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Author Topic: Soozers - Preteen Sex Machine  (Read 10323 times)
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« on: July 09, 2010, 01:47:13 PM »

 This story was written by an online friend about the early adventures of my wife Susie when she was a young teen, enjoy !

SUZOORS - Preteen Sex Machine - Part One

Hi, my name is Susie aka Suzoors. I am a 46 year old happily married woman. I have been asked to tell about my early sex life. Although this is somewhat embarrassing, here it goes.

I was raised in a normal (whatever normal is) middle class suburban family. I have a sister Liz aka Lizard who is three years younger than me. My parents both worked and though we were not rich, we had a nice house, new cars, dancing and music lessons and other things that made a comfortable life. My parents got along well though Dad sometimes had too much to drink. He would get mad and yell when he was drunk but he never hit anybody. When compared to the horror stories from some of my friends, my family life was great.

I was always a skinny kid. I was not particularly beautiful but certainly not ugly. I was just kind of tall and “gawky” waiting to fill out. I was always interested in my vagina. I can remember always looking at it and touching it. I guess I have been masturbating most of my life but I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. I used to love to put a small mirror between my legs and look. My mother got a magnification mirror and I was in heaven. Liz and I used to like to run around our bedrooms with our pants off. We never did anything, just thought “bare bottoms” were cool. Mother used to catch us sometimes but would just say something like that is not nice put your panties on. I suppose if one of us had been a boy she would have reacted differently.

My life went on pretty much as normal; school, dancing, girl scouts until I was ten. Several of the girls in my class were starting to grow breasts but my chest was still flat. My friend Jane had big ones and would show them to me sometimes. She even let me touch them. One morning when I was doing my usual vagina (still the only word I knew) inspection I got the shock of my life. There were several dark hairs growing just above my spot (clit). I had seen Mom naked so I knew that women had hair there but I just didn’t think it would happen to me.

I kept watching and more hairs kept appearing. I finally told Mom. She looked at my pussy and told me it was time for a talk. She gave me a book about babies and all but it really didn’t tell much. It was more about tampons and deodorant than sex. There were a couple of crude drawings but not much else. She also bought me a bra. She told me not to share this information with Liz, which of course I did. I had my first period when I was eleven. I still didn’t have any tits but I had a pretty full bush and nice legs.

My parents both worked on Saturday so we had a baby sitter. Her name was Linda and was seventeen years old. She was kind of chunky but not really fat. She spent most of her time talking to boys on the phone and kind of let Liz and I do whatever we wanted.

One day she saw me reading the book that Mom had given me and started giving me some real sex education. She told me about fucking, hand jobs, blow jobs, cum and everything else that she knew, which was a lot. She taught me new ways to masturbate, including using candles. She even taught me how to french kiss. I now think that she might have been a little bi, but she never tried anything beyond the kissing lessons. I, of course, shared all of this with Liz including the French kissing. One Saturday Linda brought a porn mag to show me which left nothing to the imagination. This thing had facials, anal you name it. I tried to get her to loan it to me but she was afraid of my mother finding it. Liz never saw it but I told her about it

Around that time (eleven) I started being interested in my parent’s sex life. I used to listen through their door when I thought they were having sex. I even used a cup against the door. I could usually hear just enough to know that it was happening but never enough to get any details. I searched their room and found a magazine which had nude pictures and some action, but nothing like the one that Linda had. I also found my mother’s vibrator. I would rub it against my clit and have incredible orgasms. I tried inserting it but it hurt too bad. It was much thicker than the little candles that I used. I also used the vibrator on Liz. She loved it. Nothing like a horny eight year old. We used to go into my room every day to French kiss and masturbate. I can’t believe we were never caught.

There was a large linen closet right outside of my parent’s bedroom. That is where the hamper was and where everybody put their dirty clothes and got clean towels. I had been listening to my parents having sex one night and almost got caught. Mom opened the door just as I ducked into the bathroom. I saw her open the closet door and throw a towel into the hamper. She was also naked. I only saw her for a couple of seconds. She had nice tits. I ran to the hamper and pulled out the towel. It had a distinct odor that I had never smelled before. I also saw a creamy white substance. Remembering Linda’s description, this had to be cum. I think I had an orgasm on the spot. I put some on my fingers and rubbed it around. I put it to my nose for a better sniff and then, after a long pause, tasted it.

I knew from Linda and her magazine that men came in girls mouths so I thought it would be ok to taste. I was kind of disappointed because it really had almost no taste at all. I put the towel back, went to bed and masturbated all night long. Every time they had sex, there was a towel. I showed one to Linda and she verified that it was cum. For some reason, I didn’t share this with Liz as I usually did.
When I was twelve, my parents started leaving me in charge of Liz on Saturdays. She thought I was responsible enough (if she only knew). She would call us all day to the point of wishing we had a babysitter. Linda had gone away to school and was no longer available. She had given me the number to her dorm to call if I wanted to talk. I really liked her. If we didn’t have any outdoor activities planned, Liz and I spent the entire day naked and fooling around.

One evening, when I was twelve, I had cheerleading practice. Mom was at work and told me to see if I could get a ride from one of the other Mothers and if not to call her. I was standing outside of the school when I saw Jimmy dropping off his little brother for band. Jimmy lived down the block. He was seventeen, good looking and had his own car. I had known him most of my life but because of our age difference; I never really had much contact with him. I walked over to his car and asked if I could have a ride home.

At first I don’t think he knew who I was but then it hit him. “Suzoors? Man have you changed. Sure, hop in.” As we were driving all he could talk about was how much I had grown and how pretty I was. It was all bull shit, but at twelve, I fell for it. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere and smoke a cigarette. I had never done that before and didn’t really want to but I wanted to be cool. He bought some cigarettes and a couple of cokes at a 7-11 store and we drove to a secluded spot behind a closed factory.

We smoked and I thought I was going to be sick but I wasn’t going to let it show. I was in a car with a boy! As we sat listening to the radio, he put his arm around me and pulled me next to him. He took my face in his hand, turned it and kissed me. At that point I think I shocked him. As I have said, I am no rookie at French kissing. As soon as his lips touched mine, I slipped him the tongue. We kissed for a few minutes and his hand went to my tits. Thank God I hadn’t stuffed my bra like I usually do, that would have been very embarrassing. He put his hand under my shirt and unhooked my bra. He obviously had experience at this. I let him play with my little tits. It felt so good. He then started putting his hand under my skirt and on my thighs. This was going faster than I was ready for. I closed my legs and asked him to stop.

We continued to kiss and he tried it a couple of more times. I still said no. Then he said that his dick was so tight in his pants that it hurt and would it be OK if he took it out. I said sure. He pulled his jeans and underwear down to his knees and I got to see my first cock. It was about an average six incher, but since it was the first one I had ever seen, it looked huge. He took my hand and placed it on him. It was weird. It was hard as a rock but yet soft. I moved my hand around it, not really jacking him but exploring. I touched his balls and he told me to be gentle. My heart was beating so hard I think it could have been heard in the next county. He then put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing it down towards his dick. I knew what he wanted. I had to make a decision immediately.

It was now or never, so why not? I had seen it in the magazine and Linda had told me how so I went down. I licked the head and he groaned. I slipped it in my mouth and took about two inches in. He started pushing me up and down. I took the hint and started doing it on my own. He then said he was going to cum and that I should just swallow it and that it wouldn’t hurt me. I knew what was going to happen and that if I wanted to see Jimmy again, I couldn’t fuck this up. I sucked harder and he exploded in my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could and got most of it. It tasted stronger than my dad’s cum from the towel. It was kind of bitter and salty, but not bad. When he was done, I got up and smiled. He said I had just given him the best blow job of his life. I then saw the dash clock and panicked. I had to get home. We flew back to my house and I got there less than five minutes before Mom. He asked when we could get together again and I told him on Saturday. Fortunately both of my parents smoke, so they didn’t smell it on me.

I called Linda at her dorm and told her that I had just given my first blow job. She was happy for me and told me that she loved college because she was on the pill and could fuck and suck all she wanted. Later that night, I told Liz what happened. She was fascinated and wanted more information. The next time Mom and Dad had sex, I shared the towel with her.

From then on, I gave Jimmy a blow job almost every Saturday. He would come to the house and we would go to my room. Liz would cover for me if Mom called while I was busy. I also started letting him see me naked and finger me. I would not let him fuck me because I was afraid of getting pregnant. He was happy with blow jobs any way. I was starting to get very good at fellatio. I could even deep throat. I kept Linda abreast of my progress. Right after Liz turned ten, I let her watch us.

One Saturday, when I was thirteen, Jimmy came by with a friend whose name I can’t remember. He told me that the friend had just stopped by and he couldn’t “get rid of him” and could I blow them both. At first I was a little offended because I thought Jimmy loved me (was I a fool), but I gave in. The other guy had a smaller cock and came almost instantly so it was really no big deal. From that day on, Jimmy started taking advantage of me. He almost always had one, sometimes two, friends with him. I would blow them all. I guess I just liked sucking dick. I know that I loved the taste of cum.
During one of those oral orgies, I got to suck my first uncut dick. The foreskin fascinated me. I couldn’t understand why boys were circumcised. I kept a journal and during that first year of sucking, I had sucked seventeen different dicks a total of one hundred twelve times. I was really a slut. Liz wanted to try sucking cock but I told her that she was too young. I let her start licking the towel though.

Speaking of the Lizard, she was ten and already had tits as big as mine. We wore the same bras. She didn’t have near the bush I had and was a little chubby. I had much better legs. She had her first period that year.

All good things must come to an end. One Saturday while I was blowing Jimmy and a friend, Dad came home early. Liz wasn’t there as look out like she usually was. The boys got out the back door but Dad saw them leave. I was naked. I was really busted.

To make things worse, he had been drinking; in fact he was drunk. He ran to the back door to catch them but they were over the fence. Good thing he didn’t have a gun. He yelled that if they ever came back, he would kill them. He came back to me and slapped me across the face. He had never hit me before. He pulled my legs apart and looked at my pussy to see if I had been fucked. I was crying hysterically. I told him that I was still a virgin and that we were just fooling around. I still had cum on my chin and he saw it.

He went crazy and started calling me a whore, a bitch and any other name he could think of. He said he didn’t know how he was going to tell Mom and that she would be devastated. I was crying uncontrollably and begged him not to tell Mom. As I said before, he was drunk but I never would have expected what came next. He pulled out his cock and said that he wanted what I had been giving everyone else.

I was scared to death, but I knew I had no choice. Still crying, I dropped to my knees. His cock was the thickest I had ever seen. I had sucked one that was longer, but this was a monster. I gave him my best. Somehow I was able to get that entire big dick down my throat. I sucked his balls and licked his ass hole, all of the things Jimmy and his friends had taught me to do. Because of the alcohol, it took Dad forever to cum but when he did, it was like a fountain. Of all my blow jobs, no one came that much. It was running down my chin and onto my tits. I kept thinking that it tasted stronger that the towel. When he was done, he started crying and went to his room.

I wanted to die; I actually thought of killing myself. I went to my room and cried the rest of the night. Liz got home later and I had to tell her what had happened. She cried too. Mom came home and had a fit because Dad was drunk but never found out the truth. This day changed my life forever. He came to me the next day and begged for forgiveness, he had been drunk and knew that what he had done was oral rape.

Dad and I now had kind of a mutual blackmail arrangement. He would cover for me with Mom and give me shopping money. I gave him blow jobs. I started dating when I was almost fourteen. Mom was against it, but Dad took my side. I then became the blow job queen. Word got out fast that I swallowed and I always had dates. I probably would have anyway as I got my braces off and was prettier. I also finally started growing boobs!

Since I got my first period 3 years ago, they had never been regular and were painful. Mom took me to the Doctor and he put me on birth control pills to regulate my periods. Mom gave me a strong talk telling me that just because I was going on the pill doesn’t mean I could have sex. I nodded and acted innocent but inside my mind – and pussy – were in high gear.


**Authors are welcomed to continue the adventures of Soozers and Lizard**
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Nobody commented on this story?    WTF?   This was pretty damn facinating. I think it's true.......If it isn't then that is one hell of a story.......and one hell of a story teller.....

Good read and it kept me entertained...

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