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My wife Sally. (MFM, voyeur, threesome)

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on: July 12, 2020, 08:01:41 AM
I've been sharing photos of my wife sally with brian now for a couple of weeks. Brian, my best friend since childhood is a boob man and he loves recieving the pictures of Sally's 40E titties.
My name is Rob and I'm 47, same age as Brian, sally is a bit younger at 42
She's a big girl, size 16uk. 5'5", long blonde hair. Pretty, with big beautiful grey/blue eyes. She's normally very shy and quiet, reserved. That's why all this was so surprising.

When she first said yes to me sharing the pictures I was almost shocked. Frowning and asking if she was sure? She simply smiled and said
"Yeah why not...... Brian's ok"
Then added
"Just Brian though, I don't want the whole world seeing"
At the time I wondered if it was the wine talking, I'd purposefully waited until she was a bit merry one Saturday night as we sat together on the sofa watching TV, I know......I'm a naughty boy.
I'd been taking photos of her for a while, she loves posing for me, we had some really good tasteful shots and I'd hinted about showing brian them, to which her usual response was to either ignore or comment
"Don't you dare!"
I don't know exactly why but the thought of him looking at her like that really turned me on. I had seen him stare at her boobs before so I knew he was interested.

So, on that fateful night, seems like a long time ago now, I had chosen one of her with them out, pushed together creating that beautiful deep cleavage, big erect pink nipples sticking straight out. I showed her the pic to which she smiled coyly and nodded ok.
I put the photo in a text message with the caption
(What do you think of these?)
Noticing with some surprise that as I pressed send my finger trembled a little. I was after all in the process of sending a very personal photo of my wife to my best friend.
Away it went.
"Have you sent it?"
Sally asked
I nodded and smiled
"Yeap.....just gone now"
Half expecting a scolding with the words 'i was only joking!' but that didn't happen.

Instead she became very interested in my phone, as we sat there watching TV and listening for the ping of message received. We waited and waited. Perhaps he had it switched off? Sally enquired
Just as she was saying this the phone pinged
"What does he say?"
She said impatiently
"Just a minute..."
I read the wording out loud.

"Fuck me! Those are awesome puppies where's pic from???"
I knew he looked at web porn so was interested in the site he thought I'd got this from
Looking across at Sally, her face lit up, beaming.
She was clearly very pleased with his response. I let her watch me type my reply
(They're Sally's)
 looking up I watch her closely, she bites her lower lip, grins and nods.
This time the wait is much shorter but much more tense....

Sally jumps a little at the ping. I glance at the screen, grinning, then show it to her.
She giggles at the reply
(Fuck me!!! You joking?? Your sally?)
My text is quickly typed out and sent back
(No joke, they're Sally's took it last week in our bedroom. So you like?)
The conversation continues. The phone pinging back and forth.
(Like? You joking! they're fucking awesome!!! Does she know? You sent it to me?)
We agonise over this one for a few moments, will it be awkward when he comes round? Meets us out and about?
It's a spur of the moment decision but we go with the truth.

Its a decision which ends up leading in an unexpected direction. I tell him she knows, is sat next to me on the sofa and says hi.
Sally is bright red but clearly excited and liking this, giggling away next to me like a giddy school girl.
(Oh shit! Haha I'm guna be red when I see her again! Tell her I think her titties are awesome!)
(She knows lol says hi too and don't be shy)
(You got anymore? I'm being cheeky now haha)
(She says your a naughty boy lol give us a mo I'll send some more)
(I do try haha! Ok thanks tell her really appreciate this she has amazing titties!)

We find some suitable photos, 2 more of boobs out and one on all fours on bed in black lacy lingerie.
He loves all of them and makes a big fuss of Sally telling her how beautiful she is.
We finish texting as brians wife tracy comes home.
What started out as an innocent bit of fun has actually progressed very quickly. Not only have I revealed that sally knows I sent the picture I have also let him know she's happy with it, ok with it, even enjoying him looking at her, and wanted to send more. Those last 3 pictures were her choice.

I'm genuinely surprised at Sally. She is normally so shy about sex. It's not just that she was willing to share the pics in first place it's her flirty attitude aswel, very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Later that night as we get close in bed, keeping quiet as possible as the kids have only just gone to sleep, she whispers that she likes sharing the pics with brian and, just before she goes down on me, tells me it's making her wet thinking of him looking at her.
It's the most turned on I've been in a long time! I too feel it, the thought of my friend looking at her and maybe even relieving himself over her images.
That night there is an intensity in our lovemaking that I haven't felt since we first went out, many moons ago.

The next day as fate would have it, who should we bump into in the supermarket? Brian and Tracy. It is predictability awkward but the presence of Tracy does actually help things. We chat away, I notice the 3 of us are a shade redder than Tracy, with Sally giggling a lot more than she should be and Brian looking nervously from sally to me and back again.
But, we get through it ok and tracy doesn't seem to notice how 'shifty' we are. It's a strange sensation knowing your friend has seen your girl naked and then trying to have a normal conversation with him and his wife.

As the weekend approaches and Brian's usual visit to our house looms, we busy ourselves taking more photos, more revealing ones too.
Brian has asked for more, he can't get enough, so we aren't going to disappoint. I ask sally if she'll do one with her pussy showing, she agrees wholeheartedly and puts on quite a show in the bedroom, choosing to pose tastefully on the bed, on her belly legs apart and bent at the knee, her bald pussy on show from behind.
Brian loves them and is very grateful to us both for allowing him to see her like this and trusting him.

That first Sunday he visits isn't as awkward as what we thought it would be.....
Brian always comes round for a chat on Sunday afternoons, which we spend together in the shed in our backyard, chatting away putting the world to rights.
Sally goes to church with the children on that morning and then we sit together at the dinner table having Sunday lunch. After our meal everyone chills out doing their own thing, the kids 2 boys 11 and 13 are plugged in to you tube or the Xbox for most of aft. Sally sometimes has her friend over for a chat or watches TV. It's your average lazy Sunday.

So, about 1.30 i went out to backyard, unlocked back gate then went in shed to wait. Sat there watching a bit of you tube, he'd be here any minute.
I hear our backdoor open, it's sally, sounds like she's hanging out washing.
Almost straight after I hear the backgate go, shit! Nice timing I grin to myself, knowing they are going to be embarrassed.
"Oh....hi made me jump"
She giggles
"Fancy meeting you here"
Giggles again
"Are you getting em out while it's dry"
Brian says.
Even I burst out giggling at that one
Brian, referring to her hanging out the washing, I'm not sure if it's a genuine gaff or a reference to her recent photo activities.
Sally lowers her voice and says something I can't hear to him, he then bursts out laughing and says something quiet back.

At this I jump up from my camp chair and go out the shed.
Seeing them close, giggling together.
"Hey.....what's going on here..."
Putting on a serious tone but grinning from ear to ear.
"Just chatting up your don't mind do you?"
Brian grins back
"As long as she doesn't"
Looking at sally, she gives me that shy smile I find so sexy then says in a straightforward way
"I don't mind at all"

She then proceeds to give 'the look' to first brian then me. Turns, walks slowly back towards the house, looks back over her shoulder and says
"You boys have fun now"
Before going back in.
We stand there for a moment. Brian looks at me and mouths the word 'wow'.
Then in that lowered voice says
"Did you see the way she looked at me....and you?"
I beckoned to the shed
"Let's go in here"
We go in the shed closing the door behind us, sit on our chairs and, for the next 2 hours talk about mainly one thing, sally.
We both agreed she had definitely given us the look and I learnt what she'd whispered to him in the yard.

Her reply to his getting em out gaff had been
"You'd like that wouldn't you"
To which he'd replied simply
"Oh god yes please"

He did actually apologize for being so forward with her but it was in spur of moment and in jest.
I knew of course just from that look she gave us, never mind the flirting and other stuff that she certainly wasn't fooling around anymore, she was getting serious.
It was us, myself and brian that needed to realise that.
We talked about her most of the afternoon, both of us having to carefully hide hard on bulges in our pants as we discussed my wife.

Brian was full of questions, mainly about that first picture share, but then more personal stuff of a sexual nature like what does she like to do in bed, her kinks. That kind of thing.
He in turn told me about tracy. They'd been married 26 years and sadly the spark had gone in that department. So any naughty details were from years ago. They basically just didn't do it anymore.

When Brian left later that afternoon I faced many more questions from sally.
She was very curious and wanted to know everything.
I even revealed we had sat there trying to conceal hard on bulges from one another while discussing her.
This she found highly amusing
She said when calmed down
"How do you know he had hard on?"
Looking at her with a frown I said
"How do you think?....I could see the bulge in his pants"
She giggled some more and then came over all quiet and thoughtful.
She looked straight at me and in a quiet confidential tone, whispered
"Maybe I should come in that shed and have a look for myself"

Later that night in bed. The sex was so intense, she did things she hadn't done for a while. Swallowing during oral for instance, she hadn't done that for a good 10 years.
Afterwards we lay there, whispers in the dark.
She asked me about what id do if she did come in the shed with us? And what I thought brian would do.
I knew she was serious, it appeared I had awoken something lying dormant within her.
I had no problem with it, there was no jealousy, I liked brian, he's a good guy and the thought of watching them together turned me on.....a lot.
I told her how I felt, she knew brian liked her very much but, he was married to Tracy, so would he cheat on her?
The answer to that turned out to be yes.....

All that next week we talked to brian, mainly by texting or should I say sexting. Sally now sent him messages, asking naughty questions like 'do my pictures make you hard sweety?'
We did of course send more pictures, much more revealing ones, sally even wanting to do a held open pussy shot, oh god it looked amazing, all pink and glistening, moist. She was so turned on doing that photo, you could see it.

Towards the weekend things were reaching fever pitch between us 3.
On Friday night after a few drinks and In the middle of a sexting session with brian I typed out
(Hey buddy how would you like to get your hands on them)
Referring to a pic of her boobs she had just taken herself and sent a moment earlier
Showing sally the wording, she grinned cheekily and before I could do anything pressed send herself.
The seconds ticked past, excitement and tension mounting.
(What you mean? For real?)
I quickly typed out my reply.
(Yep she wants to come and show you them in the shed on Sunday guna let u av feel if want?)

Showing her my message she nodded approval, giggling.
This time there was a delay in returning our message.
It was to be several minutes of nervy waiting
"Why doesn't he reply?"
Sally asked looking anxious
"Do you think he's worried about tracy finding out?"
I was about to answer when my phone pinged.
Staring at the screen for a moment before handing the phone to sally for her to read it herself.

The text read
(Sorry for delay. Tracy came into room lol. Oh shit yes! Please!! would love to have a feel u sure u ok with that??)
Handing it back to me, broad smile on her face, taking another sip of wine and licking her lips she spoke in a soft quiet voice
"Well..... Sundays going to be interesting"
I typed back
(Yep no worries it's fine by me and sally is looking forward to it)
I sent my reply and for the next few minutes we exchanged texts then brian had to go.
Sally was right.... Sunday was going to be very interesting indeed......

Another strange sensation, going about your daily routine, trying to pretend everything is normal. Getting up getting the kids up for church, going to visit mum and dad, preparing Sunday lunch.....
And all the time this big exciting, really quite kinky thing about to happen, is on your mind.
I'd heard about threesomes and wife sharing before, we both had. It always turned me on, and now I was about to be part of it myself, I could hardly wait.
But wait I had to. Sunday's are famously slow and this was no exception.

Eventually though, I did find myself sat in the camping chair in our shed listening for the gate going.
Sitting there trying to concentrate on you tube but failing. My mind constantly fluttering from sally to brian and back to sally
That morning she had as usual wore her Sunday best but once she was home from church she got changed into something more comfortable. This time it was grey tracksuit bottoms a white t shirt and white lacy bra, she'd kept on her underwear from that morning. I did try and persuade her to wear something more 'sexy' but as she accurately pointed out the kids would notice something was going on and told me in a confidential whisper that
"He's not going to be looking at what I'm wearing"

It was true I suppose. Brian was not known for his appreciation of what a lady was wearing but more what lies beneath.
Brian is a big guy, taller than me and broader, more thick set. And I wondered, with a rare pang of jealousy, is he bigger than me in other ways?
It is too late to worry about that though, as I hear the gate open and close. He's here.

He enters the shed and greets me with a warm cheery smile, holding a carrier bag full of sweets for the 2 boys and sally. His son works at a sweet factory and gets freebies, every week we have a good supply.
"Here mark sent these"
I grab the bag and say thanks.
Sitting down, a grin from ear to ear on both our faces.
A sort of shy giddy kind of atmosphere prevails. Like 2 young boys about to receive some special gift.
" we are" Brian says looking bashful and excited at the same time.
"Here we are"
I repeat.
We both burst into laughter, which may seem strange to someone else but to us it makes perfect sense given this most unusual situation.

It's a kind of release, we are both actually quite nervous and both very excited so the laughter acts like a safety valve. Had we been stranger's perhaps at some dogging venture then our interaction would have been very different but, as life long friends we knew each other and could easily sense what the other was feeling.
After calming down brian said
"Fuck me....I she really guna do this? Cause I don't mind telling you I'm shitting myself"
He laughs again it's a nervous over exaggerated laugh and I realise for the first time just how big a thing this is for him.

Sat at home texting is one thing but going through with it....
I too am nervy and tell him as much.
We fall into conversation in which he reveals guilt about Tracy and at one point I do start to think is he leading this somewhere, perhaps he has second thoughts.
But soon steers back onto sally and how much he's been looking forward to touching her.
My hard on is back as I listen to my friend lust over my wife.
Suddenly. A noise. The back door opening and closing.
We exchange glances in silence as the Clip clip of slippers approaches.

Sally enters, closes and bolts the door behind her. Turning round she glances at me then fixes her gaze on brian.
"Hello brian, how are you?"
She's grinning but I can tell she too is feeling nervous
"I'm better for seeing you thanks"
She smiles and looks back at me
"They're both watching a film"
Referring to our 2 boy's in the house.
"We should be ok for a while"

"That's good.....we were just talking about you"
My reply leads her on, looking back at our friend she says
"Oh really?"
She takes several steps into our space, standing close to and facing brian.
She speaks quietly, making eye contact with him
"Anything nice?"
Before he can reply I stir things up some more
"Yes...brian was just saying how he'd like to have a feel of your boobs..."
He keeps watching sally closely as she speaks, moving right upto his chair, stopping between his open legs
"Really? this true brian?"
He draws in a breath, letting it out steady then says
"Yes please"
At this a big grin spreads across her face. Silently she removes her top then, without hesitation, takes her bra off. The 40E beauties now exposed. Slowly bending over towards him, bringing them right down in front of him.
There they hang awaiting, nipples erect in anticipation.

Brian's eyes are as big as saucers.
"Holy shit"
His words whispered, taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly, hands wondering up to touch.
I stare in partial disbelief as my friend explores my wife's tits in front of me.
His hands cupping, fingers squeezing, carressing nipples, enjoying every inch of soft warm flesh.
Sally moans quietly as he concentrates his curiosity on her inch long hard nipples, twisting, pinching.
She loves that, I know he's doing a good job.

"oh yes"
Brian whispers, relishing every moment.
With his hands on her tits there's nothing to cover up his lap and now I can clearly see the bulge in his pants but more than this, I notice sally has both her hands resting on his upper thighs to steady herself.
As I watch, her right hand moves over the bulge, squeezing it.
The effect on Brian is instant.
He draws in breath smartly opening his legs a little
"Oh god yes"
It appears he hasn't been touched down there for a while. I move position in the chair relieving some pressure on my stiffy, this is so hot to watch.

Sally is breathing deep and steady now, she glances around at me making eye contact, in that brief second powerful emotions are exchanged, excitement, lust, desire, her eyes are full of it.
Looking back at Brian, he's still twisting and pinching her nipples, she reaches across with her other hand and both work together.....undoing his belt...
"Oh shit yes!"
The words just escape me in my excitement and I catch Brian's attention
"Go on"
I tell him nodding
"Give em a suck"

Looking back at sally, he leans forward taking one titty in his mouth.
I watch his cheeks move inwards as he sucks greedily, a wet noise followed by my wife's moans of pleasure.
I see now she has his pants undone and open and is pulling his bare cock out of his underwear.
Brian groans through a mouthful of tit as she begins wanking him. Leaning forward for a better look i see he's hard as rock, it is perhaps a little longer than mine and quite curved like a banana. He may have a bit more length but I am thicker, I have more girth.
A random thought pops into my head
'so... she's going to have the best of both worlds'

A loud groan again from brian, Sally's fingers tightly wrapped around his shaft, hand moving steadily up and down. I look around warily, listening. No noise from our backyard, we're ok for now.
I can take no more just being an observer.
Standing up, my movements as yet unnoticed to the oblivious lovers. Moving up behind sally I undoe my pants pull them and my underwear down together.
Erect penis springs out at the ready.
Reaching for Sally's waistband I do the same with her, pulling both garments down in one go, her bottoms and panties fall to the ground, bare ass exposed to me. Smooth glistening pussy waiting....

She glances round, not making eye contact but the look on her face says it all. She opens her legs wider and bends lower down, pushing her ass towards me.
It's time.
I move in, bending my knees, grasping her broad hips, guiding myself in feeling for the sweet spot.... oh my....she's soaking.
My cock slips easily inside her slick pussy, all the way in one smooth push forward. Balls squashed against her wet opening.
A loud moan escapes her and shortly after a groan from Brian, looking up I notice Sally's head is way down in Brian's lap, he is no longer sucking her tits. She is sucking his cock.
His eyes are half closed in a haze of sensation. His mouth open, quick short breath's. Fingers clenched in my wife's blonde hair.

I know what he's going through, she is a pro. He won't last long.
Concentrating on what I'm doing I begin to fuck her building up a steady rythum. All the time listening for our back door opening, we have to be careful. This is very risky. The slap slap of me and sally and the odd moan is the only noise we're making, all 3 of us conscious of keeping the noise down however it proves to be difficult

Reaching round and under with my right hand I can just reach Sally's pussy, feeling my way I find her clit, rubbing up and down gently my finger sliding over her slick button. It has the desired effect.
Not letting go of Brian she whimpers and moans, the sound muffled by my friends cock.
Backing onto me her movements becoming more forceful, she's close.
But it's too late for Brian he could hold back no more against the onslaught of her writhing tongue. Closing his eyes tight, mouth wide open, a desperate gasp escapes him as though in pain. Fingers clutching Sally's hair hard, I can see white knuckles.
She moans while he fills her mouth with cum.
It's a high pitched noise and I feel her tense up, she goes stiff for a second then brings her knees together, legs shaking, I can feel the shudder over her whole body as she lets go, coming on my cock...

Seconds later i squirt my load deep in her, gripping hips tightly pushing her forward into brian holding her like that in a climax grip, cursing quietly under my breath with the intensity
We remain in this position breathing hard slowly coming back to our senses.
The last squirts of cum leaving me I feel myself shrinking inside her. I have collapsed in a heap on her back, panting.
Looking up I see Brian, his eyes are open looking right at me, he is bright red, breathing hard, sweating and has a comical 'bewildered' look.
"Fucking hell"
He says through quick breath's, the 'fucking' is pronounced 'fuurking'.
Sally has raised her head from his lap and she too has something meaningful to say
"Oh god yes...oh yes...oh yes!"
Over and over.
Before brian can do anything she moves to kiss him, it's a full on open mouthed kiss, letting him taste his own cum. He kisses back hard.

Lifting up and moving back away from sally my spent shrinking cock all wet glistening plops out of her making a sticky wet noise as it does so. Pearly beads of cum drip to the floor, landing on her panties below.
I duck down for a closer look, along with the drips there is a thin pearly stream making its way slowly down the inside of her right thigh.
Staggering back, my knees trembling. I watch my wife stand up looking back at me grinning red faced.
Looking down first over her shoulder then forwards seeing the mess I've made in her clothing around her ankles, hands feeling down between her legs.
"Aww no!"
She exclaims
"Rob!...have you got a tissue?"
I break out into giggles and can't reply for a moment.
Brian pipes up, apparently now recovered from his oral bliss
"What's up?....has he made a mess?"
I continue to giggle, brian joins in.
"It's alright for you two"
Sally says half serious but stifling a grin
"I'm soaked....and I've to go back in...I need a tissue"

Brian calms down from the giggles, looking up at sally
"I'm a good boy aren't I sally....I didn't make a mess"
He puts a told you so spin on the sentence making him sound like one half of a pair of quaraling siblings appealing to a parent.
"Yes well......we know where yours went don't we you naughty boy" 
Sally says, still looking for a tissue.
I pass her one out my pocket and she cleans up as best she can

Pulling her bottoms and panties up.
"Oooh it's all cold and sticky"
Sally complains.
We all put our clothing back where it should be and I sit back down. Sally stays for a few more minutes chatting with us. Brian thanks her and pours compliments saying how beautiful she is and how that was the best blowjob ever, better than anything Tracy ever did.
My wife reverts to her shy ways in the face of such admiration, turning bright red and not really knowing what to say except thank you and complimenting him on what a nice big 'one' he has.
Before she goes she stops at the door, turning she looks straight at brian giving him the look once more, her eyes full of lust....desire.
She speaks in a sure meaningful tone
"Next time I want you in here"
She pats her crotch then says
"See you next week sweetie"

With that she turns, unbolts the shed door and goes back to the house, clip clip of slippers on concrete receeding.
Her words hang in the air and our minds, giving us plenty to talk over.
Our first time is a resounding success. Brian confides in me that he wasn't just saying that about the blowjob it is the best he's had and he knew a lot of girls before he settled down with Tracy.
He leaves that afternoon thanking me and shaking my hand. We both agree it's the best thing that's ever happened.
And it's just the beggining.

As it turned out we couldn't wait till that next Sunday. We met up covertly down a country lane for some 'car fun'. Brian told tracy he was going to see me, we told the kids we were going out for a drink.
That evening, down a long winding quiet lane we parked up and took turns on my wife. Sally loved it, couldn't get enough, by the time we'd finished with her she was rather....sticky.

So what started out as a bit of fun led onto something much more serious and meaningful. I'm very happy with the situation but please be aware guys, be careful when playing around, and be careful what you wish for because once your girl gets a taste for all that extra attention she won't want anything less.

The end.

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Reply #1 on: July 12, 2020, 08:33:55 PM
Great story! It seems true, or at least has many elements of truth in it. You sure you shouldn't post it in Real sex Stories? I liked the very real sense of shyness yet excitement throughout. I liked all the characters' careful escalation so as not to ruin the genuine friendship among them. I hope there was a kernel of truth to it and that much sexy fun was had by all for as long as practical. Too bad the other wife got left out, but again very real. The vast majority of women I've gotten to know don't want to share and are afraid of being shared.

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Reply #2 on: July 13, 2020, 10:14:57 PM
It was a great story thank Keep it up. It could be a very realistic story I could see where something like this could happen. If the woman has an underlying desire to expose her self and wants to explore her sexuality and be the center of attention.
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