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Lynn Ray as the Man of the Family: Chapter 1 (mF, mMF, 1st inc, bi, anal )

MommasBoy · 2495

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This is the revised story submitted by myself under LynnCalvert001 username which I had to abandon due to email changes.

Lynn Ray as the Man of the Family: Chapter 1 (mF, mMF, 1st, inc, bi, anal )
By MommasBoy

Novelette: Teen boy discovers his destiny in his family: To replace his long-dead father.  Guided by his grandparents he takes his single mother and younger sister in hand to become the Man of The Family.

This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

My name is Lynn, age 14, but I prefer to go by my middle name Ray. Yet Mom always called me Lynn no matter what I did to dissuade her. It was too much of a girl’s name though mom keeps telling me Lynne is the preferred girls spelling. I was born into a nice 1960’s family and life couldn’t have been better. At least until Vietnam came along and killed my father, leaving me, my mother, and my sister (13) to fend for ourselves.
As I vaguely remember things never got any better after dad’s funeral. At least not until I started becoming a man. Since the time I started getting wisps of pubic hair and had erotic dreams leaving cum in my PJs things began to change. Up to that time Mom was just mom, and Lucy was just my younger sister. Then suddenly, the way we lived became something quite different!

We lived in a small two-bedroom house, as much as we could afford with mom working and what little veteran’s life insurance payment we received from the Army. Mom’s parents did what they could to help us  (mom was determined to make it ‘on her own’), often visiting with bags of groceries or taking us clothes shopping. Lucy and I slept in the same bedroom and shared the main bathroom. Mom had her own room with her own sink and toilet she called her “powder room” which I could not figure out.

Before things changed the hallway bathroom was a common area. Any or all of us used the shower, toilet or sink as we needed and casual nudity was not an issue. Then I started noticing—really noticing!—mom in the shower or sis on the toilet. I remember once sitting on the john taking a dump when my wanger started getting stiff watching mom in the shower. I got so hard my prick got stuck under the toilet seat!

Then one Saturday morning I woke up with a huge boner! I had started to play with it when Lucy woke up and went to the bathroom. She came back with her nightie in her hand. I looked at her smooth tight butt and lengthening legs. Her tits where still cherries but were beginning to round out! Needless to say, I felt my dick tighten up and pre-cum leaked out slicking my sensitive head. I groaned out loud as my hardon stiffened into an iron spike and my hips began bucking. I had only stroked a few times! I shot sticky cum all over the inside of my sheets.

“What’s wrong, Lynn?” Lucy said using my hated first name.
“Nothin’ squirt!” I said pulling the covers over my head. “I’m sore from football s’all!” I heard her mumble something and began pulling on a t-shirt and panties as I watched her closely under the edge of my covers. My dick started to reinflate as she dressed.
Lucy left for the kitchen and I crawled out of bed. Fortunately, it was Saturday, laundry day, so I could easily replace my sticky sheets and PJs with no undue notice. I stripped my bed then went to the bathroom. Mom was in the shower!

I sat on the john to piss and had to work at letting it flow. I was once again hard as I watched the blurry image of my mother with both arms up washing her hair. One boob pressed briefly against the glass leaving the indelible image of a pink-brown nipple like a staring eye! Then she turned and bent to rinse her hair and her butt cheeks pressed against the glass, giving me a clear view of her butt crack. My entire body shivered, and I clenched so hard the turd half out of my ass shot into the toilet with a splash! I quickly elbowed the handle for a courtesy flush.

“Lynn!” my mom shrieked, “how many times do I have to tell you to not flush the toilet while somebody is in the shower!”
“Sorry, mom! I forgot!” I said as I quickly wiped myself and turned to the sink to wash my hands and face. Mom shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. I watched her in the mirror, frozen as her body revealed itself in all its glory!

I had been born when mom was eighteen. They called my pregnancy a “golden bullet” I presume from getting pregnant on her wedding night. Yet I heard grandpa once say dad had gotten mom pregnant on prom night and they married right after graduation. Lucy came almost exactly a year after I was born, presumably conceived just before dad left for Boot Camp. Lucy had never met dad! Not that I had either.

All of that to say my mom was an incredible woman. I had seen Playboy and Hustler magazines at my buddy’s house, and mom was a great candidate for one of the “Girl Next Door” pictures they sometimes ran. Mom is about 5’4” and has a compact, if not athletic build. “Sturdy” as she said of herself. Her bras were “C” cups according to the packages I had seen, and shaped kind of like a cone, sticking almost straight out with pointed nipples. Mom seldom wore a shirt without a bra as her nipples always poked straight through the fabric.

Not that I noticed until recently. Now they were the highlight of my day as my dick pressed itself against the cold countertop! I had come in naked and had no place to hide my hardon!

 Mom dried herself and I nearly broke my dick as she stood one leg on the tub edge and rubbed between her legs. Her patch of hair was neatly trimmed and beneath, her pussy was just as neatly folded away; only small little flaps protruded from her slit. She turned and put her other leg up bending over to dry her foot. I ducked my head to see her little brown asshole in the mirror winking between tight bum cheeks.
My dick started to pulse again leaving a small string of clear liquid on the countertop. I quickly wiped it with a hand towel and began combing my hair.
“What are you up to today,” mom asked as she leaned over to kiss me on my cheek. I could feel her warm tits and thigh press against me.
“Nothing much,” I said. “The usual cleanup; mow the lawn, wash the car. Maybe fix the side yard gate. Grandpa has spare hinges and said he’d bring it over and show me how to fix it.”

“You work too hard, son!” mom said giving me hug and ruffling my just combed hair. She laughed. “You need to do something fun today! You take being the man of the house too seriously. Is there something you would like to do? Something special?”
Without thinking (with my brain) I quickly turned and embraced her naked self. My hardon poked into her lower stomach. I could feel her patch of fur on my balls!
Dragging my mind away from my dick, I stuttered, “Thanks mom. I’ll think of something!” I said kissing her not quite on her mouth.

Mom suddenly froze in place, then backed away from me. She looked down at my raging hardon, sticking out at an upward angle and bobbing in time with my pounding heart. Precum slowly dripped out stringing itself down dripping toward the floor. With her wide eyes on my prick she shook her head and took a big breath.

“Down Tiger!” she said in a stern voice. Then she looked up drilling me with a mother’s stern glare. “I guess I haven’t been paying attention to things as I should have! We’re going to have to change things! As of this moment, the bathroom is single use only! No more sharing! None! And we are going to change rooms! Lucy will move into my bedroom and you have the bedroom to yourself! Is that clear young man?”

I was stunned. I knew I had stepped over the line. Mom firmly wrapped herself in a towel and marched out of the bathroom. My heart pounded in my chest. My erection had disappeared like a cold shower—which seemed to be the next order of business.
But I was not sure I wanted it to change! Maybe grandpa would have some good advice for me.

That afternoon Grandpa Jack came over with his carpentry tools and new hardware for the side gate. We set up sawhorses and removed the old gate. Grandpa showed me why and how to repair the sagging wooden gate and replace the hardware. I always like working with grandpa.
“How’s things going, Ray?” he asked. “You seem kind of quiet today.”
“Nothing. Just kind of tired” I replied.

“Tired, Hell! I know a sour patch when I see one!” he said, setting his hammer aside. “Tell me son… I was once your age. You can tell me anything—ANYTHING!” He said this laying his gnarled hand on my shoulder turning me toward him. My head was down, I was embarrassed—literally em-bare-assed—to tell him anything!
He tightened his hand on my shoulder and shook me gently. “Come on Ray! I know! Been there, done that, and have the scars!”, I looked up… and he had a loving smile on his face! He was Grandpa Jack! He’d never lied to me, as far as I knew. So… I told him!

His eyes widened, then he chuckled in a low voice. He stepped over to the backside of the house to see mom and Lucy walking into the house after hanging clothes on the line. They were both wearing t-shirts and short shorts. He came back with a grin on his face.
“Okay, son,” he said. “You’ve got a boner in your pocket, and two naked girls running around in your house. Is that about right?”

I nodded yes.
“I think this calls for a serious talk which we can’t do here. Let’s finish this up and we’ll go back to my place. We can talk in private there as men should about these things! Okay son?”

I agreed.  In ninety minutes we finished the gate, even repainting it. Grandpa told mom he was taking me out for the rest of the day, and perhaps even for the night so not to worry about anything. This was going to be a guy’s weekend.

We drove to grandpa’s house after stopping at the reservation liquor store for “supplies”. Grandma greeted me with a hug and a kiss. They had married young just like mom and dad, with Grandpa going off to Korea right after marrying grandma—unlike dad he came back. Grandpa had made his living turning his Marine weapons experience into a thriving gun shop. They bought an old run-down farm and had turned it into a beautiful gentleman’s estate with plenty of privacy and a long-gun range on the other side of the hill.

 “The boy’s got “man” problems Sissy!” he told grandma. ‘Sissy’ was grandma’s name. “We need to have ‘The Talk’ out in the barn. Why don’t you come out in a half-hour or so?” Gramma assented and went to work. With our help she soon handed me a tray with a heavy crystal pitcher of ice water with matching squat crystal glasses, some snacks, and a new bottle of Jack Daniels from the supplies.

We walked into the barn and sat down in what grandpa called his ‘playhouse’. Grandpa poured Jack Daniels into the tumblers then adding a hefty amount of ice water to mine.
“Bottoms up!” he said with a grin. We clinked glasses. It wasn’t the first time I’d had a drink with grandpa. But this time it felt vastly different—more grown up—serious than before!

Then he began to describe his youth and all the girls he had loved. As he told his story my eyes got wider and wider, just as my dick got harder and harder. At each point of the story he picked up his tumbler and nodded at me to do the same. “To Love!” and we’d clink and sip, then he’d continue. Eventually grandma came in.

I looked up as grandma walked in. She was wearing a swimming wrap which she promptly removed leaving herself completely naked. She was gorgeous! She looked just like mom! She had a compact body with just a bit more weight on, but her tits stood out, even now, just as proud as mom’s. Her skin was smooth, tanned, and taut, and she had a smooth cunny devoid of any hair! It almost looked like moms except the flaps sticking out of her slit were larger!

Grandma walked up to me, wrapped me in her arms and kissed me full on the mouth, her lips parting mine pressing her tongue into me. After a long moment she pulled back. “Call me Sissy from now on, Ray” she said licking her lips! “I’ve long waited for this day!” I had just about passed out from that kiss! Then she started taking my clothes off! I fumbled to help but she stopped me. “Let me do this. Just relax!” She carefully and gently removed my clothes, making a production of folding each item in turn. I was trembling the entire time!
Soon I was naked with a hardon sticking out like a railroad spike! She enfolded me in her arms again, this time tucking my dick between her legs. She kissed me again and I joined in! I had never experienced anything like this in my life! Oh, I had kissed a few girls, but I had never gotten into a really good make-out session! Then she led me to the large couch. While I was being ceremoniously undressed, Grandpa had opened it into a bed and removed his own clothes.

Grandma laid back on the bed pulling me next to her. Her hand slowly stroked my rigid ‘pork sword’, as grandpa often referred to it! She fingered the tip, then put it to her mouth licking off my copious precum. Then she pulled my hand to her cunny. I felt her guiding my fingers to various parts. “Feel this, Ray,” she said. “The folds of skin outside my cunny, its my labia.. Slip your fingers inside. Now this little nugget here. Feel that? That’s my clitoris. Like the head of your penis it’s what makes me orgasm when it gets rubbed. Now feel inside my vagina, feel how warm and slick it is? That’s my quim. It’s like your precum for a woman. The more excited I get the more I lubricate to make loving more enjoyable.”

Piece by piece she educated me. I thought I would explode time after time, but she knew just when to pull back. She’d would slurp up some JD from the tumbler, then dribble half into my mouth! She retained the ice cubes in her mouth then sucked me around my dick! Her icy touch cooled me down. Grandpa would watch, then take a sip and add, “Bottoms Up!” Now I understood the true meaning of his oft used phrase!

Next grandma knelt on all fours and spread her legs. Grandpa laughed and said “Time to taste heaven, son! The next best thing sticking it is licking it!”
And I did. I kissed the outside of her cunny, feeling slippery quim coat my lips. Then I lapped her slit with my tongue until at her urging I pushed deeper. Her quim coated my tongue and it’s sweet-vaguely fishy taste was wonderful! My cock was leaking like a bad faucet dribbling all over the sheets. I suddenly felt a warm mouth enveloping my cock! It was grandpa! I groaned and almost came!

“Not yet Jack!” grandma said to grandpa. “You’ll get your turn!” Grandpa grumbled something but obeyed. I saw grandpa with the biggest erection I had ever seen! His wiry pubic hair stood up around his mammoth veined boner! Precum was dribbling in strings out of the hole. He squeezed it with his hand really hard and it wilted.  As he sat back grandma turned around laying on her back and spreading her legs wide. I knelt between her legs looking at her body. I never imagined how my grandma could be such a sexy woman!
Sissy put her hand on my cock. “Are you ready to make love, Ray?” she said with a grin. “I’ve waited all your life for this! I love you, son!”

With that she guided me into her sopping cunny! Her warmth enveloped me. Like a dog on a leg I began shoving my dick in and out like no tomorrow! I couldn’t help myself!
“Slow down, son! Pull out for a moment!” Sissy ordered. “Jack, give him a squeeze!”
I felt grandpa’s strong fingers enwrap my dick and give it a firm squeeze. “Got to make it last, son! Take your time. It’ll be worth it!” he said.
I obeyed relaxing for a moment, then slid back in. Sissy’s cunny muscles gripped and worked my hardon. She gently rocked me into a rhythm.
“This is like a dance, Ray. You’re making love, not fucking!” she said rocking and gently clenching my dick as I slid in and out. It was heaven!

“Any animal and fuck and go, Ray,” grandpa added. “But making love is the whole point of being human! It’s not just to make babies; it’s to make us alive! We all need love. And there is more to sex than the mechanics. Real love is committing yourself to each other. I’ve felt this way about Sissy since we were your age!”

“..and me for Jack!” grandma added. “The first time we made love I was 13 and he was 15. Though I did give him some relief before that time, didn’t I sweetums?”
Don’t forget her boobs, boy!” grandpa said. “A woman loves to have her tits kissed, sucked and pulled! But gently! Don’t bite or she’ll buck you right outta-bed!”

I lowered my mouth to her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples! They engorged until the tips were like big eraser!  The aureole around them bunched up all nubbly on my tongue. Grandma started moaning a twitching as my teeth gently pulled at her nipples.
I couldn’t believe this! I was having a conversation while I was making love to my grandmother! And grandpa was giving pointers! I never imagined such a thing in my life!
Then I felt myself drifting into a kind of unreal state I had never felt before. It was like everything in me was focused on just my dick. I could feel every ridge in Sissy’s cunny. The smooth grip and pull of each movement. How hard I was. How my balls slapped and my muscles clenched. The musky smell of our sex wafted to my nose exciting me even further! Each push I felt as if I was going deeper and deeper! I started to feel a buzz as if I were passing out!

Everything focused tight and inside deeper and deeper. I thrust and pulled, then I tensed up! I could feel nothing but my dick inside her pressing in as far as I could go, then even deeper! My ears were ringing, I was panting like a steam engine!”
Stars exploded and my heart pounded. My prick jerked and spewed my cum deep into Sissy’s cunny! Over and over again until I collapsed heavily onto grandma’s stomach and chest, nestling my head between her magnificent breasts!

I don’t know how long I laid on grandma. I may have even fallen asleep! I don’t know. Grandma finally gentled me off her, kissed me on the cheek and said “Rest, dear boy. Relax. I’ve got to take care of Grandpa Jack now. He needs his lovin’ too!”  I wiped myself off on a towel and collapsed into one of the large side chairs.

Grandma knelt on all fours on the bed as grandpa crawled up to her back end with his monster hardon swinging between his legs. He planted his mouth on grandma’s bung hole licking and slurping. Then he put the thumb of his one hand inside her cunny and began to frig her with the fingers of the same hand. He continued working on her ass as he spit on, then stuck one, then two, then three! fingers of his other hand into her butthole. Grandma began to moan and shake as grandpa kept it up. After about five minutes grandpa pulled his fingers out only to put them into his own mouth cleaning them off! Then he spit on his own cock lubing it up. Only then he mounted her gaping ass.

Grunting and groaning the two shook and pumped. Grandma was frigging herself while grandpa stroked her insides, his eyes closed and sweat dripping from his forehead. My own prick rose up again in sympathy with what I was watching.
Grandma was panting and moaning, then she started squealing and shaking, her legs closed together while grandpa kept pumping. Grandma went silent then pulled away from grandpa quickly turning around. Grandpa immediately plunged his throbbing dick into her mouth. He began to buck and moan himself as he pumped his cum into Sissy’s mouth. I could see the veins and muscles in grandpa’s penis jerking as he unloaded.

Grandpa collapsed back onto the bed while grandma leaned over him. She made like to kiss him, but he opened his mouth and she drizzled his own cum out of her mouth into his! She stopped and sat back, obviously swallowing the remainder of his jizz. Grandpa licked his lips and smiled at me after swallowing his own come!

I could not believe what I saw! I had never even heard of such a thing! Not even in the Penthouse letters!
We all rested for a bit. Then grandma got up and took both our hands, leading us to the big shower on the other side of the barn/playhouse next to the pool. As we showered together, both grandma and grandpa soaped me up and washed me down. Grandma made sure my butthole was clean, soaping and even fingering inside me! It felt weird but wonderful!

Afterward we swam naked in the pool with plenty of grab-ass and splashing. Then we, buck naked with cooks aprons, broke out steaks and corn on the cob from the pool kitchen and made dinner on the outside grill. During this time, they told me the Family Secret that was not much of a surprise now that I thought about it.

Grandma and grandpa were brother and sister. They lived in backcountry Tennessee with only a one-room schoolhouse sixth grade education. Everybody was related to each other in the small valley. Sissy had been brutally raped by a cousin on the “other” side of the family. Sissy had outright rejected him as unsuitable, but he was too dumb to know when to quit. One thing led to another with grandpa shooting the idjit cousin on “principle.”

Grandpa went into the military to escape valley justice while Sissy and the unborn baby—my mother!—left the valley for other relatives. They got married during Jack’s leave before shipping out to Korea. The baby girl was in attendance! Given the lack of “certified” birth certificates in those days, it was easy for Jack and Sissy to get legally married. The only ones who knew were the immediate family. And it was time for Lynn Ray to find out!

I also learned my father had not been much of a man. According to Grandpa Jack he was killed in Vietnam after only three months in-country. They covered up the fact that his own troops had fragged-his-ass because he was “a goddamned ninety-day ‘butter-bar’ Lieutenant who killed his own men out of sheer stupidity.” The result was my mom was a lonely woman who did not trust men and had no idea of how to fall in love with another man. And it was up to Lynn Ray, ME! to be the man of the family.

As I thought about it through the night spent in grandma and grandpa’s bed (between further bouts of fun) I determined that I really wanted to be the man of the Family. Mymom and sister deserved it! And with grandma and grandpa guiding me, who knew what would happen?

To be continued… Chapter 2 Lynn Ray Takes Control of Mom

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grandma and grandpa such loving grandparents. not just teaching but letting Lynn experience the wonderment of loving sex. him eating granny while dad sucks his cock would be sooo  :emot_penis: :emot_penis: him and granny 69 while grandpa fucks one of their asses  :emot_penis: :emot_penis:

when Lynn gets home and asserts himself there will be 2 well fucked and eaten women

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Thanks  :emot_penis: !    :emot_kiss:
More to come (As I hope you'll tell me if I make you cum reading it!)

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Interesting story. Wondering if there'll ever be a Chapter 2 :)

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OMG this was such a hot story MommasBoy.
You want to know if reading it made me cum??
Mmmmm how could it not.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

I can't taste my lips. Could you do it for me?

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Wow!  Great start to this story. Definitely want to hear more.