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Author Topic: Welcome home (d/s, mf,)  (Read 529 times)
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« on: May 12, 2020, 09:14:57 AM »

The dogs are barking up a storm. That sound ever the alarm sends my heart fluttering. I know what that yammering chorus means. He is home again.

With a smile that almost splits my face and yet does not do justice to the thrill of my soul i practically skip to the door and almost seem to float the scant yards to his car. A brief brush of lips is all i am allowed as we bring the bags in. I know the rule, no cuddles till he has had a chance to shower and wash the sweat and dust of the road from his skin.

Bags are stowed and the laundry bag is left to do tomorrow. All my attention is taken by this man i called friend, then lover, and now am lucky enough to call my love and my daddy. Like a puppy i frisk about him inquiring if he needs a drink, that his towels are laid out, that i am overjoyed he is home.

I shave his head, scrub his back with the scrub i made just for him the mingled scents of coffee, mint, sandalwood, and bergamot filling the air along with the steam. I make eyes at him but keep my hands to myself. I cook the dinner he requested and get him settled before making my own plate. Dinner is full of laughter and talk about his weeks on the road, my studies, and general giggling teasing.

After dinner we stretch out and watch a movie. He knows i am already soaking wet but keeps the mood g rated. He knows it drives me batty. I lean against the solid weight of him and melt into the steady thrum of his heart, his hand a soothing weight petting my head. We share gentle, loving, kisses when the film lulls.

When he calls bedtime my smile becomes feral tinged. I have been good. By the time i walk the house, make sure the doors are locked, lights are off, and the thermostat is at the temperature he likes he is already in bed. I stare for half a moment. I like him in my bed. I like him home.

I crawl in next to him naked and cuddle against his skin “Jesus Christ woman! Ice hands!” He yelps. I giggle. It is an ongoing source of amusement for us how quickly my hands and feet grow cold. “Well daddy, you could always warm me up” “uh-huh” comes the reply. I know he will move when he is ready. I’ve already surrendered control and we both are aware of it. This is just smart assed flirting.

He finishes his game and puts the phone down rolling me into his chest, tracing my back, murmuring tender words into my ear. I wriggle with the sheer joy of being in his arms. Some nights we talk for hours. Tonight is not one of them.

He digs a finger into my side and i wiggle away giggling. He follows and keeps digging and tickling till i squeal “daaadddyy stoooop” and roll on my back. This is exactly what he wanted.

Swift as thought my breast is caught in his grip, thumb and forefinger squeezing down onto my nipple. Hard. The pain flashes through me like fire and all amusement disappears in the blaze that kindles. My breath catches and releases in a low moan. He knows me so well.

His grip grows tighter, the pain, and the arousal grow higher. My eyes flutter shut and my hips roll with a mind all their own. When his teeth close around the tortured flesh i arch and bite my lip. His voice commands “look at me. LOOK at me” I open eyelids that feel like stone, vision gone double as i try to focus. Even blurred i can see the predatory feral grin in his eyes. The knowledge that i am caught, the awakening of his sadist that wants to play.

He tears his teeth from the swollen nub eliciting a yelp from me and shoves me onto my side so my back is facing him. His lips whisper against my ear while his teeth nip and knead at the lobe “you, are such a dirty fucking slut. You like this don’t you? Don’t you??” His hand reaches over me and kneads my breast, lifting and dropping the weight of the satin flesh.

A soft moaning whisper answers “yes, god yes” His laughter is dark and depraved in my ear. “Such a...” his bite intensifies “dirty” his fingers find my nipple and twist “filthy” his other hand twines in my hair and pulls it back so he can get a better angle “little” he lets go of my ear and growls “slut” his teeth sink into my left shoulder blade, a spot only he has ever found, my eyes fly wide and i keen out a mewling cry as i climax uncontrollably from the pain of his bite, the headspace, the pure primal dominance of my daddy.

He doesn’t let go for a time, chewing at me, i am sure i will have welts at the least and blood likely drawn. But I don’t care. I LIKE it when he draws blood.

He lets me go and i fall supine on my back already crying out for him, mindless, needing, “please daddy please” His fingers dance feather light over my belly, across my thighs, down my arms. “Please, what?” “Pleeeease” He nuzzles my neck with his nose, lips raising goosebumps as he whispers, “please what, say it” “please daddy, please fuck me. Fuck me deep. Fuck me like the dirty little whore i am. Fuck me like your wanton slut”. I do not generally verbalize during sex but once the dam cracks the words fall like waterfall of litany from my mouth. He knows in that moment all i am is his for the asking. My conscious mind is gone and all that is left is a primal, hungry, submissive masochist prey begging the wolf to devour her soul.

His teeth set into my throat and his fingers slip between my legs. I bend my thighs out and up instinctually, riding the wave of lust and sensation. I lose track of reality. It is all a slipstream of pleasure and pain. I am vaguely aware of saying the most depraved things but my brain has no use for comprehension so it refuses to record. When his finger slips inside my soaked pussy it is like a flash of brilliant lightning behind my eyes. My inner muscles clamp down and pulse in time to the beat of my heart as he drags another orgasm from the depths of my soul.

He lets me breathe for a moment, two? Ten? When my eyes start to flutter open he grabs me by the hair and pulls me down the bed towards his cock. In this instinctual state i need no urging. Fluidly i slither between his legs and nuzzle his cock and balls before engulfing the whole of it with my mouth.

Oh i love this feeling, this taste, the scent of him filling my nose. I trace every ridge, every curve, the delicate flare of the underside of the head, the intoxicating crease that terminates at the slit. i am in love with him, but in this moment i am in love with his cock. i bob, i lick, i twist my head. I don’t care if my face ends up sopping wet from my own saliva, i am starving and this is all i need.

For a time my strokes are even, measured, his soft sighs and groans the sweetest damn music i have ever heard. The longer i suck, the more lost i become, till all the world fades away, and all that is left is that sweet throbbing steel against my tongue.

He knows when i am truly gone. i am not sure how, but he knows. He starts to move hips arching into my throat. That’s part of the reason he let me set the pace at the outset. We have both learned that when i get lost in cock sucking my gag reflex disappears. His hand reaches down and cups the back of my head. Gently at first, grip turning cruel as he begins to truly face fuck me.

What is left of my mind, which is the merest scrap of a shred concentrates on breathing in rhythm. His cock slides between my lips faster and harder. I love this feeling too. Used like a toy, fucked like a depraved whore. I can feel the flesh swell and subside in the tiniest of increments, throbbing inside my throat. My lips are being bruised by the force and speed of his thrusts and i am in fucking heaven.

He yanks me off his cock and presses my face into his soaked scrotum “lick me” he rumbles. I don’t just lick, i lave. i press my cheeks deep into the folds of skin and suckle, lick, and even lightly, ever so carefully, chew when i can feel there is no sensitive ball in the mouthful. But i also cannot resist. Every few moments i slide my mouth back around his cock, whimpering and moaning before moving back to his balls.

My pussy is twitching and on fire, throbbing with lust and need. I drag my head back and sink onto his twitching length and he holds me there fucking me, the swollen head rubbing the back of my throat. Faster he thrusts, harder my pussy throbs. My clit twitches HARD and i have a moment of clarity to think “are you fucking kidding me” before what i think i am feeling becomes a reality and i cum screaming around his cock, climaxing from the thrill of sucking my daddy’s cock.

He drags my head up an inch or two and hold me there growling, shaking my head back and forth. His cock pulsing, pushing spurt after spurt of his cum down my throat. Two weeks of need releasing against my tongue. I have to swallow twice to keep up. But i am a good girl and I don’t waste anything.

Finally he turns me loose and i stumble, on knees that are half jelly to the bathroom to dampen a towel for cleanup. Staring at me in the mirror is a girl who is still new but becoming more familiar. Her eyes are large and dark, her skin is ruddy and alive, her lips are swollen and softly parted. She is beautiful.

I wring out the cloth and bring it to him. Returning it to the sink to dry before turning out the lights and crawling back into bed. He pulls my hand across his back to curl against his chest “you ok honey?” Bless him. He always checks on me “yes daddy. I am good. Welcome home my love. You have been missed”


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Great story..thank yous;;

Feel free to message me with your interests. Love horny chat and sharing fantasies.
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