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Author Topic: The Day That Changed Emma’s Life (teen, spankng, mast, inc, 1st, voy, exb, cons)  (Read 3486 times)
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The Day That Changed Emma’s Life
By HappyComet
Copyright 2020 by HappyComet all rights reserved

This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It depicts minors in unusual conditions that may include unprotected, unsafe sex or extreme humiliation. Obviously, this does not describe real life and should not be taken as such. In the real world, behaviors as described in the story are not acceptable, tolerated, or legal. The reader should never confuse the difference between fiction and real life. This story is fictional. Story codes: teen, spanking, mast, inc, 1st, voy, exb, cons, reluct, huml, virg, public,

Chapter 9
I lived close to the school and most days I walked to school. It was about a 15 minute walk and I enjoyed my time alone. I would mostly think about my school work and any homework that I might have had from the night before, but today I was only thinking about how I looked. I felt so exposed this morning walking to school, and knew that there was nothing I could do about it.  I have never wore a G-string and I was not used to the thin fabric riding up my ass crack or how it felt on my bald pussy… Plus the top was not better… the morning air was cool and my nipples were sticking out and anyone that looked close would be able to see them.
As I got to school I ran into my best friend Marcy. Her eyes went wide as she looked at me… she came over to me and ask “ What in the hell are you wearing?!? I mean you look super sexy. And there are so many guys checking you out right now. Did your mom know you wore this to school? I bet your dad would ground you for life if he saw you wearing this… “
I had to stop her from talking a mile a minute… I told her that it was my parent’s idea. And her mouth fell open.
Marcy exclaimed “ No way! Are you serious?!?!? Why would they allow such a thing?”
I looked at my friend and she went silent, I told her that a lot happened this weekend… and I really did not wish to talk about it right now…
Marcy and I have been friends since the 2nd grade when she moved here from Texas, so she knew me pretty well, and just gave me a hug.
Just then Kenny walked by us in the hall, and said hi to me, as he walked by me he slide his hand right across my ass and gave a little squeeze.  I turned so red at the moment, Marcy came unglued and was yelling at him… She was using words that I never heard her say before… I just grabbed her hand and walked away quickly.
I had to get to class, before I was late. I walked into just as the bell rang, most of the kids were already sitting down, and they I stared at me as I walked into AP English class. I took my seat and got my books out to get ready.  The class started and I was asked to come up the white board and explain to the class the proper way to format the upcoming essay. I really did not wish to be in front of the class, last week I would have had no problem doing so, but today I asked if someone else could do it. Mr Stout said no, and that I needed to come up right now. I did as I was told, I began to explain to the class the format. I was so nervous I drooped the dry marker, I went a dark red as I became super embarrassed, no one wanted to help me out. So I had to bend over and get the marker, as I started to bend over I remembered that I would flash my panties to anyone looking.  So I did a little swat ad picked it up… I finished and sat back down. To my surprise my day was pretty good, sure I got a lot of looks and some of the guys made a few rude comments, even some of the girls did as well… but other than that it was ok. Marcy meet me at lunch and we sat as out usual table, She asked me a million questions, which I kept telling I would tell her later… Towards the end of lunch Rebecca came over and sat right next to, and Kenny sat right next to Marcy.
Now before I go any further I should describe Marcy… She is 5’10”, plays basketball, and does many events in track and field. She is thin and wears a 34 B bra. She is not allowed to date until next year and has never kissed a boy. She has had a lot of guys ask her out, but she has always said no. She is even smarter than me, and I have a 4.2 grade point avg.
Kenny said hi again, and Marcy was about to start yelling again, when Kenny said that she needed to stay quiet, or else he would post these photos and videos of your friend. Marcy looked confused, I just wanted to die. This can not be happening, I never wanted Marcy to find, or anyone for that matter. Rebecca just smiled and held up her phone to me and pressed play.
The video started with me past out on a bed naked! Then it showed Kenny spreading my legs and touching me all over, I looked away and told her to turn it off. She just smiled and told me to watch it or Kenny would show Marcy his copy. I looked back at the screen and it continued, I jumped as I felt Rebecca place her hand on my thigh, very high on my thigh. The video showed Kenny licking my very exposed and hairless pussy. Marcy spoke up and Kenny just held her close and told her she needed to stay still and be quiet. I gave her a look and he knew that she needed to listen. The video then panned around the room… It showed my mom and dad and the Mathews all watching Kenny assault my helpless body. Then I turned even redder as I saw myself  orgasm as Kenny licked the clit and inserted 2 fingers all the way inside of my very sore and wet pussy.  Kenny then shifted on the bed and got between my legs and started rubbing his dick up and down my slit. He paused and he looked to some one in the room, and then nodded. He never went too far inside of me… after a couple minutes he shot his sperm all over my belly. Now I only thought I remembered a few moments of this. But watching this video brough back a lot more of the missing pieces… Just as quickly as they both sat down… they both just stood up and walked away.
As soon as they were gone Marcy was once again full of too many questions…  I told her that I would tell her after school on the way home. And then I left her with her mouth open and headed for class. On the way home I told my best friend everything… The day at the beach, naked and spanked, and how Kenny and Rebecca took photos and video hat day. To that night meeting the Mathews, and how they removed all my hair. and an other spanking. The trip to the mall and how I tried on many different slutty outfits, to the birthday party, where I was naked and had to allow a stranger apply lotion to my body and how they made me cum while people watched. Even that I gave head to an old man as a birthday gift. I was not sure that I should tell her about my dad taking my virginity, but I did. And how this morning before school my mom and dad both had oral sex with me and I gave them both oral sex. And then how my dad filled my hairless pussy once again before I left for school…
My best friend was at a loss for words,  and only stared at me… and then she blew my mind when she asked “ Um, how did it feel?”
I looked at her and now I did not know what to say… I finally said “ What do you mean? How did what feel?
She got pretty red and she clarified “ How did it feel having someone touched you? How did it feel having a cock in your mouth? How did it feel having sex for the first time? Did you like oral sex? Did the sperm taste bad? How did your mom taste? Think they are going to do more tonight?
I told her that I did not want to do any of it! I had no control to stop it, if I did not do as they said I would have been spanked even harder, and maybe even punished a different way.
Then she asked “ How does it feel? Your pussy now that it is bald again? I told her that I do not like the way I look but that it did feel pretty good.  I then told her that I have had more orgasms in the past 36 hours than I have ever had my whole life, and they feel great, even if I never wanted to do any of it…

We walked in silence for a few minutes… Marcy kept looking at me, as if she wanted to say something, but stopped herself… once we got to my house she asked if she could come in. I said sure and headed into my house. I totally forgot the new rules, and went into the kitchen and got us both a snack and heading for my room. My mom met us in the Livingroom and just looked at me, she looked me up and down and pointed a finger at me. “um, Emma are you forgetting the new rules? I froze and just looked at my mom thinking. NO WAY IS SHE TELL ME TO GET NAKED WITH MARCY HERE…
I open my mouth to speak, but my mom poke first “ Emma, do I need to tell your dad you refused to follow the rules?”
I answered “no mom, I will follow the rules” I looked over at Marcy and just about died.  There was a crooked little smile on her face as she looked at me… I began to take off the clothes and in less than a minute I was naked in front of my best friend.
She looked me up and down and he even said “ WOW Em, you are very sexy! and I really like the way you look down there”
Once again I wanted to crawl into a hole and even come out, even my best friend seems to have lost her mind.
My mom, spoke up “ I agree Marcy she really does look sexy, you know that if you want to… you can get naked as well…”
Marcy eyes went super wide and said “ Are you kidding me?!?! you would allow me to strip and hang out over here.?”
My mom said “Of course you can anytime you want. But if you do, you must follow the same rules the Emma has too…
I looked at my mom with pleading eyes and was screaming inside… NO!!!!!!!
Marcy asked “ what rules are those?”
My mom went and grabbed a note off the kitchen table and handed it to my best friend. And told her to read it out loud.
Marcy, started reading the note out loud. “Rules for Emma
*First and foremost, when you are at home you will be naked. No matter who is over. The rule includes no covering up, your hands shall be by your side. You will only be allowed to get dressed, 5 minutes before leaving the house.
*From now on you will not close the door to your room or bathroom, no matter what you are doing.
*Your mom or I will approve of anything you wear, inside or outside of the house. Our decision will be final, you must wear whatever we choose.
* If and when you deserve a spanking you will be naked. You will present yourself every time. We will instruct you later as to what will be expected.
* Besides your head, you will remove all your hair. Yes, this means your pubes, arm pits, and legs. You will be inspected at least once a week, to make sure you are hairless.
* From time to time someone may wish to touch you, or tell you to do something, You will listen and follow want they want without any complaining or hesitation.”
As Marcy finished she was bright red and just looked at me… then over to my mom…
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