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Author Topic: Tit Sucking Orgasm (MF)  (Read 5259 times)
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« on: September 15, 2010, 07:26:47 PM »

I love to suck tits.  Ever since a girl let me play with boobs I've has a taste for those luscious mounds of jiggling flesh and those pert little nipples.  

Now there is more to sucking tits than just drooling all over them or just licking the nipples.  One at a time, each breast must be gently drawn into the mouth while the tongue rhythmically massages the nipple.  A girl always has one breast more sensitive than the other.  Your job is to discover which one is the "magic tit" so to speak.

My girlfriend Maureen had a pair of beautiful 38's.  Her left breast was more sensitive and so I favored it.  With her boob sucked into place in my mouth I allowed my saliva to coat her fleshy globe.  The I flicked my tongue on her nipple while sucking.  Her moans and squeals sounded like a song of feminine delight.  This got her pussy so wet she was ready for anything.

But one night I decided to stick with the tits and not move on to her lovely thick lipped pussy.  I wanted to see how if I could make her cum by sucking her tits.  After about 10 minutes of rhythmic sucking and licking she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy.  I shoved in two fingers to get a good sample of her nectar.  Lifting my mouth from her tit, I ran my finger over her nipple and then resumed sucking, savoring her sweet love juice.

Sooner than I expected she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth closer to her chest, "Suck it all ... suck it all," she ordered.  Maureen began to issue that familiar cry that went with a big orgasm, but this time it was different.  This was a new way to cum for my Irish-American lover.  This was kink for her and she wanted more.  

Maureen barely let me up for air that night.   She kept my mouth fastened to her left tit.   She ordered me to keep sucking and held me in place with strength I never knew she had.

Finally exhausted, Maureen drifted off to sleep.  I was still hard when she awoke and she returned the sucking favor.  She bathed my dick in her saliva, and pumped the based with his delicate hand. It didn't take me long to cum.  

The next time we were in bad she looked at my coyly and asked, "Will you suck my breast?"   She didn't have to ask twice.      
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lucky bastard

was milk involved?
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