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Lin and the Good Boys (MF, wife, piv, anal, oral, cheat, ds, 1st, exhib, voy)

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 or older to read this story. It contains descriptions of unprotected vaginal, oral, and anal sex. It contains descriptions of betrayal, adultery, infidelity, sex with guilt attached, and sex acts not performed out of a desire for the character's own gratification but out of guilt. The latter might be construed by some to be non-consensual or at least coercive. It contains depictions of self-destructive behavior, unauthorized videotaping, and contains a violent (towards him) marital argument. There is additionally seduction, exhibitionism, first time multiple men in the same day, undeclared dominance and submission games, loss of male virginity, voyeurism, sex toys, a wife cleaning another man's ejaculate off her husband's penis with her mouth, urination, squirting, and sexually gratifying light whipping or spanking. If any of this will offend you, please read no further. Neither the author nor this website condone any of this activity in the least. Masturbation: you'll never let yourself down.


Chapter 1

Lin Chen Andrews smiled at that handsome young man Thomas as she spotted him crossing the street from the university campus and approaching her shop. Tom Jacobs was tall, like her husband Bruce Andrews, but lean. Also, he was a college kid in his early twenties, much different than Bruce, who was almost sixty. Tom was much younger than her, too, for Lin was in her early fifties. Despite her age, because of her Asian heritage and her regular workouts, she looked to most people to still be in her mid thirties. She was very short, only five feet, and delightfully curvy.

Lin’s storefront was open to the street, separated by a counter for taking and ringing up orders and for giving people their food or coffee. Tom walked up to the counter, and said, “Hi Lin!”

“Hi, hi, hi Tom!” she replied enthusiastically, smiling up at him. “I saved a sausage one for you, or we have bacon, and ham.”

“I’ll try bacon this time.” Lin started to heat up a bacon Poke Ball. It was her own recipe, a large rice ball with meat and spices served up with a fork in wax paper. Lin had just opened her shop on Monday. Now it was Thursday, and Tom and his tousled mop of blond hair and t-shirts with inexplicable symbols on them had come for lunch every day since she opened. Now Tom’s friends were starting to show up as well.

“You’re such a good boy! You come to my shop every day. I’ll give you a discount.”

“No need Lin. I get plenty of money from my parents. You’re just starting your shop. In fact, keep the change.” He handed her a twenty.

“All right,” she said, putting the twenty into her register. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that she didn’t need the money either. Her husband Bruce made plenty. She had opened the shop because she had become so bored and lonely sitting around the house all the time while Bruce was off working. She was stir-crazy. She wanted some excitement in her life. Of course, there was always a use for money. There was that new couch she had her eye on.

There was a back area to the shop for food preparation separated from the front by a swinging door. Lin’s big sister Wanda walked out with some newly prepared Poke Balls. After introductions all around, Wanda joked with Tom, “Watch out for her flirting with you! She’s a respectable housewife now, but in her younger days, I could tell you stories.”

“Stop! She’s lying,” insisted Lin, blushing.

“But I’ve been trying to flirt with Lin,” said Tom. “She just tells me I’m a good boy and hands me my food.”

“That is flirting!” said Wanda.

“Stop it,” protested Lin. Even so, as she handed over his Poke Ball, Lin looked deeply and intently up into Tom’s eyes, and said, “Good boy.” Now she knew he knew she was flirting with him. She felt like a shameless hussy for the first time in a long time. It felt so exciting! Anyway, it was entirely a fantasy. Surely such a handsome young man would never take a serious interest in an old woman like her.

Lin was not good at seeing herself as the highly desirable woman she was. Tom stood there for a moment, struck, then finally said, “Oh yeah. Thanks. See you tomorrow.” He turned on his heel and walked back towards campus.

The very next day, Tom was back. “I looked into why your café is so hard to search for on the Internet. It turns out that there’s a very popular video game called Pokemon, and Pokeballs are things used in that game. So those are the only Poke Balls that show up in a search.”

“Okay, thanks,” sighed Lin. Another setback.

“I wish there was something I could do to help,” Tom continued.

“Here,” offered Lin, “Come move some boxes.” She let him behind the counter and led him to the back room. Wanda was back there making more Poke Balls. “Go up and help the customers,” Lin told her. Wanda left the room quietly, giving her a look like, what are you up to, sister?

There were indeed some boxes of supplies blocking the back entrance needing to be put up on shelves. After moving them, Tom asked, “Anything else?”

Lin had taken over making the Poke Balls. “Not unless you can cure my sciatica,” she replied.

“Well,” said Tom hopefully, “I am a nursing student, you know. I know where the nerves are.”

Lin knew he was a nursing student from earlier conversations, and was hoping he would say that. “Could you rub me?” Lin even managed to get out the request without stumbling over it. It was a big departure for her to be this forward. While alone, she had practiced this line into the mirror dozens of times and was now thankful at having done so. Was she going against the Buddha's five precepts? Surely not. She was merely asking for help with her sciatica. This was not wrong. She was just shy about it, and because of this shyness had to practice asking for help. This was not wrong!

“Sure, have a seat,” Tom replied, at first thinking nothing of the harmless request.

“I have to make Poke Balls.” Being industrious was absolutely not wrong. She shouldn't interrupt her work for this indulgence.

This is how Tom ended up sitting on the floor of Lin’s prep room at eye level with Lin’s ass, which was barely concealed by stretch pants, as he rubbed the nerves in her ankles and calves and Lin continued to work on the next batch of Poke Balls. This is exactly where she had fantasized him, and based on the shy glance that passed between them, she guessed that he knew that. This was still not wrong. She was shy, was all. Shyness is a part of life and nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that she had fantasized about this a few times recently while her husband Bruce was having his pleasure on top of her, that was merely harmless fantasizing.

After all, this is what Bruce had been bugging her about for years. Mostly she had ignored it. Over the last few years, as she had grown more bored and feeling alone at home, as Bruce's lovemaking had grown more mundane, she had begun to secretly fantasize about it, only because she wanted to please and respond to her husband, of course. If she used such harmless fantasies to be a little more excited under him, where was the harm? It was beneficial to their marriage. It was her duty.

She found herself wondering how innocent this young man was. Probably about as much as she was, she guessed. By her age, she had had a couple of husbands and a couple of boyfriends in between those husbands. Her guess was that Tom had had a couple of girlfriends by now. She was curious. Asking a harmless question was not wrong. “So, you have a girl?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Why not?”

“I’m just busy with nursing school. I would love to have a girlfriend right now. Also, I’m still hoping that the girl I left back home will wait until I move back. We talk, but I’m not holding out much hope she’ll still be waiting for me by the time I return. That’s life.”

“Ow,” said Lin.

“Am I hurting you?”

“Hurts good,” she responded. “Rub harder. Ow, ow. That’s hard enough.” He had now moved up to the outsides of her thighs. His hands were strong. There was pain, but his rubbing was also feeling delicious. It was delicious because it was relieving the constant low level pain from her nerves. That was all. Nothing was wrong here.

She blushed as she realized it was also delicious because a man younger than her sons was rubbing her up and down her legs. It was really delicious because she also caught him looking in an interested way at her butt, and she could see a bulge in his jeans. It was extra delicious because she could feel herself starting to make wetness in her pussy for him.

Yet, surely she was just getting a bit carried away in her mind and her heart. She must be imagining things. This was harmless help. She was just an ugly old woman who needed help, and this nice young man was innocently providing it.

“How is that?” said Tom, getting up off the floor.

“That was great,” said Lin a little breathlessly. She wasn’t concentrating much on her Poke Balls anymore.

“Can I touch you here?” he asked, pressing his thumbs into the nerves in her ass.

“Ow yes hurts good,” she breathed, before she could think about where he was pressing. Only her lovers had ever touched her there, and not this well. Tom’s hands were magic. Then she felt his erect cock pressing up against her butt crack through his jeans and her stretch pants. It felt big. He kept massaging in a way just painful enough to be perfectly delightful as he rubbed his hard cock against her backside. She was helpless with punishing pain and excruciating pleasure, crime and punishment all at once.

“Do you want to do anything more?”

Lin was pretty carried away with this moment. She needed to do something, or else she must let Tom have her this instant. Suddenly, she thought of a solution to their sudden and unexpected lust. She should merely plan forthrightly and matter-of-factly to be with this boy. Surely the Buddha would never actually allow it to happen. This would be her path to understanding the Buddha's intention for her and for this. She could do this properly. “Sorry, not now. We need to prepare.”


“Yes. I need to tell my husband. This is required.”

“What do you think he’ll say?”

“He has always been saying he wanted me to do it. I just never did it before. It's my job to tell him. It's his job to stop me. But he won't.” She felt dizzy and hot admitting this.

“Fair enough.”

“And you need to prepare, too. You need to be clean. You need to show me you’re free of all diseases.” She was terribly afraid of sexual diseases, yet even so, barely restraining herself from pulling her pants down for Tom this very moment. He was a good boy. Surely he was clean. Her hands lingered on the waistline of her stretch pants. She was grateful and resentful that she had blurted out this fearful demand. Surely this task would take him many weeks, and by then, he will have found a proper girlfriend. He wouldn't be teasing a bored, weak-willed old lady anymore.

“No problem. I can show you I’m free of disease on Monday.”

She swallowed hard. Hadn't she, in her fantasy, thought of another rule? Oh yes. “Another rule. If I want it, I will wear a skirt. If I don’t want it, I will wear pants like today.” Now she could just say "no" with her clothing choices. Easy. This was good because she didn't think she could resist Tom a second time. Now all she had to do was dress properly.


“Good boy!” Lin said, grabbing Tom by the face and looking deep in his eyes. She gave him a little kiss. Surely this was not wrong. It was just gratitude. She chased him out the back door of her shop, breathing an immediate sigh of relief.

Her sister knocked. “Are you decent?”

“What are you talking about?” Lin scoffed, poking her head out of the back room.

That evening, she spoke to Bruce. He was inside her, her legs spread wide, him pumping away deep in her tighter-and-wetter-than-usual pussy with a look of pure bliss on his face. Forgivably, she was overtaken with lustful feelings. He was forcing her with his motions to blurt it out. “Uh! Hey you!” she sputtered between moans.

“Hey me what?” Bruce responded playfully.

Bruce had noticed her. Now Lin had to say the rest. “I have a boy from the college I want to do.”

“Really?” Bruce responded. He paused above her, but then started moving again. She knew he was pretty excited by this point. It was hard for him to stop and talk by this time in their lovemaking, or do anything but finish.

“Uh! Yeah really!" Having admitted to it, Lin was consumed by her lustful feelings. "Really okay?! Uhhh…” She came as she felt Bruce starting his short strokes in her.

“Uuuuuuhhhh!” Bruce came hard in her, shuddering more strongly it seemed to Lin than he had in a while.

Lin could not deny to herself that this meant yes, Bruce wanted her to do it. Still consumed by lust, she confirmed with wet satisfaction, “I’m going to do it.” Surely he would now stop her.

“You’ll be safe?” Bruce asked breathlessly, the moron.

“Of course! I’m not stupid!” Lin responded with sudden anger.

“Of course not, honey,” Bruce responded. “I’m just trying to ask the right questions. Will you tell me about it after?”

Lin looked away from Bruce’s eyes. He wasn't going to stop her. She didn't know what she was going to do now. She really couldn't say.

“I’m fine either way, but think about it. I’d like to hear. It’s all your adventure, all for you. I just want you to be safe.” Bruce’s cum, quite a lot of it, was now starting to spill out of Lin all over her ass and the bedsheets. She pushed him to get off her so she could start cleaning up.

On Monday morning, after Bruce left for work, Lin stood looking at two outfits spread on the bed: stretch pants or a fairly short skirt she had bought a few weeks ago and had almost returned one week ago, her only skirt. That she even had the skirt out on the bed felt sinful. It was all too much. She’d just opened a new shop. Why was she complicating her life? So she quickly put on the stretch pants and left for work.

Around noon, Tom came up to the counter. After the exchange of cash for a Poke Ball, he leaned over far enough to get a glimpse of her stretch pants and then stood up. She looked at his face. He didn’t look that disappointed, but he was making that face men make when they are trying to not look disappointed. He was a little artificially cheery. He was even holding his Poke Ball and fork in an artificially cheery way. “Any problems?” he asked.

Wanda was in the back, so she could speak freely with him as long as they kept it elliptical. “No, I asked him, and he didn't stop me. It’s just that since I just opened the shop, it seemed like too much.” She looked at the non-disappointment on his face. He really was a very handsome young man. “It was just too much today,” she added, trying to cheer him up a little. Why was she trying to cheer him up? She felt the desperate want welling up in her to drag him into her back room again, rules or no rules. She at least should stick to her own rules, though. Impulsively, she took out her phone and took a picture of him.

“What was that for? Was he curious?”

“No," she lied, needing to avoid the subject of her Bruce's curiosity. She would not embarrass Bruce so. Then she told the truth. "This is for me to look at when I get dressed in the morning.”

“Good idea. Be my guest. Anyway, here’s my application.” He slid an envelope across the counter and then casually but not casually in the way only youth can manage, turned on his heel and walked away towards campus.

She went into a stall in the public bathroom nearby and opened the envelope. Inside was a set of rapid test results for STDs dated over the weekend from the student health clinic on campus. They showed Thomas to be all negative. It gave her some comfort to know her assessment of Tom had not been overly rash or colored by her attraction to him. He really was the sweet clean boy she thought he was. She peed, needing to get back to work soon. Her pussy was itching now. It increasingly seemed that the universe wanted this to happen. Maybe she should have just surrendered and worn the skirt today.

But it was just as well she had worn the pants, she thought. Her sister was leaving tonight to go back home. She didn’t need to compound her predicament by making her family suspicious.

The next morning, she was staring at the two outfits on the bed again. This time, she pulled out her phone and pulled up the picture she had taken of Thomas. Looking at him, she was still afraid of the whole situation. Part of her was surrendered to it. Part of her wanted to hide. She started touching herself through her panties as she looked at Tom’s picture and looked at the two outfits, still just a bored housewife with a harmless fantasy. For several minutes, indecision and lust paralyzed her, except for the hand caressing her pussy through her panties. As she started to feel the wet on her panties from the excitement she was causing herself, she gave in, dropped the phone onto the bed, and started to put on the skirt.

That lunchtime, before Tom could even open his mouth to order his Poke Ball, Lin silently grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into the back room. He noticed the skirt on the way. It was pretty short and looked great on her. She bent over the food preparation table, flipped up her skirt revealing her bare ass and no panties underneath, and before she could stop herself said, “I want it in.” All thought and reason stopped for Lin. She was all sensation. She was surrendered to whatever happened next.

She heard jeans unzipping behind her, some frantic fussing around, and then a very warm, very hard penis head touching her entrance. She was almost always wet, but right now she was sopping, so the head popped in easily with just a little push. She grunted, because it was a big head, and she had a very tiny pussy that was twisted up tight with excitement. She squeezed her eyes shut, spread her fingers wide, and opened her mouth wide, trying to think opening thoughts to her pussy, but it was pulsing and twisting with a mind of its own. Tom’s hot cock was insistent, though, causing her a bit of pain and a lot of pleasure as, rocking back and forth to stay slick with her wetness, it slowly forced her wide open.

When she felt him touch up to the top of her insides, she reached back and found he had a few more inches to go. A whimper escaped her as she felt herself stretch even further, accompanied by both pain and pleasure. Tom whispered, “I’m going to start moving now. I don’t want to hurt you.” She just whimpered in response as he started up.

Then terrible fullness slowly left her and then filled her up tight again. She clamped both hands over her mouth to not make a big noise and had a leg shaking orgasm as Tom waited for her to calm down. Another pump, and another, and she could feel the pleasure building in her again, even though the pressure was so big. She felt herself able to open up more and more, being forced open more and more by Tom’s warm hard pumping inside her.

As the pumping became pounding, Lin felt Tom’s excitement building. She slapped her hands over her mouth again to stifle another orgasmic shriek. This time, Tom did not stop. His iron grip on her ass, each hand gripping a nice big slab of either butt cheek, was holding her in place despite her bucking, and his penis slid faster and faster. She felt like it was hitting her all the way up in her tummy. She felt dizzy. Her legs started to tense again.

Then Tom thrust more forcefully than ever into her, pushing her off her feet onto the prep table, and she felt the hot slap of cum deep inside her like the little punch of a hot wet fist. She had never felt it like that ever before. Tom grunted and strained like crazy against her backside. Like her, he was a good boy, and was trying to not make too much noise. A gurgle of pleasure escaped Lin’s throat as her body pulsed and thrashed with another orgasm in response to the deep insemination. Tom had her firmly, though, so she just shook futilely in her pinned state, the toes of her shoes drumming on the floor.

After a few minutes, Tom slid gently out of her and started to pull up his undies and pants, at the same time saying something stupid like, “That was great.” Why do men always have to talk after? Lin was still resting face down draped over the food prep table. She was not convinced she could move. Her legs hung limply down. A great mass of sticky cum, much thicker than Bruce's, rolled down her right leg, over her sensible stocking and shoe, and puddled where her toe touched the floor.

Tom didn’t know quite what to do. “Are you okay?”

“Get a towel.”

“Oh, sure.” Tom looked around for a clean looking dry towel, found one, and started to wipe up the leaking cum fairly inefficiently. She felt him start at her pussy, but more just kept leaking out, and meantime, the whole side of her leg and the floor was covered in drying cum. Then he apparently decided to start wiping up from the floor, but when he got to her knee, she started to make a clucking noise. He realized he had gotten the towel dirty and shouldn’t be touching her pussy with it. Then he found another clean dry towel and wiped up the rest of the way, finally covering her pussy with it.

Lin took the towel over from him and kept it over her pussy as she scootched her way off the table and back onto the floor. By this time, Tom had his pants back up and looked fairly presentable. She didn’t want a long conversation. She wanted to be alone to come to terms with what had just happened. So she looked him in the eye, said “Good boy!” because he was such a good boy who looked more handsome than ever and innocent as a playful puppy. She then opened the back door with her free hand, ushered him out, and shut it.

That afternoon, Lin ordered three more skirts online. This in and of itself was not a sin. She would deal with all this philosophy later, once the remembrance of the indescribable pleasure of feeling Tom's cum filling her had worn off. She closed the shop around 3 PM and went home to shower so that Bruce wouldn’t see or smell anything embarrassing. She also washed clothes so that her one skirt was clean for the next day.

That evening, Bruce noticed that Lin was much more cheerful than usual and asked about it. He was a pretty oblivious guy, but the change was too obvious. She explained it away by saying she was happy the shop was doing well, which it was. She took the opportunity to talk to him about her idea of new hours of 7 AM to 3 PM. This meant that he would have to fix his own breakfast as she would be leaving before he did.

That evening, she knew he suspected again when she spread for him. She was impatient this time for Bruce to begin his business on her compared to her usual boredom or reluctance, and she was sopping wet, having wet through her panties thinking about Thomas during the evening as she was tidying up.

Once Bruce started, although Lin tried to hold back and act more normal, it just made it worse, and she came several times for her husband, turned on by the incredibly nasty experience of having two different men inside her on the very same day, which she had never done before. Bruce didn't last long given her shaking excitement throughout. She cried out like the nasty slut she was as he filled her cunt with his semen, her second dose for the day.

The next day, Tom appeared promptly at noon and they repeated their tryst. It was even better the second time because she was more prepared for his size and she was all worked up waiting for the feeling of his young hot vigorous punch and slap of cum inside her, and he didn’t disappoint. She orgasmed so hard at the satisfying feel of it and at her young lover’s stifled noise of pleasure that she practically passed out.

She asked him to visit her tomorrow at 11 AM, before the lunch rush. He happily agreed and asked if he could see her again later that day. She agreed, and asked him to come around to the back door at 3 PM and text her so that she could let him in.

Their 3 PM tryst was even better than the first two. Thomas had Lin on her back on the prep table, her legs spread as wide as the tiny back room would allow. He climbed right on top of her, and was so light compared to Bruce, but so full of force and vigor in his thrusting. She took a few peeks at his lovely face above her, but mostly kept her eyes shut, wanting to focus on the sensations of her new lover opening and pounding her. He felt even bigger from the front, but she felt no pain from it. She came frequently as he took her, and he lasted a lot longer than the first time, so she came and came. The hot cum was a surprise at the end because she had become distracted and disoriented from Tom’s long pounding. Tom’s squirts in her were as vigorous as the first time, and she grunted in shared satisfaction as her new man satisfied himself deep in her slutty cunt.

After Tom thanked her and left, Lin was still limp on the prep table, her legs flopped off either side, panties dangling from her left ankle, Tom’s copious globs of cum continuing to slowly spill out all over her ass and the back of her skirt. She felt like a piece of tenderized meat, but in a good way. She knew it would hurt a bit when she started to move, so she was happy to just rest here for a few more minutes.

That evening Lin was sopping wet and wailing like a bitch dog in heat while Bruce fucked her from behind. After cumming quickly the first time, he started fingering her ass with lube. Normally, this is when she would stop him and they would have a big fight and stop talking to each other for a week. This time, though, her feelings of guilt and wanting to punish herself for being with Thomas overcame her extreme distaste for smelling her own shit in the bedroom, and she quietly submitted to his desires. She knew he would know that she was now a disgusting whore, but she wanted him to know, but not by any means so embarrassing as saying anything.

Bruce had asked Lin to have another man, begged her to have another man. Now he could deal with it, the vile bastard. Then Bruce lubed up his cock and took her forcefully in the ass. The first few strokes hurt like hell, and she cried out silently into her pillow. She enjoyed the absolution the suffering gave her. The next many strokes caused pain but increasing pleasure to well up in her loins. Finally, she had a deep orgasm, and she couldn’t help herself, she screamed out like a filthy slut and peed a little onto the sheets. Bruce fell onto the bed, exhausted. He couldn’t finish. It served him right, the bastard. The whole bedroom stunk of shit.

She immediately ran to the shower to wash off. Tears welled up in her eyes as she considered her situation. What if something went wrong? What if her family found out about her affair? None of them would ever speak to her again. Even her marrying a Caucasian man had caused concern in the family. Now she felt her ancestors were looking down on her with extreme distaste.

Even so, after changing the sheets and tucking in Bruce who had returned from the shower, Lin opened the windows for a few minutes to let out the stink and went into the living room to quietly order a small mattress for the prep table on her iPad to be delivered to the shop. It would be delivered in two days. Her new skirts would arrive tomorrow. Both Tom and Bruce would have their way with her whenever or however they wanted. She was helpless with lust and guilt. Her sin was all too thoroughly convenient.

The next day Thomas took Lin against the prep table twice. The first was a quick one around 11 AM as before. She got his text message and let him in the back door. She didn’t want to make eye contact and turned away from him. She got a clean towel, rolled it up, and bit down on it. She bent down against the prep table, pulled down her panties to her knees, and waited for his entrance. Her legs were shaking already with lust and excitement. She could hear him freeing his cock.

Tom did not disappoint. He rocked into Lin with great excitement. She came hard as he did this, her full-throated scream muffled into the towel. As she slowly recovered her senses, he pounded her hard and fast, and soon her whole body began to tingle with lust to feel his cum punch into her again, so different from Bruce, whose emissions she could not even feel. He pounded and pounded, and she could feel the slick and tortured walls of her nasty vagina twist around his cock as she came hard again with a deep groan, and a moment later it twisted helplessly again as she felt his hot cum splashing into her, her breath catching in her throat, her legs shaking. As he slid out his cock this time, she peed a great big splash onto Tom’s legs, Tom’s clothes, and her prep room floor. Luckily, there was a drain. Every time her response as Tom fucked her was more intense. Every time she embarrassed or debased herself further with her lust and increasing sluttiness. Tom zipped up and left without a word. He was a good boy. He was learning her preferences.

When Tom texted Lin again at 3 PM, she didn’t feel quite as horny as she had in the morning, but still she was satisfied deep in her belly that this was becoming a routine, and she felt that despite surely being reincarnated as a cockroach for all this, she deserved this reward for working so hard in her shop all day. He wanted her on the prep table again but she refused, saying it would kill her it was so hard. She thought about telling him about the little mattress she’d ordered, but instead she found herself giving him her home address and making an assignation with him at her home for 3:30 PM the next day.

Negotiations completed, Lin offered herself against the prep table as she had that morning, turning, pulling down her panties, and folding up the back of her skirt as Tom fumbled with his belt buckle. She barely remembered to bite the towel as he began forcing his cock into her. She was proud of herself for not cumming immediately this time, but soon his youthful, excited, deep hot pounding of her twat made her piss on him again and wail with great abandon into her towel. As usual, she had another one when she felt his hot emission, a good long groaning one. Then they wiped up, zipped him up, and she pushed him out the back door as he whispered “Goodbye!” and she whispered "Good boy!"

That evening, as Bruce was fucking Lin, after she’d had a good satisfying cum thinking about it, Lin said matter-of-factly, “I invited him here during the day.”

Bruce kept fucking Lin without objection.

“Did you hear me? Standing up all the time is hard for me.”

“I heard you. Uuuuuhhhh!” Bruce growled as he strained his cock deep into Lin. She brought her legs in and cuddled him. He really was a good husband who was trying hard not to make her feel any more miserable, helpless, or guilty than she already did about this. He had so much trust in her. She was certain he would be disturbed if he really knew how out-of-control she was. She resolved to never admit it.

It was amazing to Lin that Bruce was still encouraging her, the nasty bastard. He was being so polite and not embarrassing her. She was feeling so guilty, but perhaps she had never loved him more than this moment. She didn’t quite understand why. She only wished he wasn’t so stupid and perverted all the time. What kind of husband would let his wife fuck somebody else, especially with a kid less than half her age? His behavior really was disgusting.

Helplessly, Lin woke up the next morning already looking forward to the afternoon. Her ten minute hard fuck with Thomas at 11am felt better than ever inside and throughout her, if that was even possible. She was so excited to soon have him in a nice comfortable bed that afternoon. Between customers, she ordered more bedsheets online.

Lin got home early and showered. The sheets were clean, the house was clean, and she was wearing her brand new skirt and blouse. She resisted putting on makeup or jewelry for Thomas like some tart. She hated just waiting for him like a schoolgirl. She was impatient. Finally, when she was just about to start throwing things, the doorbell rang, and it was Thomas, right on time. As she hustled him inside, she became worried about what her neighbors would see and think. She gave him her garage door opener and made him park in the garage. Next time, he was to use the garage door opener to drive straight into the garage.

Lin walked Tom to the bedroom, but then stood there a little stunned. She turned away from him because she started to get wet in her eyes. This suddenly felt dangerous and wrong, but she was helpless to stop it now, helpless to stop her body. To calm herself, she reflexively turned down the bed. Thomas could feel she was distressed for some reason and said, “How about I massage your nerves?”

What a brilliant and thoughtful boy Tom was. This and the touching was partly why Lin had fallen in such lust with him in the first place. With no further ado, and still without looking at him, she removed her skirt and blouse and hung them on a chair. She heard the rustling of clothes behind her and knew Tom was undressing. She didn’t want to know how much. She climbed onto the middle of the bed and buried her face in her arms. Now it was his move.

Soon, Tom’s touches started at Lin’s ankles. The pain was good, and brought her great comfort. He worked slowly up her calves and loins and ended up at her ass. He dug his elbows into her ass, and she practically died with pain and sensual pleasure, and also sexual pleasure, because of the circumstances. She rested as he left the room for a minute. She thought he had gone to pee, but instead of peeing, she heard him looking through cupboards in the kitchen. Was he hungry? Didn’t he see the fruit on the counter?

Suddenly, Thomas was back, and trickling cold vegetable oil on Lin’s legs. Quickly, he warmed it up with his hands. When he got up to her panties, she raised her hips perfectly innocently and he slid them off her perfectly innocently. More vegetable oil all over her butt and in her ass crack. “That’s too much!” she complained.

Tom started to rub even deeper with his elbow up and down Lin’s nerve trunks. She was helpless with the pain and extreme pleasure, and could only manage to let her breath in and out in short grunts. After going over her leg and butt nerves again thoroughly, he undid her bra and spread oil across her back. She was going to be all icky with oil, but she couldn’t muster a complaint or move at this point. She was at his mercy.

After grinding his fingers expertly up her spine and around Lin’s shoulders and shoulder blades, Tom flipped her over, and there he was, staring at her. She grabbed a pillow and put it over her face. He removed the pillow and she shut her eyes and laughed, embarrassed to show her discomfort to him. He kissed her on the lips, at first chastely, and then probed his tongue in, but he met her clenched teeth. There were some things she wanted to reserve for her husband, at least in this moment. She didn’t know why.

Instead, not dissuaded, Tom kissed Lin’s neck and kissed and bit her earlobes. Then he removed her bra to find some really beautiful pert tits. Tom started to reassess his age guess for Lin down from 35. Maybe she was younger? These nice B’s with dark brown aureoles were untouched by time but definitely mature. Topping them were a pair of nice big mommy nipples just begging to be sucked. He couldn’t resist.

As Tom sloppily went to town on Lin’s tits, she chuckled and opened her eyes, knowing she wouldn’t have to meet his gaze for a while. Men were so predictable. What was the fascination? Mostly, it just felt tickly and weird to her, mostly. And she was getting impatient again. She had wanted Tom’s cock punishing her good since he had slid out of her at about a quarter past eleven that morning. And now he was kissing his way down her belly. Buddha’s dangling balls!

As Tom’s tongue traced out an insufferable love letter on Lin’s clit, she fretted and whimpered. She didn’t want this nice boy to woo her by eating her dirty disgusting adulterous cunt, she wanted to be used like a whore. She wanted to stop feeling this overwhelming guilt for this young man taking her husband’s place in her marriage bed. He wasn’t getting the message, yet, if he did much more of this, she was going to have to orgasm, and she didn’t want him to do this, so she was gritting her teeth and starting to glow white hot with the effort of holding back.

Lin screeched out the orgasm Tom had forced from her, hips bucking uncontrollably. She feebly tried to push his head away, but he wouldn’t move, and she kept cumming and cumming.

Lin became awake again as Tom’s excited dick thrust into her. She wailed and came again uncontrollably, her heels drumming on his thrusting narrow ass. This was the slutty satisfaction she had been feeling guilty about anticipating, and now the real thing was here. Tom was taking her in her husband’s own bed. Tom’s sweat and liquids were flying everywhere, his musk strong, plowing her juices out of her to mess everywhere. It was indelible. For as long as she had this room, for as long as she had this bed, the slutty guilty orgasm she was having right now would be the feeling of it.

Lin shut her eyes again to feel the intensity of it. Then Tom reminded her again that he was not her husband by punching her quivering puss harder than ever with his bigger cock and burning hot jism. Tom cried out sweetly to her for the first time, sounding so young and helpless to her. After the punch, punch, punch of thrusts and squirts had subsided, she felt his cum spread inside her, looking for eggs. It made her hold him close. It made her still.

Lin came to her senses and looked at the clock. It was 5 PM and Bruce might be home as early as 6 PM! Within a few minutes she had collected Tom and his clothes and rushed him out of the house. She jumped in and out of the shower in record time and then ripped the sheets off the bed, threw them in the washer, and started it. She opened all the bedroom windows to let Tom’s scent out.

Lin slowed down a little and dressed and blew her hair dry. She was done with everything by a quarter to six. Then she vacuumed. Puttering and adjusting things, mostly in the bedroom, to eliminate any possible trace that another man had been there consumed the rest of the 45 minutes until Bruce arrived home. One thing she couldn’t seem to eliminate was the guilty look on her face. She tried in the mirror for about ten minutes and then gave up.

(To be continued)
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Chapter 2

Bruce arrived home and asked Lin what was the matter. He was mostly oblivious, but did tend to look at her face too closely at inopportune times. She answered that she had problems with the dinner, because she realized in that moment that she had entirely forgotten to fix them dinner. Without missing a beat, Bruce fussed about for the number and then ordered them some Chinese food for delivery. She knew that he knew that something was up, and he was treating her so nicely she wanted to hit him, but she kissed him instead, several times, with full tongue. It made her feel a little better.

Bruce was so revved up from a combination of his nasty but probably correct suspicions and all the kissing that when the food arrived he suggested they go to bed early and eat the food in bed. It was a messy suggestion, but Lin didn’t have the moral position to deny him anything, so she acquiesced with as good a grace as she could manage.

Within fifteen minutes of climbing on the bed, Bruce had Lin expose her naked body to him as they ate. She did as he asked without argument or hesitation. Soon after she was fully naked, their chow mein was set aside, and he was plunging his cock into her with as much vigor as she had ever experienced from him, maybe more.

It felt natural for Lin to humiliate herself for whatever nasty whim Bruce had. She hated him for being a cuckold, and she loved him for humiliating her and using her roughly, for punishing her transgression, however indirectly. Because her nasty cunt was still humming from Tom ramming it right here in their bed a mere few hours earlier, she came for her husband loudly once in the middle of his pleasure and once at the end, even though only a few minutes passed before he shot his spunk deep into her slutty hole.

They finished their food. When Lin returned to the bedroom after cleaning up their dishes, Bruce was standing naked and indicated she should get on her knees in front of him. She almost started to yell at him, but then sighed heavily and got down on her knees in front of him. She hated giving him the least bit of oral sex. It was frankly very unsanitary. However much he begged, she would touch her mouth to his dick maybe once a year, and then only if he was right out of the shower, and then only for a short time, just enough to get him to shut up about it for a while.

This time Bruce’s semi-erect penis was rank with Lin’s lubrication and with his cum. She almost threw up into her mouth as her face approached the stinking dirty member. Then she smelled it: the unmistakable smell of Thomas’s cum as well. Her demon loins began to quiver with excitement at this. She tried to quell the response by starting to clean off Bruce’s dirty dick with her mouth, first the head, then farther down the shaft. He grew hard as she relentlessly punished herself with this sickening activity. Tom’s scent became even stronger in her nostrils as she forced herself, and she could feel her moist response to this abomination.

Finally it was time for Lin to attempt what she had seen the sluts in porn do, take Bruce deep in her mouth. She had never attempted this before with anyone. Bruce hadn't even asked for it. She didn't care. She ventured to put in more, but gagged and reflexively backed away. As tears began to roll down her face, she tried again and again and again and again until Bruce stopped her by grabbing her head in his hands and stepping back with a tortured expression. “I appreciate it, honey, but I’m already hard.”

Bruce put Lin on all fours at the edge of the bed, and standing behind her, took her in the pussy. This was actually her easiest position. As he pounded her quickly and relentlessly, she came every few minutes for him for some time, the lingering scent of Tom in her mouth and nostrils keeping her wet and at the top edge of excitement. Soon, however, she became preoccupied by drips of sweat beginning to rain from her husband. He was torturing himself now. He went on and on. Finally she began to beg him, “Take a break. Please, take a break.” But he would not stop. Finally, after what seemed like an hour of speeding up and slowing down, he tensed behind her and chuckled weakly. He was finally done with her.

She helped his sweat-drenched body into bed and rubbed his neck as he quickly fell into a deep sleep. She looked at him for a while, not knowing now what to do with herself. Her dirty cunt was now sore, and it served her right. Perhaps it would be sore for days. She stared at him for a while, sleepless in the dark, and then went to take another shower.

Despite Lin’s wish, her dirty cunt was just fine the next day and every day thereafter. During the week, she settled down to a routine of having Thomas take her quickly against the prep table in the morning after the coffee rush and then again more slowly after hours generally on the small mattress. They had more time after hours. Tom settled into an afternoon routine of taking her quickly on the mattress to begin with, then massaging her sciatica painfully and pleasurably while he recovered, and then taking her a second time for longer. If he was very excited or came quickly the second time, he would sometimes then lick and suck her to several orgasms and then have her a third time.

This routine was Tom learning Lin’s preferences. She didn’t like such things as foreplay getting in the way of Tom satisfying himself in and on her as early and as frequently as possible. She was very excited by the excitement and pleasure she caused her beautiful young man simply by passively laying there and allowing him his way. That said, she didn’t dislike other kinds of play within certain limits; she just never wanted any of that to get in the way of her impatient need to see the lust and excitement light up his face or feel the punch of his frequent and powerful orgasms deep inside her.

She would then go home wet and ready to her husband, who would take her again in the evening, and was happy to mention as politely as possible that her newfound readiness and randiness in the evenings was pleasing to him. Because of her feelings of obligation to him, he also had carte blanche to pursue what Lin thought of as his perversions, although she knew they were more common practices nowadays than in the culture she was raised in.

Regarding the anal, they came to an agreement that if he wanted anal, she would go perform an enema on herself so that the smell was not disgusting to her. He always took pains before beginning to lubricate her anus and rectum thoroughly. If she was looking fraught to him, he would insert a butt plug into her anus while he fucked her for a while in the normal fashion to make it easier for her to accept him. As he demanded and she capitulated, she learned to enjoy and even have an occasional profound orgasm from the practice. She enjoyed that it was something, like tongue kissing, that she was withholding from Tom and reserving exclusively for her natural husband.

Another seeming perversion Lin continued to attempt was to get on her knees and open her throat to Bruce’s thrusting cock. He was disturbed that she had so tortured herself on her first attempt, so he bought instructional videos for her to study. She dutifully followed these instructions, and so within a few months she could take him down her throat without too much gagging.

Because Lin was inclined to passivity and having her men use her as they wished, they got into a habit where Bruce would hold her firmly by the head or hair and fuck her throat as he wished. Normally, he just started using this technique to get hard, but this was enough oral stimulation to allow Bruce to cum from her oral sex for the first time in their relationship. The first time he went this far, he politely warned her, but Lin had never tasted a man’s semen before, and she threw up immediately and forcefully, much to both their dismay.

After this incident, Bruce started requiring Lin to put in her mouth, show him, and then swallow at least a small amount of semen that leaked from her pussy after each time they had their normal sex. Although the practice disgusted her, after a few weeks of this, the next time he came from fucking her throat, she was able to choke it down and even show him some of it beforehand. Oral sex became another practice that, however distasteful and perverse, she felt proud she was reserving for her husband.

Because Lin was receiving such frequent and regular attention during the week compared to the weekend, where she had only Bruce perhaps once in the morning and then once in the evening, she began to look for discreet ways to sneak off and see Tom on the weekends as well. Bruce forbid her from opening her shop on the weekends at all, fearing it would burn her out. She was able to get away from time to time for some “shopping,” but she and Tom could not find any kind of regular time that worked for them on the weekend, so she remained somewhat frustrated on the weekends and somewhat impatient for Mondays.

Another matter came about to impact Lin’s routine with Tom. As her business got busier, she had to hire help, so she hired a young coed by the name of Huan Dandan to help in the shop. She would only think of hiring a girl, because boys did not know how to clean things and were lazy. Boys had their uses in her world, the first being the crazy money they could produce in a man’s world, the others being not a subject for decent conversation.

Huan proved to be neat enough and diligent enough to not displease Lin, rare qualities in any mortal. However, her very diligence caused immediate concern for Lin. Until she could figure it out, she immediately eliminated her morning quickies with Tom. She would only make love to him after hours. Before Huan even started, Lin began storing the mattress in the trunk of her car. There was no reliable way of getting it back into the shop without drawing attention, so more and more often, she would just have Tom take her against the prep table after hours. Needless to say, these changes immediately began to seriously affect their relationship.

To try to make it up to Tom, Lin rejoined the dangerous practice of inviting Tom into her home and bed. They had not attempted this since their first foray given Lin’s unexpectedly strong feelings about it. Now there was a need. She swallowed hard and began to invite him home every weekday afternoon. She was scrupulous, so Bruce didn’t seem to suspect anything had changed.

The trysts were luxurious, filled with both guilt and feelings of revenge for Bruce's perversions, such complex feelings. She had never had weekday upon unrelenting weekday, week upon unrelenting week, of such extraordinary happiness and pleasure. She was sometimes abject on the weekends waiting for Monday, no matter how much Bruce tried to cheer her up. She sometimes cried that she was now old and barren because her loins so lusted for Thomas's seed to catch hold in her.

Lin kept looking for ways to have Bruce assuage these additional feelings of guilt within her. One evening, she had an idea. After the dinner plates were cleared, Lin sat down again across the dining table and simply requested, “Punish me.” She looked away. As soon as the words left her lips, she felt a cooling breeze of absolution wash over her. No matter what he did with her remark, at least she was being honest that in her opinion she needed to be punished.

“Okay,” Bruce replied somewhat uncertainly. He scooted out his chair and beckoned Lin towards him. He removed her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Then he set Lin over his lap and began to spank her ass cheeks, first the left one, and then the right. Bruce was a large and powerful man. His spanks got louder and louder until they were deafening cracks. Lin began to worry whether the neighbors could hear.

Although the spanks were painful, warmth spread outward and into Lin’s loins from Bruce’s spanking. She didn’t feel like crying out. Instead she closed her eyes to better enjoy the pain and the warmth. The spanks went on and on. He changed arms and continued. After about an hour of spanking with him switching arms constantly near the end, his arms were too tired and he couldn’t continue. Lin thanked him, pulled up her panties, and redressed in her skirt.

Before Lin could escape Bruce to finish the dishes, he spun her around, pushed and held her head down on the dining room table with one giant hand, and with the other roughly pulled her panties back down. His cock was only semi-hard, but her quim had become sloppy and open from the spanking, and his cock proved hard enough to begin to penetrate her. His cock hardened quickly as he slid it in and out of her with increasing speed and force, and within a minute he was pistoning in and out of her at full mast and she was whimpering and shaking with an orgasm, her head still pinned to the table.

The next day, Lin's employee Huan approached her after the lunch rush. Huan had begun to think of Lin as a kindly aunt, like another mother who understood her and was not so strict as her real mother. Huan confided in Lin in Mandarin, to avoid eavesdropping, “I am starting to have feelings for a boy, but I don’t know what to do. My parents were very strict. I’ve never even kissed a boy. I don’t know what to do.”

“You’re interested in him. Is he interested in you?”

“How would I know?”

“Has the boy you’re interested in been in my shop?”

“Yes, he comes here often. He was here today.”

Lin chuckled. “Then the answer is ‘yes.’ Haven’t you noticed how all the boys look at you? How they often stammer when they speak to you? I know that some have asked you out. I keep hearing you say you’re too busy.”

“The boys who ask are not the one I’m interested in.”

“Well, you aren’t all dumb, girl. The boys I’ve seen ask you so far are scum and you should stay away from them.”

“Then what do I do?”

“When he comes into the shop, look at him. Do you look at him?”

“No, I go into the back.”

“Look at him!”

“It’s so embarrassing!”

“Promise me you’ll look at him. That’s an order! Either that or I’ll stand here and make you ogle every man who comes into the shop. By the end of the week, your man won’t be able to get in here because our floor will be covered by men on their knees proposing to you!”

“All right,” she promised resignedly.

“And smile at him!”

“Well, I couldn’t help that. I guess that’s why I run into the back.”

“Stupid girl! Smile at him.”


“Talk to him.”

“What do I say?”

“Say anything. Tell him about the weather. Tell him you’re off work at three o’clock.”

“I could never!”

“All right, leave it to me. I’ll tell him.”


“It will be fine. Let your auntie Lin be match maker. Who is he, darling? You can trust me. I would never let you down.”

“It’s Thomas.”

Lin swallowed hard.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing, my sweet cinnabar. I’m simply amazed at your intuition. Thomas is a wonderful young man, the best of the best of them. You certainly have good taste in men. It will serve you well all your life. He’s a quiet one, though. Only a girl with great discernment like yourself would even notice him.”

Sitting at home that afternoon, waiting for Thomas to arrive for their tryst, Lin felt the full weight of her karmic crime. Her capitulation to her lust for Thomas was holding him back in life, was already hurting Huan, who was almost a daughter to her. She was derailing all of space and time to indulge her sick needs. This was too much. She was not going to go against nature or by her continued actions derail what ought to happen here.

Just then, Lin heard the garage door open and close. A minute later, her dearest Tom was in her arms. “What’s wrong?” he asked, “Why so serious?”

“Don’t worry,” she replied, “It’s good news. Everything will be just fine.”


“Never mind. Just a minor problem in the shop.” Then she dragged him forcefully to her bedroom and fucked his brains out like there was no tomorrow.

Everything in the house was arranged a little too perfectly as usual by the time Bruce arrived home. From a pink shopping bag, he produced a short leather whip with many tassels. “Do you need punishing?”

“More than ever,” Lin confessed with a relieved sigh.

“Pull down your panties.”

“I need to turn off the stove first.”

“It can wait. Pull down your panties!”

“Not if you want dinner,” she said, stepping out of her panties and handing them to him.

“Part of your punishment is to spoil your dinner. Now bend over and pull up your skirt.” He began whipping her across her ass and legs, first gently, and then with increasing force. It was much quieter than the spanks and felt much better to her, like scratching an itch she didn’t know she had but that now consumed her. She shouldn’t be enjoying being whipped this much. She really was a dirty perverted slut.

The whipping lasted well into the evening and eventually involved her ass, her legs front and back, her back, her arms, her breasts, her tummy, and even her quim. Lin could smell her food burning the whole time, which was a worse punishment. By the time he started whipping her cunt, she was actually dribbling a little. He whipped it harder and harder until she screamed out in real pain, then he stopped whipping her, bent her over the table, and took her with his growing erection as he had the night before.

After Lin orgasmed once, Bruce pushed her down on her knees, grabbed her painfully by the hair, and face fucked her with abandon. Within a minute or two he came down her throat, holding his cock there, and finally saying after he had recovered his senses, “There’s your dinner!” Was this now a porn movie? Her husband had gone crazy. She understood he was trying really hard to make her feel better by doing his best to punish her, but he was terrible at it. She felt wonderful.

Finally, Lin was able to run into the kitchen and turn off the stove. Naked in the kitchen, she turned to him and joked, “What are you having for dinner?” Bruce set her ass up on the cold counter and bent over to lick her pussy. Perhaps she should not have joked. The licking continued for some time. It was terrible, because she became more and more excited while at the same time more and more uncomfortable because of the chill. At the end, she couldn’t orgasm because she began shivering with cold, and finally he relented.

The next day, Lin was resting in Tom’s arms after having an extremely satisfying series of orgasms. Tom was trying to have a deep discussion with her, perhaps even ask her advice, she wasn’t clear. It was far from being her favorite activity with him. Tom continued, “So you see, George just needs to get laid. Everything would be fine for him.” George was Tom’s roommate.

As Lin gathered, George Matthews was the victim of a strict upbringing and had come straight to being Tom’s roommate from an all-boys’ school. George was on the swim team, tall, with dark hair. He was every bit as handsome as Tom and certainly more muscular. But George was painfully shy. He never chatted with Huan or himself. He just ordered in a quiet voice, paid, and left.

“How do you know he likes women?”

“Well that’s a thought. Oh wait. I know he likes women. I’ve seen his browser history.”


“I laughed. It was painfully tame stuff.”

“Stop embarrassing yourself and your friend by discussing his private matters. I’m embarrassed for him in his absence.”

“Point taken. Anyway, I thought you might help me set him up with Huan.”

“Heavens no.” First of all, they were both virgins. That couldn’t go well. Secondly, there was the Tom thing. The thing she didn’t want to think about.

“Why not?”

“It’s not a good match.”

“How are you so sure?”


“Okay, calm down. I didn’t mean to get you so upset.”

She was destroying Tom’s life. “Please leave.” She got up and ran to the shower, not looking back.

That evening after dinner, Bruce pulled another pink bag out of his attaché case. In the pink bag was a set of leather wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs. “Does my wife need punishing?” he asked with a bit of artificial glee, as if he was asking, “Does my wife need a little cheering up?”

“Fuck you,” Lin responded. She knew Bruce was trying to help her, but it was all too much.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Bruce spent the next hour or so reading instructions and attaching the wrist and ankle restraints to their bed. He showed Lin how they could be quickly detached so the bed looked normal again. She dutifully lay face down on the bed as he strapped her down. Then he got a little egg out of the pink bag and slowly worked it into her quim. He had his phone out. She shouted, “DON’T TAKE A PICTURE!”

“Don’t worry,” Bruce replied. He fiddled with his phone a little, and the device roared to life inside Lin. It was really quite intense. He then whipped her from arms to toes taking care to keep the tassels below the neck. Both the absolution and the sensation of the whipping felt wonderful. The vibrating was highly annoying.

Lin was able to withstand the vibrating demon inside her until Bruce started whipping her ass. Then she started wailing and shaking and her rippling rolling pleasure couldn’t seem to stop. He whipped her ass firmly for several minutes until the orgasm passed. After that, he turned her over and continued, getting a little more daring with her breasts and stopping when she begged him not to whip her pussy again. She wished he would have whipped it anyway, but she was fine with a reprieve. This was really for him as far as she was concerned.

The next morning, Lin called Thomas on the phone. “Can you talk?”

“Yes, it’s private.”

“You know I care about you deeply and want the best for your life.”

“Uh oh.”



“Huan is interested in you. She is a good girl close to your own age. You would probably make a good couple together and maybe marry. The only problem is that my greedy old pussy is holding you back. It’s stopping your life. I can’t stand it.”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“I’m a married woman. You know this.”

“Then what are we? Nothing?”

“In truth, I love you as much as I love my husband. I love you like a husband and like a son. That’s why I can’t bear to hurt you like this.”

“You’re not hurting me Lin. I love you.”

“It’s up to you. You hurt yourself. If I am a stepping-stone to you, as I should be, I will be helping you to get to your rightful destination in life. If you use me as a wall, you will be hurting everybody, and I will be hurting you, and I can’t bear that.”

“Will I still see you at 3:30?”

“If you wish. I would enjoy that very much.”

“I’ll see you then.”

“Will you listen? If you won’t consider this, you are a much more stupid and weak-willed boy than I ever thought, and I’ve done much damage to your life by not considering this before allowing you to have me.”

“I’ll consider it, okay? I’ll see you at 3:30.”

“Thank you. I guess I’ve said it now, so you should remember too that I love you.”

“Okay. I love you, too. Bye.”

Tom was young, Lin thought. This was hard for him. This was exactly what was so wrong with what she did in the first place. She had lured him into her barren womb where there could be no long-term happiness or real life for him, only to serve her wanton desires.

That lunch, not surprisingly, Tom did not show up in the store for the first time. Huan was beside herself with worry. At the end of the lunch rush, she practically screamed at Lin in Mandarin, “What the hell happened?”

“Don’t worry,” said Lin, “I spoke to him. He’s as shy as you are in many ways. I’m going to meet face to face with him after the shop closes today. I will calm him down if he needs calming down. I know he is not already spoken for, but I also know he had a girlfriend back home that he was still interested in a while back. It’s time for him to get real and get on with his life. I’ll convince him. I can be very persuasive. You’ll see.”

At 3:30, neither Lin nor Tom said a word. He carried her to the bedroom and made love to her like there was no tomorrow. They had started doing that lately, and now Tom knew why.

Afterwards, Lin said, “New rules. You must give her a chance. You can’t hurt her, because I told you of her interest in confidence. I’m sorry, but you’re obligated to this. And you can never ever tell her about us.”

“Agreed, of course. I want only the best for Huan no matter what happens. I would have to be a monster to wish a sweet innocent girl like Huan ill in any way, and my life is committed to helping people, not hurting them. As for us, that’s private. You’re married, for God’s sake. Haven’t I been discreet? Do you think I’ve been telling all my friends?” Tom was in a bad mood talking about all this and was getting a bit irate.

“Of course I trust you, my love, but you’re young and sometimes foolish. You’re also a very honest man. In this case, there’s a conflict. I wanted to make it clear. Are we agreed?”


“Thank you.”

That evening, after Bruce gave her a thorough whipping, Lin said, “Untie me. I have to pee really bad.”

“I have an idea,” Bruce said as he was letting Lin loose, “Go into the shower instead.”

“Whatever.” Lin was pretty resigned to whatever perversions her husband wanted to try at this point. At least he had not forced her to pee all over the bed. It had a fairly waterproof layer near the mattress, but it could still be ruined. She had added it mostly because she often peed a little as Thomas fucked her. When Thomas was in their bed it generally was a very wet situation full of her piss, her cream, and his cum everywhere by the end.

Lin climbed naked into the shower followed closely by Bruce. “Now pee on my leg.”

Lin gave Bruce a sour look. Even though she was ready to explode, this would be difficult. She strained for a few minutes and finally let loose a trickle which soon became a rushing stream, much to her relief. It reeked in the shower. She was so embarrassed. She hoped he was happy. She certainly wasn’t.

Finally, Lin was out of pee, and went to turn on the shower to wash it off them and down the drain. She felt a warm stream on her back and flinched away, turning to see that now Bruce was pissing on her! “Don’t, stop, you disgusting brute!”

“Hold still,” said Bruce. Lin sighed with resignation and stood still while he peed all over her breasts and tummy. Her pee had smelled bad enough, but his was absolutely rank. It smelled like a kennel full of sick dogs. Her skin stung slightly where the pee hit her skin tortured by her recent whipping. Oh, right. Punishment.

When Bruce was finished, Lin breathed a sigh of relief, turned on the shower, and washed it all away. Bruce said, “Interesting to try, but meh. I got nothing out of it. You?”

“Please never again, so unsanitary. I will get an infection and die,” Lin said, making rare eye contact.

The next day at around noon, Huan’s eyes were locked upon Thomas from across the street as he strolled up to the counter with somewhat practiced nonchalance, stood directly across from Huan behind the counter, and just looked down at her. Already she was beaming like a child who just learned she was going to Disneyland. Tom was struck dumb. A big dumb smile as big and dumb as Huan’s crept onto his face. Lin was smiling at them both. It was infectious.

Finally, Tom said, “Hey” in that big deep voice of his.

“Hey Tom-Thomas,” Huan stammered.

“Hey would you like to hang out sometime, like…”


Tom was taken aback. “Well, sure…” Tom looked at Lin.

“Go, go, go, go,” said Lin, knowing two otherwise useless kids when she saw them. “Don’t get killed in the street.”

Huan grabbed two random Poke Balls, ducked under the counter drop, and joined Tom in the street. They were both still just grinning at each other, Huan holding both Poke Balls, as they wandered off in a random direction.

Huan staggered back an hour later, looking besotted.

“How did it go?” Lin ventured in Mandarin.

“Tom is taking me to the anime convention this weekend!” Huan thrilled, replying in English. “We both have Discovery cosplay outfits so we’re going as that. I’m going to outrank him.”

“It sounds like a date.”

“It’s more than a date!” said Huan, switching to Mandarin, “We’re going to be together for two whole days, doing absolutely everything together!”

“Everything? Should I order baby clothes?”

“You’re a disgusting old woman and I love you,” said Huan, hugging Lin tight.

Tears unexpectedly started streaming from Lin’s eyes. This was exactly the punishment she had been craving. This was exactly the absolution she had needed. It hurt more than her heart being ripped out of her chest. “I love you too, sweet cinnabar.”

Lin was at home having a really thorough cry when the garage door opened and shut. It was 3:30. She was kind of stunned. When Tom walked in from the garage, she asked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Didn’t we…” Tom started, looking confused.

“So you expect the entire worldwide staff of Poke Balls, Inc. to open their legs for you in the same day?”

“Wait, what? Nothing happened! What are you talking about?”

“According to Huan, you’ll be inseparable the whole weekend and wearing matching Star Trek costumes.”

“Inseparable? I was thinking we would go together and come back together and hang out a fair amount together…”

“You’ll be closer than arm’s length to her the entire weekend or I’ll use your balls for bongos!” she threatened.

“Yes, ma’am!”

“And at that rate, I expect that by midnight Saturday, you’ll go where no man has gone before,” she chuckled. She was pretty funny for a sad old lady.

“Holy Jesus, Lin! We need to get to know each other first. She needs to trust me. I need to trust myself. It would be terrible to rush this. I don’t know what the hell is going on with this. You wanted this! Why are you so angry at me for doing what you wanted?”

“I don’t know. Come here and hold me.”

Tom sat down next to Lin on the couch, held her, and started kissing her neck.

“How can you be feeling amorous at a terrible time like this?”

“Look, it’s just a weekend date. Maybe she won’t like me. We don’t even know. Right now though, it’s Friday afternoon, and I showed up for a different date. The date we had starting at 3:30. And I still love you. That’s why I’m feeling amorous.”

“How can you forget about Huan like that?”

“Does being with me make you forget you’re married?”

“My husband is a decided thing. I don’t want to affect your decision making.”

“Look. Who would Huan rather spend the weekend with: a man who is grieving because he just lost his stepping stone or a man who is enjoying life because his stepping stone is not in the way, but is supporting him still?”

Lin thought for a bit, and then took him to the bedroom.

(To be continued)
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Chapter 3

Afterwards, Lin, Tom, and the bed looked like a bomb filled with baby oil, piss, and cum had hit them. They were lying there wrecked. The 5 PM alarm went off and Lin barely moved.

“Tell me what happened when you went off together today.”

“Why do you want to talk about another woman?”

“She’s not some other woman. She’s like my own heart, as are you. I need to know how my heart is doing. I know that hearing about it will probably sting. That’s not as important to me as the comfort of knowing the natural order of things is being restored.”

“All right. We walked to the park. We didn’t really say anything at first. We just looked at each other a lot and smiled a lot. She was trembling a little. I might have been trembling, too, but I was trying my best to hold it together. She handed me the bacon Poke Ball. We sat down on a bench to eat our Poke Balls, but neither of us were really hungry.

“I asked her what she did for fun. She mentioned that she liked to make cosplay outfits and model them on Instagram. She showed me her Instagram account. So many followers! And I could see why.” Tom dragged himself over to the side of the bed, fumbled around with his pants on the floor, retrieved his phone, and brought up a picture of Huan in a skin tight Starfleet uniform that he showed to Lin.

“Oh Em Gee!” exclaimed Lin, “That doesn’t leave much to the imagination!” Who would have guessed that her shy young employee was a famous Internet slut?

“If you think that’s hot, look at this.” Tom showed Lin a picture of Huan in a blond wig, a white one-piece bathing suit, and white arm and leg warmers. She was holding an old timey bowling ball type bomb in one hand and had an apple on her head. Her other hand was making a peace sign.

“Well I can see she must trim at least.”

“Oh, she’s shaved.”

“How do you know?”

“You’d see a dark patch in this bathing suit, but there isn’t one, so no muff. A man knows these things.”

“All you men are obscene. How much does she get paid for this?”

“Nothing. It’s just a hobby.”

Lin just looked at Tom incredulously. Well, maybe she was getting something out of it. Perhaps she was getting a husband.

“Anyway, that’s her main hobby. So I asked her whether she was planning on going to the anime convention in town this weekend. She said she had never been to a convention because of all the stories of girls without escorts getting mauled. So I showed her two tickets I already had in my wallet that were for George and me, but George will understand, and I asked her to go with me. Then she really started trembling and said yes.”

“After that, it was all about what outfit to wear. I’m not much of a cosplayer, so my only real outfit is a Star Trek Discovery outfit. Of course she had one too. Cosplay is a big deal for her. She was trembling so much, I offered to rub her shoulders to calm her down.”

“Did she accept?”


“Did it calm her down?”

“In a sense. She kept saying it felt really good. We agreed to meet in front of the shop in costume tomorrow morning at 9 AM. We exchanged contact information. Then it was time for her to go back to the shop. I gave her a kiss, and then she was gone. That’s all that happened.”

“About what I’d guessed, based on what she told me. She didn’t mention the massage or the kiss.”

“It was just a harmless little shoulder massage.”

"Yeah, right. I know all about your massages."

Lin was still ready for Bruce by the time he returned home at 6:00. She had gotten very skilled at obliterating all traces of her secret life with Tom from her body and their home, other than the heartbreak. This time, when Bruce called out his customary cheery greeting of “Who wants to be punished?” Lin answered sadly, “Not me.”

“It looks to me like somebody’s already gotten punished,” remarked Bruce. “Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.” After that, since he knew when Lin didn't want to talk, he headed for his study. Lin hid in the kitchen and cried bitter tears, and it helped a little.

That evening, Lin was wetter than usual for Bruce, but he was obviously affected by her sad and fretful mood. She was throwing her sweet husband off his game, and that wouldn’t do either. She laid him down, took his cock into her mouth, and started bobbing up and down on it. This was not the usual way she did oral sex on him, and she was hoping it would distract him away from her mood and allow him to cum. When he started to writhe and buck, she climbed onto him. Although this position hurt her legs because he was such a big man to straddle, she doubted he would last long, and he didn’t. Within a few minutes, he shuddered with an orgasm, and that was that.

The next morning, Saturday morning, Lin was more fretful than ever, and she could see it was driving Bruce crazy. Finally, Bruce said, “Let’s go see a matinee.”

“Okay,” said Lin. Anything to distract her would be good.

“I know just the movie.”

Lin got ready to go out. She did her hair and put a little makeup on her red puffy eyes.

“Will you wear a skirt?” Bruce asked.

The skirts were for Tom, but Bruce didn’t know that. Whatever. She put on a skirt for him.

When they got out to the car and climbed in, Bruce produced the vibrating ball from their play a few nights ago. “Please put this in.”

Lin considered Bruce’s request. Before Tom, this would have caused a fight that would have them not talking for a week or more. Now that had changed, and she wasn’t sad it had changed. In that moment, she cheered up a little as well, because she realized that she was still seeing Tom. In fact, Tom had fucked her four times in the last 24 hours. She was still, for the time being, a terrible unrepentant slut that needed to be punished. She took the ball from Bruce, let him lubricate it a bit from a little bottle in his pocket, and slipped it in.

After they got their popcorn and waters, they sat down near the back row of the theater. Lin had her own light jacket and Bruce’s jacket on her lap along with the popcorn. Bruce had his phone out, but the sound was off and the brightness was dialed way down.

As the movie started, Bruce put the device on its lowest setting. It felt to Lin like the thing was an egg, and there was a baby bird inside tirelessly and relentlessly pecking, trying to get out of it. It was a metaphor for her life. Her reward for getting out of the egg, if she ever did, would be to suffocate in the womb.

When the movie reached the part where the girl first sees the boy, Lin startled when the device got a notch more powerful inside her. Now it was a thrumming like she was being played like an instrument and Bruce was a very nasty musician. She tried to ignore it and watch the movie, enjoy the love budding between the actors, enjoy the warmth spreading in her loins from the thrumming.

Several minutes later, the lovers on the screen ran passionately to the girl’s bedroom and started tearing each others’ clothes off. The device became urgent in Lin. She hadn’t realized how excited the device and the lovers’ mating dance had made her. Her hips began to undulate reflexively. She knew that trying not to cum would just make it worse, so she just pouted, drank some water, and tried to ignore Bruce, who was watching her. She spread her legs a little to relieve the tension in her hips and tried to keep her eyes focused on the sweet and explicit lovemaking happening on the screen.

When the girl came, Lin did too. It was a very satisfying one, because she knew these characters, and it almost felt like the boy was filling her womb with his passionate seed. She loved the expressions on the lovers’ faces. She trembled with aftershocks as the lovers calmed.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the love scene passed and the device also quieted. As the theater lights came on for the intermission, Bruce turned off the device and asked, “Do you want anything, honey?”

“Keep it low, please.”

“Okay…” he said, and turned the device back on low. She started. She hadn’t meant turn it back on, she had meant keep it low during the movie. Oh well. Whatever. At least she was enjoying the movie. Bruce was also clearly enjoying himself. She could see the tent in his pants. He grabbed his coat off of her lap and put it over his hard-on.

Near the end of the intermission, a very handsome couple in their thirties approached them from Lin’s side and asked, “May we sit here?” The wife, who asked for them, was a statuesque redhead. Her husband was a stocky black man with a shaved head and wire-rimmed glasses.

“Of course, welcome,” answered Bruce for both of them. The redhead, whose name was Claire, sat at Lin’s right hand, her husband Kent next to her, so the men were sitting on the outside and the women next to each other between them. The men chatted a little. Bruce mentioned he was in real estate. Kent worked in the financial sector as an underwriter. Then the lights dimmed and the movie started again.

Lin startled a little as the device went up a notch. Maybe Bruce had forgotten it was already on. He had definitely not understood that she had asked him to keep it low. She could hardly have cleared up the misunderstanding after the couple had approached them, though. She could imagine the look of shock on their faces if she had removed the device and handed it back to Bruce and said something like, “Here’s your egg back covered in my slutty cum juices, darling.”

After the intermission, the lovers on the screen had a misunderstanding where each of them believed the other was not that interested in them. They were languishing in moping and confusion. Lin was dreading the inevitable reunion where Bruce would torture her with the device and the onscreen couple would torture her with their passion. Surely Bruce wouldn’t turn it up any more. The couple was sitting right next to her.

Who was she kidding? Of course he would, the rat bastard.

As the girl on the screen cried on the phone to her mom, Lin became a bit suspicious of the couple sitting next to her. Before their arrival, she had been confident and comfortable that the theater was dark enough and she and Bruce had been sitting far back and away from other people enough that nobody would notice her. Now she was wondering whether Claire or Kent had actually seen her writhing and jerking in her seat a little and had joined them to investigate.

Regardless of whether their suspicions would be confirmed or whether they would be surprised and shocked when Bruce inevitably turned the device up, she would be mortified. She thought of leaving the theater with some excuse, but she knew Bruce would not let her get by him without an embarrassing challenge, and she was terrified that if she tried to escape past Claire and Kent, Bruce would turn the device all the way up, resulting in her giving the couple a helpless twerking, grinding lap dance.

Uh oh. The boy on the screen, who had been sleepless for days, just pushed a note into the girl’s mail slot. The girl was reading it, and it was so sweet. Cut to them meeting in the train station. Cut to them pushing into a restroom stall and starting to tear each others’ clothes off. “Oh my God!” breathed Lin as Bruce turned the device up several notches.

“Oh yeah!” said Claire, answering Lin’s exclamation with her own, “They’re so cute together.”

What followed was a montage of the cute couple on the screen doing it in every possible location and every possible position and variation, a bunch of quick cuts. Bruce kept the device on its current setting. Lin began to shudder. She was trying with all her heart and soul to act normal in front of this perfectly normal couple next to her. She was glowing with effort. Her knees were visibly shaking. Claire put one hand in a comradely way on her right knee and said, “I know. I know!”

To stave off an orgasm simply from the touch of Claire’s hand, Lin gasped, grabbed Claire’s hand off her knee and held it in hers like a vice, as if she was giving birth. As the boy tore off his button down shirt to reveal his perfect abs and hard cock yet again, Lin helplessly came, her left hand gripping Bruce’s, her right hand gripping Claire’s, her eyes getting lazy and losing focus on the screen with the intensity of it.

As Lin regained focus on the movie, the montage had passed and the device was back down at a low hum. Claire and Bruce were still holding her hands. Onscreen, the girl was pleading with the boy, who had signed up for military service while they had been broken up, to not go off to war. Lin sighed in relief with the certain knowledge that the boy would soon die in the war and therefore she would not have to cum like a slut anymore in front of this nice couple.

The last scene of the movie was the boy going off to war to die tragically and needlessly in battle, as Lin had suspected, but it was interspersed with quick cuts of the couple making passionate love on their final night together. The device roared to life inside Lin and her hips bucked forward almost instantly in another uncontrollable orgasm. Lin sobbed out her orgasm, and sobbed about Tom, too. Emotion and tears uncontrollably poured out of her, mirroring the emotion onscreen.

As the theater lights came up and the device went off, Lin looked around to notice that Claire, her husband Kent, and Bruce were all watching her intently. Kent had a considerable tent in his pants. Claire broke the ice with the classic line from When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having!” Chuckles all around except from Lin.

Then Claire said more gently to Lin, “Are you okay, honey?”

Lin nodded once and began wiping the tears off her face, but could not meet their gaze. A flurry of nice-meeting-yous and exchanged business cards happened among the other three as Lin pulled herself together. Finally, Lin summoned the courage to look, smile, and take her leave of the nice couple, and they were very relieved to see she was doing okay again. The two women went to visit the restroom to relieve themselves. There was a line. As soon as they got out of the stalls and were in a more relieved state, Claire asked her, “What was going on back there?”

Lin surreptitiously showed Claire the egg she had removed from her quim before peeing. Claire said, “Oh man! What a dirty bastard of a husband you have! I’ve heard of these things, but I’ve never seen one. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s get back at him.”

Lin simply nodded once.

Claire thoroughly washed the device with soap and water, dried it off, and re-entered a stall. A moment later, she was back. “Luckily for me,” she whispered to Lin, “that movie got me going too, as did watching you, I’m not ashamed to say. It slid right in.”

They left the restroom and rejoined the men, who had also taken care of business. The four began exchanging pleasantries again when suddenly Claire jumped a little. “Bruce, I didn’t know you cared,” she said slyly. A little red-faced, Bruce fiddled with his phone, and Claire soon sighed in relief. Bruce glared silently at the women as they burst out in peals of laughter. Lin had not laughed so hard in a long time.

“What the hell is going on?” Kent asked, and Bruce took him aside and by the look of it shamefacedly confessed the situation. Kent laughed and took it good-naturedly and even punched Bruce lightly on the arm. Then they both started fiddling with their phones.

A few minutes later, they returned, and Kent was holding his phone up and said, “Hi honey!” to Claire.

Claire said, “Woo!” in response, and all four of them laughed. They said their goodbyes again, and Claire and Kent walked off with Claire saying to Kent, “Hey! Let me play with that.”

Bruce and Lin watched Claire and Kent walk away towards their car in the parking lot outside. Bruce said, "Fun couple." Lin grunted.

When they were about a hundred feet away, Claire turned around, waved, and shouted back at them, "Unh! Ugh! I'm having what she had!" Then she bent over double and held her back like she was in labor. Bruce chuckled. Lin waved politely. They were a nice couple, but pretty shameless. Good thing for Lin. She would have been mortified if they had been offended and called over the theater manager. Bruce was a moron who would eventually get them into real trouble.

On Monday morning, Lin heard way too insufferably much from Huan about her magical weekend with Tom. Under the secrecy of Mandarin, Lin with a straight face for all her customers heard all about how Tom and Huan had stayed up all night Saturday night at the convention and visited everywhere and everybody. Lin heard that Huan had gotten dizzy from drinking for the first time in her life, sweet fruity drinks that Tom had kept buying her. Lin heard that Tom had held Huan’s hair and protected her uniform with a handy t-shirt later on when she lost all those sweet fruity drinks out of her stomach into a trash can, and then afterwards how Tom had wiped off Huan’s face and hands with a warm washrag like a giant mother kitten.

Lin heard how they had won both best-dressed couple and cutest couple prizes in the cosplay contests. Lin heard that they were interested in so many of the same canons, whatever that meant. Lin heard how they had napped together during the early hours of the morning in a friend’s spare hotel room. Lin heard about how a girl had approached Huan in the restroom and shamelessly asked her whether she would be willing to share Tom! Her response had been, “Back off bitch! He’s all mine!” She had still been drunk at the time.

When Tom arrived at noon, he was grinning from ear to ear too. As Lin watched them, they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, and they immediately started chattering away and flirting with each other. It was that bright smack of new love that couldn’t be hidden from anyone in sight. It was iconic.

Tom looked over at Lin and remarked, “You look upset, Lin. Is everything okay?”

“My employee has been useless all morning because of you! I can’t get her to shut up about you in English or Mandarin! She’s driving me crazy!”

“Here,” he said, handing her a twenty. “Keep the change. I’ll take her off your hands for a while.”

The two kids wandered off together towards the park with two Poke Balls, chattering away happily.

“I’ll call and question you later young man!” she shouted after him. “I’ve heard some disturbing things!”

She called Tom right at 3 PM, as soon as Huan had left, and said, “I suppose you shouldn’t come over today.”

“Why not?”

“You got her drunk and slept with her!” she whisper-shouted into the phone.

“Wait. It wasn’t like that. I only bought her a couple of drinks and she turned bright red and started spewing. How could I have known she was allergic?”

“All Asians are allergic, you moron! And I hear you not arguing about sleeping with her.”

“It’s true that we took a nap in the same bed, but we just literally fell asleep for a few hours. We had our clothes on, mostly. We were very tired. It was all very innocent. I didn’t sleep-sleep with her.”

“You’re telling me that you had an incredibly pretty young virgin girl madly in love with you and tipsy that you obviously also adore – in the same bed – with you – and you did nothing?”

“What? Do you think I’m a rapist? I don’t have to ply women with liquor to get them to sleep with me. I don’t have to attack women in their sleep. That’s disgusting behavior. I’m a gentleman. I’m a helper. I’m so not the kind of guy who would do anything like that. You know me, Lin.”

“What happened?”

“Well, after she was done being drunk and before she fell asleep, we did kiss a lot.”

“Deep kisses?”

“Deep, deep kisses.”

“What else?”

“Well, her bra was hurting her. To look good in these uniforms, you have to wear these pretty uncomfortable bras, so before bed, she peeled down her uniform and took her bra off. They were amazing, Lin!”

“I don’t need to hear any more about her… attributes. Did you play with them, kiss them?”

“Everything above the waist. Yes. Total second base. But that was it.”

These men and their sports analogies, she thought. “Then what?”

“Well, she was really wound up then, but also really exhausted. I wanted anything more to be a lot more special for her, a lot more memorable. Is that wrong? So to calm her down, I flipped her over on her tummy and gave her a back massage. She was asleep in about a minute.”

“What about you?”

“I went and jacked off in the bathroom. Then I dressed again up to my waist and went back and cuddled with her, just cuddled. I fell asleep right away too. We were both exhausted from running around all day and all night.”

“Okay,” Lin relented. “I guess you were more of a gentlemen than it sounded like you had been.”

“Thanks I think? So I’ll see you at 3:30?”

“I guess so. We’ll talk more then.”

As soon as Tom locked eyes with Lin at 3:30, she knew they would sleep together, so she just dragged him into the bedroom, not wanting to waste any of this precious time and not wanting to hear anything more about his insufferably great weekend with Huan. Tom was relentless with her in bed. She barely got things minimally tidied before her husband showed up later.

The next day it was agreed between them that if Tom actually deflowered Huan, the young couple should become exclusive. Until that happened, Lin agreed to very discreetly see Tom on their regular schedule. Tom should not needlessly be dying of sexual frustration while at the same trying to insure that Huan’s first time was special.

Then disaster struck. Each time Tom would come to Lin, their lovemaking would be more passionate and intense, both of them not knowing whether it would be their last. On the Thursday after Tom and Huan’s first wild weekend together, Lin was particularly exhausted, and she nodded off in bed after Tom had taken his leave. Bruce came home to find his wife dead asleep, stretched out on the bed, with Tom’s cum all over the sheets and still leaking out of her pussy.

This was a dream come true for Bruce. Without even thinking about it, he dived right in and started licking and sucking Tom’s cum out of his wife’s pussy.

Lin awoke in horror to the disarray of her bedroom and to Bruce licking her pussy right in the middle of the entire mess. She jumped away from her husband as if burnt, jumped off the bed, and shouted, “No! Please leave!” She was still half asleep and horrified.

In response Bruce, distraught, left their bedroom and the house quickly.

Lin tried to call Bruce almost immediately, but Bruce didn’t pick up. She had really messed up. She knew she had hurt his feelings, but his perverted conduct of sticking his tongue into her dirty sleeping cunt is what had caused her whole reaction. He was such an infuriating dirty pervert. Crying, she tore the soiled bedclothes off the bed, shoved them into the washer, and started it. Then she jumped into the shower and washed herself off. After that, she was on automatic. She followed her routine for obliterating her misconduct from her body and the house, and it brought her some comfort.

Lin tried calling Bruce again, but he still didn’t answer. Now he was just acting like a child. Not knowing what to do, she called Thomas, but he didn’t pick up either. She texted, “Please call me.” For good measure, she copied the message and texted it to Bruce as well. Then she began to cry.

A few minutes later, Thomas called, “What’s going on?”

“I fell asleep after you left. My husband woke me up. He wasn’t angry, but I was so embarrassed I chased him out of the house. He’s not answering. I think I really hurt his feelings.”

“Jesus. Yeah, that would hurt. Don’t you think you should apologize?”

“He’s a dirty pervert.”

“Hold on. What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Lin replied, hanging up. It had been a mistake to call Thomas. He was a child. What had she expected him to do? Kiss it and make it better?

She waited on the couch to hear from Bruce or anybody. She got her journal and started to write about the incident and her feelings about it. She wept about Tom slipping away. She fumed about her accidental but obviously terribly hurtful behavior towards her husband. She fumed about her husband’s perversity and how humoring him and her own disgusting lust had caused her all this mayhem and heartbreak.

Late that evening, Lin got a text message from Bruce. “Sorry I woke you up. Thought you were thinking of me, but I was wrong.”

Bruce was acting like a child. She didn’t even know what he was talking about. His apology didn’t sound particularly sincere to her, but whatever. Since he had ventured to contact her, and since she had messed up badly herself and then compounded the problem by yelling at him, he was due a sincere apology. She could be the adult here. She texted back, “I’m sorry.”

She reverted to her standard mode when they were fighting, which was to sleep in the guest bedroom. She heard him come home later that night. She was happy he was safe. She was tired and didn’t want to deal with him and his petulance.

Lin saw Thomas briefly at noon when he stole away Huan for an hour, and then later at 3:30 for their tryst. Given her ongoing fight with her husband, she desperately needed these two hours of relentless and luxurious fucking, creaming, and spunking. Lying there afterwards, Tom said to her, “Huan and I are spending the weekend together. I’ve rented a hotel room.”

Enough said. Tom knew better than to go into any further detail. She now knew that Tom was planning the deed that would end their relationship, and that was enough. She felt stoic about it in the moment. This was what she wanted. Everything was going to plan. No use crying about it now.

Then it was the weekend. Lin tried not to think of anybody but herself. She had an ice cream and felt bloated. She looked at some skirts, but then lost interest. She suddenly felt like she needed her own place paid for by her own money from the café. If she’d had it all along, the stupid problem with Bruce and all the misunderstanding around it would never have happened.

So she spent the weekend immersed in finding a good deal on a room or more that could be secret from the world and just for her. By Sunday morning, she signed a month-to-month contract for a granny unit within walking distance from the café. It was perfect. It was furnished. It was private. It was her secret to share or conceal from anybody as she wished.

She wanted to sleep there that very evening, so she resolved to go home and gather a few things. Hopefully Bruce would not be home so she wouldn’t have to deal with him. She saw Bruce’s car was at the house, so she parked on the street and entered through the side door, trying to avoid his attention. True to form he was oblivious in his study, half naked, with the door ajar, turned away from her, scrolling through files on his computer screen. She crept past his door a couple of times with her necessary supplies. Soon her car was packed up.

Lin went back when she realized she had forgotten to get her spare hair dryer. As she re-entered the house, she heard the unmistakable sounds of porn playing on Bruce’s computer. The sound was turned up. He wasn’t even trying to hide it, the pervert. She grabbed her hair dryer and glanced at Bruce as she passed the doorway.

Bruce was masturbating like a madman to the video on the screen. There was an Asian woman on her hands and knees on a bed being pounded from behind by a young fit Caucasian guy. The woman’s hair, in disarray, had fallen over her face, and she was shrieking with orgasm after orgasm. Her blood froze with sudden recognition. The woman whimpered, “Fill me Thomas! Fill me with your cream!” Then she heard Thomas’s orgasmic howl as the video showed him cumming inside her.

Lin burst into Bruce’s study in full fury. “YOU LYING CHEATING SON OF A PIG FUCKING WHORE!” She brained him with all her might with her hair dryer. He crouched forward onto the floor, trying to get away from her. Her second swing smashed his LED monitor, but the sound still played. On the video, she said sweetly to Tom, “Oh, that was so yummy, honey!” She screamed and unplugged the computer from the wall and then yanked the other end of the power cord out of the computer.

Lin had to get out of there. She started to come to her senses breathing hard behind the wheel of her car, her hair dryer still gripped in her right hand, Bruce’s computer’s power cord still gripped in her left. She dropped them, started the car, and with great care, knowing she was in an impossibly dangerous state, drove extremely carefully to her new granny unit, trying to calm down her breathing and emotions the whole way, and failing miserably.

As soon as Lin parked, she received a text message from Bruce. She admitted that it was nice to know that she was not hiding from the police for murdering her husband. It was the kind of long, rambling, repetitive text message that Bruce sent when he was really upset. It said that he was sorry, blah blah blah, and that he would destroy the videos right away — fat chance, the pervert. He would probably post them. The rest was all about how he had initially been worried about her, blah blah blah, and then he’d been so turned on by the videos, blah blah blah. It went on, but if she read more, she feared she would throw up in her car. It was all garbage from a garbage person. She deleted their text thread and blocked him.

Her anger quelled for the moment, she shakily unpacked the few things she had fetched into her new place. For the rest of the afternoon and evening, she puttered around, making it more livable. It would be fun to have Tom over here, provided he wasn’t fucking Huan’s brains out that very moment. That was a lonely thought for her. To comfort herself, she reminded herself that there were plenty of handsome, ready, willing, and able men out there. Then she got an idea, an awful idea. Lin had a wonderful, awful idea.

On Monday morning, having heard only silence from Tom, she texted him, “Don’t come to the house. I won’t be there.”

He texted back, “Okay,” and that was that. She could handle this. Nature was back in balance. Then why did nature feel so out of balance?

That morning, Huan didn’t show up for work. They were undoubtedly still fucking nonstop and forgetting the rest of their obligations, the little sluts. She texted Tom again, just a gentle reminder so she might get her employee back sometime today, “Life is not all fun and games, you know.”

Tom changed the subject, “Hard weekend?”

She didn’t text back. Texting while fucking should be illegal. What was he thinking?

(To be continued)
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Chapter 4

Just then, Tom’s roommate George walked up to the counter in search of a cup of coffee. Time to go fishing, thought Lin.

“Hi, hi, hi, George!”

“Hullo, Lin. How are you doing today?”

“I’m doing better, now that I have such a handsome good boy to chat with. Not in a hurry are you?”

“No, I’m just studying today, looking to wake up with a cup of coffee.”

She poured him a cup and set it in front of him. “For you for free,” she added, looking him up and down unabashedly.

He put a five-dollar tip in her jar.

“Coffee is over-rated for waking up.”

“Really? How do you like to wake up?”

Lin leaned over the counter, looking up at the tall athlete, and pushed her tits together with her elbows on the counter to display her modest but firm and delightful cleavage to him. She used to be shy about flirting with all these stunning young men, but now it was second nature to her. She looked side to side to make sure nobody was in earshot or particularly watching. She was still a modest woman. Then she whispered not so softly, “I like to wake up by having a man shoot inside me. It wakes me right up.”

George’s eyes widened and his adam’s apple bobbed up and down. “You’re married… right? Your husband must be very happy.”

“I’m separated from my husband. He did something very bad to me, and I won’t see him anymore. I’m very lonely in my new place. And my sciatica hurts me all the time.”

“Separated? Does that mean broken up?”

“We’re broken up, yes.”

“Well, that’s sad.”

“How about you? Of course such a tall, handsome boy like you has a beautiful girlfriend to wake up every day? Maybe one for each day of the week?”

“Ha ha. I wish. I’m afraid not.”

“Why on Earth not?”

“I’m busy with school. I need to train several hours a day to be on the swim team. Then there’s my nursing studies. Being Tom’s roommate helps a lot because he’s such a good partner and study buddy, but my life is swimming, studying, and sleeping. That’s it.”

“The right girlfriend for you doesn’t have to take much time. You like girls, right?”

“Oh yes, ma’am, very much.”

“You want a girlfriend, right?”

“I so desperately want a girlfriend. I’ve never had one,” he confessed, shyly.

“Oh, it’s hard to believe it. Are you too picky? You want a high school girl? You want one much younger and prettier than me, right?”

“Oh, no, ma’am. You’re very beautiful. I’ve always dreamed of having a girlfriend as pretty as you.”

“Oh you flatterer.” She gave herself permission to just look at George and his powerful frame for a couple of minutes. He stood there, his eyes locked on her, fidgeting with and sipping his coffee, growing more agitated. He towered over her, well over six feet tall, and had an insanely tight and muscular body, dark brown hair, and doe-like green eyes. Otherwise, his skin was quite pale. Stunning.

She had a momentary concern that she might actually start dripping from her panties onto the floor. She could easily feel that her panties were already totaled, and she had barely gotten started with this boy. She examined him further, and by the look of things, she very well might need every bit of lubrication she could produce. She could see a bulge. She actually started worrying that he might be too big for her.

“You just need a low maintenance girlfriend. I’ll find you one, okay? I’ll teach you.”

“Okay,” replied George, a little stunned, and willing to agree to practically anything coming out of her mouth at this point. He was already mesmerized.

“We’ll start right away,” she continued. “How much time do you have right now?”

“Well, I have three and a half hours until my next workout.”

“Okay, that’s plenty of time,” she concluded. “Walk with me.” She lifted a section of the counter to let him into the shop. He ducked and squeezed into the shop. She shut and locked the front of the shop. Then she led him out the back door. “We could walk to my place, but let’s drive, okay?”

“Gosh, okay,” breathed George. She saw he was bulging a bit more. Maybe pulsing. It was distracting her. “What about closing your shop? Won’t your customers be unhappy?” he asked innocently.

“Business is slow today anyway,” she lied. He was a moron, talking his way out of her sweet pussy like that. She would teach him, but, first things first.

She stuffed him into her passenger seat, got behind the wheel, and drove the short distance down the street and around the back of her landlord’s house to her very private granny unit. Then she unlocked her door as he clambered out of her passenger seat. She locked the car with her fob and carefully ushered him into her new place. What a way to break it in! She was grinning ear to ear. She hoped it didn’t look too much like an evil grin.

“Ready to learn?”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” he stammered.

She pushed him down to sit on the couch. He was impossibly tall and muscular, but at least now she could reach some of him. She excitedly climbed onto his lap and straddled him face-to-face. She was glad his hips were narrow enough for it to be comfortable. She would have a lot of cowboy with this one. He had on these kind of stretchy athletic pants, not too revealing, loose enough to be comfortable. He felt big down there. She adjusted her skirt so that the wet region of her panties was now busily soaking into the athletic pants restraining his cock.

“Learning anything?”

“You feel so good on my lap…”

“I want you to treat me like you would a girlfriend, okay?”

“Will you please just be my girlfriend?”

“Okay,” she smiled.

“Okay,” George breathed, then tried to kiss Lin a bit too forcefully and bonked their heads together. She didn’t care, and soon they were lashing tongues successfully. No more stupidity from her like holding back kisses. She was her own woman, unrestrained. She would give this one all of her body and skills, whatever he wanted, whatever she wanted, with no fear and no holding back.

“Uhh, there’s a problem.”

“Are you hurting?”

“No it feels wonderful, but—”

“You have a disease?”

“Heavens no! I’m an athlete—”

“Okay, what’s wrong?”

“My stuff, it comes out quick.”

“Good, very good.”

“It’s not a problem?”

“No, that’s natural! I’m a very pretty woman! You want to shoot in me right now, right?”

“Oh, I’m afraid so! I’m trying to hold it in—”

“Wait! Let’s get your dick out!” Lin advised, “I want to check it.” She jumped off his lap and he stood up agitatedly. She pulled down his stretch pants. A blue speedo was clamping that sizable cock down like a vise. It looked uncomfortable. She started working the speedo off him. She noted that he was completely shaved like some freak: his legs, everything.

She had a momentary unsavory feeling like she was molesting some kind of child. Then he shimmied out of his shirt and she saw his defined abs and powerful chest and shoulders. Also, although his legs were hairless, they were giant pillars of chiseled muscle. This was no child – this was a god. She was gobsmacked by his physical beauty. She felt something twist deep in her pelvis, like a cramp, like she was letting down eggs or something. Wouldn’t it be something if this young titan knocked her up? She would keep it – no argument allowed from anyone.

George’s cock was big and very excited-looking. Lin took the speedos off the rest of the way. She wanted to touch it, but she was afraid it would go off, and she wanted it to be good for him. Dammit, she wanted his first seed for her in her puss, ideally all over up in there mixing with those eggs she felt.

She threw off her skirt, climbed out of her panties, and dragged him to the bed. She perched herself on the side of the bed and spread her legs widely and seductively. “Bring yourself right in here. Okay, lean down and hold yourself up so you don’t crush me. George’s cock was already touching her opening. He didn’t even know. “Oh sweetie.” She was overcome. She was so excited. George was shaking.

“Okay now, push your hips forward,” her hands were there momentarily to guide him so he wouldn’t pop out. Then she heard herself whimper, “Oh-my-god,” and she gripped the bed tightly with both hands as he slowly and shakily entered her further.

“Are you okay?”

“Okay, just rock your hips back and forth a little until it feels smooth. Yes! Then keep going in.” It just kept getting wider and longer in her, filling her up in the most delicious way, her twisting shaking twat muscles effortlessly dilated by her new godlike boyfriend. “Oh! My-god,” she breathed again, and stretched, and stretched with such incredible pressure but without pain, only pleasure from her new man. It just kept opening her. She was a fertile field and he was an enormous godlike plow.

His hips were pressing and shaking against her opening and everything down there. His face looked sweet to her, and it looked like he was about to pass out. “Sweetie, you’re doing so good! It feels wonderful! Feeling god – I mean – good?”

“Oh yeah,” he whimpered.

“Congratulations! You’re not a virgin anymore!”

“How did you know I was a virgin?” he moaned with a sudden pained expression.

Oops! She thought fast. “A woman knows these things.” She could see he totally bought it. She was smooth.

“Uunh…” he breathed. He was apparently very distracted by her pussy muscles smacking away on his hot, throbbing, and fully inserted pillar. She was pretty distracted herself, but this was not her very first bronco ride. Just her first on a horse this powerful!

“Now move in me, sweetie.” Then it was like the starting gun in a race had gone off. George’s tool pistoned in and out of her like Lin was a race car engine. She came immediately and continuously with a shriek as she raked her nails across his back striving helplessly to hang on. A moment later George gave a hoarse yell accompanied by a hot enormous splash throughout her insides.

So powerful! Even though it was so brief because they had both been so excited, she was fully surrendered to him already. She must never let him know it, but whatever sex act he asked of her anytime, anywhere, even out in the middle of the street, however perverse or distasteful, she would give it with joy and without hesitation. She worshipped him. He owned her. He was now her god.

She felt him still hard and urgent inside her. He began to move again, this time a little slower. “It’s okay,” she whispered encouragingly, “do whatever you want with me. Just please don’t come out yet.” After that, his cream and her own cream and piss was splashing out between them forcefully as his rhythm and look of excitement quickened. She was insensible with crying, pulsing orgasms for several minutes while he had his delightful way with her a second time, let out a victory yell, and she was filled with his seed up to the new limits of her gurgling ecstasy.

As he receded in her slightly, he remarked, “Oh, it feels so good! Better than I ever imagined! Am I doing okay? Am I pleasing you?”

“Can’t you tell, sweetie? Those sounds I’m making? I just had ten to your two! You please me more than anyone ever! You need to learn my noises! And we’re only just getting started,” she purred.

“Should we stop now?”

“Do you want to stop?”


“Most men can only do it once and then they need to rest, sometimes for a long time. You already did it in me twice. If you want to keep going, keep going. If you want to rest more, rest, and we can do it again soon. If you want to keep going and you get soft, I can make you hard again. You just let me know what you want to do and I’ll help you get there.”

“I don’t think I ever want to stop.”

“Then never stop.” Sorry puss!

He did in her a total of four times pretty much without stopping. Times three and four were an eternity of joy for Lin, but when she regained her senses, she saw that only an additional hour had passed. Her body was drooping and she was drifting in and out of consciousness she was so exhausted from all the orgasms he had given her. She hoped he would want to rest soon. Then he started up again!

Later, after George had gone to swim practice, Lin was at her dining room table sitting on a towel on a bag of frozen peas. She didn’t feel sore, merely extremely well-used. She was getting ready for her next bout, which would take place as soon as George returned from swim practice. She was writing up her latest exploits in her journal.

She received a text message from Thomas, “Where are you and Huan? Why is the shop closed?”

“I thought Huan was with you.”

“No, she backed out of it. Her parents made her confess she had a boyfriend and were extremely upset about it. They’re coming to get her.”

“She’s not responding to me. Can you find her?”

“I know where she is.”

“Stupid idiot boy! Take her and hide her in your dorm room immediately. Then deflower her. She loves you. It only takes one push for God’s sake. Get it over with.”

“Okay. What about George?”

“I’ll take care of George.

“Okay…” He sent her George’s contact information. She had it already, of course.

Lin immediately texted George. He would see it as soon as he climbed out of the pool. “Don’t go to your dorm room. My employee Huan is there hiding from her parents with Tom. Come here instead. I’ll explain everything.”

Half an hour later, Tom confirmed they were safe in his dorm room. He asked about George. She reported she had explained the situation a little to George and they were meeting soon to discuss it further. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” he texted back.

Little did he know. "I guess we should skip the shop today," Lin texted back, meaning their tryst.

"Okay," he replied a bit too easily. She suspected he was busy taking another crack at Huan. Just because of the uncertainty, she wished to hell he would get it over with. She got a text from Huan as well, apologizing for skipping work and not responding to her texts or calls. Ah, young love.

Just to be fully prepared for George’s return, she gave herself an enema, lubed up her ass, and put in a fairly sizable butt plug. That way, if he wore out her puss tonight and wanted to keep going, or if he just wanted her there, he could have her easily, and if he didn’t, it would probably feel thrilling to have it there when he fucked her normally. If it was too much, she could always take it out.

Pretty soon George returned from practice. He was overjoyed to stay overnight. He would need to get up early for swim practice, and they set an alarm. She fed him a nice dinner, and then it was time for bed.

As they undressed, he saw the butt plug and asked about it. She explained his various options, or if it disturbed him, she could remove it. He expressed concern that he was not as capable a lover as she was used to. She assured him that he was surpassing all her expectations. She would teach him everything he needed or wanted to know.

Being an appropriate age cis male with a pulse, George became intrigued by the idea of this new hole. Lin carefully removed the butt plug, lubed up his ever-excited cock thoroughly, and lay on her back with her butt on a pillow so that they could look into each other’s eyes as he took her in her behind. It was slippery going with all the lube and required more persistent poking, but once he was well started, he slowly slid in pretty easily. She asked him to go slow because she was not as used to it.

Lin found this episode of being fucked in her ass entirely wonderful. Having George in her puss drove her out of her mind, and so she hadn’t really had the opportunity to just be with him and focus on him yet during sex, enjoy his company, and enjoy seeing his pleasure. He came pretty quickly, and confessed he had almost ejaculated when she had been lubing him up with her hand.

Seeing the butt plug, having her describe graphically the many things he could choose to do with her regarding it, choosing, and then having her remove it had driven him wild with lust for her. The wet lube that had been warmed quickly by her delicate nonchalant rubbing hand made him urgent and drove him right to the edge. This story of his reminded her that George hadn’t experienced the simplest of sexual pleasures yet. She must remember not to simply rush him into the deep end of the pool.

After their conversation, she lubed him gently again and he took her the same way, this time lasting many minutes and producing a huge rolling orgasm in her. A few pulses into it, he shouted in his characteristic way, and she felt him unload his hot contents again into her rectum. Her orgasm continued to unfold throughout her whole pelvic area for a while in the stillness that followed his final thrust. Finally it subsided, and she looked up into his eyes in complete bliss.

The next morning, after George had left for swim practice, Lin looked at her phone and saw a text message from Wanda. “Bruce says he hasn’t heard from you in two days. Are you okay?”


“Are you being sarcastic?”


“Why didn’t you return Bruce’s calls or messages?”

“I didn’t see them. I blocked him.”

“You blocked your own husband?”


“Have you gone crazy?”


“What is going on with you two?”

Lin wondered if she should just tell Wanda and get it over with. Fuck it. The gory details would all come out in the divorce anyway. She might as well enjoy her older sister’s shock while she could. She wrote, “With my husband’s encouragement and consent, I slept with another man with the express understanding that he would not pry, snoop, or intrude into the affair in any way. Instead, he secretly filmed it, and I caught him masturbating to it two days ago and left him.”

“Wow. That’s a lot to unpack. Not an unreasonable response I suppose. Was it Tom?”

“None of your business, just like it was none of his.”

“Please unblock him. He promises not to pester you. He just wants a convenient open line of communication. It’s practical. There could be a family emergency or some such.”

“Okay.” Lin unblocked Bruce. At the first sign of pestering, she would re-block him.

Tom came to the shop at noon the next day looking pretty bleary. “Okay, great!” Lin whispered to him, “Up all night with Huan?”

“Yes, but not in the way you suggest.”

“What now?”

“With everything else going on, Huan is very anxious about getting more sexual. We’re hugging and kissing and I’m giving her back rubs for comfort, so I’m confident that she still likes me and all. I know going further would add a lot of stress, and I don’t want to add to her distress. I crashed in a friend’s room and left her in privacy. She’s still hiding out there. That’s why she’s not here. She’s very sorry.”

“The girl can still text, can’t she?” Lin asked incredulously. She texted Huan, “I love you like my own daughter. Please start communicating with me again. Not showing up today is not a problem. Call me if you need anything. Love.” Lin understood how Huan might be feeling anxious about all her parent figures right now, but jeez.

“Uh, Lin…”


“I was wondering if we could go in the back for a few minutes?”

She sighed. Tom didn’t know about George yet. George must never know about Tom. What would be the harm? She missed Tom’s touch already. Now here he was, all sleep deprived and frustrated, doing the right thing, being a gentleman. He should be rewarded, right? But she didn't want to feel guilty about sharing her pussy with another man when George was now her man. She didn't need that guilt. But then she had an idea.

When they got in the back, she started kissing him with full tongue. “What happened?” asked Tom, given deep kissing had been off limits.

“My husband is a rat bastard.”

“Sounds serious,” he remarked, and resumed their mouth munching.

Lin got on her knees, unzipped Tom, pulled out his erect member, and started working it into her mouth and down her throat. It was bigger and harder than her husband’s, but not too much of a stretch. She came up for air, and Tom just said, “Wow! You’ve been holding out on me big time.”

“I have,” said Lin apologetically. “That bastard never deserved the privilege I showed him.”

“I’m sorry he was mean to you,” said Tom.

“I’m sorry for holding back,” said Lin. “I want to tell you how I like this done to me. Then I want you to just do it. No more talk, okay?” She reached into her panties and started jilling herself.


“I want you to grab me by my pigtail, hold my head, and then I want you to push with your hips and use my throat as forcefully as you like for your pleasure. I want to feel your excitement as you really take my throat as forcefully as you want, okay?” Lin felt herself getting really close from touching herself while explaining this nasty desire to Tom.

Tom did as she requested, grabbing her by the pigtail with his right hand, holding the back of her neck with his left, and sliding his dick into her mouth, first gently, and then with increasing excitement as he saw Lin could take it and also that she was now quivering close to an orgasm herself. He only lasted a few minutes. She felt the familiar hot smack of his ejaculate deep in her throat and orgasmed in her whole body as she choked spasmodically on his straining blasting dick.

Tom, knowing Lin’s preferences, zipped up and left by the back door without another word. Lin crouched on the floor, still coughing a little and gasping for air, but her puss was purring like a tabby cat. Her panties were soaked through now, and she could feel her anus clenching on her butt plug. She would be so very ready for George this afternoon. She would give herself a treat and leave the shop early today. She texted Tom, "Don't come back at 3."

"Okay," Tom responded. He probably thought Lin was too upset about her husband. It was okay for him to go ahead and think that for the time being until she got all this sorted out in her head.

It was into the late afternoon before Lin heard from Bruce for the first time since she had unblocked him. She heard it come through while George was taking her for the umpteenth time excitedly in the pussy. She just registered it in a remote corner of her mind as she focused on the deep rippling thrills George was giving her through her entire body. About half an hour later, when she heard his joyful scream again and felt him pour his freshly made batch of hot juices deep into her womb like a good boy, she figured she would ask him for a break and read her husband's message, and she did.

She staggered bowlegged over to her phone, a towel pressed between her legs. It was a long rambling text, but at least it had a theme she was interested in. No more “I was horny” excuses. He asked just to meet with her at the house, confess what he’d done and answer any questions she had about it, talk about how he’d stored and controlled the raw video data he’d captured and the video edits he’d created, and finally what he’d done to destroy all copies of all the video data. With George standing behind her and cuddling her close, she texted back and agreed to meet him the next day.

After dinner, George slid out of his chair to crawl under the dining room table. Evidently he had been fantasizing something, so she waited with quivering anticipation for what he had in mind. He put his face up her dress, nuzzled her already wet puss through her wet panties, and then removed them. Then he started licking her pussy. She was not a huge fan of getting her dirty cunt licked, but she was very responsive to it.

As George explored Lin with his tongue and lips, between gasps and orgasms, she told him about what she liked. She liked a combination of licking, sucking, and fingering. She removed the butt plug so he could finger her up the ass, which was a little easier for a big man with big fingers to do on a tiny woman with tiny genitals like herself. Most important for her, as he played, if he found something she was responding well to, just keep doing that until she orgasmed or told him to stop. Otherwise, it was frustrating for him to stop doing something that was just about to get her off.

After about 45 minutes and countless orgasms, she begged him to stop, because her clit had become too sensitive to be licked or touched directly at all. He asked her what he could do, and she took him to the bedroom, lubed up his cock, and had him take her in the ass face-to-face again like the previous day. She was really starting to like this with him. Her whole pelvis was already glowing with excitement, so it was the perfect amount of continued stimulation for her. She came twice, and deeply. She loved looking deep into his green eyes as he fucked her in the ass with increasing excitement. She loved the look on his beautiful face and how his brow had clenched as he got close.

Lin also liked to send George off to the shower for a while and decompress from all the closeness. Much as she adored him and it seemed he was beginning to adore her, she was basically an introvert, and enjoyed a respite from all the closeness, even when she was busy falling in love.

When he returned, they continued making love into the evening. George was tireless, and even after she was limp as a rag doll from all the orgasms he had given her, she just let George drag, squish, and mold her into the next position he wanted to try and have at it. Luckily, she had always been fairly flexible, and her pussy had been trained up by her former lovers to take miles of dick a day, so she could happily bear all the handling. True, she was occasionally sitting on the frozen peas while George was off studying or working out, but she was quickly catching up to his prolific lovemaking desires.

The next day, Lin met Bruce at the house. She wore baggy clothes: a pair of George’s athletic shorts that came down nearly to her ankles held up with one of her own belts, and hiding it one of George’s giant athletic t-shirts, almost like a mini-dress on her. She wanted her outfit to also send a message that she was clearly another man’s property now and that he should not venture to mess with her at all during their meeting. George wore a business suit, so points to him for sartorial splendor. He did look good in it, and she had bought him that tie. It was a good one.

After he had explained the filming to her, how he had destroyed the data, and answered her questions, she felt confident enough that he had indeed done what he said and destroyed all the content. The purpose of the meeting fulfilled, she left without another word, not wanting to interact with the dirty disgusting pervert a moment longer than necessary.

Huan came back to work at the shop and told Lin she had made peace with her parents. As part of the agreement, she had to promise not to lose her virginity before marriage, but in Huan’s words, in Mandarin, “what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

Lin asked, “So how is your relationship going with Tom? Have you spread for him?”

“Uhh… what we’ve done so far has been wonderful, but…”

“What have you done so far?” Lin braced herself. This might hurt.

“We’ve kissed a lot. It’s wonderful. When we’re alone together, I’ve let him play with my breasts. He’s rubbed me through my clothes a little, on my vagina I mean, but I get too scared and stop him right away.”

“Why are you scared, honey?”

“Well, I’ve seen sex. It looks terrifying!”

“Where have you seen sex?” asked Lin, shocked.

“You know,” Huan said, “on the Internet.”

“Idiot girl! That’s all made up bullshit! That’s not how it goes at all!”

“But Tom will find out he can’t fit in me and then I’ll lose him!” Huan blurted out. This was her real fear.

“Foolish girl! Don’t you know where babies come from?”

“Gosh, I hadn’t thought of that.”

“You saw his erect dick, huh? Nice isn’t it? I mean, I bet it was nice looking.”

“It was frightening! I know it’s already supposed to hurt the first time. Are all men that big?”

“No. I mean maybe. Based on the bulge I’ve seen. Stop changing the subject. Sex with Tom will feel great.”

“You’ve examined my boyfriend’s crotch?”

“I’m a female with a pulse aren’t I? Foolish girl! Everybody wants Tom! Stop changing the subject! Sex with Tom will be the best thing that’s ever happened to you!”


“I promise. I’ve had my share of men, and I can guarantee Tom is a good one.”

“How can you tell?”

“Because of his personality, which is the most important thing. Has he ever done anything to you that you didn’t want?”


“Of course he hasn’t, and he won’t. I’m not saying he’ll never hurt you. Accidents happen. But if it hurts, he’ll stop and you two will fix it, and then it will be even better. Here’s a secret: sometimes things both hurt and feel wonderful, and they feel a lot more wonderful than they hurt, so then you keep going, if you trust your partner. There are many ways to help the process along. You won’t even remember afterwards that it hurt, if it even hurts, I promise.”

“If you say so. Let me think about it,” concluded Huan.

That’s how Lin found herself at 3:05 PM up against her prep table screaming out an orgasm into a towel clenched between her teeth. Tom’s hot jets of cum were punching up into her anus like fireworks, making sparkles everywhere inside her. They just kept shooting off that day. This was Tom’s very first foray into her anus, and plus he was very pent up. And to think, Huan could have had all this heavenly glory without even losing her virginity, she thought to herself as she gurgled in satisfaction, her eyes losing focus.

When she had pulled down her panties for Tom, she hadn’t remembered she had worn the butt plug for George for later, and when Tom saw it, one thing quickly led to another, since she had to claim she had it in there for him to avoid him getting suspicious. Luckily, she had some lube in her handbag. She’d better keep some there from now on, and rethink wearing butt plugs when Tom could find them, or maybe not.

On the way home, Lin caught herself and realized her impassioned advice to Huan earlier could apply somewhat equally to herself. Bruce had hurt her badly, but clearly he had imagined his shenanigan was harmless fun because he’s a horny pervy moron who thinks with his dick in these matters. She was confident he now understood that his acts were a horrific and probably marriage-ending violation and betrayal of her. She believed that he had never intended to hurt her, but she couldn’t believe he didn’t realize from the outset that it was a heinous violation of her privacy.

To his credit, he stopped and he fixed it, to the degree it could be fixed. But short of electroshock therapy, he couldn’t unsee what he should never have peeped on. Could the two of them fix it? Did she even want to try? Well, she sure didn’t want to try today. She was still hopping mad at him. She still felt that what he did was clearly unforgivable. How could she ever trust him again? And how could a marriage exist without trust?

(To be continued)
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Chapter 5

Lin and George settled down to a routine where on weekdays and Saturdays he would see her in the evenings starting around 6:30 for dinner followed by sex and sometimes even some conversation well into the evening, trying to wrap it up by 11:30 or so since George had to be at practice by 7 and Lin needed to open her shop, at least on weekdays. On Sundays they would spend the day together, which was great, but they didn’t want to be seen together, so they stayed in a lot, which was boring except for all the hot sex.

Meanwhile, Tom was making slow progress with Huan. As the weeks went by, Tom and Huan started to work together to give Tom some satisfying handjobs. Mostly Tom had cum on her tits, but she was getting more comfortable getting some of it on her face and in her mouth. Lin had given Huan the blowjob DVDs Bruce had bought for her, but so far, no blowjobs had been forthcoming from Huan. Similarly, Huan had begun to allow Tom to finger bang her with one finger and give her oral sex while finger banging her ass. Having been forewarned by Lin, Tom described Huan’s teensy twat upon first revelation as “plenty big enough, I’ve had smaller,” which was a lie, and he had left it at that.

Because Tom kept persuasively arguing his sexual frustration, and because Lin frankly didn’t want to give him up entirely yet, and because technically the agreement had been until Huan was deflowered, and because Huan was still technically a virgin, Tom had a routine of seeing Lin at the shop after Huan left for the day. Tom really liked the novelty of Lin’s oral and anal sex, but Lin preferred him in her pussy. They compromised by having Tom give Lin an orgasm or two in her pussy and then switching to oral or anal to finish him.

On the weekends, Lin ventured to drag her little mattress into the shop, and Tom would have her there while George was away during the day Saturday or during George's practices on Sunday. Tom wasn't aware of why Lin limited him to such particular times on Sunday, but he was happy that finally she had dropped her promise to her husband and was letting him have her at the shop, a real routine, over the weekend.

Eventually, Lin and George decided they wanted to be able to go out on evenings and weekends, the world be damned. Lin was split with her husband. George was proud of Lin. He didn’t care about or really much notice the age difference, which was amusing and gratifying to Lin. So they sat down with Tom and Huan, who were the only people they worried that if they were seen in public, it would have been rude not to tell them.

Lin invited the other three to dinner at a fancy restaurant. She started by saying, “Thank you all for coming. I just wanted you, Tom, and Huan to know that George and I have started seeing each other. We don’t know where it’s going yet, but we didn’t want you to be surprised by seeing us together in public.” She waited expectantly for the others’ response.

“You minx!” said Tom to Lin.

Lin blushed and said, “Tone it down, this is a respectable restaurant. You’ll get us kicked out.”

“And you, dude, way to go. Way to go,” said Tom to George. George smiled shyly.

Lin and George held hands shyly and tentatively. Tom and Huan were inspired by this and held each other close. Lin and George followed suit.

“All of a sudden, this just became a double date,” remarked Tom.

Then their food arrived. They chattered away happily together during the meal. All parties scrupulously avoided the subject of Lin’s husband. Tom’s comments were mostly about Lin and George and were filled with sexual innuendo. Lin, mostly for Huan’s benefit, made sure to depict in vague and discreet terms the vast benefits she was experiencing in her active sexual congress with George. It didn’t hurt George’s ego to hear it described that way either. George mostly blushed at both sets of comments. Huan then eagerly piped up to praise Tom’s gentleness and how wonderful and loved Tom made her feel. It was a regular group admiration society.

Despite knowing about George, Tom continued to show up at the shop to receive regular comfort from Lin. This was not hypocrisy, they reasoned quietly. They had an agreement. Also, she and Tom sometimes met during the day while Huan was manning the shop. A convenient and frequent place was Tom and George’s dorm room while George was at his morning or afternoon practice.

One day, there was a close call. Tom was in the bathroom across the hall and Lin had spread herself naked on the bed waiting for his return. Instead, George walked in because his practice had been canceled. When Tom got out of the bathroom, he found a sock on the doorknob and heard Lin’s orgasmic cries. He was relieved, as Lin was, that true disaster hadn’t struck.

After that, they didn’t use the dorm room except for blowjobs. If George arrived at an inopportune time during a blowjob, which he did a few times, it took only a second, before the door could swing open, for Tom to merely scoot in his chair to hide his bare dick, and for Lin to wipe her mouth, and it just looked like they were talking while Tom was studying, waiting for George’s return.

Given Lin’s relationship with George was no longer a closely held secret, she contacted her sister Wanda to brag about him. “I’m now boyfriend and girlfriend with George, you know George who came into the shop in the mornings.”

“The swimmer? So this is the guy you did with Bruce’s permission?”

“It was a different guy I did with Bruce’s permission. Yes, the swimmer, and without Bruce’s or anybody’s permission.”

“This is another guy? You are a total slut.”

“Speak for yourself, slut.”

“So how is he?”

Lin sent Wanda a picture of a towering George wearing only a speedo that she had taken at a recent swim meet of his she attended. “How do you think?”


“Remember when we texted before and you asked me how I was doing and I said spectacular? That was the morning after we first did it. Now you know how much I wasn’t being sarcastic.”

“Does he have any brothers?”

“Aren’t you happily married?”

“Maybe not happily enough ☺.”


Later that day, Bruce texted her with two words: “Marriage counseling?”

Lin texted back, “Fuck off and die.” At the same time, she quietly considered his offer. Her life now was working at the shop, or having sex with George, or having sex with Tom, or sleeping, if she could get any. That was it.

There was no contact with the vast number of friends she and Bruce socialized with, mostly maintained by Bruce. She wondered how he was explaining her absences. Probably just “family emergency.”

There was no contact with her family except Wanda, and they were agreed between them that nobody else in the family should know. So no contact with them either, citing, “Busy with the shop.”

There was no living any more in her beautiful house she had made her own and cared for over the last ten years. When she thought of it, though, she was not sure she could go back to living there. She had played out so many slutty fantasies there. Her husband had violated her there by filming them.

Fuck him. Fuck the house. Fuck her family. Fuck her old friends. For now.

Over the weeks, Lin continued her routines with the shop, George, and Tom. At the same time, Huan and Tom continued to make slow progress in their sex life, thanks to continued coaching from Lin. She coached Tom on how to create romantic private moments with Huan where progress could be made. She coached Huan on owning and feeling confident of her own sex life and her own orgasms rather than giving into her fears.

Huan had a long conversation with Lin about her virginity and her promise to her parents. She felt so guilty and averse to disobeying them that she had resolved to lose her anal virginity first just to avoid having to live with a guilty conscience. Lin cautioned her against it, actually, arguing that vaginal intercourse was highly pleasurable for most women, even for women who could not orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, while anal sex was not for everybody and may do nothing for her. Despite Lin’s warning, Huan remained resolved.

So Lin coached Huan on how to ease into anal sex most comfortably. She bought her an enema kit, since Huan had a sensitive nose as well, and a few sizes of butt plugs. She was there in the bathroom to assist Huan in performing her first enema on herself. She strongly stressed the large amounts of lube that should be used on everything, that there was no such thing as going too slow, and that if anything went wrong, just stop and come talk to her. Then she left Huan and Tom in the dorm room to make their first attempt. She didn’t want to hear them, that would be squicky, so she put the sock on the door on her way out, went down to the lobby, and waited for a text message from the couple.

George found Lin there in the lobby after returning from the library. “Don’t go up there,” she said, “Huan and Tom are having a private time.”

“Okay, let’s go home, then.”

“No, I want to wait.”

“Wait? It’s not surgery. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Oh, is it that they’ve never?”

“Something like that.”

“Oh. This is so nice of you Lin, caring for her like this. I don’t know anything about stuff like this. They don’t teach you in nursing. Is there special stuff you should do for it, like, after?”

“No, its mostly I’m here if she gets scared. Maybe I can reassure her.”

George and Lin chatted about his training. Half an hour later, Huan texted, “7.5 orgasms amazing exhausted.”

Lin texted back, “Rest,” and then told Tom, “Everything went just fine, of course. It’s time to go.” It was time for her throbbing pussy to do some more hard labor for George’s benefit and her own.

A week had passed since Bruce’s last message. Again, he texted, “Marriage counseling?”

Lin texted back, “I pick the person. One session so you can fully appreciate what a complete disgusting dick you are. Then you leave me alone.” She didn’t want the divorce court judge to think she had been unreasonable.

“Fine,” Bruce texted back.

Huan was completely satisfied with anal sex and did not want to offer Tom her pussy anymore, at least not until they married. Tom had some soul searching to do. He was grieving Huan withholding her pussy from him, even though he understood that it had nothing to do with him. Huan made constant progress on being able to deep throat him. She also promised and did the work of cleaning and preparing herself generally so that Tom could take her whenever the moment was right for them both without a lot of fussing around.

The fact that Huan now was planning to stay a virgin until she got married changed the dynamic of Tom and Lin’s relationship. They could continue to honor their agreement to make sure Tom got laid while Huan was still a virgin, but it was intended to be a temporary arrangement, not a semi-permanent one.

Again, Lin felt by continuing, she would be warping both Tom and Huan’s futures. It was best for them to get along and depend on each other and be truly satisfied with one another for sex rather than have her secretly propping up one side of the relationship, and incidentally satisfying her ongoing lust for Tom, but that was exactly what she didn’t want to have running the show.

Tom was unhappy, but Lin decided to discontinue any planned trysts with Tom without cutting him off entirely, which seemed harsh. And she didn’t want to get much gratification from what she did supply him, because she felt increasingly bad about having this old thing going on with Tom while she was plenty satisfied sexually with George. It’s only that she missed Tom emotionally, and for her that was satisfied perfectly well and with less guilt on her part by the occasional blowjob.

A couple of weeks after Lin’s previous contact with Bruce, she met him in the office of Myra, the marriage counselor she had chosen. After asking a few initial questions to understand the nature of the problem, she asked Lin to describe her feelings about what Bruce had done. A lot of anger came out of Lin for feeling used and violated. A lot of feelings of betrayal after she felt like he supported and encouraged her. She talked about not being able to trust Bruce anymore, but instead fearing him. She talked about feeling sad and alone, cut off from their mutual friends, her own family who wouldn’t understand, and her own home, the focus of her life for the last ten years.

Myra asked whether Bruce could move away so that Lin could live in the home, but Lin stopped her and said that such a terrible thing happened, the filming, in that bedroom, she didn’t think she could live in the house anymore. She was afraid. Failing this, Myra recommended that Lin at least retrieve more of her favorite things from the house so that she could feel less alone from the life she had created there. Lin agreed to do this, and Bruce agreed to give her the space to do it.

Then the session ended. Lin agreed to a second session in a week, mostly because she felt like a weight had been lifted being able to speak honestly about it to Myra, who she felt understood her. The young people she was hanging out with, it was none of their business, and they wouldn’t be able to relate even if she did tell them. It would be child abuse to tell them. Of course she kept these thoughts to herself.

Over the next week, it seemed like all Lin’s relationships were straining. She felt like now that she could devote herself to her relationship with George and they could go out, it would get richer, but she found time and time again that their interests were not very compatible. He liked doing or watching sports a lot, and she was not that interested in either, although she tried to be. He was not very interested in lectures, plays, the symphony, or the opera, although he tried to be. Also, they were at different stages of life, so there were not a lot of common topics of conversation or hopes and dreams. George wanted kids someday, and she had been there and done that. She didn’t even want to talk to George about her kids, because he was younger than they were. So, not much in common, except that the sex was fantastic for both of them, which was no small thing.

The relationship with Tom consisted of him, when they were alone together, begging her for sex, and for her to eventually get him to settle for a blowjob, usually. Sometimes they would fight and do nothing. A couple of times when George had been busy or she had been particularly frustrated or mad at George, she had let him perform cunnilingus on her, and this always led to him fucking her, which she missed, but she felt guilty about it. There was really nothing left in their relationship other than these activities and a certain fondness for each other.

Lin realized that she shouldn’t be surprised that the relationship was as it was with Tom. It was never meant to be more than an experiment in lust and adventure, and it had wonderfully fulfilled this purpose. She had recruited George pretty much to replace Tom, so she couldn’t be too disappointed that these two wonderful young men, perfect mates for any coed, were not that interesting a mate for a woman in her early fifties, except for the sex of course.

The relationship between Tom and Huan also became more and more strained, not particularly over the vagina thing, although that was one small piece of the puzzle. It was more just because young love is like that, with lots of ups and downs.

Lin finally got a chance to go by the house and pick up some mementos to bring to her new place as she had promised Myra she would do. She picked up a bunch of photo albums that she’d done of her married life with Bruce over the last ten years. She decided she wanted to look through them.

A week passed, and it was time for another session with Myra and Bruce. Myra asked about the compatibility issue between them, a topic that had in general been at the forefront of Lin’s mind because of her exploring a life with these kids beyond the sexual. Lin’s honest opinion, which Bruce agreed, was that they were very compatible. Lin’s real problem that disqualified Bruce in her mind as a future mate was the issue of trust. He had hurt her badly. She didn’t trust him anymore. Worse yet, she didn’t think there was any way he could earn her trust again. So where did that leave them?

Myra made the point that trust is not a thing that could be earned anyway. It is a gift that we alone choose to give or withhold. Like a lot of things, for a feeling of confidence, we like to think of things like trustworthiness as some external quality, where actually it’s something we ourselves assign. That said, she was quick to reiterate that Bruce’s actions were reprehensible. She just wanted to make the point that the choice was truly Lin’s. She had the power to create a new relationship with Bruce if she wanted to.

She gave Bruce a chance to talk about the relationship a bit. It was clear to Lin that Bruce fervently wished the whole thing of his peeping and recording hadn’t happened, he had learned his lesson and had his perspective broadened by this, and other good things like this. Lin knew Bruce well enough that she was convinced this wasn’t just lip service.

That’s all the time they had. Next week Lin asked for a session between only her and Myra that didn’t include Bruce. They all agreed to this.

After a few more days, Lin got a chance to look at all the photo albums and remember all the good experiences she had shared with Bruce. This made her more conflicted, because on the one hand, he had hurt her, but on the other she was really starting to miss her old life.

In her new life the sex was great, George and Tom were physically beautiful, and it was hard to not be extremely responsive in their arms, but it was all extremely simple and straightforward with nothing else around it to make it interesting. In fact, the most interesting thing about her sex life now was the impromptu nature of sex acts with Tom and their need to hide them from George and Huan, but this was kind of a sick way to put some charge into an otherwise mundane blowjob or fuck.

The photo albums had reminded her of some other stuff she had at the house that she wanted to get. Bruce was not there when she pulled up, so she went in for a few minutes. She saw some good wine in the fridge, so she decided to have a glass while she was looking for the stuff. After she had found the stuff and put it in her car, she found herself sitting on her marriage bed with a second glass of wine, thinking. Would it be impossible to come back to her beautiful house?

It was not so long ago that Tom had given her a spectacular guilty orgasm on this bed that she felt at the time would always and no matter what be the feeling she got from this bed and from this room. A glass and a half of wine in, she started to feel it again. She started to touch herself through her stretch pants, remembering the hot punch of Tom’s first ejaculation in her on this bed and the thrill and guilt with respect to her husband and marriage that had been a big part of the emotional punch of it.

She finished the wine and thought idly that it might have been good to see the tape of her in that moment before Bruce had erased it, but then dismissed the idea. She didn’t want to peep on herself, and she could experience Tom in the flesh any time she wanted to. There were special memories here, memories that overshadowed Bruce’s crime, memories with Bruce even. She pulled down her pants and panties and started masturbating in earnest to some of those special memories. After a nice relaxing time with many thoughts of her cheating with Tom, she had a satisfying cum, pulled up her pants, washed her hands, and left.

About an hour later, she got a text from Bruce, “Came home and saw you on the bed. Once I saw you, I backed away and left, wanting more than anything else to respect your privacy.  At the same time, I wanted to tell you I saw you, because I don’t ever want to keep secrets from you again. Hope you had a good time.”

She texted back, “Thanks. I did.” She left it at that.

The next day, Huan broke up with Tom. Tom didn’t really know why. Lin’s advice to him was that the whole thing might blow over in a week, so he should just try to have a happy life in the meantime. To that end, Lin and Tom had a huge and comprehensive after hours romp on the mattress in her back room. She got home late for dinner and sex with George, pleading she had had to catch up on accounting at the shop.

In her one-on-one session with Myra, Lin filled her in on her life with George and a little Tom on the side. She felt comfortable exploring her temptation to start at least dating Bruce again, just for the opportunity to see the opera with somebody and discuss it after or go to the museum without the feeling she was leading a field trip. Myra encouraged Lin to have Bruce take her on such dates, with no strings attached other than sharing a fun activity together. This was something that would enrich both their lives without further commitment even to become friendly outside these activities. This was a speed Lin felt comfortable operating on.

Lin also felt comfortable describing the episode with Bruce of the egg in the movie theater, meeting the other couple, and being pushed to the limits of excitement, grief over Tom at the time, embarrassment, and also playful humor, and how it was probably the peak sexual experience of her life to this point, despite being both esthetically and physically stimulated by George to a greater degree since then. There was a sophistication to the partnership, the surrender, the exposure, all that, that made it a rich experience for Lin. Simple fucking, however good, with whoever, couldn’t compete.

Even in her relationship with Tom, it was the guilt she had for her actions and the nasty encouragement and punishments Bruce had given her as a result that produced much of the emotional fuel for that relationship. Once things had graduated to George, it was down to simple fucking, and she was quickly tiring of it.

Lin told Bruce of the idea of them going to the opera or something together, and Bruce offered that they could see an off-Broadway show that was playing in town that weekend. She picked the Saturday matinee so that George would be away studying.

Bruce picked up Lin at the shop on time for the show. She didn’t really want to admit to herself how much fun she had. She definitely didn’t want to let Bruce know, but she probably didn’t hide it well. When he dropped her back at the shop, he asked, “First date, could I get a kiss?” She gave him a little kiss. She felt things might be healing between them.

Lin felt positively nasty cheating on her lovers with her husband. George was the beneficiary of her slutty guilt. She asked George to punish her, but he really didn’t understand what that meant, and Lin didn’t have the patience to explain. George liked that Lin was so excited. That was about it.

During their session with Myra, Bruce and Lin talked about their date. Lin fully confessed how much she’d enjoyed it. Myra asked Lin whether she had told anyone about the date, and she said no. Then Myra asked her how it had felt to cheat on her lover with her husband, even a little, and Lin confessed that it had made her feel guilty and had excited her at the same time, and that she had asked her lover to punish her, but he didn’t really understand.

A few days after this, Lin came home to find that George had cleared out his things. When she contacted him, he agreed to meet in a local café and talk about it. It turned out that George had gotten together with Huan the previous day and they had decided to be a couple for a while. Lately George had felt it was impossible to please her, and so he thought maybe a woman with simpler tastes was more his speed.

It was time for Lin to be an adult in this. She had been tiring of George, and he hadn’t failed to notice it. What did she expect? This was the way relationships sorted themselves out, especially at George’s age. She didn’t blame him. In fact, she felt free. Of course, she did grieve losing access to amazing fucks from George whenever she felt like it, but maybe in the longer term, she could arrange something, a little like she had with Tom.

Huan quit her job at the shop because she felt too embarrassed at stealing away George from Lin. Lin tried to persuade Huan that it was really okay, but Huan quit anyway. There was a girl named Alicia Phillips that Lin had been talking to about coming to work at the shop. Alicia started the next day, so things at the shop stayed pretty good for Lin, other than needing to train a new employee.

Because of the Huan episode, Tom moved out of the dorm room with George into his own apartment off campus. Since Tom was now unencumbered and so was Lin, they saw each other every day and often spent the night together at his place or her place. She loved feeling Tom’s special hot punch of cum deep in her pussy or other holes in a couple of new venues, and she loved that they could really for the first time make love for hours on end and sleep together, but other than that, it was vanilla sex and a vanilla life with Tom as it had been with George. Both she and Tom spoke of this as more of a temporary arrangement. She knew that Tom was hoping that Huan would get back with him. For her own part, she understood now as she had before that a long-term life with Tom was wrong for both of them.

Lin and Bruce continued productive weekly meetings with Myra and increasingly intimate weekly dates with one another. After the show or event, they got to the point where she would let Bruce feel her up and even perform cunnilingus on her, giving her a couple of orgasms, and then for her part, she would get him as excited as she felt she safely could without him orgasming, and then leave. It was great fun. She enjoyed the hell out of taking out her anger and feelings of having been betrayed by torturing him sexually on a regular weekly basis.

When Myra heard about it, she and Lin high-fived each other. Anything that worked for her to work out her anger issues in a not-too-destructive way was good for the relationship. Bruce agreed. Myra told a story of a couple where the wife had cheated on the husband, but they still wanted to stay together. The husband discovered that rickrolling his wife, which she was first confused by and then grew to loathe, was exactly the kind of harmless pranksterism that diffused his anger. It was just such a ludicrous response to something that had made him feel so serious and dead in his life. After only a few weeks, when angry thoughts arose, just thinking about it would bring a smile to his face. He didn’t even have to do it any more.

Lin spent some time talking about what she would need to re-enter the relationship with Bruce. She wanted to keep her other place, and have it be private, that is, not have Bruce try to find out where it was. She also wanted to keep both of her current casual relationships. In her mind, she was still hoping to get back to something casual with George. She would ask permission for anything further. Similarly, Bruce could ask permission for his own dalliances, as long as he could prove to her that his partner was healthy. Bruce was agreeable.

Bruce confessed that he was seeing somebody casually. If he and Lin started living and sleeping together at the house, he would prefer just to break off this arrangement. Lin said it was fine with her either way, just let her know. He shouldn’t bring her to the house anymore, and she wouldn’t be bringing any boyfriends there, either.

Lin didn’t want to move too quickly. She said that if their next date went well and she felt as good about it as the previous few dates, she would consider spending the night with him at their house at the end of the date. No promises.

The next day, Lin took the opportunity to extend her prankish behavior to George, as opposed to being angry at him for running off with Huan. She and Alicia were manning the shop when George came in for his morning coffee. Lin said, looking up at him sexily, “I miss you, George.”

“I miss you, too, Lin,” George confessed.

“Would you move some boxes for me in the back?” Lin asked him. This was clear code between them for dalliance. They looked at each other for a minute while Alicia wondered what the heck was going on.

Then George said, “Sure,” and they went into the back.

Lin knew Alicia would be able to hear them, but hopefully she would not be too bent out of shape about it. Lin didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to rekindle something with George.

As soon as they got in the back, Lin quietly pulled down George’s shorts and undies to expose his already hardening cock. She got on her knees and sucked it for a few minutes, just long enough to get him truly interested. Then she pulled her panties down and off, bent over the changing table, and flipped up the back of her skirt.

“I don’t know if I should.”

“Have you and Huan talked about it?”

“We haven’t talked about it.”

“Well, then, you decide.”

She felt George’s cock head press at her now slippery vaginal entrance, pop in, and start to open her up. It felt heavenly and comfortable, just what she’d been missing. She let out a low groan as he continued to rock into her. She grabbed a towel, twirled it, and bit down hard on it. Then he started thrusting, and she lost her mind as usual with George. It was all she could do to stay standing up. Her grunts and shrieks were muffled somewhat by the towel. George stayed pretty stoic. He just did a good solid grunt when he pressed up into her and splashed his hot seed satisfyingly deep into her belly.

George withdrew, and his cum and hers splashed prodigiously out on the floor. “Again?” she whimpered. She had wanted him to stay in and go right into a second time like he usually did. She looked at him, and it was clear he was feeling guilty.

“Maybe I shouldn’t.”

“You started! I’m right in the middle,” she pleaded. Actually, she was just greedy and wanted more.

This convinced him, and he thrust back into her. She fumbled for the towel and came hard with a low groan before she could fit it back into her mouth. Many shrieking orgasms followed that she was able to muffle reasonably well with the towel. George was quiet except for heavy breathing. This was his guilty mode, she figured. She was getting some sweet prankish revenge on the couple, especially Huan, with every increasingly excited thrust of George’s. Just when she didn’t feel like she could stand up any longer, George let out a low groan and pumped her nice and full of another big batch of his hot cum. So satisfying! Guilty sex was the best, whether directly, or by proxy.

George disappeared out the back. Lin puttered around, cleaning up and drying the floor and herself. Then she pulled on her panties, arranged her skirt, and emerged out of the back room. Alicia was flushed. Lin had never seen such a pink person! She must have heard. She probably peeked. And Lin was in the most playful of moods. She knew Alicia didn’t have a boyfriend to soothe her this evening. That was tragic. “We need to find you a boyfriend,” Lin declared to Alicia.

“Really? Well…” Alicia responded.

“You like boys, correct?”

“Yes.” Alicia was definite.

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. Boys are immature?”

“What about Tom? You like Tom?”

“You mean that nursing guy you’re always flirting with at lunch?”

“That’s right.”

“He seems okay. But he has a girlfriend, I think. That Huan chick he always hangs out with.”

“Actually, they just broke up. Now is my chance to hook you up with him.”

“Hook me up?”

“You know what I mean. A date: have some fun, have maybe a kiss. Could you handle it?”

“Sure, but he won’t want to go out with me. You’re more his type.”

“Me?” Lin scoffed, she hoped convincingly, “He wouldn’t want to poke at this withered old womb. I would be embarrassed for him. He wants a young one like yours that he can put many, many babies up in.”

Alicia looked around, if anything pinker than ever, hoping everybody on the street was out of earshot.

“I’m not sure I want any babies. Certainly not now.”

“You know what I mean!”

“Okay, okay,” Alicia relented.

Lin, being impatient, and also, having inside knowledge of the situation, couldn’t wait to pounce on Tom that afternoon. “Hi, hi, hi, Tom!” she called out to him happily as he approached.

“Hi, Lin. What’s going on?”

“You’re taking Alicia to the park for a date. Here are two Poke Balls on the house. If you don’t kiss and arrange a second date, I’ll be very disappointed in you both. Now go!”

Alicia was red faced, but she grabbed the two Poke Balls and stepped out of the shop. Tom, for his part, was silent, but looking towards Alicia with interest. They walked off together towards the park. Lin sighed with satisfaction. Another lucky girl was soon likely to get Tom’s hot cum smacked up deep inside her. Hopefully this one would hold on to him better. He deserved a good long-term sweetheart his own age. She hoped she would still be able to borrow him a little, but maybe she shouldn’t. Maybe it wasn’t good to him.

Alicia came back all smiles. Lin interrogated her, “You kiss?”

“A little,” she responded.

“You made another date?”

“Yes, tonight.”

“Good.” She left it at that. Looked like she wouldn’t have anyone to sleep with that evening. But she was horny as hell. She called her husband on the phone. “Hey, you,” she started with him.

“What? Is that you Lin?”

“Meet at the house for dinner tonight.”

“Sounds great. Should I bring anything?”

“Good wine.”

“Even better. 6:30?”

“Seven.” Lin hung up. Myra had told her she was supposed to give Bruce a crack at her this week. Not in those terms, but anyway. Might as well get it out of the way. There might be a real man around, like George or Tom, to fuck her to sleep tomorrow night.

Lin and Bruce met at the house as agreed that evening. Lin brought a delicious dinner, and Bruce brought some great wine, of which Lin had a little too much. She was red-faced and giggling before too long. Soon they had giggled and kissed their way into the bedroom.

Lin had been fearful of this for awhile, fearful that, although a life with Bruce would be much richer for her than a life taken up with dalliances with any number of college boys, how could a man Bruce’s age hope to measure up to these tireless and athletic young boys? And then she would feel empty inside and like she was just letting him fuck her so she could get back the life she wanted. That was her nightmare.

To her surprise, maybe it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, it turned into an incredible night for Lin. Bruce had real staying power, so he didn’t make a mess everywhere every five minutes like her puppy-like boyfriends, which she liked. He knew her body incredibly well, and he knew how to expertly use his hands, his lips, his tongue, and his cock, to stroke her constantly and in the best way. His cock especially! She hadn’t guessed how much she would miss the welcoming comforting feel of it. Needless to say, she was very responsive to Bruce that evening, and the evening went on and on. It seemed Bruce had some catching up to do, and she was increasingly happy to oblige him.

They woke up together the next morning when Lin’s alarm went off. She dragged herself awake, gave Bruce a sleepy peck on the cheek, and left for work, feeling more normal and connected to life than she had ever felt before. The feeling was exquisite. Small steps though. She didn’t want to cave in to this too easily.

It was clear by the next day that Tom and Alicia were hitting it off. Alicia had lots of thank yous for Lin when she came to work in the morning. Much smiling and flirting passed between Tom and Alicia at lunch, and she sent them packing to the park.

She was less worried about Alicia than she had been with Huan. She knew Tom would probably find some more time for her at some reasonably near future time. All these young romances had frequent interludes where Tom might be persuaded to stray if she was feeling thirsty for him. Not a problem. In the meantime, less guilt, and she could focus more on stealing George back from Huan, hah! Huan didn’t deserve him anyway after dumping Tom. It was merely the righteous Buddhist way for her to instruct Huan in this aspect of karma.

Bruce asked her for another date on their customary date night, but she shut him down. She didn’t want to seem too eager. It didn’t send the right message. She would curl up with a good book tonight and let somebody else put her men’s mileage on their pussies.

(The end)
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Lin reminds me of  a philopena (sp) woman I met in Long Beach California in the late 1980's I was 21 I think.  Learned a lot from her in a short time.  Enjoyed your story so far.

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Lin reminds me of  a philopena (sp) woman I met in Long Beach California in the late 1980's I was 21 I think.  Learned a lot from her in a short time.  Enjoyed your story so far.

Yay! Continue to enjoy. I consider this story my most "mainstream" story, though I suppose "Founders" is also pretty mainstream, but it's still in the process of being written, so who knows where it will end up.

Lin is based on Mrs Sweetums, and the story was originally written for her. Needless to say, Lin's adventures are more adventuresome than my wife's.

I've been toying with a sequel to this story where Lin gets more into swinging and is at one point briefly whisked away by a motorcycle gang. People should let me know if I should write that.
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J267 did one like that on Literotica, was one of my fav stories. Husband was helpless to stop it.

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In a way, the husband becomes helpless here. Lin starts out doing it to a good degree because it will excite him, but as she grows as a person, she claims much more agency over her own individual life and sexuality. It’s interesting to me that I create these characters and then they go ahead and claim their power, gosh darn it. Lin was a very demanding character, and at one point, she derailed the whole middle section of the story. But it all turned out better than I’d originally imagined in the end.