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Author Topic: Making The Grade (M/Tg F, Oral, Size, Anal)  (Read 141 times)
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« on: September 06, 2020, 01:13:33 AM »

             Chanel was asked to stay after School by her Homeroom Teacher, Mr. West. Being this was her Senior year at the all Girl Private Catholic School, St. Catherine's School For Girls. Unfortunately, Chanel was no ordinary run of the mill girl, for you see Chanel is a Transgender, she has not finished with her sex change, though she is in no rush. Chanel, has a hungry appetite for Males and Females. The other girls at School know of her secret, but they have promised to keep it to themselves. They have enjoyed her beautiful hard cock, sucking on it and letting her fuck their pretty pussies with it, but will Mr. West find out her secret and her secret desire for him.

"Chanel, I asked you to see me after Class because you are failing in Math. I will help you out if you let me.", Mr. West said to her as he had a raging hard on in his pants as he looked down her blouse. Chanel's beautiful brown eyes looked up at him. "What did you have in mind, Mr. West?" she asked. He smiled and kissed her lips.

 "I think you know what.", he replied. After that he walked away from her desk and stared out the window to wait for her response. Chanel wasn't dumb, she knew what he wanted as she rolled down her white panties from under her green plaid skirt. Opening her bronze legs wrapped in thigh high white stockings, Chanel grabbed her cock and started to stroke herself, trying to get herself hard.

"Mr. West? Is this is something that you might want to get my grade up?", Chanel said as he turned around to see her Latina cock, hard and ready to be loved. Mr. West licked his lips as Chanel made it wave at him. "I guess the rumors are true.", he replied as he knelt down before her 18 year old cock. Taking it in his hand and jerking her off he swallowed her dick down his throat as she moaned in ecstasy.

Chanel has always had fantasies about Mr. West, dreaming about his big dick going down her throat and up her tight asshole. She's even wanted to stick her 8 inch dick down his throat and poke him in his rear. Mr. West's manly lips sucked her Tranny cock like mad crazy, Chanel never would have thought that Mr. West wanted her, let alone a sweet Tranny cock. Mr. West looked up from her cock, kissing it, he smiled back at her.

"I'm sure you like to eat this!", Mr. West said standing up and pulling out his 10 inch dick right in front of Chanel's beautiful face as she sat behind her desk. Her brown eyes widened as wrapped her left hand around his gorgeous dick and swallowed it without choking on it. While she sucked his dick, Mr. West unbuttoned and removed his dress shirt, then he got his pants down to his ankles and got out of them along with his loafers. Chanel stopped long enough to open up her blouse to free her tits and remove her skirt to give Mr. West better access to her ass later. Chanel continued to suck her Math Teacher's big prick, her dream had come true and she was getting the cock she desired the most.

Mr. West now got Chanel bent over her desk top, spitting on his dick he lubed it up and slowly inserted it into Chanel's tight asshole as she moaned out loud. He fucked her asshole good as she cried begging for more. Mr. West reached around and stroked on Chanel's cock as he fucked her fanny, he was sending her into overdrive and it drove her mad. Chanel got bold and turned Mr. West around, overpowering him he was now bent over his desk as she stuck her 8 inch love gun up his asshole.

Mr. West howled as he was getting his fanny fucked now by Chanel. She was balls in deep as they slapped him in his ass. Mr. West's eyes were tearing up as he took his first Anal, he never expected this to happen to him, but he secretly enjoyed it knowing that it will make Chanel happy, he just hoped none of his friends and Family would find out about this, right now he just took his punishment with stride.

"Come on Mr. West, don't cry, it's almost over with, Baby! I just want to get that A! I need that A and you need my Dick, Baby! Say it! Give me my A!", Chanel shouted and Mr. West screamed, "YOU PASSED!!" Then he got Chanel back on her knees as he blasted his cum all over her sweet face. Chanel sucked off the rest of his cum as she let it drool from her sweet lips. Chanel just made the Grade.

The End
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