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Author Topic: BLINDFOLD - by FOXI 4 - Complete (FF, Fmm)  (Read 1340 times)
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« on: June 16, 2020, 04:10:28 PM »

(The author does not condone underage sex. This story is fictional and is meant for adults only.)





    Beth never saw her son Ben these days. It was summer vacation from school and he spent most of his time with his cousin, Dan. They lived just down the street and he would get up each morning, eat breakfast and run to their house. By the time she got up he was gone and wondering if she really had a son.

    But it was summer and boys needed to relax and have fun. Besides it was his Aunt Linda's house and there was much more to do there than at their home. They had a farm and spent lots of time outdoors according to Linda.

    Both women were divorced and did well afterwards, getting a hefty payment to keep them both happy and away from men for at least a little while. Linda called Beth every night always about the same subject, sex. They both drank wine and as the night went on the subject expanded into things that Beth fantasized about but would never actually do.

    "My god, Beth. You would think you're a virgin or something. Didn't your ex talk dirty to you?" Linda would say when Beth got upset with some of her topics.

    "Yes, Linda he did. But its one thing to have fantasies another to really consider them." She said.

    "Poor baby. It must be tiresome and frustrating to be you." Laughed Linda. And that would make Beth laugh knowing that her sexual morals were the last thing she should worry about.

    Ben was growing up way too fast and she couldn't keep up with the changes. He was a handsome devil looking like his dad and he played sports for the school and kept in great shape. She knew that girls wanted him and many times he went out with them but never had a steady girlfriend. She had asked him why?

    "Don't need one mom. Like playing the field." He said giving her a wink and she hit his arm playfully. His dark looks and eyes made her tremble seeing so much of his father in him.

    She had found dirty magazines and condoms in his room and tried to ignore them but found that difficult since it was her son. She also found porn on his computer that worried her since it was all incest themed.

    Now he was gone most days over his Aunts house and she would not see him until the end of the day.

    "What do you do all day over there?" She once asked him. He looked nervous and smiled.

    "Oh you know. Just hanging around playing in the woods and lots of other things." He'd reply.

    When Linda called she had asked her about the boys.

    "Boys will be boys. Their always into something." She laughed. "Don't worry so much, Beth. My goodness, girl. Maybe it's time you got laid." She said making Beth give a long sigh.

    "Been fucked, now he's gone, thank god. You see my boy more than I do." She said sounding ridiculous even to herself.

    "Maybe you should come over sometime. We could drink and talk about sexy stuff." Said Linda.

    To Beth Linda was always the instigator, the one looking to do more, always ready to have sex. Beth liked sex too but not like her sister. Beth was younger and more aware about what people thought not like Linda who could care less.

    They were both sexy and hot looking. Linda was one year her senior with blond hair and blue piercing eyes. Her body was fuller and well rounded with larger breasts and ass. But she was sought after by every man who met her. She had a sexual aura that sent out vibes to everyone she met whether it was a man or woman.

    Beth was the same but a bit more reserved. Her long dark hair and green eyes drove men and women crazy wanting her. She, unlike Linda had a slimmer more petite body but well shaped and equally sexy.

    She had noticed as of late that Ben would watch her. Whether she was cooking or working out she would catch him watching her. She could see in his eyes that look that men give when they are sexually attracted to you. But this was her son and she ignored it as simple infatuation.

    "Mom," he yelled downstairs, "I'm going over to Aunt Linda's." He almost ran down the stairs went to her and hugged her and kissed her cheek. He was off and gone in seconds. Beth stood there wondering if she would see him at all through the summer.

    Ben couldn't wait to get over to Aunt Linda. Today was going to be a really great one. She promised Him and Dan to let them fuck her today. She was so damned hot too. They had seen her naked many times as she taught them the finer points of sex. Her body was so much better than the girls at school. She even shaved her pussy smooth like the porn stars online.

    When he reached the house he just went in and found Dan on his back naked with his mom sucking his cock. Dan looked at him and gave a huge smile.

    Aunt Linda looked at him as she licked her sons cock.

    "Well, what are you waiting for, baby. Get naked and get over here." She patted the cushion next to Dan. He did and lay next to his cousin his cock hard and ready. Then Linda took hold of his cock pumping it slowly as she continued to suck Dan.

    He couldn't believe he was seeing her mouth on her own son, just like the incest porn he watched. Soon she gave her boys cock a kiss and went down on Ben making him groan in pleasure feeling her warm mouth take him fully and then licking her way back up sucking his cock head making him want to cum.

    "Ohhh, fuck." He said as she took him deep again almost to his balls.

    "She's incredible, isn't she." Said her son watching Ben writhe on the couch next to him.

    "Fuck, yeah." Said Ben holding her head as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

    "Wonder how good your mom is?" Asked Dan playing with his cock.

    Linda pulled away from Ben's cock to answer.

    "Better than me. She knows how to suck cock. She can fuck good too. We went on enough double dates for me to know. She loves sex but acts as if she's still a virgin. I think she does it for you, Ben." She said as she took him in her mouth again making him moan.

    "Wow," said Dan, "I would love to fuck Aunt Beth. She's so fucking hot."

    With talk about his mother Ben jerked upwards cumming hard and filling Aunt Linda's mouth full of his cum. She swallowed it and went back to her son sucking him until he too unloaded his sperm into her waiting mouth.

    "I think I can put together a plan to make that happen." Said Linda.

    "Man, I would love that so much." Said Dan.

    "How?" Asked Ben wanting it as much as they did.

    "Let me think about it and I'll let you know what to do after. Right now I need you nice and hard. Time to fuck me boys. I want that nice young cock inside me." She laid on her back her nipples rock hard and swollen and so sensitive. Her pussy was wet and open and she spread her legs wide making the boys harden in seconds.

    "You first, Ben. I want to feel that cock right now." She rubbed her clit fast making herself moan as Ben moved between her legs. She guided him even though she knew he had sex before with girls who had no experience whatsoever. Ben slid easily inside her wet pussy feeling the hot silkiness of it squeezing his cock.

    "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me good." Said his Aunt as he began to push in and out of her. She ground upwards meeting his every thrust making him grind hard against her. She was moaning and he could feel her squirting. He couldn't believe he was fucking her. She was a wet dream come true for him. Her tits bounced and she was pulling her hard nipples twisting them driving him insane with lust. Soon he jerked and grunted and felt her grab his ass pulling him deeper as he came inside her pussy.

    "Yessssss, so nice." She cried out. She finally let him pull out and called Dan to her. He was in heaven knowing he was going to fuck his own mom who he all but drooled over for years. He pushed into her feeling Ben's hot slippery cum and began to fuck her hard and fast making her cry out in orgasm. She was fucking her baby boy and loving it. He came just as hard as Ben filling her. When he pulled out she made them watch as she opened her vaginal lips wide and pushed out their cum. It dripped down her thighs to the couch beneath.

    She reached down scooped up some and tasted it. "Yummy."

    They fucked all morning and she knew that she had to include her baby sister. Wouldn't that be sweet in so many ways. She wanted to see Ben fuck her so badly. But mostly she wanted to fuck her sister, always wanted too. She was the finest piece of ass she had ever seen. But she could not get close enough or get her to even think of such a thing. She needed a plan.


    Beth got things ready for supper, cutting vegetables and preparing the meat. All the while she thought of Ben over at Linda's house all the time. She had the house all to herself and decided to go back up into Ben's room and see if she could find something that might explain his lack of attendance.

    Aside from the dirty magazines which were filled with hot young naked beauties and the condoms she could find little to indicate him going away all the time. She went back on his computer to find more incest porn. Some of it was so dirty. One was a mother and son scenario with the mother tempting her son into sex. She found many like that making her wonder what her boy was thinking and filling her own mind with fantasies no mother should have. She quickly shut down the computer and went back downstairs.

    That's when she got the call from Linda.

    "Hey baby sis. What are you doing?" Asked Linda putting their conversation on speaker phone so the boys could listen in.

    "Lots of nothing as usual without Ben around." She said sounding frustrated.

    "You miss him don't you, sis?" She asked looking at Ben jerking his hard cock.

    "Of course I do. I never see him anymore." Said Beth sitting down and seeing those damned images of mothers and sons having sex on Ben's computer.

    "Listen, sis, I have some guys coming over on the weekend. Dan will be visiting his dad and I need some fun time. Want to join me? I think after all you've been through maybe you could use some very hot sex." Said Linda in a sexy voice.

    Beth was about to say no but stopped. When was the last time she got laid? It had to be at least two years. She knew it had been far too long. Maybe it was time to have a little fun.

    "Who are these guys?" She asked giving Linda some hope that she would take the bait.

    "Guys I knew from work. Good guys, not creeps, Beth. They just like to have fun like me. They have nice cocks, baby girl." Said Linda making the boys all but come right there.

    Beth could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. Between Ben's porn and her sisters dirty imaginings she didn't have a chance. She wanted to have sex again and this might be a good way to begin. Besides her thoughts about Ben were not normal and she needed something to get them out of her head.

    "Alright, Linda. I'm in. I can't wait." Said Beth rubbing her pussy through her jeans. She was getting hot just thinking about it.

    "Good girl. I'll set it up. Just tell Ben to stay home. Tell him its a girls night out, he'll understand. Besides he knows you need time to yourself. I can't wait baby sis. It will be like old times." Said Linda licking her lips at the thought of what she was about to do.

    "By the way, Beth. They like to play that game called blindfold. Remember when we used to do that at the parties never knowing who you were kissing or touching? They like that game and I think we should play it."

    Beth did remember. She loved that game because she got the chance to kiss and touch people who she never thought she would otherwise. Many times it was other girls making the boys all moan. On several occasions her own sister. Now she was really hot and ready to masturbate. She wondered if they would make her do that again.

    "When, Linda?" Asked Beth her hand inside her jeans sliding inside her wet panties, rubbing.

    "Saturday night, right here. Nice and comfortable. Can't wait, lover." Said Linda making Beth laugh.

    After the call she continued rubbing and soon squirted hard making her whole body shake.


    The weekend could not have come quick enough for Beth. All she could think of was getting laid for the first time in ages. Two men and two cocks to please her. Thank god for her sister.

    Ben was unusually quiet but still attentive always hugging or touching her.

    "Don't worry about me, mom." He said smiling. "I'll watch some good movies while you hang with Aunt Linda. You need a night out."

    Beth smiled back loving him for caring so much. She wondered what he would think if he knew what she was planning? Poor baby, no girlfriend only Dan and her sister.

    She got ready for the evening. A shower and shaving her pussy clean and smooth the way she liked it with her ex. It drove men crazy to see her like that. Like some porn star or young babe. When she finished she looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. Tight jeans molded to her and a tighter top without a bra. Her long hard nipples pressed against the thin material. Her hair was perfect and she dabbed perfume in all the right places.

    She was ready and if she didn't get a move on she would be late. She kissed Ben as she rushed out the door and he waved goodbye seeing her take the car even though it was right up the street. That's when he also left to go to Aunt Linda's.

    The plan was perfect and if everything went as Linda planned he would be fucking his hot sexy mom tonight. Dan texted him endlessly talking of nothing else. He couldn't wait to see his mom licking Aunt Beth's pussy. Ben was already hard.

    Beth pulled into the driveway seeing a car she didn't recognize and smiled. It seems the guys were already here and no doubt, Linda was already getting them ready for tonight's activities.

    She looked in the rear view mirror making sure her makeup was on right and tried to calm herself. It had been awhile since she had sex and now she was jumping straight into the deep end thanks to Linda. She steeled herself and got out of the car walking quickly to her door before she could change her mind.

    Linda answered looking incredible in her silky top that showed her breasts so well. Her nipples were poking out and Beth couldn't help but look at them. Linda looked so hot with her tight jeans.

    "Hell, girl, I thought you weren't coming. Boys are so ready to fuck. But you have to do something for me first." Said Linda giggling.

    Beth stood at the doorway giving her a confused look. "What?" She said wearily.

    Linda handed her a long black cloth.

    "They want you blindfolded immediately. So do I baby sister." Said Linda giving her a sexy look.

    "You aren't blindfolded?" Said Beth taking the blindfold.

    "I know these guys already. Fucked them plenty of times. But you haven't. Do this for me, sis. Lets have some kinky fun." She took the blindfold back and tied it around Beth's head covering her eyes and making sure she couldn't see.

    "Perfect. Oh, god, sis. You're going to love tonight." Said Linda leading her into the house and to her living room where the boys waited naked and so very ready.

    "Boys, this is my little sister, Beth. She is so fucking hot." Said Linda. Beth stood unaware of anything around her and listened to her sister announce her. She turned red from embarrassment. She could hear movement and sense bodies close to her.

    "Lets take these clothes off you baby girl." Said Linda softly in her ear, kissing it as she began to pull her top off. Beth's heightened awareness made the act so much more sexual as it bared her breasts before the men. She could feel her nipples hardening and a low whistle from one of them. Then Linda started to unzip her jeans and Beth had doubts now that what she was doing was right. But that went out the window as one of the men palmed her breast and tweaked her nipple making her give a soft moan.

    Ben watched Dan touch his moms tit liking that she responded so nicely, her nipples swelling and hard. He joined in licking her other nipple teasing it and nibbling on it making Beth's legs shake. He was actually sucking her nipple. His cock was so hard right now and just the thought of what was to come almost made him come right there and then.

    Linda pulled off her pants and then her panties seeing a wet spot. Linda smiled at the boys showing them.

    "Mmmmm, look how sexy she is." She said. "Now me." Linda took off her clothing and moved to her sister taking her hand and laying her on the couch.

    "So sweet boys, look at that pussy." Said Linda spreading her sisters legs wide.

    Beth couldn't believe her sister was doing this and that she was actually allowing her. But she was so hot now that she would do anything. She felt hands on her, touching, groping her. Fingers pulled her nipples and slid inside her wet pussy making her moan.

    "Ohhh, touch me, baby." Said Linda as Dan pushed his cock inside her. Beth could hear the sound of fucking and knew her sister was already starting with her pleasures.

    Ben spread her legs wider loving the view of her wet open pussy all smooth and dripping. He moved between them and began to lick her clit and lower. Beth lifted her ass high trying to capture that mouth more. His tongue licked inside her and out flicking her clit and darting inside her asshole making his mom cry out in pleasure. He looked over at Linda who was watching him, her eyes lust filled knowing that they were performing incest.

    Beth began to cum to Ben's delight. He was making his own mom cum. He moved towards her face and placed his cock at her mouth. She licked out and finally began to suck him. Her mouth on his cock sliding back and forth making Ben delirious with excitement at what he was doing.

    Beth was glad that the mans cock was not huge. She hadn't had a cock in ages and knew she was tight. His cock would be perfect no matter what he wanted to do to her. She loved the taste of him as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. She fondled his balls as she did so.

    Then she felt someone licking her pussy and wished she could see all that was happening to her. Linda was choreographing this little orgy for her and she loved it. The tongue was licking her so nicely making her want to cum again. Then sucking her clit and pushing fingers deep inside her juicy pussy.

    Dan watched his mom licking her own sister. It was wild and so satisfying as he jerked his cock. Ben was watching to, seeing Aunt Linda sucking his moms pussy like in the movies he watched. Dan went behind his mom and placed his cock against her asshole that was wet from her own orgasms. He pushed into her making her groan.

    Beth heard it and knew that Linda was the one licking her pussy. Oh, god, this was so fucking crazy hot. Her sister was going to make her cum for these men.

    "Like seeing me suck my baby sisters cunt, boys?" Linda said aloud. "Mmmmm, so sweet, so good." She went back to licking her and pumping her fingers deep making Beth arch her back squirting hard all over Linda. Beth reached down and grabbed her sisters hair pulling her harder against her pussy loving how good she was making her feel.

    Ben pulled out of her mouth and signaled Linda to move. She did smiling, her face covered in her sisters cum. Ben moved between her legs and slid his cock inside her to his balls. Beth groaned and wrapped her legs about him as he began to fuck her hard and fast. Linda kissed him nodded her approval.

    "She feels good, doesn't she baby? Nice hot tight pussy." Whispered Linda in Ben's ear. She told Dan to let Beth suck his cock. He quickly went near her face and placed his cock on her mouth she quickly began to suck it.

    Beth was in heaven. She was being pleasured like no other time in her life. These men were giving her their complete attention. Linda moved next to her watching this incredible display of sexual abandonment by her baby sister. Ben was fucking her so nicely his cock wet from her orgasms and Dan was feeding her his cock loving her lips around it. Linda whispered in Beth's ear.

    "That's it sis. take all that cock. Let them show you a good time. You taste so good Beth. Your pussy is so sweet." Said Linda kissing her face and then licking downwards capturing her nipple in her mouth sucking and biting it.

    Beth was feeling everything, wanting everything they gave her. She moved her hips upwards pounding back against her lover wanting more of his cock inside her and sucking the others as deep as she could. Her sister was sucking her nipples driving her crazy with lust. Soon her mouth was being filled with hot salty cum as the man kept fucking her. She swallowed his hot sperm and continued to suck him milking him to completion. When he pulled out Linda turned her face to hers kissing her, licking her face clean of cum and then kissing her deeply her tongue twirling against her sisters.

    "Ohhhhh, god, Linda..." Cried Beth as she felt the man cumming inside her pussy shooting his hot juices. She could feel his cock jerking filling her. When he pulled out Linda kissed her.

    "Would you like to meet your lovers, baby sis?" She asked.

    "Yes." Said Beth wanting to see these men that made her cum so many times. They were so good and she needed to see their faces, their bodies and especially their cocks.

    Linda untied the blindfold and pulled it off. Beth looked and had to stifle a scream as she saw Ben, Dan and Linda all smiling down at her. She closed her legs quickly and realized how futile such an action was. They had tricked her. What was Linda thinking? So this is what Ben had been doing at her sisters house. She didn't move but looked at them in shock.

    "Don't get angry, Beth. They've been wanting you for a long time and so have I. Besides, you sure had fun, didn't you baby sister." Said Linda reaching out to fondle Dan's cock letting her sister know that she also was into it.

    "You mean that you have all been fucking and planning this? Linda this is incest. Have you gone crazy?" Beth said trying to cover herself. Ben moved to her his cock hard and dripping wet from her juices.

    "Mom, don't be angry. I know that you've been watching me at home as much as I've been watching you. You also look at my computer everyday. I know you watch the movies I put on there." He took her hand and placed it on his stiff cock.

    "Tell me that you didn't like feeling this inside you, mom?"

    Beth breathing fast and still high on the sex she had held it feeling the wetness on it, the firmness that she knew made her orgasm. Her own son made love to her. Dan did too as did her own sister. Oh, god she did love what they did to her. There was no denying it since she was still spitting out Ben's cum from her pussy.

    "Baby, you needed this really bad and who else but your own family could help you. You loved it, girl. The boys really made you cum. Admit it." Said Linda moving next to her on the couch her breasts pushed against her side. "You knew it was me sucking that hot little pussy and you didn't stop me, why?"

    "I was so hot, Linda. I liked it." Said Beth realizing how foolish she was. Yes she knew it was her own sister making her squirt hard.

    "So, lets all have fun. Now you can fuck to your hearts content and never leave home. Come on, baby sister show them you still want them. Spread your legs nice and wide and let them both fuck you." Said Linda kissing her lips.

    Beth looked at them all seeing how beautiful they were. Hard bodies and cocks and a sister who wanted to fuck her. She spread her legs wide, Ben's cum dripping from her gaping pussy.

    They spent the night fucking using Beth like she had never been used before. Both Ben and Dan fucked her at the same time with Ben beneath, his cock sliding inside her pussy while Dan fucked her ass hard. Linda got her phone and began to take photo's wanting them for herself to masturbate to. Her sister was fucking the boys like a hot little slut, grinding her ass back and down taking them as deep as she could.

    When they were done she made love to her giving the boys a show as she sucked Beth's pussy making her squirt and then Beth did her.

    Later when Beth drove home with Ben he sat near her, touching and making her want him all over again.

    "Did you like tonight, mom?" He asked as he pulled her nipples making it hard to concentrate on her driving.

    "Yes I did, baby. I think Aunt Linda taught you all very well. You made your mom cum so many times." Said Beth. " I think she taught me something to."

    His fingers went lower between her legs feeling a hot dampness.

    "You were so hot, mom. Your pussy felt so good when I fucked you and your ass to." He smiled making her laugh.

    "Glad you like them, baby. You're going to get a lot more of me in the future. I hope you're up for it?" She said winking at him.

    "Linda has more plans for all of us." Said Ben feeling his mothers pussy getting wetter. "She wants to try all kinds of things now that your part of our group."

    Beth could imagine what her sister had planned. But she would do anything for her now that she made it possible for her and Ben to be lovers.

    "What plans?" Asked Beth pulling into the driveway. She turned to Ben kissing him hard loving his tongue inside her mouth.

    "Very dirty ones." Said Ben feeling his moms fingers encircling his hard cock.

    "Tell me, baby. Mommy wants her new lover to share." She said as she pulled out his cock jerking it slowly, tantalizingly.

    Ben's mind was filled with pleasure at his mothers touch. She was so fucking incredible. They kissed more and he ran his hands under her top pulling on her stiff nipples making her moan into his mouth.

    "She has dildos and other things. She says she wants to give us a show with her fucking you. I really want to see that, mom." He said as she rubbed his balls.

    "Mmmmm, I can't wait." She said as Ben's fingers twisted and pulled on her nipples.

    "Really, mom. You'll let her fuck you? Fuck, yes." He said excitedly. Beth gave him a smile before kissing him again and loving the feel of his cock in her hand.

    "Anything else, baby?" She asked as she leaned down to take his cock into her mouth making him groan aloud. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him, licking his cock head.

    "She's going to let Max fuck her." He said through gritted teeth. His mom was going to make him cum so hard.

    Beth hesitated only briefly realizing what Ben had just said. Max was Linda's dog a big brute of an animal that she loved dearly. Her sister was going to fuck him. She sucked harder imagining seeing that. Then Ben came filling her mouth with his hot cum.

    She swallowed it and looked at Ben who sat back in the car seat eyes closed filled with satisfaction.

    "Would you like to see your mom do that too, baby boy?" Asked Beth still jerking his hard cock. He nodded.

    She gave him a kiss tucked his raging cock back into his pants and kissed him once more before going inside and starting a much needed new life.

                                                  THE END



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