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Author Topic: Mary Jones and the Secret of the Old Cock (MF)  (Read 851 times)
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Chapter 1: Why the Old Cock Must Be Found

It was the July 4 weekend, 1930 in River Heights, Wisconsin. Mary Jones, 18 years of age, having graduated from High School the month previously, sat in zazen in her garden, facing Master Wan, her wizened old Chinese master. “There’s nothing more I can teach you,” he told her in Chinese.

Mary was a petite and striking young lady. Her dusky blond hair had natural red highlights. It was cut short and fell straight in a practical bob. Her left eye was a solid blue and her right eye was greener. She had the face of an angel: a bob of a nose, twinkling eyes, a wide and easy smile, and a generally cheery disposition.

She was petite at 5 foot 2 inches, and her body was 110 pounds of solid muscle from all her physical training. Her breasts were lean and nicely shaped, as were her hips, but people rarely noticed such features, since she was always modestly attired in clothes somewhat baggier and less revealing than the norm so that her athletic form would not be so obvious and attention-grabbing to others. Both because of her disposition and future career plans, she preferred to be able to walk around as unnoticed as possible.

“Thank you for everything, master,” she replied to Master Wan in flawless Mandarin. He bowed and left her presence. She rose and entered her house through the garden door. Mary lived with her father, James Jones, a prominent attorney in the state, and their housekeeper Margaret Roberts. Mary’s mother had died when Mary was only three, and her father doted on his only daughter and bought her whatever her heart desired, however arcane, for example, language and martial arts lessons from Master Wan.

Mary’s ultimate intention was to graduate from Vassar and then use her considerable influence and skills to become the first female G-Man, or the first G-Woman, she supposed. Her father would be terrified to know of her plans. He was very overprotective, considering his wife’s early death, and feared for her out in the wide world, feared for her even going to Vassar. So for now, as she worked on his nerves and having him loosen his grip on his dear and only child, she was content to take a rest from school, spend time with friends, and perhaps solve some local mysteries, which was her hobby.

Their housekeeper, Margaret Roberts, was a young negro woman of 22 years who had been working for them since Mary went back to attend high school four years ago. Before Margaret’s arrival, Mary had run every aspect of her father’s household since she had been a young teenager. During those years before she attended high school and in fact until a few months ago, her father had worked long hours all over the state, a tragic figure making fortune after fortune. But in the last few months, her father’s whole disposition had changed. He gave up drink and smoking, began smiling again and laughing easily, and was home punctually at five o’clock PM no matter how serious his caseload.

It didn’t take a deductive genius of Mary’s caliber to know why. Her father was in love with her friend Margaret, and based on Margaret’s always-joyous disposition, it must be mutual. But to notice it did take her observational skills and lack of bias in her thinking towards her fellow homo sapiens of whatever skin tone. Although others overlooked Margaret, didn’t even notice her really, Mary knew there was discreet romance afoot.

Mary adored them both, and so was happy for them both. However, she knew only too well of the stupid social conventions of her time that if their affair was uncovered, it could bring terrible shame and ostracism for both her father and Margaret and perhaps even more dire consequences. As a result, she took an active interest in their relationship so that she could be sure that no breach of their privacy occurred.

After her graduation from high school and likely near term disappearance to Vassar, the fine ladies of the community started nosing around her rich widower father, and for a time were always asking Mary to petition her father on their behalf, upon which Mary would always refuse, explaining, “I have begged my father for many years to bring a little joy into his life by taking another wife, but he has always refused me angrily, stating without equivocation that since my mother’s death he would never love another woman.

“More recently, he appears more settled with this decision than ever before. I’m certain your cause is hopeless and that you should look for happiness elsewhere than with my father.” Mary was very convincing, so it didn’t take long for the story to take hold in the community and solve the problem of these nosy female suitors possibly learning or suspecting too much about their household.

It was inevitable from Mary’s naturally nosy nature that she would learn more about the relationship between her beloved father and her beloved friend and confidante than she could easily handle. It was on the very night of her completion of instruction with Master Wan that Mary was wandering the house much later than usual looking for a book she had misplaced. Instead, she noticed her father descending in his nightclothes to the basement where Margaret’s rooms were located.

Mary blushed, realizing that her father was probably going to say goodnight to his love and that perhaps they would even have a romantic kiss. How sweet! Overtaken with curiosity regarding how her dear father and friend were getting along, she discreetly followed her father. She saw him quietly scratch at Margaret’s door like a lost puppy, how cute! Margaret opened the door and stood in it, and to Mary’s amazement, Margaret was as the good lord had delivered her into this world.

Margaret’s ample breasts were on full display for her father, as was the bush of black curly hair between her legs. But the most striking thing was Margaret’s disposition. She looked like a wild animal of the forest preparing to eat her father. Her eyes were intense, her nostrils a bit flared, her teeth flashing in the darkness. In another moment she had grabbed her father by the front of his nightgown and fairly yanked him into her bedroom, returning a moment later to silently shut the door after him.

So as not to be discovered in the hallway, Mary silently crept into the adjoining room, which was empty. The room, though unused, was not dusty, since Margaret kept the entire house spotless. Mary took up position on a comfortable rug in front of a door that connected to Margaret’s room, seeing and making sure it was bolted shut from her side so she couldn’t be surprised.

Mary had a modern 1930's era high school education in human sexuality, but it consisted pretty much of “don’t do anything unless you’re married or you’ll get a disease.” She discounted this as ignorant fear mongering, as she was nobody’s fool, but she had never taken the trouble to research the actual facts. She had read descriptions of the various mating rituals of birds and farm animals. She could certainly detect in what she had just witnessed a mating ritual of some sort.

Perhaps she had overreacted in immediately making analogies to stallions mounting mares and so forth, because Mary could hear them talking and chuckling with each other. But she was still worried, because if their relationship was moving towards the procreative, it would be very hard for her to continue to protect her friend and her father once beautiful milk chocolate babies were scampering all over the residence.

She didn’t know much, but she knew it was a natural instinct, given in fact by God himself, and so perhaps, given their love, perhaps there was no way for them to resist or avoid whatever else breeding entailed for humans. Perhaps, in fact it was quite likely. Mary thought with growing concern about Margaret’s wild eyes and demanding movements. Perhaps Margaret, being young and undoubtedly fertile, had an overwhelming need to be bred. This could spell real trouble, and Mary’s mind whirled trying to contain the problem.

About this time, the conversation in the other room had died down. Mary thought that perhaps her father was preparing to take his leave. She decided to glance through the keyhole, just to confirm her suspicion that things were dying down in there. Instead, what she saw made an indelible impression on her young mind.

Both of them lay naked on Margaret’s bed, Margaret on top of her father. Several pillows propped up her father’s head and upper body, and his face, his eyes closed and his brow furrowed with passionate emotion, otherwise rested in Margaret’s nether regions. She, in turn had in hand, and surprisingly, partly in her mouth, her father’s phallus, which she observed was somewhat like a bull’s but proportionally smaller to fit the smaller human species.

Still, her father’s penis seemed too large for practical breeding in a human girl. Perhaps that’s why they were both in such an unusual orientation instead of being in a more practical breeding position for mammals. Her mother had been several inches taller and stockier than Margaret in pictures, but even so, how had her father bred her successfully? She knew by examining her own body that there was not the remotest chance such an organ could fit into her.

Maybe when excited a woman underwent some change? She could feel her own vagina sweating and tingling. Perhaps this was because she was witnessing a procreative act between humans? Seeing all this was raising so many more questions than it answered for Mary. One thing it did answer, though, was that her father was not looking like he was going to be leaving Margaret’s quarters anytime soon.

Perhaps, she continued to think, her father was merely trying to quell Margaret’s obvious excitement without nearing a productive breeding orientation with her. This might be merely to help Margaret through some sexually difficult time. Mary also acknowledged that just by witnessing what she had witnessed so far, her body was feeling different than it ever had, and could be bringing on her very own uncontrollable urges, which could cause serious problems for her and for their household as well.

What if at some point she went crazy and couldn’t keep her hands off her own father? She knew farm animals often had to be separated to prevent such inbreeding. The thought immediately nauseated her and seemed to drive away the new feelings. At any rate, she resolved she would retreat from the situation and interrogate her close friend Margaret about it the next day. She knew Margaret would tell all, and then she could figure out how to save them all from a house full of, although they would be simply adorable, caramel babies.

After breakfast, after her father left the house for his office, Mary cornered Margaret in the washroom.

“You’re looking serious, Mary. What’s wrong?”

“Maybe nothing,” Mary began, “I have always respected your private affairs as well as my father’s, but I must tell you, I have noticed that you two are in love.”

“I won’t deny it,” said Margaret, looking at the floor. “I would never deny it. But we’ve been so discreet.” Looking into Mary’s eyes, “Has it been so obvious?”

“Only to a well-trained detective, which you know me to be,” Mary answered. “Have no concern that others will notice. In fact, for the past few months I’ve been actively protecting you both from somehow being discovered, and I plan to continue to do so.

“Margaret, first of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I want to thank you on behalf of my own dead mother and what I feel certain she would have wished most dearly, which is for my father to have at long last found love and happiness again after her untimely death. I love you both so much, and I’m so happy for the two of you.”

Margaret smiled with joy as Mary spoke, realizing how fully and lovingly Mary endorsed Margaret’s illicit and perhaps even illegal romance with her father even given all the danger it implied for all of them.

“I do have a concern though, and I hope it can be adequately addressed for all our sakes. My concern is that your romance with my father could be forced by the demands of nature to result in a swelling of your belly or other consequences which could not be so easily hidden.”

Margaret smiled. “This, I have an answer to. Not wanting to bring harm down on the three of us, I had the same concern. It turns out that your father had an operation many years ago. This operation has no affect whatsoever on his masculinity, I assure you, but it renders him unable to fertilize a woman. He told me what it was. Something that starts with a ‘v.’ I wrote down the word and looked it up in a medical dictionary at the library. I dearly wanted to believe him, but even so, the stakes are high. In fact, such an operation exists. And by now I’m quite certain he’s had the procedure.”

“Is there a scar?”

“Not one I’ve noticed.”

“Then how do you know?”

“How would you guess I know?”

“My word.”

“Are you scandalized? I hope not. We are deeply in love, and we can’t resist nature any better than most. In fact, I think we’re much worse than most,” she offered, fanning herself from the embarrassing confession.

“Well, of course, I’m very relieved that you’re sure. No, I’m not scandalized. Anything where you and my father are so happy together can’t be a bad thing. God would have never designed the world so. So I’m left intrigued. I don’t know much about the breeding of humans from any of my immediate sources, only livestock, birds and insects. Do you know the female preying mantis bites the head off of her lover upon conclusion of the act?”

“I can relate! My feelings are so strong at that moment! But I’ve never wanted to eat him,” Margaret offered.

Now that her concerns about babies had been addressed, relieved, Mary’s curiosity took fast hold of her. “Does it happen like it does with a bull?”

Margaret squirmed and looked out the window while answering the intimate question. “Sometimes.”

“Only sometimes? How does it usually happen then?”

“Oh this is such an embarrassing subject. But I’m also mindful that you must likely soon perform the duties of a wife or at least a lover. I don’t want you to be as unprepared for this as I was. My experiences before your father were awful. He allowed me to leave those experiences behind and find such heavenly fulfillment in his arms. He taught me all the good things about being with a man that I know.”

“That’s wonderful! So about my question…”

“Do you mind if we leave it to another time? I still have the washing to do, and I don't know. I want to help you; I will help you. I just need to think about this."

"Of course. I've already found out the critical matter. For the rest, we'll talk." She hugged Margaret and left her to the washing. She knew that Margaret would be as truthful as she could with her, but she also knew that people were mostly victims of their own subjectivity and therefore poor sources of factual information. The most reliable information would come from applying the scientific method to the matter.

It was probable there were scientists of this subject out there in the world. In fact, doctors and specialists in these areas of the human body would have to know at least as much as cattlemen knew about cattle breeding, which was a lot. She could probably find books and articles in the stacks at the university, a two hour drive away in Madison, a drive she had made many times already. She resolved to set out for a day trip there tomorrow to learn what she could.

In the meantime, though, she knew that direct observation would be no doubt extremely informative, so she resolved to spy on the couple that very evening if an opportunity presented itself. She would do it in the interest of science, of course. A combination of direct observation and whatever she could find at the university would probably be required for a thorough understanding of the subject at any rate.

Since her father's penis most closely resembled a steer's penis (no curlicues, etc.), Mary’s working hypothesis was that the act of breeding would be more or less like that of dogs, horses, and cattle, where the male mounts the female from behind. Mary resolved to observe and make notes on her father's and Margaret's night activity for a week so that she had some personal observation to compare to whatever literature she could find at the university to explain it all.

Late that evening, she was alerted that her father had left his bedroom because she had rigged a simple string and bell mechanism from his door into her room. She got out of bed and silently followed him down to his rendezvous with Margaret. She seemed just as excited to see him this night as she had been the previous night. Mary took up position near the door in the adjoining room, her notepad and an illuminated pen, another invention of hers, at the ready to record the particulars.

Margaret spoke, "She knows about us. It turns out that she has been keeping the secret for months."

"Really? What did she say to you?"

"She said that she knows about us and that she is happy for us. She expressed concern about protecting us. She suspected that we had been intimate and was worried about babies, so I reassured her by telling her about your operation."

"You did the right thing. Of course, she's my good little detective. Of course she knew probably the moment we fell in love. I suppose we were stupid to try to hide it from her. It was actually dangerous. I’ll apologize."

"She didn't seem angry at us for hiding it. She has full understanding, I think, of the dangerous situation we all could be in if anyone else found out."

"Of course she does. I should have never doubted my little girl. Now how about my lover? How was your day, aside from Mary's interrogation, that is."

"Oh, relaxing. Just dusting and the wash and thinking about being in your arms tonight, and about you being inside me."

Mary's rapid notes: Mating tonight?

When she looked back, they were kissing, and then Margaret asked, "How was your day?"

"Oh, papers, and more papers, and dictating things, and thinking about how tight you are when I push into you, and how wonderful it feels."

More notes: Tonight's the night!

When she looked back, they were kissing again. He was fondling her breasts, and her nipples were hard. He reached down and started stroking her between the legs as they kissed. After a while, Margaret put her knees up. Mary could clearly see Margaret's vagina had opened up from its usual modest little crack, which she had seen many times, since they were like sisters and had bathed together many times. Margaret's inner lips were spread and glistened wet, and between those lips, Margaret's opening showed bright pink, as pink as a white woman's. The pink stood out like a beacon in the semi-darkness. Mary figured it must be an aid to breeding for negro women, a sort of bulls eye. It was certainly one breeding advantage negro women had over lighter skinned women.

Notes: Pink beacon aids male focus.

She looked through a keyhole to find they were still kissing and that her father was slipping one finger in and out of Margaret's vagina, presumably to prepare her for breeding. Mary waited somewhat impatiently for the moment when Margaret would not be able to stand it any longer and therefore assumed a breeding position. Margaret's legs were already shaking. Mary realized that her own legs were shaking, too. She reached down to find that she had wet herself through her nightclothes, but it was not urine. This fluid leaking prodigiously from her was very slick.

Notes: Sympathetic excitement very strong. Synchronized?

She was concerned about losing mental focus, despite the deep meditation techniques from the Far East she had mastered. She felt great excitement, excitement she had never known until last night, but tonight with even more prolonged exposure, it was even stronger. She took out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed her ankle to the leg of the heavy dresser next to the door she was peeking through. That should hold her.

When she looked back, Margaret was bucking her hips upward to meet her father's thrusting finger. Suddenly, she wailed "aaaaaahhhh!" and he went to cover her mouth with his other hand. Now Margaret was shaking on the bed like she was having an epileptic seizure. What was this? And another one with stifled wails from Margaret. In another minute, another seizure. This time Margaret kicked out her legs quite powerfully and her father let go of Margaret. "Okay! Enough!" said Margaret.

Notes: Mysterious seizures. Pleasure? Pain?

Mary assumed, based on her feelings of even witnessing it, that it was great pleasure, but she was trying to keep an open mind.

Her father got up on his knees, and Margaret took his swelling sex organ into her mouth again. In a minute, it appeared he was ready. Instead of mounting her, as Mary assumed would happen next, Margaret lay down on her back and spread her legs, and her father rested over her on his arms. Then Margaret lifted up her heels and was fumbling between them with her hands, presumably to align her father’s member with her pink bulls eye.

And sure enough, her father’s ass pushed forward and started rocking farther and farther forward. Presumably, he was thrusting his organ deeper and deeper into Margaret. She was making happy noises, so presumably he was not tearing her apart. In fact the process sounded very, very pleasurable based on Margaret’s sighs, moans, and twitching legs.

In sympathy, Mary urgently set down her notepad and illuminated pen, grabbed her lean breast with one hand, and thrust two fingers deeply into her vagina. She immediately felt what must be a dim portion of the sensation Margaret sounded like she was feeling at the moment. Mary’s body, of its own volition, rose up onto her knees, and her ass twitched uncontrollably as a never before known overload of pleasure swept her body. It was like being kicked and stomped by pleasure. Her breath hissed out of her unfortunately pretty loudly. No martial arts match had ever prepared her for the overwhelming whalloping of this feeling.

She looked back through the keyhole to find her father thrusting forcefully into Margaret, who was making cooing noises, her legs shaking. Mary’s fingers were still moving in her own vagina, and she felt another rush of overwhelming pleasure overtake her. This time her leg yanked against the handcuff. Accident? She was glad it was there. Would she really ever let her father breed her?

Her mind said adamantly no, but her shaking legs and ass and next wave of pleasure through her body suggested maybe. If he was the only man on Earth, absolutely yes. But he was not the only man on Earth, she knew. This was dangerous. She must remedy this. She must retreat for now. She was far from being an impartial scientific observer anyway. She gathered her belongings and unlocked the handcuffs.

Just as she was about to retreat, she heard a loud grunt of pure satisfaction from her father through the door. Was this the moment of insemination? She curiously looked through the keyhole again and saw that the action had stopped. A moment later, her father rolled off of Margaret, and she could see an abundance of white fluid, undoubtedly human semen, pouring out of Margaret’s pink bulls eye.

Mary’s knees shook and her legs grew weak at the sight of this. Like a poisoned dagger thrust into her brain, it came to her that her father could not actually impregnate her because of the operation, so there was no danger of inbreeding from accepting his penis and semen. She backed away from the keyhole like it was poison and crept quickly like a cat back to her own bedroom and shut and locked the door. She wondered whether she should handcuff herself to the bed. It seemed as though she was more in control now that she was away from the sights and sounds of her father’s and Margaret’s lovemaking.

Just to be sure, she climbed into bed and handcuffed her ankle to the bedpost. Then she slipped two fingers into her love hole again and pushed them in and out in the rhythm she had witnessed. After many more minutes and two more shaking waves of pleasure, her body calmed, and she finally could think about things other than what she had just witnessed.

Now that she had witnessed the act and had been so affected by it, she knew that she had to form a satisfactory situation as Margaret had where she was being bred on a regular basis. She was horrified at the thought of her father acting as her bull, however. She absolutely must find another. Yet, with another boy or man, for example, George next door, he was probably fertile, and she would soon be pregnant, which was also unacceptable. She had to attend Vassar and then become the first G-Woman. She would not have time in her life for babies. She had a moment of sadness, realizing that therefore, because of her intended arc of her life, she was to be the last of the Joneses.

She had an idea, though. She could interview the surgeon who had performed the operation on her father. He presumably knew every man in town who had had the operation, for a start. She had ways of sweating information out of the most hardened of informants, so the surgeon posed no difficulty. She was almost certainly not looking for a young man to breed her. It would probably be an older man, probably married, probably well to do, and therefore quite probably a friend or acquaintance of her father’s and herself. She only needed one, she hoped.

Thus Mary set out to find the old cock that would save her from violating her dad or losing control elsewhere and getting pregnant.
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Chapter 2: The Old Cock is Forgotten

When Mary arrived at the breakfast table, Margaret was sitting in her father’s lap and they were kissing deeply. She collected her morning coffee and yogurt and sat quietly down at the table with them. They broke their kiss, and her father said immediately to her, “I’m sorry I tried to hide this from you.”

“I understand,” she replied immediately. “You were trying to protect me. You were trying to protect all of us. Luckily for my idiot dad, I was already on the job steering away all the eligible ladies in town from our doorstep.”

“You’re right, I was an idiot. Can you forgive me? Forgive Margaret?”

“You? There’s nothing to forgive, really. If I wasn’t good enough to know by my own means, I sure shouldn’t have known. As for Margaret, she obviously is under some spell of yours, the gods know why. Up until this point she has struck me as an extremely sensible girl.”

“Daughters never respect their fathers.”

“Ffft. I do respect your taste. But seriously, father, I need some advice, perhaps from both of you. Perhaps I could say you two have inspired me a little. Since I’ve now reached adulthood, I’ve a desire to go on a few dates and see what the romantic facet of life could offer me.”

“Although I’m worried, because a young heart can be so easily broken, I knew this day was probably coming, and no doubt sooner than I would wish. On the other hand, I know you to be an extremely sensible girl, and I know you can well take care of yourself. You have my blessing. My only request is that you come to me for advice early and often in these matters.”

“Of course, father, and thank you both. One area of immediate concern to me is, well… delicate.”

“Many matters surrounding this aspect of life can be. Don’t worry; you can be straight with me. My daughter is teaching me the value of honesty, and I swear I’m learning it. Now what is it?”

“Although I doubt my research will extend this far without much further reflection and conversations with you both, I could see how matters could get out of hand with regard to these situations, specifically with regard to the risk of impregnation, and I was wondering if you had any actionable advice for me, since all my schooling taught me was, ‘don’t do anything,’ which is not any kind of realistic course of action given any interest in the matter.”

“My daughter, this is a very sensible concern, and so thoughtful and reasonable for you to ask. Luckily, there are many things you can do to protect yourself against such an eventuality, and just in case things escalate, you don’t need to risk all. There are these wonderful things called condoms.”


“Yes, they’re like a little surgical glove for a man’s, um, equipment. You roll it on, and although not perfect, if used properly, it is a very effective deterrent to pregnancy without being too invasive. Additionally, they also offer some protection against disease.”

“How do I get some?”

“You could not, at least not without some damage to your reputation around town, but I can easily obtain some for you from the druggist without any fuss or comment. I’ll do so today and give them to you this evening.”

“Thank you so much, daddy. And thanks for your understanding.”

“Anything for the little North Star of my life. So brilliant. So sensible.”

“Now I’m off to the university library and will return in the evening.” This was a standard and fairly frequent road trip for Mary, so they waved goodbye to her without comment as she walked towards the front hall. Margaret was still sitting in her father’s lap. Mary didn’t miss the smoldering look that passed between them just as she left the room. It was clear to her that the two of them would be missing their respective church services this Sunday morning.

As Mary climbed into the driver’s seat of her Packard Custom Eight roadster for the two-hour trip to Madison, she chuckled at the cuteness of her father’s and her friend’s love affair. It was almost as if she was their mother now, and now that she was gone, those cute kids were going to play all over the house, no doubt.

She arrived and parked at the University of Wisconsin. Crossing the green on her way to the library, a young man dressed for sport passed by her and roughly grabbed her left buttock. She slapped his hand away and turned to glare at him. He puffed himself up and asked, “Are you new here? You look too young to be here.”

Not wanting to answer his impertinent question or engage with him further in any way, she turned and again marched off in the direction of the library. He pursued her to grab at her again, but this time she was ready. She put him into a painful wrist lock, led him to a fountain a few steps away, and toppled him over backwards into it. His friends, at a distance from her, burst out in gales of laughter at their friend’s misadventure. When she glared in their direction, they quickly quieted, and she again stalked off in the direction of the library. She was rarely accosted, but it happened. She shuddered to think what things must be like for most other young women.

As she had suspected, she discovered a wealth of information buried in the stacks of the library. She found scholarly works by Magnus Hirschfeld in German, and luckily she was fluent in German, and could scan them fairly rapidly. She also found works by English scientists like Havelock Ellis. She found fiction by D.H. Lawrence and John Cleland.

She found a work translated from the original Sanskrit by Richard Burton. Although she could barely crawl through Sanskrit with the help of a thick dictionary also in the stacks, it didn’t take her long to see that Burton’s translation was far from faithful, so she abandoned them both as too difficult and problematic.

Her sweaty search for all this in the stacks, especially for the fiction, required several trips to the private accommodations back there to relieve herself. She was actually pretty lucky that she was only person back in the stacks on that hot July day, or some random graduate student might well have been waylaid, which was not part of the original plan.

Mary stayed in the stacks until the bell rang signaling the closing of the library. She finished herself off a final time, replaced the last book on the shelf, and left the library. Unbeknownst to her, for days afterwards, graduate students remarked to each other of a wonderful, sensual scent pervading the stacks. Mary drove back home over deserted roads and fell into bed, too exhausted to conduct any further research that evening.

The three housemates all met the breakfast table late and a bit bleary-eyed the next morning. No questions were asked, a relief to all, and pleasant conversation about the hot weather and so forth was had. Ten condoms were produced, and her father demonstrated their use by applying one of them to a banana.

Margaret, in an effort to be helpful in her own right, rolled the condom back off the banana, and then, demonstrating a technique she had learned from her mother, rolled the condom back onto the banana using mostly her mouth, a technique she asserted and her father agreed men tended to prefer versus merely hand application.

And so Mary was left with the remaining nine condoms to protect her during her research. She took to carrying two in her handbag at all times just so she was well prepared. From her book research, she formed the opinion that she should not just dive into human sexuality from the deep end, but instead she should find a way to wade in and sample the experience starting with the early stages of arousal.

For this reason, Mary decided she would get to know the flapper set from her high school who she had never really given a second thought to before. She saw them as creative types, band and theater kids, but most of her school had decried them as deviants, drug addicts, or worse. It was also rumored they hung out at jazz clubs and with negro folk, which many people found problematic, but certainly not Mary.

In particular, Mary had heard of petting parties or fussing parties held on a regular basis by this crowd. These were rumored to be parties where one could bring a young man, and, among other couples, do some kissing, and so it was rumored, maybe even a bit more. To Mary, it sounded like a perfect situation to dip a toe in.

She confirmed with her friend Mildred Rush, whose family owned a farm on the outskirts of town, and who had a toe in that world, that indeed every Saturday night at 7 PM at the local jazz club on the outskirts of town, a group of bad kids from her school got together for such a soiree. Tickets were expensive at $1 per couple to keep out the riff-raff and so that a small number of couples could afford to pay the jazz club owner enough to take the risk.

Mary fancied to take her friend Mildred’s older brother George to the event, so with Mildred’s permission, she drove out to the Rush farm on Friday to ask him. She found George hauling bags of grain out of a truck and stacking them in one of the barns. In the hot sun, he was covered in sweat, and looked amazing to Mary.

“Hi George!”

“Hi Mary. Are you here to see Mildred?”

“No I’m actually here to ask you a favor.”


“Yes. Does that shock you?”

“I guess not. Do you need something fixed?”

“No, I want to go to one of the parties they throw at the jazz club on Saturday night.”

“Those snugglepuppies? That’s a bad crowd, Mary.”

“Bad in what way?” she inquired innocently.

“The boys who attend these, they are not upstanding boys. The girls are not headed in a good direction, and I would be worried about your reputation and your future.”

“Aren’t they discreet?”

“Even so, those who attended would know you attended. It could only damage your reputation.”

“What do I care about my reputation in this one horse town? I’m going off to Vassar in the fall, and from there, the wide world. Are you concerned about your own reputation?”

“No, it’s not the same for men. Anyway, I’ve already been a few times a few years ago. I didn’t continue because I broke up with my girlfriend at the time, and also, those lazy artsy types from town look down their noses at hardworking men like me. I didn’t like their childish teasing.”

By the way, Mary didn’t look down at all on George. He was heir apparent to this huge farm and had lots of smarts and skill in everything mechanical and farm-related. And he also was so pleasant to look at! He was 6 foot tall and then some, lean and muscular at 21, with sandy blond hair. Of the men with which Mary was acquainted, he was at the top of the list of men she might like to know better and who were currently not spoken for.

“Wait a second. Do you want me to take you? Are you asking me?” On second thought, maybe George was a little dim. But he was certainly all adorable.
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Fame 3
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Chapter 3: Meet the New Cock, Same as the Old Cock

George and Mary arrived at the jazz club at the appointed time. The band was in full swing in the middle of a set. They spotted a familiar young woman's face at the back of the smoke filled club near a door. They approached, handed over their dollar, and passed through the door.

In the room, the three couples already in attendance greeted them. “Well if it isn’t George Rush! What brings you back here, old man? With Mary? Jones?” Chuck Annenberg was speechless. Mary had been considered a total square.

“Cut the old man crap, Chuck,” said George. “I’m only two years older than you.”

“Oh, but all the rules have changed, my good man! You don’t know what you’re in for. But I’ll let Liz Edwards, our master of ceremonies, explain.”

Liz stepped up to Mary with a pair of scissors. “This will never do,” she said. Mary was dressed in conventional attire for a young lady: a modest blouse with long sleeves and a high collar and what appeared to be an ankle length skirt. “We have a dress code. Are you sure you want to proceed? If you leave, you’ll still forfeit your dollar.”

“This old thing?” replied Mary, “Do what you will.”

Liz chuckled and scissored Mary’s high neckline into a ragged low cut one, exposing much of her brassiere underneath. She also scissored off Mary’s long sleeves, leaving a very revealing and low cut mess of a blouse that was easy to reach through, resulting in hoots and hollers from the other now five couples in the room and a pained look from George that tried to say, “Let me take you away from this viper pit.”

Liz moved down to Mary’s modest skirt. “What have we here?” she chuckled with delight, for Mary’s skirt was not a skirt at all but long flowing baggy pants that looked like a skirt. These were Aikido pants custom made for Mary in Japan. Liz started by scissoring off the legs of the pants above the knee, which was a higher cut than the knee length flapper dresses of the other girls. When she was done with that, Liz gently cut up Mary’s inseam, leaving a kind of skirt with sizeable but not entirely revealing splits up the front and back. The assembled crowd of couples could easily see that Mary was not wearing a slip underneath, only a pair of white silk panties.

The hazing of her attire had been brutal, but Mary accepted it willingly, feeling like it was helping her to move from her normal life into this new life of rooms full of lusty young men and scantily clad young women. She had borne it without complaint, and she could see that her reaction had garnered her some grudging respect among the surly and cynical youth present.

A dozen couples were by now in attendance. “Let me state the rules to remind those in attendance and those we haven’t seen for a while,” Liz said, pointedly looking at George, “because the rules have changed.”

“As you can see, we have drawn up twelve of our little love seats in a circle so we can watch each other carefully and make sure there's no hanky-panky." This followed by laughter from the assembled couples. "There's one love seat for each of our brave couples. I will use this egg timer here to time one minute intervals. Every time the timer rings, us girls will get up and move clockwise one love seat.” George almost gasped in shock. Mary’s eyes widened a bit before she recovered her composure.

This was a bit more exploration than she had bargained for, but she was not yet ready to leave. George looked at her, trying to discern whether she was really okay with all this. Mary looked back at him constantly, thinking that surely he would not regret very much kissing and fondling those eleven other young and pretty girls a little. She was not certain she was ready to fondle eleven other horny young men, but this certainly was to be a thorough exploration of petting at least!

“We will start with a round of kissing and fondling fully clothed and above the waist, are we clear? After each pair has had their minute, we will move to the next round.

“In the next round, again twelve one minute intervals, us girls will bare our breasts like the amazons of old and allow our male friends to ravage them as they see fit. Also, any of our men who like their nipples kissed, I like to do it, so join us girls and bare those nipples.

“In round three, fondling is now allowed below the waist but fully clothed, slips and panties, and pants stay buttoned for the men. Sorry, Mary” There were chuckles, because it was clear that Mary in her ravaged clothing was not afforded the extra barrier of a slip.

“In round four we can touch anywhere, but no touching nakedness below the waist with anything except our fingers and hands.

“Round five is for us to handle any of our men who are left unsatisfied by the end of round four, since we know this is an unhealthy state for our men, and we want to make sure they remain healthy. It’s rare that any of our men require round five, but if one happens to slip through, Ethel will do the honors as usual. If there is more than one, we are really off our game, and Flo, Virginia, Grace, and Thelma are prepared to handle any overflow. Needless to say, we will definitely handle all the men by the time the hour concludes.”

George and Mary sat down on their loveseat. “I’ve never kissed anyone before,” she confessed to him.

“Begin!” shouted Liz.

George touched his lips to Mary’s, and she could feel the caring in his touch. They kissed this way a couple more times until George started opening his mouth more, and Mary followed suit. It felt better and better until they touched tongues as the timer's ding signaled the end of the first minute.

Mary moved to the next love seat as instructed and sat down next to Frank, a pleasant enough boy from school only a few inches taller than she. He gave her a deft smooch, which she tried her best to respond to, being so suddenly in the arms of another man. He put a hand on her clothed breast and asked “May I?” she nodded, and he grabbed her close with one muscular arm and kissed her with a lot of tongue, which made her a bit dizzy, while rubbing her breast through her bra, which made both her nipples stand erect almost instantly, and then, still kissing her with a passionate tongue, started to tweak one nipple. She could actually feel her vagina getting wetter from this. Then the timer went off, and they came up for air.

Mary sat down next to Walt. She had seen him around. His face was terribly pocked with pimples, but she liked his bright red hair, and close up, he had these brilliant green eyes, so she just looked him in his beautiful eyes and gave him a smack on the lips, which made him gasp and say “I’ve always been very fond of you, Mary.”

Awkward. She knew a lot of these boys had wanted her at some point and probably still did, and up until now, she’d been uninterested. For now, she didn’t want the complication, except maybe with George, only the experience. She responded, “Kiss me, then,” which she thought should be encouraging, and then gave him another little starting kiss. She didn’t want to climb all over him, especially since he was already struggling with this other stuff.

They kissed without really touching tongues a couple more times. He seemed pretty emotionally overwhelmed giving or receiving her kisses. Then the timer rang.

Harry Everson was a huge muscular hairy ape of a man. Without a word, he overshadowed her on his loveseat as he leaned down to kiss her at first gently, but then with increasing excitement. This was a welcome relief after Walt. Yes, less awkward announcements and a lot more kissing was good. Harry started feeling her breasts, too, at first on top of her dress, but then, since it was so available, through her bra. It was sexy to have this huge powerful man getting so excited for her. She lost herself in sensation for a small time, and then the timer rang again.

This was such a whirlwind! She sat down next to Art, a tall gaunt blond boy. She was concerned because Art was a wild boy who she knew had been sweet on her but she had always avoided. Immediately he pounced on her and forced his tongue into her mouth. His breath was thick with cigarette smoke, which made her sick. He also grabbed and yanked at her nipples until she batted his hands away. Was he trying to hurt her? Even Walt had been much better than this, and Harry even better. What to do? She went pretty passive and tried to remember George during the entire ordeal. Finally the timer sounded. Ugh!

Albert was a boy who she also knew had been sweet on her. When she sat down he said, “Hi, Mary,” kind of overwhelmed. Not this again! At least he reached out and tried to gently kiss her. This was much better than the horrible pawing of last round, at least. Much improved, but it seemed Albert was way too afraid of her being a figment of his imagination or something. Albert was really nervous. His hands were shaking. He just kept giving her little pecks on the lips. He reached out and put his shaking hands tentatively on her breasts and left them there like two dying fish, but that’s all the contact and thinking he seemed to be able to tolerate. Then the timer rang. Still, not unpleasant. She liked that he was clearly so excited to touch her.

Mary sat down next to Richard, a compact good-looking muscular blond man. He was a college age man even older than George. He said one word to her “Delectable!” as he put his arms confidently around her and gave her a delicious probing kiss. His hands roved over her naked midriff, sometimes drifting up to feel her hard nipples. His kisses made her dizzy, and his roving hands swerved away from feeling below her waist while still making her wish he would do it anyway. Pretty quickly she was quaking with excitement and wishing impatiently that his hands would rove lower, would finger her dripping crack, would caress her opening bud. Then there was the sound of the timer. Her legs were weak and shaking as she stood up. “Thank you,” she choked out, looking into his cool blue eyes, and she meant it.

Next was Lou, who was a learner like her. They had a good little tongue and hug wrestling match. Additionally, he sat her down on his lap, and she immediately felt his erect penis through his pants rubbing right on her vagina with only her panties in the way. His cock felt huge! And was this against the rules? Nobody appeared to be stopping them. It was clumsy between them at times, but they chuckled together and had fun with their little secret, and she felt close, and felt her shaking excitement reach higher and higher even though the size of his cock made her feel a little fearful. Then the timer sounded. He kissed and patted her hand and finally let go as she moved on to the next love seat.

Next was Chuck, the date of Liz who had cut up her dress. His face and lip had a disfiguring scar. She kissed his scar, and he kissed her passionately and felt her naked back, clearly enjoying the access to her nakedness his girlfriend had so far afforded him. His hands paused suggestively at her bra clasp and then moved on. It was a good kissing session. He was clearly excited by the fact she was trembling through the whole thing, and not for no reason. The tongue wrestling felt wonderful. The timer rang. She pecked him on the cheek and stood up, a little unsteady.

Ralph was tall, dark, muscular, and quite handsome. In her current excited state, before she even sat down with him, she wanted to have his babies. He turned out to be a reasonable kisser and breast fondler, too, and her trembling, shaking excitement grew in his arms, which made him more enthusiastic, which added more to her excitement at this point. Her hips began to buck like she was trying to cum, but Ralph was playing by the rules and would not touch her panties even though her body was very visibly begging for it. She was very, very close. Then the timer rang. She stood up weak and trembling.

Next was Howard, handsome, compact and muscular, with blond hair but piercing brown eyes. She didn’t think she would last this round without orgasming. Her face was flushed with embarrassment at how close she was even though it seemed the rest of the room was still just having a little lighthearted fun. She sat down next to him, resigned to her fate, a tear of embarrassment running down her face. She fell into him, and he was ready with sweet probing kisses and delectable roving hands on her bare skin through her tattered dress. Her legs and hips bucked and she tipped over into orgasm, moaning loudly into his mouth and probing tongue.

This shook Howard, and he was shaking like a leaf himself by the time her climax and their kiss to partly hide it had subsided. Immediately the timer went off. She fell off the loveseat. Howard helped her up. There was applause all around, and Mary turned beet red knowing all these horny guys and girls had just witnessed her obvious crisis, bucking, and moaning. Now she knew, as did all of them, that she was a rapacious slut more than any of the rest of them, and there was no denying it. The evidence was there in her actions, her slutty sounds, and in the little wet spot she had left behind on Howard’s loveseat.

Don, who was the handsomest guy in the county, was tall, with fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes. He met her, staggering, halfway to his loveseat, and helped her the rest of the way, kissing her neck and fondling her deliciously as he did. He sat her on his lap, and immediately she felt his penis poking her where she needed it, except his clothes and her panties were in the way. She pushed her hips forwards, because she wanted him to remove her panties and thrust into her without delay. As he expertly drove her trembling body ever closer to her next crisis, she searched the room with her eyes. Her handbag and condoms were somewhere. She looked around and spotted it next to the loveseat and George, who seemed to be struggling a bit with Marie. Don redirected her eyes back to his and gave her a rapacious kiss that made her wet her panties a bit but not yet cum a second time. Then the timer went off.

Back with George at last, Mary tried to reach for her handbag, but George held her fast, working on her bra clasp. Finally it came loose, and George’s mouth immediately latched onto her left nipple and started sucking. A bolt of lightning immediately struck through Mary's body from her nipple straight to her baby hole. Her legs jerked apart and back together again as her hips bucked spasmodically. No second orgasm yet, because he was just teasing her instead of doing what she desperately needed. The buzzer rang.

Frank the master petter gently pulled her into his lap and started sucking on her lean and pointy right teat just as soon as he could latch on. She started moaning quietly as she felt his hard dick rub on her hard and wet clitoris through the few layers of clothing between them, and it set her body to grinding on him trying to get what it wanted regardless of her fear of impregnation. His hands roved suggestively around her panty line, and he even dipped in his fingers surreptitiously into her panties a few times.

Even in her highly distracted state, Mary took notice when Lou from across the room shot a thick streak of semen onto the floor in front of him. He had wrestled Virginia off his lap in time to unbutton his pants and draw out his huge penis, even bigger than her father’s, which he was now holding. Virginia squatted in front of him to receive a second and third stream across her torso and breasts. She would wear these strands of gooey cum for the rest of the evening to proudly remind everyone which girl it was that made a man cum first.

The bell rang, and Liz said, “Lou, put it away. We all know you did it just so you could show off your huge cock.” Then she cranked the timer over to start the next round.

Walt the pockmarked boy with the beautiful eyes was next for Mary. He would not let her sit in his lap. He kissed her more passionately and with his tongue this time, at least, and felt her breasts as if he was trying to memorize them. It wasn’t as exciting as she wanted, but she enjoyed his obvious worship and thought he was sweet. He should get her cum stain all over him, but it seemed with his reluctance to rub her the last few strokes she needed, he was going to miss out. And sure enough, the bell rang.

Harry the huge was next, who sat her right down on his pants and throbbing cock bump. He grabbed each of her tits in a huge paw and kneaded them since he couldn’t reach them with his mouth. She craned her head all the way back so that he could force and twirl his giant tongue into her mouth until it was almost choking her. Mary soon started shaking uncontrollably and moaning out her second orgasm. Harry grabbed her shaking body so she didn’t bounce her way off his lap. When the bell rang, there were big smiles on both their faces; Harry from his accomplishment, Mary from her slutty satisfaction.

Art was the boy who smelled of cigarette smoke and who had hurt her before. She wanted to skip him, but he stood up and grabbed her by a chunk of her short hair at the back of her head, which hurt, and pulled her down onto his loveseat. He kissed her with his cigarette breath while pinching her nipples painfully. Between sickening breaths of cigarette smoke, she shouted, “You’re hurting me! You’re hurting me!”

When the bell rang, Liz said, “Art, you’ve been warned. You and your date are out of the circle. Get your things and leave.” Art started to ball his fists, but a number of boys, George chief among them, looked eager to beat him to a pulp, so he backed away from the crowd, buttoned his shirt, and stalked out the door, soon to be followed by a sheepish-looking Edna.

“Okay, this is how this works,” said Liz. “Mary, Marie, Flo, and Lil, you jump forward two spaces so that everyone gets a new partner.” Clearly Liz had a whole calculus figured for such situations.

So, Mary skipped over the fawning Albert, who looked at her sadly as she passed by, for Richard the college lad who had petted her very nicely the first time around. Yummy! True to form, he was perfect. He didn’t go right to the obvious target of snacking on her nipples, but instead gave her a soulful kiss while tickling her breasts with his hairy chest and making sure she felt his scary sizeable cock through his tenting pants with her panty-clad pussy. He kissed her gently then kissed and bit her earlobes and neck while he massaged her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples. By the time the bell rang he was sweating, she was glowing, and they were both squirming.

When Mary looked up, she noted that Virginia had claimed a second victim in the suave and handsome Don Annan, who had sprayed a giant load of cum all over Virginia’s face and breasts to join Lou’s. Virginia wiped the cum off her face with a pink hanky. It was a lot.

Mary had no thought of restraint for Lou this round. She sat on his lap facing him, her legs spread wide on either side of his. Lou’s large cock was now peeking partly out of his still unbuttoned trousers, as it had started to get hard again after his recent orgasm. Hidden by the rags of her torn up pants, she rubbed her panty-clad pussy up and down on his large and hardening bare cock as they locked lips and tongues. Lou hugged Mary around the waist and helped along her desperate frottage. When the bell rang, Lou was close again, and Mary was even closer.

Mary now had a plan of action with the boys. She sat down on Chuck’s lap facing him just as with Lou, but apparently Chuck's cock was still soft, because she couldn’t feel anything. Still, Chuck loved up her breasts and rubbed her back very nicely, and for her part Mary kissed Chuck’s forehead and scar, which she had decided was kind of sexy and actually a plus, and kissed his mouth when it wasn’t too occupied with her breasts and neck. The timer bell sounded again.

The tall, dark, and handsome Ralph was next, and sadly his lap was also lacking a hard cock to vigorously frottage against, but Mary straddled him anyway. She pumped her hips rapidly, grinding her panty-clad puss on his leg since she was very close to cumming again. He kissed her deeply and felt her hard nipples and breasts. Soon she felt his hardening cock poking her thigh and she shifted over to rubbing her puss crack directly across that, which was delicious. Then her third orgasm hit her harder than ever and she cried out to the ceiling and shook on his lap as he held her tightly, his penis poking her right where she wanted it, and he smiled at her excitement in his arms. As her last shudders and moans subsided, the bell sounded.

Now Mary was back to Howard, whom she had had her first orgasm of the evening with. She had felt shy and vulnerable then, but by now, she quickly straddled him and ground against him without so much as a hello, and with complete abandon. She was rewarded with feeling the point of his pants-clad cock between his legs for her to rapidly stroke her clit over through her panties. For his part, he sucked on her hard nipples and felt her naked upper body, removing her tattered blouse down to around her waist. Then the timer went off.

Don, the staggeringly handsome redhead, met her halfway again, and drew her down on his lap facing him, as he could see she wanted. He kissed and fondled her naked upper torso. She felt no cock at first, which was not a surprise since Don had just sprayed cum all over Virginia not five minutes ago, but her vigorous hip thrusts soon gave rise to a naked cock poking out of Don’s still unbuttoned trousers. She gleefully rubbed her clit through her panties on Don’s hardening knob. She wanted to make love to all these wonderful men. She wanted them to fuck her one after another and leave their cream filling her puss to overflowing. She dreamed of this while grinding, kissing, and looking deep into Don’s deep blue eyes. The timer sounded. She was so very close again.

It was back to George, which meant they could touch each other everywhere, although Mary supposed she had been cheating in this respect for several rounds already. She was happy and thrilled because she could feel that she was ready to cum immediately in George’s arms, and she would so deeply enjoy this. She climbed on his lap facing him and immediately began her well-practiced panty-grinding maneuver on the sizeable tent in George's pants. Almost immediately she had her fourth cum, shaking and crying out, her most mind-altering yet, and tears of joy sprung from her eyes as she so fulfilled herself on top of George.

As she recovered, she immediately started grinding again, but George stopped her saying, “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” She climbed off his lap, unbuttoned him, and grabbed his bare cock in her hand, intending to put it into her mouth as she had read from many sources men liked. Just as George’s cock head passed her lips, a flood of thick cum shot into her mouth. She backed off in surprise and got another shot to her face and breasts just as the buzzer sounded. She stood up, swallowed George’s cum, and gave him a peck on the mouth before reluctantly relinquishing him to Marie. These rounds were so fast!

During this whole time, a couple of the other women in the group were also making some serious noise, but at first Mary was too distracted to notice who or where. Mary finally noticed it was Virginia the cum-covered girl and Josephine who had been making the noise, presumably cumming or very close to it.

Frank took out his hanky and wiped George’s cum off Mary’s face before kissing her. While kissing her deeply, he began expertly fingering her pussy crack through her sopping wet panties. Soon she was crying out and thrusting her hips in her fifth orgasm. She could see Flo and Grace were also crying out at the same time, and they made a kind of three-part harmony.

Lou and Howard sprayed their cum on the floor in front of their respective love seats. The sounds of cumming were all over the place: the groans of the men, Flo’s high-pitched whoop, Grace’s “hunnh!” and Mary’s guttural whimpers of pleasure. When the bell rang this time, almost all the girls were staggering around. Either everybody had just cum or was about to. The air was electric.

When Mary arrived at his loveseat, the pockmarked Walt seemed agitated and very close. Mary didn’t care much about their silly rules, and Walt seemed close enough to waive the rules for the sake of his trousers anyway, as she’d seen done with the other men.

She pushed Walt down on his loveseat, got on her knees in front of him, and gently unbuttoned him and took out his prick, which seemed a very nice size and shape. His cute carrot red pubic hair peeked out a bit also. The very act of her removing him and examining him closely caused Walt to tense and squirt a big blast of cum right under her chin, and then another.

As the bell rang, Walt gave her a sheepish look. She said by way of encouragement, “Oh that was exciting and great, Walt! Thanks for shooting your semen onto me.” As if he had a choice given his state of arousal and what she’d done with him, but still. Her encouraging words allowed him to relax and smile, and it put a twinkle back in his green eyes.

This sex stuff was so emotional! Now this poor boy who had never even gotten up the courage to ask his crush, namely her, to a dance or anything, was suddenly spraying his seed all over her neck and breasts. Above all, she wanted to be kind and encouraging to all the boys, at least the boys who were treating her well, like Walt, and really all the boys that were left in the game. She was glad when that cruel boy Arthur had been kicked out.

Harry the giant mountain of a man seemed to have a plan for her. He sat her down on the loveseat, got on his knees in front of her, and got his face under her torn up pants. At first she thought he was going to lick her, which she had read and could now imagine would be extremely pleasurable, but instead he just rubbed his nose along the wet spot in her silk panties, breathing deeply. It felt good, and he seemed to be having a marvelous time under there. His head was fully underneath the ruins of her pants, leaving his huge muscular back and arms in view, so it was almost like a giant Greek god was sniffing around in her private place, softly worshipping her smell and her clitoris through her panties with his nose. She was enjoying his exploration thoroughly, and then the bell sounded again.

After her interlude with Harry’s nose-rubbing Mary was very close, so she was quite sure that the worshipful and so far very tentative Albert could get her the rest of the way if the situation was properly managed.

“I missed you last time,” Albert said.

“I felt sorry for that,” she replied. “I’m here now, though, and very close, if you don’t mind. Could you help me by touching me here?” she grabbed his hand and put it under the tatters of her pants and onto the wet spot of her panties, “and especially here,” she rubbed one of his fingers over her clitoris through her panties.

“Sure, Mary, anything for you,” he replied, continuing to rub on her clitoris with his finger. “Wow, you’re very wet down there.”

“Aaaaaaa!” moaned Mary in orgasm, by way of reply, and then, “Mmmmm!” as he stayed on target and kept rubbing on her clitoris the way she had shown him. Cummy noises from both Flo and Grace followed hers. She melted into Albert’s arms as he continued to rub her the right way and the cries of the other two women died down, and then the bell rang again.

“Next time we’ll work on you,” Mary offered, smiling and looking at Albert in his kind gray eyes. She’d love to give this other nervous worshipper of hers the treat she’d just given Walt a few rounds ago. She was beginning to conclude that cumming on a girl could be a great icebreaker. No more nervous chatter, provided the girl was welcoming of the attention, of course.

She sat down next to Richard the college student. He began tongue-kissing her soulfully, feeling her bare back with one hand, and the other hand was up under her torn clothes finding the wet spot on her panties and then finding her clitoris through her panties. Mary kissed him back and stroked the throbbing bulge in his pants. Virginia and Liz started shouting out orgasms in the background as Mary was inexorably drawn closer and closer to her next crisis under Richard’s expert ministrations. The timer went off.

Mary was shakingly close again after her bout with Richard, so she straddled Lou, reached under herself to clear his naked cock from his unbuttoned trousers, and arranged herself on him so that his hard naked cock rubbed right along the slick wet groove in her silk panties. She was face to face with him at kissing height then, so she thrust her tongue into his mouth, with due enjoyment on his part, and started to busily grind on his cock. For his part, he reached his hand under her torn clothes and slid both his hands into her panties, gripped both her ass cheeks tightly, and helped direct her exciting grind on his cock. Her eyes were shut in concentration on the lovely sensations, but she heard two women crying out.

Just a few grinds after she felt his hands latch on to her naked ass, she broke the kiss and wailed and shook in orgasm again. At the urging of Lou’s hands, she restarted grinding her puss against his cock. Then the bell rang.

Chuck sat her down on his lap facing outwards and reached under her torn pants to tickle her clitoris. She felt a little exposed because others could see what he was doing to her since she was facing everybody. It made her a little embarrassed, but not enough to stop him from showing her off to the crowd.

Not surprisingly, they were a distracted bunch. Some men took note of her exposure. The women were mostly facing the other way. Frank had his penis out of his pants and was shooting his semen into Grace’s open mouth. Flo, Virginia, and Thelma were all moaning, twitching, grinding, and cumming on their respective partners. It was quite a scene. As she continued to take it in while Chuck deliciously rubbed on her exposed panty crack, the bell rang again. She was already quite close again.

The towering, dark, and lovely Ralph recognized her excited state. He pulled her to straddling his lap towards him, started kissing her neck, and reached under her, not to align his tent with her panty crack as it turned out, but to rub his finger on it. After a few rubs, he broke the rules and reached inside her panties to thrust into her pussy with a finger. She began a terribly forceful orgasm as the breath convulsed out of her with a “woof!”

Somewhere behind Mary one of the boys was groaning and four women were crying out in crisis. It was a regular choir back there. For her part, she sat and shook on Ralph’s sopping wet finger as aftershock after aftershock thrilled through her until the bell rang.

Ralph already had her halfway to her next orgasm as Howard took over. He pulled her to straddling her as before, kissed her, and played the same trick as Ralph, moving her panties aside, caressing her bare pussy tantalizingly, and finally thrusting a finger in. She came again instantly with a “unnngh!” as he did this, and shook and thrilled with aftershocks for the rest of the minute until the bell rang. While she was involuntarily and deliciously thrusting her hips onto Howard’s finger, one guy who sounded like Lou and a sizable chorus of women were moaning behind her.

When Howard removed his finger, it had a little blood on it. His eyes looked into Mary's and he whispered, “Sorry! Are you hurt?”

“No, it was very good,” she assured him, then walked unsteadily towards the next love seat.

It was striking, copper-haired Don. She felt she was going to cum for him too this time, which would make three guys in a row. How was she going to survive another trip around the circle? As she climbed onto Don’s lap facing him, she heard Flo go off behind her, followed by two other women. She wanted no less from Don this round, so she whispered in his ear “Put your finger in me. Make me cum.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied, moved his fingers under her panties, and gently worked two of them into her tight quim.

“Oof!” she said at the new double pressure as he kissed her and started rubbing the tips of his two fingers along the top of her vagina. It pinched, felt too full, and felt exquisite all at once. She peed a little bit into Don’s hand and blushed in embarrassment. “Sorry,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry about it; it’s sexy,” he said.

“Hunh-hunh!” she cried as she came. The bell rang. She thought to herself, “Pretty soon I’m going to start cumming every time that stupid bell rings!”
She was back to George, and finally it was officially down to naked hands on naked cocks and on and in naked pussies. Mary was so very ready for this. She pulled off her sopping panties, sat on George’s knees facing him, and lifted up her pants tatters to expose her bare puss to him and spread it with her fingers. Then she sprung his hard bare cock from his already unbuttoned pants.

She was really tempted to just go ahead and sit on it, but then she climbed off his lap to find her purse and the condoms therein. George held onto her before she could get away, though, and whispered, “Don’t be afraid.” Evidently he thought she was scared. She guessed she was indeed scared of how much she wanted George to put a baby in her. She didn’t want to fight his caress, though. She let him pull her back to side-saddle on his lap and gently wiggle a finger into her pussy.

All around Mary, girls were cumming spectacularly, and she was no exception. Her legs clapped shut on George’s hand as she wailed out yet another cum, “Aaahnn!” and peed a bit on his lap. That surprised both of them, and he gently removed his finger from her quim and then her from his lap to try to wipe himself off with his hanky. He wasn’t angry or overly tidy, it was just a fair bit of pee, and she understood. The pee was actually kind of gooey from her juices: more embarrassment. Then the bell rang.

Mary sat down next to Frank. He latched onto her left nipple with his mouth and his index finger fussed under her torn clothes and penetrated her quim. She sighed as his finger moved in and out of her with increasing speed.

Looking around, a lot of action was happening. Chuck had Irene, the beautiful and curvy blond, sitting facing outwards on his lap with her dress and slip hiked up like he had done to Mary last time, except her panties had been pulled aside to expose her puss, its wet engorged lips, to the entire room. Her face and chest were pink, and Mary could see that she was very close to orgasm. Chuck was whispering to her, and brought her hands down where, squeezing her eyes shut, she pulled back her pussy lips with her fingers to expose herself even further to the group. Mary could see her hole and her erect clitoris. Then Chuck gently stroked her clitoris as she whimpered and bucked her hips, not quite reaching orgasm from his carefully administered strokes.

“Aaaaaah!” Mary came hard from Frank’s finger pumping stimulation combined with watching Chuck expose and tease Irene so. At the same time Richard shot his load into Ethel’s open mouth. Half the room of girls was cumming as well: the usual suspects of Flo, Virginia, Liz, Grace, Thelma, and Josephine, who all were wound up and all cumming pretty much continuously along with Mary at this point.

As the bell rang, Chuck began to stroke Irene more deeply, and she came with a wail, her legs shaking, her eyes still tightly shut.
Mary stepped over to Walt, who asked, “What do you want to do?”

Mary noticed his fingers were nicely manicured: classy. “I want to watch and play with your dick while you pump two fingers into me, okay?”

Walt’s nice-sized cock was already out and hard, so she sat down next to him, wet her hand with spit, and started pumping his cock. Based on the motions he made, it looked like he was enjoying this. He fumbled a bit, then managed to gently press two fingers into her and start to stroke in and out.

As Mary had surmised, there was a lot to watch again this round. Virginia squatted over Chuck’s lap and hiked up her skirt and slip to reveal that, like Mary, she had already removed her panties earlier. She was soaking wet and had streaks of boy cum all over her chest and thighs. She spread herself with two fingers for Chuck’s ministrations while she started pumping his hard penis with her other hand. She looked around to see who was watching her as Chuck started to stroke her. She could see Chuck was close, so she pointed Chuck’s cock head towards her pussy opening and started talking to him.

No doubt the things Virginia was saying were nasty, but Mary couldn’t make out what Virginia was saying to Chuck through the moans of the other girls and Albert’s tortured wail and Flo’s shriek as they came together, her sitting on his lap skirt down. Were they fucking? Evidently, full disclosure was part of the game, because Flo smiled and lifted her skirt to reveal Albert’s cum splashed all over the inside of her slip and that she had been grinding her bare puss directly on his cock shaft, which was against the rules but at least not penetration.

Then Chuck and Virginia came together, his fingers grinding shakily into her quim. As Virginia shook and came, she had the presence to direct Chuck’s spray away from her offered hole at the last moment, and it instead christened the floor in front of them as Chuck barked and grunted with pleasure.

Mary had pretty much been cumming this whole time while trying to stay aware enough to take it all in. Lil came with a giant shriek. Richard was on his knees in front of her with his head under her skirt. Mary came again in anticipation of what Richard would do to her when the time came. The continuous chorus of Liz, Grace, Thelma, and Josephine rounded out the orchestration of the moment.

The bell had already rung a little while back, but everyone was a little carried away. Liz, when she recovered from her latest long moaning orgasm, shouted, “Time! Okay? Time!”

As Mary approached Harry, she could see that the enormous man was ready and desperate to cum. She quelled her fear of his giant size and terribly excited state as she approached him, towering above her. His girthy cock was big, but not as scary big as the rest of him, or maybe it was just relatively not so big, it was hard to tell. She got on her knees in front of him and immediately started to try to choke the giant man’s cock down her throat, all pretense of playing by the rules cast aside. She wanted to hear him cum and feel his cum hit her throat. She was resolved in her excited state to get this giant man’s liquid prize all inside her mouth and over her face and body if there was enough. Virginia could step aside this round!

Mary got her mouth onto the head of Harry’s cock just fine. He was being very controlled, like she was a delicate vase. She grabbed his shaft with both hands for leverage and pushed her head slowly down on his cock, trying to keep her throat and mind open. She choked a little and her eyes watered, then she opened and pressed again, stroking up and down his shaft with her hands. His cock absolutely filled her mouth. She did not think she could open her jaw any wider. Drool ran out of her mouth continuously, and she used it to start rubbing up and down his shaft with both her hands. She tried to slurp it back in as it fell out, but it didn’t work, but it did make Harry squirm with pleasure, so she kept trying.

Harry was trying so hard to be good to Mary. He was keeping his hands away from her head; they gripped the loveseat like two giant shaking vises. His hips were shaking, and then they started to buck a little as the pleasure from her hands started to make him lose his mind. It was difficult for Mary to keep the big head of his cock from choking her too badly. She was breathing in short gasps through her nose and shaking with excitement and anticipation herself as she glided her spit slick hands up and down his cock shaft.

Harry’s first shot was overwhelming, and burned in Mary’s nose, throat, and lungs. She jerked her mouth off of him reflexively, and it seemed a waterfall of cum ran out of her mouth, joined by an additional thick spray from Harry’s cock all over her face and the front of her bare breasts and torso. Coughs racked her body as she reflexively tried to clear her airway.

As Mary continued to cough, sputter, and finally get a good breath, Harry lifted her, quickly switched places with her, and got his massive head up under her torn clothes. That’s when Mary first felt a man’s tongue on her bare puss. Within a few strokes she was deep in a heaven heretofore inconceivable to her.

Her whole body pulsed and stretched out to feel the next stroke of Harry’s massive tongue thrust slickly into her quim, filling her opening to bursting, and then wetly glide upwards to stretch her clitoral hood and love button and coat it with slick spittle. Her newfound breath caught in her throat and her face and chest flushed as a massive shaking orgasm hit her like a brick.

Liz had to yell “Time! Time! Time! Time!” again, because everybody had missed the bell due to all the moaning and shouting. Mary roused and looked around in a daze and saw that her sweetie George had cum all over Grace, who was smiling in Mary’s direction with George’s cum on her face and chest, the minx. Cum-covered Virginia was also smiling and facing the crowd, having liberally received Ralph’s semen on her breasts and tummy.

As people sorted themselves for the next round, Mary looked around the circle at the seven additional men that she would probably cum for shamelessly and whimperingly before reaching George’s arms again. This experience had turned out to be worlds more than she had bargained for. And all of this was only “foreplay.” Her head spun.

This was no time to think. She would continue to let her sexual urgency propel her into the arms of these men, before now strangers, now vastly more intimate in some way or other, and sort out her feelings later.

To Mary, Albert seemed fairly dazed sitting there amongst the debauchery, his cock out and soft, cum spattered all over his lap from where Flo had sat to bring him off two rounds ago. His breath smelled of pussy, probably Marie’s, who had just moved on to the delectable Richard without a backward glance. Mary examined Albert’s fingernails. They looked fairly short. She grabbed his face and spoke to him, “I want you to gently stroke two fingers in and out of me while we watch.”

“Okay,” he assented, licked two fingers, and started to gently work them in to her wet hole. She held his cock and stroked it gently with one hand as she looked at the spectacle of the other couples.

Liz was standing astride George on his loveseat grinding her crotch into his face and making loud moaning noises. George was apparently good with it, because he had his hands on her ass and was pulling her into him. Chuck was coaxing another beautiful curvy blond, Lil, who was on his lap, to spread herself for the crowd like the others. She seemed somewhat reluctant. The handsome Howard was cumming again, this time in Flo’s mouth. It looked like she was taking it all. Then Marie, sitting right next to them, came with a screech on Richard’s tongue.

Mary’s thighs had been aching to have Richard’s head between them since she had witnessed Lil’s shrieking orgasm three rounds ago. All of the orgasms he had coaxed out of women since then had only primed her further. It was like he could read her mind, because he smiled and got on his knees as she approached. She sat down on his loveseat, hiked up her tatters, and spread her puss lips with the fingers of both hands, showing him what she would soon be showing the crowd when she got to Chuck in two rounds. As Mary saw Richard’s eyes involuntarily lock onto her wet spread open puss, a whimper of anticipation escaped her lips.

Richard’s tongue began by gently teasing her puss lips and button. Another whimper shook from her. Then he gently started sucking on her lips, and then on her hood and clit. Almost immediately she started shaking and keening loud in orgasm. The orgasm kept going as she ran out of breath and silently bucked as he sucked harder while swirling his tongue over and around her button.

She awoke to Richard still sucking on her puss lips and clit. Her legs instantly shot out in different directions as she bawled out another rampaging bucking orgasm. Afterwards, she gently pushed his probing lips and tongue away in overwhelm and went completely limp. As her head nodded forward, she heard Liz call, “Time! Time!” over the moans and cries of many women. Mary had noticed that Liz was now cumming pretty much every round, so it was being hard for Liz to keep track of the time.

Mary quickly straddled Lou and sat herself down on the shaft of his scary giant hard throbbing cock as she had last time, except this time her naked wet inner puss lips slid apart and latched across his girthy shaft, and her naked clit ground and skidded in her juices up and down a delightful portion of his throbbing length. “Mind if I turn around?” she asked him, “I want to watch.”

“By all means,” replied Lou. So she stood up, turned around, and gently sat down on him again. She made a mistake and sat down right on the head, but Lou, a gentleman, did not press his advantage. Plus, it would have taken quite a bit of pressing. But after a moment of feeling the delicious feeling of his tip pressing directly on her opening, she adjusted herself back on his shaft and continued her moist grind.

Mary was in time to see suave Don lose his mind again and pump cum into Ethel’s highly skilled mouth. All the women were either cumming or about to cum, Mary observed as she cascaded herself to a delicious orgasm atop Lou’s girthy cock shaft. As she came, her hips thrust her opening convulsively towards his cock head, but it was out of reach unless she scooted forward, and just as well. As her hips relaxed, she watched and heard women cum all around her, even Ethel, who was getting her own just desserts now that Don had recovered from his own orgasm.

Liz, recovering from another of her own orgasms, croaked out that it was time to move.

She had been anticipating this, too, with quivering thighs. This is the round that Chuck would expose her bare pussy to the crowd and tease her wide open pussy to orgasm in front of everyone. She thought she was prepared mentally for this. She climbed onto his lap facing out, put her heels on the loveseat, raised her tatters, and spread herself with both hands. Chuck said, “Good girl! You’re doing it perfect.” He started to gently run one spit-wet finger lightly over her clit pulled tight by her fingers. Her hips followed his motion. She was very close.

George, across the circle from her, watched her spread herself for the crowd and made eye contact as he fingered Ethel’s pussy and Ethel expertly sucked his cock to hardness. George looked overwhelmed and swept away to her. She wondered how she appeared to him. She wondered if they would want to know each other after this. Had something broken inside her?

Men and women around the circle were watching her and fingering and jacking each other, watching for her impending orgasm. The bell rang and Chuck greatly quickened his pace, and within ten quick hard strokes of his fingers Mary howled out another enormous orgasm, her legs shaking. A brief stream of pee splashed out onto Chuck's fingers and the floor in front of her.

Liz, still recovering from her own orgasm while watching Mary, breathed, “Okay, time.”

Huge tall dark Ralph was next in Mary’s gauntlet. He sat her down and got his head under her tatters. She knew where this was going, and sure enough, Ralph’s tongue snaked into her quim. She held his head there through her tatters and grunted out a little shaking cum as he sucked and licked his huge lips and tongue on her clit.

As Ralph’s tongue teased her up expertly, it was hard for her to notice anything else. But she did notice Lou getting very excited once again and pumping his huge cock forcefully into Thelma’s mouth. She was taking about half of it in and stroking the rest of the shaft with one slick hand. She was good; Thelma was the same size as Mary, very petite, so it must be all the way down her tiny throat. That was amazing. It was like watching a python swallow its prey. Mary moaned in orgasm at this and Ralph’s ministrations, her eyes locked on the spectacle. As the bell rang, Lou shouted, and was obviously shooting whatever cum was left in him deep down Thelma’s shuddering throat. He pulled out and she gasped, spittle and cum drooling out of her mouth before she could prevent it.

Whether watching this or Josephine being spread and given a teasing orgasm by Chuck, all the girls were cumming. Mary came again on Ralph’s tongue, sucking lips, and probing finger as Liz called out “Time! Time! Time!”

As Mary sat down on his lap facing outward, the head of Howard’s modest prick poked out of his pants and speared her directly in the quim so that the head and a little bit of the shaft were already inside her. He said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already cum twice, so I can’t cum again this evening. Enjoy yourself. No baby sauce for you this round.”

All around her, the straining cums of women started up: Marie to her left and Josephine to her right. She was very tempted, but she knew it was wrong. Then Howard moved a little, and she moved a little, and pretty soon she was penetrating herself a few inches on his modest cock with every down stroke. It felt exquisite and perfect. She had a long groaning cum shivering and quivering on the tip of Howard’s cock. When she recovered, she noticed now that he was quivering and bucking into her a little. She said, “No, you don’t,” and climbed right off him, and then the bell rang.

He looked sheepish and said, “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Seems like you helped yourself just fine,” she replied, and walked away.

Mary sat next to Don and asked, “Will you kiss me down there?”

“That’s against the rules.”

“I know. Will you?”

“How about something else against the rules?”

Mary knew what he was suggesting. “I don’t want a baby in me.”

Don drew out his hard and not scary sized cock, about like Howard’s, shielding it from view. It had a condom on it. “Do you know what this is?”

Mary climbed onto Don’s lap, inserted his clad prick into her pussy, and started thrusting down on it. She stopped to shake, moan, and cum almost instantly. Then she resumed and when the bell rang, she pumped in a few more strokes and had another shaking cum on Don’s cock.

Don, though he was barely hard when she started, was shaking and gripping the love seat now. She smiled and climbed off him. “I guess Josephine will have to finish you off.”

“That was nice,” Don said, hiding away his cock. “Any time you want to finish this, I’m available.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said, and then walked over to hold hands with George.

“All right!” shouted Liz, “Our evening is concluded. I hope you all feel like you got your dollar’s worth.” There was much laughter and applause here. Mary and George clapped convivially and looked at each other sheepishly. Many of the girls got down on their knees and started wiping cum off the floor and other surfaces with handkerchiefs proffered by the men. Mary grabbed up her underclothes and handbag. George wrapped his coat around Mary’s nearly naked body and hustled her out of the room, through the darkness, loud music, and smoke of the jazz club, and outside.

“Are you okay?” George asked.

“That was a lot,” Mary said. “How about you?”

“I was mostly worried about you. I was ready to take you out of there when Arthur hurt you. After that, you seemed happier. Were you really okay?”

“It was overwhelming, but it was okay. All the men other than Arthur treated me well, or well enough. Nothing’s perfect. I’m not sure I would want to do it again.”

“Me neither,” agreed George.

The other couples were trickling out by now, so they went and sat in George’s truck. They had met there, so Mary’s roadster was next to it. After they got in, they kissed romantically and passionately for a long while, as if to affirm unspoken trust and interest in one another.

Mary was very worried that George’s opinion of her had diminished now that she had exposed her wantonness to him and to herself. Did she think less of herself? And George had obviously been shaken himself by the experience. It was easier to reassure each other with these passionate kisses rather than deal with what had occurred.

George said, “I don’t feel like I’ve really had a chance to spend any time with you as I’d planned. I don’t want to let you go now.”

Mary was still pretty warmed up and was feeling excited again from all the kissing. “Me neither.”

“Come to my place. I have a little cabin on the property where we can be alone.”

“Lead on,” she said, prying herself away from him and climbing out of the truck towards her roadster.
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Chapter 4: A calm heart and a cool mind

They both pulled up in front of a cozy looking cabin on the back forty. It was accessible via a dirt side road off the main road to the Rush farm. There was a copse of trees nearby, so it was quite private.

Mary joined George at the door. “Have you brought a lot of girls here?”

George stopped, his hand on the knob. “Only one other. You know, I’m not some kind of sex maniac.”

“I’m sorry. I was just curious, honest. Nobody has ever taken me anywhere.”

He opened the door for her. She entered the pitch-dark single room dwelling. He shut the door and lit an oil lamp. She saw a comfortable bed for a man George’s size, a table, and some books. There was a table and a little pantry. Mary sat down on the bed, and so George took a chair at the table.

“Would you like something to drink? Water? Something stronger?”

“Mr. Rush, are you trying to corrupt me?” They both laughed at that a little too hard. “Water please.” George poured them both tall cold glasses of water.

Mary boldly began the conversation. “I don’t think I’m a sex maniac either, but that experience shook me. As you well know, before all that happened, I was just curious. It definitely got out of control.”

“Mary, you’re a fine young woman. I feel really bad. Honest to God, when I went to these parties two years ago there was no switching of partners. Nobody exposed themselves to the group either willingly or because they were dared to. There was no cum on the floor. In guys pants, sure, I bet, occasionally. There was sitting in laps, sure. The girls would sigh or cry out occasionally, especially near the end of the hour, but nothing like the debauchery we just experienced. And the lights were dimmer, too. Less exposed. More just couples focusing on one another.”

“I’m well aware of what you thought you were getting me into. It wasn’t your fault. In fact, I’m the one who should feel bad about corrupting you. I probably kept you there to look after me when normally you would have preferred to leave.”

“Can guys get corrupted? No, it’s biological, just like a stallion or a bull. We are driven to spread our seed everywhere. We’ll mount anything that looks remotely impregnable. I mean, I would never force myself on a woman. That would be awful. I’m just talking about the biological urges men have.”

“I’m not sure if you should single out yourself and men so, and put all the impetus for continuing the species in your hands. That would be more male arrogance, I assert. I saw a lot of biological urges among the women in that room as well, including myself.”

“I admit your point. Clearly human reproduction is far more complex and especially more psychological than the lesser beasts. If the evening taught me anything, it taught me that.”

“God help me, George, I enjoyed every minute of it. Even when Arthur was hurting me, it only cooled me down a little.”

“I had so many emotions, and men are just not built for that. Every time you cried out or did something reckless with another man, I felt happy because clearly you were enjoying yourself, and I want everything for you. But I also felt a stab of jealousy and envy that I wasn’t the one doing it to you. I think I broke most of the Ten Commandments that hour.”

“Let’s see…” said Mary lightheartedly. “Strange gods?”

“Guilty, I’d say.”

“Me too! God’s name in vain?”

“Oh yes, definitely cried out some stuff. Guilty.”

“Ha ha. Yes definitely. Keeping the Sabbath holy?”

“I’m thinking…”

“What are you thinking?” They were looking intensely at each other now.

“Well, it’s not Sunday yet, but I was thinking of breaking that one with a certain special girl I just went out with, if she wanted to, of course.”

“We’ll see,” said Mary, looking down. Was she getting shy after all that happened and all they’d been through together? “I’m sorry. Of course I’ll stay and break whatever commandments with you,” she said, looking up at him again. “I’m very fond of you George Rush, perhaps too fond. I expect I’ll end up hurting you as well as myself when I go off to Vassar.”

“Who knows? Let’s worry about that later. You know how sweet I’ve always been on you Mary. Mildred told you, I’m sure.”

“Mildred never told me.”

“Huh, a loyal little sister. Now I’m really amazed.”

“Be that as it may, it’s not a Commandment. Honor your father and mother?”

“I wouldn’t want them to know about it, so I would have to say, broke it.”

“Well put. Moi aussi. Killing?”

“Well, lots of le petit mort.”

“Moi aussi. And you did it all over my face!”

“That’s right, I’m sorry about that.”

“Loved it.”

“Well, then, I guess I’m not sorry.”



“Guilty. Stealing?”

“Some of it felt like stealing. Some of it felt like I was stolen from. Some of it was you stealing the hearts of every man in the room. It was wonderful and painful and all more superficial than it should ever be.”

“That’s it. Superficial. Exactly. I spent four minutes each with a dozen men in a whirlwind. I orgasmed countless times, so I can’t claim I didn’t enjoy it. Yet, I feel like I should feel something more profound for a person if that person is touching my bunny.”

“You call it your bunny?”

“I overheard another girl calling it that once and I liked it.”

“Could she have been saying cunny?”

“I don’t care. I prefer bunny.”

“So do I.”

“Then we’re agreed. Bearing false witness?”

“I admit, I felt competitive at times. I wanted every man to envy me, and they did, because you went home with me.” They smiled quietly at each other for a beat. “But I also wanted the women to adore me and think I was skillful and all that.”

“I don’t think that counts as lying. I’m very competitive, and I felt competitive too, at first. After the first round, I was mostly desperate with lust, which is maybe worse than mere competitiveness.”

“I felt a lot of lust, too. Especially when I was close. Let’s not make it worse than other sins. At least there’s a natural animal reason to it. Lying is an entirely human depravity.”

“Fair enough. And here we are at lust with coveting thy neighbor’s wife.”

“More like wanting to do a decent job of it when my neighbors wife is thrust into my arms due to some silly childish game. But I’ll admit, I enjoyed touching all those women, you especially, of course.”

“Yes, I intended to get some research done, and instead I fear my research got me.”

“I feel that way, too. Curiosity killed the cat.”

Mary stood up, walked across the room, and sat in George’s lap. “But satisfaction brought it back.”

“What, are we done with sins already?”

“Well, there’s envy.”

“Asked and answered.”

“Ditto. So now no more sins until midnight.” She kissed him, and he kissed her back, and they just did that their natural way for a while, getting to know each other, comforting each other.
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