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My Neighbour and his Daughter. (MMg14, incest)

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on: July 04, 2020, 06:40:57 AM

This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

My Neighbour and his Daughter. Pt. 01 (MMg14, incest)

When my neighbour asked me to fix his laptop computer, I just thought it would be something simple. But when I discovered a hidden partition on the laptop with an encrypted folder, I was curious to find out what was inside the folder. After finally opening the encrypted folder, I was shocked to find photos of my neighbour's fourteen-year-old daughter Abby.

The photos showed her lying naked on the bed with her legs spread apart displaying her young hairless cunt to the camera. I was shocked when the photos showed her using a dildo. Then was left speechless when the next set of photos showed her sucking on a man’s cock as she fondled his balls. When I saw photos of her being fucked by an older man that I didn’t recognize my cock instantly started throbbing in my pants.

I had always admired Abby’s slim young body and her long jet black hair. Her bubbly personality along with her wonderful smile, where her brown eyes would sparkle when she smiled at you.

There were times when I saw her playing in their swimming pool wearing her bikini that would nearly become transparent when it was wet. The top of her bikini just covered her nipples on her budding chest and bottom half just covered her hairless young mound.

Abby had always made my cock hard every time I saw her in her bikini. It had only been a month ago that I had been at her fourteenth birthday party, admiring how beautiful she looked in her short party dress that displayed her pink panties every time she bent over. Now here I was at home sitting in front of her father’s laptop computer that he gave me to repair, looking at her with a cock deep inside her young cunt.

I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out a pair of her panties that I had stolen from their washing basket on the day of her birthday party. After I opened my pants and pulled out my hard throbbing cock, I wrapped her panties around my cock and began stroking my cock, wishing it was my cock that was in her cunt.

It wasn’t long before my cock was erupting and filling her panties with my hot cum. After cleaning up the mess and tucking my limp cock back inside my pants, I started thinking about how to approach her father and tell him about discovering the hidden photos on his laptop.

The first thing that I needed to do was to make a copy of all the photos, the second was to go over to his house and return his laptop to him. When I knocked on his front door, he answered the door wearing a dressing gown which surprised me seeing that it was the middle of the day.

When he saw me holding his laptop he asked, “Dave, how did you go, did you manage to get the laptop working again?”

“Yes it’s all working again, Tom,” I replied, waiting to be invited inside his house.

“That’s wonderful, thank you for fixing it for me,” smiled Tom, reaching out to take his laptop from me.

I held onto the laptop and said, “I need to talk to you about what I discovered on the laptop.”

The expression on Tom's face suddenly changed from a smile to a look of horror and he mumbled, “You better come inside and tell me what you found.”

I followed Tom into his house and through to his kitchen, where I sat down at the kitchen table with him and opened the laptop and turned it on. Tom sat nervously beside me staring at his laptop’s welcome screen.

“Everything looks to be working normal, what did you find wrong with the laptop?” asked a more relaxed Tom.

“I discovered a virus on the laptop and had to reformat the whole hard drive,” I replied in no hurry to tell him what else I had found.

As Tom checked out the laptop, Abby walked into the kitchen wearing one of her father’s shirts and straight away, I noticed that only a few of the buttons were done up and her small budding breasts were barely covered.

“Hello, Mr Walker,” said Abby.

“Hi Abby, I told you to call me Dave... Mr Walker makes me feel old,” I chuckled.

Abby giggled, “You're not old, you're the same age as my Dad.”

I watched as she climbed up onto her father’s lap and caught a glimpse of her bare young cunt as the bottom of her father’s shirt she was wearing opened. Tom saw me staring between his daughter’s legs and he pulled the shirt closed.

It was then that I decided to tease Abby’s father and chuckled, “You’re a very pretty girl Abby, I bet your daddy likes taking photographs of you.”

Tom's face turned bright red as Abby giggled, “Yes Dad loves taking my photograph, Dad told me that I’m pretty enough to be a model.”

When I clicked on the hidden folder on the laptop and a naked photo of Abby lying in the bed appeared, Tom started trembling and mumbled, “Those photos are private.”

Abby giggled, “Dave, do you like the photos, Dad took of me?”

“Fuck yes, you have a lovely looking cunt,” I replied clicking on another photo showing her legs wide apart.

Abby giggled, “You not to suppose to swear.”

Tom tried to close the laptop, but I stopped him and clicked on another photo, to show Abby sucking on a cock.

“That’s Uncle David,” giggled Abby.

“Dave, what are you going to do... please don’t tell anyone,” pleaded Tom.

“I want to be one of Abby’s uncles... Would you like me to be one of your Uncle’s Abby?” I asked.

Tom and Abby made no attempt to stop me when I pushed her legs apart and ran my hand up the inside of her bare thigh and rubbed her cunt with my fingers.

“Daddy, can Dave be one of my uncles... can I play with his cock too?”

Tom just nodded his head and watched as Abby reached over and opened the front of my pants and pull out my hard throbbing cock. After wrapping her small hand around my shaft, she began to slowly stroke my cock.

“Abby, please suck my cock as you did in the photo,” I pleaded.

Still holding my cock in her hand Abby leaned down and began licking all over and around the knob of my cock. I gasped and after taking a deep breath placed my hand on the back off her head. Abby immediately took my cock deep into her mouth and began sucking and moving her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock.

“Oh fuck yes, Abby that feels so fucking good... I’ve dreamed of you sucking my cock since I saw you in your bikini at your birthday party last year,” I moaned.

“Dave are you seriously telling me that you wanted Abby to suck your cock last year?” asked her father.

“Yes, that’s why I’ve been staring at her playing in the pool,” I replied.

“I had no idea that you liked young girls like me,” groaned Tom, watching Abby’s head bobbing up and down on my cock.

“I wish that I had known earlier that you were fucking Abby,” I replied.

“Would you like to fuck Abby?” asked Tom.

Before I could answer him, Tom lifted his daughter’s head up, pulling her mouth off my cock and stood her up in front of us both and removed the shirt she was wearing. Abby stood there giggling cupping her budding breasts as I stared at her.

When I looked down at her hairless cunt she giggled, “Do you like my pussy shaven?”

“Yes, I do, your pussy looks amazing,” I replied, reaching out to run my fingers over her puffy slit.

When Tom stood up and removed his dressing gown, I saw that he had been naked under his dressing gown and his cock was fully hard. I followed Tom’s example and stood up and undressed and was soon standing naked with Tom in front of his young daughter with my once again hard cock.

When I sat back down on the couch, Abby straddled my legs and with my cock in her hand aimed my cock at the entrance to her young shaven cunt and lowered herself down onto my cock. With my cock fully inside her, she sat there impaled on my cock smiling at me.

I reached out with both hands and cupped her small budding breasts in the palms of my hands and felt her nipples growing harder and bigger. After giving her breasts a squeeze, I twisted and pulled on each of her nipples making her squeal.

Abby leaned forward and kissed me passionately with an open mouth kiss, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I held her head in my hands and returned her kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth to wrestle with her tongue.

We kissed each other for several minutes then after we broke our kiss, Abby started bouncing up and down on my cock. Staring at me with her big brown eyes and a large beaming smile in her face.

“Oh! Fuck Abby, you’re amazing,” I moaned and took a deep breath.

Beside me on the couch sat Tom furiously stroking his cock, watching his daughter Abby riding my cock. When Tom’s cock erupted and shot his cum all over her leg, Abby wasted no time in reaching down to wipe up her father’s cum with her fingers and place her cum covered fingers into her mouth to suck clean as she continued bouncing on my cock.

How does a fourteen-year-old girl get this much experience bouncing on a cock and I looked at her father and blurted, “How long have you been fucking your daughter for?”

“Just after her thirteenth Birthday,” chuckled Tom.

It was no wonder that Abby liked the taste of cum, after feeding on her father’s cum every night for over a year. I wondered how many other of her so-called Uncles had she also sucked and fucked.

A minute later when I felt my balls tighten, I pulled Abby down onto my cock and held her there as my cock exploded inside her tight cunt filling her cunt with my hot sticky cum. After I had finished coming and with my cock becoming soft Abby climbed off my lap letting my limp cock slip out of her cum filled cunt.

With her father’s cock becoming hard, Abby knelt down in front of her father and started licking the knob of his cock. The way she used her tongue on her father’s cock, was incredible, watching her licking the pre-cum oozing out of the eye of her father’s cock. Made me take hold of my limp cock and wish my cock would become instantly hard again, so I could fill her mouth with my cum.

Not only was she sucking on her father’s cock, but she was also massaging his balls. There was one thing that I knew was going to happen for sure and that was I was going to be visiting Abby and her father a lot more often after today.

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Reply #1 on: July 05, 2020, 06:58:51 PM
I thought it was a great story.  One of the things I don't like about some older/younger stories is how the men often use words debasing the youngster they are having sex with.  You know, calling her a bitch or cunt.  There were lots of sweet and gentle aspects in your writing and it seems clear that the girl was precious and adorable. The sexual activity was supposed to be fun for both.   Nice story. 

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My Neighbour and his Daughter. Pt. 02 (MMg14, incest)

As soon as I had arrived home after having just spent two hours with Abby, fucking her mouth and cunt, I undressed and collapsed naked onto my bed exhausted. It had been a while since I had been with a girl Abby’s age and had forgotten how much energy and stamina that girls like her had.

I was woken up just before midday by someone knocking on my front door. The sun was already shining brightly through my window into my bedroom telling me it was going to be another hot day. After climbing out of my bed and pulling on a pair of shorts, I went and opened my front door, standing there was Abby, wearing her small bikini.

“Hello, Abby, what can I do for you?” I asked, staring at her hard nipples pressing against her bikini top.

“Dad had to go out and he told me to come over and ask you if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on me while I’m using the pool,” said Abby.

I had previously looked after Abby and kept an eye on her for her father plenty of times before. Tom was an unemployed single father bringing up his young daughter by himself, his wife, Abby’s mother had left them for another man years ago and seeing that I was retired, I had plenty of time to help my neighbour by looking after Abby for him.

Abby was on school holidays for another couple of weeks and after what had happened yesterday, I was more eager than ever to look after her for her father and chuckled, “Of course, I can keep an eye on you.”

Abby threw her arms around me and stood up on her toes to give me a kiss, I cupped her ass-cheeks in the palms of my hands and lifted her up a little higher and kissed her on her mouth. Abby opened her mouth and we wrestled with each other’s tongue, kissing each other passionately for several minutes.

When our mouths separated, I asked, “Do you want to come inside for a few minutes before you go for a swim?”

“I want to go for a swim first,” she replied.

“Let me go get a towel,” I said.

The idea of seeing Abby’s bikini becoming transparent when it became wet like the last time I watched her playing in their pool was enough to make my cock start throbbing in my shorts. As soon as I had grabbed a towel, Abby started dragging me next door to their pool. The sight of her young bottom in front of me just made my cock throb even harder and I couldn’t resist pulling her back against me pressing my hard cock against her ass.

“Let me go, know what your doing,” squealed Abby trying to escape my grasp.

Two more steps and we were at the edge of the pool, I lifted her up and yelled, “One, two, three. ”

And threw her into the pool making a large splash as soon as she stood up she squealed, “Throw me in again Uncle Dave.”

When Abby climbed out of the pool, after staring at her transparent wet bikini with her cunt lips clearly visible, along with her small pink nipples. I lifted her up into my arms and planted a kiss on her bikini covered cunt and then threw her into the pool making another large splash.

I then dived into the pool and when I came up beside her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. As we kissed, I held her young body against mine and pulled the straps on her bikini top apart. Abby broke our kiss just long enough for me to remove her small bikini top from between our bodies and when she kissed me again, I pulled her tight against my bare chest and felt her for small puffy breasts and hard nipples pressing against my chest.

With her young legs wrapped around my waist, I untied her bikini bottoms and as I tried to pull her bikini bottoms off, Abby removed her arms and legs from around my body and dropped down under the water leaving me holding her bikini bottoms in my hand. I then felt my shorts being pulled down and
Abby kissing the knob of my hard throbbing cock.

She surfaced and smiled at me and giggled, “Uncle Dave, are you going to fuck me?”

I grinned and picked her up and carried her naked body over to the side of the pool and sat her down on the edge. Abby giggled and spread her legs apart letting my eyes gaze upon her bald cunt.

“First, I want to eat you,” I chuckled and leaned down and place my mouth onto her cunt.

Abby moaned and pressed down on the back of my head as I started to stab my tongue in and out of her cunt. As her body started to shudder she started humping my mouth with her slim body as if she was fucking my face. It always amazed me when a young girl started to cum and had an orgasm.
Abby was no different from any of the other girls that I had been with and when I sucked her young bud into my mouth, she gasped for breath and started to moan.

“Oh, Uncle Dave, please don’t stop doing that,” moaned Abby as she took another deep breath.

A minute later her cunt began squirting her sweet tasting nectar all over my face as I flicked my tongue over her young bud. When I lifted my mouth from her cunt there was a look of disappointment on her face. Until I lifted her up by her ass-cheeks and lowered her down onto my hard throbbing cock. My cock slipped easily inside her telling me that she had been fucked plenty of times before.

“Yes, yes fuck me, Uncle Dave, I want to feel your cock inside me,” she squealed as she started bouncing up and down on my cock.

It had been a long time since I had fucked anyone in a pool, let alone a fourteen-year-old girl and with her arms wrapped around my neck, Abby bounced up and down on my cock like an excited girl being fucked for the very first time. I could feel my cock bottoming out each time she dropped back down onto my cock. She kissed me multiple times in between her squeals and moans and when my cock started to erupt and shoot my hot cum into her teenage cunt, she stopped bouncing and held onto my neck tight knowing that I was filling her cunt with my cum.

I stood there in the pool with Abby’s body in my arms neither of us moving for several minutes before she released her arms from around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss.

“Uncle Dave, that was awesome,” giggled Abby, then gave me another kiss.

As my cock began to go soft inside her young cunt, I lowered her back down onto her feet and said, “Let’s hop out the pool and have a rest.”

“Are you going to fuck me again, Uncle Dave?” giggled Abby.

“Dave can fuck you after I have,” chuckled her father Tom standing beside the pool looking down at us.

“Daddy, you’re home,” squealed Abby climbing out of the pool to embrace her father.

I looked at Tom smiling at me and blurted, “I hope you didn't mind me fucking Abby... in the pool Tom?”

“You can fuck Abby in the pool or anywhere else you want... anytime,” chuckled Tom.

As Abby started to undress her father, he said, “Dave can you help me with a big favour?”

“Anything, ask me anything,” I replied.

“I have to go away for a few days, would you mind looking after Abby for me and letting her sleep in your house?” grinned Tom.

“Is that all?” I chuckled.

“You’re quite welcome to share Abby with your friends if she exhausts you,” laughed Tom.

As he sat down on a pool lounge chair with his pants and underwear around his ankles. After Abby had removed his shoes and socks and removed his pants and underwear from around his ankles, she began kissing and licking the knob if her father’s cock.

“You’re telling me it’s alright to share Abby with my friends?” I blurted.

“If your friends like teenage girls, yes it is,” Tom replied and then gasped and took a deep breath as Abby took all of his cock into her mouth.

I watched Abby’s mouth moving up and down on her father’s cock and watched as she lifted her mouth off his cock and stood up and straddled him. She pulled her cunt lips apart as her father aimed his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt. Abby lowered herself down until she was sitting on her father’s lap impaled on his cock.

A few minutes later, Abby began to bounce up and down, her small puffy breasts hardly moving with all the bouncing up and down she was doing. My cock was beginning to wake up at what her father had just said about sharing Abby with my friends and the sight of her bouncing on her father’s cock had me stroking my cock.

“Uncle Malcolm,” squealed Abby as she continued bouncing on her father’s cock.

I turned and looked over my shoulder to see a man with a teenage girl with short blonde curly hair wearing a summer dress walking into Tom and Abby’s back yard.

When Tom saw them, he chuckled, “Malcolm, this is my neighbour Dave... Dave this is Malcolm and his daughter Eve.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Dave... Eve wanted to come over for a swim seeing how hot the weather is,” said Malcolm.

With my hand still wrapped around my cock, I replied, “It’s nice to meet you both.”

I gave my cock a couple of quick pumps after watching Malcolm lift Eve’s dress up over her head to reveal his daughter’s naked body. Her breasts were small with dark pink hard nipples, her cunt looked like it had been recently shaven and penetrated by the way that I could see the pink inside of her cunt.

As her father started to undress, I asked, ”How old are you Eve?”

“I’m thirteen, I’m going to be fourteen in a few months,” Eve replied.

We all turned and looked at Tom when he screamed, “I’m fucking coming.”

“Just in time, Abby are you ready for your Uncle’s cock?” chuckled Malcolm stroking his hard cock.

“What about Uncle Dave?” giggled Abby.

Malcolm turned at looked at me and chuckled, “I think Eve wants to play with her new Uncle.”

As soon as I removed my hand from around my hard cock, it was replaced by Eve’s hand. She knelt down beside me and began fondling and stroking my cock as I rubbed my fingers through her curly blonde hair. When Eve kissed my cock and then took it into her mouth, I knew it was going to be exciting and long day for us all.

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My Neighbour and his Daughter. Pt. 03 (MMg14, incest)

The feeling of Eve licking and sucking on the knob of my cock felt incredible and when she took my cock deep into her mouth and started sucking as if she was sucking on a piece of candy, my whole body shuddered and I gasped and let out a long-expired breath. When did teenage girls become this good at sucking cocks?

With her hands fondling my balls, Eve moved her mouth slowly up and down the shaft of my cock. I closed my eyes and dreamed that I was in paradise and thought could anything else be this good? To think it had all come about because I was helping my neighbour by repairing laptop.

Only a few feet away was Eve’s father Malcolm fucking Abby from behind as Abby sucked on her father’s limp cock tasting her own cunt juices mixed with his cum trying desperately to make his cock hard again. I lifted Eve’s mouth up off my cock and stood her up onto her feet, I then had her straddle my lap and lowered her cunt down onto my cock. With my cock buried deep in her cunt, Eve sat there impaled on my cock.

As I ran my hands over her small breasts, I felt her nipples becoming hard. After using my thumb and forefinger to give her nipples a tweak, Eve started to bounce up and down and ride my cock like she was on an amusement ride at a park. The way that she bounced up and down, letting my cock touch every part of the inside of her teenage cunt. It was easy to tell that she had been fucked plenty of times before.

When I heard Malcolm grunt, I looked over at him to see him pulling Abby back onto his cock. He held her there as his cock started filling her cunt with hot cum. Abby wanted to scream and tried to lift her mouth off her father’s cock, but he pushed her head back down and all Abby could manage was a muffled scream.

After Malcolm had removed his spent cock from Abby’s cunt and stepped back. Tom took hold of his daughter’s head and began pumping her head up and down, fucking his daughter’s face at a furious pace not even stopping when he started to cum. Abby swallowed each load of her father’s hot cum with the ease of an experienced cock sucker. When her father had finished she sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at her father.

It wasn’t long before Tom, Malcolm and I were sitting at the side of the pool enjoying a beer watching Abby and Eve playing and frolicking in the pool, waiting for our cocks to recover.

“How did you two meet?” I asked.

Tom replied, “We’ve known each other for years, we were best friends at school.”

“After our wives left us to look after our daughters by ourselves, we ran into each other while shopping for clothes for our daughters,” said Malcolm.

“How did you start having sex with each other’s daughter?” I asked.

“There was also another father buying clothes for his teenage daughter when she came out of the change room wearing a bra and thong he asked us how she looked,” chuckled Malcolm.

“When we told him she looked sexy, he asked us if we had ever bought our daughters any sexy underwear when we said No. He asked us if we wanted to come home with him and see how our daughters would look wearing his daughter’s underwear, it was only after our daughter’s begged us to go home with h8m that we agreed,” said Tom.

“At his house, his daughter took our daughters into her bedroom to change, when they all came out wearing skimpy underwear and started modelling for us our mouths fell open,” chuckled Malcolm.

“They were soon all running around the house topless wearing only thongs that barely covered their cunts,” said Tom.

“He asked us if we ever had any sexual fantasies about our daughters as he fondled his daughter's breasts,” said Malcolm.

He felt up his daughter in front of you and your daughters?” I asked.

“Yeah and told us about taking baths and showers with his daughter and asked if we had ever showered or had a bath with our daughters, ” replied Tom.

“We were telling him we hadn’t when Abby and Eve and his daughter came out of the bedroom naked,” said Malcolm.

“We were soon naked with our daughters fondling our cocks in front of each other. When his daughter started kissing his cock our daughters copied her and started kissing our cocks, it wasn’t long before our cocks were erupting in our daughter’s mouths,” chuckled Tom.

I wanted to ask a lot more questions, but we were interrupted by Abby yelling, “Come into the pool and play with us.”

The three of us put down our beer and stood up and jumped into the pool to join them. When we started splashing them, Abby and Eve responded by jumping all over us trying to push and pull us under the water. I picked up Eve with one hand on her bare young cunt and another on her breast and threw her up into the air making her squeal, she landed in the water with a large splash.

“Throw me, throw me,” yelled Abby.

Malcolm lifted Abby up and threw her into the air to landed in the water when she came up from under the water giggling. He dived under the water and pulled her back under the water, when they came back up from being under the water they were embracing and their mouths were locked together as the kissed each other passionately.

Tom grabbed hold of Eve’s hands and I grabbed hold of her feet and we swung her back and forth before throwing her up into the air to land in the pool with a large splash. I lifted her up by her ass cheeks and held her cunt close to my face and gave her cunt a kissed, after licking Eve’s cunt, I passed her over to Tom who lifted her up and also gave her cunt a kiss.

After passing Eve back and forth between us, Tom and I climbed out of the pool with Eve. When Top sat down on a pool lounge with his cock pointing to the sky, Eve lowered her teenage cunt onto his cock and then began bouncing up and down.

Tom pulled Eve down pressing her small breasts against his chest and chuckled, “Dave, see if you can get your cock in her ass.”

Eve giggled, “Yes, fuck my ass, double team me.”

I moved behind Eve and with Tom spreading her ass cheeks, I rubbed the knob of my cock over her brown hole, then pushed the knob of my cock into her ass surprisingly easy. Where do teenage girls learn about double-teaming and being fucked in the ass from? The only thing I could think of was from porn on the internet.

After letting her get used to my cock for a minute, I began pumping my cock in and out of her ass slowly, Eve began moaning softly in pleasure and delight. With my cock buried in her ass, I began fucking her ass with a steady pace and every now and again I would thrust my cock hard into her ass. The feeling I was having as I fucked her young ass was unbelievable, her ass was gripping my hard cock like she was stroking my cock with her hand.

“Fuck my ass faster, Uncle Dave... I’m close to coming,” squealed Eve.

Eve was trying to raise her ass up to meet my inward thrusts, I could feel Tom’s cock in her cunt. I was still finding it difficult to believe that I was actually double teaming a thirteen-year-old girl. Eve’s ass was milking my cock and it didn’t take long before she had made my cock erupt in her ass.

After filling her ass with cum and with my cock becoming soft and limp, I removed my cock from her ass. Eve sat up and excitedly began bouncing up and down on Tom’s cock. As I watched Eve fucking Tom, I still couldn’t believe she was only thirteen. When Tom started to cum, Eve sat there letting him shoot his cum into her cunt, once he had finished coming Eve climbed off his lap and sat down next to me.

“Eve where did you learn about double-teaming,” I asked.

“Daddy and his friends taught me,” giggled Eve.

I looked across the pool at Malcolm and saw that Abby was leaning on the edge of the pool with Malcolm fucking her from behind after staring at them for several minutes, I realized that Malcolm was fucking Abby’s ass.

When I turned and looked at Tom, he chuckled, “Abby loves having a cock in her ass, she also loves being double-teamed.”

Tom must have known what I was thinking as he chuckled, “We can double team Abby tonight before I leave.”

I suddenly remember that Abby would be staying with me for a few days while her father was away. As soon as her father had cum inside Abby’s ass and had removed his cock from her ass. Eve stood up and ran and jumped into the pool and swam over to her father.

When Malcolm climbed out of the pool and Tom handed him a beer, he chuckled, “Eve told me how much she enjoyed you fucking her ass.”

“I enjoyed fucking her ass,” I chuckled.

With the girls playing in the pool as Tom, Malcolm and I chatted and drank beer. Tom chuckled, “Malcolm, Abby is going to be staying with Dave for a few days, I’ve told him he can call you if he needs a hand looking after Abby.”

“Tom, tomorrow is also suppose to be a hot day can I bring Eve and her mother for a swim?” asked Malcolm.

“Yeah bring them over anytime,” replied Tom.

Malcolm smiled at me and chuckled, “I can’t wait to introduce you to my wife  Karen.”

“When I get home, I’m going to tell mom about Dave fucking me” giggled Eve.

“I think it’s time to take you home to your mother,” said Malcolm.

“Do we have to go?” pleaded Eve.

As soon as Malcolm and Eve had left to go home, Tom said, “Dave, when you meet Karen, you will know where Eve gets her appetite for sex from.”

The idea of fucking a mother and daughter together in the same bed, had my cock throbbing and when I gave my cock a pump Tom chuckled, “Let’s take Abby inside the house.”

“Would you like something to eat?” I asked.

“Nothing for me what about you Abby?” asked her father.

“I just want you both to fuck me again,” giggled Abby.

We took Abby straight through to the bedroom, she sat down on the end of the bed and with Tom and me standing in front of her, she took a cock in each hand and began taking turns sucking on our cocks.

She then laid down on the bed and looked up at us and giggled, “I want you both to cum over me.”

Tom and I looked at each other and then moved to stand on each side of her and started stroking and pumping our cocks. I couldn’t believe that a teenager wanted to be given a cum bath, Abby definitely loved the taste of cum and when Tom and I started to cum she opened her mouth wide trying to catch our cum.

With her face and small breasts covered in our cum laid on the bed giggling.
After we moved to the foot of the bed, Abby sat up and began stroking our limp cocks and sucking out any cum that was still there. When our cocks didn’t become hard fast enough for her she laid back down on the bed and spread her legs and began fingering her cunt.

There is no better sight to make a cock become hard that a sight of watching a fourteen-year-old girl masturbating. With my cock once again hard, I moved between Abby’s legs and drove my cock into her cunt and fucked her like an excited old man. When I had finished coming and filling her cunt with cum, I stepped back from between her legs, to be replaced by her father.

Tom fucked Abby like a father that was going to be away from his daughter for the next few days. He thrust his cock into her cunt again and again and it wasn’t long before his cock was erupting in his daughter’s cunt. After saying goodbye to Abby and telling her to have fun.

Tom said, “Dave take care of my baby girl for me and phone me if you need any advice.”

After Tom left to go home, I took Abby into the bathroom to have a shower with her, after we had finished our shower and had dried each other and Abby helped me change the bedsheets. We then climbed into bed and cuddled each other and started kissing each other passionately.

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My Neighbour and his Daughter. Pt. 04 (MMg14, incest)

We must have fallen asleep, the next thing I knew was being woken up with someone under the blankets sucking on my cock. When I opened my eyes the bright sunshine coming through the bedroom window made me close my eyes tight and open them slowly to let my eyes adjust to how bright it was.

With my eyes now fully open, I looked under the blankets to see Abby sucking on my cock as if she was desperate for my cum. Most mornings, I would wake up with a hard cock, but being woken up with a fourteen-year-old girl sucking on it was something that had never happened to me before.

Even after pulling the blankets completely off her, Abby never stopped, she wasn’t going to stop until she had made my cock erupt. I just laid there looking down at her and enjoyed the feeling of having my cock in her mouth. She was sucking on it with all the vigour and enthusiasm that she could summon up.

When my cock finally erupt, it was with a sudden blast and I shot a large load of hot cum into her mouth. Abby swallowed my large load of cum with ease and then after sucking out and licking up the last remaining drops of cum lifted her mouth off my cock and looked up at me with a beaming smile on her face.

I smiled at her and chuckled, “Good morning, Abby.”

“Did you like me waking you up by sucking your cock... that’s how I wake my Dad,” giggled Abby.

“Yes, it was wonderful,” I replied.

Abby climbed on top of me and sat with her legs on either side of my chest and her young hairless cunt in front of my face, squealed, “Uncle Dave, I want you to eat me and make me cum.”

I reached around her and with a hand on each of her ass-cheeks, pulled her bald cunt against my face and gave her cunt a wet lingering kiss and pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her then started tongue fucking her. Abby giggled and humped my face trying to get my tongue to go deeper.

Somehow just having my tongue buried inside Abby’s cunt had made my cock hard again. She reached back and grabbed hold of my cock and when she felt how hard my cock was, she pulled her cunt away from my mouth and raised herself up and straddled me.

Holding my hard cock in her hand she pointed my cock at the entrance to her wet cunt and lowered herself down onto my cock. Abby sat there impaled on it for only a few moments giggling and smiling before she started to bounce up and down.

“I love having your cock in my cunt, Uncle Dave,” giggled Abby.

“I think you just love to have anyone’s cock inside your cunt,” I chuckled.

Abby giggled and started bouncing up and down faster, she definitely loved having a cock inside her cunt and her appetite for sex was going to keep me busy for the next few days while her father was away. It didn’t take her long before she had my cock exploding inside her, filling her cunt with my hot cum.

After my cock had finished coming and had become limp, Abby climbed off me letting my soft cock slip out of her cunt, only to take it into her mouth to suck out any remaining drops of cum and try and make my cock hard again. For the next couple of hours, I fucked Abby’s face and young cunt several times and now laid on the bed exhausted.

After failing to make my cock become hard one more time, Abby moved back up the bed and gave me a kiss and asked, “What are we going to do today, Uncle Dave?”

“What would you like to do?” I asked.

Before Abby could answer me, we were interrupted by yelling coming from their pool. Abby climbed off the bed and went and opened the bedroom window and stood naked looking at their pool next door.

“Uncle Malcolm and Eve are in the pool with their friends,” blurted Abby.

After I climbed off the bed, I joined Abby looking out the window. There were two other men with young girls playing naked in the pool with Malcolm and Eve. When Abby yelled out to them, they turned and looked towards the open window at us standing there naked with Abby waving at them, they waved back to us indicating for us to come and join them.

Seeing that everyone else was naked there was no need for us to get dressed and I followed Abby as she rushed next door to their pool. I wasn’t that far behind her but by the time I arrive at the pool deck and sat down. Abby was already in the pool and had her arms around one of the men’s neck giving him a kiss.

Across the other side of the pool was a young girl sitting on the edge of the pool with a man’s face buried between her legs, by the look of the girl she looked to be around the same age as Eve. As I sat there beside the pool, I noticed a young girl leaning over the edge of the pool looking straight up at me as Malcolm fucked her from behind.

I couldn’t see any sight of Eve until I saw her come up from under the water and take a deep breath before going back under the water. It looked to me like she was sucking a man’s cock underwater. When I saw Abby she was passionately kissing another of the men as he held her against him.

“Hello, what’s your name?” asked a young girl standing beside me.

“My names Dave, what’s yours?” I replied as I checked out her young naked body.

She had long blonde hair and big blue sparkling eyes that made her face look angelic. Her breasts were just lumps on her flat chest, her nipples were tiny and pink and her cunt was puffy and had just a light tuff of pubic hair above her slit.

“I’m Ariel,” she replied staring at my cock that was beginning to stir.

“How old are you Ariel?” I asked.

“Thirteen,” she replied.

“Thirteen, I thought you were older,” I chuckled.

Ariel gave me a large smile and when I reached out she stepped close enough for me to put my hands around her and cup her ass-cheeks and give them a squeeze. As I held her close, I leaned forward and gave her cunt a kiss, she immediately placed her hands on the back of my head and pressed my mouth against her cunt.

“You can lick me... and tongue fuck me if you want,” giggled Ariel.

After hearing what she had just said, I squeezed her ass-cheeks and ran my tongue up and down her cunt. Then heard her gasp when my tongue penetrated her cunt. She held my head in her hands as she started to hump my face and match each stab of my tongue into her moist cunt.

“Oh, oh fuck that feels so good, please don’t stop,” squealed Ariel.

I pulled her cunt hard against my mouth trying to get my tongue deeper into her cunt. Her juices were now flowing and she was now gasping for breath as I tongue fucked her as fast as I could. Ariel was moaning and gasping for breath as she humped my face.

“Oh,” screamed Ariel as her body shuddered and her cunt juices started to cover my face.

I laid back down and had Ariel straddle me and when I pointed my hard throbbing cock at the entrance to her love canal she pulled her cunt lips apart and lowered her self down onto my cock. With my cock buried inside her she giggled and squealed and squirmed around on my lap trying to get my cock to go deeper into her tight teenage cunt.

With a large beaming smile on her face, Ariel began to excitedly bounced up and down on my cock like what I suspect she had done plenty of times before with other men. She was just like all other girls her age who had discovered the joy of having sex at her age. She held on to my hands as if she was holding a horses reigns, waving my hands up and down as she started to bounce faster.

“Hello you must be Dave,” said someone behind me.

I looked over my shoulder to see a naked man holding Eve’s hand in his and replied, “Yes, I’m Dave and you’re?”

“I’m Rodney, you can call me Rod... Ariel is my daughter, I hope you’re enjoying fucking her,” chuckled Rod.

“Daddy, I like Dave’s cock,” squealed Ariel.

“You’re a slut you like everyone’s cock,” Rod laughingly replied.

“I love how Ariel’s cunt squeezes and milks my cock as she bounces,” I said watching Eve fondling Rod’s cock.

“How are you going Dave?” asked Malcolm climbing out the pool.

“I’m great, these are the best school holidays I’ve ever had,” I chuckled as Ariel continued bouncing on my cock.

After helping a girl out of the pool, Malcolm stood there with Rod and the girls watching Ariel bouncing up and down on my cock.

“I’m fucking going to cum,” I screamed.

As I exploded inside her, I pulled Ariel all the way down onto my cock by her waist as I filled her cunt with my hot fresh cum. When I had finished coming, I removed my hands from her waist. Ariel climbed off my lap letting my limp cock slip out of her.

“Dave, I’m about to go and order some pizza for lunch, do you want to join us while we have a break and have something to eat?” asked Malcolm.

“Yeah sounds good, I need to take a break as well,” I replied and then looking at the young girl holding Malcolm’s hand and asked, “And who is this?”

“This is Amy, Paul’s teenage daughter,” replied Malcolm looking over to the far side of the pool.

Paul was sitting on the edge of the pool with Abby sucking on his cock, when he saw us looking at him he gave us a wave. I watched as he lifted Abby’s head up removing her mouth from his limp cock and stood up at the edge of the pool. After Abby wiped her face with the back of her hand he helped her climb out of the pool and started walking towards us.

When he approached me he said, “I’m Paul you must be Dave, Abby has been telling me about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Paul, don’t believe everything she tells you,” I chuckled.

When Malcolm left to phone for pizza, Rod yelled, “Bring back a beer for everyone.”

A few minutes later when Malcolm returned he handed everyone a beer form Tom’s fridge. It was strange seeing teenage girls drinking beer from a can, but I wasn’t going to complain if it made the girls hornier. The four of us with limp cocks sat there and stared at the four girls giggling and drinking beer with each other. We all moved inside to wait for the pizza to be delivered.

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Just one small suggestion going forward, Wayne: you can use "it" when you're referring to the same object over and over. As an example: "With my eyes now fully open, I looked under the blankets to see Abby with my cock in her mouth, sucking on my cock as if she was desperate for my cum." It's pretty obvious she is sucking on his cock, so an "it" in the place of the second "my cock" would've done wonders.

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I enjoyed it. Thanks!

So much porn, so little time!

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very interesting to say the least are we going to meet Karen

Pussy oh how sweet it is

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AWESOME so cock hardening   :emot_penis: :emot_penis: AWESOME when does the mom cum into the story. wonder if she is the one that taught the girls tricks. thanks


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  :emot_thdrool:   Fantastic story  :emot_hard:
can't wait for more of this

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My Neighbour and his Daughter. Pt. 05 (MMg14, incest)

Twenty minutes later when the front doorbell rang, Malcolm climbed to his feet to answer the door. I was surprised to see that he didn’t bother to put anything on and went and answered the door naked. I heard talking and laughter coming from the front door and then heard the door being closed. I was shocked to see Malcolm come into the lounge room with the pizza delivery man carrying four large pizza boxes.

“Everyone this is Giuseppe, a good friend of mine and he makes the best pizzas,” chuckled Malcolm.

Giuseppe, who looked old enough to be the girl’s grandfather stood staring at the four naked girls with a large grin of lust and desire on his face.

“Uncle Giuseppe, let me help you with the pizza boxes,” said Eve climbing to her feet.

“Hello Eve, it’s nice to see you again,” he replied staring at her naked body.

Eve moved over to Giuseppe and after taking the pizza boxes from him, placed the boxes onto the table. She then turned back around to face him and dropped to her knees and began opening the front of his pants. We watched as she reached inside his pants and pulled out his hard throbbing cock and took it into her mouth and cupped his large balls in her hand. The rest of us sat there in silence and stared at Eve’s mouth going up and down on Giuseppe’s cock.

After having his cock sucked for only a few minutes, Giuseppe pulled Eve’s mouth all the way into his cock and began shooting his cum down her throat. His body shuddered with each squirt of cum that he shot down Eve’s throat, only releasing his hands from her head when he had finished coming and eve had finished swallowing.

Eve looked up and him with a large smile on her face and some cum dripping out the side of her mouth and giggled, “Was that good enough to pay for the pizzas, Uncle Giuseppe?”

“Oh yes dear, that was very good and enough to pay for the pizzas,” replied Giuseppe helping Eve to her feet.

“Malcolm, thank you for ordering pizzas from me, I wish I could stay longer but I have to get back to my shop,” said Giuseppe.

As Eve took Giuseppe to the front door to say goodbye, her three friends ripped open the pizza boxes and grabbed a slice of pizza and began to hungry eat the pizzas as if they hadn’t been feed in a week.

“Mal, do you always pay for your pizzas like that?” I chuckled.

“Yeah, Giuseppe is a regular guest to our house,” chuckled Malcolm.

When Eve returned she yelled, “Hey leave some pizza for me... I’m the one who paid for the fucking pizzas.”

“We can always order more pizza... and maybe Giuseppe’s son Marco can deliver the pizza,” chuckled Malcolm.

“Oh Daddy, don’t tease me you know how much I love Marco,” replied Eve.

“Is Marco your boyfriend?” I chuckled.

“He’s not my boyfriend... but he has fucked Mommy and me a few times,” giggled Eve.

“Giuseppe’s pizza shop supplied over twenty pizzas for free for my wife’s birthday party and it was her idea to let Giuseppe and his son double team Eve and her as payment,” chuckled Malcolm.

“It’s no wonder Giuseppe looks after you,” chuckled Rod.

“Karen loves teenage cock as much as I love teenage cunt,” chuckled Malcolm.

We all laughed and with the pizzas, all finished, when Rod pulled Abby onto his lap and started kissing her and groping her body it started a chain reaction, Malcolm pulled Eve onto his lap, Paul pulled Ariel onto his lap and I pulled Amy onto my lap.

As our hands roamed over their bodies and soft smooth skin as we kissed them passionately, pushing our tongues into their mouths. With our cocks once again fully hard, one by one the girls were raised up and lowered down onto a hard throbbing cock. They sat there impaled on our cocks, looking at each other with grins on their faces.

Suddenly it was like a starter’s gun had gone off to start a race. The four of them began bouncing up and down and riding whoever’s cock that was inside them like a jockey riding a horse. They were giggling and laughing and cheering each other on.

With Amy’s cunt gripping onto my cock so tight, I couldn’t stop myself from coming and I groaned as my cock erupted and began filling her teenage cunt with cum. Amy sat impaled on my deflating cock with a disappointed look on her face.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop from coming,” I whispered.

“That’s okay, Daddy tells me that I always make him cum to fast,” whispered Amy.

Only a minute later Paul’s cock exploded inside Ariel, he grabbed hold of her hips and held her down until he had finished squirting his seed inside her. He then released his grip on her and let out a loud moan and took a deep breath.

“Fuck Ariel, I love having my cock inside you and how tight your cunt is,” moaned Paul.

When Amy gave her father a dirty look he said, “I love fucking your tight cunt as well sweetheart.”

I was glad in one way that I didn’t have a daughter to apologize to for enjoying fucking someone else. At the same time, I wished I did have a daughter that I could sleep with and fuck each night. At least I had Abby to sleep with for a few more nights before her father came home.

Malcolm grunted and pulled Eve all the way down on his cock as he started to cum inside Eve’s cunt. Ten seconds later Rod’s cock exploded and began filling Abby’s cunt with his cum.

“I win, I win, I was the last one to be filled with cum,” yelled Abby.

“I nearly beat you this time,” squealed Eve.

The girls had all done this before it was a game that they had made up to see which one of them could make the cock inside them last the longest before filling their cunts with cum. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that some men took a much longer time to ejaculate than other men and there were men that didn’t or couldn’t cum.

“I’m going for another swim whose coming with me,” cried Amy climbing off my lap.

We watched the four of them running outside and jumping into the pool. After grabbing us all another can of beer Malcolm and the rest of us walked outside to join the girls. We sat down at a table drinking our beer and looked at the girls playing and frolicking in the pool.

“As soon as my cock is hard, I’m going to fuck Ariel’s ass,” chuckled Paul giving his cock a pump.

“Ariel will love that,” chuckled Rod.

Hey, girls, do you want to back inside for some more fun,” yelled Malcolm.

When the girls climbed out of the pool and came over to us Paul stood up and reached out and took Ariel’s hand in his and chuckled, “Come with me, sweetheart.”

As Paul led Ariel into the house he let go off her hand and placed his hand on her ass-cheek and gave it a squeezed. He and looked over his shoulder with a large smile on his face at us watching him.

When Rod laughed and chuckled, “Have fun.”

Amy asked, ”What’s so funny?”

“Your father is taking Ariel into the house to fuck her ass,” chuckled Rod.

“Daddy loves fucking my ass... do you want to fuck my ass?” squealed Amy.

Rod stood up and wrapped an arm around Amy and chuckled, “Let’s go inside.”

With Rod and Paul inside swapping daughters, Malcolm and I were left outside with Abby and Eve. When I pulled Eve down onto my lap to face me, she leaned forward and kissed me passionately. As our mouths separated, I looked beside me to see Abby on her knees sucking Malcolm’s cock, he was pumping her mouth up and down on his cock with a hand on the back of her head.

I pulled Eve’s tiny breasts against my mouth and sucked on her nipple making it stick out further, I then ran my tongue all around her other nipple before taking it into my mouth to suck. Eve used both hands to pull my mouth hard onto her breast. When she released my head, I lifted my mouth off her nipple and held her by her tiny waist and lifted her up above my cock.

Eve reached down and guided my cock into her bald cunt as I lowered her down. She sat impaled on my cock and after taking a deep breath began bouncing up and down. Each time she began to bounce faster, I stopped her. Then I let her continue bouncing, I wanted to enjoy having my cock inside her tight hole and was in no rush to cum.

“Don’t you want to cum?” squealed Eve.

“I want to enjoy having my cock inside you, I’m in no rush to cum, do you know what edging is?” I asked.

“No, what is it?” Eve asked.

“Edging is when you bring your partner close to coming and back off then bring them close to coming again, it last longer and is a lot more satisfying,” I replied.

“Daddy does that to me, I yell at him to keep going and he stops then starts up again,” giggled Eve starting to bounce up and down again.

When Malcolm gasped and let out a loud groan, I turned and looked to see him holding Abby’s mouth all the way onto his cock as his body jerked several times shooting his cum down Abby’s throat. Just watching had my cock explode inside Eve’s cunt, I felt her cunt milking my cock as she continued to bounce up and down.

After lifting Eve up off my cock, I grabbed her hand and rushed to the pool and jumped into the water with her. Even tho it was late at night there was enough moonlight for us to enjoy holding each other in the pool. Suddenly there was a large splash as Malcolm and Abby jumped into the water beside us.

The four us hugged each other in a group hug, then let go, I had Abby hanging around my neck grinding her cunt against my spent cock. Eve’s hands were around her father’s waist pulling her breasts against his chest.
We were still in the pool when Rod and Paul came out of the house with their daughters they had dressed.

“It’s time we headed home, thanks for inviting us over,” said Rod holding Ariel’s hand.

“We're going home too,” said Paul with his arm around Amy’s waist.

After we had said our goodbyes to Rod and Paul and their daughters. Malcolm and I took Abby and Eve inside the house, I said, “You’re welcome to stay with us tonight, I have a spare bedroom.”

Mal chuckled, “It’s too late for us to go home, I’m sure Tom won’t mind us using his bed for the night.”

A few minutes later Abby and I were running naked between our houses and into my house in the moonlight. Once inside we headed to the bathroom to have a shower before crawling into bed with each other.

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Reply #11 on: July 19, 2020, 10:20:49 PM
:emot_penis: Another great addition to this series 
such a hot fantasy, OMG  IF  ONLY !
Can't wait for more of this . . . :emot_thdrool:

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Reply #12 on: July 21, 2020, 12:12:59 PM
 :emot_penis: :emot_penis: i never got my pizza paid for in that way. the whole chapter soooo  :aol_missionary: :aol_doggystyle: HOT

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Reply #13 on: July 28, 2020, 09:10:58 PM
Stories like this are why I come (cum) here!

So much porn, so little time!

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Reply #14 on: August 21, 2020, 01:39:18 AM
This is a great story, would love to read a few more chapters... keep it going!