had hyperventilated to the point of passing out.  Thrilled I wouldn't have to call an ambulance down into our new club, I let my partner mostly alone; except a light stroking over her sweaty naked torso.   Her chest rose and fell rhythmically; while she looked around like she didn't understand where she was.

When the spark of understanding returned to her eyes she groused, “fuck my ass! All I can feel is my asshole...And my clit. You've ruined both.”

“You like it? The dildo up your ass fucking it?” I said more as a statement than a question, pulling slightly on the buried rod and leaning over and putting my mouth on her pussy again.

“Oh shit not again. I can't take it a second time.”  she whimpered. “No matter how good it feels.”

“Sure you can.” I said  before rocketing the dildo in and out of her colon once while sucking her clit in between my teeth. It was surprising what she'd said about the previous butt-fucking and biting, licking and sucking on her clit and pussy lips.  I truthfully had no intention of doing more than giving the girl a bit of a fright.

And fright was what was in her eyes when I looked down at them after releasing her clit. Her mouth was already open and an “Ah” passing over her lips.  The moan and slight grunt at the cock slamming back into her sounded both resigned and excited. When I didn't continue she sounded a bit deflated, “Oh gawd that's it. You're done?”

“Yeah I think we,” I stressed the we, “are finished. My balls are empty, and  you are already in for a long day tomorrow.”

“Fuck, I didn't think of that.” She said like she'd no idea what the next day would bring. “What I do know is you haven't left any part of me virgin for tomorrow.”

“Well technically, that thing in your butt some people would say doesn't qualify.” I replied adding with plenty of sarcasm, “But if you want to I could be talked into getting rid of the technicality. That is if you want something beside a plain old pussy licking.”

“Fuck if that is a plain pussy licking I don't think I could handle anything else.” She stated.  With a bit of a mischievousness she questioned, “So what does kinky look like?”

“Come back some other time and hope you get someone that is more kinky than this plain old pussy licker that welcomes new members.” I said going back to lightly running my hand up and down her stomach and chest;  tweaking and teasing her tiny puffed nipples on her flushed chest.

“Seriously, there are people more kinky than you?” She asked in a tone of disbelief. “Someone that doesn't think sitting here having a conversation while they have a massive dildo up their partner's ass is fucking strange.”

“Oh that. I didn't know if you wanted it in or out.” I stated truthfully.  “You seemed to have adjusted to it ok. And you also seemed to like it so I wasn't going to remove it.”

In a bit of what I thought was unintended honesty she said, “I didn't liked it? Hell I loved it once I got used to its size. And it wasn't necessary just to get knocked up. But will you please get it out of me”  She rotated her hips a bit more forward making pulling the large item straight out easier. I did reach over between her wide spread legs and slowly extract the phallus. There was a sucking noise that filled the room before a bit of a pop replaced the sound as the head left the enlarged opening. 

Her legs remained spread and over the back of the chaise making the gaping hole her bung-hole  had become look all the more raunchy, when I looked at what her svelte lithe body had become.  She was covered in sweat, lube and cum with dark red pussy lips just short of having hickeys.  Her spread wide thighs made the gaping hole her ass seem even bigger as the red pussy lips pulled your gaze there.  Her lips were still a ruby reddish from having my dick stretching and sliding along them.  Only her pert tits seemed to escape the dramatic color or shape change. They remained only a slightly darker shade with the same puffy pointy marshmallow look that was lost in the dark blush her body had from her pussy up to the hood on her head.

Swinging her legs off the back of the chaise and across mine, I pulled her in for a kiss.  It lingered a while. Her tongue inviting mine to play and tumble with it while I held her sweaty used body tight to mine. While holding her I kept running her comment about getting knocked up through my mind.  I hadn't ever thought about someone coming to the club to intentionally get pregnant or what it could mean.  Most all the women I knew were actively trying not to get pregnant, yet for this girl it seemed to be a goal. 

I let the thought pass out of my mind instead concentrating on how good the hot little body  felt against mine. I could almost see why pedophiles liked their partners so young. I enveloped her in a hug and  her small frame despite all the ways I had used it could easily be imagined to be one of an innocent.   It was in that moment I was sure only in the absolutely rarest cases would we allow anyone under high school age in.   It'd be so easy for a person with even the smallest proclivity  towards that kind of behavior to become obsessed if they ever got the chance, which made my current partner a danger to society.  I knew it wasn't her fault and I wouldn't black ball her for something she had no control over. And thinking more about it her being pregnant would make her less of a danger; so maybe knocking her up wouldn't be all bad.

Our lips parted and my hand continued sliding along her heated body; enjoying the feel of her smooth lithe skin.  She looked at me saying, “Damn you do make it so hard to go, but I know I need to.”

“So come back and you just might get me again. But no guarantees.” I said hoping she would.

“Oh you misunderstand me.” She said with a sly smile. “I don't think I can move. Everything is throbbing.  But throbbing in a good way.”

“Yeah I have the same issue,” I commiserated. “I know I'm not coming back here for a couple of days.”

“Days?”  She look wary at my time frame. “I am thinking weeks if not months.”

“Don't wait too long,” I remarked thinking of her desire to be pregnant.

“Oh the minute I can, I'll be back.” She imitated Arnold, though the modulator changed it. “Now can you help me get re-dressed. I don't think I can do it myself.” My surprised look at her request made her say, “What no one has ever asked you to help them get back in their clothes.”

“Nope can's say that they have.” I stated. Rethinking about it I corrected. “Well I did help the pregnant member after our session. But that was just finding her clothes and handing them to her, not putting them on.”

“Oh so I can come here when pregnant?” She asked pointing at her skirt.

“Sure as long as a doctor clears it.” I answered handing her the skirt I had picked up.  “Hell that girl had a basketball sticking out in front of her.  She was so ready to pop.”

“Good to know. I think I will be a regular, if I ever do.” She stated again pointing but this time at her training bra bra.  She finally stood up, keeping her feet spread out.  She hadn't bothered with her underwear before wrapping the skirt back around her' covering the view of her reddened pussy lips, but not the juices that still ran down her inner thigh.  Handing her the little girls garment, she looked at it remarking, “If tonight did what I wanted, I should be getting real boobs soon.”  Handing it back to me she added, “You keep it. I want to get one that doesn't come from the kiddie section.”

I took the under garment wondering what I'd do with it. Putting what should have been cups up to my chest I joked, “Thanks, the guys have been saying I need to get one of these.  They all can see my nipples through my t-shirts.”

She laughed, “You are one fucked up individual.”  She pulled her blouse on over her shoulders. It poked out with her pointy breast buds. Attempting to flatten the cloth she ran her palms over her chest,   “I'll be happy when these turn into something but little pointy cones.” Looking down at her mid section she said, “Swim little spermies, swim.” 

Buttoning up the last of her blouse she took her first steps towards the door. They were gentle calculated steps that maintained the wide stance of a jockey just getting off a horse after a year long ride.  She made small groans with each step but got to the door.  “Damn I can't wait until we can do this again.” she stated opening the door. 

I hurried to the door before she could pass through it, and took her up into my arms kissing her. “Me too.”  Kissing her one last time letting our tongues flirt with each other for a moment I let her back down to continue her journey out.

She said, “Fuck I really wish it could be now,” before taking a couple of steps out the door and down the hallway. I assumed it would take her about fifteen minutes at the pace she was going to get out of the maze she had gone through getting to the room.  I could be up and at the controls, watching her leave in that amount of time, but decided I'd loved screwing her as a faceless individual and all seeing her face could do is ruin that if she wasn't as cute as I had imagined she would be under her hood.

I knew I'd told Mindy I'd stick around and talk to her about the club and Daisy, but both of us knew that was just her pretext to fucking, and my cock was in no condition to fuck her, especially in the manner she deserved.  Her earlier demeanor and the likely insults she'd throw my way were her foreplay for a fucking that demanded physical strength and intensity that I couldn't muster. She'd do everything she could hoping her ass would be spanked and her pussy fucked and clit licked past the point of normal pleasure. I just didn't have that in me at that point and wanted to head home, though dodging Mom would also have to be done. Since lately, when not practicing her pussy licking skills on Glory, Mom wanted me to fuck her.   And, I couldn't be sure Glory would be home when I got there.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Not sure if anyone is still reading this tale that makes "War and Peace" seem short in length.  But here is the next part.


At least one is. Hoping to see the end of this before I start on No Doors. What can I say, I have a limited attention span. Cheesy

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Glad to see you are still reading.  I think once stories get to a certain length most people loose interest.  After all who can sit and read a 600 page tale in one sitting.  And if you can't there has to be an investment of time and brain power remembering what came before.
I will try and get the last couple of chapters I've been working on out soon.  I will say don't wait until this one is finished to start "No Doors"  Like the story Daisy has added complication to my writing as she has to Alex's life.  I'm glad i added her but where the story was going originally got a little side tracked by her. So I'm going to put the story on the shelf for a while after getting out what I've gotten past the first draft. I need time to let the story marinate before finishing. But i will finish. 

Any way this is a long way of saying thanks for reading and letting me know you still are. I hope i haven't disappointed so far and won't in the future.

Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 34  An Extra Passenger on the Morning Drive

The two females were home when I slipped in unnoticed.  I rushed to my room quietly making sure I didn't distract whatever the two of them were doing in the master bedroom.  Thankfully the night was uneventful for me, and I could get an undisturbed night of recuperative sleep.

But first out of habit, I checked the hidden partition for new videos. There was a new one from Harmony’s computer.  Lately, I'd almost forgotten about her and her debt, since Daisy was keeping me well satisfied.  Still, she was in arrears and I needed to collect, if for no other reason than I said I would. The video was what I was expecting. Warren was back from college and had likely gone straight to Harmony for a blowjob.  He did only the bare minimum of undressing the red head and freeing her perky breast from their bra. They jiggled a bit when he wasn’t mauling them as she bobbed up and done on his cock.  She didn’t seem to mind sucking her brother’s cock but she didn’t seem to be enjoying it either.  I hoped I'd spoiled her and she saw what an ass he really was, having her suck him but never doing it in return.

I'm not sure why I sent her the quick email, “Be late for your sister’s ride to school. Call Glory and ask for a ride.” I closed the computer and went off to bed alone. I swore I could hear the two women down in the Master bedroom orgasming while I drifted off to sleep.

In the morning  my usual wood came with a sting.  The stretched skin of my reddened penis had a definite sharp sting along all of it. I was paying for the fun the night before, like I figured I would, and it really sucked. The only positive was it was a half day at school so teachers could start prepping for finals. I'd use the afternoon to recoup and spend time with Daisy, thinking pussy lube would be a good ointment on my stinging dick.

The cool shower before going down stairs both burned and soothed my abused cock. I'd have put on underwear after the shower, but I figured my dick needed free air when possible and underwear wouldn't facilitate that.  So I would be attending classes commando. I slid my shorts on sans underwear and a shirt and threw the necessary uniform of the club in my back pack and headed down to the kitchen with a quick detour to the car.

Glory had a bit of a bashful blush as she walked past me in the morning, leaving the master bedroom. Her satin clothing was a skew but she'd at least put it on to go through the house. Mom came out in her flimsy see through robe, the one  I was getting very used to seeing.  On the inside of her thigh was a small trickle of juice, she seemed oblivious to. “Should I expect you home tonight for…” she paused like she was deciding what she wanted me home for, “..dinner.”

“Maybe, it depends on how much help Ben needs with his test prep.  We both want to be seniors next year.” I said closing the refrigerator.  I heard from upstairs Glory’s cell phone ring and what I assumed was Harmony asking for a ride.

Glory took little time putting on a skirt and blouse and coming into the kitchen.  I thought milk would shoot through my nose as I choked back a laugh at her black skirt and white blouse.  Glory skipped through the kitchen like it was no big deal, wearing the uniform of the Bunko game or my sex club.  “Harmony needs a ride. Her sister is a bitch and wouldn’t wait for her. You mind if we stop and get her?”

“Again?  When is she going to start just riding the bus? And if I do what will either of you do for me?” I asked, even though I'd get her anyway seeing it was my idea.

“Be a nice sister all day,” she said with her feet planted and her body rotating seductively while she fiddled with the top button of her blouse. Her smile was one of mischievousness. But I knew she was writing a much larger check with her look than she was ready to cash.

“So what are you going to do with Harmony all day?” I joked breaking her initial attempt of seduction.

“You know you’re the worst brother ever.” She stormed out of the kitchen evidently aggravated that her suggestive comment didn’t sway me.

Mom just smiled at the exchange, “She is learning.” I couldn’t believe Mom was happy her daughter was trying seduction on her son.  With Glory gone from the house which was accentuated by a slammed door, Mom quickly reverted to Vee.  Sticking one hand down my pants and putting my hand on her nipple with the other, she plied her lips to mine.  Her tongue quickly followed and danced with me. “God my nipples and tits are so tender they need your magic hands.” She said between kisses.  She added, “And my period should be here tomorrow and I really need your cock before then.”  I did my best at not winching when she grabbed my semi hard rod; rubbing the length of it.  “Or you could put it in me right now.”  The pain kept my dick from hardening under her ministrations, which made her work my dick all the more.

Acknowledging Mom’s horny personality,  but not my dick's limitations I made up the excuse,“Vee, we can’t. I've have work.”

“Yeah working this thick cock into me, that’s my kind of work.” She said now pulling at my shorts. I had her hand off my  sensitive rod quickly.  After that I moved away from her grabbing at my shorts.

“Later,” I said hurrying out the door. I couldn’t believe I was hurrying out of the house so I didn’t have to fuck my mom before school, but that was what I was doing.  Getting to the car, I saw Glory had already gotten in the back seat. “What no ‘I want to sit up front.’” I teased

With her second try at innocent seduction she smiled cocking her head a bit saying, “No, I am being a nice sister. One that does what she's told.”

“Yeah then get up here and suck my cock,” went through my head, but not over my lips. “That’s nice is Harmony going to be the same way?”

“I told her to be. That you're doing her a favor and she should be appreciative.” I didn’t need any translation of that. Glory was offering up her friend for my pleasure. And Harmony almost always did what Glory told her to do.

Harmony was dressed like Glory and got into the front seat at Glory’s insistence for the fifteen minute drive.  We had no more gotten under way when Glory ran her delicate hands over Harmony’s white blouse covered upper chest. Leaning up over the front seat, Glory put her lips to Harmony’s neck while her hands ran over the small cones under the blouse.  She moved her lips over to the small ear covered by strands of red hair. In a not overly quiet whisper she said, “Isn’t it nice that Alex is letting you ride with us again.”

Harmony moved Glory’s hands off her small tits. She admonished Glory quietly, “Your brother can see you. You can’t be doing that now.” Luckily, Harmony didn’t spill the beans about my wanting to ride with us.  I think she knew I was hoping for a finger fucking of her twat while she rode to school.  “Yeah I guess it is nice of him to pick me up.”

“Yeah it is nice. Just like your tits feel.” Glory again moved her hands to Harmony’s tits and lightly massaged them not too discretely, much to the delight and shock on Harmony’s face. Still at Harmony’s ear she added, “Don’t you think you should do something nice for him?”

“I guess I could give him a non-grandma kiss when I get out. Like the one you gave him.” Harmony suggested. In the rear view mirror, I saw Glory blush at the mention of her kissing me.

“I don’t know. You think that is enough?” Glory questioned. “I was thinking bolder.”  Glory’s fingers were fiddling with Harmony’s blouse’s buttons, as she tongued the girl’s ear. Harmony was too busy reveling in the pleasure to remember where she was or notice how far Glory had gone.

When she did finally realize she jerked up saying, “Glory what are you doing?  You shouldn’t be doing that.”

Glory evidently was still horny after her night with Mom.  “Yeah I know, but I love your tits. They are so nice, I just want to suck on them.” Harmony’s clasp was undone and all of her chest was exposed to Glory’s wandering hands.

“Stop it Glory,” Harmony’s demand was little more than a suggestion to Glory. “Your brother is here and everyone can see us.”

“Maybe letting Alex see your tits could be part of the way you thank him.” Glory said manipulating the red head.  She opened up Harmony’s blouse even more displaying her hardened pink nipples that she rolled expertly. Harmony moaned a bit at the expertise.  Glory saw my looking over at Harmony’s tits when not watching the road. She nudged Harmony, “See he likes them. They are so cute and perky.”

“Ok he’s seen them, can we stop now?” Her asking instead of telling Glory to stop was revealing. Her not pulling her blouse together was even more  telling of her deferring to Glory on anything even slightly sexual.

“I still think, he deserves a bit more.  I mean you want him to pick you up in the future, don’t you. Your sister is graduating and next year you don’t want to ride the bus again do you?” Glory stated while still cupping the displayed young cones and squeezing them and massaging around the nipples.

Harmony didn’t seem to be listening much to what Glory was saying, instead she pushed her chest out a bit, “Ah you do that so good. Mmm I wish we didn’t have school.”

Changing the subject some what all together, Glory again sucked on Harmony’s neck, “Your brother is home from college?” Glory said more of a statement than a question.

“Mmm you’re getting me wet,” Harmony said quiet and airily.  The question registered a bit later and was answered with, “yeah he’s home.”

“You’ve already sucked Warren off once since he’s gotten home, haven’t you?” Glory said much louder without the knowledge of the video I had.

The statement pulled Harmony out of her delirious state, “Glory you’re not supposed to say that in front of other people.” Harmony said less quiet than their previous conversation. She pulled Glory’s hands from her tits, while she blushed and made a big show of it.  She knew I knew about her time sucking off Warren, but Glory didn’t know I knew.

“Sorry,” Glory said not sounding it at all. “But don’t you think Alex who is nice to you deserves at least what that pig of a brother of yours gets.”

Harmony bit her lower lip and ran her tongue along it playing the part perfectly, before answering, “You think I should suck your brother off?”

“Yeah, no one will see you if you duck down into his lap.” Glory said, enthusiastically.  “And it isn’t like you haven’t sucked on a cock before.”

Looking at Harmony I surreptitiously winked twice at her. She saw the winks and looked even more excited about blowing me. She was being  a good sex toy weather she knew it or not, keeping Glory in the dark. Her continued her theater for Glory was flawlessly executed, such that I don't think Glory realized Harmony wasn't just her play thing.  “But you’re here and he’s your brother.”

Glory further explained the why of wanting Harmony blowing me.  “I’ve never seen a blow job live. And I want to know how to do one right. There is a chance I may need to know how, one day soon.”

I figured she was talking about sucking off the fuck fairy. In which case Harmony’s sucking my cock would be a perfect example.  Glory reached over and undoing the seat belt, she started pushing Harmony over. Soon Harmony was lying across the bench seat her face in my crotch and her feet were all that were sticking above the window. Harmony continued her protesting, as she was pulling my rapidly hardening dick out of my pants “But he’s your brother, and he’s driving.  Plus I’ve only sucked the one dick maybe Alex won’t taste good.” Her lying was  effortlessly perfect.

Grabbing the red hair in my lap Glory pushed Harmony down onto my cock. Her mouth automatically opened when my spongy head had parted her lips and pressed on her pearly white teeth. Harmony's spit on my damaged pole took away most all the sting.  “It will be fine and swallow the cum. I want to see how you do that while sucking.”  Glory continued leaning over the front seat helping bob her friend’s head along my saliva covered rod.  She also lifted up Harmony’s black skirt, displaying the fine curvature of her panty-less ass.  Squeezing a hand down between the closed thighs, she wormed her hand to Harmony’s cunt lips.  Her thighs quickly separated giving the hand easy access to the pussy filling the car with a sweet musk aroma. .  The puffy lips were parted by Glory’s fingers that found their way into Harmony’s vagina.

Harmony's mouth enveloped my dick. Bobbing her head up and down its length had to be a bit difficult in the confined space even with Glory’s help. She had less difficulty running her tongue around my purple head  soothing  its raw nerves.  Her cheeks drew in as she sucked on the solid meat pole between her lips.  The squishing sounds of her cunt being fingered by Glory were barely audible over the road noise.   While Glory’s fingers stretched her lover’s walls with each insertion, Harmony’s bobbing was done in a jerky manner.  The lack of smooth motion lodged my spongy mushroom head in the back of her throat.  Evidently she couldn’t easily back away from my dick leaving her little choice except relaxing her throat muscles so my invading pole didn’t gag her so much.

Harmony was testing my driving skills and ability for self-restraint. The whole time I was thinking, “Fuck texting and driving, blowjobs while driving  were a lot more distracting.”  But I wasn’t the only one being distracted . Glory had maintained her finger fucking of Harmony.  I could tell when Glory was vibrating Harmony’s clit side to side. The squish and slush coming from between Harmony’s thighs was absent and her shallow breath and sudden erratic movements of her tongue on my cock likely meant she was on the edge of orgasming. Each time she was brought to the edge Glory stopped before pushing Harmony over. Her slick wet finger left the flowing pussy making the pussy slime coat Harmony’s bung hole and ass crack.  Each time she stopped titillating the box an exasperated groan vibrated on my cock, which I loved.

Harmony was doing the same to me as Glory was doing to her.  She alternated between forcing my head past her epiglottis, choking herself, and backing up where only the bulbous head was between her lips, stabbing at the piss hole a top it with the tip of her tongue.  She recognized when my breathing shallowed and cock twitched a bit. Then, she’d stop her tantalizing my bloated rod holding it between her lips.  On her third stopping my pre-cum dribbled from the slit onto her tongue.  She went to playing and experimenting with my dick and balls, having gotten today's initial taste of my excretion.

She must have recognized Glory’s intentional bringing her to the edge, as a way to have her suspended in bliss, keeping her sucking my cock as she was driven to school. It was her way of distracting Harmony from realizing despite being told no one would see her every truck, minivan  or pedestrian that looked into the car would see her cunt being fingered and her head bobbing on my rod.  In a euphoric state she was less likely to stop the sexual performance she was engaging  in, having already received a bathing of her brain in endorphins.  My cock was ready for more, and she gave it what it was ready for.  She seemed to be wallowing in the sensations in her mouth and cunt, likely aware in the end it would be capped off in a blinding orgasm.

I understood what Harmony was doing the fourth time she brought me close to cumming and stopped. I initially wanted her finishing me off  at a traffic light giving me the high of cumming and the un-compromised attention on driving that would shortly follow. After the approach to cumming I noticed the slight change in Harmony’s demeanor, though I couldn't place my finger on what it was. But, her change had lessened my urge to cum.  Instead, I’d bask in the feelings of her hot mouth sliding up and down my healing rod, embedding its head in her spasming throat and concentrating on driving otherwise. If I came great if not she was just building me up for a massive orgasm in her vagina or Daisy's  or even some other girl’s cunt, that I likely wouldn’t know.

It was then that I noticed we were to the crossing guard. He stopped us though no children needed to cross.  Glory and I knew why he had done it, he had noticed Harmony’s flapping of her legs wide and together.  Glory put a finger on either side of Harmony’s small nub and pussy lips and rubbed like she was trying to work beach sand out from between them. The gyrations where met with Harmony holding her breath before gasping and wiggling her hips about. Glory stopped just short of making her lover cum, releasing the swollen bundle of nerves.  She stroked the full length of the labia as she grinned at the crossing guard in the middle of the road before us. The tender massage of the plumped skin calmed Harmony but didn’t end all stimulation. Her slurping and groaning was background noise in the car as Glory kept her sexual passions elevated but not bursting.  Like what the slow methodical blowjob was doing to me.

I looked over again at the sidewalk. Glory had again plunged her finger in and out of Harmony’s gaping hole for a minute. Harmony was bucking her hips like bursting into an orgasm was two plunges  away; it was then I notice the boys gathering.  They weren’t looking at any faces, they seemed mesmerized by Glory’s fingers on Harmony’s sloppy box.  I immediately pushed Harmony’s face down on my rod forcing my head into her throat;  keeping her face from being seen. Keeping my cool I said, “Harmony you have to stop now. Glory you should sit back after replacing her skirt” I looked down at Harmony’s lube coated ass.

The sudden demand from me, had Harmony’s lips sliding over my still hard rod letting the fat head pass from her mouth for the first time since she started.  “What is the problem? I haven’t heard any sirens.” She said slightly less alarmed.

“No. No police.” I said, also less alarmed realizing the gawking boys were nothing compared to police. “There’s been an audience gathering for the last minute. Looking at your cunt and watching us.”

“So?” was her one word answer.

“So. So there are pervs looking at your naked pussy. It's spread out pointing straight at the window.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, they’re out there and we’re in here. It isn't like they can touch me and as long as I’m sucking you, they can’t see my face.  You drop us in the back and they’ll never know it was me.  Glory won’t tell, and her hand was feeling so good. Just like your dick taste.” She smiled up at me.  “So if they want to watch...Let’em.” Were her last words before cramming my dick back in her mouth.

“So you don’t have an issue with them seeing your cunt?” I asked.  She shook her head no while bobbing up and down.  “You're OK with being an exhibitionist to total strangers?” was my follow-up question.

In her aroused state, I don’t think she would’ve cared if it was the Pope himself watching.  I quickly looked over again at the evidence of her immature body’s arousal. I noticed her dripping cunt and pussy juice lathered ass were fully exposed to the boys gathering next to them.  I could only imagine what the voyeurs were thinking seeing Harmony’s lithe body with its engorged pussy folds stretched out naked giving a blowjob.  Her brash actions allowing her body to reach such a state and her disregard of the audience I knew we had, intrigued me. Being my play thing in private was one thing but her lack of normal reservations in public, meant she might be open to joining our club. She was a bit on the younger side of who I thought should be allowed in but she’d be a great addition on her first day of high school in a couple of months. Her slurping increased and she sped up sliding her mouth on my dick. Accentuating her answer she went down on my firm rod until her lips were at its hairless base and her gagging throat squeezing around my cock head. 

The guard finally let us pass and I sped to the back lot. Her reinvigorated sucking and tightening throat had brought my orgasm back to the foremost thought in my mind. Her saliva coated my cock in a recuperative hot bath. Her tongue kept the fluid turning over against my sensitive skin like a Jacuzzi stream.  Every ridge and bump was lovingly massaged by her rough tongue when she could again breathe. She sighed and purred as if it was her sex being stimulated not her giving the blowjob. 

I had barely put the car in park when from around my dick I heard her muffled voice say, “Make me cum. Put your finger in my pussy.”   Harmony had to know it wouldn’t be me making her orgasm but she still wanted me touching her overheated pussy, and rubbing on her clit.  While waiting for the spreading of her pussy folds by my fingers, she reached under her chest fondling her own nipples. 

Harmony obviously lacked concern about being watched, as she didn’t seem aware of where we were while she pleasured herself, groping her breast. I looked back at Glory as if to say, “Are you going to finish her?”  She understood my look and answered my unspoken question mouthing silently. “She’s all yours. You make her orgasm.”  Not needing the permission but having it, I reached around her and my finger passed over her clit and with small oscillating movements spread her fine thin pink inner protection of her gushing hole.

Harmony’s lips traveled the length of my dick in time with the fingers entering her tight sodden canal.  As my last knuckle spread her vagina walls I felt them rippling, pulling my dick substitute deeper into her. My oozing cock found its way into the passage leading to her stomach.  The oozing fluid was choked down over and over again while blood ran to her impaled pussy.  As she gasp and pulled on first one nipple then the other, her orgasm approached again.  Her bucking up and down mashing her raised clit into the seat cushion while my finger fucked her. 

Harmony returned the favor by slowing and then basically stopping her sucking of my dick. She held her head in one place leaving only her tongue providing any provocative touch.  My shaft with its tightly stretched skin squirmed slightly within her cavity, readying the heavy load Harmony had summoned by her constant starting and stopping of her blowjob.  Her hand ripped open more of my pants grasping my full balls.  She rolled the hairless walnuts about while I made her cunt squish.

While Harmony was getting me even closer to cumming,  I decided my priority beside cumming was creating a screaming orgasm in Harmony.  The thrill of Glory knowing,  Harmony’s eventual flopping about was because I had manipulated her body into doing it was too much to pass up. When done I hoped Glory realized what I did to Harmony, I could do for her. 

Harmony had given no thought to the unknown boys watching her young dewy vulva being finessed into an overpowering orgasm, earlier.  All she seemed interested in was achieving it. Yet, she was delivering the best and halting blowjob I could’ve imagined.  The new intense vibrating of her clit and my finger going in and out of her honey coated hole, encouraged her taking my dick as far as she could within her oral cavity. She practice massaging the prominent rounded ridge of my cock with the back of her tongue as it passed by over and over. After jerking in her mouth, my pole oozing large amounts of prick lubricant again warning her of its preparing to cum. Quickly sliding her lips up its shaft, she held the spongy mushroom at the top lightly in her teeth. While I couldn’t get fully away, she waited for my balls to again drop a little heavier not having delivered their load.

The games of unrealized climax carried on for ten more minutes until the first bell of the middle school could be heard. Harmony’s body jerked and convulsed during a last push into climax, I wasn’t surprised to see Glory watching intently from the back seat.  A guttural groan when out, while her lips tickled the base of my rod.  My fingers were back out of her sodden hole when I heard my cocksucker scream in her best dick filled mouth dictation, “Augh fuck! God damn it make me cum already. I can’t take it anymore”

Tiny beads of sweat formed in the swale of her ass cheeks from the straining muscles as they repeatedly prepared to cum. Her hips were bucking at the space my hand did occupy, as her legs spread as much as the confined space allowed. She kicked about wildly lunging at my missing hand. I too wanted to say the same to her, as my dick had been solid longer than I expected.  I countered her statement with, “Finish me or it is to school you go.“

 “Oh…” her mouth full of hard penis rubbing across the soft palate of her mouth making small words necessary, “Fuck, No!”

“Then school it is.” I pulled up on her hair. I knew she could finish herself off later but wouldn’t.   I heard her panting around the thick meat before she let out what should have been an ear piercing scream of frustration, which was muffled and cut short. For the second time since her blow job started my hand pushed down hard. 

The suddenness of the motion and my dick plugging up any sound that would've come from her voice box, had her flailing.  Seeing her thrashing about and thrusting her hips about looking for the elusive last touch, I took pity on her and decided it was time to let her cum.  I let go of her head and one motion pushed two  fingers as far as I could within her crushed velvet passage.  She hollered into my recently removed dick still inches from her mouth, “Oh fuck… Oh holy fuck  I am cuming.” Her hips tried matching my fingers’ rabbit fucking of her twat. One finger was bent tickling her g-spot, while the other went looking for her cervix.  Her indiscernible yips and hollering continued while she gushed from her stretched hole.

In one last gasp, she gulped down my dick and face fucked the pole. Earlier she had slowly gone up and down the shaft lovingly running her lips along the tight skin and the veins and contours they made. In her present state, she rapidly hammered the back of her mouth with the cock head she was sucking and slurping on.  The frenetic pace of her face fucking while tonguing, twisting, poking and licking the veiny rod was too much. I too was going over the edge. 

My dick jerked and jumped in her mouth as it loaded up to shoot its glorious nectar. She nursed on the cock like filling her mouth with my seed was needed for sustaining her life.  My balls pulled in tight under my dick. The girth of my sucked on manhood stretched while it filled with seed.  The first shot slammed into the back of her throat coating it, as her pussy lips were slapped harder as my fingers reached their limits.  As she waited, the half a second, for the next glob of baby making juice, my wet fingers vacated her canal and grabbed her hair.

Seeing as Glory had helped in getting Harmony off and we had an audience of not just Glory but the boys on the street earlier; the blowjob was more porn cock sucking than intimate oral sex. Like most porn blowjobs, I decided it would end in a facial.  I was pretty sure Harmony would be able to make herself mostly presentable after getting squirted on. Plus most girls her age wouldn’t have a clue of what cum smelled or looked like when dry, the teachers on the other hand would have a field day in the teacher’s lounge. An added bonus was it had a nasty feel to it, which fit nicely with our three way peep show we had engaged in. As the second jet was half out of my prick, I had Harmony’s hair wrapped in goo coated fingers and her mouth was pulled off my cock; half the wad of cum ended up in her mouth the other half spread over her upper lip.  I was aware the cum I shot on her would likely drip off onto my car seat or my clothes but it'd be worth it. 

She barely got her eyes closed before the next couple of blast coated her eyelids and cheeks. The white globs of eye-shadow ran down wetting her eyelashes, streaking her face.   Her earlier teasing had filled my nuts to the brim and they'd be delivering it in full. I pointed my cock down her body feeling the thick mass packing its piss tube before spraying her tits, with their hard nipples, with loads of semen. Two long eruptions of the spunk globs were spread over both of her tiny tits, and raised nipples making them islands in seas of cum. The next couple of blown out cream streams ran the length of her graceful neck.  I let my cock bounce back upright  pointing at her face ejaculating as it moved; the arcs of spunk hitting her neck, hair and chin. 

The blasting of her face and breast with cum seemed to last forever. Harmony initially acted appalled with the cumming on her.  But the kinkiness being coated in baby making fluid, kept her orgasm at a fever pitch.  By the time the last jet hit her face she was waiting eagerly with her mouth open.  Wiping the dregs of the viscous fluid oozing from the tip of my cock with her hair, brought forth from Harmony, “Mmmm, I love your cum.” With the trails of cum clinging to her face and her eyes clamped shut, her words had a frenzied sound to them when no more cum was being added, “No… no don’t stop. I want more.” Her face dove back onto my lap and fanatically sucked on the head of the wilting prick before her. 

The usually demur passive girl’s powerful nursing on my dick was like a starving baby on its mother’s breast. Her frenetic bobbing and sucking wasn’t what I expected from her after she got a face full of cum. I felt her tongue digging at my piss hole looking for more fluid. Having no more cum to feed her, I released her red hair and again inserted fingers into her pussy. Its walls rippled and constricted like her mouth trying to get cum out of the organ with none to give.  My thumb ground her clit supplemented the fucking of her pussy. The renewed stimulation of her pussy had her mouth release its vacuum and fill the car with.  “Oh shit…oh shit.. It is so…Oh fuck it is so good.”   

Blindly her hands excitedly caressed her neck and tits.  The lines of semen on her breast and neck that had clung on were spread out by her fingers as they massaged away whatever longing she had. A sheen of seminal fluid on every inch of her chest and neck was left in the wake of her stroking indicating how her hands had gone everywhere. The semen greased the path up her neck as her hands traveled to her face, as she moaned out at my thumb nail’s gouging her clit.  Most of the thick copious cum clung, wetting her face from ear to ear, other drops had fallen onto my crotch and shorts. She wiped her closed eyes spreading the thick goo on her eyelids across her eyebrows.  The excess eyeshadow on her fingers, she spread across her fore head adding it to the ropes formally streaming along her cheek bones.

Glory sat watching her lover enjoying rubbing the excretions of another lover all over, while the last of Harmony's orgasm ended with her screaming, “Ugh…Oh fuck!” Her grunting continued until my fingers stopped assaulting her cunt and were put between her parted panting lips. Her tongue swirled around each finger for a moment, before Glory pulled them away. Glory dipped the fingers into her mouth giving them an oral bathing getting into the game. It was so erotic my sister sucking Harmony’s cum from my fingers, I felt my cock re-hardening.

Glory looked at a sitting up Harmony, with pussy juice and globs of semen hanging from her formerly styled auburn hair. Touching one of the dollops with her finger-tip she said, “Damn girl you got spunk all over you.”  Nonchalantly, she put the small bit of transferred semen into her mouth. She smacked her lips, with the same look Mom had after the Fuck Fairy visited her; one of almost knowing.  I was worried she might do a better job of remembering than Mom.  I was guessing she was trying to figure out if the semen she just tasted was the same as what Harmony had her swallow  weeks earlier.  The taste must have been close enough to warrant a second fuller sample.

Glory grabbed Harmony’s chin and the back of her head. Holding Harmony still she ran her tongue up one of the cum streaked high cheek bones of her puppet.  The lapping removed a long rope that had hung on.  Glory again savored the spunk on her taste buds like a sommelier sampling a new wine.  After a few seconds she said to no one in particular, “Nope.”  I took her proclamation as I was in the clear of her time being Kathy’s captive.

Pulling my cum stained shorts back together I said, “You girls are going to be late.”

Harmony had pulled out a hairbrush and brushed the cum and pussy juice further into her hair, like it was a hair gel.  Watching her do it I was reminded of 'Something About Mary'.  I could only guess how stiff her hair would be come as the juices dried. Still brushing the spooge into her red locks she pointed out, “But we are already late.”

“Yes but not detention late yet.” I replied in return amazed she hadn’t worried about buttoning up her blouse or re-securing her bra while her chest was fully exposed and smeared with cum.

“Harmony if we get going now we might not have to stay after.” Glory agreed. “If I have to stay after it’s gonna  be for getting caught in the stall with your lips on my pussy and my legs wrapped around your head.”

I'd heard of the stall when I was in middle school.  It was a place the middle school girls went when they were experimenting with other girls.  Only the popular "in" crowd girls ever took boys to the secluded location.  It was in a girl’s bathroom in a part of the school that was rarely used as art had been replaced by computer theory. In one of the back stalls the temporary wall repair could be easily moved to let a person from the art room coat closet squeeze in. Evidently when the area was no longer used regularly some ten years earlier the cost of fixing the wall right was determined to be too high for the benefit.   And not being used and the acoustics being just right I was told a girl could hear someone coming half a minute before they arrived.  So many a girl had experimented at eating out or being eaten by another girl.  And a few had lost their virginity bent over holding on to the toilets exposed plumbing. 

I was surprised Glory knew of the stall and evidently had visited it. Before going to Bunko and having spent nights with Mom, I'd have been surprised at her admitting to wanting Harmony’s lips on her cunt, and stroking her breast.  But since then Glory hadn't been so adamant about not letting me know of her doing things that might appear lesbian. I guessed Mom’s admission about enjoying sex with other women, had made admitting or doing things with Harmony in front of me acceptable.

“Ok” Harmony said not being specific on what she was agreeing to. A second later she leaned into me, kissing me, “Thanks, we should do this again, soon.” A wink out of Glory’s view accompanied her invitation. She did little else in the way of putting herself back together before getting out of the car.

Glory turned my head all the way to her before attaching her soft lips to mine in a sweet seductive kiss. Her tongue ran lightly over a captured lip before pulling away saying, “See I can be a nice sister.” With that she slid out of the car’s back seat, joining Harmony in the parking lot.  Through the closed door, I still heard her admonishment of Harmony, “You only do that again if I am there. You understand?” 

I chuckled at Glory’s demand of her puppet, knowing I'd fuck Harmony many times without her being present. Or is she wanted to be there and join in that would be fine as well, my dick wouldn’t discriminate. Driving off I noticed only when the two girls where halfway to the school door did Harmony start putting her bra back over her cum coated breast. I was out of eyesight before she did any more in the way of fixing her blouse or straightening her skirt.  Though I wondered how straightening her short black skirt would help prevent the juices from running down her inner thigh, since she was again panty-less likely at Glory’s insistence. 

I, unlike my young cock sucker, wouldn’t be going to school in semen stained clothing. A quick call to Ben was all that was needed for my absence from homeroom to be covered. I didn’t offer a reason why I would be late, and he didn’t ask.  For a second time in two weeks he said we needed to talk. I hated it when he said that.

At home I guess you could say I got lucky, Mom had already gone off to work. This meant I wouldn’t be even later getting to school, due to fucking her pussy that lately always seemed ready for something to be in it.  I quickly changed and made the first bell after homeroom. Ben was waiting for me. “You’ve fucked up with Mindy again!”

“That is a permanent state with us. Did she do something out of the ordinary to you this morning?” I asked quietly hoping it wouldn’t be overheard.

“No,” he replied also in a low volume matching my own. “She was just muttering under her breath all morning. Your skipping meeting her yesterday really pissed her off. I'm fairly sure she knows about Daisy and is ready to cut your dick off.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” I said. “And I know she knows about Daisy. She told me to dump her, in no uncertain terms.”

“So are you going to do it?”

“Not on your life.  And tomorrow I may be a eunuch, but I'll still have Daisy.”

“Hey its your dick.”

“Thanks you should tell your sister that.”

“Fuck that. I like my cock attached.”

“Well me too. But you've gotta  draw a line somewhere.”

“I'll keep that in mind.”  The intercom cam on for the start of the day and the pledge.  Ben and I would have a variation of the same conversation three more times before the end of the school day.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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I'm definitely still following this story as well. One of my all-time favorites

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Also still reading and enjoying it.
Don't end it just for the sake of ending it.
Write it all out.....I'll read it all.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of BDSM but I'm still enjoying the story, even if I do gloss over those parts.

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