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Author Topic: No Doors version 2020 (MF,ff,mf,inc, bro/sis)  (Read 2240 times)
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« on: May 11, 2020, 03:20:22 AM »

This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. This is only a story, fiction, if you don't understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more and go get help.
Now that the required disclaimers are there, here is my personal thoughts. This came out of my head and the only place this kind of thing should reside is on paper. Doing half of the shit I put here will get you locked up. Hell in a lot of countries just thinking it will. If you live in one of those countries it sux to be you, also close this story now. If you want to read it change your government’s stupid rules. Don’t bother coming here we have a bunch of stupid rules of our own.
For people that think the grammar is bad or I have misspellings, I’m always looking for a good editor. You have any idea how hard it is to get a friend to edit your erotic stories. Hell they are usually too busy beating off to edit. Plus this is some raunchy stuff, and some of my friends are good Southern Baptist, it would blow their minds to know I can think up this twisted of a tale.
Ok you have been scrupulously advised so if you are still reading it is not me it is you. Please do comment though. The only way I get better is to know the good and the bad. If you are going to be ugly, fuck off and keep it to yourself. Constructive critiques are what I’m after. Oh and one last thing. If you feel the need to do any of this in real life, don’t. IF you don’t follow that advice may you run into STEVE.

In case you didn't know this is the story that introduces Steve, keep coming back he'll show up and you'll understand.  Additionally this is a re-write with corrections as well as additions. The corrections will get it up to the 2020 standards of acceptable on the board.  Please comment on the new version.  And I will be rolling it out in much the same way the original was posted.

No Doors (MF,ff,mf,inc, and so much more)
By HppyHrryHrdn

Disclaimer : Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author.

Chapter 1: Twins

Bryan and Susan had not started off life like normal fraternal twins. Brian was born December 27th, 1999 in Selmer, the town his parents lived in. He had arrived three months early. His mom’s, Liz, eighteen year old body couldn't hold them both for full term. The doctor’s joked later “Susan pushed Bryan out so she could have more room.”

With Bryan’s birth freeing up some room in Liz’s womb, the contractions subsided and the doctors let Liz go to term with Susan, while preemie Bryan went to the neonatal ward. While in the neonatal unit the twins' parents moved temporarily establishing residency in Booneville, Mississippi. Liz stayed most days and nights at the hospital leaving only to get all her government issued residency documents in order.

That was until Liz's mother was in a car accident in New York. Liz's husband, Tom, had offered to go and get Liz's mom from the New York city hospital, but his mother-in-law hated him. Liz knew this and had with the doctor's permission driven up to get her mother. Once there, she suddenly began labor in the intensive care unit talking to the nurse about her mother.  So while her mother was in one part of the hospital, Liz was in another giving birth to Susan.  In the end Susan actually made it home first, but Bryan never let her forget he was the big brother and a true southerner, unlike his “Damn Yankee” sister.
Besides their birth their life was normal. Their parents had married shortly after they found out Liz was pregnant and having the twins. Tom, had done well in insurance and they moved around the southeast multiple times with the progression of his career. By the time the kids were five each of the kids had their own rooms. It was a big improvement over the single wide they had started out in, and his mother-in-law had said they'd never get out of. In the house they were currently in and had been for the past eight years, Bryan and Susan's rooms had a connecting bathroom. In the earlier years, it was never a point of fights but by the time they were teens it was and had continued ever since.

Bryan complained to his mom on many occasions “Susan takes forever to get ready and it doesn’t really improve anything.”

Susan overheard this complaint one day and shot back “If it wasn't for beating off in the shower he wouldn’t ever go into the bathroom.”

Liz looked angrily at the two of them and replied “Enough, You two work this out and I won’t hear of it again. Understood?”

Both Bryan and Susan knew what their mother meant.  Growing up anytime they would fight or argue with raised voices their punishment was always the same thing. Their mother made them kneel up straight on a hard wood of concrete floor looking at each other until they would hug, kiss on the lips and say 'Sorry'. It was an excruciating punishment when they were younger. Girls had cooties and boys were gross.

Yet there were times when Susan would intentionally get into a fight with Bryan, so he would have to give her a hug and kiss. It was done unconsciously on days she was upset over other things and needed the caring touch of her brother, though she didn't realize that was what she was doing.  Bryan did the same thing at times. When they were thirteen, after they had gone to separate week long summer camps, him for football and Susan for cheer-leading, he picked a fight with her over the bow in her hair, calling her a “Bowhead” repeatedly.  

They only had to kneel thirty seconds when they both gave in. Bryan really needed the feeling of Susan in his arms and the light peck for some reason wasn't like kissing his sister. He felt conflicted about liking the feeling of her lips on his, after all she was his sister and it was bad to even think about liking it.  Susan too had the same reaction but not as intensely. She knew her twin loved her and would protect her and wrote the butterflies in her stomach off as normal acknowledgment of their close brother sister relationship.

She'd known since they had move to the town they now lived in Bryan had been protecting her. The first summer, one of the older bullies at the pool they went to pulled on her bikini top's string hoping to make the top fall off. She caught it saying, “Stop it.”

The older boy said, “You ain't got anything up there you need to cover. You're flat as a little boy. You should run around like one.” His friends that had gathered laughed and jeered at Susan making her run away crying.  Bryan had seen it.  Though younger, smaller and outnumbered he cold cocked the bully, breaking the boys teeth and dislocating his jaw.  They gathered crowd stood in shock for a second before descending on him.  He made it home with only two black eyes and a lip split in multiple places.

When his mother asked about it and why he was banned from the pool for two weeks Bryan lied, “Some older boy demanded I give them my money. I said no and one of them pushed me so I hit him. His friends then joined in.”  Susan knew it was a lie but she'd never admit it or acknowledge what Bryan had done for her.  The incident got a round and the rest of the time in middle school no one made negative comments on Susan's appearance in front of them.
And now at seventeen few negative comments were ever made about Susan's appearance. And while Bryan was the right in arguing the long sessions in the bathroom getting ready in the mornings didn't improve her looks that much it wasn't for the implied reason. It was mainly because he like most people found her naturally beautiful and there wasn't much room for improvement, though he'd never tell her. She had shoulder length light sandy blonde hair, and striking green eyes that could usually get her what she wanted. And her figure had filled out fine for most guys.  Susan had grown up to have what Bryan would call perfectly formed legs and ass. Years of cheer leading had help nature along. His mom had a great ass also for thirty five, so genetics must've had some part of it.  Bryan always had been an ass man. Tits were great but over the long term they fell and made a great ass look out of place with saggy tits. Plus, women with saggy tits tend to look older than they would've otherwise.
Since Bryan was thirteen, he tried many times to get a look at Susan while naked but she was very good about locking the door.  It wasn't like he'd not seen her naked before. But he hadn't lately, not since she'd developed the fabulous form she had. The last time was when they were bathed together. Their parents had them bathe together until they were found playing doctor, investigating each other’s bodies in detail.  To this day he'd think back on that faded memory, any time his sister was out in her bikini.  Their parents told them it was normal to be curious but not to do it again and there would be severe punishment if they did much beyond kneeling. So they hadn't.
Bryan had always tried to find an excuse to be around Susan and her friends when they were in their bikinis. He really liked what he saw when he could catch them in their tiny patches of material. But his eyes always went back to his sister though he felt slightly uncomfortable knowing he found her the most desirable.  A couple of Bryan’s friends told him Susan would be super-hot and probably head cheerleader if her tits were bigger; that and if she'd put out and was not such a prick tease.  The tit thing Bryan would let go without a problem.  The put out or prick tease comment got the other guy beat to hell.
Bryan just wanted a clear view of Susan’s tits without the bikini, to see if the areolas were in proportion to her A sized breast.  Try as he could for the past four and half years, he'd struck out on seeing them in their uncovered natural state.  The most he ever got to see of her was when she was in her bikini. From the bikini viewing he knew her rug was the same as the drapes, a nice sandy blonde, thanks to an incident years earlier when he first started trying.

At the time Susan first started getting pussy hair, wisps of hair came out of her bikini bubble gum pink bottoms and held Bryan’s attention for what seemed like hours. It came to an end when his mother realized what he as looking at.  Liz took her daughter inside planning on showing her the way she shaved her pussy and trim the hairs so they weren’t visible outside her suit.

Once inside the master bathroom, Liz asked Susan, “Do you know why I brought you in here?”

Susan was still a bit confused why her mother had made her leave her lounge chair and brought her to the bathroom. “No I have no idea. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, not intentionally. But I think your brother is turning into a teenage boy.” Was the reply she received.

“What does this have to do with me? And why am I in your bathroom?” She pouted as she sat down on the closed toilet seat.

“Your brother like most boys his age is starting to wonder about girls bodies. And you've started to develop and with that comes being aware of your private parts in the presents of boys and men, including your brother.”

“And?” She said somewhat annoyed. Trying to make sure her mother didn't try giving her a sex talk when the sun was out, ruining her tan time.

“And you have pussy hair hanging out of your suit.” Was the answer from Liz, unhappy her daughter wasn't being receptive to her advice.

“Oh..” Came the bashful and conciliatory reply. “So how come you don't have this problem, your suit is just like mine?”

“I keep my pubic hair neatly shaved”

“Shaved?  Some of the older girls talk about that. But why? Couldn’t it just be cut like hair on my head?  The girls who talk about shaving are the sluts of school.”

“First don’t believe half of what boys say they have done with the so called sluts.  And I shaved mine when in high school and I was not a slut. And I have kept it shaved ever since.” With that Liz undid the ties on the side of her bikini bottoms and took them off. “See”

It was the shocked look on Susan’s face as she stared at the vulva in front of her that made Liz realizes she'd her naked pussy in her daughter’s face. Liz stood there unmoving shocked at herself for stripping off her bikini. She wasn't a prude but was dazed at what she had done. Susan brought her mom back to reality saying.

“You have less hair between your legs than I did 3 months ago” Then came the question one after the other.  “Does everyone shave it like that? Isn’t it itchy? Daddy’s face gets scratchy by the end of the day, but you look so smooth. Did you just shave today?  Do you use Daddy’s electric razor? How often do you have to do it?”

“One question at a time young lady.  First no not everyone who shaves their pubic …pussy hair shaves it so bald.  I like the way it looks.” She gyrated her hips around giving Susan a bit of a show.  “I shave often enough to not let it get itchy. So most of the time I am very smooth.” Again without thinking she ran her hands over the outside of her pussy folds.

Liz was taken aback when she felt another touch beside her own on her skin covering her sex.  Susan had taken her finger tips and run them up and down where her mom’s hands had just been. “Wow that is real soft and smooth.” Susan said as she continued moving them up and down, not realizing what it was doing to her mom.

The touch was electric to Liz. Part of her wanted to grab the hand on the outside of her cunt and rub it up and down in her moistening crack, daughter or not. The other part was shock at how good her daughter was making her feel and knew she should make it stop.  Stopping won out. She grabbed the hand that was rubbing her and pulled her daughter up off the toilet and walked her to the tub.

“No I don’t use your Dad’s electric razor.” Adding under her breath, “I'd never get done if I did that.” Getting the shaving cream from the shelf, “I use this and a good old fashion razor.  Now lose those bottoms.”

It was Susan’s turn to become a bit self-conscience, about having nothing covering her from her mom’s view. Susan suddenly became aware her mom was still walking around the bathroom with nothing covering her virtually hairless pussy, Susan undid the ties to her bottom and let it fall to the floor. Liz looked at the nubile pussy between her daughter’s newly teen thighs.  She wondered if her cunt still looks as desirable as her young daughter’s.

There was just enough hair growing around the young puffy lips to hang out of the bikini bottom but little more. So Liz began the process of showing Susan how to lather up.  Liz’s pussy began getting that familiar itch telling her she'd need to relieve her aching slit as soon as they were finished.  She managed to show Susan how to handle a razor and not cut her protruding pussy lip, while clenching her thighs together applying pressure to her own, in hopes of placating her need. Susan decided to go with her mother’s look but only a little shorter. She removed everything around her pussy except a thin line, that Susan didn’t know Liz used as a guide her husband to her vagina,.

From that day forward, shaving her pussy whether it needed it or not was one part of getting ready for the day that Bryan didn't know about for a couple of years. Susan would take her time lathering herself then get herself off before each shave. She discovered the joy of getting herself off shortly after her first shave alone. She'd rubbed the cream on the outside of her folds when the feeling she hadn’t felt before knotted her stomach. And the more she rubbed up and down the outside her stubbled sex the stronger the feeling got.  Her budding nipples hardened and felt electrified. She brought her lather covered hand up to the tip of her left breast to investigate the new feeling. The touch sent a resulting shock to her core under her coated and now engorged pussy.

Susan had heard her other girls describe these exact feelings.  They talked about rubbing their fingers over their rigid protrusion at the top of their vagina, which health class called the clitoris.   She put her index finger in her heated slit finding the pleasurable feeling the other girls described.  When she rubbed over the hard nub that had raised itself, the need to rub it harder and faster became too great to ignore. She groaned and panted as she used the other lathered hand to massage circles around her coned nipples. In her excited state she scratched one nipple with a fingernail. The fleeting painful sensation sent a shudder through her and started a river of lubricating flow from her heated gash. After which, she occasionally pinched one breast then the other, looking for the feeling's return.

She was so engrossed in her first masturbation session she'd forgotten all about shaving. She also didn't notice the noise she was making. Her moaning and low growling came from her as she worked the nub faster and faster. It was the initial plunge of her finger into her slick hole that brought the highest wave of pleasure, and started her orgasm. She let out a scream of relief as she continued pushing her finger in and out of herself, while flicking the nub at the top with her thumb.  When the intense feelings were over,  she pulled her finger from her spent cunt.  She leaned back against the wall and enjoyed the afterglow's hyperactive exhaustion.

Once reality returned to her she looked down and noticed the shaving cream all over her chest and some in her hair where she'd grabbed it in the last part of her orgasm holding her head on. And on her face, where she figured she must've tried covering-up her wailing and howls that'd vocalized the intense orgasm. Only then did she start to wonder who was home, and had they listened to her getting off.  She quickly showered a second time removing the shaving cream from her hair and face.  The hot water running over and between her still inflamed cunt lips again brought a trace of the feeling she was washing off.

Since that first shaving orgasm, Susan began getting herself off during each shave. Many times while masturbating she'd replay the day of playing doctor with Bryan. And she'd imagine it being Bryan’s finger in her pussy. The tiny thrill of that day, made her wondered if Bryan’s fingers would feel as good as she'd remembered. In the meantime, she'd her own fingers and they brought her to waves of orgasms as she rhythmically plunged them into her shaving cream covered slit.  The finale was always squeezing her clit between her finger and thumbnail adding just enough pain to the cresting wave of uninhibited pleasure; her fluids adding one more lubricant in excess for shaving.  The problem was doing this without vocalizing at the top of her lungs as the waves hit.  And shaving without cutting herself with the after orgasm shakes she always got.

She'd learned over time about shave with the shakes, but not keeping herself quiet. She'd gone to a rolled up towel between her teeth. This usually suppressed her moans and wailing, so they couldn't be heard above whatever she decided on using that day to make cover noise.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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good start   emot_penis watching a woman shave her cunt is such a turn on. when i shave MzJ she and I both get VERY excited
more of the story soon we hope

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Thanks for the comments, its always good to hear from the reading audience of what they like and don't like. So I'm glad you liked it and look forward to your and other readers in the future. I would really like to hear from the people that got to read the original in 2015, seeing if the story is worth reading a second time, with the minor changes.

Again thanks. The next chapter should follow...

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter 2: Cousin disruption

At the beginning of the summer after Bryan and Susan turned seventeen  five months earlier things changed dramatically.  Their two young cousins had come to live with the family after a home invasion ended with their parents dead. Joshua and Sara who were six and five needed a place to stay. Tom and Liz being the god parents to the two orphans did as was expected and took them into their house.  The two had taken to the family fairly quickly so much so they had begun calling Liz and Tom, Mom and Dad within a few months.  It was their unconscious way of integrating themselves into the family.

The house was fine for the two teens but the new kids required sleeping arrangements and they couldn't be separated. Additionally, the new family additions needed to be close to the master bedroom, so their cries and outburst from nightmares could be heard by Tom and Liz. Thus Susan had to move out of her room since it was the closes to the master bedroom. Bryan laughed when it was first proposed whispering to Susan, “Fine time you get kicked out of somewhere.”

There was a spare room over the garage, but it didn't have its own bathroom. And according to Susan she needed a room with an attached bathroom as she said for girl reasons. So she suggested, “Have Bryan move over the garage and give me his room. I need the bathroom. He only uses it to beat off after all.” Knowing full well she also did on most days.

Bryan shot his twin an angry look and said, “Hell no.” and giving Susan a tweak and let her know he didn't care if she knew he beat off in the shower, continued with, “I usually come out clean afterward though. On top of which, I was already pushed out of one room by her.” As a reminder that she'd shoved him out of the womb so she could have his space. This time he wasn't going to leave what was his, just because she thought she should have the room.
Tom or Liz didn't really have time or the patience for settling the argument. They were too occupied taking care of their new charges. They told the teenagers "You’re seventeen and one year from going off to college, figure it out."  And with that their involvement was done, or so they thought.
Bryan refused to move and Susan wasn't going to give up.  She figured possession was nine tens of the law. So she had moved in to his room uninvited. He didn't mind her sleeping in the room as initially she always slept on the floor while he was in the bed.  He figured it gave him a better chance of seeing her bare tits if she ever got careless when changing into her night attire. Plus they would talk and laugh with each other over the days events.  Susan liked to make fun of Bryan's ogling her friends while they walked around the public pool in their bikinis. He like telling her how the different geeks at the pool were doing the same with her.

They did this all summer long. Talking late into the night continued until they had football and cheer camps. Neither wanted to give up their nightly gab sessions for their extra-curricular activities starting up.  Though they both lied to themselves and each other stating the reason for the reluctance as school starting shortly. And as every year they got into a fight on the first night back kneeling facing each other.

While on their knees they eventually agreed on, who ever got to the bed first stayed in it. The other one would sleep on the floor. After calling their Mom in they explained their plan as a way of showing they were sorry about waking up the youngsters. And much to their shared unspoken delight Liz made them seal the agreement with a hug and a kiss. They both put on an act of saying they were too old for such childish punishment. Liz didn't agree, and she hadn't detecting the fact both of her kids were putting on an act for her and their siblings benefit.

They still talked for much of the night before going off to sleep. But until someone was in the bed all bets were off in the tricks department.  Susan would try and distract Bryan.  She used her best assets trying to get Bryan distracted from the rush to the bed when their parents still told them to go off to bed. She typically employed a flimsy night shirts with flesh colors bras and thong underwear underneath.  Her reasoning was he had seen that much in her bikini. That and he seemed to walk into things when she was in them. Or Bryan would have to turn away quickly to hide a tenting hardon. She wondered what size Bryan’s dick really was. The curiosity had her staying later in the morning hoping to get a glimpse of his morning wood.
She had held a couple of dicks in the past three years and had cum spew on her hand.  She had only blown one guy, her junior year boyfriend.  She'd enjoyed examining his manhood before she started sucking on it. It was about six inches long and a little bit bigger around than a quarter. About the same as the two she had given hand jobs to.

Once she'd her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth, she began running her tongue along the underside. The feeling of the veins sticking out from the hard member in her mouth were so enthralling, she didn't even notice the hands on her harden tits.  Susan was listening to her boyfriend catch his breath as she took most of his length into her mouth. He'd mumbled incoherently as she held it between her the lips and jabbed at his piss hole with the tip of her rough tongue. She'd swirled it around in her saliva filled mouth as she bobbed up and down the length of the shaft, at one point of half choking herself with the head reaching the entrance of her throat.

She'd liked the taste of the pre-cum leaking onto her taste buds.  But she quickly popped the meat Popsicle out of  her mouth when she felt him tense up and his balls rose up filling his dick in preparation of  ejaculation. Her quick release of the cock in her mouth was just in time for him to spray globs of sticky white cum on her face and neck.

After he finished climaxing he angrily said, “Damn it girl you’re supposed to swallow.”

Susan was surprised by his reaction replied, “I did not know if I was going to like it.”  She wiped the large white ropes from her cheek and played with it between her fingers.

“Well it is the best you'll ever have. But if you don’t want to swallow it, I guess I'll just have to fuck my cum into you. Start sucking me hard again, and I'll fill your cunt with my seed.”

Susan was of the Bill Clinton era, where blow jobs weren't sex. And at that moment Susan realized her boyfriend was an ass, and she wasn't giving her virginity to him.  She coldly looked at him and said, “I don’t think so.  You can take me home now, and drive yourself home and wack off instead.”

She was sure he'd at least get her home unmolested. She wasn't as sure about the wacking off. Her brother wouldn't care about that, but Bryan had developed a bit of a reputation when it came to Susan.  If she had legitimate complains he'd get the offender to apologize to her.  It kept her public reputation spotless.

Not worried about it getting around school, she took the cum on her fingers and put it in her mouth.   She swished the sperm around and liked the feel of it in her mouth.  She wiped more from her face and placed on her tongue getting more of the flavor and consistency of sperm as she finished straightening her clothes and wiped the rest of his cum  on the seat and smiled as she said, “ It really is a shame it’s not that bad. In fact I kind of like it. The next time I'd have sucked on your cock until your balls were in my mouth.”

She knew from that day on she'd never get off a spewing cock again. But her ass of a boyfriend was dumped when he got her home. She when into her senior year single and wondering about other cocks and cum including Bryan’s. Though thinking about Bryan’s prick and it shooting cum did make her a bit uneasy and horny at the same time.
Susan continued her short night shirt trick on Bryan for two reasons. She got to speculate on his cock and she always got the bed.  After about two months, he figured out what Susan was doing and noticed she always had a fleeting hungry look when she caught him with a hardon. Also, she was staying in the room even longer before going for her morning shower, causing him to either have to delay getting up until morning wood fell or hunch over on the walk to the bathroom. Having to get to school on time and having Susan staying around even longer waiting on the viewing of the tented boxers, had put a major crimp in his beat off sessions which made his morning wood harder and longer lasting waiting on attention it wasn't going to get.
Liz and Tom had figured the battle for the room wouldn't last that long. That one of the twins would give in. On a Friday night six months later they were still trying to out do the other. On that Friday Bryan had caught one of the touchdowns in the win over the cross county rivals. It wasn't the winning one but they wouldn't have won with out it.  He had forgotten his usual boxers for after the day so he went with the spare jock strap under his shorts for the after game get together.

After the game the school always went to the local pizza place next to the town square and hung out having some fun.  Most of the student body showed up and the police only came in if things got out of hand.  The local quick pack also would sell beer and wine coolers as long as the fake ID came with an extra two to five dollars, depending on if the store owner knew the parents didn't care if their teen drank a little.

Liz and Tom made it know to the shop owner one six pack among Bryan and his friends wasn't the end of the world. The same went for Susan and her wine coolers, though Liz and Tom never could figure out why she would drink something that was so bad. Bryan whipped out his ID and got a six-pack and drank a couple while two under class girls flirted with him. 

They were hot freshman the problem he saw was they knew they were hot and he was busy surreptitiously watching Susan.  He did let them keep him entertained with their vague sexual innuendo and showing him plenty of their firm sculptured thighs. He ran his finger up the top of the brunettes thigh when he caught Susan looking over at him.

She was at the bottom of her third wine cooler opening the fourth when some drunk sophomore geeks had enough liquid courage to hit on her and her friends.  Bryan almost laughed at the sight but it would've given away that he was watching her like she was him.  Her previous boyfriend also tried hitting on her before she shot him down publicly with, “I rather have one of those guys over there take me home than go home with a jackass like you. Go find some freshman that will worship the ground you walk on, before they figure out what a loser you are.”

Not walking perfectly straight she went over to Bryan, “Come on this place just got lame, and we don't want to be late for curfew again.”  Bryan had kept his drink count low figuring he would be the one driving home after watching Susan down the first two drinks in less than five minutes.   

Just with in earshot of the twins the ex said, “Yeah go home with your brother. Your probably fucking him while being a prick tease to the rest of the population....Cunt.”

Bryan was ready to turn around and pummel the guy when Susan's soft warm hand grabbed his arm, stroking it all the way down to his hand that she then held, “Come on, anyone can kick that losers ass. And it just ain't worth it.” She pointed to the two cops standing off to the side that wouldn't take kindly to fighting.

“Fine come on.” Bryan said to his sister going to the car.  Liz and Tom were up watching something they turned off quickly before the front door was fully closed and the twins saw what they were watching. 

Tom said to the pair, “Glad you got home before curfew this time. Try to make it a habit. Now off to bed and be quiet.”

Bryan had been on the floor for the past week and decided to turn the tables on Susan. With a couple of drinks in her she'd be slower than usual, but he would make sure she was distracted as well. He'd started the sprint to the bedroom in his usual gym shorts and  a t-shirt but he managed stripping off his t-shirt on the way up the steps.  The view of his muscular back slowed Susan just enough allowing him to get to the room first with her nipping at his heals during the nightly race. Despite her close proximity Bryan striped off his gym short going through the door throwing them onto the bed as he ran.  To Susan’s surprise he had on only his jock strap.

Susan let out a bit of a yelp of surprise and delight as she got a full view of Bryan’s body that had been honed as a split end on the football team. The high school coach had been sure that the guys that carried the ball could take a blow while not slowing them down with a lot of mass. The coach's development had helped in sculpting Bryan’s body. It was lean and muscular, and paid dividends on the field and now in the bedroom. 

She got a great look at his tight ass in years. She mused that now he could break those fingers she'd put up to that ass so many years ago, playing doctor. He spun in the air and flopped on the bed on his back. His legs splayed out and Susan got a grand view of his minimally covered balls and cock.
Susan didn't say anything but was thinking, “Gawd if they looks that delicious covered I bet in its raw state they'd kill an old lady. “
Liz and Tom rushed to the room hearing Susan's squawk. Liz was the first parent to the room. She caught a glimpse of the jock strap covered body of Bryan before he got covers around himself.  Susan had jumped on the bed after him hoping tickling and pushing on him would get him off the bed.  She didn’t care about getting the bed for the night, she wanted to get a better view of him on the floor. Plus running her hands on his body was an extra benefit. She could feel him up without looking like a whore. Though it was what she felt like, since only a whore would want her brother deep in her cunt. That was the way she wanted Bryan at that minute.

Susan wasn't the only one feeling like a whore after looking at Bryan.  Liz wanted to put those balls in her mouth and swish them around, while Bryan shot a large quantity of glorious white cum all over her tits and stomach.

Tom was next to the room. His kids were engaged in what he wanted to think was completely harmless and innocent fun. But the view of Susan’s taut ass up in the air on top of her brother with her skirt riding up made it hard.   He knew what he had on his mind was far from harmless and innocent.  Susan’s flesh color thong gave him a view of her sculpted ass with little more than string dividing ass cheeks.  Her pink asshole looked ready for his cock to divide it in one hard push.
To deflect her rising hunger to strip the covers off her son, Liz in a stern voice said, “If you wake up the little ones you both are in for a long night of watching them.”
Clearing his mind Tom said “I understand your playing around. But if you two aren't going to give up sharing this room, we're going to have to remove the door. To keep your playing under control and innocent.”

Bryan was the first to pipe up, “Come on we are just having a little fun.”

Susan added, “It isn’t like we are doing anything wrong.”

Liz responded, “Yes I know but you two are teens. And teens don’t always think with their heads.”

The twins thought about it for a second before they comprehended what Liz was talking about and responded in unison, “ewwhh, that is just sick.” But both of them got butterflies in the pits of their stomachs as the possibility was voiced by their parent.

“Sick or not it happens,” Liz replied, fighting her own urge to see just how sick she could get. Sick or not she still wondering 'what would it feel like having Bryan’s cock head lodged in the back of her throat?' Him shooting enough hot cum filling her for days. God was Tom in for it tonight. She was going to suck him dry all the while thinking of her son’s dick.  What Liz didn't know was; while she'd be sucking him off he'd be imagining Susan’s lips wrapped around the head of his manhood.

Tom took off a shoe and put it on the door acting as a door jamb letting the teens know he expected it to stay open from that point on. And the next morning the door would come down.
Little did anyone realize how much the door being there helped deaden sounds from both directions.  So while it allowed the parents to hear what the teens were doing, now the teens could hear what their parents were doing. And the teens would have to keep their evening tickling, rough housing and occasion disagreements on who got to the bed first to a whisper. Anything to prevent waking up the new younger generation that went to sleep early.
Tom and Liz both hurried back to their room, in extremely horny states.
While dating before the twins were born Tom and Liz found out they both had a taste for sex that didn't involve missionaries. One evening they'd snuck out and met up at the local stable for a night of sucking and fucking. While fucking his future wife from behind for the hell of it he slapped Liz’s lily white ass with a loud smack.

Liz just said him, “Mmmm, Do it again, harder. Baby, make my ass red.”

Each time Tom’s hand landed, Liz bucked her ass backward deepening the prick wedged in her cunt.  As Tom’s palm was getting as red as Liz’s ass, she cheekily demanded “Ride me like a stud.”

This gave him an idea. In the stall within reach was a riding crop used for encouraging the horses to run faster. He'd try getting Liz going faster. Each time he landed the crop on her pink ass a red welt would be laid down in its place. Liz was now bucking harder against him. She screamed at him “Fuck me, split me with your dick.”   Her canal muscles tightened down on the meat stick filling her, pussy juice running down her inner thighs.  Looking back at Tom, Liz demanded,   “Fuck me hard, put that cock deep in my womb.,, make me your brood mare.”

Tom’s bulbous cock hammered her cervix. He longed for putting his seed directly in to the depths of Liz’s fertile womb.  In the heat of a first of many mind blowing fucks to come, he swung the crop and brought it down in the front of her. He hit the mark of her inflamed pussy lips and clit as well as his cock and balls. To his surprise he too liked the pain that came from the crop.

A quick second and third application of the crop to Liz His balls creating a flood of sperm that Liz should've tasted he shot so hard and long. Wave after wave of his sperm coated her insides hitting their ultimate mark. She had one final uncontrollable spasm, her pussy muscles milking the thick cock in their grip, before falling flat on the ground underneath Tom, both exhausted and Liz pregnant with twins.
Tonight was one of those nights they were going to fuck and suck each other with such energy, most porn stars would be jealous. There would be no making love tonight, it would be a primal rutting of two animals. Tom didn't have time to fully close the door before Liz was pulling his pants down around his ankles. Once the covering was out of the way, she pounced on his semi-hard cock.  She knelt before Tom and started with the hole at the end of his dick. Holding the thick dick between her teeth just behind its head, she stabbed at his piss hole with the tip of her tongue. His cock continued to harden and engorge as she pinned it within her teeth. Liz ran her a finger nail lightly across his asshole and up under his balls.

Tom pulled his wife off his fully erect member just long enough for getting her dress over her head.  She immediately attached her lips to his balls as soon as the dress was gone. He managed to concentrate long enough freeing her tits from their lacy black bra.  He pinched the areolas forming a hard candy on her still firm tits. The twisting of one nipple then the other, worked Liz up into a frenzy. She could feel the stream starting down her inner thigh, which the slight pain in her breast brought.

“These babies are full. You gonna give me all that delicious cum?” Liz pulled on his nut sack with her teeth, teasing Tom.  She ran the tip of her tongue up his balls and continued up under the solid meat that had been hitting her nose.  Getting to his bulbous head she swallowed the it and the whole shaft in one swift move. The firm helmet plowing through any gag she might have done on the way to her esophagus. A sign to Tom she was horny beyond her normal wantonness.

While his wife continued administering to his prick, Tom managed to get the riding crop out of its place in the night stand. She could see what he was doing for out of the corner of her eye. Through a cock filled mouth Tom could hear Liz say. “Oh yeah, honey fire my ass up.” Without taking the meat loli-pop out of her mouth Liz stripped off her undergarments preparing for an ass whipping.

Tom only required 6 swings of the crop to achieve the desired effect on Liz. The first one landed squarely on her asshole, with a loud slap. The second and third were wrap around that made first contact with the already red sphincter in her crack and continued around applying its sting to  her engorged pussy lips, then to her clitoris. One more each on each of her milky white ass cheeks and a last wrap around hit with twice the sting of the other two combined.  Before each blow was landed Tom and Liz could hear the air whistle before the final crack of leather on flesh.

The lashes had her nipping at Tom’s cock.  He could feel his balls start tightening up, with the explosion of cum that would surely be too much for Liz to take in her normal manner. He unconsciously grabbed her head by her hair and forced his cock all the way down the back of her throat.  She by nature didn't deep throat his nine inch dick, but he had her by the hair and was slamming his cock in and out of her throat until her nose was flat in his pubic hair. This was the first time in their marriage she could honestly call it a face fucking. Tom was lost in the feeling of Liz’s throat massaging his cock head and balls bounce off the underside of her chin
Tom finally lodged his dick deep down Liz’s gag reflexed throat, where he let wave after wave of cum shoot straight into her stomach. As he did so he uttered. “God, Sus……..” before realizing what he was about to say and revealing who he was imaging swallowing his cock whole. Trying to cover his mistake he continued a bit louder with, “..Liz it is heaven, suck it dry.”

Liz knew he was thinking of their daughter and not her.  She did not care for in her mind she was swallowing Bryan’s cock not Tom’s. She was letting Bryan’s surrogate pump spunk down her throat, as she felt the lack of oxygen begin effecting her. Her body involuntarily fought for air as her peripheral vision gradually went black.   When his orgasm subsided, he pulled his still semi-hard organ from her mouth. A rush of air filled her vacant lungs restoring Liz's full consciousness. Her senses restoring she felt Tom  reached under her arms heaved her onto the bed like a rag doll.

Liz had the landing strip on her mons, and was completely bald on her now swollen and red labia. All the hair was also removed around her cute dark pink anus and crack as well. He could see the sex lubricant that had run down her inner thigh. She looked absolutely editable lying on the bed naked and ready to be fucked. He immediately dove in. He wasn't interested in any light foreplay after being overwhelmed by the musky smell of Liz’s sex.  The earlier discharge on Liz’s thighs coated the sides of Tom’s face as his mouth reached the outer lips of her pussy. Her pussy lips were still inflamed and fat from the riding crop and his lips hit them brought about a tingle in them.

Getting a better angle of attack, he used his hands spreading Liz’s knees.  The full lips protecting her clit started separating also, Tom seized on this, sucking the erect nub into his mouth. Once in his mouth he swirled his tongue around and over the button. Using his teeth grating over the clit brought an immediate squirm from Liz. And she started humping at his face trying to increase the intensity of her pleasure.  Tom alternated between using the tip of his tongue poking at Liz’s piss hole and pinching her clit between his teeth.

Liz’s need to be filled just increased as Tom continued his ministration to her cunt lips.  She wrapped her fingers in Tom’s hair forcing his lips directly over her vagina.  He followed her lead by shoving his rough tongue as far up her passage as he could.  Liz again was rolling her head back and forth moaning loudly. He used the lubricant that had run out of Liz’s pussy and over her ass hole coating his second finger.

In one quick move he inserted his finger deep in her ass, and grabbed her clit between his teeth and bit down applying the right amount of pressure inducing her to start bucking her pussy at his face.  It was her turn getting a fist full of hair and grinding his face into her sex.

Tom move his finger back out of her ass to the first knuckle and rapidly and pushed its full length into Liz’s bowels in rapid succession.   Liz let out a cry of “Ooh God” that she knew was loud enough to wake the small kids in the room next. She thanked God the teens were far enough down the hall to hopefully not hear her climax.

She continued muttering incoherently at very high volumes as she bucked her hips. Liz continued grinding Tom’s face into her pussy hole. He sucked up all of her juices from her first orgasm torrent;  loving the taste of Liz’s juice.  As Tom was emptying all her girl cum from Liz’s pussy, she wondered if Bryan had any of his father’s skills. It looked like he would exceed him at least physically.

Tom’s semi-hard cock got fully hard from the face humping he'd just received. Flipped over his wife, he put her feet on the floor far apart exposing her hot wet sex to him. Still with most of her body on the bed Tom placed his dick at her opening.  Putting both hands on Liz’s shoulders and Tom pulled her small frame back toward him as he extended his cock meeting her wit a loud collision. Liz knew she was in for a fucking now. Tom continually backed his prick up leaving the head barely in her love canal followed by jackhammer his cock into her until his curly hair was tickling her ass. The sound of his balls slapping her clit echoed throughout the room ten minutes before telling her.

“We are breaking out your fat dildo tonight.” Liz had purchased the 12 inch silcon cock for the nights Tom was gone.  She told him the previous month that she'd like to try it up her ass while being fucked.  She wanted the experience of a threesome without actually bringing a stranger into her bed.  She knew she could never have sex with some she did not love.

Tom opened the night stand and pulled out the large silicon phallus. He pulled his dick from Liz’s hot box for a short time; inserting the pink cock replica in, lubricating her sex toy using her own juice.  With what he thought was enough lubrication, he put the extra large head against Liz's asshole giving her a second.  He and Liz had anal sex about once a month when she had her period, so she knew relaxing her ass muscles was necessary.  The extra two inches of length and half inch of girth were more than she was prepared for, when Tom eased it into her ass at the same rate he was putting his cock back into her cunt.  The walls of her vagina clammed down on his manhood as if moving it out of the way to make room for the anal invasion.

With the end of Tom's cock knocking on her cervix and the dildo was as far up her ass as he could get it while keeping a firm grip; Liz kept muttering, “Gawd I love it...I am so fucking full...Gawd, so fucking full.”

Tom gave her a few slow strokes of him and the dildo, before he became a jack hammer again slapping his balls against her clit while invading her bowels with the pink imitation dick.

Liz just kept rolling her head back and forth moaning; loving the feeling of having two cocks at once.  From that moment she knew she was hooked on two cocks fucking her at once. And, she'd have to figure out a way of having the two men do her this way.

Tom started taunting his wife with,” Want more? You want two guys filling your holes?”

All Liz could half coherently get out of her mouth was, “Yes give me cock.” And while she thought this wasn't the way a mother of four should be acting, she didn’t give a damn.  She was about to have the most mind blowing orgasm of her life. She also knew that she wanted the two guys to be Tom and Bryan, the two men she loved.

Tom continued pounding the dildo into her once small ass hole, “Maybe one for your mouth too.  You think you're slut enough for that?”

Liz surprised herself with her answer, “Oh hell yes bring it on.” But she was not thinking of another dick for her mouth but maybe a pussy.  And that thought truly caught her off guard.  The only other time she'd even slightly thought of enjoying another woman was when she was teaching Susan about shaving her cunt years ago.

Letting go of the dildo completely, Tom reached under his wife getting a hold of a nipple in each hand. He twisted them until Liz’s let out a cry and climaxed.  He knew she was climaxing as never before. Her pussy had grabbed his cock tight enough he though she was going to rip it off.  Tom’s mind flashed to Susan wondering if she'd be able to do the same. Would she enjoy also the feeling of two dicks at once?

Liz continued to buck and spurt out words and sounds that made no sense to Tom. All the while, she thought her head was going to explode as the waves of climaxes hit her. And she saw a blinding white light in her mind’s eye as soon as she felt Tom begin spew his seed into her.

Once both of their orgasms faded away they collapsed onto the bed together, not wanting to move a muscle. Tom hadn't even removed himself or the dildo from Liz. Time and shrinkage would have him out of her by morning. But the dildo would act as a butt plug for Liz that she'd remove in the morning.  They were exhausted and had learned something new about their spouse and themselves.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts
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Awesome read. More please. emot_penis
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I had to Google... The world record for twins born apart is 87 days, set in 2012.  A Kazakhstani woman had twins 11 weeks apart last August.

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Since they were born last August i know they weren't mine.  emot_laughing I haven't been to Kazakhstan in years.  And I'm glad you looked it up. it means the story was good enough to peaked your curiosity.  I do a bit of research for my stories and like getting them right.  (In Flight # COVID-19 I have the science right just stretched to its outer limits.)

Any how thanks for the comment and hopefully i have hooked you enough so you keep reading. The next chapter follows.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter Three: Echos
Bryan was fairly sure of what he'd heard. He heard his dad saying suck it dry. Which could only have one meaning, his mom was blowing his dad.  While he found it somewhat horrifying that his parents were having sex, much less his mom with her lips around his dad’s dick. He also found it hot.  After all his mom still had a great body. And it was the hot side of the situation that had his own dick stirring to hardness. He wished that a woman as good looking as his mom had her lips around his rising member.

This was also a revelation to him.  Bryan had never thought of his mom as a woman instead of a mom. But thinking about it, she had a smoking body and face, and from the sounds coming down the hall she knew how to suck a cock.  His dad was a lucky guy getting to fuck someone that looked like her pretty much any time he liked. And the comment “suck it dry” most likely meant she was a swallower.

Without much thought, the jock strap that was making his hard-on uncomfortable was removed. He maneuvered it as stealthily as he could over his feet, leaving it as a small bump at the end of the bed covers. He now had free access for attending to his need with his hand. He figured it was a pale comparison to the administration of his mom’s tongue, but he started lightly stroking his member.

Susan thought she heard her name come from her parent’s room. Her name was followed by what she would've sworn was her dad saying the words suck it dry.  She knew what the suck it dry meant but why that was said in conjunction with her name. It made her wonder.  Susan knew that many people would confuse her and her mom. She was fairly sure her mom was giving her dad a blowjob. Why had he made the mistake? Which brought Susan’s mind back to the blowjob her mother was engaged in; but she did not want to imagine her mom giving a blowjob to her dad, much less being good at it.  And evidently her mom liked the taste enough to have her dad cum in her sucking mouth.

Those thoughts were being processed when she heard Bryan shifting in the bed, since she got the floor tonight in their struggle for the ownership of the bed.  Susan figured Bryan was hearing what she was hearing and just like her was turned on by it.  She rightly assumed Bryan had his hand wrapped around a swollen dick. Susan knew that listening to the parents is what made it swollen. When she strained listening for the faint sounds, she could've sworn she heard slurping and gagging coming from her mom.  The other sound was much closer. It was knuckles being drug underneath covers in a rhythmic manner in the bed above her. These two thing made her start getting wet.

It didn’t take long before the sounds got to Susan. Her risen desire had her wanting to plunger her fingers in and out of aching and swelling pussy lips. She knew though, her brother was right above her . Hearing the sloshing her fingers would make when she was thrusting them into her wet gash wasn't beyond the possibilities.  That thought put her over the edge. She reluctantly resolved she'd have to settle on just using her thumb and forefinger pinching and rubbing her clit into submission without any real penetration.

As her fingers went looking for their familiar target, Susan couldn' t help thinking, “God what kind of a sicko slut am I?  That I need get myself off while my brother is beating off above me and hoping to hear my parents go at it.” Any questioning of motives were lost the instant she felt her own touch on her raised clit. A low, she hoped, silent groan left her lips as she began tweaking on the button that was now the center of her world.

Bryan heard the moaning below him, which added urgency to his own need to cum.  He'd none of the misgivings that Susan had about listening to the parents and his sister working on getting off.

Both Bryan and Susan were well into pleasing themselves when they heard a small high pitched crack come from down the hall. Bryan stopped his self-administered hand-job and whispered to Susan, “You awake?”  Knowing full well she was trying to get herself off.

“Damn, I was so close” was all Susan could think of. “Yeah what is it?”

Bryan replied, “That is what I want to know.  What do you think that sound was?”

Susan really wanted to say was, “I don’t care, I just want to finish this amazing orgasm I am about to have.” She instead said irritated, “I don’t know. Why?”

“I don’t know, I just thought I heard them having sex. Didn’t you?” came the reply.

“Yeah, I think so.” Susan said.  She decided their parents were working on climaxing and she was going to back to doing the same. Her fingers immediately resumed her ministrations to her clit.

Bryan was about to continue the questions when the same sound was heard by the two of them followed by a very distant female moan. “God what is that? And whatever it is they are really going for broke.”

Having the orgasm start rippling up from her thighs and down from her abdomen Susan managed a strained answer, “Sounds a little like when Dad would spank you with the belt, but higher, or when Mom slapped you for being a smartass.” With the hand that'd been rubbing her nipples below her raised night shirt, Susan hurriedly put a pillow over her face for a stifled  climax outburst.

Bryan was still turning over in his head what Susan had said, when his concentration was pulled away to the obviously climax his sister was having.  She was trying to cover-up the orgasm but the pillow only blocked so much of the low growl and moaning that was coming from the floor. The writhing on the floor, that Susan couldn't control, made it blatantly obvious she was cumming.

Pushing out of his head for the moment, that it was his sister on the floor in ecstasy, he put his head over the side of the bed watching a pretty blonde. While he craved seeing this gorgeous female naked while in this state, he was just thrilled seeing her in the throes of climax. He found it the most erotic thing he had seen. Seeing his own sister unable to control herself sexually, and enjoying a climax intentionally or not in front of him would surely change things.  While Susan had put up a good fight endeavoring to keep her pleasuring herself from him, the result was right there below him for his visual enjoyment.

Not wanting to make a big deal over Susan’s masturbating, while he was in the room, Bryan, also, yearned to make himself cum. But, he continued the conversation not expecting any replies. “You don’t think Dad is spanking Mom do you? That is way too kinky for them.”

Continuing to himself mostly, “But that is the best explanation.” “Man what have they been doing all these years that we couldn’t hear? And now that they're taking the door away, what are we going to be hearing?”

After a slight pause he continued, “You think this is a weekly thing?  God I can’t imagine once a week having to listen to that. Hell once is enough.”

Just to put Susan a bit on the spot he added very quietly “It is kind of exciting, though. I mean I can still hear them.  Damn he has staying power.”  Bryan quit the whispering conversation he was having with a climaxing Susan, and began again working on himself. This time he worked his hand the length of his rod much slower, enjoying the light smell of sex that Susan had put in the air.

About five minutes later Susan had recovered enough moving the pillow from her face. She tried diligently to keep anything away from her clit, since the slightest touch would set her off and she'd be powerless resisting it. She once again could hear the distant noises of her parents having the best sex in years.  She wished she could close the door removing the sounds of sex from down the hall, but knew there'd be hell to pay the next day if she did.  She kept debating if it was worth the hell tomorrow or the tortuous hell listening to the sound of sex keeping her in a state of arousal.

Bryan heard the pillow slide back under Susan’s head as she came down from her euphoria. The problem was his had been building over the past minutes. And he knew he'd have to cum in the next few minutes or he'd have blue balls the size of grapefruits in the morning.

Bryan rarely, since his sister had started trying to run him out of the room, got up to go to the bathroom. He knew she'd normally use it as an excuse, jumping into the bed and make him sleep the rest of the night on the floor upon his return. Tonight he didn't care, the wet spot from the amount of cum he'd likely shoot would make it almost impossible finding a dry spot on the bed. He had a feeling his mom knew about the little stops he'd left in the past and not said a word about them. This one would be different in scope. There was no way this would be contained just on his stomach for later cleaning.

Not wanting to delay getting to the bathroom, Bryan didn't put his jock strap back on.  He figured it was one more step of him and Susan becoming closer to each other. If she could masturbate herself to an incredible climax while he was in the room; he could step over her on the way to the bathroom with nothing on. It was dark after all and only a small bit of light shown in the room from the street lamp.

Susan heard him start getting out of the bed and opened her eyes. She could see him better than he could see her and she wanted to be sure about not getting stepped on.  What she saw shocked her.  Less than two feet away from her face were Bryan’s balls and hard-on.  The street lamp shown almost perfectly on them.  She guessed he had to be at least nine inches long and as big around as two old silver dollars. Definitely bigger than anything she'd put in her mouth or hand so far.

She quietly said to him,” What are you doing? You are naked.”

“Going to the bathroom to finish beating off. “  He figured no reason to lie to her.

Shocked Susan replied, “What?”

“I'm going to the bathroom to finish beating off.” Bryan repeated very slowly.  “Watching you get off turned me on.  Sorry if that offends, but it was hot. So I'm gonna finish beating off in the bathroom so I don't make a mess on the sheets. Any problems with that? If so don’t listen and close your eyes.”

The comment about her getting off, turning him on took her by surprise. The thought of Brian getting so turned on watching her masturbate that he'd do the same thing, made her hot.  So much so she'd be plunging her fingers in and out of her cum coated pussy for another orgasm soon and she knew it. And the fact there be no way of hiding the sound of the pounding she be doing to her pussy meant her brother needed to be out of the room and the bathroom was fine.

“No. Go have fun” was all she quietly said.

Bryan turned on the light before walking in the bathroom intentionally giving Susan one more look at his erect member. She was wide eyed staring at his erect meat.  He was enjoying the  new openness between him and his twin. He also knew he had taking it slow with her was advisable. He scaring her into shutting down the gains they'd achieved so far was something he didn't want happening . So while he didn't want to closed the door once he entered the bathroom letting Susan see him beat off, he did.

The events of the night so far had surprised him. He'd always hoped to see his sister naked but never before thought of her as a possible sexual partner. They were close but sex with her was never in his mind.  But with her writhing on the floor in ecstasy and him walking over her naked sex wasn't outside the realm of possibilities.  The thought of it being a possibility made Bryan both excited and nauseous at the same time.

Once he looked at the cabinet top he knew immediately what he was going to do. It was a bit mischievous but it'd hopefully be enough for getting rid of his desire to deposit his seed deep in her.

 Their father could be on the cheap side. He always brought home the lotion sample bottles from hotels he stayed at on business trips. Susan would use them for two to three days; moisturizing her face, arms and legs with them. There was an empty one in the trash. On the counter was a new full one. He quickly got the one from the trash and unscrewed the top of the lotion bottle and put the opening over the tip of his dick.  With just two more strokes he felt his ass muscle contract and his nuts rise up spurting into the container. Rope after rope sperm streamed through his cock and out into the lotion container. He had difficulty keeping the opening over the end catching every drop with his cock jerking with each wad.  The container was completely filled when he finally stopped spurting.

He screwed the top on bottle. Shook the bottle, and put it back on the counter throwing the unadulterated full one into the trash. He turned on the shower giving his sister the impression of cleaning up.  Susan heard the water running as she continued burying her fingers in her sopping pussy. In and out she worked furiously plunging her fingers into the center of her sex. While her brother was gone she removed her night shirt getting better access to her nipples.

She rolled the hard buds on her chest with her left hand, leaving her right to continue working on her cunt As Susan continued, for a second time that night an orgasm rose within her loins.  This time the covers were off of her so she'd better access to her pussy. And with the distant sounds of parents still having sex and her brother walking out of the bathroom she came.

Bryan finally got his wish of seeing his sister’s tits.  And the areolas were perfectly sized for her size A breast. At that moment they were standing up making delicious looking points.  The light from the bathroom also shown on her pussy with her hand buried in it. While embarrassment was obvious in her face, Susan's hand remained attached to her cunt going in and out slowly.ity.  It was this combination that made it hard stepping out of the bathroom and getting back into his bed.  If the girl in front of him hadn't been his sister he'd have buried his face in that luscious pussy. As it was, he really wanted to at that moment.

   Doing his best at ignoring the longing growing in him and his cock, Bryan walked across the room and stepped over his climaxing sister. Susan was completing her orgasm by humping her hips up against her hand, attempting to get her fingers even further into her pussy.  Seeing her brother’s cock still at attention prolonged the orgasm she was having. She had a great view of his recently spent balls hanging low in their sack. She also had a fantastic view of the underside of his upright cock with the large mushroom head with a little cum still visible on it.

    Susan had lost all sense of impropriety. She didn't know why she was acting like such a slut in front of her brother, and didn't really care. But, some switch had been turned on in her brain while hearing her parents.  She longed for her pussy to be filled with something beside her own fingers, or her mouth filled with a cum spewing prick. Brother or not she wanted the log between his legs. Half reaching up with her coated fingers she toward Bryan’s cock she muttered “You look fantastic, come to momma”

   Bryan knew he'd not be able to hear much of that kind of talk and keep remembering it was his sister saying it. After all she was a nude gorgeous girl that he knew and loved with great tits, fine ass and a pussy that looked like something worth dying for. Plus it was humping her hand.  That hand could've been so easily replaced by his already hard cock.  He also understood, she wouldn't be saying such if not in the state of bliss and her slightly intoxicated condition. “Thanks, now go to sleep.” was Bryan’s reply.   With that he jumped into the bed and worked diligently at blocking out the sounds around him. It was hard not listening to his sister self-flagellation and his parents down the hall finishing their marathon fuck session. But he did and fell asleep dreaming of  small tits and  gushing pussies.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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good start love long build ups
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Since they were born last August i know they weren't mine.  emot_laughing I haven't been to Kazakhstan in years.  And I'm glad you looked it up. it means the story was good enough to peaked your curiosity.  I do a bit of research for my stories and like getting them right.  (In Flight # COVID-19 I have the science right just stretched to its outer limits.)

Any how thanks for the comment and hopefully i have hooked you enough so you keep reading. The next chapter follows.

I enjoy your writing.  I had a Kazakhstani girlfriend years ago.  “ This is Natalya. [kisses her passionately] She is my sister. She is number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan.” — Borat. Better than those Kyrgyzstani women.  “This-a my country of Kazakhstan. It locate between Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan and assholes Uzbekistan.”

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Squidman Thanks for letting me know you are reading and like it so far. More is coming sooner than you think.

Toe, In the part of Kazakhstan i was in, the mention of Borat would get you dirty looks or a fight even from those that didn't speak English.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter Four: Pranks   

The twins were awakened by the door being removed from the room.  They both stayed under their individual covers until their father was finished.   Bryan stayed with the covers well to his shoulders since the jock strap was still at the bottom of the bed.  Susan stayed put since her thong was still wet from the night before, and her night shirt was still not covering her now cold tits. Plus she feared he'd be able to see the remnants of the night before on the sheets.

Once the door to the room and her dad were gone Susan quickly got up and dashed off to bathroom not looking at Bryan. While she was embarrassed about the last night, she was also still a bit turned on when she remembered the size of Bryan’s erect cock. She wondered when she'd be able to repeat last night again with her twin.

Once Bryan heard the water start in the shower he quickly got his jock strap from the bottom of the bed and put it back on. He grabbed a pair of gym shorts and a wife beater t-shirt and headed down to the kitchen for some food. He really wanted to look in on Susan while she was in the shower, but did not know if last night was a onetime thing, plus his parents might catch him. When he got to the kitchen table there was a note from his mom letting him know the later wouldn't have happened.

“Bryan and Susan, we are taking Joshua and Sara to see their grandparents. We will be back late. Only a couple of friends are allowed over while we are out. If you have friends over use up the veggies in the fridge for snacks.  Love Mom.” His mom was always trying to get them to eat well and stay away from junk food.

“Sweet:” Bryan said to himself. He grabbed the phone called Stew, and Vince two of his football buddies. Stew was a lineman while Vince was the punter.  The three of them were completely different but it worked out great.  Both said they'd like coming over to watch the game but both would need to bring their girlfriends along. That was the one thing that aggravated Bryan about the two guys.  They were both pussy whipped.

Bryan thought about it for a second, “yeah their whipped but they're getting the pussy that comes with it.”  So instead of a guys sitting around drinking a couple of beers his parents would never miss, he figured on the day being less man cave and more home and garden. Bryan ran up the stairs to let Susan know he'd be having a couple of the guys and their girlfriends coming over to watch the football game.

Sticking only his head in the bathroom, he saw a great outline of his sister as she showered. The steam had built up on the doors so while details of her nubile body weren't detectable, it was still a delectable sight. “Hey I am having some friends come over, could you make a veggie tray and dip for us? And invite a couple of your hot friends.”

“Hell no, and get the fuck out of here.” Came the reply over the sound of the water.

“What like I haven’t seen it all before,” Bryan slyly said reminding her he'd seen more than her basically naked.

“And not likely to see it again” Susan immediately shot back.  The “unless I feel like it” she left unsaid in her head.

“Come on make the veggies and I'll take the floor tonight.”

“How about taking the spare room over the garage forever?” She pushed

Now it was Bryan’s turn coming back with “Hell no, for that I can cut up some carrots and go buy a dip.”

“Ok I will do it after I get out and get dressed. Now get out.” She demanded.

After turning off the water Susan reached for the lotion on the bathroom cabinet.  She'd been told that it was better for skin if you put the lotion on while still damp and letting it soak in. So normally she applied it to herself and air dried.  It took longer and was colder than drying with a towel but she liked the virtually flawless skin she thought it produced.  She thought she'd put a new bottle on the counter yesterday.  Maybe she was remembering wrong she told herself. But,she could've sworn the old small bottle of hotel lotion should've been about empty. The one she in her hand was fuller than she expected.

She took the top off and shook it as usual with her finger tightly over the opening. When she poured the lotion into her hand, it had the wrong consistency and was a bit off color. She wrote it off to imagination. That it being an old bottle, the lotion had started separating a bit. She started rubbing the fluid in her hand into her left arm. She started at the apex of her shoulder and worked her fingers around her biceps getting her every inch of her upper arm.  And after pouring a little more in her hand she lathered up her elbow since rough elbows weren't going to happen to her.  She completed her left forearm and the back of her hand and fingers.  She repeated the same actions for her right arm using her just lubricated left hand.

Again pouring a large portion into left hand she transferred part of it to the other hand and started applying it just above her breast and up both sides of her neck.  That is when it hit her. The faint musky smell of the lotion triggered and involuntary reaction in her nipples, they started hardening. It was only then could Susan place the musky smell. It was the similar to the one she smelled when one of her previous boyfriends came from a hand job.  She held the bottle closer to her nose to be sure.

“That bastard.” She knew right away what had happened. Bryan came in her lotion bottle last night. She went from irate to mystified to why he'd done it, finally to turned on by it.  Instead of finding her “bastard” twin and laying him out with one unexpected punch; she put more of the concoction in her hand and spread it over her pert nipples. She was fully enthralled with rubbing her brother’s seed into her skin and having the pleasant throb that arose in her dampening slit. While doing it, she could only think,” God am I losing it. First I expose myself to Bryan while climaxing with my fingers buried in my pussy. Then I so wanted to grab his cock and devour it while he walked over me.  Now I am getting off putting his cum all over myself. Girl get a grip.” A grip is what she did get as she twisted her now cum coated tits.  She completed putting the “Lotion” on as usual rubbing it into her face and finishing with her ass. She always did her ass last rubbing the remainder of the lotion from her palms.

Susan finished up, again putting on a lacy thong and debated putting on the lacy bra that matched.  She was assuming Stew would be bringing Steve, his little brother, with him.  Steve was a freshman and he was very cute though younger. She was thinking maybe she'd show him the ways of an “Older” woman. Maybe that'd put her mind back right, getting her over all the strangeness she was  doing when it came to Bryan. 

She put the bra back in the drawer and pulled on a warm cheerleader uniform sweatshirt over her uncovered breast. Sweat pants over the thong, she was ready for the day.  While not normally a prick tease, she said quietly to herself, “Yeah teasing Steve enough giving him blue balls might be the cure.”  But, she wasn't going to get dressed up for it.  She passed her brother on the way down the stairs as he was heading up.

Acting like the previous 24 hours hadn't happened, she decided to insult Bryan as he passed headed for the shower. “You know if you keep beating off in the shower, you’re going to get hairy palms and go blind.”

He was having no part of not getting in his returned dig, “If I do, you can help me shave them into a nice straight lines. You appear to be good at that.”

“Fuck you” was barely heard as he hit the top of the stairs and turned toward the bathroom.

Susan was embarrassed and wondered how long the references to previous night would last.  She knew he meant no harm in them, but they were a reminder of just how out of control she'd been. She really was about the control and she was losing it when it came to Bryan and sex. And, the digs about her performance were speeding the loss of self-composure along.

Getting to the kitchen she figured it was her turn for turning the tables on Bryan.  Yes, she enjoyed the knowledge that Bryan’s cum was all over her skin. His spunk becoming one with her, but it needed payback.  She wasn't sure what she'd do but something would have to be done.  She guessed it'd come to her as she made snacks for the guys and their girlfriends, plus the friends she'd call that also liked college football. She ended up calling only Julie inviting her over.

She went to the fridge and pulled out the vegetables she knew her mom meant in her note.  She cleaned and cut up the broccoli, and some cauliflower. She cleaned the cucumbers and a couple of carrots when it came to her.

She loosened her sweat pants string and moved the little bit of lace, which made up the thong, off her pussy lips.  She was getting wet just thinking about it. “If Bryan wants to share his cum with me, I should share with him” she muttered to herself.  She took two of the carrots and looked over her shoulder before sliding one of them down her pants. The chill of the carro sent a shocked through her when she placed it between her heated folds. Suzan stroked it up and down and the thought of having Bryan eating on her juices without his knowing it made her feel somewhat wicked.

Her wetness began flowing. She spread her legs wide and squatted a little, so she could turn the orange rod into a dildo. It immediately when into her own version of a crisper. She worked the edible dildo up and down between her puffy full labia until it was well coated with her slime. Upon fully coating the carrot she placed it on the plate to be cut later.  The second carrot’s chill felt much greater on her now hot clit, shuttering her. An unexpected gush came immediately from her vacant hole.

She needed at that moment something filling the vacancy.  The carrot would more than fill her tight passage. She'd never had anything in her cunt before except her own fingers and Bryan’s boyhood probing.  The cold carrot flesh caused her smooth passage's clamping down.  She could feel every ridge, knot and hair on the orange rod as she slowing forced it into her virgin vagina.  She stopped pushing the vegetable in when the pain of hitting her unbroken hymen happened. She pulled the carrot out making sure the ridges and knots stimulated her raised firm clitoris. Her secretions continued flowing while she repeatedly inserted and extracted the vegetable phallus. Susan felt the moisture running along her inner thigh.

She pulled the warmed carrot out of her and put it next to the other seasoned root. The removed carrot once again made her cunt feel empty. Her next idea was putting her pussy milk on the cucumber also. Susan wasn't sure she could accommodate such a large penis substitute.  She picked up the large green cucumber and thought back to last night.  It was only a little bit bigger than Bryan if at all. And last night she wanted his cock up her coated cunt.  The longing for her brother's cock impaling her virgin cunt, was disturbing to Susan.  But it didn't stop her from closing her eyes and imagining it was Bryan’s cock that was trying to enter her.

 The cucumber stretched her to the breaking point as she inched it in. She'd never been so full and huffed and grunted as it entered her. The girth of the green veggie was overwhelming. She finally was able to get only a few inches of the cucumber into her now overstretched canal.  She was in heaven. Her Bryan substitute had her flowing profusely.  Her nipples had become taut and need attention she couldn't give. The orgasm started building in her trembling thighs.  She was only slightly worried about an overtly visible wet spot in her sweatpants that'd surely come if she climaxed.  As the orgasm came nearer to reality she didn't care how big a wet-spot shown on her pants.   Susan now understood what the girls at school were talking about when they said, “having sex with a vegetable beats a lot of the guys.” Susan just nodded her head in agreement when those conversations happened, since she was a virgin of both man and vegetable. That was until now; she was enjoying the hell out of this.  She managed keeping her orgasm at bay as she wanted more time enjoying the build-up.  She heard the groan of the stairs.  Bryan was on his way back down.  She'd no more gotten the cucumber out of her pants and reorganized herself before Bryan peered in.

“You need any help in here?” He asked.

In her head Susan answered, “You can finish what you just interrupted, I need to cum with your prick buried in me. Because I am a sick whore who does not care that you're my brother.”  Verbally she said, “No but thanks.”

Susan quickly put the cucumber on the cutting board and commenced cutting slices, wondering what in the hell had gotten into her.  She shouldn’t be thinking of Bryan in these ways.  Having her brother eat cum coated vegetables was just pay back and pushing the limits of acceptable fun.  But thinking of his cock in her virgin pussy wasn't pushing the limits, it was walking all over them. So she tried removing the thoughts from her head, and getting back to concentrating only on cutting up the vegetables.

Thinking of the task at hand while trying to overcome the urge of finishing her orgasm, she held up the half sliced cucumber saying to herself. “No washing needed. Well cleaned and coated in cum. Ready for the tasting.”

She finished cutting up the carrots also and put all the cut up items on a plate nicely organized.  She made sure there wasn’t room for three thick slices of cucumber and a couple of carrot sticks both well coated in her secretions.  She put them on a small plate and took them into Bryan, who was getting the family room ready for watching a couple of games.

The couch needed moving just slightly getting a better view of the big screen as did the love seat and a recliner.   Bryan drew the blinds checking if it'd make the screen look better or not.  After determining it did; he opened them back up and decided on closing them when everyone was there with the game on. He grabbed the plate left for him, and picked one of the carrots sticks up and bit it in half and began to chew. He noticed a faint odd taste not like any carrot he'd had before. He surmised Susan must've been experimenting in the kitchen and was using him and his friends as guinea pigs. Considering some of the previous culinary experiments Susan had thrust on him, this one was delicious. He finished the rest of the carrots and found the cucumbers just as tasty.  Though, the faint taste was stronger due to the subtle flavor of the cucumbers compared to the carrots. As he finished the last one he could've sworn he had something similar tasting in the past, though he couldn't say what.

Bryan returned the plate to Susan and said, “Thanks, I think everyone will like the veggies.”

Susan slyly smiled, “Yeah, I think the guys will really like them. I'm not sure about the girls, but you never know.”

He looked at her not understanding, “Yeah, I guess”

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Chapter Five: Friends

Stew and his girlfriend showed up a couple hours later. His girlfriend, Amanda was a petite redhead that was on the cheer squad with Susan. Amanda and Susan had little in common as Amanda was known for using her looks to get passing grades where Susan did study.  Amanda wasn't stupid, but she figured why study when a little cleavage would do the same thing. Whereas Susan was a virgin Amanda definitely was not.  She had fucked and sucked at least a quarter of the football team. In fact she had blown Bryan just the week before she started dating Stew.

Stew and Bryan never talked about Amanda blowing Bryan. Bryan knew Stew knew about Amanda sucking on his manhood. And Stew knew Bryan knew he knew. He liked the fact  Bryan never brought it up.  Some of the other guys on the team that Amanda fucked let him know they'd fucked his girlfriend.  Stew never got tired of kicking the asses of the guys that talked too much.

Stew had brought Steve along to the watch the game. Steve was feeling like a fifth wheel until he saw Susan.  Even in her sweats, Steve knew what was under them was extraordinary. He'd watched her from the stands as Susan bounced and hoped around in her little cheer uniform during games. He was determined that he'd get her out of the garments and find out all that they were hiding. He sat on the couch next to Susan naively thinking he could charm her enough, she'd remove her clothes for him by days end.

Vince came in after Stew with Stacy. Stacy was a geeky black headed girl. She always dressed in baggy clothes and today was no different.  The slight chill in the outside air had her in a sweater that was two sizes too big and jeans made for someone thirty pounds heavier. Susan had seen Stacy in the shower after gym and knew she hid a fit body, with a fabulous set of tits, bald pussy and a dancer’s ass. Below the well-formed ass were some of the most muscular thighs she had seen on a girl.

Vince had been at one of his sister’s dance recitals when he realized that, Stacy, the geek in many of his classes was really good looking under her baggy clothes.  So he took the funny looks and comments about him dating a dumpy looking girl. He knew the truth of what was under the frumpy clothes, and removed them whenever possible. Stacy wasn't a wild child in bed but had come a long way from her prudish beginnings dating Vince.

Vince had tried multiple times before she let him go down on her. She'd stopped him any time he started kissing her below her bellybutton. She'd let him finger her to orgasm but thought kissing him after he'd his mouth on her pussy would be dirty. It was the same reason she originally wouldn't blow him also.  It was Amanda that changed her mind. Vince and Stew had thought it was just a lot talking about what cum tasted like, and how great it'd be having a tongue buried deep in her cunt that convinced Stacy into giving give in and at least a give cunnilingus a try. In reality, it was a sleep over that convinced Stacy into letting Vince go down on her and a lot more.

Amanda had asked Stacy over one Friday for a girl’s night. Stacy agreed since she rarely got asked over to anyone’s house, being kind of a geek. She'd been dating Vince for a couple of months and Amanda had just started dating Stew. The two girls were getting to know each other better since the guys did most everything together.

Amanda had said to Stacy “Come on over on Saturday and we'll throw the boys out and have sometime for just us.”

Stacy had agreed, and during the evening their talking had touched on a little bit of everything. The discussed parents, teachers, school, what they wanted to do after school, and talked about their boyfriends many times. Late in the evening as they were getting ready for bed the talk had gone to their boyfriends and sex.  Amanda was completely honest with Stacy,” You know Vince ask Stew to ask me to talk to you about oral sex.”

Stacy joking replied, “That sounds so grade school doesn’t it.”

“Yes it does. So forget it”

Stacy over the course of the night had realized that she really liked Amanda and that the redhead was not just a dumb cheerleader. That she did have a brain and a great sense of humor. Stacy continued getting her night shirt out and inquired, “No give me your best shot at convincing me that it's not horrible and gross.”

Amanda had realized something about Stacy over the course of the evening; she was a bashful clean freak. She watched with amusement as Stacy turned her back to her taking off her shirt. Underneath her shirt was a utilitarian white bra. She quickly removed the under garment and put on the heavy night shirt. The shirt was designed to prevent any idea of what the wearer looked like underneath it.  She then neatly folded her removed shirt and bra and put them aside.

Amanda started, “You do know I've a set of tits too.  So I know what they look like.  You don’t have to try and hide them.” With that Amanda removed her own shirt and lacy bra and tossed them across the room. She was completely unabashed at her own C-cup breast that looked monstrous on her small frame. Stacy immediately diverted her eyes from the breast that were now completely uncovered.

“Yes I know you do.”  Deflecting the conversation off herself Stacy added, “And they're much larger than mine.”

“I guess,” Amanda picked up the right one in her hand. It well overflowed her small hand. “But they are just tits. But I guess I am lucky in that I can suck on them when Stew is not around.” With that she placed her lips around the upraised nipple.

An astounded Stacy only stammered “Well….Ok”

Amanda let the now hardened nipple from her mouth, and looked at Stacy as she continued  turning bright red from embarrassment. “Hey if you can’t suck you, who can” she joked. She proceeded to remove her jeans and bikini panties and walk naked past Stacy to her dresser,  getting a T-shirt out of it. “Oh normally I sleep naked, but you don’t look like you'd be good with that so I'll put on a shirt at least.”

“Thanks, it's not that I'm a prude or anything, I just don’t spend any time naked. I'm always afraid someone will see me.” Stacy said as she tried removing her own jeans without letting Amanda see anything that was under them.

“Well we've all seen you in the shower at school.” Amanda pressed still holding the t-shirt against her chest.

“I know.  I like getting it late enough where everyone else isn't around or looking” Stacy said turning even more crimson, noticing Amanda was still completely naked.

“I can’t speak for the other girls but I've looked. And you do a good job of hiding a very sexy body under your normal attire.” Further proving she'd seen Stacy naked she asked, “And what is it with the fully shaved cunt? A previous boyfriend ask you to do that?  I keep mine nice and trimmed. But I keep it there if for no other reason than to prove that I don’t dye my hair. It is just nature.” Amanda waved her hand past her pubic hair like a game show host showing off the prizes as she extended out her pelvis.

Trying to act un-phased by the revelation people were looking at her naked in the shower and the exhibitionist showing off her auburn pussy hair, Stacy answered, “No.. no boyfriend. Actually Vince is the first boy to even touch me down there. And I don’t let him see my coochy. He just puts his hand down my panties.  I don’t like the idea of anything getting caught in the hair. So I shaved it from the minute I started having any grow down there. It all just seemed so unsanitary.”

Amanda rebutted, “It is not unsanitary, The only thing I think I ever get in mine is a little pussy cream from getting myself off, or spit from getting eaten out, or cum from fucking. It is a small price to pay for the pleasures. Which gets us back to the original thing of why don’t you let Vince go down on you?  Nothing beats a tongue lashing bringing on an orgasm. No pregnancy to worry about or small cock not meeting your needs.  Just a glorious tongue and lips bringing on nirvana. I kind of understand not giving  blow jobs and all. But, I like doing it. There's something about the taste and feel of warm cum I like. And the feel of a cock pulsing in my mouth knowing I've full power over the guy is great.”

Stacy was taken aback by Amanda’s openness on her own ideas about oral sex.  She replied, “I guess I could see having Vince go down on me, if it wasn’t for the fact that he'd then want to kiss me on the mouth afterward.  And not having brushed his teeth.  That'd be just too gross. And blowing him is just out of the question.  He pees out of that dick.”

“Yes he does and he's likely planning on putting that dick in you and fuck you with it at some point too. If you date him long enough you'll probably let him.” Amanda replied. She continued, “And you don’t have to let him kiss you afterward, if that is all that is preventing you from letting him go down on you.”

“Well that and what if I don’t like it?” Stacy questioned

Amanda couldn't believe that last question. She obviously would have to change Stacy’s mind one way or another.  While she'd never been with a girl before she had in the past wondered what it'd be like. The taste another girl’s pussy on her tongue, the feel of her lips on another woman’s pussy lips. She like also the idea of breaking another girl’s cherry of sorts. Plus if she could get such a repressed girl losing her inhibitions it could be amazing.

With her decision made, Amanda pounced. She threw the t-shirt she'd been holding through the whole conversation at Stacy’s face and pushed her back on the bed. Before she'd time to realize what was happening she heard Amanda say “Don’t worry you'll love it. And I'll not kiss you afterward.” With that Amanda’s head and hands went under the over-sized nightshirt.

With a hand Amanda moved the plain white cotton underwear off her target. Being unprepared for any of what was happening to her, Stacy wasn't at all stimulated. The un-aroused state of Stacy wasn't a deterrent for Amanda.  She placed her mouth on the smooth pussy, knowing right where all the hot spots on another female body were. It was natural Amanda would know what would turn on another girl. So she immediately ran her tongue up Stacy's slit.

When Stacy finally realized what was happening, she was horrified her new friend had her lips glued to her cunt. Yet despite the disgust she felt the warm tongue parting her pussy lips electrified her mind. She resisted for a second by squeezing down with her strong thighs, on Amanda’s head. Followed by a shocked and loud “What in the hell do you think you're doing?”

Amanda ignored the question and worked quickly getting Stacy to let her head out of the death grip of her thighs. Stacy had trapped Amanda's head where it was, when she closed her thighs tight around the invading head. This meant that Amanda still had full access to Stacy’s pussy. She twirled her tongue around the recessed clitoris. The engaged clit did what all clit’s do when stimulated in a pleasurable way, it stood up giving the simulator a better and fuller target. Amanda sucked it between her hungry lips as far as she could supplying a shock to Stacy’s brain.

“Oooooh no. That is amazing.” Stacy manage to say while still attempting to push her friend out from between her thighs, though they were still tight around Stacy's head.  “Please stop, I've never felt like this before.  It is too much.” She continued to mutter.

The more Amanda teased at and sucked on Stacy’s clit the less pressure she felt on her head from the powerful legs, and the fuller Stacy's pussy lips swelled. By the time Amanda had run her tongue over the reluctant girls clit for a few minutes and begun exploring the depths of the pussy hole below it, all resistance to her assault was gone. Once she'd Stacy aroused Amanda began sampling the flow from the virgin pussy. Stacy had replaced the resistance with an  acceptance of the enjoyment the mouth on her cunt brought.

The first time Amanda snaked her tongue into Stacy, she had to hold tightly to the virgin’s hips. Stacy bucked her hips up and wrapped her legs around Amanda’s back grunting out. The tongue lapping at her opening and clit had set fire to Stacy’s breast.  She longed to rub the hardeded buttons that had arisen on her tits, but was afraid Amanda might see.  She didn't want Amanda thinking she was a slut, so she gripped the bed covers tightly in her fist. Amanda began working the virgin hole with her long finger. The passage was so tight that she wondered if it'd ever had anything in there before.

Being as Amanda had never been with another woman, she was treating Stacy’s pussy as she liked her own to be treated. She proceeded kissing the outside of the puffy lips, followed by sucking them in to her mouth one and a time. She did this all the way up and down each of Stacy’s smooth pussy lips. When she'd remove her digit from the hot box, she'd replace them with her tongue. Stacy was producing a steady flow of juice, Amanda was drinking down. Stacy's pussy was lubricating its pipe for the cock that wouldn't come tonight. Instead Stacy’s lubricant and her own saliva made Amanda’s fingers slide in and out of the heated vagina with less resistance.  Amanda was amazed at how tight this girl was. And how much pull Stacy’s pussy wall muscles exerted.

Amanda kept up the pressure on the chaste clit as she pushed a second finger into the now overflowing pussy. Stacy hadn't ever had anything in her pussy passage until Amanda's finger, and it felt huge in her. The two fingers were stretching her more than she thought possible.  She began groan and grind her engorged nub harder into Amanda’s mouth trying to get more pressure on her slit. Stacy finally broke the silence airily asking, “Please, can you push them deeper? Please...I want more.”

Amanda was amazed at how polite the request was. She knew the girl below her wasn't far from her first penetration orgasm. She mumbled through the slick lip she'd in her teeth, “Patience.” Then she continued doing exactly what she was doing, enjoying her first experience with a girl. Her own pussy was flowing and her nipples were getting itchy craving someone sucking or playing with them. She used her free hand guiding Stacy’s hands to her breast. Stacy was hesitant at first having never touched another girl’s tits. Amanda did little coaching and used Stacy’s hand tweaking her own nipples. After she was accustom to the feel of another girls breast Stacy began enjoying massaging and rubbing on the large mammaries.   

The feeling of another female’s hands on her nipples set Amanda’s pussy a fire. She used her again free hand in quenching it. Amanda took to abusing her pussy getting the heat out.  She was well on her way to climaxing when she felt the first big spasm of Stacy’s pussy..

Stacy again squeezed her legs together trapping Amanda a second time. As all her senses began exploding, Amanda’s pert nipples between Stacy’s fingers were squeezed with all might the climaxing girl could muster.  The nipple pain and knowing she'd been the first person to bring this repressed girl an oral orgasm, set off Amanda’s self-induced orgasm. She started bucking her hips into her hand.  Undeterred by her own climax Amanda moved just enough for her mouth to cover Stacy’s opening, swallowing down all the cum the spasming cunt produced.  She was intoxicated by the taste of Stacy’s discharge and suck hard as it started to dissipate. Only to be rewarded by a second wave that was triggered by her sucking. Stacy wasn't sure how much more she'd be able to take. Her whole body had become one big nerve and twitched from head to toe.  A primal scream left her as the last orgasm hit. She'd lost all sense of time, she felt like she'd been orgasmming for hours when Amanda finally removed her mouth from her sex.

Again in pounce mode after watching Stacy come half way down from her euphoric state, Amanda quickly said, “I lied.”  And with that she quickly covered Stacy's mostly clothed body with her naked one, locked her cum coated mouth over Stacy’s.  Not fully over her orgasm, Stacy was in no shape to resist. Though, she did give a pathetic attempt at resisting  the lips of the girl that'd just brought her so much pleasure. Amanda once again forced her tongue inside of Stacy’s lips, though these were far from the other pair.  Amanda knew it was only a matter of time before Stacy would be enjoying the tongue now in her mouth.

Stacy’s mind was in a state of confusion. She'd just had the best orgasm of her life, and it was a girl that'd done it to her. And now that girl was kissing her with lips covered in her own cum.  Which was just too gross, but the lips were soft and inviting. And her own cum didn't taste disgusting like she thought it would.  It actually had a nice flavor to it.  She didn'tt resist any longer and willingly opened her mouth wider inviting Amanda’s tongue into her mouth. The taste of her pussy was much stronger on other girl’s tongue. She sucked her flavor from Amanda’s tongue and enjoyed it. She suddenly became the aggressor and put her tongue in the waiting mouth. Feeling the smooth inner lining of her teacher’s palate and teeth, she became hungry for more.

Being much stronger than Amanda when unprepared, it was nothing for Stacy to flip Amanda onto her back on the other side of the large bed.  “My turn,” was all she said and removed her heavy night shirt so she could feel Amanda’s smooth skin along her own body.  The feeling of her nipples coming in contact with those below her sent a chill down her spine and charge of electricity from the point of contact to her recovering pussy.  While rubbing their nipples together, she grabbed the hand she knew Amanda had been using while pleasuring herself.  One by one she put the fingers in her mouth and licked them clean of the girl’s juices.  She was enticed by the flavor and smell. After fully cleaning the fingers she went back to the soft inviting mouth that had changed her.

Amanda at that point knew she was right, this was going to be amazing. She had Stacy losing some of her sexual hang-ups and was going to enjoy the ride where ever it took them. It only took a small nudge downward from Amanda on Stacy’s shoulders that had her stop kissing Amanda's mouth and move down to her very large breast. Stacy kissed circles around the large brown areolas that sat atop the milky white tits.  Stacy instinctively placed her mouth over the areolas and raked her teeth lightly up and over the hardening nipples. The pain and pleasure Stacy was inflicting on Amanda’s tits had the nipples rock hard.   Amanda ran her fingers through Stacy’s hair helping direct her from one breast to the other.

The longer Stacy continued concentrating her attention on Amanda’s tits the more her pussy demanded some attention too.  Again using just a little pressure on Stacy’s head she imparted her wish for Stacy to eat her.  By now Stacy was eagerly waiting for the invitation. She wanted to find out if there was power and control when you cause someone to orgasm.  The flavor of the cum soaked fingers was still fresh in her mind. She wanted more of it, and any thought of it being unclean was forgotten.

Stacy reached the well-trimmed hair with her kisses as she traveled down to the waiting pussy folds. She ran her fingers over and over them as she kissed Amanda’s mons.  Doing her best at recalling what had been done to her, she started jabbing at the wet slit in front of her. She knew it wasn't doing it right, but she couldn't remember what was done to her. So she let go of all thoughts and just did. The next thing she knew she'd her tongue deep in Amanda’s pussy and her fore finger rubbing tight circles on the redhead’s clit. Amanda began humping the tongue buried in her cunt. She pulled Stacy’s face tight into her snatch when she finally came for the second then third time. Stacy wouldn't let up though having found a new sense of freedom and kept at her teacher’s pussy and tits for the next couple of hours.

As morning broke the two hadn't been asleep and where still in each other’s pussies.  Stacy had been the one demanding this by putting her leg over Amanda’s head as she lay on the bed, exhausted from the number of orgasms she'd had.  And once in position Stacy lowered her dripping cunt onto the awaiting lips. Amanda was too tired and turned on to not accept it willingly and do her best at getting Stacy off one more time.

She'd made a monster, and from that sleep over forward the two had at least one or two nights a month that they got together for girls night. On those nights they'd spend all night with lips to pussy lips, or tits, as well as Stacy’s new found love of grinding their clits together until they both climaxed. Stacy no longer prevented Vince from going down on her. It took another girl's night before Amanda convinced Stacy blowing Vince would be fine in an unconventional way. She'd had sex with Stew right before starting girl’s night and let Stew’s cum in her pussy. When Stacy went down on Amanda, that night she got her first taste of a guy’s cum.  After that Vince was blown on a regular basis.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts
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