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If you could, where in history or the future would you like to be?

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I'd hop into my time machine and set it for Washington DC at 9:00 pm on Friday, April 14, 1865.

I'd wait in the little passageway between the corridor and the presidential box at Ford's Theater, and the second I saw John Wilkes Booth round the corner, I'd give him a hearty wack with the aluminum baseball bat I brought with me.

American history would be changed forever.

I loved this response and read it to Dan.

He asked, "Why would history be changed forever....OHHHH, because aluminum bats were not invented until the 1970's??"    

I gave him an eyeroll and didn't respond.

My reason for choosing an aluminum bat is much more prosaic. John Wilkes booth stood around 5' 8" and he would have had about 8" on me. On top of that, while I'm very fit, Booth was in outstanding shape. He was known for the athleticism of his performances, and he was very strong. I mean, after shooting Lincoln, he didn't think twice about leaping from the presidential booth to the stage -- a distance of about 14 feet (though tings didn't go exactly as he planned).

However, I recall from playing softball in high school that aluminum bats weight a lot less than wooden bats, and an aluminum bat would provide me with a weapon that was solid, long, wide, and weighed only about about 20 ounces. With an aluminum bat in hand, and the element of surprise, I could have easily knocked him cold.

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Killing Booth before he could assassinate Lincoln is definitely a “Butterfly Effect” moment.  The history of the United States, and the world, would have been radically altered.

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Preferably, any time before modern technology.

I would say sometime around the Golden Age of Piracy. The world was ripe for the taking, the population was not nearly as high as it is today, and there was so much to explore. Nowadays, most of us are living our lives by going to the same dreadful job every day, only to go back home and not do anything significant with our lives. Every land is owned and there isn't much left to explore anymore.

Yes I realize there a many downsides to going to the past (disease, famine, the risk of death at every corner), but I feel like life back then was much more peaceful without the strains of modern technology. People got out and explored more and enjoyed the sounds and sights of nature. Nowadays, people can't seem to go a second without their damn cellular phones or other devices!

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