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Author Topic: The Day That Changed Emma’s Life  (Read 1790 times)
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The Day That Changed Emma’s Life
By HappyComet
Copyright 2020 by HappyComet all rights reserved

This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It depicts minors in unusual conditions that may include unprotected, unsafe sex or extreme humiliation. Obviously, this does not describe real life and should not be taken as such. In the real world, behaviors as described in the story are not acceptable, tolerated, or legal. The reader should never confuse the difference between fiction and real life. This story is fictional. Story codes: teen, spanking, mast, inc, 1st, voy, exb, cons, reluct, huml, virg, public,

The following story was inspired from
My parents are nudists, but I'm just naked
By Ragnrok
Copyright 2015 by Ragnrok kevmurray60(AT), all rights reserved
Chapter 2
My parents are nudists, but I'm just naked 2
By Ragnrok
Copyright 2016 by Ragnrok kevmurray60(AT), all rights reserved

* * * * ******************************************************************************
Chapter 3

   I made my way back to the beach and gave my dad his iced tea. We sat around for a couple more hours, with very little said. And then I heard my mom say, “Time to clean up.”
   As we were cleaning up, I started to get dressed and my mom told me that I did not need to get dressed and she packed away my clothes. My dad ask about my new friends. I told him their names were Kenny and Rebecca, and that they go to my school. He said I should invite them over sometime next week. I was curious about how he knew about my new friends. I guess he saw them walking with me to the parking lot and/or maybe he saw them staring at me while I was getting a spanking.
   I was told to get into the car… naked… The ride home was very weird. Good thing we have tinted windows. My dad took this time to explain “ Em as you can see that things are changing around here. Your mom and I really believe that this new lifestyle is going to be really good for the whole family. We have met some really nice people so far and I am sure that we will met a lot more. There are some rules that you must follow.” And then my mom handed me a paper.
Rules for Emma
*First and foremost, when you are at home you will be naked. No matter who is over. The rule includes no covering up, your hands shall be by your side. You will only be allowed to get dressed, 5 minutes before leaving the house.
*From now on you will not close the door to your room or bathroom, no matter what you are doing.
*Your mom or I will be approve of anything you do wear, inside or outside of the house. Our decision will be final, you must wear whatever we choose.
* If and when you deserve a spanking you will be naked. You will present yourself every time. We will instruct you later as to what will be expected.
* Besides your head, you will remove all your hair. Yes, this means your pubes, arm pits, and legs. You will be inspected at least once a week, to make sure you are hairless.
* From time to time someone may wish to touch you, or tell you to do something You will Listen and follow want they want without any complaining.
   As I read this letter my stomach dropped, and my head starting spinning. Who were these people in the front seat of the car?!? Because these people are not behaving like my parents.
   I was sure that my mom was going to give me my clothes once we got home. No such luck! Thankfully the garage was open and there were no neighbors outside. So I walked as fast as I could to get inside. Dad was having none of that. He told me to get the stuff from the trunk of the car and bring it in. Being naked at a nude beach was one thing, but here at my own house is something totally embarrassing and wrong.
   I had to make 3 trips to get  it all in the house, after I put all the stuff away. I was able to relax in my room for a couple hours… naked of course…
About 530pm my dad called out to me.
“Em come in here please” my dad said.
   As I entered the dining room my heart stopped once again. There was a couple in there that I have never met before. They were a little older than my parents, and in good shape. What was very strange, all four of them were nude sitting at the table.
   I turned to walk away but my dad raised his voice and said “ Just where do you think you’re going young lady. Come back in here and say “hi” to Mr. and Mrs Mathews.”
   I stood frozen, did they really expect me to say “hi” naked? “But dad, I am not… appropriate to met new people at the moment.”
Mom spoke up “ nonsense Emma, get in here right now! Or else”
I turned and walked into the room with my hands trying to cover my body and said” Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs, Mathews.” And then I just stood there
My dad’s look told me that he was not happy with me. He said “Em that is not how we taught you to make a proper introduction, is it?”
With a shaking voice I whispered, “No dad.”
Dad replied. “Well, do it the right way, and do it now!” His tone was one I have heard before and I knew I had no choice.
So I stepped forward until I stood in front of them and reached out my hand to shake hers and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Mathews, will you be joining us for dinner?”
Mrs. Mathews spoke up and said “ Hi Emma, it is finally nice to meet you, please call me Stacy and you can call him Wil. And yes we are planning on staying for dinner and dessert. I think your parents even mentioned playing a game later.”
After shaking her hand I turned a little and reached out my hand for Wil. And he grabbed my hand a spun me around so quick I did not even realize it for a moment. I was now facing away from them and facing my parents.
Wil spoke up. “Jack, you have a beautiful daughter, it looks like she got a lot of sun today. How long were you guys at the beach today?
My dad, said “thank you, I believe that she is really beautiful.”
Those comments made me blush a lot, I was naked in my dining room and these two old guys are talking about my body as if I was not even there.
My dad continued. “We spent about 3.5 hours out there today. I can see what you are talking about Wil. She is pretty red.”
Wil spun me around until I was facing him. Looked me in the eyes and said “ It is my pleasure to finally meet you, Your parents have spoke about you a lot over the past few months we have been friends.” As he spoke his eyes lowered and traveled down my body. His hand let go of mine and was reaching for the other one that was still covering my pussy. I just froze, are my parents really going to let this stranger do this?!? He grabbed my hand and in doing so, his fingers brushed across my pubes and the top of my pussy and pulled away my hand. He held my hand out by my hip for what seemed like an hour. I watched his eyes study my body and to my utter embarrassment he reached out with his other hand and tugged on my pubes and said to my mom “ Deb, I thought we talked about this and you agreed that all body hair was to be removed before you guys went to the beach?”
What!? I said in my head… what is going on here, they talked about us going to the nude beach and that I should have shaved beforehand? Who are these people!?
 My mom started to speak. When my dad interrupted, “Wil, as you know today was the first time that we have seen each other nude. And we were unsure how to break the ice to Em, so we though baby steps were in order. We just gave her the rules on the way back from the beach”
Wil, let go of my pubes and looked at my dad and just smiled, and said “of course, no worries. You can just take care of that right now, then… Yes?”
I was not sure what was going on, did he just tell my dad that I needed to shave my pubes?!?
Stacy spoke up and asked my mom to go and the supplies and my mom got up and left the room without even saying anything.
Stacy, then asked me “ Have you ever shaved your pubes before. Emma?”
I was so stunned that I could not speak… until I heard my dad, telling me to answer her.
“ I have never shaved before” I said with a very shaky voice.
“Well, we do not believe in shaving, we have a laser hair removal  tool that works much better, and will keep your hair from growing on your pussy or anywhere for that matter, forever.” Stacy said matter of fact.
My mom returned, and had a towel and some clippers, and the laser hair removal tool, along with a bottle. My mom ask Stacy “where we were going to do this?”
Stacy looked around and said we should go into the living room so we had more room and so everyone could watch. I about died right there when I heard those words. I was proud of the hair that was growing on my pussy, it meant I was becoming a woman. And now my parents are leading me into the living room. To have it removed… forever…
My mom spread out the towel over the coffee table and told my to sit on it. As I did the adults gathered around. The ladies sat right in front of me and the men were right behind them looking over their shoulders. I wished that I could have disappeared right then.
The words I heard next, made my heart stop and I could not breathe. My mom told me to “ Emma I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can, put each leg on either side of Stacy and I.” as I did my mom finished her comment with “good girl, now let’s trim off this hair” without wasting any time. She moved the clippers into position over my now very exposed and soon to be hairless pussy. As she made contact I jumped a little, the clippers vibrated which sent chills throughout my body. In just a few very long minutes, I was left with stubble for pubes, and then it got even worse, she had me lay back and hold my legs up and spread out as far as I could. She inspected the area between my pussy and asshole. What really got me going was when she used her hand to feel the area to make sure there was not any more long hairs.
I was told to sit back up and keep my legs spread. Stacy took over and started using the hair removal tool. She started at the top of my pubes, and took her time. It took about 30 minutes, which I do not remember, I guess I spaced out, until I felt fingers spreading some sort of liquid all over the area. Once again I was told to lay back, and my mom, offered for Wil to take over. Are you kidding me?!? it is one thing having these guys watch this humiliating process. Now Wil is going to participate?!? ugh, this day just can’t get any worse, can it?
Wil was now taking his time, getting a close up view of my revealing position. While one hand was on belly his other hand was spreading the liquid all over, which included my clit, my asshole, and I even felt him slip inside of my pussy to his first knuckle. Just far enough to feel my virginity.
Once Wil was done, he moved aside and everyone else took a turn feeling how smooth I was. Each person took at least 2 minutes feeling all over my pussy, I as so embarrassed, but even more so since I was getting turned on, and I started to feel my pussy juices start to flow. I was sure that everyone could see it, and maybe even smell it, I was hoping that because they had spread that liquid all over that it would cover it up… My dad was last, and he too had his finger inside my pussy to his first knuckle, but what he did after that made me squeak and jump…as he felt the area between my pussy and asshole, his fingers spent a long time around my little butthole, and then he slipped his finger what felt like all the way inside of me. I am sure it was only for a few seconds but it felt like he was there for many minutes.
Once they were done inspecting me, Stacy said that they would have to do that at least 5 more times to make sure my hair would never grow back. I was told to go and take a shower. and once I was finished to join the adults for dinner.

Chapter 4
I took a nice cool shower, since my skin was hot from being in the sun for so long. Exposing parts of me that had never been touched by the sun.  I did spend a few minutes feeling my now hairless and smooth pussy. I have to admit that it felt wonderful, and it made it even more sensitive than before. I just don’t like the way it looks, like I am a little girl again.
I was not looking forward to joining the adults for dinner, but I was very hungry. So I dried off and put my hair in a ponytail then joined them in the dining room. Dinner was on the table, Chicken, mashed potatoes, and Green Beans. I sat down and started to eat.
When Wil asked me “ Hey, Emma. Do you like the way your pussy looks and feel now?
Really?!? Does this guy not have a filter? I just looked over at him for a few seconds, when I heard my dad speak up and say “Em I am tired of you not being polite to our guess, answer him now and from here on out, Do you understand young lady?”
I looked at my dad and said “yes daddy, I am sorry, this is just all so new to me” I turned to look at Wil and answered his question “I do not like the way it looks but it does feel pretty good” that got a chuckle out of all of them.
I did forget to mention that both my mom and Stacy looks like they had the same treatment done to their pussies. Even the guys looks like they used it on their backs and chest, They were all pretty hairless and smooth. Even the guy’s cocks and pubes were hairless.
Once we were all done eating I was told to clear the table and grab the dessert. As I walked around the table all eyes were on me. it took a couple minutes to clear the table. The adults went into the living room and I was told to bring the dessert in there. I brought the cheesecake and set it on the coffee table, along with some plates and forks. As soon as I was finished passes a piece to them. I got me a piece and started to sit down on the couch, but my dad told me to sit as I was earlier, on the coffee table and spread... I was not happy about that and mumbled under my breathe. That was the wrong thing to do. My dad told me to get over to where he was  on the couch. As soon as I got there he grabbed me.
“Em I am so tired of your attitude, now get over my knee for an attitude adjustment!” My dad yelled.
For the second time today I was getting spanked, and in front of an other audience. My dad only gave me about 10 swats. Them told me to stand up, and go over to my mom. My mom told me to stand about two feet from the back of the couch and to lean over and hold onto armrest. This position put my ass higher than my head. She got up and got behind me, and them told me to spread my legs as wide as I could. My mom hit my ass hard. Much harder than dad did. Mom landed around 5 times on each cheek. The next 5 were right in the middle of my ass crack. Then to my surprise the last 5 came with an upward motion, and landed right on my hairless pussy.
I was hoping that my ordeal was over, but if I have learned anything today, I soon found that I was wrong. My mom told me to go stand in front of Stacy, I did without any hesitation.
Stacy said “Turn around, spread your legs and then bend forward and touch the ground”
As soon as I was that position, Stacy was inspecting and touching everything! Stacy complemented my parents “ Deb and Jack, you to gave her a good spanking. The spread of hits are done rather well.”  With that she smacked my ass once pretty hard, then said “ Let Wil have a look”
I walked over to where Wil was sitting and started to get into the same position as I was just in, but after a few seconds he told me to stand up and get on the coffee table, but this time on my hands and knees. I did as I was told. Soon Wil right behind me looking over my very red ass.
Wil asked Stacy “ Hey can you please bring me over that lotion, she needs it all over her body to help with the sunburn and for her really red ass”
Once he had the lotion he applied it to my shoulders and worked his way down to my ass. He took his time and the other adults just watched as he touched me where ever he wanted. More lotion was applied and now his hands were focused on my ass and pussy. He only stayed there for a few seconds before moving down my legs. I was hoping this was over, but not a chance. He invited my dad over to help. So now I had 4 hands apply lotion all over my body. I had finger inside my ass once again. And others touching my maidenhood. This lasted for what seemed like 20 minutes. Both guys had erections and did not shy away from making sure they were close to my body, and face. I got am up close and personal look at each of their dicks. The men finished and sat back down in their seats, but I was told not to move.
The adults talked about our experience at the beach. My dad told the Mathews that I had made a couple friends. And that he knew they had taken photos or a video of me at the beach today. Stacy said that they needed to get a copy of that so we could have it for the record. Then my mom stood up and left the room. A few minutes later she came in and had her digital camera. And went right over to where I was I started taking photos of me. She got many close ups. Even had me roll over and get on my back like I was early. She must have taken about 100 photos the night. She even had me start posing in different positions. She wanted a few photos of the guys rubbing lotion on me, The guys were very quick to fulfill her request. Once again I had 4 hands all over my body. Within a few minutes my dad told me to reach back and spread my ass check as wide as I did at the beach. And then he applied the lotion right in my ass crack. And soon his finger was back inside my asshole, this time, mom was taking photos of it. They even got a few photos of Wil’s finger a knuckle deep inside my hairless virgin pussy.
Once the adults were done with my body, we all ate our dessert. Of course as I when eating I had to sit on the coffee table, legs spread and facing the adults. After I finished my dessert I asked if I could be excused and go to my room, since I was pretty tired.
My dad said. “ Sure honey, you have had a very long day, with a lot of new experiences. Remember you are to remain naked while you are in the house. Oh, and remember the other thing. You are not to close any doors, even the bathroom. Make sure you say goodnight to everyone.”
I got up and I cleared everyone plates and put them in the Kitchen. Then I went to Stacy and said goodnight, She stood up and gave me a hug. She squeezed my tightly and then she lowered both her hands and grabbed my ass and squeezed. What came next was such a surprise. She kissed me! and it was not just a peck on the lips. Once she was done, I went over to Wil. I was already thinking that he would do more than his wife, and I was right. He started with a kiss, his tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth. His hands were on my ass pretty quickly, then he spread my ass check apart, and then he slide his fingers down the crack, all the way down until he was probing my pussy. As he slide back up my crack he paused at my butthole and slipped it inside. This whole time he was kissing me.
He stopped his intrusion and said. “ Emma, thank you a wonderful evening you are everything your parents said you would be.”
That made me turn an even darker shade of red than I already was. My parents! Talking about me to these people… Who are these guys?!?
I turned around and walked over to my mom, expecting more trauma, but she just gave me a hug and said, “ I love you baby girl, thank you for being such a good girl. I hope you sleep well. Sweet dreams.” And with a quick goodnight kiss, and a pat on my ass I made my way over to my dad.
“Honey, we started the day off a little rough. Just know that this will get easier for you as time goes on. You have a beautiful body and should not be ashamed of it. What is a shame is you not sharing it with the world. Now come give me a kiss.” My dad said as he reached out his arms.
I walked over to him and he gave me a kiss, and then another. Pretty soon his tongue was in my mouth.  And his hands slide down to my chest and he tweaked my little nipple. That was new for me… Then he slide his hands down my belly and found my hairless pussy. His finger slide right down my pussy all the way to the back. And as he brought his hand back he dipped his finger to his first knuckle inside of me. What he did next was so mind blowing. He brought his finger to my mouth and put inside and told me to taste myself. I froze, until I felt a little pain coming from my nipple. My dad had twisted my nipple again, this time a lot harder. I closed my mouth around his finger and used my tongue to taste myself. He withdrew his finger and turned my away from me giving my ass one last swat for the night. I said goodnight and kept walking.
I had to pee and remembered what my dad had just said. But they were busy in the living room, right?!? I closed the door and did my business. And went to bed. It was very weird for me to get under my covers, naked. I fell asleep pretty quickly.

Chapter 5

   I woke up and it felt weird to me being naked in my bed. I thought I had a really weird dream until I slide my hand down to my pussy and felt that is was indeed… hairless. The smell of breakfast was filling  my room, and I was hungry. I remembered the “rules” and knew I had to remain naked. I went to the bathroom and closed the door. Every morning I used the toilet and brushed my teeth and brushed my hair.
When I was using the toilet the door opened, and my mom said “Remember dear, you must keep the doors open at all times” turned and walked away.
I finished in the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen, my parents were in there drinking coffee and eating breakfast. My dad looked up at me and gave me a big smile and said good morning.
My mom said “ Good morning sweet girl, your plate is on the counter.”
I walked in and I knew I better give them both a hug and a kiss and say good morning. So I walked over to my dad, his eyes were on me and looking me up and down. I leaned over and gave him a hug his arm went around my waist and he pulled me unto his lap. Yes, he was nude, I was sitting on his dick. He held me there for a few seconds and gave me a little kiss and told me to enjoy the breakfast and to hurry for we had plans today. As I got up he smacked my sore ass and I made my way over to my mom. As I approached she said “ Let me take a look at you, turn around slowly. Your sunburn looks better this morning. Come closer.”
As I did her hand went right for my bald pussy and she felt it for a few seconds. And continued “ Still very smooth, and a little red. Turn around let me see your ass. Oh, that is still very red.”
With that she reached out and rubbed her hand across my ass and asked “ Is that still sore?”
I answered “ Yes, a little.”
I turned around and gave her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek, and sat down to eat.
I asked “What are we doing today?”
My dad spoke up and said that we were going shopping. Your mom and I think it is time for you to start wearing some different clothing. So we are going to go to the mall and other stores today to get you a new wardrobe. Then we are going to a birthday party.
I did not want to start the day off with a spanking so I just said, Oh that sounds like fun, but what I was saying in my head was, I like my clothes just the way they are. There is no telling what type of clothes my parents were thinking I should be wearing now…
We finished breakfast I did the dishes. Then asked my mom what I should wear once we left the house.
My mom answered “ I already laid your outfit out on your bed. You can only wear what is laying there, nothing else, understood?”
I nodded my head and said yes. And my mom added “ You can go up there now and get dressed. We are planning on leaving soon.”
I was looking forward to wearing something, since I had been naked for almost 24 hours. As I got to my room and looked at my bed I saw a cute summer dress and a pair of sandals and that was it… No panties or bra. True, it was like I have big breast but at least I had been wearing a 32a bra, but now my parents want me to wear only a summer dress to go shopping. I guess I should be happy that I had shoes to wear. I put on the dress, and it was fairly short mid thigh. As I bent over to put on my sandals, I felt a cool breeze on my ass and realized that if some one was behind me they could see my ass. I fixed my hair and headed to the living room.
My parents were dressed and ready to go, my mom had on a matching summer dress. She told me to fix my hair in a double pony tail. Which I am sure my face said what I was thinking but I just turned and walked to the bathroom, and fixed it as she wanted. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked younger by a couple years. UGH!
My dad called out and said to hurry up. I spoke up and said “Be right there” and made my way to them.
My mom looked at me and said “ There that is much better” held her finger out making the come here gesture. Once I was standing next to her she grabbed the bottom of the dress and pulled it up, almost pulling it all the way off. I just stood there.
Then I heard my dad say “Yes that will do nicely.” What I heard next made my heart stop. “Deb, make sure you grab the camera.” And he opened the front door. Then my mom let go of my dress, and grabbed her camera.
As we drove, my dad asked me what I thought of all the changes. I told him that it was all very new to me and that I was not really comfortable with it all that has happened. Then I asked them about the Mathews.
My dad said that Wil and he work together and have been friends for many years. This all started because of a bet.  One day at work Wil wanted to bet of the game. I was 98% sure that the Green Bay Packers were going to beat the Chicago Bears. Wil was sure that The Bears were due and would bet something very valuable. I offered up $100 as a bet. He did not want $$$ but something personal and priceless. At first I did not get what he was saying, until he broke it down. He said if the Bears win then he wanted at least a dozen pictures of your mom, nude and if I won then he would give me a dozen pictures of his wife. His wife, as you know is very pretty, and I just knew that I was going to win… Well, I lost and now had to talk your mom into allowing me to take some nude photos of her and part of the deal was your mom had to know that Wil was going to be looking at them.
So that night I talked to your mom and told her that I lost a bet and she was the prize. I was very surprised when your mom agreed pretty quickly. She told me that she did not marry a man that did not pay his debts. She also added that if my husband thought it was a good idea to make this bet, along with the payment, then she would stand by her man. That night was a lot of fun. Your mom got out her camera and we took a lot of pictures over the next hour. Then we loaded them on the computer and selected the best 12 to give to Wil. Then we had some amazing sex.
My mom and dad were giggling at this point but I was still in shock over what I was hearing. My dad continued his story. The following week Wil wanted to make another bet on his favorite team, the Bears. This time I won the bet and was given over a dozen photos of his wife Stacy. I was told that I should share them with your mom. That night I did. We looked over the photos. The first one was just her sitting on the bed, nude, giving a cute smile. Then next one was of her on her back with her leg spread showing her bald pussy and asshole. Each one got more and more revealing and she exposed herself in each pose. The last two show her sucking Wil’s dick. We were both pretty turned on at this point and had another great night.
It was the following week the same bet was placed. The payment however was a little different. The loser had to take photos of their wife having sex. Those Damn Bears were doing pretty good at the start of the season and had won another game. Your mom was a little unsure but within a few minutes the camera was in action and so were we. We took many photos of us having sex in many different positions. Wil really liked the ones of us doing it doggy style.
Things went back in forth for a few weeks. We had progressed to public nudity, to public sex, to this weeks current bet. We were to go to a club and  I was to take pictures of your mom dancing with another man. She was to were a sexy dress no panties or bra and while on the dance floor, your mom had to expose her pussy and ass for the camera. This was the first week that your mom had removed the hair from her pussy using the laser tool. That night was an epic night of sex and we did not even do it at home.
There was more laughing and my mom spoke up and said it was a great night. My dad then asked “So Em, do you have any questions so far?”
I just looked at him and them my mom and said “ I… don’t know… It is just a lot to take in. We are a pretty normal family and the things you are talking about are not normal. The things that have happen to me yesterday are not normal. I… just don’t know…”
My dad took a moment then said “ Well, Em that may be true, but in the past few months your mom and have never been happier. We feel alive and it is fun to try new things. Should some things that we have tried might have seemed strange or even a little scary but once we got over our fear, most of the things we really enjoy now.”
My mom added “ Em, this is a big change and true we did this change over many months and for you it has been a day. Please trust us and know that we will make sure you never get injured, maybe a little pain, but even that I have learned to like.”
As those words reached my brain, it sent a chill through my body. And I was screaming in my head “My mom likes a little pain! Who is this woman?!?”
My dad continued his story. “Wil invited us over to a party at their house. It had been about 6 weeks since the last bet. This week Wil and I made a new bet. It was on a Basketball game that I knew little about. I figured that up to this time even if I lost I was winning. I don’t even remember the teams I bet on. I just knew that I had lost. I payment was your mom and I had to go to a party at Wil and Stacy’s house, and I had to follow Wil’s led at the party.”
I remember the Friday night because my parents never left me alone, and made sure that I spent the night at my friend Tammy’s house. My dad continued his story saying  “That night your mom and Stacy hit it off and became friends.  Once everyone left the party, Wil and Stacy shared their desires for them to join them the next day, to visit the same beach we went to yesterday. After a short talk with each other, we agreed. We proceeded to head out back by there pool, and both Wil and Stacy stripped right there in front of us. We were a little shocked, but after a few minutes we too were nude, and swimming around. Wil started talking to me about how I was feeling, I admitting to him that it was really cool and that I was turned on. Wil laughed and said he was as well and that he thought your mom was very sexy. Wil then asked me if we ever shared… I was not quite sure I knew what he was asking. He then made it very simple, he asked if we even swapped partners. I said no, but the idea was pretty hot, and even more so since Stacy was very good looking, and I kept trying to get a good look at her body. The music was playing and we ending up in the shallow end and started dancing.  A couple songs went by when Wil cut in and we switched, he did not ask but was not demanding. So here I was dancing with a naked lady that I had only meet a couple times over the years. I watched your mom and Wil dance and Stacy got very close. So close that she had to feel my rock hard dick. After the song we got out of the pool and I thought that we were done dancing. Until Wil grabbed your mom and continued dancing, he did not try to hide his very erect penis. Stacy and I watched them for a few minutes, your mom looked at me a few times to make sure that I was ok with what was happening, I was. Stacy then grabbed me and we started to dance, Stacy then kissed me, and grabbed my cock and began to stroke me. I was so turned on that I was about to explode.
My mom spoke up, right in the middle of my dad’s story and said “ Jack!? Are you sure you want to share this story with Em?
My dad responded “Yes, I believe that she should know, I do not want to keep anything from her. This is part of our new lifestyle. We will share everything and have no secrets,”
My mom responded with  “Ok I will follow your lead” My dad laugh and said as you have since that night.
My dad then continued his story. “As Stacy was stroking my very hard dick. I looked over and saw that Wil had his hands all over your mom. One on her breast and the other was sliding over her pussy. Needless to say that that night we experienced our first swapping, and it has not been our last.”
I was getting turned on listening to the story and it was a little weird hearing what my parents have been doing. But it make sense why they were so comfortable with the Mathews last night. My dad said he would finish the story later. As he pulled into a parking spot at the mall.
We all went into a few stores, looked around. I found a few things that I liked but not my parents. We went into the corner shop that did not look very big, my dad spoke with the store clerk and then we were escorted into the back of the shop. The back of the shop was triple the size of the front. And the clothes in there were very sexy and revealing. My mom and dad started picking things out that I would never wear. Miniskirts, and halter tops and short dresses, shirts that looked more like shredded cloth than shirts. They even grabbed a pair of pants that at first I was all for, until I seen them up close, holes all over the place, even one in front very close to where my pussy might be visible, and one that most definitely showed my ass crack.  They had about 20 pieces and we went to the fitting room. The fitting rooms did not have doors!?! I was told to try on each piece and to step out a model each of them. I was to walk down the row about 15 feet then turn around and come back. I was not happy with this at all, since there was a few couples in the and a few men. I was then told to strip, and was given the first piece once I was naked. It was a mini skirt that barely covered my ass. I thought I would be given a shirt… I was wrong. I was told to model it. The crowd grow quickly and then as I turned to walk back my heart stopped… My mom was taking pictures. I was even given the shirt. Which I modeled. Then I was given the pair of pants, So I removed the skirt and carefully put on the pants, not so easy since there were so many holes. I was right, about my pussy being almost visible, I am sure if I was sitting down, and spread just a little it would be. It was like my mom was reading my mind. Because I was made to sit down and try on a pair of shoes. It was bad enough to have my ass crack exposed. Now here I was clothed but exposed. This went on for almost an hour.  During that time I got many comments. Most were rude and embarrassing. But I was happy that no one was touching me, and looking, although embarrassing did not cause me any pain, or pleasure.  I was allowed to put on the dress I left the house with.
We got some food at the food court, and was told to sit with my leg parted. Anyone looking would have seen that I was not wearing panties pretty easily. It was about one o’clock when we were finished eating. We walked around the mall for about 30 minutes when my dad said we needed to leave that we had some place to be. We left the mall and thought or rather hoped we were heading home but if I had learned anything the past couple days. If I wanted it, it probably would not happen.

Chapter 6
After about 20 minutes we pulled into the driveway of a very nice house. We all got out and knocked on the door and Stacy answered the door wearing a very skimpy bikini. She greeted each of us with a kiss and a hug. When she kissed me her tongue played with mine for a few seconds and her hands went to my ass and pulled my dress up. The door was still open and now anyone passing would have seen my naked ass. She proceeded to grope my ass, then with a smack she allowed me inside. And told me to go out back and enjoy the birthday party.
In the back yard were about 30 people, ranging from just kids to people who could have been my grandparents. There was music and a BBQ even a bounce house for the kids. What I was not expecting was they were all nude! Wil walked up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss, just a peck but his hands went right to my dress and pulled it off in one smooth motion. Here I was once again naked, and in front of more people I did not know. He told me to enjoy the party and go make friends. With a smack on my ass he walked away. I decided to walk around a bit looking for a place to hide. Kids were in the pool playing Marco Polo. Adults were lounging around the pool. I got many looks and comments of hello. Most were very nice to me. I did see a few eject penises. Most of the people were in good shape and very good looking. I found am empty lounge chair and took a seat. It was right in the sun, and after only a few minutes my skin seemed to be on fire from my sunburn. So I got up and started to move the chair into the shade. An older man, who looked to be in his 50’s walked over and offered to help. I thanked him and he made small talk for a couple minutes all the while his eyes were checking me out. He said his name was Robert. And asked if I liked the party. He left after a hand shake. And I sat back down. The shade felt good and must have dosed off for a few minutes.
The next thing I remember was someone pulling my hand, it was one of the kids asking me to come and play with him. Saying they needed another person to make the teams fair. I tried to refuse, but my dad was watching, and motioned for me to join. I dare not refuse, for I did not want a spanking here in front all these people.
They were playing a pool volleyball in the shallow end. As I walked over there my dad’s story came to mind, this must have been where… I was snapped out of my thought when the other kids started arguing over which team I would be on. I was not the oldest kid. He looked to be about 15. and spoke up saying that I had to be on the other team to make it fair. I was very weird seeing other kids naked, up till now I had only seen adults naked up close. Sure they were a few at the beach but not close. The kids here did not seem like it effected them. As I was getting in the pool and got up close to the boy on the other team I screamed in my head “OMG that is Kenny from the beach!” I was a little stunned.
He spoke up saying “ Hi Em it is good to see you again.”
I ask Kenny where his cousin Rebecca was, he answered “ Oh she working right now she should be her later.”
My heart skipped a few beats and try to focus on playing. We played the first game, it was pretty fun but my mom called me over. I ran over to where she and my dad were sitting. They were sitting next to a couple that I had not meet before. This couple was much younger than my parent. They looked to be in there 20s and she was very pretty, and he was very good looking as well, I could not help but look at his penis. It was bigger than my dad’s and it was erect. I could see the veins popping out on the sides. My mom got my attention. I blushed for I knew I had been caught looking. She spoke up and said “Em, I would like you to meet Jonny and Linda. I have known them about 6 months and has become very close. Jonny works at the same place as your dad. And they like making bets as well” The way she said it lead me to believe that they were very close and I could image that they bet the same things. I stepped up and shook Linda’s hand and said hello. Linda made a comment  about how pretty I was and how she really like my pretty hairless little pussy. I blushed some more. Because now once more my pussy was the center of attention. Jonny agreed as I shook his hand. His eyes were looking right at my pussy. Then asked if I could turn around. I did, and he reached out and grabbed my ass. And said it looked very red and was very hot. My dad spoke up with out missing a beat and said “ Here Jonny, have some lotion. Make sure you get it everywhere. We don’t want her getting more sunburned. So once again I was being touched by a man I did not know. His slippery fingers were now on my body, first he started on my shoulders and went all the way down my leg. When he got to my feet he grabbed my calf and told me to put it up on the chair. I place my foot on the chair and was now giving him a great look at my backside. He told me to bend over and place my hand on the chair. This opened my ass checks and in this new position he was able to slide he fingers down my ass crack with ease.
My dad spoke up and said “Em, make it easier for Jonny, and spread your cheeks.”
I did as I was told, those spankings are no joke. As I gave Jonny a better view and access, he wasted no time and applied more lotion to my already slippery ass crack. I closed my eyes and just held that pose, while Jonny felt my body. There was nothing off limits, his fingers slide through my pussy lips and over my butthole. He worked the lotion into my skin and made his way down my legs. Then back up taking a few moment to play with my hairless and very exposed pussy. Making his way back to my shoulders he slapped my ass and told me to lay down on the lounge chair. As I did I looked around and saw that I had a audience. Many of the people at the party were watching. I spotted Kenny and he had a camera. He gave me a bis smile, my attention was brought back by Jonny when he told Linda to join him. He told her to start at my left foot and work her way up and he would work on my right side starting from the top. Linda took little time to get next to me. Shae grabbed my leg and pulled it away. Spreading my legs wide enough so that everyone watching could get a good look. ( I knew that Kenny was getting more photos of my very exposed and now hairless pussy.) They were both working slowly and got to my midsection about the same time. Soon I had 4 hands on my bare pussy. It felt at one point both Linda and Jonny had a finger each inside of my pussy. Which was now on fire, I was so turned on. Not that I wanted to be but it was feeling really good. Then one of them started massaging my clit and the other I believe it was Jonny, put his thumb of the same hand that was inside my pussy, into my ass. It felt bigger then the fingers I had in there yesterday. I was so ready to have an orgasm, I fought it for as long as I could. But the stimulation was too much.  Right there with all those people watching I came very hard and to my complete embarrassment I heard people clapping and whistling.
Linda leaned in and whispered  to me “That was so fucking hot! Thank you for allowing us this privilege.”
I was stunned and all I could say “Thank you”
My mom spoke up “Well, I do believe that she has been properly covered. Em, you can go play some more. Make sure you get something to eat and drink before you do.”
I gave my mom a smile, and said ok. Then went over to the table were all the food and drinks were. I ate and then went back to playing volley ball.
As the sun was going down we were all told that the birthday “boy” wanted to cut the cake. So we all gathered around Wil “the birthday boy” and sang happy birthday. He made a wish and blew out the candles.  After we all ate some cake and ice cream, it was time for his birthday spanking. That was kind of fun to watch as the men took ahold of Wil and held him down, then all the ladies took turns giving him spankings. When they got to 45 they called me over and told me to give the last 3, I refused at first, until me dad looked at me, with “that look”. I step forward and saw his very red ass, and his hairless balls were dangling between his legs. I thought about hitting him as hard as I could, but then knew if I did I would get a spanking myself.  So I just gave him 3 little smacks and then they all cheered.
The music started back up and everyone started to dance. I was headed for the lounge chair when I was grabbed and spun around. It was my dad, He gave me a big smile and said “Em, I am very proud of you. You have been acting very good all day. I know this is all new to you but I am sure you will enjoy this new lifestyle as much as your mom and I do.”
Then he spun me around as we did a few dance move, and as the song ended he dipped me pretty far down. The next song was a slow dance and he pulled me in very close to him. I could feel the heat of his skin on mine. My little breast were rubbing on the top of his belly. It was making my nipples get hard. I also could feel his semi erect penis rubbing on my belly. His hands were now on my ass, as we moved back and forth. His fingers were sliding through my ass crack. He then lifted my chin up and as he looked me in the eye. He kissed me and it was a little peck it was a full on make out kiss. He was now sporting a fully eject penis and he hand were a little aggressive. He even reached around a took my little breast and was squeezing it. Then he focused on my now eject nipple.
The song came to an end and a man that helped me earlier with the chair stepped up and asked “Can I have this dance?” My dad looked at me and smiled, then passed me to this guy.
Here I was naked, dancing with Robert I believe his name was. He was being very gentle. His hands were gliding over my backside and then grabbed my ass a few times but it was pretty soft and it sent chills through my body. I knew my pussy was starting to lube up pretty good. I was thinking that I needed to stop this and soon but knew I could not. Robert gave me one last squeeze and a little peck on my check and said “Thank you Em, that was a very nice dance. I hope we can do that again later.” I smiled and gave a nod.
I thought here my chance to get off this dance floor but that thought was cut short. Billy, (the 15 year old in the pool) stepped up and started to dance with me. The song started and it was a on of those hip hop song that talked about stripping. Soon Kenny had me dancing, well it was more like grinding. He was behind me and held my hips as he gyrated his hips, forcing his very eject dick into the crack of my ass.  He held me tight, and controlled my movements pretty well. At one point he spun me around, and dipped a little bit so now his cock was rubbing against my hairless pussy. He even grabbed one leg and pulled it up and held it against his hip. This caused his dick to now be rubbing along my very wet pussy lips. One hand was on my ass pulling me to him, the other on my leg keeping it on his hip. He soon was going to his own beat. I was not sure what he was doing. Then all of a sudden he tensed up and squeezed me very hard and I felt my pussy get even wetter as he jerked in front of me. He released my leg and ass and had an embarrassed look on his face. Without saying a word he just turned and walked away. I stood there for a moment trying to figure out what just happened. I felt stuff running down my leg and as I looked at it I released what just happened. I made my way quickly to the bathroom to clean up.
Surely the rules do not apply here in this house, do they? I started to close the door when my mom blocked it and stepped inside the bathroom with me.
“Em, the rules apply here as well, that is the second time I have told you about this. Doors must stay open.” My mom said
“Sorry mom. I am a little grossed out right now and not thinking clearly. Did you see what happened? That Billy kid just came on me out on the dance floor!” I said.
“ I know I saw it, so did many others. You guys were really getting down out there.” My mom giggled. “Here let me help get you cleaned up. Sit on the counter and spread your legs.”
I did as I was told. My mom got a towel and got it wet and started to clean the sperm off my legs. She worked her way up to my pussy and took her time cleaning that whole area.
“Oh my! It looks like a little may have gotten inside your pussy! My mom said. Then proceeded to use her fingers to feel the liquid that was around and inside my pussy.
Then I about had another heart attack when she put her finger into her mouth and said. “Oh good, that is not Kenny’s sperm.”
She return to my very exposed pussy and was searching for more of the liquid around and in my pussy. Then she held her finger up to my mouth. I opened my mouth and she put her finger inside and told me to taste it. I did, it tasted like me, it tasted good.
“See it told you. Not Kenny’s sperm. Just your own pussy juice. He must have gotten you pretty hot out there on the dance floor.” My mom smiled as she said it.
“Mom I have been aroused often today, not that I want to be, but when people start to touch me it starts that fire inside of me. Dad started it out of the dance floor. Then Robert made me fell really good. You are right about Kenny getting me super hot. The way his dick was sliding over my ass crack and then my pussy lips was almost too much.” I said with a deep breath. “Let’s not forget what Johnny and Linda did to me earlier.”
My mom smiled and said it was very hot for her to watch her little girl growing up and that she was glad that I was enjoying this new lifestyle.
I did not answer, we finished cleaning up and rejoined the party.
It was getting late and many people were saying goodbye. That left the 3 couples, Billy and myself. We all were talking and enjoying some really good tasting fruity drink. Every time my glass was almost empty it was filled back up. After the second glass I was feeling pretty good, I started to sway to the music. I found out that Billy was the grandson of Wil and Stacy and that Jonny also worked  with Wil and my dad. Billy’s parents were on vacation and would be back next week.
My dad asked Kenny “How did you liked dancing with Emma?”
Kenny responded quickly “I thought it was amazing! and would like to do it again.”
 Everyone was laughing then my dad spoke up  “Well, Kennyy you should be able to dance with Emma often, as we will be spending a lot of time together over the summer once school gets out.”
That sent a chill through my body. I was hoping that we would be leaving soon, but I should have known that if I wanted it, it was probably not going to happen.

“Honey, would you care to share your birthday wish with us all.” Stacy said as she looked right into my eyes. I knew my night was not over…

Chapter 7

   Here we are at Wil’s birthday party. I have been naked for most of the past 36 hours. Been made to expose my naked body while at a nude beach, my own home, the mall, and here at this party. I have been spanked while being naked in front people I hardly knew. I have had my picture taken by some kids at school and my mom, in many different very revealing poses. I have had fingers inside my now hairless pussy and ass for the first time in my life. I even had an orgasm at the hands of a couple I just met, while others watched it happen. All this with my parents full consent and encouragement. This has been a weekend that I would have never thought possible on this past Friday night. I now have a feeling in the pit of my stomach, that this night is not over for me…

   Wil smiled as said “Well, I did make a wish.” Then he turned and looked at me. So did everyone else. Once again I was the center of attention.
My dad then said “So Wil, What is it that you wished for?”
“I wished that I could spank Emma and then I wanted to taste some of her virgin pussy juice.” Wil said boldly and without any hesitation.
“Well, Wil today is your birthday, and if that is your wish I am sure that Emma would love to help make your wish come true.” My mom said as she gave me a look that I knew meant that I better…
I was feeling pretty good from whatever we were drinking. My body was already tingling all over about him wanting to taste my pussy juice. My brain was screaming “NO!” because of the spankings. I knew I really did not have a choice in the matter.
So I Stepped towards Wil and said “ Where would you like me Wil.” The words came out of my mouth but I was sure that I did not say them.
Wil pointed to a coffee table that was now on the dance floor and said “Emma I would like you to go there and get on top of that table, get on your hands and knees. I want your ass sticking up and your head touching the table. I also want your legs spread apart. Please go now and assume that position’”
I just walked and did what I was told. Then everyone just stared at me for about a minute. Then they all walked over and started to circle me. Pretty soon everyone was taking turns touching me. I had hands everywhere on my body. Just sliding around feeling every part of me. They stopped when Wil spoke up. “Emma are you ready?”
I shook my head and said. “ Yes. With a shaky voice.
Wil got behind me and wasted no time. His first strike was not very hard but it was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Then then said “Ok everyone, you each get 2 swats.”
For the next couple minutes I was spanked by each of the 7 people there. When they were done I was told to lay on my back and put my feet on each side of the table and touch the ground. As soon as I was in that position I felt something warm and wet sliding from my knee towards my exposed and somewhat aroused pussy. I looked up to see that it was Wil making his way up my leg. When his tongue made contact with my smooth pussy all the air I had in my lungs escaped instantly and I tensed up as if someone had just shocked me. What followed was something I would not have expected. I was in pure ecstasy. The feeling from his tongue was magical. It was very hard to stay still and my breathing was getting very ragged. The next thing that I felt was someone was now twisting my nipple. Within a few seconds an other set of fingers were playing with my other breast and nipple. As I was on the verge of have my second orgasm of the day. Everyone stopped.
“Stacy, would you like to taste this vey delicious virgin pussy.” Wil said.
“You know that I would!” Stacy moaned.
What threw me for yet another head spinning moment. Stacy crawled over my body starting at my head. She had her head at my very wet pussy. I could feel her body all around mine. I opened my eyes only to be greeted with Stacy’s very wet and hairless pussy only inches from my face. I was getting a very close up look at this older woman’s pussy. Then I felt her tongue working on my pussy. With in a few seconds I felt a finger sliding into my pussy with ease. I was so wet that it slide in without any effort.
Once again, I was nearing the point of no return. I was going to cum but my mind went blank, when I felt Stacy’s pussy start to rub on my nose. Stacy she moving her pussy on my face. She paused a moment from the assault on me and said “Emma, return the favor and eat my pussy as I am doing to you.”
She did not smell bad, and her juices were all over my face. My mind was still in a fog but I did as I was told. My tongue slipped out of my mouth and was quickly right inside of a very wet and surprisingly not bad tasting pussy.
I began to cum and I felt myself clamp down on the finger that was inside of me. My body tensed up even more than it did earlier that day. I moaned but it was not heard for Stacy’s was firmly on my mouth. I was having a hard time breathing and began to try to escape but all that did was make Stacy push down harder. I began to relax and for a couple minutes I just really focused what was going on. Stacy began to speed up and gyrate her hips. My tongue was getting tired and then it happened. Stacy came and filled my mouth with so much pussy juice I thought that she might have peed on me. The taste was stronger than before and I did my best to not die from not breathing. I was so relieved when Stacy removed herself from my face and I could breathe.
I was not really thinking of the finger inside of me until Wil spoke up and said ”Ok Em, time to repay the favor.” I was not sure what to do until Wil Spoke up “ Em I want you on your hands a knees again.”
I did as I was told and got into position. I took that time to look around and was my mom taking pictures. My dad was rock hard and was stroking his cock. Kenny was there talking to Rebecca. ( “OMG Rebecca is here now!” I said to myself) Yes I was the center of attention once again.
Wil got right in front of me and  put his very hard cock right to my lips. I thought to myself there is no way he wants to put that in my mouth. I was wrong once again.
“Em open your mouth and let in me. Be careful not to have your teeth touch my dick. Move your tongue around and then suck on it a bit.” Wil said as my mouth opened and he slide in.
I knew I was being watched and having photos taken of me performing oral sex for the first time. I had no idea what to do, so I just did as he had said. Wil was getting into it and started speeding up his in and out motion. Then I felt hands on my ass. They were kind of rough and wasted no time in finding my wet hairless pussy. It felt as if they had a couple fingers inside of me. That lasted a few minutes and then stopped. Wil was getting more aggressive with his thrust into my mouth and then he tensed up and my mouth was being filled with his sperm. I did not know what to do. I just knew I needed air. I started to back away and Wil grabbed my hair and said that I needed to swallow as much as I could. I did as I was told and kept his dick inside my mouth and stayed there until he finished emptying himself into me. I thought I was done for the night. I mean what more could they do to me?
Well as I started to back away from Wil I was meet with someone behind me. I looked back and saw my dad. He reached out and grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. He told me to keep moving to the edge of the table. My feet were now hanging off the table and my dad move right behind me. He began sliding his dick up and down from the top of my ass crack all the way to my clit. I heard the clicking of the cameras. My mom and Kenny were both busy taking photos. My dad only did the sliding thing for about a minute. Then he shifted a little and then I felt it. He cock was right at the entrance of my pussy. I was very turned on but I did not want to have sex and I really did not want my first to be my dad. If I have learned anything this weekend, it was what I want matters very little. Then I felt it, a push, the pressure, then the giving way as my dad busted my cherry and slide his dick into me. He did not stop until he could go no more. He paused a few seconds allowing my mom to get a close up of her husband’s dick inside her daughter’s no longer virgin pussy. Then he slide almost all the way out and paused again. More photos were taken and then he slide all way back in. I am sure pictures were still being taken but my dad did not stop. He moved slowly and steading. Just sliding almost all the way out, then all the way back in. He spoke for the first time since this started “Deb, your daughter feel fantastic! I don’t think that I will last much longer.”
Then he speed up and starting pushing a lot harder. When he changed his tactics it sent a wave through my body and he starting hitting a spot inside of me that has never been touched before and it felt amazing! My dad was going faster and faster and pushing pretty hard and then all of a sudden he lounged forward and went deeper than ever before and that is when I lost it. I came once more and this time I was being fucked!  After a few seconds I opened my to see the people clapping and yelling. I was embarrassed once again.
My mom stepped over and told my dad that she needed to help me get cleaned up. He agreed and then slide out of me slowly. As soon as he was out. I felt a lot more wetness coming out of me. My mom helped me up and we went into the bathroom.

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