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Author Topic: Alex's Sexual Odyssey (UA,mf,Fm,first,Alcohol,inc,ff,reluctant,BDSM,blkmail,mm)  (Read 8085 times)
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Chapter 35 Glory's Surprise

After Ms. Calvert's class, I was done for the day.  I went over to Daisy's apartment. Before entering the door I heard her talking. Glad she wasn't just going around all day by herself, I turned and left not wanting to disturb her.  I would see about coming by after dinner, thinking I'd use Ben again as an excuse. Maybe that way Mom and Glory would either be in each other's pussies or asleep. Either way I could go home afterword for even more recuperating before anyone would know I was home. And if it was four in the morning no questions would be asked.  In the meantime, I took advantage of the situation by doing nothing but going home and stripping getting on the bed. Taking a nap letting my dick rest seemed prudent.

I woke up to Glory standing in the doorway staring at my exposed groin. I didn't let her know I was awake and slowly spread my legs wider improving her view of my dick and balls. She was  still in her white blouse with her nipples fully visible, as I assumed she would be. She tip toed across the room standing at the foot of my bed instead of the head, that was closer to the  door.  I gave her a couple of minutes letting her decide what she wanted to do.  Through my eyelashes, I could see her start a hand toward my growing dick only to stop before reaching it. The hand instead went between the buttons of her shirt, where she squeezed and pinched her nipple.  That sight and her attentive gaze made my cock grow in hardness and my balls shift in their sack.

I groaned partially from the stretching of my raw dick still healing and partly giving her time. Time for the hand she'd removed from her tit to get to a different location.  She didn't move except to stop pinching her eraser and start rolling it. Not even stretching my legs and arms had her move away, so I opened my eyes and let her know I was awake, “Glory what are you doing in my room?”

Her answer was unexpected, “Looking at your dick and nuts, since they put on quite a show with Harmony this morning. They are so cool. I mean I have never watched one grow from up close. I've seen one small or small compared to how yours is now, but I've never seen it grow. It is wild how it all kind of grows all at once, not getting longer first and then thick. And your balls moving around on their own not just hanging waiting to be moved is really neat.”

“What? You mean you've never touched one?” I asked shocked considering her recently acquired extreme interest in all things sex.

“No, that's what I have Harmony for.  She's told me all about them and how they feel.” Glory said, still rolling her nipple.  “Today she told me all about how your dick felt in her mouth and what its like when you squirted in it.”

“Honestly, you've never touched one in the flesh and only had Harmony explain what it feels like. That is so weird in so many ways. First that your living vicariously through her and second that she told you what it felt like when I shot my load. What else has she told you? Has she explained what screwing Warren feels like? ” I said fairly sure Harmony hadn't spill what we had done.

“No she's technically still a virgin.  I say technically because she does love her dildo and hasn't had a hymen since she got it. But now I want to know what its like when a dick is in her pussy. So you may get to take her virginity. That is if I don't have her get laid while we are at the beach. I know it won't be the same as having sex of my own. Yet, knowing what I'll be in for when I finally decide to do it will be good,” she said putting her other hand into her shirt to pinch her other tit.

“I always thought Harmony was your best friend, but you must be holding something over her head to have her act as your sex slave.” Her non-reaction at basically being called a master of a sex slave was telling.

“Oh I do what she says on occasion also, we alternate. And she knows together we are more powerful and popular than we'd be if we weren't friends. Plus she likes doing what I say,”  Glory said in-apologetically.

“And when she tells you to screw me or some other guy then what?” I wondered out loud.

“Oh she won't do that,” Glory responded confidently. “She always wants me for herself, and even then she never asks for anything I won't do. God I wish she was here right now.”

“Why?” I asked.

“To take care of my titties.” she said bluntly. 

“You have been pulling on them a lot. And what?.. You want her over here to do what...Suck them.” I teased.

“Yes, my nipples itch again. Actually not again they've itched all day. And her sucking on them makes them feel better.” Glory stated not a hint of bashfulness in her voice.

“TMI.” I said. The whole situation was getting a bit strange.  The fact Glory was standing over my bed while I was in it,  naked with my cock semi hard, discussing her arrangement with Harmony was bizarre at best.

“Yeah but they itch.” with that she pulled open her shirt showing me her raised angry red nubs a top the silky smooth looking orbs. “And not just my nips but my whole titties feel like hundreds of ants are crawling on them.  I think they got bigger over night and made my bra hurt this morning, which is why I didn't wear one today. Plus I would swear they continued getting bigger all day.”

She was right her tits did look a bit bigger than I remembered them. “Of course they are getting bigger your maturing. You don't think my dick was always this size.”  I couldn't believe I said the last thing after it was out.

“Yeah about five minutes ago it was much smaller.” She snickered.

“And so were your tits.” I teased back while getting up.  “I would say you need to turn your head while I get dressed but I think you've seen it all.” 

She pinched my ass as I walked by to my dresser. “Now I've seen it all. Though I think I saw your ass drunk the other day.”

“No your ass was drunk, mine was sober.” I joked. “And with that cleared up I think Mom might have something in her bathroom cabinet for your tits.  I've over heard her mumbling to herself about her tits being itchy also.  There must be something in the water.”

“Yeah and what ever it is, it is making her tits bigger also.” she stated like she knew it to be true. “Oh that's right she does have some kind of lotion in her bathroom. I put it on her this morning.”  Glory's lack of concern about disclosing she was in Mom's bedroom putting lotion on her breasts was par for the course for the discussion we were having. After all her naked tits were poking out of her white blouse and my half rigid cock was standing out tall in front of me as we talked. Her statement also reminded me I needed to check my cameras to see if they had captured the action between the two.

Glory grabbed my arm as I slid a pair of old loose gym shorts up. They covered my hardon, barely. The worn out elastic waistband was held out by my cock with half its head sticking out. I hadn't gotten a shirt as she was pulling me from the room. “Come on let's find the cream.” I didn't argue, following her towards Mom's bathroom. 

Walking past her room on the way downstairs Glory tossed her shirt through her bedroom's door onto the floor. I asked her “Aren't you going to put something else on?”

Gripping my arm a second time she again guided me towards the stairs. “If you don't have to where a shirt then I don't either.”   It was then I realized that each of us only had on one article of clothing; I'd my shorts, which were little better than worn out boxers, and she only had the short skirt she'd worn to school, which sort of covered her ass and pussy. “Anyway I was thinking maybe we all could be nudist when no one else was around. It would definitely help with the scratchiness of bra's and shirts.  And if Mom doesn't go for it you and I can when she is not around.”

“That is an interesting concept,” I said starting down the steps. “When did you start considering it as a good idea?”

She was at the bottom of the stairs when she answered. “I don't know, I guess after Harmony and I stayed at her house doing our project. I've just found clothes,  I guess you'd call it too restrictive. So what about it you feel like you could walk around all day with your cock hanging down free.”

Saying I didn't know who had inhabited my sister's body all day was quite an understatement. “I don't know I haven't really given it much thought since Mom will never go for it. And the family room window which you are walking by at this moment lets anyone on the street see what is going on in here.”

Turning to the window Glory said, “Like the world hasn't seen tits. I guess mine are better than most, but every guy and girl over the age of ten has been on a porn site or two, and seen tits.” She scratched the sides of the half oranges, “And right now mine also really itch and kinda burn.”  She again turned, proceeding through the kitchen and the master bedroom to the bathroom.  It took her almost no time in finding the tube of medicated cream she had come for. I was still in the bedroom when she walked by saying, “Got it come on, I need you to put it on me.”

After the shock wore off, I again followed Glory. She was closing the blinds on the family room windows as I entered the room, “You want me to do what?”

“Sit on the couch so I can sit between your legs while you put this on me,” She said holding the white tube out to me.

“I'm not Harmony, you can't just order me around.” I responded going to the couch, not taking the tube from her.

“I know and I'm not Daisy or  Mindy either. But you're going to do what I asked, because despite the fact I'm your sister and not them,  you can't help but want to get your hands on a firm set of titties like mine. On top of which I am telling you it is OK  getting to second base with someone as sexy as I am, with no chance of rejection.” I hadn't ever seen this side of my sister. I know she was the top rung of middle school girls but I hadn't seen her so arrogant about her sex appeal and desirability.

“What do you mean your not Daisy or Mindy? Why would I care about that?” I asked a bit to defensively; sitting down on the cushion. I didn't intentionally make room for Glory between my legs but I sat with my legs far apart.

Glory pushed my legs together sitting in my lap. “I know you have the hots for both of them and would do anything they asked to get into their pants. And I've decided to sit in your lap instead.” The way she could change trains of thought was amazing. As were the back of her thighs. They were hot on the top of mine as she squirmed in my lap getting comfortable. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my semi hard rod through my gym shorts as her skirt bunched up behind her putting her cunt in direct contact with my shorts. The moisture between her lips quickly dampened my shorts and wicked through to my dick hardening me even more.  “Hell I might do what either of them asked if it meant I got a chance to lick their pussies, or them mine.”

“And you say I'm the homo.” I said putting my hands on her hips re-arranging her so her slit straddled my rod.

She pulled my hand from her hip and put a glob of lotion in it. “I'm not a lesbian. I am sure I like guys also. I've just had more experience with women. And the guys at school are immature and insecure. And none of them know what they are doing, from what the other girls say.” I had heard this same thing from Mindy when we first got started. I sat thinking about it not moving; enjoying the damp heat of Glory's pussy on my shaft. “Well are you going to put that on me.” She took my hand in hers and put it on her breast.   “Ok that's one give me the other hand and start rubbing that in.”

“So you are calling Harmony a woman. And she is singular not the plural women suggests. And if your lucky you'll find a guy that isn't clingy. As for experience, you can either find someone with experience or train someone to meet your needs.” I said starting applying the lotion, as my other hand was filled. I didn't wait for Glory to put my other hand on her breast once full of lotion.

The two breast fit perfectly into my palms. I spread the lotion across her nipples letting the points poke into my palms as I squeezed the firm flesh in my hands.  I moved my hands over her smooth skin leaving a thin layer of the lotion as I moved. Her breasts were magnificent to the touch, they'd a suppleness and malleability unlike any other tits I had felt.  I cupped her flesh running my hands along the underside of the small hemispheres.  As my hand when up her side tit she leaned back into me pressing the smooth skin of her back into my chest. My rubbing of her breasts drew her tighter into me, where the sweet smell of her hair reached my nose.   With lotion on my forefingers and thumbs I slid them up her coned nipples squeezing them a little tighter as I went. 

She lightly moaned, “Mmm... that is almost as good as getting them sucked.”

I found the expanding of her rib cage against my chest as she breathed shallowly mixed with the vibrating of her moans supremely erotic. It was more so than I expected when I first started, and I leaned in nuzzling her graceful neck. Through her black locks my lips found her. I press my lips to the savory  skin taking the taut prize between them.  Glory tilted her head giving me full reign; letting my lips wander the length of her neck. She held my hands tighter against her nipples helping me roll them. She moaned out a second time, “ Oh yes, Alex that's so good. My titties feel wonderful.  Keep doing that.”

Following her request was easy.  I was enraptured by her light sighs from my lotion coated finger-tips dragging around her darkened areolas. She swallowed hard as my lips descended to her bare shoulder and one of my hands ventured further downward; stroking across her diaphragm.  The rolling and massaging of both her breast were left to one hand while the other gradually stroked back and forth covering her trim stomach and slight paunch until it was bumping along her skirts waist band.

She tossed her head back against my shoulder and ground her pussy into my covered rod arching her back when my pinkie passed under the waist ban.  I lightly bit into her willowy shoulder as she gasped and groaned. Her hand that had been stroking my arm reached up, seizing my hair forcing my mouth harder into her shoulder panting, “Ah gawd Alex this is heaven. Your hands feel so good on my body. I want them all over me. Mmmm....feel my body.  Touch all of me with those strong hands.”  I did nothing but oblige her, leaving her midriff moving my hand down the short bit of material that made her skirt onto her inner thigh.  She parted her legs wider for me, giving me the unstated permission to stroke her cunt.   

I didn't immediately move my hand to her hot and wet pussy.  I continued nibbling my way down and back up her shoulder and neck. Both her blood filled nubile breasts were putty in my hand; being squeezed and molded to my fingers, while I grazed a fingernail along her thigh's silky smooth skin.  The heat pouring out of her pussy was amazing even as my hand stayed inches away.  Glory's moaning and gasping increased as I enjoyed caressing her libertine body.

Unexpectedly she flipped herself around her knees digging into the cushion on either side of my hips.  Wordlessly her mouth went straight to mine. I welcomed her frenzied tongue as it passed through my lips becoming entangled with me. Her taste was as perfect as it had been the first time we locked lips finding erotic pleasure together. She bit and sucked on my lip as I did the same to hers. The hand not on the back of my head demanding my lips and mouth remain attached to hers in an ever more intense french kiss, was groping my chest.  Her fingers well schooled in rolling and pinching nipples put their learning to use. She pulled and tugged on each nipple once her wondering hand found them.

I ,too, was groping the skin of her shoulder blades  and around her chest temporarily re-finding the organs, which had started our adventure. They mashed into my chest when she wrapped her arms around me yanking me in tight. I'd my hands on the backs of each of her thighs, gliding them up over her rounded ass cheeks and back down along her twitching thighs. On their way up over her superbly formed butt my fingertips dipped ever so slightly into its fissure. 

The movement of my hands kept time with her quickening dry hump she was doing along my rod.  The material of my gym shorts was soaked from her gash and the lube she produced. The initial scraping of her pussy along my gym shorts was painful on my dick's healing tissue. But when she raised up forcing most all of her lubricated breast into my mouth, it re-aligned her slit on my pole causing the weak waistband  of my shorts to slide down with her.  On her hips next upward thrust, her labia slid along my rod leaving my shorts rolled up on my nuts. 

The satin feeling of her labia wrapping my rod the best they could, and coating my worn sore shaft was incredible. She rocked her hips skimming her clit from root to helmet and back.  The stiff nub bumping and gliding over my glans made me almost not notice the sour taste of the lotion coated breast, I was willingly sucking after being forced between my lips.  My head nodded from the tit in my mouth as she bounced  along my cock.  The sweet smell of her pussy wafted into my nostrils as she picked up her pace. There were tremors in her thighs and shuddering of her whole body as she thrust harder against my pole mewling her, “Oh god's” and open mouth groans.  Her bouncing and grinding were frenetic while deliberate at the same time. Her short delirious not so dry humping along my dick became two long hard thrust down my cock, its head parting Glory's bloated folds as she was howling, “Augh fuck yes, my pussy is exploding, Oh god I'm cumming.“ She arched back pulling her breast out of my mouth pushing against my arms that were holding her. Her mouth was left wide open,with her head again tossed back, in a soundless scream.

It was her third hard thrust down that awoke her to what we were doing.  She had raised up more pushing against my arms after her second climax generated thrust.  She raised up enough that my cockhead had ended up at the entrance of her love canal. Only the last second tilting of her hips as the tip of my cock got snagged by the rim of her entrance prevented Glory from impaling herself on my prick; making her technically a virgin no longer.  The lack of bend in my granite shaft had prevented my head from staying aligned with her hole when she rocked her hips during her downward thrust.

The feeling made her eyes fly open wide and brought her head up to attention.  Glory's clit was  still ground firmly against my soaked cock and her cunt was still releasing a torrent of juice onto my rolled up gym shorts as she remained frozen.  She looked at me wide-eyed like she didn't know what to do and moving would mean acknowledging what she had done.  I wasn't sure if it was the climaxing  or the almost fucking me that had her so wigged out.  She didn't move a muscle except her pussy's walls that were still pulsing and contracting that I could feel on the underside of my rod. The rod that would've been milked had it ever ended up between them. 

For a couple of minutes Glory sat on my lap like that, until still panting and gasping recovering from her orgasm she climbed out of my lap. Her skin was flush up and down her torso and her face was beat red. I wasn't sure if it was the orgasm or embarrassment that had turned her face that color. And I didn't get time to ask as she quickly turned and fled to her bedroom were I heard the door close.  I pulled my drenched gym shorts back up over my cock thinking that dinner with Glory and Mom was going to be interesting before with the idea of becoming nudist. Now it was just going to be riveting.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing back up in my room.  I lay spread eagle naked not bothering to close the door. If Mom agreed with Glory my being seen nude wouldn't be that unusual, so I figured I would get a head start. And while I believed Mom wouldn't go for it; Glory might catch Vee instead of Mom. In that case, the possibility went up one hundred fold.  Either way the light breeze of the vent on my dick was great.

Mom's call woke me. She told me she was bringing dinner home and Glory and I should have the table ready.  I knocked on Glory's door and called to her but she didn't answer.  She's a heavy sleeper but not that heavy. She was avoiding me and I was pretty sure I knew the reason.  Harmony doing as she was told and then losing control was one thing, but doing it herself I don't think Glory could abide.  Which could only mean her earlier flush was both excitement and embarrassment.

Knowing she would be down to eat I set the table and straightened up before Mom got home.  Having prepared the table and put the cushions back the way they belonged, I guessed there were a couple of minutes to check out the recordings from Harmony's computer camera.  I figured I could watch anything it recorded and delete them before Mom was home with dinner.  This time the door did get locked when I entered my room.

The first video was very short. It had Harmony hopping around her room. Her forming cones jiggled as she bounced on one foot, holding the other.  She must have said fuck after jamming her toes on her bed.  The next one was from today and was similar, she was on her bed talking on the phone with her shirt open.  “...him. I want it to be here on my bed. I told you that this morning.” She listened for a minute her hand massaging her bra-less breast, fingers pulling out on the small cones. “How are you going to get him over here?” She undid her skirt wiggling out of it while listening. As I suspected, she never put any undergarments on under her clothes,  “That might work.” Her fingers found the bundle of nerves between her pink folds. They pressed on the tissue and vibrated it back and forth while saying, “But if I called him and said I have a computer problem I bet he would come help. That way you aren't bringing him over here and could already be hiding in the closet if you want to watch.”

I couldn't believe Harmony was setting up my sister to watch us.  She was planning on using the real way we started fucking as a cover. She'd been trying to pay off more of her debt for a while. And she'd get her wish with Glory's blessing, saving herself the problem of hiding our agreement.  The only thing I wondered about was how she could guarantee it'd go the same way the second time. She hadn't let me in on her plan, all she had was the hope I didn't let on we'd already screwed.
She continued going at her clit, bucking up at her hand not stopping her telephone call despite her labored breathing.  “I'm busy the rest of today, but we can do it tomorrow.”  Glory didn't hang up and had likely disagreed with the time table.  “Ok then Friday afternoon...Sure, that way I leave middle school a virgin and enter high school a real woman. Are you planning on having Alex get me in the morning....Yeah it'd make me look easy and kinda slutty if I sucked him off again tomorrow.” She pinched at her nipples, moaning into the phone.

From the door way came, “Suck who off?”  Kathy walked into the frame, but Harmony didn't stop pulling on her nipples.

“Mmm, shit I gotta go, Kathy just showed up.” Harmony said into her phone. With the phone down her other hand went to the nub between her swollen labia. The frantic rubbing of her clit continued even with Kathy there.

“So you aren't going to tell me who you're sucking. Is Glory sucking him too?  Do you two take turns or do it at the same time? Or do you two switch off who sucks and who fucks?” Kathy asked.

“No!  She doesn't like to suck dick.” Harmony huffed, her hips twisting and shifting under her fingers' assault.  Through her gasps she said, “But I think I do.” She pounded away at her box  until her hips shook and she groaned.

“Damn girl that was quick.”Kathy stated watching her sister's body quake. “You always come that quickly?”  Still cumming and trembling all over Harmony nodded and shook her head all at once. “So yes and no.” Her hand fell to the bed and the look of bliss passed over her as did a blush.  Kathy taunted her a bit, “Guys are gonna love you. You'll give them such an ego trip....How do you sixty-nine Glory if you cum so fast.  She'll never get her dessert.”

Relaxing back on the bed I'd fucked her on, she said, “I don't always cum that fast.  It's just today, I don't know I guess I'm hornier than normal. I always am a few days before my period, and it's due on Saturday. So right now, all I can think of is dicks and pussies”

“Me, too,” Kathy acknowledged. “But I found a way to quench my horniness. I've found that I don't really have to know the guy or girl when I get that horny. Any dick or pussy will do if they are good at it.”

I couldn't believe I was listening in on a sisterly heart to heart on sex.  I didn't know those happened.  I guess not being a girl Glory and I wouldn't ever have that kind of heart to heart. Though we came pretty close to just the sex earlier.  The other thing was Kathy was walking awfully close to giving away the club. 

“Really, I don't know if I could do that.” Harmony said, done climaxing, though she looked as if she were still enjoying it.

“Yeah you can. If you don't know who they are and they don't know who you are it can be really good.” Kathy assured Harmony, climbing up on the bed. Like she had just done the math Kathy stated, “Damn sis your gonna be out of eating commission for most  of the beach trip.” 

“Its ok, Glory and I have our periods at the same time and they only last a couple of days.  I will be fine shortly after we leave.” Harmony responded, not even trying to hide she and Glory's diving into each others boxes.

“Still for those few days, guys are always willing to fuck a willing hole; bleeding or not.” Karen said making me wonder if she was now also getting screwed outside the club, or if it was something all girls knew.
“I don't know. I've only done it a couple of times.” Harmony admitted to her sister. “But I'm hopeful for more.”

“Sis if you are willing he'll be back.” the older red head said.  “And with your pussy being all slick and cute like that he'll be waiting for it to be edible again.” She ran a finger down between the bloated reddened lips, making her sister shutter. “Is he the same boy you like blowing?” It was like Kathy was getting a sexual resume on her sister.

“Yeah, I like sucking him off more than Warren. He's a pig and a bore.” Harmony said. “I'm glad he isn't going with us.” She spread her thighs apart a little further as Kathy's finger went back up through the furrow.

“Definitely he would get in the way of...” the statement wasn't finished. Instead the older red head quickly put her lips where her finger had been.  Harmony seemed surprised but not shocked at her sister's eating her. She ran her fingers through the hair that matched hers, before gripping the bed spread. Kathy sucked on one labia then the other, running her tongue up and down between them as she went back and forth.  She stopped running her tongue along the already wet flesh and wrapped her lips around the red nub at the apex of the pink slit.

“Gawd Sis you're great at that,” Harmony said her voice labored and high. She put her head back against the headboard closing her eyes.  Her head rolled side to side while Kathy lapped the bald nubile pussy. Kathy's hands slipped under Harmony's round ass, squeezing it. She pulled her sister down from her half sitting position until she was lying on the bed. Having Harmony close to the way she wanted Kathy raised up on the ass globes in her hands serving up the pussy she was licking directly to her lips. She bit and nibbled all over Harmony's sex, making her pant. “Oh yes bite it, bite my clitty, shove your tongue in my pussy.”

Kathy scraped her teeth over Harmony's clit on the way down to her pussy's hole.  Harmony groaned as her sister pushed hard into her pelvis. She groaned while Kathy pummeled her vagina. Harmony's whole body inch wormed, undulating from head to toe. Her wave made Kathy's hands grip her ass tighter, keeping the tongue stretching Harmony's tunnel in place.

Harmony's face exuded orgasm from every muscle and pore. Her head pressing into the mattress belting out, “Augh fuck, I'm cuming.” She grabbed the red locks she had released earlier, holding her sister against her slit, while her thighs clamped down.  Kathy had noway out of Harmony's box and became an extension of her pussy. She moved up and down with Harmony's every thrust, little more than a rag doll trapped between svelte thighs.  Harmony kept her sister pinned; her mouth a gape  panting. Her constant, “Oh's” and  “Fuck yes,” was replaced with her wanking on Kathy's hair screeching,  “Deeper.”

Shortly before suffocating her sister with her cunt, Harmony pushed Kathy away whimpering, “Enough, too much...too too much.”  The head that moments earlier had been struggling at getting free of  Harmony's pelvis was now struggling at staying.   Harmony humped and bucked at her sister's face as she had done mine when I had done the same thing to her, but Kathy gave in faster than I did.

Kathy rose up from Harmony's twat, her cheeks, chin, and lips smeared with love juice saying, “My turn.”  Despite the fact Harmony's small cones were heaving up and down, while she sucked in air and expelled it in gulps, Kathy crawled up her sister's mostly uncovered body, putting her knees on either side of Harmony's ears.  The front of her skirt passed over the panting face, before sitting on it. 

Harmony's whole head was under Kathy's denim skirt, blocking the camera's view, when Kathy sat down. She held onto the head board as she ground her box into the skirt covered face.  Harmony resisted for a few seconds. The resistance acquiesce with hand-fulls of blouse covered tits she reached up for.  Kathy stripped her shirt and bra off herself giving her bare tits to the hands that sought them.

Harmony squeezed the orbs that were much bigger than her own, pinching and pulling on the nipples also.  The nipples were given quite a workout while Kathy looked like she'd put a quarter in the kiddie horse outside the market, and she wasn't getting off until the purchased time expired.

On my computer screen I sped up the playback turning the ride from kiddie ride into professional bronco riding at the rodeo.  And her tits were squeezed and rolled in the small feminine hands  of her sister, though at the higher speed her manipulation looked closer to a one man band squeezing a tear dropped horn.   Kathy didn't let go of the head board the whole time, instead she gripped it tighter when her back arched and her grinding pushed Harmony deeper into the mattress. Kathy's expression matched Harmony's at climax letting the same “Oh's” and “Fuck yes's” Only the “Deeper” became “Harder...Faster.” 

When spent, Kathy fell back on Harmony's exposed body.  Her hair rested in the still wet pussy as she lay her head down on Harmony's thighs.  Still panting Harmony pushed the skirt off her equally cum smeared face.  After a couple of minutes, Kathy said, “Damn girl, Glory has taught you right. And we are going to have some fun next week once you two are done bleeding.”

Turning off the video and deleting it, I sat looking at my blank screen pondering a way to engage them in a ménage à trois.  While thinking of it two emails came in one after the other. The first was from Mindy. Her quick note told me she was pissed but not in those terms. It was a southern nice of, 'Since you didn't come to the club today I thought I should inform you.'  It sounds nice until you read between the lines. She said I'd two appointments the last day of finals.  The first one around four with a returning member and possible personnel addition and the second one at seven with a newbie.

The second email was from Harmony. She told me she'd call me around one on Friday about fixing her computer, since they too only had a half day. In the email she asked me to play along with her as she wanted us to roll play our first time. I was to act like I was blackmailing her into screwing me.  She said I'd need to bring a flash drive with the copy of the video of her and Warren, so it felt more real.  She made it clear that even the slightest mention of having already done this once would ruin the authentic feel. An if I did this for her, she'd owe me two hundred more dollars, and she'd pay it back the same way as the original debt.   I noticed she didn't mention Glory would be hiding in the closet watching.

I responded to both in the affirmative before deleting them.  I did so just in time, I heard the front door close and Mom call out, “I'm home lets eat while its hot and fresh.” I wanted to call back to her if she was talking about the food she brought home or her pussy.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 36 Dinner and  a New Way of Life

“Be down in a second,” I called back shutting down the computer, before heading down.

“Me, too,” Glory hollered coming out of her room, wearing her flimsiest night shirt. It hung loosely down just below the accentuated curve of her ass and the points atop her breasts were evident as she walked passed.  As she passed her face and neck flushed before she could look away when she saw me admiring her barely hidden figure.

Mom had gone to her room changing into her conservative house coat instead of the one Vee preferred. She had herself fully covered for a change, so I had little idea what she'd beneath it. Back in the kitchen, she spread out the take-out. “Since we are going to the beach I figured we could get a jump start on sea food.” Putting the raw oysters on the table, she said, “Not that you need them.”

“What?” Glory asked looking at Mom.

“Oysters according to urban legends are an aphrodisiac,” I said not believing she didn't know what Mom was talking about. “It is said to work for men and women.”

“Great just what we need; a horny teenage boy,” Glory said looking at me directly for the first time since the couch, again getting a little pink. 

I figured I could tweak her, “Like I need oysters. I can't speak for you, but I'd bet you get plenty turned on without them, also.” Glory's light red deepened to a full crimson.

“Hey enough. If you two don't want any, I know I could use a few. Even if it isn't to get a bit randy. Some people also say they help with energy, so maybe it'll make me not feel so fatigued. Which  will make it easier dealing with my tits feeling so tender. I swear I don't remember the last time my PMS had me so tied up in knots.” Mom stated,giving me way more information than I wanted or needed, as she took a couple of the raw oysters. Glory watched intently while Mom put one on a cracker with a bit of cocktail sauce before putting the whole thing in her mouth.

“If you say they'll get rid of tender tits and fatique, then I'm all in,” Glory also put four on her plate along with some crackers and  cocktail sauce.  She had sucked down two making a bit of a face after each. She let a few minutes pass before eating the last two she had taken. I could sense in those minutes she was going over a conversation only she was privy to. She again waited, though only  a couple of seconds, before saying, “You know if the oysters don't make our tits less sensitive maybe we could just go topless.”

At that moment, I knew where she was taking the conversation and what the conversation was in her head.  She was going over her arguments,  but I also gave her less than a fifty percent chance of getting her topless request and a nearly zero percent of her ultimate goal of going around with no clothes. Mom's choosing the traditional robe and tying it up tight keeping all of her covered instead of the see-through robe fully exposing herself, meant Vee was not present. 

“What?” Mom asked, shock written all over her.

“Topless,” Glory repeated. “Instead of having our nipples scraped and scratched by even the softest shirts we have, we go topless.” she said taking a bit of fish. She was acting like this was a normal request, but still not looking at me.

“No you can't.  Alex will see our breasts, and so will everyone else that comes to the house.” Mom argued adding, “Where did you get such an crazy idea?”

“It's not crazy. He goes topless all the time and no one ever says a word. It is sexist.” Glory stated with a hint of a whine. “And it isn't like he hasn't seen tits before.  I bet if we looked at his computers internet search history it would be full of tits. But as far as seeing mine, I know he has likely seen them a couple of times and we haven't fucked each other.  So I don't care if he sees them now, if it relieves the scratching of bra's and shirts. And, it's not like it'd send him into a rape frenzy.  So I'm not loosing my virginity, today.”  I thought this was getting too close to reality.   Two centimeters further down her slit and the statement would be a complete lie.  Even then she probably should have put a yet in the statement, 'We haven't fucked each other yet'.  She continued on, “And we we'd have to keep shirts close by for when unexpected visitors stop in.”

“And the neighbors looking through the front window?” I said intentionally making her work harder at the argument.  Glory glared at me for doing so.

Mom didn't expound on my comment, instead she said, “Yeah it's sexist, but it is the way things are here and now.”  It wasn't a full out rejection of the idea, though. She bolstered her argument with, “While you don't have the problem now, later when your tits get bigger..and they will get bigger...bouncing about will make them sag and look not so attractive in the long run. Plus when nipples get sensitive your whole tit usually will too and the day to day jiggle will be uncomfortable...kinda like mine are  today.  So bras are good things instead of being topless.”

Glory seemed undeterred by Mom's case or me sitting there listening to them go on about aching breast, “I understand, my whole tits are sore not just my nipples, like yours. But when mine get bigger I could always use a push up shelf like I've seen...” She paused for a second before finishing, “On a couple porn videos.” 

The conversation between the two of them was one I couldn't believe they were having in front of me. Discussing sore tits and push-up bras seemed like something they'd have when I wasn't around.  But with the final decision being one of how the house would run, I guess it made sense I be there.

“You know I never considered that.” Mom said getting a couple more oysters.  “And I think I even have one. But I never thought of wearing it day to day.” I could see the gears turning in her head and the slow disintegration of Mom and the rise of Vee.  “Glory, I'll tell you what, I'm too exhausted to give you a permanent answer tonight.”

“I don't need a permanent answer, but how about just for tonight while you think about it. I could really use the relief.” Glory said jumping on Mom's lack of a definite no.

  “Fine,” Mom said sounding a bit exasperated with a hint of excitement coming from Vee. “If you want to give it a try tonight, fine by me. But it's your turn to clean up the kitchen after dinner.” The implication I thought was clear, after dinner when the kitchen was clean Glory could go topless. Mom on the other hand was not as likely to do it.

“Thanks,” Glory said. For the second time I got the sense Glory was arguing with herself internally. The moment she pulled her shirt up and off I thought I knew what the argument was and which side won. “That damn thing was starting to really hurt.” She rubbed her rose colored puffed out nipples the instant they were visible. “God Mom you have no idea how much better that feels.” 

I sat mesmerized by her conical breast and fat nipples on top which pointed out straight over her plate. Mom eyes bugged out a little with disbelief all over her face saying, “Glory I didn't mean right this minute, while we are eating. And, Alex if you keep oogling Glory that way she'll need to put her shirt back on.”

“Ah Mom, why should I be punished for Alex being a perv.” Glory said with a mouth full of fish; ignoring the first statement instead concentrating on the second.  She rubbed the pointy marshmallowly cones, “They really hurt and the shirt makes it worse. Even eating in it was rubbing.”

Mom proved Vee was slowly taking control by reaching over to the nipple Glory wasn't stroking, “Damn your right this one is hot. I bet it is really sore.” She didn't let go of the nipple right away; massaging the tit the nipple was topping.  Not letting the mound of flesh in her hand go she said, “Alex you really need to stop looking at your sister that way, or are you planning on looking at me in that way too?”

“No ma'am.” I stated. “I just wasn't expecting Glory topless, now. I thought she was talking about later when I might be in my room and just happen to walk by and see her.” Then realizing what Mom's comment inferred, added, “Or you.”

The assuredness in Glory's voice was stronger than ever, “No I meant any time we want to; whether that be now or watching TV later or just lounging around reading.”

“Oh OK.” I stated, looking over at Mom so I wouldn't be looking at Glory's fine puffed nipples. “I just know I'm not supposed to come to the table without a shirt.”

“I guess also for tonight we will suspend that rule.”Mom said pushing her chair back and standing up. The look on her face was Mom, as she turned a bit flushed, but the actions were pure Vee. She undid the sash holding her housecoat closed and pealed the garment off her shoulders, letting it slide off her body. She stood for a second in her white lace bra and small lace panties, which made an ornate camel toe, her covering in her hand. She put it across her chair, freeing her hands for undoing the clasps behind her.  She blushed as the bra was pulled away from her tear-dropped tits. They, too had a blush when they jiggled falling a slight bit before their firmness stopped the movement after two minuscule bounces.  She put the bra with the housecoat and sat back down. “That does feel so much better. See.” She took Glory's hand not holding a fork and put it on her newly exposed boob. Vee was now fully in charge.   

I did my best at not staring at the two sets of exposed tits as dinner went forward.  Glory had continued massaging Mom's tit for a while after having her hand placed on it but stopped when Mom sighed. They talked about their trip in a couple days and how they hoped their periods showed up that night so they wouldn't drag on into their vacation.  I couldn't shake the feeling Glory was keeping up the conversation to get rid of me, since every time she looked at me a barely noticeable blush of her upper chest and neck appeared

I was glad they were talking about stuff I'd no interest in, everything from best suntan oils and after-sun lotions. The discussion of the best kind of bikinis for their body types and Mom's telling Glory she'd be in public with her religious friends so it needed to be more than just strings. That did generate some interest, but not enough, to keep my cock hard like it had been when it had swelled earlier with their initial stripping.  A swelling which wasn't noticeable under the table.

It turns out neither were the others' laps. Dinner being finished, Glory had to clear the few dishes and cups. When she stood up we saw what we hadn't while she was sitting.  Between her legs were her naked pussy lips and slit staring us in the face.  I wasn't expecting Glory to be completely nude, and neither was Mom, who showed up in an instant. “Gloria what in the hell are you doing. I said topless was OK. And even then it is only on a trial basis, tonight. I didn't say anything about completely naked.”

Glory did her best playing it off as a harmless mistake. “I'm sorry, I forgot I hadn't put on undergarments below my night shirt.”

“Gloria that does not pass the smell test. It doesn't even come close.” Mom said excited and not in a good way.  “Now put your night shirt back on. Alex can see your pussy.”

Sitting around with her tits exposed to me had evidently emboldened her. “So, it isn't like he hasn't seen it before.” Glory said continuing her clearing the table, ignoring Mom's demand. She justified her exposing her cunt to me further, “I mean not a month ago he was basically butt-fucking me with your dildo. You were there... you know the one originally put there by the so called Fuck Fairy. I know he saw my pussy  and ass up close then. So what new will he see.”

“I know and I shouldn't have let him do that,” Mom said standing up, once again letting me see her body that looked a good ten years younger than it was. 

The two of them standing next to each other, one basically naked with thin mostly see-through lace panties on, the other one lacking even the panties, you could tell they were cut from the same mold.  While Glory's hips didn't have the same amount of curves as Mom's it was only a matter of time before they would.  They even had the same little rise at the top of their mons. The same was true of her tits.  Glory's were just small oranges where Mom's were firm tear-drops that when looking at Glory you could see Mom's had started out like hers. Their nipples and slits were basically the same but for the color and a bit of size difference that would be fixed by aging. It was then I started wondering if Glory also had a Vee that she didn't know about or just hadn't named.

“Now put this back on.” Mom held Glory's night shirt up to her.

“Mom!...” Glory whined going back to her earlier argument. “ nipples. And like he is going to be butt-fucking me just because I don't have clothes on.” she took the night shirt from Mom's hands. I noticed she'd a glint in her eyes when she mentioned getting butt-fucked by the dildo.

“You understand, that isn't a reason for you not  to be naked in front of Alex. Plain old propriety says you don't go prancing around your brother naked. ” Mom stated not giving Glory permission not to put it on but not re-demanding she do it either.

“Well then how about Alex go into the other room so he doesn't see me. I mean my nipples really are raw and hurt. And as you said your tired and we can talk about clothing tomorrow or wait until we get back from the beach.” Glory said putting the shirt on the table, picking up more plates.

“Oh fine,” Mom sounded even more exasperated. “We'll talk about clothes later. And tomorrow is later young lady. Alex go on and let Gloria have the kitchen until she puts on some clothes.” I found the young lady comment funny.  Young slut was more like it. But I had to give Glory credit she had us closer to living fully naked than I'd ever expected.

“Thanks Mom,” Glory said appreciatively. She and I knew Mom had capitulated. Glory waited until I was out of the kitchen and supposedly on my way to my room, which I definitely wasn't. If I was right about Glory being similar to Mom and Vee then some fireworks were going to happen, and I was going to be around the corner watching, unnoticed.   Then like she was doing Mom a favor suggested, “You know Mom you would also be a lot more comfortable without these on.” She ran her hand over the fabric covering Mom's box.

“Oh,” Mom half jumped at the unexpected grope.  “You really think so?”

“Definitely,” Glory took a hold of the sides of Mom's panties. Crouching down she lowered the laced covering down the toned muscular legs to Mom's feet.  “See how much better that feels. Your whole body free to feel the air around it.” I knew she meant you can feel the air or my breath on your cunt.  To that end before standing fully up Glory exhaled on Mom's slit, kissing it quickly at its apex and plying another two further up, one above her bellybutton on the taut skin and the second in the space between the glorious globes of Mom's chest. 

For her part Mom stood there frozen I guess in shock or disbelief at her daughter's actions, until a short audible,”Mmm” came from her as she lost more of herself with each placing of lips on her flesh.  Then in an attempt at outrage she said, “Gloria  you shouldn't do that, Alex could come in here. It isn't right. And now he can see all of me.” I couldn't decide if Glory shouldn't be kissing Mom in a way no daughter should because I could see or if it just wasn't right whether I was there or not. Though their evenings eating each other made the later irrelevant  Her objection didn't make her bend down to pull back up her panties. Instead she stepped out of the garment all together.

“And he should. You have a beautiful body that produced him.” Glory said flattering Mom.  “So in the privacy of our home what can it hurt.  And until you feel more comfortable you can always have him go to a different part of the house than you're in.” She continued cleaning having her tits point in the direction she was moving.

My eyes were going from one perfect curve to the next enjoying the cornucopia of lascivious flesh on display, when Mom with out a hint of Vee said, “I wouldn't feel right running him out of rooms or not being able to be in the same one with him, just so we can go naked.” 

Glory continued to work on Mom, “You are absolutely as sexy as sexy can be so I am pretty sure at first Alex will stare and have a boner. But over time I think that will go away as he gets used to seeing us.  And why should we cover up and be uncomfortable just because he gets an erection?

“I guess I could tell Alex not to stare, and to promise to it. And in the end, it would  be much more comfortable without clothes... And it goes without saying we can't tell anyone about doing this even if it's just for one night.” Mom sighed

 A sly smile went across Glory's lips when she spotted me out of the corner of her eye. And despite my best efforts my cock had grown back to full staff looking at the two nymphs going nude.  I tried the usual dead kittens as a way of getting my cock wilted.  It wasn't working, so my dick tenting my shorts was obvious. Seeing my shorts sticking out she said to Mom, “And who knows maybe more than one night.”

“I said we'll see. Keep pushing it and you'll see  we're done, now.” Mom said like she was trying to gain back some level of control over herself and the household.

Glory again glanced back over at me and my shorts as they stuck out. I hadn't had any luck hiding the fact their naked figures had an effect on me and likely nothing I tried would. Thus I didn't react to Glory's lip licking when she spoke up,  “OK but Mom, shouldn't all of us have the same amount of clothes on.”

“No,” Mom said aware Glory was talking about me. “It is up to Alex on how he wants to be dressed or not dress which ever the case should be.” Glory looked disappointed in Mom's answer. She didn't argue the point with her instead continued silently watching me, while I enjoyed the sight of her small titties. I felt like I could've reached out and groped any part of her lithe body and she wouldn't have objected by the way she was looking at me. 

With Mom and Glory nude my evening had become much more interesting that I could've predicted. I thought I would see exactly how interesting it could get. I came back into the kitchen saying, “I forgot my glass, and I could use a soda.” Mom jumped at the sound of my voice, her hands shooting down between her legs.

Blatantly pleased with herself, Glory turned and handed me a glass. “I think this one is yours. If not I don't think any of us have something you can catch.”

“Thanks,” I said taking the glass going to the icebox for a couple of cubes.

“Don't you think Mom looks beautiful, au naturale?” Glory asked stirring the pot.

Looking Mom up and down seeing again her sleek lines as well as her ample hips and tits I said, “I think she looks beautiful this way or fully dressed.”

My compliment must have caught her by surprise, as her hands left covering her twat and went to her face. “I am so embarrassed, but that is the nicest thing someone has said to me in a while.”  From the look of her swelling pussy lips it wasn't only embarrassing but had her a bit turned on.  Taking her hands back down she didn't return them to her slit but to her side asking, “Will you make me a rum and coke and bring it to me in the other room?” She asked hurrying out of my sight.

“Sure,” I responded watching her ass cheeks jiggle as she walked out. And despite already being hard the curves of her ass moving and hips swaying added to the blood going to my cock.

Looking down at my tented shorts Glory  being the consummate manipulator said once Mom was out of earshot, “Obviously you like looking at Mom naked.  Don't you think she might like seeing you the same way?”

Finishing pouring Mom's drink I turned looking Glory up and down.  She too had slightly puffed up pussy lips, that she had no intention of hiding.  The best I could say was she was enjoying and being turned on by being looked at.  It was either that or playing the puppet master was getting her off. “She might,” I replied finishing my second up and down taking in her nubile charms, “But I think you want it as much as she might. But, hey it is no skin off my butt if I have clothes on or not. Hell I prefer sleeping that way as you well know. So its no big deal.” With that I turned and headed toward the den.

I slowed my walking for a second putting the drinks down and pulled my shirt over my head. In the flash when I was seeing only shirt, Glory flew over blocking my path. While I didn't think I was being overly slow removing the t-shirt, I didn't see Glory in the way and stepped into her lovely body. Her smooth skin felt instantly hot when I bumped into her. Her firm cones mashing into my chest electrified my brain making me wish I could wrap my arms about her tiny waist pulling her heavenly body tight and doing what would naturally follow.  Doing so I was fairly sure would have ended Glory's experiment in us becoming nudist.

Mom didn't say anything from the other room about the noise made from Glory's blocking my path. I tossed the removed shirt at one of the kitchen chairs hitting it. “I guess I can get rid of these also.” Glory whispered, taking my shorts down much in the same way she had removed Mom's lace panties.  I stood dumbfounded, while Glory squatted down before me her face level with my hard prick distracting me. Had Mom or a Mack truck approached us from behind I never would've noticed. Thank god neither did. 

If Glory had expected an objection from me to her being close enough to my cock to feel her breath on its tip, it wasn't coming.  Glory started stripping my pants from me, her hot breath on my taunt skin keeping me aware her face was inches from my dick.  She did like she'd done with Mom. She quickly kissed the deep V of my mushroomed head, the upper edge of my indented bellybutton and between my pecs. In the end her cleavage was filled with my cock and her swelled bumps brushed up my midriff and groin before she turned away in blushed embarrassment as she'd done the last time she had let her slut run free with me and realized how far she'd gone.   As if changing the subject would lessen her embarrassment, Glory said, “Ok if I'm going to get the kitchen cleaned up you need to be else where.”  She still wasn't looking my way when she said it.

I headed out as Glory asked. Mom or should I say Vee watched every move I made and every swing of my hard cock in front of me as I approached her. Her hand ran up the back of my thigh pulling me closer as she took the glass from my hand. “I see you have decided to join us.” I half expected her lips wrapped around my cock, but she put them to her drink. Glaring at the kitchen's opening, the contents of her glass went down in one long gulp. 

Only when I turned going up to my room did she stop stroking the back of my thigh and up my ass. I turned to her saying, “I'll be back in a few. I've some work I need to do, and will be back down as soon as it is done.”

“Make it fast,” her dark eyes had a glint of hunger to them. Vee stated standing up. Her hand sliding around to the front of my leg, cupping my balls in her palm, and running a fingernail lightly along my shaft as she stood, confirmed Mom had left the building and Vee was in control. She placed her lips on mine before feeding me her tongue. “You feel good and look better.  And it won't take Glory all that long cleaning the kitchen and I could use some help.”  The implication was clear she wanted us alone for a while, and I knew it wasn't just for talking.

“I can postpone my work for a minute,”  I said when Vee removed her tongue from my mouth. 

With Glory's nubile body behind us and out of sight in the kitchen, Mom moved with lighting speed, evidently knowing there was a clock on how long she'd have me alone.  She had grabbed my hand and virtually threw me into the reclining chair and had me leaned back. Before I could move within the chair her tits were smashed on my knees while my feet were on the outsides of her hips as her torso lay on my out stretched legs.  “Oh how I love a good stiff cock.” Her lips skidded over my head as her warm mouth enveloped my cock.   

Her fingers were cradling my balls as quickly as my dick hit the back of her throat. I could feel my cock's head start going down my mom's throat and was only sightly amazed she wasn’t choking or gagging, but she had lots of experience deep throating various cocks.  Seeing as she was determined to have my cock in  her wet and hot mouth I thrust at her face, plowing my meat into her throat. I watched her black hair flow down onto my thighs as her head bobbed along my rod. I heard myself moan softly as my thirty-five year old mother's head bobbed slowly up and down; her talented tongue swirling my head each time my ridge bumped the back of her teeth.

She, too, was moaning. I understood why seeing her arm leading down between her legs. She started rubbing her ripe pussy. She was doing it in unison with my cock being propelled in and out of her throat.  As she quickened her pace and suction, slurping and slobbering along my pole, she sped up her fingers grinding. For my part,  I lunged harder and in little time was openly fucking the woman who bore me's mouth, feeling her nose press into my groin with each thrust.

Her soft, drool covered lips formed an “O” for a moment as she slid the tip out of her mouth, only to seconds later wrap them around the root of my cock.   She was using her years of sucking cocks teasing me with her experienced tongue quickly getting me to the very edge. While off my cock and between breaths I heard her small pleas. “Please...please cum in my mouth.” After which there was a muted, “Mmph” as she speared her mouth and throat with my cock head. The pleas happened a couple of times as she gave up on masturbating and cupped and stroked my balls.

Her last bit of gasped begging before hurling her mouth along me was, ”Please let me taste your cum. Fill my mouth with it, I want to taste it...savor its sweetness.”  It was then I realized she'd never experienced my load when she wasn't loaded.  Welling up deep in my balls, I felt the wanton sensation of semen preparing for its journey into my cock-sucker's mouth.  The pool of semen felt larger than usual, so Vee's tongue was in for a drenching.

My orgasm started from deep within my full walnuts that Mom had in her palm.  The fountain of semen pulsed through me, electrifying every nerve in my body.   Enjoying the blowjob's full wonder, my eyes closed keeping out any distracting visions, and with my fingers intermingled in her hair jammed her head further into my crotch. The globs of hot flow jetting up from my balls made my cock pulse.  Vee's throat expanded as my head buried in it grew a little larger and spewed the first stream straight into her belly.             

The first couple pulses coated her gullet before she pushed back against my hands. I opened my eyes determining if I could continue holding her tightly.  What I saw besides my Mom's raven head bobbing along my cock was Glory's ethereal naked body sauntering and dancing over, unawares.  She had earbuds in and a player playing making her lithe body move and shake . After taking in the swell of her forming little breasts lightly jiggling to and unheard beat; the exquisitely pert nipples on top the cones demanded  my eyes attention.  Yet I couldn't help but notice the soft looking, curve of her bald folds turning up under her swaying hips that were developing pleasantly above firm shapely thighs. In that second I wanted those folds around my cock and the dancing legs wrapping my hips. And something in me was upset Glory had come in and seen us.

Mom's harlot personality, Vee, was oblivious or just didn't care Glory had returned; she pulled back along my still powerfully pulsing shaft, letting my cock continue spewing the viscous cream from my testicles.  The strong spurts coated her tongue with the hot seed she longed for. She purred  the contentment the sticky fluid bathing her taste buds brought. I saw her cheeks were still hollowing in as she sucked me, determined to get every drip and drop.

I half expected Glory to say something when she saw our mother bobbing on my cock; either that or her hand going to the box and ass up in the air, as Vee's cunt was easy pickings. Her fingers or tongue could've been buried up to the hilt before Mom would've even been able to move. She didn't do either.  She went back the direction she came silently no longer dancing, but keeping us in view.   

What she likely saw was Mom wiping the cum that leaked out of the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.  She then licked the wet streak on her skin, “It's so good I'd hate wasting any of your deliciousness.”  She put her head back into my crotch sucking and licking my fading dick.  For good measure she also took my nuts into her mouth and swabbed them. She was happily purring vibrating my balls, when I lied “Mom, Glory is gonna be finished soon.”  I hoped the lie would keep up the appearances of Glory being unaware of Mom's desire for me. What I didn't know was what Glory was getting out of the charade.

“So,” she said looking up to me. The desire for more was all over her face and in her one word answer. And she was acting like she didn't care what Glory saw or knew.

“Remember, we are trying to keep her in the dark,” I said quiet enough Glory couldn't hear, though she was watching us.  “and she could come in any time.”

“So? Maybe she will join us,” Vee had a malicious smile while lapping her tongue along my semi-hard and shrinking pole. “It could be fun. The three of us sucking and fucking the night away.”  I knew she meant it; she'd spent many nights with her mouth attached to Glory's cunt, and she had just blown me and let me suck down her juices pretty much any time I was willing.  I, though, was serious when I said the first time I fucked her it would be only the two of us.  The same was true of Glory. Most likely one day I'd be between her thighs pounding away at her like no brother should and that initial fucking wouldn't involve Vee.

Not closing the door on the whole idea I stood up taking Vee with me. She wasted no time cupping my ass pressing my groin into her mons. She also made sure to smash her tits into my chest, probably attempting to stave off my leaving. I pulled away from her my saying, “Now I really need to go to Ben's. We are going to do some studying for my last test in the morning.”  Looking over to Glory peering out from the kitchen I let her know she could come into the room by loudly saying,  “How about you Glory?..You have any studying?”

“Nope. We eighth graders only have a stupid little kid party for graduating and get to go home at noon.” She stated coming into the room her earbuds removed. Mom likely instinctively quickly backed up from me like Glory hadn't already seen her grinding her cunt on me while her hand was clamped on my ass cheek.   “So no studying instead I thought I would stay up late. Assuming Mom doesn't care.”

“Again we'll see. Depends on what's going on when its time for bed.” Mom's comment had a lot of Vee in it and left little doubt if she was enjoying what was going on Glory could be up as late as she wanted.

I could feel the two pairs of eyes on my ass as I headed to the kitchen passing by Glory. Over my shoulder, I informed them, “I'll try to be back at a reasonable hour. Hopefully insomnia can keep us both awake while we study, econ. But first I need to get dressed. While naked might be fine here I don't think it'll work at Ben's house. And lastly I have only the one test tomorrow so I will be sleeping in, so please don't wake me I'd like to be well rested for such a boring subject. Glory you're on your own getting to school. ”

I'm sure Glory knew I was really headed to see Daisy but she didn't say anything.  At Daisy's I paused at the door again listening for any conversations on the other side.  With nothing but a TV running I knocked twice, even though I had the key.  Daisy was fully dressed though it was in a see through pink lace babydoll chemise nightie and the matching lace thong with its strings coming up over her hips. Her face brightened with a big smile flashing her white teeth at me while her loose blonde hair with its big 'J' curl at the end of the waves that cascaded down her upper chest. All I could think looking at her was she was the picture of perfect and that even a blind man would get a woody just being in her presence.

As always she jumped into my arms kissing me; her tongue plowing its way into my mouth. The dance of our tongues lasted a while before she stopped saying, “I've missed you. I hoped you'd come over this afternoon when school got out.”

“You were talking with someone when I got here, and I didn't want to barge in on you.” I explained. “Was it one of your friends?”

“No. One of yours.  It was Mindy West.” Daisy stated answering the question. She proceeded to answer the next unasked question. “She came to talk to me.”

I could feel the blood leave my face and my stomach fall, “She did? What did she want to talk about?”

“Well she talked a lot. But it was all to say I should break up with you. She talked about your last girlfriend Julie. That she dump you because you wouldn't have sex with her. And to make up for it you have become a sexual deviant.” Daisy replied. “And you are unsatisfy-able. Some how your balls and cock developed a kind of super power. They are always ready for sex.”

I jumped in thrusting my groin moving my hips in circles, “That's me, super cock man. If it has a pussy I can fuck it.”

Daisy snickered before continuing, “Yeah Mindy also said she tried being your girlfriend but you were never happy with just her. You always wanted at least one more girl with you, preferably two or three. And if you couldn't have that you wanted to tie her up and punish her.” Daisy said.  “She even said you brought up having a dog screw her while you watched.”

“Seriously she said that, too.” I asked getting more pissed at Mindy by the minute. “She lie about anything else.”

“Well she also said to satisfy you need to fuck all the time you came up with a sex club.” She said. I couldn't believe Mindy had brought up the club and then lied about who's idea it was in the first place.  “Yeah she showed me the door in the back of store in the closet.  She said you use that one to see me after you tie up women in the club and act as a male version of a dominatrix.”

“That would be a dom.” I again broke her train of thought. The blood returning to my face in flushed anger.  Is that all she told you?”

“Yeah I told me. The rest she showed me.” Daisy stated not looking upset at what she had seen. “I saw the different rooms and the hoods and security systems. I particularly like the welcoming sign. Was that yours?”

“It was a group effort.” I replied not believing Mindy had taken Daisy down to the silo. “She tell you who the group is?”

“Yes she said you talked Ben into joining you. And the two of you pressured Mindy to join up.” Daisy said pulling on my t-shirt, dragging it off over my head.

“So why did you say Mindy was basically trying to get you to break up with me?” I asked once my torso was bare and she had started undoing my shorts.

“Because most of what she said was a lie. And she thought it'd either scare me off or upset me that you have sex with other girls and women.” Daisy answered sliding my underwear and and shorts down to my knees letting gravity do the rest.

“Why do you say most of it was a lie?” I asked, my dick not yet starting to harden.

Turning my to face the T.V.  I saw what I'd missed coming in. I was on the screen with the extremely short girl saying, 'Then, nice slow moving won't cause either of us pain. And will eventually feel better than anything you have ever felt.'  Without the voice changer in our ears my voice was as clear as day. Turning me looking at my bare ass, she commented, “It's the third time watching this. Running her fingers over the indentions and fingernail markings, “You definitely earned these. I can't imagine how high that girl got from your fucking.”

“So your not freaked out about me being a member of a anonymous club for sex?” I asked shocked. And when I thought of it I wondered why Mom and Glory hadn't mentioned the claw marks of the streaks they left on my ass and back.

“Hell no!” she stated excitedly running her hands over my balls. “And you don't give yourself enough credit, your not just a member your one of the founders. It also explains the smoothness of these.”

“Yeah I figured out who one of the members was by her pubic hair and after that Mindy suggested everyone be shaved.” I stated running my hand over the skin above my cock.  “I've kind of gotten used to it.”

“So do you think I'll look good shaved smooth.” she asked.

“No I like your blonde curls. They are sexy.”

“But I can't join unless I shave them off.”

“So don't join. Anyway I you have to be in high school to be a member.”

“Yeah Mindy said something about that but said she'd make an exception for me.  Which again was just a way to get me out of the picture.  Probably thinks you'd dump me if I'm having sex with other guys.”

“She must think that because she doesn't like sharing I won't either.” I added more while her hands stroked back over my ass pulling us tighter together. “I'll admit I might be a bit jealous and worried somebody else will be better at pleasing you and make you orgasm harder than I can.”

“I understand that too,” She said putting her lips on my bared chest. “I spent all day thinking about it. I know we talked about it but seeing it was different. And it always came back to you love me. So since some of you is better than none, I'm going with that.”

“You sure your thirteen? I know people twenty years older than you haven't figured that out.  And its where I'm sure I'll get to , soon after you can join.”  I said hoping it was enough. If it wasn't it didn't stop Daisy from sucking in one of my nipples and swirling it before doing the same to the other.  While savoring the feeling of her lips and the light suction on my vestige I quietly added, “Plus there is no way I'm letting Mindy isn't going run off another person I care for.”

Pulling away from the from my nipple extending it as she went until it could go no further and was pulled from her lips, “Good to hear. Now how about you put me in the same state of dress as you. Then take me to bed and take advantage of me.”

“I'm not sure it is possible for me to take advantage of you.”I said sweeping her up in my arms her knees bent over my forearm and arms wrapped tightly around my neck I took her to her bed.  Setting her carefully on top of it I began undressing her. The thin satin material easily slipped over her head exposing the glorious body it barely concealed.

I lay down next to her taking her naked torso in my arms. My lips pressed to the narrow strip of skin behind her ear. The touch of my lips had her purring like a kitten and feeling as cuddly as one as well.  She tasted exquisite as I covered all of the thin strip from the top of her ear to the bottom. The back of her ear and its lobe were as fantastic and had moans added to the purring. Nibbling the flesh and and tracing the inside of her ear I gently inserted the tip of my tongue down into her canal. 

She pulled me tighter to her and her hands stroking my shoulders down to the crease of where my ass met thigh.  Her fingers dipped into my ass crack fingernails scraping the valley while I placed kisses along her eye brows and down her cute nose. She squeezed my ass cheeks pushing her thong covered mons into my hardening cock. The stink still there it added a new sensation in the background of the pleasure I was getting from the hot wet material lining her cunt's inner slit.

No longer satisfied pulling me into her while I lay next to her, she pulled me on top of her. Her lips gently caressed mine in a long luxurious kiss.  Our tongues intertwined as our breaths did the same. The open mouth kiss  progressed as her legs parted letting me nestle between them. The feeling of her pert tits being squashed by my chest, further hardening my rod which geometry and gravity had forced further down into her cunt's furrow.   Her fingernails did as the small woman's had done the night before, digging into my ass. 

The scratching across my ass ended only so she could push up on my hips after she moaned her desire for more, “Mmm, I need you inside me now.” Pulling her thong out of her crack and to the side between her fattened labia and silky thigh her lips still basically on mine, sensually brushing me as she grovelled, “Please fill me. I want ta be joined with you. Fill me with your life force.”  Her hand left her thong and found my cock; directing it to her body's opening between her plump lips.

“Daisy let's do this right. We're not in a rush.” I countered staring into her brilliant blue eyes continuing to brush our lips against one another.

“But I need you, now” She whined, her hand returning to my ass, but not pulling me into her.

“Soon I promise.” I said having the brushing of her lips go to her chin. The downward path went around the delicate curve of her chin. Her slender neck had an incredible quality under the brush of my lips. I savored the every sensation as I felt her swallow hard and mover her hands up my back. Hands on my shoulders she tried hurrying me down her while I dawdled at the base of her neck. The ridge of clavicles proving impossible to resist and the expanse between them and quick upturn of small coned breast needing the caress of lips, I availed myself to her perfection. 

Between the small half oranges that made up her tits, I ran my tongue on the smooth pale skin.  Up either tit I quickly skimmed the hard bud centered in the quarter sized pink circle atop each perky breast.  She gasped pushing firmly on my shoulders, moaning each time the tip of tongue and nipple grazed each other.  I didn't linger on the sensitive nipple or the tumescent cones they were attached. I caressed the underside of her titties with lips while my hands coddled the tops. They stroked the expanse I had earlier lovingly enticed with my lips.

The quakes of her stomach came with a restrained moan giggle, her brain unable at distinguishing which sensation it needed to express. My palms slid down her sides after going over the raised bumps of her tits, attempting to calm her. The flick of my tongue in her tiny oval indention started a chain reaction of giggling only massaging her not fully developed chest could quell.  She groaned at the subtle squeezes and light rolling of her flesh, renewing her encouragement.

Not wanting to turn our sensual foreplay into a raunchy display of sexual gratification I quickly raised her ass off the bed sliding the thin waistband of her thong under the magnificent curve of her ass.  The front of the covering was pulled from between her swelled fold an thigh with care on the way to fully removing them from her.  I raised up letting the soaked lace garment pass under me while I gently swept my lips over her sparse blonde curls.

Having the thong around her ankles and her thighs spread once again, my hips pressing on her inner thiighs, I started back up her lithe body. My lips retracing the path that had gotten them where they were.  With a single movement of my foot the thong was gone and the heels freely rested on my ass, as she opened herself more too me. 

My lips were once again on hers embraced in a kiss, when my cock first pieced her body. The feeling I loved most in the world soon followed; the glorious sensations satin pussy walls expanding hugging my cock head and rod during the first penetration down the hot slick passage. Every thrust in and out after that first was incredible but the first was always the best. The ony thing that could make it better was climaxing while doing it, which I wouldn't be doing at that moment.

Daisy arched and pulled her lips from mine. Forming an “O” she let out a “Umph.” I caressed her cheek and brushed her golden locks from her face as I slowly bottomed out; grinding her clit between us. I kissed her neck  sucking in her flesh feeling her heart beat through my lips.  The pulses I felt from her neck were also felt on my cock; between her wall's squeezing me. In her excited and horny state felt her strong rapid beats get faster once I started moving in and out of her.  Her heels worked in concert with my thrust as I began gradually.

I was enjoying the strong pull of her satin tube as she purred, running her fingernails up and down my back. She drove them into my ass's flesh while we ground our sexes together.  Between her gasps and kisses she said, “God I love you cock in me. Mmm you always make me feel so good and stuffed.”

“Oh gawd you're so tight,” I said as I ground her clit in small circles as I moved my hips. “I think I could do this all night.” I said sliding in and out slowly to her grunts and moans.

“Oh shit you're making all of me tingle.” Her  heels lifting her ass off the bed when I didn't speed up my insertions. “Fuck me faster, please.  I feel my climax it's so close.”
“But if I do that I'll cum. And this will come to an end.” I huffed, truly enjoying the rippling of her the vagina against my rod.

Daisy pressed harder on my ass saying between kisses, “But then I'll have your hot cum in me. And you know how I love your life force swimming around in me.  Plus as Mindy said you'll be ready for number two in no time.”

“With you she probably right. You're so sexy and hot.” I replied raising my chest up off her body, letting her squashed tits re-expand to their half orange shapes. The puffy cones on the tops of the rounded tits still scraped with mine as we continued pressing our pelvises together at a slow pace. Looking down her body watching my wet cock disappear and reappear between her thin covering of blonde curls, I added, “And absolutely fuck-able. I can't think of any place I'd rather have my cock. Your definitely my dick's favorite place to be”

No longer containing herself Daisy began rapidly throwing her pussy up my rod, out of time with my thrust.  She used her powerful legs pushing on my ass sinking my dick fully up her twat.  She just as rapidly released all pressure having her ass fall back into the bed extracting my cock.  Without any changes to my thrust she rapidly brought on her orgasm.   She quaked and arched her back pressing her shoulder down hard into the mattress.

The continuous moans and “Oh's” and “Ah yes's” that had a drawn out “Sss” a snake would appreciate came with Daisy making her orgasm face.  Along with the contortions of her face muscles her cunt constricted on my dick imprisoning it in a velvet vise.  The gush of cum coated my cock and leaked onto my balls when pressed firmly into her ass. The change of resistance to my stroking through her velveteen passage had my cock twitch with the beginning of my orgasm.  Slamming my dick forward keeping her labia mashed, the first wad stretched my dick.

The jump of my cock and the blast into her had her holler, “God yes cum with me.” Her shaking legs and arms did their best at pressing me further in and tighter to her.

“Ah you good,” I groaned out as the jerking in her continued spraying her, filling her. 

Starting back up thrusting into her spastic vagina Daisy arched further frozen after throwing her arms wide palms gripping the bedspread. Her face contorting more she wailed, “Oh fuck much.” I slid my hands down her spread arms caressing them. Taking her hands I wrapped the tops intertwining our fingers replacing the fabric as that which she squeezed holding on to the world. 

Despite the blowjob Vee had given me before coming to see her the juice shot freely out from my re-purposed piss hole. And while gentle love making had gotten us to this point, the thrust while cum was still coming from my cock were that of a base animal.   I attached my teeth to her shoulder while I pounded her svelte body with all of me. Daisy just groaned out searching for the words, as the new style of being filled jarred her petite frame, “Augh! hard...harder...more...give me more.”

I continued hammering her pussy until the contractions were too much for my weakened head. Unable to penetrate her any longer I released her shoulder, seeing small indentions in her flawless pink blush. Her whole body had a heat to it and the blush that went with it.  I licked the small beads of sweat on her neck before finding her lips.  My tongue possessed hers while she still rode her last orgasmic waves. Her heated flushed body was limp as they ended making her melting into me as I rolled us.

Her pussy over my shrinking dick returned much of what it had been given to the deliverer. The spooge ran down over my balls and along my ass crack, while I caressed her form. I wrapped her in a tight hug stroking the barely noticeable swelling her compressed breast made out the sides.  Regaining some of her control her legs began moving the smoothness of her inner thigh brushing the sided of mine. 

I began caressing her face with light strokes over her cheeks and over her temples, brushing the damp long blonde strands from her face. Gazing into her eyes I said, “You do know you are so important to me. I love you and nothing we do outside of this room is gonna change that.”

“I know that.” She said returning my gaze the brilliant blue of her eyes having softened. “And, I feel the same.” She continued penetrating my gaze for a few moments while I lightly touched her cheek. Slowly she lowered her lips to mine for a gentle yet hungry kiss.  We made out for close to an hour enjoying the afterglow and sensations of each others bodies.  Daisy was the first to say something besides a sweet utterance, “So how about that crazy and wild monkey sex you promised me?”

“You really want that don't you?” I asked running the backs of my fingernails lightly over her neck and jaw.

“Nah, just thought I should keep it in your mind. But I really love this.” she answered stroking my face in much the same manner.

“Good. Can you do something for me?” I asked raising my eyebrows up and down.

“Oww, Something kinky?” she asked playing along.

“Mmm, yes so kinky.”

“Then definitely.”

“I need you to reach and grab,” I said leaving each word to stand alone. Then quickly said, “The clock and set an alarm for three thirty, so I get home before every one is awake.”

Daisy pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows, “You are so mean.” She said turning the alarm on.

“Yes and you love me for it.”

“That I do.” she said. We continued making out entwined in each other enjoying the bodies we shared and resting between sessions. Sooner than either of us expected the alarm went off and I kissed Daisy one last time getting off the bed covering her lovely naked body up. I dress and slipped out getting home before four. I was asleep thinking of Daisy in no time.  My dreams though were of Mindy and what I'd do to her for trying to run off my gorgeous blonde.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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« Reply #77 on: June 12, 2020, 06:38:16 PM »

Great story, plenty of sexy circumstances for all! I personally skip over the more incesty stuff, that's just me. I love all the voyeur circumstances. I love the characters and their individual voices and sexual wants. I love the whole cool teen secret society thing. A woo for abandoned missile silos! I like that everyone is getting a lot of pleasure.

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Sweetums,  I appreciate the details on what you liked and that you're still there after the 800 or so pages. I think a good number of people that casually read stories bale out at about 300 to 400 pages.  So it makes your comments that much nicer,  so thanks.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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SOM March 2018

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I'm also still here, eagerly awaiting each chapter.

I seldom make it through a chapter without needing to "recharge"Huh??

I'm keen to see how Glory finally convinces herself that it's okay to have sex with Alex.
Also, would like to read more of Harmony, she kind of dropped off the scope once Daisy came in.

I don't envy your job here Harry.
Sweetums doesn't like the invest but I do...I like all the partnerings....but it's the BDSM that I don't like?Huh?
So it must be a tough balance for you.

Keep writing please.
Thoroughly enjoying the story

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I don't really write for any one type of person.  I know there are people who like different genres and i figure they will skim past what they don't like.  Unfortunately for you you probably won't care for the next chapter but the one following will probably meet most peoples tastes. 
And thanks for letting me know what you like and don't. It is always good to hear from the people reading. The good, the bad and even the ugly.
Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 37 Paying Mindy Back

Everyone was gone when I got up. The quick shower cleaned the dried spunk still on my dick and ball sack.  Cold coffee was nuked and I was out the door in less than twenty minutes, far shorter than it would've been if the women were home.  The economics final ended up being far easier than I'd expected.  With school done for the day I still hadn't seen Mindy which likely was a good thing. Our screaming at each other in the halls wouldn't be something that wouldn't be noticed. In the silo only Ben would hear and he'd already know what it was about.

Going to the hideout, the first thing that registered through my seething anger was the wavy light brown hair in the chair behind the control room computer monitors. I said, “Mindy turn around I need to talk to you.”  The tone was harsh and the volume of my demand was louder than normal.

She turned facing me appearing unfazed at my obvious anger.  Looking at her close, if you could change her hair to blonde and her eyes to a brilliant blue she'd pass as Daisy's twin.  But, there was nothing about their demeanor that could be mistaken as sisterly. “What do you want?” her tone was just as hard as mine.

“Don't you use that tone with me.” I snapped back at her.

“Fine but make it fast I've an appointment.” She shot back apparently unconcerned with what  I  wanted to talk about. 

“This is not a fast talk kinda conversation.” I said walking at her; staring at her.

Mindy's face was blank registering little of what should've been obvious. “Then it can wait.” She looked me up and down like she was measuring me up. She changed the subject pissing me off even more. “You don’t look like you have ten articles of clothes. And you owe me a screwing. Preferably one that doesn’t disappoint.” She was right I only had on shorts, and a shirt having decided to go commando after my shower, mainly because I forgot an extra set of boxers when I left the house.

I wanted to tell her go fuck herself. Instead I figured I'd first extract my pound of flesh from her before berating her for trying to get between Daisy and I. “I'm not sure I can do that.  Evidently almost every time we have intercourse, I disappoint.”

“Yeah, well then do better,” was Mindy’s answer. “Now get over here and get started. I haven't had my pussy licked in two days.” She spread her legs apart waiting on me.

When I got on my knees in front of her I realized she didn’t have any panties; and her bare ass was in the middle of the chair. Having had my dick get bend in the wrong direction while getting hard, one too many times, I quickly slid my shorts to my knees  while Mindy was looking back at the monitors. Having my shorts as a type of thin knee pad; I warped my arms under and around her thighs pulling her roughly forward on the seat. Having better access to her hairless cunt I stuck my head into her skirt. I began biting up and down the outsides of her labia. They fattened as I sucked hard on the mounds of sensitive flesh. She squirmed pulling her skirt back over my head and spreading her legs even wider.  Having given herself space her hands grabbed my ears and held my face tight into her, while she humped against my face.

I did my best at securing her ever hardening nub at the top of her slit between my teeth and flicked away at it, biting a little harder with each flick.  She moaned loud and pulled me in tighter. Letting go of her clit, Mindy shove my face even harder into her snatch.

No matter how pissed I was at her or how I'd extract my pound of flesh, I still enjoyed eating her pussy. So, the pound of flesh would come later. I found her hole with my tongue, burying it into her passage as the fluid began running out.  With my tongue in her vagina she pulled my head back, to slam it back into her wet canal. I strained pushing my tongue out as far as it would go; stretching her tunnel each time it re-entered her.

After a few minutes she bumped and humped uncontrollably at my face grunting and groaning. There was a sudden flow from her cunt as she twitched and shuttered before she clamped her thighs on my head.  I licked up the tangy white fluid as it oozed out of her hole.  While I studied the flavor as it flowed down my throat, Mindy frozen in her chair. The flavor was only slightly different than the blonde that could've been her sister. I didn’t stop sucking on her orgasming pussy,  causing her  eventual bouncing around in the chair yanking at my head.

“Alex, stop…It's enough.” Mindy squealed, twisting in her chair.  I did my best getting back to her swelled lips, but was held back by my ears.  The more I tried getting my tongue back in her pussy the more she fought me off.  Ignoring the pain in my ears for a minute I got teeth around her clit biting down.  She bellowed out, “Fuck stop.. Stop trying to eat me and get up here and screw me. “

With my shorts already half off and with my cock, also already granite from too much time being hard and not enough time spewing  my built up seed, and thinking Mindy needed a different kind of screwing I stood up not removing my arms from under her thighs.  She turned out lighter than I expected as she quickly wrapped her arms tight around my neck, preventing her from falling backwards.  “What the hell, Alex.  What are you doing?”

“I'll show you.” I replied before I aggressively put my lips to hers attacking her mouth again biting on one of her lips,  though this one was horizontal.  A couple of steps to the right and she was pressed up against the wall.  A few seconds afterward I'd lowered her enough my cockhead entered her. Feeling the warm silken stretching passage hugging my mushroomed head, I let her fall. I caught her weight when her pussy was fully skewered on my pole; her pussy lips putting their slime on my groin.

“Augh, again what the hell?” she said moving her face away from mine.

“Just letting gravity do its thing.” I replied snarkily,  lifting her back up mostly off my flagpole, only to drop her a second time while I reattached my lips to hers, forcing her to take my invading tongue.   My tongue moved in her cavity demanding hers attention.  I figured if this would be my last fucking of her she was going to remember it.   Having her tongue engage mine in a bit of tag, pressing and rolling with mine before I captured it in my teeth.  I also lifted and lowered her sometimes relying on gravity to do most of the work other times driving my cock into her; slamming her ass harder against the wall.  The longer our screwing went on the more Mindy thrust back at me, while I pile drove her into the wall. 

The game of capture the tongue ended as her grunts and mine filled the room.  I assailed her neck with my lips and teeth. Biting her I hoped just hard enough leaving imprints that would be gone within minutes of our fucking ending.  Our far from loving but not quite the grudge fucking I'd hoped for, continued until she convulsed and her pussy pulsated expelling her orgasmic honey. The fluid ran over my dick and elevated balls, pumping my cream into my rod.  With one last thrust from each of us she arched her back and pressed her head against the wall letting out an airy grunt and “Ah.”

I too arched my back deepening my cock head's location for the blast of seed that came from it.  Half a day of time had over filled my balls, which in turn over filled her vagina.  I let out my own gasp and grunt, the wads of semen passing up my rod sending even more erotic sensations to my brain.  And despite being at capacity, Mindy's pussy kept pumping me for more cum.   The cum  leaving me taking my life force and stability with it, making me fall into Mindy pressing her more into the wall.  Her weight which had been manageable now threatened to tip us over.

Turning loose of her legs, her thighs passed over my hips while her feet slid down the back of my legs on their way to the floor.  On tip toes she bore two thirds her weight, the last third being maintained by my cock she was caught on.  The third leg of support gradually lost all tensile strength putting all the weight on her feet, as it was expelled from her sloppy slit.  Still pressed against the wall by my weight I again kissed her hard. “Time to meet my replacement.” I said to her. “And after that we talk.”

In a trance-like tone staring through me out into space, Mindy replied, “Yeah...Your replacement.”

Backing away from her, sans any pants, I trusted she could stand on her own.  Bending down and getting the shorts that had been around my ankles I mentioned, “I'm gonna go help your brother, and you might want to wash up before meeting your guy.”

“Yeah I probably should.” Mindy said with more of her facilities sounding intact. “But on the other hand he will likely run into the situation when cum will already be in a girl's pussy when they meet up.  So maybe it'd be good to see how he reacts to that.”

“Maybe, but on his first time here don't you think that might be a bit much.” I said not believing how fast after sex  our talk became clinical and it didn't seem out of place. Our fucking was done, and it was right back to the work thing we went.

“You're right...” She began before I interrupted her.

“Again right after you're done we're going to talk about you and me and Daisy.” I stated letting her know what it was about even though she likely already knew.

“Fine,” she replied in a resigned way, leaving letting the cum run down her inner thigh.

I didn't have any place I had to be.  I sat at the monitors watching them and not watching them at the same time. I was thinking what I'd say when Mindy got done.  I saw a guy that was about five eleven and around a hundred ninety pounds.  He wasn't all that fit yet he didn't have a big gut either.  From his hands I guessed he wasn't very old.  His light brown eyes scanned the room immediately for what I don't know.

I expected Mindy any minute as she was never late for an appointment.  She came in and looked at her guest.  I could tell by her body she was disappointed in her new guest. She did a good job of hiding it.  She said, “Hi. I'm glad you're here and since this is your first time here we've a few things that need  going over before we get to having fun.”

The guy said, “Oh I didn't know there were rules. In fact I feel a little funny with this thing on my head and you sounding like Minnie Mouse.” The more I heard the voice the more sure I was I'd heard it before, which wasn't that unexpected in our town. 

I tuned out while Mindy went over the rules and how things were done. Her voice had stopped when I heard the guy say, “So you'll suck my dick if I ask?” The name of the guy was on the tip of my tongue after hearing him talk for the second time.

Mindy said “Yes but I'd prefer us naked; cause you never know where a good blowjob will lead. You want to help me out of my skirt, or should I strip you first? Maybe a striptease?“

“You can get my pants off once you're on your knees.” He said to her.  Mindy to her credit did immediately get on her knees in front of the guy and start unbuttoning his jeans.  She was quick with the zipper and had his pants and tighty-whities around his ankles.  It was the hard five inch dick that put the name on my tongue. It was Warren Kendall.  Kathy must've submitted his name freeing Harmony from his boorish behavior.  Evidently that behavior continued on.  I was laughing to myself as I left.

I went up the rarely used passage to the closet in Daisy's building. Going up the stairs I caught her off guard when I knocked.  It was the first time she had ever come to the door fully dressed in street clothes. While she was extremely sexy even in those, they didn't scream we're gonna have sex in the next ten minutes.  She still jumped into my arms once she saw it was me at the door. I explained that we only had an hour when she asked if I come for the monkey sex I'd promised.  She frowned and gave me the cutest pout I think I'd ever seen.

We filled the time with getting a late lunch and cleaned up the kitchen before retiring to the couch.  There we necked and felt each other up while watching some bad daytime soaps. She must've suspected I'd seen Mindy before coming  up. She stopped in the middle of a kiss with my hand lazily groping her tit saying, “How do my tits compare to Mindy's?”

Needing a second formulating and answer.  I pushed up her thin cotton t-shirt before saying, “Let's see.” As quick as I could I sucked one tit; gnawing on her nipple between sucks and swipes of my tongue. 

Besides moaning Daisy pushed me off by my shoulders her tit coming out with a pop.”Seriously, how do they compare. I know they aren't bigger, but are they bouncier or firmer? Are my nipples as big or do hers stick out further?  I want a know.”

I could've gone the easy route lying,  telling her her tits were so much better there was no comparison. Instead I went with, “Honestly with just your tits visible and nothing else they are pretty much the same. Hers are only a hair larger, and her nipples are a bit darker but not even a full two shades. So only a trained mouth would be able to tell you apart. You are much sweeter, not only in the way your tits taste but disposition too.” I sucked her other tit into my mouth doing much the same as I'd done to the first one.

“So you're saying we're alike?  How else are we the same?” she demanded again pushing me back after a slight moan.

“Ok from top to bottom. You're a smidge shorter and the same smidge lighter. Of course your hair and eye colors are different. When tan yours is a more golden than hers.   You smile more and are less demanding. The flare of your hips pretty much match as do your butts. And the shape of your legs are pretty much the same though you have cuter toes.” I said rattling off the differences. Then I said what I think she really wanted to know.  “And you both love sex. But, you're not so intense.” Daisy looked at me puzzled. “Basically she's all about getting off.  She is really demanding in that. And you seem to be happier if we both orgasm, she usually could careless if I do.”

“So before coming up here did Mindy demand you have sex with her?”

“Yes, though I guess I could've refused.”

“Was it any good? And did you just screw her or was there some foreplay?”

“You really want to know?”

“Sure.  We can't have secrets. And who knows I may want to have sex with her one day. It'd be nice knowing if she is good at it or if I'd be wasting my time.”

“When you weren't being force into sex was it ever bad?”

“That's not a fair question I've only had voluntary sex with you.” Turning the question on its head she asked, “Have I ever been bad?”

“Oh God no. If we'd more time I'd be jumping your bones right now. But with us there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a quickie, and I've gotta get back and have my talk with Mindy after her appointment.”

“It's true we've never had a quickie.  Want to try?” When I raised an eyebrow at her suggestion, Daisy then when back to Mindy, “So she is down doing what, right now?”

“Either telling the guy to eat her or fuck her harder.  But most likely telling him to come back when he has a bigger dick.”

“So you saw the guy?”

“Yes and no. There are no camera's in what we call the hood room.  And we've kind of agreed not to watch the ones outside when we know someone is coming. But I saw him in the room with Mindy.”

“So how do you know he needs a bigger dick if you don't know who he is?”

“I saw him sans pants and underwear. And knowing Mindy thinks I've a tiny dick, this guy is screwed.”

“Why would Mindy say you have a tiny dick? I think it is perfect.” she said putting her hand in my lap.

“It just one more way she points out my deficiencies. Now how about for our last five minutes we don't talk about Mindy.”
“Five minutes? Why only five minutes?”

“I'm guessing her appointment is a quickie type of guy. And I want to make sure I'm there before she gets gone.” We spent the next five minutes making out groping each other's crotch and chest. I was getting the better end of the deal when Daisy suddenly stopped. She was panting pretty good and she'd been moaning for the last minute.

“Time for you to go. We don't want you late. And any more of this and you won't be going anywhere.” she stated pushing up off me getting off the couch.  She scurried into the kitchen before I could get a hold of her wrist, preventing her escape. In the kitchen her thin T-shirt's outline poked out with her hard nipples she stated, “But you can give me a kiss. But only a peck.”

“Why?” I asked getting up off the couch myself.

“Cause I know you. You'll use the kiss as a way to get into my pants.”

Chuckling I asked, “you sure you don't have that backwards?”

“I probably do,” She grinned. “So give me a peck and get out before I jump your bones.” She leaned forward when I reached her; puckering her lips.

I did the same for a quick press of our lips together, saying, “I feel like an old married couple.  See you later.” I was out the door, down the stairs and headed down the long hallway to the control room, passed other shorter interconnecting halls  with doors to various abandoned labs, offices, conference rooms, and closets.  Most of the conference rooms and labs had service corridors with separate doors into the areas. I guessed they were used during the complexes heyday so that people could pass in and out without being seen going in, likely for upper brass and special guest that were officially never there.

Mindy was back in her club uniform sitting at the computer screens.  I couldn't tell how long she'd been there but her shirt clung to her bra-less chest, showing her puffed nipples. Based on that I guessed she finished recently and still had the perspiration covering her when she left.  Which would've meant I was wrong about Warren being a quick rodeo fuck.  But that didn't jive with the size of the file Mindy deleted quickly when she realized I was there.  It was small.

In what I knew was an Oscar quality performance she exhaled loudly, “Damn was that guy great. He had my toes curling in ways you haven't ever achieved...ever.  It was utterly amazing, how he used his tongue in me before filling me with his big fat dick.  God it was so hard and he plowed in and out of me so fast and hard. I think I may walk funny for a week. So that makes every guy better at sex than you.” She stood up tearing her shirt off in a hurry displaying pert bouncy tits. Her skirt quickly followed leaving her complete moist body open for public visual  consumption.

Any time she was nude like this I always took in the beauty of her form, even when I was angry with her.  I'd expected some blush on her chest or a reddening of her pussy lips from her fuck, but there wasn't any.  It was a conformation that my earlier assessment of Warren's sexual prowess was correct. Playing along with her bullshit I gleefully said, “Good news it means you'll be leaving Daisy and I alone. You can go fuck your guys , I can do my appointments and my dick never has to be in your cunt again.”

“Figures that slut doesn't care if you are fucking other girls. She's probably getting it up every hole she has every chance she gets.” Mindy spit out further infuriating me.  She then said, “And you don't think I got like this for no reason. I'm not finished with your dick. I figure we'll keep screwing so I've a reminder of how bad the base line can be.” She to the half step closing the distance between us quickly, before I could say anything. In a flash she was pressing her bare chest into my t-shirt and had her arms wrapping my neck. Her lips were next. They attached to mine.

Her tongue pried its way into my mouth. When I tried pulling away she grabbed the back of my head keeping her lips attached. She smacked my hand away that was gently pushing on her.  I'm twice as strong as she is and could easily force her away but I'd been taught not to fight with girls. Or not fight with girls that weren’t my sister, she was free game as long as I didn’t hurt her.  So I kissed her back waiting for her next move. 

I didn’t wait long as she had my pants undone and open.  She may have hesitated a second before she wrapped her hand around my cock. She started yanking on my semi-hard dick that was already being a traitor.  Her stroking it only made its betrayal all the more as it soon was standing up straight, perfectly willing and capable of sliding between her pussy lips into her recently fucked hole.

I hoped she wouldn’t go there. I was furious with her and definitely didn’t want to be sloppy seconds to Warren and have my dick coated in his cum.  But my dick didn’t seem to care, and in the back of my mind I knew Mindy would be straddling me in the next five minutes.  I was only wrong on the time frame.  She used her athletic ability and held my dick in-place while she guided it into her.  The entry into her vagina felt different than anytime in the past.

Her pussy was wet but didn’t have any lubrication to it. I was surprised any cum Warren had dumped in her didn’t add any slickness. She groaned into my mouth as she was pried open by my mushroomed head that felt like it was taking her pussy walls with it until they broke free and hopped half an inch down my shaft. This happened over and over as I was used as her skewer.  By the time she was grinding her clit on my pelvic bone. Her groaning and moaning I think for a change was in discomfort not pleasure.

“Damn you and your phobia of other guy’s sperm.” She groaned as she tried moving up on my pole. The lack of lubrication had our sexes welded together, and her movement felt like it would rip the skin of my cock. I guess that is what I get for being a horn dog for a tight cunt. 

Trying to hold her still I asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I washed out my pussy with the hose in the bathroom, so none of the other guy’s sperm would be in me when I screwed you. I knew you be pissed if I hadn’t.” She groaned as she moved back down, grinding her clit on me again.

“You ever thought of just not screwing me. Or not doing it immediately after you got your cookies. And you seemed to be really enjoying getting your cookies. I think you said it was by the best pussy eater you’ve had down here with a big fat dick.” I said sounding a lot more jealous than I felt.

“I said I want an immediate mediocre fuck. You're always good for one of those. I wanted to be sure exactly how much better he really was.  It was kind of hard telling at the time while doing it. He was pounding his dick in me in ways you might learn one day, but I doubt it. So now I get your flaccid thing in me with no foreplay.  Hell like that would make it any better.” She said again moving up on my cock, causing her squeaking out.  I yanked her all the way up on my cock leaving only the smallest part of my tip in her.  I slammed her back down hard rooting my cock fully in her. The actions made the surface of my cock feel like it had been lit on fire by a blow torch. Mindy howled, “What in the fuck? God damn my cunt is on fire.”

“Good so is my dick,” I said raising her up and slamming her back down again like I had the first time. It hit me again then. I was sick of the years of her belittling me all the while trying to run off girls I cared for, just so I'd have sex with her. I knew she'd tried, in her own way, to be nice for a second and got Warren’s spunk out of her twat, but it was only so she could get her rocks off again. The rest of her usual tirade put the final straw on the camel’s back, and we didn’t have a safe word. She might come to regret that I thought, seeing red.

“Then stop fucking doing that.” She hollered at me, inches from my nose.

I raised Mindy up on my dick feeling her wet unlubricated pussy walls ripple and grab at my cock despite her howls of pain. I gritted my teeth and did my best at keeping my voice level and pleasant, “But you wanted a mediocre fuck, so I am giving you what you asked for.  No saying stop now.” I hurled her back down one of the biggest and hardest erections of my life. The pain had brought even more blood to my already engorged cock swelling it more in the tight sleeve.

“God no.” she wailed, as I used my strength raising and lowering her kicking and struggling body. She wasn’t a sister, but for this one occasion she could fight all she liked, I wasn’t going to fight back in the usual way. I'd be doing it with my cock.

For a second time in less than twenty-four hours I stood up with Mindy mounted on my pole, her feet off the ground.  I walked her again to the wall and pressed her against it. Her fist were pounding on my chest as I battered her cunt and my dick with each of my thrust.  Her demands for me to stop ended after a couple of minutes when she must've realized I wasn’t stopping no matter what she said. This time our fucking was a grudge fuck.  I was going to get my rocks off and didn’t give a shit if she enjoyed it or not.  In fact the less she enjoyed it the better it was for me.

A couple of minutes after the beating on my chest stopped, Mindy seemed less frigid and she tensed up less before each of my thrust.  It was then I noticed, it wasn’t as painful fucking her. She'd begun producing lubricant in large quantities and it'd finally displaced enough water, making her pipe truly greased.  I'd ignored her groans and wails of pain when we started fucking and now I'd ignore her grunts and moans of pleasure as I continued pummeling her.  I stopped my thrust in and out of her when she moaned, and grunted thrusting back at me while attempting to kiss me.  I was fine with the fucking but I wasn’t having her kissing me.

It took little effort getting her off my dick and tossing her across the desk. She slid across the desk top on her tits, stomach and hips scattering the keyboards and mice. I kicked her legs wide while she was still dazed and confused on what I was doing with her.  I ran my hand up the curve of her ass before driving my dick fully into her in seconds. She grunted as I bottomed out in her. Holding her shoulders down in to the desk I slapped my balls into her clit as our sexes smack together.

I could feel a bit of a tremble in her body and hear it in her voice when she mewled over her shoulder, “God damn Alex. What has gotten into you today?”

“Nothing just being my usual average screw.” I replied harshly. I then did something I didn’t think I’d ever do.  My open hand landed hard on her ass leaving it instantly red, even my hand stung. It wasn't done as a kinky sex act. It was pure rage.   

“Ow, you fucking bastard you’re gonna pay for that,” She screeched through her instant tears.

Slamming my dick into her a couple of more times, I felt the new heat coming from her ass cheek where my hand print was.  “Then I guess since I am already gonna pay, this is a freebie.”  Mindy knew what that meant and put a hand back protecting her ass.  I just took the hand and bent her arm back into a chicken wing. I had it high enough up that it would only hurt her if she tried moving or fighting me.

Mindy understood her mistake and begged, “No please that hurts.  God my arm it’s bent too far.” 

Her pleas were falling on deaf ears. “Yeah that can happen if you struggle too much.” I slapped her other ass cheek. Again my hand stung after the pop that filled the room. Her other ass cheek was a bright cherry red like the first one.   She howled and the tears ran down her face as she whimpered. Two more equally hard slaps on each of her round globes, had my hand stinging and vibrating with needles in the palm.  It was then, I wished I'd the riding crop Glory had used on Harmony.

Letting my hand rest, I went back to enjoying my grudge fuck of Mindy. Her cunt was working overtime squeezing up and down my rod with its satin walls.  Still sobbing in spurts and starts, I used her hot butt cheek as a soothing pad for my hand. I rubbed it over her smooth firm reddened flesh squeezing it every now and then.  The stroking of her ass felt nice under my hand and each collision of our sexes reverberated up through it. 

Slowly Mindy quit crying and the small sniffles became less noticeable. She was soon again trembling and bucking against me.  I kept her pressed into the desk running my dick in and out of her incredibly hot and plush canal as it grabbed and massaged my dick until it clamped down tightly. I'd already had my dick lit on fire by her cunt burnishing it without lubrication, I wasn’t about to stop now that the lubrication came in waves of orgasmic fluid.

My hand no longer vibrating with the sting of reddening her ass, I gave her one quick renewal, before getting a handful of her brown hair. Pulling hard enough that scalping would’ve occurred had I yanked any harder I leaned into her ear and said, “That’s right you like to fuck. So let’s see if I can make you cum with my little inexperienced cock.” I yanked in conjunction with my groin slamming into her ass. She grunted, moaned and bawled at my manhandling. I just taunted, “Yeah I bet a slut like you can even get off on my little cock.”

Through the last of her sniffles she whined, “Ah gawd, I’m cumming.”  She jumped and bucked surely hurting her arm as she climaxed. She confirmed my suspicions with, “Oh sweet jesus it hurts. Please let my arm go.”

“What? With me being just an average fuck and you being an experienced whore this fucking shouldn’t require anything but lying there.” I said pounding out each word with my dick, which was hammering her cervix.  “So lay still so I can give you your mediocre screwing.”  I again reddened her ass and made my hand sting from the multiple swats, that I loss count of.

She jumped a little with each strike of my hand but surprisingly her pussy squeezed harder and she moan and cried out more every fourth or fifth blow. Soon she had the timing of when my hand would land on her ass.  By the time my hand had begun vibrating with stinging needles she was raising up on her spread wide feet making sure the smack on her butt wasn’t glancing. Each time her ass cheek would fill my palm and fingers; as I punished her bared flesh.

When her cries of pain would stop, they were replaced with bellows about cumming. I don’t think by that time she could discern what was pain and what was pleasure. She was evidently overloading on both at the same time.  Her cunt continued trying to get me to cum milking at my dick, yet I wasn’t ready. Sometime between her umpteenth orgasmic wave and the millionth landing of my hand on her ass I  decided my grudge fuck would add a couple strokes into her ass and a blowjob as well.

Sliding out of what had become an overly lubricated and sloshing cunt; I slid her further along the desk top until her head was hanging off the end and her spread feet could no longer touch the floor.  She whined at my dick’s leaving her while she was still climaxing.  She though didn’t get to do it all that  long.  The whine became a wail as without notice or any kind of warning my eyeball alignment of my cockhead with her asshole was off slightly when I crammed it down her poop chute careening off edges of the un-lubed pipe.

Mindy screamed, “Fucking ass-hole,” as the friction of her stretching sphincter again made my cock feel like it was being filleted. The feeling of her cunt through the thin walls spasm meant despite the invasion she was still cumming.  Keeping her arm chicken winged she did little moving after her first jerk and twist trying to dislodge my cock. Not letting go of her arm she quickly smashed her tits again against the table leaving her ass up in the air for my pumping.  Pulling her hair back again she was the filly I riding for all she was worth.

Bowed backward her tits again left the table as I'd her arched backward in a “U”  Pulling my dick that was on fire out of the tight hole I enjoyed the feeling of air on the burning before filling her ass back up.  Felt my balls bounce on her fat puffed labia and the hard numb between them.  Taunting her I said, “My little dick can't be hurting an ass as well used as yours.  God knows it had more dicks in it that Daisy's.”  I continued hammering away for a while before again taunting her, “You should rub your clit, may be then my small cock will feel good in your gaping asshole.”

I pushed her arm up a little further letting her know the suggestion was more of a demand.  She whined and cried out at either the increasingly hard thrust I was doing or her arms impossible position. Either way her other hand that had been flat on the desk stabilizing her when down to her pussy. Tilting her hips letting her hand in s could feel her fingers rubbing hard on her nub as her breathing was still shallow.  I felt her climax again and as all the muscles in her pelvis contracted compressed the space my cock filled. 

Her hand slowed down as she climaxed again at a higher level. I nudged her arm up informing her, “I didn't tell you to stop playing with your clit.  Keep rubbing it. Make yourself cum again.”

Mindy whined as the sobs racked her body while her orgasm did the same. “I can't  It's too much..I can't do it any more.”

“Sure you can... Now do it.” I demanded as my hard cock continued skewering her ass.  The pop of my pelvis on her ass and the squishy slap of my balls on her pussy lips hadn't stopped when her fingers again stroked and buffeted her clit.

She groused and complained under the wailing and sobs as she abused her clit long past when pleasure would have normally ended.   I felt the cum in my balls start rising to where it wouldn't be denied exit. I didn't want to fill her ass or pussy with my juice but coat her vocal cords reminding her to stay out of my affairs.

My rapid moving around the desk filled pulled my cock fully from her battered asshole and was in her mouth within seconds.  A slight tug on her bent arm and an admonishment came from me, “I know it’s a small dick and all… compared to the one you just had. So, it should be easy to suck it without having it ever touched by your teeth. And don't worry about that shit on it. Your mouth spews enough of it a little more in it won't hurt. ”

She nodded and sucked and licked at my mushroomed tip. It was one of her better blowjobs as I thrust down her throat as far as I could go. For a second time I grabbed fists full of her brown hair; moving her head in pace with my thrusts mashing her nose into my hairless groin, all the while listening to her slurping and moaning. My own grunts and moans were lost in with hers, but the sounds of gauging and gasping for breath were only hers. The occasional clap of palm and rounded red butt flesh were also all Mindy.  Yet she manage in hardly any time, compared to the time I spend thrusting in ad out of her sodden box, and asshole, kept my balls ready to release their load. “God bless bitch you’re one hell of a cocksucker, and I’d hate ruining that mouth for the next guy,” the ridicule dripped from my statement. 

Still holding tightly to her hair after the first glob shot down her gagging throat, I raised her head spraying globs of cum on to her reddened face. I coated her whole face with long ropes of clinging semen.  I turned her head side to side making sure I coated her ear to ear. I took her arm that had been bent behind her for so long and made her hand spread out all the cum onto her face and neck as a semen moisturizer. “That is better.  I guess that'd be the end of the sub par fucking that I do. I’m sure that lack luster fuck will be remembered for a lifetime, so you won’t be needing my lack luster style of screwing now that you know there are folks out there that know how to do it correctly.” I spit out at her, harshly.  After which I scooped onto my fingertip the cum that still was globbed up on her ear. In a wet willy action I forced it down her ear canal saying,  “That's so your ears are good and cleaned out slut style. I don't want you not hearing this. You will leave my relationship with Daisy alone.  I'd prefer you just let her alone, but that is up to her not you. You'll be nice no matter what she asks.”  Mindy said nothing. She just nodded her affirmation tears streaking down her cheeks mixing with the ropes clinging to them.  “You might want to straighten up a little. You've the look of being freshly fucked. Though the cum moisturized face is a good look, and it's your looks that draws people to you; that and your cunt. Or stay that way if that’s how your daddy prefers his little slut; freshly fucked.” I slapped her butt cheeks one last time as hard as I could before started straightening up so I could head home.

Mindy rolled off the desk, flopping into the chair. She grimaced at the contact of ass cheeks to seat cushion, but finished resting her weight on them.  Her legs were spread wide displaying her oozing bloated slit and her pussy hole that had yet to fully close. Even her hair looked of having sex. The underside was all wet and sweaty while the top layers were mangled going every direction from my grabbing it. She looked herself up and down before say, “Ok.” Her tone wasn’t one of anger or disconnection. It was airy and still gasped filled. If I hadn’t heard it myself I wouldn’t have believed it. But it actually sounded docile and contented.  “Will you walk me home...Please?”

For reasons unknown, I said “I guess so. After I get a quick shower. Then we'll go.” I left the room in only my shirt; headed to the shower; my nuts were coated in Mindy’s juices and I had no idea what I’d be in for when I got home.  If I was welcomed by Vee, a crotch soaked in Mindy’s cunt honey  likely wouldn’t be received well.  Mindy was still sitting gingerly on the chair when I left; her hand wiggling her ear. 

A quick washing and drying of my groin took less time than the half-naked walks to and from. Coming back into the room Mindy still only had the minimum amount of ass on the seat.  She had her black skirt on and looking proper and had put her bra on as well making her look less whorish than she did blouse alone.  She was the hypotenuse of the right angle she and the chair made. Her head tossed back and puffy reddened eyes closed made the look almost relaxed. Disturbing her I asked, “You ready to go?”

“Yes.” The answer still had no hint of anger, though she did sound funny speaking with such a tone of deference to what I wanted. “I left a note for Ben to straighten up and that I would see him at home.”

Pushing my luck I queried, “And I will see him at school un-accosted tomorrow.”

“No more so than the dumb ass deserves.” She replied. Catching up to me, Mindy wound her arm around mine holding me tight. It was very unnerving her sweet disposition. I hadn’t ever seen her be that affectionate with anyone, much less me. “Can we go now?”

During the walk through the halls to the surface, every now and then she would lean her head to the side putting her finger in her ear keeping whatever spunk she had left in her head in her head.  The walk was quick and once outside it was a short path to the back of her house.  We did it pretty much in silence. At the back sliding glass door she turned saying, “I'd a nice night. Thank you.” She wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and pulled me in for a soft lingering kiss.

You could've pushed me over with a feather at the comment. Not knowing what to say I stuttered, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She turned and entered her house like Julie had many a night after a date night make-out session. It was definitely unlike say good night to Daisy, who was already in her house and usually in her bed.  I was questioning what had just happened while I walked to my car; I kept about a half mile away off a dirt road, well hidden from anyone’s view.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts
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Let's be honest. If I have $25,000,000 in offshore accounts and a blue-eyed blonde sex machine who loves me, am I going to finish high school? Nope,  I am out of there!

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. - William Shakespeare

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Thanks for the comment and the sentiment. But I also remember being a horny teenager.  And I think even with the 25 mill i would have put up with a few hours of school for not just one sex machine but a train of them that i didn't have to worry about impregnating since they wouldn't know who i was.  But that's me. Grin

Thanks again,
Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts
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