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on: May 07, 2020, 06:34:39 PM
(This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone underage sex of any kind. This story is meant for adults only.)




                                    My beautiful wife's secret revealed.

    I must first say that I am a very happily married man. With that said I was very surprised to find out that the woman that I married had a secret perversion. We've been married ten years and during that time we have always enjoyed sex. While other couples sex life fizzled out, our continued to get better. So to find out 10 years after we've been married that she has thoughts about young boys really surprised me.
    My wife, Andrea, is stunningly beautiful with a nice trim body that's well cared for. We promised each other that we would always stay fit and maintain our youth as long as possible. She has long black hair and green eyes that sparkle. Her breasts are perfect orbs. Lets face it more than a handful is to much as far as I'm concerned. She is petite and can fit a pair of jeans to perfection. Her ass is incredible.

    I found out about her obsession one day coming home earlier than normal. I usually call but this day I didn't and quietly came in the front door to surprise her. Instead I was the one who got the surprise.

    I found her in the kitchen looking out the window at the neighbors back yard. They have a large pool and it was always an active place for gatherings. Today their young boy was there with his friends playing, splashing and yelling as they had fun. Andrea was watching them and I noticed that she was moving against the hard counter top. I watched as she moaned softly rubbing her pussy against it slowly. Her hands were molding her beautiful breasts through her top and I stood in complete shock at how erotic she looked.

    She was masturbating and what surprised me was what she was masturbating to. She was watching the boys. I backed out quietly not wanting her to find me there and embarrassing her in any way. I made a point of going back outside and making lots of noise coming home. She hurried to great me, her face Flushed, her breathing a bit heavy. She kissed me hotly and I made sure to run my hands over her tight little ass cheeks.

    "Wow, " I said. "Guess I should come home early everyday." She kissed me hard again and took my hand leading me to the bedroom.

    "Come on. You have work to do." She giggled and in seconds we were naked and I was sliding into one very wet pussy. I swear she came a half dozen times squirting over and over.

    I must say that any normal guy would have been a bit put out over seeing his wife playing with herself because of young boys. But I was not. In fact I wanted to push her deeper into her fantasy simply because it benefited me. Also I liked the idea of her being used by someone so young. The idea of someone like our neighbors son doing my wife actually got me quite hard. But its one thing to fantasize and another to actually make it happen.

    Since I could not come home early everyday I decided to buy a security camera that could be easily placed and hidden so I could watch her from work. It cost me some serious bucks since it was state of the art. But it actually looked like a potted plant. I brought it home and put it atop the entertainment cabinet telling my wife we needed something green there and not to water it. I turned it so that it faced the kitchen where she was watching the boys. I couldn't wait to try it out.

    The next day at work I got it set up online making sure to record any events. No sooner did I finally link to the camera, there was Andrea before the kitchen window in just her t shirt and panties. This time I could see her hand rubbing her pussy over her soaked panties. The clarity of the camera was great and I could almost count the hairs on her head. Her eyes were closed as she masturbated. Then I could see her stopping and shuttering, biting her bottom lip as she had a big orgasm.

    I could adjust the view of the camera a little but just enough to look out the window. There was the neighbor boy by the pool all by himself. I moved the camera back to my wife who now had her panties down by her knees. She was on her tip toes pushing her pussy against the hard counter top. Up and down she went rubbing it over the marble surface. Her mouth was open but I could see her looking at the boy. Soon she grabbed the counter hard as she began to squirt. I could see her juices running down her legs and onto the top of the counter.

    I recorded the entire event. In the early afternoon she was at it again. I knew that my wife's obsession was now mine and I wasn't sure how far I wanted to take it. But it was obvious that if I wanted to push her in that direction and let her fantasy come true it would take no more than a little nudge.

    The weekend came quickly and I had tons of recorded material to enjoy of my wife. As usual we liked to get drunk and have wild sex and this night was no different. But I wanted to talk to her about fantasies while fucking her. She liked hot stories and it always made her that much hornier. Tonight's story would be vastly different.

   My cock was inside her pussy as we spooned. I fucked her slowly loving how tight and wet she was. She loved to fuck this way. I often slid my cock back and forth over her pussy slit and asshole making her crazy. And if I she was particularly horny she would let me slide my cock inside her ass. Tonight was that night as I slowly pushed into her tight asshole making her groan, not in pain but absolute pleasure. She loved it.

    "Baby, you feel incredible. So damned wet." I whispered to her as she pushed back against me. "You could take two guys tonight."

    I heard her moan and whisper, 'yesss' as she moved faster driving my cock deeper. She was hot and ready for my experiment.

    "Love to see you take more cock, baby. Maybe teach a sexy teen to fuck you." I said in her ear. She groaned and shuttered in orgasm. My cock was gliding effortlessly in her ass and I pounded her harder. She was rubbing her clit at the same time.

    "A Handsome young boy fucking you. You suck his cock and then let him have you any way he wants." I said. Now she was really slamming back against me. "Maybe two or three at a time."

    She was coming endlessly. The bed beneath us was soaked. I had her going so good. Now I wanted to hear her want it.

    "Do you want to fuck him, baby?" I asked softly fucking her hard.

    "Yesssss, oh yesss. I want him so bad. I want his cock." She said through another orgasm. I knew that the neighbors boy was young and still in school and I wanted to push that fantasy now.

    "He's so young, baby. But he wants you so badly. His cock is so hard and he wants to fuck you everywhere."

    "Ohhhh....fuck. I'll let him do anything." She said hotly. I couldn't hold out any longer and pushed hard into her ass unloading tons of hot cum. She continued to fuck me, milking my cock until I could take no more.


    The next day I awoke with my wife's lovely mouth sucking my cock into hardness.

    "Good morning to you." I said half asleep but quickly coming awake. She licked the head of my cock and began to jerk it smoothly getting it even harder.

    "Wow," I said. "Someone is very horny. Did my wife like our session last night?"

    She licked her lips and nodded. Her green eyes almost glowed and her smile was sexy as hell.

    "Yes I did." Was all she said and I watched as she began to suck my cock again. She took it deep and then licked her way to my pee hole running her tongue over it. Then taking it down her throat. I decided to continue our sexy session from the night before seeing how far I could take it.

    "Bet you would love to do that to a young stud wouldn't you, baby?" I said as she sucked me harder making me fight having an instant orgasm.

    She stopped and looked at me her body exquisite to look at. Her nipples were hard and her smooth pussy dripping wet.

    "Would you like to see me fuck a young boy? Let him take me in my mouth, ass and pussy? Would that please you?" She jerked my cock smoothly up and down.

    "Love to see you seduce him and let him use you like a whore." I said truthfully, knowing that I was pushing her towards her fantasy.

    She raised her eyebrows and gave a wicked little smile then mounted me. My cock slid into her wetness like hot butter. She moaned and began to grind against me fucking me hard.

    "Are you thinking about a boy, baby? Thinking about his hard cock inside you?" I said as she rode me. Her body was on fire. Suddenly I felt her squirt. Her hot juices covering my cock and stomach. She was indeed.

    "I want him so badly." I heard her whisper, more to herself than to me. She came several more time finally sucking me off to a great cum.

    By Monday I was near cripple from sex. What a way to go. I quickly went to my desk at work and clicked onto my camera site. No surprise seeing her again at the window watching our young neighbor. She was naked and pulling on her nipples making them so hard and me too from watching. Suddenly she left the kitchen and shortly after came back wearing tight shorts and a tight skimpy top. She opened the window and I could see her calling out to the boy. Now this was a very big surprise.

    Soon the boy appeared in the window and they talked for several minutes. I could see that he was not as tall as Andrea but close and wearing only his bathing suit. He was laughing and so was she. She held out a can of soda to him and he took it thanking her. She said something making him raise his eyebrows and he nodded. Then he was gone from sight. She watched him and I knew that given the chance she would have sex with him. The seed was planted and she certainly had a very open fertile mind.

    Later in the afternoon the neighbor boy came back and Andrea made sure to show him her skin tight top. It showed her hard nipples perfectly. The boy was trying but failing to take his eyes off her. She was speaking to him and must have convinced him to come inside. He did looking around never being inside our house before. Now I was glued to the screen wondering how far my wife would actually go. She gave him a can of soda again and sat across from him giving him an eyeful of her beauty. He was seeing her firm tits through her top and her luscious ass in those tight shorts.

    They were laughing and talking. Often she would touch his hand or ruffle his hair making his eyes almost pop out. One thing was certain, his cock was rock hard. It was impossible to hide with his swim trunks. Andrea noticed also. I could see her licking her lips as she studied his cock. After several minutes they both stood and she gave him a hug and looked into his eyes seeing the boy she wanted. He must have thought he had gone to heaven.

    He left to my consternation, and Andrea again went to the window to watch him. She had her hand inside her shorts rubbing furiously. I could see her face. It was a mask of pure pleasure. She was going to seduce the boy.

    I came home and no sooner did I put my briefcase down she had me in the bedroom ripping my clothes off.

    "Fuck me. Ohhhh please fuck me." She all but begged me. I took her from behind making her go on all fours her ass high in the air. My cock slid easily into her hot wetness. She was so ready. I drove hard and as deep as I could go making her cry out.

    "Someone missed me." I said as I grabbed her sides slamming into her. "I think she wants to fuck a hot boy. Maybe two or three."

    She moaned slamming back against me wanting more. She grabbed hold of the bedpost holding on as we both went at it hard. Just the thought of it made her crazy with lust.

    "I want to fuck him...yessss," She cried out as she squirted hard. "I want him in me."

    "Then do it, baby. Get him and fuck him. Let him use you." I countered hoping that she would.

    We both came over and over and the thought of her screwing the boy next door was what made us both so damned horny. The next day proved to be a momentous event, one I will not forget.

    At work I turned on the camera and saw Andrea in her micro bikini. She only wore it once when we went to Hawaii and that was on a private beach. She looked incredible. The top barely covered her breasts and her nipples. The bottom was even smaller. It was nothing more than a patch covering her smooth pussy. Still you could easily see the outline of it. She went to the window calling out again and soon the young boy came over.

    The look on his face was priceless. He was gawking at her trying to take in what he was looking at. But it was plain that it affected him since his cock was pushing against his swimsuit begging to come out. He came inside the house and stood there trying but failing to cover his erection. My wife made it impossible for him to ignore her. She bent down to get a can of soda revealing herself to him. His eyes were glued upon her.

    She turned and gave him his soda and all but posed for him showing her beautiful body. He put the soda down and she went to him again hugging him and this time he hugged back liking what he was touching. Andrea lifted his face to hers and planted a kiss on his mouth. He liked it a lot and went back for seconds which she was happy to give. But this time it was longer, sexier and she used her tongue.

    She took his hand and placed it on her breast and I thought he was going to faint. But the boy, excited and willing cupped her breast and began to pull her nipple making Andrea close her eyes. She whispered something to him and I watched as she reached down to grab his cock through his swim trunks. He stood perfectly still watching her as she knelt before him. She was smiling at him as she lowered his trunks making his hard cock pop out like a jack in the box. I could only imagine what was running through his mind. His first blow job from a woman that looked like a model.

    She took hold of it stroking it softly, slowly, not wanting to make him afraid or cum to soon. Then to his obvious delight she took him in her mouth and began to suck him. He reached out holding her head and automatically started to fuck her mouth. My wife was sucking off the boy next door.

    She cupped his balls as she sucked him. Andrea was living her fantasy and showing how much she liked it. The boys eyes closed and soon he was jerking and gritting his teeth in orgasm. Andrea kept sucking him and I could see her swallowing every drop. She backed off looking up at the boy who now looked at her with what could only be love or simple lust.

    She pulled up his trunks and patted his softening cock. She said something and he nodded, smiling wanting more but Andrea knew better not to push to far to fast. He left and kept looking back waving. Andrea watched him and licked her lips that were covered in his cum.

    I came home not knowing what would happen now that she fulfilled one of her fantasies. But I was not long in wondering. We were back in the bedroom with me spooning her and fucking her ass. She moved like one in heat wanting so much more.

    "My baby girl likes to ass fuck." I said watching her do all the work as she was grinding back against me.

    "Yes, I love it. Fuck me. Make me want to do bad things." She all but begged and I obliged.

    "I want to see you fuck a hot young boy, baby. Make him fuck that tight little ass of yours. Then suck him off straight from your asshole." I said making her groan in pleasure. She came hard and so wet. This was a side of my wife I had never seen before. She was dirty as hell and it was turning her on like crazy.

    The next day couldn't come fast enough for me. I tried to imagine what my wife's next move would be with the neighbor boy. It happened sooner than I thought. I saw her at the window calling him and this time he all but ran to her. She let him in and they began to kiss hot and heavy. She only had a silken robe on and when they broke apart she untied it letting it drop to the floor revealing her nakedness.

    I thought the boy was going to have a seizure. He stood there in awe of her beauty, seeing a live woman nude probably for the first time. She went to him again kissing him telling him something. I saw his hands touching her, feeling her. He grabbed her breasts molding them with his hands and then he palmed her pussy sliding his fingers over her wet slit making her moan. Andrea pulled his trunks off and led him to the center of the kitchen where there was more room.

    She laid him down on the floor and took him in her mouth again. He automatically began to raise his ass off the floor feeding her his cock and she took it all. Then she licked his balls and lower still spreading his ass cheeks and licking his asshole making him moan. She could not get enough of the boy. Soon she mounted him and kissed him, guiding him as she lowered herself onto his stiff cock. She began to fuck him slowly lovingly wanting to make his first time the best.

    His eyes were pools of lust as he watched her move over him and no doubt loved feeling her wetness gripping his cock. The very tight pussy that was wrapped around my cock the night before. They fucked for only a few minutes before he came. She continued to fuck him making it last. They kissed and she had him put his trunks back on. She remained naked for him wanting him to see how hot she was for him. When he left it was like seeing another person recreated before my very eyes. He was no longer a virgin and my wife was very happy to be the one who took it from him.

    I came home and saw my camera on the kitchen table. Beside it sat my wife. She gave me a serious look. I sighed and sat down. I was caught and there was nothing I could say that would justify it.

    "You knew I would fuck the boy didn't you?" She asked.

    I nodded. "Yes I did. It was your fantasy and I wanted you to have it."

    "You made up those sexy stories to get my mind around actually doing it. It worked and I bet you got an eyeful. Did you like watching me?" She asked.

    "I have it all on a DVD. You want to watch it? You were incredible,baby." I said unashamed.

    "Yes. Right now. Lets watch it in the bedroom shall we." She rose from the chair letting her robe flutter open showing me her perfect body. I followed and set up the player inserting the DVD. We watched it and I could see her eyes taking in her performance. When it ended she turned to me.

    "I'll put the camera back where it was. You can watch all you want. I told him to bring some of his friends over. I'll give you a show you're never going to forget." She spread her legs wide showing me that she never cleaned up. The boys cum was still dripping out of her pussy. I fucked her good that night making sure to remind her that she was my wife though I have to admit I felt as though I had lost a part of her.

    I went to work but not as happily as usual. I knew that today was going to change my wife. She was fulfilling her obsession and she wanted me to pay a price of some sort. I turned on the camera and sat back watching my wife take on three boys. They used her like the slut she was. No hole was forbidden. At one point she had one in her ass, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. They were fucking her hard to. She sucked them all off swallowing their cum and then got them hard all over again.

    She was a goddess of sex and the boys wanted every inch of her and she gave it to them. Their cocks were no match to mine but that wasn't the point. She was loving their youth, their energy and especially their inexperience. She was being filled with their cum and loving it.

    When the weekend came I waited for her to come around. We usually had sex like crazy but this time it was if she had her fill already. I wondered how long I would be punished? But by Sunday she was very horny and wanted to play. We fucked hard and she didn't want me to cum until she heard a hot story. At first I was adverse to giving her something else to add to her resume but her pussy was squeezing me like crazy and I succumbed to her will.

    "That's it, baby. Fuck me." I said as I rammed into her making her squeal in pleasure. "The boys want to watch you masturbate. They want to see you cum all over the place."

    "Mmmmm, I'd like that. Give them a show." She said as she ground her ass back against me.

    "They want to see you suck a dog off. Swallow his cum." I said wondering how far I could take this fantasy.

    She moaned rotating her hips and grinding hard. Her breathing quickened and she licked her lips.

    "I'd do anything for them." She said as she began to cum in hot little spurts.

    She obviously had no limits to her sexual fantasies and I went on.

    "They want you to fuck him, take his knot deep and make him cum."

    She was cumming continuously now that I broached this taboo subject. It was something she must have considered.

    "Ohhhhh, yesss I will do it. Make him cum inside my pussy." She cried out as I began to cum inside her.

    Well by Monday I was afraid to go to work. Afraid to turn on the camera. God knows what I would be seeing. But I did anyway, had to. I started this and now I could see it to its end, hopefully.

    My wife had the three boys again. They had surrounded her as she took turns sucking them into hardness. They had their way with her like before and she loved it all. By the end they talked and looked excited. She kissed them all goodbye and turned to the camera waving at me.

    She told me that she was going to give the boys a show they would never forget. I knew what it was going to be. I created a monster and soon would be an after thought since she was enjoying the boys so much.

    A week went by before the boys returned and they brought with them a dog. He was a large breed and they were all excited to watch my sexy wife perform as promised. She did loving every minute of it. But I think the dog got the better of it.

    Life has changed and me with it. Andrea wants more fantasies and I give them to her. She is insatiable.

                                                   THE END

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At last! Another hot, hot tale from our brilliant Foxi. Just wishing I had been one of those boys.
Thanks Foxi for affecting me yet again!!!
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Thank you Vinney. As always a loving friend.


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Great fictional story. Would be great if it was a non-fiction story, but it is what it is, and a great one at that. Keep on writing like this and you will be even more appreciated. Wish I could find your profile ( says i can't see your profile,   but), I'll keep searching.

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Loved the story. Please keep writing.

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Thank you both for your nice comments.


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Loved the story. I hope there is a part 2. Thank you for the great stories you give us.

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Such a Naughty girl...   8)
I LIVE how your mind thinks!  :emot_kiss:

This is a year old...  will thiere be a continuation????

You know, a lot of girls go out with me just to further their careers. Damn anthropologists.