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Author Topic: My life with Maria [UA]  (Read 7740 times)
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Frank Taillefer

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"I am not insane, my reality is just different"

« on: February 22, 2020, 07:10:18 PM »

Hi !!!!

Guess who is back!

Although I have to admit that I don’t think that anyone has been missing me.
But that’s okay.

Years ago I posted many stories in this section,
but I hardly participated in the rest of this site.

I love writing erotic stories and had created a big story about a non-existent town.
I was going along nicely, got a lot of positive feedback and everything seemed to be okay.

Until about 2.5 years ago.
I wasn’t feeling that well, got some small issues here and there,
and bottom-line was that there was something more serious going on.

I don’t want to go into all the details,
but I had to focus on something more important,
than writing erotic stories about non-existing people.

Fast forward a few years, and it looks like that everything is under control again.
During that period I didn’t even think about writing,
but while things where improving and my life seemed to get better and better,
the stories came back in my head.

There was only one problem.
The whole previous story line had vanished from my brain.
I re-read the stories, and had a vague idea where I was going,
but some details where completely lost.

What should I do?
Try to continue as good as I could?

To me that wasn’t an option.
I knew that, back in the day, I had the whole story in my head,
and it simply felt wrong to continue without knowing what I originally had planned.

So the only option I had was to start all over.

I kept some of the characters, I kept some of the details, but the overall story will be new.
So here you go guy’s.

A new, continuous, story about my favorite town,
so let’s see where this one is going to 

One small thing though;
I see some changes to the story section, and I am planning to keep all the stories together in one post.
Most of them are dealing with a blend of categories, so to be safe I will just post it in the UA section.

If this is not really okay, then I apologize upfront.

Frank Taillefer.


Frank Taillefer

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"I am not insane, my reality is just different"

« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2020, 07:11:27 PM »


Copyright by the author © 2020.
My work is a work of fiction.
They are my imaginations and fantasies molded into a story for entertainment purpose only.   

All my characters are fictional, living there fictional lives in a fictional town, doing their fictional stuff.

You need to be over 18 to read my stories.
My stories may include sex between underage teens, preteens and adults.
It may include Incest, pedophilia, non-consensual sex,
and other weird sexual things, or a combination of them.

I do not condone any sexual activities with underage persons in real life,
and remember;  it’s just a story folks… just a story.

_---_---_Monday February 3, 2020 @ Frank’s house @ 5 PM_---_---_

“Hi, can I crash here for a week or so?” Maria asked,
standing on my doorstep with next to her a little suitcase.

“Sure,” I shrugged and stepped to the side to let her in.
“What happened?” I asked, although I knew the answer to that question.

“Ah not much,” Maria smiled, “accept that Mike finally decided to grow a pair of balls.”
She sat her suitcase in the hall, and walked inside my living room.

“Can you believe that?” she said,
as she curled herself up on my sofa, grabbing the TV remote from the table.

“For more than 20 years the guy doesn’t complain about anything,
and now, for the last year or so,
he has a problem with everything I do,”
she sighed dramatically, as she turned on the TV.

I didn’t say anything.
What could I say?

I never understood why Michael; Maria’s husband,
hadn’t kicked her out a lot sooner.

If Maria would have been my wife,
the marriage wouldn’t have last this long,
and produced four children.

But who am I to judge Michael’s actions?
After all; I am the one who is fucking his wife behind his back,
for almost as long as the two lovebirds know each other.


That night I woke up around 3 AM with a hard cock.

Maria’s fingers had wrapped themselves around my dick while she was sleeping,
and I couldn’t help that I was smiling.

We hadn’t had sex when we went to bed.
To me it had felt, considering the fact that she was just thrown out by her husband,
inappropriate to do.

What now? I wondered,
as I slowly pulled my cock out of her curled up fingers,
and turned myself on my other side.
Is she thinking about moving in with me?

I sighed, and turned myself around again,
while my brain kept on spinning and spinning and spinning.

I sighed even deeper,
kicked the sheets of my legs and slipped out of bed.

As quite as possible I tiptoed out of the bedroom and went downstairs.
What a mess I thought as I grabbed a can of ginger-ale.

This never should have happened, I thought as I sat down in my kitchen.

It was supposed to be a harmless, innocent and fun thing,
when we started to fuck with each other some 22 years ago.

But look at you now. the voice in my head said.
You’re almost 51 and what do you got?

Sure; she lets you fuck her in every thinkable way that is humanly possible,
but at the same time she dictates your entire life.

She plans your days,
she runs your social life,
she picks the girls that you can fuck, and how you are fucking them.

She decorates your house,
she comes and goes as she pleases,
and she has slowly turned you into the ultimate submissive sextoy ,
only there to fulfill her own perverted needs.

I sighed and shook my head.
My life was a mess… a big freaking mess.


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SOM March 2018

« Reply #2 on: February 23, 2020, 12:16:22 AM »

Keen to see where this goes.

And welcome back.

If there is grass on the pitch, you play!

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« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2020, 01:02:15 PM »

Good to see you back at it. Looking forward to reading more.

Just so you're aware, stories involving preteens are no longer allowed. The minimum age for characters engaging in sex is now 13.
Frank Taillefer

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"I am not insane, my reality is just different"

« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2020, 12:35:09 PM »

Thanks everybody.

I am aware of the 13 year deadline.

I'm just wondering why the story has been moved?

It has a code in the title,
it has a disclaimer,
and the two characters are clearly adults.

Frank Taillefer

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"I am not insane, my reality is just different"

« Reply #5 on: March 01, 2020, 12:28:43 AM »

_---_---_Tuesday February 4, 2020 @ The Taylorsville Inn @ 10 AM_---_---_

I hardly had slept at all, and it felt like a big freaking truck had run me over.
Most of the night I had spent sitting in my kitchen,
thinking about this whole new situation,
while Maria had been sleeping upstairs like a baby.

I know that she is a bit crazy.
I guess that’s why I like her so much,
but how can you sleep while your whole life is falling apart?

Her husband had kicked her out,
and I was sure that he was already hooking up with a good lawyer.

The kids had, as far as I knew, no clue what was happening,
and must be devastated that mom was no longer there.

And Maria?
She had spent the evening watching her favorite TV show,
curled up on my sofa, nibbling on my potato chips,
acting as if nothing had happened.

Then she went to bed, slept like a newborn baby in my bed,
and occupied my bathroom this morning while she was getting ready.

Then she left, looking gorgeous as usual,
wishing me an awesome day, and telling me that she would cook dinner tonight.

I don’t get it… I really don’t.

I knew from the day that we had met that she is mucho loco,
but this is mucho loco on a whole new level.

As an example of this mucho loco behavior,
I will share with you what happened on New Year’s Eve.

_---_---_Tuesday December 31, 2019 @ 8 PM_---_---_

“Hi Hilary, it’s me Maria,” Maria said when Hilary picked up the phone.
“I know it’s late, and I’m sure you have other plans but I really need to ask you a big favor.”

“Oh what’s wrong?” Hilary answered.

“Well... I’m not sure if you know what’s going on… I guess you do right?” Maria rambled,
as she was trying to look for the right things to say.

She didn’t want to scare her mother in law,
but at the same time she needed to convince her that it was serious.

“I’m sure that Michael told you about our problems.”

“Uh huh,” Hilary mumbled.
She knew everything.

A few months ago Michael had told her how his marriage with Maria was falling apart.
They were married for more than 15 years and had 4 kids together;
Two girls; Mianna (15 yrs) and Jacqueline (11 yrs),
and two boy’s; Noah (10 yrs) and Zeke (8 yrs).

Their marriage had never been a normal one,
and many times Hilary had wanted to say something about it to her son,
but she never had the guts to do so.

Maria was famous for her mood swings.
One day she could be the most perfect daughter in law that you could imagine,
and the next day she would be as cold as ice.

She would crush your feelings with razor sharp comments,
and death stares which would penetrate and freeze your soul,
that is… if you were lucky enough that she would even acknowledge you.

Most times she would completely ignore you,
even if you were sitting right next to her,
and that was even worse than getting snippy comments.

No, Hilary and Maria where no friends at all.
But she had to accept her daughter in law,
if she wanted to keep the peace in the family.

A few months ago, Michael had finally opened up to her.
He had told her how his marriage had never been a real success,
but he had been able to keep it manageable.

“I had to,” he had sighed.
“I had to try for the kids.”

Hilary nodded,
she knew that her son had done anything he could.

It was Michael who took care of the kids.
It was him, who did most of the household tours,
and it was her son who earned a six number salary,
while Queen Bee sat on the sofa texting with her friends.

Maria did have a job, but it was not a real contribution to anything.
She was a hostess at the Taylorsville Inn,
and didn’t even made enough to pay for her own expenses.

No, it was Michael who carried the weight on his shoulders,
while Maria sat high on her thrown bossing everybody around to fulfill her greedy needs.

Hilary had never understood why he had put up with that for so long,
and she was glad to see that Michael was beginning to realize what a bitch he had married.


“Well,” Maria continued.
“Michael is gone.”

“Huh… what do you mean?”

“He’s gone,” Maria said.
“He left about an hour ago, without telling me anything.
I’ve tried calling him but he turned his phone off.”

“Oh…” Hilary said.
It was the only thing that she could think off.
“Do you want me to call him?”

“No no,” Maria quickly replied.
“His phone is off, but there is something else I need.

Can you come over here to watch the kids?
I know where he is and all I need is to talk to him.”

“Yeah well…” Hilary hesitated.
What was she supposed to do?

“All I want is to talk to him, and beg him to come home.
He can’t just walk away,
and spend New Year’s eve somewhere else, without his kids.”

“Okay,” Hilary sighed.
“I’ll be there in 10-15 minutes.”

_---_---_The Taylorsville Inn @ 9 PM_---_---_

“Hey!!!” Frank yelled, trying to make himself heard above the loud music.
“I thought you’d never show up.”

“Are you kidding me?” Maria smiled.
“Did you really think that I would miss this party?”

Frank shrugged.
Sometimes he had no idea what she was thinking.

“No fucking way that I would miss the most important party of the year,”
Maria grinned as she kissed Frank.

She then turned around, and looked at the crowd on the dance floor.
“Hey Megan!!!” she yelled as she wiggled herself through the dancing crowd.
“Happy New Year baby!”

Megan turned around to see who was calling her.
But before she could say anything,
Maria was already in front of her,
grabbing her face, and planting a big kiss right on her lips.

Megan looked surprised, blushed a little,
and mumbled a Happy New Year back,
while Maria dragged her deeper into the dancing crowd.

_---_---_Michael and Maria’s house @ 11.35 PM_---_---_

Michael frowned when he turned his car onto his drive way.
Why was his mom’s car here? and where was Maria’s car?

He walked inside, and found his mother sitting on the sofa,
surrounded by his kids while they all watched Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

His mom got up, as soon as he walked in,
and almost dragged him to the kitchen.

“Are you all right,” Hilary asked, “what happened?”

Michael shrugged,
“I’m Okay,
but why are you here? And where’s Maria?”

“Maria?” Hilary wondered, “she went looking for you.”
In short, Hilary told her son what had happened.

“That fucking bitch!” Michael growled, as he shook his head.
“She sneaked out to go to some stupid party,
and I’m afraid that she set you up as a baby sit.”

“But… but…” Hilary stuttered.
“But where were you?”

“I sneaked out before her,” Michael said.
“I thought I had her cornered if I would leave before her.
That way she had to stay with the kids, and wouldn’t be able to go.
By the time I would come home, it would have been too late for her to go to that stupid party.”

“Where is that party?” Hilary wondered.
“Dunno,” Michael shrugged, “she never tells me anything.”

_---_---_The Bridal Suite at the Taylorsville Inn.
Wednesday January 1, 2020 @ 12.15 AM

Frank was tearing of his clothes.
He had kicked off his shoes, and had pulled his shirt over his head, without even unbuttoning it.
Now he was fumbling with his belt as his eyes were locked on the bed.

Megan was laying on her back, with Maria hanging over her.
Their lips where locked, and Maria’s hand had found its way inside Megan’s shirt.

Slowly Maria had opened a few buttons,
just enough to give herself some room to lay her hand on top of Megan’s bra.
Then she had pulled the bra down, and had captured Megan’s nipple between her fingers.

Frank had finally opened up his belt,
and pulled his pants, including his boxer, down.

Slowly he walked to the bed,
as Maria’s hand had lowered itself to the bottom of Megan’s skirt.

Frank grinned watching how Maria pulled up the skirt,
and pushed her hand inside Megan’s panties.
Oh this was going to be a great begin of 2020.

“Why don’t you bring that big cock over here,”
Maria laughed, as she pushed her fingers inside Megan’s pussy.
“It feels like that this cunt is ready for it.”

That was all the encouragement that Frank needed.
He climbed on the bed, and wiggled himself in between Megan’s legs,
he then took his cock, put the tip onto Megan’s wet pussy, and looked at her.

Oh fuck, he thought, I;m finally going to fuck her.


Frank Taillefer

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"I am not insane, my reality is just different"

« Reply #6 on: March 08, 2020, 01:01:31 AM »

_---_---_Monday February 10, 2020 @ Frank’s house @ 6 PM_---_---_

“So what’s going on between you and Mike?” I had asked.
I had waited until after dinner to bring up this delicate matter.

Maria had cooked a fantastic meal,
and she had even set the dining table,
which was a nice break from our usual routine of eating in front of the telly.

I suspected that she knew that I was going to bring this issue up,
and somehow was trying to stall it as long as possible.

“Are you going to try to patch it back together,
or are you guys talking about a divorce?” I continued.

I needed some answers.
Maria was staying at my home for a week now,
and it didn’t look like that she was looking for a new place.

“Oh well…” Maria started as she tilted her head a little.
“I signed the divorce papers last Thursday.”

“You what!” I cried.
“You signed the papers and didn’t bother to tell me?”

“What was there to tell?” she shrugged.
“I signed those stupid papers, and that’s it.”

“But…but…” I stuttered.
“You could have at least told me this.”

It’s no biggie,
You sign, then you wait 90 days,
and then you are divorced.”

A lot of things where running through my mind;
Why didn’t she say anything?
Was she planning to wait those 90 days out in my house?
What about the kids?
What about their house?
What about their stuff?

It almost felt as if I was getting a divorce,
so much stuff ran through my brain.

“We have set that all on paper as well.” Maria smiled.
“No worries.”

I was literally stunned.
Everything was already settled?

“Listen honey,” Maria sighed.
“Mike had those divorce papers for the last 9 months or so.
Every time when something happened that he didn’t liked,
he slapped them in my face.

Now he showed those papers again,
so I was like; fine!
 I’ll sign your stupid papers.”

I shook my head.
I couldn’t believe how indifferent she was.

“Then he started to nag about the house and the kids,” Maria continued,
“apparently the boy’s want to stay with him,
and the girls decided that they want to live with me.
So his offer was to buy me out of the house, and I accepted.”

Again I was feeling stunned.
What was going on here?

“So…” I said, as I still was trying to process what she just told me.
“What are you going to do now?”

Maria shrugged.
“Dunno,” she mumbled.
“I do have a few options, but I need to think about it.”

I shook my head.
I couldn’t believe that this all happened in just one day.

“I might buy myself a nice house somewhere,” Maria said.
“After all, I am getting about $150.000.”

I nodded silently, and was waiting for the inevitable.

“Or…” she smiled with a sultry voice.

Here we go, I thought.

“Maybe we can move in with you.”

BOOM!!! There it was!
I suddenly realized that she had been buttering me up the whole day.

“I know it sounds crazy,” she smiled,
“but I think it would work out great.”

I just sat there, and wasn’t even able to reply.

“Your house is big enough.
You got five bedrooms, and four and a half bath’s.” Maria smiled.

“You got what? 6000 sq feet of house, on almost 2 acres of land.
I am sure that we can work something out.”

I sighed deeply.

You know the expression;  If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Well, I had this feeling with Maria from the day that I met her.

_---_---_ Monday March 9, 1998 @ 4 PM @ The Taylorsville Inn _---_---_

“Frank,” Lynn, my fulltime hostess, said on the telephone.
“I have somebody at my desk who wants to apply for a hostess position.”

“Did you tell her that we don’t have any job openings?” I replied.

“Yes I did, but she wants to talk to you personally.”

“I don’t have time for that right now,
Tell her she can fill out an application form.

As soon as there is an opening, then we will blah blah blah,
and well… you know the drill.”

“I already did, but still she wants to talk to you.”

I sighed annoyingly,
but I must admit that I had become curious about this persistent girl.

I looked at the security screen,
and clicked on the lobby cam, to see what I was dealing with.

I saw Lynn sitting behind her desk, and in front of it stood a girl.
There was something about her that made her look very determent,
and I actually felt sorry for Lynn that she had to deal with her.

“You know what,” I said.
“I will come down and deal with her myself.”


“Hi, I am Frank Taillefer and I am the general manager.”

“Hi Frank, I am Maria.
Maria Mahoney, and I am your future hostess.”

I smiled when she said that.
I had to admit that the girl had some spice.

“Come,” I said as I walked inside the Banquet room.
“Let’s have a talk.”

Maria followed me, and we both sat down.
“So,” I began as I observed her.
“You want to be a hostess.”

Maria nodded but didn’t say a single word.
I looked at the application form, but she hadn’t filled in anything yet.

It was hard for me to guess how old she was.
I would have believed it if you would have told me that she was 13,
but I would also have believed you if you would have told me that she was 17 or 18.

She was tiny though.
I am 5’10, which is not really tall,
but the top of her head barely made it to my chin.

But she was cute… really cute.
Long, brown, straight hair, which hung down to below her shoulders.
Her face was oval shaped with a pair of amazing blue / grey-ish eyes.
Maria’s nose was small and delicate and her lips where shaped perfectly.
She wore black oversized glasses, and they gave her a sophisticated look.
All in all she looked like the perfect girl next door.

“Why haven’t you filled in the application yet?” I wondered.

Maria shrugged.
“I don’t need to.
You are going to hire me anyway.”

I smiled again.
“Now why would you think that?”

“Because I am going to be the best hostess that you ever had.”

“How old are you anyway?”

“Sixteen,” she answered with a smile.

“Sixteen huh,” I replied.
“And I guess you don’t have any experience as a hostess.”

Maria shook her head.

“So give me one good reason why I would hire you as a hostess,
although I am not really looking for one?”

“Like I said; I am going to be the best hostess you have ever seen.”


She was right though.
I don’t know how she did it, but she did.

I had taken a gamble and hired her, although I had some serious doubts.
But in a few weeks’ time she had been able to become one of my best employees… ever.

At that point I wasn’t even thinking about having sex with her.
I mean…
I did, but…
not really.

Maybe I need to explain this.
I was 29 when I hired Maria.

29 and my life was perfect.
I had an awesome job, with a very good pay check.
I lived in a mansion-esque house, located right at the Delaware river,
and, most importantly; I was a true bachelor.

I had some girlfriends in the past,
but I had soon discovered that having a relationship is quite complicated,
and I never saw the need to invest the time and effort that it requires.

Being alone gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do,
and that was something more important to me than having a woman waiting for me at home.

And besides that… I had all the women I needed, right under my nose.
I know this is going to sound horrible but I had, and have,
different sexual relationships with some of my staff.

I know… I know…
It’s a disaster waiting to be happen, but I wasn’t too concerned about this.

I am not going to tell you the whole story, maybe I will later on,
but for now;  all you need to know is that it began when I started working at the Inn back in ’85.

I was just 16 and started as a gardener, and slowly worked my way up to where I am now.
Point is that it was normal for staff to have relationships with each other.

You know how it works, right?
Server girl likes bartender boy, etc, etc, etc.

Some lasted… most didn’t.

Rachel was the first one for me.
Although she was just 21, she was considered to be an old timer.

Rachel was the “to-go-to” girl for Bob who was the GM at that time.
She worked mainly as a server, and was our main banquet captain.
On top of that she could tend the bar, she helped out in the banquet office,
and she was Bob’s left and right hand when it came to managing the place.

We got along pretty good,
and she would always find time to come outside for a chat.

She had a boyfriend named Allan.
But we all wondered why she had picked him.

Rachel was not a bad looking girl.
But Allan was… well… let’s say he had a few pounds too many.

Ah fuck it.
The guy was severely overweight,
and it was pretty obvious that a girl like Rachel was way out of his league.

But listening to her stories, I realized that she had picked him because he was a safe pick.
She had a fiancée before Allan, but apparently that guy had been cheating on her.
It had broken her heart and she broke off the engagement.


Besides gardening, I also did some light maintenance stuff at the Inn.
One day Rachel joked that I should come over to her apartment to fix some things.

“Sure,” I said, “why not.”
And so it happened.

There was not much to fix.
A cabinet door that didn’t close all the way,
and a leaking faucet.

Afterwards we sat on her sofa.
Rachel drank some wine, and she offered me a few beers.

We talked, we laughed, and one thing led to another,
and we ended up in her bed.

For me it was my first time ever, and it was truly amazing.
Rachel showed me how to do it the right way,
and she kept on encouraging me by moaning, sighing, panting,
and growling while we did it.

“Oh please baby,” she cried, “fuck me hard with that big cock of yours.
Make me cum… oh God make me cum.”
Now which 16 year old virgin kid wouldn’t love to hear that from an older girl.

So I fucked her.
I fucked her as hard as I could,
and I can proudly say that I made her cum… a few times.


Frank Taillefer

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"I am not insane, my reality is just different"

« Reply #7 on: March 31, 2020, 08:32:58 PM »

_---_---_Sunday  February 16, 2020 @ Frank’s house @ 7 PM_---_---_

What was I supposed to do?
Maria had dropped the bomb on my last week.

“Maybe we can move in with you.
I know it sounds crazy,
but I think it would work out great,” she had said.

Did I really want that?
Let her and her two daughters move in?
I do have the space for them, but still…..

Deep down inside I knew it was going to happen.
I would struggle against it,
bringing up all sorts of reasons why it wasn’t such a great idea,
but eventually I would give in.

I always did.

The idea of having Maria and her girls move in scared me.
We were already living a dangerous life as it is,
and a lot of times I would find myself wondering why I even continued doing the crazy stuff we did.

But that was just a rhetorical question.
I continued doing it because deep down inside off me,
somewhere in a very dark place where I didn’t liked to go,
I actually enjoyed the crazy shit me and Maria where doing.

I will admit it.
I am a perverted freak,
and somehow Maria knew that I was a pervert,
from the moment she laid her eyes upon me.

I should have known better, but I was blinded by her.
Blinded by her beauty, blinded by her youth,
and I was completely blinded by her sexual appetite.

But I should have known that this girl was trouble,
from the first time that we had sex.

_---_---_Saturday July 4, 1998 @ Frank’s house @ 6 PM_---_---_

Today was the day of the Inn’s employee appreciation day.
But let’s face it; who calls it that?

Not the Taylorsville Inn staff.
They just called it; The Party.

The Party was an old tradition at the Inn,
and nobody really seemed to know when it had started.

Frank had no idea himself.
The only thing he knew was that it was already there,
when he started working at the Inn, back in 1985.

Bob was the manager back then,
and the party was always held during the first week of January.

It was never a great success.
Staff was tired from the holiday’s,
and some of them still needed to work during the party,
‘cause after all; there was food to be made, there was a bar to tend,
and someone needed to do all of that.

As soon as Frank became the new GM, the party was moved.
“I hate it,” he said.
“Doing it at the Inn doesn’t make sense to me.
It’s too much work related.”
So Frank moved the party to his house.

In order to accommodate the amount of staff,
it made sense to move the party from the winter, to the summer time,
so that they also could use the outside area.

Frank’s house was big.
The mansion-esque house sat on almost 2 acres of land.

The house itself was about 6000 sq feet, and consisted out of a huge kitchen,
living room, office space, one enormous master with master bathroom, four extra bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a finished basement and an outside pool with pool house and outside kitchen.

The question was; when do we have the party?

After some thinking, Frank decided that the best time to have a party was on or around the fourth of July.
The restaurant was always dead anyway, so closing it wouldn’t cost the owners too much money.
And so a new tradition was born.

This year was Maria’s first employee party, and she was really looking forward to it.
She worked at the Inn for four months now, and had made a lot of new friends.

Maria knew that the official start time of the party was at 6 PM,
but she also knew that most of her friends would be there way before that.

Frank would start setting up around 10 AM,
and some of the staff would be there to help out.

The pool area needed to be set up,
the kitchen area needed to be filled,
there was a bar that needed some work,
and normally, around noon,  a DJ came to set up his equipment.

By the time it was 3 PM most of the staff was already there,
and most of them where in the pool are had gathered around the bar.

Maria knew this,
but she wanted to make a special entrance.

At 6 PM Maria parked her car on Frank’s driveway.
She then got out and walked around the house to the noisy garden.

She stopped at the gate for a few seconds,
trying to find her person of interest.

She smiled when she saw Frank relaxing in the pool, and walked up to him.
Frank saw her and, as a good host would do, got out of the pool to welcome her.

“Hey, glad you could make it,” he said as he walked up to her.
“I would shake your hand, but I’m dripping.”

Me too, Maria thought, staring at his crotch.
She could see the contour of a dick, inside the wet swim shorts he was wearing.

Tonight was going to be the night that she would find out,
if the stories buzzing around the Inn where true.

The stories that had told her that Frank had a massive cock,
and that he was not afraid to use it on his female staff.

“So there is the food area,” Frank continued, pointing at the grill.
“There are the drinks, feel free to help yourself to whatever you want.”

Oh I will, Maria grinned silently.

“And if you’re getting too hot, then just dive into the pool.
You did bring your bathing suit, right?”

“I’m wearing it,” Maria smiled,
as she began to undress herself.

Within seconds she had removed her clothes,
and walked towards the pool, leaving Frank behind in awe.

Frank was pleasantly surprised.
Maria looked awesome in her one piece bathing suit,
and that was something he hadn’t expected.

He knew that she was good looking,
and he knew that she had a great figure,
but let’s face it;

There is a huge difference between seeing a girl in her hostess uniform,
or seeing that same girl in a sexy bathing suit.

It turned out that Maria had a pair of nice breasts.
They weren’t that big, actually they were small,
but they looked awesome in her bathing suit.

Frank watched her walk to the pool,
and couldn’t help staring at the cutest ass he had seen in a long time.

Nothing really happened during the rest of the evening.
Frank entertained his guests, and Maria made sure to stay close to him.

Around 11 PM , Frank and Maria where in the pool again.
“Thanks for inviting me,” Maria said as she scooted over towards Frank.
“My pleasure,” he smiled.

Maria then laid her hand, under water, on Frank’s knee.
“I mean it,” she whispered, “I really would like to thank you.”

Frank frowned as he looked at the hand on his knee.
He then tilted his head a bit, wondering if this was an intentional move.

It was intentional.
Maria slowly moved her hand up his leg and towards his crotch.

“You know,” Frank whispered.
“You’d better stop if you are not serious about this.”

“Oh but I am very serious?” his 16 year old hostess smiled,
as she pressed her lips onto his.


Maria was sitting on Frank’s bed.
Her eyes widened as he was pulling down his shorts.
Oh my God; he was as big as they where saying.

Frank’s dick wasn’t fully erect yet,
and it was already bigger than most cocks she had seen.

Gently she wrapped her fingers around it,
and began to slowly jerk him.

Jerking him till he was as hard as a rock,
and as big as it would get.

With her other hand she grabbed his ball sack,
and began to tease him.

Slowly and gently she caressed the skin of Frank’s sack.
Stroking it, as light as if she was stroking her own hair.

“Oh fuck!” Frank moaned,
Those little fingers tickling his skin drove him wild.

The skin around his balls tightened,
as his cock hardened and got bigger.

He laid his hands on her head and pulled her closer,
hoping that this young girl would give him a blowjob.
But Maria had different plans.

“You wanna fuck me?” she whispered while she kept on stroking Frank’s cock.
“You want to put that big fat cock inside my pussy?”

Frank moaned.
Oh he would love to fuck her.

“I bet you want to empty those balls inside me, am I right?”
Maria sighed as she kept on tickling his balls.

“Oh yeah baby,” Frank softly grunted.

“Then come and fuck the shit out of me,”
Maria moaned as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs into a perfect split.

“What the hell!” Frank mumbled.
He had never seen a girl perform a split on him.

Maria’s bathing suit tightened around the most intimate part,
offering Frank a view on a perfect camel toe.

His jaw dropped slowly, but his cock bucked up.
“I thought you would like it,” Maria smiled.

She then pulled aside the bathing suit,
which had been covering her bald little pussy.

“I wasn’t state champion gymnastics for nothing,”
she said as she kept her legs completely horizontal.

“Now fuck me hard,
and let me feel that massive cock.”


“So you where the state champion,” Frank smiled.

Frank and Maria just had finished,
and laid now, all cuddled up, under the blankets.

“Uh huh,” Maria mumbled, resting her head on Frank’s chest.
“You didn’t know that?”

Frank shook his head.
“No, you never told me that.”

“Well,” Maria laughed, “you never asked.”
“Touché,” Frank grinned as he kissed the top of her head.

In short she told him the story about how she fell in love with gymnastics when she was a little girl,
and joined a club to learn it.

It was clear that she was talented,
and she began to compete,
slowly working herself through the ranks.

When she was 13 she won the state championship,
and won silver during the nationals.

People told her that she should continue.
“One day you will be in the Olympics,” they said.

But the little girl had different plans.
Plans that where ignited during the state championship.

Something had happened there,
something that had changed her view on life.


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The lockdown part 1

_---_---_Wednesday April 1, 2020 @ Frank’s house @ 10.30 PM_---_---_

“Now go and fuck my daughter.”
Maria smiled as she watched Frank open his eyes.

Frank's eyes widened and his jaw dropped,
when he saw the naked 15 year old girl that was laying on his bed.

Maria’s daughter laid on her back and rested on her elbows,
with her legs spread wide.

It looked as if she was waiting for Frank to push his cock inside,
and to take her cherry away.

Her bald pussy glistened,
wet from the excitement of knowing that she finally would get her first dick.

She was a lot wetter then when she was fingering herself,
knowing that it was going to be Frank who would be the first one that would fuck her.

Frank; the man that she knew her whole life as being mom's boss.

Frank; the man where mom had taken them too,
when her dad had threw them out 6 weeks ago.

and Frank; the man that she had seen fuck her mom many times during those weeks,
and she knew that she wasn't supposed to have seen that.

Her tiny nipples where hard,
and she hoped that Frank would give her nipple's the same treatment,
as she had seen him do to her mother's.

Oh, that sight of seeing him licking, sucking
and fondling her mom's tits had made her even more hornier.

Mianna was, just like her mom,
not blessed with the right DNA to produce decent sized breasts.

Mom's tits where okay;
34 A, nothing to be ashamed off,
but certainly not something to be flashing around.
But Mianna was two months shy of turning 16,
and still she didn't had anything that came close to a pair of developing breasts.

Mianna was as flat as a girl can be.
She didn't even need the training bra that she wore every day,
pretending that she had something growing down there.

But being flat had never stopped her,
from enjoying her sensitive nipples when she was masturbating,
and the last couple of weeks that had been more then twice a day.


Frank couldn't believe  what he heard.
“I thought you had a big surprise for me?”

“Well duhhh,” Maria laughed.
“This is the big surprise.”

Frank shook his head.
Was she serious?
Or was she playing one of her weird games?
This was certainly not what he had expected.

To be honest;
he had no idea what to expect when Maria told him that she had a surprise.

They had gone to bed around 10.15,
and as soon as they had entered the bedroom,
Maria had pushed him to the en-suite bathroom.

“Wait here and get ready,
cause I've got a nice surprise for you.”

Frank grinned.
Maria's surprises where always interesting.

Maybe she had some new sexy lingerie?
or maybe she had bought a new sex-toy or...or...or...

God knows what she had come up with,
but whatever it was,
he sure was going to enjoy it.

Frank hurried, and was naked in seconds.

“Close your eyes baby,”
Maria yelled from the other side of the door.

She then cracked the door open to check if Frank had closed his eyes.
“Good,” she nodded

“Now I will take your hands and lead you into the bedroom,
but keep your eyes shut, okay?”

“Okay,” Frank smiled as he shuffled into his own bedroom.

“Now stop.”

Frank did,
and knew he was standing in front of his bed.

“Now go and fuck my daughter.”
Maria smiled as she watched Frank open his eyes.


“Are you freaking kiddin'me?”

“What?” Maria wondered,“don't you wanna fuck her?”
She couldn't believe that he wasn't already on top of her,
ramming that hard cock in and out her daughter’s virgin pussy.

“She is your daughter for Christ'sake.”

“Yeah, I know she is my daughter Frank,”
Maria laughed, “I gave birth to her, so?”

“So?” Frank replied as he kept on shaking his head.
“You really don't think that there is something wrong with this picture?
You really think that this is normal?”

“I'm not saying that it is,”
Maria said as she crawled up to Frank,
and pressed her naked body against his.

“But it's not my choice baby, she wanted it herself.”
And on those words she pointed at her daughter,
who was still laying on the bed,
waiting for him,
with her legs spread apart.


Deep down inside Maria had always known that this would happen.
Mianna was her daughter,
but she might as well have been her identical twin.

The only difference was that she was 38,
and her daughter almost 16, but the rest...

They had the same faces, the same hair color,
the same build, the same passion for gymnastics,
and they even had the same thoughts.

Maria and her daughter didn't have to speak to each other.
One look, and they both knew what the other person thought.
It was as if their brains where secretly connected,
and always operating at the same wave length.

But during the last 6 weeks she had seen a change in her daughter,
and that was to be expected.

One day she was having her normal teenage life, with her normal teenage problems,
the next day she heard that her mom and dad where getting a divorce,
and then she had to pack up and move in with Frank a few days later.

“It’s only for a few weeks,” Maria had told her daughters.
“Frank is kind enough to help us out, while I look for a new home for us.”

Maria never told her daughters, or Frank for that matter, that she had a different plan.
Why look for a house, if the guy that you fuck with has a huge house?

Frank’s house was enormous, it was more a Mansion then a house.
5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and almost 6000 square feet of living space,
on a plot of 1.77 acres.

The first floor had a huge kitchen with an island that could seat 6 people,
which opened up to the romantic family room with it’s high coffered ceiling and brick fireplace.

Next to the family room was a lounge area.
It had the same ceilings and a second fireplace.

There was also a formal dining room, a beautiful office,
and a guest bedroom with a full bath.

The master bedroom with en-suite bathroom was on the second floor,
and there where three extra bedrooms with two of them having their own bath’s.

There was a finished basement, which was now an entertainment room,
but Maria could easily envision that space as a personal gymnastics room.

But outside was where the real fun was.
An awesome pool and patio, with an outdoor kitchen and a pool house with shower.

Maria had fallen in love with the house from the first day she had seen it,
and back then, some 22 years ago, she already knew that one day she would be living there.

The problem was that she needed to convince Frank that it would be a great idea
that she and the girls would be moving in permanently.

But how was she going to do that?
Frank had been a bachelor his entire life, and really enjoyed living on his own.

She really needed to come up with some very good reasons,
to make him give up his personal freedom.

And then the corona virus kicked in.
It took them all by surprise,
and before they even realized it,
they where forced to stay with Frank.

It would be hard to find another house in this current situation.
“So I guess we are kinda stuck,” she told Frank.

Frank sighed, shrugged and mumbled an “I guess”,
which had settled the deal.

Secretly Maria smiled from ear to ear.
There was no way in hell that she would ever leave,
and if it was up to her this lock down would last months and months,
so that by the end of it Frank couldn’t even remember how it was living alone.

_---_---_Earlier in March, before The Lockdown_---_---_

“What’s wrong Honey?” Maria had asked her daughter.
“You seem to be a little off?”

Maria had just woken up,
and was checking to see if her girls where already awake.

Jacky, the youngest, had been fine,
she was already downstairs trying to make some pancakes with Frank.

But Mianna was still in her room,
and when Maria went inside,
she found the girl sitting in the window sill,
staring outside with a deep questioning frown.

Mianna sighed.
There where so many things on her mind right now,
that she couldn’t think straight anymore.

“You know that you can tell me anything you want, right?”
Maria said as she sat down next to her daughter.

“Uh huh,” Mianna nodded,
but was she really going to tell what was on her mind?

“I know that something is bothering you,
so you might as well just spit it out.”

Mianna sighed again, and looked at her mom.
“Why did you and dad divorced?”

Maria moaned softly
This was the first time that her daughter was asking about this,
and it was obvious that she wanted some answers.

“Well….” she started, trying to find the right words.
“You see it is….”

Was she going to say; difficult?
Because the decision to agree with the divorce wasn’t difficult at all.
Michael had showed her the papers, and she had just shrugged and signed it.

“You see,” Maria started again.
“Your dad and I… well… we kinda grew apart.”

“How do you mean?” Mianna asked.

“Well…..” Maria started again.
Was it okay to tell her 15 year old daughter about her marriage?

Why not? a voice inside her head said.
She is old enough to understand, and it might help her.

“Your dad is a fantastic guy.
He is an awesome dad, and always had been a great husband.
But the thing is that he is kinda…. Well,
you know… boring.”

Mianna nodded.
She knew exactly what mom meant.
He never wanted to go out or anything,
he was always upstairs fooling around with his computers.

“And I realized that I don’t want to live my life like that.
I want more.”

Mianna nodded again.
“So that’s why you fuck with Frank.”

Maria’s mouth dropped wide open in total shock.
How did she know?

“C’mon mom, do you think I’m stupid?
I can hear you sometimes, and I even saw you do it.”

“You saw us?”

“Uh huh… many times.”

“Well euh…” Maria stuttered, trying to compose herself.

“So dad found out and kicked you out?”

No that wasn’t the reason.
Mike didn’t even knew that she had been fucking around his back,
since the day that they had met at Middle school.

And it was better if he wouldn’t find out either.
He might use that to cut some of the alimony she did get.

“No honey.” Maria said.
“Your dad doesn’t even know this,
and he doesn’t have to know,
you know what I mean?”

Mianna slowly nodded.
She did get the hint.

“Is Frank going to be our new dad?”

“Oh my God.” Maria laughed.
“Frank and being a dad…. Yeah right.”

“What do you mean?”

“Frank is not a guy for a relationship, honey.
He is a bachelor, and I don’t even think he ever had a girlfriend.”

_---_---_How Mianna learned about sex, back in 2018_---_---_

Mianna knew about sex.
She had been taking sex-ed at school,
and like most young kids she had been talking about this with her friends.

They whispered and giggled,
while they imagined how it would feel like to have a penis inside you.

They grossed out and made “euwh” noises by the thought of white stuff shooting out that penis, and it was even weirder to imagine that this white stuff is shooting inside you,
where it can make babies.

But Mianna was also a normal, healthy and curious child.
She was well aware of her body,
courtesy of her gymnastics class.

Every time a dad was there supporting his daughter,
she could see a sparkle in the dad’s eyes.

At first it was a bit awkward,
but they all got used to it and eventually took it for granted.

Mianna could even understand why they where looking.
10 young girls in leotard’s, doing all sorts of tricks,
while they where spreading their legs all of the time.

They had to spread them on the balance beam,
they spread them on the vault,
they swung them as wide as they could on the uneven bars,
and they opened them for all to see during their floor exercises.

No wonder that some dad’s had those sparkles in their eyes,
and even mom was encouraging them to do so.

“You know what the judges want to see girls,”
her mom used to say.

Mianna’s mom never said that they should spread their legs as wide as possible,
and give those men and women a good look.
But all the girls knew what she meant.

They all had experienced it;
The wider their legs,
the more points they got for their exercise.

Was it fair?
Of course not.

But they all knew how it worked;

Make sure that you look good,
make sure that you offer them a good view on the goods,
and try to look as sexy as possible.

They all knew,
they all did,
and nobody complained.


Mianna would never tell anybody,
but even she got aroused sometimes during gym class.

Sometimes she needed to help girls with certain exercises,
especially the new girls.

They might ask her to hold their legs up while they do a handstand.
Or they need assistance in getting the split right.
You know… things like that.

Mianna began to notice that she had this strange tickly feeling deep inside her belly.
Not all the time, but it happened.

She began to pay attention to it,
and noticed that it appeared when she saw certain things.

The first time she noticed it was when she was helping Kelsey Brooks
They where both 13, BFF’s and both very passionate about Gymnastics.

“Hey Mia,” Kelsey yelled.
“Help me out a little.”

Mianna walked over to her friend who sat on the floor.
“Push my legs further back, I want to stretch those muscles.”

Kelsey spread her legs into an almost split.
Mianna then kneeled down in front of her,
and pushed Kelsey’s legs further,
until she had reached the perfect split.

It was a normal exercise, a thing they had done hundreds of times.
But this time Mianna looked at her friend,
and noticed how Kelsey’s leotard had tightened around her crotch.

She could clearly see the shape of Kelsey’s vagina pressing through the fabric.
That rounded v-shape which bulged out a little,
with right through the middle the imprint of Kelsey’s slit.
It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Her jaw dropped a little,
and she started blushing when she realized that she was staring at her friends vagina

But there was an instant explosion inside Mianna’s belly,
and she blushed even more when she felt how her own pussy became a little wet.

Quickly Mianna looked up,
and tried to focus on something else.

She tried so hard to ignore that tickly feeling and her own wet pussy,
that she didn’t noticed the smile around Kelsey’s mouth,
or the sparkling in her eyes.


About a week later Mianna and Kelsey where together in Kelsey’s bedroom.
They had gone there to do their homework.

After a half hour of working, Kelsey looked up from her study book
“I got to tell you something,” the girl whispered.

“Oh, what?”

“I kissed a guy.”

Mianna was stunned.
“No way…” she whispered.

“Way….” Kelsey grinned.

“Who did you kiss?” Mianna wanted to know.

They did talk about boy’s a lot,
but they also had concluded that they where all a bunch of jerks.

“Doesn’t matter,” Kelsey said.
“The important thing is that I did it.”

Fair enough Mianna thought.
“How was it?” she wanted to know.
“was it like… gross?”

“Oh no, not really,” Kelsey smiled.
“At first it was weird, but after a while it got better.”

“Did you do it…
you know…
with your tongue?”

“Oh yeah baby, we went all the way,” Kelsey grinned,
not knowing yet that all the way mend something completely different.

“Wow,” Mianna sighed.
She was a little bit jealous.

They had been talking about kissing and making out,
but Mianna could never imagine that she would be making out with someone.

Pushing your tongue inside somebody else’s mouth?

“Now…” Kelsey continued.
“Now I was wondering…”
She then stopped and looked at Mianna.

“Wondering what?”

I was wondering if it would feel the same…
you know…
with a girl.”

Mianna’s eyes grew bigger,
and her heart beat became a little faster.

Ever since she realized that she got turned on from looking at some of the girls at gym-class,
she had been having these weird fantasies.

Whenever she was touching herself,
her brain seemed to switch from thinking about boy’s to thinking about girls,
and vice versa.

Sometimes she wondered if she was a lesbian.
Mianna knew what that meant; it meant that you had sex with girls.

But Mianna didn’t had sex at all,
she was to young to have sex,
so could you be a lesbian without having sex?

“You want to try it?” Kelsey asked.
Mianna looked at her BFF, and saw the excitement in her eyes.

“I dunno,” Mianna mumbled.
If she did kiss Kelsey, would that mean that they where lesbians?
Was kissing considered to be sex as well?

“C’mon,” Kelsey nagged.
“It’s just a kiss, it’s not that big of a deal.”

isn’t that…
you know…

“Ah come on Mia,” Kelsey said, “
don’t tell me that you don’t want to try it.
I have seen you, you know.”

Mianna frowned.
What did she mean with that?

“I’ve seen you during gym.”

Again Mianna frowned.

“I’ve seen you look at my pussy.”
The 13 year old whispered.

Mianna’s jaw dropped a little,
and she instantly turned red.

She couldn’t say anything,
and couldn’t even resist when Kelsey pressed her mouth on hers,
and pushed her tongue inside her mouth.

She couldn’t even react when Kelsey laid her hand on her leg,
and slowly moved it up to her crotch.

[to be continued]

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Hi and Wow. Would love to have a friend to chat, talk, trade our secret taboo, thoughts, fantasies and experiences! Hit me up! Always safe discreet fun legal open and honest!
Mature to legal teen. Daddy, Daughter fantasies a plus!
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_---_---_The Lockdown part 2_---_---_

“Now go and fuck my daughter.”
Maria smiled as she watched Frank open his eyes.

But Frank hesitated.
Did Maria really think that he would just take his dick,
shove it up her daughter’s pussy, and fuck her?

“C’mon baby,”
she whispered in his ear as she took hold of his cock with one hand.

“You know you want her…

I know you want her….

Fuck... even she knows that you want her.

Just look at her baby.
Look how she is waiting for your big… fat… giant cock.”

Frank looked.
What else could he do?

Mianna was laying right in front of him,
completely naked, and with her legs wide open.

The 15 year old girl had this inviting,
horny and begging look on her face.

please fuck me…...

Frank knew that he would.
He knew that he couldn’t resist this beautiful girl,
who was basically offering herself to him.

He just needed to get over the whole weirdness of this situation;
A mom who wants him to fuck her daughter?

How fucked up is that?

“Do you see that pussy, baby?”
Maria whispered with a sultry voice,
as she slowly began to jerk her lover.

“Look at that little hairless slit.”
She whispered in his ear.
“Imagine how tight that is.”

Frank moaned as his cock hardened under the skillful hand of Maria.

“No cock has ever been there, baby.”
Maria kept on stroking him.
“Your dick will be the first that will fuck that hole.”

Frank ‘s cock bucked up, knowing that it had an important task to do.

“Imagine how your cock would rip that cunt wide open,
and slam straight through her cherry.”
she continued as she grabbed his ball sack with her other hand.

“Can you feel how that pussy is trying to resist you,”
Maria’s grip on Frank’s cock tightened, and she began to jerk him a little faster.

“But you keep on fucking that cunt, don’t you,” she moaned in Frank’s ear,
“You keep on pounding this fat cock down my daughter’s fuck hole until she cries you to stop.”

Maria jerked harder, and teased his balls with her fingers.

“But you don’t stop, you hear me.
You keep on fucking that little bitch until she cums

Just look at her, baby…”
Maria whispered, and Frank did.

Mianna had spread her legs wider and had her hands on her pussy, 
pulling it open and showing him the wet and pinkish inside.

“Look at that whore…”

Frank’s cock bucked again.
Oh he was so ready to fuck her.

“Look how that slut is teasing you, can you believe that?”
Maria wondered, squeezing Frank’s balls.

“She doesn’t even have tits yet,
but still she acts as some goddamn cock crazy WHORE!

So what are you going to do about it, baby?”
Maria moaned as she jerked him as fast as possible.

Frank grunted.

“Are you going to fuck that little cunt?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Frank growled, as he shoveled himself closer to the bed.

“Are you going to fuck my daughter and fill that pussy with your cum?”

“Ooohhh shit,” he moaned, feeling how his cock was getting ready to burst.

“Are you going to fuck the shit out of her and teach her a lesson?”

Maria knew that Frank was close to cumming,
and that he was dying to ram that cock deep down Mianna’s pussy,
but that had to wait.

“Cum baby,” Maria moaned as she aimed his cock at her daughter’s open pussy,
while she kept on jerking him.

“Plaster that cunt with your sperm.

Do it…..

Do it baby…..

Shoot that cum over my daughter’s slutty hole.”

“Aaarrgghh,” Frank cried as his cock erupted,
and shot his sperm all over Mianna’s pussy.


“Owh fuck” Mianna moaned as Frank shot his sperm up and against her pussy.

Hearing how her mom had talked Frank to an orgasm had made her horny as hell,
and now she felt the result of her mom’s effort dripping down her pussy.

She swirled her fingers through the warm sperm,
and began to fuck herself with them.

Oowwhh this felt so good… so nasty… so dirty.

With her other hand she began to rub her clit.
Just as she was doing every night, when she was alone in her bed.

But now her hands where covered with a man’s sperm,
and that idea alone made her cum.

“Ooowwhhaawwhh,” Mianna cried as her body exploded.
Her legs trembled, and her butt bucked up from the bed,
as her juices where soaking her fingers.

“Fuckin’hell,” Frank moaned.

Watching the young girl in front of him come,
had a positive effect on his shriveling cock.

Maria smiled when she saw how her daughter had an orgasm.
She was still holding on to Frank’s dick,
and now she placed it up against Mianna’s soaking pussy.

“Now go and fuck my daughter.” she smiled.


A small pinch.
That was all Mianna felt when Frank pushed his cock inside of her.

A small pinch,
followed by this incredible feeling of being completely filled up.

Frank’s cock was hard and big,
and for a split second Mianna doubted if it would fit inside her virgin pussy.

But Frank just pushed straight through her cherry,
and it felt as if something had suddenly blown itself up inside of her.
Something warm that touched all of her nerves, and made her cum again.

And then this was all followed by the most amazing feeling that she ever had;
the feeling of a cock fucking you.

Mianna lifted her head a bit, and looked down her body at her pussy.
She needed to see for herself that she was getting fucked.
Her eyes widened and her mouth slowly opened.

Holy fuck!
She could see, and feel at the same time,
how Frank’s cock entered her.

Then she saw how he pulled back, and pushed forward again.
Oh my God she cried inside her head,
this is amazing, I am getting fucked… I am really getting fucked!

Frank began to move a little bit faster, and on every stroke he pushed his dick a little bit deeper inside this beautiful young girl, who clearly enjoyed what he was doing.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as she began to rock her body on the bed.
It was her first time, but she already knew that it wasn’t going to be her last.

“Oh yes…
please…” she moaned softly.

Mianna was still a little bit too shy to use other words,
especially with her mom laying next to her.

“That’s it baby,” her mom smiled.
“That’s how you do it.”

Mianna really enjoyed feeling a dick inside her pussy,
but she also noticed that Frank was holding back.

He only pushed his cock half way in before he pulled back,
and she knew why he did that; he didn’t want to hurt her.

Oh my God, she cried inside her head.
He is so sweet… so caring… so loving.

An emotional tear rolled down her eye.
A tear of pure love and adoration for this man who was giving her what she had been wanting for such a long time.

“Can you…” she began, but what was she going to say?
Can you please ram that big fat cock down my cunt, and fuck my pussy to pieces?
No she couldn’t say that.

“You can say it honey,” Maria whispered to her daughter.
“You need to.
You need to tell him what you want,
How else does he know how to fuck you?”

Mianna looked at her mom who gave her an encouraging nod.
Then she looked at Frank , and took a deep breath.

“Fuck me Frank,” she softly said.

Frank was ready to do it, but Maria shook her head.
“What do you want honey?” she asked her daughter, as she stroked her daughter’s hair.

“Fuck,” she whispered, “I wanna get fucked.”

“What? We can’t hear you.”

“Fucked, I wanna get fucked” the fifteen year old girl said a little bit louder.

“Can you hear her baby?” Maria asked Frank, “cause I can’t”

“Me neither,” Frank grinned while he was slowly fucking this amazing girl.

“FUCK…” Mianna screamed, “FUCK ME… FUCK ME FRANK!”

Frank’s eyes sparkled as he pulled his cock almost out of her pussy.
“What do you want?” he asked as he kept the tip of his cock inside.

“I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!” Mianna growled with fire in her eyes.
Then she laid her hands on his hips.

and with a hard pull, she pulled Frank’s cock deep inside of her.

[to be continued]

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_---_---_The Lockdown, Thursday April 2, 2020_---_---_

Mianna was laying on her bed,
and was thinking about a lot of stuff.

What else was there to do?
School was out.
The mall was closed,
and they where not supposed to go anywhere at all,
due to this stupid corona virus.

She couldn’t even visit her best friend.
This whole situation sucked…
It sucked ass bigtime as Kelsey would say.

Mianna was thinking about the conversation she had with her mother this morning.
Frank had already left to go to the Inn,
and her mom was going around 2 o’clock to take the phone orders.
So they still had a couple of hours together.

The conversation had been about last night.
The night that she had lost her virginity.

Mianna was trying to make sense of what had happened,
although it had been very clear.

Frank had fucked her, and her mom had witnessed it,
or to be more precise; her mom had encouraged it.

Not that Mianna didn’t want to get fucked.
Oh hell no; she wanted it alright!

She had wanted it from the day that she had seen how Frank fucked her mom,
and all of the other day’s that she had been spying on them.

But she did had a lot of questions about what had happened,
and how to move on from here.

“Mom,” the fifteen year old ex-virgin had asked.

“What’s up honey?”

“You know….” Mianna had sighed.
“About last night…”

Oh how was she going to bring this.
She didn’t even know if her mom would want to talk about this.

“What about it,” her mom had smiled.

Let’s say that I euh…”
she mumbled nervously

Mianna had blushed a little,
and stared down at the kitchen table

“Let’s say that I want to euh….”

“Let’s say that you want to get fucked again?” Mom finished the sentence.

“Uh huh,” Mianna had mumbled as she turned even redder.

Her mom had been quite for a few seconds,
and Mianna could feel how mom was staring at her.

“If you want to have sex again with Frank then that’s fine.”

Now it was Mianna who was silent for a few moments.

“Wouldn’t you be….
You know…
mad about it?”

“Why would I?”

Mianna sighed deeply.
“I dunno…” she mumbled.
“Maybe because you don’t want it… or something…”

Maria gently laid her hand on her daughter’s chin, and lifted her head up.

“Listen honey.
I don’t mind if you want to have sex again,
whether it is with Frank or someone else.”


“Now hush,” her mom had said, “and let me tell you something.”

Mianna closed her mouth, and looked up to her mom.

“Last night you became a woman.
Maybe not age wise,
but a girl who had sex is a woman to me,
and that means that things will be different.”

Maria sat down next to her daughter.
It was time for her to lay down the rules.

“As you might have figured out by now.” Maria started.
“Me and Frank have sex together.”

Mianna nodded.
She had seen it herself.

“Is that why you and dad are divorced?” the fifteen year old asked.

“Maybe,” Maria shrugged.
“But I will tell you everything that you need to know.

Like I said; you’re an adult now,
and adults need to be honest with each other.”


“I was one year older then you when I started to have sex with Frank,” Maria started.
“Me and you’re dad where already dating for about 8 months.”

“Did you and dad had sex?”

“Owh yeah,” Maria nodded, “nothing really special, but it was okay.”

“How old where you when you lost your virginity?”

“I was 13.” Maria smiled, “so a little bit younger then you.”

Mianna subconsciously frowned.
Was that true?

Frank was the first guy that she had slept with,
but she did had sex with Kelsey for the last 2 years,
so technically they where about the same age.

“What’s wrong honey?”
Maria asked seeing the deep frown on her daughter’s face.

“Owh euh… nothing…” Mianna mumbled.

Maria thought for a few seconds as she observed her daughter.

“Did you had sex before?
Before Frank I mean?”

“euh….” Mianna blushed, as she tried to look away

Maria tilted her head a little, and watched her daughter carefully.
Last night she had definitely been a virgin,
so if she had sex before…..
and it wasn’t with a guy…..
then that would mean that…..

“Don’t worry honey,” Maria said.
“Let’s assume,
for argument’s sake,
that you had sex with…
owh I don’t know… let’s say a girl,
then that would be totally fine with me.”

“It would?”

“Uh huh.”

Mianna frowned again.
Should she tell her mom about her and Kelsey?

“In fact,” Maria continued.
“My first time was with a girl.”

Mianna’s mouth slowly fell open.
Her mom?
Having sex with a girl?
She couldn’t believe it.

“uh huh,” Maria nodded.
“I still have sex with girls.”

Mianna was completely stunned.

“And you know what,” Maria grinned.
“I love it.”

Mianna couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
Her mom…
sex with girls...
and for a split second she wondered how her mom got into that.

_---_---_Saturday March 18, 1995
Pennsylvania State Championship

13 year old Maria Mahoney was sitting on a bench in the locker room.
Five minutes ago she had finished her floor exercise, and she had finished it with a bang.

She had waived to the audience,
knowing that the state championship was almost hers.

It had been a close race throughout the day,
but Maria was leading with a small margin.

The only thing that she had to do,
was to give a solid performance,
and she had just done that.

A girl stumbled in, and Maria recognized her immediately; Lindsay Holloway,
her direct competition, and the only girl who had a chance to take Maria’s championship away.

“What happened?” Maria asked, seeing the tears on Lindsay’s face.

“I jumped during my opening routine, but landed wrong and fell.
My coach says I twisted my ankle.”

“Oh shit, that sucks,” Maria said softly,
but internally she was cheering.

“I’m so sorry…
here, sit down.”

Lindsay sat down and was still sniffing a bit.
Maria came of her bench, and kneeled down in front of the girl.

“Let me see,” she said as she gently took Lindsay’s leg and lifted it up.
“Auw, be careful.” Lindsay cried.
“I will,” Maria smiled, “I just want to see how bad it is.”

Maria inspected the ankle, but had no idea what to look for.
Knowing that she had now officially won, she just felt being nice to this pour girl.

Maria knew from her own experience how much pain, tears and hard work went into gymnastics.

“I think you’ll be fine,”
she whispered as she gently put Lindsay’s foot down.

Maria had kneeled down on the floor, and had to look up to Lindsay.
She now noticed how beautiful this girl actually was.

Lindsay was about the same height as she was.
She had long blonde wavy hair, and a smooth rectangular face.
Her eyes where brown, and she was wearing a white leotard with soft pink delicate touches on it.

“You’re gonna be fine,” Maria whispered as she raised her self up a little.
Lindsay was still sniffing a bit.
Maybe it was from the pain,
or maybe from knowing that she had blew a chance to become champion.

Seeing this girl cry, made Maria tingly inside,
although she had no explanation about why this happened.

She laid one hand on Lindsay’s face, and with her thumb she wiped the tears away.
“Ssht,” she whispered.
“It’s gonna be all okay.”

Maria felt this undeniable urge to kiss this girl that she barely knew,
and she had no idea why she felt that.

She wiggled herself a little bit closer in between Lindsay’s legs,
and laid her other hand on the girls face.

“Let me take your pain away,”
Maria whispered as she pulled Lindsay’s face to hers.

Then she kissed Lindsay, and let one hand slide to Lindsay’s budding breasts,
as she pressed her crotch against the girl’s vagina.


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_---_---_The Lockdown, Saturday April 4, 2020_---_---_

Mianna sat kneeled down in front of the bed.
Her hands where spreading the two butt cheeks in front of her,
and subconsciously she licked her lips.

They eyes of the 15 year old girl sparkled when she saw the puckered hole.
She then stuck her tongue out, and moved her head slowly forward.

“Oh shit… yes baby,”
Frank moaned as Mianna’s tongue touched his tiny hole.

She circled her tongue around it,
and gently darted the tip of her tongue in and out the dark hole,
as she continued licking around it.

There was no way that she could get more inside that ass then just the tip,
so she moved her hands closer.

Quickly she wetted the index finger of her right hand,
and then she did the same with the index finger of her left hand.

She pushed both fingers inside the little hole,
and pulled it open as she grinned at the person laying on the bed.
“oh fuck,” Frank sighed as he felt how his ass was pulled open,
followed by the wet tongue of the young girl which dove inside his ass.

“Oh my fucking God,” he moaned,
looking at the young girl who was rimming his ass.

He deflowered her three day’s ago,
and his life had changed drastically ever since.

The young teen was insatiable, and wanted sex all of the time,
which almost looks like every guy’s dream.

But Frank could tell you that it is not that fantastic as it looks like.
That first night he fucked her two times, and then her mother wanted some as well.

And this became the pattern ever since.
Mom and daughter who where demanding sex,
not really caring what he wanted.

Frank was close to exhaustion,
but mother and daughter kept on finding new way’s to make his cock hard.

Frank knew that they where just delaying the inevitable;
the point where he simply couldn’t have sex anymore.

His cock was sore, his balls completely drained and he was tired.
So Goddamn freaking tired.

But every time this young girl would touch his cock, it sparkled a new fire inside of him,
and he wondered how long it would take before he finally collapsed.


Mianna licked around Frank’s asshole,
darted her tongue in and out,
and kept on fucking him with her fingers.

She knew that this would make him hard… at some point.

Mianna really didn’t care how long it would take before that happened.
It wasn’t that she had anything better to do during this stupid lockdown.

The first two weeks had been boring as hell,
besides the fact that she had even more time to spy on her mom and Frank.

Mianna had started spying on her mom after they had moved into Frank’s house.
One day, at the end of February, she was in Frank’s bedroom,
although she knew that she wasn’t suppose to go there.

Her mom had said that Frank’s bedroom was off limit.
“We already use every other room in this house,
so we need to give him some kind of privacy.”

It had sounded reasonable enough,
but the room worked like a magnet on Mianna.
She sneaked in when nobody was around, and closed the door.

Frank’s bedroom was nice.
A huge bed in the middle, a sofa and some cozy seats around it,
but the most amazing thing was the master bathroom.

Frank had a giant walk-in shower and a huge tub which could easily hold 3 or 4 people.
“Holy crap,” she whispered softly, as she tried to take it all in.

It was simply amazing how beautiful it was.
Mianna then walked back to the bedroom itself,
and discovered the walk-in closet.

The doors where sliding doors, and made of some dark wood.
Mianna opened them and stepped inside.

The closet was about 8 by 14 feet and had a small island in the middle.
She went through the clothes,
and wasn’t surprised to see that more then half of the closet was empty.

Frank was a guy, and guy’s don’t have much clothes.
If it would have been hers or her mom’s then it would have been stuffed.

Suddenly she heard voices outside the bedroom.
Frank and her mom where there.

Shit! Mianna thought as she tried to find a place to hide,
but there was nowhere to hide.

Quickly she closed the sliding doors,
and prayed that Frank and her mom weren’t coming to this bedroom.

But they did.

“Oh baby, what are you going to do to me.”
She heard Frank say.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, that’s what I’m gonna do.”
Her mom growled.

Mianna raised her eyebrows.
Did her mom just say fuck your ass?

She was confused but she also became curious.
Mianna noticed that the doors where not completely shut.
There was a tiny gap in between them.

It wasn’t bigger then a couple of sixteenth of an inch,
but big enough to peek through without being seen.

Mianna saw how her mother was pulling Frank to the bed by his cock.
What the F... the 15 year old girl thought.

Frank’s shorts where dangling around his ankles,
and he stumbled to the bed as he was being pulled forward by his hard cock.

Then her mom kneeled,
and took Frank’s cock inside her mouth and began to suck him.

Oh my God Mianna yelled inside her head as she watched how her mom was beginning to give Frank a blowjob.

This ain’t happening she thought, this can’t be real.

But it was real.
Mianna was seeing how her mom was sucking off the guy that was her boss.
Not only was it her mom’s boss, but it was also the guy that had taken them into his home when Mianna’s mom was kicked out her own house.

Is that why dad threw her out?
Mianna wondered as she noticed how her tiny nipples hardened.

Frank’s cock looked huge, although she had no real comparison.
The young girl had never seen a cock before, other then pictures during sex-ed.

This cock looked a lot bigger then the pictures she had seen at school,
but it might be because she was now seeing one “life”.

Whatever it was; seeing that cock,
hardened her nipples and made her tingly inside her panties,
and she subconsciously licked her lips,
staring at her mom sucking that hard cock.

After a few minutes her mom got up again,
turned Frank around so that his back was facing the bed,
and then she pushed him backwards.

“lay down bitch,” Mianna’s mom said.
Mianna’s eyes widened as she heard her mom using the B word.

Then her mom got something out of the nightstand, but Mianna had no idea what it was.
It was some weird thing with straps and a big dildo upfront.

Mianna’s mom stepped into it, and adjusted the straps so that it would tighten up.

“now,” she then said.
“Are you ready for me, bitch?”

“Uh huh,” Frank moaned as he spread his legs as wide as possible.

Mianna’s mouth droppend wide open.
Her mom lubed up the dildo, placed it on Frank’s ass and rammed it forward.

“AARGH FUCK!” Frank screamed as the dildo split his ass open.

Mianna’s eyes grew as big as saucers, watching how her mom began to fuck Frank.
She knew about fucking… fucking a pussy that is.

But she had never heard about fucking someone’s ass,
let alone fucking a guy’s ass.

The young girl’s heartbeat went up, and her pussy moistened itself even more
as she secretly watched how her mom was pounding that big dildo up Frank’s ass.

His cock was rock hard and swung back and forth on the rhythm of her mom’s fucking.
Then her mom grabbed that cock and began to jerk him with both hands.

“You like that, don’t you?” Mom moaned.
“You like getting fucked by my big fat cock, right?”

Frank only moaned as Mianna’s mom kept on fucking and jerking him.

“You know the deal by now” Mom said as she pounded Frank’s ass as fast as she could.
“Uh huh” Frank moaned, staring at the woman who was fucking him.

“You fuck my ass, I fuck yours”

Mianna was now even more shocked.
Did she understand this right?
Did her mom just said that Frank had fucked her ass?

Mianna couldn’t believe it.
Fuck… she would loved to have seen that.

What the hell?
The 15 year old girl thought as her face turned red.
Why am I thinking that…
This is wrong… so wrong...

The young girl hardly noticed that she had moved her hand under her skirt.
Her hand touched her wet panty, and she touched her little button through the fabric.

Oh fuck, she moaned inside her head, as she pushed her hand inside her panty.
I want to get fucked.

Mianna kept on staring at Frank’s huge cock, which was being jerked off by her mom.
I want to feel that cock inside of me.

Mianna pushed a finger inside her wet pussy,
and began to finger herself as she watched how her mom made Frank cum.

Oowh shit, she cried inside her head.
I want it…
I want it…
I want it...


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