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Author Topic: Kirsten's Journey -- Mf, Ff, ff, MFff, f+/f, M+/f, mf, MFF, FF, 1st, rape  (Read 6269 times)
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Chapter 7: Annihilation Part 4

Lovebird sat across the metal table from the old man and Ms. Bitch. All three were handcuffed to the table but otherwise unrestrained.

“Can’t I leave you alone for a single afternoon!” the old man ranted at Lovebird. “You unleashed holy hell in those young men’s lives. They are all on administrative leave at the moment and they’re all getting counseling. One of the most promising young agents I’ve ever known came out as bisexual to his wife yesterday evening and to friends, all his coworkers, and us this morning. Luckily, it’s not the dark ages anymore, and the FBI is fine with queer special agents. But he has two small children. He has a lot to figure out with his wife because of you.”

“Didn’t he already?” replied Lovebird.

“God dammit, Lovebird!” the old man shouted, pounding the table.

“I’m genuinely sorry I disrupted your organization while you were away on important business. It was wrong of me to play around like this with your team, especially since your team is so important to me for saving my friends lives and keeping us safe. I understand it was wrong and unhelpful. I apologize.”

“Thank you, Lovebird,” responded the old man, “I know you didn’t mean any serious harm. Apology accepted.”

“It was so hot to know all those young guys were over there, handcuffed to their stations, watching me get it on with myself! So hawt! I admit, I kinda lost my senses.”

“I know you can maintain control in these kinds of situations, Lovebird,” he retorted, "You're a god damn professional. I need you to act like it."

"From now on, I promise," she replied. And then, “So how was it?”

“What that? I was working until 2 AM, but I still made it over there and spent the rest of the night with her.” The old man’s smile was suddenly radiant, luminescent.

Lovebird started singing and rocking in her chair, snapping her fingers, “Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight? Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?”

“Lovebird,” demurred the old man, “I’m not up to your level of eloquence at describing these kinds of things. Suffice it to say it was satisfactory.”

“Only satisfactory?”

“It was very satisfactory, okay?”

“Only very satisfactory? Now come on old man. I saw that smile.”

“Okay, it was the best night of pure sex I can remember in my whole life, okay? But my memory is very poor at this age. I might easily be mistaken.”

“No that’s fine. Why was it so good?”

“Come on, Lovebird. Like I said…”

“Okay, another angle. Men always seem to care about this. How many times?”

“Really?” They stared each other down for a minute. “Four times, are you satisfied?”

“And what…”

“And that took me until nearly dawn, okay? Men my age, our bodies respond very slowly, change state very slowly. Thank goodness I’m incredibly fit and could keep going. The third time, we must have been going for well over an hour.”

“And she…?”

“She loved it,” he blurted, beaming his stellar smile again. “She just kept on keeping on. She’s a marathoner, that woman, an actual marathoner. She had plenty of stamina to enjoy the whole thing. I couldn’t keep up with her ultimately, but of course, I never expected to be able to. She’s at least forty years my junior!”

“I’m so happy for both of you, old man. And your wife?”

“We face timed this morning. She said she hasn’t seen this smile on me for years. Made her swoon, she said. She wants to hear all the details. Maybe I should send you, Lovebird, to describe it instead!” They all laughed.

“Happy to help any way I can.” Turning serious, Lovebird asked, “Any update on Mash?”

“Yes,” responded the old man quickly. “We have her. She’s en route.”

Tears helplessly spilled out of Lovebird’s eyes. “I was so worried.”

“You shouldn’t have been. I was certain we could get her. That’s why I promised.” In reality, the old man had been holding Mash for days, since barely after Ms. Bitch had first snatched Lovebird. He knew Mash’s capture was essential to Lovebird’s cooperation. To delay it would have been an unacceptable risk to his plan even though eventually he would have to deal with the lie. Given the stakes, the old man deemed it an acceptable lie, and as their negotiations played out, he was willing to deal with its consequences.

Eventually, Lovebird stopped sobbing with relief and looked up as Ms. Bitch. “So what’s your story?”

Ms. Bitch looked at the table and groaned, “The conversation didn’t go well. We fought.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that,” said the old man with genuine affection for her.

“Suuuuuuuuuuckssss……” Lovebird sighed, arms and face flat on the metal table.

“Keep talking to him,” said the old man, “This is a high priority. Do you need a leave of absence?”

“But sir, it’s such a critical time!”

“I know, but I need your mind on this 100%.”

“Sir, I am a thousand percent more committed to saving these girls from imminent torture and death than I am in fucking these girls.” There, she said it. “You can count on me, out in the field, to stay completely focused. In here, I can stay handcuffed.” She smiled limply and looked more openly than she ever had before at Lovebird.

“Very well then. Anything else to discuss? No? Then let’s get moving.” First they were let loose and walked out of the room, then Lovebird was let loose and guided back to her room, and locked in.

Lunch and the afternoon hours crawled by for Lovebird. She didn’t want to read. She didn’t want to do anything except to hold Mash in her arms again. She closed her eyes a few times, but a nap evaded her. She was totally miserable.

Finally, after what seemed like centuries, but had only been a few hours, her door opened, and Mash walked into the room. Lovebird was like a puppy whose master had just come home. She sprang off her bed like a leopard. Both were giggling and laughing and crying and sobbing so hard. Finally, the emotions calmed down, and they were just lying on the bed side by side, looking into each other’s eyes.

“Guys?” warned Lovebird, “Guys, you’re going to have to duck and cover in there. I predict that things are about to get extremely hot in here, and I don’t want you to be mentally scarred. I don’t want to be warned about that again.”

“Again?” chuckled, “Darling, what have you been up to in here?”

“Oh, the usual.”

“Oh… “ thought Mash. “That bad, huh?”

“Yep.” They both let out long sighs and looked into each other’s eyes. “Guys,” warned Lovebird, “You don’t have all day to arrange yourselves.”

“I’m here, Lovebird,” said the old man. “I’ve just locked in our friend. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“And that’s everything,” Lovebird whispered to Mash, her gaze intense.

“I’m ready in here, Lovebird.” It was Ms. Bitch’s voice. “All the men have been evacuated and I’m securely handcuffed to the control panel and have been locked into the control room.

Mash’s eyebrows rose. “Kinky,” she remarked, “What’s your connection to this woman? Clearly things have been happening in my absence.”

Lovebird began by kissing Mash passionately.

Later that evening, at about one in the morning, the old man returned to the office momentarily to check Janine, who had stayed valiantly to man the control room. When he entered the control room, he saw that Lovebird was taking Mash forcefully as a man would in missionary position. Presumably they were using a toy of some kind? Mash was crying out in orgasm and screaming witty encouragement to Lovebird. It was hard to make out anything on infrared in the dark, thankfully.

Janine, the woman Lovebird referred to privately as Ms. Bitch, was passed out on the control panel, and still handcuffed to it. Her shoes were off, her skirt was hiked up, and her panties were down around only one ankle. “This is more than I ever bargained for in a workplace,” the old man mused. He roused the woman.

“After you go off shift, I need you to proceed to have some respite, your husband’s opinion be damned. Here,” he forced a slip of paper into her hand. “You go see this prostitute, and spend the night with her, with serious result, or you’re relieved of duty until further notice. We must have you adhering to the law, and it would be highly unethical for us to exploit these children further, despite their apparent delight in the prospect of exploiting us.” He left the control room without further remark.

“My best agents continue to be brought low just by the presence of these girls,” he thought. “What are we going to do with them all once we rescue them?” Then he realized he had his own date, and ambled off to his car and Mei Hua’s place.
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Chapter 7: Annihilation Part 5

The four of them were handcuffed to the metal table. Clearly, Lovebird and Mash were not handcuffed far enough apart to maintain decorum. They were kissing each other passionately. “One moment,” interjected Lovebird between kisses, raising one finger. In a moment, true to their word, they pried each other off one another and returned to the task at hand. Lovebird announced, “Mash and I have discussed it, and we’ve decided to cooperate with you.”

“Excellent news!” shouted the old man.

“But I have a big problem with you,” continued Lovebird. “You lied to me about Mash. She was safe all along. Now how can I trust you?”

“Look, Lovebird, this is the real world. In a negotiation, you can’t see all my cards, and I can’t see all yours. I’m not obligated to divulge everything I know at every point in the negotiation, and neither are you. If I lied, it was a white lie. Just because Mash is not out there right now in jeopardy, it doesn’t mean that thousands of Mashs are not still out there in terrible jeopardy who need our help urgently. I needed you to care about them through your own example. Ultimately, this is about the big picture of saving them all, which is a job I’ll never complete.”

The old man looked bone tired to Lovebird, and infinitely determined, infinitely distinguished. She didn’t think she had ever admired a man more than she admired the old man in that moment. “I give up,” she said, beaming, “I can’t stay mad at you.”

“Well, then,” he said. And then his million dollar smile rose like the sun and lit up the room.

“You’re thinking about Mei Hua, aren’t you?” Lovebird teased. “It’s time for the Mei Hua report, old man.”

“C’mon, what do you want me to say, you perverts? It was up to the standard.”

“You mean up to the standard set last night of being the best sex in your life? Better, or the same?”

“Better.” Now the old man was blushing. Awwww.


“I can’t explain it. She’s really into me. She keeps telling me she likes the money, but she would do it for no money. She’s trying to make plans with me for after this week. I’m stalling, telling her I’m too busy with work to make more plans at the moment.”

“How do you feel about it?”

“Of course I want to keep seeing her! Maybe not every night, but maybe once a week. Twice a week. Okay, maybe three times a week, at least for the time being. But I’m afraid. I’m afraid my wife might start feeling hurt, even though I’m sure I’ll love her and appreciate her even more and spend time with her just as much as I ever have. I’m afraid Mei Hua will start needing more than I can give. The situation is a difficult one. Oh, and I don’t want Mei Hua to suffer economically just because she’s spending nights with me.”

“It will all work out,” said Lovebird confidently. “If you have any problems, come to me. Mash and I will be able to iron them out.”

“Okay,” said the old man, throwing up his hands at the utter baselessness of the proposal, but in a mood to throw caution to the wind. “As you say, I’ll proceed, confident that if I have any problems, you’ll rescue me.” He chuckled. Ah, the arrogance of the young, and yet, Lovebird had so much to be arrogant about. And more sweetly, she really wanted everybody to live happily ever after. That’s what he wanted too. Teamwork.

“Okay,” Lovebird pointing to Janine, “Husband report.”

“No husband report. Didn’t see husband last night.”

"Oh really? Where did you sleep, Janine?” Lovebird pried.

“I slept at my friend Ellen’s house.”

“Did you…?” the old man asked.

“Yes,” said Janine softly, turning bright red and looking down at the table.

“What the heck is going on with you two?” interrupted Mash.

“Yeah, what’s going on?” added Lovebird.

“Can I tell them, Janine?” asked the old man.

Janine nodded, face beet red, looking at the table.

“Girls, Ellen is a prostitute and sex therapist I know, and she works with women who are coming to the lesbian scene later in life because their world is opening up. She’s so wise and gentle with these sorts of things.

“Enough said?” continued the old man, “Let’s give Janine some space to sort this out. She is absolutely deadly in war, no better agent, but in matters of the heart, it’s a lot for her to process.”

“Enough said,” agreed Lovebird happily.

“We’re behind you all the way, Janine,” added Mash.

Lovebird felt compelled to end Janine’s awkward walk of shame by changing the subject. “By way of complete cooperation,” Lovebird said, “There’s something else I discovered day before yesterday that you may be interested in, given you may have other occasion to maintain the captivity of someone like me. In the course of putting on my show for the guards, based on their audible reactions over the PA, I was able to determine the locations of all the hidden cameras in my room pretty exactly.”

“How exactly?”

“Exactly enough to squirt girl cum near them but not on them.”

The old man’s eyes widened and he nodded, “Vivid. I’ll take note.

“Well,” continued the old man, bringing up a thick stack of note cards, “Lovebird, are you ready for my questions?”

“Fire away old man.” What followed was a series of questions about such trivial items that nobody could ever imagine that anyone would possibly remember them. Lovebird knew all the answers. Janine’s and Mash’s jaws were on the floor, but they were struck mute watching this inexplicable miracle unfold.

“On June 12 of last year, there was a tag on a pile of lumber you passed in the yard on the way to the office. What was written on the tag?

“Sosa and Sons Company Ltd.”

“Did you see the night sky at 10 PM exactly on the evening of March 20 of last year?”

“I did. Well, approximately. 10:05 PM.”

“Close enough. What was the position of Cetus with respect to the chimney of building 9?”

“Looking from the doorway of building 4, our dorm, it was pointing directly at the chimney of building 9.”

“Call station T about that, will you Bernie?”

Over the speaker: “Will do.”

“You were given 20 Euros by Bob on November 10 of last year. What was the serial number on the note?”


“Your bunk bed at the school. No not yours. It would have to be Tangent’s. Did you have occasion to see the manufacturing label on Tangent’s bunk bed?”

“At extremely close range,” replied Lovebird, grinning ear to ear.

“What was the serial number on the manufacturing label?”


“You are a freak of nature!” Mash blurted.

“I know right?” chuckling nostalgically to herself, “A night to remember, am I right?”

“She misunderstands you Mash. Now hush, while I continue my questioning."

“The dog and pony shows, as you girls call them. Did you have occasion to see the front of the seat cover on the unit in the second row, five places over?”

“I did.”

“Do you remember the symbol stamped in the leather?”

“Yes, it was a serpent entwined around a crucifix.”

“Can you draw it for us?”

Lovebird picked up a pencil and paper and drew a very artful serpent and cross.

“That’s so pretty!” remarked Mash, “I didn’t know you can draw”

“I can only draw what I see,” replied Lovebird.

The old man cleared his throat. “Moving on, if you please. Recite the names of the fourteen people above yours in the guest book in the hotel you first stayed in when you got to Monte Carlo.”

“Mssr. Carter. Mssr. Wington. Some Chinese symbols. Do you want me to draw them?”

“Yes, please.” The questions went on and on and on, each seemingly more incidental than the last.

“Okay, last question. The serial number on the refrigerator in the apartment where you were captured the second time by Janine.”

“Oh, it was U646120A.”

Thank you, Lovebird. My team has been listening in, of course, so the world is now buzzing with activity because of your answers.

“How did you do it?” asked Mash, looking at Lovebird wide-eyed.

“She doesn’t understand,” repeated the old man.

“Can you tell me what’s going on?” asked Janine.

“Lovebird, listen to me,” began the old man.

“I am,” replied Lovebird. “Why do Mash Janine seem so confused by our conversation?” she pleaded.

“Lovebird, you have what’s called an eidetic memory.”

“An edde-wha?”

“That means you remember everything you see, hear, or otherwise experience exactly.”

“Doesn’t everybody?”

At this point, Mash practically fell off her chair.

“No, honey, they don’t. Most people couldn’t remember any of those things, or answer any of those questions. In general, people are extremely unreliable witnesses. When a fake purse snatching takes place right in front of an average crowd of people, over 90% of the crowd get something as simple as the color of the purse snatcher’s hat wrong.”

“You are blowing my mind,” replied Lovebird, “I mean, I knew other people forgot things sometimes, and I never seemed to, but I just thought that meant I had a really good memory like a lot of people do. You always hear, ‘he has a good memory,’ or ‘she has a good memory.’”

“You’re right, honey. Other people remember so many things. They just don’t remember literally everything. Not even a millionth part of it. And they never noticed that you did remember literally everything, unless they were trained professionals. Similarly, you never noticed that other people didn’t remember at least almost everything, because why would you? People avoid asking questions that a regular person can’t answer.

“When I went to interview your teachers early on, one of them mentioned it to me. Your parents kept it from you because they felt you might feel ostracized from the other kids if you were pointed at as having this special ability. You are one in a million, Lovebird. You were basically a perfect spy inside the world’s largest sex trafficking organization for over 18 months. They will never know what hit them.”
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 1

And so, the entirety of the Organization was shut down. The old man was lauded as one of FBI’s finest, a well-deserved distinction he nevertheless tried to divert as much as possible onto Janine, who was busy going through a painful but fairly uncomplicated divorce. Janine’s husband felt betrayed by her use of a female sex therapist, and trust could not be restored. She had unhappily signed the divorce papers the very day the old man received his award.

The old man’s marriage was looking up though. His wife Ellen had taken the initiative of befriending Mei Hua while the old man had been busy flying around arresting people and saving girls, and the two got on so well that Ellen invited her to quit her day job and move in, since Ellen needed help around the house anyway at her age. Mei Hua readily agreed, having dreamt of the arrangement. She was like the hot not-daughter Ellen never had. The old man’s salary, especially after his latest raise, could easily support the three of them in some style.

It turned out that Ellen enjoyed and felt really positive about the notion of her still quite virile husband being so thoroughly satisfied by her good friend and confidante Mei Hua. Sometimes, she even got excited enough to join in a little. She would lie next to them, and her husband would cuddle with her while recovering. Sometimes she got a little wet watching them, and during these times she felt like she might want to participate a little more, but she didn’t want to butt in on something that was working without her. She asked Mei Hua for advice.

Mei Hua bought Ellen a g-spot vibrator, which was a revelation to Ellen. After that, Ellen would often lie down next to them in bed, watch her husband and her friend make love for a while, get a little excited by this, insert the g-spot vibrator, which was gentle enough on her very fragile pussy but very exciting, and have an orgasm, usually right when her husband inseminated Mei Hua, which part she loved to watch the most.

She loved to see her friend’s eyes widen and have her emit a yelp or a grunt as the sperm flooded her tiny pussy. It made her remember that pleasurable feeling from when she was younger. She also loved her husband’s familiar excited sounds as he climaxed in Mei Hua’s tight quim. Sometimes she marveled her husband could get it in there at all. Ellen was really proud that her husband was now getting an exquisite fucking whenever he wanted it, and she was the cause.

Ellen began to feel like a natural part of their lovemaking. After his orgasm, her husband cuddled Ellen until he recovered his strength for Mei Hua. Mei Hua happily rubbed her husband’s back during this time and sometimes sucked his cock if she was in the mood for it. Ellen would close her eyes and rest, and sometimes all three would fall asleep, but sometimes the sounds and rocking of Mei Hua’s and her husband’s continued lovemaking would lull her the rest of the way to sleep. It got so that she really missed it on the days her husband and Mei Hua did not make love.

Another variation was, when the old man finished before Ellen had reached her peak, Mei Hua would point to Ellen’s pussy and say “lick wife!” and the old man would, flashing that thousand watt smile of his, lick and suck on Ellen’s clit while Mei Hua cheered them on until the combination of all that and the g-spot vibrator sent Ellen over the top. It got so that whenever Ellen showed up to watch, she would always also have an orgasm and fall asleep next to them, which was a pretty red hot sexual pace for her compared to her previous twenty years. But it all seemed very natural to her.

Ellen had never done any ass play in her life. She had always been quite frightened by the notion. But as she saw her tiny friend orgasming from this activity now on a pretty regular basis, she got curious enough to ask Mei Hua about it. Mei Hua bought her a butt plug, which both frightened and excited Ellen.

That evening, matters proceeded as usual. Ellen was particularly excited by the thought of the anal plug that evening, so she orgasmed unusually early in their play, only a few minutes after the old man had entered Mei Hua. Calm and relaxed, Ellen continued to watch them as she prepared to fall asleep. Mei Hua switched positions with the old man so she was between Ellen’s legs, which was a new thing for Ellen. The old man continued fucking Mei Hua from behind while watching both women.

Ellen remained calm, pretty relaxed, and pretty uninhibited, having just orgasmed, so she wasn’t frightened. Mei Hua then produced the butt plug, generously doused it with lube, and with great expertise inserted it into Ellen’s anus. This had Mei Hua’s desired effect on the old man, causing him to have a loud shouting orgasm in her clipping cunt soon after witnessing this, bringing herself, Mei Hua, also to exquisite orgasm. That made a pretty randy sight for Ellen, who had never seen both of their faces in simultaneous orgasm before. Very pretty!

Ellen felt so thrilled after this that she turned her g-spot vibrator back on for the first time, and it felt really good along with the butt plug, very yummy. But of course she thought she could never have a second orgasm. But then again, she was feeling better and better and she was definitely not sleepy, so who knows? As usual, the old man came to cuddle Ellen after wiping off his penis a little. After a few minutes of resting, all three of them, the old man felt Ellen buck her hips a little. “Feeling excited again so soon, darling?” the old man smiled.

Ellen responded, whispering to them both, “yes, I feel quite like a randy little whore tonight.”

“Yes, I teach you,” interjected Mei Hua from under the blankets. They all laughed.

Mei Hua was still down between Ellen’s legs. As Ellen and the old man continued to kiss, Mei Hua worked the anal plug gently back out of her. Ellen though she was just taking it out for the evening, but then her friend started sliding it back in again. The sensation was a little uncomfortable, like she was worried she would loose her bowels a little and make a mess, but the stretching of everything down there was getting her very randy. It made her think about the very first time a boy had ever entered her.

And then Mei Hua started pulling it back out of her and pushing it back in again. This time it was easier and even more pleasurable, and it made her think of the first time a boy had ever ejaculated in her. And this thought, and the pleasure she was getting from her wonderful brave husband kissing her, and her wonderful friend doing unspeakable things with her poo-hole, and her yummy toy buzzing away at her most delicate spot, well that all made her stop kissing her husband and cum again very deeply with a long groan.

After this, her husband and her friend lovingly wiped her up, tucked her in next to them, and started a second round of passion. She fell happily into a deep sleep as their rocking motions started.

After that evening, Ellen didn’t feel afraid at all of the anal plug. Mei Hua would always insert the plug after Ellen orgasmed, and her husband loved to watch Mei Hua do this. Often, Ellen would fall asleep after this, and Mei Hua would take out the plug in the morning after bringing coffee for the three of them.

Sometimes, the feeling of the anal plug and the effect of her anal plug show on her husband would excite Ellen so much that she would turn her vibrator back on. Always when she did this, Mei Hua would run the butt plug in and out of her anus while her husband kissed her, and she would have a second orgasm.

One evening, Ellen was nearing her second orgasm when she noticed that Mei Hua had set aside her butt plug and was lubing up her husband’s hard dick. She felt excited and scared. She trusted her friend’s expertise in these matters. Evidently Mei Hua and her husband had discussed this on the side, because her husband then began to pump into Ellen’s anus very gently and pleasurably. By the time Ellen had reached her second orgasm, her husband had worked his lovely cock all the way in. Her husband grunted excitedly as he started moving his cock gently and then more insistently in her ass.

“Is good?” asked Mei Hua.

“Is good,” responded Ellen, breathing hard with it.

After a while, her husband was pounding away pretty excitedly in her virgin ass, and it was feeling pretty good to her along with the g-spot vibe still going in her pussy. She felt excited giving her husband some good sex after so many years of feeling unable to please him in a way like this ever again. She started to cry tears of joy. Mei Hua left the room for a moment and came back holding her mobile phone. Ellen continued to spill tears and feel her husband’s increasing pleasure and excitement in her ass. About this time, the old man pushed in hard, and Ellen felt a familiar warm wetness she hadn’t felt in years invade her loins. She shook with excitement at the feeling.

She felt fulfilled as her husband’s cock rested, softened, and fell from her rectum. She turned off her vibe. She felt so peaceful, like she was fully a woman again after so many years of genuine and not uncomfortable but romantically unsatisfying asexuality.

Mei Hua said, “I video!” and turned the phone around to show them Ellen crying tears of joy while the old man’s face strained as he neared orgasm. The view then pulled back to also show the two naked and the old man fucking Ellen’s ass. Ellen’s shaved pussy glistened with her own genuine excitement. She looked like a goddess. The sight was vivid.

They decided to keep the video, which was indeed pretty special. The old man moved it from Mei Hua’s phone onto his personal secure server so that they could rewatch it whenever they wished.

The old man needed to go on a long business trip. Ellen knew full well that whenever Mei Hua was alone on an evening, she would bring out her toys and satisfy herself before sleep. Ellen had regained the habit of cumming regularly as part of her husband’s and Mei Hua’s lovemaking, so she was missing this sensation. She tried lubing up and putting in her g-spot vibe one night, and although she finally did cum, the experience was unsatisfying.

About a week later, she got up the courage to describe her unsatisfying situation to Mei Hua and ask for her advice. She was used to Mei Hua inserting the butt plug in her, which helped her excitement as part of their normal behavior together. She thought that maybe something like that would help her. Mei Hua replied, “Tell me tonight when ready.” What did that mean? Oh, well.

After their excellent dinner together, Ellen said to Mei Hua, “I’m ready.”

The tiny woman took Ellen by the hand to the old man’s empty bedroom, and laid down on the bed with her, just hugging her close and resting. This was nice. She was missing just resting and sleeping with the others on many evenings. Since the old man was a restless sleeper and they were both quiet, on plenty of mornings they woke up naked in each others arms tucked into a tiny corner of the bed while the old man had used the entire rest of it for his tossing and turning.

She had dozed off for a bit, and when she awoke, Mei Hua was naked next to her on the bedspread vibing herself with a big wand vibrator and pumping her hips. This may be what woke her up. Mei Hua was still quite young and extremely passionate. She was breathing heavily.  Her hips bucked in orgasm every minute or two as Ellen watched her. Ellen felt herself starting to get wet remembering Mei Hua’s loud and fairly continuous cries as her husband fucked her deeply and at great length.

“Should I get naked?” Ellen asked.

“Yes, you get naked,” Mei Hua replied.

Ellen undressed, got out her g-spot vibe, inserted it easily given her wetness, and switched it on. So far so good. She continued to watch Mei Hua because, why not?

Mei Hua got between Ellen’s legs and pressed her hips forward so that her wand vibrator was pressed against Ellen’s clit as well. It was so powerful! Ellen didn’t know what to make of the sensation at first. Was this wrong? No, Mei Hua was just being generous and sharing this great vibrator with her. They cuddled naked all the time. This was nothing different.

Mei Hua continued to cum every few minutes. As she did, her hips would buck forward and grind around as she enjoyed her cum. These movements reminded Ellen very much of the recent memorable times her husband had started fucking and ejaculating in her ass. His hips would buck and shake very much like this as he pressed against her, and the vibrations from Mei Hua’s giant wand were making these sensations and associations even more intense.

The vibrations became too much for Ellen and she had to stop. She turned off her g-spot vibe too. But she was anxious to cum. Just not more vibrating. Mei Hua turned off her vibe as well. Then she fetched Ellen’s butt plug and began to insert it. It went in easily. Mei Hua reached for Ellen’s g-spot control, but Ellen said “No.”

“I kiss?” ventured Mei Hua.

Ellen didn’t know exactly what Mei Hua was suggesting, but said, “Okay.”

Mei Hua started to take the butt plug out and the back into her anus, as Ellen was familiar with her doing. Then she leaned down and stated gently kissing Ellen’s inner thighs as she moved the butt plug in and out of Ellen’s ass. It felt good, but it also felt kind of wrong to have a girl doing this. She tried to work with it by blindfolding herself with her pillow and imagining that her husband was kissing her down there. That was better.

Now Mei Hua was sucking on her pussy lips. Ellen had a naughty thought and imagined it was another man down there working his way towards her clit. Mei Hua was really good at this! Well, she used to be a professional! “Did women used to pay you?”

“Yes, many times,” replied Mei Hua.

Ellen surrendered to the feelings. She cried out actually, and had a good shaking cum. She was a little embarrassed, because she didn’t normally cry out, except the recent two times with her husband.

Mei Hua took the pillow off her face. “You kiss?” she asked.

Well, that was only fair, considered Ellen. “Okay,” she was surprised to find herself saying.

Mei Hua climbed onto Ellen’s face. She was so tiny she couldn’t reach Ellen’s pussy with her mouth anymore, but she continued pleasuring Ellen by spitting on her fingers and playing with Ellen’s cunt lips and clit with her fingers.

Ellen tried her best to reciprocate Mei Hua’s efforts. This was the first time she had ever tasted a woman’s pussy juices other than her own. She thought Mei Hua’s juices were delicious compared to her own. It made sense since Mei Hua was a young, healthy, and probably still very fertile woman.

Ellen asked, “What birth control?”

“Mei Hua answered, “Pill.”

Ellen asked, “You like it?” As in, do you like being on the pill, versus other forms you’ve tried?

Mei Hua answered, “I no like. I want baby.”

“You want a baby?”

“I want a baby.”

Ellen thought about this for a while. She tried pressing the whole of her tongue into Mei Hua's tiny hole. Mei Hua's quim held onto her tongue, that's how tight it was. Ellen continued to work her tongue in, thinking it was kind of like her cock for Mei Hua. Mei Hua started moving up and down on Ellen's tongue while Ellen for her part fucked back with her tongue. Mei Hua made a long groaning cum that Ellen had heard her make before sometimes while her husband was working his cock into her. This girl was so responsive! It was so fun and rewarding to lick her.

After that, Ellen and Mei Hua fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Ellen texted the old man while Mei Hua was off making them coffee. “Mei Hua wants to have a baby. I would love to be another mother to your child. What do you think? Should I tell her to stop taking the pill?”

The old man texted back, “My vasectomy is almost certainly easily reversible. Make it so.”

Ellen showed Mei Hua the text when she came back with the coffee. At first, she didn’t understand. “No more pill?”

“No more pill for now.”

“Have baby of your husband?”

“Yes, if you can and he can. He has to reverse his vasectomy.”

“Yes baby of him?”

“Yes try baby of him.”

Mei Hua put down the coffee and hugged Ellen and kissed her on the lips and started crying.


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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 2

The adult women formerly enslaved by the Organization could easily be integrated back into society using standard means. But the old man was still left with about two thousand girls younger than 18 who needed a place, either temporarily or permanently, to live, go to school, and basically grow up away from public uproar and stigmatization.

So, the old man and Janine consulted with Lovebird and Mash on the basic design of a community for the girls. Land in Northwest Minnesota about half an hour’s drive west of Shepardstown was purchased and quietly declared a federal territory. Lovebird had taken Mash, the old man, and Janine there to visit her family, and they had fallen in love with the area.

The visit home was an interesting one for Lovebird. Her childhood bedroom had been gutted to make the little work of art in which she had been lodged inside the abandoned missile silo in Belgium. There was only a spare bed from Ikea in her old room. Otherwise, everything in Shepardstown was as it was 19 months ago when she had been abducted, everything except the weather. There’s a big difference between mid-September and mid-February weather in northwestern Minnesota.

Predictably, Lovebird and her mother bawled uncontrollably and hugged each other hard as soon as they saw each other. Otherwise, the old man, Janine, and Mash stood by watching this scene. And of course, Lovebird’s father Bob (not to be confused with bodyguard Bob), her brother Ben, and sister Ally were also there for the big reunion moment. Bob, Lovebird’s dad, soon grabbed his wife and daughter in a big enveloping hug and started to cry softly too. The rest of those assembled were smiling and only too happy to allow parents and daughter to have their reunion moment.

Lovebird didn’t want to talk about the difficult issue of her relationship with Mash and her sexuality in general with her family just yet. She described Mash as her “best friend” and left it at that. Ben especially seemed transfixed by Mash, which Lovebird thought was pretty cute until she realized her brother had by now crossed the threshold of puberty and was not the awkward ugly little kid she had left behind. So, disturbing to see his obvious slobbering interest given that he was her little brother, even more than seeing it a bit in her dad, who of course was cis male with a heartbeat, so no duh. In short, the thought of Mash taking Ben’s virginity felt a little sexy and a lot disturbing to Lovebird.

In a private aside later in the evening, the subject inevitably came up between Lovebird and Mash, since Ben’s white hot gazes of lust had been raking Mash’s loins like phaser fire all afternoon. So far, Mash’s shields were holding. Lovebird and Mash were starting to speak with each other in a fairly abbreviated fashion, as couples do. And also, considering the sensitivity of the subject, who knows who could overhear.

Lovebird said, “So my little brother,” by which she meant that she hoped her little brother’s barely restrained lust was not detracting from Mash’s evening.

Mash responded, “Oh, yeah, very nice,” meaning, mostly from the tone of Mash’s voice, that she hoped Lovebird was not too disturbed by the news that she was kind of itching to drop her shields and be boarded from all her various airlocks.

To which Lovebird responded, “I respect your work with young people, so tell me; I so want the best for him in life.” By this Lovebird meant that she trusted nobody more than Mash to start her little brother off on the right foot, but that said, if she fucked up his head by doing this, there would be hell to pay.

“I know he’ll go far,” said Mash, meaning, of course, that she would get him well and truly launched in the world of sex and romance and not fixated on her, cross her heart, promise.

“Well, okay, then.”

“Don’t mind if I do, and your sister is so pretty!” remarked Mash to Lovebird loudly for everyone to hear, which meant Mash was also creaming for Lovebird’s older sister.

Lovebird sighed and knew Mash was just trying to pull her tail, since they both knew full well that Ally probably didn’t even know there could be lesbian sex.

“And your parents, too, so young and attractive!”

“Oh thank you sweetie!” responded Katie, Lovebird’s mom. Bob just smiled. Lovebird smiled too. She could see that now her dad was trying even harder than before not to think about fucking Mash. Was this some clever ploy on Mash’s part to goad Lovebird into coming out to her family?

When it was time to scoot, Katie, Lovebird’s mom, said, “Honey, your friend Mash mentioned it would be okay if you two stayed here with us for the night instead of going back to the hotel. How about it?” Checkmate. How could Lovebird refuse her mom?

“But mom, where is Mash going to sleep?”

“She can sleep in the guest room downstairs, silly.”

“Where am I going to sleep?”

“You can sleep in your old room. There’s a bed in there. I’m sorry we haven’t gotten your stuff back from the government yet. They say they’re sending it.”

“That’s okay mom.” Lovebird wanted to say, "Mash and I and the government are designing a community where all us rescued girls can live only a half hour away from here. We can visit often, but we want to live in this community built for all the girls. Mash and I need to support it. If we didn’t need to support it, of course we’d live here." NOT. But she couldn’t say any of that to her mom. All she could say was “That’s okay, mom.”

“Mash seems like such a nice girl. Such a pretty girl. Have you been best friends for long?” Think fast, Lovebird.

“Well, I’ve noticed Ben seems pretty taken with her,” she joked.

“That boy has been walking around in a daze ever since you two arrived!” her mom joked back.

“Well, I think she must be one of the most beautiful girls in the world,” added Lovebird.

“What a striking girl,” her mom agreed. “She must already have a boyfriend, though.” Think fast, Lovebird. Yes, this is really dangerous business talking to your mom at all about anything the least bit relevant.

“I’m afraid the government would frown on me disclosing any information in that regard at this time.” Lovebird said, meaning to sound joking, but it came out sounding actually pretty serious.

“Of course, honey. Your friend the FBI Director,” mom started (the old man was not the Director of the FBI), “warned me again and again not to pry. I’m so sorry dear. I just want to know everything of course, obviously, of course.” Mother and daughter hugged and held on to each other some more. “Can you tell me if you suffered?”

“What do you think?”

“Yes,” tears burst from her mom’s eyes.

“But here I am at the happy ending. Things are looking up, mom.”

“Honey, you’ve become so strong.”

“Damn straight,” Lovebird confirmed. “And I think they won’t kill me if I tell you I had some of the best times of my life so far as well.”

“Are you sure you’ve had time to think through all your experiences, sweetie? The government men were talking to me all about Stockholm Syndrome and brainwashing more sophisticated than they’d ever seen before. You’re only 15 years old now. Are you sure you want to decide what it all means?”

How could she ever convey to her mom the lifetime she’d lived in the last 18 months? This conversation needed to stop. “The government is handling everything, mom. Amateurs like you and I should just do what they tell us.”

“Of course you’re right honey. You’re so mature. You’re so remarkable. As is your friend Mash. But I can’t help it! I’m so curious.”

“This is why the government bought Mash and I a hotel room. But now it looks like  we’re staying here.” Now she was getting passive aggressive. She promised herself she wasn’t going to get passive aggressive. “So you’ll have to keep it together. As will I. You know I love you with all my heart?”

Her mom teared up again, “Of course honey.”

“When the time is right, when the government says, we can talk about it.” Which I firmly hope is the 12th of never, she added in her thoughts, cracking open a big smile for her mom.

“But tonight, you’ll stay here,” stated her mom in a tone that let her know her mom needed to control something about this situation in order to not completely freak out.

“Of course, mom,” Lovebird reassured her. Fucking up a roomful of battle-hardened guards was nothing to her, but her mom easily outmaneuvered her. Or should I say Mash. Sigh. “I missed you, mom.”

So, the old man and Janine went back to the hotel alone while Mash and Lovebird were having a sleepover with the Swenhards.

Lovebird caught Mash in the hallway. “You are fucking up my life,” she complained, “and making me lie ever more devastatingly to my parents.”

“I overheard that. I’m so sorry, Kirsten. I don’t have a family. I didn’t realize how much psychic damage I’d be doing to you just by enjoying our freedom and the moment.”

“What do you mean… No,” said Lovebird, “Hell no. Tonight?”

“Look, in my defense, and I’m aware it’s a feeble defense, he has a serious shelf life problem. He is smoking hot, maybe as of just this last week. If not now, we might not be able to get the opportunity for three or six months,”

“We’ll almost certainly be back here tomorrow.”

“Will we really? We might see him tomorrow, but that’s not opportunity, unless I want to contemplate pulling him off his bicycle and into the bushes as soon as he leaves sight of his parents. Or do you think I’m mean enough to put you through another sleepover now that I’ve seen what’s involved for you? So worst case, there will be another opportunity in six months, neh? And who knows for certain, but I’d say by then we’ll probably easily be able to find him,” and then sotto voice, “by following the trail of fucked-out girlfriends in his wake!”

“Bwahahahah!” Lovebird blurted. This was the real problem with Mash. When she was mad at her, Mash could make her laugh uncontrollably.

“You know full well why I want to get there first. It will be part of my normal life I never got. I will take the finest care of him, you know that. And I choose him.”

Lovebird thought, how could something be so sweet and so ew at the same time?

“So let’s rule the galaxy as sisters-in-law and lovers,” she whispered.

“Now you’re really ruining it,” shot back Lovebird.

“It’s all arranged,” admitted Mash.

“You cunt sucking whoremonger!” Lovebird whispered back practically silently. “So I’m to be cuckolded tonight in favor of my little brother?”

“No, I have plans for you later on.”

“Oh, god. I think I just threw up in my mouth,” retorted Lovebird, “You’d better shower first. Ew.”

“And who knows, maybe he’ll come down to my room an hour after bedtime and we’ll have a pleasant chat on my bed about his baseball card collection. We’re just going to have a nice talk. Those are our only firm plans.”

“Firm plans, right.”

“You’re welcome to listen in discreetly to insure we remain chaste and save him for Jesus.”

“You know nothing about Christianity, do you?” Lovebird chuckled. “And a good thing, too.”

“Well, bye, I’m going to go read.”

“Have a blast.” And that was that. She went upstairs and got ready for bed, which was very nostalgic because of the bathroom of all places. Then she set her alarm for 12:30 AM and tried to get some shut eye. “Lord, give me the strength to think of something else and also to forgive my girlfriend not so soon as to not cause her severe psychic torment but not so late as that she kicks me to the curb. Amen.” Oh yeah, she was having a really functional, mature evening here.

Her 12:30 alarm woke her quietly. She was already wearing jammies and socks. She donned her dark coat, knit cap, and uggs. If she was to have a miserable vigil, at least it would be a reasonably warm one. She figured she could sit against the wall in the kitchen, because it was a thin wall to Mash’s room, so she could overhear, and it was around the corner from the door, in case her little brother unexpectedly bolted in terror.

Okay, big sis is going to make sure it all works out good for you. She silently descended the stairs and turned the corner into the kitchen. There was her mom, in the dark, bundled up similarly to her, sitting on the floor against the wall.

She could make professional killers purr like cats and lick her feet. She could handle this. She sat down next to her mom and whispered, “I suppose you’re wondering why I called you here.”

“Aren’t you such a sweet big sister looking after her little brother,” her mom whispered back. “Of course she asked your permission, too.”

“She asked your permission? And you gave it?”

“Your best friend can be very persuasive.”

Lovebird wasn’t going to try to use her polluted brain to read between the lines of that statement. Instead she just asked, “What did she say? I can’t imagine…”

“Honey,” said her mother, “I am a nurse. I don’t have the luxury of being a prude. I know all about boys this age. I trust he’ll have a happy start with Mash. How many of us can say that?”

Good point, thought Lovebird. Not me. If fact, it had been Mash who had loved her back to sanity in the aftermath of her own horrific first experience.

Mom continued, “And of course you approved too…”

“How do you know that? Maybe she’s doing this behind my back.”

“Because you’re sitting here, silly. My, this subject is making you so uncomfortable you can’t even think straight. You know honey, sexual relations are a normal, healthy, and wonderful part of life. Don’t be concerned… now hold on… something’s happening…”

Sure enough, Mash’s and Ben’s chatting and laughing had stopped, and instead, the bed was squeaking around a little, like they were shifting their weight. Yes, it seemed as though Lovebird would have to sit next to her mom and listen to her life partner and her little brother passionately get it on while contemplating the certain future revelation to her whole family that she and Mash had been lovers for over a year before she agreed to this… episode.

“Mom, I have something to confess.”

“Can’t it wait, honey, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in there. Are they kissing? Light petting?”

“Something like that. It can’t wait.”

“Do you always have to be the center of attention? This is your brother’s most special time in his whole life. Someday you’ll understand that.”

“Mom, Mash is my lover. We’re a committed couple, and our relationship is open.”

“Silly, I knew that. Now shut up and let me listen.” Lovebird had no trouble shutting up after that response. What could she possibly say to that revelation? Mind blown.

Mash was saying, “Benny, I want to talk to you about me and your sister.”

“Don’t worry, Em, I never want to do anything to screw up your friendship with Kirsten. I know you’ve been close and probably saved each other’s lives and stuff and done all kinds of secret agent stuff all over the world and stuff. I’m babbling aren’t I?”

“Yes, shut up Benny, and listen please.”

“You're so beautiful Em, I will never do anything to hurt you or Kirsten, no wait don't put them away!”

"They're distracting, you, honey. Now listen." Kirsten thought she heard Ben actually whimper.

“I know honey, I’m really excited to keep going too! You’ll find that out for sure in a little bit when you see my panties, okay, stud, but first, I really need you to concentrate, okay?”


“I have a confession to make, and I hope you’ll understand…”

“You told her and she freaked out, didn’t she?

“Shut up! I asked her permission beforehand, if you must know, and she agreed, because she loves and admires us both very much. Now shut up and let me explain. Aw, fuck it. It can wait.”

Ben: “Em, my goddess!”

Lovebird heard Mash say, “Benny… oh Benny…” his belt being unbuckled. His pants and underpants were being cast aside. From Mash, pure admiration, “Oh you’re such a big hard thick stud. Please I’m aching for you stud oh yeah there it is, yes take me, yes, open me up my stallion, oh Benny, yes Benny! Yes Benny! YES Benny! YES BENNY! Huh! Huh! Huh!”

Then from Ben obviously trying his best to stay quiet, “GrrrrrrAaauuahh!” Quiet. And then:“Em, oh I’m sorry…”

And her going “shhhhhh. Shhhhhh”. Mostly her talking, because Ben was whispering. “No, it felt wonderful. I was so ready for you stud. Yes so ready. Yes so perfect. I was so ready for you to make me so full. Oh god yes it feels so good in there. Just rest in me a little, honey. You’re a lot to handle. Let your cum just soak up in me and fertilize all my eggs. No honey I’m just kidding, I’m on the pill. But come to think of it… Anyway, we’d have such beautiful babies, honey. I like to think about that when you’re resting in me like this. A girl can dream. I want what is best for you honey. No college degree, no pills in the trash, capiche?” Some giggling from them.

Lovebird came to terms with the fact her little brother had grown into an unusually tall and thick young man who had now lost his virginity in her extrememly full and grateful wife. She hoped he wouldn’t need a hand cart as he grew older. She also hoped she wouldn't have to quietly bump him off in order to again have a chance of attracting her wife's attention.

The bed started to move again. “Oh, you stud. Yes, it feels great. No, they can’t. No they get soft and fall out. Well you’re a stud. Always? Yes girls like it. Yes, we never stop. Never stop. Yes I always like it always want it ‘til you’re done with me. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Ha-ha. Oh feels so good. So good Benny. You nasty. Okay I’ll tell you. Yes I am. Ohhhh Benny. MMMuhhhh. AAHnnnnnnnh. Yes another one. Don’t you fucking stop. Not until you want to. Yeah that’s what I thought. No, yes please go harder. Yes please go harder than that. Yes I’m ready for whatever you want. I want you to own me,” Mash whimpered.

Lovebird had never heard Mash so submissive. It was a whole different side of her. Lovebird could tell Mash’s world was being rocked. Both those guys’ worlds were being rocked. She was so proud of both of them. She just hoped she still had a girlfriend by the end of the evening at this rate! “AAaahhh! AAaaahh!” from Mash another out-of-control orgasm on the other side of the wall. She hoped they didn’t wake up her dad.

What was she thinking. Dad knew everything already and was probably listening to this through the heating vent, the pervert. Mom never keeps secrets from him. Cringe. From Mash: “Yes I had another one you bastard! Now make me do it again! Yes fuck it out of me! Fuck me! FUCK ME! AAAAAHHH!” And from Ben, “EMMMMMMMMM!” Yep, that was her little brother screaming her wife’s name as he came deep in her cunt. Does Ally know? Who cared anymore.

“Well honey,” her mom said to her, poking her. “This looks like it’s going just fine. And I don’t know about you, but I need to see your father about something.” As her mom got off of the floor, Lovebird could see she’d left a big wet spot where her panties had soaked through. Well, of course, she was Lovebird’s mom.

“I’ll take a firm pass on dad, myself,” Lovebird joked as she looked at the sticky mess she herself had left on the floor as she got up. Mom opened a kitchen drawer, pulled out a rabbit vibrator and slapped it into her hand. “Have fun. Batteries are new. You might want to warm it up in the sink.” And with that, her mom moved like a ghost across the living room floor and up the stairs. Things Lovebird had never known about her mom.

Swiffer for the floor. Across the living room. Up the stairs. Down the hall. Familiar creaking and sighing sounds from parent’s bedroom. Back in bed. Giving the rabbit a spin. Very nice. Tucking it under her pillow. Falling asleep.

Text message from Mash about 3:30 in the morning, “Just made wife number two take the walk of shame wanting more. Come to me, wife number one. I want to use your whore body for my pleasure, just like your little brother now got done using my whore mouth, cunt, and ass for his pleasure.” Not surprisingly, Lovebird often contemplated deleting Mash’s entire text history to her. Nahhh. Couldn’t do it. Hope nobody else ever, ever sees it.

Lovebird texted back, "You'll have to do better than that. I heard the submissive little slut you were for my little brother. Shower, you skanky-ass whore. I will not suck my little brother's cum out of your stinking cunt, so douche, too. A citrus flavor would be nice. And an enema. And brush your fucking teeth for once. Then come to my room and service me."
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 3

It was decided that the perimeter of their new territory would be ably guarded by a security team led by Bob the bodyguard, who had received full immunity in exchange for cooperating with the FBI in taking down the Organization. The only physical fencing around the territory would be a low fence you might see around the perimeter of a dairy farm. They didn’t want to draw any special attention to the community. However, there was a network of invisible sensors that would immediately alert Bob and his team of any activity near either side of the fence line.

The old man, Janine, Lovebird, and Mash held focus groups and conferences involving more and more of the displaced girls as the community’s initial design and ground rules came into focus. The community named itself The Refuge by vote of the future residents. The basic reason for the community was to protect the girls from the likely public uproar, ostracism, legal problems, adverse publicity, and likely public shaming that would result from the careless integration of the girls back into ordinary American communities. To that end, it was a good thing the community was isolated and its own federal territory. Very quietly, the age of consent of the territory was established as 13. This was so that none of the girls would be breaking the law merely by getting what they needed from whoever they chose every day.

People associated with the community would fall into three categories: Inerts, Ions, and Guests. These names came from Lovebird’s statement of the problem the community was designed to solve. “To feel reasonably comfortable, our girls need sex at least once in the morning and once at night every day. Some, like Mash and I, have committed partners that fulfill that. So we’re basically chemically inert. The butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker are safe from us.

“But girls who don’t have committed partners who fulfill that need, which is practically all the girls that need a home, let’s call them ions, chemically. They’re going to bond with something. They’re all going to go get that sex, no question. It’s like vampires getting blood. They’re just going to need to go out and get it in riskier ways, and they’ll generally need multiple partners. And when that gets out, and it will, the torches and pitchforks will show up to chase the girls out of town, and the paddy wagons will show up to cart off the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, who all fucked underage girls.”

So the rules were established. Inerts would serve as ambassadors for the community. They would live in the community and would be allowed to travel freely into and out of the community. Ions would live in the community, but would not be allowed to travel out of it until they were adults. All minors would use birth control. Lovebird, Mash, and the other Inerts convinced all but three of the girls to follow these rules. The three girls in question, compounding the problem, then tried to escape from their temporary compound one night, and the old man put them into an FBI holding facility until he could figure out what to do with them.

The old man needed be really serious about this aspect, because it was sad but true that although the old man, Janine, Lovebird, and Mash wanted to do the best thing for all the girls, which was to protect them from the torches and the pitchforks, the reason the expensive place was funded by the government was that the old man could argue the need to protect the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. Those guys were voters and political contributors, after all.

The third category of residents, guests, could travel freely as well. These were people voted into the community by the council of residents. If they caused trouble, they could be voted back out as well.

The girls could all receive a college education free of charge from the federal government. High school was completed via remote learning from Lovebird’s old high school in Shepardstown, and College from a University of Minnesota remote learning curriculum. The school administrators in Shepardstown were informed that this was a low security prison for girls who had committed serious but nonviolent offenses, but it was left at that. Everybody agreed it was very important not to stigmatize the girls by spreading this news around town. Those who needed to know kept this information close to the vest.

Lovebird and Mash occasionally visited The Refuge while it was under construction, but spent most of their time in town liaising both officially and unofficially.

Before their second date, Mash set some ground rules for Ben. Ben, being a sensible lad, never tried to beg out of them. They would meet in the hotel room, since now that Lovebird had no more big secrets from her family, she was fine staying in the guest room at her house on weekend nights. Mash saw Ben only on Friday and Saturday nights, since he was still in middle school and needed to not be up until 3:30 AM or whenever on school nights.  He also had to have all his homework done for Monday.

True to her word, Mash was not messing up Ben’s life. If there was a school function like a dance, she would always insist they attend it together, because Mash, or Em as Ben called her, didn’t want Ben to disappear from his own social scene and miss out on any of the young women he should be finding there. That would hurt him. So, inevitably, Auntie Em became popular in Ben’s social scene. She had danced with all the boys and girls at Ben’s school before too long, just danced and talked mind you, and knew that Ben was generally admired, especially since now he had somehow snagged a knockout high schooler from out of town, his older sister’s best friend, as his girlfriend. She knew there were plenty of really wonderful girls Ben’s own age who were aching to be next in line. Mash planned on encouraging it.

This left Lovebird pretty much on her own Friday and Saturday nights. She swerved close enough to her old high school social scene to peruse some of her old classmates, boys she had worshipped from afar before, and had some one night stands, but found the boys her own age were mostly just grubs really, still developing. She didn’t have any specific urges from experiencing a few of these lads to go into the grub education business like Mash. Instead, she found herself creaming over some of the powerful men and women in town she was coordinating with for The Refuge, but she was unwilling to risk hurting the project to satisfy those urges.

Lovebird’s phone buzzed. It was a text from an unknown number, looked like a French number. “Lovebird, it’s Nick. I came as soon as they would let me go. I’ve been busy with your friends at the FBI. Now I’m done. I’m lonely, and I want to see you desperately.”

Lovebird texted back, “Yes ASAP I’m free tonight!”


“Do you mind coming to my parents house?”

“Turnabout is fair play.”

She texted Nick her home address and waited by the door. Literally five minutes later, Nick drove up in a silver and black BMW i8. Lovebird ran out to greet him and they kissed passionately on the front lawn. “You’re wearing the Rolex. Did you put it on just for me?”

“I wear it as much as I can,” she replied honestly. “How did you get the car?”

“Shh,” replied Nick, “Fake ID. I’m now a year your senior. And here’s my learner’s permit. See, all legit.”

“But you’re supposed to only drive with someone else in the car.”

“That’s where you come in.”

“So you’re telling me you flew here all the way from Europe just to find a driving buddy?”

“It depends on how loosely you define driving buddy,” he answered as they walked arm and arm into her house. Since her parents were not in evidence, which would require her to make an introduction, she just dragged him into the guest bedroom and locked the door. They could meet him at breakfast.
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 4

“So Katie, I’m so interested in finding out how everything is going with you now that Kirsten has had more time at home with you.”

“Alicia, I’m so grateful for your expert support over these last two years. I was so in grief during so much of it. I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to be there for Bob or the kids at all if there hadn’t been you supporting me.”

“I’m so happy to have been there for you, and I’m so overjoyed that Kirsten has come home and things are opening up for all of you. We had all so feared the worst. How has it been?”

“As you recall, the FBI men had told us not to pry, but I was so curious! Eventually Kirsten, or should I say Lovebird, which is what she likes to be called now, told me everything. It was such a relief to me that mostly she had been happy or at least had tolerable times as a sex slave working for these criminals. There was the horrible, horrible rape, but she seems to have healed from that and to have become stronger than I ever imagined she could become. And the old man, he’s like the main FBI guy, assures me that the terrible man who did it is behind bars for life for all his crimes.”

“It must have been so hard to listen about the terrible things that happened to her.”

“It wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be, and that’s mostly because of how Kirsten is dealing with it all. Kirsten has grown so much and has such strong great friends in her life from this. And of course, she has the love of her girlfriend, or should I really say wife, Charlotte, or, oh I’m sorry, Em, as she likes to be called. You see these girls all gave themselves and each other nicknames, because the criminals punished them if they used their real names. Now they’re like a badge of honor to these girls. I don’t quite understand it.”

“It’s a common thing for groups of people who share traumatic events, Katie. It happens in war. It’s very common. I’d recommend you honor whatever they want to call themselves.”

“Oh I wouldn’t think of doing anything else. It will take some getting used to, I suppose, to start calling them Lovebird and Em, wife and wife, but I can tell their love is real, and it puts tears of joy in my eyes every time I see them cuddle. And then there’s also that dashing young European boy Nick, her weekend lover while Em is away with my son Ben.”

“What-what-what? That’s a lot to unpack! Tell me about Kirsten’s wife’s affair with Ben. That sounds pretty complicated and fraught.”

“What can I tell you? It seems like affairs like this are second nature to these kids. There’s no jealousy. And Ben is ecstatic with the arrangement. It probably won’t last, like most young love, but how can you fault something where everyone concerned seems so happy and carefree?”

“If you say so. And so who is this Nick fellow?”

“He just came out of Kirsten’s bedroom one morning looking for coffee. Oh, what a dream he is, girl. Kirsten calls him her “second wife,” and he doesn’t seem to mind the title at all. He has this dreadfully sexy French accent, and he looks very old money. Under intense questioning from yours truly he did reveal he’s independently wealthy. I would say he’s just a boy with probably a fake driver’s license and an unlimited expense account, except, I’ve had accidental occasion to see him in the altogether, and I can tell you, he’s all man, even though he’s still only about Kirsten’s age, or maybe even younger. He’s a spectacular youth.”

“Watch yourself, Katie, you’re drooling! If you don’t watch out you’ll jump the poor young man! On second thought, given their open sensibilities, maybe Kirsten will give you a taste!”

“I wish! Bob and I have been fucking like bunnies while those two little demons have been screaming each other’s names up the heater vent all weekend long!” And they giggled up a conspiratorial storm. "And honey, Kirsten has taken to wearing this gold man's Rolex watch he gave her over a year ago, while she was a working girl. So I suppose he was a client? Although she told me no, he's not, he's a friend. Apparently she's had it for some time, but has been scared to wear it around us, fearing what we'd think or the questions we'd ask. I don't blame her. I looked it up and it's worth more than our house."

“You’d said that Kirsten seemed reluctant to discuss any of her sexual growth with you, and that you were worried about that separating the two of you. Has there been any progress?”

“I think she’s told me most of everything by now. Nothing Kirsten shared with me shocked my sensibilities. Although Kirsten and her siblings will never know of Bob’s and my swinging arrangements, we’ve seen a lot more than she’d suspect. I think Kirsten was pretty shocked that I didn’t react to her stories of highly unconventional training regimens and of being brutally gangbanged by strange men in exotic locations. Of course I can’t directly relate to much of it, but certainly I wouldn’t stigmatize anyone for any of it, and neither would Bob, of course.”

“Anything else you’d like to discuss?”

“Actually, there is. It was distressing for me to hear from Martin, the Mayor, who Bob and I have been friends with him and his second wife Julie for years, that his new intern, my daughter Ally, had cornered him in his office and how can I say this, tried to molest him. Luckily, Martin is a sensitive and levelheaded man who didn’t capitulate, but talked his way out of the immediate situation, and then immediately called me.

“I had a stern talk with Ally, and she agreed it might be best for her to leave town and be sponsored into this new community The Refuge being built by Kirsten and the other rescued girls where she could live among similar girls and be part of their support community. Ally agreed with Bob and me that she shouldn’t leave The Refuge until she turns 18, which is less than a year from now.

“As you know, after Kirsten was taken, Ally took a dark turn. She started cutting herself, and had struggled with suicidal thoughts. She had been violent at school towards herself and towards others, and now this violence towards Martin. As it stood, she was tearing herself apart and now started literally trying to tear the town apart, and she needed help we felt The Refuge could give. Was I wrong to press Ally to do this?”

“I don’t think so, Katie. Ally is certainly on a destructive path at the moment. If you keep in close touch with her and see how things are working there for her, I’m sure the two of you, really the three of you including Bob, can come up with the best constructive way forward for her and her life.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Opening day is tomorrow. I’ll tell you all about it next time.”

I can’t wait to hear about it!”

“I’ll see you next time, Alicia.”

“Next time, Katie.”
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 5

It was opening day. Nick arrived early with Lovebird and parked the i8 in the visitor lot outside the front gate. Em and Ben were already there and rushed up to the car as they parked. Then it was a four way group hug, Em and Nick with a soulful kiss, Ben and Lovebird with a smile and nose rub. Kirsten’s father Bob, mother Katie, and sister Ally soon joined them, and more hugs ensued. Lovebird noticed how her mom lingered in Nick’s arms. Clearly her mom had a serious girl crush going on for Nick. And what red-blooded American girl wouldn’t? She thought it was so cute.

“Whatever happened to Mr. Zero?” Janine asked the old man as they were watching the girls arrive in busses from where they were previously held.

“Killed in a shootout with police,” answered the old man. “Lovebird! Mash! And the whole extended family! How wonderful to see you all! This is my wife Ellen. This is our friend Mei Hua.”

“Congratulations!” said Katie, seeing Mei Hua’s baby bump.

“Thank you,” said Mei Hua, beaming. “Very sick right now.” And with that, she walked quickly towards the nearby bathroom in the visitor center.

“Old man,” asked Lovebird, “Whatever happened to all the teachers from the Academy?”

“They were arrested when the Academy was raided. They all received prison sentences, along with the staff.”

“Mr. Plaid and Ms. Pink as well?”


“They weren’t all so bad. I didn’t like the switches the teachers sometimes used.”

“What they did was wrong. They have to serve time.”

“Of course.”

“What about that pervy doctor of ours?” asked Mash.

“He turned himself in. He’s in prison.”

“He wasn’t so bad either, but that’s understandable. He was a real perv.”

“Having pervy thoughts isn’t a crime,” said the old man, “Which is a good thing, because if they were, we’d probably all be locked up. But acting on them is a different matter. Him and people like him fostered an environment of cruel exploitation. Not all of you survived. A girl you may know as Garbo disappeared. We believe she was murdered and her body disposed of. Another girl, Maleficent, was made an example of before she was murdered. I’ll leave it at that. Even though most of you girls were treated as well as one could imagine given that you were basically slaves, these people were evil, and I’m glad we stopped it.”

“We are too,” said Lovebird. “I have no reservations.”

One of the younger guards approached Lovebird, apparently goaded by his friends, who were holding back. “Hi, I’m Harold,” he said sheepishly.

“Harold, from the control room?”

“The same.” Aww, he was blushing, she saw. “We just all wanted to you to see these notes from our wives.” He handed Lovebird a pile of notes.

The first one read: “Dear Lovebird, Ever since my husband Harold guarded you, he just hasn’t been the same. He has become so passionate and alive. I want more of that. I know he’s been fantasizing about interacting with you in person. Please do whatever you please to my husband today. You both have my blessing.”

“Intriguing,” said Lovebird, and passed the note to Nick and Em. She read more, and they were all like that. Some were a bit more reluctant, like “don’t break him,” some were less, like “break him thoroughly already.”

“Aww, these are are so sweet,” said Em. “You have to go with them.”

“I agree,” said Nick. “We’ll be fine.”

“We’ll find stuff to do,” said Em naughtily, “and everyone will love Nick.”

With that, Lovebird, Harold, and the other five guards in the crew walked off together, making introductions, shaking hands, and hugs from Lovebird as they went.

“Well I knew she would be snapped up right away,” smiled Nick.

“Now that you’re available for the next couple hours at least, I have an army of girls I’m dying to introduce you to,” said Em.

“Sounds dangerous,” replied Nick.

“I’ll make them promise to treat you nice. You, too, Ben. All my friends have heard about you now and want to get to know you.”

“Okay, I guess. I’m happy with you.”

“And I’m happy with you, sweetie, whenever you want to hang out with me. But you remember our talk about broadening your horizons, right?”

“I remember.”

“If you’re attracted, I want you to go try it, okay?”


Nick, Em, and Ben wandered off hand in hand. Ally had also wandered off in the company of a group of girls she had already made friends with.

"What about you, Mr. and Mrs. Swenhard?" asked the old man. "It appears a night of wild debauchery is in store for anyone who stays around here. Are you taking off?"

“Oh, no!” Katie answered for both of them. “Now that all our kids appear to be spoken for, well, I’ve wanted Bob to get out a lot more. Expand his horizons. And I’ve arranged the perfect thing with some of Kirsten’s friends. Here they are now!”

Tangent, Irish, Tinkerbell, and Ruby showed up wearing nothing but little sticky nametags with the phrase “Girl Bang Squad” written on them. Tangent was fiddling as they marched up to Katie. “Hi again, Katie!” said Tinkerbell as they arrived.

“Well here he is, my darling husband, girls!”

“Uh…” said Bob. “I’m not sure about this.”

“Don’t worry honey!” Katie said in her perennially cheery and disarming way. “They’re not going to do anything to you against your will.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“Take good care of him.”

“We will!” they shouted pretty much in unison. They quickly took all of Bob’s clothes off and folded them in a neat pile. Then Tangent and Irish each took and arm, Tinkerbell grabbed his stiffening cock, “Oh so you do like us after all?”, and Ruby spanked little spanks on his ass as they led him away to his fate.

Soon after Ellen, Janine’s sex therapist, showed up and dragged her off to an undisclosed location. Ellen introduced herself, “Hi! Bye!”

“Well, all that’s left is you, Katie,” said the old man. “Any plans for yourself?”

“And you, not-so-old-man. I know that baby bump is yours, isn’t it, you rascal?”

“Guilty as charged,” he said, that iridescent smile lighting up.

“Well, if your wives don’t mind, I would like to start my evening by very personally thanking you for bringing my daughter back safely to me. You're such a handsome, captivating, powerful man. I've been creaming for you since the day we first met,” she admitted, blushing.

“I don’t mind, as long as you let me watch,” answered Ellen.

“Me too,” said Mei Hua, who was back from the bathroom.

“I'm very flattered, Katie," said the old man. "Are you sure your husband won't mind?"

"Oh, no. We had intended to swing separately tonight, because I told him I had a surprise for him that didn't involve me. He encouraged me to check as many boxes off my wish list as possible, and I intend to!"

"I must admit that you have topped my MILF list since the day I met you! You have your own abundance of charisma, and I love all your dangerous curves. There’s an office over here where the four of us can have some privacy,” replied the old man. The four of them wandered off arm in arm.


The guys had led Lovebird to a perfect spot on campus in the guard complex that had a good-sized bed and a door, which was promptly shut and locked. Now the guys didn't know what to do. She could tell they thought they should take charge, being about twenty years her senior, but obviously none of them had ever been close to being involved in a gangbang before. They were full of nervous energy like a batch of puppies, gently climbing over one another to kiss her on the mouth and neck. She had been able by now to assess each man’s level of arousal, so it was probably time for her to put a little structure into the fun.

"Harold, you're the most excited, so you should go first. Please remove my clothes and lick me to orgasm, if you don't mind, and then push your delightful cock gently into my cunt. You guys are all going to stretch my little 15-year-old quim and ass a bit even to the very last fuck today, so remember to be gentle; there’s no rush. You’ll find plenty of lube there in my purse. Please don’t spare it on your cocks, especially when you choose to fuck my ass, and it never hurts to squirt a little extra on and into my anus before starting there each time, and even in and on my pussy if you have any concern, okay? I know you don’t want to hurt me. I’ll be here and available to you all for as long as any of you want to play with me.” Harold was following orders and was already neatly undressing her and himself as she addressed the crowd of guards.

"Bruce and Lionel, you're my numbers two and three. I love the rest of you guys just as much, but three is the practical limit of who I can pay attention to at the same time in the way you deserve, so have a seat you three, and I'll call each of you in as others tap out. Don't play with yourselves too much any of you, please. Just relax and enjoy the show. I need all the semen you can make today deep in my cunt where it feels the best for me, okay? Of course, releasing deep in my ass also feels very good. Needless to say, but it bears repeating, please go wash yourself off after any anal play with each other or with me before using my pussy or mouth. Question?"

Alex had politely raised his hand. “May I please ejaculate on your breasts and face? I’ve been dreaming about it since that night.”

“Of course, Alex honey. I was really just saying please men, don’t waste any of your precious cum on the floor. Please make every shot count.” There was applause all around for the conclusion of her rousing speech.

The guys nodded and behaved well, happy to have structure. Makes sense for a paramilitary unit, Lovebird considered. Her hips started to undulate as Harold rubbed her g-spot with one well-lubed finger. “This feels great!” she told Harold, “I actually haven’t been finger fucked in a long time. You can make me cum pretty easily this way.”


As Em, Ben, and Nick pulled up to the bar in the first dorm, all eyes in the room full of girls fell upon them. Ally was in the corner with her group of friends. Ally shared a look with her little brother of “hope they don’t tear you limb from limb” as the three were mobbed by girls reintroducing themselves to Mash and expressing in ways both subtle and overt their interest in sharing her dates as thoroughly and equitably as could be managed.

Finally, Mash climbed up on the bar and addressed the assembling crowd. “Okay, now there’s a signup sheet with the bartender here. Of course, Nick and Ben are both guests of The Refuge and they’ll both be back here a lot in the future. I personally know that both these young men are full of spunk today and ready to go many times…”

A rousing high-pitched cheer rose up from the growing crowd of girls and momentarily drowned Mash out. Ben and Nick looked at each other and at Mash sheepishly. They were blushing to be spoken of in such a manner before such a large audience of knockout cute and lusty girls. It was enough to make a young man dizzy.

Finally, Mash could continue, “But you also know, girls, that there’s not a man alive who could do this whole room today…”

“Or he wouldn’t be alive for long!” one girl yelled out, followed by much laughter.

“Exactly,” continued Mash. “Furthermore, neither of these young men have ever been reverse gangbanged before, so let’s make sure that their first visit to The Refuge is pleasant and not too overwhelming.” There was loud applause and catcalls from the girls.

Being a red-blooded young Frenchman, Nick said, “Overwhelm me!”

Sam, not wanting to be left out, raised his hand and said, “I’m kinky, too, honest! I want to be overwhelmed too!”

Both these statements yielded more applause, hoots, and catcalls from the rapidly assembling girls. Apparently, all the other dorms were coming to see what the commotion was about.

“Don’t worry guys. Now as I said, there’s a signup sheet here with the bartender. Now these men promise, don’t you guys,” and the Ben and Nick nodded vigorously. They didn’t know what they were promising and they didn’t fucking care at this point. Mash continued, “…that every girl who puts their name on this list will be eventually visited and thoroughly fucked by each of them either separately or together.” The crowd erupted in a screech as Nick and Ben joined hands and raised them to the crowd. The screams and lusty energy coming off the huge crowd of excited girls was nearly pushing the boys over. They felt like rock stars. Then they looked at each other quizzically. Did Mash say “or together”? They shrugged. They could work out the details later.

Mash climbed off the bar. The bartender had six, no seven pieces of paper down on the bar, all being furiously scrawled on by girls with a big line forming behind each. Mash huddled with the boys. “I’m thinking just one other girl to start with to make it a foursome. That’s a good way to start this process off on the right foot. We can just grab the lucky girl and be off, the four of us.”

The boys were both blustery at this notion, “I’ve had just by myself two girls at the same time before,” argued Nick, “I’m ready to handle more.”

Ben, not to be outdone, said, “Me too!”

Mash was willing to compromise. “Okay, how about one more apiece. You know you’re each going to have to fuck each of us at least once. That’s four fucks apiece at least.”

The boys still looked disappointed, as were the girls able to overhear their huddle. “Okay, two more apiece. That’s six fucks apiece. That’s reverse gangbang territory, gentlemen. C’mon, don’t let your eyes get bigger than your dicks.”

Eventually, they settled on taking the first girl off each of the five piles of paper nearest them on the bar for a total of six including Mash. The girls were Mutt, Mash’s bunkmate to the right, Alcove, a sassy North Dakotan Mash had parked in more than once back in the Academy, Paisley, a wild-eyed redhead from San Antonio, Clubs, the short jet-black-skinned Bronx girl Mash and the others had met under inauspicious circumstances in Macao, and Eureka, a willowy blond girl from Oregon that Mash did not know. She had been in a younger class with Clubs. Both those girls were still only thirteen.

Mash said to Clubs, “I thought you were exclusive with Bob these days.” Ben’s eyes widened until Mash explained, “Bob, Lovebird’s bodyguard.” Whew. Ben did not want to share any of these girls with his dad. But what was he thinking? His dad only had eyes for his mom.

“He’s been encouraging me to seek out boys my own age, so we’re swinging separately tonight,” she replied, and then looking lustily at Nick and then Ben, “Don’t mind if I do. He doesn’t want any other girls, but if the right grown woman was available, I made him promise to consider it.”

“There are a few grown women around today,” Mash mused as the group of six girls left the dorm bar triumphantly and excitedly dragging along a giggling Ben and Nick.


Just as Ben giggled at the ludicrous idea of his dad wanting to get it on with anyone other than his mom, Ben’s dad Bob giggled at the fact two tiny and exotic young girls were taking turns sucking his dick to hardness. Tinkerbell, a jet-black Southern belle who had been born in Morocco, had just started the festivities by gulping his half hard dick halfway down her delightful tight throat. Ruby, a dark brown young wench, licked his nut sack and looked with such intense longing at him that he felt himself about lost in her beautiful purple eyes.

Along with Tangent and Irish, who were playing and singing musical accompaniment to the scene respectively, they had towed Bob naked by his dick through the compound. This march had been accompanied by many hoots from other girls and shouts of “get your own!” back from the four girls. They had arrived at a prepared corner of dorm five, where they had pre-built a barricade of bunk beds and mattresses with a floor of mattresses in which to have their way with Bob. They had planned excitedly for Bob, since they had all met Bob, found him to be dreamy, and, at 6’5”, 250 lbs, and reasonably fit with a surmised only slightly larger than average sized dick on him, the most physically massive man any of them had had to date. “Plenty to go around!” as Irish had joked during the planning session.

His dick had swelled by now to a slightly larger size than originally estimated, causing especially Tinkerbell some concern as she dislodged it from deep in her throat and valiantly choked it down again, but the deviation from expectations was not enough to abort the mission, since they were trained professionals, and also knew in advance that Bob would be a very conscientious lover.

Tinkerbell, having ably and with no small assistance from Ruby brought Bob’s member to full attention, pushed Bob over on his back and made to ride him cowgirl style. Ruby took a seat of secondary honor on Bob’s mouth, ahh, make that Bob’s talented mouth she thought as Bob started with gentle little sucks on her whole clit and urethra region. Ruby warned him “I hope you can multitask,” as Irish and Tangent guided Bob’s sizable index fingers into their tight little quims both already quite wet with anticipation. He began to expertly and firmly finger-fuck the both of them. “Oh yeah! We have multitasking!” Tangent reported excitedly as she started pumping her hips.

By this point, Ruby was vibrating with her first of many cums on Bob’s tongue. Irish and Tangent, looking deeply into each others eyes, were both working their way up to nice mellow stretchy orgasms on Bob’s fingers. Tinkerbell had the most difficult starting position. She had worked her sopping wet cunt a bit past the head of Bob’s dick, but was kind of stuck there despite her dripping wetness. Bob felt like his cock was in a tiny slippery vise, almost numb with the static pressure of it. Tinkerbell decided to abort her first attempt and apply generous amounts of lube to Bob’s cock before beginning her second attempt. There was just so much of him, she needed to work the smart way. This time, she was able to easily sit most of the way down on Bob’s lovely, pulsing cock before bottoming out her tiny cunt. Hopefully, by the time Bob spunked in her, she would be stretched out more and taking him all the way in so she could feel his cum hit her even deeper. He was already well past her cervix, which is actually only about halfway up a girl’s vagina if she is being stretched to the limit as Tinkerbell was at the moment.

Now that Tinkerbell was moving on him, Bob felt that delightful tight sliding, and the pressure went from bearable to highly pleasurable. He really had felt nothing in his life approaching this level of tight vibrant pulsing and clipping as she moved on him, and Bob had sampled a few extremely tight pussies in his day, such as Julie, the mayor’s petite new young Asian wife, but she was at least twenty years Tinkerbell’s senior, and Bob supposed from this that there was nothing in nature as pleasurably insistent to be knocked up as Tinkerbell’s barely fifteen-year-old quim, and probably those of her three companions as well.

As Tinkerbell speared herself deliciously towards orgasm on his cock, Bob sucked and tongued his gratitude to his wife by proxy into Ruby’s orgasming little flower as he lovingly finger-fucked and teased the g-spots of the two girls on his fingers. He fervently hoped Katie was having at least a little fun in his absence.


“Gaahh!!! uhhh!!!” Katie screamed out her fifth orgasm in as many minutes, her legs spread wide to fully accept the old man’s relentless thrusting cock, and they had only been fucking for five minutes. By the time they had gotten to the private bed the old man had reserved for possible fun today, they had been deliciously smooching and confessing nasty fantasies they’d had about each other the whole way, and she was already dripping wet for him, and he was already rock hard, so they had dispensed with the preliminaries for the time being, not even getting undressed yet except for the bare necessity. Katie, screaming out yet another orgasm louder and longer than the last one, had her dress up and her panties and pantyhose still bouncing on one leg. The old man, driven by Katie's thrilling responsiveness to fuck her with all the excitement of a teenager, but with a lot more stamina, had his pants and boxer briefs off and his dress shirt crumpled up on his chest. Intensely honed and chisled over a lifetime of training, his muscles thrust and strained, rippling like a tiger's as he relentlessly pistoned himself into Katie's splashing, pulsing, and fully surrendered clean-shaven cunt, her legs spread yoga wide.

Ellen was transfixed by the frantic and immediate surrender of Katie’s spreading wide for her man and his energetic entry and thrusting towards fulfilling Katie’s overflowing desire while at the same time fully savoring his own. She had never experienced anything quite like this mood in her man before, and Katie was quite a woman as well. She could see why Katie's daughter was supposedly scientifically measured to be the sexiest girl in the world.

For Mei Hua’s part, some of their early lovemaking had approached this level, but the old man had held back emotionally from her also in those early days, at least in the first few hours each time until he loosened up a bit, and this was only the first few minutes with the mom of the Lovebird, Katie. This congress with Katie was unhinged, and she loved the raw intense mutual need of it, the raging dominance of her man, and Katie's total submission and frequent screams and gurgles of total satisfaction. It was like her own personal perfect sex show starring her favorite stud. Delighted, she rubbed her stud’s baby bump with one hand while the other was inexorably tempted towards her rapidly moistening quim.
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 6

Lovebird soon realized that this gangbang was distinct, not just because all the men were completely new to the scene and kind of overwhelmed, but also that this wasn’t the usual tired contingent of rich obese men vying for a taste of youth between her legs, but instead a group of athletic, powerfully built men in their prime who were genuinely attracted to her as a person and as a lover.

Despite her best-laid plans, her eyes rolled back in her head and she just started to hang on to all of them for dear life and cum pretty continuously as Harold started pounding her lovingly, deeply, and thoroughly. Bruce and Lionel, far from feeling starved for attention, were instead contributing to her thrills and frequent climaxes by exploring her entire body lovingly with hands, fingers, tongues, and lips as Harold continued fucking her so well. All three were coordinating well in giving her deep soulful kisses in her mouth, and Bruce and Lionel were keeping her tingling tits and nips contributing powerfully to her excitement by kissing and sucking on them wonderfully.

The guards were all staying pretty well fluffed just by watching and listening to Lovebird’s shrill cries of arousal at their ministrations. Despite their orders to sit, the three other men were able to fit their way on to the bed too, just connecting with Lovebird, their friends, and the new and scary experience by just resting a hand on Lovebird’s tummy or running their fingers through her hair.

By this time, Harold had reached the point of no return, and he picked up the pace and the forceful emotion of his fucking strokes into Lovebird’s splashing excited quim. Lovebird spurred him on with a shriek and a bucking orgasm as he started plowing her into the bed. The other guys backed off a scootch to give Harold room to sprint to the finish line, and within a few minutes of starting his sprint, Harold finished deep in Lovebird’s snapping quim as with her own simultaneous orgasm she milked every throbbing squirt and drop of cum Harold could conceivably offer her while her cervix powerfully kissed up as much of Harold’s delectable fluid as it could reach.

Harold rolled off her, entirely spent, and Bruce had prepared himself ably to take Harold’s place. Lovebird’s eyes rolled back and squeezed tight with pleasure as she felt his lubed up and rock hard cock spread wide her still after-shaking snatch and then stretch it to delightful length and slick pressure bursting with pleasure. “Oomph!” she cried, almost cumming on his very first stroke. The guys, including Harold now, reoriented themselves to continue worshipping every inch of her body as Bruce gave his cock to her at a loving unhurried pace, filling her quim, her whole body, with rhythmic pounding, pressure, and pleasure as orgasm after shrill keening orgasm overtook her once more.


Meanwhile, Mash was riding Nick slowly and gratefully, her sopping quim reunited delightfully with his cock, a little larger now than she remembered. “You’ve grown!” she thrilled, squeezing her eyes shut in abandon. Eureka, the thin young blond, was already spasming delighted on Nick’s tongue while he also tried to concentrate enough to rhythmically finger Alcove’s tight wet alcove, and by the motions of her hips and the rubbing of her hands on his chest and abs, he thought he was doing decently.

Ben was a little more overwhelmed by the whole experience, being a virgin except for his experiences with Mash. Young Clubs was riding his cock with extreme pleasure and emotion. Tears of joy were rolling out of her eyes, as she was only now finally fucking a boy nearly her own age and feeling, even in this unusual circumstance, close to that horny little girl she once had been before being stolen away. Little Mutt was having an enjoyable ride on Ben’s mouth, silently thanking Mash for already teaching the boy to be a good cunt licker, and also rubbing and comforting Clubs in this emotional moment for her. Paisley hung back, reading well Ben’s near overwhelm, and rubbed both girls and frigged herself as they soulfully and skillfully loved Ben together. None of them had ever had a boy as young as Ben before, so they were all dealing with emotions around the sorrow for their lost youth.


Bob was in his short strokes, about to finish. Tinkerbell was tingling all over as Bob’s massive muscular torso smashed her face and body tightly into the mattress, his giant hands tightly enveloping and gripping each of her entire bubble ass cheeks as he thrust her pelvis against his to batter his entire magnificent cock into her stretching orgasming quim to the hilt again and again with thrumming extreme force. She about lost consciousness as she felt his massive load pressure wash her entire cunt and mostly splash out on all sides of her and him. Bob rolled to the side almost immediately and Tinkerbell started breathing again, finally noticing she had stopped breathing, and she sucked in delightful sweet air again, and had herself an emotional moment at the pleasure she’d just experienced. She knew that Bob would be a champ by just getting through the four of them one time apiece, but she had to have Bob again, and soon. Perhaps she could persuade Katie to lend him again, or have a threesome with the couple, she mused in her afterglow.

The three other young women massaged Bob expertly and gently as Bob curled up, panting from exertion and satisfaction from his comprehensive breeding of Tinkerbell. The girls knew he needed a few minutes, but were confident they could get him to cockstand for them again and again. Ruby’s slick little quim was all but smacking its little lips in anticipation of her turn next of the massive invasion and basting she had just witnessed. She knew she wouldn’t get quite as much batter, but was expectant of plenty enough. Even half a squirt would paint her insides nicely, and she had a guess those massive balls still held a lot more spunk than that.


Bruce had finished wonderfully in Lovebird, and now she was on to riding on Lionel’s choo-choo with him also pushing up into her with firm excited strokes. Alex felt great basting her anus with a lubed up finger, anticipating his turn coming up next. Alex was a kinky one compared to these mostly vanilla boys! She could tell he wanted the chocolate route and then knew from his earlier question that he wanted to finish by depositing his load all over her tits and face. She was having such fun with these happy, loving, virile, fit, devoted husbands! They were treating her like a little princess, and in turn, she was hoping she was making all their wishes come true. She would be eternally grateful to their wives for lending them all out today. She wondered whether all the wives had gotten together for a talk, and how that had gone. She'd like to meet them.


Nick and Ben inseminated the third of their sets, in Nick’s case a panting muttering teary Alcove and in Ben’s case a screaming Paisley, almost simultaneously, and with a high five, sighed and chuckled in relief. “Again!” said a horny Mash, and the whole pile of girls, Ben, and Nick erupted in laughter and tickles.


Ruby rode Bob with deep satisfaction and grunted explosive cums as Irish orgasmed on his wonderful sucking mouth, tunefully crying out her satisfaction at full volume. Tangent was riding one thick Bob finger, enjoying the sight and sounds of her orgasming Irish and greatly anticipating her turn on Bob’s giant tongue and sucking lips, and Tinkerbell was pounding her ass down on the other finger, hoping maybe Bob could be fluffed up for another round, perhaps this time in her anus, since her snatch was still feeling thoroughly and delightfully beat up.


Katie relaxed in her afterglow, having a chance now to slowly and sensually strip for the old man and Ellen. “That’s the most continuous hard fucking I’ve had in a long time, and I get fucked all the time,” Katie confessed. “How long was that?” looking at her phone, “An hour? I don’t know how many times I came! Near the end, I was having one long continuous climax! And then when you shot your seed deep into me at the end, mmmmm, so satisfying!”

The old man was resting in the arms of his wife Ellen after his recent exertion, letting his sweat dry, slowly kissing her neck and breasts as she approached an orgasm with her familiar g-spot vibrator. Mei Hua, overcome with horniness about halfway through the old man and Katie’s romp, had started putting her clothes back on. Katie had then haltingly, in the spaces between orgasms, offered her face to Mei Hua, but Mei Hua declined, not wanting to silence the music of Katie’s passionate response, which she knew was being an exceptional turn-on for both the old man and for Ellen. So Mei Hua had left to find other diversion.

“I’m at my most fertile time,” Katie confessed nastily, “and we know you’re a virile stud because of that baby bump. The pill I take just prevents the egg from implanting, but it can still get fertilized. I wonder if you did me this time, stud.”

“At least until Mei Hua has decided not to have any more children, we’ve decided to keep my vasectomy reversed, so you’re right, I’m still very virile.” Ellen was shuddering, plateauing close to her second orgasm listening to their sexy exchange.

“You probably knocked me up then. It’s too bad; I’d love to find out! Since it won’t implant we’ll never know for sure.”

“That reminds me,” said the old man, “There’s this device we confiscated invented by those brilliant Organization scientists. I haven’t had occasion to try it out. It’s supposed to be able to detect a fertilized embryo within a few minutes of conception.” He got up and rummaged through a box in the corner. “Here it is.” He held up something that looked like a stubby dildo. “Would you like to try it?”

“I would,” she offered, taking it from him. “I’m a nurse, so who better to try it out? Think of the benefit this could have to diagnosing couples who are trying to conceive.”

“Just put it in and turn it on, I believe,” directed the old man.

Katie did. She lubed it up and inserted it. It was a bit cold, like starting up on any room temperature dildo. When she turned it on, it started to hum pleasantly, and even more interestingly, she believed she could feel tendrils moving around inside her, starting to gently explore her vaginal walls. “It feels like it’s doing nasty tentacle things to me in my pussy!” she enthused to them.

She could feel the tendrils beginning to explore her cervix, still gummy with the old man’s cum, no doubt. Then she exhaled in shock and pleasure as a tendril gently but firmly penetrated her cervix and entered her uterus. “It’s getting frisky in there!” she moaned. The tendril began to gently roil around in her uterus, exploring the openings to her fallopian tubes. At this point Katie was speechless, gritting her teeth, vibrating with pleasure at these nasty new sensations.

Finally, as Katie was just about to cum from the wild sensations, the device beeped and the tendrils quickly retreated. Katie cried out in orgasm and squirted a healthy splash of girl cum as the device fell out of her pulsing snatch. Ellen had been watching this spectacle and was so very close to her own orgasm as a result.

“You see?” said the old man, “The pink plus means that you’re knocked up.” Just as she heard this, Ellen was overtaken by a massive shuddering orgasm. Both the old man and Katie cooed at her and cuddled her naked body as she shook for a while in her second thoroughly gratifying release. Ellen fell satisfyingly asleep watching the old man and Katie redress themselves to rejoin the party. She would just nap all cozy here and await their return.
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 7

Nick walked arm-in-arm with Mutt, Clubs, and Paisley, who were taking him to a more private room to get busy with him. As they were walking someone cried out a “Yoo-hoo!” behind them. Nick turned and it was Katie, Lovebird’s mom, flagging them down. As she approached them, Katie said, “Nick, can I have a private word with you?” The girls let him go to approach her so that they could have a whispered private conversation.

“How shall I put this?” began Katie, now visibly flustered. Nick started to get concerned that she was angry with him for some reason, but she sounded more embarrassed. “My husband asked me to take care of a few things this evening, and I also got him a big gift he’s off currently enjoying. Four of Kirsten’s girlfriends wanted to show Bob a good time tonight, and I thought it was an excellent idea, so they bundled him off. One of the things Bob asked me to take care of tonight, if you were interested, is my enormous crush on you.” She looked deeply into his eyes to gauge his reaction.

“Mrs. Swenhard, I mean Katie, I’m very flattered, and frankly, I find you very attractive, but I had put the possibility out of my mind, because my impression from Lovebird had been that you and Bob were very traditional. I’ve seen your lusty glances in my direction, and they’ve certainly piqued my interest. You’re so cheerful, carefree, and playful. And then there are your obvious physical assets. I find everything about you extremely attractive. So I’m all for the notion of you taking care of your crush on me tonight, provided you’re certain we wouldn’t be hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. Obviously you’ve already spoken to your husband about it, so that’s good.” Nick thought a moment, “What about your kids? Do they know you and Bob are doing things like this? Would their feelings be hurt if you and me…”

“That’s an excellent point Nick,” answered Katie, immediately concerned. “Understandably, Bob and I have kept this aspect of our lives private from our kids, but now I see it’s all of a sudden a huge problem I never even considered. I would never ask you to keep secrets from Kirsten! And what about Kirsten’s good friends who are at this very moment fucking my darling husband into a coma! They probably naturally expect Kirsten to already know all about this! Oh my dear! I’ve been hasty because of my lusty feelings and I’ve caused a terrible problem!”

The girls were waiting for Nick several paces away. They started to worry that this curvy mom was trying to steal Nick away from them. Mutt, who had now met Katie on a few occasions, laughed at the notion and said, “I assure you, this is probably she lost her car keys or something. Nick lives in her house and is fucking her daughter two nights a week, for god’s sake. Chill a minute, you pervy sluts.” They in turn stuck out their tongues at Mutt.

Nick said, “You can fix this. First, you need to talk to your kids. Next, Lovebird is the love of my life. I know I’m not her main squeeze, but there it is. She has clearly given me carte blanche for the evening, but I don’t think she imagined that would extend to her mom. She knows I have a crush on you, she teases me about it often, but even so. I hope we can work it out, but there are hurdles.”

“I hope we can work it out, too,” she leaned in and whispered, and then leaned in a little more and kissed him on the lips, intending to give him a quick friendly mom smooch. Nick grabbed her and began to kiss her back passionately in the French style. He thought to himself, what the hell, it’s only a kiss, and it’s a kiss I don’t want to miss. She responded, and frankly they did a little groping as well. Surely a friendly little grope would not be worth mentioning after the fact, no matter how things turned out. Knowing their interest in each other was genuine, they broke their lip lock and smiled conspiratorially with each other.

Clubs and Paisley were like, “Hey!” and Mutt’s jaw dropped in shock.

Ben was having a happy snuggle and walk with Em, Eureka, and Alcove. Like Nick and company, they were looking for a cozier location to continue their party while Ben recovered. Ben had been pretty excited with the other three girls, but it had been hard on him doing it in front of whatever groups of girls happened to wander by. He hadn’t conquered his shyness like all these other girls obviously had, and maybe that was not a bad thing, he thought.

From behind them, Ben heard, “Yoo hoo!” He knew that voice. It was his mom rapidly approaching from the rear. Knowing the futility of avoiding her or resisting pretty much anything she wanted to have happen, he turned around to face the music.

“Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” he complained. He was not a little kid anymore. He knew Em knew that, but he was immediately very concerned that Eureka and Alcove would lose the obvious interest they had been showing him if they saw him tolerate being treated like a kid in front of them.

“Honey, I’m so sorry to bother you! I just need a little private chat with you. I’m really so sorry to interrupt! I just need a few minutes of your time.”

For mom, she was being extremely deferential. He started to get concerned and stepped away to speak to her in private. “What’s wrong, mom?”

“Honey, I’ve been reckless, and there’s something. I need to tell you something right away.”

“What is it, mom?” She seemed genuinely disturbed or embarrassed. Maybe by all the goings on?

“How should I put this? Your father and I have, on occasion, and with each other’s complete approval, made love to other couples, or sometimes swapped partners, or done other things with other people. I never wanted to tell you honey, because it was part of your father’s and my private sex lives, and it seemed like there was no real reason in you knowing such a thing, and our sex lives are as private as we want them to be, just like anyone’s.”

“Uh-oh. This is going to be something really embarrassing, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think so. That’s it. That’s all I needed to tell you. I needed you to hear it from me first, so you wouldn’t be shocked or hurt if you heard it second hand. Not that you ever would. Our lovers have tended to be very discreet.”

“It’s dad, isn’t it? He would be a hot commodity around here. Nick and I stepped into the bar in dorm one earlier this evening, and we were mobbed by about a hundred girls. Mash had to stand on the bar and make all the girls sign up for us on a bunch of pieces of paper.”

“A hundred girls signed up to make love to my boy?? Oh my little man! Growing up so fast! So sexy and delectable to all the girls!”

“Let go of my cheeks, mom! You’re embarrassing me more.”

She dropped her hands apologetically. “I’m very sorry honey.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“What was your question?”

“Is dad fooling around here?”

“Yes. And so am I. A little.”

“Okay, okay, that’s all I need to know. I’ll leave you to it. Have fun, honestly. And you know, mom, thanks for being so cool about me and Mash. I thought you especially would disown me when you found out, and I wouldn’t have cared, because I knew it was the right thing for me, even though it kind of seems like it should have been all wrong. I would have done anything just to spend one night with her, and I know it’s kind of strange that I’m now second in line in her life behind my own sister, but I don’t care, I love them both, in different ways of course, and I feel like my life is going great. And I’m even branching out, as you can see, but it’s hard work. No fault of these girls here with Em and me! They’re all taking excellent care of me.”

“I’m so grateful for your understanding, darling. I won’t keep you any longer.”

“Bye, mom.”

Katie caught up to Ally in the dorm three bar. Ally had been suspicious already, so she wasn’t very surprised. She seemed disturbed about it and cut off the conversation, just saying that she wanted to think about it. Message delivered, though, so she moved on.

Henry and Jeff, the last two of the guards to finish in her, had had a perfectly wonderful time as she had, but they both left shortly after they finished. Lionel had also left, leaving Harold, Bruce, and Alex. She was sitting on Harold on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide. Harold had his cock all the way up her ass. Alex, having washed up and lubed up, was just starting to enjoy Lovebird’s tight quim for the first time, much tighter than usual now that Harold was filling her backside.

Lovebird had warned them that DP was always challenging and didn’t in practice usually turn out to be much fun for anyone, but the guys wanted to try it anyway, and Lovebird was determined to help them enjoy her in any way they wished. As Alex entered her and felt Harold’s cock pulsing excitedly in her ass only a thin membrane away from his, he wondered momentarily to himself, “Is this too gay?” Then he remembered the motto the guard group had adopted, which was “Nothing’s too gay if Lovebird is involved.” Words to live by.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Lovebird’s mom Katie walked in. Bruce, the odd man out at the moment, snapped to attention for some reason, covering his genitals with both hands. Lovebird felt both men in her instantly soften. Harold popped out of her ass.

“Mom!” Lovebird shouted. “You’re embarrassing me and my friends!”

“Honey, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I knew they weren’t taking you square dancing.”

“Can’t you knock?”

“I did knock.”

“Can’t you wait politely for someone to answer the door instead of barging in?”

“I’m so sorry honey, you’re right, I should have. It’s just that I want to speak to you so urgently.”

“What is it, mom?”


“These guys can keep a secret. What’s on your mind? Oh c’mon guys! Don’t get dressed.” The three men filed out, clutching their clothes, and shut the door.

“I’m so sorry I spoiled your fun, honey.”

“Maybe I can catch up to them and herd them back in here if you just tell me what the fuck is so urgent and then leave me alone. Mom, those poor guys had never done anything like this. The very last thing in the universe they wanted to experience is my mom walking in on their already very confronting venture to DP me.”

“I’m so sorry, honey. The last thing I wanted was to make you angry.”

“You’re sounding contrite. Did you accidentally set the building on fire?”

“No honey. It’s that your father and I are swingers.”

“That’s wonderful, mom. That’s…whaa?”

“Honey, we have other sexual partners, often as a couple, sometimes separately.”


“We never told you kids, of course, because there was no reason, and it was private.”

“That makes sense. Uh-oh. What happened?”

“Well, you know, I’m kind of spontaneous and playful.”

“What did you do mom?”

“I kind of gave your father to your friends Tinkerbell, Ruby, Tangent, and Irish for the evening. They’re all having their way with him as we speak. They were very enthusiastic about the idea. Us Swenhards are very popular around here! That’s because of you, honey.”


“Are you angry? Now, I realize I should have checked with you first. Your friends probably assumed I had! I’m so embarrassed and sorry I didn’t think of your feelings! It was just force of habit that I didn’t talk to you about it. I’m so sorry.”

“This is just a lot to take in. Are you and dad going to be okay with this?”

“Honey, we’ve been doing this kind of thing since the first few years of our marriage, before Ally was born. We sort of fell into it, I suppose. But that’s a long story. Of course, this is Bob’s first time with women so young, but your friends all seem so wise beyond their years, and I don’t know, it just seemed right.”

“Well I don’t think it’s wrong. It’s just a lot to get my head around. If you weren’t my parents, I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Since you are my parents, it’s a lot to get my head around, but I’ll be fine with it. Of course, it’s fine. All four of them?” Lovebird chuckled. “We’re going to have to drag him out of here on a sled like a dead bear!” They laughed conspiratorially. “Those four are going to squeeze and tease so much cum out of him he’ll just be a dead bear skeleton with skin.” More laughter.

“Your father will do fine,” Katie bragged. “He’s a very talented cocksman.”

“Okay, enough mom.”

“Oh, and honey, one other thing.”

“What is it mom?” Katie was looking down at her hands, looking embarrassed.

“Maybe we should discuss it later,” agony in Katie’s voice. Lovebird felt bad for her mom. Her mom obviously cared about this, and was super worried about what she would think. Lovebird knew her mom was a totally playful, totally loving little puppy. Had her mom, with the best of original intentions, puppied her way into some sexual situation she was suddenly too embarrassed to admit? Oh my god, Nick. Those two have needed a room ever since they met. But Nick would never do that without discussing it with her. Maybe her mom had deceived Nick? That wasn’t possible. She was just having wild and crazy thoughts, now.

“This is about you, isn’t it? You need to tell me, mom. I’ll try to understand. Just talk to me! You’re making me worried. What the hell did you do that would be so bad?”

“Oh, nothing, dear, nothing yet, I promise.”

Oh. This finally made sense. She wanted Nick. She wanted him really badly, of course, what girl with a pulse wouldn't? She wanted really badly for Lovebird not to hate her for that. And for her part, she knew Nick would probably go right for it, given the situation as it stood and her blessing or encouragement, of course. For Nick, she knew her mom was one of those kinds of people you are white hot with lust for, but they are for whatever reason completely unavailable, so the white hot lust and the unavailability is just something you have to deal with. She had plenty of that kind of thing herself in her own life to deal with, like her bodyguard Bob, for example. She knew Clubs was a special situation. She got it. She knew he’d had several adult women lovers around his own age. She knew that on the day after her eighteenth birthday, she would be knocking on his door and making her very best pitch, wherever he was in the world. So she knew a thing or two about white hot lust and its possible consummation. She got it.

“I… uh… Maybe we should discuss this another time.”

“Mom, your happiness is important. Very important to me! You know I thought many times I would never see you again. That note you wrote in the book meant everything to me. I love you so much. Just let me think a minute.” Well, if I say yes, how wrong could this go? Nobody’s going to murder anyone. If her mom and Nick ran off together, Lovebird knew she would be happy for Nick if it was right for him. She never wanted to own him. It would be hard on her dad, she supposed, but you know they’d apparently conspired in a lot of affairs over the years and were still a very solid couple. She trusted her parents to deal with whatever happened constructively. For that matter, they’d already discussed it.

“So dad encouraged you to fuck Nick?”

Katie jumped at the insight of the question, still shaking a bit and looking at the floor. “Y-yes…”

“Look, going back to my earlier comment, it’s a lot to get my head around. It’s not wrong. I would encourage Nick to go after anyone who is seriously appropriately available and who spins his head around, who spins it around like you do. I don’t own him. I just hadn’t thought of you two. Jokingly, sure I have. In fact, how many times have I told you and Nick to get a room when I saw you eyeing each other? Must be about a dozen times by now, ya pervs. But I thought it was all in good fun.”

“It was, honey. I would never do anything wrong with your lover.”

“Of course you wouldn’t, mom, and neither would Nick, I know that. And you know what, my dad is man enough to actually encourage it, so that gives me confidence. My answer is yes, absolutely, I encourage it. Seriously, for real, get a room.” The words were like letting her mom out of a dark hole. Katie looked up with a big smile of relief and a look of kind of half expecting Lovebird would change her mind. Her mom had really been worried about all this. Understandable, since it was so much news on top of even more news. But she was Kirsten fucking Lovebird Swenhard. Did she really expect her mom to be one iota less hot and wet to have it every moment of every day than she was? Nope. And with Nick? There’s no resisting that. Not for her. Not for her mom. Not for any woman with a pulse.

“So go find him, mom! Go do it, or set it up, or whatever you want to do. Leave me to try to reassemble the remnants of my gangbang, you damn nuisance. Or maybe I ought to try to go find dad and make sure he’s still breathing.”

“Oh I assure you honey,” Katie rejoined proudly, “He’s not only still breathing, he’s still breeding.”

“Okay, TMI, back to plan A,” replied Lovebird.
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 8

Ellen awoke when her g-spot vibrator was slowly but firmly pulled out of her by its cord. “Playing with yourself while you were waiting for me, eh?” It was a security guard in his mid thirties, very well built and handsome enough. She was naked and now spread before him, as he had spread her to pull out the device. He could see her still wet cunt and butt plug.

This was an interesting predicament. She knew she should probably cover up. She knew this was some kind of mistaken identity thing, but she also saw he was getting hard for her. A man half her age was getting excited for her! She found herself feeling unexpectedly wanton about the whole thing. The old man and Mei Hua, with all their including her in their lovemaking so routinely, had apparently turned her into a wanton slut. Ha! She decided to play along for the time being. She could always tell the truth in a few minutes if things stopped being so interesting, right?

He continued, “Well I’m off duty now, so I’m all yours. My buddies told me they’d found me something exotic, all right. How did they know what a hot thing I have for older women? I guess those guys know more about me than I realized. So what’s the damage?”

“Excuse me?”

“How much do you charge for a night, babe?”

“Well, I don’t know if I can stay for the whole night.”

“Now I’m disappointed.”

“Hang on.” She fumbled for her cell phone. She texted the old man, “Darling, looks like I’ll be working all night long.”


“On my back, or however this young man wants me. As a prostitute. Apparently, I was expected. Is this your doing?”

“On my honor, no. Are you okay? Should I come back?”

“Please stay away. I don’t want him to run away screaming when he finds out who my husband is. He’s half my age and looks very capable. I’m intrigued.”

“Wow. Have fun. Be safe. I love you madly. Will you tell me about it after?”

“Maybe. This adventure is all mine. Ta,” and then to the guard, “Yes, I can stay all night long.”

The guard had been watching her madly text away on her phone. This lady was elegant, with an elegant voice. She was very high class he guessed, having probably worked as an excellent prostitute for maybe her whole life, so she could well afford the fancy phone, her fancy clothes, her little touches of jewelry she was still wearing on her otherwise naked body, so sexy, so elegant. “That’ll be great. So how much?”

“How much can you afford?”

“$300 for the night would be great.”

“I like you. I would even do it for less. But $300 would be great.” Ellen knew that Mei Hua had customarily charged her clients thousands of dollars for an overnight stay, but this was a simple guard probably expecting a fairly inexpensive prostitute.

“Great, Here you go.” Ellen put the $300 into her very expensive clutch and snapped it shut again. “Now, I’d like you to gently reinstall my vibrator you so rudely removed from my vagina, and I want you to turn it on.”

“Yes ma’am.” The guard was so into this. The woman seemed like she was just this innocent elegant rich older lady. Such proper language! It felt like a real older MILF experience, and not just an act. She was really selling it, and he was finding it easy to suspend his disbelief. Her pearls looked real. So did her sapphire tennis bracelet. He gently pushed the vibrator into her snatch, switched it on again, and watched her thrill a little bit. Now that his hand was on her cunt, he couldn’t let go. He played his finger back and forth along her moist clit. He was getting real hard. He wanted her so bad. “I’ll get a condom now,” he panted.

“No. No condom.”

“Bareback?” he asked, amazed.

“I’m disease free. How about you?”

“All healthy, ma’am. It’s just that I wasn’t expecting…”

“Your friends got the best experience for you, no?”

“Yes ma’am! The best!”

This man, so youthful and vigorous, was obviously crazy to be productive in her. She was concerned about her fragility, though. “Please get undressed,” she requested with an almost formal tone. In truth, she was a little faint-hearted to ask it. But she must continue to play the part! He undressed quickly, revealing his young supple muscles and a cock much like her husband’s with maybe a little more girth, and much younger all over. She felt as though her body was springing to life, wanting to be bred again after laying fallow for so long. He went back to gently touching her body as the vibrator worked inside her.

When was the last time she had been fucked in her vagina? Perhaps twenty years ago? She fervently hoped she was up to the task. After all, she had just wantonly sold it, along with the rest of her body, to this nice and highly expectant young man for the entire night. She was determined to satisfy.

She had a secret weapon in the matter, she hoped. Hoping to expand on her play with Mei Hua and her husband, she had quietly been applying estrogen cream to her vaginal walls for several weeks now in the hope that maybe she could accept her husband into her vagina again without too much pain sometime soon, at least now and then. She guessed now that this youthful stud had bought the test drive instead! This whole situation felt perfect and at the same time utterly mad to her. What if Mei Hua came back?

“Hang on, I have to text somebody else.” She grabbed her phone and texted Mei Hua, “Stay away. I have a man here. Not him. Having fun, will be fine.”

“Okay, come here. Are you close to coming already?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry ma’am.”

“Why are you sorry? Can you cum only once?”

“Well, probably not, ma’am. I bet I can cum a second time.”

“We’re going to find out how many times you can cum. I bet you’ll be surprised.”

“Yes ma’am!” the guard replied in an aw shucks kind of way that thoroughly delighted Ellen. This young man was being so much fun, and the night was still young.

“How would you like to finish?”

“Would you suck me, ma’am?”

“Certainly. Come here.” She got on her knees on the bed while he stood up. She was out of her mind. She hadn’t sucked a man, certainly not to orgasm, since she was a teenager. The experience had always disgusted her in the past. But recently all her oral play with Mei Hua and a bit with the old man was maybe beginning to change her mind. She’d sold herself as a prostitute and was determined to deliver.

She hoped he would be gentle. Or maybe, she speculated, she actually didn’t want this virile young man to be at all gentle about cumming in her mouth. Her mind was whirling as she opened wide and stopped his initial overexcited thrust from going all the way in with her hands. Yes this young man was very excited!

She thought she had learned some things watching Mei Hua do her husband. Slowly, she pressed forward on his young thrumming cock until she choked a little, and then backed off. They were both so excited! She felt like a teenager again, trying to choke down her first cock. Why had she ever gotten so frightened? How had this act of sweet surrender ever gotten unpleasant?

“My name is Barney, by the way.”


This was not the right time to debate the matter in her mind. She in actual fact was a working prostitute tonight. He had already paid for her mouth for the entire night, whenever and whatever he wanted. Certainly cocksucking was expected, nay, the bread and butter of a working prostitute, as far as she knew. They did it far more often than anything else, or so she had heard. She had to do her best to be convincing. She redoubled her efforts to take his cock in deeper without losing her gorge.

At any rate, she worked her way farther onto it. For his part, Barney thought, what a convincing act, this lady is acting like she hasn’t had a cock in her mouth hardly ever, and now she’s making this extreme effort for me. This was really getting him wondering whether this was real or faked. But of course a really excellent whore would have him thinking exactly that. She was such a really, really convincing whore!

Just as Barney thought that, he came, gushing into her throat. Ellen had been expecting it for a while, wondering how he could hold on even though his whole body was vibrating with sexual energy from her slow but best effort cock sucking ministrations. She proudly showed him the fairly large amount of his ejaculate she hadn’t accidentally swallowed before swallowing the rest of it and showing him her empty mouth, just like a porn star. Victory! She beamed and asked, “How was that?”

“It was so horny! I didn’t know what you did, but it felt like you were just a regular girl, kind of inexperienced and experimenting, doing her best.”

“I find that guys like that,” she demurred. “Now come here and lie down with me and kiss me deeply in my mouth. Are you a good kisser?”

“I don’t know. I try to be.”

“Come show me.” So they kissed deeply for a while, side by side, and he touched her breasts and nipples and rubbed her back. She held onto his cock with one hand and ran her fingers through his dark young chest hair with the other. After a pleasant long time of this, she felt he was swelling in her hand, so she scooted down and took him into her mouth, she hoped, with more convincing expertise this time.

Something about her hesitant blowjob style just drove him wild! In a few minutes he was rock hard. It was like his body was expecting to fuck a virgin, and this elegant lady was older than his mom. She was just so damn hot. But of course she would be.

It was twisting his mind into pretzel shapes how hot she seemed to be for him. It was hard for him to believe it could be entirely faked. Couldn’t she actually be excited with him? Of course she could. But she made him feel like her best lover ever. But of course a really excellent prostitute would. He was going crazy!

“How do you want me now?”

“I want you the regular way, please, missionary style.”

“But of course,” she replied as casually as possible. That wasn’t the regular way for her anymore. Nothing had been in there for the past twenty years except her little buzzing toy, which she slowly removed now to make way for him, and her finger to apply the cream in recent weeks. Here goes nothing. “Here’s some lube. Please lube up your cock. You’re quite large.”

“Oh, you kidder!” he replied incredulously, lubing up his cock as she asked. “You’re being such a kidder.” As he approached her to put it in, she looked pretty nervous. “I know my friends put you up to going bareback with me, but if you’re really concerned, I can put on a condom. I’d rather not, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

“It’s not that,” she said looking away, not wanting to give away why she was actually frightened. She thought fast. “To be perfectly honest, I recently had a bad experience with a customer. He was very rough with me in my vagina. I think I may have recovered fully by now, but it’s been hurting sometimes since then, especially with a man as big as you, so I’m afraid I’m a little shy of it. I’m embarrassed to talk about it because after all, it’s my profession. Maybe you can go slowly at first?”

“Of course,” he said, pushing into her gently, and sliding deeper, and deeper, and deeper until he was balls deep in her. “You are really tight! How can you be so tight? Oh, I’m sorry, that’s a terrible thing to say. You probably do those exercises. I mean, of course you can be this tight. It really feels good. That’s what I really mean. I mean just resting here feels so tight and good.”

“Don’t worry, you’re doing fine!” she chuckled. It really had felt fine so far. And he was so cute and eager to please. It was better than fine, in fact. His throbbing cock pressing on her everything. She felt like a virgin. She hadn’t remembered how good this had ever felt, to have a young, virile, throbbing cock in her. She was tearing up. She needed to keep it together here. No bawling on the customer!

“I see tears. Am I hurting you?”

“No, really, honestly, I’m happy it feels this good again. It’s been a little while since a dick has felt so good.”

“You’re such a flatterer! Are you being serious?”

“Is it so hard to imagine? It seems as though my injury has healed. And you’re feeling so good inside me. Is it so hard to believe these are tears of joy?”

“Well, you’re smiling up a storm, so, no. Please don’t let me hurt you. That would be awful.”

“I promise it feels great. In fact, if you start to move in me gently, I believe I may orgasm after a time, if you can manage to wait for me.”

“I’ll try,” he said, trying to push in her slowly and gently, but getting inevitably faster and more powerful as his excitement grew. “Can your legs go like this?” and of course they could, because she did yoga every day, and he just said, “Wow!” Now he was really, really deep in her. And it was still feeling good to her.

Better than just good. She wanted to make some noise. And so she did. And he got even more excited and pounded her even harder, which she hadn’t imagined he could. And his thrusting felt wonderful. This really felt as exciting as any time in her innocent youth, but even better, because she was no longer young and afraid as she had been back then, and he was not totally inexperienced as her first lovers had been.

The pounding went on an on. This man was young and in excellent condition, and had already cum once, so he clearly had some longevity to him. Now she was getting the kind of pounding Katie had just got from her husband. I look like that. I’m feeling that. And as she thought that, and was feeling so good, she felt her hips start to try to press out of his hold, start to buck, and then BOOM! “Eeuuuuuuuagh!” she bawled out in her orgasm. He had her entirely pinned and was much stronger than her. So satisfying. “AAAAaaaahhhh!” that was a surprise, she wasn’t “uuuuhhhh!” oh my gosh, she thought, I’m sure not acting like a whore- “aaaaAAAmmh!”

Barney, not expecting such a string of responsive orgasmic cries any more than she had been, got even more excited. He was really reaching her, something inside her. They were connecting, connecting so good. And she was clearly having a great time. And she was tight as a virgin, how did she do it? Woop, no time to think about that! Time to cum deeply in her, spread out so wide for me. Spread out so wide for me. “AAAAAAAHHH!”

Ellen felt his hot-hot cum fill her insides with hot wet joy. Oh god, she never remembered it feeling this way ever before. Sure, she dimly remembered satisfying ones, and this was all that. It had never felt this burning hot! She could feel every splash of hot wet cum reaching everywhere. She’d never felt this bred before. That was it. It was circle of life level satisfaction, right down to her curling toes. So abjectly pinned and bred. So good. She hoped her poor vagina didn’t hate her in the morning. So far so good. It was worth some soreness tomorrow if she kept feeling this good now. “Thank you!” she whimpered to him before she caught herself and realized that’s not what a prostitute would ever say to a client.


Janine had known where she wanted to take her friend and sex therapist Ellen, who was visiting from Brussels. At first, they went to the bar in dorm two, which was not their final destination. There they ran into a very interesting woman Alicia, who was a therapist from the nearby town. Janine invited Alicia along on their still secret outing. “Ideally need a fourth,” said Janine, looking at her text messages.

“You’re doing that need to know level secrecy thing again, Janine,” commented Ellen.

“Okay, let me put it this way, especially for Alicia’s benefit, to make sure this is the sort of thing she’s interested in, because I know you’re up for anything, Ellen. I know some adult guards here who understandably don’t feel comfortable satisfying themselves with any of the overflowing numbers of horny minor ladies all around us here. They’re looking for some more adult companionship in the midst of this wild bacchanal. As a result, I made a date with four of them, originally thinking Ellen will help me with all these guys.”

“Oomph! Thanks for your confidence, but yes, let’s even things out a little!”

“These guys are great. It would have been fine, I’m sure. Are you in, Alicia?”

“How do you know these guys?”

“I tased and arrested them once. Don’t worry! All is forgiven.”

“I would hope so. What the heck. I didn’t tase them. Sure, I’m in.”

Just then, Mei Hua, who knew Janine, walked up. “Hi, Mei Hua. How’s your evening going?”

“Old man busy. Looking for fun.”

Janine knew there was a language barrier, but also Mei Hua was not bashful about sex, so she was very direct. “We three were just about to leave to go have sex with four men. Would you care to join us?” Alicia blushed deeply. She was a simple country therapist. These women were out there!

“Hung how, very good,” Mei Hua replied matter-of-factly, rubbing her baby bump and sitting down with them.

Janine sent a text message and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

They walked to a far building, and Janine knocked on the door. Bob answered it, and Bill, Bertrand, and their pal Bart were with him. “Welcome!” There were introductions all around.

“I’m Alicia. Katie invited me here.” Alicia felt a bit of a need to justify why she was even here on campus. She was feeling a bit nervous. She had never done anything like this before.

“Katie? Lovebird’s mom?” asked Bob, “What a sweet woman.” Who everybody has the hots for, he didn’t say. “Where is she? Not that… I meant to imply… I mean I know she’s married and all…”

“Oh don’t worry, Bob! I’m sure Katie would be flattered.” Alicia wouldn’t divulge any secrets about her friend and client, of course.


Nick found Katie sitting on the steps of Compound J, looking up at the stars and taking a breather. He sat down next to her. “Still having a fun evening?” he ventured.

“Nick! Just the person I wanted to see. I told them all. Lovebird said yes, get a room for real.” Katie hugged him.

Nick was excited because of his enormous lust crush on Katie, but at the same time he was afraid he would lose some of the sense that Katie was becoming like the mom he never had. Nick’s mom had died when he was a baby.

Katie sensed maybe a little hesitation from him, and said, “Look, we can if we want. We can go slow. I’m ready to go any speed, but I’m fine over here.”

Nick thought, Katie is just so playful, and she did the responsible thing in record time, which is an indication of her interest. Why should he slow down that momentum? “Will everything be okay, do you think?” he asked her.

“Everything will be okay,” Katie answered recklessly and confidently with a big grin.

“Well, then, would you like to go for a drive?”

“Will you let me drive that cute zippy car of yours?” Katie begged.

Nick started to sing softly to her. Of course, he had a beautiful singing voice. Everything about him was beautiful. “Baby you can drive my car... yes you're gonna be a star...” As Nick kept singing, Katie texted Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell texted back that Bob was asleep at the moment and that they would be keeping him for the night if she didn’t mind. “Asleep! Oh my gosh, they must be working him hard!”

“This is Bob?”


Nick checked with Lovebird, and she replied that she was happy to stay on campus tonight and didn’t need a ride back to the house until sometime tomorrow, so he was free to go. In actuality, Lovebird was sneaking around the guard quarters milking, in individual ambushes, every last drop of guard cum she could still find in the guard staff, or staves, plural.

Nick and Katie then walked arm in arm towards the front gate.


Somewhere in the guard compound, the exotic prostitute who Ellen had been mistaken for slept happily and soundly, having already been paid for the evening by Barney's buddies.
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Chapter 8: Ascension Part 9

The BMW i8 whizzed silently up into the Swenhard’s driveway and screeched to a halt. “Whoo! That was fun!” said Katie, shutting off the ignition.

“You’re a good driver,” said Nick, looking a little shaken.

“I’ve been driving these roads since I was a kid. What a fun car you have, Nick!”

They climbed out and entered the empty Swenhard residence. “Wow, this is so special! I have my whole house, and you.” Nick headed for the guest bedroom, but Katie said, “Oh no, mister! Up the stairs you go! I want you in my own bed!” Nick nodded, smiled rakishly, and went up the stairs.

Soon they were both naked, rolling around on Katie’s marriage bed and giggling. Katie was very wet, but Nick was only semi hard even though he seemed very interested. “How many times have you cum already today, Nick?”

“Uh…” he thought for a moment, “ten? Thirteen if you count this morning.”

“So that’s why,” reasoned Katie.

“But I want to so bad,” Nick said. “This usually isn’t like me. I guess I need to sleep a little and recover.”

“We could wait until morning, but I have an idea, and it requires an empty house, which we have. Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do! I just let you drive my car, didn’t I?”

“Well, this is a bit more personal.”

“That’s why I’m rolling around naked in your bed with you. I aim to get very, very personal with you, Mrs. Swenhard, and as many times as I can manage.”

“Well, with my idea you can probably get personal with me several times tonight, but you may find this more personal than you’re used to.”

“Now I’m intrigued.”

“It’s kind of wild. It might not work well, in which case we can stop anytime, of course. It might work very, very well.”

“Does it involve anal sex?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. You’re such a smart young man.”

“My penis is pretty beat up and not very hard at the moment.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem.”


Katie got out a couple of big beach towels and spread them on the bed. “Okay, lie down on the bed.” Katie pushed up his legs, and they were pretty limber. She got out some lube and started lubing up his anus.

“Mrs. Swenhard, what are you doing with my asshole? Actually, nobody has ever paid attention to that part of my body before, except one time my doctor.”

“I’m getting you ready, sweetie,” said Katie in her usual sweet soothing tone, “Don’t be frightened.”

Nick had heard something about a man’s prostate being sensitive. Okay, so she was going to maybe play with his prostate a little? He had heard that playing with the prostate could get a man hard, or even more. He wasn’t clear on the specifics.

Katie stuck a lubed-up finger in slowly and moved it slowly in and out. “Does that feel painful, honey?”

“No, it’s fine. This is a little weird, Katie.”

She inserted two fingers, moving them in and out. “Are you okay with it, sweetie? I promise I’ll stop if it gets too uncomfortable.”

“I’m fine, really. This is just new to me. It will be fine.”

Katie got out a fairly large butt plug, lubed it up liberally, and slipped it in expertly. “Does that feel uncomfortable?”

“It doesn’t hurt, but it feels like I’m going to go to the bathroom.”

“That’s okay, sweetie. Now just lie with me and hug and kiss with me while you get more used to it.” So they pulled up the blankets, and cuddled and kissed. Nick played with Katie’s breasts and nipples. They were by far the biggest breasts and nipples he’d ever touched. They were like a glorious ocean of breasts compared to what he was used to. He also fingered Katie’s pussy a little, and it was very wet and sensitive. He wanted a taste, so Katie pulled back the blankets and Nick spent several minutes licking and sucking on Katie’s ready pussy. She came hard near the end. He was very talented.

“How does the butt plug feel now, honey?”

“Oh that? It’s fine. Let me suck your glorious pussy some more.”

“You’re ready then. You can suck and lick my pussy as long as you like, and I’d like to continue with what we’re doing with your butt if that would be okay with you.”

“Of course. I got distracted. I’m fine with licking you more later.”

“That’s great!” She put a kind of leather harness on like panties, except they didn’t cover everything. Was this to keep him from getting distracted and licking her some more? She positioned him on his back on the towels. She thought and then put a pillow under the towels, propping up his ass more. She pulled out a dildo and started lubing it up. Was that for him? She put the dildo in the harness. Now this was getting a little scary to Nick.

“Are you still okay?”

Nick said “O-okay.” He was concerned, but he did trust Katie would be gentle, whatever she was planning. Was this a thing? This was so weird!

Katie lifted up Nick’s legs, gently took out the butt plug, and inserted the tip of the dildo. It was bigger. “Are you doing okay, honey?”

“Yes,” Nick answered. This was a lot to get his head around, so he was feeling pretty monosyllabic at the moment.

She slowly rocked her hips, thrusting the well-lubed dildo into Nick’s ass little by little each time. Pretty soon Katie’s hips were touching Nick’s butt cheeks with each thrust. “Oh this friction from the dildo is feeling pretty good on my pussy, Nick. I’m getting close. How are you doing?”

“I’m feeling very full.” It felt like the good way it feels sometimes when he had a big poo.

“You’re responding well!” Indeed, Nick touched and saw that he was leaking some pre-cum, though he was still pretty soft. Then Katie started to thrust in and out of him with smooth long strokes.

“I’m feeling funny,” said Nick. Then the orgasm hit him. “Uuuuuhhh!!” Cum splashed all over his tummy.

Katie stopped for a moment and shook with her own orgasm. Then she took a hand towel and lovingly wiped off his tummy. “It looks like you had some left after all, honey. Now, get on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed.” She stood up behind him and entered his ass again with the dildo. She had a lot of leverage this way. Then she started fucking him again, this time with more and more force.

“I’m sure that’s all I have,” he panted.

“That would be good,” she replied.

“Why…?” For a few minutes, he was lost in really good sensations he could hardly make sense of. Then another orgasm hit him, “Aaaaaaahhhhhrrrr!!” This one was stronger. Another smaller splash onto the towels underneath him. Katie came again, too, at almost the same time, and shook pretty hard. Her shaking radiated through the dildo and felt pretty wonderful to him.

Then the pounding continued for many minutes. His whole body was straining. Katie was holding his ass firmly with both hands and pounding him in smooth long strokes. An even stronger orgasm. He was out of his mind. He felt dizzy. He felt only a few drops of cum this time. A minute later Katie shook again, this time for a delicious time. “You look so sexy when you cum for me, I just have to join you,” she giggled, and started up again.

“Please, I have no more,” said Nick, straining and panting hard.

“But honey, this is the good part,” Katie replied.

She was right, he guessed, it felt so good, in heretofore unimaginable ways. Nick sweated and strained and pushed back against her. She continued to hold his ass firmly and pound him relentlessly. Finally, he came again, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Nothing came out. It was way more orgasm than he’d ever felt before.

He woke up. His front end had collapsed onto the bed, and Katie still had his backside up and smashed onto her strap-on. She was shaking in orgasm again. When she was done, she pulled the dildo slowly out of his bottom. She let go of his ass and he fell down on his haunches ass up and practically catatonic. Katie got out some wet wipes. “Okay, that’s about it for you for tonight, buddy. You passed out on me for several seconds! If I hadn’t needed to cum so badly I would have stopped and checked for a pulse! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man cum that hard.”

Nick didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything. She let Katie wipe his ass like a baby boy who had pooped the bed, which he had a little bit at least; he could smell it. She cleaned it all up and cleaned the dildo and harness, just cleaning everything up and puttering around the bedroom while he lay there on his face and knees in a daze, completely drained. She set him over on his side and took away the soiled towels. It was about that time that he fell asleep.


Around 7 AM the next morning, having showered, brushed her teeth, and cared properly for her ass and pussy, Lovebird dragged herself into Mash’s bunk of their bunk set. Mash woke up, and seeing the time, got curious. “Have you been up all night? How did your gangbang go? It went well, I expect, considering the lateness of the hour.”

“Actually, my mom crashed it about halfway through, and they all ran away in terror.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“I kid you not. She came to tell me that she and dad had been swingers forever and that dad wanted her to fuck Nick and get it over with.”

“What the what?”

“Yeah, I know, right? She’s probably fucking his brains out right now.” They cuddled and sighed together. "After that, I chased all my gangbang guards down anyway individually and fucked them until they were all spent. It was more fun than the gangbang because those guys are understandably nervous about doing it in front of their buddies." Then Lovebird’s phone beeped. “What now?” She looked at it.

It was Nick. “Your mother did unspeakable things to me last night. Could I possibly be bisexual?”

Lovebird texted back, “Are you attracted to men at all?”


“Then no.” Then she complained to Mash. “Fuck the fucking fuck!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Mom took Nick’s anal virginity! I was saving that for my birthday!”

The End
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I decided to try and start a trend. An honest review of a story.  Your message tells me as long as it is honest it will be welcome.  And I understand the frustration at times with the slim pickings of reviews and even then most of them being platitudes.
First the good. You are a good writer and way with words and a good vocabulary well beyond what is usually used for erotic tales. Most of your dialog seems to flow effortlessly , like the talks between Kristen and Mash. The character development is not the puddle on the sidewalk it is more the Loch Ness deep type. Plus it appears you do your homework. Some of your descriptions showed more than a passing knowledge.

Now for what wasn't as good  As I read chapter 2 only kind of fit the story.  I thought it was going to be a sci-fi type tale and turned into something completely different.   Another thing is there was a section where you used I (first person) but the rest of the story was third person.  And even then the verb tenses change a few times. And the tense for many of the Assignments was hard to read. 

All in all it is a really good story. It wasn't a quick stroke story like so many, but it did get a rise and a stroke.  I hope you take all of this in the way it was intended. And I hope to see new stories from you in the future.

Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Thanks so much for your feedback, Harry. Super helpful!


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On Feb 3, you posted that Chapter 5, Part 8 and Chapter 5, Part 9 were under construction. Any idea when those might be finished? Also, is Chapter 8, Part 9 the end or is there more to the story?

A woo for your efforts so far.
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