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Unholy Communion; Fm, vampire, violence, Fdom, hot looking MILF/cougar vampire

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Unholy Communion


Stepping out of the shower I was already excited about the upcoming evening. It was Saturday evening and I was going to a party down by the lake. I was genuinely hoping that tonight would be the night thta I would finally score. I had never had sex with a girl but Sarah from math class was starting to get a little frisky with me these days so I was very excited about the potential. I had of course fooled around with several girls, French kissing, getting inside their bra’s and Jennifer had even let me get my hand inside her panties allowing me to feel a girls pussy for the first time in my life. None however had been willing to let me go the whole way or even close. My friends did not know I was still a virgin. I told all the guys I know that I had scored with other girls, but the fact was I had still not gotten lucky. I was determined that tonight however all that was going to change. Making sure to brush my teeth fanatically, gargle mouthwash, apply deodorant and cologne...etc. I was determined to stack the odds in my favour. I picked a shirt that I felt would show my form well. I was active in school sports and finally my body was starting to respond. I still had a youth like body, but my biceps were finally starting to respond to weight training. They were nothing spectacular, but they were OK.

Heading out of the house I said good bye to the folks and headed down the street to meet with my best friend Bill at his house. We had known each other since childhood and were on the same baseball team. Knocking on his door I called him outside telling him to hurry up. “Did your cousin get the beer?” I asked. His cousin was 23 and could get beer so he was our primary source as guys who were under the legal age to buy it. “Of course.............I told you he would come through”. Relieved I realized the night was set.

Walking along our street we turned the corner and started heading towards the park, carrying two cases of beer feeling like big men. As we walked I spotted a lady who had been the object of several fantasies. Helen Peirce. She was in her mid to late 30’s, single and amazingly hot. I don’t know if she was married ever before, but for now she was single. She had the most amazing body and a face that the years had been extremely generous to. My parents and Bills parents knew her, and she had a respectable reputation, self employed as a consultant, helping with a few community endeavours and such.  She was wearing a business suit with a skirt, which fitted her body well as she got a few items out of the trunk of her car. Staring I wondered if she would see it as being manly that I had some beer on me. I self consciously made sure to correct my posture so my chest would seem a bit bigger, without making it too obvious that I was doing so. She still had her back turned, as I stared. “Give it up” Bill said, “It’s never going to happen......except maybe with me”. Responding in kind I said “In your dreams.......she’s mine!’. We both realized this was just fantasy. She was a fucking hot woman and would basically just see us as boys. Nonetheless, the fantasy banter continued as we discussed how bad we would love to get into bed with her. She was out of earshot so we weren’t worried. As she turned around and saw us her eyes immediately zeroed in on the cases of beer we were carrying. Being a responsible adult, she got that disapproving look, but then smiled understandingly and turned to go in her house. I guess she remembered what it was like to be a teen.

“She wants me”.... “Bullshit....couldn’t you see the way she was checking me out?”...... “Yeah right. Out of pity”............ “Fuck you!”. “No.....fuck you”. It was all in fun. We both liked to give each other a hard time, and we both knew that the pope had a better chance of converting the entire middle east to Catholicism than we had of getting inside her pants.

Arriving at Carson’s Lake, we set up near the bonfire that a few of the early arrivals had set up. Opening our beers we started getting drunk, each hoping to get lucky. Slowly the evening progressed as we consumed several beers, gradually starting to feel the effects of the alcohol as we continued. Sarah showed up and she immediately made her way over to me. Some light chit chat ensued, and we spent the better part of the evening together, drinking and smoking a bit of weed. It was not long before we were both firing off the right signals and before I knew it we were making our way towards the lake and partway down a path to get away from the party. Our mouths met and the ritual was on.......I the young guy worked to arouse the girl and overcome her sense of inhibition in hopes that I could finally get my manhood into that forbidden territory that had thus far eluded me during my young life. She on the other hand, worked to enjoy the moment yet retain her virginity, making sure to not give into the heat of the moment. As per standard, it was a bit of a negotiation as I worked to gradually piece by piece get her to allow me to remove her clothes. I had her shirt and bra open, working her breasts as my tongue explored her mouth. Laying on top of her I ground my hips into her groin, feeling my hardness press against her treasure, separated only by the jeans and underwear we each wore. When my hand snaked down and I started rubbing her pussy through her jeans she started getting even more excited, breathing hard.  This was it. She was breathless with arousal, and I was going to finally score. I reached for the button of her jeans and started to undo it when I felt her hand clamp down on mine. “I’m not ready for that yet”. FUCK!!!!! Attempts at renegotiating and such were fruitless. I told her that I had protection, and I would respect her and all that stuff, which was actually true. I did like her. That said, I was dying to relieve myself of the burden of virginity. I wanted so bad to become a man, feel what it is like to be inside a woman. The gist of her refusal was that she really liked me, and wanted to date me, but she was not quite ready to do that yet. I put on a good show of being understanding, but I was truly disappointed. I had been so sure that tonight was the night. A bit more kissing and cuddling and we got dressed and headed back to the party. At this stage it was evident to all others that we were a bit of an item and she spent the remainder of the evening with my arm around her shoulders as she wrapped hers around my waist. An hour later, she and the other two girls she came with left and went back to the house of the new girl in our class whose name I didn’t recall.

Eventually the evening progressed and the effects of the booze and the pot had started taking it’s toll. Feeling woozy, I decided to make my way home. To speed things up I took the shortcut through the woods path which took me past the creek falls. I had been told by my parents all my life not to go there at night because I didn’t know what I might run into, but I was a grown boy now, practically a man.

As I got to creek falls I desperately needed to lie down, as I started feeling my head spinning. I knew I would feel rotten tomorrow. I moved back near one of the tall fir trees, laying in the soft bark mulch beneath it, staring at the stars waiting for my head to stop spinning. I didn’t want to stay long, just long enough to allow my head to stop spinning and then I would go home. Staring up at the sky I felt my head continue to spin and shortly thereafter I blanked out, drifting off to a slumber, dreaming about the sex I almost had.


I was shaken from my reverie by the sound of women laughing and raised my head to see who it was. It took a second or two, since my eyes were still a bit foggy. The voice was familiar and sure enough it was Ms. Helen Peirce, the hot looking older woman from down the street and she had a lady with her who appeared to be in her twenties. Checking them both out I couldn’t help but notice that they both had hot bodies and were wearing short skirts that fitted their forms all too well. I resented the lucky bastards who they were going to see. The younger one was blond and had larger hooters than Ms. Peirce, but Helen had some awesome legs and a killer ass. They had no idea I was watching them. Stopping by the tree beside the brook Helen put her hand on the younger woman’s arm and stopped her as the two hot looking ladies conversed and laughed standing rather close together. Smiling at my dirty thoughts I was astonished when Helen leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Immediately I was aroused and my heart started beating faster at the reality of what I was seeing. I was about to see the hottest cougar in town get it on with a hard body blond in her mid twenties. Oh fuck this was amazing. Careful to control my breathing so they wouldn’t realize that I was behind them perving out I watched mesmerized as Ms. Peirce started drawing up the blonds top allowing two nicely rounded tits to drop out. I love women who don’t wear bras. The kissing got heated and Helen started fondling her breasts while the blond started squeezing her ass and drawing her skirt up. As the fondling got intense, with urgent desperation while the two ladies groped each other’s bodies like they were wrestling and kissed hard on the mouth. I stared intently waiting to see more flesh when the blond started trying to cry out but her mouth was pressed hard against Helen’s and it was muffled, however it was evident she was in distress. She started to struggle as a muffled squeal came from her but Helen held her fast as though her arms were made of steel. Suddenly I saw the problem; she had blood running from her shoulders and down her arms! What freaked me out even more was the reason why. Helens fingernails seemed to have been replaced by long steely claws or talons which were ripping deep gashes along the woman’s shoulders and arms! What the fuck?! Suddenly Helen pulled her mouth away staring intently at the girl as her mouth opened wide and she emitted a horrible screaming howl that I cannot possibly describe. Like a cross between the sound of a wolf, a cougar, a demon and god knows what else. My blood turned to ice at that horrible sound and I knew I would here that sound in my nightmares for the rest of my life, however short that may be. I could barely hear the victims high pitched girlish scream over that loud ghoulish banshee howl. My legs turned to rubber as I saw terror in the ladies eyes as she fought desperately for her life in her struggles she managed to move herself slightly to the left rotating the two of them slightly, allowing me a glimpse of what appeared to be long terrifying fangs coming out of Helens mouth. Kind of like the ones you see in vampire movies but even longer. It was the most horrifying sight I have ever seen! As the woman thrashed franticly in her terror and agony Helen drew back her right hand and in an uppercut motion drove her long talons deep into the woman’s lower belly and lifted her off the ground as the women screamed in pain, grabbing onto Helens wrist with both hands trying to lift herself to take the weight off of the elongated claws that had penetrated deep into her lower abdomen/pelvis. Her cries were truly pitiful! Helen then drove her left hand at the woman’s right breast sending steely talons piercing through flesh and mammary while the woman seemed to go insane with agony. At that point Helen drew her head back, emitted a horrifying screaming howl and then drove her head forward closing her mouth on the woman’s windpipe tearing it open as the woman started gasping through the opening. I was horrified listening to the horrible sound if this poor woman trying to scream through a torn open windpipe as blood poured down it and Helen snarled. At this point I started stepping backwards, desperate to get out of here quickly and quietly as my shaking rubbery legs would carry me, terrified of taking my eyes off of the carnage before me. As I stepped back with my right foot I felt it contact with something and in that horrible instant I knew it was too late to recover from the stumble that caused and I fell right back on my ass with an audible thud. Helen/it turned suddenly looking in my direction while keeping the dying prey pinned with steely talons. Even though I was at least 30-40 yards away in the trees at night she saw me right away and her eyes bored right in on mine. The sight was truly horrifying, her eyes did not look human, more like those of some beast, she had long fangs protruding from her mouth and blood poured down her neck. It wasn’t the sight of her that horrified me as much as the look she gave me. Almost with an evil smile she gave me a look in the darkness that said ‘I see you, I recognize you, I know who you are...........and I will deal with you later’. She rapidly turned her attention back to her victim and started tearing into the woman’s throat this time rupturing the carotid arteries causing the blood to spray like a fountain as she dug her face into the woman’s mangled throat, while the lady gurgled and her struggles weakened significantly.

I panicked! I turned and ran as fast as I could. I can’t honestly say if I screamed or not; I was too terrified! I do know that I ran as fast as I could not daring to look back. I could hear the inhuman sounds fade into the distance but the woods seemed to come alive with animal sounds, as though nature itself was screaming threats at me. As I broke the tree line I made my way into the park, which was barely lit, and I continued to sprint like a maniac. I recall getting to the street and feeling the asphalt underneath my sneakers as I ran, my feet pounding the pavement so loud I felt I could be heard for miles, but I dared not stop to soften the sound. I ran like the devil himself was after me. Turning onto my street I saw my house less than 100 yards away and I continued running, literally until I hit my door. Stopping I looked back for the first time since I started running . The street was empty. Fumbling for my keys I felt the cold contact of the brass on my hand as I fumbled through my pocket yanking them out with a loud jingle. I didn’t care anymore about the noise. I wanted to be in my home, get tucked under the covers and sleep so this whole horrible thing would go away. It seemed to take forever to insert the key into the keyhole, my hands were shaking so bad but eventually it slid in and I turned it rapidly, feeling the door give as I stepped in, closing the door and locking it. Only then did the exertion I had just gone through show its effects. My heart was pounding so hard it really hurt, and my breathing was raw and ragged. I felt I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Struggling to control my breath I went upstairs and stepped into the bathroom to look at myself. I was covered in scrapes and scratches as I had run straight through the woods, not bothering to duck or avoid branches. I was also sweating profusely and had to rinse my face with cold water to control it.

Moving to my bedroom I stripped down and got into bed in the darkness and curled up into the foetal position. Did that actually happen? It was impossible, but I fucking saw it! I had quite a few beers, and smoked a little weed but I was not that fucked up. This was no hallucination! I had just seen true horror staring me in the eyes. I was terrified to close my eyes, as I feared that I would see that face again if I did so. I just lay there, trembling praying for daylight to come. It was the longest night of my life.

I awoke the next day around noon, having only fallen asleep as the sun started to come up. My head was still feeling pretty nasty, but still I made my way to the bathroom and showered, then went downstairs to have some breakfast. The rest of the day was a blur, as I tried to entertain the possibility that what had happened last night was all a dream, but deep down I knew it wasn’t. Ms. Peirce was some freakish beast and had killed a woman right in front of me......and she realized I had seen it. Maybe if I just kept my mouth shut it could all go away, but deep down I knew that wasn’t possible. What I had seen that night was so terrifying, so demonic and inhuman that there had to be consequences for discovering it. I don’t imagine she would be keen on me walking around with her secret. For the time being I was going to have to always be in public areas where there were witnesses, particularly after sunset. Walking home alone at night or through the woods was out of the question. Why the fuck did I have to take that fucking shortcut!? Had I done the sensible thing and walked through the streets where it was well lit, I never would have seen that, and my life would be as normal as it was yesterday. I had no one to turn to for help either. Who would believe such a crazy story?

The rest of the day was a tired blur as I stumbled about trying to act as though my life was normal, as though I had not seen the hot lady down the street tear a woman’s throat out with elongated fangs and talons. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Late that night as I got my stuff ready for school the next morning I made sure my window was closed and locked. Since the roof of the carport was just outside my bedroom window, someone could in theory walk right up to my window, and all things considered, that was a genuine fear right now. It took me forever to get to sleep, but fatigue from the past day had finally caught up.

I awoke around two in the morning, and immediately became aware of a mild breeze blowing through my room. I had locked it. Of that I was certain. What came next was even more disturbing. I heard what sounded like a dog growling outside, but this sounded, deeper, more aggressive and malevolent. I was scared shitless! I couldn’t even move from my bed. I lay there for at least another hour frozen, terrified as my heart pounded against my sternum. Eventually the need to go to the bathroom won out and I got up, making it to the washroom. Coming back to the room, I went to the window to close it and my heart my back yard was a wolf, staring directly up at my window, making eye contact, snarling, drooling. We are in a small town, and frequently get coyotes around the town limits, but a wolf, right in someone’s backyard. Try as I might, I couldn’t shake this of as a fluke. Getting back into bed, trembling I settled in for another sleepless night.

The buzzing of my alarm woke me from the sleep I didn’t expect to get, but I was still exhausted. I stumbled through my morning routine, half in a daze. I didn’t bother shaving, I really didn’t need to yet. I had shaven from time to time, to get rid of excess peach fuzz, but there was no real growth happening which kind of pissed me off. Several of my friends were shaving regularly, and one if them was even able to get a bit of a moustache started although it was a pretty weak one. Currently however, I had bigger problems than my lack of facial hair so I stopped hoping against hope and got on with my morning. At the breakfast table, there were questions about the bags under my eyes, which I blew off by claiming I had several assignments and tests coming up which was costing me sleep.
 When I stepped out of my house, it was the first time I had been out of there since I ran in terrified Saturday night. The walk to the school seemed creepy, even though it was broad daylight. Naturally I stuck to the streets, not cutting through any of the parks in the area. This added 10 minutes to my trip, which required me to leave earlier, but that was fine. I did not want to be anywhere that I couldn’t be seen.

Arriving at the school, I was bombarded by the guys about how far I had gotten Saturday night. I hated having to admit that I did not manage to go all the way, but I was a terrible liar so I figured honesty was the best policy. Some good natured ribbing came my way about my lack of success but it was all in fun. The day seemed to be a blur, as I had not had any good sleep for 48 hours and could barely keep my eyes open in class. Ms. Pellingham, my english teacher had twice raised her voice at me for dozing off in her class. I was struggling to make it through the day and desperately needed to splash some cold water on my face. Raising my hand I asked permission to go to the washroom and was excused. This section of the school was dingy with a lack of natural lighting, which was to be expected for a school that was built in the 1800’s. Stepping into the washroom, I was assailed by the smell of dampness that was always present in this school. The plumbing and ventilation predated the first world war so again one could not expect that much. As I approached the sink, hearing the sound of my sneakers against the cold tile, echoing around the room, I realized that I had just put myself somewhere that I was alone. Shaking off my nagging concern, I started running the water, but I was starting to get jumpy. My heart jumped at every noise caused by the old pipes, I just about yelled when I saw the reflection of a poster on the wall behind me, which was one of those “just say no to drugs” ads. I didn’t like being here alone so I sped up to get out of there, relieved to close the door behind me. Walking back to class I came to the bend in the halway at the corner and was just about to turn around it when I heard the sound of panting and dogs feet on the tile behind me. Freezing, with my heart in my throat I slowly turned, knowing deep down what it was I was going to see. Standing there, ten feet away from me was the same wolf I had seen in my backyard last night. I stood in the center of the hallway at the corner of the school where the hallway turned 90 degrees. My feet were frozen to the spot, as my legs turned rubbery. I have always been told never to show fear with an animal but I realized at this point that that was easier said than done.  It lowered its head slightly, staring me straight in the eye as it continued to emit a deep growl.
“Rick”. My focus was shattered by the sound of my name. Looking left I saw Ms. Blaire, the school secretary. “Why are you standing there, and not in class?”. Standing there stunned I tried speaking, “I uh.....”, looking to my right again I saw that the wolf was gone without a trace. Turning back I spoke, “Sorry Ms. Blaire, I was just momentarily in thought”, not sure if that sounded believable.
“Well get back to class immediately.”. “yes Maam” I replied and made my way back to class, as she walked past, looking at me as though she could tell something was wrong.

The rest of the day went by without incident, for which I was grateful, and when the 3 o’clock bell rung I eagerly made my way outside into the fresh air, breathing deep which helped wake me up. I walked straight home, not taking any shortcuts. I had no idea how long I would be able to do this. I had practice two nights a week, so leaving before dark was not an option. I wrestled with my options, all the while walking home rapidly, wanting to get somewhere safe as soon as possible.

Walking up to my step I was starting to feel incredibly tired from the stress of the past few days. Even though the school day had just ended and it wasn’t even four yet, I wanted to lay down for a bit, to allow my body to relax. The cumulative effects were taking their toll. Walking though the door I closed it behind me, kicking off my shoes absent mindedly. I needed something to eat and wanted to make a sandwich before I retired to my room and listened to some music. I could hear my mother talking in the kitchen and made my way there to briefly walk through and get my snack. As I stepped into the kitchen my heart did a double beat as I saw Ms. Peirce sitting at the table with my mom having tea. Barely able to breathe I almost stumbled in shock as my mom smiled and said hello, as did Ms. Peirce. For a second I couldn’t even respond, but just stood there listening to my heart beat frantically.

The confrontation

My mom spoke; “Hi Rick, I’m glad you’re here, Helen was just saying she needs some yard work done and wanted to know if you could help her”. Helen gave me a friendly smile. I looked back and forth between her and my mother as I tried to form words. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was go anywhere with Ms. Dracula but I needed to act normal since a strange reaction may cause questions, and I didn’t want to endanger my family.

“I...uhm ...have to do some other work.....” I paused trying to think of an intelligent response... “for school”.  Hoping I sounded convincing. Helen spoke; “It won’t be too hard. I just need a strong young guy who can do a bit of heavy lifting”, with a sincere friendly smile. I panicked thinking of a possible excuse but I couldn’t think of anything convincing without making it obvious that I didn’t want to help. She spent a few minutes kindly trying to talk me into just going over there for a little while, with a little encouragement from my mother. I started spinning the wheels in my brain trying to get out of this, because there was no way on earth I wanted to be alone with this........beast.  Buster came into the room and immediately upon seeing Helen he started growling, at Helen until she looked at him and he whined backing off and leaving the room immediately. Thanks a whole bunch there man’s best friend.  While I pondered, I noticed the birds milling around the bird feeder just outside our window were acting strange, fluttering nervously. One of them in its effort fluttered accidentally through the window, flying into our kitchen, fluttering around in a panic trying to find its way out. It had the attention of everyone in the room as it flew frantically around the room, bouncing into walls seeking an exit. My mother immediately made efforts to shoo it towards the window, as it scrambled hysterically around our kitchen. My mother excused herself and went to open all the doors and windows, while getting a broom to help shoo the bird out. Watching her leave the room I dreaded the awkwardness of being alone with Ms. Peirce even if only for a moment. She was not really a good friend of my parents so her presence here was clearly based on the events of this Saturday. Looking back towards her I just about shit my pants as I turned to see her face six inched from mine.

“What’s the matter Rick? You look nervous” She said with a smile. I hadn’t even heard or seen her move. She was just there right in front of my face.
“What do you want?” I asked, trying to hide how terrified I was.
Smiling as though harmless and kind she said “I just want you to come over to help with some yard work”.
While she stood there uncomfortably close, the bird fluttered noisily around our kitchen, chirping loudly.
“Look Rick.......we can do this the easy way or the hard way. We need to talk, and you know what it is we need to talk about. Now do you want to come over or do I need to do this the hard way?”.
As I paused, speechless trying to think of a response, the bird passed nearby us and then the impossible happened; her hand shot out with blinding speed, grabbing the bird in mid flight, her eyes never leaving mine as she snatched it out of the air as casually as one might shoo a fly away. It chirped in panic while she held it tight. Looking me square in the eyes she reached down with her other hand, twisting it’s neck with a grotesque snap as she began to speak. “look Rick, I don’t need you to come by my house so I can kill you. I could have done that Saturday night...” as she threw the dead birds body out the window absent mindedly without breaking her gaze at my eyes. “ do we have a little chat about how we can guarantee you won’t be opening your mouth or do I kill you and your family right now?”. Before I could respond I felt a tremendous pressure on my scrotum and looked down to see she had my crotch n a tight grip, with her talons extended, piercing through my jeans, as I felt the razor sharpness of them pressing directly against the skin of my scrotum. I almost lost control of my bladder and looked at her gasping in shock and mild pain, trying to formulate a response. She raised her other hand to my face touching a long razor sharp talon to my lip. “SSSHhhhhh...don’t panick......I just want your attention...” She said with a warm smile, never breaking our gaze. “ I just need to talk to you in private...just to be sure I can trust you. ”. I paused, thinking of my options when her grip on my balls increased significantly causing me to gasp. “I don’t hear much enthusiasm from you Rick”. I my desperation I spoke rapidly “Yes!...OK Yes! Whatever you want!” as sweat broke out on my forehead.

Smiling sweetly she spoke, “I’m so glad we could be reasonable about this Rick”. And with that she sat back in her chair. Moments later my mom came into the room with a broom, looking around for the bird. “He flew out” said Helen with a smile. She seemed so kind and warm. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. “I managed to talk him into helping out” she continued, “...thanks for the tea, I really should get started on my yard though, to make best use of daylight hours. Rick, I really appreciate this......... ready to go?”
Shrugging my shoulders I responded noncommittally, and followed her to the door.

In the lions den

Walking down the block to her house, it all looked so innocent. Despite how hot she was, she had a good reputation in the neighbourhood and was seen as a nice lady. Watching us walk down the street, nobody would ever have reason to suspect that I would be terrified for my life. The creepy part was that as we walked she made idle friendly chit chat, asking me about school, sports and such. It was almost as though I never saw her rip that ladies throat out.  The whole walk seemed so surreal. She was smiling with such sincerity that even I was almost convinced she was actually being friendly. She seemed kind, and reassuring. Even when I seemed a bit awkward, she patted me on the back. It would have been easy to forget what she was, had I not seen her tear a woman’s throat out on the weekend. Hesitating at the door of her house, I took a deep breath and reconsidered. She was having none of that however, and shoved me through the door, stepping in and closing it behind me. Turing on me the smile was gone, and her eyes changed as did her tone. The claws grew as did her fangs and she pinned me against the wall effortlessly, which was curious given that I was actually a bit bigger than her.
“OK Rick, shut up and listen. I’m not going to repeat myself, so make sure you get all of this. You were being a little pervert, checking out my snack and I. Under normal circumstances, that would be normal for a kid your age, but you saw something you should never have seen. That makes you a risk. I have to decide whether or not being kind enough to keep you alive is worth that risk”

Looking at her I was terrified, since I knew she had the physical ability to kill me. I stared at her speechless.

“OK, do we have an agreement that what you saw never happened” As she closed her grip on my balls, preparing to spear her talons through my jean into my testicles.
Looking at her in fear I nodded.

Continuing she spoke, “ OK, now you know something about me that nobody other than my kind knows. That is a risk I don’t like taking but I may consider alternatives to killing you. Are you willing to agree to my terms to save your life?”
Responding I spoke “Yes”, feeling my throat starting to constrict. Looking at me with the coldest of stares she said “Good. Come with me then” following her past the foyer and into the living room only to freeze in terror upon seeing the wolf that had been stalking me, sitting on the floor looking straight at me with malice in it’s eyes, starting to growl very faintly, until she walked up to it, gently petting it as she spoke softly, “Hey Buddy, miss me?.....OK lie down Buddy” as it wagged its tail and laid down passively on her command. Buddy?  A rather innocent seeming name for what appeared to be some demonically possessed wolf.

As she walked towards the back of the house I followed. “So uh........Buddy....he’s your pet?”. Looking at me with irritation she said, “Yes of course he’s my pet! What the hell did you.........” she paused in mid sentence, realizing what I had been thinking. With an exasperated sigh and a roll of her eyes she continued “...........No Rick.....I don’t turn into a wolf, and in case you were wondering I also don’t turn into a bat! You watch way too much TV”. Following her I went into her room with her, and despite my fear it didn’t escape my notice that I had fantasized about being in her bedroom with her for years and here I was. Unfortunately I doubted there was anything to look forward to. As we walked into the bedroom, she moved to her dresser, and in front of her mirror. “OK Rick, just give me a moment to sort a few things out here” as she quickly went through a day timer to jot a few quick notes, deliberately acting as though I wasn’t standing there. From where I was standing I couldn’t see her reflection (if she had one) and was naturally curious if it was true that vampires don’t have reflections. Carefully I took a step or two to my left, while looking out of the corner of my eye to get a better glimpse while trying to act casual. As she jotted her notes she glanced in my direction, with a look of curiosity and then looked where she could see my eyes going and then got that same irritated look she had when I asked her about her pet. “Oh for god’s sake Rick, grow up! Don’t believe everything you read”. Responding in apology I spoke, “I’m sorry, it’s just that......I’m sure you can imagine that...well I have no real knowledge about.......well I’ve read a few books about the un-dead and.....”. She cut me off on mid sentence with a loud annoyed voice, “Rick! There is dead and there is alive....there is no bloody un-dead, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.” Looking at me with an annoyed look on her face. “I realize you are young, but around me I expect from you what I expect from a grown man...........don’t be childish and don’t ask stupid questions or make stupid remarks. Remember.......I can always change my mind and simply kill you. Now just stand there and don’t do anything or say anything until I speak to you and tell you what to do.” Nodding I stood there, feeling like an idiot while she went about jotting a few more notes, presumably for work related reasons. I don’t recall exactly how long I stood there, maybe 10-20 minutes looking at her while she worked. I watched her work in silence, noticing how well her skirt and blouse fit her. They were form fitting and incredibly sexy without being trashy. Despite her age she had a fantastic body.

Eventually she finished up and turned to me, and spoke. “OK Rick, take off your clothes.” In such a casual matter of fact way that I almost didn’t believe she said that at first. Standing there, looking at her in astonishment and awkwardness I started to clear my throat when she looked at me raising her eyebrows as if to say ‘I’m waiting’. Before I could say anything she said “The clothes.” In a tone of voice that told me I had better not make her repeat herself again. Nodding without speaking I took off my shirt dropping it on the floor and then undid my belt, blushing awkwardly. A hottie like her had obviously seen many guys’ bodies before, and I feared she would not be too impressed by mine. I was in good shape, but my body was still young and not the kind of manly body a woman like her would want. Undoing the button of my pants I lowered the zipper and lowered my pants to the floor, stepping out of them. Bending over I took off my socks and stood up, looking at her, hoping this would suffice. Without even a word she gestured towards my boxers, to make it clear that she wanted them off too. Blushing, and even shaking I slowly lowered them to the ground, stepping out of them I stood up again folding my hands on front of me, feeling overwhelmingly humiliated as I looked away, unable to make eye contact with her. “Hands at your sides, and look at me.”. Swallowing hard I lowered my hands to my sides and looked at her. She looked at me casually, clinically as though appraising me. Her face showed no indication of whether or not she was impressed. She simply remained impassive while looking at me, and gazed up and down inspecting my body. Stepping up close she placed a hand on my chest, which I really wished had some hair on it. The feel of her hand against my skin made me take a deep breath partly from excitement and partly from fear. She looked in my eyes, with amusement and disdain at my reaction, as she walked around behind me, sliding her hand across my chest, to my bicep which I tensed a bit in an attempt to make it firmer and bigger. “Stop flexing. You’re not fooling anyone”. Deflated I allowed my arm to relax as she moved around my back, gently tracing her fingers along my lower back, before she caressed a butt cheek, checking for firmness. Moving around front again, she pressed her finger against my tensed stomach muscles, before giving me a look that said to stop doing that. Fortunately I had a pretty flat stomach, it just wasn’t muscled and tense like I would like it. Looking downwards at my cock she grabbed it with her hand, gently stroking it as her other hand started working my balls. It took no time to bring me to a full erection, which she then grasped as if measuring for thickness. My erection twitched in her hands. She then moved into a kneeling position in front of me with her face incredibly close to my cock. My heart started pounding, as I started breathing heavily. Looking up at me with a condescending smirk she spoke, “Don’t go getting your hopes up. I’m just getting a closer look”. Damn! She seemed amused all of a sudden, at my excitement and disappointment. Standing she kept her hand on it for a moment, commenting something to the effect that while there were plenty of guys who were bigger, it was not bad. Letting go she spoke; “You have a fairly good body for a young man of your age, but it still has some of the shortcomings of youth. Your midsection is by no means flabby, but you do not have a six pack. As for your muscles, you have the body of a high school athlete, but you do not have the muscle of a man..........yet. We are going to work on that. Your diet will change, you will start a rigid exercise program”

Deal with the devil

“What exactly am I.......are we...?”. Looking at me. “The deal Rick is that since you are alive only because I have chosen not to kill you, I own you.” I looked at her in astonishment as if she was joking. “I will have you around here as a pet, taking care of me. You will do chores, care for me, give me massages, baths ..etc. Of course, sex will also be part of your job description. For that you will receive some on the job training. I don’t imagine you have any experience, so I will have to train you. Are you following me so far?”. I nodded and she continued. “I have always wanted a sex pet, but never really found a guy I liked. Most of the ones my age either haven’t taken care of their bodies, or they don’t know exactly how to drive me crazy with arousal, or some other problem. Some simply are too self assured to let me tell them what they think and what their opinions are, and don’t want to be anything but equals. With you, because of your age I figure I can groom you, tone your body, teach you to behave as I want, and train you serve me with complete loyalty. When I am done training and moulding you over the next few years it will be as though the perfect sex toy manservant was created precisely for me”.
Looking at me to see if I was following she continued, “It is important that you understand that this is about me and not you. I own you, and don’t deny that. As you may have noticed, there were no headlines about a dead woman. That’s because I hid my work well. You will submit to my sexual demands, without regard for your own satisfaction. It’s not to say that you won’t ever cum or enjoy yourself, it’s just that that is not what this is about. If you serve me well, like a good little pet, then giving you sexual satisfaction will be your treat for a job well done. Just like when I give a dog biscuit to my wolf when he does a trick like rolling over or playing dead. When you perform your duties well I will reward you. If not, I may have to hurt you. Not to be mean, but to help make you a better toy.”

“Now Rick I realize that you have the hots for me, and have checked me out on several occasions, but you need to realize I am not becoming your girlfriend. I am taking possession of you. ” Looking at my denial she continued; “...and don’t pretend you haven’t checked me out, fantasized about me and even masturbated while thinking about me........” cutting her off I spoke, “I don’t uhm....masturbate to you,...uh...”, placing a finger on my mouth to shut me up she spoke; “Don’t lie to me.....I know for a fact you have. Six weeks ago you saw me coming out of the gym wearing my workout tights, and you stared while trying to be discrete. Then you went right home and gave your little man there a workout 40 minutes later.” Holy shit! How the hell did she know that? My face turned crimson in embarrassment.

“So Rick, I don’t want you to let this go to your head and think yourself as being some stud just because you will be getting frisky with me, because you are no Brad Pitt....not by a long shot. I only want you because I can own you, and you’re young enough with the right potential that I might be able to mould you into something really good. Right now however, you are just a boy, and I am used to men. Trust me....”she said looking at me, “’re only potential.....nothing more”.

Wincing at the shot she just took at me I thought ‘what a cunt’ as I clenched my teeth at her criticism. CRACK!!!!! My head exploded in bright white light, and hot pain as I went flying across the room, crashing into the dresser on the other side with a nasty crunch. My whole body hurt. I realized she had just sent me flying with a slap. Opening my eyes I saw her, crouching in front of me as I leaned against the dresser. Touching her hand to my face, with the talons extended she said “If you wish to live to adulthood, and not die screaming in pain as I tear your genitals off and disembowel you..............don’t ever think that word about me again! ........Are we clear?”. What the fuck? Could she read my mind? “Ok....sorry” I said, trying desperately to control the quiver in my voice. I was terrified, and at the same time humiliated that the hottest woman on the block could see how scared I was.

Standing she turned, “Ok get up.” She said as she undressed from her suit and stood in a nice looking corset, with stockings and a thong. I immediately went hard looking at her like that. “Control yourself there Rick, I’m just changing into something more comfortable. I’m not doing this for you. Now you accept these conditions?” I paused, opening my mouth to comment and she cut me of before I could speak and said, “I don’t want your opinion. Yes or no. Do I kill you now or do I own you. Yes or no Rick”. Shaking I spoke, “yes”.
“Good” she said with a friendly smile, “now come over to me and kneel in front of me”. Pausing, I realized I was crossing a line for which there was no return, but I had no choice. Kneeling before her I looked up as she held her hand out, palm down with the back of her hand presented to me. “Take my hand in yours, acknowledge submission to me for life, and thank me for the privilege of being my possession, and then kiss my hand while referring to me as Maam. Oh and Rick...............mean it!”.

Taking her hand in mine, I looked at her, making eye contact, took a deep breath and spoke with as much sincerity, “Thank you Maam, for allowing me the privilege of serving you. I am yours, and will serve you with the utmost loyalty.” With that I kissed her hand sealing the deal and looked up at her.
“Great! Now stand up and put your clothes on. I have work for you. There are 6 bags of topsoil in the back yard; I want them spread evenly throughout my garden. After that I want you to come in, grab yourself something to drink, whatever you want and then draw me a bath.”

To bee continued.....

Part Two

Standing there almost in disbelief I stared, until she gave me that impatient look again, and I nodded, heading out into the back yard to carry out her tasks. It was actually a relief to be out of her sight for a few moments. In fact I was terribly relieved yet at the same time concerned. On one hand, immediate death was not hanging over me. Ever since I saw her tear that lady apart, and saw what she turned into I was convinced that she was going to kill me. So in that sense, I was relieved, but at the same time, being owned by what appears to be a vampire has limited appeal if any. She was hot, but then I hadn’t exactly envisioned her ripping peoples throats out when I fantasized about her.

What about this business of her killing me if she gets bored? What the fuck was I going to do about this. I hated my situation, but at the same time was grateful, as since my death was not planned for any time in the near future I could try to think my way out of this. The hard work was a bit of a relief as it took out some of my tension. As soon as I was done however I headed straight back into her house, dreading stepping out of the sunlight into this horrible darkened home. Taking off my shoes, I walked into the kitchen and then went to the fridge. Openning it, I surveyed the options as I recall her saying to help myself. Milk, juice, bottled I wasn’t old enough to drink, but given that she was in the habit of tearing living human beings apart, I doubted she would disapprove of my having a beer. It would certainly help with my nerves.

I then made my way back to her room to her ensuite bathroom, to draw her bath. She had an assortment of oils and salts beside her bathtub so I had no idea what to put into it. I simply started it, and then adjusted the heat to the right temperature and started filling it, before heading towards her den, to ask her what she wanted in it. As I walked up, I didn’t know how to announce my presence. I felt rather like a butler. She was working on something, with her head angled down at some documents she was reading. She appeared to not notice my approaching the door. I stopped at the door, and was about to knock, when she spoke “What is it?”,without looking up.
“Excuse me Maam, I just wanted to know if you wanted any oils or salts in your bath?”. Looking up at me, with an inquisitive look, she spoke, “I want the Red Sea salts, about a half a cup, and the oil in the clear bottle with the big blue dots on it. Also I want you to go down to my cellar and get me a bottle of red wine, ...any bottle”.
“Yes Maam.”

Moving quickly, I got her bottle, and opened it, laying it down on the table beside the bathtub. On a whim I lit some candles, and turned off the lights. As I turned to go get her, I saw she was already there. I just about yelped in surprise of course, since I hadn’t heard her coming.
“Ok Rick, get yourself undressed”. I was astonished. This was it. She was going to have sex with me here in her bathtub. My breathing started picking up, partly from excitement, but considerably from fear. Things didn’t go so well for the last person who got naked with her so I was somewhat apprehensive. Nonetheless I followed her instructions, and couldn’t help but ogle as she did the same. I was breathless at the sight of her, she was amazing!

Slipping herself into the bath she lowered her body sensuously as I stared transfixed at the site of her. She lowered her head into the water and came up with her hair all wet and spoke “OK Rick, grab the shampoo and work it in”.

Following her instructions, I sat on the edge of the tub, naked and poured a portion of shampoo into my hand and then started working it into her soft hair.  As she leaned her head back allowing me to work her soft wavy hair.

“OK Rick, get in the tub, sitting behind me so I can lean back against you.” She didn’t need to tell me twice, I was in faster than you can say horny bastard. Continuing with her hair, I massaged her scalp as she moaned in pleasure, closing her eyes as I worked my fingers firmly against her scalp. After awhile she reached forward and turned on the faucet, letting water run into the tub and she filled up a pitcher with it and then handed it to me, knowing that I knew what to do with it. Slowly I poured the water over her head, rinsing the shampoo out. She then handed me this big spongy looking thing, and a soap that seemed somewhat abrasive (some sort of exfoliating property I presume), and had me go to work. I scrubbed her shoulders, her back, even her buttocks and thighs, while suffering through a raging hardon. She noticed this, particularly as she leaned back against it and smirked mockingly. This went on for awhile, as I also scrubbed her legs, her inner thighs, calves and feet. As I scrubbed her inner thigh, high up I could sense the heat coming off of her sex and was straining my eyes to get a glimpse of her pussy under the water. She seemed to know what I was trying to do and was quite amused.

When the bath ended, she stood pulling the plug and then turned on the shower, handing me the extension hose for the shower head so I could clean her body completely, rinsing off any soapy residue.

Stepping out of the tub, she was a picture of feminine beauty, her soft curves, her perfect skin and her gorgeous breasts, swaying tenderly with her body’s movements. “OK Rick, grab a towel and dry me off. “

There was a large basket of fluffy white towels, rolled nicely and I grabbed one, and started working it all over her body loving every minute of it. She instructed me to use the same towel to dry myself off and then led me naked into the bedroom directing me towards the bed. Laying on the bed, facedown she said, “Ok get on top, straddling me and I want a full body massage”.

I was actually rubbery legged. She was so fucking hot and I was about to get into a bed with her, naked. Crawling onto her I started working on her neck and shoulders, taking my time and enjoying the sensation I worked my hand over her upper body, and then slowly started working my way down. Rubbing her lower back gently I started working my hands towards her buttocks. Pausing nervously I wasn’t sure if I had permission to touch her ass, but as I coughed to clear my throat and ask, she pre-empted saying “ ass too”. With that I did what many of the young guys in our neighbourhood could only dream of doing................I touched Helen Peirce’s ass! Massaging it I was mesmerized.  I worked my way down her body, massaging her amazing legs, her feet, her calves, the whole time in a state of overwhelming arousal, trying to keep my breathing under control.

When I was done, I got off of her and she spoke, looking straight at my erection jutting out  “Ok Rick, control your little friend there, get dressed and go make me some dinner. There is some chicken in the fridge, already marinated, simply take the dish and put it in the over which you must pre-heat to 350 degrees. Cook to 180 degrees internal temperature.....are you getting all this?” I nodded, “ I also want a salad, no dressing.”

Nodding I went to work, putting together her meal as she lounged reading some novel, relaxing in some weird looking modernistic recliner. As the time passed, I almost felt a weird sense of normalcy around her, as though she was human. Stealing glances at her from time to time, there were no physical indications that she was anything but human. As the meal approached finish time, I called her and she came in to the room, instructing me as to the portions she wanted, which seemed abnormally large to be honest, but if that’s what she wanted to eat then who was I to argue. As I set her plate, I wondered if I was going to be joining her or not.

“OK Rick, just stand there, and serve me as needed” she said, sitting down in front of her large meal. As she ate slowly, very slowly as a matter of fact, I stood there grinding salt or pepper as needed, and refilling her glass of wine. She was very methodical and even sensual in the way she ate. She cut small portions, raising the fork to her mouth, and grasping the meet gently between her perfect teeth, closing her mouth and chewing thoroughly before slowly swallowing, closing her eyes each time she swallowed. I cannot even begin to explain why I found that so erotic, I just did.

As she completed about half the food on her plate, she stopped eating and spoke, “OK your turn” gesturing towards the plate. I assumed she meant that I could take the plate and finish it off, but as I reached for it, she shook her head and uttered, “Uh-uh........I will feed you. On your knees.”

Looking at her incredulously, I said, “Come on Ms. Peirce, seriously?”. It just slipped out so fast I couldn’t stop it. She then gave me a look that would have stopped a charging grizzly and spoke, “Don’t ever.....I mean ever question my instructions Rick. I own you, and so long as I am kind enough to allow you to live you will follow my every instruction to the letter..............or should I just kill you now” as the fangs started to grow, and her claws extended while her eyes changed. Before she could move an inch I was on my knees apologising profusely. Kneeling on trembling legs.

Patting me on the head she spoke, “Good the way it works is that you will always eat what I eat. You of course have to earn the right to sit at the table and eat with me though. Until then, you wait until I am done and then get on your knees while I serve you the remainder.”
“Yes Maam”, I said, hoping I said it with enough sincerity to please her. Kneeling before her I waited to see what she would do next. Looking at me sweetly, she asked what I thought of her.

“Well, I think you are nice” I said

“Nice? Don’t be childish. What do you think of me as a woman Rick”

Stumbling awkwardly I tried to answer, “Well........I think you are very .......well,....pretty”. Amazing, here I was in the captivity of a vampire and I was getting shy about telling her she was pretty.

“Pretty? In what way Rick?”

“’re beautiful. All the guys notice you. Every one of us.”
Smiling she responded, “And what is it you think of when you look at me Rick”

“Well........”, oh my god this was awkward, “I guess I admire you....sort of”

Enjoying my discomfort she asked further, “Admire? What is it about me you admire. What is it you look at?”

Pausing, taking a deep breath I respond, “Well........OK it’s that....” I was blushing, “....well you have have an amazing body”. There, I got it out, and she looked pleased by the answer.

“Really, what part of my body do you like Rick......and Rick.....don’t lie to me.”

“Wheeew......uhm..........OK, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, I uh......well your legs are amazing; your ass and breasts are amazing too, but my favourite is your legs”. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

“So you like staring at my body? That’s OK, most men and most boys do. What do you imagine you are doing when you stare at me, as I have seen you do so many times”

She was going to drag the truth out of me, and enjoy watching me squirm, so I figured I would just spit it all out and get it over with. “ When I see you, I always fantasized about you inviting me in and then kissing me. Then it leads to us getting naked so I can see your body, and we”. I was crimson with embarrassment.

Smiling approvingly she nodded, “Good, I’m so glad we can be honest with each other Rick”. Cupping my chin gently with her hand she leaned in close. “We don’t have to have secrets from each other do we Rick?”

“No maam”.

Smiling she did not speak another word, but raised her foot to me. I took it in my hands, looking at her as if to ask what she wanted me to do.

“Kiss my foot Rick. Show me how much I mean to you boy”

Leaning forward, I kissed her foot, lingering there so she would feel that I appreciated it.

“Well, since you are being so sweet, I guess I just have to give you some treats” With that she cut a small peice of chicken and held it out to me. As I held my hand out to take the fork, she pulled away. “Uh-uh....I’ll do it. You just open your mouth”.

Following her instructions, I opened my mouth and she held out the fork, placing it between my teeth and nodded, giving me approval to bite and take the piece of meat off of the fork. She repeated this process, feeding me chicken and vegetables. At one point she held out her wine glass, and I opened my mouth to have her hold it to my lips. It was awkward, but I managed not to spill any. It was ridiculous. I was like a pet at the table getting scraps, yet at the same time I found it strangely exciting to be eating off the same fork as her, and drinking from the same glass. When the meal finished, she stood up, told me to do the dishes while she read some more by her fire place. I cleaned everything up and then went out to get her remaining instructions. She sent me to the bathroom to floss, brush my teeth and use mouthwash, as she had done just after eating.  When I came back into the living room she approached.

Standing, she moved in close to me. “OK Rick, the next part of your training begins tonight”

I was terrified and aroused. She was hot but also a vampire like creature.

“Now don’t go getting all high school horny on me. We are just going to cover kissing tonight. Too many guys can’t kiss to save their lives. When you can master kissing, then we can move onto other things.”

I stood there awkwardly until she leaned in, pulling me close. As her lips approached mine, my heart started pounding and my knees got weak and then our lips touched. Her lips were so soft, and moist, her perfume intoxicating. I had fooled around a bit with other girls, but this was a woman; and incredibly sexy, mature experienced woman with her mouth on mine and it was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced.

“OK Rick, you are way to tense and nervous...............this is going to take some time to develop”

We spent the next two hours kissing, kissing while we stood in the middle of the room, kissing against the wall, kissing on the couch. The whole time she instructed me to place my hands to hold her right, and whenever my hands started to wander too much she immediately replaced them, and at one point stopped to tell me to keep my hands where she placed them or she would be forced to hurt me bad.

When we were done, I was so fucking horny I was about to explode.

“OK Rick, it’s just about time for you to go. I want you to carry me romantically to my bed now”

Picking up her petite feminine body, I carried her down the corridor, and then placed her in the bed.

“OK, now tuck me in....I sleep in the nude”

Holy fuck I was going to die. Slowly I undressed her, piece by piece as she lay there, waiting for me to finish. Upon completion, I pulled the blankets over her beautiful body, tucking her in.

“OK Rick, when you leave, make sure to lock the door, a lady needs to be careful you know, there are all kinds of dangerous people out there” she said with some sarcasm, “oh and tell your parents you have to leave early for practice tomorrow..............I want breakfast in bed at 7 AM”

“Yes Maam”, I nodded, turning to leave.

“Oh Rick.......kiss goodnight”

I stepped towards her, bending at the waist, to place my hand in her soft hair as I kissed her on the mouth, deep and hard as our tongues explored each others mouths. With that, no other words were spoken, and I walked out, and headed down the street in the dark. I was so fucking horny I could barely walk.

To be continued............

Part 3

The next few weeks were pretty much the same with me dropping by at the times she told me to come by at and working my ass off for her. It was getting difficult as it was interfering with my social life since she wanted me to be there during all my free time, and being as thorough as she was, she knew when my practices and games were so I couldn’t ever pretend I was at one when I wasn’t. She was going to need to start giving me some leeway as it would start to arouse questions.

I would drop by after school every day. Sometimes to her office, and some time directly at her house. As always there was kissing involved, some gradual increase in hand usage as my hands were finally allowed to roam over her body while her clothes were still on. I was getting better at it according to her and she occasionally treated me to a beer when I did well. She still made me let her feed me as I kneeled beside the table, which was demeaning, but at the end of the day I had no say in this relationship, if you could call it that.

Walking up the steps I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as I approached her front door. I now had permission to enter without knocking, so I just slipped the key in the door and stepped in. Immediately her wolf pet was glaring at me as I walked in, giving me a look that said it wanted to rip my throat out. Stepping past, trying not to show how intimidated I was I went into the kitchen and found her, looking extremely hot in a form fitting business suit.

She continued working without turning to face me

Walking up behind her, I stopped a pace away and then kneeled on one knee as per routine. She continued what she was doing, some sort of work on her laptop as she stood there, with the computer on the counter. I sat there in silence, my knee getting sore as I waited in silence.

Finally she finished, and turned smiling and held her hand out “Hi Rick” she said with a smile. Taking it in my hand I kissed it, and then let her hand go. “Hello Ms. Peirce” I spoke, feeling the words sounded cheesy, but that’s what she instructed me to address her as. We weren’t on first name basis yet.

“Stand”, she said, “Help yourself to some food. I just had Thai food and there is plenty left over”.

 It was weird. Even though she demanded dog like obedience from me, so long as I was performing up to standard she almost spoke in a loving tone towards me. The only catch was, whenever I fucked up, I was reminded of who was in charge and how short my life could be. It was a controlling relationship, with the ever present threat of punishment for minor transgressions, and death if she decided I wasn’t meeting her standards, yet weirdly tender at the same time. She treated me like a beloved pet when she was happy with me.

I opened the Styrofoam packages and immediately dug into the remaining food. After finishing she brought me into the living room and sat me down, asking me about my day, how things were going at school, and other small talk. It almost felt normal, just me and this older hot lady sitting down like two adults having a conversation. I still couldn’t get comfortable with the fucking wolf that was lying down by our feet. He was fucking terrifying. I wondered how she walked him without drawing attention to herself. That was one task she did not hand off to me. She walked the dog, or at least I assumed she did.

“So Rick, I am going to take your training to the next level today.” She said, while handing me an envelope. “that’s just a gym membership, and personal training sessions once a week, along with a nutritionist you will see once a month. I want to start developing that body of yours. It’s not that you don’t look good, you just don’t look amazing...yet”. I felt a bit downcast, but then tried to remind myself that she didn’t say I looked bad. She must have read my thoughts, “Oh come on Rick, I was probably too harsh in my criticism in our first meeting. You are a handsome guy. I just needed to put you in your place that first day. “That said, there is always room for improvement” she said, smiling affectionately. One could almost forget that she was a predator that could devour me.
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While you're waiting in vain for that apology, why don't you make yourself useful by getting on your knees and opening your mouth

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It's probably a good story but you need to divide it up a little more.  Paragraphs make it easier for the reader to follow along.  A good erotic story should be a little more to the point if you know what I mean.  If it's too long, the reader tends to give up.

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I rather enjoyed this story.  It has my main interest, older woman/younger boy.  The descriptions are excellent and it has a good plot.  LeCoach, this is not a stroke story, but is looking to be a full-length erotic novel.  I, for one, would like to see more-RHL

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It's probably a good story but you need to divide it up a little more.  Paragraphs make it easier for the reader to follow along.  A good erotic story should be a little more to the point if you know what I mean.  If it's too long, the reader tends to give up.

Fair points. Actually, in this case I am focussing more on the storyline, and treating the sex aspect of it as merely being one part.

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I rather enjoyed this story.  It has my main interest, older woman/younger boy.  The descriptions are excellent and it has a good plot.  LeCoach, this is not a stroke story, but is looking to be a full-length erotic novel.  I, for one, would like to see more-RHL

Glad you like it. I will post more asap

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“Secondly Rick, today your training goes further.” I looked at her in anticipation. “You really are an amazing kisser now, and you know how to caress a woman properly. Now it’s time to start getting some skin on skin contact, and teach you how to satisfy a woman. There are no chores for you today since I have a lot of ground I want to cover today.”

Standing, she held her hand out, inviting me to take it, “Come with me”. I stood, immediately aroused. Walking down to her bedroom, holding her hand I started getting a massive erection. This was it! I was going to have sex with her! I was going to lose my virginity! While my instincts never stopped filling me with fear, knowing what she was capable of, I was also aroused more than I had ever been in my life. I could barely walk the way my erection was straining against my jeans. I stepped into the bedroom with her, breathing heavily, shaking but not from fear.

Entering the room, she turned and pulled me in close, her mouth approaching mine as our lips touched, and we started with a soft kiss. My entire body woke up, an electric feeling coursing through me as I tasted her mouth, and our tongues played across each others, in some erotic dance.

“OK Rick, unbutton my blouse, slowly”

My hands were actually shaking with excitement as I reached up, taking that first button and fumbling with it. Slowly I undid each button, working my way down until her blouse was opened, revealing flawless skin, perfect tone. My eyes were transfixed on her breasts, contained within a lacy bra.

“Go ahead” she said with an approving smile. It had a clasp in the front, which I undid, releasing two perfectly sized and toned breasts, which spilled out. I did not have permission to touch them so I waited. She reached out and placed her hands under my t-shirt and raised it over my head, running her hands over my skin as I quivered with anticipation. I wanted to just grab her, and throw her down and have mad furious sex with her, but I knew any unsolicited move would be punished. I waited, breathlessly for my next instruction.

“You can touch them Rick.........Gently”

Swallowing hard, I reached out with my hands cupped, and touched them to her soft globes, slowly running my hands over them as her hands explored my upper torso, my mouth hanging open.

“Ms. Peirce.....they’re......they’re amazing”

Smiling she allowed me to explore at my pace.

She then placed her hands over mine, guiding my hands as the caressed her breasts, abdomen, sides, neck. It was the most sensuous experience I had ever had.

Her hands went to my jeans, and she undid my belt as I held my breath, trembling, she slowly opened the front of my pants and lowered them, kissing my chest and abdomen as she slowly kneeled, having me step out of each pant leg. While she was down there she took off my socks. Standing she moved her body in close, her nipples brushing against my chest.

“Now Rick, I need you to breath, or you’re going to pass out on me...that’s right, deep in, deep out. Now I want you to remove my skirt but leave my panties on”. I reached out, barely able to steady my hands as I undid the clasp, and then lowered the skirt, kneeling as I went. I was going to kiss her chest and abdomen as I went down, just like she did to me but I paused, remembering I would need permission. She nodded her approval, and I replicated the erotic act she had carried out on my body. Slowly I lowered the skirt, and then as it pooled around her feet, I lifted them one at a time to allow her to step out of the skirt. She held her right foot up, suspended in air and spoke;

“Kiss my foot”

I would have at one point in my life thought that to be the weirdest thing, but here, at this time it seemed so......erotic, so I did it without hesitation.

“Now Rick, slowly, running your hands over the backs of my legs, starting at the calves, I want you to work your way up, kissing as you go, until you are standing. I will guide you”

It took seemingly forever, but I was kissing her shins, following her instructions, feeling the backs of her calves working my way up, kissing the inner front thigh as my hands gently worked their way up the backs. As I approached her panties, my hand were near the party line and I looked up,

“May I touch your ass maam?”

“Yes you may” she replied. My hands went over her panties, feeling her ass, with it’s perfect tone yet softness as I kissed the top of her panties, working my way up her belly, towards her breasts.

As my mouth approached her nipples, I paused, and she said “Go ahead, take them in your mouth”. I was in heaven, closing my lips over the hard little nubs, as she exhaled an erotic sigh.

She made minor corrections in my technique, getting me to gently use my teeth, to lightly flick my tongue over them.

Her hands wandered down to my underwear, which was now stretched by the erection that was bursting to get out.

“Well let’s release your little man there Rick”, as she linked her thumbs under the waistline of the underwear and slowly pulled them down, kneeling as she too them down. Taking it in her hands, she brought her face up close starting to open her mouth.

Suddenly I got a bit of a nervous feeling with her mouth getting so close to my manhood. I suddenly had the image of the night I discovered her secret when her mouth opened inhumanly wide, almost unhinged, with savage looking fangs, 10-12 centimetres, top and bottom, jutting out ready to tear flesh like razors through warm butter. She must have read my mind, because she looked up with an amused smile;

“Don’t worry Rick......I’ll be gentle”

 With that she leaned in and blew on my erection, causing it to jump as my legs became rubbery. Smiling, she leaned in and kissed it, a jolt going through my body at the contact of her lips with my shaft. Holy fuck.....this was it! It was going to happen! Slowly she opened her mouth, not touching the head, but running it along my erection, her lips and tongue barely touching it as my entire body quivered, and I struggled to control my legs which were rubbery and weak.

“Oh, that is very nice Rick......I think you can make a lady very happy with that thing.”

She stood, and stepped in close, nibbling on my ear and kissing my neck. Whispering she said, “Pick me up in your arms and carry me to the bed, laying me down gently”

She was a petite woman, but picking her up and carrying her actually took some effort simply because my knees were weak from excitement. Laying her down on her back I awaited her instructions.

“OK Rick, very slowly, remove my panties, kissing me all over as you go”

Oh my god, I was going to die! Reaching for the lacy black panties, seeing the outline of her pussy, stretched through the material I was fumbling; my motor control skills were so bad. Grabbing the soft material I started pulling it down her legs, as her thin finely trimmed triangle of pubic hair came into view. Pulling down further, I made my way down her legs. Clearing her feet I threw the panties off to a side as she parted her legs slightly, giving me a view of her pussy. While she retained a small amount of pubic hair, just up by her pubis, the pussy itself was bald, and soft looking. Her aroma hit me right away, driving me crazy.

“Do you like what you see Rick?”

“Yes Maam!”, and I was telling the truth.

“OK Rick, I want you to touch it gently with your hand, explore it, become familiar with it”

Steadying my breath, I reached out and touched my finger to the crease, running it gently along, following her guidance. It was soft, wet and warm. Carefully I probed further since she gave me permission to explore. Pushing my finger past her lips, I pressed it into her hole, feeling the wet warmth surrounding my finger.  I wanted so bad to plunge myself deep into her, but not yet. I would have to do this her way.

“OK Rick, I want you to place a thumb on each side and open me up a little......that’s right, like that”

Seeing her pussy lips spread, and he vagina opened up was incredible. I was with a hot looking mature lady, playing with her pussy.

“I take it you like what you see”, I nodded in approval, “Good, now here’s what I want you to do. Lean forward and put your mouth up against it with your mouth just have your lips barely touching me, while breathing on my pussy”

I followed her instructions, touching my lips to her open labia, blowing gently, feeling her aroma dancing across my mouth.

“Now Rick, the trick to this is gentleness and build up. You don’t start plunging your tongue in or licking hard right away. I want you to keep up the gentle pressure, and start very lightly flicking your tongue against it...barely touching”

This I did, and the taste, when I licked her pussy, was not quite what I expected, but I didn’t mind it. In fact this was incredibly exciting. If only my friends could see me now!

I kept this up for awhile and explored, altering the pace, frequency and pressure, I also sought out her clitoris. Moving up to the top of her pussy, I saw a little nub and figured that had to be it. Gently running my tongue over it, I got the desired response.

“Oh yes Rick, that’s the spot......good boy, keep it up”

I was now fully eating her pussy. I had never done this before, and couldn’t believe I was doing it now. She guided and instructed me, advising me when to kiss, when to lick, when to suck, when and how to use my fingers in her simultaneously as her body undulated from the stimulation. I was getting so fucking horny I actually was starting to twitch and tremble, as I felt pre-cum dripping from the end of my cock as my mouth worked over her hot looking pussy, while her perfect body moved in erotic wavy motions, her hips slowly gyrating but getting faster.

‘Oh that’s it Rick....” as her own breathing started getting erattic, “faster......make me cum Rick” as she grabbed my hair pulling my face into her crotch as she basically ground her pelvis into my face, fucking it with her pussy as I sucked away on her clitoris.

“Oh god Rick......Yess.......oh yessssss!..” at which point she squealed, seizing up as her legs wrapped around my head, squeezing it, and her body shuddered. The orgasm lasted for several seconds, but eventually receded, as her body relaxed. Letting out a contented sigh, she said, “Oh Rick, .....that was good...not bad for your first time........... I’m going to have to reward you for that” as her abdomen heaved with her breathing. Reaching down, she cupped my chin with her hand, “Get up here” she said, bring my up so I was on top of her, as she brought her mouth to mine, kissing me sensuously as my body shook, and my cock strained, at the knowledge it was only inches away from her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her, onto my cock as we kissed, and my hands caressed her. I was now out of control with desire, my cock feeling hornier than it ever has. I was literally overwhelmed with the sensations. I moved my body, shifting my position as I guided my cock to the portal it so craved, guiding it to it’s ultimate relief. The gap closed, her pussy was millimetres from my cock;

“Uh-uh..........we’re not doing that” She said, in a firm yet almost maternal tone.

I was appalled! Oh my god this can’t be happening! I was so sure!’s not fair! My body was creaming for release.....I couldn’t think of anything but her pussy, and my body’s obsessing with penetrating it! I was straining, my cock reaching for her flower.

Firmly, she put her hand on my chest, pushing me up as she started to move into a seated position.

“You did good Rick, but you’re not ready for that yet. I still need to perfect your oral skills”

“I...but I said” I stuttered

“Rick, I said you were going to learn how to satisfy a woman, which you did quite admirably. I never said that would involve intercourse”, she said in a sympathetic, yet firm tone.

I was devastated. I was so close, I could actually almost feel it, yet in the last second before erotic bliss, she cut things short.

Standing, she looked at me with a friendly smile, “Come on, get up and get dressed. I’m going to order us dinner”

Standing, I was still rubbery legged, my erection jutting out, twitching it was so turned on. Looking at me she spoke again, gesturing to my erection, “Make that go away Rick. I want you focussed”

“Ms.....I can’t......It just won’t go down” I said truthfully, but secretly hoping that would motivate her to do something for me, anything to give me a climax.

Looking at me, with an expression of great disappointment she responded;

“Well Rick, if you lack that basic level of self control...if you can’t discipline your body to function on command then I really don’t think you will be much use to me.......I’m sorry but I guess this just isn’t going to work out”

With that, her face morphed, adopting the vampire monster face, with the animal eyes, the grotesquely wide opened mouth with the terrifying fangs and she emitted the same inhuman goulish howl that she released on the night I saw her kill that woman. I froze in terror, at the sight and sound of this monster howling. With incredible power, she grabbed my hair and pressed me to the wall, holding my chin up as she drove her face forward; her head turned sideways, her mouth opened wide as she lunged towards my throat to tear it out. I screamed out of sheer fright, a cry of denial at the horrific fate I was about to endure. Just as the needle sharp fangs closed on my neck she froze....her fangs around my throat, putting very slight pressure, just about to break the skin as I crunched my eyes shut in denial of the nightmare I was now experiencing. And then the fangs released.

My eyes stayed closed, as I gasped, not even able to scream.

“Rick......Rick....”, I opened my eyes, to see her face, back to normal as she flashed a smile that would have seemed cute had I not been trying so hard to control my bladder at that particular moment. Her eyes sparkling she spoke;

“Relax......I’m just fucking with you!” She said with a little laugh, “You should have seen the look on your face though”, she said almost as though this was some joke between friends that I was now supposed to laugh at. I didn’t see the humour.

“It took care of your little friend though” she said, as she lightly flicked my now limp penis.

“Come on, get dressed” she said playfully, “I’m starved, and I want to get dinner”

Staring at her, pale faced, a cold sweat dripping down my spine. “Oh my god...Ms Peirce....” I spoke, barely able to get the words out as I held my hand to my chest, feeling my heart pound.

“Oh relax, you big baby. You need to learn to see the lighter side of things, have a sense of humour. You have to be able to have a laugh sometimes” she said in a genuinely sweet voice.

“Now get dressed. Tonight I’m ordering in so you don’t have to cook. It’s you like Italian?...It’s not just any Italian, it’s really good quality and they deliver...or we could go out. Trust me you’ll love it. Come on, hurry up with those pants,, let me help you”, as she helped button everything up because my fingers were trembling too much. “Trust me, once you try the food there, you’ll never eat pasta anywhere else...............”

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Thank you for choosing KB to post your story phtlc. It would be helpful for potential readers if you used story description code in with the title.

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Thank you for choosing KB to post your story phtlc. It would be helpful for potential readers if you used story description code in with the title.


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