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Author Topic: A whole new experience (M,F,f, exhib, oral, inc, con)  (Read 4673 times)
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Let's do some "we shouldn't be doing this" things

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Part 2, option A

“Fine.”  Cassie relented, feeling a bit more relaxed , because she was pretty confident about how the evening would go.

“Really?”  Jenna was a bit surprised by the decision, but soon began smiling herself.  “You really don’t think I can pull this off.”

“well, we shall see.”  Cassie pretty much knew for a fact it wasn’t going to happen.

“I think I may surprise you,”  the smile that came across Jenna’s face was meant to make Cassie a little uneasy, but she knew her brother, and he wanted nothing to do with Jenna.  “It’s been a while since he’s seen me, perhaps in that short time I’ve grown up, and he may like ‘the new me.’”

“He’s not going to fall for some act Jenna, he’s matured too.”  Cassie said.

Looking at the time on her phone, she decided that they should do a little more shopping before heading back to her house.  She really didn’t want to do anymore shopping, she just needed more time to think.  What was Jenna’s plan and how would she pretend to have grown up?  What would Cassie do if she actually pulled it off?  Would she lay there and let it happen, or would she intervene?  She needed as much time as she could get to prepare for this weird evening with her friend and family.

Lost in thought of the many possible outcomes she ended up losing track of time as well.  Her phone chimed, and she checked it to see that her mother had sent a text.  After assuring Jenna she wasn’t texting Jayden anything, she replied to the message that was telling her to head home for dinner.  After a few seconds of thought, she also sent her boyfriend a text letting him know she was leaving.  She wondered why she even bothered with that one, he wouldn’t reply tonight anyways.

“Hey we have to head out, my mom’s going to start bombing me with texts about when I’ll be home, and I’d like to get there before that happens.”  Cassie pulled her keys out of her hoodie pocket.  “you drove yourself right?”

“uh, yeah, I did.” Jenna started walking with her to the parking lot.  “I suppose I’ll follow you, and little FYI, just because I’m driving myself doesn’t mean it’ll be easier for you to get rid of me.”

“Whatever Jenna,”  Cassie gave a little laugh because no matter what she imagined would happen tonight, she knew that her friend and brother would never hook up.  “we will just have to wait and see.”

They got out to their vehicles and after waiting a bit near the exit, Cassie saw Jenna’s car, and she pulled out onto the street and headed home.  Her phone chimed once more during the drive meaning her mother was getting impatient.  If she’s getting impatient, it could work in her favor.  Nobody liked being around her mother when she was upset or angry.  If she was mad when they got there, Jenna may just leave before she even gets comfortable.

Cassie also let her mind wander to the possibility of them two actually getting together.  She’s already seen her brother naked, hard, and having sex, so the imagery of him was very vivid.  She just pictured her friend there with him instead of her mother.  She had to admit that in her mind, they did look good together.  She was not thrilled with the possibility of laying in bed listening to her brother, and best friend having sex, but the image of them doing it was turning her on.  By the time she had pulled down her street she had a hand down the front of her pants.

Pulling into the driveway she pulled to the side of the garage but had to stop short because there was a different car in her spot.  She put the car in park, and buttoned up her pants before sucking her fingers, and wiping them dry.  Collecting her things she got out, and turned to Jenna who was approaching up the driveway.  Jenna didn’t bring anything with her but Cassie immediately saw that she had changed her top to something a little more formal looking.

“Who’s car is that?” Jenna asked as she got beside her. “Is that Jayden's?  He get a new one?”

“I’ve no idea.  He is having his worked on so it’s at a garage somewhere.”  Cassie got a little more nervous about tonight wondering who could be here.  “Hey, maybe we….”

Ignoring her, Jenna started toward the house, “let’s go see who it is.”

“Jenna wait,”  Cassie started after her, but her friend was already closing in on the front door.

Cassie caught up to her at the door, but before she could say anything Jenna turned the knob, and walked inside.  Unable to stop her friend she followed her into her house, and paused briefly to figure out where everybody was.  Nobody was in the kitchen but the oven was on and the room smelled of her mother’s cooking.  They heard some laughing from the den towards the back of the house.  After setting her things on a small table next to the door they headed towards the voices.  Cassie tried to figure out the mysterious voice she heard.  Getting closer to the archway, her mother walked around the corner, bumping into her, and nearly knocked her down.

“Jesus, Cassie, what the hell are you doing sneaking around?”  her mother looked back and forth between her and Jenna. “oh, hello Jenna, didn’t know you were coming.  Wish my daughter would tell me these things.”

“Uh, hello Mrs. K.” Jenna voice stammered a little at the sound if displeasure on Claire’s voice. “It was kind of a last minute thing, sorry.”

“Oh, it’s not your fault.”  She smiled at Jenna before turning her eyes to Cassie, “it’s my daughters fault.”

“oh come on mom, will you ever give me a break?  Is everything I do the wrong thing in your eyes?”

Stepping up closer to Cassie, she gritted her teeth, “calm down, and keep your voice down.  We have…. Company.”

Cassie tried to peer around the corner to see who was here. “who is it?”

“You’re brother decided to surprise us.”  Claire shifted, and took a deep calming breath. “his… girlfriend, Shy is here.  She drove all this way, from god knows where, to spend time with him before returning to college.  Apparently they had this idea for a couple of weeks already.  I swear you and your brother just love doing things that get under my skin.”

Cassie was hit with a flood of emotions.  She was surprised that his girlfriend was here, then annoyed that he not only invited her but didn’t tell anybody.  She got a little angry because he should have at least told her.  Then again, she guessed that was what he was trying to tell her this morning before she left.  She really needs to listen to him more, would have saved a whole lot of trouble. Would have been easier to tell Jenna no, and tell her why she couldn’t come over.

“Excuse me girls, I need to go check on dinner.  Wasn’t expecting any of this.” Upset, Cassie’s mom sidestepped them and walked to the kitchen.

“Let’s go see this skank, see if we can’t get her to leave instead.”  Jenna was all fired up to go scare Jayden's girlfriend off. “Your mother obviously doesn’t care for her for some reason, it might make her happy.  Also, she is not going to clam jam me.”

Cassie rolled her eyes at the comment, but she agreed about her mother not liking this woman, and got a little excited about having an accomplice.  If Jenna was successful at getting rid of her, it would most definitely piss off Jayden, and then Jenna would have to leave too.  There is no way Jayden would want her in the house after that.  Then her brother would be free,  and would probably need some consoling, and Cassie would be there all night taking care of any need for her brother.  This could turn out to be a very good night for her after all.

“Let's go.”  Cassie headed into the den with Jenna right behind her.

Shy was sitting in the loveseat right next to Jayden.  She wore a pair of denim jeans and a rather dressy blouse.  Her blonde hair was pulled back on the sides, and held in a hair clip.  She turned her eyes to the two of them as they walked in and immediately began smiling as Cassie.  Her eyes only briefly scanned Jenna before ignoring her outright.  She patted Jayden on the leg, and whispered into his ear quick before standing, and making her way over to them.  Jayden was not smiling, however, and gave both Cassie and Jenna a dirty look.  Shy wasn’t much taller than Cassie was, but she was a beautiful woman nonetheless, and had a nice figure that the clothes showed off perfectly.

“Oh, wow.” Jenna whispered. Her stunned look said she didn’t expect her to be that good looking, and neither did Cassie.

“Oh my gosh Cassie, I am so glad to meet you finally,”  Shy came off as almost too giddy to meet her, too excited. “Jayden as told me so much about you, I couldn’t wait to…”

Cassie cut her off as she came in for a hug, “Hey, wait a second, I don’t know you. Don’t fucking touch me. Back off!”

Cassie wished she could have those words back as soon as they left her mouth.  Shy had a look of shock mixed with disappointment at the abrupt words.  Jayden looked like his head would explode with anger, and her father looked the same.  She turned quick to Jenna for some kind of support, and her jaw nearly dropped as she was getting a disapproving look from her too.  She stared daggers at her friend who had surprisingly abandoned their plan.  This plan had failed before it even started.

“Cassie, dammit, why do you have to be so damned rude, she’s just trying to be nice.”  Her dad stood up out of his chair.

“What do you expect dad? I don’t know her, why she try’n to hug me?” Cassie was so angry over everybody, including Jenna, who turned on her in a blink, and Shy trying to hug her.

“I’m sorry Cassie, perhaps I was just over zealous about meeting you.” Shy stepped back, head down, looking hurt, and sheepish.  “you’re right I shouldn’t have tried to hug you.”

“You think?” Cassie glared at her.  She had already crossed the line, so there was no reason to hold back.

“That’s it!” her dad stepped up in front of Cassie, and looked over her head at Jenna.  “I think it’s best you head on home Jenna, clearly I have to settle something with my daughter.”

“Yep, you got it Mr. K.”  Jenna’s voice started trailing off as she all but ran to the front door, and Cassie barely heard her say, “Bye, Mrs. K.”

Cassie’s dad, standing over her looked down at her with anger boiling behind his eyes.  She had a difficult time looking at him, because not only was he so much taller than she was, but also when he was this mad she was down right scared of him.  She wanted to back up and get some space, but she knew she should stay right where she was.  Not wanting to look up, she started scanning around on the floor, and then the room for something to focus on before her dad started yelling. It was so embarrassing to be humiliated right in front of Jayden’s girlfriend the first time they meet.  It was hard to try and act mature when her dad was treating her like a petulant child.

She hated Jayden’s girlfriend more than ever now.  She glance over at the woman to try and sneak a dirty look, and saw something she did not expect at all.  Something that tipped her over the edge.  Shy was smiling at her, and not trying to hide it either.  That smile was filled with hidden meaning, and showed that Shy was enjoying what was happening.  Cassie looked at Jayden quick and saw him with a small smirk, and shaking his head.

She lost control of herself.  “what the hell are you smiling at bitch!”

Cassie’s dad, wide eyed at the eruption, glanced at Shy, who decided then to look more shocked, and then turned back to her.  “what hell has gotten into you?  What the hell is wrong with you!”

“She’s acting the victim dad,”  Cassie pointed at the woman, “she is…”

“Enough!” he roared over her, “go to your room, right now!”

“But dad,” Cassie tried to get him to see what she was seeing but he ignored it.

“I said go to your room!”  it was clear he wanted nothing to do with her at that point, and she better go before he carried her out.

With tears welling in her eyes she gave up and turned to leave.  She didn’t even look back as she left the room, and headed for the stairwell.  She ignored her mother as she turned at the banister, and ran up the stairs as quick as she could.  Once at the top she let the tears fall and went into her room.  She didn’t slam the door, but closed it slow and quiet before turning to her bed, and laying face down in her pillow.  How could everything go so wrong so quick.  This day had started out so great, so perfect with both her dad and brother lusting after her, and then it turned out like this.

She had no idea how long she had wept into her pillow before she heard a knock on the door.  She had no idea who it was nor did she care as she told them to go away.  Another knock came, and she sat up repeating that they should just leave her alone.  Finally after the third time they knocked she wiped her face clean of tears, and made herself as presentable as possible.  They had all seen her about to cry, but she didn’t want to give anybody the satisfaction of seeing her actually crying.  Glancing at the mirror above her dresser she thought she looked fine in the dim lighting of the room.

“If you’re not going to leave me alone, you might as well come in.”  Cassie said with a little heat to her voice.

The door opened allowing the light from the hallway into her room.  The last person she had expected to see stood in the doorway.  Shy stepped inside and closed the door behind her.  She walked halfway to the bed and stopped.  The light in the room was dim, but Cassie could tell that Shy was waiting on her to speak first.  She didn’t have anything to say to her, accept for her to go jump off a bridge.  She hated the woman who now stood in her room, and wanted her gone, but there was no way of telling her that without speaking to her.  She wanted to scream at her, throw something at her, anything, but she also didn’t want to make things worse.

“I don’t care what you’re going to say, just get the fuck out of my room.” Cassie buried her face into her hands and tried to hide the last word. “Bitch.”

“I'm sorry Cassie.”  Was all she said, but made no move toward the door.

Cassie looked at her, “for what? Tricking me? Making me look like a damn lunatic? Get the hell out of my room.”

“Well,”  there was a pause as she shrugged her shoulders, “yes, to be honest, I am sorry for that, but it was your brother’s idea.  I’m not going to leave until we have this chat.  I told your family that I would talk with you. I would like to tell them it went well.”

“You can’t be serious.” Cassie was only half surprised that she was right, but completely surprised that Shy admitted to it, and that she is now wanting to make amends “why the hell would the two of you do that to me?  I mean, sure you and I don’t know each other, so I can only assume you wanted to, but why would Jayden…. You somehow convinced him it was a good idea.  My brother wouldn’t do something this cruel, he loves me, he wants to…”

“Wants to what?” Shy asked when Cassie paused.

“Nothing, never mind, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Ok. That’s fine. You two can have your sibling secret.” Shy walked to the side of the bed, and since Cassie didn’t say anything she sat down next to her. “I will tell you why we did what we did, if you want to hear it.”

“Fine go ahead,” Cassie turned to Shy with a huff, and waited for her story. “Tell me why you two are being so awful.”

“he said you ‘irritated’ him this morning and then ignored him before you left.  We were just going to mess with you a little bit for that, a little innocent prank or something, but then we were going to take you out for a bite to eat, maybe a movie, just spend some time together, just the three of us.  Then you didn’t come home early enough, and we ran into your parents.  Sure, we all had a decent time but your brother was hurt.  He was really looking forward to have fun with just you and I.  Then when we saw you and your friend outside looking at my car, he said we were going to do this.  All he said was ‘try to hug her, and then stand back and watch the show’.  He was right.  That was quite the show.”

Cassie looked at Shy with mouth wide open hearing this told to her, and thinking about how she had “irritated” her brother this morning.  She had already kicked herself for not paying more attention to him like she had wanted to.  Then there was Jenna, and her insistence on coming over, and the inability to just say no to her friend.  Trying to prove that there was no way Jenna would ever have sex with Jayden, and all that did was ruin her entire evening and night.  How is she going to fix this with her brother. He was completely mad with her, and now his girlfriend is here.  There is no way that Cassie is going to get with her brother before he leaves.

“This is all Jenna’s fault.” Cassie fumed as she looked down at the floor.

“Point the fingers wherever they feel comfortable, but you should only be blaming yourself.” Shy stood up and stepped in front of Cassie.  “like the saying goes, there are three fingers pointed back at you, but I understand, you’re just flustered.”

“You don’t understand, you have no clue what’s going on.” Cassie didn’t look up, she just stared at Shy's cute shoes, and wanting her to leave.

“Oh I understand more than you know, in fact you and me are very much alike.” Shy was smiling, and it could be heard in her tone.

“Yeah whatever, you don’t know anything. You can leave now.”

Shy bent down and leaned forward towards Cassie, their heads next to each other, “I know what you’ve done.  I remember the first time my dad took me.”

Cassie leaned back in utter shock, her face went flush, and her eyes wide, all she could muster was a small whisper of, “what?”

With grace and speed Shy moved in laying hands to Cassie’s face, and kissed her on the lips.  Cassie would have tried to get away, but the slender hands held her head in place.  Shy gently sucked on her bottom lip before kissing her on the mouth again.  Cassie put her hands up to push the other woman away, but Shy got even closer, and placed one knee on the side of bed.  Cassie’s head was craned all the way back,  and looking straight up as her brother’s girlfriend kissed her.  There was only one way to go, and that was back, but with how the two of them were positioned, all Cassie succeeded at doing, was laying down on the bed.

Shy moved with her, settling her body on top of Cassie, one hand still on the side of her face, the other was wrapped around her wrist pinning an arm to the side.  Shy straddled one of her legs, her right knee still on the bed, but her left thigh came up between Cassie’s legs, and was pressing against her.  Shy’s slightly larger breasts pressed against hers, and she felt every breath the other woman took.  Shy shared one quick smile before giving her small pecking kisses on the lips.  Cassie was trying to wrap her head around everything when suddenly Shy started grinding her hips pushing the thigh up against Cassie’s crotch.

Cassie sucked in air through her teeth at the sudden stimulation. Shy locked eyes with her and whispered, “you are so cute, no wonder your brother wants you.”

Cassie said nothing as things started coming together.  Obviously Shy knows about everything, and she even admitted to doing the same thing in her own family.  Cassie’s world has officially gone crazy.  This is definitely a whole new experience.

“He really wanted you tonight.” Shy gave her another small kiss on the lips. “I want you too.”

This time when Shy pressed her lips against Cassie’s, she kissed her back.  Both of them let out small moans through their noses as their lips locked together.  Cassie had kissed her friends before for the benefit, and amusement of her boyfriend and other guys.  They did it messing around for attention, and no other reason.  There was nothing behind it, no emotion, just simply screwing around with her closest friends.  This kiss was different, this had feeling to it, it was filled with lust, and passion.  Cassie loved it.

The feeling of small delicate lips, and the soft tongue that pressed against her own forced out another moan.  Cassie closed her eyes, and placed her free hand against Shy’s face.  The smell of Shy’s lavender soap and a hint cucumber filled her nose when she took a slow breath.  She could taste cinnamon from her lip balm as they continued to kiss.  Both of them began grinding hips against each others legs, getting Shy to moan with her.  Cassie was completely turned on, and grinding herself against Shy’s leg as hard as she could. The way her brother’s girlfriend felt on top of her, the taste of her lips, feel of her tongue, the smell of her soap and conditioner, made Cassie want her in ways she never thought possible.

Cassie began to kiss harder, breathing heavy through her nose as her hips worked.  She could feel things building, that internal energy building towards that shock of release.  She let out a long moan and gently sucked on Shy’s tongue before moving in for another passion filled kiss.  She had never been kissed like this before, it’s almost as if Shy was in her head, reading her thoughts.  The slender fingers on her cheek moved down her neck towards her breasts. She would have arched her back but she was too focused on the kiss, and the building pleasure inside her.

Next thing she knew, Shy had gotten up and moved away from her.  Cassie kissed the empty air before realizing that Shy was standing up.  Cassie opened her eyes and after taking a few shaky breaths sat up on propped elbows.  She watched Shy walk to the mirror on the wall above her dresser, and begin fixing her lip balm and making sure her clothes are in order.  She smiled at Cassie through the mirror before turning, and walking toward the door.

“Wait,” Cassie’s voice was slightly hoarse and near whisper before she cleared her throat and continued, “you… you’re just leaving?  Just like that? That was… it was amazing.  Why are we stopping?”

“Oh, yeah, it was, I will say that I extremely enjoyed it myself.” Shy said, and reached for the door.

Cassie sat up on the edge of her bed, her body still idling at high speed.  “then why leave?”

“Your brother told me to say, ‘not so fun being teased is it,’  said you’d know what he meant, something from this morning.” and with that Shy laughed, opened the door, and walked out.

Cassie sat there staring at her door in disbelief at what had happened.  She hugged herself, and brought her fingers to her lips.  She licked her bottom lip, and then bit it as she thought about the kissing.  She tasted cinnamon from Shy’s lip balm, and she closed her eyes as a chill went through her.  She inhaled deep and moaned to herself as she thought about what had transpired a very seconds ago.  She opened her eyes, and looked at the door wishing it would open and Shy would return.

Her body was full of need, and her blood was running hot.  She thought maybe she could repair the damage she had done tonight.  All she needed to do was apologize to everybody especially Jayden and Shy.  She had messed up what could have possible been an unforgettable night, but maybe she could salvage a little bit of it, the best bits of it.  Standing she quickly checked the mirror, straightened her clothes, and turned to the door.  As she reached for the knob, it turned, and the door opened.

Her dad walked in with a small plate of food.  “I brought you dinner.”

“Oh. Well I was just about to head back downstairs…” Cassie began.

“Oh no you’re not, you turned what should have been a nice evening into a complete disaster.  You’re staying in your room the rest of the night.” He said, cutting her off before she could finish.

“No. Dad, you don’t understand, I want…” she tried again to explain but it was no good.

“You want, you want, you want, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all about Cassie isn’t it.  You want your brother’s beautiful girlfriend gone, you want to mess up any chance of him having a normal relationship.” He set the plate of food on her dresser, and stepped up in front of her, “Shy came up here to try and talk to you, and then I see her in the hall, her face flushed red… what the hell did you say to her?”

Cassie thought about what to tell him, what they had really talked about.  She wanted to tell him everything, but she knew she shouldn’t.  What if he didn’t believe her?  What if he did?  She had already messed up big time, and all she was trying to do now was not make things worse.

“nothing really.  Talked about me messing up today’s plans.”  She decided to keep it honest, but leave out the specifics.

“Ah yes, because I know my princess, and she loves having her mistakes pointed out to her.”  He used his fingers to lift her chin so that she was looking up at him.  “I take it that took a turn for the worse, no wonder she left your room red faced.”

Looking up at her handsome dad, her need kicked into high gear again,  “it definitely took a turn I did not see coming.”

Her dad smiled at her before bending down, kissing her on the lips.  Being as turned on as she was, she immediately began kissing him back.  Their tongues pressed firm together, and the sound her moaning into his mouth filled the air.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and went up on her tippy toes.  His strong arms wrapped around her, hands grabbing her butt and squeezing.

They kissed heavily for a few more second before her dad stood up pulling away from her.  “We can’t do this now, not with Shy downstairs.”

Cassie wanted to tell him it would be fine, that Shy knew, but he wouldn’t believe that.  She didn’t want to be denied again today, it’s been too much already, if she doesn’t get her release soon she would go crazy.  She tried to pull herself up onto her dad to keep going, but he stepped back and gently held her back away from him.

“Cassie, that’s enough, what has gotten into you?” He said while trying harder to keep her off of him.

“It’s ok daddy, she wont know, I’ll scream unto a pillow or something." Cassie begged for her father.  “please, daddy I need you, I need your cock now.”

Not holding back he pushed harder, and she finally let go, and backed up.  “Holy shit, are you possessed or something?  This is not the god damned time for this.  Your mother is probably already suspicious considering I only came up here to give you food.  You want her walking in?”

Cassie actually had to think about it for a second , but she already knew what was going to happen.  Just as she had thought, her dad adjusted his bulging erection in his pants before turning for the door.  He didn’t even look back at her as she stood there panting.  She stared at her dad’s strong butt with hungry eyes until the door closes behind him.  That’s when the frustration boiled over, and she dove into her bed and gathering pillows around her head she screamed.  Took another deep breath and screamed again.

As she took another breath to scream again she heard her father say from the hallway, “I can hear you.”

That brought out one more long scream than emptied her lungs to a point that it was almost difficult to breath in again.  Finally getting a breath she laid there cursing her bad luck, cursing her choice, cursing her friend Jenna.  She cried on and off for a bit until she unexpectedly fell asleep.

She had no idea how long she’d been asleep for when she pulled her head out of the pile of pillows.  Looking around through squinted eyes she could tell it was still dark outside her window, and the hall light was off with the dim light of the hallway nightlight shining under her door.  She sat up, and rubbed her eyes ,and started getting her bearings.  Looking around her room more closely she tried to find what had woken her.  It sounded as if something had fallen or hit the wall.  Getting up she turned on then lamp at her bedside and after letting her eyes adjust she started searching her room.

Checking around she didn’t really see anything, however, using her nose, she did notice that because all the excitement earlier, she needed to change her panties.  Taking off her pants only made it more obvious to her, and she decided to take a shower instead of just changing.  Stripping down she grabbed her robe, and shower caddy, and reached for her door.  She paused when her hand touched the knob as something grabbed her attention.

She heard noises from out in the hall.  They weren’t loud noises, almost muffled sounds that she would have only heard when she got to her door.  Setting her things to the side she put her robe on covering her naked body.  Tying the front, she slowly opened the door, and peeked out into the hall.  It was dark except for the nightlight, a blue glow, but empty of people.  Even though there was nothing in the hall, it was her brothers door that immediately grabbed her attention.

The door was opened just a crack and a dim blue light shown through.  It wasn’t one of those ridiculous black lights, but an actual blue lightbulb.  Blue was both their favorite color which mean that Cassie too, had a blue bulb in a lamp near the reading nook in her room.  Slowly she stepped into the hall and quietly made her way to her brother’s door.   The carpet in the hall made it easy, and she knew where to step to avoid creeks from all the times she had snuck in, and out of the house.  As she got closer the sounds became more obvious.  Peeking through the crack in the door she found that she was right.

Jayden lay in bed on his back while Shy, stripped to her skin, straddled him in reverse cowgirl, hands on his legs.  Her body colored blue from the light as she slid up, and down on Jayden.  Because of how the bed was positioned, Shy was almost facing directly towards the door.  Cassie smiled at the sight of them having sex, she could just see where her brother disappeared inside his girlfriend.  The sounds of heavy breathing, and the gentle clap of impact as Shy bounced slowly on top of him.  Both of them glistened with sweat, and the aroma of sex wafted to Cassie’s  nose.

She bit her lip and began caressing her body with her hands.  She undid the knot on the front of her robe and let it fall open. Her hands rubbed her breasts and belly as she watched her brother’s hands grip onto his girlfriends hips.  He thrust up into her hard bringing out a pleasant yelp from Shy.  She leaned back, bringing her legs forward, and her hands back.  She balanced on her hands and feet, legs spread wide, while Jayden thrust repeatedly into her.  Cassie watched as his beautiful hardness slid in, and out of Shy.  His testicals bounced wildly slapping against his girlfriend with each thrust.

Cassie’s fingers found her own entrance and quickly made there way inside.  She pinched a nipple with her other hand as her fingers worked inside her as deep as she could get them.  She watch as Jayden stopped thrusting and Shy started moving her hips in a circular motion.  She pulled her finger out, and rubbed her clit in a circular motion to match their speed.  Shy was shining with sweat, and so were Jayden’s legs.  The lighting, their sweat, and current position allowed Cassie to see Jayden’s hardness distend Shy’s slender belly.  She wanted to go in there, she needed to go in there.

Taking her hand off her breast she reached up for the door when a thought hit her.  She was going to go clean up, she wasn’t fresh, and she needed to be perfect if she was going to join in.  Then she thought about Jayden getting mad at her coming in.  She didn’t know how he was with her at the moment.  Was he still mad at her from earlier, would he get more mad, and kick her out of his room.  She wanted to think about it but couldn’t focus too well with her fingers inside her while she watched her brother fuck his girlfriend.

Shy had started bouncing on him again, moaning, and praising how good he felt inside her.  Cassie dug her fingers back inside herself, and closed her eyes wanting to be able to tell him the same thing.  Tell him how good he felt, and how big he was.  She wanted to beg her brother to fuck her harder. That last thought brought a little moan from her, and she quickly tried to stifle it.  She opened her eyes and looked again through the crack.  Shy was staring directly at the door with a smile on her face.

Cassie thought again about going it.  It was obvious that Shy knew she was there, but that didn’t change the fact that her brother may still be mad at her.  She placed the fingertips of her free hand against the door trying to will herself to push it open.  Shy knew she was there, maybe that meant Jayden did too.  Then another thought struck her.  Something didn’t fall in her room, nothing hit the wall, it was knuckles on her door that woke her.  Somebody had knocked on her bedroom door to wake her up on purpose.  She stared directly at Shy, and slowly smiled back.  They wanted her to wake up, to see this, to join them.  She still worked her finger gently inside her as she went to push on the door.

“Cassie!” she recognized her mother’s whispered voice immediately, “what the fuck are you doing?  Get away from there.”

“No, no, no,” Cassie whispered to herself, and looked to her left, down the other end of the hall from her room and saw her mother standing in the doorway.  Cassie dropped her head back “no,no,no,no,no, not now, this isn’t happening.”

She looked back into the bedroom just in time to see Jayden grab Shy by the hair and pull her head back.  Shy let out a shocked laugh, and then moaned again.  Cassie glanced back over at her mother who was gesturing for her to come here.  Cassie looked back through the door as Shy moaned for Jayden to go harder.  She couldn’t help it anymore, she needed to go in.  With a deep breath she started to push open the door.

Cassie hadn’t seen her move, but her mother’s finger gripped her by the wrist and pulled her away from the door.  Claire wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her tight.  They were roughly the same height, but her mother was bigger than she was.  She had curves that made Cassie look like a twig, and apparently those curves hid some strong muscles.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Claire whispered into her daughters ears. “have you gone mad, do you have any idea what would happen if anybody found out about our family, if she found out?”

“You don’t understand mom, they want me to go in there.”  Cassie whispered back, her head nearly drowned by her mother’s large breasts, “she already knows.”

Her mother looked down at her for a second before shaking her head.  “You will come up with anything just to get your way.  You think I’m happy about what’s happening here?  You don’t think I want to be in there? Yet, I’m not about to start making up lies just to sleep with your brother.  We can’t be stupid about this.”

“Mom, I’m not lying, I swear...”  Cassie tried to plead with her and push away from her but her mother held her tight.

“Enough of this, I cant handle this anymore from you, go to your room right now.”  Her mother said, finally letting her go, and waited to watch her go back to bed.

Cassie stood there for a second before turning to go back to her room.  Maybe she could make a run for Jayden’s room before her mom could grab her.  It’s possible, but what would happen once she’s in the room, it’s not likely her mom would just walk away.  The night would be ruined for everybody as she imagined her mom pounding on the door, and then dad showing up.  There was nothing left to it except listen, and go back to bed.

As She turned to leave, her mother gripped her other hand, the one she had been masturbating with.  She sucked Cassie’s fingers into her mouth, and sucked on them for a bit before taking them out.  She moaned gently and looked Cassie in the eyes.

She licked her lip quick before saying, “you need to wash up young lady, but wait till morning.”

Cassie just looked at her mom for a minute before finally turning to go back to her room.  She was quiet going down the hall, and she looked back one more time.  Her mother still stood there with arms folded under her breasts.  With a deep breath she went back into her room, and closed the door behind her.  This night just keeps getting worse and worse. Obviously she wont be having sex with anybody tonight, but she needs this orgasm, her mind, and body are screaming for it.

Dropping her robe at her door she went to her closet and took out her special shoe box.  She took her vibrator out, and put the box back.  She climbed into bed, and got comfortable.  She closed her eyes and pictured her brother and his girlfriend having sex.  She thought about the sounds and the smell of his room.  She opened her legs, and after fingering herself a little more, she put her toy against herself and pushed the on button.

She opened her eyes, and stared at the ceiling,  she brought her toy up in front of her face, and hit the on button again, but nothing happened.  “you have got to be kidding me… dead batteries?  Are you fucking serious right now?”

She wanted to scream again with all the frustration in the world, but was suddenly hit with the feeling of utter defeat.  She tossed her toy to the foot of her bed, climbed under her covers, and got comfortable.  All she wanted to do was just fall asleep.  She had enough, it was over.

“Fine, I quit”  she huffed once, and tried to fall asleep. “Fuck. My. Life.”
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Excellent, absolutely excellent! You made the very best of variant A and I don’t want to sound like a bad loser but as good as this is I think variant B would have been even better. Anyway the majority decided. Still it was a bit of a consolation that Jenna was thrown out immediately. Thank you so much for this great ongoing story and I already look forward to the next installment!
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Let's do some "we shouldn't be doing this" things

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Part 3

Cassie opened her eyes to a dreary Saturday morning.  Her phone chiming with notifications made a better alarm clock than the actual clock sitting next to it.  She didn’t want to read any texts or talk with anybody right now.  It has been a little over a week since her brother brought his girlfriend over.  Since that miserable first night, she had only seen them for brief moments.  Her mother made sure that she was never around when they were around, and when Claire would leave, she would take Cassie with her.

She had given up trying to be alone with them, and just focused on trying to have a fun normal summer before having to go back to school.  Jayden and Shy would be heading back to college in a few more days and Cassie was already beginning to get a little depressed about it.  All the craziness set aside, she loved her brother, and is going to miss him when he leaves.  This, however, is good practice, because she hardly sees him now anyways.  Since she became aware of her families eccentricities, she has wanted to be with her brother.  One night, that’s all she was asking, one night of passion, and lust with him before he takes off.  Looks like it’ll be another of her many wishes that have been dashed.

Stretching and groaning through it, she brushed some hair out of her face.  She stared at the screen of her phone debating on whether or not she should answer it.  By the distinct tone she assigned to specific contacts she knew the texts were from Jenna and Aaron, and she didn’t really want to talk to either one at the moment. Without seeing any of the messages she flipped the phone over, and climbed out of bed.  After a yawn and another stretch, curling her toes into the soft carpet, she stood up and walked to her closet.  Rummaging around she grabbed some clean panties, a bra, and started for the door.

She opened her bedroom door and saw her mother coming out of her own room.  Claire stopped dead, and watched Cassie walk into the hallway.  Cassie smirked at her mother and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.  Her mother scowled and shook her head as she watched her daughter walk around naked.  Cassie didn’t bother wearing clothes much anymore, she saw no real need for it.  Everybody has seem everybody naked already in the house so she might as well save time and not get dressed until she was ready to go someplace.

“Jesus christ, Cassie, put some damn clothes on, nobody wants to see that all the time.”  Claire scolded her again for bearing all.

“Daddy does.” Cassie retorted. “he wants to see it, and he wants fuck it.”

“Oh for the love… You can be such a little demon, you know that?” her mother seemed disgusted with how she was acting lately, but Cassie didn’t care.

She closed the bathroom door behind her and locked it.  She was still angry with her mother for what happened that night.  Her parents had sat her down the next day and spent the better part of an hour lecturing her about how she had been acting, and how trying to go into her brother’s room was the worst idea she ever had.  They refused to believe her about Shy, and they felt they couldn’t safely ask the woman if it was true.  If she could ever get all four of them together again she was going to blow the whole thing wide open, but it just hadn’t happened.

Jayden and Shy are always gone, doing god knows what, and having fun.  He took her out to the cabin for alone time, so they’ll be having fun there all weekend. Her dad left yesterday for his annual fishing trip with his friends, and he will be gone all weekend as well.  That left Cassie home with her very unpleasant mother until Sunday evening.  Normally she would have a bunch of things to do, but she was technically grounded, and she wasn’t all that happy with her own friends at the moment.

She turned on the shower and waited for the water to get hot before climbing in.  No matter what is going on around her, or what turmoil is currently ruining her life, nothing relaxed her more than a hot shower.  The hot water combined with the pressure easily relaxed tense muscles in her body.  She needed that after everything that has happened lately.  She needed a vacation from summer vacation.  Who would have thought going back to school would be something to look forward to, a needed distraction.

After checking the water, and being satisfied with the temperature, she climbed into the shower.  The sudden change made goosebumps climb up her body, her nipples going erect.  She sighed happily with the sensation of heat soaking into her.  She slowly turned letting the hot water bath every part of her in the welcoming heat.  She hugged herself as tension slowly released from her muscles, and she began to relax.  It lasted a few minutes before she heard the rattled of the doorknob.

This was the second time in three days that her mother tried to open the door.  Cassie had always locked it to keep her brother from accidentally walking in, but that was before she wanted to have sex with him. Now she locks it to keep her dad out so she can shower in peace.  Numerous times she wanted to just enjoy a shower but was interrupted by her dad, and ever since her mother sucked her fingers, Cassie needed to worry about her walking in.  Her dad however, would just walk in, climb into the shower with her.  He would always give some cheesy, wash her back, line.  She would humor him with a laugh but she would always end up washing him.

She reminisced about how her dad would get instantly erect.  Her hands started roaming her body as she thought about his big cock in her hands, stroking him.  It would only last seconds before she would be bent over, and have him in her mouth.  He would always lean over her, and slide his fingers inside her while she sucked him.  The thought of it made her begin to masturbate with one hand while the other pinched her nipples.  The hot shower water running down her back helped with making the memories more real.  She could almost taste her dad, and the bitterness of his fluids as she smiled at the memories.

She wished that one of those times it would have been Jayden that opened the glass door to her shower.  That it would have been her brother to step inside, and share the hot water with her.  She would give anything to have her brother there now, sliding inside of her, instead of her fingers.

She moaned loudly as she remembered her dad turning her around, and running his hands up and down her body.  She picture her brother’s face.

She pushed another finger inside as she thought bout her dad bending her over and sliding his big cock inside her.  She pictured her brother’s face.

She breathed heavy, leaned against the wall.  Her fingers inside her working in circles, and she worked her palm against her clit.  Head down she began drooling as she remembered the feeling of her dad’s cock pushing and pulling against her insides, dragging against all her nerves.  Hitting her cervix, and making her pant like an animal.  She pictured her brother’s face.

Cassie groaned and leaned her head against the shower wall as she worked her hand in a rocking motion.  Her palm rubbing her clit, and she hooked her fingers intensifying the friction, and the pleasure.  She could almost feel her dad’s hands on her hips as she remembered him driving deep inside her.  She pictured her brother’s face.

The sound of wet slapping filled the small space of the shower as she fingered herself harder.  She mouthed the words she remembered screaming at her dad while he drove his thick erection hard into her.  She pictured her brother’s face.

Her toes began to curl, and she grabbed the shower head as her orgasm raced to the surface.  She remembered begging for her dad to cum inside her, to fill her up.  She pictured her brother’s face.

She nearly lost her balance, and fell to the shower floor as she came hard on her fingers.  She could almost feel that tell tail sensation of her dad having an orgasm while he stayed buried deep inside her.  She pictured her brother’s face.

“Oh fuck yes, give it to me Jayden.”  Her voice had a shiver to it as she nearly screamed the words.  “fucking cum inside me.”

Her hand nearly hurt with the grip she had on the shower head.  She breathed heavy and deep as her orgasm passed.  Her vision settled, and she was able to stand straight without support.  She turned her body and let the hot water hit her chest and wash down the front of her.  She shivered and jerked slightly as the hot water washed over her, and she rubbed a hand gently over her sensitive clit.  She locked onto her brother’s smiling face as her body settled down after her orgasm.  A smile of her own spread across her lips.

She finished her shower thinking about him and how he looked naked.  She was so jealous of Shy, and her mother for having him.  It is one of the reasons she is always at odds with her mother lately.  They never really ever got along, but this put Claire above her, like she is winning in some challenge.  Cassie knew that one day she will have sex with her brother, she just craved it to be soon.  Shutting off the water she stepped out of the shower, and started drying off.  After putting her hair up in her towel, she put in her bra, and panties.  Sure she’ll walk around naked, but when it’s just her and her mother, there really is no need for it.

Listening at the door quick to make sure her mother wasn’t waiting she opened it and stepped out into the hall. She quickly, and quietly made her way to her bedroom, and closed the door behind her.  Locking it she turned to find her mother sitting on the bed looking at her own phone.  Cassie froze upon seeing her mother sitting there watching her.  Claire wore a simple robe and by the looks of it nothing else.  Cassie knew something like this would happen one day, and ever since Shy had passionately kissed her, she was willing to experiment with it.

“Surprise.”  Claire said with a little laugh.

“Uh.  Hey mom.”  Cassie didn’t move as she locked eyes with her mother.  “whatcha need?”

“Well,” she said standing, “I was going to apologize for calling you a demon, and then I thought we could spend some quality time together.”

Cassie didn’t move as her mother walked to her.  Claire’s robe barely held closed by a very loosely tied rope.  Cassie watched her mother’s breasts bounce and sway with each step, and it didn’t take much before one slipped free of the robe.

“Oops.”  Claire laughed again but made no move to cover up.  “I heard you in there, heard you screaming for your brother’s cum.  We never really talked about that first day with you.”

Cassie, not moving, watched her mother step within inches of her. She forced herself not to reach out, and grasp her mother’s breast. “what about it?  What do you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk about when you saw your brother fucking me.”  Claire moved forward, her breasts pressed against Cassie’s chest, and their mouths were  nearly touching.  “how quickly did you enjoy seeing you brother’s cock?  Did you want to come join us.”

“It took me a few minutes,” Cassie was nearly whispering as she spoke, “I almost left before go back to watch you two.  Then dad…”

When Cassie trailed off her mother spoke up, “ah yes, your brother and I enjoyed watching you and him make love.”

They’re eyes still locked, Claire leaned in to kiss her daughter when an annoying sound filled the room.  Claire backed up with a disappointed look on her face.  She looked down at her phone in her hand and back up at Cassie.

“Sorry sweetheart, we will have to put this on pause for a minute,”  Claire said while looking at her phone.

Cassie just stood there without moving as her mother backed away, and then left the room paying attention to her phone.  She was both relieved, and disappointed about it stopping.  She didn’t want to do this with her mother right now, but she wanted to know what it was like in case she was ever with her brother and Shy.  She wanted to know if she’d be any good. and to have an idea what to expect.  She didn’t want to disappoint either of those two.

Cassie looked at the door after her mother had left before stepping up to her clothes chest and started picking out something to wear.  She kept glancing at the door waiting for her mother to come back in.  She grabbed some cut off Jean shorts, and a small thin top and took a few steps to the door.  She heard her mother talking on her phone while she slowly closed the door. She paused briefly with her fingers on the lock thinking about her mother.

She turned without locking the door, walked to her bed, climbed in.  Even though she was still feeling rather satisfied, and relaxed, she was intrigued by what my happen.  She also thought that this may bring them closer together.  Perhaps after this her mother wouldn’t be such a vicious bitch to her.

Cassie reached over and grabbed her phone after dropping the clothes on the floor to the side of the bed.  She opened her text messages and saw about a dozen or so from friends and some from Aaron.  They all wanted her to go out, but since she was grounded, and about to have sex with her mother, she really didn’t want to go anywhere.  Aaron had sent a text talking about coming over and sneaking into her room.  Even if she was home alone she didn’t really want that.  She had set the goal of the next man to be inside her, would be her brother.  She sent simple replies, laid the phone down on her belly, and waited for her mother.

Her phone vibrated, but the sound of music, a short clip from a theme song played.  She set a few of her contacts up with specific sounds, and that short bit of music always out a smile on her face.  She sat up on her bed and scooted her butt so she was leaning against the headboard.  Jayden was texting her.

She opened the text and there was the most wonderful dick-pic she had ever seen.  Before she could even get a look at all of it he sent another text.

“Wish you were here.”

“So do I,” was her texted reply.

She held the phone in both hands licking her lips when the next text came in.  “then why not be here?”

Her heart started beating faster when she read those words, but it was useless to get her hopes up. “grounded bitch hid my car keys.”

She waited only a few seconds before getting the next texts, “just sleep with her.  She wants to. Maybe you two will stop being beasts with each other.”

She scoffed at last part, but decided to let him in on what’s happening. “she just came on to me.  I’m in bed waiting for her.”

Quickest reply she ever got, “send pics.”

Just as quick she sent back, “send more of you.”

She waited for about a minute before she received the photo.  It was not at all what she was expecting.  Shy face popped up on her phone.  She had a smirk on her lips that was distorted by the fact Jayden's cock was in her mouth.  Cassie could see ever inch of him except for the head that disappeared behind pink lips.  Even though that picture was hot and turned her on, jealousy bubbled to the surface as did anger.  She was again mad at her parents for not believing her, and then grounding her.

Before she could reply her bedroom door opened and her mother walked in.  Surprisingly Claire was dressed, and buttoning up a blouse.  Cassie set her phone aside out of sight when her mother stepped up to the bed.  The thought of showing her the picture she was just sent crossed her mind, but she was tired of things backfiring and not going as planned.  She wanted to think about how this may go the wrong way,  and blow up in her face.

Her mother glance at where she hid the phone, eyed her crotch, and then smiled, “Who you sexting.”

Cassie closed her legs assuming her mother was staring at the building moisture on her panties. “Aaron.”

Claire placed her hand on Cassie’s knee, and started sliding it up her thigh.  “you’re dad doesn’t understand why you stay with him, but I do.  He is really cute.”

“Mom!” Cassie was a bit taken back by those words.

“Tell me sweetie, does he have a big cock, I always imagined he does.”  A smile spread across Claire’s face, and her hand slid further up Cassie’s thigh.

“Oh my god Mom. That is my boyfriend.”  She was completely caught off guard by that, and her mother’s hand nearing her wet panties made the whole thing a little more intense.

“Oh please. You can have sex with my husband but I can’t fantasize about fucking you boyfriend? Talk about being a hypocrite.”  Claire even rolled her eyes as she spoke.

Cassie had never thought about it that way.  She supposed that it shouldn’t really bother her, considering she knows he cheating on her.  It was just the thought of her mother being the other woman, that through her off.  She nearly laughed at how crazy her life had become these last few months.

“Sorry, Mom, never really considered that.” Cassie watched her mom’s hand as it stopped moving with the webbing between her thumb and index finger resting against the stitching of her panties.

“I have never heard you give me a sincere apology before.”  Claire moved her hand again as she spoke.

Cassie sucked in air through her teeth as her mother’s finger moved over her moistened panties.  Claire trailed her fingers up the front before stopping, and playfully plucking the tiny pink bow at the front of the garment.  Cassie opened her legs a little more when her mother slid her hand down inside her panties.  The two of them breathed out together as Claire curled her fingers around her daughter.

Claire’s phone made a noise from her pocket, and she stopped moving her hand.  With a sigh she looked at her daughter. “my turn to apologize.  I need to go, your father called and told me to come out to where he is.  I really wanted to spend this time with you, but I need to leave.”

“That’s… it’s um…”  Cassie was breathing hard and slowly moving her hips against her mother’s hand.  “I get it mom, I understand.”

Claire smiled at her daughter before curling  her finger, and sinking two of them into her daughter’s pussy.  Cassie dropped her head back against the headboard with a slow gasp.  The finger went in to the second knuckle before they were pulled out.  Claire pulled her hand completely out of Cassie’s  panties as she stood and backed away.  Sliding her fingers into her mouth, Claire closed her eyes and moaned.

“That’s going to stay with me all night.”  Claire said before turning to leaving the room and pausing at the door.  “you’re still grounded and can’t go anywhere, but if Aaron stops by, tell him I said hi.  I should be back later this evening.”

Breathing rather heavily Cassie just stayed on her bed legs open, and eyes closed.  “Ok mom, whatever.”

Cassie opened her eyes when she heard her mother going down the stairs.  She got out of bed and grabbed the clothes she had dropped earlier.  Getting the shorts on she grabbed her phone and sent Jayden a text saying their mom just left.  She stuck her phone into her back pocket and walked out of her room.  She donned her shirt before heading downstairs.  By the time she had gotten to the bottom she heard her mother’s car pull out of the driveway before leaving down the street.

She walked into the kitchen and headed to the fridge for something cool to drink.  She decided that she would spend the day outside reading, and listening to music.  Summer television was terrible, and it wasn’t even noon yet there would definitely be nothing good on.  She poured herself a glass of infused water when her phone chimed letting her know her boyfriend was texting her.

Taking out her phone she read the text, “in your neighborhood, think I saw your mom leaving. You alone?”

She thought about it for a second before replying, “yeah, but she’ll be back shortly.  No visitors, still grounded.”

Realizing that was pretty quick timing, she set the phone on the counter, and grabbed her drink.  She went to the front sitting room and peeked out the window to see if he was already there.  Not seeing his car she went to her book bag hanging by the door, and looked inside for her headphones.  Took her a little bit, but she finally found them and headed back to the kitchen.  About half way there, somebody knocked on the front door.

Without looking she immediately knew it was Aaron.  She didn’t want to let him in because she knew it would lead to sex, and she promised herself the next guy she slept with would be her brother.  On the other hand, she may not have that chance with Jayden for a long time and she can’t see herself going celibate.  Half way to the kitchen she turned and started for the door.

She took two steps toward the door, when she heard the sound of music coming from the kitchen.

A.   Go see who is at the door.
B.   Go check the phone in the kitchen.
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I loved the new addition. I could swear you must have taken notes the last time you were in the shower, enjoying the warm water.  The whole story is done very well.  As for which way to go next. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Well usually, i guess it kind of depends on if your bush can take two.   So A.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts
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Great new chapter! I love Cassie, her sexy family and Shy! I cannot wait for this to go on, the story plays out so beautifully!
I am more interested in surprise so I’d prefer to see who is on the phone and what that entails. I therefore vote for option B.
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What  she wants is better than what she doesn't.


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A wonder who is there. I am getting so excited  emot_penis cant wait for Claire and mom's first time. that family could haves such a loving circle of love
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