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Author Topic: Owned (celeb ,inter,anal,oral)  (Read 80 times)
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Disclaimer : This is a adult fantasy fiction.  The scenes in this story don't depict the sexual orientation of the the actresses involved.

Owned ft Lindsay Lohan , Hayden Panettiere
2008 New Years Eve Italy

Hayden was in Italy for the Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival.Hayden at the height of her popularity with her hit role on Heroes,drawing a lot of attention to her name as Hollywood's newest sweetheart.And the main reason was that,was the cheerleader uniform she wore most of the time on the show was the best bait for the hordes of horny young men that watched it fanatically.Hayden knew it,her manager knew,the show producers knew it and all wanted to exploit her hotness for their own reasons.During all those Award shows,convention and various promotional events Hayden had her share of meeting creepy looking fans and she could tell what they were actually thinking while they were looking at her,but she knew it was part of her business and never really thought about it too much.She had learnt how to avoid them and soon have them on their way,always with a nice smile on her face.

Since it was Hayden's last night in Italy and it was New Years Eve she joined the rest of the celebrities that were there for the Festival and went out to one of the island's most private clubs.She needed to relax after the stress of the last week constantly talking and meeting all sort of people,old,young,kids,families,polite and creepy.After gulping down her 6th drink of the night her group kept on having fun at their private table Hayden was walking off the dance floor when she bumped into Lindsay Lohan.

''Hey Hay, what’s going on?'' she asked as they hugged each other.
Lindsay smiled as she looked Hayden up and down.
''Not much, just having fun girl'' she told her.
Lindsay was an old friend of Hayden's back from her days when she partied with Paris Hilton.Not so long ago really,just a couple of years before she landed her role on Heroes,Hayden used to hang out with Paris and Linsday all the time.She could still remember some wild nights with them but after she hit big with her show she started avoiding them to promote a more good-girl face to the media.Lindsay pulled her towards her table as they sat down.

''Join me for a quick drink'' she said as she poured some champaign.
She handed Hayden a glass and raised hers for a toast...''Here’s to the sexiest bitches.''.... They both laughed as but Hayden seemed a little troubled realizing Lindsay was a bit drunk already.Lindsay leaned over the table in front of her as she finished off her glass.
''So, things been going crazy for you?'' she asked Hayden.
Hayden put her glass down and leaned back in the chair, smiling at her.
''Yea, it’s been pretty crazy so far. I have to fly back tomorrow and do some shows.You know the usual.'' she told her tipsy friend.
Lindsay just laughed.

''Don’t worry about it Hayden. You’re a hot should make the most of it while it last.'' Lindsay told her.
They idle conversation carried on for a couple of minutes as they gulped their champaign.Soon Hayden was as drunk as Lindsay when she asked Hayden if she had any plans after the party and the petite actress grinned as Lindsay rubbed a finger against her nose.Hayden knew all too well what Lindsay suggested.
''Well, if you’re looking for that, you should get out of here. Neither of us needs the tabloids finding out about that.'' Hayden told her as she giggled.
''Dont be like that Hay...come with me and you wont miss.'' Lindsay said as she looked Hayden straight into her eyes.
''And i got some coke back at my place if you wanna head over there.'' Lindsay said.

In her state Hayden didnt think much about it,she smiled shaking her head yes as the 2 girls walked out of the club and headed towards the nearby pier,getting onto Lindsay’s boat that was waiting to pick her up.
''Hay dont look so suprised...i always stay on a yacht whenever i can.'' Lindsay said to the awe struck actress.
''That yours?'' Hayden asked suprised.
''Damn right girl...i always travel incognito.I dont like people snooping around.'' Lindsay said as they climbed about and sailed away.
Hayden knew the trouble Lindsay had with the media and said nothing,she just looked at the big yacht they were fast approaching.
It wasn’t too long before the girls were there. Lindsay was thinking evil thoughts as they climbed the stairs followed by her old friend.
''Well, make yourself at home Hayden. I’ll be right back.'' Lindsay told her as she went to get her stash.

Lindsay was in her cabin, pulling a small wooden box out of a nightstand. She breathed a sigh of relief and checked inside, making sure she had some coke. Hayden looked up and got a big smile on her face when she returned, knowing what Lindsay had in her little box.
''About time Lilo, I was about to leave and go find some on the streets of Capri....'' she said, laughing.
Lindsay smiled and sat on the couch,opened up the box, pulling out a small mirror and a vial of coke.
''Just what i needed girl, thanks for inviting me over.'' Hayden said as she pulled a dollar out of her purse and rolled it up.
Lindsay smiled as she poured the coke out, chopping and pushing it into 4 little lines.
''Here, you go first....'' she said as she pushed the mirror towards Hayden.

Hayden Panettiere might look innocent but Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan had made sure long ago to initiate the young starlet years ago into the habbits of a true Hollywood star.Hayden leaned down towards the coke and put the dollar up to her nose, snorting up the first line. She sat up and rubbed her nose, sniffing as she handed the dollar to Lindsay. Lindsay snorted up the next line as Hayden was sitting back and opened a fresh bottle of champaing and handed Hayden one glass.

''Wow…damn Lindsay, that’s some good stuff'' Hayden said, looking over at the smiling Lindsay as she sat back up, wiping off her cute nose.
She took a swig of her glass and sat back, enjoying the coke as she smiled at Hayden.
''I didn’t think you were still into that though.'' Paris said to her as she finished off her champaign.
''Yeah i try to avoid as much as i know the whole sweetheard thing and all for the press....'' Hayden said feeling the effects and getting dizzier by the second.
''I guess if people knew you they'd get the surprise of their lives...'' Lindsay laughed slugging back on the big couch.
Hayden just laughed and chugged the rest of her drink.
''Sweetie, you’ll find that there are bigger surprises out there than a little coke...'' Lindsay said, throwing her bottle out of the window and into the sea.
''Speaking of can you afford all these Lilo? havent done much lately....'' Hayden tried not to insult her friend as she knew that Lindsay's acting days were long gone.
''Well...i have my ways....i have some friends that help me out....'' Lindsay said with a mischivious grin.
''And they could help you too if you are interested....'' she carried on winking at Hayden would looked at her with huge eyes realizing what Lindsay was actually implying.
''Mmm im sure he can...'' Hayden laught as she gulped another glass of champaign.
''Just use what you got...'' Lindsay winked opening another bottle and purring a new glass.
''Yeah right...thats low Lilo....even for you'' Hayden tried to keep her composure but the mix of alcohol and drugs wasnt helping.
''But seeing all this i cant blame you....'' Hayden brusted out laughing as she slipped her drink.
''I knew you'll see it my way Hay...and i mean it when i say that my friend can make your dreams come true....'' Lindsay said looking straight into Hayden's green eyes as she thought what she had planed for Hayden,getting hornier as she squirmed on the couch next to the rising starlet who took the dollar and leaned down to finish off her second line.
''Let me sleep on it,ok Lilo?'' the blond actress said as finished off own line and drink.

In a way Hayden found it flattering and at the same time thrilling that someone that would actually pay and she in return do whatever he asked.Any other time she would have gotten up and stormed out of the room at the mere suggestion of it,but right now she was incapable of clear thinking.Maybe he's good looking to hang out with Lindsay,she thought to herself and now being totally drunk was rationalizing those decadent thoughts.

''How about a toast?'' Lindsay asked as she grabbed the glasses and refilled them.
Hayden agreed and took the glass as Lindsay held up her own....''Here’'s to us!'' she said,they touched glasses and took a drink and layed back,it was time for Lindsay to finally put her plan to work.
''So,which guy are you fucking for free this week?'' she asked making the young blond choke on her drink.
''What are you talking about?'' she replied trying to hide her surprise about the question.
''Hay,i heard the rumours that you have fucked every guy on your show,from crew to all your male co-stars.'' Lindsay said as she put her glass on the table and winked at her.
''Dont get me wrong...i'm the last one to judge you...but im really curious you know.'' she said looking down at the startlet Hayden.
''I...i dont know where you heard that,but...but sometimes i just need something,i need a hard dick to fuck me.'' Hayden said in an apologetic voice and smiled,the alcohol doing the talking now.
''I guess i undestand....i feel like that from time to time...but as i said...i never give it for free...'' Lindsay said as a matter of fact.
''Fuck yeah....its so hot in here Lilo....'' Hayden giggled as she fixed her strapless white dress a bit.
''It is,isnt it?I know what you need Hay...and i can give it to you now.'' Lindsay said as she dived onto her girlfriend and kissed her on the lips.

Suprisingly Hayden didnt object,instead she reached up and put her hands on Lindsay's back, feeling her soft skin as they kissed.Lindsay gently sucked on Hayden's lips, slipping her tongue in and out of her mouth, rubbing it against hers.Just like they did many times in the past during some of Paris Hilton's notorious parties where they would end up in drunk and naked in each others arms.Images of the good old days filled Lindsay's mind as she felt Hayden stick her tongue out and Lindsay started sucking on it, slowly sliding back and forth on Hayden's tongue. They both moaned as Lindsay sucked her tongue and Hayden was feeling her huge tits, squeezing and massaging them.

''Mmmmm,you're such a good kisser,Hay!'' Lindsay said as she pulled away and pulled Hayden's dress down along with her light pink,exposing her perky tits.
Lindsay licked her lips and moved in, slowly licking down to Hayden's pink nipples as she took them into her mouth.
''Ohhmmm...yesssss...suck my nipples Lilo...'' Hayden moaned as Lindsay sucked and nibbled on her nipples.
Lindsay gently tugged on them with her teeth before she went back to sucking on her tits. Hayden rubbed her hands up and down Lindsay's back while she feasted on her tits as she gave them a squeeze making Hayden moan with pleasure.Hayden pushed Lindsay back onto the couch, leaning over her and pulling her own dress off.
''Mmmmm...i could lose myself forever in those huge things.... ''she said as she kissed her way down Lindsay's full chest.
Hayden slowly licked around Lindsay's nipples, teasing her as she flicked her tongue against them. Lindsay let out a slight moan as Hayden took one nipple into her mouth while she pinched and pulled on the other one.
'''Ugghmm'' Lindsay groaned as Hayden went back and forth between her tits.

Lindsay moved a hand down and reached up under Hayden's short dress sliding her hand along her smooth and tan legs.
''Feels like somebody is already excited'' she said as she felt Hayden's wet pussy through her panties.
She rubbed her fingers up and down on her pussy, feeling her lips spreading out as she moved.Hayden arched her back and pushed her pussy against Lindsay's fingers, giving her the go ahead to play with it. Lindsay pulled Hayden's panties aside and slid her hand onto her pussy with nothing but a landing strip of neatly-trimmed hair decorating her crotch,feeling how hot and wet it was.
''Ohhhh yessss....feels very nice'' Lindsay she said, sliding her fingers all over her girlfriend's pussy and gently brushing against her clit.
Hayden moaned as Lindsay started pumping a finger in and out of her wet pussy.
''Mmmmmm....fuckkk....yessss'' Hayden moaned out as Lindsay leaned back, watching her finger sliding in and out.
She grabbed her own tits, massaging and squeezing them she added another finger into the leaking pussy.
''Yea those fingers dont you?'' Lindsay said as she licked her lips, loving the view of her fingers banging her friend.
Lindsay layed down,sliding her head between Hayden's legs and kissing her way up her thighs while still sliding 2 fingers in and out.
The blond actress reached down and held onto Lindsay's head, running her fingers through her red hair as she flicked her thumb on Hayden's hard little clit.
''Ohhh....mmmmm....uhhhh.....fuck my pussy'' Hayden cried out as she could feel her orgasm start to build.
Lindsay fingered her harder,fucking her pussy as it leaked out all over her. The young star pushed her hips up and held onto her friend's head tightly as she started to cum.
''Ugghhmmm fuckkk.....I' CUMMMINNNGGG.'' she yelled out as her orgasm hit, her body shaking as her pussy juice flooded all over Lindsay's hand. Hayden moaned as Lindsay sucked up the juice from her her fingers as she pulled them out.
''Yeaaa baby....mmmmmm....sweet pussy juice.I always loved your taste.'' She pulled herself up and layed on top of Hayden slowly kissing her and letting her taste her own pussy as they embraced.

Hayden just smiled and kissed her again, holding her close,her huge breasts crushed between them.Lindsay looked into Hayden's green eyes as she reached down and rubbed her hands over her ass, giving it a nice squeeze.Hayden's mind was spinning from the mix of drugs and alcohol as her head was about to explode from the orgasmic bliss.She got up trying to fix her dress,it felt as if she was in a dream and tried to get out and back to her reality,when she head a male voice.

''If it isnt Lindsay's little friend....'' she heard a guy saying as froze in her place
''I heard so much about you....that i had to meet you.'' he said as he moved closer to the half-naked starlet.

A day earlier

Lindsay was in her cabin aboard a superyacht off the coast of Capri, wearing nothing but a leather collar around her neck.She snorted a line of coke as two black men entered also wearing nothing.They were younger than her and they both licked their lips at the sight of Lindsay Lohan in all her naked glory.
"You guys ready to fuck a celebrity?" Lindsay asked shaking her pale ass at them.
"Get on your fucking knees slut." one of the men ordered her.
Lindsay quickly got on her knees in front of the 2 men like a good obedient slut that she was.
"Tonight's going to be really fun." Lindsay said as she bobbed her head up and down on one cock while her hands jerked off the other two.
"I hope so."said one of the men.
Lindsay gagged as she throated the thick member lodged in her mouth as she would alternate between jerking and sucking all the cocks. The men would take turns spitting in her mouth with Lindsay still stroking the cocks off.
''Yeah....father will be pleased with this whore...'' said on of the men as he speared her neck with his fat cock.

The 2 men were the sons of Prince Ringpur of Poutanistan and he had paid for the services of the infamous Hollywood celebrity,Lindsay Lohan.
"Hold those fucking eyes open." one ordered Lindsay as he let loose of his cum into her eye sockets and spat on her.
Lindsay had reached down to her shaved pussy to ease her fingers in and out of her burning pussy. The two young men continued skull fucking Lindsay Lohan, each one forcing every inch of their long, dark cocks down her throat while the others wrapped her fiery red locks of her hair around their cocks and pull her head.Spit and saliva dripped out the sides of her mouth, drooling across her huge breasts as they took advantage of her body just they would do with their slaves.

"Oh fuck....oh my god!" Lindsay could only moan as she slurped the hard cocks.
They got her on all fours and one stood behind her.
"Such a nice ass need fucking." one of the brothers said slapping Lindsay's ass cheeks.
"Just fuck me already." She begged in her coke filled mind.
 "OHHHHHHH FUCK!!" She screamed as the thick dick slid into her ass, stretching apart her insides.
As she opened her mouth to scream another cock went full throttle int her tight neck while the other impaled her asshole hard.
"Shit bro, I never thought I'd be having a celebrity's throat wrapped around my cock." the young man said as rapidly fucked Lindsay's face.

Her makeup had been ruinned from the spit and saliva that was spilling out her mouth and the sweat that was now covering her body.Lindsay Lohan now looked like a cheap whore. Lindsay moaned as she felt the man grabbed the sides of her face, fucking her hard. The other man crammed all his dick into her ass.

"Bro,that is one loose ass." he said bottoming out his long cock.
"Well her throat isn't loose, this shit is thight." Grunted the other fucking her face.
"I love it when i fuck white bitches." said one of them working his thick cock into her ass, stretching it apart.
"OHHHHHH FUCK!!" Lindsay moaned with a mouth full of cock as the feeling of being stuffed.

She endured orgasm after orgasm with every thrust.Her big breasts were being mauled and squeezed, her nipples pinched and twisted while her ass cheeks were slapped so hard that her cheeks turned red. After a few minutes of fucking, they two brothers switched with Lindsay now choking and gagging on her own ass,a true Hollywood whore.
"UGGGGGGGG!!" groaned Lindsay as her ass was being split apart further than it's ever been.
The two brothers now fucked her ass hard at the same time with her moaning getting louder.Thats why they had her come to their superyacht so noone could hear her scream her mind out while they fucked her.

Soon they took their dicks out of her now gapping wide ass and their cum across her gasping face, clinging throughout her hair, in her eyes and mostly in her open mouth,as Lindsay lovingly licked cum covering her skin.
"You're a good slut." The brothers said after spitting on her face further degrading.
But Lindsay didnt mind,that what she was being paid for.
''Here...that will make you feel better.'' said one of the brothers.
He grabbed Lindsay by her sticky hair andpressed her face on the nightstand,buring her nose against the white powder making her snorted it.
"FUCK!" Lindsay said feeling a rush from the drugs and the adrenaline of being used like that.

''Father chose well this time....she's a true whore.'' one of them said.
''Yes it seems that she will do anything to get her fix.'' the other commented as they let Lindsay recovering on the bed.

A few minutes later Lindsay was beginning to recover from the sexual moment and drug high, stood upright, wiped the bits of cum that had escaped from her mouth, and slowly rubbing her sore ass.She steped back and looked at the fat man that had brought her there.The fat man was the Prince himself that had arrived onboard and wanted to see firsthand what he had paid for.Clearing her throat, she slowly gathered her voice.

"Is that all...your highness?" She asked not sure if she wanted it to be or not.
"Not quite, my sweet whore." The fat man simply stated.
''I know we agreed your stay here for the duration of the Festival,but i want to extend your stay here for a few more sons seem to be satisfied by your performance.'' he said.
''Well im honored...but that will cost you more...'' Lindsay stated,she was  professional after all.
''Of but of course....your usual fee is ok?'' he asked.
''More than ok...'' Lindsay said picking up a cigar of the side table and lit it.
''Too bad there arent any more like you around....'' the fat man said
''No there arent....but...maybe there is one here in this Festival....'' Lindsay said blowing her smoke into the air and thinking.
''Good good....there's always some decadent Hollywood whore ready to do anything for a few dollars...'' he laughed.
''We shall see....and i hope its not for only a few....'' Lindsay joked back.
''In that,you're right my sweet whore....'' the fat man moved next to her sitting on the bed....''Now tell me more of that friend of yours....''

Back to present

She still hadn't moved, and he walked up behind her. She stiffened when he touched the small of her back, his hand creeping downward over the waistof her dress, following the curve of her ass and then squeezing it. Hayden's face was bright red, but she stayed where she was, hands flat against her body like she was bracing herself.

''Lindsay told me so much about you Hayden...'' the Prince said as he stepped in close behind her.
''She told me that you are just like her....just another Hollywood whore...if the price is right.'' he said as he bent his head to kiss her neck, the movement like that of a predator going for the kill, she tilted her head to one side and let him do it,to shocked to put up any real objection.

Hayden felt as if she was trapped inside her own body and didnt react to those words nor to his advances.She had never let anyone talk or treat her like that,not unless she was in control,but somehow now she stood silent and said or did nothing.As if in a trance Hayden stood still as he started pressing his crotch against her ass, both hands on her hips and then sliding up, following the inward curve of her waist, pushing down her strapless dress to expose her smooth, tanned skin and then a light pink bra, semi-transparent cups hugging her small breasts tightly enough that when he turned her to face Lindsay she could make out the her nipples watching his hands working her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples through the lace of her bra,she could feel a tightening sensation at the tips of my own huge breasts that made her want to close her eyes and lie down.

''I take it that we have an agreement then?'' the Prince sort of asked,not that he needed her consent as Hayden let out a soft moan.
''You're mine?'' he asked again but the only answer he received was Hayden's moans.

Hayden was passive through this rough treatment, eyes closed, arms loosely at her sides.Her torso rising and falling as she breathed heavily through slightly parted lips, sweat glistening on her brow. And when he thumbed her dress over her hips,bunching them tightly around her ass, revealing panties that matched her bra, she let him without objection.Lindsay had worked her so much that Hayden needed to be fucked and the combination of alcohol and drugs had helped lower her inhibitions.The Prince's stare filled with excitement and amusement of what was going to follow.It wasnt permission he was seeking when he asked her as he pushed his hand down inside the flimsy material of Hayden's panties,it was approval.She moaned again and then bit her lip when he touched her.Lindsay could see the shapes of his black fingers inside pink lace as they moved.Hayden squirmed in his grasp, but not from any attempt to escape.She was reacting to his rough touch,some what reluctantly,but now she was extremely aroused to stop the man that was old enough to be her father.

''Not so fast....'' Linsday interrupted the fat man from continuing his sexual assault on her friend.
''Not before we'' she added...''...nothing comes free...especially sex!'' Lindsay said as she got up and moved next to the dazed actress.
''Fine...'' the Prince released his tight grip and left the room as Lindsay winked at the stunned starlet whose head was still spinning.

Moment later he returned carrying a golden box decorated with many expensive stones and places it on the table near the couch.He opened it and took out a bright white pearl necklace,Lindsay practically drooled upon laying her eyes on it,but she knew that was for her friend.
''Τhis is more than enough for now....'' he said as he saw Lindsay's reaction that gave the go-ahead acting as Hayden's patron.

As if reacting to a cue, the Prince picked Hayden up, lifting her as if she weighed nothing, carrying her across the room and laying her on the dining table in the center of the luxurious salon.When he placed Hayden on one edge and pushed her down onto her back,her legs were left hanging from one side while her beautiful head upside down from the other.Before she could realize what the decadent man intended to do,he placed one hand on her throat to pin her there as he unbuckled his belt with the other, letting his trousers fall around his thighs, pulling down the front of his boxers so that his pulsing black cock sprang free.

''Time to earn this....'' the Prince said.

Hayden's clouded mind cleared as she looked up at the menacing organ approaching her face and realized what she was actually being reduced to.Hayden had never seen one so big, so black and hard.She had her share of cock even black ones,but never something so big.And now here she was facing a huge dick by any standard,her little fingers couldnt even meet around his cock. Hayden was not sure how she was going to take this thing in her mouth let alone her tight pussy as it now came out to 11 inches of hard black flesh.The man looked down at Hayden and placed the necklace around his dick .

"I'll give you something extra if you get my whole dick in you throat." he said smiling as he moved forward hitting her on the chin with his fuckstick.

She lifted her arms, her hands going towards his fat stomach as though she could push him away but the aroused Prince wouldnt let her escape so easily.He caught her wrists with his free hand and held them as his cock brushed her chin and her mouth before he finally forced it between her lips.Hayden fought for a moment and half-turned her head as he tilted his hips towards her, and the head of his cock pushed out her cheek before he adjusted his position and thrust forward again. This time she took his full length, gagging on it, a stream of saliva spilling out around his shaft, dripping down her flushed face.

"Oh yeah.Go on....." She took more into her mouth, got down about 5 inches and she started to gag.
''Guess I don't need to worry about that extra." The fat man looked at her couching and wiping the spit from her chin with a look of determination in her eyes as took his cock out of her mouth and held it tightly.Lindsay laughed at her friends predicament,knowing all to well that she would have easily taken the whole length of it.
''Dont be so harsh with little Hayden my Prince....she's not as experienced handling real dicks like me....'' she said moving close to her friend who was still coughing out spit.

''Isnt that right Hayden?You've never had anything like this...'' Lindsay said putting her hand around the iron hard dick and jerked it a couple of times.
Lindsay then took some more coke and drew a line along his ten-inch cock.
"Why don't you do a line off his cock?" Lindsay grinned as Hayden was still catching her breath and looking up to her friend.
"Mmmm...Good idea." the Prince said watching Lindsay sniffing the coke of his twitching dick and kiss his fat belly in the end.
The redhead vixen then made a new line and pulled Hayden's head making her lick the drug off the hard dick and taste it.Her clouded mind was filled with erotic images and the wealth that fat man represented.She thought what the hell,she should try and get as much as she could now,and to make Lindsay jealous.
"Oh, you will be giving me that extra, you just wait and see." she said with a mischivious smile as she opened her cute little mouth wide.

Hayden with new found courage shoved his cock back into her mouth, got back down to 5 inches and started gagging again.She started licking the tip as the man stood at the edge of the table and Hayden started licking up and down the sides.He moaned softly and she raised her head back to the tip and took his knob in her mouth.She forced his cock past her gag reflex another 2 inches in,now 7'' of his 10'' pulsed in her, she was still gagging heavily on his cock forcing her throat to tighten around his cock every time she gagged.Lindsay was watching in awe as her friend was transforred into a pro right before her eyes.The black man was loving the feeling of Hayden's throat just constantly tightened around his cock. She let the cock out a bit, took a few breaths and slam her head onto his cock again this time getting the whole thing into her throat. As soon as it was there the gag reflex kicked in again her throat trying to milk his cock.

"Oh FUCK yeah, just hold it there." the Prince said not believing the tightness of her throat.
Hayden was struggling keeping it in,she needed air and tried to pull off his cock, but the black man had other plans,he put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her back,jerking up and fucking her pretty little face with force.
"I'm almost there little whore...just....a little can do this!" He encouraged the inexperienced girl who was way above her head trying to impress him and her friend by deepthroating a huge black dick.

Lindsay's eyes were transified from the sight of the old man fucking Hayden Panettiere's mouth, burying his cock balls-deep between her lips, watching her with a cruel smile on his face as she struggled to breathe, eyes watering, throat working beneath his grip, muscles standing out in her upper arms as she fought the hold on her wrists while the expensive necklace dance over her face.

''YEAH.....a trully deserving slut....'' the man said as he plunged his cock in and out her mouth,drool spilling all over her face.

Hayden's eyes started to water and drool run from the sides of her outstretched mouth as she was about to lose conscious but the Prince moved his hands to side of her head and started slamming her head up and down his cock as he just face fucked her like crazy and finally let loose down her throat.Hayden had just had the first taste of cum straight down her stomach of the night as the black man pulled her face off his cock and let her lay on the table as she breathed in real deep couching out cum and spit.
"Oh, my god!That was amazing...i havent met a Hollywood whore like you before...." the fat man said catching his breath with his dick laying onto of her face.
He moved away for a moment and went to his golden box and looked inside for something,then he returned to the table where Hayden still lay covered in his cum and her saliva.
'''ve earned these,little whore.'' the Prince holding her neck and spit on her face as he removed the pearl necklace off his dick and threw it on floor adding the bracelet that matched it.

"Now....Lindsay...."....the Prince ordered.... "Take her panties off...."
''And eat that slutty pussy." At his command Lindsay moved at the other side of the table while her friend was lost in lust.

Linsday looked down at Hayden writhing on the table, at the way her lithe body moved. Her breath came in quick, shallow gasps.She kept her eyes on the Prince as she touched the soft warmth of Hayden's athletic thighs, running her hands up to her hips, taking hold of her panties and pulling them down, and dragging this sorry excuse of underwear down to her ankles, over her designer heels and off.Lindsay put her hands on the insides of Hayden's knees, pushed her unresisting legs apart, stared down at her perfect pink little pussy.

The Prince groaned,as he resumed fucking Hayden's mouth harder than he fucked it moments ago,staring as Lindsay bent over her, pressed her salivating mouth to her labia, tasting and inhaling her arousal, exploring until she found her clit, curling her tongue so the tip teased its hood, seeking the tiny bud of hardened flesh beneath.Lindsay felt her friend jerk in response, letting out a moan that was muffled by the Prince's pistoning cock.Lindsay kissed her slowly,thoroughly,working her clit while she spread her saliva and her arousal over Hayden's pussy with her fingertips, finally penetrating her with fingers,fucking her at a slow, steady rhythm.

"Yeah," the Prince murmured, watching the show the two Hollywood sluts put on.

Hayden's hands came down to grab at Lindsay's hair, pulling her, urging her on as the Prince stepped back to enjoy the scene.His cock emerged from Hayden's mouth with a wet smack,walked around the table until he was behind Lindsay, and in seconds she felt his arms encircling his waist.He moved her dress over her hips and pulled her panties down around her knees and then stamped them the rest of the way to her ankles.She felt his fat stomach against her bare ass and the swollen head of his black cock against her and with a single vicious motion he was inside her,stretching her, his length so deep that she moaned, pushing back trying to get as much as possible.

He grabbed her hips and lifted her with same ease he had lifted Hayden, pushing her up onto the table so that she was straddling Hayden,seeing her face in extreme close up. Then she was kissing her again,Hayden's hands were crawling up under Lindsay's top, squeezing her big tits as her tongue invaded her friend''s mouth.The Prince began to fuck Lindsay hard from behind.One,two,three hard thrusts and then he withdrew.They two young actresses felt him cum between their bodies, his semen splashing across their flat belly, rubbing into their skin by the motion of their bodies,coating both of them just above their leaking pussy.And then he was gone,leaving Hayden and Lindsay on the table, kissing frantically,lost in their sexual lust.

To be continued.....

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