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Author Topic: NURSE AMY by FOXI 4 (MF, MMF,FF)  (Read 263 times)
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(The author does not condone underage sex. This story is fictional and is for adults only.)




                                                   NURSE AMY

    She worked throughout the week doing her assigned cases given her to care for elderly patients. She had started only a month ago and already had ten assigned people to care for. Her husband was an executive in an up and coming business and they demanded a lot of time from him helping to make it grow.

    Amy was not pleased with him being absent so often but needs must when first starting off not only in a career but in a marriage. Amy was petite and slim always staying in good shape. She was young and her husband six years older. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty face that bordered on cute. She had a good body and enjoyed sex with her husband when he was around. But that was getting rarer these days with the company sending him abroad to garner more business.

    Their sex life was complicated. He wanted more from her every time he was home, demanding kinkier sex when she was trying so hard to have normal sex with him. It seemed that every time he came home from a trip he wanted more from her and not just any kind of sex. She loved sex and wanted to please him but his demands were at times excessive. When she refused he would get angry and storm out of the house making her life filled with anxiety.

    So Amy got a degree in nursing and began to work full time. It helped her take her mind off an errant husband and where their marriage was going. Her clients were on average about 60 to 80 years old and she was pleased to care for them. They liked her and both felt comfortable around each other.

    Her job was to check their blood pressure and other vitals along with giving them a sponge bath if needed. Seeing her clients naked at first bothered her but after awhile the baths were given with a sense of humor. One day she got word from her supervisor that she was to take on a special client who just moved into her care zone. His name was Robert and was 70 years old with bad legs that made it difficult to get around.

    She was to meet him this day and got  her gear ready. Gone were the days when visiting nurses had to dress in whites with matching hats. Now they dressed in jeans and regular clothing making themselves less formal. She was given a key by the company to enter the patients home and introduce herself along with services.

    She found him in bed wearing his pajamas and smiling at her. She thought him a handsome man who still had his hair though white now.

    "You must be my new nurse. My name is Robert and I believe yours is Amy." He said in a pleasant voice. She gave him a big warm smile and nodded.

    "Correct on everything, including your own name." They both laughed. "I understand that you are having trouble walking. I think they have a physical therapist coming to see you, Robert. Today I'm going to check your vitals and give you a bath. Is that ok?"

    "Seems like you've got it all pretty clear. Looking forward to the bath. Been a week since the last one because of the move." Amy took his blood pressure and more and then prepared warm water in a bowl. She helped him undress and saw that his body at 70 was in very good shape. When she saw his cock she at first wondered if she was seeing things. Even soft it was larger than her husbands. She was careful not to let the man see her looking. She started to bathe him spending more time on any bed sores that were healing. When she got to his groin area she was careful to just clean him quickly and simply pass over his cock.

    Robert, or Mr. Green watched her closely. He knew she was young and guessed about 19 or 20 years old. Probably newly married from the ring on her finger. Still shy about nudity.

    "Just married?" He asked surprising her.

    "Yes. We're going to be celebrating our first anniversary soon." He congratulated her and she thanked him.

    "Have you ever been married, Mr. Green?" She asked as she toweled him off.

    "No, never. Never felt I needed to. Always had plenty of women friends. We took care of each other." He smiled at her. Amy blushed with understanding. It was obvious that Mr. Green was quite the player in his day.

    "How about now?" She asked realizing how inappropriate such a question was and wondering what got into her. "I'm sorry. That was not the right question to ask."

    "It's quite alright, Amy, and the answer is yes. A few times a month a friend drops by to visit me." He watched her reaction and got the one he wanted with her nodding and smiling.

    To Amy he was getting more than she was at this point in her married life. How pathetic was that?

    "Hows your married life? Are you happy and contented?" He asked softly seeing the change in her demeanor.

    Amy didn't answer at first but took the time to cover him up and place the sheet back on him.

    "Everything is great." She said halfheartedly. But he could see that wasn't the case.

    "It's tough to keep a marriage going. Damn hard work. I imagine in today's world that just trying to earn a living is tough enough." She again nodded and began to pack her things. She gave him her business card just in case and said goodbye.

    At the end of the day she thought about Mr. Green and his kind words. But for some crazy reason she also had the image of his thick cock running through her silly brain. By the time she got done bathing him it was semi-rigid and as thick as her wrist.

    That night she got a call from her husband in Taiwan telling her that he would be there another week. Downhearted and frustrated she went to bed upset. Then she thought of Roberts cock and without thinking about what she was doing she started to masturbate. Her pussy was so wet all day after seeing him. She was bad even thinking about him never mind his cock. But she was so horny and soon after rubbing her clit she arched her back cumming hard. Later she chastised herself for doing it with Mr. Green in mind. But by morning she thought of him again.


    The following week she returned to Roberts house a bit more enthusiastic than before. She hated herself for feeling excited about seeing him again but couldn't help herself.

    "There's my girl right on time." Robert said following her about the room. Today she wore tight jeans and a sweater top that was tight and made her look stunning.

    "Hi, Mr. Green." She said happily with a big smile.

    "Robert, please. Mr. Green makes me feel even older. I'll call you Amy and you call me Robert from now on." They agreed and Amy did all the usual things and prepared for his bath. She undressed him trying hard not to look at his swelling cock. But it was impossible. It was so big and getting harder every second. She began to wash him slowly and he closed his eyes when she reached his cock. She was careful to use the sponge and not her hand to clean him and took her time making him breathe heavier. His cock was fully hard and was at least 9 or 10 inches in length and as big around as her slim arm.

    When she was done he felt her dry him taking a few extra seconds to do around his cock and lower. He liked looking at this girl. She was so young and slim with small breasts that looked perfect and her ass was incredible.

    "Thank you." He said. "Is hubby coming home this week?"

    "Sadly, no. Staying another week in Taiwan." She said rather downheartedly.

    "You could come visit me anytime you feel lonely, Amy. I would enjoy that. I was in Taiwan for about four months when I was in the army. Beautiful place. Too warm for me, but the women were beautiful."

    Amy sat on the edge of the bed listening. She wondered if her husband also noted how beautiful the women were.

    "You liked it there with all that beauty surrounding you?" Amy said jokingly.

    "Oh yes, Amy. Especially the women." He laughed. "They are very educated in the ways to please a man."

    Amy felt her pulse race with the talk of sex. Normally she would simply pass off such banter but with Robert it was different. For some unexplained reason she liked hearing him talk about anything.

    Robert could see her listening closely accepting his bit of sexual banter. She was still on his bed and keeping the conversation going. That was a good sign.

    "Well I certainly hope my hubby keeps his hands to himself in Taiwan." She said jokingly.

    "Don't you worry, Amy. If I was married to you I wouldn't even think of looking elsewhere. If he did he'd be a very foolish man." Amy smiled and loved that he told her so. She got up to leave and he stopped her.

    "Next time you come we'll talk more about Taiwan." He said laughing and getting her to join along.

    When she went home that night she could not get Robert out of her mind. She enjoyed his company and his topic about sex did not bother her in fact she liked it. It should have disturbed her but it didn't. She also noted how much he watched her. His eyes were taking her in from top to bottom making her feel...what? Good about herself and how sexy she was despite her husbands lack of interest. Even a 70 year old man could see her sexiness. She liked him looking at her.

    That night she found herself masturbating again thinking about Robert and his huge cock. No wonder women liked him, who wouldn't considering his size. She imagined what it would feel like having it inside her tight pussy. Then she came, squirting hard and wetting the bed. She was breathing hard realizing that she had not cum like that...ever.

    The next week couldn't come fast enough for Amy. Roberts appointment was always her last at the end of the week and it was torture waiting. She realized how naughty she was thinking that way, but until her husband treated her right her thoughts would be to more happy things and Robert was one of them. He made her feel like a woman that was wanted.

    When she came into his house he was waiting with a big smile and a bouquet of flowers for her.

    "They're for my favorite nurse." He said as she picked them up, smelling them and leaning down to kiss his cheek.

    "Thank you, you're so sweet, Robert." She said truly loving such attention. She got started and after several minutes prepared his bath. She undressed him and he watched her take her time. When he was naked his cock was again fully erect and Amy bit her bottom lip seeing it. She washed him carefully as usual but this time she took particular time to clean his inner thighs and cock. she ran the sponge up and down it even lower washing his balls. He never said a word but kept his eyes closed enjoying her touch. When she was done he thanked her.

    "What shall we talk about today, Amy?" He asked as she helped him dress.

    "Taiwan, of course. I want to know why the girls are so beautiful and so good at what they do?" She said sitting again by him, but this time closer, his hand touching her leg.

    They both laughed and he nodded to her knowing that she was getting to like him more. He could see she enjoyed being with him.

    "Well, they're brought up to please men. Men in that country are heads of the families and fully support them all so in response to that the women learn the ways of love very early in life. You might say they are born to it unlike most women in the western world." Amy was fascinated by his knowledge of the place and even though bad thoughts assailed her about what her husband might be doing there, she found herself not caring when she was with Robert.

    "Oh my," Said Amy. "How young do they start to have sex?" She asked surprising herself.

    "Very. Some are as young as twelve. But I kept to the older ones. They had much more experience." He said smiling at her.

    "Oh, yes?" She punched his arm. "I think you led a very naughty life, Robert." She said liking that she could be so open with this man.

    "More than you know. I love women. You remind me of many of them, Amy. Beautiful, smart, open with your love."

    She thought about his words, especially about being open to love. Was she really? She didn't have the same experience as her husband and in reality he was her first.

    "I don't have experience like you did, Robert. I don't know if I could be so bold as you." She whispered feeling a bit vanilla in her life.

    "Nonsense, Amy. Are you telling me that you don't feel pleasure or want the touch of a lover? You're too beautiful to waste being alone. Tell me you'll expand your boundaries and receive more pleasure for yourself."

    Robert was truly concerned about her and her sex life. Was she wasting it away with her missing husband? She felt Roberts hand take hers. He squeezed it making her almost tear up.

    "I think you're ready to find out what it would be like, Amy." He said softly. "Do something for me." He asked as he held her hand.

    "What?" She asked feeling his warmth.

    "Unbutton your blouse for me. Show me your breasts, Amy. Take the first step." He said softly, lovingly.

    At first she was shocked at such a request. He shouldn't be asking such things. But then caught herself and realized she had fallen into her own trap of being the boring girl he warned her against.

    "I can't, Robert. I'm married. I...." But she never finished.

    "Yes you can. You are better than a lonely forgotten housewife letting her life pass her by. You're so young and so beautiful. Let me see you, Amy." They looked into each others eyes for what seemed an eternity. She turned and felt his hands unbuttoning her blouse. Then he pulled it down seeing her in her bra.

    "So beautiful." He said as he reached around her to unhook the bra. Amy closed her eyes aware of how insane this all was. She was a married woman letting an older man see her breasts. But before she could react she felt her bra fall to the bed. Robert was staring at her breasts, her hard nipples were swollen and so sensitive. Then she felt his warm hands on her squeezing, pulling and then twisting her swollen nipples. She moaned softly and realized what was going to happen if she didn't stop this immediately. She backed up, his hands falling away. Then she got up buttoning up her blouse and getting her bra. She had to go quickly before she changed her mind.

    "I'm sorry, Amy. But don't ever forget that you are still beautiful, desirable. No man should ruin that. Your breasts are perfect, honey." He said this as she looked at him, her eyes filled with lust. She left and drove home. There was a message waiting for her and she played it.

    "Please come back, Amy. I need you and I know you want me." It was Robert and she listened to it several times cursing herself for allowing such a breach in protocol. But she could still feel his hands on her. His fingers pulling her nipples making her pussy get wet instantly. She drove back to Roberts house and entered. He was waiting for her, naked, his cock erect and pointing straight up in invitation.

    Amy removed her clothing slowly wanting him to see her, want her the way she had always wanted. When she was naked he held his arms out to her and she went to him. They kissed and she felt his tongue enter her mouth and she did the same. His hands were again on her body, touching and probing making her moan aloud. His fingers found her nipples again pulling them and making her body temperature rise. This man was driving her crazy in a very short amount of time with his touches and kisses. She was very aware of his cock but he had not pushed her in that direction yet.

    "Ohhh, Robert." She said softly as he slid fingers inside her pussy. He was taking her temperature and knew instantly that she was hot wet and ready. He moved them in and out making her spread her legs wide for him, wanting him even more.

    "That's it, Amy show me how good you are. Open for me." He said in her ear as he kissed her again driving his fingers deep and moving them faster. She started to cum, squirting over his hand and pushing against him wanting more. Then she realized that he was pleasing her and she was not doing the same. Amy pulled away taking his huge cock in hand stroking it, loving the size of it and the texture. He groaned laying back watching her investigate him. Then he smiled as she leaned down taking him in her mouth.

    "Ohhh, god, Amy. Your mouth is so good. Suck it, Amy." He voiced and she did taking half of his girth inside her mouth then licking the head of his cock making him squirm in pleasure.

    He stopped her and pulled her to him wanting her to straddle him and she let him position her. She knew that this was wrong and adulterous. But his cock was moving back and forth against her pussy slit that was soaked. She wanted this man more than anything in her life. More importantly she wanted his cock inside her. She grabbed his cock and poised it at the entrance to her open pussy then pushed downwards capturing the large head inside her. There it was done, she was having sex with another man. Surprisingly she didn't feel guilt. More, she was excited thinking about what was going to be inside her. She slowly moved above Robert. Her pussy taking him inside her slowly, milking his cock with her vaginal muscles. She was a tight girl and he was stretching her open like never before.

    "Damn, Amy you're going to make me cum too fast your so tight. It feels so good, girl." She smiled and continued pushing down and taking him by inches. She never felt so full inside and wanted all of him. She moved her ass grinding down on him. He reached up palming her breasts, squeezing them making her moan. He thumbed her nipples tweaking them sending her into a spiral of pleasure. Soon she had all of him. His cock was hitting her cervix and her cuntal walls were stretched to the limit.

    Then Robert took over fucking her slow and steady driving his cock into her making her grunt in satisfaction from each thrust. Her pussy was dripping wet, cum running down her thighs. His cock was covered in white cream. The slop of each thrust made her crazy with lust for him. Amy rode him harder her mind completely zoned out feeling nothing but pleasure.

    "Amy, fuck me, baby. I'm going to cum, sweetheart." He cried out as he bucked and stiffened and pulled her nipples hard driving her to cum along with him as she felt his hot cum filling her up.

    They lay together holding each other. Amy had never felt like this before. She had cum so many times she lost count. Even now Roberts cock was still hard. She toyed with it feeling her wetness all over him.

    "You see, Amy. You're incredible and so ready to begin living. You were meant for this, darling." He said to her pulling her closer and kissing her. She knew he was right and was determined to explore further if he wanted her.


   Months passed and Amy felt anxious when her husband came home from his business trips. His lovemaking was sub-par compared to Robert. He seemed to not care and so did she. Amy had other lovers now.

    Robert introduced her to several of his close friends. They all shared her making her feel hot and sexy but mostly alive with pleasures before unknown. Every weekend that her husband was away she went to Roberts house to stay and explored her sexuality by having his friends use her in ways she had not even imagined. She remembered Robert beneath her his incredible cock sliding in and out of her pussy while his friend George pushed into her tight little asshole fucking her fast and hard. They moved in unison making her cry out in orgasm over and over. She felt their cocks sliding in and out like a machine.

    Then she met Ruth, another military friend who had sex with Robert often. She was still quite beautiful and couldn't wait to meet Amy and make love to her. They did as Robert watched. Ruth taught her the fine art of lesbianism. They licked each others pussies and fingered each other until they cried out squirting all over. Then Robert took turns fucking one then the other. Ruth visited often. She wanted to teach the young bride even more hot things for her expanding resume.

    Her life was finally perfect. She had friends and sexual partners whose only desire was to please her. She went to see Robert and he wanted to ass fuck her and she couldn't wait to feel his huge cock inside her. It took time since he was twice as big as the other men who used her. But eventually he got every inch inside her and started to fuck her. She pushed back loving how thick he was and how he was opening her asshole so wide.

    "So good, baby girl." He said as he grunted pumping her full of cum. She hated it when he pulled out of her so he called his buddies and they came running. They had two cocks inside her ass working together to please her. Robert watched in awe at her transformation.

                                                  THE END
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