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Author Topic: AUNT DELIA by - FOXI 4 - Part one (F/F)  (Read 503 times)
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« on: January 23, 2020, 05:21:02 PM »

(This story is for adults only. The author does not condone underage sex)

Part One



    They were married young. He was 20 and she, 18. The honeymoon was incredible and the new apartment what they both dreamed of. Six months later he died in a car accident. Young Marisa thought her world ended. Her parents dead, no siblings and only an Aunt living across the country, she was alone.


    Marisa sat in her apartment looking at all the things they had collected together to make a happy home. She had difficulty looking at them, seeing him in everything. He loved her and she him. But they were inexperienced and his fast speed, something she had warned him about over and over with the car killed him. At 18 she felt suddenly lost and abandoned. Marisa had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was beautiful and it was no surprise that she would be targeted by an endless stream of men. But she chose only one and now he was gone.

    She remembered their lovemaking. It was all new and passionate. She gave him all of herself and denied him nothing. Her body was fresh and soft and taut and he worshiped it. Her breasts were his favorite being large and perky orbs that he loved to suck. Her nipples were large and she loved it when he toyed with them. They needed more time, more love. But that wasn't going to happen.

    All these thoughts ran through her mind, washed over her like a tsunami making her depressed from her waking moment to the time she fell asleep. Her cell phone rang and she looked at it wondering who could be calling her. She didn't recognize the number and answered.

    "Marisa?" Came the soft calm voice.

    "Yes, who is this?" She asked.

    "This is Delia Morgan, your Aunt in California. We met only once before. I'm sorry we haven't communicated more. I'm very sorry about your husband. I would like to talk with you. I have an offer that I think you would appreciate."

    Marisa, confused, held the phone tightly. Her world was coming apart and now she had a lone family member who she hadn't seen since her parents death calling her out of the blue.

    "Yes, I'm listening." She said rather abruptly, though not meaning to.

    "Darling, I want you to come to California and live with me. I'm rich, I have a big house near the ocean. It will help you to heal. Please say you'll come." Said Delia sounding truly concerned.

    Marisa found that the offer was incredible. It was like someone handing her a life raft in the middle of a storm. She really didn't know the woman well other than the fact that it was her mothers sister. They looked so much alike. Her decision came quickly thinking that if she didn't answer it would dissipate like the wind.

    "Yes, I'll come. I don't know where to go, Aunt Delia. What do I do?" She said softly.

    "Don't worry about a thing. A young man will be knocking at your door in about ten minutes. He will hand you a first class ticket to catch a flight here. Pack your belongings, all the things you wish to take with you. I will have someone collect them and deliver them to the house. The flight will be at the end of the week. A limo will get you, darling. All you have to do is get in. I'm so looking forward to seeing you." Said Delia, her loving concern evident.

    Marisa didn't know what to say. Her mind was a blur from all that her Aunt told her. It all seemed like fate had stepped in to rescue her.

    "Thank you. I will follow your directions." She said. When she hung up she heard a knock at her door. There before her was a young man holding out a ticket. It seemed her life was going to change.


    The flight was incredible. First class service took very good care of her and when she landed another limo collected her. The drive was not to long and she was delivered to a huge mansion atop a hill facing what had to be the Pacific ocean. The view was spectacular and she stood awed by it until a voice interrupted.

    "Hi, Marisa." Said the soft voice behind her. She turned to see her Aunt standing there. She was beautiful with short cropped black hair and intense blue eyes that seemed to look straight through you. "Welcome to my Shangri La. Beautiful isn't it?" She said as she moved next to her niece. "I'm very happy that you're here."

    Marisa started to cry and Delia held her close feeling the deep sobs shaking her body. She would make sure to care for her sisters child. More importantly she would give her a purpose. Delia had many ways to help her, but only one particular one in mind.

   "Come, Marisa. Lets show you your new home." Delia led her inside and gave her the grand tour of her magnificent home. To Marisa it was something out of a magazine. Posh and expensive. She saw collectibles and art work that was worth a fortune. Finally Delia led her to her new room. It was larger than her apartment and had a balcony that had an ocean view. It was so beautiful and more. All her belongings that she had packed were there. All put nicely away or in a place she could enjoy.

    "Welcome to your new home, darling." Said Delia who held her hand. Marisa looked about herself and nodded. It was a new beginning. She turned and hugged her Aunt.

    "Yes, child. This is where you belong. All your needs will be cared for. I want to give you a new life and here is where it will begin."


    Marisa was at peace over the first few months she had been at the house. Nothing was left to chance to make her well and happy. Her Aunt had several servants, all female, that catered to her every whim. Still she felt out of place. It was a world unlike anything she ever known and so asking for something from a servant was unique and at times awkward. She lay in the sun in her bikini, the view spectacular never growing old. Delia watched from an upper floor. She liked what she saw. A young inexperienced girl who looked like a model. She couldn't wait to introduce her to her world. She had a feeling that Marisa would like it very much.

    Delia picked up the phone and called a special number. It rang only once and was picked up. The voice on the other end almost dripped with sensual power.

    "She has arrived?" Asked the voice?

    "Yes. She is stunning, a true beauty in every way. When do you wish to begin?" She asked in a business like voice.

    "Immediately. We've got no time to waste. The master needs her. The full moon will be in three days. We must have her ready willing participant. Can this be done, Delia?"

    Delia had no doubts at all. The girl was ready to be molded to her desires and those of the group. "Yes. You have my promise mistress." They hung up and Delia stared down on her niece with eyes filled with lust. She wanted her and the master did also. She wouldn't fail. Tonight she would begin. Little steps that would take the girl to bigger more important ones.


    Marisa took a shower washing away the sun tan oils and feeling refreshed and for the first time, happy. Though her memories haunted her often, at least her life with her Aunt kept the worst of them at bay. She wore a light dress that looked see through and she found that her Aunts choices of clothing to be similar.

    "Here, at this place, we have no worries about proper dress. If you wish to walk about naked, then so be it. Be comfortable and feel sexy at all times." Delia told her as they drank expensive wine. So she did, not worrying about what the servants saw of her. They were all women and she didn't feel at all uncomfortable around them. Sometimes she would take her shower and just stand on the balcony looking out over the grand view stark naked. It gave the experience a whole new perspective.

    "I have several guests coming over tonight, Marisa. I think they would like to meet you. You will like them all. Worldly women who are exciting." Said Delia sipping her wine.

    Marisa smiled and drank the heady wine that was making her feel very good.

    "I'd like to meet your friends, Auntie. Are they beautiful like you?" Said Marisa drinking the rest of her glass.

    Delia laughed and patted her leg. "You're too nice, Marisa. They are very beautiful women. They're all anxious to see you. I told them I had a super model living with me."
Now both laughed. The wine was making Marisa a bit lightheaded. She never had any problems with drinking before and found the affect to be quite disconcerting.

    "Drink up, girl. This is going to be a very good day." Said her Aunt pouring her another full glass. Marisa, her eyes losing focus for a second reached for the glass and began to drink. Delia watched her closely, seeing how the special mixture affected her. The girl was feeling it now. A warmth spreading throughout Marisa's body, especially her pussy and nipples that rubbed against the sheer light material she wore. She moaned. Her mind was fuzzy and seemed to lack any focus at all.

    A servant came into the room and Delia stood over Marisa who was now unable to move. "Prepare her for tonight's entertainment, Jenny. The ladies will be here shortly." The woman who was big and looked like a body builder easily carried Marisa to a room deep in the basement that served just this purpose.

    Delia had to hurry and change. It would not do to upset the group. Marisa would be their main source of pleasure this evening. This was how it would begin. The master would be very pleased.


    The servant placed Marisa upon a stone platform and began to undress her. Marisa was as pliable as putty in her hands under the influence of the drug. This was not the first time the servant performed such duties. She would also participate when the time came. When Marisa was naked the woman stared down at her, jealous of how important this young girl would be to their group. She liked Marisa's sexy body, liked how she trimmed her pussy and especially liked the girls beautiful breasts. This girl would be a mere toy in their hands. She reached down and touched Marisa's pussy feeling how wet and soft it was. The drug had done its job. Marisa moaned at the touch, her eyes glazed over and unseeing. The servant bound her hands and ankles to the stone platform. The girls legs were wide open revealing her delicate pussy open and inviting.

    The woman went over to a small table and removed a leather box. Inside was a needle and small bottle filled with a golden liquid. She filled the needle half way and put the bottle back. Approaching Marisa she bent low and inserted the needle into her nipples, one then the other. Marisa groaned at the pinprick but when the servant tweaked her nipples she cried out in pleasure arcing her body in pure pleasure from the mere touch.

    Next she pulled back the hood to her clit and inserted the needle. Marisa moaned in displeasure but again that soon changed to intense pleasure. The servant flicked her clit that was swollen making the girl orgasm instantly. Marisa squirted hot cum with it spilling onto the platform in a pool. Last but not least she did her asshole, making sure to inject several areas.

    Once done she turned the lights down to a dim reddish color that filled the room. The robes of the group were set out and a secret wall door opened revealing an endless collection of sexual devices.

    'Yes', thought the servant woman. 'Tonight was going to be very special indeed.

                                        THE END OF PART ONE

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