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Author Topic: End of the drought (MF)  (Read 395 times)
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Let's do some "we shouldn't be doing this" things

« on: September 06, 2020, 01:31:39 AM »

I was getting desperate.  I’ve had long patches of no sex before, but this one seemed to gnaw at the back of my mind.  I even came close to calling Eric, you know, the pallet of dog food guy.  I would have hated myself after if I had done that.  So Ben it was.  However as I had said before I ended up chickening out, so it didn’t happen, and then I got some words of encouragement, and given an idea, which kind of stole.  I’ll have to thank her later.

So I sent him a quick text.  “Hey, I know it’s Friday, but if your not busy, you’ve got a truck, and I could use your help with something.”

He said he wasn’t busy at all and could be at my place in about 20 minutes. I got really nervous and really excited. Wasn’t expecting him to say yes, so I had prepared to say it could be don’t tomorrow evening if its ok with him.  But there it was, he was on his way over, and I needed to change.

I wanted it to look casual, but I wanted it to grab his attention right of the bat.  Yoga pants, sports bra, no panties.  And if I happen to pull them up just a little too high, that’s my choice. 

He arrived and sent me a text.  I headed outside because he doesn’t know what apartment is mine. I went outside to meet him and even though it was getting pretty dark, I could tell he was looking as I jogged over to his truck.  I quickly thanked him for showing up on such short notice.  Told him it was in my apartment, he need to see it to understand, and we started inside.  I made sure I walked in front of him, but had to force myself to not turn around.  I wanted him to look all he wanted on the way inside.

We went into my apartment and he stopped just inside the door asking what I needed help with and that he had brought a dolly if we needed it.  I said we wouldn’t, or at least I hoped we wouldn’t and showed him to the living room.  I turned around quick in hopes of catching him looking, but I didn’t. Either he wasn’t looking or I was just too slow to catch him.  At this point there was no turning back.

“I need your opinion".  And then I pulled the front of my pants down.  I didn’t pull them all the way, just to the edge of exposing my growler.  He reacted the way you would expect.  He swore and then tried to look everywhere but at me.

Now this part of the plan came from another person making comments.  I have a mole in my pelvic region near my right hip bone.  For the first time this thing actually became useful.  With him looking but trying not to, I pointed at it and asked if he thought it was cute.  This is when things turned a little south.  I spare you the details but for a minute I thought he was going to leave.  After assuring him things were fine and to relax.  I again asked if he thought it was nice.  Cindy Crawford sexy like.  Finally relaxing he settled his eyes on me and got a good look.  He smiled and said he liked it.  We joked a little bit about me asking him for help.. Him having a truck was just me stating a fact than actually needing it for anything.  And the dolly would have been interesting addition.

Seeing as things were finally going well, i stepped up to him and immediately began working on his pants.  I wasn’t all that interested in build up or being funny or sexy, I just wanted him inside me.  I fumbled with the button twice before he took over and undid them.  I was so relieved he was getting into it too.  When he finished opening his pants I pointed at the couch and asked him to sit.  As he sat he pulled his pants down and his erection bounced out.

This is where I’m going to make a sidebar, and inform you that from now on I will be referring to Ben as BIG Ben.  Not big Ben, or Big Ben, but BIG Ben.  He is easily in the top three for “biggest if ever had".  And it wasn’t just big, but it had that slight upward curve, and that perfect fat head.  It is the kind of dick that makes you want to uncontrollably reaching out just to touch it.

So there BIG Ben was, no pants and his erection standing tall.  Seeing as how it was my turn, I only hesitated long enough to get over my shock of his size, and then my pants came the rest of the way off.  Again it wasn’t sexy or stylish, I was even more eager, and had motivation right in front of me.  When I looked back at him after taking my sports bra off, he was touching himself and smiling.  The fact he was hard before I got naked made me feel so sexy.  Now watching him and seeing that smile on his face,  weight gain be damned, he made me feel like the sexy f#$%ing woman on earth.  I was going to thank him properly for the compliment.

I didn’t spend too much time with him in my mouth.  I just wanted to get my hands around him and when I finally did, I just bent down and put him in.  As you may all know I’m not going to win any competitions for my oral skill, and there was no way I was going to practice deep throat on BIG Ben.  I just worked his head with my mouth and let my hands work the rest of him.  He moaned and complimented me a few times, which I think were just him being nice.  I think I was just stalling because now that I’ve got my hands on him I was worried he may be a little too big.  Of course there was only one way to find out.  Quick discussion about a condom and I climbed on his lap, straddling him.  One hand on his shoulder, and I guided him in with the other.

Two months and only using toys, to having BIG Ben stick his head in, was a bit of a teeth gritting shock to say the least.  It was very slow going.  Slow rocking back and forth getting more and more of him.  I had my eyes closed as I moved back and forth on him.  It must have been a good minute before I was actually settled in his lap completely.  I wanted to rub my belly, see if I could feel him in there with my hand.  I didn’t want to bounce around, I needed to go slow wanted to enjoy it with as little discomfort as possible.  He is riding that fine line of almost too big.

I had both hands on his shoulders and just ground my hips against him.  I swear that if I had leaned back, he would have been able to see his outline through my stomach.  It felt like it reached everywhere, rubbing everything.  And since I was rocking and not bouncing, it wasn’t slamming into me, it was brushing and flicking.  As I progressed though I got more needy, more hungry for that O, that I started bouncing around.  I walked the line of pleasure being almost painful.  I was near and starting to lose motor control as that wave came closer, so he took up the motion and that’s all there was for me.

This was an orgasm for the record books.  I don’t know about other women, but for me, I do not squirt often, and when I do I’m quite embarrassed by it.  I even cringe just saying it or typing it.  When it hit I nearly jumped off of him.  I flooded his lap and almost broke his nose with my breast bone.  I do remember his arms around me holding me as the waves crashed. I shook so hard I think the sofa vibrated across the floor.  I can not remember the last time I came so quick with so little clitoral stimulation.

I would like to think I recovered quickly, but I know it took some time.  It felt like he had started to soften when I was finally ready to give him what he rightfully deserved and unquestionably earned.  I couldn’t take all of him again so I did the best I could and got maybe half, and worked my hips as quick as I could.  I have no other term for it and I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I was basically twerking on him.  It was more difficult than I thought.  But after a few moments of bouncing he let me know he was done.  The lack of condom was a mutual thing.  He was still worried, but that didn’t stop it.  I took his load shallow.  Shallow enough that it was coming out almost as quickly as he was shooting it in.

About a minute or two of satisfied smiling and me giggling like an idiot, and then the next few moments were filled with me getting a cloth and him apologizing, but obviously he had no reason to.

We sat and talked a bit about what happens next.  I joked and said he “done good, now get out.”  Well just play it by ear and see what happens.  I just hope this happens again.

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Freakishly Strange

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Co-POY 2019

« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2020, 04:26:15 AM »

Like a sexy spider spinning her web. Ben never had a chance in hell.

So glad your drought is ended...and what an ending. You done good sweetie. Grin

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Madame Sheriff

« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2020, 04:59:49 AM »


Freakishly Strange

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I really am a demon that defiles helpless girls

« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2020, 09:30:40 AM »

So he was on the clock?

That’s a woo Jules.
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