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My Granddaughter Emily’s First Bra. (Mf13, Ff13, incest)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

My Granddaughter Emily’s First Bra. Pt. 01 (Mf13, Ff13, incest)

My thirteen-year-old granddaughter Emily was sitting on my lap wearing her nightshirt and panties with her arm around my neck as I had a coffee with my son Peter and his wife Julie in their kitchen as they told me about their upcoming holiday in a few days time.

When I asked, “Emily sweetheart what would you like me to buy you for your birthday?”

She replied, “Grandpa, can you take me clothes shopping and buy me some clothes, please?” and then kiss me on the cheek.

“Dad, seeing that Emily is going to be staying with you while we’re away, why don’t you take her shopping and she can show you the dress that she wants,” said her mother, Julie.

Emily’s parents often had me looking after her during the school holidays while they were at work, but this was going to be the first time she had ever stayed with me for a whole week.”

“I can do that, I don’t mind taking her shopping for clothes,” I replied.

“Thank you, Grandpa,” squealed Emily, throwing her arms around my neck and giving me a kiss this time on my mouth.

I was surprised at how Emily kissed me, it felt like she had tried to push her tongue into my mouth. Emily had always been affectionate with me and had given me the occasional quick peck on my mouth before, but she had never given me a kiss like she just did and it was in front of her parents.

Julie giggled, “Dad, it looks like you have won her heart.”

“Our baby girl is growing up fast and she will soon have a boyfriend,” chuckled Peter.

“Dad, I'm not a baby anymore, and I do have a boyfriend. He's my Grandpa,” squealed Emily.

Emily then kissed me again on my mouth and when I opened my mouth slightly to see what she would do, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and started wrestling with my tongue, my young granddaughter was giving me a tongue kiss in front of her parents.

“Wow, Emily doesn’t even kiss me like that,” chuckled her father.

“Or me,” giggled her mother.

When Emily lifted her mouth off mine, she climbed off my lap and rushed out of the kitchen, I hoped that neither of her parents would notice the large bulge in my pants that Emily had created by squirming around on my lap. When Julie nudged her husband and nodded her head in the direction of my lap when he looked down and saw the large bulge in my pants he gave me a smile as I started to blush.

“Don’t be embarrassed Dad, she is always making my cock hard,” blurted Peter.

“Especially when you have a bath with her,” giggled Julie.

I couldn’t believe that my son and his wife were talking about their daughter like they were and all I could think off was relieving my cock.

“I think it’s time for me to head home,” I replied.

As soon as I was in my car, I pulled out my cock and started stroking with a pair of dirty panties that I had taken from their washing basket. When I had finished relieving my cock, I continued the drive home.

A few days later Emily's parents were dropping her off at my house, after having said goodbye to Peter and Julie and telling them to enjoy their holiday, I carried Emily's bags into my house and into the spare bedroom where she would be sleeping.

“Grandpa, are you still taking me shopping for clothes today?” asked Emily.

“Yes, I am,” I replied.

“Grandpa, will you also buy me some new lingerie, the other girls at school tease me because I wearing these,” blurted Emily dropping her dress to the floor and stood there in a pair of white cotton panties and a white t-shirt.

“Shouldn’t your mother be the person who buys you your underwear for you?” I blurted.

“Mom won’t even buy me a bra,” squealed Emily and lifted her t-shirt up over her head to stand there topless in front of me, “Grandpa, do you think I need a bra?”

As I stared at my granddaughter’s budding breasts and pink nipples, she cupped each breast in her hands and gave them a squeeze before removing her hands to let me look at them again.

“Grandpa, feel how big my breasts are,” blurted Emily stepping closer to me and lifting my hands up onto her breasts.

I stood there in shock cupping my thirteen-year-old granddaughter’s budding breasts and after giving her breasts a squeeze, I removed my hands from her breasts and flicked each of her hard nipples with my fingers making her giggle.

“Well, do you think that I need a bra,” she blurted.

“Yes, I do,” I replied.

Emily threw her arms around me and hugged me as she gave me a passionate kiss, I instinctively opened my mouth letting her push her tongue into my mouth to give me a tongue kiss as I returned her kiss I reached out and cupped her breasts with my hands. My cock was still throbbing in my pants as we separated our mouths, my granddaughter smiled and grinned at me as I continued to cup and fondle her breasts.

After I had removed my hands from her budding breasts, I said, “Yes, you definitely need a bra, now put your dress back on and I will take you shopping for a bra.”

An hour later we were walking into the shopping plaza, Emily grabbed onto my hand and started leading me towards the lingerie shop and once we were inside the shop a saleswoman approached us and asked, “May, I be of any assistance?”

“My Grandpa said I need to wear a bra,” blurted Emily.

The saleswoman grinned at me and said, “Well I better measure your granddaughter p and see what size she is, can please come with me.”

As the saleswoman led Emily into the change rooms, she turned and looked at me and chuckled, “Aren’t you coming with us, Grandpa seeing this is your idea?”

The change room was large with two armchairs and a couch and there were full-length mirrors on the walls for customers to check out how they looked. I sat down in one of the armchairs as Emily removed her dress and stood there in front of the saleswoman and me only wearing her white panties. The saleswoman smiled as she looked at Emily’s bare budding breasts and then reached out and cupped Emily's breasts in her hands.

“You’re right-handed aren’t you?” asked the saleswoman.

“Yes, I am, why are you asking?” replied Emily.

“I can feel that your right breast is slightly bigger than your left breast,” the saleswoman replied.

“Can you feel the difference, Grandpa?” grinned the saleswoman.

I reached out and cupped my granddaughter’s breasts in my hands and squeezed and fondled them in front of the grinning saleswoman and said, “Yes, I can feel a slight difference.”

After removing my hands from Emily’s breasts the saleswoman ran a tape measure around Emily’s chest and after writing something on her notepad, asked, “Are you wanting mating panties, my dear?”

Emily looked at me and after I nodded my head, she said, “Yes please.”

“Please remove your panties, so I can measure you?” blurted the saleswoman.

When Emily slipped her panties down to her ankles and stepped out off them and stood up in front of the saleswoman and me. I saw Emily's cunt for the very first time, it had just a wisp of light pubic hair and her lips were puffy and protruded.

The saleswoman grinned at me and said, “You're a very lucky Grandpa, you have a very beautiful granddaughter.”

I watched the saleswoman kneel down in front of Emily, her face only inches from Emily’s cunt and run the tape measure around Emily’s waist several times. When the saleswoman’s hand brushed over Emily's cunt, Emily let out a soft gasp at first I thought it was accidental but when the saleswoman deliberately ran her hand over Emily's cunt.

When Emily let out a gasp and softly moaned the saleswoman chuckled, “You should shave your vagina and keep it nice and smooth, I sure your Grandpa prefers smooth vaginas, don’t you Grandpa?”

“Yes, I do prefer a woman’s vagina to be smooth,” I replied.

“I regularly shave my vagina and keep it nice and smooth, so I can wear a bikini,” blurted the saleswoman.

I couldn’t believe that I was discussing my granddaughter’s cunt with a woman that we had just met.

When Emily blurted, “I don’t know how to shave my vagina.”

The saleswoman grinned and replied, “Would you like me to teach you how to shave your vagina?”

“Yes please,” replied Emily.

“Let me go lock the front of the shop and fetch a razor and soap,” smiled the saleswoman.

Here I was with my granddaughter standing naked in front of me about to watch her having her cunt shaved by the saleswoman. Most girls Emily’s age were shy about showing off their bodies but not Emily she liked showing off her naked body to me and the saleswoman.

When I slipped my hand inside my pants to rearrange my cock, Emily giggled and asked, “Grandpa, am I making your penis hard?”

Before I had time to reply, the saleswoman returned with a bowl of soapy water, washcloth, and razor and said, “Lay down on the couch and spread your legs for me.”

When Emily laid down the woman began to give her young cunt a wash with soapy water and then began using a razor the shave Emily’s cunt of all her light pubic hair and when she was finished she patted Emily’s cunt dry with a towel.

I watched the saleswoman run her fingers over my granddaughter’s freshly shaven cunt and chuckle, “That feels and looks a lot better, don’t you think so Grandpa?”

“Yes her vagina looks lovely,” I replied.

“Would you like to let your Grandpa feel how smooth your vagina is now?” chuckled the saleswoman running her fingers over Emily’s cunt.

“Yes, feel how smooth my vagina is, Grandpa,” squealed Emily.

I stood up and moved over beside Emily and ran my fingers over her young cunt, Emily reached down and pressed her hand down on top of mine to stop me from removing my hand.

“I will go and find a selection of bras and panties for you to try on,” said the saleswoman as she stood up and left the change room.

As soon as the saleswoman had left, Emily pleaded, “Grandpa, rub my vagina again.”

When my granddaughter lifted her hand off mine, I rubbed my fingers up and down her young cunt and when I ran my finger between her cunt lips, they parted letting my finger penetrate her young hole. Emily let out a low gasp and moaned, “Oh Grandpa that feels wonderful.”

As I pushed my finger deep into her young cunt, I was surprised at not feeling her hymen and wondered if my young granddaughter was sexually active and who had taken her virginity? I started finger fucking Emily faster pushing my finger deep into her thirteen-year-old cunt. When the change room door suddenly opened, the saleswoman with her arms full of lingerie stood at the door grinning as she watched me fingering my granddaughter.

“I can see that your Grandpa likes how your vagina looks and feels,” giggled the saleswoman.

After removing my finger from my granddaughter’s cunt, I stood up and stepped back and sat down in the armchair and sucked on my finger to taste Emily's sweet nectar. I watched as the saleswoman put down the lingerie she was carrying and move over to Emily still lying on the couch with her legs apart and run her fingers over Emily's now bald cunt, when she pushed a finger inside Emily's cunt, Emily gasped and took a deep breath as the saleswoman began to finger fuck her in front of me.

When Emily started to moan and her body started to shudder, the saleswoman squealed, “Your granddaughter’s having an orgasm.”

As Emily’s cunt started squirting her juices, the saleswoman knelt down and placed her mouth over Emily’s now bald cunt and started swallowing the juices squirting out of my granddaughter's cunt.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” Emily moaned and squealed with delight.

With my cock throbbing and aching to be set free from inside my pants, I opened my pants and pulled out my hard cock and started furiously stroking my cock. When the saleswoman heard Emily giggling she lifted her head up and looked over her shoulder at me stroking my hard cock.

The saleswoman lifted her dress up around her waist, and giggled, “Grandpa, I want you to fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside me.”

Hearing what the saleswoman said and knowing that Emily was watching just excited me more and I quickly stood up and removed my pants and moved behind the saleswoman. After pulling her thong to the side, I drove my cock all the way into her wet cunt and began pumping my cock in and out of her as she sucked on Emily’s cunt. Emily might have only been thirteen, but she knew that I was fucking the saleswoman.

When the thought about what it would be like to fuck Emily crept into my mind, I started slamming my cock in and out of the saleswoman’s cunt and it wasn’t long before my cock erupted and blasted my hot cum into the saleswoman’s cunt. When I slipped my limp cock out of the saleswoman’s cunt, I collapsed back down in the armchair exhausted.

After the saleswoman lifted her mouth from Emily’s young cunt, she wiped her face clean with a towel and then wiped and dried Emily’s cunt.

”Now let's see how you look wearing lingerie,” said the saleswoman.

I sat there fondling my limp cock in front of a smiling Emily as the saleswoman helped her try on and model the lingerie for me.

When Emily tried on a matching sheer bra and thong, I blurted, “I love that set that you're wearing, it looks so fucking sexy.”

As Emily checked herself out in the mirror, she giggled, “I like this set too, will you buy it for me, Grandpa?”

“Yes I will, but you better not tell your mother,” I chuckled.

Emily giggled, “Mom and Dad, knew that I was going to ask you to take me lingerie shopping.”

I couldn’t believe that my son and daughter-in-law knew that Emily was going to ask me to buy her lingerie and that they were okay with me buying it for her. Did they know that I would see their daughter naked as she tried on the lingerie? Did they know their daughter was sexually active? So many questions ran through my mind as I watched Emily trying on more lingerie.

After Emily had chosen what lingerie that she wanted me to buy her. She began to get dressed as I went to the front of the shop with the saleswoman and paid for the lingerie, promising to bring Emily back to the shop again very soon.

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Reply #1 on: July 02, 2020, 01:00:40 PM
Hot story. Sounds like the saleswoman had some needs to be met.

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So glad you're back and still in good form. Nice story. Grandpas need to be kept happy. ;D

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My Granddaughter Emily’s First Bra. Pt. 02 (MMf13, incest)

After we left the lingerie shop Emily squealed, “Grandpa, I want to show you the dress I like.”

Emily dragged me over to the other side of the shopping plaza to a dress shop and as soon as we entered the dress a saleswoman approached us and asked, “May I be of any assistance?”

For a brief moment, I thought here we go again and as I was about to reply to the saleswoman, Emily pointed to a dress hanging on the wall and blurted, “Grandpa is going to buy me a dress for my birthday and I want to try on that dress.”

“Please go into the change room and remove your dress, I will bring that dress in for you to try it on... your Grandpa can wait here,” said the saleswoman.

In one way, I was happy to wait out in the store as my cock still needed time to recover, a few minutes later Emily came out of the change room wearing the dress she had wanted. As she turned around in front of me, my first thought was how short the dress was and how it barely covered the thong that she was wearing and her ass-cheeks were clearly visible when she bent over.

“How do I look, Grandpa?”  asked Emily.

“Emily, I think the dress is a bit too short,” I replied.

“Don’t be an old fuddy-duddy, it’s what all the other girls are wearing and mom likes it,” barked Emily.

“If your mother is okay with you wearing this dress, I guess I am too,” I replied.

“Can I keep wearing the dress now ?” Emily excitedly asked.

I looked at the saleswoman who replied, “If that’s what she wants, I can put the dress she was wearing into a bag for her.”

After the saleswoman had removed the price tags from the dress, I paid for the dress and we left the store with Emily wearing the dress. Straight away, I could see the attention she was receiving from the men looking at her. When we sat down at a table in the shopping plaza to have a drink, I soon realized how short her dress was when I noticed several men looking under the table at Emily’s legs. As she sat at the table with her knees apart her dress had ridden up her thighs allowing the men to see her bald cunt through the thong’s sheer material.

“Emily, what are you doing, close your legs and pull down your dress, the men are looking at your cunt,” I shrieked.

Emily ignored me and giggled as she pulled her thong to the side, letting the men staring at her have a better view of her freshly shaven cunt. I was shocked at how brazen and cheeky my granddaughter was behaving. After I tried and failed to pull down the short dress that was far too short for her. I pulled her hand away from her thong and pushed her knees together.

“Grandpa, I was having fun, the men like looking at my vagina, just like you do,” said a disappointed Emily.

When Emily giggled as she looked at one of the men sitting opposite us, I looked at him smiling at Emily, he had his hand inside his pants and made no attempt to hide that he was stroking his cock. Emily smiled at him and parted her knees to give him another look at her smooth cunt.

“Emily,” I started to yell for her to behave and then said, “I give up, do whatever you want.”

When Emily pushed her finger into her cunt coating her finger with her juices and then placed her finger into her mouth to suck. The man watching her gasped and looked like he had cum in his pants. I watched as he removed his hand from inside his pants and stood up and started walking towards us.

“Hello, I’m Shawn, I had to come over and tell you how beautiful you are,” he said.

“I’m Emily and this is my Grandpa,” giggled Emily.

“Hello Grandpa,” chuckled Shawn.

“Please call me Richard,” I said.

“You're a very pretty girl Emily,” said Shawn as he took Emily’s hand in his and licked and sucked on her wet fingers.

I sat there in shock as this stranger hit on my granddaughter in front of me. When he sat down next to Emily he turned her chair towards him to block anyone else’s view of her and placed his hand on Emily’s thigh and asked, “How old are you, Emily?”

“I’m thirteen nearly fourteen,” Emily replied.

“Emily won't turn fourteen until next year,” I said

Emily gave me a look of disgust, then giggled as Shawn placed his hand on her knee. When Emily parted her knees Shawn started stroking her thigh moving his hand further up under her short skirt. I watched in shock as he ran his fingers over Emily's sheer thong and then under her thong to rub her shaven cunt. I was horrified that he had the nerve to touched my granddaughter in front of me, what was more shocking was that he was grinning at me.

“Your Granddaughter’s cunt is nice and soft to touch,” blurted Shawn and then chuckled, “Richard, do you like touching your granddaughter?”

Before I had a chance to respond, Emily blurted, “Grandpa loves to push his finger into my vagina.”

Shawn chuckled “Does your Grandpa fuck you?”

Emily blurted, “No only my Daddy and his friends,” she then threw her hand over her mouth and mumbled, “I’m not supposed to tell anyone that, it’s a secret.”

As soon as Emily had blurted that her father, my son fucked her it explained everything to me, my granddaughter wasn’t the innocent little girl that I thought she was. Shawn was now fingering Emily in the middle of the shopping plaza, hiding what he was doing to her from everyone else nearby.

When Emily began moaning softly, Shawn covered her mouth with his hand and pushed a finger into her mouth to keep her quiet. Emily sucked on Shawn’s finger as if it was a small cock, and he chuckled, “Do you like sucking cocks, Emily?”

“I need to take Emily home,” I barked and stood up.

Shawn looked at me and barked, “Sit back down Richard, I’m not finished just yet.”

I sat back down unsure of what I should do, as Richard removed his finger from Emily’s mouth he asked, “Well do you like sucking cocks? Do you want to suck my cock?”

When Richard saw a security guard approaching us, he pulled his finger out off Emily’s cunt and stood up and quickly walked away. As the security guard came closer, I was worried that he was going to say something to us, instead, he just gave us a smile and continued walking past us.

“I need to take you home, I want to have a talk with you about your mother and father, I said standing up and helping her to her feet.

Once we were sitting inside my car, I turned to face her and asked, “Emily why did you let the man touch you like that?”

“It’s what my Dad lets his friends do to me,” cried Emily.

“Your father lets his friends finger fuck you,” I blurted as I started the car and began driving home.

“Yes,” replied Emily.

I glanced down at her legs and saw that her short dress had ridden up around her waist and her sheer thong was clearly visible to my gaze

I asked, “What else does your father let his friends do to you?”

“He lets them fuck me and has me sucking their cocks,” replied Emily.

I was shocked and asked, “Is there anything else, you need to tell me?”

“Mom and Dad told me it was okay to let you fuck me,” cried Emily.

As my cock twitched in my pants, I asked, “Was it your mom’s idea for you to get sexy underwear and that short dress?”

“Yes, she told me to let you see me naked,” giggled Emily.

I was shocked and excited at the same time that my son and daughter-in-law wanted me to fuck my granddaughter. As I drove my car into my driveway, I had so many questions I needed answers too.

As soon as we were inside the house, I sat Emily down on the couch and sat next to her and I looked at her sitting there with her short dress exposing her sheer thong to my gaze.

“Your mother told you to let me see you naked,” I asked.

“Yes,” replied Emily.

“Then stand up and remove your clothes and let me see you naked,” I roared.

This time I was alone with Emily as she undressed in front of me, once all her clothes were removed, I had her slowly turn around several times to give me a good look at her naked body. When I held out my hands to her she came close enough for me to run my hands over her naked body.

After running my hands over her body, I cupped her small breasts in the palms of my hands and gave them a squeeze, then rubbed my fingers over her nipples making them become hard. I reached around her with both hands and squeezed her small ass-cheeks as I stared at her bald cunt. When I then ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, Emily moved her feet further apart letting my hand rub over her shaven cunt.

After rubbing my fingers over her cunt several times, I ran my finger over her crack and felt her cunt lips open to allow my finger to penetrate her cunt telling me that she was no virgin. As I gave my finger a few pumps, Emily began to moan softly and placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself and stop from collapsing.

With my cock throbbing and straining to be let out of my pants, I asked, “Your Mom and Dad told you that it was okay for me to fuck you?”

“Yes, they did,” replied Emily.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Yes, Grandpa,” she replied.

When I stood up and started removing my shirt, Emily knelt down and started undoing my pants, with my pants undone she pulled them down around my ankles. When she began pulling my underpants down, my cock sprang out and slapped her on her face making her giggle.

With my underpants now down around my ankles, Emily took hold of my cock and kissed the knob of my cock and licked my pre-cum leaking out of my cock. She then licked up and down the shaft of my cock as she fondled my balls in one hand. It was becoming too much for me and I had to sit back down on the couch to stop myself from falling.

Emily leaned forward and took my hard throbbing cock into her mouth and started moving her mouth up and down my shaft, it was easy to tell that she had sucked plenty of cocks before, from how good she was at sucking my cock. I took hold of her head and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth.

As I fucked Emily’s face, I wasn’t thinking of Emily as my granddaughter; she was just another young slut that loved sucking cocks. A few minutes later my cock exploded and blasted a large load of hot cum into her mouth, she quickly swallowed that load and each load of cum that I shot into her mouth only removing her mouth from around my cock when she was sure that I had finished coming.

I stood up from the couch and helped her to her feet then lifted her into my arms and carried her towards my bedroom. In the bedroom after, I had laid her down on the bed, I spread her legs apart and moved between her legs and kissed her wet smooth cunt several times before licking up and down her slit.

After Emily reached down and pulled her cunt lips apart, I pushed my tongue inside her cunt and began tongue fucking her. When I rubbed my finger over the top of her cunt and felt her young love bud, I flicked my finger over her young bud making Emily’s body shuddered. I continued to tongue fuck her and flick my finger over her young bud making her shudder with each touch.

As I sucked her young bud into my mouth she screamed, “Grandpa, you’re making me cum, fuck I’m having an orgasm.”

When her cunt erupted and began squirting her juices over my face, I opened my mouth to catch her sweet-tasting nectar. Once she had stopped squirting, I began tongue fucking and sucking on her cunt waiting for my cock to recover and become hard so I could fuck her as she wanted.

As I tongue fucked her, I thought about what my thirteen-year-old granddaughter had told me about her parents having sex with her and letting their friends fuck her. But what was more surprising was that they had encouraged her to have sex with me.

With my cock fully recovered and hard and beginning to throb in anticipation of entering my granddaughter’s cunt. I lifted my mouth off her cunt and looked at her lying on my bed with her legs apart inviting me to fuck her. Emily looked up at me with a large beaming smile on her face knowing what was about to happen.

After moving up over her young body, I began rubbing the knob of my cock up and down her shaven cunt. When her young cunt opened to allow the knob of my cock to enter her cunt, I kept pushing my cock into my granddaughter’s cunt, until my cock bottomed out inside her.

“Oh Grandpa, I love how your cock feels inside me,” squealed Emily trying to raise her hips to fuck me.

As I began thrusting my cock in and out of her cunt, slowly at first, enjoying how tight her cunt lips wrapped around the shaft of my cock. I reached out and squeezed both of her budding breasts, then pulled and twisted her nipples.

“Oh fuck Grandpa you’re making me cum again,” screamed Emily.

As I started to fuck her faster, Emily began moaning louder and wrapped her arms around me and dug her nails into my back as she had another orgasm.
When I felt my balls tighten, I knew my cock was about to explode, I slammed my cock into Emily’s cunt and kept it there, as my cock exploded and squirted several loads of my hot cum into my granddaughter’s cunt.

Emily screamed, “I’m having another fucking orgasm.”

After I had finished coming and my cock had started to become soft and limp, I slipped my cock out of her cum filled cunt and lifted her up into my arms and wrapped my arms around my granddaughter and hugged her pulling her budding breasts against my chest.

“Sweetheart, that was incredible, I love you so much,” I moaned.

“I love you too Grandpa,” said Emily.

We laid there on the bed in each other’s arms recovering for several long minutes. I then took turns kissing and sucking on each of my granddaughter’s small breasts and hard nipples, Emily moaned and held my mouth onto her breast. I reached under her and cupped her ass-cheeks in the palms of my hands and rolled over onto my back and had Emily sitting on top of me.

She sat there rocking back and forth grinding her cunt against my soft cock encouraging my cock to become hard once more. When my cock had become hard she raised herself up and took hold of my cock and aimed my cock at the entrance to her cunt and lowered herself down onto my cock.

Emily sat impaled on my cock for a minute before beginning to bounce up and down. We were suddenly interrupted when the front doorbell suddenly rang at first I thought about ignoring the doorbell and not answering the front door.

But when the doorbell rang several more times and there was loud knocking and banging on the door, I lifted Emily off my cock and climbed off the bed and threw on my bathrobe and went to answer the front door. When I opened the door and saw four of my friends standing there carrying beer, I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be having a poker game tonight.

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Reply #4 on: July 04, 2020, 11:18:03 PM
Well've left us with a whole bunch of  possibilities as this story continues. Guess there will be more than poker and beer! ;D

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My Granddaughter Emily’s First Bra. Pt. 03 (M+f13, incest)

I stood at my front door stopping my friends from entering my house and pleaded, “I’m sorry guys, I forgot to cancel our poker game… You’ve caught me at a bad time.”

“Are you going to invite us in or not,” asked Ted as he pushed past me and walked inside my house.

My three other friends followed him inside and then stopped in their tracks and stood there with their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide open. When I turned to see what they were looking at, I saw Emily standing there completely naked.

I screamed, “Emily go and put some clothes on.”

By the time I had closed and locked the front door and turned back around my four friends had surrounded my naked granddaughter and were standing groping her body.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” chuckled Ted.

“My name’s Emily, are you all friends of my Grandpa?” she asked.

“I’m Ted and these are my friends, Peter, Tomas, and Carl and we're all good friends of your Grandpa,” chuckled Ted running his hand over her ass.

“Emily, please go and put some clothes on,” I begged.

“I don’t want to,” replied Emily.

“Emily, do as you’re told,” I barked.

“Let Emily stay, Grandpa,” chuckled Carl, running his hand up and down Emily’s naked back.

Emily was enjoying the men’s attention and giggled when one of the men fondled her breast and another squeezed her ass.

When Ted sat down on the couch, he pulled Emily onto his lap and asked, “How old are you, sweetheart?”

“I’m thirteen,” giggled Emily.

“You look a lot older than thirteen,” said Ted as he cupped her breast in his hand.

Emily grinned at being told she looked older and when I reached out to grab her hand and pull her off Ted’s lap, my bathrobe fell open to reveal my semi-hard cock. I quickly stood back up and pulled my bathrobe closed. Ted lifted Emily up off his lap and passed her over to Peter who pulled her onto his lap and spread her knees apart and rubbed his fingers over her bald wet cunt.

“What’s this, who have you been fucking?” chuckled Peter, wiping up some cum from Emily’s leaking cunt.

Emily grabbed Peter’s hand and lifted his hand up to her mouth and after sucking on his cum covered finger giggled, “That’s my Grandpa’s cum.”

My four friends looked at each other in shock and then stared at me as Ted asked, “Emily do you like your Grandpa fucking you?”

When Emily didn’t answer him and looked at me to say something. Carl looked at me and asked, “Richard are you fucking your granddaughter?”

Emily was now sitting on Peter’s lap and before, I could answer Richard.

Peter pushed Emily’s knees apart and pushed his finger deep into Emily’s cunt and chuckled, “Emily’s cunt is full of cum.”

“You dirty old bastard you're fucking your granddaughter aren’t you Richard?” chuckled Carl.

“My Grandpa’s not old,” yelled Emily.

Peter laughed as he started finger fucking Emily and asked, “Do you like that sweetheart?”

Emily giggled and nodded her head as she let out a soft low moan. Carl sat down beside Emily and started fondling her breasts, he then turned her head towards him and kissed her on her mouth. Ted turned her head to face him and gave her a lingering open-mouthed kiss.

When Emily pushed her tongue into his mouth and began to tongue kissing him, Carl pleaded, “Let me give her another kiss.”

As soon as Peter removed his finger from Emily’s cunt, Carl wasted no time in pushing his finger deep into her cunt and started to furiously finger fuck her. My four friends were taking turns at fingering and kissing my granddaughter and I didn’t know what to do.

I know that I should have stopped them, but we had often talked about our friend’s wives and their daughter’s and how much we would enjoy fucking them. I had thought it was all talk, now here they were enjoying my granddaughter in front of me.

When Emily saw Tomas standing in front of her stroking his hard cock she reached out for him to come closer. When he did she wrapped her hand around his cock and leaned forward and gave the knob of his cock a kiss and then licked all around the knob of his cock before taking his cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck that feels fucking great,” moaned Thomas.

My friends gasped and stared in disbelief at Emily sucking on Thomas’s cock. They started quickly undressing and once they were naked, Peter, Carl, and Ted stood stroking their cocks in front of Emily waiting for my granddaughter to suck their cock.

They watched Emily’s mouth moving up and down on Thomas’s cock at a furious pace. When Tomas pulled Emily’s mouth all the way onto his cock and kept her mouth on his cock as his body shuddered several times, we knew that Thomas was shooting his cum into Emily’s mouth and down her throat.

As soon as Tomas pulled his limp spent cock out of Emily's mouth, Peter stepped forward and shoved his cock into her mouth. He held her head steady with both hands as he began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. A minute later he was shooting his cum down Emily's throat and then it was Carl’s turn and then Ted’s turn to fill my granddaughter’s belly with hot cum.

With my own cock throbbing and hard as a rock, I took Emily’s hand in mine and led her into my bedroom. My four friends followed us and watched me lay my granddaughter down on the bed. I then lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and thrust my cock into her hairless cunt in front of my cheering friends.

The thought of my sweet young granddaughter being gang banged drove me to furiously fuck her, slamming my cock into her young cunt again and again. When I felt my balls tightened and getting ready to explode, I grabbed hold of Emily’s hips and pulled her back onto my cock as my cock exploded inside her cunt.

I left my cock to go soft and limp inside my granddaughter’s cunt only removing my cock when Peter pulled me away from Emily's cunt and drove his cock into her cunt and began fucking my granddaughter at a furious pace, I was surprised how fast he had recovered.

With the others all working frantically on their limp cocks trying to make their cocks hard, I sat down and watched my granddaughter being fucked. Her breathing and gasps along with her constant moans told me that she was enjoying herself and that she had been fucked by a group of men before. I had so many questions to ask my son and his wife when they returned home from their trip.

“Peter, fucking hurry up and cum,” yelled Ted.

Ted was the next man to fuck Emily, I had never seen the look that he had on his face before it was like he was possessed and not like the friendly man that I knew. When he started grunting like a wild animal we all knew that he was shooting his cum into Emily's cunt. My granddaughter was now moaning loudly and her young body was shuddering as she had another orgasm.

Next, it was Carl’s turn to fuck Emily, he rolled her over onto her stomach and lifted her up onto her knees and for a brief moment, I thought that he was going to fuck her ass. I was relieved to see him thrust his large cock into Emily's cum filled cunt and start fucking her doggy style.

With my own cock becoming hard once again, I moved in front of my granddaughter’s head and lifted her head up her hair. When Emily saw my hard cock in front of her face she opened her mouth wide letting me shove my cock into her mouth.

I held Emily’s head steady and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth at a slow steady pace as Carl fucked her cunt. I couldn’t believe that I was actually having a threesome with my granddaughter, something I had never dreamed off doing.

Something told me that this wasn’t the first threesome that Emily has ever had. After my cock exploded and blasted my hot cum into her young mouth and down her throat, I released her head and slipped my cock out of her mouth.

Emily looked up at me with a beaming smile on her face, then suddenly gasped and took a deep breath as Carl slammed his cock deep into her cunt and started filling her cunt with cum. When he had finished coming and had pulled his cock out of her cunt, Emily collapsed face down on the bed.

“I think it’s time we let Emily have a rest and we have a beer,” I said.

The five of us left Emily lying on the bed and moved back to the lounge room to have a beer. We were all on our third can of beer when Emily walked into the lounge room naked and sat down with us and picked up a can of beer and took a large mouthful of beer.

I thought about telling Emily that she was too young to drink beer, but who was I to tell her that after the five of us had just fucked her cunt and mouth. As soon as she had finished drinking her can of beer, she started stroking Ted’s hard cock.

He pulled her head down towards his cock, Emily eagerly took his cock into her mouth and sucked on his cock until he had cum. She then turned and took Peter’s cock into her mouth and sucked on his cock until he had cum. Emily took turns sucking my friend’s cocks one after another.

After she had sucked on all their cocks she had another can of beer. With all my friends having flaccid cocks and because it was late at night, we decided to call it a night. After my friends had all dressed and Emily had given them each a passionate open-mouth kiss she went to the bedroom.

I said goodbye to my friends and opened my front door for them to leave after they had left, I locked the front door and returned to my bedroom where Emily was lying fast asleep in bed. I should have taken her into the bathroom and given her a shower and cleaned her body of all the dried cum that covered her body, but she looked so sweet laying there in bed that I decided to through a blanket over her and let her have a good night's sleep.

The next morning, I was woken up by Emily climbing into bed with me and fondling my morning erection she asked, “Grandpa, why are you sleeping in the spare bedroom, why didn’t you sleep with me in your bed last night?”

“You needed to have a good night's sleep after all the fun you had last night,” I chuckled.

Emily giggled, “This is how I wake my Dad up in the morning.”

She slipped under the bedsheets and moved down the bed and took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking my cock as she fondled my balls. It was as if Emily was hungry and desperate for me to feed her my cum for breakfast.

I pulled back the bedsheets and watched my granddaughter bobbing her head up and down on my cock, Emily looked up at me, her eyes sparkling with desire and then started bobbing her head up and down on my cock faster. When my cock exploded in her mouth Emily sucked even harder, swallowing each drop of cum that I shot into her mouth.

“Oh fuck sweetheart, that feels so fucking good,” I moaned.

“That's what my Daddy said,” Emily giggled and proceeded to lick my soft cock clean.

Every time Emily mentioned her Daddy, it sent shivers of delight down my spine as I realized that my son and his wife were having sex with their daughter. I remembered a time that Emily pulled open her mother’s dressing gown letting me see her mother’s breast. Julie giggled and told Emily to behave but she was never in a rush to cover her bare breasts back up.

“Emily, did your mother and father ask you to fuck me?” I blurted.

Emily giggled, “Yes, they did.”

“Has your parents let any of their friends fuck you?” I asked.

“Yes, they have parties where their friends fuck me and Mom and Dad fuck their friends and their daughters,” giggled Emily.

What Emily was telling me sounded like a swingers party, where families swapped daughters and I asked, “Does your Mom let other men fuck her?”

Emily giggled, “Yes sometimes a lot of men fuck Mommy… and me.”

“Does your Dad fuck the other mother’s and their daughters?” I asked.

“Yes,” giggled Emily.

Hearing Emily tell me about her parents and their friends had my cock throbbing at the thought of fucking Emily’s mother. I’ve always wanted to fuck my son’s wife Julie ever since I walked in on her masturbating naked on her bed. My biggest mistake I made was apologizing and walking out the bedroom, I should have gone in and joined her on the bed.

I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for us both when my mobile phone rang and I saw it was from Emily’s mother Julie, it was as if she knew that I was thinking about her.

“Hi Richard, how is my Baby girl, is she behaving herself?” Julie asked.

“Hello Julie, I don’t think Emily is your Baby-girl anymore, you should see what type of lingerie she chose,” I replied.

Julie giggled, “Let me have a talk with her.”

When I took my phone into the bedroom to give Emily, she was laying on the bed naked playing with her bald cunt.

“Your mother wants to talk to you,” I said as I handed her the phone and stared at her naked body and listened to her conversation with her mother.

Emily started giggling as her mother talked to her on the phone, I watched Emily rubbing her cunt as she talked with her mother. I heard Emily say something about a party to her mother and then started giggling and laughing when her mother said something to her.

“Richard, Emily’s friends are having a birthday party tonight and she wants to go, would you mind being a sweetheart and taking her there,” chuckled Julie.

“No, I don’t mind taking her to the birthday party,” I replied.

“Great, I will text you their address, now let me talk to Emily again,” replied Julie.

I handed the phone back to Emily and I heard her say, “Yes, Mommy, I will do what they want, goodbye Mommy.”

A few seconds later, I received a text message with the address and time for the birthday party from Julie.

I was surprised at the time of a children’s birthday party so late at night, Emily excitedly said, “Mommy told me that you're going to take me to the birthday party, thank you, Grandpa.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss and then proceeded to open my bathrobe and when she saw my hard throbbing cock she slipped my bathrobe off me and pulled me onto the bed. She wrapped her hand around my cock and took my cock deep into her mouth.

For the second time that morning, Emily started deep throating my cock sucking my cum out of my cock. When I had finished giving her all my cum we laid on the bed cuddling each other. Once I had recovered I moved down the bed and started sucking and tongue fucking her young cunt.

After stabbing my tongue into her cunt several times, I started sucking on her young love bud making her scream and her body shudder, my thirteen-year-old granddaughter was having another orgasm and she squirted her juices all over my face.

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loe the story cannot wait see what comes next

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My Granddaughter Emily’s First Bra. Pt. 04

With my cock once again fully hard, I fucked my granddaughter like an excited grandpa. This time when my cock started shooting my cum into her young cunt it was with much smaller loads, I left my cock buried inside her cunt to go limp and soft before removing my cock. We were both exhausted and we laid there on the bed cuddling each other as we tried to catch our breath.

After we had recovered and had caught our breath, Emily and I took a shower together. Our hands roamed all over each others body touching each other everywhere. As I fondled Emily’s budding breasts she reached down and began stroking my soft spent cock, trying to make my cock hard again. After a few minutes she gave up and released my cock and we climbed out of the shower and after we had dried each other, I put on a bathrobe and Emily stayed naked, I wasn’t about to complain about her nudity as I enjoyed watching her walking around the house naked.

The rest of the morning, I spent cleaning the house and changing the bedsheets while Emily sat watching television. Any other time seeing Emily sitting with her legs apart playing with her cunt would have made my cock hard and I would have fucked her, but my clock wasn’t interested. It was just after one when we sat down to eat our lunch. I could feel my cock waking up and by the time we had finished eating lunch my cock was fully hard.

When I slipped off my bathrobe and Emily saw that my cock was once again hard she smiled at me and giggled, “Are you going to fuck me, Grandpa?”

I smiled back at her and lifted her up onto the kitchen table and laid her down on the table. After lifting her legs up onto my shoulders, I pulled her closer to the edge of the table and drove my cock into her cunt. Emily began to squeal and moan as I began slamming my cock in and out of her cunt.

“Fuck me, Grandpa, oh fuck yes keep fucking me,” squealed Emily looking up at me.

As I reached out and cupped her small breasts in my hands and continued slamming my cock in and out of her cunt, Emily placed her hands on top of mine pressing my hands against her breasts and squealed, “I love having your cock in my cunt Grandpa.”

I didn’t say anything, I continued slammed my cock in and out of her cunt. Then slammed my cock into her cunt and kept it buried inside her as my cock exploded inside her cunt, filling her cunt with fresh cum. After removing my spent cock from her cunt, I lifted her up off the table and kissed her and took her to my bedroom and laid down on the bed with her.

After Emily had sucked my cock back to full hardness, I fucked her again and we fell asleep. By the time we woke up, it was time to go to the birthday party. After we had showered and dressed and were about to leave, I saw that Emily was wearing the short dress that I had bought for her. I thought that the dress was far to short for her to wear to a children’s birthday party, but there was no way that I could convince her to change and wear another dress.

On the drive to the party, Emily’s dress rode up her thighs and I saw that she was also wearing the sheer thong that I had also bought her. It was too late to turn around and go back to the house to change, plus she would never have listened to me. It was a short drive to her friend’s house and we were soon knocking on the front door.

We stood at the front door waiting for the door to be opened and invited inside, when the front door was opened, I was shocked to see a woman standing there wearing a see-thru dress that clearly showed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her breasts and bald cunt were clearly visible through the thin material of the dress.

“Hello Emily it’s nice to see you again and you must be Richard, Emily’s Grandpa... Julie told me that you were both coming tonight, I’m Sandra,” said the woman stepping back from the door to let us inside.

“It’s nice to meet you, Sandra,” I replied stepping into the house with Emily.

After closing the front door Sandra said, “Please follow me through to the lounge room and come and meet everyone.”

When we walked into the lounge room, Emily rushed over to where three men sitting wearing bathrobes. A woman was sitting on one of the men’s lap wearing a similar see thru dress that Sandra was wearing.

I watched as Emily climbed up onto the older man’s lap and gave him a kiss and said, “Happy Birthday Uncle Phil.”

I suddenly realised that this wasn’t a children’s birthday party at all, it was a birthday party for this older man. As Sandra and I approached the group, I watched as the older man slipped his hand under Emily's short dress and saw that the man with the woman sitting on his lap had his hand under her dress. My first thought was that these people were the ones that Emily had told me about her parents swapping partners with.

“Everyone this is Richard, Emily’s Grandpa, Richard this is Cathy and her husband James and this is my husband Robert and his father, Phil,” said Sandra.

After saying hello, I sat down in a chair to join them and stared at Cathy’s breasts thru the thin material of the dress she was wearing. What was strange was that Sandra’s husband Robert had his hand under Cathy’s dress and was rubbing her cunt. When Sandra move next to James he pulled her down onto his lap and slipped his hand under her dress. It was then that I knew my suspicions were correct and these couples were Emily’s parent's friend’s that they swapped partners with.

When I heard Emily moan, I turned to see that her short dress was now around her waist and Phil had pulled her thong to the side and was finger fucking her cunt. When Phil saw me staring at him, he just smiled at me and continued fingering Emily’s cunt, I watched as he removed his wet finger and sucked his finger into his mouth.

As Sandra watched her father-in-law push his finger back into Emily’s bald cunt, she giggled, “Emily, I’m glad to see that you shaved your cunt as your mother taught you too.”

When I heard that Emily’s mother had taught her how to shave her cunt, I knew that Emily had lied to the lingerie shop owner about not knowing how to shave. The little minx had just wanted Barbara to shave and touch her cunt, my granddaughter wasn’t as innocent as I had first thought.

Suddenly two teenage girls came running into the lounge room up to us, I immediately noticed that they were wearing similar dresses to their mothers and their naked bodies were visible.

Sandra said, “Richard this is Angie our thirteen-year-old daughter and this is Debbie, Cathy and James fifteen-year-old daughter, girls say hello to Richard Emily’s grandfather.”

“Hello Richard, hi Emily,” said both girls.

“Hello girls, it’s nice to meet you, I love your dresses,” I chuckled as I stared at their bodies under their dresses.

Debbie had long brown hair and big brown eyes her small firm breasts had dark nipples that were hard and poking out. Angie had short blonde hair and blue eyes and her breasts were puffy and just starting to develop.

We were told we had to wear them... Mommy said we can take them off after you and Emily arrived?” said Angie.

“What do you think Richard, do you want the girls to take their dresses off?” giggled Sandra.

Before I had a chance to answer, I watched Phil stand Emily up onto her feet in front of him and lift her dress up over her head. Both girls giggled and lifted their dresses up over their heads and stood there completely naked. Emily smiled and bent over to lower her thong to around her ankles. After stepping out of her thong she stood back up and turned around in a circle to let us all see her naked body from every angle.

When Debbie turned on the music and started dancing with Angie, Emily moved over and joined them. The three of them danced with each other rubbing their naked bodies over each other. I watched on in amazement as they rubbed their breasts and ground their bald cunts against each other.

When I managed to take my eyes off the girls and looked at Phil, I saw that his bathrobe was open and he was stroking his fat hard cock as he watched the girls dancing. Cathy was sitting on Robert’s lap impaled on his cock, she began bouncing up and down as she watched the girls dancing with each other. Sandra had taken her dress off and was now sitting on James’s lap bouncing up and down on his cock

Phil held out his hand for Emily to come closer and chuckled, “Come and give me my birthday present.”

Emily giggled and moved over in front of Phil, I wasn’t surprised or shocked to see Emily drop to her knees and lean forward and kiss and licking Phil’s fat cock. When Phil placed his hand on the back of Emily’s head, she took his fat cock into her mouth and started moving her mouth up and down on the shaft of his cock.

Debbie and Angie were left to dance alone and when I saw them kissing each other passionately with an open mouth kiss and rubbing their fingers over each other’s cunt. My cock began pulsating and screaming to be let loose the idea of watching the girls eating each other’s cunt had my cock leaking pre-cum.

When Robert started grunting and pulled Cathy down onto his cock we all knew that he was coming and filling Cathy’s cunt with his cum. A minute later Cathy climbed off Robert’s limp cock and went over to Debbie and Angie and brought the girls over to us.

When Cathy moved her daughter Debbie in front of Robert, she knelt down and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking Robert’s soft spent cock.

Cathy then brought Angie over to me and giggled, “Richard, I think it would be much easier for Angie to look after you if you undressed.”

I stood up and quickly undressed and sat back down when Angie wrapped her hand around my hard throbbing cock and took my cock into her mouth. I put my arm around Cathy’s waist and pulled her closer and took her breast into my mouth. I suckled on Cathy’s breast as Angie sucked on my cock.

“Swallow my cum, swallow all of my cum like your mother,” barked Phil pushing Emily’s mouth all the way into his cock.

I watched Emily swallow several loads of Phil’s hot cum before she lifted her mouth off his limp cock and giggled, “Happy Birthday, Uncle Phil.”

Emily then moved over to Robert and knelt down and took his limp soft cock into her mouth to suck. She had just finished sucking Robert’s father’s cock now she was sucking Robert’s cock.

“Emily loves the taste of cum just like her mother,” chuckled Robert.

After James had come inside Sandra’s cunt and she had climbed off his lap letting his clock slip out of her. I watched her move over and take her father-in-law’s limp cock into her mouth.

“It looks like they all love the taste of cum,” I chuckled.

A minute later my cock erupted and blasted my hot cum into Angie’s mouth, she kept sucking the cum out of my cock and massaged my balls hoping for more of my cum. She only released her mouth from around my cock when my cock started to become soft. I lifted her to her feet and kissed and sucked on her budding nipples and then cuddled her in my arms as I looked at her mother sucking her father-in-law’s cock.

It was still early and there were three girls that needed fucking as soon as our cocks had recovered. I started thinking about how much I was going to enjoy sharing my granddaughter with her parents and how I was going to finally be able to fuck my son’s wife after desiring her for years.

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WoW :emot_thdrool: what a hot story set ,,, :emot_penis:

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Such a naughty nasty story. Wish this or something similar could happen here. Thanks!

So much porn, so little time!

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HOT  :emot_penis: Hot :emot_penis: HOT. thank you will there be more wish i could love her :aol_cunnilingus:

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Fantastic story.

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