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Dogging adventures. (MF, M+F, mFm, voy)

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on: August 27, 2020, 09:19:40 AM
This is a work of fiction, the author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

We'd been doing it for a while now, almost 2 months.
It certainly spiced things up between us. My wife of 18 years sue and myself chris. We're both 38.
We never intentionally set out to get into the whole dogging scene.
It happened by accident, well, the thing that sparked our interest anyway.....

It was roughly 3 months ago. Heading back from a day trip to the coast, just us this time the kids were too old for 'boring' things like a day at the seaside, wanting to hang out at a mates house instead....and they called us boring!
Anyways, by the time we were headed back it had got dark. We both knew that stretch of road well and we both knew we'd be passing 'our spot' shortly.
Our spot, was the place we always used to pull over for a bit of car fun, in our early days together.
I was about to mention it to sue but she got to it first asking me if i remembered what we used to do. I said I did and, if she was up for it I could pull over like we used to. She was indeed up for it, answering my enquiry by burying her hand in the crotch of my jeans, squeezing and groping me through the material.
Prompting me to put my foot down, get there quicker!

A couple minutes later we arrived, slowing down for the small left turn, you could easily miss it if going too fast especially at night.
The place is basically a little used rest area. A small road about 200 yds long in a half moon shape leading back onto the main road. To the left there is just open fields, to the right a small wood creates a secluded place with a grassed area and picnic benches.
There is plenty of space to pull over on the road itself or if full drive onto grass.

As soon as we got in I realised we may not be able to do anything, there were another 3 cars there. Parked on the left of the road about half way round, bumper to bumper.
Slowing down to a stop I turned off the lights and engine.
We looked at each other in the gloom.
"What do you think?"
I asked, feeling annoyed. She'd really got me hard on the way here and I wanted to do it.
She was about to say something but then stopped mid word, staring out my window at the small wooded area.
Turning to look at what she could see, hearing her say
"What the.....what are they doing?"

Near the tree line I could see a light, looked like a mobile phone light, bright like a flash but on all the time.
Then I could make out a bare ass! A guy stood there with his pants down, he was getting sucked off by a blonde woman down on her knees.
Then I could see more guys around her, the light was coming from one of the men, he was filming it.
We had drove into a dogging session.....

Before we had time to do anything else I noticed someone, a figure approaching the passenger side of our car from behind. A guy in a dark jacket walked right upto sues window and just stood there for a moment then he begins undoing his pants, gets his cock out and starts playing with it, putting on a show for her!

We are both so surprised that for a moment we don't know what to do.
"Oh my god"
Sue exclaims.
I've had enough and start the engine, get out of there, leaving the guy standing alone, dick in hand.
Well that was it, we talked and laughed about it most of the way home. I did notice at the time that sue was impressed how big the guy was and kept on about the woman having a wild time with that lot.
She was very interested in the whole thing, both of us really.

After that initial shock experience we talked about it a lot. Watched a lot of porn about dogging, collected some really good amateur clips to watch together.
It was clear that we both got off on the idea and it wasn't too long before we began researching dogging sites near us.

Before I go on, a little background about us. We are happily married, both 38. 2 children, both boys aged 16 and 14. Sue has put on some weight in the last couple years, and could be called a BBW, jet black hair which contrasts beautifully with her pale skin, 5'6" with big brown eyes, nice legs and ass and amazing 38F tits.Uptil fairly recently we have had a pretty straight forward sex life, no major kinks but with one exception. Couple years back we had a threesome experience with my best friend. His wife had cheated on him and they went through a divorce. Afterwards he was all broken up, in a bad way emotionally.
Sue always had a thing for him and well, I had a thing for watching. So, sue happily took care of both our needs until John found a girlfriend, his present one who he's planning to get married to. Our brief little laison lasted a couple of months. During that time we both enjoyed her at the same time on many occasions. She loved to play with 2 cocks.....and had never forgotten how good it was.

It was obvious she wanted to do it again, I too, being a natural voyeur was eager to see that again.
But this was different, this would be a stranger, and not just one.

As it turned out, any doubts or inhibitions were quickly swept aside by our combined excitement and desire to do this.

And so it was, our first time happened about 7 weeks ago now.
Parked in a layby. A far enough distance away from where we live so as nobody would recognise us.
It was easier than what we thought it would be, you basically just park up at a known hotspot and they come to you.
I had the camera ready sue wore a low cut top and a nice lacy bra that squashed her 38F beauties together nicely, creating that deep cleavage that turns heads.
She did 3 that night through the open car window.
2 of them young guys, about 20 something. But the last one was old enough to be her father!

The 2 young guys she sucked and wanked while they played with her tits through the open front passenger window, with me filming and fingering her pussy.
Both came grunting and cursing, squirting cum on my wife's titties.
With the older guy she got in the back and sucked him off through the open window while I fucked her doggy style. This lucky guy she let come in her mouth but opted not to swallow letting most of it dribble out which made an excellent facial photo.

She came hard on my cock, making a lot of noise. Much to the approval of some more folk busy at another car window just yards away, clapping and cheering at us for putting on a good show.
Our first time was a resounding success. We loved it, she loved the attention and I loved to watch.

Things quickly progressed.
The very next time we went out she let one of the guys fuck her, although she had him wear a condom. He was a big fat guy about our age and didn't last long but sue was so turned on by a stranger doing it she came before him, I got it all on film.
She did let some guys fuck her without a condom....but I'll get to that little story later as it's.....delicate.

 Our routine involved finding a hot spot the perfect distance away, usually between 10 and 20 miles of our home although we once travelled nearly 40 but it was worth it, a particularly good night.
4 guys fucked her that night and she sucked an equal number off. What a sight! Watching your wife being used by strangers one after another, listening to her moans of pleasure. We built up quite a collection of footage.

Our activities weren't just confined to the car. Some local woodland provided the scene for the 'closest to home' encounter.
Sat on a log one sunny afternoon deep into the woods, just enjoying each other, kissing.
I noticed some way off back in the bushes....a man watching us. Carefully alerting sue to the fact we were being watched, pretending at first not to notice and continuing with the foreplay, putting on a show.
Getting her tits out for him to watch me playing with and sucking. He was about 50 yards away but had a good view of what we were doing.
Stealing a glance now and then I could see he's an old guy and has a dog with him, a little jack russell. He's just stood staring.

Sue decides to make the first move by making eye contact with him. We'd done this before in some other woods and knew this was the tipping point, by making him aware she knew he was watching it would have 2 outcomes, either he would walk quickly on looking embarrassed or....keep looking, the latter usually involved some participation when they realised we were ok with it.
This time he kept on looking. Then as sue beckons him over he begins making his way through the brush to us.

He is indeed much older I guess about 70 but later we learn he's pushing 80! He is to become one of our very few 'regulars'. Harry is his name and we can't help but end up giving the inevitable nickname of dirty harry.
That first time he shyly introduces himself, apologising for sneakily watching us but says he couldn't help it as he finds sue beautiful and has never seen a 'finer pair' to use his words.
She is clearly very charmed by this older gentleman and takes an instant shine to him. Offering harry a feel if he wants?

He does. And a lot more besides.
With his dog tied to a nearby tree, patiently waiting and myself keeping watch and filming.
She goes all the way with him, no condom. For the first time letting a stranger come in her. He's the first of only 3 guys she does this with, later telling me she instinctively knew he was ok and clean and not in the habit of doing this. He does seem quite nervous and takes a while to actually get down to it but once he gets! Hope I can still fuck like that when I'm that age.
He has her on her back missionary in the undergrowth, making her moan, she comes before him after just a few moments, he's a real pro and we are surprised to find out later that it's been 3 years since he's done it! His wife is no longer interested 'in that sort of thing'.

We are to become good friends and meet on certain days in the woods and sometimes have a session in the car where she regularly takes his old cream, sometimes in the mouth but usually in her pussy.

We continue with our car park and layby activities. It's an addiction, we can't stop.
I love watching her and taking part of course, going last usually while she's sucking the last guy off. Her record so far is 8 in one night but we're hoping to beat that.
I cannot accurately describe how exciting it is watching all those guys around her, waiting their 'turn'.
And sue of course loves it, craves that attention.
A real cum slut.

Which brings me to our second occasion without a condom or bareback as it's known.
And this is where it gets delicate, as I said earlier.
A sensitive issue which could land us in trouble. But so far we've been ok, just have to be very careful.
About 2 weeks ago we were visiting a site we'd been to before, one of our favourites. It's a place very much like that first time coming back from the seaside when we got a bit of a shock.
Out in the country, secluded, just a few farm houses scattered about but mainly open fields and woodland.
This wasn't just a road but actually had a small car park too, all tucked away behind trees, secluded.

The site is pretty quiet normally, and on this night there was only one other car. Turned out to be a young courting couple who weren't too impressed that someone else was watching, and promptly left, leaving me and sue alone.....or so we thought.

Deciding to get on with it anyway she soon had my dick out giving me a nice blowjob while I played with her tits. It was during this exquisite time that I noticed something, movement through the passenger wing mirror. A figure. Right up close to the car, crouching.
It appeared we were not alone after all.
But this was different, something not quite right. This is a very isolated spot and I had not seen any other cars arriving. Could they have already been here? Perhaps watching that other couple? Maybe they came from one of those farmhouses.

Carefully alerting sue to our visitor. She lifts her head out my lap.
She whispers.
Talking in a low voice I reply
"Just near your window now....turn slowly....have a look"
This she did, we both looked together.

Realising they'd been seen the figure darted back towards a gap in a nearby hedgerow. Acting quickly sue opened her door and shouted after them.
"Hey.....where you going?....don't be shy!"
Slowing to a stop the dark figure turned to face us. I put the ignition on so sue could wind her window down and close the door, turning the interior light on to get a better view.
"It's ok there's no need to run off, I don't bite"

Now we can see more of him, he's all dressed in combat gear and has a dark bandana tied so it covers most of his lower face, only leaving the eyes visible. Clearly he'd come dressed for some serious stealth voyeurism.
He just stands there for a moment, deciding what to do.
"What's your name?"
Sue asks, trying to make conversation.
The guy mumbles something we can't make out.
"Sorry?....can you take that off we can't hear you"
Sue points to the face covering
He hesitates for a second then removes the bandana
His young voice repeats. His very young voice.
We instantly realise that James is just a boy of maybe 15 or 16!

Sue looks around at me, eyes wide, eyebrows raised. I nod slowly at her surprised expression
"I know"
I say in a low voice then add
"It's upto you.....I don't mind if you don't"
Her expression changes to a more mischievous one as she looks back at our young visitor.
"My name's sue....and this is my husband chris"
I lean forward and say hi.
"Hi sue....hi chris"
There's a brief but awkward silence then sue asks the question
"How old are you James?"

The boy hesitates for a second then says 18.
Promoting a giggle from sue who then quickly asks him his birthday.
More hesitation.
"It's......June ......02"
Again she giggles and this time I giggle along with her.
Sue tries again.
"Come on sweetheart.....I wasn't born yesterday you old are you really? I don't mind.....I think your cute"
He's silent for a moment, staring down at the floor then looks up and replies.
"I'm 15"
Sue quickly glances back over her shoulder at me mouthing the word 'wow'.

15, definitely underage. I wonder if she's thinking the same thing as me, it would be interesting....
"So James, what are you doing out here on your own? Do you live nearby?"
James looks to his right at something behind the hedge
Then says
"I'm not alone..."
Gesturing at someone out of view
"Come's can come out..."

Another smaller figure slowly emerges from behind the hedge, dressed the same as James.
"This is my brother's ok you can take that off....their alright"
He points to his brother's bandana.
Bobby removes his face covering and it's clear he's younger than his brother
We say hello and sue asks him his age.
Bobby is 13.

We chat with them for awhile and find out they are living in a caravan on some land belonging to the farmer. They live with their mum who works late shifts at a hospital, often leaving them alone at night, it's an odd story but we don't pry too much.
Then sue moves up a gear, asking them what they're doing dressed like that peering through car windows at couples having fun.

The younger one looks down at his boots, clearly feeling embarrassed. James is bolder and, with a little hesitation explains there's nothing much to do around here and so they like to watch the couples in cars.
He reveals he's seen doggers here too but they've never been discovered until now.
"I'm not surprised dressed like that"
I say, genuinely impressed with the trouble they've gone to
"You've done a proper job there"
Sue aims a question at bobby, who's still desperately avoiding eye contact and hasn't said much at all.
"And do you like watching too honey......bobby?"

The lad suddenly looks up and sheepishly nods.
Prompting a giggle from her
"Aawww....your a bit shy aren't you love....I like that"
Then looks back at James who's grinning at his brother.
She asks him more personal questions like have they seen anything they really like? Did they enjoy watching us?
James, now looking embarrassed himself, does answer her with yes all the time and yes he really enjoyed watching us.
He explains he usually sneaks up first then if all's well bobby joins him for a look too.

With us he'd been rumbled before bobby could have a look.
"Well, it's alright James, we don't mind being watched by you.....I think your both very cute"
James is lost for words for a moment, and probably the same colour as a stop light.
Then in a nervous voice replies
" don't mind us watching?"
It was a leading question, as if to say you can carry on doing that if you want? Then and my brother can watch?
"No, not at all we're.....erm.....used to it"
She turns back to me grinning, making eye contact, a mischievous wicked look!
Is she really going to do what I think she's going to do?!

Turning back to our new young friends she says
"Well James, we could put on a show for you...or......I could do something better instead..... something special for you both?"

James looks quickly around, up and down the deserted lane then back at his brother. Bobby is looking wide eyed up at james, a fearful look, he's shaking his head with quick hardly noticeable movements.
Bobby is clearly doing the right thing, what he's been taught about stranger danger is telling him no, walk away. But his brother is older and perhaps more horny and curious.
Hormones make his decision for him.

Taking a cautious step forward, James asks
"What.....what do you mean?"
Sue leans further across the window frame, her boobs now squashed upwards, an acre of bulging cleavage on display.
It has the desired effect, James eyes wide as saucers, fixed on her chest.
"Do you know James, what I was doing to Chris earlier?"
He nods but doesn't look up from the cleavage.
"What's it called?"
She asks, her voice quiet but determined
Chris suddenly breaks contact with her boobs and looks into her eyes
"It's called.....a blowjob"

With no hesitation she asks if he's ever had one. A shaken head is the answer.
Asking the next inevitable that a more nervous look creeps in as he nods slowly 'yes'.

Looking back once more at me, that wicked grin, biting her lower lip. She looks so excited!
"Won't be long honey I'm just going behind that hedge for a moment, keep watch"
She kisses me then speaks to the boys in a calming confident voice.

"I'm going to get out the car now, is that ok?"
Not waiting for a reply she gets out and stands for a moment, taking in the scene, the night air.....the silence.
Bobby has taken a few steps back but James stands his ground still looking nervously about, not knowing what to expect or what to do.
"Wow! It really is quiet round boys must get very bored"
Sue says sounding matter of fact, then looking James straight in the eye, her words slow and meaningful
"Come on can go first"
She sets off for the hedge gap about 5 yards away, looking back over her shoulder once
"Come on boys follow me, it's guna be alright I promise"

Bobby steps back away from sue as she walks past, looking nervously at his brother.
James glances at me, swallows hard, then follows my wife behind the hedge. Bobby, hesitating a moment, follows his brother.
All 3 disappear out of view.

I take a moment to run through what is happening, taking a deep breath. This is fucking intense! I mean....they're kids, they are fucking kids.
I'm torn here because although it's very illegal what were doing, and I never had her down as a....well I don't want to say the word, don't want to think about that P word but that's what she'd get called and me too.

On the other hand this is such a turn on, the best yet! I'm literally shaking with excitement. And I suppose they're not exactly little, I mean they are teenagers. That older one has probably got a girlfriend.
As I wrestle with the morals, I hear a sound from behind the hedge....
Struggling over to the passenger side, now sat in sues seat window open, I can hear better.

My wife's voice, perfectly clear even through a thick high hedge.
"That's it don't be il help"
A ruffling of clothing
"That's relax"
Somewhere in the distance a dog could could be heard barking then a slight breeze layed a gentle breath on the wooded area to our right, rustling leaves, making me lose concentration for a moment.
Looking round checking, nobody about.

Another noise brought my attention back, looking straight back at the hedge. A soft groaning could be heard, getting louder by the second, panting breath noise then....
More grunting and puffing followed by
"Oh shit....oh shit.....fuck me!"
Shuffling noises like someone moving position in long grass....a knee trembler alright.

A small voice, bobby asking Jame's if he's alright?
More heavy breathing and cursing then he replies
"Oh god yes....god yes.....  very alright!"
He's laughing
Now my wife's voice again, quieter.
"Mmmmm you taste good, you see I told you it would be alright"
Then adds
"You see bobby, nothing to be scared of.... would you like to try?...I don't bite..."
Silence for a moment then James excited voice
"Cmon bob you gotta....I did's the best thing honest"
He's still out of breath.

Shit! I wish I could see this!
It is best I stay here though, if anyone comes it'll look as though its just me having a rest from driving.
This is serious shit after all, my wife is currently behind a hedge sucking off 2 underage boys!

There's silence for a moment, then Sue's quiet voice
"That's it....take em down......good just relax honey.... I'll take care of you"
A low murmuring, sounds like bobby but i can't make out what he's saying. Then a loud moan, from the boy.
Fuck yes! She's doing it! This is amazing.

More moaning and gasping from the little one, he sounds close.....
I shift position in the passenger seat, relieving some pressure on my painful hard on, I can't believe this is happening. Suddenly.....
Bobby cries's a high pitched noise, almost sounds like a girl. Then James voice again
"Wahey......there you go....."
Laughing from James then
"Oh should see your face"
His only reply is heavy breathing.

My wife's voice, low and quiet but just audible.
"There there.....all done..."
She giggles.
"You alright sweetheart? That feel good?"
I have to stifle my own giggle at bobby's polite response.
He's a little out of breath but I can make out his quiet words
"Yes.....thank you sue...oh god......I feel dizzy.
She reassures him it's normal for a first time then scalds James for not being polite like his brother.
He too quickly thanks her, after which sue makes a joke about them now owing her £30 each!
At first they believe her.
"Daft sods!'s my pleasure boys, maybe next time you can do something for me..."

Her words are not just an empty request.
She is eager to meet these 2 again. But deciding not to take things further tonight as they both still seem to be in shock and also it's not exactly an ideal place to take her time with them.
Instead she swaps phone numbers and we part with promises to meet up again soon, the 2 boys heading back across the fields.

Back in the car she, and I, need some relief. I fuck her missionary on the front passenger seat. It's a quick passionate, vigorous embrace. Both of us coming at the same time, perfect end to a perfect night.

On the way back she describes in detail her experience behind the hedge. Feeling their young cocks twitching in her mouth.....then the moment she got a mouthful.
James is quite well endowed for his age at around 6" and quite thick. His brother is smaller at around 5", both boys are uncircumcised.
Neither, in her opinion have had any experience, both being nervous, especially bobby.
We both agree it's been the best time so far, the fact our 2 new friends are underage playing a major part in that decision.
Sue admits to me, it's the most turned on she's ever been since doing this.

The next day we are bombarded with text's from James. He and bobby are very eager to meet up again, apparently young bobby hasn't stopped talking about it and keeps asking his brother when we can do it again.

They suggest an unusual and intriguing place where we can meet, which instantly appeals to us.
The 2 boys have a 'den', a kind of hideout they've built in a wood on the farmland.
It's secluded, and being on private land nobody goes there, we won't be disturbed as the farmer, their uncle, is always busy and doesn't have time for wondering about in the woods.
We can get close via a public footpath, then a short walk through a field.

And so it is, that very afternoon, we find ourselves parked back where we were the night before. Leaving the car and following James instructions.
It's a lovely summer's day, not too warm but just right, the larks are up, twittering away high up in a perfect blue sky.
As we are outdoors and plan to be entering woodland, sue has chosen jeans on her lower half, accompanied by knee high boots, oh I love to see a woman in boots!
On top she wears a white lacy bra and white t shirt. Oh, and no panties... didn't seem much point.
I do have my phone but plan to record only carefully angled clips, too risky to have proof of what we're about to do.
10 minutes later we arrive at the treeline of a small wood. I go first, gingerly making way through high nettles and thick brush, clearing a way for sue just behind me.
I feel young again, like a boy myself. A spirit of adventure and mischief fills my being, I can see too, my wife is feeling the same, both of us grinning like 2 kids skiving off school.

We get through the thick undergrowth, coming out in a clearing surrounded by tall mature trees.
Taking only a few steps forward I hear a low voice nearby
"Chris!....this way.....over here"
At first not seeing anything.... then movement.
It's James all decked out in camo again, he's actually quite close behind some sort of natural screen.
I go towards him, sue following.
We are shown to a gap in the screen and enter....what I can only describe as the ultimate den.
A large circular area cleared of undergrowth and surrounded by a 'fence' 5ft high made of large sticks pushed into the soft earth and reinforced with cross pieces. Towards the centre of the den a fireplace made up of a circle of rocks with evidence of a recent fire and, most impressive of all, a small 'shack' basically a well constructed lean to complete with camp beds.

Both myself and sue stand for a moment, looking around in wonder.
"Like it?"
James asks, looking proud.
"Like it?" I repeat in a surprised tone
"You 2 built this?'s bloody done a good job"

They go on to tell us it took 3 weeks of hard work. I could well believe it.
We are offered seats on the camp beds and even a drink, the sneaky lads have got hold of a bottle of their mums rum and some cans of coke! Although I suspect it's more for them, some dutch courage.
So there we were, sipping rum and cokes sat on camp beds in a wood with 2 hormone filled young boys....there was only going to be one outcome.

It starts off slowly with sue telling them how much she enjoyed the other night and asking them if they'd like to do 'other things'.
The answer is of course yes. Sue asks James to join her on the camp bed and they are soon kissing, the lads hand wondering upto her breasts, having a good grope through the thin t shirt.
He's quite bold this afternoon, clearly the rum and coke is having an effect.
She gently pushes him back, breaking off their kiss. Giving herself room to get the 38F beauties out. Removing her t shirt and bra.

James just stares at them, wobbling inches from his face, nipples stuck out erect.
It's a comical moment, the look on his face... priceless.
But then, in an instant, he's at them. Like a hungry puppy sucking and licking for all he's worth.
I watch just yards away feeling myself harden up. Looking to my left bobby is staring wide eyed at his brother and their new 'girlfriend'.
He looks nervous and excited at the same time.

Sue, moaning softly, let's James enjoy her boobs for a few moments.
Then, noticing bobby watching, beckons him over.
"Come on sweetheart....don't be shy.....there's room for another"
She grins seductively at the young lad, who hesitates for a second then wonders over.
Placing his hand on her right boob, I watch in awe as he explores the soft warmth, small fingers wondering to the big hard nipple. Sue watches his face closely.....she's clearly relishing his innocence, his inexperience.
" this"
She gently moves his fingers out the way and shows him what to do, grasping her nipple between finger and thumb, pinching and rolling it between them
"See? you try"

Bobby copies sue. He's a quick learner and soon has her moaning softly again, pinching and twisting the inch long nipple.
Aware of the noise, I have a look around. I cannot see anything but then, anybody peeping through the perimeter 'fence' would be almost invisible anyway.
Instead I concentrate on sounds, we made a lot of noise to get in here so anyone trying to get close would be instantly heard.
There is just bird song, then somewhere in the distance a car horn briefly sounds. We are alone and safe from prying eyes, perfect.

"Oh yes..."
Sue's voice brings my attention back to the camp bed, eyes widen at what I see.
Bobby is now sat on the bed, suckling my wife's right breast, a sight to behold for sure.
Sue looking straight at me, that wicked mischievous look all over her face, she's loving this!
It's the perfect photo opportunity and I quickly snap a few pics, the boys just showing backs of their heads so no way to prove who it is. We have to be very careful with this.
Sue continues to enjoy their attentions for several moments, then, pushing them gently back she checks me
"We alright?"
Looking around again and listening for a moment I nod agreement. Sue begins unzipping her boots then has the 2 boys pull them off for her, which they enthusiastically help. Standing up to take off her jeans. I watch the pairs reactions to a now naked sue, standing there before us.
Bobby's mouth slowly opens, his eyes widen, glancing at his brother as if to say 'look at that!'
James has a similar wide eyed expression but unlike bobby he's grinning, staring at her crotch
"Your.....not wearing any"
He says in a surprised tone.

Sue grins back
"Didn't see much point"
She watches them closely as firstly James then bobby get closer, all the time staring between her legs. Sue is completely bald down under.
No doubt the lads have seen a naked woman before, a thousand times on the net. But to be this a real one. They stared at my wife's naked body like a child stares at presents under a Christmas tree. The excitement, the wonder.

James puts out a hand towards her bald pussy, his curiosity getting the better of him
"Can I tou...."
His words cut short by sues interruption
"Hey....come on you 2...I want to see you naked now"

I have to stifle a giggle as James undresses with lightning speed! I've never seen anyone get naked so fast. Bobby is predictably more cautious, looking round at me, embarrassed.
Both boys are soon naked together before sue. There stiff young cocks pointing skywards.
She stands there for a moment admiring the view, then beckons them over to the camp bed, lays down with her legs apart, letting them have a good look.
The look however, soon turns into an examination as she lets there hands and fingers wonder.
Moving closer for a better look. Both boys are on their knees between her legs, James has a finger in her, pushing in and out, I can see the middle finger glistening with Sue's juices, his face is a picture of curiosity and excitement. Bobby is busy rubbing her clit, his little fingers being guided by sue. She's breathing faster clearly aroused and rapidly getting more so.
Sue has always been easily aroused, often coming multiple times at our dogging meets, that's why she's so popular, this time is no exception. The thrill of being touched by 2 underage boys easily overcoming their inexperience.

Getting quite breathless and moving her hips up and down, suddenly she puts a hand down to stop them, looking from James to bobby and back she asks
"Who wants to give me a lick then?"

Bobby looks nervously at James who's just staring at Sue's bald pink pussy while sniffing his wet finger. After a brief pause he says
"I will"
His quiet words hardly audible.
Sue makes herself more comfortable and then instructs a determined looking James what to do.
She has him insert his finger like before then tells him to lick across her clit, demonstrating how it should be done with her finger.
He doesn't need much encouragement and is soon making my wife moan with his first taste of pussy.
Turns out James is a natural.
He's down on his knees between her legs, licking and fingering for all he's worth. Myself and bobby watch in silence as he brings her slowly to orgasm.
Bobby's wide eyed look of wonder and excitement making me stifle another giggle.

Not ever experiencing a woman coming up close and personal, the act takes them by surprise, especially James who gets his head squeezed hard in the vice like grip of Sue's thick silky thighs.
Lost in a world of intense pleasure she forgets where she is and cries out loud, it's a harsh sharp noise in this situation and both me and bobby look around worryingly.
A startled wood pigeon flies up out the canopy just above us, but no other sound can be heard....I think we're ok.

Looking back, she has released Jame's head, he's turned to face us, red complexion, the look of surprise still there, lips wet with her juices
He says in breathless whisper
I congratulate him on making her come and compliment his licking skills
Sue gets up on her elbows glancing at each of us with a satisfied look, breathing slowing down, she reaches forward and grasps James neck pulling him towards her
"Good boy......oh that was good"
She takes a moment to calm herself then looks meaningfully at James
"I want you"

No more words are necessary. I get the phone ready to video record.
Without any hesitation, an eager James climbs up onto the camp bed, on top of sue.
Noticing bobby looking nervously at me, I turn to hear him say
"Chris.....are they guna do it?"
I nod and reply with
" can go next if you want to?"
He doesn't say anything, just looks back at what his brother is doing.

From this angle I can see she has her hand down between them guiding him in.
Suddenly James pushes forwards, his butt cheeks clenching as he begins thrusting.
Heavy breathing, grunting and cursing ensues, accompanied by my wife's soft moans and a squelching noise. The camp bed creaks and cracks with each rapid thrust.
Bobby just stands staring with that look of nervous excitement.
We confirm later in conversation that James was indeed a virgin. He lasts around 20 seconds before crying out just as loud as sue had, the sound causing more birds to fly up. I film the climax as a close up, getting right down between their legs.

Jame's ass cheeks are clenched tight shut and I can see the base of his cock pumping, he's filling her.
Soft moans from sue then
"Good boy......mmmmm......good boy"
She purrs at the sensation of young cock twitching within her.

It's a first for sue too, her first underage virgin. However we are only just getting started and it's a long afternoon, nothing to hurry for. Their mum, we are assured won't be back till this evening.

After an out of breath sweaty James peels himself off her, sue cleans herself up and gets ready for bobby.
James excitedly telling his brother how good it feels and not to be scared.
As sue lays back down, this time on a blanket on the floor, the camp bed being too uncomfortable, a nervous bobby steps forward, receiving a pat on the back from James.
"It's ok Bob.... you'll do fine"
His brothers words of encouragement spurring him on.
It's James turn to watch as bobby now gets down on top of sue into her welcoming arms.
Holy shit! 13 years old, he looks small compared to her.
She kisses him for a while, savouring the moment, lots of eye contact.

But he's so eager he's beginning to hump, his little butt clenching as he thrusts blindly into her thigh.
Breaking off their kiss, she patiently guides him to her opening......there's a brief fumble and them a loud gasp from bobby....he's in.
Thrusting wildly, little grunts and whispered
"Oh god"
Over and over.
Soft moans again from sue. I get the phone ready. He's getting faster, this won't take long.

I get it on video just in time. Bobby's rapid humping suddenly coming to a stop, pushing deep into her accompanied by that high pitched noise he makes.
I get right down at the business end for a close up, just like his brother before him....base of cock pumping as he fills my wife, ass cheeks tightly clenched. A thin bead of pearly white oozes from her pussy, dribbling down.
He's breathing hard but has stopped groaning.
My wife's voice now, reassuring.
"Mmmm good boy....that's it....I got you....good boy"

With great regret I cannot record the full view I have, too risky, if it were to be discovered. But what a view, as I stand back and admire. The young boy laid panting on top of my beautiful wife, that sexy mischievous look etched on her face, neck and face blotchy from her recent climax contrasting with her pale skin. As I watch her hands wonder down to his ass, giving it a good feel and squeeze, while giving me a slow cheeky wink.

I become aware of James stood close to my right side, glancing I see he has another hard on....oh to be young again, he's gently wanking himself while watching his little brother lose his virginity.
A look of lustful determination in his eyes
"I told you feeling....hey your not a virgin anymore!"
He laughs.

I notice at their prolonged embrace James getting impatient. He turns to me and in a quiet voice asks
"Chris...can we do it with her again?"
With a grin and a nod I reply with a simple
"Oh yeah"

Presently little bobby does get off sue and, as it turns out, she is in a mood for more, much much more.
With the ever eager James going again next. This time the lad nearly brings her off but can't quite last long enough just yet, he is still very inexperienced after all.
However, sue is still close and looking to get pushed over the edge.
Luckily bobby is hard again and waiting his turn.
Sue practically grabs him and pulls him down on top of her, I almost feel sorry for the lad.... almost.
Being so close from James attentions combined with bobby lasting longer second time round....leave a surprise outcome. Bobby, the youngest and smallest of the brothers, makes her come.

She comes hard on his cock as he's filling her for the second time, almost scaring the boy half to death, squeezing him tight with arms and legs wrapped around, crying out, putting up more birds.
I really should tell her about that....but it sounds so good.

Afterwards while they embrace sue praises him and showers him with kisses. She later admits to me she prefers bobby to James as he's shy and quiet not cocky and loud like his brother.
The fact that his little brother made sue come on his cock first is not lost on James who does get a bit sulky, complaining that he 'warmed' her up for bobby and he just finished her off. Crudely put but I suppose some truth there.
He does calm down and cheer up, especially when sue crawls over to him, telling him what a handsome big one he's got, then starts sucking it.
He soon forgets about any sibling rivalry.

The afternoon is a long one. Full of wonder and excitement for us all. Both boys fuck my wife one after another all afternoon, they never seem to tire. As one is finished the other is ready again, stood there watching, stoking their hard on.
James does indeed catch up with bobby and overtakes. By my score makes it James 3 bobby 2.
Sue is insatiable, I've seen her like this at meets before but this is different, she's like a bitch on heat.
She can't get enough of them. In her pussy, in her mouth and even lets them do it once each in her ass, she's never done that with any stranger.

Eventually, the boys have to leave as their mum will be back soon and she doesn't have a key.
We clean up, always bring baby wipes, tissues and a bag to put it all in.
There's a lot to clean! Sue is literally sticky, the insides of her thighs, belly, face, hair. Some is still oozing out her pussy.
She checks the boys over for stains, can't let their mum get suspicious, as we want to do this again.
After getting them to promise not to tell anyone as we will get into trouble, we part from the little wood with smiles and waves and promises to meet again.
And that we do.

Having found exactly what we want we have suspended most of our dogging arrangements.
Just keeping old Harry who sue has a soft spot for. And our 2 young friends.
She really is developing a fetish for young and old....the best of both worlds.

We do indeed see the boys again a couple days later. At their den in the wood.
Anybody passing by on the lonely footpath may stop for a moment to admire the trees surrounding our special place, totally unaware of the illegal activity going on in there.
Although if they listened carefully, above the breeze and sound of larks they may just hear a strange noise, a high pitched squeal like a scream.
And if they looked closely they may notice a wood pigeon or two, fluttering away from the green canopy.

The end.

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Reply #1 on: November 09, 2020, 12:24:12 AM
Super great, Sylas, as usual. Very evocative. I love the realism in your stories. The couple's excitement. The sweet old guy. The two insatiable young brothers losing their virginity one after the other. Hot situations. The characters are alive and having the time of their lives. Well done.

Worth noting also that your good spelling and grammar make it all the more readable.

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Reply #2 on: January 03, 2021, 01:44:02 AM
Great story.  Losing my virginity during a dogging session was my biggest fantasy forever. :)

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Reply #3 on: January 04, 2021, 10:39:11 PM
Another amazing story Sylas. You have such a delightful way of description, bringing out a word painting of what is transpiring. Dogging is one of my areas of fantasy. Would love to experience if for real, but at my age, probably never will.

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Reply #4 on: September 03, 2021, 03:30:53 AM
great story well done

Pussy oh how sweet it is