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Kirsten's Journey -- Mf, Ff, ff, MFff, f+/f, M+/f, mf, MFF, FF, 1st, rape

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This is a work of fiction. Neither the author nor this website condone underage sex among persons under 18 years of age in real life. Plus, in real life, ew. Fantasy is cool and all, but real life has consequences and breaks lives. Try approaching people approximately your own age and life stage for sex, or at the very least over 18, pretty please. Don’t use your seductive or other powers to fuck up young people’s lives; it’s straight up evil.


Warning: This is a chapter where a rape happens.

Kirsten’s Journey

Chapter 1: Abduction

Mr. Zero crept through Kirsten Swenhard’s backyard like only a hint of a shadow, his white cat suit practically invisible in the drifting snow. Not surprisingly, because he had trained Ninjitsu among other martial arts for many years.

It took no skill to reach Kirsten’s bedroom window. There had been a heavy snowfall just two nights before that had blown up against the back of the house, burying the first floor and leaving the second easily accessible.

Not one to leave the slightest detail to chance, he had already lubricated Kirsten’s back window in an earlier visit. His indoor monitor showed that Kirsten and the rest of her family were deeply asleep at the moment. Sure enough, the window opened and closed noiselessly as he entered her bedroom.

The small needle went straight into Kirsten’s carotid artery without even a pinch, the drug inducing momentary paralysis and rapidly spreading deep sedation that should last for a few hours, at least twice as long as Mr. Zero needed to transport Kirsten to the Environment and install her into it.

Things were going perfectly so far for Mr. Zero. He took a long whiff of Kirsten’s blond hair; it smelled like angels. He reminded himself firmly that he must not in the least way disturb this package! The AI would surely discover any transgression, and this consequence was unacceptable to him.

A scrupulous man by nature, Mr. Zero would never endanger his mission, but on the other hand, with a little careful advance planning, it was easy for him to engage in a little opportunistic recreation, as long as he kept to his timetable, which gave him twenty minutes in the house. That’s enough for a satisfying session with perhaps one target.

As he was thinking this, he was already out Kirsten’s bedroom door and to the master bedroom, where he dosed husband Bob and seriously considered the wife Katie. She was quite striking and almost childlike in sleep, with Kirsten’s short bob of hair, yet an ample rack on her, and a nice ass as well. She was curvy, and so not really his type. She was frankly a little too maternal, while he preferred the first blush of innocence. I must make an effort to spend more time with women my own age, he considered. Wishing he had a little more time, he quickly dosed her and moved on. He had already made his decision before entering the house, of course.

After dosing Kirsten’s younger brother Ben, he silently entered the bedroom of Kirsten’s sister Ally, or Alicia, who was two years older than Kirsten, a sophomore in high school. Her hair was longer than her mom’s and sister’s, and she had gathered it into a ponytail for sleeping. Her body was more than barely started like Kirsten’s, but still a bit more alike than unlike her younger sister. She’ll be a good reward for his future scrupulous conduct towards Kirsten.

Here Mr. Zero pulled out his special vial. It was a mixture of fairly easily obtainable date rape drugs that would make Ally more compliant and cause her to be disoriented. This was good, since Mr. Zero had little time for this side venture and no time at all to enjoy much of a struggle with Ally. Later, he knew she would remember no specifics, even under hypnosis.

The shot also contained a drug to switch on Ally’s natural lubrication. Since it was already halfway through the night, Ally had a little pee in her bladder, and she squirted out a few shots of this into her panties and jammies just a few seconds after being injected, followed by a little squirt of girl cum.

Mr. Zero had Ally’s jammy bottoms and panties off in a few flourishes, in time to spy her aforementioned little shot of girl cum. He took a thoughtful lick of this, already enjoying and considering his prize. Ally was waking up, but she was disoriented, thrashing lazily against Mr. Zero’s violent ministrations. Mr. Zero was rock hard in anticipation of this tight little sophomore.

Another few yanks had her jammy tops off and her pert little 15-year-old titties exposed to the night air. Mr. Zero forced Ally’s midly kicking legs apart and speared her with his manhood in a practiced manner. Taking her left titty into his mouth, he began gently but firmly and with an increasing pace fucking her tight young cunny. A yelp and a grunt forced its way out of Ally’s yawning mouth as he thus plowed her into her disarranged bed.

Instantly upon penetration, Mr. Zero had noted a slight complication in his plan to leave no trace behind. He had apparently just taken Ally’s maidenhead, which he had considered surely would be missing, since he knew Ally had already been on dozens of dates with boys. “What do you kids do on dates these days!!!!” he shouted at her in Japanese, backing off her chest and slapping her hard across the face while he began pumping into her rapidly and forcefully at well over a hundred strokes a minute. He hated for his plans to go even slightly awry. He watched the blood from her busted hymen sprinkle a few dots onto her bedspread, and her lip was also now a bit cut, but luckily not much blood. He pressed on without any break in his pace, trusting that midnight drugged rape would be well down the list of possible explanations for any evidence he left behind.

Ally’s tight little quim regained its senses a bit and tried to clamp down on Mr. Zero’s fierce pummeling. His cock was below average in length, but about average in girth, perfect for taking the girls he prized the most without causing serious damage to their insides. Ally was feeling his girth now, starting to at least, like the middle of a forcefully erotic dream.

Ally bucked her hips at him a little and let out a sighing moan, which sounded more like “g-g-g-g-g-g-g-“ on the way out because Mr. Zero was continuing to slam into her like lightning. Ally’s legs shook and she let out another squirt of girl cum from her medicated urethra, to their mutual benefit. Shortly after, an orgasm took her and wracked her body with insistent spasms. This gave Mr. Zero pause.

Normally, Mr. Zero liked to take lots of time and was painstaking with his victims. He hadn’t expected Ally to take any pleasure or even much awareness at his quick fun. He had just expected to blow a quick load into Kirsten’s lovingly medicated big sis as an early reward for keeping his hands off little sis. Surely, based on this delightful and perhaps even unique experience of Ally so far, Kirsten must be a prime candidate for the Organization, he mused.

Ally’s body’s slutty reaction to his taking of his pleasure surprised Mr. Zero, and the novelty of it brought him instantly close to orgasm, so he stopped pounding her momentarily to check his watch. Still ten minutes to go. Ally still shook a bit and undulated underneath him from her post cum. Fucking amazing sluts these Swenhard girls surely all are! It made him think of the mom again regretfully. His teeth gritted with the effort of turning his mind away from Kirsten, especially at his current level of excitement. He must remedy this.

Gradually, he picked up his pace again inside Ally, who had drifted into unconsciousness at his momentary pause, but was now waking up again, at least her body was, as Mr. Zero was savoring the nearing culmination of his pleasure inside and on top of her. Mr. Zero now had one of her legs on his shoulder, straddled the other leg, and had a good hold on the base of her braid with one hand, which he used to immobilize her as he entered his short strokes.

He was on automatic now, in complete physical control of Ally and yet quickly surrendering to his final pleasure. In a few more strokes, Mr. Zero gleefully started basting his cum into young Ally Swenhard’s pulsing, swollen, slightly bloody, and evidently entirely virgin little pussy. As Ally’s body felt Mr. Zero’s hot cum christen her kitty, and with maybe a little mental awareness, at the erotic dream level at least, she splashed and came again at the fierce heat, intensity, and volume of it, making a mewling cry that sounded itself like a very distressed little kitty, and tremoring all over as she did.

Mr. Zero poured everything he had into her, about five good thick shots, and was finally still. He felt her still orgasming pussy helplessly trying to tease more out of him, but to no avail. Most satisfactory, most satisfactory indeed, he mused in reverie.

As Mr. Zero dismounted Ally and popped his momentarily sated dick back into his catsuit, which also, he noticed, now exhibited a couple of bloody dots and smudges from the recent fray, Ally’s body relaxed in the glow of her second orgasm and drifted off again to slumber, apparently none the worse for the mileage he had just driven her. He covered her respectfully, and bowed in her direction in order to honor this glorious prize that life and circumstance had allowed him. He then dosed her as the others and quickly left her room.

Five minutes remained. He returned to Kirsten’s room and instantly became rock hard at the sight of her angelic face and shape, now fully apprehending the prize that lay helpless before him. He threw off her blankets, making to complete her abduction, but then he paused for a beat, and, gripped by intense curiosity, delicately parted her legs. He leaned in close to her panties and took some big heavenly whiffs of her scent. A bit overexcited, he pushed his thrill to the limit, pulled aside her panty bottoms, put his nostrils right on her slightly dewy quim, and breathed deep for several breaths. She smelled exactly like she was about to become a woman. Glory! Then for good measure, he sniffed at her clean, tight little asshole. It smelled like a baby’s first breath. She must have showered before bed, he thought. Then he gently replaced and smoothed the taint of her panties, scrutinizing and adjusting his work to eliminate any trace of his slight transgression the AI might pick up on.

Then he slipped and zipped her into a white mummy bag he had brought expressly for her, lifted her like she was nothing, and was quietly out the window like an afterthought.
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Chapters 2 and 3 have been moved to this topic:

...because their tone differs dramatically from the rest of this story. The synopsis of these chapters is that Kirsten is placed in a virtual reality box and evaluated on her receptiveness to various forms of erotic and sexual stimulation. She gets the highest marks ever.

Such things simply didn’t happen in Kirsten’s quiet community of Shepardstown. She lived with her family in this religious community set off from the world. About 25,000 people lived there on 10,000 acres in the wilds of northwest Minnesota with little outside contact or commerce. It was a carefully planned community. It wasn’t particularly strict or puritanical, just set off from the craziness of the world. They had all the modern amenities: cars, mobile phones, computers, and everything. But there were also some notable differences. Except for community members with a need to know, like doctors or lawyers for example, there was no direct access to the Internet to pollute the community at large or especially their children’s minds. There was a curated Intranet available to adults and children alike that held plenty of information, even past the University level in most subjects. There was just no information that was considered unsuitable or damaging by the community, especially to developing children. This was one of the great benefits of raising children in Shepardstown: no evildoers could reach over the Internet and mess with kids.

Because of the commonly held desire for wholesomeness in the community, many parents avoided raising the subject of sex with their children until they were nearly grown. This was the community standard, so there wouldn’t be a lot of whispering and chattering about such things among the kids. A little experimentation among the children couldn’t be helped, but parents and community leaders tried to minimize it without stigmatizing it. Kirsten was therefore truly an innocent among innocents.
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Chapters 2 and 3 have been moved to this topic:

...because their tone differs dramatically from the rest of this story. The synopsis of these chapters is that Kirsten is placed in a virtual reality box and evaluated on her receptiveness to various forms of erotic and sexual stimulation. She gets the highest marks ever.
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Warning: This is a chapter where a rape happens.

Chapter 3: Awakening

Under sedation, little Kirsten Swenhard, a 5 foot tall budding beauty of only 13 years, was transported halfway across the world within two days. This gave her body time to recover from the rigorous testing procedure she had just experienced with great pleasure, so that on the morning of the third day, she awoke refreshed and free of any soreness.

She had been given medicine that dulled her memory of the testing, making it seem like just an especially erotic dream to her, without much detail. But her body still remembered the pleasure it had felt and how it had gotten that pleasure, and her body had been greatly sensitized to feeling it again.

She awoke naked in a giant four poster bed with a canopy. A hairy old guy was in the bed too, on the other side of it, facing away from her, still asleep. “Hey mister! Who are you? What is this place?”

The old gentleman roused and turned towards her. He was really old. Maybe the oldest person she had ever seen. He was big and stocky, but all hollowed out, like old people are. He was all naked too.

He must have been a wrestler, because without even answering, he grabbed her expertly and forced her down on her tummy facing away from him. Then he deftly forced her legs apart and buried his face in her snatch. She began to tremble in fear. “HELP!” she cried, “SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

Her cries for help continued as he deftly licked her from stem to stern, back and forth, teasing and sucking her clit, twirling his tongue around on her little pee-hole, licking and sucking on her sweet little pussy lips, pushing in and licking her hymen, and finally poking and twirling his tongue into her tight little anus. Then back the other way, slowly, deftly, and with enjoyment. “HELaaaH! ME oh STOPeee! OH PLEASE ahhhOOO! NOuuh!”

The old man continued his work for many minutes until Kirsten stopped forming words and was just sobbing and making guttural noises. Her increasing sexual excitement at being dominated and stimulated like this was overwhelming even though her fear and revulsion at the situation was extreme. She came hard on his tongue then, “AAAAHHHhhhuhhh!” despite her best efforts not to give this man any satisfaction. She was wet now, too, with her own emission.

Satisfied at his progress, the old man effortlessly flipped Kirsten onto her back, still holding her down, spread her legs again, and looking straight into her eyes as she screamed at him, “NO! DON’T! STOPIT!” thrust his old gristly cock into her forcefully, splitting her hymen in two places, looking straight into her eyes, and eliciting an “AAAAArrrrrHHH!” from deep in her throat.

At this point she began to sob uncontrollably as he continued to casually, almost lazily, work his way in and out of her. At first, the thrusting felt like a hot knife stabbing her repeatedly, or that her insides were being scoured out with sandpaper, but in a few minutes the pain and her screams subsided and she regained her senses. “STOP IT GET OFF ME! DON’T YOU HEAR ME?! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!”

Thrusting along at his lazy pace, the old man responded in a thick Russian accent, “I hear you, little girl. I just do not care to answer. I am the supreme leader of an organization. We don’t really have a name. You are my newest employee. That is all you need to know for now. Shut up, now, or I will choke you.”

She started to say something, and true to his word, he immediately reached one hand to her throat and cut off her air supply. After several seconds, her face was beet red, and she shuddered in orgasm from the extreme stress and helplessness of the situation. When her face faded from beet red and her eyes started to roll back, he let go, and she gulped sweet glorious air again. She remained quiet then, squeezing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth. She started to dissociate as he continued to thrust, thrust, thrust into her.

After seemingly interminable minutes of thrusting, the old man quickened his pace slightly, then stopped and thrust in with a soft grunt, and she felt some wetness trickle inside of her. She felt so disgusted, humiliated, and degraded she couldn’t stand being herself. He held her down still, for several minutes, resting inside of her. She cried softly to herself, pinned down, her legs still forced wide apart to accommodate the resting old man on her and shrinking inside of her.

Eventually, his limp penis fell out of her, and he rolled off of her, letting her go, and she jumped away from him like an electrified cat, scampering across the room and squatting against the far wall. She looked down at her private place and noted a little strand of white goo seeping out of it, as well as tiny flecks of blood. The pain had subsided, replaced by a dull ache, mostly from the trauma of the rape, a word she now knew the meaning of, and the sorrow over her stolen childhood. The physical pain was minimal.

The old man was up now and had put on a bathrobe. He was on an old telephone. “Yes, I am done with her now. Yes, she was most satisfactory.”

Three women came, trapped her in a blanket, and injected her with something that made her instantly dizzy. Soon she was unconscious again, and they carried her out.
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 1

“Rise and shine, girls! Time for another day!” a matron shouted from over by the doorway. Kirsten opened her eyes to find herself on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. Two dozen or so more filled the large dorm she found herself in. Girls were getting dressed in school uniforms. A girl as naked as her, that is to say completely, climbed nimbly down from the top bunk of her own bed and smiled at her. She was a pretty and saucy looking brunette a few inches taller than Kirsten, a couple of years older, and she was curvy but not heavy set. “Hi! I’m Mash,” said the girl, holding out her hand.

Kirsten took it, shook it, and replied, “I’m Kirsten.” She instantly had a crush on Mash. She smiled and blushed at the thought. At a curious glance Mash looked like was shaved down there. That was new and exciting.

“You must be brand new here. You’re safe. You’re among friends and at least not enemies. Glad to know you Kirsten, but we get punished hard for being found out using our birth names in here, so don’t use it. You are…” she walked over to Kirsten’s footlocker and peered at it “…officially named 21427, so remember that. I prefer to call you ‘My Bunk Buddy’ until we think of something better.”

“But what do I call myself?” Kirsten joked.

“You are also your own Bunk Buddy.” Mash replied, and they both laughed. Kirsten was pretty sure she had found a new good friend, and possibly more than a friend? She would need one in… wherever this was.

“I know you must have many questions, my Newbie pal,” Mash surmised. “All will be answered in due time, but first, we must get to class on time. Here, get dressed.” Kirsten’s new school uniform consisted of white panties and bra, a blue pleated miniskirt about as short as possible, a white blouse, and a blue vest that gripped and lifted her modest bosom in a saucy way. I can handle this, she thought. Certainly, we could never dress this way back home! Mash quickly dressed beside her. Buddies!

On their way out the door to class, Kirsten was taken aback to see a girl with her panties down squatting and peeing in front of everybody, seemingly oblivious, into some kind of porcelain trench fixture in the floor, right out in the open in the corner of the room. As she stopped to notice, the girl began extruding a fairly good-sized turd out of her anus, like it was nothing to do it in front of all these girls, and it splashed into the trench along with her pee. Kirsten knew she was starting to stare, so instead she just walked out the door. “Some things around here take a little getting used to,” Mash commented.

They held hands and joked with each other all the way over to class. The school looked more like a summer camp, except for the barbed wire and guard towers she saw around the perimeter. She saw three other dorms with girls pouring out of them and six or seven other buildings on the campus.

Mash described the first class as “Oral.” Probably not oral examinations, Kirsten thought. “Oral before breakfast,” explained Mash. The class was in a large room with about fifty students in it. The room was filled with benches with vibrating nubs on them. Adjustable in front of each bench were dildos of various lengths and girths. Mash sat down in front of a ten inch purple dildo, while Kirsten preferred to stand next to her for the time being, her arms crossed.

Ms. Silver brought the class to order. “Now girls, standard throat training this morning.” There were some mutters of resistance from the crowd of girls; the subject was not a popular one apparently. “New girl,” she said eyeing and pointing at Kirsten, “start with a five inch model in the back. The task is to get the whole thing into your mouth, that is, reach the marker with your face and hold for at least 30 seconds, okay? Any questions?”

Mash raised her hand, her voice a little fluttery, “Ms. Silver, may I cum?”

“Yes, dear,” Ms. Silver replied, and immediately Mash groaned and shuddered in a nice little orgasm. Kirsten hadn’t seen that coming. There were hoots from the assembled girls, “Getting an early start on the day are we, Mash?” A few other girls then raised their hands and asked to cum as well and were not refused by Ms. Silver, who was in a generous mood. These benches were popular with the girls first thing in the morning. They also helped offset the discomfort of the exercise, as Kirsten would find.

Kirsten herself stayed off the nubs on the benches, but wasn’t embarrassed to put plastic stuff in her mouth. She passed the green five inch dildo test easily, earned praise from her teacher, and moved up to the red six inch dildos. She was close to conquering the six-inch as well, but was fighting the strong desire to heave too much and throw up her stomach. She was really fighting it down and trying to get to 30 seconds when she had an accident and had to vomit into a bucket conveniently provided next to her bench. Gagging noises filled the room by this time, because this was a difficult exercise.

Kirsten’s throat and nasal passages burned! Ms. Silver came by almost immediately and said, “here gargle this, and spit it into the bucket.” She did as asked, her eyes watering, and then Ms Silver squirted something up each of her nostrils that made her nose feel a lot better. Finally “drink this,” which she did, feeling almost as good as new. Distracted by her burning throat during this time of crisis, she had carelessly sat down and brushed the vibrating nub of her bench with her private place. She crossed her legs, the pleasure of it catching up to her now that the pain of barfing was gone. Gingerly, she slid off it and breathed a sigh of relief. “Take a break,” instructed Ms. Silver.

Kirsten took a moment to look around at the other girls’ progress. Mash was swallowing that purple monster like she was an anaconda, straining, but still an inch away from the marker, her eyes locked in concentration as she heaved and bucked on her nub. She saw a petite 4’5” brown haired girl effortlessly swallow a 14 inch black dildo, hit the mark, and hold it 30 seconds, without even tears in her eyes. It was like watching the Olympics.

There were many things to learn this hour. It was oral before breakfast because of heaves. This is throat training today. I know what a dildo is now, she thought, and graduated just means different sizes. The optional pleasure benches are to help distract from the gag reflex, but too much for her. Students must ask permission to cum, and I probably don’t want to find out what happens if they don’t. Just stay away from those nubs. There’s nothing wrong in throating a dildo, though, so I will give that my best effort. I remember vomiting is not fun, but Ms. Silver’s tonics and sprays are magic. There was something to gargle and something to drink.

“Excellent girls! Nobody else vomited?” There were sounds of “No.” “How many girls went up a level today?” A dozen or so hands were raised along with Kirsten’s, which was held up by Ms. Silver. “Two levels? No? Then the special prize goes to the new girl, for being the most adventurous! It’s the last ten minutes of class. Gather round and watch a master at work.”

“This should be good,” one girl muttered to another. “Time for the other oral,” her friend chuckled in reply.

Ms. Silver stood Kirsten up, gracefully pulled down her panties, which Kirsten struggled a little, confused, and sat Kirsten down on a bench so that a vibrating nub was poking right into her asshole. “I need to poo,” Kirsten confided apologetically, trying to beg off, as the teacher knelt, leaned her back a little, and locked her mouth on Kirsten’s sweet little quim. Kirsten jumped and started at this, raising murmurs from the crowd. She gripped Ms. Silver’s head, trying to push her away at first, but the excitement of all the morning’s events was rapidly overtaking her. The licking and sucking felt exquisite. It caressed every nerve in her, and she also feared punishment if she resisted her teacher’s advances.

She blushed as she began to helplessly press her secret place against her teacher’s mouth and hump a little against her teacher’s expert tongue. She was overwhelmed in every dimension as the crowd looked on. The vibrating nub buzzed away on her sensitive anus. Her abdomen tightened and started to quiver. She feared the consequences for not controlling her growing urge. It was overtaking her in front of everybody.

“May… uh… I…?” she finally squeezed out the embarrassing request at the last moment she could tolerate holding back. “You may come freely,” replied Ms. Silver around her dancing tongue, and Kirsten immediately convulsed in her pleasure and screamed out “AAAAooooWAH!”, to a small cheer from her fellow students.

Her experiences of Jev and friends were just an erotic dream, and her awful experience of yesterday was momentarily blotted from her mind by the overwhelming pleasure from her obscene teacher's thrusting tongue and sucking lips and the obvious excitement she saw in the onlooking girls' faces and postures, especially Mash's, she saw.

By the end of class, Kirsten was limp as a puddle, crashed out on the vibrating bench. Ms. Silver had just made her cum seven more times just as hard or harder, and that vibrating nub probing her asshole had started to feel like a fiery wire of pleasure connected straight to the pleasure centers of her brain. She had lost control at one point and pee had squirted out of her. Now it was in a puddle on the floor. She lay there trying to catch her breath. Ms. Silver had gone to fetch the mop.

“Hey squirt,” Mash said softly to her, “It’s breakfast time and your panties are still around your ankles. Time to get going.” Kirsten rose dizzily, pulled her panties back on, smoothed down her miniskirt, and shambled after Mash to the cafeteria.

Kirsten observed that breakfast was normal like any school or summer camp, except for just a few new things. She and Mash got their orange juice and waffles from the cafeteria line and sat down together at a mostly empty table, giving Kirsten the opportunity to people watch.

First of all, Kirsten noticed again girls going in front of everybody into porcelain fixtures in the floor at two corners of the cafeteria room. Mash explained that this was to train all the girls to expose themselves freely and to not be shy of any bodily functions. One time she saw a girl approach the commode, squat, and let out a stream of diarrhea. Kirsten needed to go number two pretty badly by this point, but she wasn’t about to expose herself like that. Mash told her, “Don’t worry. When it gets bad enough, you’ll do it. Everybody does.”

Another unique thing was that a few girls seemed engaged in casual sexual play during the meal, mostly just touching themselves, and occasionally a girl would call to a passing teacher for permission to cum. Permission seemed to be freely given at mealtimes, so the answer was generally yes, and the girl would grunt or shake or maybe just put her head down on the table for a moment. She also saw once the penalty for not asking. One girl obviously took her orgasm without asking, mewing and shaking. Immediately a nearby teacher pulled out a switch, walked up to the offender, and whipped her six times on her shoulders, back, and breasts. Kirsten saw that this girl’s bare arms were covered in switch marks, which caused her puzzlement. Why would she not just ask? “She literally gets off on the pain,” answered Mash. Kirsten was dumbfounded.
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 2

After breakfast was Manual, which Kirsten suspected was not about writing manuals. In Manual there were many men milling around with many girls, about 35 apiece. She, the new girl, as usual, was assigned a middle-aged balding man. He took down his pants and sat on the bench next to her as Ms. Mauve explained, “The exercise is to stimulate the man with one or both hands until he has an orgasm. No mouths, pussies, or other body parts are allowed. In fact, panties will stay up,” she whipped a girl once, twice, across the ass who had already taken hers down and who quickly pulled them back up. “You can touch it with your hands, you can talk to him, you can breathe on it, you can touch it with outer layers of clothing, not panties or bras. Clear? Begin.”

Kirsten sheepishly raised her hand. “Yes?” “Ma’am, I can’t do this.” Ms. Mauve pulled out her switch and scored Kirsten’s back with it. The pain was sharp and deep and burnt like fire. “How about now?” “I… umm…” The second stroke was across her breasts and hit one of her nipples. Her breasts screaming, doubled over in pain, she croaked, “I’ll try.” Ms. Mauve moved down the line of students.

The man looked at her sympathetically. “If it’s any consolation, I really like you, so I’ll probably be easy. See?” He had been soft during her whipping, but he was getting hard again. “That’s just from sitting next to you. Will you make me a happy man by touching me?” She reached out and wrapped one hand around the thick part of his cock. Her fingers didn’t meet her palm. “There’s some oil here,” he said. She splashed some on her hands and drizzled some on his dick. Then she started rubbing it up and down like she saw the other students do. “That feels good!” he said. “Can you say something sexy?”

She looked away from him and confided, “This is my first day here. I’ve never done any of this before. My first period teacher put her mouth on my privates and I had a climax eight times and I peed myself. That was last period. And I hate all this and I liked it,” she confided, her voice lowering to a croak. The man sighed, feeling closer to her and enjoying her touches. Kirsten continued, “I need to go number two really bad right now. I’m going to have to do it in front of everyone, but I just can’t.” A tear trickled down from her eye.

“There, there,” said the man, "Everything’s going to turn out okay. Look at what a good job you’re doing with me.” And sure enough, the man was already straining and making little fucking motions with his hips as her hands slid down him. “Could you show me more of your body at all?”

“Not really, I think,” as she tried to suss out a loophole in the rules. Kirsten wanted to show him everything, she realized, blushing. His excitement and his tense expression and helpless little fucking motions from her inexpert touches brought color to her cheeks, and she let down a familiar dampness from her privates as well. Despite what had experienced, she knew her traitorous body wanted him deep in there, and at once the thought terrified her. She wanted to be far away from this situation. She remembered that saying sexy things would be fair and then said, “I like you. And if I was allowed to, I’d let you push your dick into my pussy and put your cum in there. Would you like that?” She was lying, of course. After what happened to her yesterday, she never wanted to see another man again. She was frightened, but hoped it looked to him like excitement so she could finish him.

“Yes,” he breathed gratefully.

All out effort. “I’m really small and tight,” she said, gripping the head of his cock tightly, “so you’d have to push into me slowly at first,” she said, forcing her tight hands slowly down his cock while looking into his eyes, “but after that you could speed up,” she said, doing that.

“Yes,” he murmured.

“Do you think you could hit my mouth or my face with your stuff if I get really close to you like this?” She got her mouth really close to the head of his cock, opened her mouth, and looked back into his eyes. “Take your time,” she said just as he blasted his load onto her face, mouth, and eyes. Her eyes stung!

Oww! At least it was over. The man said, “bye, bye,” zipped up, and left the room while she was still blinded by his cum. Her arms were tired. She groped around for a rag to wipe her face. The room was thinning out. The ones that remained seemed to not to be getting along. That was the end of Manual class.

Next was Anal class. Who ever thought she’d have a class about putting stuff in her butt? Eyes bloodshot, she walked with Mash over to the class. “Okay class,” said Ms. Magenta, a matronly black woman, “we’re doing size drills today.” More groans from the class, another unpopular subject. “The goal is 1) to sit all the way down on the wooden dildo affixed to your bench. There you will encounter a vibrator for your clit. 2) Have an orgasm while sitting on the bench with the dildo fully up your behind. Then move up to the next size. Clear?” Clear there were lots of new vocabulary words for Kirsten.

Mash was up with the girls starting on scary-sized wooden members. As the new girl, as usual, Kirsten was assigned a spot on the back bench with the 5-inch dildos. As she was applying generous amounts of lube to the dildo and her anus before starting on her odious task, she took solace in the fact that at least the exercise didn’t require her to deal with a man or talk to anyone. Hopefully she could relax her ass enough to have a reasonably comfortable sit on this thing for the hour.

As she slowly sat down on her assigned peg, her anus, which had been holding all that poo in for hours, really started to hurt and burn and cramp. Plus, she really, really, needed to go bad now. About halfway down, she decided she couldn’t take it any more, and waddled in shame over to the porcelain trench in the corner and squatted over it. Her pee came out easily, and she felt relief at that, but try as she might, her poo would just not come out in front of the other girls. The squatting was uncomfortable. The exposure was very uncomfortable, even though nobody was paying much attention to her. Finally Ms. Magenta glared at her, so she stopped straining and went back to her assigned task, which was as unpleasant as before.

After a few minutes, she was all the way sitting down on the peg, which was giving her unpleasant pain when she wasn’t fully relaxed, and sitting on the vibrating part of the bench, which was making it even harder to fully relax. Miserable and looking for a distraction, she got the chance to look around.

As a whole, the class seemed to be doing well. A few girls a minute were raising their hands for permission, which was of course granted by Ms. Magenta since cumming was part of the exercise. Mash had her feet up on her bench and was slowly squatting down on a monster one, slowly shimmying it into her ass. It looked really difficult, but Mash was intent on her task, but smiled at Kirsten when she noticed that Kirsten was sneaking peeks at her. Kirsten had to admit the girl had skills. The girl had everything going for her. In fact, Mash looked like an exquisite goddess impaling herself onto some kind of mythical thing-a-ding. Hot!

All of a sudden, Kirsten’s fiery nature overcame her ongoing discomfort, and she found herself squirming and getting close to orgasm. She raised her hand, Ms. Magenta pointed to her, and she had herself a nice little cum, “uuuraaahrr.”

With 20 minutes left in class, she moved on to the 6-inch dildos and started to lube one up. She was busy trying to sit down on it, uncomfortable as before, when the hour bell rang, much to her relief.

Next came lunch. Mash introduced Kirsten to Tinkerbell, a statuesque black girl, and Ruby, an athletic looking dusky girl with intense eyes. They all joked around thinking up silly names for Kirsten. It was a hoot. At one point Kirsten needed to pee again, and so she went over and peed quickly and triumphantly in front of everybody, gaining praise from her comrades at her quick acclimation to this weird life they now shared.

After lunch, Vaginal. Now the day was getting serious. Ms. Grey, a tall Eurasian woman, explained the exercise. “This will be a ½ hour contest with a partner. You will perform 69 with your partner. During the half hour you may cum freely at any time. The team with the most cums wins. Choose your partner wisely.” Kirsten grabbed Mash’s hand before she even knew what 69 was. She didn’t care. She wanted a good partner, and Mash was good at all this stuff. Mash then explained to Kirsten what 69 was and her eyes widened.

“Now insert your monitors.” These were pink plastic bulbs on the ends of a plastic rod. Mash explained they were for measuring your cums. Kirsten accepted a dollop of lube from Mash for hers and gingerly slid it out of sight into her pussy. Only the tip of the plastic rod remained outside, like a little tail.

Kirsten suspected it was going to be a little weird for her to lick the hell out of her new buddy’s pussy. And suck it. Also, fingers could be used, Mash explained, although not in great detail. Clearly it was an extensive subject. She had never done anything remotely like this before. But Ms. Silver, a master cunny-muncher, had eaten her out with great success just this morning, and Kirsten had been paying attention, more or less. She could do this. Kirsten was a very competitive athlete who excelled in tennis and other competitive sports. She wanted to win this obscene contest. She wanted to win with Mash. And Mash smelled nice. This would be fine.

They got on the bed, and Kirsten was staring at Mash’s bare pussy. It was completely shaved, with full lips that were already a bit open and pink from all the work they had done so far today. There were some traces of lube, and Mash’s little pink tail from her monitoring device was sticking out. Ms. Grey called out, “On your marks. Get set. Go.”

Kirsten dove in and started kissing and licking Mash’s pussy with much fervor but no experience. At first, she got a mouthful of lube, which had a bitter aftertaste, but after that was dealt with, Mash tasted good. As for the quim itself, Kirsten believed she had found the clit and was doing her best to give it some love. Downstairs, Mash was doing some toe-curling stuff to Kirsten, as she expected Mash would. Kirsten felt herself already approaching her first orgasm.

Mash pulled herself up from side-by-side with Kirsten to climb on top of her. From there, Mash started to move her clit in long sweeping strokes across Kirsten’s tongue and face while at the same time maintaining her expert sucking action on Kirsten’s clit. “Now I know why she’s nicknamed Mash,” Kirsten thought as she shrieked her first climax of the contest into Mash’s humping pussy. “AHHHHMMMFF!”

Mash, for her part, had been horny for Kirsten since the moment she laid eyes on her this morning. Kirsten’s lean, athletic body, blond hair, and porcelain skin gave her an angelic quality that Mash had been longing to ravage. And then watching fucking Silver eat her out for ten minutes earlier in the day, if she hadn’t been so green with envy, it would have been impossible to keep from cumming continuously from watching her wet dream come true, and permission wasn’t being handed out, so she had turned various shades of plaid holding herself back. Fucking Silver!

Mash had been even more wound up about Kirsten since Oral class. But at the same time, Mash had wanted to protect Kirsten and not burden her already difficult transition with possibly unwelcome advances. Now that Kirsten had chosen her and now was literally screaming her pleasure into Mash’s pussy, pleasure she had given Kirsten this time, Mash felt so lucky, blessed and fulfilled that her wet dream of Kirsten was all coming true, and so she took her own orgasm now gleefully, humping Kirsten’s trapped angelic face even more urgently as her shuddering cum enveloped her.

Kirsten and Mash kept at it with this level of intensity for the entire thirty minutes, sweat and girl cum flying everywhere, far outstripping their classmates on the orgasm meter. When Ms. Grey called time, it was hard for them to pull back from their palpable mutual desire and take a breather, laughing. Someone called out “Hey lovebirds, get a room!” and everybody laughed.

“That’s your name,” said Mash, smiling in her easy way towards Kirsten, “It’s Lovebird.”

“I like it,” replied Kirsten.
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 3

“Okay girls,” said Ms. Grey to Mash and Kirsten, “You won the competition, so you get to take the rest of the day off.” Then she turned to the girls who had the fewest orgasms. “However, you two, who reached the fewest cums, must be punished. I hope this is an example to everybody that you must learn to be flexible, you must learn to give satisfaction to your partner on their terms, and you must learn to create lust in your loins for your partner, no matter your level of natural attraction or what you think of them, or you will truly suffer for it in our business. Since you two were only behind second to last by two cums, you will only suffer two lashes apiece. Prepare yourselves.”

The two losing girls, Maleficent and Garbo, got on their knees in front of Ms. Grey obediently. She whipped each of Maleficent’s breasts with her switch, making sure to hit the nipple each time: whip! whip! Maleficent cried out and burst into tears, cowering and covering her wounded breasts with her arms. She moved over to Garbo and gave her the same treatment. Garbo grunted, and a tear popped out the corner of one eye, but she was otherwise stoic about it. Then class was dismissed.

Kirsten pulled Mash back to the empty dorm room in a rush. Kirsten straddled the porcelain trench and pleaded, “Please go to the other corner and turn away.” Mash replied, “Sure thing,” with a smile. She ran over to the other side of the dorm, crouched, and covered her ears as if a bomb was going to go off, which made Kirsten smile even in her current state. Letting go while squatting was still a problem, but after a minute or so, helped by her urgent need, she was able to release and have a really thorough and satisfying BM. What relief! She wiped herself thoroughly and flushed it down, and then called to Mash. “Okay, all clear.”

“How did you do, Lovebird?” asked Mash.

“Oh, I feel so much better!” gushed Kirsten, with a big smile on her face. “Can you show me how to use this water nozzle thing that cleans you off? It seems like it would clean better than just TP.”

“Sure thing, it’s called a bidet.” She squatted and dropped her panties and showed her how to work it. “Oh that feels good on my sore puss and ass!”

Next, Kirsten dropped her panties and tried it. She looked up at Mash with concern as the warm water spray cleaned her anus thoroughly. “I hope I wasn’t too rough with you, Mash.”

“You were great, honey. I never imagined we’d win given it’s your first day in class. You’re a prodigy! And by the way,” Mash knelt beside her, lowering her voice to a whisper, “my real name is Charlotte.”

Kirsten didn’t say anything. She just hugged her new friend and her friend hugged her back. So tight. Then the tears started rolling. Soon, they were sobbing together. Kirsten, for her part, felt open and close enough to Charlotte to express the trauma of this new situation and the deep suffering it was causing her. She missed her family deeply, and did they even know she was still alive? Mash was crying tears of joy and sadness, tears about finding Kirsten, tears about Kirsten being hurt, because she could tell Kirsten had suffered terribly somehow on her way here, tears about soon the eventual loss of Kirsten as their young lives were chewed up by this whatever, this rape machine, and especially tears that maybe Kirsten would not feel about her as deeply as she was starting to feel for Kirsten.

When the other girls got back from Physical Training at the end of their day, they found Lovebird and Mash asleep in each others’ arms, fully clothed, on top of Lovebird’s bunk. The girls roused and joined their dorm mates in a social evening.

In the evenings, the girls were free to engage in many leisure activities. Dinner was available in the cafeteria, but many girls just had a snack and maybe a drink back in the dorms. There were books, musical instruments, and video games. There were many deep teenage conversations, of course. There were impromptu jam sessions. Since the girls chosen for this elite school were universally bisexual, there was also a fair amount of romance, lust, and seduction, as well as gossip about it flying around everywhere. The girls were also free to orgasm without permission during this leisure time, but for the most part, though all the girls were highly sexed, it wasn’t popular. Unless the circumstances were really special, it felt too much like more schoolwork. A nice kiss because you chose to and you were attracted was sometimes infinitely better than getting off.

The girls were allowed beer, wine, and even hard liquor, since they needed to get used to drinking it at the parties they would be attending. Also, some illegal substances like marijuana brownies, poppers, ecstasy, and shrooms were available for the same reason. These things were all available, but the girls were expected not to overindulge. If they did, they would be punished, and might be barred from various leisure activities, at least for a time. The girls were also not allowed to smoke or vape tobacco or marijuana, because it was a nasty habit that reduced their value.

Girls were also allowed to wander freely among the four dorms in the evenings. Mash spent this evening crawling the four dorms with Lovebird, introducing her to friends and pointing out enemies or girls to be avoided. There was lots of talking, joking, and laughing along the way. These girls were just trying to have as normal a life as possible under the circumstances, which every one of them knew was weirder than they could fully guess, but nobody really wanted to winge on about. Girls were expected to be back in their dorms by curfew, which was midnight. Lights went out at 12:10 AM.

In the dark, Kirsten quietly climbed up into Charlotte’s bunk. Just to be able to sleep in this mad situation, she knew she now needed the comfort of Charlotte’s arms. For her part, Charlotte welcomed Kirsten with open arms. She would relish the opportunity to be with her dream girl as much and for as long as circumstances permitted, and damn the future. At the same time, she didn’t want to crowd Kirsten. She wanted to give Kirsten her own space. She wanted to give Kirsten everything.

Charlotte wanted to give Kirsten some emotional space, but at the same time, she was creaming something fierce in the situation. She’d had a habit, almost a ritual, of jilling off every night to get to sleep since she was six, and she had been in the middle of this evening ritual, fantasizing about being free out on top of a deserted mountain with Kirsten, their little cabin they shared nearby, fucking her slowly doggy style with a strapon while they whispered endearments and encouragement to each other and they both enjoyed the exquisite view of the valley below. So now, snuggled close, she was kind of vibrating with sexual energy for Kirsten.

Kirsten, for her part, had been ready to fall into a fast and satisfied sleep, and although Charlotte wasn’t making any kind of a move, Kirsten noticed a tension in her girlfriend, yes girlfriend, and smelled a bit of musk familiar to her from earlier in the day. It was new and exciting for her to be desired like this. She wanted to take good care of this. She wanted to play. Kirsten gave Charlotte a romantic kiss, and then ducked under the blanket and started sucking Charlotte’s breasts, and Charlotte whispered, “oh god you read my mind, oh god... so good.”

As Kirsten kissed her way down Charlotte’s quivering tummy, she replied, “I’ve got your number.” When she got to Charlotte’s pussy, Kirsten didn’t tease. She kissed, sucked and licked to express her excitement because she was falling for this girl, to give all she wanted to give because she felt so fulfilled by this girl. Charlotte came quickly, hissing a little through her teeth to try to stay quiet. Kirsten kept going, damn her. Mash’s friend Mutt, from the top bunk to the right of her, whispered over to her, “oh cute the lovebirds are at it again,” but Mutt was happy with a big smile on her face for her friend and this new girl too. Plus she had also been quietly rubbing one out to fall asleep and this action was hawt! Charlotte came again, holding her breath this time, but her whole body jerked so much the bunk bed made fairly incriminating squeaky noises. Charlotte grabbed Kirsten by the ears this time and fairly pulled her up by them and whispered, “enough I don’t want to wake the whole dorm.” Kirsten settled nuzzled between Charlotte’s breasts, and Charlotte relaxed, so satisfied. A minute later there was a little “Eep!” that came from the pile of covers on the top bunk to the right. Then all was quiet and serene.

In the dark, Kirsten reflected on the whirlwind of crazy situation and budding romance she was in, and how her new name of Lovebird was like a shield and a sword for the new girl she was becoming, wanted to become, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the recent devastating changes in her life. Also, that Mash's secret name of Charlotte should never leave her lips, and Charlotte was Mash in this new life just as Kirsten was Lovebird, and yet, Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte...

The next morning, as they left the dorm for class, Ms. Pink and Mr. Plaid approached Mash and Lovebird and instructed Lovebird to come with them. Mash didn’t know these adults and was defensive, even though she guessed she’d probably get whipped for it. “Where are you taking her?”

Ms. Pink recognized the look in Mash’s eyes. This girl was ready to fight. “Don’t worry, Mash, we’ll bring her back to you safe and sound for breakfast, fair enough?” Ms. Pink’s empathetic words startled Mash, and with that, Plaid and Pink swept Lovebird away towards the main building.

When they got to their office, they sat Lovebird down on a comfy couch and took two comfy-looking chairs opposite her. “Lovebird. What a nice nickname you’ve been given.” Ms. Pink began, putting Lovebird at her ease. “May I ask how you got it?”

“I’d rather not say,” Lovebird demurred, then asked, “Who are you guys? Can you get me out of here?”

“Think of us as your mental coaches, just like your teachers for your other subjects, but this one is called ‘Brain class,’ ” answered Mr. Plaid. “You’ve been through an awful experience on your way here, Lovebird. We fully acknowledge that. We are personally very sorry about that. Unfortunately, Ms. Pink and I don’t yet have enough influence over the worst of what goes on in this organization. We’re working hard to change the Organization from the inside, but old, well-entrenched traditions are often very hard to change in any organization. Slowly, with the influence of Ms. Pink and I and others, the Organization is slowly modernizing and getting more humane. We’ll keep working on eliminating the ugly practice you suffered altogether until it’s gone, you can depend on it.”

“I was so hurt and terrified then,” confided Lovebird. “Everything is just happening so fast, it’s overwhelming. I’ve just tried not to think about it. I don’t want to think about it.”

Ms. Pink continued, “As you would expect, the few girls who still endure this practice are sometimes deeply scarred. Some never recover. But we can see you’re strong, Lovebird. I’m so proud of you and your first day, honey. You went from that horror, and the next day you made new friends, you tackled new challenges beyond your previous conception of what life could be, and you made us all proud. You truly are among the best of the best of us.”
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 4

Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink sat in comfy chairs across from Lovebird, who was sitting on a big comfy couch. Plaid had seen all the tapes, but this hadn’t prepared him to be in Lovebird’s presence. Mr. Plaid was a quite handsome, fit man of medium height and build, in his mid thirties. He had had his share of women, many of them quite beautiful. Lovebird was beautiful, but there was something quite beyond conventional beauty in her angelic face, in her infectious smile. At 13 she was a petite 5 feet and 90 pounds, with barely budding breasts and an almost translucent complexion. In her school uniform of a short blue miniskirt, white socks, panties, bra, and blouse, and a natty vest, she looked all adult and businesslike while at the same time completely not that. No painting or photograph could ever capture beauty like this, he thought.

Both he and Ms. Pink were highly skilled psychiatrists and sex therapists. They were here to grapple with the almost impossible task of repairing the damage done to Lovebird from her recent rape. First, Plaid had watched her evaluation tape, simulated aliens and all, and watched her with a professional eye take this whirlwind and very odd sexual encounter like a champ at every turn. That evening, he sat down with the video, a large box of Kleenex, and some baby oil, and practically snapped it off he came so hard and so many times. She was just that hot.

The next day, he swallowed hard and watched the rape tape, which had been shot with hidden cameras from many angles. The man’s face and voice had been automatically concealed. It made him sick with anger to watch her hurt like that. At the same time, he felt great guilt at his helpless sexual thrill at seeing two orgasms literally pulled and choked out of her petite body by the rapist. He hated witnessing the violent event and hated the arousal it even so caused in him.

He had reviewed the classroom tapes this morning. He was still sweating with excitement over them. What a freaking trouper this young lady was. He felt so proud of her. He definitely had a date with these videos tonight unless Pink wanted to stop by again instead.

He snapped back to real time. “The best of the best?” repeated Lovebird, incredulous.

“Yes,” answered Mr. Plaid, “you scored the highest ever on the Assessment. A top score doesn’t always translate into top performance in the field, but it’s a very strong indicator of your raw talent, of what you could become in the field. Let me explain it this way. It’s like you’re a professional athlete now, although without endorsements, I suppose. Like a lot of professional athletes, you’ll travel the world, have the best meals and trainers, and as the Organization becomes more confident of your loyalty and work ethic, you’ll have increasing freedom and wherewithal to do what you want in your off hours, including visit your family. It can be such a good and rewarding life for you, Lovebird. You can be rich, and after a short career, you can retire rich and live however you want. Let me ask you this. What did you want to do with your life before you got swept up in this?”

“I don’t know. A nurse like my mom, maybe?”

“Frankly my dear, as the poet said, most people live lives of quiet desperation. It’s a constant grind in a dead-end job that you can barely tolerate and that barely supports you coupled with the constant fear of losing it. That is the lot of most young adults for many years, and many average people are forced to endure it their entire lives. But you are exceptional, and have an exceptional opportunity here to live glamorously, meet smart, creative, powerful men and women from all over the world and all walks of life, and rescue them for perhaps an hour or two from their demanding and stressful lives. It’s good work. It’s important work, with a long tradition. If you can embrace it, I guarantee that it can be such a rich and wonderful life for you.”

“Hmm,” replied Lovebird noncommittally.

“Well, we just wanted to introduce ourselves to you today, honey,” concluded Ms. Pink, “We’re so proud to be working with you. Let’s meet again tomorrow. Come to our office here instead of going to Manual class after breakfast, Okay?”

“Okay,” agreed Lovebird, “Can Mash come with me?”

“Do you think she might help you open up and address your fears and trauma with more confidence?” asked Ms. Pink.

“Mash, another top student,” gushed Mr. Plaid, “I favor the idea.”

Ms. Pink gave Mr. Plaid a look, then looked at Lovebird. “I think that will be good to at least try, dear. We’ll see how well it works out. Well that’s settled, then. Come give me a hug.”

Lovebird gave her new friend Ms. Pink a good hug, and then hugged Mr. Plaid. Then she felt his boner through his pants, awkwardly backed her lower half away half a step, then let go of him as if nothing was amiss. This was nothing new to her, and she’d dealt with it before, though it was a bit awkward whenever it happened. “I heard from Dad that guys can’t help it, I guess,” she thought to herself. She now understood a little more the significance of it, though. Ugh. She felt a little squicky but maybe still a little bit proud she may have been the cause of it. She rallied, waved and smiled, and backed out of their office, and went to join Mash for breakfast.

When Mash saw her, she jumped up from the table, and she and Lovebird hugged each other really tight. “The lovebirds…” somebody taunted gently from down the table. They were too busy looking deep into each other’s eyes and smiling like idiots to notice whom. Then Lovebird went to get her breakfast and joined Mash back at the table.

“This is all news to me,” Mash said after Lovebird had recapped her meeting, “I’ve been here six weeks and they haven’t told me dog shit. For all I knew, they had a meat grinder out back. This is sounding a whole lot better than that at least.” Mash smiled at Lovebird, but her remark wasn’t funny. Mash continued, “I’ve been hoping for a way through this, one where I come out the other end… where WE come out the other end, reasonably intact and sane. If we play along, maybe we can get the hell out of this in a few years and settle down together; I’d like that. If we resist, I’ve seen enough of the discipline around here to not want to go that route.”

Mash continued, “You know, my grandpa used to talk about being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. I’ve thought about his story a lot since getting here. He was in a boot camp much like this one as he described it, except he was being trained to kill instead of trained to fuck. Then they shipped them all over there and he watched his buddies die by the dozens. My point is that there are fates worse than ours, I suppose. Let’s work with these guys, Lovebird; we’ll get some allies; we’ll work the system. I see some hope in this. I feel like… I feel like I have something to hope for since I met you.” They kissed tenderly.

“Okay,” Lovebird whispered quietly. She thought to herself, "Lovebird can do this."

Manual class was about sensual massage. Lovebird and Mash were able to team up again. First Mash massaged Lovebird expertly, since she had been through a few sessions of this. A masseuse was there to coach them and give them pointers. Next it was Lovebird’s turn, and she learned a lot. Mash craved Lovebird’s touch, and was a puddle on the table when Lovebird was done.

Next was anal class. This session, there was no permission required to cum, and men were there to fuck them all in the ass. These men were all skilled lovers who took things at their partner’s pace. Lovebird had a perfectly nice elderly man who did a lot of good prep work with his finger in her anus followed by his easy to accommodate dick. This time Lovebird didn’t need to go, and it was such a different feeling. Lovebird could do this. It was fine, even a bit pleasant. She knelt over the bench as the old man fucked her anus slowly and gently, watching Mash in her glory, who was dealing with a very well endowed muscular Latino man covered in tattoos. He was fucking her excitedly in long strokes, sweat beginning to pour off his muscular body. As she was being fucked, Mash had her eyes shut and was jilling her pussy furiously with one hand while holding herself up with the other. Lovebird could tell that Mash was cumming every minute or two from a combination of the muscular Latino man’s cock and her own jilling. Every once in a while the man would spank one or both of Mash’s ass cheeks, and this seemed to excite her as well. After several more minutes of this, the muscular man shouted, “Take my cum bitch!” And he strained all the way up Mash’s ass to deposit his load. As he slowly withdrew, Lovebird could see his long cock still pulsing and throbbing with cum as it slid out, and finally, as the head of his clock popped out of Mash’s anus, a portion of his huge load of cum splashed out on the bench.

Right about at that time Lovebird felt a wet emission in her own anus. The old man cuddled her, sighed in satisfaction, and said, “Wasn’t that something to watch?”

“That’s Mash, my girlfriend,” replied Lovebird proudly.

“You must be very happy,” remarked the old man, withdrawing his now limp member and starting to gently and thoroughly wipe off Lovebird’s backside and his own cock. When he was done, Lovebird and the old man shook hands, and then he donned his suit coat, grabbed his hat and cane, and slowly ambled out of the room. Lovebird can do this.

Lovebird went over to where Mash was still nearly passed out in a puddle of lube, cum, and her own girl cum and piss. The muscular man had left. Lovebird started to clean Mash off as the nice old man had taught her, while Mash purred and smiled. Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte...

Once Mash’s clothes were again gathered and donned, she and Lovebird walked to lunch, Mash a bit bow-legged. They talked and laughed a lot, caught up a bit with some of Mash’s friends, and talked a little about their session tomorrow.

In Vaginal class, it was size training, groan. Since her recent bad experiences being vaginally penetrated, Lovebird made very little progress in the hour. She could get the 5-inch dildo into her without pain or incident, but the vibrations were not feeling sexy to her. She felt cold, as if someone was standing on her grave. Instinctively, she pressed her throat against the bar in front of her, trying to choke herself, and although this seemed to excite her a little, Ms. Grey saw her and made her stop choking herself, explaining that it was dangerous and should only be performed under very controlled circumstances. So that was that.
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 5

It was in Seduction class that Lovebird finally started to appreciate her soaring popularity among her classmates. The assignment was to write a love or lust note, a “valentine” if you will, to another member of the class, whoever you wanted to. The receiver would be allowed to read the note, of course, but ultimately the teacher would collect them all for grading.

Lovebird started, “Dear Mash, You’ve stolen my heart, you fiend! Now give it back, with interest! I want to touch you and your cunt. I want to please you and your cunt. I want to fuck you and your cunt. I want to worship you and your cunt. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and your cunt. Relent, you succubus! Helplessly, Lovebird.” Lovebird was really enjoying using the word “cunt” a lot, which she just learned earlier that day.

First she got a note from Tinkerbell, the statuesque Moroccan that Mash introduced her to on the first day. “Dear Lovebird, Since meeting you I’ve been thirsting for the electricity of your touch. Please kiss me on the mouth, neck and breasts! Once you go chocolate, you’ll no longer desire those skanky tan nipples you were sucking on late last night, yes I heard it all. I imagine your nipples are as pink as my creamy pussy when I spread it wide in the mirror for myself, touch it, and think about you. Lust, Tinkerbell. PS: JK about Mash’s nipples being skanky, though they are tan, and you’re both cute. Not kidding at all about wanting those kisses. Threesome?”

Lovebird was thinking up a good reply when she got Mash’s note: “Dear Lovebird, I see all these notes these other bitches are passing you, but don’t forget for one instant that you are my whore only to use, abuse, and humiliate as I wish. I know you, so I know you’ll love it when I tie you down so you can’t move and then charge all these bitches $1 apiece to sit on your face until you give them an orgasm. Don’t slow down or I will whip you with my belt! Later Pervert! Mash.” Mash was right. Lovebird started to cream a little thinking about the display, helplessness, and humiliation of this.

Lovebird wrote back quickly to Tinkerbell: “Dear Tinkerbell, My whoremonger cunt cuck girlfriend wants to watch while your ravage me with your kisses. Lust, Lovebird.”

She got a note from Ruby, Tinkerbell’s pal, the one with the dusky skin and the intense expression: “Dear Lovebird, I used to fantasize about being spit-roasted by two well-hung guys, but in the last two days, my shoulder is literally sore from raising my hand for you, if you get my drift. Looking at you in class is like looking into the sun. Come to me my porcelain beauty! I scored higher than Mash in cunnilingus in seven of the last eight competitions! She can’t hold a candle to me! Actually, she has fucked me expertly with a pretty thick candle (not lit). You should really try this with her while I watch and beat off furiously. Lust, Ruby”

To Ruby, Lovebird replied, “Dear Ruby, Sounds like Mash would rather watch. She's selling my tongue for $1 a ride. My dirty humiliated cunt will be free and open for you to ram your candle into during your upcoming face sit. Lust, Lovebird.”

A girl named Tangent, who she did not know, wrote: “Dear Lovebird, My beautiful pale nymph! I ache for you from afar. When I play my violin in the evenings, I wonder only if you’re listening to me. I want to touch you. I want to tease you. I want to rub your feet. I want to compose symphonies in your honor. Will you kiss me in exchange for a foot rub? I am good at kissing and foot rubbing. Love, Tangent.” Come to think of it, she had heard somebody playing the violin. It had been exquisite, transcendent, electrifying the jovial evening atmosphere of the dorms even further.

Lovebird wrote: “Dear Tangent, I hope Mash will sell me to you for the entire evening cheaply and often. I’ve heard your beautiful music and it has made my heart sing. I don’t know who you are or what you look like, but I know I love you already. I think she will let me munch your cunt for free, but perversions like kissing and foot rubbing will probably cost extra, like if you play me that tune you’ve been practicing that kind of climbs up into the rafters. Pay Up or Spread ‘Em, Lovebird.”

Mutt, who Charlotte recalled was the girl who lived one bunk over: “Dearest Lovebird, You’re something else to make a pro like Mash go extracurricular enough to scoot your guys’ bed across the floor. I want some of that! I bated to the sound of you guys getting it on last night. Please keep it up; that action was hawt! Seriously, I’m available if you guys would like another partner. Love & Lust, Mutt.”

To Mutt: “Dearest Mutt, Let’s tie up Mash, and then I can lick you from head to toe and then kiss you very romantically on the mouth and breasts while she watches helplessly. Maybe if she is very good we will let her go enough to lick your toes. Lust, Lovebird. PS: You sounded like a little bird over there – tres cute. Will you make those sounds again for me?”

Here from another distant admirer, apparently: “Dear Lovebird, My band mate is all fucked up about you, while I am more in lust with you. I want to rip all your clothes off and lick every square inch of you. I want to see whether if I stick a lighted dildo in your puss whether you would start to glow all over like a Christmas ornament. I want to see if I could make you talk. Don’t tell my band mate about this because she would kill me with jealousy. Lust, Irish. PS: JK we talk about you all the time. She literally can’t shut up about you. It’s embarrassing.”

“Dear Irish, Songs are more precious to us than cash these days, and my whoremonger already intends to sell me for $1 a ride. I believe we can arrange the lighting ceremony and other perversions for literally a song. Lust, Lovebird. PS: If your band mate is the fiddler, I am so ready to have her babies.”

It was too many messages to answer or even read in class, so Lovebird arranged to take the rest with her and bring them back with her responses the next day. The Kirsten of a mere days ago would have been mortified at all this. Lovebird was taking it all in, becoming more powerful, spreading her wings of love.

Next was Physical Training, and today they studied Krav Maga, which was a type of martial art, she learned. The teacher said it was for self-defense, since they were valuable assets, and although they would be guarded, someone might still try to kidnap them. Lovebird hadn’t had a real workout in days, so she loved the hell out of it.

Finally they were back in the dorms, and Mash was helping Lovebird read through all the love letters she got. “What do you think of all this?” asked Mash.

“I’m surprised. The week ago version of me is mortified,” answered Lovebird. “What do YOU think of all this?”

“It’s perfectly understandable. You’re so striking, Lovebird. You’re so spiritual, and this incredible animal energy just pours out of you. And I love the sound of your laugh.”

“That's the power you give me, lover," responded Lovebird shyly and honestly from her heart. And then curiously, "Do you really want to tie me down and sell face rides on me for a dollar?”

Mash chuckled, “I had fun writing that, but nobody has a dollar in here anyways, and we get enough of the face sitting thing in class.”

“What about last night then?”

Mash looked sheepish, “Not the same. I didn’t have a dollar.” They burst out laughing. “But seriously, what people really want to do is know you, get close to you, bask in your glory. Those are all good things. Good for you. Good for everybody. Not bad for me or us.”

Lovebird heard violin music starting up across the room. “What if I went and kissed my biggest fan right now?” The old Kirsten in her was thrilled and terrified, to witness this new side of herself emerging. Now for Lovebird, this was a perfect expression of her nature.

“Tangent? Spectacular idea! You go do that and report back how it goes.”

“You total slutmongering cuck! You whore-fucking baboon butt! You’re not coming with me?”

“This is your moment. Plus, I’m not going to hover. That would be creepy. Now get to it.”

Lovebird flitted her way through the crowd of girls listening to the band. She reached the clearing where Tangent and Irish were playing with the rest of their band. Tangent was this knockout freckled redhead who looked to be maybe one grade level up from Lovebird, maybe a Freshman. The song stopped abruptly as Lovebird swooped in and grabbed Tangent and kissed her passionately on the lips. A collective “WHOOOO!” rose up from the assembled crowd. Tangent, violin out to one side, bow out to the other, trembled in Lovebird’s arms. Lovebird then whispered into her ear “Apparently my whoremonger cunt of a girlfriend has sold me to you in exchange for our as yet unborn babies. I’m to satisfy any perversion including foot rubbing.”

Tangent whispered back, “I need a drink.” More hoots from the crowd as Tangent set down her violin and the two of them headed to the bar arm in arm. One drink of cinnamon whisky, a little more kissing, a lot of talking and laughing, and one exquisite foot rub later, Tangent headed back to her jam session and Lovebird headed back to Mash to debrief.

“So how was your first bout of being whored out by your whoremonger?” Mash giggled.

“I’m forever hers! She pulled aside her panties to reveal her magnificent 10” cock and proceeded to…”

“I’m serious!”

“Okay, if you must know, I went over and kissed her straight on the mouth, and…”

“That was the hooting I heard?”

“…yeah, and she is a good kisser by the way, and then I whispered in her ear…”


“Secret nasty things…”


“It’s a secret.”

“Tell me, god dammit!”

“Okay, I told her you had sold me to her in exchange for the babies we would have together.”

“Bwahaha! What else?”

“She said she needed a drink…”

“I’ll bet.”

“And so we went and got a drink, and then there was more kissing, and some foot rubs.”

“No scissoring?”

“Jeez, Mash, we’re off the clock here.”

“Extracurricular scissoring is the hottest scissoring.”

“Show me.”

Mash leapt on Lovebird and started tickling her instead.
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 6

When Mash and Lovebird knocked on Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink’s door, Mr. Plaid promptly opened it. “Welcome ladies!” He said jovially. Ms. Pink stood to greet them as well and gave them both a hug. They all took their seats with Mash and Lovebird poised on the couch.

“Just to fill you in, Mash,” Mr. Plaid said, “Lovebird was raped on her way to our school. This was a terrible act, and we’re doing our best to prevent such things in the future, but in the meantime, Lovebird has been terribly hurt, her confidence in herself and others has been terribly hurt, and we want to do our best to heal that injury, but we need both your help. What do you say to that?”

Lovebird said, “I want to get better. I wish I could erase that day of my life, but if you can’t do that, well of course, I want to get better.”

Mash said, “I’ve only known Lovebird for a few days, but I’m really in love with her, and I think she feels the same way about me. I knew something bad had happened to her. I feel awful about what happened to her. I want to kill that man! I would do anything to erase that day of her life, or anything else to help as much as possible.”

“Thank you girls,” said Ms. Pink, and continued, “We think that hypnosis might be the best access to helping Lovebird. We will probably need to use both your given names to do this, because we need to bring her back to a time before the incident. But you two already know each other’s given names, don’t you?”

“Yes, that’s not a problem,” answered Mash.

“I'm kind of digging becoming Lovebird, and I also understand that both Kirsten and Lovebird need some healing, not to be too multiple-personality about it,” answered Lovebird.

“Let me make you a deal,” said Mr. Plaid, “Since the genie is out of the bottle anyway, any time you’re in here with us, you can use either your chosen names or your given names at any time.”

“Great!” said Lovebird.

“It’s a deal,” said Mash.

“Okay Lovebird... Kirsten...,” said Pink, “Focus on this glass sphere I’m holding. See how it changes colors as I move it? Listen to the sound of my voice. Only the sound of my voice. Let the colors calm you. Sooth you. Calm you…”

This went on for some time as Ms. Pink put Lovebird/Kirsten into deep hypnosis. In the meantime, Mr. Plaid took Mash to the side and explained, “This might sound ludicrous to you, but we’re taking Lovebird back to a time in her recent past where as Kirsten she had a vivid experience of being made love to by aliens.”

She glanced over and saw that Ms. Pink was removing her clothes and having the hypnotized Kirsten do the same. “No shit?”

“No shit, Charlotte.”


“So go along with it, Charlotte. You’re going to be in the story.”

“I’m going to be an alien then?”

“No, you’re going to be your essential self, not your school persona of Mash, if that makes any sense. And I’m going to be an alien named Jev. And Ms. Pink will be busy maintaining the rest of the experience for Kirsten, okay?”

“Roger, alien overlord.”

“Cut it out, Charlotte. Take off your clothes.”


“I’m serious. Ready, set, go.”

Kirsten found herself back in the alien spaceship. How could she have forgotten about this? About Jev and all her friends? The bridge was deserted, and she was sitting on a couch instead of the bench or swing she was trapped in last time. She thought about Jev, and there he was standing in front of her, big and naked as life.

“Hi Jev!” she greeted him happily. She had missed him. “I’m free this time!”

“Yes, you’re free. And do you know why you’re here?”

“I don’t know! But it’s great to see you again! Jev, have you been practicing your English? You sound so improved.”

“You are correct. I’ve been practicing my English. And here is Charlotte.”

“Charlotte? Oh Charlotte, there you are! What do you think of Jev’s spaceship? It’s wild, isn’t it? I’m so glad I got the chance to show it to you.”

Charlotte said, “You’re right, this is something else.”

Jev set Kirsten face down onto a familiar shaped wedge on the couch and started massaging Kirsten expertly as before, pouring scented oil on her and rubbing to sooth her muscles. Charlotte was helping, rubbing Kirsten’s breasts and shoulders, back and forth. “Kirsten, Charlotte brought you here to be healed. Are you ready to be healed?”

“I feel good! Do I need to be healed?”

“Yes, we know you need to be healed. You know you need to be healed, too, don’t you? You just don’t want to think about it.” the bridge got darker for a moment, but then brightened up again. Jev continued, “Charlotte knows you need to be healed. Don’t you, Charlotte?”

“Yes, Kirsten. Listen to Jev. You need to be healed.”

“Kirsten, can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, Jev?”

“You enjoyed the loving me and my shipmates gave you, right?”

“Yes, very much!”

Jev thrust his cock into Kirsten’s pussy from behind and started slow smooth strokes in and out while Charlotte looked into her eyes and kept massaging her breasts. It felt wonderful. But there was the darkness again.

“Things are getting dark!” shouted Kirsten fearfully.

“You need to tell us,” said Charlotte, “You need to tell us about the dark. You need to tell us about the rape.”

As she heard Charlotte say the word “rape,” Kirsten’s whole body convulsed in pain. Charlotte and Jev stopped moving, and their touch hurt, but also Kirsten could feel their love hugging her, see the love in Charlotte’s eyes, as she fought the pain. “Fight it, my love!” begged Charlotte, “Tell us!”

“O… okay…” croaked Kirsten. “I woke up next to the bad man. It was my fault. I woke up the bad man. I did that. He pushed me down and licked me. I didn’t like him, but I got excited anyway, because I’m a dirty slut. I encouraged him. It was my fault. Then he hurt me so bad. He hurt me so bad in my private place. It burned so bad. I was all burned up. No more private place.”

“Was it really your fault the bad man woke up?” asked Jev. “Wouldn’t he have woken up anyway?”

Kirsten replied, “I suppose you’re right.”

Charlotte said, “Yes, you’re right Jev. The bad man would have woken up anyway.”

“Charlotte, please come back here. You lick Kirsten’s pretty pussy like you do so well. And I need to keep going. So I’ll keep going in your pretty pussy, okay?”

“What the hell?” asked Charlotte.

“Aren’t I done with my story?” asked Kirsten. “Can I go back to hiding?”

“Kirsten, do you recognize Charlotte’s licking on your private place? Do you feel the love in her licking?”

“Yes, very much.”

After a few minutes: “Are you getting excited?”

“Yes, very much.”

“It’s natural. I’m getting excited too. Very excited to be in Charlotte’s pussy. Like I’ve been very excited in your pussy, right?”


“Everybody gets excited from this.”

“Yes… oh god… yes very much.”

“It’s natural for everybody to get excited from this.”

“Oh god… oh yes…”

“Nature causes everybody to get excited from this.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

“Did you have a cum there?”

“Yes! Yes.”

“It’s natural that you came. Ugh! Now I’m putting my cum into Charlotte’s pussy. It feels so, so, good for me to put my cum in Charlotte’s pussy. Charlotte’s pussy is so sexy, isn’t it?”

“Yes, very much.”

“You fought the bad man. But we can’t fight nature.”


“You did everything you could. Nothing was your fault.”

“Everything I could. Nothing was my fault.”

“Everything you could. Nothing was your fault.”

“And you know what else?” said Jev, pulling his still stiff cock out of Charlotte’s pussy, “The bad man himself is gone forever.”

“Gone forever?”

“Is he here now?”


“He’s gone forever,” repeated Jev, continuing to jerk his cock to keep it stiff, “and the hurt he did to your body is healed forever.”


“Wait a second,” said Jev, moving up behind Kirsten, “When I put my cock in you here, is there pain?”

“No, no pain. Feels good.”

“So it’s healed forever.”

“Healed forever.”

Jev got rid of the wedge, turned Kirsten over on her back, and thrust into her again from the front, holding up her legs and looking soulfully into her eyes. It felt good. Jev began thrusting lovingly and firmly into Kirsten’s pussy. It felt great. Charlotte climbed onto her face and started grinding her pussy into Kirsten's tongue, which Kirsten loved. Kirsten tasted Jev’s cum trickling out of Charlotte’s pussy, and she licked and sucked the wonderful strands into her mouth and swallowed them. Another alien joined them and started sucking and licking on Kirsten’s nipples.

After a few minutes, Kirsten had a soft, gentle, fulfilling cum, and Charlotte came on Kirsten’s mouth shortly thereafter. They continued that rhythm for several cycles, with Kirsten coming on Jev’s wonderful loving cock followed by Charlotte coming on Kirsten’s mouth. After several cycles of this, Jev came in Kirsten’s pussy with a loud grunt. Charlotte then switched with Jev and started lovingly fucking Kirsten with a strapon while the other alien, a female, climbed onto Kirsten’s mouth, and almost immediately had a cum. Then Kirsten and the alien woman started to have a rhythm where Kirsten would cum on Charlotte’s dildo and then the alien woman would cum. Jev had fallen asleep.

Lovebird woke up refreshed on Mr. Plaid’s and Ms. Pink’s couch. Mash was there, too. “Did I fall asleep?” she asked.

“No, darling, you were hypnotized,” answered Ms. Pink.

“Did I cluck like a chicken?”

“No, darling, you did not cluck like a chicken.”

Lovebird turned to Mash and gave her the eye. “I’m sworn to secrecy,” pled Mash. “You either did or did not cluck like a chicken.”

“I’m very proud of you honey. You did very well.” Ms. Pink nudged Mr. Plaid, who had fallen asleep again.

“Were you hypnotized too Mr. Plaid?” asked Lovebird.

“Only by the beauty of you two lovely young ladies.”

“I’ll say, ya perv,” interjected Mash.

“Now Mash, that was uncalled for,” argued Mr. Plaid, “Everything that transpired under hypnosis served a carefully researched clinical purpose, I assure you.”

“Now ladies,” Ms. Pink said before Mash could interject again, “We’ll see you again for another session during Anal class tomorrow, okay?”

The girls nodded and headed out to Anal class. Lovebird and the Kirsten nestled inside her both felt reborn after the first session and lovely inside and out. It was a great day. She didn’t understand why she felt so good, but she loved that a heavy weight had been miraculously lifted from her body. She found what looked like a stray pubic hair stuck in her teeth. Must be Mash’s she thought. No wait, Mash is clean-shaven. Wtf?
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 7

Lovebird seemed to have a bubbly nature that Mash had never seen, and it was so cute. Like she knew it was latent all along, but Mash was seeing this joyous, more playful side of Lovebird emerge. They arrived at Anal class and Ms. Magenta said “anal stretching” and everybody was kind of “meh,” except Lovebird, who said, “Yay! I don’t know what that is, but I’ll give it a try!” This gave everybody a smile. Ms. Magenta gave Lovebird a tootsie pop to suck on while she was trying it out, while the other kids got just the anal stretching. This class started with an enema, so Lovebird ate her tootsie pop while she did her enema, which is not necessarily as unsanitary as it sounds.

The anal stretching machine is an initially small dildo that penetrates the girl’s anus, properly lubricated beforehand, of course, and then proceeds to inflate in length and girth. The dildo also produces a generous amount of hot lubrication “precum” out of the tip to keep the anus and rectum well lubricated during the procedure. It measures the cramping or excitement present in the walls of the rectum as the machine fairly energetically fucks the girl’s ass and proceeds in a reasonably challenging fashion to inflate and test each girl’s unique abilities. Finally, if excitement is present, and cramping is not too severe, a short stroke mode will be entered, and a more spherical “knot” will form near the base of the dildo, resembling the knot that forms in some mammals other than humans, most notably dogs, and the device will push this spherical shape into the anus to “knot” the girl and then express a large amount of hot fluid up the girl’s anal canal. In some girls, this experience, given its careful monitoring of the girl’s cramping and pleasure, could produce several orgasms both before and after the knotting experience in the normally hot-blooded girls chosen for the school. It was unknown whether the careful attention to mammalian biology caused the experience to be so uniquely pleasurable, but this is definitely why the more experienced girls called this device “the dog and pony show.”

Lovebird and Mash grabbed side-by-side machines, climbed on the racing-motorcycle-like seats, bent over, and held hands, smiling at each other. “Vroom!” Lovebird joked.

“Oh you’re laughing now, girl… This is a great sex toy if you’re in the right mood, and I’m thinking you’re in the right mood.”


“We sometimes get this one in Vaginal class, which is oh-my-god. You’re literally continuous cumming for ten minutes after it stops. It’s out of this world.”

“Hah!” said Lovebird, because she was starting to experience the little dildo fucking in and out of her and measuring her anal capacity. It was different all right.

“But I get deeper, more profound orgasms from it in this way.”

“Sounds… nice? Mine’s getting frisky back there.”

“I have a name for mine. I call it Rex. It helps me to have something to shout out when things get intense.”

“You mean like huh… huhh… now? Bowser!” The remains of the tootsie pop fell from her mouth as she shouted the name.

“Bwahaha! Perfect! You even kind of look like Princess Peach, only… hahh… you’re prettier. You’re more like that girl that floats around, …uhhhhhrrrrr… Rosalina? But you’re even prettier than that… Ugh!”

“Oh… god… fuck me in my dirty hole Bowser oh god!”

“Oh god Lovebird you’re such a turn-on… ah… hahh…. REX!”

Being together and in such a happy mood made the hour fly by, even though the workout was intense. Both girls found that hand-in-hand it was easy to open up to the experience. Once the “knotting” was over and the machine had retreated out of her, Lovebird was able to close her resilient young anus fully again in only a few minutes.

The only notable event at lunch was a huge fight between two girls. Mash called it a love-hate relationship. Once the teachers arrived with switches, the fight stopped pretty quickly. Both girls were led off towards the office.

Then it was time for Vaginal class. Lovebird was reluctant, because she had sometimes struggled so much in this class. When Ms. Grey announced that students would be fucking other students with strap-ons and then switching, Lovebird and Mash immediately grabbed each other, but Ms. Grey broke them up, saying they were working too much together, and had to work with other partners. Lovebird’s frown turned into a smile when Tangent burst through the crowd and grabbed her hand. Mash went off with Mutt, towering over the girl. Some sweet loving ensued. For some reason, Lovebird found it much easier and extremely more pleasurable to get fucked in her pussy today, and she came frequently and profoundly in her twenty minutes. Maybe it was just that Tangent was magic, magic, magic! Lovebird worked hard once they switched to give Tangent as much goodness as she had gotten. Ms. Grey gave Kirsten some good pointers to help with her intense efforts to reciprocate on the very receptive and excited Tangent.

In Seduction, it was the face-to-face drill. Each girl stood still and quiet looking into another girl’s eyes for five minutes. Then the pairs would change and it would start again. They spent the last twenty minutes talking about the experience, and some of the comments were profound.

After a light dinner, Lovebird and Mash retired to Mash’s top bunk for some alone time while the evening party babbled and guffawed around them. The Boinkers, Irish’s and Tangent’s band, were playing Dan Hicks’s “I Scare Myself” somewhere nearby. Lovebird and Mash kissed, necked, and massaged each other in a lazy relaxed way for about an hour. They got too hot and kicked off the covers after awhile and turned 69 to suck on each other’s breasts, so they were getting pretty worked up. They slowly needed to work their way down to pussies, and things just got more and more intense. Lovebird was feeling super horny and nasty, so she squeed pretty hard when Mash suggested they make cute and tiny Mutt their love slave. Lovebird had noticed that some peeping and shaking under the blankets activity had been happening over there under the cover of semi-darkness for the last several minutes of their lovemaking.

They climbed down from Mash’s bunk and attacked Mutt in her own bunk from both sides. At first it was a three-way tickle fight. Then it turned into a three-way kissing fight. Then Mash and Lovebird got organized, Lovebird with the new experience of licking and fingering Mutt’s anus and hairy pussy. Because of the dog and pony show today, everyone’s ass was fairly pliable and had been cleaned out fairly thoroughly, so Lovebird had fun fingering Mutt’s tiny but well-prepared ass for awhile. For her part, Mash was deep kissing Mutt, kissing her neck, earlobes, and her relatively good sized breasts for her age, and basically giving everything that she had wanted to pay more attention to when she was too busy fucking her in class earlier. At the same time, Lovebird also had a couple fingers in Mash’s snatch and was lovingly stroking her g-spot.

Mutt started cumming “Eeeeep!” under their concentrated ministrations almost immediately, because Lovebird and Mash were exactly what she had been fixated on, fantasized about, masturbated about for days now. Lovebird was a head taller than Mutt, who was stockier, and Mash was taller than that, so they were just all over her, these tall elven beauties that were all tongues, fingers, and slick bare (or nearly bare in Lovebird’s case) pussies. This was the life!

Mash got urgent to cum given Lovebird’s g-spot rubbing, so she mounted Mutt’s face facing towards Lovebird, who kept sucking on Mutt’s hairy pussy, and she looked deep and unblinkingly into Lovebird’s eyes while she had a big shaking cum on Mutts tongue. Mutt came right after, arching against Lovebird’s tongue and held down by Mash’s face sit. Then Mash climbed off Mutt’s face and felt like giving her main squeeze some attention, so she slid her face down the bed to Lovebird’s pussy and started licking it. Mutt started pumping the fingers of one hand into Mash’s snatch and ass since they were right there for her to love.

It went back and forth, up, around, and down like this for a few more hours. Finally, the party and noise were dying down, and people were increasingly noticing the ruckus the three of them were making on Mutt’s bunk, and finally a couple girls made entreaties for them to quiet down because they were trying to get some sleep. So they cuddled up on Mutt’s bunk, which was big enough for all three of them if they cuddled together, and fell asleep. Later on, Lovebird and Mash woke, moved back to Mash’s bunk and fell back to sleep in each other’s arms, happy and content at their adventure.

Next day’s therapy session under hypnosis occurred much like the last from Kirsten’s standpoint, but notably Jev managed to fuck each of the girls twice and the alien woman once before falling asleep. Kirsten also couldn’t figure out why she kept forgetting all about Jev and his spaceship between sessions. Also notable was that Charlotte’s reluctance towards Jev had diminished greatly today, probably because Jev is really such a nice alien.

But even so Charlotte seemed to revel in saying all kinds of nasty names and things to Jev. “Yes you cherry-popping cradle-robbing alien perv, break my tiny cunt with your giant twirling alien tentacle! Roll me on like a fucking slut-flavored alien condom! Mate me daddy alien! Stretch open my cervix like a space invader! Put-those-alien-babies-deep-inside-me-yeah! …uuuuuhhhHHH!” It was hot to watch Charlotte get fucked really intensely in her puss by Jev, their eyes locked, Charlotte screaming the vilest encouragement she could muster, and increasingly it made her thirst for her own turn of screaming and cumming on Jev’s able and loving tool. The alien woman fluffed her by slowly and lovingly tonguing her clit and letting her juices flow as she awaited her turn on Jev’s inspired cock.
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Chapter 4: Academy Part 8

As Lovebird was feeling much better about having boys and men large and small plow her little quim, her and Mash’s sessions with Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink went from daily to every other day to weekly. Although she could tolerate practically any size with sufficient preparation and care and have at least an orgasm or two, being a petite girl still less than 100 pounds, she preferred men of average size or less. A good lover on the minimum of the scale in terms of size was better for her than an average lover of any size, as far as she was concerned. And by good she meant kind, considerate, and fun to be with, not necessarily technically skilled.

In terms of hotness of the encounter, a lot of other things seemed to matter more to her than how she was getting stimulation. She liked to be restrained, blindfolded even, in a safe environment. She liked people to use her for their pleasure. She didn’t like pain, but she could like stress, and a little paddling or whipping could be hot. She liked to be choked, despite her one bad experience with it. She liked to be helpless. She liked to be watched. She liked being watched by excited people. She liked men and women to cum on her. She also liked to taste and swallow cum, women’s more than men’s. She thought men’s cum tasted just fine, though. She didn’t want to swallow a gallon of it, but a few loads were just fine. She liked women and men about equally as sex partners, all other things being equal.

Lovebird’s relationship with Mash continued to be close. They got a couple nickname of Lovemash because teenagers love making up stuff like that. It quickly turned into a verb as well. For example, “Tangent got Lovemashed last night,” due to the pair’s proclivity for showing up seemingly by magic on both sides of a biddable girl in her bunk and having a wide range of extracurricular activities with her until they made too much noise or were otherwise convinced to relent by the rest of the dorm who wanted enough peace and quiet to sleep.

Often the other girls would masturbate to the sound or sight of their activities if well situated and they were feeling horny, which, being all hot-blooded girls, they often were. The two groups were discussed openly, as in “Are you gonna be a ‘bater or a hater tonight?” As these girls were being worked pretty hard sexually in class six days a week, membership in both of these groups was pretty fluid.

Lovebird and Mash weren’t doing this every single night, either, maybe two or three times a week. It was best if there was an element of surprise. Often they just stayed in Mash’s bunk and tried to play pretty quietly, or Mutt aka “Lovemash #1” came for a visit. There was almost always a Lovemash with a new girl on Saturday night though, because on Sunday all the girls got the day off. These were often planned affairs with party poppers or popper poppers and other fanfare.

Sometimes there was a Lovemash on Sunday mornings as well, or the Saturday night Lovemash extended into Sunday morning with a sleep break, because it was great to stay in bed Sunday mornings. These events were always known as “Newspaper Lovemashes” because Lovebird and Mash always brought the Sunday New York Times with them on Sunday mornings.

So there was, “Do you think there’s going to be a Lovemash tonight?” or “God I hope there’s not another Lovemash tonight, I need a good sleep.” There were, due to the rise in extracurricular sexual energy among the girls, many more hardcore trysts and threesomes among the girls in the evenings than before, but none of these received nicknames, or the same nickname was used, as in “Tangent and Irish Lovemashed Tinkerbell last night.”

As the weeks continued, Lovebird improved with her schoolwork by leaps and bounds, and outpaced even Mash in most activities, except whispering or shouting nasty encouragement to her lovers, a matter in which Mash was singularly inspired.

Lovebird’s hymen cells were grown in culture and then 3D printed into a new hymen for her, and then this hymen was grafted to the remainder of her original hymen by ingenious means. This was done as practically a routine matter by the Organization, since they could profit greatly by selling the virginity of a girl Lovebird’s age over and over again this way, and it would be absolutely convincing with an actress as good as Lovebird, provided she didn’t freak out because of her own very scary deflowering experience. So it was decided that it would be part of her therapy to overcome her fear of being deflowered or at least be okay enough with it for it not to be torture either for her or for any hypothetical future customer that she scratched the eyes out of as a result.

Her second time being deflowered, Mr. Plaid did the deed, with Mash and Ms. Pink helping to make everything cozy and wonderful before and after. Even so, Lovebird got sick and threw up. After that was all cleaned up, she resumed with Mr. Plaid, getting back on the horse as it were, and she sobbed and came and sobbed some more through the rest of it, and she pulled through. Lovebird reported about the sobbing that she just felt so emotional, and she felt comfortable with the rest of them to just let it all out of her.

Three weeks later, she had to report to the office to get another hymen grafted in. This was getting tiresome. Her third deflowering a week later was in a private room with a stranger. She got along well with the man, and they did plenty of petting beforehand, so after a while of all these preliminaries she was itching to get fucked hymen or no hymen. So, the man broke her third hymen with his quite nice sized cock. She knew what to expect this time, so it was fine, and she started enjoying the fuck almost right away afterwards. After cumming the first few times, she started crying again, because she was feeling close enough to this guy, and that wasn’t a problem. In fact, it lent an air of authenticity to her being a virgin. So, they didn’t make Lovebird get yet another hymen. The hymens took a week to heal after being grafted in, and it had been interfering with her schoolwork. So it was three hymens and done for the time being.

It was decided that Mash would graduate with Lovebird, or rather that Lovebird would graduate early with Mash and her class, which included Tinkerbell, Tangent, Irish, Mutt, and other good friends of theirs. Also, it was promised via Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink that if Lovebird and Mash worked reasonably diligently for the Organization, they could spend their free time together. They would usually travel once a week, do one or two jobs over a weekend, then the rest of the week would be free time until they had to travel again, usually on Thursdays.

Their graduation party was huge, and it lasted from Saturday night right after class all through Sunday until late, late Sunday night. There were special treats for all the graduating girls. Lovebird’s special treat was to be tied tummy down on a special swing suspended from the rafters at just the right height for any of the girls to fuck her with a strapon in either the pussy or the ass. Once situated, they gave her an enema. There was a step for Mutt and some of the other girls to stand on if they needed to, or if they needed that special angle to get really deep into her ass, quim, or throat. There was also a high chair near her face so that one girl could grab her by the braids and get a really good pussy licking while another fucked her pretty much as violently as they could manage in the pussy or ass. Mash had designed this rig especially and called it “Lovebird in Flight.”

Pretty much every girl in Lovebird’s dorm took at least one turn on her in the approximately six hours she was bound in this way. Also, Lovebird was definitely visited for special treatment by the prominent doms from the other dorms as well. They added some very gentle clothespins to her nipples, labia, and ears, among other refinements. Another shot really hot batches of lube, about 102F, up her ass and pussy with a turkey baster. Another whipped her expertly as she was held on the edge of orgasm from Tangent pumping her asshole with a large strapon.

Mash kept Lovebird well supplied with shots of whiskey and marijuana brownie bites during the ordeal, in which Lovebird came countless times. One time Lovebird passed out and Mash stood up on the chair and peed on Lovebird’s head and face to wake her back up. For about an hour they tied a vibrator into her pussy while girls took turns fucking her in the ass while they controlled the vibrator. It was great fun with the dominant girls in the dorms, and heaven for Lovebird. Mash was mostly busy as the master of ceremonies, fluffing the girls waiting to participate in the ordeal in full view of Lovebird, but also she took a few turns in the front and the back, as well as toying herself pretty continuously with a vibrator throughout, getting off on seeing all the girls dominate her lover and her lover receive it so joyously and responsively.

Lovebird awoke on Sunday morning in plenty of time to spring Mash’s special surprise on her. Lovebird knew that they would be swimming in cute girls all weekend, but a girl like Mash also wants some men. So she had arranged with Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink to gather up the biddable men in the facility to gangbang Charlotte for a couple of hours as a little palette cleanser for their 30-hour girls binge.

The 30 or so men had gathered in Mr. Plaid’s and Ms. Pink’s office. Lovebird made sure that Mash came prepared to the party. The men were fairly expert, and could and did take Mash in the quim, anus, and mouth simultaneously and fairly continuously given the expert fluffing of Ms. Pink and Kirsten. There was hardly any sassy talk from Mash during this event! Instead, there was mostly continuous choking on cocks. Within the two hours, nearly all the men had cum once in one of Mash’s three holes, some twice, quite a feat given the numbers who were present. Of course, plenty of men were excited to move on to Lovebird and Ms. Pink after this, and the two other girls did their best to accommodate this overflow as long as it didn’t interfere with Mash’s continuous stuffing with the plentiful cock. At the end of the two hour meeting, Mash and Lovebird were ready to go back to the dorms. Ms. Pink looked at them pleadingly as there were still many men who were excited to go more times in the room, and some had arrived late. The Lovemash duo promised to send help.

First, Lovebird and Mash convinced Tangent and Irish that they had to see this interesting thing in Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink’s office, and sure enough there were a lot of interesting things in there to see. A couple of hours later they saw Irish and Tangent return to the party a bit bowlegged and convince two others of their band members to follow them. “Lord, those guys over there are still going!” remarked Lovebird to Mash, who was busy trying to finger two girls simultaneously to orgasm while balancing a shot glass full of whiskey on her forehead.

“There is a strong biological urge to propagate the species,” replied Mash, the whisky dancing just slightly as she briskly fingered the two girls without skipping a beat, “and a lot of those guys over there like only women! I feel sorry for them.” And then both the girls came, and Lovebird grabbed the shot glass off Mash’s forehead before it could spill from the two orgasming girls falling over on top of them, and she knocked the whisky down. A bet is a bet.

Sunday evening, everybody gathered their mattresses, blankets, and pillows in a big pile in the middle of the dorm, the bunks pushed off to the sides. All the girls, some naked, some in some pajamas, just cuddled all together. They just all wanted to spend their last few hours together really close. A few Lovemashes happened, though none by the original Lovemash, as Lovebird and Mash were content to listen to the band play music, cuddle, hug and kiss everybody, and tell everybody how much they would miss them, and to write, because it was understood that the Organization would see to it that the girls would be able to correspond with one another. Still, it was the end of an era at the school to see Lovebird, Mash, and the rest of the graduating girls leave. Would there ever be another class like this one, or another such time in all these girls’ lives?
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Chapter 5: Assignments Part 1

Bob the bodyguard drove Lovebird up to a huge manor house somewhere in the South of France. For the purposes of this assignment, Bob would be playing her dad. Bob was a quiet and giant man. Her assignment was to take the virginity of a rich boy her own age by the name of Nicholas. The boy’s dad Bruce apparently thought it was time that the deed was done.

The boy and his dad met Bob and Lovebird in the foyer. “Now kids, you run off and play,” said the dad, and addressing Lovebird, “Your dad and I need to talk business for a few hours, and we don’t want to be disturbed.” He was speaking excellent English for her benefit.

The son also spoke impeccable English. “Well, my family is part English, so we visit there often,” he said by way of explanation. Once they got upstairs to what Lovebird supposed was his study, and shut the door, the boy added, “So, I know why you’re here. I’ve overheard my dad. He doesn’t have the best security measures.”

“Why I’m here?” asked Lovebird innocently, “Do illuminate.”

“My dad thinks it’s time for me to do the deed.”

“Wait, WHAT?” said Lovebird, “What kind of a girl do you think I am?”

Nick looked at her intently, frightened, thinking he’d got it wrong, “Uhh… that IS why you’re here, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, just fucking with you,” Lovebird chuckled, “Before… you know…” she continued, grabbing him by his cute little tie, “...the actual fucking.”

“Well, I appreciate it and all…” continued Nick, retrieving his tie.

“Why am I starting to think there doesn’t want to be fucking?” asked Lovebird, a little miffed.

“Well my dad wants there to be fucking…”

“Fuck your fucking dad!” retorted Lovebird, getting a little more bent, “I’m not here for him! What do YOU want?”

“Me? I'd rather not be introduced to sex by being bred like some animal by my dad.”

With that sobering thought, Lovebird responded, “I can appreciate that. But your dad’s not here now…” she said, lifting her blouse up to the midriff, “Don’t you want to at least touch them and make up your mind then?” After all, she was here to do a good and professional job. A little bit of client reluctance was not a problem.

“You can be sure that my dad is watching all this on multiple hidden cameras.”

Lovebird stopped toying with him. “That’s not allowed,” she replied flatly.

A moment later, she received a text message from Bob, “Cameras disabled with extreme prejudice.”

“Yeah, Bob killed the cameras. Your dad will be fined heavily for that. He signed a contract. Yeah, I can’t be photographed or videoed. It’s for security. Clients have to agree to it beforehand.” Then Lovebird rallied, “Too bad; your pervy old dad will have to use his pervy old imagination to dream up what you are about to experience first hand.”

“What about you?” pleaded Nick, “Do you want to do this? I mean, with me? And why would that be, since we’ve only just now met? I’m pleased to meet you and all, by the way. I’m Nick. And you are?” he held out his hand.

Lovebird took it and shook it. And noticed the $30,000 gold Rolex on his wrist. “I’m Lovebird.”

“That’s your given name?”

“That's my chosen name.”

“Whatever. I’m pleased to meet you, Lovebird.”

"It was given to me by my friends, and it was chosen by me, okay? It's what I want to be called in my new life. And it's dangerous for you to know my birth name or really anything about my former identity. I don't want you to get hurt. And I want to be able to keep doing what I'm doing. That's the whole truth, okay?"

"Fair enough."

“Getting back to your question, why would I want to with you?” said Lovebird, “I can tell you’re a kind and considerate man, because only a kind and considerate man would ask me what’s in it for me. And I already knew you were fun to be with because of this whole conversation I’ve never had before. So kind, considerate, and fun to be with, that checks all my boxes.”

“All your boxes? I’m flattered, but you’re not that simple,” Nick smirked.

Busted. “All my boxes and smart and perceptive too? Okay, you’re really getting me wet now.”

“Cut it out. Can you be real with me?”

“I am being real with you, and I’m being playful, because that’s me. And it’s my policy and training to keep the rest of my life private. I live a pretty good life, I think. But I think most people wouldn’t approve of it. I don’t need their approval and I don't want their opinion.”

“I didn’t ask you so I could disapprove of you.”

“I know that, but it’s my policy.”

“If we’re going to slap the meat puppets together, I want to be in your world. Is that too much to ask of my first one? I want to slap the… brain puppets and soul puppets as well.”

“Soul puppets, eh? All the little puppets?” said Lovebird, making lewd gestures with her fingers, “That will cost extra,” she said, holding out her hand playfully, “What have you got?”

Smirking, Nick took out his wallet and put all his cash, amounting to $130, into her hand. He considered for a moment, and then took off his Rolex watch and put it into her hand as well.

“You’re not kidding,” breathed Lovebird, sobered.

“Not kidding,” replied Nick.

“Okay then. You’ll be the first boy my near own age I’ve ever done it with. It’s like nature intended. I get to feel like a regular girl really for the first time.”

That hung in the air for a minute between them.

Nick’s curiosity got the best of him, “How many men have you been with?”



“I’ve lost count.”


“Forty or fifty different men, okay? Some of them multiple times. I really have lost count. Are you grossed out yet?”

"Did you want to?"

"Several I wanted to. Some were more like schoolwork. One was against my will."

Nick stepped up to her and hugged her.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, okay?”

“I don’t feel sorry for you. Well, I do feel sorry about the rape. That is fucking awful! Nobody should have to suffer that."

"I'm over it."

"And you definitely do not gross me out. You are you, and I am fascinated by you. Are you having fun in your life? Fun here?”


“Then I’m not worried; I’m happy.”

“Shouldn’t I be the psychoanalyst here?” Lovebird insisted, “I mean, you just paid me a Rolex.”

Nick laughed and hugged her again, and Lovebird hugged back. “So what do you want to do?”

“I want to talk.”

“No fooling around?”

“I don’t hate my dad more than I like you. My dad’s not worth it. Yes, fooling around.”

With that, Lovebird ran off giggling to Nick’s adjoining bedroom, and Nick chased after her.

Lovebird stood on his bed in jumping jack fashion and declared,” I want you to undress me carefully and kiss and lick every inch of my body while you’re doing it!”

Nick followed her instructions, relieved at her guidance. He got down to kissing her quim kind of chastely and said, “I’m sorry I’m not one of those guys; I don’t know what to do.”

“One of whose guys?”

“You know, the guys on the porn.”

“I’ve never watched porn. That’s videos of people having sex, right?”

“You’ve never watched porn? You’ve fucked forty guys but you’ve never watched porn?”

“Where I was brought up, they didn’t allow it. And then it wasn’t part of my schooling.” She jumped a few times on his big fluffy bed while he bounced around on his knees on the bed. Then she climbed under the blankets because she was naked, and she was not sure she liked answering personal questions naked.

“Your schooling?”

“Yes, I went to fucking school. Fucking and a lot of other things school.” So she told him about the school, because he was obviously curious, and he had questions, and she answered him. While she did this, Nick lay down on top of the bed and watched her, her beautiful face and her beautiful breasts of this beautiful girl in his bed. And her life was fascinating! And she, with her stunning smiling story telling face and porcelain breasts tipped with perfect pink points of nipples, this was all of geography.

“You’ve led such an interesting life. I fear I’m going to disappoint you.”

“That porn shit has gotten into your head. It’s probably mostly fake. Please forget it all. I want you, not some porn star. I want the kind, considerate, entertaining, and very generous man in front of me.”

“Okay, will you tell me what to do?”

“Sure, but I don’t want to order you around too much. I’ll give you some guidance. We’ll take it slow, and do some stuff a lot of people seem to like first, and then we can maybe get inventive.”

“I have another problem. I have premature ejaculation.”

Lovebird laughed, “Honey, you have 13-year-old ejaculation. Plus you’ve never been in a pussy before. So I expect you to last about two strokes the first time, maybe three if you’re already bored of me. But we can do it again.”

“Don’t kid about me being bored with you,” he said intensely, “Yes, we can do it again.”

“Yes, we can do it again and again, many times. I plan to fuck you until you can’t cum or get hard anymore.”

“Is that possible?”

“I’m not sure at you’re age, but I’m going to find out.” They laughed. He was getting less nervous.

“Yes, I’ve had full-grown experienced men come in me after two strokes, so you don’t stand a chance.”

“So I guess all that stuff in porn is really fake.”

“Maybe they film it in reverse.” More laughter.

“Can I get in there with you?” he asked.

“Yes, but you have to undress first.”

“Okay.” He jerked off his clothes in a hurry. Lovebird got a look at him. Nick was well built for a 13-year-old boy, still some baby fat, starting to show some nice muscle, and so young! As Kirsten, Lovebird had played peek-a-boo with boys, but she had never seen a man this young, one that was earnest and ready to be inside her. It was electrifying. He was just crouched over her on top of the bed. Waiting for more instructions, perhaps.

“I can tell that you’re already pretty excited, and I don’t want to miss this, so here’s what I’m going to do and what I want you to do. In a moment, I’m going to put down these covers. Then I’m going to lie down on my back and spread my legs. Then you’re going to get on your knees between my legs, and together, we’re going to make sure your cock gets into my quim without further incident.”

“Aren’t we supposed to do a lot of other things first?”

“You’re past that for now, so we’ll get back to all that stuff, don’t you worry. If we do that stuff now, you’ll pop off in the air instead of in my cunt where I really want your first load.” These sexy directions were making the poor boy start to shake, but she wanted to manage to get him inside her in time. “Focus! Listen!” she continued, “Okay. Once we get it in, you can just rest there, you can lie on top of me, you’re not heavy and I like some weight, and you can start moving if you like, whatever you feel like, just don’t pull it out.”

“Shouldn’t I pull it out and shoot it on your breasts or your face or something?”

“No, let me be very clear. I want your first load in my quim if you can manage to. It’s okay if things accidentally go wrong, but I want it there if possible. Don’t try any acrobatics. We have several more times, I’m sure, but I want you to feel what a man feels when he shoots his cum inside a woman. It’s very special.”

Lovebird and Nick both pushed down the covers. Nick grabbed them and threw them off the bed. Lovebird laughed and lay down, got a pillow under her head, and spread her legs up and wide. Her young little quim was slick from all their verbal foreplay, and she was so ready to get Nick’s first pop. She wanted it to be perfect for him.

Nick knelt between her legs and got his cock near her opening pretty gracefully. She guided him in and he pushed in the rest of the way on autopilot. He was still now, balls deep inside her, but he was shaking, his ass was actually shaking. She didn’t think he had popped off yet, but he was extremely close. She had both her hands on his lovely juvenile ass, and this was all so sexy, just waiting for what he would do next and what would come next, and his genuine virginal brain burn from just being inside her. She was so proud of herself in that moment of love, and so proud of him for even making it into her.

“Don’t come out too far,” she coached, “just short strokes, short strokes.” Nick pulled out a little and pushed in again pretty forcefully. She felt him brush past her cervix. She was so ready for it. Another little pump, and then another. And then pump, pump, pump, BOOM! She could feel every muscle in Nick’s ass and whole body straining into her, “OhhhrrrRRRAAAAAA!”

Then he fell softly onto her, shaking still. Thirty seconds passed.

“How was that,” Lovebird smiled, “my lion?”

“How and why the fuck does a man ever want to pull his dick out of a woman before that happens?”

“I don’t know! It’s definitely not natural.”

“I’d say it’s about impossible,” he laughed.

“Novelty, perhaps? Men always like novelty.”

“Novelty?” Nick scoffed. “There are worlds in there. Universes!”

“Thank you I guess?”

“Why am I ever going to come out of you?” he smiled down at her.

“Well, eventually, you’ll get soft.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Does it hurt to move?”

He tried a few thrusts with his still hard cock. “No, feels great.”

“Continue,” said Lovebird, her voice trembling a little, because she realized this all had brought her very close to her own peak. She tried to hold herself back, because she felt as though this cowboy needed a little more smooth riding in the saddle before she started trying to buck him off. And she felt a big one coming up from her toes, focusing on her trembling pussy, ass, abs, everything just connected and throbbing and thrilling.

His thrusts felt so damn good. Better than any she could remember feeling before. She was getting so hot. “You’re turning pink,” Nick remarked, just before Lovebird said, “yYEEAAAH!” and spasmed in a really hard orgasm, bucking him off her and sending him tumbling onto the floor.

Nick poked his head up and looked at her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, you just gave me one of the best orgasms of my life, Nick! Didn’t your porn show you any of that?”

“Not much of it really.”


“Really. And I thought it was fake. I didn’t know girls actually did it. Especially not like that.”

“Well, we do. If we’re in the right mood and we’ve been rubbed in the right ways by the right partner.”

“Good to know.”

“Get up here and fuck me more right now!”

“Yes ma’am.” Nick got back up on the bed and kept going in her, and put two more loads straining deep in her pussy and full of exquisite joy before finally getting soft. This was about twelve minutes more of activity, so Lovebird came six more times in that time, and they were good deep shaking ones that were increasingly nice, and she held on tightly to Nick during them and he held on tightly to her, not being caught off guard so much anymore. She was really practically coming the whole time. It was just so nice to grab his excited young ass, feel his excitement at every thrust, and know that she was rocking his world so profoundly.

Nick realized that he really needed to put his weight on her and hold her down a lot so that she had something to strain against when her orgasms came. That made them better for her. He was out of his mind with pleasure. Even so, being an innately considerate lover, he tried his best to chill and focus on her.

They made love the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. She showed him all the basic positions and some wild positions from the Kama Sutra that they mostly both laughed at. They tried Lovebird’s ass, and Nick came in there, but he said he liked her pussy better, and he didn’t like having to stop to wash off carefully afterwards. He came pretty quickly with the blowjob, and Lovebird showed him his cum in her mouth and then swallowed it. Nick said he’d seen that in porn, and Lovebird stopped him and said, “This is me, a real person who cares about you Nick. I wanted to show you how much I love sucking your cock and accepting and swallowing your seed deep into me afterwards. That’s why I did it. I’ve never seen a porn. But I want you to know I want to accept you into me any way you want to have me, and I love it.” They just hugged for a while after that.

Then Lovebird played a game with him called “Let’s do something you’ve never seen in porn.” They came up with her reading to him from a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets while he fucked her from behind. He liked the sound of her voice getting more and more tense and then cumming as she haltingly mouthed the immortal words, then regathering her wits, and continuing.

Finally, he did get exhausted and sore, and so was she, but in the best way possible, she felt. They promised to write each to each other. Lovebird wanted to visit Nick again, but she wasn’t sure that it was possible given that this was a work assignment, and this was her line of work. She would have to see if she could work it out with her employers. So she said nothing to him.

They said their goodbyes at the door, with Nick's dad a little bent by seeing his son's Rolex worn ostentatiously on Lovebird's wrist. But dad kept a stiff upper lip through the goodbye. He wouldn't give his guests the impression he cared about the money, and he wouldn't give his son the satisfaction of getting his goat in front of their guests. And so Bob and Lovebird climbed back into the Bentley and Bob drove her away. Next time, and there just had to be a next time, she wanted to bring Mash with her. She giggled quietly to herself in the car at this thought.
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Chapter 5: Assignments Part 2

As Bob drove back the five or so hours to Paris, Lovebird texted Mash.

“Where are you?”

“Just arrived Paris unpacking room 472”

“We’re headed there now see you soon.” Then to Bob, “What’s our ETA?”

“Two AM, sweetie.”

Back to Mash, “ETA 2 AM. Ugh. I have news.”


“Speak in person”


Lovebird then communicated to the powers that be.

“Dear Organization:

“Nick was great fun, seriously five stars, and I want to see him again in my free time if that’s not a problem. Also I want to bring Mash along if that would be okay. Also you should know that Nick gave me his gold Rolex, but that’s not why I want him again; you know I don’t care about that kind of stuff really. Except I like him, so I will probably wear it whenever I can.

“His dad broke the rules and is probably a perv, but don’t blame Nick for that, and who am I kidding, you guys are like pervs-are-us (no offense). But I know you don’t like guys who break the rules, and neither do I. Nick told me about it right away, but I guess Bob had already figured it out. Anyway, don’t blame Nick because his dad is a creep.

“Anyways, let me know about the return visit, perhaps soon because we’re already nearby?

“Sincerely (Seriously),


About an hour later, she woke up to a return email.

“Dear Lovebird,

“Congrats on your first mission going so well!

“We can arrange for you to visit Nick again. That’s why we call it free time. That said, you can’t fall head over heels with every assignment we give you and plan return trips all the time. It’s just not mathematically possible, as you’ll soon see. But within reason, as long as everybody’s amenable, sure. Also, Mash can go with you if she wants to.

“Also, consider your love life could get complex. You don’t have to worry about Bruce, because he’s a creep, and we probably won’t want to do business with him again, but consider if you fall for another boy, and then a week or a month or a year later, his dad wants to buy some of your time. That’s the business we’re in, n’est ce pas? It could get complicated. You will have deniability because no evidence is allowed, but still, there might be arguments between father and son and all manner of fucked up stuff going on in that family, and if they stick to the rules, we can’t just blacklist every dad who is Jonesing to buy his son’s girlfriend. That's a pretty common fantasy for dads, but in the case of you being the girlfriend, the fantasy could become reality for the right price. That said, we will probably charge extra for that privilege. But take it from pervs-are-me, such a dad would gladly pay much extra. I’m just saying it could get complicated, so watch your heart, and know that we will always try to do right by you so that you don’t end up in the middle of any such fucked up shit, but there’s a limit to what we can do without losing our best pervy customers or shutting our whole business down.

“Tomorrow, both you guys are getting new hymens (sorry about that), so no return trips this week. I’ll see if I can play around with your schedule so you can stay longer in the area. We’ll get it arranged.

“Give my love to Mash. She is truly the wildest ride I’ve ever had.


Mr. Plaid

“PS Ms Pink says hi.”

She wrote to Nick.

“Dear Nick,

“It’s being arranged. My people will be in touch with your people.

“I’ll have a surprise for you.



Then she fell asleep again. When she woke up, they were parked in front of the hotel in Paris, and Bob was grabbing their bags out of the back. Lovebird raced to the elevator and pushed the button. Bob slowly got their key cards and ambled over to the elevator, and Lovebird was still waiting there tapping her foot. “I should have taken the stairs.”

“You don’t know what room it is yet. It’s 472,” Bob said, handing her card to her.

“The magic of text messaging, Bob,” she replied, waving her phone at him. In the elevator, she called Mash, “We’re here!” Grogginess and then cheering on the other end of the line.

When the elevator doors opened, Mash was there in her pajama top and undies to hug her, and they just hugged for awhile while Bob ambled down the hall, put Lovebird’s bags in 472, and opened his door, 474, and put his bags in there. They ran back to their room, but stopped when Bob said, “Are you going to be okay, kids?”

“Sure, Bob,” said Lovebird.

“Don’t think about us, Bob,” said Mash, pulling up her pajama top and down her panties to flash him her tits and bare pube, “Don’t think about us tongue-fucking each other until dawn, or anything like that.”

“Hmph,” said Bob. “Quiet down. This is a respectable hotel hallway in the middle of the night. Is Bill here?”

Mash replied, “Yes, in room 470, Bob. Way to kill the mood, Bob.”

Bill was poking his head out the door now. The bodyguards gave each other a silent wave. “She giving you crap again?”

“Hmph.” Said Bob, “Night all.” He went into his room and shut the door.

“Bye, girls,” said Bill, and he shut his door again.

The girls ran into their room and shut the door. They had a big pillow fight, but they were tired, and it was 2 in the morning, so it didn’t last long, despite their excitement at seeing each other again and realizing that the Organization was going to do things as it had promised. Mash told of her experience with some random guy, and then Lovebird told Mash about Nick. Mash was cross-eyed with envy at Lovebird’s description. Lovebird pulled out her two-headed L-shaped dildo and tried to show Mash what was so special about fucking Nick. After five or six orgasms apiece while Mash described in the most uncouth language imaginable just how she would steal Nick away from Lovebird, they finally fell asleep, exhausted, in each other’s arms.

The next day, they woke up at noon, had room service of waffles and orange juice, then it was off to the doctor to get the new hymens put in, ugh. Bob took them, and they bitched the whole way there and whined the whole way back. Mash was in so much discomfort she forgot to taunt Bob. They retired to their room with a tube of anesthetic gel apiece for their hurting pussy openings that had already been handled roughly the day before by work and the night before by play. Lovebird didn’t remember it being this bad before. Maybe this was not as good as the surgeon at the camp, or maybe they just played too much last night.

“Dear Lovebird,

“So excited to hear from you! I didn’t expect to hear from you right away, or I would have been on top of my email right from the start. I am used to reading my email once a day, but now I have all the alerts and alarms set so that my phone goes off every time I get an email. It will drive me nuts, but less nuts than missing your next email by even a minute.

“You pulled some strings! You’re coming to see me again! I am completely at your disposal. I made my dad promise to butt out and give me freedom around this, and he agreed, so he is not entirely a bastard. I in turn agreed not to give you any more watches or other trinkets, family heirlooms, etc. Whatever, sure, worth it to have him not interfere. And also, I had to promise not to get too attached. Whatever. I lied.

“I know you have a difficult job to do that involves being with other men and probably women. I can deal with that. But I can’t unlove you. In fact, I must love you always. Not in a way that demands anything, but in a way that will always be happy to be with you and do whatever’s natural and appropriate to get to the heart of the matter. It’s just the way I’m built, I think. I don’t know. I’ve never loved anyone like this.

“Anyway, what’s the surprise? I’m very curious. Do illuminate, as you are wont to say.



“Dear Nick,

“I want to tell you the surprise because I want you to be prepared for the surprise, and it’s a great surprise.

“First of all, thank you for the loving email. I feel the same way about loving people. Anyone I’ve ever loved in this way, romantically, I’ll love them always. You said it brilliantly, and I feel the same way about you.

“Now for the surprise. Remember my school? Well, the first person I met there jumped out of the top bunk of my bed practically on top of me, naked. And it was like it was with us, just magic when our eyes met, in this instance. Her name is Mash. Anyway, she’s still my lover, in fact we luckily got them to allow us to stay together when we’re not working. We’re so happy, because we were worried they could have split us up, but we just found out they kept their word. So we’re very happy and relieved.

“Anyway, she’s excited to meet this man I’ve been talking nonstop about, and I got permission to bring her with me when I visit you. I hope this is not too weird for you. I know she’s a stranger, but I can confidently promise you’ll like her as much as I do. Just to warn you, this all probably won’t stay any more chaste than my last visit, but worst case, if you can’t feel comfortable about this, she is happy to cool her heels in the foyer while we make out.

“I hope you will allow us both into your bed, though. We do this thing called a “Lovemash” that’s difficult to describe in words or exactly at all, but it was famous throughout our whole school, I shit you not. Mostly we did it with girls. In fact, exclusively we did it with girls. You will in fact be our first man if you are so willing. We think we can adapt it sufficiently so as not to kill you with pleasure. Anyway, hope you’re intrigued.

“So that’s my surprise. Don’t worry my love. Trust me. Your heart can grow bigger.



After Lovebird shared these emails with Mash, they continued to lay in bed until dinnertime, and read other stuff, and talk about deep things. The only sexy thing that happened was that Mash had really missed Lovebird’s ass, and was also really kind of worked up sexy about the whole Nick Lovemash thing, and so Lovebird let Mash fuck her slowly and gently in the ass with a vibrator, and that actually felt pretty good to Lovebird after awhile, and she came after about 20 minutes of that. The thing itself, the loving and gentle touching, and Mash’s enjoyment of the spectacle altogether made her pussy feel much better afterwards. So then she fucked Mash’s ass with the vibrator, and Mash came to agree (and had two or three cums too, being already worked up about everything).
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Chapter 5: Assignments Part 3

“Dear Lovebird,

“I trust you. If you think I’ll like her, I’m not worried, I’m happy.

“Like any normal French boy I have of course fantasized about having a veritable trove of girls in my bed, and I have imagined fucking away without a care with all of them together and separately in every possible combination my mind or porn could dream up. But that was all make-believe. Now that you’ve shown me how it really is, I realize my heart is right in the middle of this.

“I can tell you I’m not jealous of Mash. When I read that part my heart leapt, and I was happy the girl I love so much wasn’t basically alone in her life, facing all she faces, and alone. That matters so much to me. So a thank you for that to Mash, and I don’t even know her yet. Thank you Mash! There was envy that it wasn’t me, I’ll admit, but not jealousy.

“Anyway, I don’t know how I’ll feel doing it because last time I didn’t even know that I would feel. I can’t extrapolate. I bow to your guidance, since you are wise in these ways. Enough said.



“You’re welcome Nick!” answered Mash, “He is such a cute ‘lil poet! Oh god I want to fuck him so bad even though my pussy hurts like hell! This is awful! I’m fucking envious! I want him to write all this shit to me!”

“Yeah, right?” said Lovebird, “God, wait ‘til you meet him in person. You think you’re creaming now.”

They had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant with Bob and Bill, and were mostly pretty subdued and trying to sit comfortably without attracting much attention. After that, they were happy to get back to their room again, and they were tired, because they stayed up all night the night before, but they didn’t really have their usual method of Lovemashing each other to sleep since their pussies were so sore. So, they put more antiseptic cream up their quims and then reprised their slow and gentle ass fucking this time together in 69, and gave each other enough loving to bring on the sleepy in about an hour or so.

Lovebird awoke the next morning head down at the foot of the bed with two vibrators (off) rolling around down there with her. She decided to hit the shower, and Mash soon joined her. Their quims felt 100% better today but were still pretty sore, so acrobatics were out. They were perfectly happy with just some light petting anyway, so they kissed a lot in the shower and kissed and licked each other’s titties and washed each other lovingly, and that was just perfect for the morning. Mash got an omelet from room service and Lovebird got some breakfast cereal and a scoop of ice cream, because she argued that having a sore cunt was much like having a sore throat, and it might help. "What, are you going to sit in it?" laughed Mash.

After that, they went sightseeing in Paris with Bill and Bob. They walked to see the Eiffel Tower, but they didn’t want to walk anymore because of their sore pussies and the chafing of walking upset them. So they took a boat ride down the Seine and that was fun as long as they didn’t sit down too much, which they didn’t. The Louvre was right out that day because walking, but they really wanted to. Then they went back to the hotel and rested and had dinner and rested some more.

The next day, they felt better, but not Louvre better, so Bill and Bob took them on a driving tour of Paris. It turned out that Bill knew Paris pretty well. They got out and visited statues and arches and important old buildings and heard about French history all over the city. They saw this building where apparently a bunch of guys sat around and decided which words were officially French, and Lovebird and Mash were both incredulous, like how were a bunch of old guys telling everybody what words to use and not use? “Fat chance,” as Lovebird said.

That night they visited the Moulin Rouge. There was lots of dancing, special effects, more set changes than an opera, glittering costumes everywhere, and ultimately, some nudity. At which point Mash jumped up with both arms in the air and hooted, “Spank it, ladies!” garnering chuckles from those nearby. It was pretty loud in there. Anyway, the night wound down and they were back in their hotel room, too exhausted to give each other much more than a kiss goodnight and fall asleep.

On the fourth day, they spent about four hours in the Louvre, and then they visited the arboretum and laid around in the park. Mash believed that this was where a famous painting had been painted and she was probably right. The girls were both feeling about 100% on the outside, so they got frisky with each other after dinner and into the evening, just not frisky into the pussy, which wouldn’t have been much fun anyway, because hymen, and they needed to not damage them.

On the fifth day, they spent about six hours in the Louvre. If there were ladies in the painting, Lovebird and Mash would try to pose like them and get Bill or Bob to crack up, and although they got a bit of a smile now and then, the bodyguards were pretty imperturbable. Then they went on a short drive around Paris to see this or that that Bill or Bob had forgotten to show them. That evening they were on a plane for a short hop to Monte Carlo and then another hotel room, this one with a beautiful view of the bay that was filled with a lot of fancy yachts.

The next day, Mash and Lovebird had a look around, but there was not much to see. There was a lot of gambling going on, apparently. They had lunch at a nice place, and Bob told the girls they were both meeting the subjects of their new missions at dinner. Bob and Bill told them they couldn’t go on any of the yachts, at least not yet, so they went back to their room and snuggled for a while before dinner.

The two men’s names were Fredric, who was supposed to go with Mash, and Berty, who was supposed to go with Lovebird. Berty had won some amazingly difficult game of cards, for which Lovebird was to be part of the prize, because also there had been lots of money too, apparently, although the Lovebird part was not discussed over dinner. Presumably the men knew what was going to happen, at least each did individually with his girl, but the dinner on the face of it was just four businessmen out with two young teenage girls who could be any of their daughters or relatives, all chaste. Fredric had the biggest yacht currently in the bay. It was all high tech and weird looking. Fredric said that it had a lot of environmentally friendly features.

Now Lovebird noticed something suboptimal. Berty was eyeing Mash a lot and laughing at all of her stupid, sassy jokes, while Fredric was seriously trying to involve her in a discussion of poetry, so these conversations were going all crosswise across the table. Mash noticed it too. At a glance and a nod, the girls went off to the bathroom to have a chat. “Do you want to switch ‘em?” Lovebird asked.

“I would be happy with either one, but do they want to switch?”

“Dunno. Let’s find out.”

“This should be exciting.”

So when Lovemash returned to the table, Lovebird offered that she was rather interested in touring Fredric’s yacht, and would that be okay, and Mash for her part added that she was not so interested in the yacht and would be far more interested in learning more about card games from Berty, if that would be okay. Fredric and Berty both looked enthusiastically happy but also instantly perplexed, because they didn’t know what the other guy knew, or about the other girl, and they were supposed to get a virgin, and was the other girl a virgin too, and how much did the girls know? And what did the other guy know? And what the fuck? Fredric and Berty were obviously cross-eyed over all this. The girls were much amused.

Bob suggested, “They have some excellent cigars here. Let’s all go have a cigar and a shot together and talk business. You girls stay here and stay out of trouble.”

The girls did stay out of trouble during this interlude, mostly. Mash spotted a teenage boy about her age the next table over leave to visit the bathroom. Mash left to follow him discreetly despite whispered indications from Lovebird that she should sit the hell back down. Mash came back about five minutes later and said she had followed him into the men’s bathroom, which had otherwise been empty. After she heard the flush, she knocked on his stall and said hello, and when he opened it, giving her a good look at his cock in his tighty-whities incidentally, she had pulled down her panties and flashed her quim at him. He had looked a bit terrified and shut the door again, so she left, passing a middle-aged gentleman who did a double take as she walked out.

The four men returned, having worked it all out apparently, because Fredric instantly offered Lovebird a tour of his magnificent yacht, properly chaperoned by Bob, of course, while Berty happily offered to walk and talk with Mash back to the hotel where they were staying, chaperoned by Bill, of course. “Now Mash, that’s a proper future card shark’s name for sure,” added Berty. All that remained was for Bob to walk down with Lovebird for an aperitif on Fredric’s yacht, and discreetly drop off Lovebird there, walking back to the hotel after. Bill did the same, though the walk from Berty’s penthouse suite back to his room was much shorter.

In the morning, Bob and Bill fetched the girls from their various locations for a late breakfast. The girls were a bit mopey because they were back to being sore, but otherwise in good spirits, both having had a decent time.

When they got back to their hotel room and could dish freely, Mash started first. “Well this was my first time seriously playing a virgin with the guy not knowing and all, and I had a lot of fun with that part of it. I had a whole backstory that came out as Berty was petting me up heavily that I had a boyfriend, and I had sucked this boyfriend off several times before, and I had even let the boyfriend fuck me in the ass a few times so far, but I was a good Catholic girl, and I was saving myself for marriage, and all that.

“And Bertie really bought into it. He let me steer him away from the pussy and suck him off, which he just about died, because I’m hella good, right? He had never been sucked off that good before, like deep throat, gagging on it, taking it balls deep all the way down my throat over and over again, and loving it, and his cock was not small, it was about average length maybe but thick, actually pretty nice. So he had never been sucked off like that. And I just acted like, you really liked it? All innocent.

“And then we talked for a while and he licked my pussy a lot and made me cum a bunch of times, because he needed a lot of time to recover, and when he got hard and went for it again, my asshole was plenty wet from girl cum, and I pleaded with him to fuck me in the ass instead, and what guy can resist a girl pleading to be fucked in the ass, so he got some Vaseline, and he started very gently and all, but as I started to respond, as I do, he was plowing me in the ass harder and harder, and I started cumming and swearing like I do, and he fucking loved my potty mouth talk, he went crazy, and he still must have lasted about 45 minutes. I think I wore him out pretty well the first time. Well, the second time practically killed him. Well, and I came from that long strong thick ass fucking more times than I can remember. I think I thought up some new words on the way. It was so much fun.

“And then he fell asleep like the instant he slid out of me. I mean I totally wrecked this guy. He was dead to the world. So I tuck him nicely into bed and climb in there with him and go to sleep. In the middle of the night, I get woken up, and he’s between my legs, licking me off again, which I think you gathered he was pretty good at, and really patient.

“Anyway, so I’m coming again, and I’m shouting shit at him, and finally I say, “I fucking give up! Snap my hymen and fill me with babies, you fucking perverted little girl fucker! Own my slutty bitch cunt ‘cause I’m in heat and I gotta get fucked! I want to feel your cock juice spray deep in my baby hole!” and all kinds of that shit, and I swear, he was hard and ramming on that fucking hymen in about five seconds, all in the pitch dark, like he had this secret hymen sense.

“And so he busted that thing, which hurt like a motherfucker this time, because you know I couldn’t even remember when I did my actual one, but this one hurt like a motherfucker, so I was swearing and crying at him about all that shit of course, and then he came really, really hard and that felt nice. And I cried, and it was easy to cry, and he saw a lot of blood, we got a lot of blood all over the bed, which fuck, at least the special effects were good I guess. And he held me after but he must have been asleep less than a minute after, so I got up and took a shower then climbed back in with him again.

“So in the morning again! He was down between my legs again! And he made me cum several times, and then he fucks me again, and it wasn’t so bad this time, and so I just naturally came a couple of times, because his cock was really pretty wonderful. A few more tears, a few cums. A nice globby basting from him. He’s in good shape. And bye, bye. A very satisfied customer. That’s me.”

Lovebird then told her story. “Fredric showed me around his boat a little, which was really very nice. Then we got to the bedroom, of course, which was all curves, very different from a regular room and bed. And I could tell he’s married, because her stuff is evident here and there, not so that he would notice, but I act like I don’t notice, because I want eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize, happy customer, mission accomplished, not sobbing or excuses about the wife or whatever.

“So anyway, I start jumping on this bed, like I like to, and this bed is huge, and there is headroom for jumping, too. So he grabs me and starts tickling me, and I tickle back, and we wrestle, and pretty soon we’re kissing. And he’s asking me questions. These guys are all so curious, aren’t they? So I said I never had a boyfriend, I grew up in a religious community, which I have some experience of what that’s like, so I could be very convincing without being specific. He didn’t want to know specifics other than what kind of sexual things, anyway.

“I told him basically my backstory before I was grabbed, like, doctor with a few neighborhood kids, except I say to him, hey, you want to see something weird? I have no gag reflex! I pick up this big hand bell that was on the dresser and shove the handle down my throat like a sword swallower, then put it back on the dresser, all covered in stuff from my throat. He says, really? That’s amazing! And he does a magic trick, and I ooh and ahh and laugh.

“And we do some more wrestling, and I’m undressing him, and he’s undressing me. I tell him that I want to find out what it’s like to make love, is how I put it, and that’s why I agreed to do this, but I’m scared and all that. And he says all the right things, for a perv I guess at least, considering I’m 13 and he should really be saying come back in about five years, about whatever I’m comfortable with and take it slow and all that.

“So he had a nice cock on him too, not too big, but he was focusing all on me. He gave me this silk bathrobe to wear, his, not his wife’s, because he thought I might be getting cold. And he turned up the heat. And he came over and started kissing me and kissing my breasts and rubbing my pussy, just doing a good job of petting me up and getting me ready. And he didn’t need any help.

“And I could see him calculating, this guy was a thinker, and he says, of course because I set him up, “bet you can’t put this down your throat.” Ha! Whereupon, with no further ado, I give this guy the best blowjob of his life. You know when you do that to them, don’t you? So cute. And so in a few minutes he fires off like these thick chunks of cum. I backed off because I wanted to act all surprised that all this stuff was coming out of his dick. I get some in my mouth, but the rest is all down my front. I scoop it up and put it in my mouth and smile and swallow it. They always like that, don’t they? Anyway, I go shower, and he’s resting, because he just got the best blowjob of his life, so his evening is going super great, and he’s chill.

“So I get out of the shower, and we’re on the bedspread, and he’s fingering me, kind of knocking on the hymen, anyway, doing some good finger work, and kissing me, and teasing my butthole too. And after I have a good cum or two from him fingering me, and his finger was a little bloody, so he must have busted in my hymen a little bit, but it felt great, I guess it was the part with no nerves or something, the laser printed portion, anyway, I dive down and start sucking his cock again, and he goes from semi-hard to hard, and then I stop when I know he will need to do me right away, because I want to get this thing busted and over with.

“But maybe I should have let him do it the magic way some more because, sure enough, he pushed right into me because he couldn’t help it, and that fucking thing tore the rest of the way and hurt like a fucking nightmare son of a bitch! I mean my real fucking hymen didn’t hurt that bad when I was raped! It was fucking awful! And there was blood everywhere, too, but he couldn’t stop, I’d set him on a course. And he lasted a few more minutes with me crying for real, no acting necessary, because the fucking thing hurt so bad, and was bleeding so much I thought he had hit an artery and I was bleeding out or something.

“Anyway, aftermath. He was looking so, so guilty. There was blood all over everywhere. He was hugging me, drying my tears, let’s get back in the shower, so he carries me to the shower, and sits me down and cleans me off with the hand shower, and was just being really gentle and loving, and the cold tiles were feeling really good on my busted up pussy, and it was actually all pretty sweet for a perv.

“Anyway, I stop bleeding, I’m recovering, and he gets out of the shower. When I get out, the bedroom’s been all cleaned up, all new sheets. And then it’s into bed and lights out and he’s really sleepy really quick. I really put that guy through some trauma. And he’s whispering to me and telling me everything’s going to be okay, and then he’s asleep. And I get up, and I put in some of that anesthetic gel I had in my purse, and I took a Motrin, and so after about half an hour, I fall asleep.

“We slept through until morning. He wakes up hard. He’s kissing me and touching me on the outside very gently, and he’s working me up really well. I guess he must not like to do cunnilingus? Anyway, I’m not complaining, he got me worked up, and I came a few times, even though the Motrin had worn off. I guess the anesthetic hadn’t. Anyway, I was all worked up. And he was all hard. And he was calculating, as usual. And he asks if I want to try it in the butt.

“And I offer by way of encouragement that I had put the handle of my hairbrush up there sometimes and it had felt pretty good, but nothing like what his fingers had done to me, because you want to be encouraging. And he gets out some massage oil and starts massaging my butt really nicely. And he puts one and then two fingers in my butt. And I’m pretty worked up, so I actually cum from him fucking my butt with his two fingers, so that’s great, because then he musters the courage to put it in my butt and starts fucking me from behind.

“So he lasts a while in there, maybe 15 minutes? And I come about five times. He really had a pretty good dick. I wish I could have enjoyed in my pussy rather than fucking hymen hell. I understand the allure of taking a virgin though. Ah Nick! There’s no turning back now. Anyway, as I was saying, he enjoyed my butt for several minutes and I enjoyed it too, and then he came in big successful pushes in my butt from behind, and no doubt left a present up in there. And then we were done. We looked almost presentable when Bob showed up.”

“Dear Organization,

“You motherfuckers! That doctor you used, our cunts have been sore this whole time and we bled a fucking torrent and almost died! I am not kidding! Get the school doctor to do it next time. Anything else. That was awful for both Mash and me. Mission accomplished, though. I think you’ll have two happy successful customers. Hymen much ouch.

“Signing Off,


“Dear Nick,

“According to Bob we’ll be visiting you Saturday morning as early as possible, say 10 AM.


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