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Author Topic: I recall my descent into depravity {Mm, Bi, UA, Anal 1st cons oral teen mm solo}  (Read 245 times)
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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

I recall my descent into depravity by started 7/28/2020
Let say I was mmm I was 18 when all this happened. Let's say everyone else involved was above the age of consent in the place you live in.

The following is a series of short recollections from my younger years. Some of the experiences that still to this day shape my sexuality. I will keep adding to it and polishing the final product as at the moment they will be fairly rough and unshaped. please feel free to approach me with suggestions and should I stray into a subject that requires my attention please point it out and move my story to the correct channel. I hope that these true (to my recollection through the filter of years) vignettes will help jog my err creative juices and maybe prompt a request for more from the reader. Mostly I had a normal childhood but I grew up hiding from my family my sexual interests as I felt not shame myself but that I would bring shame to them.  This time I might not go into detailed descriptions of the sexual acts I engaged in but save that for the fictional version of the events where I can embellish the story to make it less mundane and as erotic as I "remember" it.

Let's see, I remember summers going to the beach with my family. Not a nude beach but it had a public bathhouse. I remember not being able to take my eyes off the men in the locker rooms. I also remember my dad being protective and in that old fashion way of thinking trying to keep me straight. So I grew up being bashful about discussing sexuality openly and hid it most of my life.

I had this awareness for sexual situations and could almost like a sixth sense follow my intuition to encounter and at that time at least witness them. At that bathhouse, I could tell there was something going on in the back rows of lockers. Those were the ones my dad never let us go to. I will always wonder what I would have seen and maybe done if id had the guts to sneak away from my family and gone in there by my self. Almost every year we went there and I always found porn pin-ups and pages from penthouse stuck inside the locker doors. The images fueled my lust and curiosity.

My father had some porn but nothing too crazy (by today's standards). My Favorite was actually a book by Xaviera Hollander called supersex. It had these great drawing in pencil. She covered every subject and to me, it was like a grimoire of rituals to try and a catalog of things to see. There were also some copies of the penthouse forum and similar titles.

I remember a classmate in a bathroom stall bending over and showing me his butt. He said something but I don't recall what it was and I ran out. Another guy in school an older guy who had gotten held back once or twice exposed himself to me on a staircase. He was with his friends and I don't think it was sexual for them more like bullying. But it was magnificent. It made me realize that I gave off this sexual vibe that said to other people that I was available and open to those experiences. I guess also since I had started school a year earlier I was younger than most around me so I exposed myself to things maybe I wasn't ready for. For example, a friend from school who had taught me how to ride a bike had me go through this initiation where I would wear a blindfold and had my hands tied to the frame of the garage where we played. He said he was going to do a medical exam to see if I could be part of their club. He lowered my shorts and licked and sucked me and then his brother came in and did the same. I was kind of embarrassed and we pretended it didn't happen afterward.  

Another guy taught me how to jack off behind my house and eventually he convinced me to give him handjobs...all the while he was talking about my sister and I was talking about his.

My female cousin on a sleepover read me from penthouse forum. I asked to kiss her she said sure just come over after everyone is asleep. I fell asleep. She loved telling me stories about her sexual adventures and always flashed me her tits when no one could see.  

I made friends with an older guy. He introduced me to his "girlfriend" and said that she had a friend for me. It was fairly innocent in a 1960's Italian movie kinda way. They were like in their early 20's and I think more than perverse found it adorable that a couple of younger guys came over to their store for 20 minutes during their lunch to ask how their day was going and compliment them on what they were wearing and how good they smelled. I developed a total fetish for older women wearing hose a skirt red high heels and with the scent of light perfume, Juicy Fruit bubble gum, and cigarettes. She had this lovely short curly hair and olive skin with the, to this day reddest lips I never kissed. While nothing sexual happened ever with them we did learn to flirt a little and got good advice on how to treat someone you are interested in and I got to kiss her cheek almost every day.  

My friend, who I think was having an affair with one of the male cafeteria servers also started grooming me for sex with men. He would bring porn magazines to the school and we would look at them together. He would also take me to see his male friend in the cafeteria after they finished serving lunch. There was always sexual tension in that room. He always gave us bananas and insisted we had to eat them there and we could not show them or tell anyone or he would get in trouble.

I visited a friend at his house. His mother had a bad reputation around town and she was a total flirt and free with her hands. She was technically the first woman I saw naked in person. I needed to pee and his mother was in the shower. My friend said to just go in that you couldn't see anything and that she was ok with that. Glass doors in the shower. She just smiled said "hey, don't be shy go ahead" I took the longest pee of my life and thankfully didn't miss the bowl as I glanced over at her. She just laughed and smirked when she caught me looking.  

I have gone into some detail about our housekeeper in a fictional story I started elsewhere. To be honest, nothing actually happened with her. I did have a little sexual hideout in an abandoned house behind our property where I experimented and browsed my growing porn collection. And one time she did go in there to see what I was doing and I gave her a tour and she kept asking "but what do you do here?" I lied of course like young folk always do when caught and said red-faced that I read and napped and played.

Some of my friends "hooked" me up with this girl who they said was down for anything. She was I think a lot like me. We frenched a lot and went down on each other out in the woods behind the school campus.

Around that time classmates started this stupid thing where they would sneak up behind a guy and hump them. It usually ended up with them getting chased around with the humped yelling at them that they were going to kick their ass and everyone else laughing. One of the guys got in trouble because he was caught washing his dick on a bathroom sink (yes another one that got held back). He did the humping thing to me when we were alone behind the classrooms and I laughed and said "Oh I thought you were going to really do it" and he said yeah he would like to do that. So one day he came over to my place and I lowered my pants with my butt in the air and he slid his cock in between my cheeks until he came. No penetration. That backfired and scared me because the next day as I was walking home he yelled "fag!" from a bus as it drove by me. I just walked on and didn't acknowledge that it was me he was calling out to. But maybe word got around somehow.

Fooling around in the bushes next to the road by my house I jumped out with a toy gun aimed it at a guy and said hands up this is a stickup. His response was "you, little cocksucker" I told him, "no I'm a big cock sucker". I sucked him off in his parked car by a billboard.

A new group of guys became my friends over the next year. We shared a love for porn. We got to see our first porn film "Kinkorama" With John holmes on my parent's VCR while they were at work. I was getting careless. I started playing with things in my ass. Fingers using my mother's scented hand lotion. Carrots, hotdogs, broomsticks, etc. Now that I was older I was able to convince the guy at the pharmacy to sell me condoms (that I played with) and penthouse magazines and the local porn periodical.

I kept overhearing this girl and her friends talk about how they were having sex with married men and how guys their age didn't know what to do. I made a bold move for me and point-blank asked her to let me fuck her. I promised her I'd make her cum and delivered. It was my actual first time but I knew the moves and what to do. As it was it ended up being a series of encounters and quickies. Her favorite position was, skirt up around her waist panties around her ankles as she held to a tree trunk.

A Male friend became a lover, maybe. We shared porn and jacked off together. I showed him an article that talked about frottage and how it wasn't gay. So we tried it, my pants around my ankles me face down on the rug with his lean body over mine. His stiff rod sliding between my spit slick butt cheeks until he came an then we traded places. It became a daily thing. No pretending anymore. We ran to my house after school while my parents were out. Then one day I guided him in held him to my hole and said here. It was delicious. Felt so good. People talk in stories about how it hurts to lose your cherry but to be honest id busted mine long before and all I felt was a great pleasure. We started going down on each other then we moved on to kissing frankly we tried almost everything. He was older of course and I think he was in love with me but I was looking for more experiences.

The girl from the ice cream place kept coming out on her break to talk to me as I stood in the corner waiting for a car. We never ended up making out and I regret not making an effort.

One day during summer right starting a new school year I decided to follow a cousin of my father who was openly (as openly as one could be gay in a small town) gay. I trailed him and presented my self to him everywhere he went and eventually he went into a public restroom. I followed into the stall next to him and dropped my shorts and pretended to pee while getting hard. Turns out the door didn't have a latch and he opened it and said "Oh hi is there any toilet paper here?" and I looked around and said yeah there is some all the while my shorts are around my ankles and he sees my hard cock and looks around comes in and kneels down and takes me in his mouth. He smelled like cigars and whiskey. And it felt so good. Especially when he stuck a long middle finger in me as I came.

It became a thing where we would cross paths and he did this thing with his keyring. He would swirl it in his finger and catch it again and again if he was available. I would get hard just hearing those keys jingle. I begged him to fuck me and his man-sized cock pounded into me all summer until school started again.

More to come if you guys are interested. Please leave me feedback.

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Thanks! A nice walk down memory lane!
Keep it up! I like to read and jack off!
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