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Author Topic: Raping and Abusint the Drunk's Date (Part 2) Mf, 1st/Rape, bd, sad  (Read 4380 times)
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« on: October 29, 2007, 12:59:36 AM »

This continues the texty of "Raping and Abusing the Drunk's Date."  Please see Part 1 for Introduction and Disclaimer.


I pulled back and slapped her—four or five times.  “Lying bitch!  He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?  You’re in love with him, right, cunt?”  I shoved her against the table, pulling her head back by the nape, gripping her chin fiercely with my other hand.  I looked right into those perfect azure-blue eyes.  She was shaking in my hold.  “You’re in love with him, but you still just lead him on with your prissy little cockteasing games, cunt!”  I kept her in place with my left hand in her hair, but shoved a fist into her flat tummy.
She would have doubled over except that I was holding her upright.  I gave her a few more body blows, and her perfect complexion went white.
“I-I-I-don’t mean, mean…It’s just, just…” she stammered. 
She was speechless.  If she had ever been called to account for her little manipulative games, it had never been done so emphatically!
“A boyfriend you probably drive to drink with your turn-on-then-stop cockteasing games, huh?”  I delivered a good slap across her left cheek, and she uttered a yelp and spun away towards the table.  “And then the most worthy candidates get to touch your vestal body.    I don’t think it’s going to be Robert, right?  It seems he turned out to be a worthless little drunken coward, too bad!” 
I grabbed her hair, jerking her downwards. 
   “Ohhhhh….OW!”  Stephanie landed on the floor, curling her legs.  Damn sexy to my sadistic streak, what with her halfslip riding up her thighs.
 “And if they’re oh-so-fortunate you jerk them off with your pretty little undies.”
“No, sir, it’s not….I don’t mean to…I..”  the girl sobbed.  “I mean, I just want to, well, be nice to boys, some boys, but—but I’m saving myself for marriage….”   Staphanie buried her face in her hands, and her disheveled hair fell over her face, hiding it.  She was whimpering, tears streaming down her cheeks.
   I reached for her panties, and sniffed the wonderful smell of teenage girlflesh.   I knelt down and stroked her cheeks with them, drying her tears.
“How much did these panties cost, cunt?  Twenty dollars?”
“I don’t know, sir.  My father pays the credit card—“
“You don’t even look at the price tag,  when you shop,. do you, cunt?”
I fingered the dainty pink panties and threw them back onto the floor.
I was overwhelmed with hatred and lust and loathing for this spoiled bitch.  So sweet and innocent on the outside, yet so selfish and manipulative on the inside.
I clenched my hand into a fist, and slammed it into Stephanie’s tight flat little tummy, right at the waistband of her designer-name satin half-slip.  “Ooooomph!”  she gasped and clenched her midsection and dropped to her knees.
“Oooo,” she groaned,  “Please, mister, you promised…you said if I did what you—uh!—told me to, you, you, ooooh, you promised you—ohhhhhh!--wouldn’t hurt me, oh…please,…please….sir…”  I took hold of her blonde hair and yanked her head upwards.  She was crying again.  I let go, and before she could change her position, landed a hard lateral slap across her face, and sent her sprawling onto the grungy office carpet.  The dreamboat rolled, her legs curled a bit, and when she pushed herself off the floor, her hair fell down, veiling her face.
She was really crying now. I’m usually a very decent sort of guy, but I was struck by how good it felt to see her—make her—suffer.   She started to push herself up but I stepped on her back, and down she went, again.
She was flat on her stomach, except for a bit of a twist at her hips, with her knees bent and curled in a little, forcing the lacey hem up mid-thigh.   “Oooo…mister…” 
“Oh, shut the fuck up!” I barked.  “I changed my mind.”
I put some more weight on that foot, and she quieted herself, except for sobbing.  I got off her smooth back, and knelt next to the crumpled, crying mess of teen girlhood before me, and I started rubbing her. Her back.   Her shoulders.   Her ass was very nice, and I could make out every contour through her slip. She was whimpering.  I had complete freedom to do anything I wanted with her, and I wanted to hurt her.   To hurt her and cheapen her and abuse her and defile her—for all the guys who looked at her longingly, and especially for all the guys who fell in love with her while she led them on with her sexy feminine wiles.   To spite all the little old ladies who cooed over her, “Stephanie is such a nice girl!” and such bullshit.  Not to mention all the other girls, so envious of “gorgeous Stephanie” who has everything! 
But enough analyzing.  Time to enjoy my prey.  I lay down on her, and my dick fitted in between her ass cheeks, pressing against the slip. 
Felt good.
“You let guys rub your butt through  your clothes, Stephanie?” I rubbed my cock up and down against her ass crack.   Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head sideways so I was breathing into her ear.
Her face was hidden by her blonde hair falling over it, but she shook her head “no.”
So I rubbed her butt and her hips more aggressively. 
“There’s only one thing worse than a cheap tease, Stephanie, and you’re it.  You’re an expensive tease—a spoiled brat who wears the nicest clothes and the sexiest underwear to goad on guys.”  I kept dry-humping her ass cheeks.  “They spend serious money taking you out, but you deliver the goods only to the highest bidder, don’t you?”
“Nooo, it’s not…like that—“
I sat up on her butt, straddling her and pulled her hands behind her back, twisting one up to her shoulder blades.  I pulled her head back with fistful of hair. “Owwwww!”  She screamed.    I wrenched her arm higher up her back.  “You’re sooooo lovely—more beautiful than most guys can bear—but it’s all ‘look-but-don’t-touch-unless-you-qualify’ to all the guys, except for those few with the right money from the right families with the right connections who go to the right schools and have the right prospects, and only then do they get a little feel job or a bit of a hand up the leg or something and it’s time you learned just what guys really want from you, you cockteaser, and that time is now ‘cause I’m going to treat you like the slut you really are!”
And I shoved her face into the carpet.
I moved to her side and rolled the weeping teenage beauty onto her shoulder.  What with my little polemic, I had actually lost of bit of my erection! I knelt right next to her face, and pulled her face up to  my lap by her hair.
“Now open your mouth, and suck me off, you little whore!”
“I’m n-n-not…a whore,” she whined.
“Then  I’ll make you one!”  I hit her on the side of her head with a full-knuckle fist, hard, and she shrieked again. Her face actually bounced off the office carpet!   The girl had been so stupid to tell me she “doesn’t handle pain very well.”  I hit her again, two, three, four times, right on the temple, then on her shoulder.
“Now.  Suck my dick!”
Stephanie obeyed immediately.  Rising up on her elbows, she found the tip of my penis and instantly had almost the entire length in her mouth.  For several long, sensuous moments, she merely sucked on it, delivering a firm vacuum  with a bit of gentle tongue action on the bottom surface of my cock.  I moved up and sat back on my haunches, and she moved around so she was aligned with my body, and started sucking me off with not just oral pressure, but moving her lips up and down the shaft.  I leaned back onto my tucked-in heels, and let my fingers play in her hair while spasms of pleasure were being delivered to my fuck-stick.
And they were being delivered very…proficiently!
“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”
Little Stephanie didn’t miss a beat.  She continued sucking away at me, but looked up with those still-wet baby blues, but shook her head ‘no’ and returned to sucking me on my stick.  I was rather taken aback; she was doing a hell of a good job!
I remained kneeling back on my haunches, leaning slightly over her head, which bobbed adeptly up and down as she swallowed my meat.  As she settled into a rhythm I noticed she didn’t alter the pressure from her lips or her sucking that much—she just went up and down with at a very steady pace. She generated more saliva, and before long was adding rhythmic squeezes with her lips to her head’s motion.  It was really getting intense!
 My knees got a bit of a cramp, and I had her pause while I moved to the office chair, and beckoned her to come to me.  It was really something, watching her crawl forward on her hands and knees, hair falling down her cheeks, her tits bobbing, wearing nothing but that pretty little halfslip.
When her head was back between my thighs, I pointed her face up towards me.  “You’ve never sucked cock before?”
Stephanie again shook her head “no,” and opened her mouth and lowered it over my rejuvenated erection.  But I was still curious about the surprising skill level of my captive ingénue.    So I lifted her face off—I was getting a bit too excited, didn’t want to shoot off too fast—and the girl settled back onto her heels and straightened up.  She pushed her hair back and looked at me.
“How is it you know how to suck dick, girl?”
“Porno.  Sir.  I’ve seen my fair share of it on the internet.  I had a boyfriend—not Richard, another guy—show me how to defeat my parents’ filter, and I’ve looked at, at, smut, so I figured I could do this.”
Well, three cheers for the internet!
I had her place her hands on my dick, and she wanked me off gently.
“But you never have sucked a dick before, huh?”  My fingers played with her blonde curls while we had this oddly civilized dialogue.
“Never, ever?”
“No, sir.  Never.  Ever.  You’re my first.   I was, well, saving this for my finance when I got engaged.”  She wrapped her fingers delicately around my pole, pulling on it soothingly.  Stephanie had very pretty, small fingers and used them surprisingly well.
“So when you get engaged, you’d reward your fiancé with blow jobs, is that it?”
“Yes, sir.  Something like that.  I just figured, well, if I’m engaged to a guy, I ought to keep him happy in some way until we’re married.  I told you.  I’m saving myself –my virginity—for marriage.   Please, please, let me suck you off—I’ll do a good job, you’ll be—you are—the first man I’ve ever done this for.  And if I do it nicely, then, won’t that be enough?  Wouldn’t you be, satisified, I mean, if I suck you off?  You’ll be my first—my very first.  Wouldn’t that, well, be nice—I mean, important?”
She kept pulling on my hard-on.  Again, she seemed to know something of what she was talking about.
“I’ll swallow, sir. 
Ten slender, perfectly manicured fingers were softly wrapped around my hog, pulling it up and  down.
“I promise.”
“Ever do this with a guy?”  I tapped on the small hands that was pleasuring my prick.
“Well, yes.  A little..”
“So you’ve played with guys’ dick, have you:”
She nodded.
“So you’ll pull on his dick a bit if you like him a lot.  Getting him horny but not taking him to orgasm. Or maybe letting him cream on your expensive panties. And if a guy is good enough to get engaged to you, you’d suck him off to keep him interested in you.”
“Well…I guess….yes, sir.”  I pulled her head forward again, and she resumed the blowjob.  I sat back in the dirty chair, delighted with my aristocratic captive, wearing only her fluid white slip, kneeling between my legs, sucking me off.  I leaned back, and now made no effort to keep my lust for her under control.  She was so beautiful, her head bobbing up and down, her hair falling over her shoulders and my thighs, as she  delivered indescribable pleasure to my horny fuckstick.
Her was all about her face, and I pushed it back from time to time.  Sometimes she looked up, her eyes soliciting approval from me.  I squeezed my legs in, against her torso, and her slip tickled my legs.  I kept my hands on her head.  My fingers were laced in her hair, and I guided the motion of her head.  I leaned back in the chair, and wave after wave of warm, moist pleasure rolled through my loins.  The heat and intensity grew, grew, grew, and a moment later, I did it—I came—a blast of semen ripped up my penis, shooting into her mouth. 
Stephanie paused for a split second, but I tugged on her hair, and the girl immediately resumed sucking me off.
Immediately, another shot of cum erupted into her mouth.
Then a third.
And a fourth!
Each one was wonderful, gratifying my pent-up lust for the girl. 
I was still hard—hardly through raping her beautiful mouth, and my fingers directed her to keep sucking me.  A few moments passed, and then I ejaculated in her mouth again.  Not so much, but it was so good, that feeling as the emission kind of flowed out of my penis into her mouth.
And another one followed just a little while later.
I felt myself beginning to go soft.  It had been an extraordinary orgasm, lasting well over a minute, what with the intermittent shots and gushes of my sperm.  Stephanie lowered her head as my erection began to drop, and I could see her face more clearly.  There were fresh tracks of tears on her cheeks.  Somewhere towards the end—right when I was coming in her mouth, I hope!—Stephanie had been crying.
This was, after all, the her first penetration by a prick, even if it was oral.
But she kept sucking away.  Such a good and obedient little bitch!  I pushed her head back, and my dick plopped out of her mouth.  Happy and very, very spent!  I pulled her head forwards a little.  “Pick up my dick, Stephanie,” I ordered. 
Which she did.
“Now, rub the tip of it across your lips.”  She obeyed, but was kind of just smearing it. 
“Pretend it’s lipstick.  Now rub it against your lips!”
She got it right this time.  I still had a few dribbles of cum left inside me, and they just oozed out, while Stephanie “applied” it to her lips.  Then I poked her cute little nose with it, and a drop of cum was deposited there.  Then I spread the last bit of my cum over her cheeks.
“There, there, we’re done!”  She seemed relieved.  She raised a hand to wipe her face, but then thought better of it, and put her hands on the floor, steadying her kneeling.  I placed her head between my thighs, resting against my crotch, and calmly stroked her, brushing her hair with my fingers, just enjoying her beauty, her femininity, her docile obedience, and the wonderful spent feeling of having just violated her and cum in her unwilling mouth.
She sat on her hip, legs together.  The shimmery slip stoped halfway down her thighs, the little band of lace delicate against her smooth skin.  So sexy!  I rested this way for quite a while just enjoying  looking at her, resting, and thinking about what I wanted to do to her next.

Some time passed.  Fifteen, twenty minutes, who knows?  I was lost in a bit of reverie, being sexually sated, at least for the moment, and I meditated on just how sweet and lovely she first looked earlier in the evening, and how I had longed and lusted for girls like this in my earlier days.  She sat back,  making no effort to cover her beautiful young breasts.  Her trim butt was leaning against her heels, in her little silvery pink half-slip draped over her thighs. Damn, that little satin thing was such a sexy touch!  I was kind of obsessing on it, when she spoke up.
I just looked at her.  She interpreted it as permission to speak.
“What are you going to do with me—with us, me and Robert?”
It was about 2:30 in the morning.  I wasn’t horny, not particularly, but I still wanted her, in a spiritually malicious way.  Now that I knew what a manipulative little cocktease she was, I wanted her, to fuck her, and I wanted to hurt her.
I wanted to thoroughly, absolute, viciously, maliciously rape her!
Stephanie’s deflowering would not be some quick slam-bam!
“I’m thinking,” I answered.  Truthfully, for once.  I could just throw her over the edge of the table there, and rape her, entering her from the rear, treating her like the bitch she really is.  But damn, she was just so fucking beautiful, and I wanted to have her face close to me, to look at it, to force kisses upon her, and especially to have her look at me and remember my face, forever, when she got deflowered.
I picked up my pants, and fished out the nylon zip-ties.  Standing above her, I gave her a nudge with my foot.  “Roll over.  On your stomach.”  Stephanie obeyed, the swath of pinkish nylon wrapping itself around her thighs and tight little butt.  I got down on my knees, straddling her.  I took each wrist and slipped a zip-tie around it, closing it snug but not too tight.
“Mister….?”  the girl whined. 
“Just shut the fuck up, cunt!” I growled.
Then I kind of sat on her ass, more of a symbolic immobilization, and I turned around, pulling her pretty little feet  backwards.  Each smooth, slender ankle got its own zip-tie bracelet.  Again, snug, but not too tight.
“Please, mister….no, no…don’t….”  she continued to  plead.  When I pulled her left arm back towards the right ankle, she finally realized just what I had in mind, and she started to fight and scream.  “No!  No!  You can’t!—I won’t let you!  No—OW!”  Stephanie carried on,  but I had the upper hand, literally, and got a zip-tie through her flailing wrist, and then managed to pull her kicking leg back to it.  It was kind of like a rodeo roper getting a calf pinned, but I managed to pull the two together, run a nylon tie through each ring, and—just barely—slide the end into  its counterpart. 
So her left arm was crossed over to her bent-back right ankle.   She continued to holler and fuss, but I managed to get her right arm and left ankle similarly trussed up.  A bit out of breath, I stood up, and looked down at my handiwork.  My beautiful captive was lying on her stomach, facing away from me, with her hair all mussed up and over her face.  She was sobbing hard, in pain and fear as well as shortness of breath from our struggle.
Most importantly, her arms were bent back to meet her ankles in the generous arch of a hogtie.  I’m sure it was at least uncomfortable. 
Probably pretty painful.
But not painful enough.
So I rolled her over, onto her back, and was rewarded with a long, profound groan.
Now she really looked good, arching her flat stomach upwards, with her feet pulled back in underneath her, and her knees point up—and spread good and wide!  Of course, that little satin halfslip—sorry to go on about it, but it was just such a cute and female little thing—had now slid down her up-turned thighs to her waist.
“Ooooo…., OOOOOoooohhh, oh, ow—OW!—it hurts, it hurts so, please, please!  PLEASE!  I’ll do anything—anything!—whatever—oh, OW!—you want want, anything!”
Music to my ears, her begging.  But she was going to do it anyway, right?
And all of Stephanie’s magnificent teen anatomy was completely exposed to my lecherous gaze.  Her beautiful tits slid back on her ribcage, but just a little.  Such firm, round orbs mounted atop her chest, pushing up, displaying and offering her pretty little pink nipples, just for me to enjoy.   And the position displayed her blonde cunt in an equally provocative way.  It was just as blonde as her golden mane, mildly curly, and waxed back a little, but not quite a Brazilian job.
Her pink pussy lips were moist and glistened enticingly in the dismal neon lights.
As I said, she was arching her back, trying to relieve the strain on the hogtie.  I put the flat of foot on her cunt, and pushed down, hard, and she collapsed atop her bound wrists and ankles.
My little effort was rewarded with the most exquisite, excruciatingly loud soprano scream I have ever heard in my life.  I just can’t describe how loud and high-pitched that scream was as it filled the office confines.

Followed by lesser screams and sobs as her lithe frame was forced to adjust to this collapsing of her frame.
I got to my knees next to her, and pulled her up a bit, sliding my arm under her shoulders.  She was gasping and crying, begging and pleading—never mind what she was saying—and I pulled her so she was kind of kneeling, leaning in against me.  Her once beautiful, curled and coiffed hair was quite a mess now!  I pushed it away from her aristocratic face and nuzzled her cheek, kissing her, and moving my lips over her cheeks, ear, chin, mouth.
“So, you were saving yourself for marriage, huh?”  I murmured into her ear, breathing heavily, taunting her.
I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh.
“And you’d give your pure, unsullied body to the husband who earned you, is that it?”
My hand was digging into her pussy, and my index finger was tracing her cunt opening.  I was getting  horny again.
“And I suppose you’d wear a white silk nightgown over your pristine body, hmmm?”
I didn’t give her a chance to answer.  I pressed my mouth to hers, forcing a hard, wet French kiss on her mouth.  I looked into those bright blue eyes.  They were miserable, with a copious trickle of tears coming out of each one.  My hand went up to her breasts, and I fondled them, squeezing them, and pinched her nipples.  Stephanie pulled back from the kiss, gulping for air.
“Oh, no…it hurts… please, just do what you want to do, whatever you want to do, just finish it and leave me alone,..let me go…just do it…”
I gave her left tit a good hard squeeze, and my beautiful schoolgirl captive threw her head back, her body stiffening.
“OW!  Just..just do it, do it!  Rape me, Rape me, rape me!  That’s what you want to do, isn’t it—oh, OH!—just—oh, in the name of God—just fucking rape me!”
Rape was on the menu, but I was still on the salad course.   I slid my right hand under her knees, and lifted my pretty prey in my arms, carrying her back to the work area.  “This used to be a warehouse, Stephanie,” I calmly informed her.  “Tonight it’s going to be a whorehouse.  And you’re the whore!”

I rose up a bit, sliding my prick again up and down the line between her thighs, letting it nestle against her golden crotch.  I held her head down by her nape, and returned to her beautiful 34-B tits.  There was hardly any settling of her firm breasts onto her chest.
“We all gotta lose it sometime, Candy-Crotch!”  I chuckled, as my right hand left her tits, and moved down her flat tummy, to her hips and to the hem of her slip.
I pulled it up. 
“Lift you hips, bitch!”
Stephanie moaned, “Nooooo…,” but she arched her back and lifted her torso.  I pulled the thing up  to her hips. 
   “Keep your ass raised, Stephanie, my darling.”
“Please, sir…ugh—OW!” She was awkward as hell, arching her body upwards from a base of hog-tied elbows and bent-back knees.  I put a knee between hers, then the other, and she was unresisting as I pried her legs wide open, and took an appreciative look at her naked pussy.  Stephanie had a rather light covering of pussy hair, lightly curled, with touches of red and brown mixed into her naturally blonde pussy. As I said, she had a bit of a wax job, nothing very extravagant.  Her pussy lips were very clear, pale pink, and I felt a fresh throb of blood and lust pump into my cock as I gazed at ground-zero to my criminal lust.  My eyes were focused on her young cunt for a moment, then moved up, past the bunched-up white of the half-slip at her hips, to her tits, to her beautiful patrician face.
Her eyes were fixated on my proud erection. Her face was flushed with pain—or was it fear?  Dread?  Anguish?  She looked at my erect cock, then up at the ceiling, then clenched her eyes shut
“All for you, Stephanie.  All for you.”
She had stopped crying.  In a state of shock, I guess.  I lowered myself down, and lay upon my captive, right between her young athletic legs.    The feel of her soft young pussy hair on the bottom of my dick was exciting beyond description.
“Tell me you’re a virgin. And keep saying it.  I want to hear you tell me you’re a virgin, over and over.”
   “I’m a virgin….I’m a virgin,” she complied.   “Oh, just do it—rape me, fuck me, do it, get it over with, RAPE ME!”  Her words were punctuated with gasps and gulps of air.   Maybe she was slipping into shock.   I continued to push my engorged dick all over her pussy, my heightened nerve endings enjoying her downy cunt hair. 
  “I’m a virgin.”  Now she was whimpering.
I slid my thumbs into the edges of her pussy crack.
“I’m a virgin.”
“Sir!” I reminded her.  I pulled her cunt lips wider, hooking my index and middle fingers, looking at the inside pink.
She winced.  In pain, maybe in shame, maybe both.
“Sir.”  She said.  “Sir.  I’m a virgin…a …virg—oh damnnit just do it and get it over with, it hurts, it fucking hurts!”
I slapped her a few times, then pinched her nipples.  “Disobedient bitch!  Say it!”
“I-I-I’m…a….virgin…a…virgin….” the girl whimpered.  “…a….virgin….You will be…my first…sir…
“That’s more like it, my little prim-and-proper slut!”
I lowered my hips onto her,  and forced her legs wider. I was breathing heavy.  I was ready, so damned ready to viciously fuck this most perfect combination of beauty, class, and purity.   
She was such a site, hog-tied on the grungy gray carpet, with only the dainty halfslip still on, bunched up at the top of her hips.  Her once-coiffed hair was a mess of curls on the carpet.  I pointed my prick right at her maidenly cunt.  I felt it touch the slightly moist tissues.
I moved my dickhead up and down, just inside her pussy lips.
“I’m a virgin.”
I pushed in, and my head was inside.  Inside her pristine pussy!  There was resistance, she was so tight, and probably clenching her groin muscles,  as I pushed in a little further, and lowered myself down a bit to get the right angle.
“I’m a virgin.  Sir, I’m a virgin…OOOoooooh!  OOOOOOOOO!”
More of my shaft found its way into my lovely young Stephanie.  My cock was centered and properly positioned now.   I let go of her pussy lips and put my hands on the floor at her shoulders.  She looked up at me, pain and anguish and shame in her eyes as I violated her.
I pushed in further. Hard.  Almost carefully.  The wonderful envelope of her girlhood was now sending shudders of indescribable pleasure all about my girl-fucker. A bit deeper, and I was pressing against her cherry. I lowered myself onto her body, noticing—oddly—the feel of her perked-up nipples pushing against my chest.  Sliding my hands under her to around her shoulder blades, I hugged her, wriggled my hips this way and that, and mercilessly plundered her young, pure girlhood.
“I’m a virgin-ooooOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!”
I raised my ass a little.
“I’m a virrrr….oooOOOOOOHHHHHH!  Oww--oooOOOO!  NOOOOO!”   Stephanie screamed, as I drove my manhood, my girl-fucker, deep into her, pushing—hard, fast, mercilessly—right into her, and right through her maidenhead, all the way into the depths of her pure body.
“No-no-nnoooooo…..AAAHHHH!”  It was the shrill, piercing soprano teenage scream of utter pain and anguish.  I was getting her, and getting her good.
I could feel the remains of her hymen—a thin stretch of  membrane, her ripped innocence, stretching around my prick. I pulled back, then shoved my meat back into her. Her cunt was tight and dry.  It encircled my girth as I drove back in, in, in--all the way home.  Nine inches of me were well inside young Stephanie, and her tightness enclosed my impatient manhood, stopping me—along with feelings of intense body heat.  I pulled outwards, keeping my pink head securely inside her pussy, and reached under her back and  gripped her shoulders, hugging her.
“This is it, Stephanie.  This is it!  This is when you get the full treatment of a real cunt-reamer, Stephanie!”  And with that, I pulled down on her shoulders, and pushed up, up, hard and deep, upwards into the little teenager’s pristine body.  I drove in, impelled not just by my desire for the pleasure of fucking, but by my pathological desire to utterly skewer the girl.
Oh, so tight and snug!   The grip around my penis was perfect. 
“Uuuuuhhh….OOOOOOHHHHHH…!” Stephanie moaned.  Her eyes were closed and her tears had  dissipated into splotches of wet all about her temples and cheeks.
I pulled back just a bit, and drove myself back in as hard as I could, throwing my hips to add weight.  I pushed back in, all the way, and felt myself hit home, deep, deep, so very deep into Stephanie Davidson, beautiful, blonde, gifted, privileged, the girl in the sexy and demure box-pleated dress—but now lying naked, hog-tied on a filthy carpet in a vacant warehouse.
She gave out a breathy groan, “Uhhhhh!”   Damn, I was so horny, with her flat on her back, her arms and legs tied back underneath her, and best of all: her virginity impaled by my hard cock!  I pulled most of my way out, and forced my way back in again, hard and fast.  I think I found maybe another half inch or so of depth into my captive teenager.
“OOOOOOW!   Oooooo….OW!”  Her last exclamation was an out-and-out scream, a high, girlish soprano, “EEEEeeeeeiiiiiiii!” 
“No!   No!   No!”  she uttered.  “Noooo…”
No doubt, she was suffering intensely.  She closed her eyes, clenching her face in a grimace, rocking her head back and forth.  Her long hair whipped around on the dirty gray carpet.
“Open your eyes, Stephanie.”  I gave her a little slap.  “I want you looking at me while I rape you!”
She obeyed, her dazzling azure blue eyes streaming with tears  as I deflowered her.
I pulled out, and drove myself in—again, all the way in, and heard my victim grunt with an “ummph!”  I settled my weight on her for a moment, savoring the experience, having this beautiful virgin lying beneath me, and my prick  shoved into her so very, very deep.  Her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths, and her firm breasts jiggled, just a little. She was looking off to the side, a large tear going down her cheek.  I straightened her head, and looked into her bright blue eyes. 
“You’re so beautiful, Stephanie.  You’re so fucking, fucking beautiful, and I’m going to give you one hell of a fucking, Stephanie baby.  You’re so sexy and hot and beautiful and everybody wants to fuck you, you know? Your boyfriend, your teachers, the men in your church, every man who walks down the street, they all want to fuck you, and I’m fucking you now, my prick is in you, and you’ll never get fucked again like I’m going to fuck you now!”
I shoved my dick back into her, out, and in again.  Her virgin tightness had stretched a little, and now felt good and snug while I settled into a steady fucking rhythm.
“Now kiss me!”
My head was about three or four inches above hers, and she had to raise her head to obey me.  Her hair was spilled down onto the dirty gray carpet.  I pushed my tongue against her sweet lips—she wore a flavored lip gloss—and she parted her luscious lips to receive it.  I pushed my tongue into her, and frenched her, covering her lips with my slobber.  It was hard for her to hold her head up, but she managed it, while I forced onto her a prolonged kiss. Her eyes were clenched with pain.  I’m sure the increase weight on her trussed-up limbs hurt even more.
Then I started pumping her pussy in earnest, delivering short, steady pumps of my prick into her.  “Keep kissing me, you lovely cunt.  I want you to keep kissing me until I break it.”  She kept kissing me, breathing with little snorts through her nose, but I knew that her head would be getting heavy soon, and I felt her weaken a bit, trying to keep her lips pressed to mine.  But she managed.  I ran my fingers through the silky hair, falling down onto the carpet.
I could tell it still hurt her, but she kept her head up, and received my tongue into her mouth.  I withdrew a bit, and shoved myself back into her teen girlhood. 
Then I did it again.
 I started fucking her—raping her—with wild abandon.  In and out, in and out, I just went on fucking her, and fucking her, every nerve on my prick brilliantly alive with the feel of her young, tight cunt.  Stephanie was breathing through her nose, and as her neck began to tire, I could feel her trembling.
Finally, it was just too much, what with the pummeling on her pussy, and she dropped her head back.  There was a soft thud as it landed on the carpet.  Her hair fanned out.
Grabbing her hair at the side of her head, I looked right into her face.  “If I tell you to kiss me, girl, you damn well better kiss me!”  And I planted my lips on hers, mashing my mouth down her hard, and  picked up the speed of raping her tight little pussy.
It was heavenly, abusing her.  My heaven, her hell.
She looked so lovely and vulnerable and hurt, lying underneath me on that grubby rug, with her silky lingerie bunched around her hips and waist.  As I moved my torso over her, this way and that, the folds of her slip brushed against my belly, my groin, and my thighs, adding to the sensuality of the whole rape experience.  I’ve never understood it, but there is something indescribably sexy about a girl, flat on her back, with her halfslip pushed up.
The girl’s  breasts were pushed up and away from her ribcage with a natural nobility, brushing occasionally against my chest as I rose and fell while fucking her.
I kissed my “lover,” off and on. But my focus was on the exquisite feelings my prick gave me, sliding in and out.   It was like an elastic ring was circling the oute half of my prick, and right below the head there was this firm, even grip.  I groped and fondled her sweet teenage body all over, fondling her tits and flicking her nipples with my thumbnail.  Then I moved up and down her curves.  Her figure was hourglass-perfect;  I groped it all around and underneath her silky pink slip, from her ribcage to her slender waist and flat teenage tummy, and down to the youthful flare of her hips and thighs.
This was a once-in-a-lifetime fuck, raping this pristine teenager.
I intended to prolong it as best I could.
She was really suffering, too.  Her pain only made it feel better.
Stephanie was breathing hard.    I put my face to her delicate little ear.  I pressed my mouth deep in her fragrant hair,  kissing and licking her ear while I continued fucking her.  “You feel good, girl, yeah, Stephanie baby, if you only knew how nice it feels, shoving my cock into your nice young body.”  I pulled out, right to my tip, and plunged in hard.  “Yeah, good, so good, Stephanie baby!”
She issued a moan.  “Ooooo…ohhh…uhhhh-UGH!”
“Is it feeling better now, Stephanie?”  Again, a long, hard lunge, right to the hilt of my girl-sticker, applying all my weight, forcing her down on her criss-crossed limbs.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!  Uh-UGH!”
  I knew what the answer was.  “You got such a hot body, you delicious little dreamboat, your body’s just built for fucking, you know that?”
“Ohhh…please…please, stop—just finish, just finish, no, it hurts, it hurts so much!”
Her pleas just made me all the hornier, and a warm pressure began to accumulate in the bottom of my ball sack.  I knew that as much as I wanted to extend and savor my rape of this girl, my raw lust would  have its way.
I slowed down, delivering long, sensuously slow strokes deep into my virgin victim.    I let go of her hands, and dug one of my hands into her hair, and her left tit with the other.  I gave it a squeeze—not too hard, just enough to hurt her a little.
“Ohhhhh….OW!  Oh, please, please, please-please-please just finish and get it over with, mister, I can’t take it, oh, ohhhhhh….OH IT HURTS!”   She could do nothing except beg—which aroused my sadism even more!
I pinched her nipple, and Stephanie gave out another piercing scream.  It filled the vacant office.  “No one can hear you, Stephanie.  We’re here all alone.  Your boyfriend is kind of tied up at the moment, you know that?”  She bucked and twisted, but I pressed down on her with my full weight again, parted my knees more, and forced her thighs even wider.   Little Stephanie was reduced to thrashing her head about. 
“I wonder if pretty boy has woken up, huh?  Think he can hear you down there?  Think he knows the virgin pussy he wants so much is mine, that I got my prick stuck in you, Stephanie honey?”
She no answer answer, and just cried. 
And cried.
“He’s real husband material, isn’t he?”  I taunted.  “Which reminds me, you’re not going to be a virgin on your wedding night, are you?  Cause I got you first!”
The girl lay beneath me, sobbing in pain, powerless, and violation.   I resumed a regular rhythm of fucking her.   She felt nice beneath me.  My face was in the crook of her neck, and I inhaled her sweet hair, smothering my face in the glorious shiny stuff.  For a few minutes, I concentratd her breasts, those distinct and young-womanly orbs, as my pecs brushed against them.  Such nice, perky nipples!   When I lifted myself just a bit, I could feel her nipples, involuntarily erect and pink with the blood inspired by the sex forced upon her.
But mostly, I felt her wonderfully warm, tight, and slightly wet cunt squeezing around my prick as I moved in and out of her, in and out, in and out.  Damn, it was good, better than anything I’ve ever felt, looking at the beauty of this girl, feeling her body beneath my while I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her! 
As good as it was, that deep, intense inkling around my ball-sack was beginning to whisper to my lust, all good things must come to an end….and I knew what that meant.
“I’m going to come in you, Stephanie,” I grunted into her pretty little ear, grunting in a raspy voice.  “Damn, I’m primed—I’m gonna cream your pure young body—“
“No—please, no, no!”
“—I’m going to come in you, and spray my semen into your virgin womb!”  I kind of spit out the words, “virgin womb.” I could tell they stung her.
“No, no…Oh!  OWW!  I-I-think I’m fertile, I’m right around mid—“
I delivered a stiff punch her kidney. Without interrupting my rhythm. 
“UMPH!”  I continued rising and dropping, driving my prick deep into her pussy.
 “Shut the fuck up, bitch!  You don’t ask me to do anything—or to not do something!”   Pulling my knees up a little, I adjusted the angle of my attack on her tight girlhood downwards a bit, and started delivering shorter, faster, stoccatto jabs into her.  It really intensified my desire, and the pressure in my scrotum grew, and I cold sense a more intense heat glowing at the tip of my ten-inch penis.
“Yeah, yeah…oh, Stephanie baby, you’re good, you’re going to be so good, my best fuck ever!”  My evil soul was aflame with the raw lust consummate the rape, to inseminate this beautiful young girl!  I lay all the way down on her lithe body, and snaked my arms underneath her, one around the small of her back, the other around her neck and shoulders, and pulled myself down on her even harder and tighter, while my hips rose and fell at a fast rate, fucking her, fucking, fucking, fucking her.  The pressure of fresh, engorging blood in my manhood was increasing.  Keeping the same rapid pace, I lengthened my stroke, and most of my cock was exiting and entering her tight, young fuck channel.
I held her, hugged her like a lover, but my hips rose and fell, at a vicious pace,  slamming my virgin-raper into her over and over, again and again, on and on.
Consumed in an evil, selfish lust, I went silent, entering a sublime netherworld of sensation and desire.  I could feel my prick sliding in and out of her snug, warm pussy, but I was also so very aware of the myriad other sensations:  the tickle of her silky slip bunched and gathered against my belly and hips, the feel of her body—her tits, especially—against my chest, her soft hair, her perfume, her breathing, and the occasional moan or cry or muttered plea that escaped Stephanie’s lips.
“Pleeeease…….(….oh…oh….stop,….ooooh….)……more….”   my sorry little victim sighed and moaned. “Oh, it hurts, it hurts so, my arms, my vagina, my shoulders, oh—it hurts everywhere, my wrists, they’re cut, oh, no, my pussy, my pussy!   I can’t take it any more-Please stop, just finish, ohhh…owwwwWWWW!!”
 I pressed my lips upon hers, “kissing” her, squeezed her tighter and  kept up my merciless pounding into her teenage girlhood.  I looked into her weeping eyes—once so merry and blue--and in seconds—or was it minutes?—I found myself at the point of no return.  Time ceased to exist, and I was lost in the thrall of her pristine loveliness, the sense of her silk and her skin and her tits and cunt, and most of all: the violent deflowering of my captive young goddess.
It was surreal.  My head was light and floaty.  I was awash with the sight of Stephanie, the feel of Stephanie, the soft  brush of Stephanie’s pink lingerie,  the spray of blonde curls on dirty carpet, the sweet female smell of Stephanie, and the tight press of Stephanie’s girlhood, all blended together in a rush,  as my prick,  pumped with blood, exploded in a white frenzy of lust—and shot my semen into her—a rush of ecstasy from the bottom of my belly, at once slowly and instantaneously rushing up and out.  I felt myself spraying into her, and spraying again,  lining her vagina, filling her womb.
It was the most intense ejaculation I have ever experienced.  No exaggeration.   The instant I sprayed her, she gasped, her blue eyes focused on mine in anguish.
I pulled back, and shoved my hard meat right back into her, and I could feel yet another ejaculation of my cock’s juices flow into the girl.
She knew.
She knew, had felt, my cum enter her.
“Ohhhh….noooo….” Stephanie whimpered.
I withdrew a little, and plunged myself into her, again, and as deep as ever, and another burst of my cum burst into the girl.
And another.
And still another!
I’ve had some great orgasms in my life.  I’ve deflowered a few virgins.  And I’ve been privileged to fuck some real beauties here and there.  Tell the truth, I’ve engaged in a bit of “non-consensual sex” as opportunity allowed.
But cumming in lovely, young, trussed-up Stephanie—exploding as I was—I’ve never had everything, so perfect and so intense, with one girl like this.  I was carried away in a truly once-in-a-lifetime fuck!
Or rather, rape!
Such an aristocratic beauty. So tight.  So pure and pristine, and yet so deserving of sadistic rape!
The blonde teenager, still weeping, turned her head to her side, looking away, as she felt my orgasm conclude.  I turned her upward, making her look at me.  I wanted her to keep my face in her memory, forever.  I continued thrusting into the girl, as my climax began to ebb.  There were more spasms of pleasure: every push elicited a little more ejaculation, and every one was wonderful, in differing and lesser ways, as I  emptied my loins into the lovely hog-tied virgin lying on the grungy carpet beneath me.
In a minute or so, I slowed down and stopped.  I lay down on her, flat, catching my wind, and my breathing began to synchronize with her sobbing.  I lowered my head onto the crook of her neck, and buried my face in the mass of fragrant golden mane that spilled about her head.  With my left hand, I fingered her hair.  My right hand wandered down the side of her torso, tracing her nubile curves along the lines of her skin and through the folds of her slip.
She felt so nice.  Her body, her hair, her clothes—all so soft, fine, feminine.  So much to enjoy with lovely prey, even as my penis was soft—very happy and comfortable, but soft—inside her.  My lust was reduced to a few occasional small gushes, but the feel of my raped schoolgirl was still a delight.  She was mine.  She could move back to her pristine, aristocratic state in her prestigious Catholic academy, but I had stolen something—her purity and her innocence—and that would never be the same, ever.  That really gladdened my pernicious heart, I dare say.
I lay upon her for at least several minutes, absorbing the beauty of the girl and the evil beauty of the rape. She lay beneath me, rather still, sobbing quietly.  I’m sure the pressure on her bound-up arms and legs still hurt.  And my cock was still pretty hard, filling her tight pussy.
 Finally I propped myself up on my elbows, looking down at her.  With my fingertip I started tracing her lovely face, memorizing the smallest details of her eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, for my memory bank.  In fondled and combed her hair with my fingers.  She stopped crying, save for an occasional gasp or sob.  We had both recovered to normal pulse and breathing, and we breathed in synch, almost like lovers.
She looked up at me with those blue-eyes-to-die-for.  “You came in me, did you?  Did you…ejaculate in me?”
I chuckled.  “I should slap you silly for asking such a stupid question, whore.  Of course I came in you.  And you felt it, too, didn’t you?”
I frowned, hinting that an answer was required.
“Y-yes.  Yes.  I felt it.  Did you have to?  Couldn’t you have pulled out?”  Tears began to form in her eyes again.  “I’ve seen porno movies.  I know you could have, well, pulled out and done it outside.”  Now she was really crying. “I’m, I’m half-way to my next period.  I’m…I’m…I think I’m ovulating!”
Now it was time to start fucking her mind.
“Ah, Stephanie.”  My voice was warm and soothing.  “The gift that keeps on giving!  What do you think we should name our baby?  You’re going to have a baby?  That’s wonderful—I love children!  You don’t believe in abortion, do you?  Nice Catholic girl like you, huh?”
I punctuated my point with a little push of my softening prick back into her pussy.
She uttered a little shriek, and the tears really began to flow.
Like the sensation of tight cunt around my cock, the sight and sound of this girl crying was never average or routine.  It was always a pleasure.
I felt I was, at last, pretty much through raping her.
But not fucking her.  There was more in that department I could do.  As I told you, there’s a real sadistic streak in me, and it doesn’t necessarily mean whips and clubs and things.   
Slowly, savoring every lingering sensation, I lifted myself up, my prick easing out of her still-somewhat-tight cunt with a wet plop.  First to my knees, then my feet, I got up, my slimy, limp, but very contended virgin-fucker hanging over her.  Standing, I leaned against a building column, and looked down at my handiwork, this beautiful teenager lying on the grubby floor at my feet.  Her slip was like a shiny pink rope around her waist.  Her beautiful orbs sticking straight up. Her wrists and ankles, cojoined around the small of her back, pushed her gaping pussy right up at me.  And best of all, her light brown cunt was matted with sweat, cum, and a bit of smearing of blood.
Apart from the physical pleasure of having fucked her, was the thrill that she was a thoroughly well raped and defiled virgin!  Wordlessly, I rolled her over and cut the nylon ties that bound her limbs together—but kept the ones on her wrists and ankles on.
Stephanie pulled herself into a sitting position, rubbing her wrists and ankles.  They were quite red and sore.  Neither of us spoke as she stretched and massaged her shoulders, arms, and legs, giving them some circulation and relief.  I stayed there for at least five minutes, just looking at her, sittingon the grubby office carpet, with scattered litter and crap all around the place.  She made no effort to cover her tits or cunt as she stretched and massaged her sore limbs.
  She had been so proper and fashionable.  Quite a contrast, now. With a bit more time, she just sat there, legs tucked back to her butt, quiet and stunned.
“On your feet, whore!”  I barked.
Stephanie pulled herself up, awkwardly.  “I’m not a whore, mister.  I’m not.  You raped me.”  There was a choke to her voice.  “I was a virgin, and you raped me, and you’ll pay for it someday.   Somehow.  I don’t know when or how or by whom, but you will, by somebody.
“And by God.  You will answer to God.   But, but I’m not a whore.”
I was impressed with her composure.
“Yes you are, candy crotch!  You’re a whore cause you enjoyed it.  You came.  I felt it.  I felt you get excited and climax!”
It wasn’t true, of course.  But it was fun to fuck with her mind.
“I did not!  I didn’t, I didn’t!”
I pulled her to her feet, and bent her over a desk, twisting an arm behind her back for pain compliance.  “You’re more than a whore—you’re a slut, a fucking slut!”  Then I yanked her slip, pulling it all the way down her hips.   It fell in a puddle of wrinkled pink about her feet. 
Ironically, Stephanie was now, for the first time,  completely naked.
This was no accident.  I have a fetish for girls in pretty satin, and I had very thoroughly enjoyed fondling and raping Stephanie while she wore her silky halfslip. Fondling her through her silk dress, then keeping the slip on when I raped her, was an indulgence in my fetish.   But now I wanted my beautiful fuck-goddess naked.  I turned her around.  Naked, we faced each other.
I took her wrist, and pushed it to her back, and got a handful of blonde hair at her nape with the other.  I then lead her to a mirror. 
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the dirtiest whore of all?”  I laughed.
She slouched, turning aside from the mirror, moaning.  “Ohhhh,,,noo…p-please…”
“Come on, candy crotch!  ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sluttiest whore of all?’  Huh??  Huh!!!??”  I twisted her arm back, hard.
“I, I’m not…a…slut…or, or a whore…I’m a g-g-good girl, g-girl, I don’t, --I-I-I’m—I was, was--a virg—“
“Don’t argue with me, bitch!” I yelled, as I slugged her in her flat tummy.
She doubled over, and collapsed onto the floor, crying, curling into a ball.  Sobbing.  She buried her face in her hands, weeping, and her hair fell over, obscuring her face.  “No, no, no,…you…you …did it…you, you raped me, you raped me,  you bastard, you, you fucking bastard, YOU ROBBED ME OF  MY VIRGINITY!”
I knelt down, and pulled her hair away from her face.   “Yes, Stephanie.  You’re absolutely right.  I am a fucking bastard.  I’m a bastard, and I fucked you, Stephanie.  Hot damn, you were fantastic.   I fucked you. Fucked, fucked, fucked you!   And anytime somebody asks you—especially boys who are dating you, or courting you, ‘Honey, have you ever….are you a virgin?’  The answer is, ‘No—I’m not a virgin.  I’ve been fucked!’   Now give me a kiss!”  And I pulled her head up, and made her lips meet mine. 
Then I pulled her back to her feet, and held her closely, holding her tightly, keeping her head pointed upwards while I planted mock-romantic little kisses all over her face.  I turned her back to me, so we both faced the dirty mirror on the wall.  I reached around her, cupped and fondled her sweet breasts; her nipples puckered out, nice and taunt.  “You’re such an adorable little slut, Stephanie.  You’re a slut because I’ve turned you into one.  And now you’re free to go out and fuck any guy you want, without having to ‘save yourself for marriage.’  You don’t have anything to save anymore, because I took it.”
Stephanie lowered her head to the carpet, and tears continued to streak  down her cheeks.   Those perky 34-B tits rose and fell.  It was great pawing them.
“You’re a slut, Stephanie.  You’re a whore.  I’ve turned you into one, and over the next few years, you’re going to fuck lots and lots of men, and they’re all going to enjoy your beauty and your wonderful body.  You’re probably saying, ‘No, no, I’ll never do that….but you’ll see I’m right.  Almost every girl who gets raped ends up being a promiscuous slut.
“And you will be one, too.  You’ll see.  You probably won’t enjoy sex that much, because you’ll always be looking for that special guy with the magic cock who will make sex good.  You’ll be looking for the one guy who will heal you of the pain of being raped, who will make you  ‘clean,’  but you’ll never, ever find him.  You’ll be a drop-dead-gorgeous fuck-slut for lots and lots of guys!”
I kept feeling her up.  The desire in my loins was sated, for now, but it was still lots of fun touching her and fucking with her mind.  “A lot of people will still think you’re a nice, clean girl, but word will soon spread around campus that you can be had.  And that will start with your boyfriend downstairs!”  I put my arm around her shoulder, and led her back to the spot where I had raped her.
“Pick up those clothes.  Mine, too.”
She bent over stiffly—painfully?—and gathered them in her arms.  The dress and slip were draped over her arm, swaying.  Other things got kind of bunched together, and she had some trouble managing four shoes, but finally had everything together.  “Good.  Let’s go back to the truck and see how Mr. Not-So-Wonderful is doing.  Is he a serious boyfriend?”
“No, not really.  Not now.”
“But was he?”
“Y-yes, I guess.”
“Were you serious about him?  Don’t lie.”
“Yes,” she whispered. 
“You’re what, eighteen, and serious about some fratboy?  Not exactly husband material, is he?  If he wasn’t falling down drunk, you wouldn’t have been raped, now would you?”
“No.”  A note of quiet defeat was in her voice.
It seems I had not only defiled her body.  I had ravaged her courtship!
Naked, the two of us exited the office areas, and walking down the cold, dirty steel catwalk to the iron stairs.  It felt cold and hard under my feet, and hers, too I’m sure.  Down the stairs, and across concrete floor to my van.  When we got there, I took Stephanie into my arms, and held her like her boyfriend would have wanted to, cuddling her.  I whispered my instructions softly into her ear.
“Before you and  Robert get out of here, you two have to earn it.”
She was shivering a bit in the cold garage.  “What—what do you mean?  I mean, want?  What do you want now?”
“I want you to fuck Robert.”
“Ooooooooo….” she sighed, her voice dropping.  “No—no!  Haven’t you done enough?”
“You do love him, don’t you?  Isn’t he your boyfriend?”
“Yes.  No!  I mean, he is, I, I—I mean, not any more, but he’s not that…well,…I don’t sleep, er, make it…oh, please, no, nothing more, just let us go—haven’t, haven’t you  done enough?  I gave you a very good blowjob and you raped me in the most…awful…way.  Aren’t you satisfied?”
“Not yet!  So, you wouldn’t put out for him before, and now that he got drunk and you got raped, he’s hardly Prince Charming, huh?  I guess there’s no way you’re going to give him the honor and the pleasure of your hot young body, isn’t that it, Stephanie?”  She buried her face in her hands, her blonde hair falling forward, hiding her face.
“Isn’t it?  He wasn’t good enough before, and now, even more so, right?”
“Y-yes,” she whimpered.  “He’s a nice boy, he, he..just…drinks…”
“Drinks too much.  And lets you get raped.  By a stranger.  Who has a mean streak and a vicious prick, and shoved it right up your virgin cunt, eh?  Now give your rapist a kiss!”  I didn’t wait for Stephanie to respond, but just grabbed my naked captive, and pulled her tightly against me, slamming my mouth against her small lips. Our clothes fell out of her arms.   I pushed her against the pipe railing on the catwalk.  It felt cool to my touch, and was colder to her backside, I’m sure. I finished kissing my victim, and cupped and fondled her tits for a minute or so. Then I squeezed them and pinched her nipples until I was rewarded with a loud, “O-o-ourch!”
 Then I had her pick up the clothes and shoes again.
We walked across the dirty floor to where my van was parked.  I opened the back, and was greeted with “Oooommph!” and some thrashing from the poor, gagged, and well-bound Robert.  Ah, he had woken up from his drunk!  I shoved the naked Stephanie to the back, and held her steady.  “Hey, Robert!  Here’s Stephanie!  Isn’t she a sight!” 
Stephanie moaned, “Robert….I….” 
But I put my hand over her mouth, and an arm around her hourglass waist, and whispered, “Shut the fuck up, slut!  You speak when I give you permission to speak!” 
I had drop the bundle of clothes.   Instinctively neat, she laid out her dress, and kind of folded her slip, bra, and panties.  She was about to organize my clothes, but I kicked her in butt.  Giving out a whelp, she turned to await my next instruction.
   I turned her so she was facing Robert, full-front and naked.
   “Beautiful, isn’t she?  Did you ever think she would be this fantastic, this sexy?”
I continued.   “I’ll bet when you picked her up tonight you didn’t think you’d get a chance to see her with her clothes off—isn’t she hot?”
Stephanie moaned, and started to whine, “Please, I beg you—“
I pulled her head back into the crook of my neck, and growled through her tosseled hair, “Just shut the fuck up!”  Then I wrapped my arms around her lithe body, just below her ribcage, holding her tightly, the two of us facing Robert. 
   “You want to know why she’s naked, boy?  Because I stripped her!  I stripped her, and I fucked her!  I didn’t just fuck her, your pretty little Stephanie, here”—my hands went up to her tits, and I lifted them up like an offering—“I raped her!  I fucking raped her!  I took your hot little Stephanie while you were passed-out drunk, and played with her juicy little body and  raped her!”
   The girl was crying.  Damn, it energized me and made me feel, well,  fiendish!  Under her titflesh, I could feel her chest heave, her lungs gasping in irregular breaths.  But she stood still, her arms limp to her side, while I started squeezing her breasts, and brazenly twisted her nipples.
   “Look at her, Robert.  Look at her!  She’s  beautiful, isn’t she?  Isn’t she the most fuckable girl you’ve ever seen?  Do you like making other guys jealous when you take her out? You watch other guys giving her the eye?  I’ll bet you drop little hints that you’re making it with her, huh?  But you don’t.  Nobody does.  Nobody’s ever made her--except me!  Wouldn’t  you just love to fuck her?   To really, actually fuck her?  Do you fantasize about her when you jerk off?  Wishing you could shove your miserable little dick into her?  Well, I did!”  I gloated. 
 Reaching around to her front, I kept squeezing a tit, but my other hand slid down to her cunt, and I dug it into her crotch.  She obediently separated her legs a little, and I slid my fuck finger into her, and started finger-fucking her. And you know what else?  She was a virgin!”  I kept digging my finger in and out of her pussy.  It was still wet and slippery with her pussy juices and my cum.   “ Cherry!  I popped your girlfriend’s cherry!  And she bled—she fucking BLED!”  My fingers kept digging into her crotch, as I rubbed her pussy up and down.  It was still warm and very moist.  I groped her, and kept fingering her, in and out several more times.  “Open your legs more, slut, so I can get in good and deep!”  Stephanie spread her feet, squatting a little, and I continued fingering her cunt while I taunted her pathetic wimp boyfriend.
   He moaned into his gag, thrashing about.
   College boy’s eyes were huge as he watched me finger-fuck his lovely high-school girlfriend. 
   “And there’s more.  I’m hardly done with her—I’m hardly through with this girl, you think  I’d just fuck a dreamboat like Stephanie and be done with her??!”  I turned her around, forcing another wet, deep-tongue kiss on the teenager, digging my finger up into her cunt against me, holding her steady with an arm around her waist.  I broke the kiss, and reached for another handful of nylon zipties.  Then I grabbed her by her hair, turning her around and shoving her over the rear bumper.  Stephanie’s torso was lying over the cold, greasy floor of the van, with her knees on the cement pavement. 
There was an apparatus hanging from the ceiling, apparently something for lifting heavy equipment or freight, like large barrels.   It had a rectangular iron frame, about five feet by three.   At each corner of the frame was a length of chain maybe a couple of feet, with a hook at the end. A switchbox hung on a powercord from an overhead motor. As the motor lowered it to about a meter’s height,  I tilted it and shoved her under the frame.    I pulled each wrist to a front hook, and looped the zip-ties onto them, and then pulled the zip-ties tight so she couldn’t jiggle them loose. I hit the up switch, and the cargo-hauler lifted her up, up, up, until her pretty little feet were a few inches off the concrete floor.
With her arms pulled up, Stephanie’s tits lifted nicely, so I resumed pawing them.  “Nooo….” She whined.  “Haven’t you…done enough?  Please, …please!  That hurts!”
“But it amuses  me,” I countered, “and that’s what counts!”  She tried to jiggle off, bitching and asking questions, so I shut her up with slug to her temple.  “Shut the fuck up, whore!  It’s not supposed to make you comfortable.  It’s suppose to make you entertaining!” 
From inside the van, Robert mumbled objections through his gag and banged his bound legs about.&nbs
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