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Chris. (MFm, wife, 1st)

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on: May 31, 2020, 07:20:27 AM
This is a work of fiction the author does not condone any sexual activity involving persons under 18 in real life.

Pulling up outside our house I applied the handbrake and switched off the engine, breathing another sigh of relief, m.o.t time was over for another year and amazingly the mondeo had passed again despite being 15 years old with 170k on the clock.
Waiting while a lorry passed I got out and walked towards our front door, proudly brandishing the pass certificate, claire would be pleased.
We had fallen on hard times alately so this was good news, no costly car repairs.

Reaching for the front door handle I found it locked....odd.
I'd only been half an hour and claire hadn't spoke of going out, oh well, probably taken sam our jack Russell for a walk. Having only the back door key on me I set off round back. Walking briskly along the little row of terrace houses, round the end and back along a pathway that ran the whole length of the back, houses to my right and their gardens to the left.
On reaching our back door I found that locked too which wouldn't have been odd in itself save for the fact that I could see our dog sam through the bubbled glass of the back door, he was getting up out his basket.
So she hadn't gone out with him.....
I unlocked the door and stepped inside, instantly jumped on by an excited Sam, he was always pleased to see me.
"Hey sam.....hey calm down buddy....where is she?"
I stroked him whilst looking round, the kitchen door had been closed, locking sam in a small hallway between there and the bathroom, again strange, why would she lock him in here..... unless.....

As I opened the kitchen door I immediately noticed the other kitchen door was also closed, and then I could hear it......hear them.
I stood froze to the spot, listening.
3 distinct sounds, the kitchen clock, the noise from our bedroom, and my own heart thumping away.
I stood there for a moment in a kind of trance, focusing on the noise upstairs.
Moving slowly to the door, quietly opening it. The noise instantly louder, and instantly recognisable.
Rythmic, gasping, moaning, creak of bedsprings.
My wife's voice, and another. He was back for more. Immediately to my left was the staircase, staring upwards and with my hand on the bannister I began to climb up.
Legs feeling like jelly, heart hammering away, throat drying up.
Now nearing the top, the noises louder. A wet noise, rythmic slapping of skin on skin, a loud moan from my wife.

I swallowed hard as I got to the top, looking to my right, our bedroom door was pushed to but not closed. A hand, it didn't seem like mine, slowly reached out to push the door open as though in slow motion, horror film style.
The door swung slowly open.
What a sight to behold, it is one thing to fantasise but to actually make it happen, to see it, be part of it.
My wife Claire, on her back on top of the bed, completely naked. On top of her, also naked except for socks our good friend Chris.
He was going at her hard and fast.
Both covered in sweat, she had her legs open wide her hands down on his ass, nails digging into taught flesh.
As I stared, vaguely aware of my cock stiffening up, claire turned to face me, her eyes half closed, mouth open, moaning softly, her long blonde hair lay half  across a bare shoulder and half on the pillow, face and neck flushed red, glistening with sweat.

Our eyes met, for a second she just stared at me, then, as our young friend pounded into her, each thrust making the bed creak and the head board bang the wall, a faint smile washed across her face, a happy, satisfied smile, content. Her fantasy had come true, with my full approval and help, I smiled back, the stiff bulge in my pants now plainly noticeable.

I glanced at chris, oblivious to my presence.
Face buried in my wife's neck, kissing, sucking, biting.
No doubt she would be marked, she'd had to cover it up with make up before, especially when she attended church after our Saturday night specials.
Our very special friend chris, who'd been sharing Claire with me now for 3 weeks, so full of energy, so eager, he couldn't get enough of her.
But we had to be very careful, hence the locked doors. This was no ordinary sharing experience. You see chris is the son of our friend, and he's only 14.
Obviously home from school early.
I smiled back at my wife then slowly pulled the door to, deciding on this occasion to leave them alone, at least for the moment, let the lad finish the job.
Wondering back down stairs I made myself a cup of coffee.
After the kettle stopped boiling I could still here them, Chris was still going, good boy, he was lasting longer these days. Not like in the beggining, when he barely lasted 30 seconds.
Wondering into our living room, plonking down on the sofa staring up at the ceiling, the bedroom directly above. I can hear bedsprings, another loud moan from claire, she's really enjoying that.
As I sipped the hot coffee my mind wondered back to those early experiences and how all this began.....

Chris lives 4 doors down on the end terrace, he has a younger sister Lucy and an older brother called Craig who is very bad news, always in trouble, he's currently in a young offender institute, car theft and burglary.
Chris's mum Sarah is a lost cause, alcoholic, dabbles in drugs, you can smell it when you go round their house, I don't like going the place is filthy. Sarah gets up at dinner time then proceeds to crack a bottle open and sit in front of the TV watching crap and getting pissed, this is her life everyday, she doesn't do anything with the 2 children left at home.
They are left to fend for themselves.
We help as much as we can but there's only so much we can do.
Also, Sarah can't keep her panties on, even made a pass at me, I darent tell Claire at the time. There's a different guy round there practically every week, lord knows what those kids have seen.

We've known the family for about 5 years now, mainly through our son john being friends with Chris, they are very good friends and whenever we went on holiday Chris would usually come with us, the 2 were inseparable. John is our only child, he always wanted a brother to play with so I suppose Chris was the younger brother he never had.
4 months ago john who's 18 joined the army, we don't see that much of him anymore, it's hard letting go and watching them go off and do their own thing, it was hardest on Claire who desperately tried to talk him out of it, her protests fell on deaf ears, John had made his mind up.

Those first few weeks of him gone were the hardest on her, but she soon got used to the idea he was growing up. And, as I was to learn, she had something else to occupy her thoughts.
Claire is 44, 5'3'", a little on the Chubby side, broad hips, big 40E boobs, quite pretty, long blonde hair.
I suppose you could call her a milf.
We've been married 24 years and, now we are empty nesters, we soon found we could enjoy more alone time.
We have rediscovered each other or to put it bluntly, at it like rabbits.
We are like randy teenagers again. But more than that, we have been discovering things about each other, secrets.
Claire is openly a bit of a prude, shy quiet reserved. Respected in the community, heavily involved in charity work, a regular church goer. But she has another side, a wild side, in bed.

I'd known this of course for many years but since John had been away her passion had increased 10 fold, she couldn't keep her hands off me.
During one late night session when she'd had a bit too much to drink she started a conversation on fantasies, secret fantasies.

She knew what mine was, I had a thing for her friend Lilly, a tall slim but shapely lady 10 years older than Claire, a widow, even more reserved than my wife but she had a wicked look in her eye.
My fantasy involved the 3 of us.
When talking of fantasies I always had the impression that Claire was keeping something back, something so secret and personal that she dare not even tell me, her husband of 20 plus years.
However, this time she went all the way and dropped a bombshell. That night, as we lay in bed she revealed to me her innermost secret desire....for young boys, underage boys.
It did come as a shock, uptil then I had been the pervy one. I didn't mind of course, far from it, its a huge turn on knowing your shy reserved wife has such a kink.
After her confession we discussed the subject a lot, now it was out in the open and Claire knew I was ok with it she was free to explore her fetish more.

Staring back up at the ceiling, suddenly roused from my thoughts, the noises louder, rythum faster, loud moaning now from Chris, he was going to come. It reached a peak then.......'Aarrgh' a muffled cry from the young lad, the bed noise stopped, he was filling her right now, Claire's voice, I can't hear what she's saying. Looking back down at my drink I whisper to myself "good boy"  then take a sip.

Where was I.....ah yes.
I introduced her to a popular porn site where you can watch and download videos.
We would trawl it together, looking for mature and boy videos, building up quite a collection and watching them together. Role play would often be used in our sex sessions, I would play the virgin boy, she would 'show' me what to do. That was her main kink, to take a young boys virginity.

As the weeks rolled by, things grew more intense. By this time Chris had started coming back round to our house again. With John away he'd not had much reason to visit but, lacking a father figure and not wanting to be at home he sort of 'latched' onto us. Chris is mildly autistic, he develops fixations on certain people and will only concentrate on those few people. He's very quiet and shy and doesn't have any friends, says he hates school because they all make fun of him.
So, we were happy enough to let him hang out with us. He loves cars and often helped me with any repairs. On an evening we would all go out together for a ride round, I knew a quiet country lane where Chris was allowed to take the wheel and have a little go, he loved it and had got quite good.

As we became more friendly Claire's little confession became more relevant.
In appearance Chris ls quite skinny, average height, looking younger than his years. However he is very handsome and looks very much like a young Josh hartnett.
I noticed her getting quite 'touchy feely' with him, and the way she looked at him. This wasn't all one sided, I had caught Chris on several occasions, staring at my wife's cleavage or watching her ass when she bent over, he was after all a healthy teenage boy, full of hormones.
I can remember being that age, a walking talking hard on, wanking off everyday.

Well it wasn't long before Claire started talking about Chris in that way, revealing what I already knew, she had the hots for him.
I honestly didn't mind, not seeing Chris as a threat I genuinely liked him, polite respectful friendly. He was more like an adult than a kid, you could have a proper conversation with him.
I told her as much, even going as far as to say if I were to find her in bed with anyone I wouldn't mind it being him, it was true, the thought of Chris losing his virginity to Claire, turned me on.
Upon hearing this Claire became very excited and from there it just sort of snowballed. I don't recall the exact time that it went from talking about him in a fantasy way to talking about making it reality but one day we found ourselves discussing how it could be done.

We had a head start, already knowing some important things. Firstly we knew what we wanted and more importantly we were comfortable with that. Secondly we knew that Chris was interested in Claire, she too had noticed him sneaking a peek many times especially when I wasn't around. Also we knew he could be trusted with a secret, he hadn't told anyone about the driving lessons and he had no friends to confide in, he's a loner. He's also sensible and level headed.
So, how to take things further?
As it turned out we didn't have long to wait and it was Chris himself who provided the solution.

A noise from upstairs, bed springs again!
"Bloody hell Chris it's only been 2 minutes.....go on my son" I said to an empty room.
Oh to be 14 again, wish I'd have known a couple like us at his age. As my wife's soft moaning resumed I wondered back to that fateful day a little over 3 weeks ago now when Chris forgot his phone......

We'd been for our drive round, Chris had had a driving lesson and had only recently gone home.
Locking the mondeo up I noticed something in the rear footwel, a mobile phone, Chris's phone.
He came running back approximately 4 minutes later, looking worried, no teenager can survive long without their phone.
4 minutes however was enough time for me to browse through some of his photo gallery. Imagine my surprise as I scrolled through pic after pic of..... Claire. He had been secretly photographing her for months, cleavage shots, under the table up skirt shots, bent over from behind etc. There were dozens of them.
It appeared that Chris had more than a passing interest in my wife.
When he came back looking for the phone I didn't reveal what I'd seen, not wanting to embarrass the lad. I did however realise that now we had our excuse to move things to the next level. Claire was very excited at this news especially when she considered that he'd probably been tossing off to her image regularly.

We talked into the night. Deciding to make our move the next day. I would have a friendly word in private with Chris about his interest in Claire....
The next evening I was to find myself in the driving seat of our car, Chris sat next to me. Doors closed windows up. Chris looking very nervous, I'd told him I needed to speak to him about a private matter, undoubtedly he'd made a connection with his phone being briefly in my possession, and knew what was coming, he was however about to have the surprise of his life.
I began by telling him I'd seen the photos of Claire, quickly assuring him that I wasn't angry or upset, I'd told Claire about it, at which point he visibly whinced, she also was neither angry or upset.

In fact, I told him, we didn't mind at all. We didn't think it was creepy or strange and Claire understood, she knew he was growing up and getting interested in girls and women.
My throat felt dry as I went on, explaining how my wife liked him too, had done for a while now, how much she fancied him. This was it, that do or die moment when you lay your cards on the table.
Chris's worried look was replaced by one of confusion and then finally excitement As I revealed what we had in mind.
I told him that although she was married to me it was her wish for him to be her 'special' boyfriend. It was alright with me but it would have to be our very special secret, just us 3 for if anyone found out we would be going to prison.

Chris's face was a picture, so many different emotions in a short space of time. He became very excited on realising what this meant, beaming from ear to ear he kept repeating
 "oh my god....oh my god really..."
 Over and over. Then came a barrage of questions, and the repeated
"and your sure you don't mind?"
To which I reassured him, making sure he promised not to tell anyone. He left that evening with a spring in his step after profusely thanking me, us.
Turning excitedly to wave at me as he walked home.
I wondered what it would be like, him and Claire.
The swelling in my pants, prrof we were doing the right thing.

The night I told him, Claire had decided not to see Chris, he might be too nervous and it would put him on the spot.
The following evening we kept things as normal as possible at first, Claire not even mentioning the photos or our 'arrangement' until down the lane where Chris parcticed driving.
After his lesson she invited him into the backseat with her. I parked in a passing place, this lane is out in the country and is rarely used so we had the place to ourselves.
She spoke in a calm soft voice, basically repeating what I'd said and saying how excited she was that he wanted to be her boyfriend.

She went onto reassure him that he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to. And if he didn't like anything she was doing he simply had to say no and she would stop.
Chris, lost for words, sat there in the back next to Claire looking like a frightened rabbit, merely managed a nod of understanding.
Claire asked if he would like to kiss her, Chris swallowed and nodded again.
Claire moved in, gently placing a hand on the side of his face, her lips met his....
That first tender innocent kiss, my wife and the virgin boy, it was a priceless moment and one il never forget.
They practiced kissing for a while, me watching in awe, occasionally glancing around, making sure nobody was about.

Breaking off the kiss she said.
"Mmmmm you a good kisser young man, you see there's nothing to be scared of, feels good doesn't it?"
Chris let out a nervous laugh then said in a hesitant, quiet voice.
" does's know, I haven't kissed this"
She smiled warmly and stared into his eyes.
"Your so handsome, and your a natural at kissing, I'm surprised you never had a girlfriend"
Chris seemed to be searching for the right words and then said.
"I'm know.... nervous"

Claire, clearly loving every second of this, leaned slowly in again and gently kissed him some more, I noted her hand had now moved down to his knee and was gently stroking the top of his leg, moving inward to the groin.
Chris's hand was on her shoulder.
Breaking the kiss again she quickly looked around, making sure it was quiet, prompting me to have another look, I'd been neglecting my look out duties.

Locking eyes with him, Claire spoke softly.
"Would you like to touch them?"
She said, glancing down at the swell of her ample breasts and undoing a few buttons on her blouse, pulling the garment apart, revealing a glorious deep cleavage.
"I've noticed you looking"
She paused for a moment, Chris was clearly getting nervous again, he glanced at me as if for permission.
I nodded.
"It's ok, you can touch them if you want chris, she likes it"
Putting out a hand to his Claire said
"You don't have to if you don't want to"
Chris looking back at my wife, swallowed then said in hushed voice.
"I....I want to"

At that she gently took the boys hand and placed it on her exposed cleavage, the black lacy bra clearly visible.
Another wonderful moment as he gently carresed the warm smooth skin, eyes as big as saucers, mouth opening, his breath coming faster.
"Oh they are so warm and soft....but kind of firm too"
He concluded, making me and Claire giggle.
Glancing round at me, he smiled, a nervous smile but a smile none the less.
The lad kept exploring, feeling, carressing my wife's cleavage, staring at what his own hands were touching with a kind of surprised awe.
It was at this point that I noticed a small bulge in his pants, he had a hard on. Mine too I realised was almost fully erect.
Claire had also noticed his bulge.

As she watched him intently and without any word she gently put her hand down the line of cleavage, and scooped each large boob out in turn.
The big 40E titties now lay on top of her bra and blouse, fully exposed, nipples hard and erect.
The effect on Chris was instant, a sharp intake of air, mouth opening, eyes widening.
"Oh god"
He managed to say in a whisper.
Claire, her dream coming true and with a look of half excitement half predator like lust, gently took his hand moving it down over the big hard nipple of her left boob.

Another deep breath for Chris as his fingers explored for the first time a pair of big bare titties.
Soon one hand wasn't enough and he was going at them like a kid in a candy shop.
Claire asked if he would like to suck them which of course he did.
"Holy shit"
I whispered under my breath, watching this young boy gorge himself on my wife's tits. Claire enjoying his attentions, let her head back and took a deep breath, moaning softly on the exhale. I was actually stroking my hard on through my pants, this was so hot to watch.

Moments later and herself getting carried away, Claire seemed to 'snap out' of it and realise something.
Looking down at Chris still busy sucking and licking. Her hand now on his bulge, feeling him humping forward, getting more excited, more desperate.
Instictively she knew what she needed to do, this was Chris's first time, and to avoid any accidents in his pants she would have to take charge.
Claire pulled back away from him, as her titties emerged from beneath a very excited, red faced Chris, I could see the nipples were even bigger, bright pink and covered in saliva.
He looked questioningly at her as if to say
'i was enjoying that'

Claire put both hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him back into the seat.
"Mmmmm I liked that" she said referring to his recent boob activity
"You can do that again"

Turning her attention to his groin, placing a hand carefully on the bulge nestled there. Chris jumped a little, before he had been preoccupied but now with her attention firmly on him he felt more.... vulnerable.

"It's ok honey, I'm not going to hurt you, remember what I said, if you want me to stop"
With Chris looking excited and nervous, staring down at what she was doing to him, occasionally looking up into her big brown eyes, he sat there and let her get his young cock out.
It was a surreal moment for me albeit an exciting one, the uncomfortable stiffness in my pants testified to that, sitting there in the front watching my wife playing with an underage boy, this was just a quick fumble really, the main event had yet to come.
As she unzipped and unbuttoned our friend, Claire was talking in a soft reassuring way

"Just relax sweetie....I'm just going to touch it and play with it a little, make you feel really nice, make you feel better......ok?"

Chris swallowed hard then spoke in a shaky voice.
Claire now had his pants peeled aside, underwear on show, the bulge within them plain to see.
Glancing round at me
"We ok?" 
I looked around, coast was clear, nobody about.
"I'm going to need some tissues"
I passed her a box from the door pocket, grinning, she grinned back and gave me a knowing look.
Turning back to Chris she got out a handful of tissues, keeping them ready in her right hand.
With her left hand she pulled his underwear down and gently grasped Chris's rock hard cock.
He immediately gasped and let out a groan.
"Oh god"

His whispered words came through quick breath.
"There, that's alright isn't it? I can take of you now, just relax honey, I've got you"
She began to gently wank him, grasping the throbbing shaft firmly, up and down up and down.
Chris's cock is at least 4" maybe bigger, he's still only young. It's bright pink at the end, circumsized. It looks as stiff as a rod!
As she's wanking him she's talking, reassuring, soft words.

In contrast Chris is staring wide eyed down at his own cock, in some unknown foreign hand, not his own for once.
His breath comes in short quick gulps almost like a panting dog. Face and neck are bright red and there are beads of sweat on the forehead.
His hips move up and down rythmicaly to my wife's attentions.

Seconds later he starts to come.
It all happens fast beginning with a loud groan, then frantically humping Claire's hand. As it happens he's whispering
"Oh god"
Over and over.
Claire increases her grip on his cock and wanks him hard and fast, against his humping motion.
Her hand is a blur.
"Come on honey that's it that's it......."
Quickly using the tissues she just manages to  get them in place, as his cock suddenly erupts.
Powerful heavy squirts of cum hit the wad of tissues immediately soaking it, pearly beads run down my wife's hand to fly off her shaking wrist.
Claire stares at whats happening, what she has caused, it's a delicious look, a heady mix of concentration, lust and excitement.

"it's's alright.....that's it, come on baby give me all of it..... thaaats it"
Her soft spoken words make my balls tingle. This is the hottest thing I've ever seen. I want her so badly.

He does indeed give all of it, there's a lot to give. Eventually Chris stops humping and the squirts turn to dribbles, a sheen of pearly stickiness coats Claire's hand where it's run down, despite the tissues and more passed by me from the front, his underwear is wet.
It appears that, although some more growing to do, our young friend has a talent....he cums buckets.
Claire's hand has slowed to a stop and we both watch in awestruck fascination as she lets go his limp cock, slowly brings her hand upto her mouth and proceeds to lick it clean.

At that precise moment chris's phone starts to ring.
The erotic spell broken.... everything is chaos.
Claire quickly stops what she's doing and starts using the tissues to clean herself and the boy.
Chris, thumbling the phone out his shirt pocket glancing at the screen then staring wide eyed at me, his two words blurted out in a breathless voice
"It's mum!"

Thinking fast I grab his phone, take a deep breath and answer.
Sarah was pissed as usual, wanting to know where Chris was, I explained wed gone to get some petrol and Chris had come along for the ride, he was currently in the petrol station shop buying gum and had left his phone in the car. We were bringing him back shortly.
She seemed fine with this but I could tell she was angry with him about something and was probably going to go off 'on one' when he got back.

Handing the phone back I explained we had to go. Chris mentioning on the way back, he'd forgotten to post an important letter.
It makes me sick! Why can't the lazy cow do it herself.
He was in for a rough telling off but at least he had fun with us.....with my wife.
It had been amazing to watch, the hottest thing I'd seen, at that point.
But much more was to come.....

My thoughts once again disturbed by noise from above.... Claire having an orgasm. The rythmic pounding of our bed momentarily drowned out by her moans and squeels of delight....then all silence for a moment.... talking, low voices, my wife giggling..... slowly the bed noise resumed, the lad was on top form today. Putting my hand on the bulge in my pants, absently stroking, remembering that first time....when he'd fucked her.

That night, after our rudely interrupted adventure, Chris had gone reluctantly home.
We excitedly discussed what had happened for hours then made love for hours, she was insatiable, couldn't get enough of me. It had been good before this but now, the lady was an animal, she even took it up the ass, something she hasn't done in years.

The next evening Chris came round after school, we had planned on going out for some car fun again but as it turned out neither Claire not Chris could keep their hands off each other. The chemistry and tension between those 2 is electric.
Reassured by the knowledge from Chris that his mum was out on yet another 'date' wouldn't be home while early hours and Lucy was on a Netflix marathon, we decided to stay home.
Locking both doors, going upto our bedroom.
At first like before, he was nervous. Claire reassured him and spoke in that soft motherly way.... while undressing him.
At this stage I think he was more worried about me being there, it is a little awkward at first, especially for a Virgin boy to be in the same room as another naked guy, both of us with hard ons!

He soon got used to the idea though especially when my wife took his mind off it......with his first blowjob.
Oh my, now that was a sight to behold, he lasted about 30 seconds before filling her mouth with his young cum, almost screaming out loud, afterwards we had to remind him to keep the noise down!
Nobody must know.
After him she did me. I noticed with satisfaction that he became hard again while watching us, even having the confidence to feel her tits up as she sucked me off.
After swallowing mine we treated her to some pussy play, getting down together side by side between my wife's open legs, she laying on the bed.

I 'introduced' him to pussy. The look on his face was priceless when he first felt her, pushing a single finger inside. He gasped, glancing wide eyed at me.
"'s so warm.....and wet"
I smiled and explained she was wet because she was excited and her body was getting ready to have sex, to let him put his cock in her.
Claire's pussy is bald, a neat pink slit. And even after childbirth and many years 'use' she is still very tight.
I showed him her clit and explained what it did and how it made her feel when you touched it.
I demonstrated, at first licking and then rubbing a finger quickly back and forth across.
This soon got Claire going and near the edge, by now she was so turned on it wasn't going to take much.

She came moments later with our joint efforts, me on her clit and our young friend finger fucking her pussy.
She was almost as noisy as Chris, hips bucking, hands clenching the sheets.
As she tensed up, knees thrust together, body shaking.
Chris looked straight at me, his mouth open, eyes wide, a nervous, questioning expression.
He thought we'd hurt her.
I grinned from ear to ear, oh the wonder of youth!
"She's alright" I whispered.
Nodding, trying to reassure him.

After making her cum, Chris as always was full of questions.
When Claire recovered she assured him she was more than alright! And that he/we had just made her very happy.
He was particularly curious about the squeezing sensation on his finger and why it was all wet down there.
He Listened with quiet fascination while Claire explained what had just happened to her body, it was a surreal moment, all 3 of us naked on our bed. It crossed my mind that he would have done sex education at school but I suppose this was very different, much more hands on.
After she'd explained things I noticed her staring at Chris's hard on, it was so stiff it looked sore.
"Mmmm, I see your ready for me young man"
He glanced down briefly at his own cock then back at Claire.
"Would you like to put that in here?"
Reaching down between her legs, slowly drawing a finger through the wet slit.
Chris swallowed and, without hesitation said
"yes please Claire"
This was it....

She stayed laid on her back, instructing Chris to get on top of her.
I watched, feeling my heart hammering away and, despite last night's marathon my hard on returning.
As he got into position she looked straight at me, her coy smile making my cock throb.
All this time we had planned and fantasized about this very moment, she was about to take his virginity.
They kissed, with passion, I could feel the heat between them, desire, need.
Chris, clearly very excited and showing his inexperience, immediately began humping.

Not a moan of pleasure but a protest from Claire through Chris's mouth as they kissed.
Breaking off gasping she said.
"Wait a minute honey your not in"
Reaching down between them she guided him to her slick opening.
And, with one strong push forward from chris, he slid his stiff young cock into my wife.
Immediately gasping at this new sensation, Chris frantically humping her, fucking her hard and fast, groaning.
Claire wrapping her arms around him, hooking her ankles round his calves. She locked her lips on his.

I recall she had talked of this weeks ago, it was part of her fantasy to have his tongue in her mouth when he came in her for that first time.
I sat inches away staring in awe, nothing came close to this, simply the most erotic thing I'd ever witnessed.
As I wanked myself to climax beside them Chris suddenly got even faster, the moans through Claire's moth louder and then....
Pushing forward hard into her as far as he could, a high pitched noise from Chris, his whole body rigid, buttocks clenched, toes tightly curled.
As he squirted cum into my wife I came all over the sheets.

I could here Claire moaning through his mouth, she could feel it, feel him filling her.
Seconds later, breaking their kiss she flung her head back into the pillow, eyes screwed tight shut.
"Oh god.... YES!!" She screams.
Her legs clamped shut around him, whole body shaking.
The words plopped out my mouth in an awestruck whisper.
He'd made her cum again.

She was later to tell me that although already on the edge from taking his virginity, it was the feel of him coming in her, that powerful jet of hot cum squirting inside that had tipped her over.
This was of course just the beggining of a long evening, Chris has boundless energy and coupled with burning curiosity, Claire had her new toy.
Her boy toy.
He fucked her another 5 times, each time lasting longer than the last. Different positions, he particularly liked doggy style and anal, yes she let him in her ass.
Being smaller than me he was easier to....accomodate.
I however managed only one more even though my dick was aching!
My final load going in her mouth while the young lad enjoyed her tight asshole.

He would have stayed longer but Lucy rang, Chris ignored it the first few times but the persistence worried him.
After getting his breath and composing himself somewhat, he answered on the third time.
Lucy was scared, she was watching a horror film and had seen a shadow in the hallway, clearly spooked she wanted him to come home.
Chris reluctantly agreed, he loves his sister dearly, cares for her much more than his mum.

We got dressed and I watched them kiss, not feeling the slightest bit of jealousy. Chris shook my hand and told us how much he'd enjoyed the evening together and.... could we do it again tomorrow.
Of course we could. And we did.
In fact, Chris has been round everyday since.
Claire is a very happy bunny.....

My reminiscing at an end, I got up off the sofa, standing for a moment staring up at the living room ceiling.
As I listened the sound of bed springs and headboard banging slowly increased to a rapid rate, Claire's moans now turned to words of encouragement, although I could not hear which words she spoke, I knew well enough from past experience she knew he was going to come, and was egging him on, goading him to fill her once again.
Seconds later she got what she wanted.
A loud cry out from Chris.....then silence.
But that silence told a story.
Chris in rigid bliss, his whole body in stiff spasm as he parted with another load straight into my wife's willing pussy.

"That's my boy" I whispered to the empty room, then turned and headed for the stairs, the bulge in my trousers feeling a little uncomfortable, never would soon be somewhere very warm....and very wet.

The end.

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Reply #1 on: June 08, 2020, 01:28:07 PM
great story.. thanks and keep writing.

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Reply #2 on: June 12, 2020, 07:35:51 PM
Super enjoyable story! It got me super hot. Everybody had an extraordinary time, yet very realistic and believable, which I love. I also appreciate your spelling and grammar -- nothing amiss to break the mood. I will definitely check out your other stories!

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Reply #3 on: January 07, 2021, 06:57:33 PM
Sylas, you MUST keep writing. This story is fantastic. Kept me hot, horny, and hard the whole time.