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on: September 08, 2020, 12:10:13 AM
Author's Note: Around about chapter 83, our characters will start using Martian years to tell time. This is germane because Martian years are 687 days long instead of 365 days like on Earth. Somebody who has turned 18 on Earth will be just over 9.5 Martian years old. After awhile we're going to stop saying "Martian years" and it will have to be understood that someone who's ten in Martian society is an adult, since they are about 19 Earth years old.

01: Monday, July 6, 2043, 1400 hours CST: Colleen

“I knew you’d show up soon,” Colonel Colleen Bruno said, and smiled. She ushered her subordinate Doctor Zachary Carson into her office and shut her door, for this was definitely a private conversation. They took seats, hers behind her desk, his in front of it. Her head with its cute blonde bob tilted slightly down at him today. She had a mischievous look in her deep blue eyes, as if she were seeing him in a whole new light. 

“Congratulations, Zach!” Colleen cheered. Even though she, at 23, was a decade younger and eight inches shorter at 5’5”, she had a compelling, decisive presence that brooked no defiance. She had been a prodigy who graduated university at the age of 14 and was flying fighter jets by the time she was 18 years old. She had become a major at age 20, and now, she was an Air Force Colonel that had been chosen to command Mars Colony Mission One with everyone’s utter confidence. That was how good she was.

“Likewise, congratulations,” said Zach, “Though we knew it would be you leading the first mission.” Tall, angular, he crossed his legs, cocked his head with a bemused smile and looked back at her with his grayish blue eyes, running a hand nervously through his blond crew cut. He was dressed rather casually in a shirt and slacks compared to the colonel’s uniform.

“As you can imagine, three of our newly selected crewmates have already been to see me this morning,” Colleen said brightly. “I expect to see the last crewmate who’s on base, Ayana, before the end of the day, though I haven’t heard from her yet.”

“If you don’t, you should seek her out,” Zach said with some concern, folding his hands. “She may be especially uncomfortable since we’re such close colleagues. I know I am. I don’t want my friendships disrupted by this unprecedented situation.” Then he got to the point. “How did this happen?”

“What do you mean?” Colleen replied with a smirk. “Your clinical expertise will be critical if some disease crops up that nobody has ever seen once we land on Mars.” Zach was the world’s foremost expert in subtle forms of radiation poisoning, the leading danger faced by humans in their bid to settle the red planet. Mars had no magnetic field, so it was far more subject to cosmic rays at its surface than Earth was.

“You know what I mean,” Zach rejoined. “The final cut was 24 men and 18 women. How did we end up with eleven women in a crew of twelve?”

Colleen explained, “The selection factors were all equal until the process got down the list of desirable attributes to the interesting minor factor of faster population growth. All other more relevant factors being equally handled, the ability to personally pop out a baby rose in importance. I’m aware you lack that qualification, Zach, but I, for one, want to take you along anyway.” Again, there was that smile from her.

Colleen rose, walked around her desk, and stood over him, maybe a head taller than the much taller doctor, seated as he was. Unbidden, he noticed that the Colonel’s very scrumptious breasts he had professionally ignored since he had known her were at eye level. He quickly looked up into her face. She was giving him that mischievous look. It was disconcerting. She had gone from friendly and understanding but businesslike in every encounter he'd ever had with her to this "fuck me" look now. There was nothing inappropriate about just a look. He was going crazy. That must be it.

The young, radiant Colonel leaned over and put her hand on Zach’s shoulder. “You are a kind man, a caring man. Those are a few of the qualities that make you such a great doctor. If you don’t mind me saying, you’re one of the few men I’ve met where I’ve remarked to myself, ‘That man should be a father.’ I’m happy with our crew selection, including you.”

Colleen was leaning over him, leaning on his arm, and blushing. The verbal part was a fairly standard pep talk from his commanding officer other then the unusual subject, but that look of hers, jeez, and her looming proximity, not that he minded it, quite the opposite. “I’ve discussed you one-on-one with three of our crewmates, and it’s a universal sentiment so far, and I expect it to continue to be.”

“That’s flattering, of course,” Zach said. “I’m still concerned about our entire crew with potentially so many unhappy circumstances. The situation is far from ideal.”

Colleen put both of her hands on both of Zach’s shoulders, leaning closer. “All you need be concerned with, aside from your medical duties, is this: our crew and our new community will be happy and satisfied if you do everything in your power to assist our crewmates in fulfilling their intentions to create and nurture mentally and physically healthy families on our new home planet. Our crew, including you, is smart, capable, ambitious, and professional. Let me manage any jealousy or unhappiness that might arise among us.”

Zach thought a moment. What was Colleen, pardon, Colonel Bruno, trying to suggest? “I’m quite confident we have the means to artificially inseminate everyone, multiple times if desired, once we reach Mars.”

“Don’t worry,” Colleen chuckled, eyes flashing, “I'm confident of both your and Ayana's medical skills. But may I be candid?”

“Certainly,” Zach allowed. Colleen leaned even closer, her hands sliding down to his forearms, a cat lining up on a mouse. He broke their close eye contact. Was he imagining this? She smelled wonderful. He’d had lap dances less intimate than this. Even with the uniform, which he noticed was very well tailored. He looked back up into her eyes quickly.

Colleen lowered her voice. “For the four of us who have discussed it so far, and I expect for a balance of our crewmates, we'd rather have your babies, Zach, if it’s possible. We want our children to have a father, a real biological father, on their home planet. That has to be you. Believe me, most of us feel just as shy about that conclusion as you probably are." Colleen didn't look shy. "We're shy, and happy it's you, and happy that we can make plans for the future in earnest. At least I hope we can.”

Zach was a bit taken aback, but he was absolutely not going to read one iota more than was absolutely necessary into this. Wow, she smelled good. Maintaining her intense eye contact and quiet tone, he replied, "I'd be happy to raise children with any of you, with all of you, of course. It takes a village, as they say, and I've always wanted to be a father, biological or otherwise. I'm probably misunderstanding you, forgive me, did you have something more in mind than the obvious co-parenting? You said you four want them to be biologically mine? Well, I suppose I could donate-"

“No, Zach,” Colleen interrupted, “yours, naturally yours. Yours in the old-fashioned way. Yours.”

“You mean be a natural surrogate,” clarified Zach.

“It's the relationship that matters in parenting, not the DNA,” said Colleen.

“You mean have a relationship,” Zach clarified.

“Yes,” said Colleen.

“With you?” asked Zach.

“With us,” said Colleen.

“With more than you?” Zach gulped.

“Look,” the stunning colonel sighed, straightening up and suddenly looking her usual determined self at him. “Are you really up for this? I have to have every confidence that our mission has the very highest chance of success, I'm sure you understand.”

“I assure you, colonel, I can get used to the idea of a relationship with some of you. No wait, I mean with as many of you that I suppose would prefer to do something like that. The old-fashioned way, you say? I assure you. I'm a man after all, hah! It shouldn't be hard work. I just need to get my head around it, get it real for myself, meet everyone, I guess.”

Colleen stepped around him and locked her office door. “That’s not good enough.”

Zach’s eyes widened a little. “All right… What assurances did you have in mind?”

The scrumptious young woman then sat on the front of her desk right in front of him, her deep blue eyes burning into him with that "fuck me" look for a moment, her feet dangling, and then she looked down and started removing her flats and socks. “Make love to me, if you don’t mind," she said casually, not looking up. "Based on what I can see of your personal history, I'm satisfied that you're sexually attracted to a fairly wide variety of women. I trust there's nothing about me personally you find sexually distasteful?”

“No, absolutely nothing ma'am,” Zach squeaked, and cleared his throat. Colleen was a lovely woman who was also his commanding officer. All he'd wanted up to this meeting was for her to be his commanding officer, because a man shouldn't wish for what he couldn't and shouldn't have. Of course he’d fantasized about having her, but it had always been a complete fantasy up until this very moment.

She was of course professionally off limits due to her being his superior officer, but beyond that, she was a decade younger, among the smartest people in the world, quite a stunner, and had never shown the least glimmer of romantic or sexual interest in him. Of course she hadn't, though. She was an Air Force Colonel with immense self-discipline, and he was her subordinate. Even if she had been infatuated with him this whole time, he knew he would have never suspected. Plus, he was not the best person in the world at picking up on subtle romantic or sexual cues, especially if they were coming from unlikely people. Women who wanted him generally had to metaphorically club him over the head and drag him away to their lairs. Luckily for Zach, there had always been a surplus of those. Saying "no" to a woman who wanted him was a big problem for the incurably romantic doctor.

His concerns evaporated as he was yanked into the present moment. He felt his dick helplessly harden as he sat transfixed watching this beautiful, fit young woman undress, now removing her blouse and pants and neatly folding them. Colleen had very standard white cotton underwear on. That was reassuring. This day had left them both a bit unprepared, it seemed.

“Isn’t there a regulation against this?” he managed to utter. What was he thinking? Was he trying to stop her?

“There is,” Colleen admitted, “until we leave Earth, at least, and then I’m solely in charge of the mission, and I will waive the regulation. Will you keep a secret until then? If you won’t, I don’t want to command this mission.”

Zach quietly and adamantly nodded yes. He might sometimes be clueless, but he was not a complete fucking moron.

Colleen continued, “My problem is, I want a baby in my uterus for at least 18 weeks before launch. I have about a month remaining to accomplish that.” What his brilliant senior officer was referring to was the fact that the most radiation-soaked portion of their mission would be the voyage to Mars itself, and the most radiation danger to fetuses was in the first 18 weeks of gestation. Once they were on the planet’s surface, sufficient radiation shielding was not too heavy anymore, and fetuses were out of danger. That's why the mission plan called for them all to wait until then. And God forbid there was a solar flare during their six-month trip to Mars. If there was, there were “safe rooms” in their interplanetary vehicle that would shield them somewhat from the radiation burst, but not really.

When Zach's mind returned from considering the radiation danger the voyage posed to fetuses, he noticed that Colleen was sitting naked on her desk in front of him with an amused look on her face. She knew he was flustered. He imagined the look was intended to calm him. His eyes were drawn inexorably away from her face though, and she was shaved bare, no stubble, very put together. Without her uniform, she looked like a college athlete baring herself to him. With that grin, she looked like a young hellion. She pressed her intercom and said, “Marion, hold my calls.”

The transfixed doctor identified her thin inner labia just peeking out from her crack between her naturally seated but uncrossed legs. He got hold of himself and stopped staring at her crack, made it up to her two perfect breasts, nice dark pink nipples, and then dragged his eyes up to examine her stunning face. She continued to explain, “I suppose I could get a regulation-approved man to knock me up, but then my poor little guy or gal would grow up with only one parent, you understand.”

“I understand and sympathize with your predicament,” Zach offered shakily, still feeling awkward and embarrassed as he was failing not to stare. His mind raced. Was there a downside to this, one worse than the upside, which was having this stunning young woman accept him as a what? Lover? Inseminator? Father of her child? Did he really seriously care which as long as he got a chance to be closer to her, even for a short while?

“That doesn’t answer my real question,” Colleen pressed, spreading her legs a little and spreading her dainty inner labia with two fingers of one hand to reveal the moist dark pink blush of the inside of her inner lips and her impossibly tight-looking hole to emphasize her point.

In response, Zach stood up and began to undress. “Yes, wow, yes, I get your logic. I meant yes, absolutely I'm very attracted to you, and I'll make love to you. Is this really what you want?” The incurable romantic in him was flustered, bypassed, to say the least.

“This is a real commitment on my part, Zach. This is not make believe. I don't give my pussy to just anybody. And here it fucking is. I'm fucking dripping wet for you, Lieutenant." She emphasized this by holding up a wet finger, giving him that mischievous look, then slowly and wetly licking it clean.

“Well okay, message received.” Zach finished undressing and folding his clothes neatly as Colleen had. He approached the bare young woman gently, as if he might still scare her away, or if this whole episode could be a delusion. As he approached, she scooted her butt toward the edge of the desk expectantly. He scooted his chair up to between her legs, sat down in it, and held Colleen’s legs, his mouth between them. “Do you mind if I…?” he asked.

“Certainly not, go ahead,” Colleen quietly allowed in such a formal yet informal way. This was all playing with Zach’s mind. He parted her lips gently with his fingers. Her obviously lubricious state was very reassuring. Her scent was acidic, healthy vitamins, and fresh with youth. The pragmatic physician knew that his determined commander was not above taking one for the team, and it would have been hard for him to make love to her, even at her specific request, had he felt as if she wasn’t that interested. But clearly, she was switched on by this exchange so far, perhaps as much as he himself was. He hoped her interest was more than the thrill of doing something illicit with a subordinate in her office. Whatever it was, he was going for it.

Zach ventured a tongue along the inner lips of his commanding officer and elicited a groan from her. Colleen tasted just as healthy as she smelled. She tasted like every drop of tangy wet he teased from her would add a year to his lifespan. He gently and lovingly explored her vulva and clit with his tongue and lips. Oh brave new world, that holds such pleasure in it. She leaned back and breathed, “I’m ready for you already, you know.”

“Does that mean you want me to hurry up and start the main event?” Zach asked between kisses.

“No, this is great!” Colleen enthused, “I’m just worried you’ll get soft.”

“Not a chance,” Zach assured her, and continued his passionate teasing and sucking.

Zach felt Colleen’s thigh muscles tighten as he worked. “Don’t stop,” she breathed, followed by a louder whimper, “Don’t stop!” Now her hips were trembling. He tasted the fresh new tangy wet trickling out of the ravishing young beauty’s vulva. “Oh!” she cried out suddenly, and then held her breath as her hips pumped reflexively and orgasmically back and forth, back and forth several times. He followed her bucking with his mouth and returned to tonguing and kissing her gently after her hips slowly relaxed.

After another minute, beginning to vibrate, Colleen implored, “Please, I want you inside me, please?” Zach stood up and approached. She got a good look at his rather large cock near her relatively tiny but slick vulva and warned, “Go slow...”

Zach was not that big, not so big as it had ever been a real problem for any woman he’d ever made love to, but big enough that it sometimes needed some finesse before his partner could accommodate him completely comfortably. Hesitant at her entrance, he confirmed, “I take it you want me to enter you bareback.” This was a rare first encounter. It just felt weird, surreal.

“Yes, please,” Colleen replied, looking off to the side with a bit of shyness. Then she gathered herself, looked Zach in the eyes with that smile and look, and said something a woman had never said to him before. “Yes, and please cum deep in me. Impregnate me please."

Colleen set her heels on the desk, her legs spread wide, as Zach wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, positioned his cock in her entrance, and started to slowly rock into her. “May I kiss you?” he breathed.

“Please,” Colleen replied. Zach wiped his mouth a bit more, and she assured him, “I don’t mind my own taste.” Then he kissed downwards as she bent her lips up to meet his tongue, and at the same moment he pushed his straining hard penis into her slick tight vaginal entrance, rocking back and forth, she holding her legs wide apart using the pressure of her heels on the desk and her limberness. Somehow the kissing made it easier. Then it was just sensation, a lovely young woman wanting him to ravage her, an exquisite treat, awkwardness banished and obliterated by the lustiness of her kiss and tongue in his mouth and the incredible feel of her tiny hole forced open slickly, clipping tightly around his cock as he pressed and slid lovingly and firmly into her over and over.

Zach was pushing in and out of Colleen in bigger strokes now, stopped gently by the back of her vagina and not yet entirely sunk to the hilt. It felt heavenly. He felt her enjoyment with their continued kissing. She was vibrating with tension, almost shaking. He felt her tightness writhe around his thrusting cock, milking him hard. He was not going to last long at this rate. He hoped he could hold out until she had another orgasm. He could go anytime now. He slowed down a bit.

As they broke their long kiss, Zach opened his eyes to see Colleen’s exquisitely beautiful face. Her eyes were closed, her breath ragged, her cheeks kissed with the pink of arousal. He didn’t think he’d ever allowed himself to see just how beautiful a woman she was. In this moment, she was completely transformed. Her vast intelligence and drive were still evident in every aspect of her, yet added to it was a lusty enjoyment, a look of bliss that completely transformed her from the commanding officer he knew to a wholly different and wilder animal.

Colleen's breath suddenly shortened, and she blurted, “Oh,” her face flushing, her teeth flashing, “Oh… Jesus fucking God!” as her orgasm hit her. Her hips, strained apart by her heels, quivered.

Zach sighed in orgasmic surrender and began to launch his heavy load deep into Colleen’s shaking, climaxing, grasping core. He filled her, and was filled with wonder as her tight snatch just kept sucking on him and he just kept ejaculating until she was full to bursting and then some. It was like she was pulling it out of him. He'd never felt anything like it in any other woman.

After being overtaken with orgasmic bliss for a long moment, Zach looked down to see Colleen with a broad grin on her face. “I am so fucking reassured,” she gushed, looking up at him with an even more intimate look than before, a ravaged, infatuated look. Then she giggled like a high school girl, totally unlike her public persona, and added, “This is going to be great.” He'd never seen her so relaxed and happy.

After panting some more, his mind cleared enough for him to form words, and he ventured breathlessly, “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before.”

“Well, get used to firsts," Colleen chortled, “and this will certainly be that. I just hope, doctor, that you won't soon tire of me given the cornucopia likely to soon be spread before you.”

Zach got serious. “I can't imagine I'd ever forget about you, ever forget this moment,” he breathed reverently, and then added a moment later, with a bit more levity, “colonel, ma’am.”

“What do you think will be hardest for you?” Colleen asked. “We should discuss it.”

“Nothing, really, probably. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy on me. I might feel guilty," Zach ventured. Like he did right now. With his penis buried in the oh-so-tight, dripping, slick vagina of his commanding officer. He blurted, "I want to stay like this forever, right here with you. That might be a problem.” He wanted to keep her this close. He wanted to go again, and again, and again, and again. He supposed he would have to eventually pass out.

Colleen smiled a little gleefully at his answer. “I’ll have your back always, even if I know I’ll probably have to share your cock,” she chuckled. “We’ll make it work for everybody, okay?”

“Okay.” If it was Colleen's intention to pimp Zach out to the crew, he was her slave to command. He would be her happy, happy slut for the chance of being one with her, of feeling this more.

Colleen asserted a bit of her command presence and declared, “Next time, I want you to take me in a real bed, for fuck's sake, and I want us to keep each other up all night. I want you to make me forget I’m in charge of all this. I want you to make me your slave for an evening. I want you to kill me with this great big dick of yours." She worked her kegels and gave him a couple of tight clips. "I think you might be able to.”

“It’s a date,” answered Zach, inspired. “Let’s not stop. I don't want to let you go. Let's start right now.”

“Unfortunately," Colleen sighed, "we both have business to attend to.” She pulled back from Zach then, and her slick tightness popped him out. A good quarter cup of their mutual fluid splashed out of her onto her desk and the carpet. “Clearly we didn’t plan well enough for this,” she added with a grin. They both smiled at each other, the colonel’s deep blue eyes flashing mischievously. The always tidy surgeon found his undershirt and started wiping. Pretty soon, they were dressed and matters were adequately cleaned up. She hid his soiled t-shirt away in her attache case, clicked it shut, and spun the combinations.

Zach backed toward the door and then stopped. “Can I kiss you before I go?” he asked.

Colleen answered without hesitation, “Lieutenant, please do, in private. This is a new closeness, a real closeness, in our relationship. You must keep an open heart, though, clear?”

“Yes, of course,” Zach promised, because it was what Colleen wanted, and he swept toward her, held her gently, and then with increasing passion and tongue, he kissed her. She was responsive, and he dared dream she was interested in more from him than getting a baby and pimping him out to her crew so they could get theirs. He broke the kiss and looked at her closely and enjoyed the look of relaxation and satisfaction in her deep blue eyes as she gazed back at him, another new look for her. He wanted to have her again right now. But he was out of t-shirts. And he shouldn't press his luck. “Of course,” he repeated, then reluctantly turned from her and left her office.

(To be continued)
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02: Monday, July 6, 2043, 1530 hours CST: Alexis and Charisse

The crew of Mars Colony Mission One consisted of six astronauts from the US, including Zach, and six astronauts from various other countries. Now that the final selection had been made, the six international astronauts would be joining the US astronauts at their base within a few days. From then, they had less than six months to train together as a crew before launch. Colleen, Colonel Bruno, had probably been on the phone with most of them by now.

Zach realized he didn’t know how to act with any of these women. Should he be flirty and open to suggestions to encourage them to speak freely to him and get their needs met, or should he be chill in order not to disturb them more than they were already undoubtedly disturbed by this turn of events? He realized he would have to play it by ear, listen carefully, and guess, and he was a bad guesser.

He was way too literal-minded and unemotional to read between the lines of any woman. He knew women to be infinitely complex and mysterious: life-giving one moment, murderous the next, each of them uniquely driven by emotional and temperamental forces beyond the ken of a simple man like himself. In short, he was completely fucked. He could only hope that more productive than unproductive fucking resulted from the whole affair.

About half an hour after Zach had gotten back to his office from his unusual yet thrilling meeting with Colonel Bruno, Alexis Warren, a geologist also picked to be on their crew of 12 to colonize Mars, called him. “Hey, Zach, congratulations,” she began shyly. Normally Alexis was sassy, flirty, and somewhat inappropriate. Her acting shy was way out of character.

“Congratulations back!” Zach replied with as much cheer as he could muster under the unusual circumstances.

“Charisse and I would like to meet you for dinner and talk,” Alexis said. Charisse Roberts was one of the chosen crew’s botanists.

“Talk, eh? What did you have in mind? Meet in the commissary at six?”

“We were thinking Mercutio’s. We’ve made reservations for seven.” That was the fancy Italian restaurant off base in nearby Webster. It looked like they wanted to take the lead. Zach felt relief. Maybe this could be fun.

“Ooh, fancy! Should I be worried about my virtue?” Zach teased. Mercutio’s was renowned in the astronaut corps for being a seduction choice. The implication was clear.

“Yes, very. We’ve been briefed by Colleen as you have.”

Zach swallowed. “How briefed?”

“You mean that…? I’ll call you back.” Then Alexis hung up. It became evident that he had just given away Colleen’s secret somehow. Alexis was perceptive. He hoped it wouldn’t be trouble.

Five minutes later, Alexis called back and sighed, “She’s not talking.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Zach replied noncommittally. “And yes, I’ll meet you and Charisse at Mercutio’s at seven.”

“I’m glad it’s you, Zach.”

“Thank you, Lex. That means a lot to me. I’m glad to be going to Mars with you, too.” Zach knew Alexis could hear the worry in his voice.

“Everything will be fine. You know you would rather be ashes than dust.”

“Bring lots of water, then.”

“Hah! See you later.” Alexis hung up. The date was set with Alexis and Charisse.

What of Ayana and Colby, the other two of the six crew chosen from the US? Zach decided he needed to call them. He didn’t want either to feel like he was avoiding them. He dialed Ayana’s number.

Ayana Dean was the crew’s other doctor and one of his closest associates among those who could have been chosen. Zach was somewhat of a mentor to Ayana, almost like an older brother, except for the hopeless crush he had on her, hopeless because she wasn’t into men. Ayana answered, saying, “I knew you’d call.”

“Of course you did. And congratulations. Have you spoken to Colonel Bruno yet?”

“Just now.”


“Hey, remember, I’m into women too, just like you.” Though Ayana didn’t need to remind him of this, Zach thought. His heart did, every time he saw her. She teased, “I’ll steal them all away from you.”

“Be my guest, otherwise I may be killed. And you probably will steal them away! You’re much better looking than I am, I think we can agree.”

“I wish you were right,” said Ayana. “Twelve is a very small town. Sadly, I think they are probably all into men. Not that I won’t make invitations. You never know until you ask.”

“You’ll get lucky. I’m confident,” Zach encouraged. He would not bring up the baby thing. He would not be the one to bring up the baby thing. He found himself asking, “And what are your… plans?” What was he thinking?

As if she could read his mind anyway, Ayana responded, “I’m less into turkey basters even than men, so that route is not for me. I’ll close my eyes and think of England, or Lady Liberty, or something. It would have been that way for me anyway, no matter who the gent was. The fact that it should be you, and I like you, will make it easier for me, I think. I'm overjoyed at the prospect you'll be the father of my child, if you're willing.”

“I’d be thrilled and honored,” Zach said shyly. “We can make it work.” He was torn, because he was sweet on Ayana and wanted her as much in his life as possible, yet he knew she wasn’t really attracted to him, at least not physically. It would be fine, he reassured himself.

“Oh Zach. You’re such a great guy. You make me wish I was even a little bisexual,” Ayana praised. “But it has been obvious to me that you’re a little crushy on me. Are you really going to be emotionally okay with only half the cookie?”

“Okay, fail on hiding my feelings from you,” Zach mused. “Honestly, I think the crushy part will make it easier for me in the long run. I’m a big boy. I know you are not into men as sexual partners, generally speaking, and ultimately, I could not bear you being unsatisfied in your life. I know there are other fish in the sea for both of us. In fact, it’s likely there will be too many fish for both of us.” They chuckled at this. “So I’ll be fine as long as you’re not traumatized or our relationship ruined by any of it.”

“Don’t worry about such things. We don’t need to figure it all out this very moment,” Ayana pointed out.

“Should we… meet and talk about it?” Zach ventured.

“Let me think. I’ll get back to you.”

“No problem. And do you… forget it. No problem.”

“Would it hurt the baby if I was really stoned when I conceived?”

Evidently wheels were turning. “Like marijuana?” he asked.


“I wouldn’t think so.”

“Would it be okay with you if I got a friend, a female friend mind you, to help?”

“To help you, right?”

“Yes. Well… yes.”

“I don’t think that would be a problem for me.”

“Okay, I’ll get back to you.”

“Okay. See you.”

“See you.” Ayana hung up. Zach’s world was curiouser and curiouser.

Next he called Colby Lincoln, one of the crew’s three engineers, and the last of the six astronauts from the USA on the mission. “Yes?” Colby answered. Colby was easygoing. This would be fine, Zach told himself.

“Just checking in. Congratulations,” Zach said.

“Congratulations to you, too. I’m just gonna start calling you ‘sperm bank’.”

“Please don’t.”

“What, you don’t want this fine piece of chocolate?”

“I want it.” Zach wasn’t about to sound reluctant, couldn’t be reluctant. Colby was a tall, strong drink of coffee, though she was only 5’1” with a gymnast’s figure. Her complexion was dark. Her eyes were dark. Everything about her was rich and delectable.

“Can I make an appointment for tomorrow then? Come and see you at your office?”

“If you mean what I’m thinking, Let’s not meet there. I’m in a different mindset there.”

“Don’t you ever fantasize about having your patient, you know, right there?”

“Really not. Positively not.”

“Okay, I’m learning about doctors. What do doctors fantasize about, then?”

“You,” replied Zach quite honestly.

“Well, huh,” replied Colby. “How about my place tomorrow then? 3 o’clock?”

“That would be wonderful. I wish I had your composure about it.”

“Relax, we got you.”

This was really good advice from her. He should just chill. “Okay, Colby, I will.”



That evening, Zach found his two crewmates already seated in Mercutio’s when he arrived. Alexis Warren smiled at Zach as she spotted him. At the age of 35, she was a world-renowned geologist. She was old for an astronaut, though perhaps not old for a colonist, he considered. Clearly the selection criteria had favored experience, which was fine with him.

Alexis was sexy and flirtatious, and they had been flirting nonstop since they had met a few months ago, but he assumed Alexis flirted with everybody. She was the life of every party or gathering. Her hair was dyed a different color practically every week, it seemed. At the moment, it was half blonde and half dark blue. Her brown eyes belied that blonde was her natural color. Both women wore their hair short, practically a requirement for the astronaut corps. Alexis’s body was taut and fit, making her look under 30. She was short, at 5’5”, as many astronauts were. He appreciated her firm breasts in earnest for the first time. In her killer black dress, they looked delectable.

Charisse Roberts, the botanist, was shyer than Alexis. Zach supposed everybody was shyer than Alexis. She was 27 and fit, which made her look like a college athlete. She was tall, especially for an astronaut, at 5’9”, with crew cut length brown hair, a single long white lock that fell onto her forehead, and wide hazel eyes. Her face was classic Miss America beautiful, except that she wore no makeup, nor did she need any, and her short hair made her look a bit tomboyish even with her beauty. It seemed that Alexis had gotten Charisse to play with color a bit, with a lock of her hair bleached white like this. Zach hadn’t interacted much with Charisse. Now she was gloriously here across from him with a big pretty smile, wearing this form-fitting violet dress and looking like a goddess. Wow. These crewmates of his were not pulling any punches. He sat down opposite them and gushed, “You ladies look absolutely stunning tonight.”

They ordered food and traded shop talk about the mission, not mentioning the ratio of men to women, which was fine with Zach. He found Charisse to have much the same enthusiastic spirit as his own. They spent the good part of a pleasant hour this way until Alexis gently nudged the subject. “This is kind of a wake for Charisse and me,” she announced. “Since we’re shipping out forever in six months, we both broke up with our boyfriends today.”

“Ouch,” said Zach, “I’m sorry. How serious?”

Charisse went first. “I was of course hoping to be selected, if not for this crew, for the crew two or four years from now. I've, um, been seeing a little of this guy who was eliminated in the first cut, Roger Flanners?”

“I don’t remember him.”

“Gorgeous,” Alexis interjected, “Made me instantly wet whenever I saw him.”

“You never told me that,” Charisse said incredulously.

“How about you?” Alexis asked Zach quickly.

“I’ve been dating some, but nothing serious. I have a few dates coming up, actually. Ugh.”

Zach suddenly felt Alexis’s foot on his crotch. He was certain it was Alexis. Evidently she had slipped off her shoe under the table and was now feeling his junk with her toes.

Zach tried to continue, “I suppose I should cancel them. They’re nice women, and I wouldn’t want to lead them on. They’ll be happy for me, getting my dream.”

“Did your dream include getting your own harem?” Alexis prodded, stroking her toes up and down on him.

“Hey, please,” Zach objected, blushing. Alexis stopped stroking.

“Don’t be mean, of course it didn’t,” scolded Charisse.

“Look at you being shy. You might like to know that both Charisse and I have admired you from afar,” Alexis purred, beginning to stroke him with her toes again. “We’ve discussed you often, but you’ve been off limits.”

“Why is that?” asked Zach.

“You’re obvious husband material, honey, and we are not heart-breakers,” Alexis explained. “We knew that either you’d end up with a nice wife down here on Earth or a nice wife up on Mars, and the chances that it could work out to be either of us, while not infinitesimal, was like playing the lottery squared up until now. Now we’ve both hit the jackpot.”

“Along with nine other women,” Charisse interjected.

“You’ve got to feel this,” Alexis said to Charisse. Zach blushed.

“What?” asked Charisse.

“Get your shoe off,” explained Alexis. It dawned on Charisse. She blushed. “Look at him.” Clearly Zach was flushed, eyes locked on Alexis, but now looking down since Charisse was now watching him also, starting to breathe deeply. “He’s a little slut. Or should I say, quite a sizable slut, by the feel of it. Are you okay with being objectified, Zach?”

“Uh sure?” breathed Zach, a little distracted.

“So how’s the whole man-whore business treating you so far today, Zach?” Alexis’s foot left his crotch to be replaced by a bigger stockinged foot, evidently Charisse’s. “Easy does it,” added Alexis.

She was trying to get him to admit something about Colleen again. Zach tried to smile cryptically back at her. “Well, that's certainly something,” interjected Charisse. Evidently what she was feeling met with her approval.

Then Alexis just came out and asked. “Has Colleen already staked her claim? Look, he’s blushing at that. She has, hasn’t she? Did she give you a rough ride on the casting couch, darling?”

“He is not blushing for that reason,” Charisse argued. Zach tried not to blush more. “Oh-my-God,” Charisse exclaimed again. He wasn’t sure whether it was the information from her foot or the information from his demeanor about Colleen that she was remarking on. Charisse was having fun now, steadily stroking his cock through his pants with her stockinged foot.

“I don’t know how any of this is supposed to work,” Zach said. “I’m just a regular, romantic, loving, passionate man.”

Alexis got straight to the point. “We need you, Zach. Neither of us has gotten laid in a month.”

“But you just broke up with your boyfriends today, right?” Zach recapped, confused. Charisse’s foot stopped, and she removed it. She looked away shyly. Alexis looked at him like he was a fucking idiot. “What?” he asked.

“We both had to go off birth control a month ago to have a chance of getting knocked up safely before launch. Do you know how hard it is to tell a guy who has been doing you bareback for a year to start wearing a condom? And even then, you can’t stay the night. Way too likely he’ll wake up while you’re still asleep and forget. The smart way is to go cold turkey.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think. Clearly, the women on this mission have been discussing this matter and planning for it for a while. There’s all kinds of details to crew selection for women that I have never had to consider, even though I’m a doctor. Sorry for being dense. Thanks for educating me.”

“We can’t fault you your perspective,” Charisse said kindly. “We choose to try to be part of Mars’s permanent genetic future, but of course it’s not required of us. It’s not written down anywhere; that would be barbaric.”

“So,” Zach ventured, “What’s the plan? I expect, given all the thought you’ve put into this, you already have a plan to parcel me up.”

“Kind of,” admitted Charisse shyly.

“Good stud. Smart stud. We’d like to spend the night with you tonight, for starters,” Alexis said.

“What, both of you?” Zach exclaimed.

“Yes, both of us,” Alexis explained as Charisse looked away shyly. “Both of us have very strong sex drives. We can make do with less, of course, but ideally, we’d both like it once tonight and once in the morning, not just tonight, but every night. And we haven't had it in a month, so tonight, we're going to fuck you 'til we break you.”

"Yeah," giggled Charisse, "Fuck you like we stole you."

How could Zach say no? “Sure, we can try it. We can try it tonight.”

Charisse interjected, “Michaela will want to join us when she arrives.”

“The Bulgarian? I haven’t met her.”

“You’ll love her,” gushed Alexis. “She’s a fiery redhead, very petite, under five feet, with big knockers for her size. She’s so hot, Zach! She’s a total slut, too. Once, when I visited ESA…”

“Alexis, don't,” interjected Charisse.

“Sounds wonderful,” Zach said noncommittally. Then he added it up. “You mean the three of you? Nightly?”

“Not every night, maybe, but often. Please try it,” Charisse begged.

“Sure, I’ll try it. But I’m not sure how I can find time for all the others.”

“You mean semen for all the others?” Alexis chided.

“Alexis,” scolded Charisse.

“I have it figured out,” Alexis said, “If you have ‘time’ for an afternoon appointment as well, you can cover everybody else in the crew in the afternoon, no problem. Make it late afternoon, even after work if you need the time to produce enough sperm to give them a really nice heavy load." Alexis's hand gestures were mesmerizing. Zach wondered idly whether the folks at the other tables were wondering what they were talking about. Nothing to see here. Just docking procedures. Alexis continued, "You might not have much to shoot into us at night, but we’ll catch you in the morning. There will be plenty to go around.”

“I guess I should be happy to have a high libido.”

“We’ll arrange anything you want us to,” Charisse offered helpfully.

“Thank you. I think I can manage. I’ll let you know. Who all have you ladies been in touch with?”

“Colleen has been in touch with everybody officially,” Alexis said. “I’ve been in touch with most of our crew unofficially. Some can’t talk freely yet because they’re under surveillance, and we’ll have to speak to them in person after they arrive. I’ve met them all. In all seriousness, you’re so fucking lucky, Zach. You have no fucking idea!" Uncharacteristically, Alexis giggled with excitement.

"We’re all lucky," Charisse interjected. "This is a good crew.”

“I believe it,” said Zach simply. “Now, enough logistics,” he pleaded. Charisse opened up more and had funny stories. All of them shared about good friends they were sad hadn’t made the cut.

“You weren’t the only gent on our stud list, buddy,” Alexis almost wept. “Oh the humanity…”

“Maybe you’ll see some of them in two or four years,” Zach offered helpfully.

"Forget them," interjected Alexis, "Let's get laid already." Zach didn’t want to seem like he was stalling. He called the waiter over immediately and paid the check. Alexis announced, “We have another surprise. We got a hotel room at the Hilton.”

“Yeah, we wanted to kick it off in style,” added Charisse.

They made it to the hotel room just fine, and then Zach admitted, “I’ve never been in a threesome.”

“Me neither,” said Charisse, looking to Alexis.

“I have a suggestion. It’s just a suggestion,” Alexis said. “Why don’t you two make out on the bed, and I’ll sit on this chair here.” She pulled up a chair next to the bed, “I’ll watch you two for a while. I like to watch.”

“Fine with me,” said Zach.

“I’m game to try it,” said Charisse.

Zach and Charisse stood and kissed. He squeezed her firm breasts and stroked her hardening nipples through her sheer dress. He also enjoyed feeling her tight ass. Alexis was the most revealing already. She was sitting with her little black dress hiked up and a hand on her black thongs, just resting there as she watched them. He locked eyes with Alexis over Charisse’s shoulder. Alexis began to gently stroke herself through her panties. This is wild, he thought.

Zach felt a little intimidated for a couple of reasons. First, Alexis watching, it was unusual. He had never been watched by anyone before as far as he knew, and certainly not by someone who was brazenly displaying herself to him, hand slowly caressing puss, waiting to start masturbating in earnest when the inspiration began to strike her.

Also, Charisse was herself a bit intimidating. She was 5’9” and fit like a goddess, and this struck Zach more when he ran his hands over her. It was like making love to a hippie superhero. She was natural, sun-kissed, with a thousand watt smile. He was already in love, and therefore self-conscious. She seemed to be enjoying him, at least. She was so yummy. He relaxed. It felt to him like they were getting along, getting on the same page. She undid his belt, a promising development, and they smiled at each other.

It looked like him first. He took off his jacket while Charisse undid his tie. They went over to the closet together to hang up his stuff. Was this too organized? Who cared, it was working for them. He slipped out of his loafers. They undid his shirt together. She unzipped his pants, fell to her knees, and pulled down his pants and boxer briefs in a single motion. His half-erect cock sprung out. “Ooh la la, visual sighting,” announced Charisse. Alexis ran over to take a closer look and smiled broadly.

“You know how to give a gentleman some confidence,” Zach smiled, and then, “Oh!” as Charisse grabbed his member with her mouth and sucked it down her slippery throat like a pro. “Oh gosh,” he moaned in shock and an overload of pleasure.

“She could have at least told us about this,” Alexis complained, referring to the Colonel and his penis no doubt.

Charisse disgorged Zach's cock wetly and argued, “You know she couldn’t have. Anyway, don’t you like surprises?”

By the time Charisse turned back toward him, Zach's soldier was standing at straining attention. “I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves,” he said. They hung Charisse’s lovely violet dress on a hanger. Off came their underwear. Charisse was tall at 5'9" and fit, but not too defined. She didn't have a managed tan, it was more that she was nicely sun-washed from being outdoors on a regular basis. She had tan shoulders and blurry tan lines around her breasts with tight brown nips, a dark tan midriff, then was pale from the hips down. She still had enough body fat to be fertile, he saw. Then he evicted the professional assessment from his mind. She looked phenomenal, with C-cup breasts and a neatly shaved pubic mound. Especially because of her smile and sweetness, his heart was melting for her. Boiling.

Alexis joined them in nakedness, kicking her shoes into the closet, hanging up her black dress, and throwing her lacy black thong and bra onto the pile of underwear. Alexis was much shorter than Charisse at 5'5" with breasts that were pert yet easily big enough to fit Zach's cock between them, with slightly bigger areolae and nipples. All of Alexis was pretty evenly as dark as Charisse's darkest bits except that the lower halves of Alexis's boobs were pale. Obviously she wore a lot of low cut dresses, and did she go bottomless all the time? Well she had an absence of tan lines down there at any rate. She was shaved bare, with a demure crack as opposed to Charisse's slight peek of lips at the top. At 35, three years older than Zach, Alexis was a hot chick, and he would be proud to have her on his arm in any setting. She had such a friendly smile and kind eyes when she was being serious like now. Often, he knew, Alexis's eyes got a mischievous glint when she was being playful.

“You want me on the bed?” Charisse asked Zach.

“Yes.” They climbed onto the bed together, and Alexis resumed her chair, her legs up and spread. Now Alexis's pussy was wide open and wet, her inner lips merely fat little ridges at the top. Zach spread Charisse and saw thin brown lips, slightly puffy at the top, with a wet, pink, inviting center. The scent of her, substantial like spicy chicken, was intoxicating. He kissed, licked, and sucked her yummy cunny. She reached down to gently hold his head and stroke his hair. He reached up to fondle her breasts and nipples as he licked, kissed, and sucked. She tasted like a woman who had spent all day thinking about this, good and moist on the inside and gummy around the edges from layers of moisture welling up in her throughout the day as she anticipated this. It didn’t take long for her hips to start rolling in waves of pleasure from the work of his tongue and lips.

Zach gave Charisse a couple of orgasms that way, playing with her breasts with his hands, his lips and tongue mostly teasing her clit in various ways. He came up for air to see Alexis jilling, intense and close. That was a sight. As Alexis fingered herself, he began to explore Charisse’s pert snatch with two fingers. Her g-spot was especially sensitive, and she climaxed breathlessly as he searched her sensitive places playfully with his fingers while teasing her clit with his thumb. Trying to watch both women as they tensed toward their next crises was a kind of overload of the senses. “You’ve got great hands!” Charisse exclaimed breathlessly.

“A surgeon’s,” he reminded her, and explored and manipulated her vulva and anus joyfully as she made noises and rocked. Alexis orgasmed loudly at this point, watching them. Zach was rock hard and straining watching these two beautiful women climax wetly.

“If you don’t take him, I will,” Alexis growled. As Charisse heard Alexis’s demand, eyes still closed and close to another orgasm, she thrust her legs wide and wiggled her toes to beckon Zach to take her. He obliged and positioned himself, wetting the whole head of his cock in her juices before beginning to press in as she looked up and studied him.

“No, it’s okay, I want your whole weight on me,” Charisse whimpered as Zach lowered himself onto the tall, fit girl and rocked into her further. She grabbed him fiercely along his muscular back. She stretched her legs upward, and he took the cue and put them under his arms, his hands firmly grabbing her pale ass. She was limber! She began to make high keening noises with every thrust. His face nuzzling her short brown hair and playful white lock, He heard Alexis come loudly again watching them. These were two noisy women! He loved it.

As he pumped excitedly and with unbelievable pleasure into Charisse, he felt Alexis’s hand on his back, just feeling it. It felt good. It was not too weird. Alexis felt his ass, his muscles rippling under her hand as he thrust and thrust. Charisse was in a world of ecstasy, keening as he pistoned, higher and higher, until the keening spilled over into orgasm, and then rising again toward the next one.

Alexis was kneeling on the floor, making eye contact with Zach as his stokes shortened and tensed near climax. Alexis saw he was close. Charisse was in her own world, beautiful wide eyes squeezed shut, beautiful wide smile flashed in a grimace, keening, keening, keening, keening, keening, climax, over and over blissfully. He watched Alexis watching him and beating her vulva furiously as Charisse reached another crescendo, and he felt his ass powerfully and helplessly lock forward, thrusting into Charisse and roared, “RAAAAA!” ejaculating explosively, blasting three really good strands deep into her as her whole body quivered in response. Alexis closed her eyes then and quietly shuddered out her own orgasm, not wanting to intrude on the couple’s glorious moment by making a lot of noise. The air was filled with Charisse's fresh spicy scent.

Within a few minutes, the three of them were laughing and joking together, Zach still resting inside Charisse and slowly softening. It seemed like a boundary among them had disappeared. “Woop!” he cried as he fell out. Alexis ran and grabbed a hand towel for them from the bathroom. The fresh smell of his cum joined Charisse's spicy smell in the room.

“Look at that creampie!” Alexis enthused when she returned. Cum was still dripping from between Charisse's small inner lips and bare pale quim still slightly pried open from Zach's pounding. “You are knocked up, girl!” The mood was jubilant.

“Can we switch places?” Alexis asked Charisse.

“Sure.” Charisse took her towel to the chair while Alexis snuggled up against Zach on the bed.

“How was your first time being watched?” Alexis asked Charisse.

“At first I was shy, and it was kind of distracting,” she began, “but as I got more carried away and started orgasming, I felt helpless to stop any of it, and it started to turn me on. It’s unusual. I’m not sure I know how to feel about it yet.”

“How about you, stud?” asked Alexis.

“It was a distraction, but maybe not a bad one. What hetero man is not going to want to see a hot woman masturbating while watching him have sex? On the other hand, for me, I have a one-track mind. There’s too much to pay attention to. I’m not sure that, generally, it’s for me. That said, I expect it would become less of a distraction once I got more used to it. Then maybe I’d feel differently.”

Zach thought a moment. “Also, watching is not a strong suit of mine. My eyes are too clinically trained. For example, forgive me, when I first saw Charisse in that dress, I had a small concern she was too lean to be fertile.”

“I used to be,” Charisse said, “I had to gain weight for my periods to come back, and then gain more to be safe.”

“And I saw that when you took your clothes off. But you see, that was my first thought seeing her, not very romantic. But touching her romantically was a whole different experience. Smelling and tasting her – oh my God. Hearing her – nothing better.”

“Well, you also heard from me,” Alexis reminded him.

“Yes, that was very hot,” Zach admitted. “Let me smell and taste you now.” With that, he slid down Alexis’s body and sucked on her nipples.

Alexis waved Charisse over onto the bed to join them. “Here,” offered Alexis, pushing Zach over on his back and straddling his face. Immediately he sucked in Alexis's powerful pussy scent: funky, fishy, slutty, a big neon sign that screamed "fuck the hell out of this!" Alexis grabbed his already hardening dick and wiggled it to indicate to Charisse she wanted her to suck it. Alexis muttered, “Oh yeah… um… oh yeah,” as he gobbled her addictive slutty juices and sucked wetly on her clit. She pressed her clit down deliciously into his suction and her scent down deliciously into his nostrils. Charisse lovingly cleaned his dick with her tongue and mouth, savoring him as only a woman who loved to give oral would. He reached up to grab and squeeze Alexis’s firm tits.

Whatever Zach did with his mouth or tongue, whether it was lapping with a soft tongue, teasing with a rigid tongue, sucking, whatever, Alexis responded by positioning herself for maximum pleasure and making encouraging moans. She stilled and climaxed with a full-bodied moan, gushing a dollop of girl cum into his mouth. He swallowed. Her hands moved from her thighs to firmly grab his hair. She ground her cunt onto his face while holding him roughly by the hair and orgasmed and gushed again, a bigger dollop, cumming harder and longer. After this, Alexis was riding and shaking on his face, whimpering, lost in delight, clinging tightly but lovingly to his hair. Meanwhile, his cock was standing, responding quickly to Charisse’s expert throating.

Alexis gave one more orgasmic twitch and then suddenly stood up and assessed the situation. Charisse said, “It’s nice to work as a team,” smiling her thousand watt smile and looking like a naughty tomboy.

Alexis cried, “Thank you, girlfriend,” positioned herself over Zach’s cock, and started working her way down onto it. Charisse lay down beside him and they both watched Alexis work in heavy-lidded concentration as she opened herself up on his cock. Most of the way down, she stopped to quiver and cum. A dollop of thick girl cum rolled down the shaft of his penis. “Oh yes,” moaned Alexis, “Oh God I needed this.”

“I know, right?” enthused Charisse, hazel eyes twinkling.

Alexis rode Zach expertly, milking her own orgasms, orgasm after orgasm, out of him while not pushing him too quickly to his finish. While this was going on, Charisse nestled against him, resting. As Alexis masterfully rode him, Charisse went to the mini-fridge and found a snack and water. She fed them both water, and then sat back on the chair, eating an apple and gently stroking her clit faster and faster as she watched Alexis ride him.

Eventually, Zach became twitchy and restless, and Alexis didn’t resist as he turned the tables, pinned her under him, and began to move in her with firm, long, deep strokes for his own pleasure toward his own orgasm. Alexis responded to the deep, forceful thrusting and shrieked again in orgasm as he pounded her like a jackhammer and finally roared, “RRRRAAH!” and squirted mightily in Alexis's tight, throbbing puss. Alexis’s shriek turned into a “hunh!” as her whole body was squeezed tightly under his final thrust. Charisse whimpered, a crisis overtaking her as she witnessed the couple’s mutual blissful denouement.

Zach quickly rose off of Alexis to give her air, and as he slid out of her, she shuddered and climaxed again, popping out a big dab of girl cum that coated her puss and ass as it slid onto the bed. He couldn’t resist, and penetrated her again, pumping a few more strokes, splashing their cum over his dick and scrotum. Finally he lay alongside her, turning her so he stayed in.

“So you think it’ll work out?” he asked them.

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” gushed Alexis, still puffing and floating in orgasmic bliss as Zach’s dick still filled her oh-so-full and satisfyingly. “This is seismic,” she purred.

“I want another sample, for the results to be conclusive,” Charisse growled softly as she sat down on Zach and humped her wet, teased-up puss on his hip.

Zach stood next to the bed and pounded Charisse forcefully and relentlessly from behind as she sang out her octaves in climax after climax. During this, Alexis made her promise the results for Zach being their dream come true were conclusive, extremely conclusive, the most conclusive ever, and by way of penance, Alexis face-fucked Charisse with her pussy as he hammered her from behind. Charisse muffled and huffed out her octaves faster into Alexis’s pussy and turned a deeper shade of pink, if that was possible. He couldn't help but lock eyes with Alexis as they neared their peaks, and as Charisse reached the top of her octave and climaxed with a muffled shriek, Zach thrust in deeply and ejaculated with a roar as Alexis joined him and splashed thick girl cum across Charisse’s face, then they collapsed in a heap of bliss.

Charisse said she had never eaten a woman’s pussy before, but what was most exciting about it was that Alexis had made her do it. Then they piled into the shower bath like a heap of puppies. After the women decided to rinse Zach’s penis off using their breasts, he was erect and wanting again, and took Alexis from behind as she was bent over into the shower spray. Charisse washed them off with the shower massager as they enjoyed each other deeply and lovingly, and then she climbed out and dried off. A couple of minutes later, he and Alexis followed her, and they toweled off and fell into bed.

Alexis climbed atop Zach and rode him again, while Charisse climbed onto his face. As Alexis neared orgasm, Charisse grabbed her and kissed her with lots of tongue as they both climaxed. Alexis climbed off him and asked him to finish. He did with a roar after five more minutes of pounding her into the bed. It was midnight by then, lights out and sleep time.

Zach awoke at 4 AM, crazy horny, with a desperate raging hard-on. This might have had something to do with Alexis, who was nestled up close in the pitch dark. She felt his erection gently and appreciatively, spread, and whispered, “C’mon tiger.” A moment later, he thrust into her wet eager pussy. Charisse was awakened by the rocking and scooted over to cuddle against them as he took his desperate pleasure atop Alexis and she whimpered in delight.

After splashing a great big load of cum into Alexis, Zach pulled out and immediately speared Charisse, who had been driving him wild with kisses and nibbles, and who had grabbed his arm and used it to jill her pussy as he had Alexis. He was still consumed with lust as he took Charisse firmly and joyfully, holding her heels up above her head. Alexis sucked Charisse’s nipple as she climbed her octaves. Soon he ejaculated into Charisse with a grunt and rested, falling to the side, satisfied. Within minutes, they had grabbed a couple of towels and were snoring softly again.

In the morning, Charisse climbed onto him and sang several loud octaves, waking them all up thoroughly. Then she passed him to Alexis, who rode him to three loud satisfying orgasms of her own and then finished him off, getting a really thorough basting. Then they grabbed their stuff, checked out, and made it to work on time.

(To be continued)
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03: Tuesday, July 7, 2043, 1400 hours CST: Colby

Zach stood near Hanger 17 and called Colonel Bruno, Colleen. "I'm just calling you to let you know I'm waiting for Doctor Tang to arrive."

"Very well," replied Colleen.

"Now that you've had a chance to sleep on it, any doubts about keeping me on the team?"

"I'm still feeling it today, so no. I enjoyed spending the time with you," Colleen said. These phone calls might be monitored, but there could be any number of explanations for the exchange, the simplest conclusion being that they had trained together. "How about you? Eleven women: that seems like a lot of women to deal with on a day-to-day basis."

"I'm sure you're all delightful. I'm sure it will be fine."

"I know you'll be busy with intake over the next several days, but once you've cleared that, I'd enjoy a rematch."

"Count on it, ma'am. I'd enjoy that very much as well. I'll keep you posted."

"Carry on."

A T-38 taxied up to him and stopped, its engines winding down. The canopy popped, and out stepped Anming Tang in a flight suit. She had been awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics last year at the age of 26 for her theoretical work in describing Dark Matter and Dark Energy. She was the only physicist from mainland China ever to actually do her Laureate work while living in mainland China. As all 5’5” of her walked toward him to greet him in her form fitting flight suit, he was struck by the fact that Anming had a few things going for her besides probably being the finest mind of this or perhaps any century.

Anming took his proffered hand, and said, “Hello, you are Zachary.” She said it very carefully “Zach-a-ry,” like she had practiced it many times. With her other hand, she grabbed his arm at the bicep as if she were steadying herself. She eyed him quizzically and smiled. Her photographs hadn’t done her justice. She had an exotically delicate and beautiful face ideally set off by the heroic nature of the flight suit. The most remarkable thing about her facial features were her big, wide set, beautifully almond eyes. They were stunning. Her lithe body and pert B-cup breasts enhanced her stunning presence, but most importantly, her brilliance animated her with a sparkling energy and winning personality that hit him between the eyes like a sledgehammer. Her jaw quaked slightly. She was feeling nervous and shy.

Zach immediately had a very strong compulsion to take her up in his arms and comfort her. He would do anything for her. He was in love. He had to snap out of it and say something. “Yes, Doctor Tang... Anming. It’s such an honor,” he gushed. Oh no, he was overdoing it. By way of small talk, he asked, “How does it feel to be free?” Immediately, he wanted to kick himself.

Anming seemed unperturbed by Zach’s remark, and replied, “Ready to meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I’m sorry, I struggle, my English.”

Zach hadn’t expected Anming to quote the Who to him, and elliptically, at that. “I like your English,” he offered, and he was rewarded with another smile from her and a cock of her head that made his heart sing. He opened the car door for her. “I’ll take you to her.” She climbed in, and he drove her over and parked in front of the temporary building housing Colonel Bruno’s office. They went in, and he introduced her to the Colonel’s adjutant. After this, Anming turned to him, held his hand in both of her slender hands, looked him deeply in the eyes, and with a bit of a quaver in her voice said, “Ready soon.”

"Okay, I'll wait here," Zach replied happily.

"No. Don't wait. Go," Anming urged him, smiling, as if he had told a joke.

A look of confusion must have crossed his face, and she kept smiling. It seemed at this point that he had been dismissed, so he backed away a few steps. But his heart was begging him, so he blurted clumsily, “Would you please go to dinner with me?”

Still smiling, she answered, “No, thank you.”

Zach’s heart sank into the pit of his stomach, and he said, “Okay… then… I’ll see you around.” And turned and scooted out of there so she couldn’t see him wince from the pain of her rejection.

He was a freaking astronaut, and he had to calm the fuck down. Clearly she wanted nothing to do with him and had just been being polite. He was a damned fool. He felt truly crushed. Why did he always fall in love with women who wanted nothing to do with him? Then his alarm rang. He had to be at Colby Lincoln’s place in half an hour. Luckily, it was only fifteen minutes away. Well, no time to mope about this. He scraped his heart off the tarmac, climbed in his car, and drove to Colby’s house.

Colby had rented a house off-base. She was not strictly a member of the military, and she was a billionaire, so she could afford it. Her Great Dane met him at the front gate and eyed him with suspicion, but let him pass. He rang the doorbell.

A minute later, Colby answered the door with a big easy smile and twinkling eyes. She wore a tight short silver dress with chromatic highlights and matching flats. Her hair was short and her rows were immaculate, like she’d had it done that day. Silver strands ran through it that matched her dress. The chromatic highlights flashed over her curves: a sexual firestorm. She stood a foot shorter than Zach and was perfectly petite, looking up at him with big dark eyes, her big sensual lips parting in a blinding smile.

Colby was wearing false eyelashes and makeup too, wasn’t she? Zach had never seen makeup on her, and this was well done, subtle enhancement. Not that she needed any enhancement. She was already a stunning centerpiece of his erotic fantasies without it. These women were bringing their A game to this whole thing, and he was just stumbling through it. No wonder Anming had dismissed him summarily. “I’m not worthy,” he breathed to no one in particular in response to Colby’s overwhelming transformation.

“The hell you aren’t,” she responded playfully, firmly grabbed him by the tie, and threw him onto the entryway rug. Ah yes, Aikido. It wasn’t like he resisted much, since he was already weak in the knees at her beauty. She shut the door with her foot and straddled him. “Are we really doing this?” she asked with intensity.

“I very much want to do this," Zach sputtered. "Do you want to do this?”

“You want to raise a little mocha baby with me?”

“I do,” Zach happily and readily assured her. That was one thing he could be entirely certain about in this whole crazy mess.

Tears burst from her eyes. “Is it okay for me to love the hell out of you while we do it?”

Zach was floored by the emotion filling Colby’s question. They'd never even really flirted. They had always been all smiles around each other, though. Woops, he should say something! “Yes. Absolutely, yes... wow,” he answered, suddenly choking up from her emotion.

He had always wanted to date Colby since the first minute they had met. Was he going to equivocate in response to her tearful confession? Fuck no, he was going to jump in with both feet. “I love you too, Colby Lincoln. I’ve wanted to date you since the moment I met you. I’ve wanted to learn you, love you. You probably already knew that, though. Everybody but me seems to know everything about me. We just, you know, couldn’t go there. I didn’t have any idea you were anything but calm and cool about it all.”

“I know. I’m damn good, and I didn’t want you to know that I ached for you this whole time. So you didn’t,” Colby smiled at him triumphantly through her tears. “It wouldn’t have helped either of us. I was doing hard time waiting for yesterday, just to have some resolution, be able to either pour out my heart to you or let you go.”

“Well, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere,” Zach said. “I hope I won't disappoint.”

“Disappoint me? I know you will. We’re only human. And I know your heart,” Colby said, resting her hand there. “We’ll always be all right.”

Zach stood up abruptly, still holding Colby close, making her whoop and burst out with laughter. She was light. He threw her over one shoulder, making her laugh even harder, and started looking for a flat and reasonably comfortable surface to start making love to this woman on. The kitchen island was too hard and too high. The living room couch looked too soft. He couldn’t wait any longer, though. The emotion was too high in both of them.

Boomf! Zach threw Colby onto, into the soft couch with a whoof, more giggles. They could move later if she wanted. As he whipped off her panties, her flats went flying, and she made a sound “Uh-huh-mmm,” like dreams coming true. It was dark under that chromatic dress, his slight stubble gently scraping her inner thighs as his tongue and lips plunged yearningly toward their mark. She was newly shaved or waxed smooth. His mouth covered her, and his tongue traced her vulva. She was deliciously juicy, frighteningly tiny, and obviously recently from the shower, smelling and tasting of pure slick yearning and perhaps oatmeal. Her breath huffed and she began to squirm excitedly on his tongue.

Zach lifted Colby slightly and pushed her dress up to her hips with both hands, his mouth still locked on her, tongue flicking wetly from urethra to clit. They locked eyes. Hers was a look of fascination and lust. Her hands didn’t know where to go. Her eyes flickered shut with pleasure. Then he sucked on her gently and felt a thrill run through her body. He sucked harder and felt her whole body tense. Her breath caught, and then she sang out as she relaxed into an orgasm. He kept on her until she was done, and then backed off to gentle lapping. “Fuck, you’re working me right!” she exclaimed.

As he lapped, he gently probed into her with a finger. She was swimmy slick and clung tightly. As he lapped, he gently ran a finger along her g-spot. Hers was fairly smooth and fairly sensitive, since she flailed out her arms again when he did it. He was getting very uncomfortable in his clothes, in his pants especially, and this couch was like treading water. He let her up. “Pleased to meet you, too,” she chuckled, shimmying out of her dress as he started to throw off his clothes. “Can I get you some wine?”

“No wine for either of us,” Zach reminded her, throwing off his shirt and going after his pants, “You’re having a baby soon.”

“Oh fuck, that’s right,” she said, wiggling her dark chocolate nakedness as she popped the silver dress over her head. “I’m gonna have to give my wine cellar away.” Then she caught sight of his hard standing cock and said, “Oh my.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, absolutely,” Colby grabbed Zach’s erect cock like the rudder of a boat and led him gently toward the bedroom. She let go as he hopped and removed his socks as they traveled. She continued, “I’ve had big boyfriends. At least it was fine when I found some who treated me right. With you, I am so damn wet right now.” She plopped onto her big bed and scooted toward the middle. The bed was firm, made for play more than sleeping. “With you, I think you could bend me over anywhere, no hesitation, that’s how I feel right now.” As he climbed after her, she spread herself with her fingers, giving him a teasing show of her pink. “Do it to me hard! I want to feel it for a week.”

“No more preliminaries?”

“Preliminaries later. I want to feel it,” she growled.

So, Zach covered Colby and began teasing her pink opening with his tip. As he poked it and teased it with his tip, he could feel it staying more open. She held it with her hands and guided while he thrust in the head. “More,” she said gently, and he pushed into her slickness and felt the pressure of her tightness pushing back, starting to nip him in slick, quivering warmth. He rocked back and forth in what was open of her so far. It was delicious.

“More,” Colby whimpered. Zach pressed in harder, further, her protesting tightness helplessly opening for him slickly. She made a low sound like a gut punch, but this was a gut punch of pleasure. “More,” she gritted her teeth. He started tapping her insides fairly roughly, her tight resistance and breathing showing the way to open her. Their hips met, and slowly raised her legs; she was limber. “More!” she screamed, and he started pounding her like a madman, holding nothing back.

Zach was sprinting in Colby, out of control, his breaths and strokes getting shorter and shorter. She grabbed his hair, squirmed under the pressure of his body, and clipped him in orgasm, and coming out of it, feeling the force in her bones that he was close, howled, “I want it!” He crushed and speared her then, his whole body from face to toes going rigid for a moment. Then his cum flooded out as he released breath and it spilled, and spilled again. He gave her everything, all the love overflowing in him in that moment, all his soul, all his life.

They rested, he looking down at her, his shoulder dug into the bed so he wasn’t crushing her. Their cum was already leaking and spilled out more as she squirmed to reach for a towel. She slapped it onto her crotch to stem the flow as he rose, dripping, off her. He came down to her and kissed her deeply then, feeling her erect nipples rubbing in the hairs of his chest, sucking on her big delicious lips, feeling the lingering, quivering, excited aftershocks in her mouth and body.

He came up for air, and she breathed, “More.” He was still pretty hard for her, so he put her on her side, and sitting straddling one leg, speared her, holding her other leg as he pushed in and opened her back up with a huff of exhaled breath from her and a few strokes. This way he could see her, eyes closed, brow furrowed, and teeth flashing a grimace as she felt him reaching deep in her core. He cupped her pert breast with one hand and stroked the rock hard nipple with his thumb as he splashed and frothed in her tightness, deep and slow.

Late that afternoon, almost dusk, he returned to his desk in his office and put his head down on it. He had felt so open and warm with Colby, but he really hadn’t planned to stay as he wanted to once they’d gotten started. He was exhausted, not from the lovemaking so much, though that had been fierce, but from the emotional turmoil of all this. He could spend the whole rest of his life, happily, just with Colleen, or just with Colby, or just with Charisse. Alexis, alone or with Charisse, was playtime personified.

Zach understood that he was falling in love with Colleen. Who knows what she thought of him other than that he'd do for the mission? He had to prepare his heart for it being unrequited. He could handle it. Charisse, again, he was falling in love, but so far it seemed as though both she and Alexis put him solidly and happily in the fuck buddy column. That was fine for now. He'd work it out. Maybe he didn't have to fall in love with every one of these damn women who crossed his path. Why did they all have to be so delightful? And Anming, Jesus fucking Christ, he'd almost forgotten. His heart stabbed him cruelly.

Colby, she was already in love with Zach, and he had happily and comfortably taken it up and joined with her. That was something comfortable, understood by him, to an extent at least. Everything they would do would be inside the context of love, which suited him wonderfully. But how would their love fare in the midst of this chaos? He vowed to make it fine, and he had no idea how he was going to accomplish that.

He hadn’t wanted to leave Colby so soon. He had ended up begging her for an assignation at lunch tomorrow, and in person she agreed enthusiastically. Later that afternoon she called back and said she would need a few days, at least, to recover. He became concerned he had injured her, but she said no, it was wonderful, perfect, and she had been through this with boyfriends before. They agreed on just lunch tomorrow at a public restaurant. She was worried they both wouldn’t be able to keep their hands and lips to themselves otherwise. He begged her for an overnight stay soon, and she agreed, but said she needed a few days.

Zach realized, now that he had shared bodily fluids with four different women in the last 30 hours, that he’d better start testing himself daily for STDs to protect all of them. As astronauts, they got tested for all kinds of things all the time, but this was especially dangerous behavior.

Alexis hosted Charisse and Zach at her place that evening. The evening started out low key, with a lot of kissing, but then Alexis started eating out Charisse while she was kissing and petting with Zach. The mischievous Alexis was licking and sucking Charisse so ably, causing the tall sun-kissed amazon queen to repeatedly orgasm so explosively, that Zach was jumping with arousal just witnessing it, and he didn't want to get in Alexis's way.

Zach ended up pushing into Alexis's eager, slick, and snapping beaver from behind. Her slutty, fishy, irresistible scent wafted up from her splashing, churning hole as he pounded it, filling him with nasty energy. He watched Charisse's brow knit on her beautiful expressive face in the throes of climax after climax from Alexis's tongue, lips, and fingers. Alexis also handled him ably, grunting with orgasmic pleasure herself as he orgasmed helplessly and excitedly in her slick, muscular, and highly skilled hole.

Then Charisse pushed him aside and started sucking Zach's dripping load out of Alexis. Watching his tall sun-kissed idol, looking for a moment so wholesome, grab the petite slut so forcefully and smear his cum all over her face trying to keep up with the orgasmic thrusts of Alexis's hips as she explosively swore and came on the nature girl's enthusiastic tongue caused him, within moments, to rise to urgent hardness. He pushed into Charisse's pussy then, smelling her spicy scent waft up to join Alexis's funk as he pounded and churned her from behind. Charisse's signature rising cries turned into rising moans as she stayed fixed on pleasuring Alexis's vulva with her lips and tongue. Alexis encouraged them both with nasty epithets as she climaxed repeatedly on Charisse's lusty tongue.

Then there was a long bout of one or the other of the delightful women riding Zach’s cock while the other rode his face. Then they showered. While they showered together, Alexis declared her desire to tie Charisse up, and Charisse declared her desire to try being tied up, but they just talked about it. After they dried off, Alexis showed them her treasure trove of bondage gear and sex toys, which was extensive. He passed on getting tied up for the time being. He wanted to try some of the toys, though, and wanted to try out the girls in Alexis’s sex swing.

In the morning, the girls had their morning ride, which they knew would become a habit, and they happily and with great satisfaction went off their separate ways to work. Zach was delighted and thoroughly satisfied by ending in Charisse and putting a big morning load up in her. The three of them heartily agreed that from now until launch, Alexis’s place, with its larger-than-king-size bed and other amenities, would be home base most nights.

He called Colby to confirm their lunch date and beg her again to do more than lunch, but she was adamant. They would meet for just lunch at noon. He didn't know what was going on with her all of the sudden, maybe just soreness. He wouldn't make it mean anything.

(To be continued)
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04: Wednesday, July 8, 2043, 1400 hours CST: Berte

Zach called Colonel Bruno, and reported, "I'm awaiting Doctor Kaufman's arrival, Colonel."

"You're going to love her, Zach."

"Sure. I've been thinking about our 'workout' ma'am. I hope we get another chance to train together soon."

"Major, are you flirting with me?"

"Certainly not, sir, but since we'll be colonizing Mars together, a little platonic flirting wouldn't hurt, would it?"

"Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

"I would never tell you it's raining if it isn't, ma'am."

"Carry on."

"Yes ma'am."

Zach was waiting as the T-38 he was waiting for pulled up on the tarmac, and Berte Kaufman climbed out of it. Her file had told him a few things. She was the only German in their crew. She was the youngest of the crew at 22, another child prodigy. She had an international reputation as an experimental physicist already in her young life. Her role on this crew was as an engineer.

On first sight, she was short, at least a foot shorter than Zach, stocky, and muscular, with large, firm tits. He immediately fantasized about touching and sucking on those. Her hair was platinum blonde, a bit wavy, and shoulder length. This whole situation was warping his mind, that the first thing he’d think about a young colleague, especially one a decade his junior, was ravaging her tits. But maybe that wasn’t quite it. His mind would have always gone there, but the difference was that in the past he would have immediately steered his mind away toward other matters. Now, he couldn’t put it out of his mind, because he might actually get a chance to motorboat those luscious firm ta-tas. Jesus, his mouth was actually watering.

Eyes up, Zachary. She was so pale, and her face was quite pretty, with wide, somewhat distant sky blue eyes, full lips and an enigmatic smile.

“I’m so pleased to meet you Doctor Kaufman, I’m Doctor Zachary Carson.” He took her small hand in both of his and shook it collegially.

“Yes, I know. From the photos.” She looked at him like she was looking into the sun. She looked overwhelmed. Was it shyness?

“Yes?” He was guessing photos in his file?

“And videos.”


“You look better.”

“Better in person?” She was trying to compliment him, he thought.

“Correct,” Berte confirmed. This young lady was not a people person, just as her file suggested. She was much more at home crawling through the innards of some large machine.

“Thank you. And you look, well, that flight suit. You look very good in it.”

“Yes. Thank you, yes,” she said with a look into his eyes and a sweet grin on her face.

“May I call you Berte?”

“Berte, yes.” His pronunciation had been a little off. She was smiling.

“Berte, Berte,” Zach repeated. “Thank you, Berte.” Again she gave him the look and the sweet grin. “Well, Berte, would you like me to drive you to your assigned quarters, or, what can I do for you? I’m at your service.”


“Take you to your quarters?”


“Yes, of course,” Zach said, opening the passenger door for Berte. They drove to the temporary building with her assigned quarters without incident. Zach gave her a temporary key card he had brought with him for her use. A permanent one would be issued to her in a few days. Her door unlocked, and inside they found fairly routine airbase guest accommodations: a metal double bed, a few pieces of furniture, a separate bathroom with a sink, toilet, and small shower. Her luggage, or at least some of it, had preceded her, and sat neatly in the corner of the room.

“Would you like to go to dinner with me this evening?” Zach asked.

“Yes.” Again Berte gave Zach the look and the smile. It seemed she was taking a liking to him. She drew the curtains. Immediately the room was plunged into semi-darkness. She looked at him and smiled expectantly. Well, then.

“May I hug you?” Zach asked.

“Yes.” Zach walked the two steps over to Berte, held her gently in his arms, and looked down into her smiling face. After a moment, she put her arms gently around his waist.

No inappropriate touching yet, but Zach sensed an invitation. “May I kiss you?”

“Yes.” Zach kissed Berte gently on the lips, and her eyes closed. He kissed her again. She seemed to be enjoying it. He added tongue. She was a good kisser. He came up for air to check her out. She was looking at him and smiling.

“May I help you out of your flight suit?”

Berte let go of him. “Yes.” Still holding her with one arm, Zach started unzipping the front of her suit. As soon as he began to unzip her, she looked away sharply, but had not an open smile, but a cryptic grin on her face, like the Mona Lisa. He got the zipper all the way down. He put his hand on her neck. She was trembling.

“Should we slow down?”

“No.” Berte trembled, looking away. “I don’t know. I’m a virgin.”

“Oh gosh,” said Zach. Berte re-grabbed his waist quickly and hung on tight, her face pressed into his shoulder. He reassured her, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere.” He hugged her back just as tightly and just stayed there for a while.

“Why don’t we sit down on the bed and talk a little?”

“Yes,” Berte said. They sat. They held hands. Her hands were trembling. She looked straight into his eyes and smiled. Her expression was kind of unnatural. Then she abruptly turned away from him like she had been staring at the sun.

“Relax,” Zach said. “We’re right here. Whatever you want to have happen or not happen between us is good with me. Whatever you want me to do, if it’s within my power to do it, I’ll do it. Can I ask you a question?”

Berte answered him, “Yes.”

“Are you on the Spectrum?”

“Autistic, yes.”

“Well, you’re very charming. I’m enjoying your company.”

Berte looked back toward him, at his chest actually, and smiled and giggled gleefully. “Colleen taught me over the phone,” she said triumphantly.

“Colleen taught you how to be charming?”


“I find this hard to imagine. What did she say?”

Still smiling cryptically and looking at Zach’s chest, Berte said, “Well, we were on the subject of ‘How do I get Zachary to fuck me?’ and she said, ‘Just smile at him, showing your teeth, and look directly into his eyes, and wait. He will invite you to get closer and closer. Say yes to getting closer. Say no to being apart. Keep smiling, and maintain eye contact when possible. Once he begins undressing you or asks you to undress for him, you need to stop doing this. You need to be 100% yourself from then on. Don’t worry. You’re extraordinary. He will love you.’ That’s exactly what she said. Closing the blinds was my idea,” she giggled proudly.

Great. Zach’s behavior was so predictable that Colleen could seduce him by proxy. “Closing the blinds was a wonderful touch,” he told Berte in all honesty. “If you hadn’t done that, it would have taken me a lot longer to get as far as we have.”

“I made a mistake,” Berte confided, looking away. “I thought you were going away, so I returned to the algorithm, and immediately you stopped and got suspicious.”

“Suspicious you were on the Spectrum? I was already suspicious. After all, I’m a trained physician. I’m mild Asperger’s myself. I stopped because I sensed you were frightened.”

“I’m not frightened. You’re not frightening. It’s just… pre-performance jitters.”

“It’s okay to be nervous about losing your virginity. It’s significant. You’ll remember it forever,” Zach assured her with appropriate gravity. Berte looked away and giggled uncontrollably. “What? What did I say?” he asked.

“Of course I’ll remember it forever,” Berte said, giggling. “I have an eidetic memory.”

Then Zach tickled Berte, and she tickled him back, and they rolled around on the bed and kissed and kissed. After a while, he asked, “Why do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh, please,” Berte said, looking away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” Zach said. “What do you want from me?”

“I want you to fuck and impregnate me within the safe period before launch. I want you to deliver my child on Mars. I want you to be an excellent father to the child.”

“I agree to these things. I will do my best.” There were so many other questions buzzing around in his head, but he quelled them. “May I take you to a hotel room, because your first time should be special, and I want to treat you like a princess. Can we do that?”

“We’ll fuck there?” she asked.

“More than that, I want us to make love, which involves fucking, but is more than just fucking.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Of course you don’t. You’re a virgin. I’ll teach you.”

Berte scoffed, as if to say, good luck with that. “Okay. Yes.”

Berte zipped up her flight suit and took an overnight bag from her luggage, checked it, and closed it. She also grabbed her laptop case. While she was getting organized, Zach made reservations at the Hilton, not the same room he’d recently stayed in, a better one, and alcohol-free champagne, and reservations in the lobby restaurant for seven. Then he texted Alexis and Charisse, “Sorry, I won’t be coming over tonight.”

Immediately, a return message came from Alexis, “You must. Michaela has just arrived and needs to meet with you urgently.”

Zach replied, “This is an emergency. Push the meeting to noon tomorrow at your place?”

Alexis replied: “You greedy slut. You just want to tit-fuck those giant young knockers all night long. Show up at my place on time or else.”

Zach had to drop the bomb: “She’s a virgin.”

A terse reply from Alexis: “Noon is fine.”

“Is everything okay?” asked Berte.

“Oh yeah, no problem,” Zach reassured her, kissing her.

They left and arrived at the Hilton a few minutes later. As they checked in at the front desk and walked up to their room, Zach noticed that every unaccompanied man checked Berte out. She made an immediate impression in her form-fitting flight suit. A man tried to strike up a conversation with her in the elevator. He asked her, “Are you a pilot?”

Berte answered, “Yes.”

“What kind of flying?”

“All kinds.”

“What do you mean all kinds? Jets? Helicopters? Spacecraft?”


The man’s eyes grew wide. “Are you part of the Mars mission?” the man asked.

“Lunar pilot,” said Zach, “Look, man. Don’t bother her. She just got back from a long flight.”

“Sorry,” said the man affably to them. The elevator reached his floor, and he got off.

Now it was just the two of them on the way to the suite. “I wish I could lie in a believable fashion,” Berte said.

“You can, you did,” said Zach. “You ran Colleen’s algorithm on me very successfully.”

“That’s wasn’t lying,” Berte argued, “I actually want you to fuck me.” She covered her mouth. Then her eyes widened. “You aren’t angry, are you?”

“Not at all,” Zach assured her. “It was masterful, really.” He kissed her full lips again and again. They almost missed their floor. She looked reassured.

They got to the room. Zach poured them alcohol-free champagne. He then removed his clothes and hung them in the closet.

“There’s that sultry man-meat,” said Berte.

“You’ve watched porn, I take it.”


“Forget all that stuff, Berte. Those are actors who are paid to say and do all that stuff, for the most part.”

“Obviously. What about you?”

“Yes, I’ve watched porn.”

“No, I mean the clip Alexis sent me of you fucking Charisse.”

“Why would she do that?” Zach blurted. Clearly there was a conversation to be had with Alexis.

“You’re angry,” Berte said, “I already told you about the videos.”

“Oh no, Berte honey,” said Zach, leaning down and kissing her on the mouth until he kissed the fright away. “You did nothing wrong. Did you enjoy the clip?”

“I have questions,” stated Berte. “Are you going to grab me by the hair?”

“Do you want me to grab you by the hair?”

“Yesss,” said Berte. This was a different kind of yes.

“Have you done that before?”

“Yes. But wait. Every time I ask you a question, you ask me two or three questions. Sometimes you don’t answer my question at all, but just ask me a question. I feel irritated.”

“I’m sorry. Let me try to answer most of your probable questions at once. While I make love to you, I’ll experiment and notice what you like and what you don’t like, and I’ll do more of what you like and less of what you don’t like. Charisse is a different person with different likes and dislikes. I hope you didn’t see anything that frightened you.”

“I want you to push my head down into the bed and call me a slut while you fuck me from behind like you did Charisse.”

“Okay, we can give that a try. Any other requests?”


“Then disrobe for me, slut.” Berte zipped her flight suit down to her waist, removed her bra, and got on her knees in front of Zach. Her breasts were phenomenal, so high and firm for their size, with pink areolae and erect nipples. She looked off to the side with a bored expression. She offered him her breasts with her hands, passively waiting for him to tit-fuck her. He realized that this was what she was used to. “Get naked for me, slut.” She stood back up, took off the remainder of her clothes, and got back on her knees in front of him. Her blonde muff was wild and unruly. She looked confused now.

He should start with something familiar. He played with her breasts and nipples. “Suck my cock, slut.” She didn’t use her hands on it. She swallowed three quarters of it like an anaconda, choked, then bobbed enthusiastically. Clearly she loved giving oral. It felt too good. He grabbed her firmly by the roots of her hair and slowed down her pace about halfway. He sighed in relief, figuring he could last a few minutes at this speed.

Now for something unfamiliar. “Show me how you masturbate, slut.” Berte stopped sucking Zach, went over to her overnight bag, got a futuristic pink vibrator out of it, lay down on the bed, spread her legs, turned on the vibrator, and played it across her vulva. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to her. She was clearly already very wet. He kissed her on the mouth, neck, and breasts and played his hands over her body as she masturbated. Her arousal was most heightened by him sucking pretty hard on one or the other breast. He also put two fingers in her mouth. She came shortly after that, not making a sound, but biting down on his fingers hard, but not painfully hard. Immediately, she switched off her vibrator and relaxed, breathing deeply.

Zach flipped Berte over and put her on her knees. He examined her, and thankfully, she didn’t appear to have an intact hymen. She was dripping wet, but she looked pretty small, so just to be safe, he lubed up his cock and her vulva. Then he thrust in his cock slowly and got about three quarters of the way in before hitting the back of her. He grabbed her by her hair, pushed her head down into the bed, and tapped the back of her vagina, not hard, but pressing in firmly as she opened up to accommodate him. She was breathing hard, but otherwise inscrutable. As his hips began spanking her ass with each thrust, he asked, “How does that feel, slut?”

“I came. It hurts. I feel like I’m going to cum again.”

“Do you want me to keep going, slut?”

“Yeah-uh! AAH! HUH!!”

As Berte was screaming out her orgasm, Zach let go of her hair, grabbed her ass, and strained and orgasmed deep in her tight writhing quim, “RAAAA!” He stilled as his body pulsed, and thick strands of cum blasted into her and out the edges. He lay down on his side as he continued to hold himself firmly inside her, spoon fashion. They were both breathing hard. “Do you want to do it again?” he asked. She got up from the bed holding her cummy pussy, ran into the bathroom, and shut the door. He called after her, “Are you okay?”

Berte called out from the bathroom, “Yes.”

Zach set a timer on his phone for 15 minutes and waited. He received a text message. It was from Berte, “That was by far the best thing ever!"
She immediately sent another text, "You are by far the best man ever!"
And another, "Please forgive Alexis."
And another, "I begged her to show me because I was so nervous."
"It helped me calm down and feel excited about fucking with you.”
"Please, please."

Zach texted back, “I absolutely forgive Alexis. Anything for you, my darling.”

Berte texted, “You made me scream!"
“It felt more good than could stay inside me.”
"It just came out and I couldn’t help it."
"I thought people just did that in porn videos to act sexy.”

Zach texted, “You made me scream."
"You were so wonderful."
"Making love to you was so wonderful."
"I wanted to pour all my love, all my everything into you.”

Berte texted, “I think you did!"
"It’s all over me."
"It’s still leaking out of my vagina."
"Should I do anything to keep it in?”

Zach texted, “There’s no need."
"Plenty will stay in."
"You can use a hand towel if you’re worried about dripping."
"Please bring another hand towel so we have one handy."
"Can we cuddle? I miss you.”

Berte texted, “Can we keep texting while we cuddle?"
"It’s not so difficult for me.”

Zach texted, “By all means.”

Berte burst out of the bathroom, smiling and giggling, threw a hand towel at Zach’s head, and jumped onto the bed. Her thumbs worked on her phone, “I’m so relieved you’re not mad at Alexis anymore.”

She wiped his dick off gently with a towel, spread the towel on his tummy, put her phone down on the towel, and deep throated his cock, which rapidly hardened. Her thumbs flew as she continued to suck, “Looks like somebody likes my blowjobs!”

Zach couldn’t even focus it was so good. Finally he texted, “Cant kp up ftoo good!”

Berte texted back, “That’s fine."
"Just enjoy yourself."
"There are some things I want to tell you though, so that’s good."
"This will keep you quiet while I tell you some things. :-)”

Zach managed to text, “Slow xxxxx”

Berte texted, “I found it very helpful when you told me what you wanted."
"That’s the most frustrating thing about other sexual encounters I’ve had."
"Men’s language gets more and more gibberish the more excited they get."
"‘Would you mind, or if you’d like,‘ No, I’d rather not have a guessing game at the moment, thank you.”

“oooWAAH!” shouted Zach as he helplessly shot a goodly splash of cum down Berte’s throat.

Berte texted, “I have a feeling those swimmies won’t make it to the finish line, Zachary."
"Better luck next time,” and then a complex and obscene-looking string of emojis.

Zach was not reading her at the moment, being practically passed out from having had the best blowjob of his life.

They continued to text and make love. It was established that the slut thing did not work for her. His mood seemed to change when he called her a slut. She didn’t like that different mood. She was relieved to read from him that the slut thing was playacting that excited some women, is all. What attracted her to his behavior in the video had been his specific instructions, so she could stop worrying about what was expected of her in the interaction. She wasn't particularly interested in the domination part.

Berte did like the hair grabbing, especially the way Zach did it, where she felt a sublime thrill and pressure and no pain. She liked him holding her head down because of the pressure. She liked being held down and immobilized generally because it relaxed her and opened her up to sensation.

Zach and Berte did make it to dinner, but they kind of rushed through it. They were madly texting each other the whole time.

Berte’s favorite positions of the evening were doggie style and reverse cowgirl. Both were low on eye contact, which helped her, and both afforded them the ability to text each other during. The most successful bout was when Zach went down to his car and got several radiological aprons, which are very heavy, and took her on her tummy with the aprons piled on her back. She orgasmed almost continuously that time and even momentarily passed out.

Berte texted Zach as they were resting together at the end of the evening, “Thank you for making love to me,"
"You are correct that it is more than just sex."
"You rejoiced in me, all of me. That felt almost too much."
"I feel happy being close to you, and that is unlike me."
"Thanks for wanting my baby with me. With you, I feel confident."
"Thanks for being hungry to understand me. That is unlike people."
"Correction most people. There may be more than just you and my parents."
"I don't even know what to do with you. I feel funny."

Zach texted, "Good funny or bad funny?"

Berte texted, "I want to sit next to you forever."

Zach texted, "It sounds to me like some love was made."
"I want to sit next to you forever, too."
"Let's do it."

Berte texted, "It's impractical, but I want to do it anyway."

Zach texted, "I love you, Berte Kaufman."
"It's impractical, but I want to do it anyway."

Berte texted back, "I want to keep making love with you."
"I want to understand everything about you."
"Thank you for showing me and making this love with me."
"I love you, Zachary Carson.”

Zach texted back, “I know.”

Berte texted, “You are a shit, Han Solo.”

Zach texted, “I thought you’d like that.” Then they had a tickle fight.

(To be continued)
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05: Thursday, July 9, 2043, 1200 hours CST: Michaela

Zachary Carson arrived at Alexis Warren’s place exactly on time at noon. Outside the front door, he sent Berte a final text, "Time to face the music xoxo. Will be back in touch soon."

His American Mars Colony Mission One teammates and daily lovers Alexis and Charisse, along with their teammate and new daily lover Michaela Petrova, who arrived yesterday from Bulgaria, had been left to their own devices last night while he lavished appropriate care on Berte Kaufman, a newly arrived teammate from Germany, who he had found out was a virgin at the age of 22. The evening had been very successful; she had been well-launched and thoroughly slept with, and Zach was ready to do his best to make it up to his two daily lovers and especially their new mate Michaela, who had been stood up on her very first night in town.

As Zach followed the trail of debris and cast-off underwear to the front deck, it was obvious from the state of the house that they’d been tearing up the place all night. Scrawled on the message board was the epithet, “Men are thoroughly useless bastards!” and scrawled underneath it in a different hand, he guessed Michaela’s since he didn’t recognize it, “Especially when they’re doing the right thing.” It looked like the party had started with wine, and then a lot of hard liquor had been drunk and a lot of weed had been smoked.

“THERE you are!” Alexis bawled upon seeing Zach. She was clearly still drunk. Charisse waved, looking sleepy and equally drunk. Michaela looked ravishing, on edge, and very much sober and energetic. She was the tiniest of their crewmates at 4’11” and under 100 pounds, but had some nice big breasts for her size, C-cups he’d wager, that looked yummy. She had a beautiful face, an impish compact smile, flaming red hair cut in a bob, hazel eyes matching the color of Charisse’s that turned down a bit on the outsides, and delicate eyebrows. Michaela was a renowned cosmologist and planetologist in her own right, but was still overshadowed by their colleague Anming Tang, the woman who had just won the Nobel Prize for unraveling the puzzle of dark matter and dark energy, the woman who had given him the brush off. But Anming overshadowed everybody.

Zach sat at the deck table across from Michaela, Alexis on his right and Charisse on his left. The deck was on the second floor of Alexis’s split level house, and his back was nearly against the railing overlooking the street. “Thank you, ladies, for the lovely lunch,” he said, and indeed it was a wonderful looking meat and vegetables hot dish and a nice bottle of wine on the table.

He knew not to complain to them about the drinking. These women tracked their fertility scrupulously, so this must not be anyone’s week. Well, perhaps Michaela’s. But the other women wouldn’t have left her out if she couldn’t drink, considering the situation he’d caused already. “And greetings Doctor Petrova!” Zach said, “I wish I could say I’ve heard all about you, but Charisse has sworn Alexis to silence. I did hear a physical description, though, which didn’t do you justice.”

“You’re too kind Doctor Carson, Zachary,” Michaela greeted. “If you don’t mind, I am urgent. May I visit you over there?”

“I’m at your service,” Zach assured her. Michaela dropped below the table in a blink, and in a moment she was unzipping his pants and pulling out his sleepy cock. He became immediately concerned, as he was quite visible from the street through the deck railing, especially if they drew people’s attention upwards. It was a quiet residential neighborhood, with people passing by every few minutes. He supposed, if they were quiet, they might escape notice, and then suddenly he was in heaven as the fiery tiny redhead’s hungry mouth engulfed his cock.

Even with all the hip exercise he’d gotten with Berte last night and this morning, his hips helplessly began to strain toward Michaela’s mouth as she took in every inch she could reach and gargled him delightfully. She looked like a cute tiny chipmunk down there, going after her nut. She came off him, and seeing he was both reasonably erect and well lubricated from her ministrations, straddled his lap and urgently worked herself down on his cock. God, she was tight. “Urrr! Yes! I’ve wanted you so bad, Zachary, I’ve needed you…”

They were face to face, and she began kissing him passionately as she worked her way onto him. Her breasts were smashed up against him. Through bra, blouse, and his own shirt, he could still feel her nipples raking up and down his chest. He reached under her short skirt to grab her round, firm naked ass and give it a swift spank of encouragement. She was a trouper, and clearly not unfamiliar with accommodating men of his size, so she was already forcefully and noisily jouncing herself up and down on as much of him as was available given the position and the slight interference of his slacks and boxer briefs. It was truly amazing that the tiny woman could fit it all in so readily. It wasn't for lack of tightness, for sure.

“Urrr! Urrr! Urrr! AAAA!” Michaela shrieked as she had her first orgasm and stopped on him, shuddering and groaning with aftershocks. Zach held the tiny flame-haired beauty lovingly to him as she shuddered and enjoyed her climax and looked over at Charisse. He was gratified to see that, drunk and sleepy as she was, she was looking thirstily at him. Alexis was great fun, and this new one, Michaela, was clearly a wild one and would be loads of fun to come home to, but to be honest with himself, the one he had missed had been Charisse. He was gratified the feeling, at least the lust part, had been mutual.

Zach couldn’t see behind himself whether they were drawing a crowd or not, nor hear whether a crowd was gathering over the curvy spinner’s full-throated and unabashed juicy shrieks. He couldn’t imagine there wasn’t. He could see the headline now, “One Third of Mars Colony One Crew Flashes Crowd in Wild Sex Romp.” That kind of thing didn’t play well. Luckily, he had his back to the street, Michaela’s face was blocked from view by his body, and Alexis and Charisse were probably too far from the edge to be seen from this side of the street.

“Nice cum noises, babe! Look you can see her legs and feet pushing on the chair there. She’s on him like this.” It sounded like some college bro and his friends had spotted them from the street. Zach’s worst nightmare about this scenario was coming true.

Michaela began to move on him, looked Zach in the eye, relaxed after her initial release, and said to him in low tones, “I trust we’re agreed on baby-daddy issues.” He nodded.

“Is that you, space babe?” the bro asked. Alexis got up and, masking her face below her eyes with a napkin, stepped up to the railing and lifted her skirt to flash her pussy at the bros. Many catcalls and whistles in response to this, maybe half a dozen. “TWO of them up there! Oh my God you are a lucky bastard!”

“In addition, I need daily, perhaps occasionally more, se suglasi?” Michaela continued.

“Agreed. More,” replied Zach.

“You say more? With three already?” The petite red fox chuckled incredulously, moving faster. “I can handle. I like ambitious man. Ohhh! Ugh!” Michaela whimpered as she started to really pound down on him.

Meanwhile, Alexis was teasing the bros from behind her improvised napkin veil, showing them her naked ass and spanking it. She was quite drunk. “How many girls up there?” asked the bro. Alexis held up three fingers. “THREE?? Look, the five of us were just walking to lunch, if you want.” Alexis shook her head. “No? Okay. Well at least show us your kitty again?” Alexis pulled up her skirt and holding up her skirt with her forearm, spread herself with two fingers for them. From the angle, Zach couldn’t tell if Alexis was wet, but he knew she was always wet, and probably dripping at the moment.

“Oh God, I want to taste that!” another of the bros shouted.

“Oh! Agh! Uhh!” continued Michaela, reaching toward her next climax, pounding herself down on Zach and vocalizing with each thrust.

“I want the screamer!” cried out another bro.

The begging from the street continued. As Michaela stopped to shudder in pleasure and satisfaction, Zach picked her up, dick firmly and deeply lodged in her slippery snatch, to delicately move them indoors. He faced scrupulously away from the street as he moved. Charisse was watching their every move and slid open the door for them. Alexis soon reluctantly followed, catcalls and whistles following her in.

“Anywhere, floor, fuck me now!” whimpered Michaela. So Zach set her down on the carpet, pulled out for a second with an audible pop and an “ugh!” from the Bulgarian, and pulled down his pants and boxer briefs. Then he spread her very flexible legs up and out, grabbed her ass, plunged in with a few rocks to a gratifying balls deep, and pounded away enjoyably. Michaela shrieked with each plunge. The forceful thrusting continued, Zach nailing her soundly and repeatedly to the carpet as Alexis and Charisse stood over them, frantically jilling their pussies as they watched their friend get roughly and delightfully broken in by their lover, her new lover.

Normally, being inside a brand new girl, Zach would be climaxing about now, but even though he felt intense pleasure from slamming into Michaela’s creamy, tight, twisting, and altogether exciting cunny, listening to her moans, howls, and Bulgarian epithets, and the intoxicating healthy scent wafting up from her as he churned her, he felt tremendous staying power due to his prolific all-night and into the morning lovemaking and tickling bout with Berte and also because of the incident on the porch, which was more dangerous in so many ways than Zach wanted to get. He was easygoing and up for practically anything except putting the mission in jeopardy to even the smallest degree. The public nature of their jobs required them to keep a low profile, especially with regard to sexual matters.

Zach intended to use his found staying power to love the daylights out of Michaela. To this end, he lifted her off the carpet and stood while her body quivered in orgasm at the combination of stillness and anticipation. He walked with her speared on him to Alexis’s playroom, slipped her into the swing which had already been set up for his height, grabbed the swing firmly, and repeatedly thrust the tiny redheaded screamer onto his dick with renewed force. Alexis and Charisse strapped Michaela into the swing. There were a few straps that would just secure her, but Alexis wrapped and tightened the straps that would pinion her arms and legs tightly, giving her the maximum to pleasurably strain against as her orgasms took her.

Michaela was growing hoarse with the cries continually being forced from her by Zach’s relentless and energetic pounding. He felt sanguine and ready to do this with a smile forever. That’s when Alexis purred, “I never asked you, Zach, how was Berte? Did you start her off right?” That’s when he remembered the deep feeling expressed in Berte’s face when she said, “I came. It hurts. I feel like I’m going to cum again.” His mind filled with thoughts of the feel of Berte, quietly, in the dark, as she shuddered in orgasm. He suddenly and inexorably felt his semen boiling up in him.

Zach let go and thrust forward, “RAAA!” he roared as he strained and shot into Michaela. He was out of semen after his first shot, but his orgasm continued to feel good as he strained. As his orgasm released, he pulled out with a splash, fell to one knee and then prone on the carpet, catching his breath. He watched a dollop of his white offering spill out of the little red fox's tight, tiny cunt from in between her fat pink little inner lips and plop down onto the carpet. Her whole groin area was a shade of pink darker than the rest of her due to the hard spanking he'd just given her with his hips.

“Zach, skupa, you broke me open good,” Michaela croaked weakly, swinging lazily. “Been long time since fucked this fucking good. And without condom oh God feels so good. Almost forgot how much I love real skin in there and cum run down my ass.”

Charisse and Alexis high-fived each other, and Alexis crowed, “See I told you!!”

Michaela croaked, “Need 150 cc wodka now.” Charisse had a bottle of vodka handy. Steadying Michaela’s swing with one hand, she poured drams of it straight from the bottle into the mouth of the immobilized Bulgarian planetologist.

“Now you see, you’ve exhausted him,” said Alexis, rolling Zach onto his back, still panting with the pleasure of finishing in Michaela. “We need to use him too.” She throated his half-hard cock and bobbed and drooled on it. She stopped for a moment, and commented, “I’ve rarely had to suck Zach to an erection. Usually he gets one if you just wink at him. You really tired him out, honey.”

“Lucky, I’m good cocksucker,” Michaela croaked between drams. “Love his cock down my throat. Will fluff him anytime, girls.”

“Me, too,” said Alexis, mounting Zach’s turgid cock.

“Me three!” crowed Charisse, pouring another dribble of vodka down Michaela’s throat.

Alexis and Charisse took turns riding and having orgasms on Zach. Michaela was happy to rest for a while in the harness, but soon she was inspired, especially by the rising cries of Charisse’s orgasmic upward spirals, and begged and cursed to be let out of the harness and get her own turns. As Charisse had a particularly extended ride, Alexis reminded Michaela that they hadn’t been ejaculated into for more than a whole day unlike she just had, and that she was a greedy slut who deserved to be punished, and that here, this would distract her. She blindfolded and gagged Michaela and then strapped a vibrator to her vulva, lubed up her ass thoroughly, and installed a large butt plug in it. Then she took a long turn of her own on Zach while Michaela struggled, gurgled, climaxed, and shook in the harness.

After Alexis and Charisse had orgasmed and switched a few more times, Zach groaned and admitted he was getting close, and where should he put it? Alexis climbed off him and said, in this greedy bitch here, removing the butt plug from Michaela while Charisse oiled up his straining cock. He thrust into Michaela’s asshole urgently and pounded it with excited abandon, eliciting a long groan from Michaela into her ball gag. With an urgent nasty feeling like he might never get to have a girl in the ass again, he ended his short strokes with a delicious thrust deep into Michaela’s squirming tight rectum as she came again on the vibrator in front and his long thick cock in back. As he pulled out, Michaela shuddered and sprayed cum onto the rubber matting of the playroom, and pissed for good measure after that. Alexis freed Michaela from the swing as Charisse fetched the mop and he staggered off to the kitchen to find some water to drink.

Zach needed a nap, and the women, having had some sexual release with him, were feeling much more comfortable. None of them had much sleep last night. He dealt with the lunch dishes, while the drunken contingent, because Michaela was fully feeling her six ounces of vodka, fell into Alexis’s bed for a relaxing nap. While he tidied up a bit more than just lunch, and gave Colleen a call. "Just checking in, sir. No new arrivals today."

"I'm aware of that Major. And don't start with me."

"I want you to remember that you're a wonderful commanding officer, ma'am."

"That will be all." Colleen chuckled and hung up.

Then Zach gave Colby a call. "How's my lover girl?"

"Missing you. I'm still not ready to do the deed again, lover. I'm sorry. But I can meet with you, as long as we remain fully clothed. Can’t we just go somewhere and hide out until the dry run?”

“That would be great, wouldn’t it? What would you want to do if we could?”

“I would take you to this cabin I own in Colorado. I would make you eggs and sit next to you.”

“Could we kiss?”

“Of course. By the time we got there, we could do anything you wanted to.”

“I would want to take off all your clothes, and then just massage and touch and feel your body everywhere. And kiss you everywhere, my chocolate treat.”

“But I can’t have you all to myself, can I? So I’d better stop dreaming.”

“Lunch tomorrow? Same time and place?”

“Yes. I’ll take what I can get.”

“I love you.”

“I love you. I have to go now. Goodbye.” The call ended and Colby was gone.

Next he texted Berte, "They haven't killed me yet."

"Of course not. We have a strict policy of Zach conservation."

"I should see you again tomorrow, so be prepared."

"Looking forward to it, lover."



Then Zach went and joined the women for a nice nap. They awoke around dinner time. Zach woke up with an urgent erection, understandable for a healthy man with three women pouring out pheromones sharing a bed with him. He grabbed the tiny, fiery Michaela and, feeling her to be moist enough, covered her and speared her. Alexis and Charisse left the new lovers to it, reasoning that they needed some time to enjoy each other one-on-one and have some pillow talk. Michaela stretched her legs, breathed deeply, and opened up for him fully within a few strokes, and then cuddled herself to his chest and enjoyed him thoroughly, swearing with increasing volume in Bulgarian, on his desperate horny ride.

The tiny Bulgarian screamer was delightfully noisy, enthusiastically climaxing a dozen times on the way. These three women seemed to orgasm easily and repeatedly with Zach, which was a happy thing, and not surprising for women with such unusually high libidos, he figured. This was his first encounter with women who wanted sex as often as he did, and he felt blessed that not just one of them but three of them would be traveling to Mars with him. Michaela’s strong healthy scent filled the room by the time they were done. She was so tiny and tight, a real delight to plow firmly, especially when he was worn down and could give her a really nice long orgasm-filled ride. She was bare, but he almost wished she had a fiery red muff down there to match her head.

Zach was curious about the nasty thing Alexis was going to share with him that Charisse stopped her from sharing. Michaela guessed it was about the time she and Alexis had attended an ESA conference, and as a top secret side attraction, friends of Michaela, not ESA friends, arranged a gangbang contest for the two women for the title of “biggest slut in space.” Her friends supplied unlimited condoms, unlimited lube, an army of eager men, and enforced the use of all three. This was a private affair. The rule was that a man was done after five minutes whether he’d ejaculated or not, but he could return. After about three hours of both women being continuously gangbanged, Alexis tapped out, and Michaela won the competition 25 to 21.

Alexis shared that she had really wanted to get over twenty so she could say it, but then she lost heart, because it was freaking strenuous work. Michaela kept going because she wanted to allow the men who were too desperate to walk away a chance to finish, and so everybody went away from the event happy. Alexis and Michaela agreed it was practically a tie, because Michaela knew a number of the men who had come to fuck them, so it was a bit easier for her.

Zach asked Michaela whether she would miss all the men. She said there would be more and more men every two years, so probably not. Her opinion was that more than three or four men at a time was like masturbation, although more exciting, but there still wasn’t much personal relatedness to be had beyond three or four partners at a time. With any luck, that should be possible in as little as two years on Mars. She then mentioned that she and Alexis had a bet over who would be the first airtight slut on Mars. Zach said that he would be happy to help them both.

Then it was dinnertime. Everyone had a glass of wine at dinner, because that was healthy, and Zach was making babies this week, so should not get drunk, and the women wanted to support him in that. Otherwise, dinner was beef stroganoff and green beans. After dinner, Michaela cleaned up the dishes while Charisse and Alexis took Zach to bed and took turns riding him. During this time, the bros came by and pounded on the door, and Michaela told them to fuck off and not come back or the police would be called. Michaela walked into the bedroom just in time to see a frantic sweaty Zach finish explosively in a spread and shrilly keening Charisse.

After Michaela returned, they lay around in bed and talked. More of the story of the “biggest slut in space” competition was told, and everybody got a nice deep massage from the other three. Then they went to sleep. Zach woke up in the middle of the night, as if his body was especially insistent to service all three women as much as possible. Thus, he urgently went through all three women and ejaculated urgently into each of them during the night. In the morning, though, he had to say goodbye to them without their usual morning ride, but promised to visit each of them later that morning, and then left.

He texted Berte and asked if he could come over and make love to her, both because he missed her and because this was her week to ovulate. She said she'd love to see him. He went to her room on base, licked her until she had a good loud climax, pleasurably worked his way into her doggie style, and as she orgasmed with a shriek from the penetration, he waited for her next big wailing climax and unloaded his nice big morning batch into her while she was cumming. With that, they cleaned up, dressed, kissed, pledged undying love via text message, and made to depart. They found a note on Berte's door, apparently from one of the other female officers sharing the building with her. It said, "Get a real room, please." They would have to pick a different venue next time. What was the Air Force thinking housing Berte in here? It was practically in her job description as a colonist to get inseminated as thoroughly, frequently, and soundly as possible, especially this week.

After that, Zach visited Michaela in the radio telescope bay and had the red-haired tidbit quickly bent over the desk of her computer workstation. "See you again tonight, lover," she whimpered after him as he reluctantly left her, semen dripping out of her snatch onto the floor as she rested on the table.

Next he visited Alexis in her chemistry lab. She introduced him to her colleagues, some of whom he already knew and one that he had dated in the past, and then took him down the corridor to the staff lounge, which was vacant, and put a chair under the door to block it. He had her on the lounge couch. The mischievous playful brunette made some noise; her colleagues probably heard her.

Finally, he visited Charisse, his nature girl, in the greenhouse, which was still fairly private since her colleague Doctor Aanya Ghosh had not yet arrived from India. Zach had Charisse, his sweet glorious sun-kissed hippie superhero, made love in the dirt of her garden. This had good associations for her; she sung a few really nice arias for him. Once she had climaxed wetly a few times that way, he lifted her legs up a bit farther, carefully brushed her off, and tried something new. He used her copious fluids to have her anally. Her slick little pucker just looked like it wanted it, and it must have. He thrust fully into her juicy tight anus in a few firm strokes. Her singing got really ragged then. She loved the hell out of it, and he loved it more because she loved it so much.

(To be continued)
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06: Friday, July 10, 2043, 1400 hours CST: Khushi

Zach stood on the tarmac outside their hangar and called Colonel Bruno. "Ma'am, I'm in front of the hangar awaiting Doctor Gupta's arrival."

"Very well."

"Ma'am, is communication good between us?"

"Yes, Major. I'm just overworked, and you clearly are as well. Clearly."

"Yes, ma'am. We knew this would be the job, though, didn't we?"

"We did."

"Once all of our crewmates have arrived and are settled, do you think we can get that 'workout' in, ma'am?"

"Thank you for asking. I doubt you'll have the stamina for it."

"Don't count me out yet, ma'am. I'm tenacious."

"We'll see. Carry on."

"Yes ma'am."

Zach was there waiting for Khushi Gupta when she pulled up in her T-38. He texted Berte, "Gotta sign off. More arriving happening." Khushi was a brilliant semiconductor process engineer. Her first task on Mars would be to get the semiconductor fabrication equipment working so that new construction could be supplied with the semiconductors it needed and any critical semiconductors that failed on Mars could be replaced with newly fabricated ones. They couldn’t afford to wait two years for replacements.

Khushi was big, only slightly above normal height for a woman at 5’8”, tall for an astronaut, with big firm breasts. She was all dangerous curves in her flight suit. She beamed at him with a big smile on her face and waved at him when she was halfway down the ladder. Her face was beautiful and exotic, the face of an Indian goddess. She was sporting a bindi, a red dot on her forehead, making her look even more like a goddess.

“Doctor Gupta, I’m so pleased to meet you,” greeted Zach, taking her hands.

“Doctor Carson, charmed,” replied Khushi. “Has anybody ever told you that you look like Doc Savage? Especially with that haircut.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know the reference,” Zach said.

“I must confess I’m a bit of a nerd for mid-twentieth-century American pop culture,” Khushi explained. “Doc Savage is a pulp fiction hero, superhero really, dating back to the 1930’s, but throughout pop culture, in big and small ways, up through the present day. He is like your version of a Hindu god. Kind of a combination of Indiana Jones and Batman.”

“Indiana Jones?”

“Dude,” Khushi pulled him close by the lapels and looked up into his eyes, “serious movie watching times are ahead for you.”

“I’ll prepare,” Zach smiled. “I’m at your service, whatever you need, whatever you want, I’ll strive to provide it.”

“Well, I’m desperate for a drink, but I can’t have a drink, because I want to make a baby. I may be ovulating as early as today,” Khushi intimated. “Oh, crap, there’s no delicate way to put it, is there?”

“Not that I’ve heard so far,” Zach smiled. “Look, I would be overjoyed and honored to be involved with that, if you’d like me to be.”

“This might seem sudden, since we’ve only just now met and are holding hands and smiling at each other like lunatics, but I’m hoping you’ll be the one. Why are we smiling like this?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m smiling because you’re delightful, and because you’re a beautiful goddess. As for being the one, I’d be honored, as I’ve already stammered to you, and I have a couple of requests, if you don’t mind.”

“Tell me.”

“I would like to help you raise any kids we conceive together, okay?”

“Very okay,” Khushi smiled.

“I might fall in love with you some, or a lot, but not in a jealous way.”

“Same with me. We must promise to be gentle with one another.”

“I promise.”

“Me too,” said Khushi. “In my culture, arranged marriages are still not uncommon, so maybe it’s not such a big cultural thing for me. But here we are, speaking of these life-changing questions out here on the hot tarmac. Please whisk me away to a secluded location where we can continue our conversation in earnest.”

“You’ve got some temporary quarters on base, but it’s blah. I can rent a hotel room for this evening, but I can’t stay tonight.”

“That’s fine. Let’s rent one, and I’ll sleep there or not as matters develop.”

“Spectacular.” They climbed into Zach’s car, he started it for the air conditioning, and then called the Hilton and reserved a room. They filled the slightly shy ride over to the hotel with nervous shop talk. He put his hand on Khushi’s thigh as they were talking and driving. In response, she slid one hand between his legs and kept it still there, resting on his crotch, out of the way of his thigh rubbing.

They reached the Hilton and checked in. Zach didn’t have to worry about the concierge getting suspicious over him showing up with woman after different woman. He had already had a conversation with the hotel staff that they were putting up crew here temporarily at times while quarters were established, and they would appreciate discretion since they didn’t want to be mobbed by reporters and such.

When they got to the room, Khushi pushed Zach down onto the bed, and as he sat there, she played bouncy Indian music on her phone and did an elaborate dance for him, slowly zipping down and slinking out of her flight suit, undulating her hips and gesturing artistically with her arms the whole time. Then she danced for a while in just her bra and panties. She undid her bra and unleashed the biggest boobs on the team, beating out the much shorter Berte by at least five to ten centimeters in chest size.

Khushi grabbed her massive tits sensuously, held them up, and traced her nipples over Zach’s chest, causing him to quickly doff his shirt so he could feel them in their dark brown, puckered, and erect glory on his bare chest. She traced her nipples over his neck and ears and cheeks, and then she started doing a little shimmy so she was patting his cheeks with the insides of her tits. His mouth opened reflexively to try to lick, suck, and nurse on her, but they were moving too fast to catch. She shimmied harder until she was smacking her substantial and clearly all-natural love sacks against the sides of his head, making him dizzy and overwhelmed.

Then Khushi did an amazing maneuver, where in a single smooth motion she swung around and bent over, bringing her utterly delicious ass into play, and pulled down her panties to reveal a wet, bare little puss, her wet inner lips straining apart to reveal her blushing pink center. Then she kicked her right leg straight up and out of her panties and, holding her right leg against her cheek, stood still on her left leg for a beat. Her puss was wide open in Zach’s face for his viewing pleasure. His eyes crossed as she held this position, her scent of anticipation, curry, anticipation, and goddess overtaking his soul. At this, the end of her erotic dance, he was rock hard in his pants, and any other thoughts other than pouncing on this intoxicating woman had fled.

Khushi dropped to her knees very demurely in her extraordinary nakedness and gently slipped off his loafers, rolled off his socks, unbuckled his pants, and so on, organizing everything neatly and gracefully, an extension of her intricate dance. Then they were naked together, she on her knees looking up at him majestically, his desperately hard cock straining toward her.

Zach knelt, lifted Khushi, and placed her gently on the middle of the bed. He lay beside her and they began kissing and stroking each other’s bodies. She grabbed and felt his straining cock while he reached between her legs and stroked her clit and vulva, exploring and memorizing it with one surgeon’s hand while the other held her to him. She shuddered, and although he sensed she could cum from just manual stimulation, he wanted badly to taste her, so he got between her legs and began thoroughly exploring her with his tongue and lips from love button to anus and then back up to love button, tonguing her hood and sucking on her quivering wet pee-hole.

Soon, Khushi's body was undulating like a snake captured by his mouth sucking wetly with loud smacking sounds on her. She was making inarticulate whimpers and cries as well as shouting the occasional word in Hindi or perhaps Tamil, since he didn’t recognize it, one of those languages. Once or twice he thought he heard “Zach." He delighted in the smell, taste, and slick wetness of her. Soon after, her whole body arched, and she came with a scream.

Zach came up for air and tried to mount Khushi missionary style, but she had other plans, and rolled him onto his back and positioned herself for cowgirl. She deftly started him in her and sat up straight as she performed the world’s most pleasurable disappearing act. He grabbed and started gently stroking her tits, which she seemed to enjoy. The heft and softness of them was extraordinary. Sometime soon he wanted to spend a long time just nursing the hell out of these big delicious ta-tas. This started him dreaming about all the women on Mars who would be nursing all at once and needing occasional relief from being painfully full. He couldn’t wait to step in and save the day.

As Khushi slowly rode him, clearly conserving him to masterfully reach a maximum number of orgasms herself, he reveled in the sexual workout he’d received in the past several days and the staying power it was giving him. As Khushi smiled down joyously and her massive jugs swung toward and away from him with every delicious thrust of her hips and milking grasp of her tight, muscular pussy, he was pulled inexorably back in time.

Zach thought of Colleen, her strenuous audition of him, and the look of lust in her eyes as she held her nether lips apart and whimpered, “Please, I want you inside me, please?”

He thought of Charisse and her rising cries and their shuddering crescendos.

He thought of Alexis in the pitch dark, whispering, “C’mon, tiger.”

He thought of Colby in her chocolate majesty howling, “I want it!”

He thought of Berte’s eyes tearing up, mouth and throat full of his cock, and texting him mad love notes all at the same time.

He thought of Michaela strapped into the swing, croaking, "Need 150 cc wodka now."

And now Khushi was on him indelibly, ravenously, masterfully riding him and shuddering, bountiful breasts swinging energetically and knocking together like crazy pendulums. He could joyously spend a lifetime with any of these women. All these women together were an overwhelming honor. These women, and a few more even, were his life now, and he quietly dedicated his life to bringing them all fulfillment, inspiration, sex when wanted, love when welcomed, and good health.

After Khushi had ridden him to dozens of her own shuddering orgasms over the course of perhaps an hour, without even noticing it at first, Zach began to thrill and pump his hips helplessly. “Zachary, are you getting close?” she asked. He nodded. “Take me, Zachary. Breed me. Breed me!”

Zach flipped her over roughly as she shrieked in surprise and delight, held her legs above her head, having had an ample demonstration of her flexibility earlier, and thrust straight down into her with body slam after body slam, plunging deeper than ever. She huffed and whimpered in intense pleasure, straining close. Then he felt Khushi’s vaginal walls twist and shudder forcefully in delightful orgasm, and he met her, stopping at the bottom of his down stroke to shudder in mutual orgasm, “RRAAAH!” She howled as he poured his essence into her, squirting, pulsing, splashing, deep in the center of her, two heartbeats, one self, for that eternal moment.

They rested and chatted for a while after that. After a second, quicker, and more energetic bout, feeling like their time together was drawing to a close, they talked about getting together again soon. Zach promised to call her the next day. Resting and holding hands before stirring further and breaking their closeness, they talked about anything and everything, and the subject of sexual fantasies came up, and specifically what each of them would like to do sexually that they hadn’t done yet.

Zach mentioned wanting to be part of a group of men making love to a woman. Also, he had never sucked milk out of a woman’s breast, and he was really looking forward to that likelihood on Mars.  Khushi offered hers, which he gratefully accepted. He also mentioned being pissed on as maybe something he’d like, as he’d enjoyed the few times a woman had cum so hard she had literally emptied her whole bladder onto him, but maybe it was just that he liked nothing better than watching and feeling a woman orgasm. He had never been fucked in the ass. He felt it likely it would do nothing for him, though he liked some kinds of being dominated by a woman. He knew he had no interest in men. A man, a friend of his, had kissed him at a festival once, and afterward, he'd said and meant what he felt: it left him cold and it wasn't for him.

Khushi was sure she didn’t have any unfulfilled wishes. Zach was skeptical, and started to rattle off nasty stuff. She had done both kinds of threesomes and had wonderful times with that. She wasn’t interested in getting tied up. “Have you ever made love to a woman?” he asked.

“You mean just the two of us?” Khushi asked. “No.”

“Would you like to?” Zach pried.

Khushi thought for a long time. Finally she said, “Maybe.” She thought some more. “I don’t know.” Her mood seemed to be falling and getting more significant.

“Well,” Zach asked, “Have you ever been close to a woman and felt like making love to her?”

“You are a mind reader,” replied Khushi, looking away sharply. “I admit I often have had such feelings for women. Where I am from, there’s such a stigma; it is unthinkable. Perhaps I should strive harder to leave such backwards thinking on Earth, in India.”

“I think so,” said Zach. “You’re free. Be yourself. We’re not nationalities anymore. We’re not Earthlings any more. We’re becoming Martians, and what we stand for, Mars will stand for. Let’s try not to bring stigma for certain kinds of love to that world.”

“I admit, I’ve had strong emotion, and I’ve always held back in fear. Now it’s too late, I suppose. And it’s not that I don’t like men. I think I like them both. I think I’m sexually attracted to people for who they are, and not their gender.”

“I know it’s not too late.”

Khushi scoffed.

“Now you’re clear, you’ve been suppressing this part of yourself, yeah?”

“Yes, some kind of last ditch regret now that I’m leaving Earth. I’m such a fool,” groaned Khushi. “Yes. I admit it. It’s time, well past time for me to say it, and admit it proudly, not just think it. I want to know how it feels to be with a woman. I ache to know how it feels, deep down, at least once.”

Zach thought. Maybe he was climbing out on a limb here. Yet he knew of two women who were suffering about this very same thing right now. Would it hurt for them to have a friendly talk? Yet he was a man, an oblivious one at that, who lacked the perspective to know anything about this. Then he thought, if it was right, it wouldn’t matter what he did, except perhaps some happiness would come sooner rather than later. If it was wrong, then no real harm done. He swallowed hard. “There’s a friend of mine you should really talk to about this.”

“A colleague of yours?”

“Yes. But please have the context of your conversation be not patient to doctor, but friends and crewmates. I don’t want to say more. Since I need to go pretty soon, perhaps we should see if she’s available to have dinner with you.”

“Okay. The look in your eye is cryptic. I’m intrigued,” Khushi smiled.

Zach called Ayana Dean. “Hey Ayana. Are you available for dinner?”

“I’m still thinking,” she replied.

“No, not with me. We have a crewmate, Khushi Gupta, who has just arrived from India. Unfortunately, I really need to be elsewhere this evening. I was wondering if you could take Khushi out to dinner and show her the town a bit in my place.”

“Getting a full schedule these days, eh?” Ayana said, good-naturedly teasing Zach.

“Fortunately for you, yes,” Zach emphasized. This was the extent of the hinting he was going to do.

“Okay,” said Ayana, “I can be available, yes.”

“Let me hand her the phone so that the two of you can arrange where to meet.”

The two spoke to each other with increasing animation. After Khushi hung up, she told Zach, “She’s going to pick me up from the lobby and take me to this club she knows in North Houston. Good for intimate conversations, she says.” Khushi looked excited and intrigued.

“Sounds perfect!” Zach enthused. Maybe he had done a good thing. He hoped he had done a good thing.

With that, Zach and Khushi dressed, kissed, and promised to meet again as soon as possible. This was Khushi’s fertile week, so it was important for her to get his cum kissing her cervix now as many times as possible. They kissed again, passionately, and he left her side reluctantly to get home, to Alexis’s home really, in time for dinner and to make love to Michaela, Charisse, and Alexis, who, knowing them, were probably all three vibrating with the need for a man by now. If he screwed this up again, the bros might get their wish, or worse, if anything was worse than little space half-bros.

(To be continued)
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Author's Note: In the theoretical future of 2043 predicted here, it has been determined that mild use of marijuana brownies are safe for pregnant and nursing mother and child. In the real present day, no such determination has yet been made.


07: Saturday, July 11, 2043, 1400 hours CST: Aanya

Zach called Colleen. “Colonel, Doctor Ghosh’s transport has touched down and is taxiing.”

“Very well.”

“I’m thinking about something.”

“Very good. Carry on.” That was the end of that conversation.

Doctor Aanya Ghosh arrived in a military transport with a portable garden and supplies. She was a botanist from India. As he watched it taxi slowly to its parking spot, he texted Berte, "Looking forward to giving you more loving tomorrow. Ready?"

"Yes, but we have to find someplace else."

"We will. Gotta sign off again, love. More incoming xoxo. Love you sweetie pie."

"Love you more," Berte texted back.

He called Colby, "Still well handled?"

"We can't yet, lover. Soon! Give me another day or two. Please stop begging me."

"I know you love it."

"Okay, maybe tomorrow. Don't get your hopes up."

"I won't. Love you bye."

"Love you bye."

He texted Khushi, "Enjoyed lunch immensely."

"Me too," she replied.

“It was wonderful to hear that you and Ayana had hit it off.”

“Thank you again from both of us.”

"Regarding making the baby. We should get together tomorrow to make more sure."

"Sounds wonderful."

"I'll call or text you when I know when."

"Fair enough."



Doctor Aanya Ghosh still wasn't coming out of the transport, so Zach walked up the ramp to greet her. She was fussing with pallets of equipment. He could see that she was tiny and well proportioned with nice round tits. He mused how his thoughts regarding coworkers had changed so dramatically in the past few days, starting with that fateful meeting with Colleen.

“Doctor Ghosh, it’s a pleasure meeting you,” Zach began.

“Who are you?” she snapped, not looking up from her work.

“Why, I’m Doctor Zachary Carson, your new crewmate. Is everything okay?”

“Certainly not. Some of the contents of these pallets have shifted in flight.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I doubt it.”

“Well... then... I guess... here’s my card. Call me if I can be of any use, any at all.” Zach set his business card down next to her and began to walk back down the ramp.


Zach retraced his steps. “Did you think of something?”

Head still stuck in a pallet, she grumbled, “They said you’re a good role model, have good genetic material.”

“I’m flattered. Have good genetic material, will travel.”

“They said you want to be a father, raise children.”


“I want children.”

“That’s wonderful.” There was a long silence while Aanya fussed with the pallet. Apparently, she was expecting Zach to say something. The problem was, he was reluctant. This woman had not even turned around to greet him. He got that she was concerned for her pallets. That might explain her brusqueness. He should take his leave. “When you’d like to discuss that matter more, I’m available.”

“No, you can help me. It’s urgent.”

He came closer and stood next to her. “How can I help?”

“I suppose these will have to wait.” She turned to face him. She was a stunning creature. Exotic. Such tight round breasts evident, even in coveralls. She looked impatient. “You’ll have a child with me?” she asked brusquely.

Zach wasn’t sure how to answer. He knew that Doctor Ghosh was one of the world’s most brilliant botanists. She was also red hot sexy in a completely unconscious way that made it even more sexy. She made gardening coveralls look like a type of lingerie. She looked five years younger than him rather than two years older as her file had informed him. “You seem upset about your pallets. I’m happy to stand by while you get that matter resolved. Then we can talk.”

Doctor Ghosh looked at Zach like he was a errant child. “Unfortunately, I’m on a tight schedule.” She impatiently unzipped and whipped off her coveralls. Underneath, she wore a white sleeveless t-shirt, bra, and panties. “I’m ovulating right now.” She yanked down and stepped out of her panties, showing him a nice little unruly tuft. She turned away from him again and braced herself against the pallet. “I’m ready. We’ll discuss the details later.” Holy fuck! Her tight round ass was eroding both his sanity and his will to resist. Oh, Aanya. He didn't care that she was apparently not very personable. Like she said, they could discuss the details later. She was offering herself right here, right now. He was in lust.

His cock sprang to increasingly uncomfortable life in his pants. Despite her apparent lack of concern for anything but her pallets, hers was clearly an open invitation, and her body was luscious to him in that exotic way he found impossible to resist. He dropped to his knees behind her in worship. Surely he could at least have a taste. As he leaned in, he caught her scent. Spicy, in a hot peppers kind of way. Her ass was a little dirty. It had been a long flight and she’d probably had to go during. No matter, it didn’t put him off. He buried his nose in her fragrant ass and gave her puss a good taste. She jumped.

“What... are you doing?” Aanya blurted in genuine confusion.

Zach sat back on his haunches. “I’m preparing. Have you never had sex before?”

“Certainly I have,” she said defensively, “a couple of times.”

“A couple of times, as in two whole times?”


“Did you experience pleasure?”

“Of course. Well. Okay. Actually I didn’t.”

“What were the circumstances?”

“It was years ago, in university. It was my academic adviser, both times. I needed to get into a particular class to graduate, you understand.”

“Doctor Ghosh, that’s not sex, that’s rape you experienced. A man used his position of power and your vulnerable circumstances to violate your body and abuse you.”

Zach sat transfixed as the seconds ticked by. Aanya, still facing away from him and braced against the pallet, carelessly tormented him with an exquisite view of her tight slot and mildly soiled anus. The devils in his head were cursing him forcefully for rocking the boat and were shrilly urging him to have her as offered and beg forgiveness later if need be.

Even this torment would never tear him out of what he cared about, though, what he stood for. Even so, he didn’t know what to do and just knelt there on the deck and let her have her moment. She started sniffling. She turned around and looked down at him. Tears were streaming out of her eyes. “Now that you put it that way, I suppose you have a point. I did get my class, though. But it felt wrong, like a violation, like you said. It hurt the first time. The second time, I was so afraid it would hurt that it was almost worse. I’ve never told anybody.”

Zach approached her on his knees and held her to him gently. On his knees like this, the top of his head came to just under her chin. He heard her heartbeat. “I feel terrible you had to go through that,” he said. He felt her relax into him. Tears were streaming out of his eyes. Even so, he worried that he was making her uncomfortable. He was acutely aware that she was bare from the waist down. He was so close to delight. It didn’t seem like she had noticed.

“It was years ago,” she groaned, still obviously in tears. “This is different. I want this. The violation part, I mean. It’s a necessary part, you know, for this.”

Zach felt another sting for the damage the rapes caused in her life. He backed off and stood up, now towering over her.  He said soothingly, professionally, “There is artificial insemination, you know. You don’t need to let a man inside you to have a child anymore. It’s quite reliable nowadays. You can have what you want in your life regardless. You have a choice.” He looked down and could see her face twisted in anguish. Wow, he was only making it worse, maybe, more fool he. What a situation! “Don’t get me wrong. I would be honored to be your lover. I’m just making the point that you’re not trapped anymore. The baby you want is not the class you want, and I am not your academic adviser.”

“You remind me of my father,” Aanya observed quietly. “That’s the kind of thing he would say to me.”

“Thank you,” Zach said, making an effort to keep his eyes up. “I want to apologize for touching you… intimately… before I was aware of your situation. I misunderstood.”

“No, don’t apologize. Of course you misunderstood. I apologize for presenting my private parts to you. I’m a disgusting whore,” she sobbed. Now Aanya was really crying, “and I’ve abused and dishonored you, a kind, gentle man. I’ve ruined everything.” Her face twisted and she burst out with more tears.

Zach approached and held Aanya apart from him a bit, a bit more of a professional distance so that he could look her directly in the face.He wasn't feeling very professional, though. Tears were streaming down both their faces. “Aanya, listen to me. You are not disgusting. You are not what you said; I’m not going to repeat it. You have not hurt me. I’m crying because it upsets me to see that you’ve been badly hurt. I know I’m a physician, and I deal with hurt people all the time; I’m not in that role right now. You haven’t dishonored anything. You haven’t ruined anything. Look, can we go somewhere and talk? Or after you attend to your pallets…” He broke eye contact and looked down, and couldn’t help but catch an electric glimpse of her black tuft, her petite naked bronze hips. He shut his eyes. Jesus Christ he was going insane.

“Fuck the pallets!” Aanya screamed.

Zach drove Aanya to the Houston Arboretum and they walked around the lake, sat, and talked. She was very much in her element, and saw interesting things, and pointed them out to him, because she was an educator. He had hoped this place would be a refuge for her, and it appeared to be. She knew everything here, and she was surrounded by what she loved. As she gained comfort and strength, the conversation naturally came to what had happened. They spoke about her sexual history, such as it was. He found out that she’d never masturbated, and that she’d never experienced an orgasm.

Despite this, Aanya was an avid reader of romance novels. She liked the idea that things could work out this way, that there could be intimacy closer than friendship, including romantic physical intimacy. The idea did interest and even excite her. It was a connection she’d seen modeled by her parents, who seemed always in each other’s arms according to her. She figured it was unusual. The details were never discussed in her family. By all indications, including her six brothers and sisters, some seemingly happily married with children of their own, physical intimacy worked between her parents. In the meantime, Aanya had thrown herself into her work, and Zach could see she was a workaholic. She used her work to distract herself from and avoid having to face the violence she’d suffered and her emotional life in general.

This conversation had brought them very close. “I’m ready to try to have what I want,” Aanya declared, “I want what my parents had, and my older sister, and what all those books were pointing to, which I know the books are all made up, but the feeling of it, you know. If you’re saying I could have it, I want to try to have it.”

“You can have it!” insisted Zach. “Absolutely, you can have it.”

“You’re the only man since my father I’ve ever felt truly safe with, Zachary. Either men hated me or were jealous of me or worse yet, indifferent. Or they wanted to rape me. No man other than my father ever cared about me as much as you cared about me in that plane. Your first instinct was to care for me. That’s one quality I admire in my own father. That’s the kind of man I want as the father of my child. That’s the kind of man I’ve always wanted to be with, but thought I never could.”

They were sitting on a bench near the lake at the moment, and Zach leaned over and kissed Aanya gently on the lips. She didn’t back away. He kissed her some more. When it got to the point where they were touching tongues and things, she backed away, and said, “I feel dizzy.”

“Good dizzy or bad dizzy?”

“Good dizzy,” she answered and smiled. “I should get back to work.”

“Dizzy like in the romance novels?”

“Maybe there’s something to those crazy things,” Aanya said, and Zach started kissing her again. Soon they were tongue wrestling. That happened for a while, for a long while, and she broke the kisses again. “I think I’m feeling it,” she proclaimed.

“I think we can make it work,” Zach began, “and I have a concern. In your world, I want to point out, you’ll be going from zero to a very sophisticated relationship. Our other crewmates, not universally, but for the most part, have had the chance to work out in their lives how they feel about romantic intimacy and what works and doesn’t work for them. I’m not talking about the physical part. I’m talking about the emotional part, like jealousy and exclusivity, about how to fight fair; oh, there are so many things.”

“I’m ready,” she insisted. “Do you think I was born yesterday? Do you think I didn’t see how they fought over you, how they jockeyed for position? And my attitude was, as usual, I can wait my turn. But I was intrigued, I’ll admit it. Then the reports started rolling in. First the suggestive message from Alexis and Charisse, which was not off-putting, but I was indifferent. Then Colby said you really turned out to be the man of her dreams, like she always knew. Still I said to myself, she was in love with him already, of course she would say that.”

“Then came the video Alexis took of you fucking Charisse. The amount of pleasure she was feeling was almost frightening. I knew this was nothing like what I’d experienced. It was overwhelming. And then the message from Colleen taking down the video and saying tone it down, girls, this was not a porn site, but we had all watched it and commented on it already anyway.” Aanya noticed that Zach’s expression had changed from interest to concern.

Zach had known that the women had been speaking to each other in a back channel, and probably even trading salacious comments, but he’d never imagined this. “All I want to know is does any of it disturb you, make you fearful?” he asked.

“I read all the reviews. They mattered more to me. Berte was very reluctant beforehand even though we were all encouraging her. After her evening with you, Berte said you touched her soul. She said she was in love, and she never thought she would get to be in love. It was so moving. But I scoffed at it and never really believed it could apply to me any more than the romance novels. When you appeared on the plane and interrupted me, I was afraid. I wanted to deny you and your power over women as I’d been denied. I wanted to use you like I’d been used. But you wouldn’t let me.”

“And the video didn’t disturb you? You’d said you felt overwhelmed.”

“I was disturbed at first, but then I realized that her screams were not screams of pain, and that she was begging you, begging you to do that to her, begging for it, the nasty slut. But now I also know from Berte’s post that you can be gentle, are gentle. Alexis explained to me that Charisse wanted it, whatever, this way. I don’t pretend to understand it.”

“Do you think less of Charisse for wanting this kind of intimacy?”

“I’m sorry, that was my parents talking for a moment. I’m not the moral police, nor do I want to be. Actually, can I tell you something?”

“Of course, anything.”

“I think I got excited. I started to sweat when I saw it. It was not what I wanted, but it had such intensity! My stomach fell out from under me. And then later, I saw that I’d wet myself, not that I felt myself pee at all, I was just wet. And there was this thrill of excitement, in my abdomen. I’m feeling it now, sitting next to you.”

Zach kissed her again. They lashed tongues for a while, then he stopped and said, “When I want to be with a woman, it’s because I’m excited, and also, I want to know her better, I want to explore her, how she feels in my hands, but also how she thinks and her feelings, what she cares about.”

“So you want to be with me?” Aanya asked hopefully.


“What do we do then?”

“Are you sure…”

In a fit of frustration, Aanya put one of her tiny hands over Zach’s big mouth to stop him. “Stop arguing before I lose my nerve!”

“Yes, ma’am.” He called the hotel and made reservations, and also dinner reservations. He texted Alexis, “Missing dinner. May be late or absent again.”

“What another virgin?” Alexis texted back.

“Even more tricky,” Zach responded.

Alexis immediately texted back, “Let’s be honest. Are we smothering you?”

Zach texted back, while Aanya waited impatiently, “Not at all. I love sleeping with all three of you. It’s like a dream life, seriously. I hope that we can keep it up on Mars and you won’t all drift away as more men become available.”

Alexis texted, “If you keep pulling shit like this, you know we will.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll keep you posted.” Zach knew Alexis was just upset. He knew she knew it really was important.

Zach drove Aanya back to the plane. She fussed with her pallets for another half hour until she was mostly satisfied. She called the transport people and told them the cargo could now be unloaded and stored where instructed. They grabbed her overnight stuff, drove to the Hilton, and checked in. Zach had a thought, and asked, “Can we have some plants put in her room?”

“This room doesn’t come with plants, sir, but there is the garden suite.”

“Tell me about it.”

“It’s very exclusive. The common area includes a private solarium filled with all kinds of plants, see?” he showed them a picture.

“She’ll take it. Bill it to me, as usual. Thank you.”

As they sat on the couch in the solarium. Aanya said, “This is very arranged, but it’s nice, I like it.” Zach began kissing her. They got to the point of wrestling tongues again pretty quickly. As they were kissing, he ran his hands over her body, and she didn’t seem uncomfortable about that. He felt her nice, round breasts and ass through her clothing.

Aanya pressed and squirmed against Zach’s body and hands as they kissed, obviously getting excited. He was getting excited, too, and not just by her sexy body. People were always so blasé about kissing after junior high school or so. This was like taking a kid to Disneyland, if that wasn’t too creepy an analogy, he thought. The point being, you’re enjoying it a lot more because they’re enjoying this new experience so much.

Zach whispered into her ear, “Stop me if you get scared or uncomfortable, okay?”

Aanya said, “How could I stop you if…? Or if you can’t… ? I mean, I don’t know what I mean…”

Zach stopped, thought, and realized that this was a woman who appropriately had great fear around matters of consent. Specific was great, though. He looked her in the eyes. “People have the ability to stop themselves at any point during sex. It’s all very dramatic for people to say something like, ‘oh I’m so close I can’t stop myself,’ but that’s never really true. Also, good lovemaking requires clear communication, especially about when to stop, so I’m glad you brought this up. How about if you want to stop the action, say ‘red,’ or if you have something in your mouth, shake your head.”

“Why would I have something in my mouth?” she asked, a little frightened.

“It happens during sex, believe me,” Zach assured her, trying to think of an explanation that would not frighten her more. “Okay, for example, say we are kissing, like we just were, and my tongue is in your mouth. Say I’m also stepping on your foot by accident and it’s hurting. You can shake your head to let me know to stop kissing you so you can tell me I’m stepping on your foot and it’s hurting. Does it make sense now?”

“Yes it does.”

“If you want to go slow, or something is worrying you and you want to pause and discuss it, say ‘yellow.’”

“Okay. How about if I want more of something?”

Zach smiled, “Just tell me you like it.”

“What do you mean? There should be a code word for it.”

Zach laughed. Now she was just playing with him. “If there was a code word for everything in sex, it would get way too complicated.”

“Well I’m going to say ‘green!’ It’s obviously what should be said.”

“Now that you mention it, I suppose it is. Are you now prepared to give or withdraw consent during lovemaking?”

“GREEN.” And with that, they kissed again for a while. It didn’t take Zach much tongue lashing to get Aanya up to the point where she was writhing and jumping out of her skin with sexual energy. He kissed her ear and her neck, but she was too jumpy for that kind of treatment. He started undressing her as he kissed her, and he unzipped her coveralls to the waist and removed her bra, and kept kissing her and touching her breasts and gently tweaking her nipples.

Aanya’s tits were round firm bubbles, and though only a bit big for such a petite girl, they just begged to be sucked, with firm ample dark brown nipples. Zach stopped kissing her, and gave each of her breasts a good experimental suck, “GREEN! Oh! GREEN!” Then he settled down on one and started enjoying it in earnest. “Is this what a nursing baby feels like?” she gasped.

Zach stopped sucking, “Is that a rhetorical question?”

“No, it’s a real question.”

“Yes, but harder, and they do it better.”

“How do the women stand it?”

“I’m not sure what you mean by ‘stand it.’ Do you mean without having an orgasm? Some women say they’re able to have an orgasm from their baby nursing.”

“Are you going to give me an orgasm that way?”

“Do you want to try?”


Zach sucked, and felt Aanya’s body as he did. He felt around on her body, but she was too jumpy for that except her back, so he rubbed her back as he sucked on one breast for a while and then the other. He stuck a couple of fingers in her mouth. The first time she spat them out. The second time, she was more playful and sucked on them really hard.

After that, Zach started undressing Aanya again, getting on his knees in front of her and kissing her gently on more skin as it was exposed. She let him undress her the rest of the way, smiling at him and jumping a little if he kissed a spot that was a too ticklish. She was wet, and he was immediately jerked back in time to relive when he first smelled her and tasted her on the plane. “You have a cute little tuft,” he thrilled.


“This,” he admired, running his fingers gently across her pubic hair.

“How could that tangled mess of curly hair be cute?”

“It does something to my brain. I can’t describe it.”

“I always thought it was ugly. I guess I’ll keep it.”

“Up to you. I think it’s cute. Some other men may prefer to get a better look at this,” Zach stroked the top of her inner lips and her clit with his thumb.

“Mmm,” Aanya muttered. Zach, sitting at her feet, kept gently stroking her clit. She was responding, kind of relaxing rhythmically into his thumb. He pulled her legs gently apart and started licking her with a soft tongue from urethra to clit, stretching the hood a bit, and then back to urethra. Her legs jerked in surprise, and she cried out, “Oh! Huh...” Her legs stayed tense. Clearly this was very exciting for her. Her breathing was irregular. Her body was tensing, tensing, tensing, then she jerked powerfully, “EEEEEAAH! HUH! HUH!” she wailed. She’d had an orgasm. As she recovered, her hands immediately grabbed the back of his head “Green! Fucking GREEN!”

“You liked that, huh?”

“Was that an orgasm?”


“Wow... you’re still fully dressed.”

“I am. Would you like me to undress?”

“Yes. And then I’d like you to have an orgasm. Using me. I don’t want to be so much the center of attention.” Zach undressed and laid his clothes on a nearby chair. “Red… uh… yellow. I really like you,” Aanya said sadly, “but I don’t see how that could ever fit in me.”

“But you’ve had a penis in you before.”

“Yeah, but yours is a lot bigger.”

“Well, thank you, I guess? I’ve had to go slow with a few of the women I’ve been with, but I assure you, I’ve never had a situation where it didn’t fit. We can go as slow as you need. Also, the more prepared you are, the better, so let’s prepare you more.”

“That sounds like fun,” Aanya said a little reluctantly. They moved off the couch to the nearby bed, but then they missed their garden, so Zach pulled the couch out of the way and pulled the bed over to into the solarium. Then, he lay down on the bed and said, “Do you want to play with my penis with your hands, maybe?”

He gave Aanya the bottle of lube and had her sit reverse cowgirl on his face so he could lick her. She started strong, with her lubed-up hands tantalizing his penis surprisingly well for a complete neophyte. Pretty soon, though, she lost track of space and time and just held onto his cock for dear life with both hands.

She squeaked her way through another orgasm and then announced in amazement, “I had another!”

“Yes, some women can have more than one.”

Then Aanya was off and running. She continued to buck uncontrollably on his mouth, emitting a series of squeaks, guttural moans, and the word “green” every minute or two.

After a while, Aanya was a bit out of her mind. She emitted a final loud shriek and fell off Zach’s face with a whole-body shudder. She was done being tongue-teased. He got between her legs and, after lubing up his cock, began to thrust into her. She roused and grabbed at him, and as he continued, she yelped, “Fit it. Fit it! Oh! Green. Greeeeeen. Oh I can’t believe it hurts so good, KEEP GOING! green.” He was rocking in and out of her about halfway by then. “You feel like you really want to push it all into me…” she teased.

“Of course I do,” Zach replied, “But I want to make sure I don’t hurt you.”

“Hurt me a little – OOOoooh!” Three quarters. Zach started pumping and tapping the back of Aanya’s vagina. She felt so sweet and tight.

“You okay?”

“Green,” Aanya croaked, and then “hNNNNN!” as she came hard on his cock with a wet twist.

Zach was so glad that the girls regularly and thoroughly drained him, because Aanya was a wild sweet ride and he wanted to last at least a few more minutes in her the first time. He slowed down and tapped slightly harder.

Aanya’s response was to cum again, “UUUHNNNUH!”

“Are you having fun?” Zach asked.

“GREEN!” Aanya screeched fiercely, her lips drawn back, her teeth clenched in a fierce grimace. “NNNNUUUHHHHH!”

Zach felt his cum boiling up in him. He was going in about as far as he could into Aanya with her legs positioned down and apart as they were. He put her legs up, and she was limber, so he put her legs up on his shoulders and put an extra inch into her twisted-up pussy. “UUUUUHAAAGH!” she cried wetly in a nice shaking cum.

Zach came, “RRRAAAA!!” and squirted so satisfyingly into her. It was as if she could feel it, because even though she just came, she moaned and her legs shook, her face twisted in sweaty ecstasy. Then they relaxed into each other. He rolled them onto their sides to rest.

Aanya’s face was transformed. It was relaxed, confident, and lustful. After a minute of catching their breaths, a smile bubbled up on her face and she laughed this musical laugh. “What’s up?” asked Zach.

“I don’t know, I just feel so wonderful!” Aanya answered.

“I love your face,” Zach related quietly. “I love your firm round tits and firm round ass. You are five miles of screaming silky ecstasy, Doctor Ghosh.”

“I thought you were killing me,” Aanya told him. “I thought I was dying of pleasure, that my body couldn’t contain it, and then I would hear a sound of screaming and realize it was me. And I was trying to tell you green so you would not stop, but I couldn’t form the words.”

“So you liked it?”

“GREEN!” At this, Zach flipped a whooping Aanya onto her back and began to thrust his cock deep into her again, their juices flying everywhere. “What are you doing??” she cried in surprise.

“You said green; I thought you wanted more,” Zach explained, pausing.

“Can you do that? Keep going?”

“After a minute or so, sure, unless I’ve cum several times.” Zach replied. After that, Aanya lost track and started cumming regularly as before. He enjoyed his pleasure on her. He felt her breasts for a while. Then he grabbed her by both ass cheeks and really plunged down into her, resting his body on the headboard, and stuck a finger in her ass as he did it. Then he tried her in some other positions. He flipped her onto her side while continuing to move in her, and then onto her hands and knees so he was copulating with her doggy style. She stopped cumming, so he switched her back onto her side, and she enjoyed that more. As she started cumming again, he quickened his pace and came with her again.

After that, they got dressed for dinner and had a wonderful meal together. Aanya looked great in a dress, and, unusual for her, felt like putting some makeup on, which also looked nice. Zach had their waiter take a photo of them. He sent a copy to her phone. “I’m not sure I’ve ever looked this happy since I was a child,” she told him. She sent a copy to her parents and to the group chat she shared with her female crewmates.

Zach asked Aanya, “What would you like to do after dinner?”

“Well, exciting as it was, I’m feeling like that was enough lovemaking for me for the day. That was a lot. And I’m probably pregnant. I can almost feel it.”

“Let’s stay together. I don’t want to leave you alone, since you’ve gone through something big today I think.”

“I have, but I know you have obligations to other women, other crewmates. I don’t feel good that they have to miss out because you had problems with me.”

“You were no problem!” Zach told Aanya sternly. “And this your first time making love. That's seismic. That's your time. Believe me, all your crewmates would agree with me. Take your time. Do what's right for you. It's a night for you to be selfish. And plus you’re ovulating around now, so you if you want to get pregnant, my little guys have to get out out of my balls all the way up into your fallopian tubes somehow, and they need our help.”

“Well, I want to stay with you, especially to have you inseminate me again in the morning when you’ll probably have built up a lot of semen overnight.”

“No doubt. Good thinking. Lets!”

“But still… hang on… I have an idea.” Aanya started madly texting on her phone. After a minute, she nodded, “Okay, it’s arranged.”

“What’s arranged?”

“We’re going to Alexis’s place.”

“Yes, ma’am!” So Aanya and Zach packed up and went to Alexis’s place.

When they arrived, Michaela, Alexis, and Charisse, all three naked and newly shaved, pounced on Zach in the entryway as Aanya looked on in fascination. As the three took turns desperately riding him to their first climaxes of the evening right there on the entryway rug to take the edge off, Aanya stood in the corner and trembled with the intensity of the lustful sexual energy pouring from the four and washing over her like ocean waves in a storm. As one sat on his dick, another would grind on his face, and the third would guide his fingers to her pussy or asshole to pump, tickle, and squirm.

The three women eventually noticed that Aanya was cowering in the corner. It was Alexis who broke the ice, “He’s got a free hand, you know. Jump on!”

Zach told her, “You don’t have to do anything you’re not commmMMMF!”

“Get back to work!” Charisse scolded Zach sternly, sitting more firmly down in his face with a mischievous smile, and then to Aanya, “I can tell Michaela’s ready to pop. When we switch, you can have his face, if you’d prefer."

“Or we could even… aaah… give her a turn… aaah… on his cock…” suggested Michaela.

“No that’s okay,” Aanya replied, pressed into the corner of the entryway just outside the sweep of the furious action, sweating, blushing, and trembling, one hand over her mouth, the other over her crotch, even though she was fully clothed as she was at dinner in a skirt, blouse, heels, and underthings. “I just had him… before dinner.”

“How was it honey?” pressed Alexis as she undulated on three of Zach’s fingers. “Did he press you into the bed, spread you wide, thrust straight down into you, and blast his cum straight into your tight little open womb?”

Aanya just crossed her legs and trembled in response, watching the three.

“Oh, Zach’s trembling, girls!” crowed Alexis, and then to Aanya, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Oh. OH! He just shot in me,” groaned Michaela, stopping.

“Alexis!” Charisse scolded. “Now I’ll have to wait until he’s ready to go again.”

“Well, he’s still hard,” reported Michaela helpfully, standing up. A strand of cum stretched from her quim to the tip of Zach’s dick and then broke and fell on his leg. She turned to Aanya. “Mmm. You drained him pretty good,” she commented.

Swiftly, Charisse shifted from Zach’s gasping mouth and speared herself on his cock. “Oh yeah oh GOD?” she whimpered in a rising note as used her body weight to force her tight wet cunt down and down his rod to the hilt. “Mmmm!” Then bounce, bounce, bounce, commenced, Charisse’s mouth opened, and she began her her song with each thrust down on him, “ah, ah, ah, ahh…”

Aanya remembered Charisse’s sound from the video. She hadn’t been intending to do anything in front of these women other than watch them. Now, the need to feel another orgasm was burning up her loins. She thought about going off to another room to satisfy herself, but she didn’t feel confident she knew how. She was mortified at the thought of rutting with Zach in front of these women, riding his face… “Fuck it!” she whimpered, pulling her panties down to her shaking ankles, shuffling over, and sitting down gently but frantically, humiliated, on his face. Zach squirmed and fairly raped her with his tongue and lips as her frantically excited smell and taste hit him and her hips immediately began shaking, bucking, and thrilling.

“All yours, sweetie,” Alexis purred as Zach’s fingers hammered her excitedly. Then Alexis grunted and deposited a thick dollop of girl cum that trickled into the palm of Zach’s hand. She lifted Aanya’s skirt as the newcomer shuddered on Zach’s mouth, lost in a different world, nearing orgasm. “Oh, look at this cute fluffy muff, girls!”

“Leave her alone, Alexis,” scolded Charisse as she rested momentarily after her cum. “Can’t you see she’s shy?”

“Are you shy, petruchka?” Michaela asked.

“AAAAhhhNNN!” Aanya grimaced and growled in a wet and resoundingly ultimate response, shuddering on Zach’s suckling lips, her delicious caramel skin glowing, tears popping from her eyes and streaming down her face. As soon as she stopped shuddering, she jumped up from a gasping Zach and ran out of the room without a word.

About half an hour later, when Zach's housemates were happily resting in the front hall with the edge taken off them, he rose and sought out Aanya to make sure she was okay. He found she had locked herself into the second floor guest bathroom. He sat against the door and asked, “Are you okay?”

Aanya replied, “I can’t believe I did that.”

“How did it feel?”

“When Alexis… exposed… me to the other two, when I saw their smiles when they saw my… uh… privates, I orgasmed. I don't want to be a lesbian, Zach!”

“Aanya, it doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian. Maybe you just like to be watched or exposed. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed by all the new things. Would you open the door so I can hug you?” She opened the door, and Zach hugged and kissed her, and she calmed down.

After this, the five of them each had a marijuana brownie, considered safe during pregnancy as long as it was not overdone, and talked. The women understood Aanya’s overwhelm once they learned she’d only had her first climax earlier that day. Tipsy and more relaxed after her brownie, Aanya shared with them that she’d wanted to be more private, but she didn’t know how to give herself an orgasm, and she’d been so desperate, she’d done her thing on Zach’s mouth in front of them, and then was more horrified by her wanton behavior when she was excited by having her private area exposed by Alexis to the other girls.

The five of them agreed that Aanya should learn how to masturbate. After more discussion, it was agreed that Michaela would teach her. Michaela fetched a little stand-up mirror so that Aanya could see her vulva in the mirror and learn about it. Aanya had never looked at her vulva before. The brownie took the edge off, so she didn’t feel so embarrassed exposing herself to the group, all of whom were praising how pretty a vulva she had. It really was a very nice one. First, she learned about all the parts and their names from Michaela.

Below her wild little muff, just big enough to grab firmly or nuzzle, was her lovely little vulva. Aanya’s coloring got darker leading up to her outer lips, which were a dark, dark brown. With her legs spread so that she could see in the mirror, her inner lips were excited and spread, much lighter in coloration than her outer lips, and then the visible parts of her pussy hole with her urethra were all pink. Her parts were looking just slightly angry from all the new attention they’d gotten that day, but Aanya insisted it felt fine.

Michaela got her some lube, even though she was wet, because she wanted to teach Aanya that lube always helps and shouldn’t be skimped on. Then she sat across from Aanya and showed her on herself some techniques that often felt good to women. Aanya reported that many of them felt quite good to her. Charisse and Alexis got excited watching this exchange and asked to join in and masturbate with them. Aanya was feeling okay about this closeness now that she had spent some time working with Michaela and eating the brownie, and so then there were four women masturbating together, sighing, and occasionally comparing notes. Finally, Zach asked sheepishly if he could join, because watching four women cheerily pleasure themselves in front of him was driving him crazy with lust. Aanya was fine with it, both because of comfort with him and also curiosity and lust for seeing how he would masturbate himself.

So the five sat on the living room carpet and masturbated together, Aanya with her little mirror and gently tickling her clit with a lot of lube, her gaze shifting back and forth between her mirror and Zach. Michaela had two fingers in herself now and was jerking upwards, stroking her g-spot. She was close to her crisis and had her eyes closed in concentration, brow furrowed. Charisse had one index finger in her puss and the other flicking pretty forcefully directly upwards on her clit. She was looking around the group generally, but was mostly focused on Zach. Alexis was rapidly and energetically stroking across her entire clitoral hood area, swearing softly to herself, having mini-cums constantly where she would lift her ass off the floor and shut her eyes momentarily, but otherwise was making eye contact with whomever was looking around at the moment, often Zach. Zach had hold of his penis dry and was jerking the skin of his penis back and forth rapidly around its most sensitive part, near the middle. He was doing this almost reflexively as he maneuvered on his knees and took a good look at each of the women and how they were pleasuring themselves, shifting position as needed to get a really good look. He was hot and excited at getting to see the intimate details of how each of these lovely women were pleasuring themselves.

By the time each of the women brought themselves to a forceful denouement or two, Zach announced he was feeling pretty close, and where should he do it? Just into his hand? Alexis suggested to Aanya that Zach should squirt it into her mouth and on her face generally, since likely some would miss getting in her mouth. She told her there was nothing so exciting as to get a man’s essence right there where she talks and thinks. Aanya said okay, she would try it. Zach stood up and squirted a modest and wet load neatly into her mouth except for a bit that dribbled down her chin. Aanya, now with an open mouthful of cum, looked around at the women questioningly and then spat it into her hand. “What do I do with it?” she asked.

Alexis answered, “If it feels right, eat it. Otherwise, let me.”

Aanya put it back in her mouth as best she could manage and swallowed it. "Auuugh!" she grimaced, obviously unfamiliar with the taste. Her hand and chin were all wet with cum. Zach got her a towel from the nightstand.

After all that closeness, Aanya felt comfortable climbing naked into their big bed with them and cuddling down to sleep. The lights went out, and they kept chatting, being thankful for their newfound friendships with Aanya and closeness together, and commenting about how great Zach was and their love and lust for him, to which he could just reply that he was in love with them all and blushing at their compliments. Then the talk settled down and they went to sleep.

About midnight, after a couple of hours of uneventful sleep, the group was roused by Aanya’s surprised voice saying, “What are you doing?”

Zach’s sleepy horny voice replied, “I’m hard and I want you.”

Then Aanya saying, “But aaaah, you're so big, uhh, oh... greeeen....” as Zach started, and then softly, “huh, huh, huh…” as he excitedly took her. In just a few minutes, she climaxed excitedly with a shout of “AAAAhhhNNN!” and then there was fussing with a towel, and everybody drifted back to sleep.

Around one in the morning, Charisse’s rising notes began, “ah, ah, ah, ah!” and then a few minutes later, “eeee squeak!” as she reached the top of her range and came. Again, fussing with a towel, then silence.

Around two in the morning, Alexis yawned, “I’ve been waiting tiger – OOH it fills me up so good. Oh God. Oh yesss.” She got quieter after that except for her breath catching or whimpers from time to time. The rocking of the bed was not too disruptive either because it was a pretty hard bed. It was like being at sea, a bit of a choppy sea. When Zach was close, she cried, “Yes, fill me honey, oh yes, deep in me, yes, yes, uh huh fuck me! AAAHhhhh.” Then thirty seconds later came some fluffing with a towel and then silence.

Around three in the morning, Michaela muttered sleepily, “I thought God for once you overlook me oh God you are hard again you bastard wait OOF! you kill me you split me… uhhhh.” Rocking and quiet moans for a while, and then, “Finish, finish then, you amazing bastard, yes baste meAAH ohh I feel it warm…” Then shortly after, the fluffing of a towel was heard, then silence.

At seven in the morning, in the bright sunlight streaming through the window, the three other women watched Zach enjoying Aanya missionary style as she mentioned the color green repeatedly. She screeched her pleasure as he unloaded a huge, hot batch deep in her, straining into her forcefully opened cunny. The other three flinched sympathetically with Aanya when they saw him tense in her. They knew the feel of Zach’s first morning batch pumping and filling everywhere to bursting insistently, and these three especially craved it like bees crave nectar.

The three women were vibrating with lust after witnessing this. After giving the couple a few moments to rest and kiss, it was Charisse this morning who most urgently threw Zach onto his back and mounted his wet and still hard shaft for her morning ride.

Aanya staggered to the bathroom to shower as the three women in turn went urgently after Zach. They climaxed and then switched places especially rapidly this morning, infused with the lusty fervor engendered by the stunning Aanya sharing their bed and Zach’s clear, crushy, lusty attraction to her. Once the three women were finally satisfied, they all got dressed. Aanya had already called a cab and left to work on a Saturday, arguing she was already behind.

Zach spoke to his three daily mates. "It doesn't work for all the other women for me to spend every night with you three. Most nights I can do it. But I see I need one or two nights a week where I sleep elsewhere. To make up for it, I can spend dinner with you that night and lunch with you the next day after. But I need overnights for other women, we've seen that already. I propose we start with Monday nights and see how it goes."

"Oh, I know where this is headed," muttered Alexis, hands on hips.

"Alexis, don't be a bitch about this," interjected Charisse. "We know it's needed. You're just unhappy about it."

"I'm with Charisse," announced Michaela, "We see already how Zach comes home spent from forcing in all these fucks during daytime, and then useless. Better we give him outlet for needy women so he does not die."

So it was decided. Starting this coming Monday, Zach would not sleep overnight with the three on Mondays. Once the decision was made, Charisse left to help Aanya move into the greenhouse.

(To be continued)
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08: Sunday, July 12, 2043, 1200 hours CST: Colette

Zach sat on the king size bed in his new on-base quarters and spoke to Colleen on his phone. “It’s perfect, Colonel. Thanks very much for arranging this.”

“You’re welcome. I don’t want you going crazy with all the work you have. And I want a workout partner sometime soon.”

“Tomorrow, ma’am. We’ll meet and work out as we discussed at our last face-to-face. I’ll meet you at your office, 2100 hours sharp. I’m your doctor now, remember. I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Very well. Carry on.”

It had that Spartan look military accommodations had, but the bed was a good one, especially for sex, which was its intended function from Zach’s perspective. The bed was in an unoccupied temporary building on base that had been partially fitted out to be a dorm. It had the king size bed and some other more standard furniture in a corner of the open area. The rest of the building was empty, except that a few dorm walls had been installed, and a couple of the bathrooms were finished and working.

There was a knock on the door, and Zach went to open it. It was Berte with a big smile on her face, looking down at his dick, which he felt was stirring just at the sight of her, and she could probably see that. She was also glancing at her phone and texting as usual. His phone pinged “Hello lover boy!” He ushered her in, shut the door, tipped her smiling face up with a finger, and tongue kissed her passionately.

They sat on the bed, texting each other. Zach texted, “I have a surprise for you this time.”

“What is it?” Berte texted.

Zach texted, “I know you like being held down and pressure, so I want to try holding you down more, okay? But it will involve holding down your arms as well, so you won’t be able to text.”

“Okay, I’ll try it,” Berte texted.

Zach put a thick firm pad next to the bed and had Berte lay tummy down on the bed and put her knees on the pad. He strapped her legs firmly to the side of the bed with a couple of wide leather straps. “Not too tight?” he texted.

“Feels good,” she texted. Zach lubed up a bullet vibe, gently inserted it into Berte’s cunny, and switched it on. She opened her mouth and made some noises of surprise and not discomfort.

Now Zach spoke, “I want to strap down your arms now, okay?”

“Yes,” Berte said. This was the first word Zach had heard her say since the hotel bathroom.

Zach used some wide leather cuffs to strap each of Berte’s arms to a far bedpost, immobilizing her further. As he did this, he could see that she was responding to the stimulation of the bullet vibe by straining against the arm and leg restraints. He opened a cabinet, pulled out radiological aprons, and piled them on her back. “Huh! Unh-unh-unh-UH!!” She strained and climaxed as the pressure on her back increased. By the time he had all the aprons piled on her, she was cumming again and again before she could catch her breath from the last one.

Zach got behind Berte and lubed up his cock and her vulva for good measure, leading her to scream in orgasm as he slathered her vulva. He slipped out the vibe, switched it off, threw it on the bed, and penetrated her hard, working his entire length into her in a few strokes as she gasped. He took his pleasure in her twisting young puss then, so sweet, while she came in a different way, more grunting and mewing, less whimpering than with the vibe, but still frequently, her muscular arms and legs shaking and straining against their bonds.

Zach silently thanked Michaela, Alexis, and Charisse for their overnight, because he was in the most excited, twitching, snappy bit of girl he had ever experienced, and by all rights he ought to be popping already, but he was able to hang on and pound and pound Berte as she strained, sweated, and mewed through countless climaxes. Finally, his cum was boiling up hard, and, realizing there hopefully would always be a next time, he plugged her hard and filled her with two and a half good spurts of thick baby juice. He actually heard her gurgle as she shook with a final intense orgasm.

Berte was limp as he unloaded the radiological aprons and unstrapped her. She fumbled for her phone, typed something, and then erased it. After Zach had finished releasing her, he sat next to her on the bed, texted her “What do you think?” and then set down the phone and played with her hair and ran his hand over her ass.

Berte replied via text, “I liked it,"
"but tying up people is supposed to be wrong,"
"so I feel a little wrong for liking it.”

Zach texted, “Good wrong or bad wrong?”

“I could get used to it if it gives you pleasure,” Berte texted.

“I like what gives you pleasure,” Zach texted. They parted ways without resolution, but with love, and Berte left with a smile on her face and a lot of semen inside her. He walked with her partway, since the hangar she was headed to was near his office. They walked serenely in silence and waved goodbye when they had to part.

When he got to his office, he gave Aanya a call. “I loved being with you yesterday and last night, and I was thinking about you. Okay, to be honest, I was worrying.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, fine. Charisse is helping me move in.”

“When people make a change this big in their lives, it’s predictable that fear will grab them sooner or later. I’m always available to you, and if you don’t want to talk to me, you can talk to Charisse, or Colleen, Colonel Bruno I mean. Promise me you’ll talk to someone.”

“Okay. I already am. I told Charisse that you would forget about me, and she told me she saw how you looked at me last night and was envious.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“Kind of reassured, but then I started feeling like, although I’m willing to share you, I want you all to myself too, and ten other women are going to try to scratch my eyes out and climb over me to get to you first.”

“You know that’s not true, though, right?”

“It’s just a feeling. I know we’re all highly trained astronauts who will act like adults even under intense stress, blah, blah, blah.”

“You get first dibs until you’re feeling more comfortable. Do you want me today?”

“Please no. I have so much work to do, and I can barely walk.”

“Are you in pain?”

“Muscle pains, chafing, that sort of thing. I’ll survive. You are a worrier.”

“I’m your lover and your doctor, and we launch for our first dry run in three days. And, I need to see you, I mean we should see each other tomorrow for another try at, you know, making a baby.”

“I’m already pregnant. I know I am.”


“I have a lot of work.”

“I have a place we can meet on base now that’s a five minute walk from the greenhouse. If you really want to rush, half an hour, and you’re back at work.”

“That’s the problem. Once I see you, I won’t want to go back. Then all my plants will die and my work will be ruined. I’ll be reduced to being a bored housewife popping out babies. Pop. Pop. Pop.”

“I know you’re just playing with me now, but there’s a grain of actual concern to every expressed fear. Keep talking to Charisse. You’re going to be one of the first twelve people in human history to live out their lives on Mars, Aanya, and we need you every step of the way. I need you.”

“You’re a sweet talker. What I need is to get back to work now.”

“I need you to meet me tomorrow, on behalf of the child we want together. 1200 hours. Building 115 in the annex. Don’t be late.”

“Fine. Goodbye.”

Next, Zach called Colby. “Will you please meet me tomorrow?”

“How many women have you had sex with in the last 24 hours?”

“I love you, Colby. I honestly love you. I would do anything for you.”

“I appreciate that and I love you too. You don’t need to be worrying about me right now. I don’t ovulate for another week and a half or something. The point is I don’t want you killing yourself on my account. I knew you would be busy. I’m a grown woman. I’m not asking because I’m jealous. I’m asking because I care about you, you damn fool. Now answer the question.”

“Just five.”

“Just five? You’re killing yourself! How can that be pleasant? I know you want to please everybody, Zach, my Zachary. You’ll kill yourself to please everybody. You’ll hate your life. You need to talk to Colleen.”

“Miss Colby Lincoln, my sweet chocolate aperitif, my sex drive is not your sex drive. Not many women I’ve known know this about me, because they would probably be scared, but since you asked, here’s the truth. I need to cum once in the morning and once at night at the very least. Masturbating more than that takes the edge off better, but only so much of that helps. What really takes the edge off is a woman’s touch. If I’m in a monogamous relationship, and she’s not up to twice a day, I’ll masturbate as necessary to stay calm and happy, which is usually a lot.”

“I’m getting plenty right now, so I’m very calm. Even so, I wake up, you know, the three women who have the courage to sleep with me every night, and I do them in the middle of the night as well as before bed and in the morning. My body just wakes me up because they smell so wonderful and I have to have them. I know that sounds crazy to you. Now I’m missing you, specifically, Colby Lincoln. Isn’t that clear? I’ve been calling you every day. Will you not visit?”

“You are a maniac. Will you not take care of yourself? I’ve been waiting for the dry run, because I know something you don’t.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to be the day shift engineer, so we’ll be sleeping at the same time. You’ll get to wake me up in the middle of the night, Zachary Carson. Oh, I’m going to regret this. You’re gonna put me in a wheelchair.”

“Yay! I still want you tomorrow. I’ve been missing you, viscerally, seriously.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Okay, I give up.”

“Okay, tomorrow, 1500 hours, building 115 in the annex, don’t be late.”

“You had this all planned, didn’t you?” observed Colby. “I’ll be there.”

Zach returned to his new rooms at a 2:45 PM to clean up a bit in advance of Khushi’s arrival at 3 pm. He put away the bondage gear and the radiological aprons, changed the sheets, and showered himself.

Khushi knocked precisely at 3 PM, and he let her in. “Here, have this,” she said, handing him a plastic container with a pastry on wax paper in it. “It’s supposed to increase sperm production according to my mother.”

“That’s very sweet of you and your mother,” said Zach. He ate the whole thing. “Mmm. Very good. I guess you talk to her about everything?”

“From what little I said and she inferred, she jumped to the conclusion that I’m trying to snatch you away from the others by getting pregnant. I’m not bothering to correct her for the time being. This place is great! Lots of room to dance.” And at this, Khushi put on some music, different music than last time, and performed a striptease for Zach. This time she was wearing a severe olive green skirt, below the knee, no pantyhose, her legs being perfect, olive green pumps to match the skirt, a matching olive green blouse, and a little bow tie with dangles that had olive green and other colors in it. The olive green contrasted beautifully with the rich golden brown of her skin.

Underneath that, she was wearing a black undershirt and slip, and under that, she had a matching set of bright red lacy bra and panties. When she removed her bra this time, she held one boob out to him so that he could latch on and suckle it. She held it still while she undulated and danced the rest of her body. Then she switched him to the other boob. It was graceful, what she did, and Zach wished he could have watched it from a better vantage point.

He was seated on the bed by this time, and she stepped up and balanced on his legs, her red-lacy-thonged ass shimmying in his face. Then she stilled, bent in half, deftly pulled down her panties, and leaned back to kiss him on the lips with her vulva lips. He immediately kissed and licked her vulva, and she leaned back on his mouth as the music wrapped up.

Zach held Khushi to him, stood up, and set her gently on the bed. From behind, he lifted her, spread her, and lifted her clit up to his tongue, his nose tickling her anus. He held her there upside down for a while with his tongue and lips savoring her cunny. At the same time, she stroked his cock to hardness with one hand while balancing herself on the bed with the other.

He put her down, and she pushed him over and mounted him cowgirl style. She teased herself to luscious orgasm after luscious orgasm this way, as was her clear desire, until three quarters of an hour later, Zach said, “I’m getting close,” and rolled her over to finish. He grabbed her ass and cuddled close to her resting into her boobs, feeling her hot breath on his neck as he vigorously pounded and sprinted toward his climax in her. Then with a “RAAA!!” he tensed and squirted deep in her, sighed, and fell to the side to rest and enjoy their post coital bliss.

As they were still coupled, Zach asked about Ayana. Khushi said they were falling in love, she thought, romantic love. She had brought Ayana back to her hotel room that first evening and danced for her. They had made love and talked about everything all night long. Since then, they had been inseparable. Khushi said that everybody she knew would be horribly scandalized if they knew she was sleeping with a lesbian, and she would probably be disowned, so if he ever had occasion to speak to them, he shouldn't mention it.

At 6 PM, Zach drove up the driveway of a large mansion. A tall, pale woman with long brown hair and a plunging ankle-length black dress got in as a butler loaded her luggage into the trunk. He nearly got out to help, but it was done before he could get out of his seatbelt. Instead, he turned to her. “You are Doctor Colette Alexandre, I presume,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied, “and you must be Doctor Zachary Carson.” They shook hands and she smiled a cute little smile. Her brilliant deep green eyes stood out, struck him, and transfixed him. They made him take a moment just to look at the rest of her as well, knowing what was probably going to happen. She was a tall, graceful, slinky thin woman, though her breasts were good-sized for such a thin woman. Her face was quite beautiful and long, with a long, aquiline nose, intelligent eyebrows over those piercing green eyes, and a wide mouth currently bearing a cute grin. He could easily imagine those teeth gritted and lips pulled back in a snarl of ecstasy. With all these beautiful women having no doubt exquisite babies, he mused, in a few generations men would come to Mars just to see the women!

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was staring,” Zach stammered.

“That’s okay, so was I,” Colette grinned, putting a hand gently on his chest and feeling his muscular body a little.

It was then that Zachary noticed the ring. It was a gold ring on the wedding finger. Probably just a style thing, he thought. He asked, “Where to?”

She lowered her head and looked up at him seductively. “We need to talk.”

“Great,” said Zach, “It’s dinnertime, and I know a good restaurant.”

“Please,” she said.

They were seated immediately at Mercutio’s, even without a reservation. Zach breathed a sigh of relief. They made small talk as they waited for their food to arrive. Colette was a geologist, so she would be working with Alexis. He enthused that Alexis was a very good friend of his.

After their food arrived and they were left in privacy, Colette began to ask questions. “I heard from Colleen that you might be interested in having and raising a child with me?”

There was something detached about this woman. He could tell she was attracted to him, and he was definitely attracted to her, but there wasn’t that easy falling together and tuning in to each other that Zach was used to experiencing in similar situations. Even so, she was mesmerizing. “I’m at your service,” he said helplessly.

“I’d like that,” she said with a cryptic smile.

“Well,” Zach sighed with a little smirk, “That’s all settled. What next?”

Colette opened her purse, got out an envelope, and handed it to him.

“What’s this?” asked Zach.

“It’s a letter from my husband,” Colette said with a seductive smile.

“I noticed the ring,” Zach said. “I guess it wasn’t just a fashion statement.”

“No, it isn’t a fashion statement.”

“So you’re married?”


“And you’re going permanently to Mars?”


“And you want to raise a child with me?”


“And your husband is staying here?”


Zach realized that maybe this was just a kind of sentimental completion thing. The poor guy wanted to implore him to take good care of her or something. Whatever helped this couple cope with what must be a difficult loss for them was okay by him. He opened the letter.

“Dear Doctor Carson,”

“I trust this letter finds you in very good health and in the charming presence of my wife Colette.”

“For many years, my wife and I have had an unusual relationship. We can’t be together even here on Earth for reasons I won’t bore you with at the moment. So instead, we’ve developed a kind of intimate relationship that works for us. We saw no reason to stop this relationship because of interplanetary distances provided we could find a compassionate man to act as an intermediary of sorts. Would you be that compassionate man? Would you make love to my wife for us?”

“If you accept our request, please use the enclosed public key and address to establish future secure communications with me at your earliest convenience.”

“My wife would not find welcome any sexual activity except as set forth explicitly in these or future instructions from me. We’ve established some ground rules, she and I, which will enhance her pleasure, I assure you.”

“1) She is not allowed to have any sexual partners other than you.”

“2) She is not allowed to orgasm unless you grant her request in advance; if you grant her request to orgasm, she must orgasm immediately.”

“3) She is not allowed to stimulate herself sexually in any way unless these rules or my instructions explicitly require it.”

“4) When she is off duty, she is required to follow any sexual command from you without question or delay as long as the command adheres to these rules and current or future instructions.”

“5) When she is off duty, she is required to either wear dresses or skirts without panties or to be nude from waist to knees at all times unless her living conditions require her to do otherwise for safety reasons as determined by you.”

“6) When she is off duty, you may undress and touch her in any way you see fit except touching her vaginal or anal areas.”

“7) When off duty, she is required upon request to pleasure you in any way you see fit except by using her vaginal or anal areas.”

“8) When off duty, she is required upon request to stand by and watch passively while you engage in sexual activity.”

“9) When off duty, she is required upon request to take your ejaculate down her throat, in her mouth to swallow, or anywhere on her body or clothing.”

“10) If she breaks a rule, the punishment is ten forceful stripes with a belt across her backside. These should be vigorous enough to take about a week to completely heal. She will fetch the belt and assume the position if she breaks a rule. If she does not, the punishment doubles. Sometimes she needs to be punished, so don’t feel bad if she breaks a rule. It probably just means that she wants to be punished.”

“Now, here are my specific instructions for this evening. Suffice it to say that my wife had a pretty rough night last night, so I’d like you to start with something basic and simple that is bound to please her and leave her wanting more from you.”

“I’d like you to take her to the Stark Hotel there in Houston. I’ve already rented a room in my wife’s name. I’m aware that you carry various medical supplies in the trunk of your car in case of emergencies. Please take with you any supplies you’d need to perform an enema.”

“When you arrive in the room, I would like you to ask my wife to strip for you and then give her three enemas in quick succession. Before you begin, I’d like you to insert the bullet vibrator she carries at all times into her vagina. If you need lube, she carries a supply of that, too. Set the bullet vibrator on setting three.”

“Pressurize her until she begs you to stop, satisfy yourself that she’s not lying, and then put in another 500 ml. Once she has accepted the extra amount, make her wait one minute before allowing her to release into the toilet. You may grant her mercy, that is to say, allow her to orgasm at any point she requests in this process, but I would encourage and advise you to make her wait until you allow her to release into the toilet. As I’ve specified, please repeat this process three times. After this, please shut off and remove the bullet vibrator. Have her clean it with her mouth, then in the sink. Have her tidy everything else as well.”

“After this, proceed to the bed, lubricate her sufficiently, and fuck her in the ass until you are satisfied. Although she enjoys the closeness of anal sex, she generally does not orgasm from it, so don’t feel bad if she doesn’t orgasm. She’s just not very sensitive to this kind of stimulation. This part is really about you two getting cozy and about her giving you a nice release. We will aim in all our encounters to show our infinite gratitude to you for your generous assistance.”

“This should conclude your first evening with her. She’ll report the results from the encounter to me after you have reviewed and approved them, and in time I will learn to use you with increasing effectiveness to make love to my wife.”

“Have Fun,”


“Dang,” said Zach after he had finished reading the letter. “This is not what I expected.” Colette looked at him expectantly. He thought about this. Some of this behavior would border on breaking his oath to do no harm, an oath he took just as seriously in his personal life as he did in his professional life. That said, he was interested in helping her as he was all his crewmates, and he had to admit he was curious about where this would lead. It would hurt this couple to shut down something this clearly meaningful to them both, he expected. “You have a chance to start a whole new life for yourself on Mars, Colette. Are you sure you want this?” he asked.

Colette grabbed his hand, looked deep into his eyes with those mesmerizing bright green eyes of hers, and said, “With all my heart.”

“In that case,” said Zach, “I agree to this particular letter, but then I’m afraid we’ll have to see for the time being. I want to say I understand somewhat, and I respect your love for each other and your desire to interact in this way. There are a lot of new things here for me, and I’m not convinced at this point that doing as you ask won’t tread too heavily on personal standards I have to follow to feel right about myself.”

“I’m sure things will be fine,” Colette said. “You’re one of the most thoughtful men about this I’ve ever encountered. That makes me respect you even more than I already did. I don’t think that either my husband or I would want to ask you to do anything you’d find unethical.”

Zach looked in Colette’s deep green eyes, then at her mouth, which currently had a bit of a serious line to it. He would try to try this. It was his move, clearly. They were in a booth near the back of the restaurant. It was fairly dark and secluded, with sparse foot traffic. The maitre d’ must have identified him as being one of Alexis’s friends, he mused. “Scoot over next to me,” he asked. She did so immediately, clearly following the rules nicely. He kissed her, and they tongue wrestled delightfully. She ran her hands over his body, enjoying his muscles. He ran his hands over her body, feeling the heft of her breasts, the curve of her hips, her nipples hardening. He was getting pretty hard himself, come to think of it.

Zach felt reluctant about the rules in the letter, but he didn’t want to act reluctant. He wanted to give this an honest try. But what would constitute an honest try? They stopped making out as the waitress approached and took their dishes. He pressed his credit card onto the check to pay it and then returned to making out with Colette. Soon they were both vibrating with sexual tension. “I don’t think I’ve just hugged and kissed somebody like this since college,” Colette observed.

“Long overdue,” said Zach and snacked deliciously on her lips and tongue yet again. At this point, he was getting painfully hard in his pants and increasingly urgent. To Colette, he whispered embarrassedly, “Get under the table and suck my cock.” She immediately disappeared from view, and a moment later, he felt his pants unzip and her feeling around for the opening in his boxer briefs. He worried whether his cock, just now sprung massive and hard from his pants, was thinking too much for him in this moment.

In a few bobs, Colette forced Zach’s cock all the way down her throat. Even as his eyes crossed, he felt with his hands to confirm what he was feeling, which was her face pressed against his crotch and holding there for a long beat. Then she grabbed his legs and started pistoning her throat rapidly all the way up and down his cock. His hips tensed immediately, feeling orgasmic. This was overwhelming sensation.

With intense concentration, Zach grabbed his wine glass from the table and calmly took a sip, and then another, and then set it down. The table was shaking ever so slightly, he could see the ripples in their wine, but not so much as would attract attention. He was poised and straining not to shoot, but instead, he gritted his teeth and took another sip of his wine. He set down his glass and immediately convulsed in powerful orgasm and released his everything, his soul, perhaps his will, down Colette’s throat. She felt it coming and pressed her face down hard on him and held it there. His breath caught, because he did not want to make a noise, and he turned beet red with the strain of it, shuddering. A long pause later, panting, he sat slowly up in his seat and croaked, “Okay.” Only then did her face come slowly off his crotch, and he heard a gasp as she sucked in air from being deprived for a minute. Then she sucked and licked him clean, returned it to his pants, and resumed her position next to him with an enthusiastic and contented smile and a sparkle in her brilliant green eyes. So far so good, he thought. And then he thought, this might kill me.

Later that evening, around 11 PM, Zach arrived home limp and half asleep. He was unresponsive as the three desperate women threw him down on the entryway rug and hastily undressed him. Michaela, always wanting first batch when she could have it, expertly sucked him to hardness and speared herself on the result as the others cooed over him, feeding him water and trying to revive him. Finally Alexis started, “Colette is a complete mystery to me and everyone else except for her professional reputation, Zach. You need to tell me how she was. What happened to you?”

“I’m fucked,” Zach croaked.

“You’re fucked good or you’re fucked bad? Well?” But that’s all Zach would say. Finally Alexis said, "Well, if you're not going to talk, then eat this," and climbed onto his face and started grinding. After the three women were done satisfying themselves, they dragged him straight to bed and tucked him in. By the middle of the night, he revived some and took each of them in turn as usual. In the morning, at their morning ride, he seemed to have returned to his usual self, but still wouldn’t talk about Colette. “Ask her yourselves,” was all he would say.

(To be continued)
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09: Monday, July 13, 2043, 1145 hours CST: Berte Sets Things Right

When his alarm went off, Zach awakened from his nap on his bed at the base. He saw a text message from Berte, “Sweet dreams sweetheart! Text when you wake.”

Zach texted to Berte, “Here I am. Just woke up.”

A moment later, he got a text from Berte. She must have had it already composed. The message began, “Jill and I have been thinking constantly about tomorrow, so I want you to know first of all that everything’s okay and I love you,” it read. Jill was the name of her favorite vibrator.

“Oh-oh, here it comes,” thought Zach to himself.

“Although I admit that the nasty bad stuff you did to me last time excited me to a degree I’ve never experienced before, I want something else tomorrow. I want you to tell me you love me with your words, because you’re neurotypical, and that’s how I know you mean it. I want to hear from your voice that you’ll take care of me and guide me and that everything will be okay and my baby will be healthy and strong. You should cum in me too, of course, for the insemination part. But I want you to make love to me like I’m a neurotypical woman, even though I know I’m not, unless you can’t get excited for me unless we do it the dirty way. Then I need to understand why.”

It was clear to Zach then that Berte had been disturbed by what he’d done with her. He texted, “This is a misunderstanding easily fixed."
"I love you with all my heart and soul,"
"and I’m overjoyed and excited to make love to you"
"and cum in you any way you’ll have me."
"If you were a neurotypical woman I would have done the same thing,"
"but it was an optimization error."
"You’ll understand this, because you’re an engineer."
"Like I said I would,"
"I was paying close attention to what excited you sexually"
"and doing more of that."
"What I didn’t take into account"
"is that you wanted more than just good sex from me,"
"because I’m an idiot."
"Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you,” Berte texted quickly.
“You want more than just good sex from me, right?”

“I do,” Zach texted.
He continued, “But this is where my unconscious bias crept in."
"I ached to make love to you face to face"
"and shower your face with kisses"
"and whisper endearments to you"
"while I put my seed deep in your womb"
"to make our baby,"
"but I assumed that such behavior"
"would be a tone deaf irritation to you,"
"like I wasn’t paying attention to who you are"
"and your likes and dislikes."
"So I kept myself from doing it."
"I communicated by text in person."
"I turned your beautiful face away from mine."
"I suppressed what I love to do most"
"because I thought it would make you happiest.”

Berte texted, “Don't you dare give up yourself to love me!"
"I want the real Zach,"
"not one you manufacture for my benefit."
"I fell in love with you, the real you,” Berte texted quickly.
“I want you to make love to me the way you want me,"
"Zachary Carson."
"I want you to tell me what you want,"
"and if I can't give it, I'll let you know."
"I want you to ask me to look you in the eyes"
"if you want to see my eyes,"
"and I’ll do it, because I love you,"
"and I want to please you,"
"and I’m good at it,"
"and proud of being good at it."
"That goes for fellatio and paizuri as well."
"Now I have a reason to do a man"
"that’s better than just to get or stay friendly"
"and because I’m proud of my skill."
"Now I can do it for you because I love you."
"Please let me please you in all the ways you want, my love."
"Don’t hold back.” Berte concluded.

Zach texted, “I promise to love you how I want you,"
"and I trust your skill to interpret it how I mean it."
"I won’t hold back my nature or hide from you any more,"
"my love."
"But I want you to be able to relax and not work so hard"
"sometimes during lovemaking too.”

Berte texted, “Don’t worry."
"After your first cum,"
"after you’ve pushed my fear far away"
"that I can't communicate with a neurotypical man well enough to be with you"
"and raise a healthy family with you,"
"I’ll ask for and take whatever I want,"
"just like I did after the first time we made love."
"I will balance it well for myself,"
"and I know you can keep up and want to keep up.” Berte concluded.

“That sounds fantastic,” Zach replied.
Then his alarm went off. Aanya would be arriving any second. “Got to go, love,” he texted Berte.
“More later.”

“Love you,” Berte texted.

“Love you xoxoxo," Zach replied.

(To be continued)
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10: Monday, July 13, 2043, 1200 hours CST: Aanya Gets Plowed

Zach got up, brushed his hair, and waited for Aanya to arrive. He played a game on his phone. It was now 12:15 PM and still no Aanya. He texted her, “ETA?”

A minute later, she texted, “Work emergency.”

“This woman,” Zach muttered, and left to visit the greenhouse. When he arrived there, sure enough, there she was, covered in the dirt and gardening coveralls only she could make sexy, installing little black irrigation tubes for a big table full of plants, her cute bubble bottom thrust toward him, a luscious dick magnet. He came up behind her silently and pounced, snuggled her backside with his hardening cock and grabbed her yummy round tits playfully. Aanya jumped and shrieked almost in pain, causing him to startle and back away. She clocked him full force with an open hand on his cheek and the side of his head, POW! Her face was fierce and filled with anger. Zach froze, mortified and confused.

Charisse burst into the room. “What the hell is going on here?”

“He attacked me!” Aanya shouted. She was holding her hand in pain. “I mean he startled me,” she softened. Zach walked up to her, cupped her hurt hand, and kissed the palm.

“Weren’t you supposed to be over at his place by now?” said Charisse, clearly peeved. “I told you I could handle this.”

Aanya burst into tears and covered her face with her hands. She cried with increasing hysteria, “We have two days to get this fucking system working; there’s no fucking time! And I’m a disgusting stinking bitch whore! I dishonor him!” Zach grabbed her, pinning her arms this time, and held her tight. She cried uncontrollably.

“Aanya, we talked about this,” Charisse urged patiently. She’d heard this over and over.

“You should give up on me,” she bawled. “You said it yourself, I’ve been angry at men so long, I don’t know how to treat them except with anger. I don’t know how to treat myself except with anger.”

“There, there,” cooed Charisse, hugging them both. She was that rare woman who could say such a thing and you knew it was completely genuine and completely from her heart. “It’s scary to be out of control, sweet Aanya. She’s in love, Zachary, she’s in vulnerable, out-of-control love with you.” Aanya bawled harder. Zach just held her, and Charisse held them both, until Aanya was all cried out. Being in the arms of these two beautiful women, Aanya hurt so badly but finally opening up to love, Charisse radiating enough love to heal the whole world, Zach felt blessed.

Finally the group hug broke up. Aanya looked shyly away from Zach and pleadingly toward Charisse. Charisse bent down and whispered a long something into Aanya’s ear. When they were done, Aanya turned to him and asked, “Would you take off your clothes for me?” As he undressed, she was removing her own clothes: her coveralls, her t-shirt, her bra, and her panties. As she bared her caramel nakedness, round bubble tits, and wild-grown little muff to him again, he felt the blood surge into his penis at the same time his heart melted. Dear God, Aanya, this caramel beauty, owned his soul!

Charisse had swept the dirt off the potting table, and Aanya jumped onto it and spread her legs, causing her vulva to pop open a bit, wet and pink. Charisse took hold of her and positioned her further, her butt right up to the edge of the table, her heels braced at the edge as well, her vulva open, pink in the middle, and glistening. Zach stood there slightly crouched, poised to pounce on Aanya, his mouth watering, his erection pulsing hard, but waiting for some indication of how this wanted to develop.

Charisse got between Aanya’s legs and bent down to whisper to her. They whispered back and forth and occasionally Charisse gave a little giggle. Zach waited patiently with amusement, softening slightly, but no matter. Finally, Charisse stepped away from Aanya. Both had diabolical smiles on their faces. “Look, he’s getting soft,” Aanya muttered despondently.

“Don’t worry so much,” Charisse cooed. “It’s because he couldn’t see his naked girl anymore, silly. Look it’s already going up again.” She walked over next to Zach so they could observe Aanya together. “I’m tempted to get more involved, but I’ll just do this,” she explained shakily, and started stroking him gently with an index finger along the bottom of his shaft slowly, from base to head, and then back to base. “Look at Aanya, with her cute dewy open flower, so wanting pollination,” she teased softly, stroking him up and down, up and then down.

Aanya was in some internal battle to say something, and finally, looking into Zach’s eyes, growled forcefully, “Own me.” He left Charisse’s side and her finger’s caress to approach Aanya gently. He towered over her even crouching slightly, his urgent manhood pressing gently at her entire tiny vulva. Ouch, he thought, and realized he’d forgotten to bring the lube he would need for this tiny one. He bent down a long way, kind of sideways, to kiss her, because he didn’t want to give up the kiss of his cock head nestled against her juicy opening.

Zach felt something cold touch his penis, and realized it was Charisse slathering his penis and Aanya’s delicate vulva with lube. Charisse must have seen the same thing. Her hand felt good on him. Feeling her hand on him, his mind roved to their dinner date, and his fucking muscles thrilled, penis, ass, lower back, as he imagined how forcefully he would spend in her then. What a woman! But for now, this one. He grabbed Aanya by each of her buttocks, lifted her off the bench, and speared her in a single motion, eliciting a “Huh! uuuh… green...” and making it about three quarters of the way into her before reaching the current extent of her snappy quim.

Zach carried Aanya into the next room, where he knew there was a pile of soft soil he had delightedly made love to Charisse on. It was still there, more soil obliterating the indentation Charisse’s body had made. He laid Aanya onto the pile and pressed her down into it with his body weight. “It stinks... I mean green,” she complained weakly as he pressed his weight onto her and started thrusting in her urgently, forcefully, pressing her body into the cool, moist new soil contrasted with the hot moistness of the greenhouse air and his burning, sweaty body.

Aanya climaxed hard under Zach, “AAAAHHNNNNN!! Huh! GREEN!” Her body and legs quivered fitfully against his dominating strength and weight, spread wide and pinioned by his muscular body. He kept plowing her with continuous urgency and force throughout her orgasm, taking his pleasure fully from her pulsing, twisting quim as he buried himself in her while pile driving her into the caressing soil of her garden.

Zach lifted off Aanya as he continued to plow her so he could gaze at his treasure, his prize. Her eyes were heavy lidded, her teeth bared in a grimace, her brow furrowed with emotion. Her round caramel tits bounced gracefully as he rocked her entire body with his pistoning thrusts. Her delicate legs were forced open very wide to take him. Her tiny shock of black muff hair stood seemingly at attention, surprised that this giant battering ram was invading its domain.

Zach couldn’t know the future. But he knew he loved Aanya relentlessly, helplessly, worshipfully, conflicts and all. Together, as they were absolutely one being in this moment, it would work. With Charisse’s help and the help of all their new loving friends, it would work. He gazed lovingly at her face, her struggle glaring in her eyes, glancing up at him and then away. She deserved so much love and passion in her life. He thought of her open womb then. He could feel it milking his penis powerfully, thirsting and twisting, poised for his seed. “RRRAAAH!!” he cried and strained in her.

As his first hot burst hit her, she jerked her hips open and shook in orgasm, “NNNN! Huh!” Another hot burst shot out into her as she whimpered, and another. Drained, Zach fell onto one elbow, his sweat showering onto Aanya like a tropical squall. Then there was silence and breathing.

“That looked like fun,” Charisse ventured from atop a bag of potting soil across and a polite distance away from them. Both hands were plunged into her stretch pants. She looked like a kid who had been caught with both hands in the cookie jar. Zach chuckled at the sight.

“I’ll never get this dirt off me,” Aanya croaked, sounding not entirely unhappy at the prospect.

“The emergency shower is not just for emergencies. I use it all the time. Here, I’ll show you.” Zach let Aanya up. It was true she was covered in dirt, and there was a big sexy dent where she had been pressed into the soil. A clear wet splash of cum and other juices lay at the crux of the dent’s legs and dribbled away from there. He needed a picture of that dent. As they wandered off, he grabbed his phone out of his pants and discreetly took a photo. It was so suggestive and impossible to identify. He sighed. Alexis would know, Aanya wouldn’t approve. Given those two near certainties, he would certainly never do anything to endanger Aanya’s fragile trust. He could never show it to anyone, even anonymously. Sadly, he left the dent and started brushing the dirt off himself. He needed that shower, too. “Hey wait, ladies,” he called after them. “I want to go again!”

“Red! I need to work!” Aanya called back to him almost teasingly.

“Maybe in the shower?” he asked hopefully, trotting after them. But the shower stall proved to be too small.

(To be continued)
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11: Monday, July 13, 2043, 1300 hours CST: Colette's Report

On the way to his building after his shower, Zach smiled and texted Berte, “I’m back.”

“Welcome back. Rebalancing a fusion bottle,” Berte texted.

Zach continued, “I have a request based on our previous conversation. Please do the looking me in the eye thing and the yes thing for me just like Colleen taught you. I think I’ll get excited even more knowing that you’re doing it just to excite me.”

“Ooh, this is going to be fun! I can’t wait to see how hard and excited you get from my eye job. Eye job?”

He was exploring a new frontier indeed. Now he was getting eye jobs. “As good a name as any. I love you. Remember, I'll pick you up from your quarters at 6 PM tomorrow.”

“Reminder: eidetic memory. Don’t be repetitive except with your hips.”

He didn’t know what to text to Berte in response to that, so instead he called Khushi. Heavy breathing answered. “Khushi’s phone,” giggled Ayana.

Khushi’s voice in the background, incredulous, “You answered it? Mmmmf.” The rest was garbled.

“Hi Ayana. I was just calling for Khushi. I can call back later.”

“She's eating at the moment,” Ayana said gleefully, breathlessly. I'll bet, thought Zach. He had never heard Ayana filled with such joy before. He heard a struggle over the phone, phone dropped, laughing, struggling, and then the call ended. Gosh, they were such a cute couple, he thought.

Zach arrived at his room. Given he had ended up taking Aanya on the greenhouse dirt pile and showering there, he had no tidying up to do to be ready for Colby at 3 PM. God, he was horny. Aanya had just gotten him started. He was on edge to see Colby again, he knew. His body and soul ached for her. He was in trouble with that one. He called Berte. His call went to voicemail, and he said, “Honey, I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to tell you I love you.” She was probably still in the innards of that machine she mentioned earlier. He was edgy, not sleepy. Then he remembered he needed to visit Colette to approve her letter to her husband.

Zach found Colette working with Alexis at the visualization lab, examining a 3D representation of the terrain and evident geological formations around the colony site, planning their search for ore that would allow the colonists to eventually expand the single colony dome to a network of domes, a city of domes. They hadn’t noticed him yet; they were so absorbed in their work and their discussion. He had a star struck moment quietly watching these two brilliant scientists in their element, doing what they do best.

They noticed him in the corner over there. Alexis said, “Zach, you’re so quiet, come over here and visit!”

“I didn’t want to intrude,” said Zach, walking over.

“Usually he’s not so quiet… Raaaa!” Alexis joked to Colette. The sound and the hand and hip motions she made while doing it were not overtly sexual, but for anybody who had ever witnessed Zach climax, her parody was unmistakable. Colette doubled over in a peal of laughter. Another data point for Alexis.

Zach sighed and turned to Colette, “Should we review that letter?”

“Yes,” answered Colette catching her breath, and said to Alexis, “I’ll be back soon.” Colette walked Zach into her office, shut the door, and brought up the message on her workstation.

“My Love,”

“Doctor Carson took me out to dinner where we had our first conversation. He is a stunning creature in person, with blue-gray eyes I must look up into, and exquisite muscles, not beefy, but lean and strong. I felt moist touching his chest in the car only moments after meeting him.”

“He is agreeable in principle to raising a child with me if you wish. I answered basic questions from him regarding our marriage, and then I gave him your message. He was surprised by the contents, having never encountered similar matters in the past. His first reaction was to satisfy himself I wasn’t being coerced, which touched me. This is a good, high integrity man. He is uncertain with regard to the arrangement, and concerned that future instructions might violate his ethical standards. I assured him that we could work with him to address any concerns.”

“He is obviously a man of great lust and, as you’ll read, raw sexual energy. From the moment we met, I could tell I was exciting him, although he did nothing in the least inappropriate or suggestive until, despite his concerns, he agreed to execute the instructions in your letter. After agreeing, I think he did his best to capture the spirit of your rules by spending perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes enjoying himself by tongue kissing me and feeling me in our secluded booth at the restaurant. Despite his adherence to the rules, by the end of his kissing and touching, I knew I had soiled my dress with my vaginal fluids, my nipples were rock hard, and my vagina ached to be filled by him.”

“Despite his clear discomfort and fear of being caught, he then urgently and with a cute guilty look ordered me under the table to service him orally. He is significantly above average in size and was quite stiff as I released him from his pants. Once I was on him, he didn’t last long, though I have no concerns regarding his stamina, as you’ll read. It was just that he was already extremely excited, as I was, and had probably not orgasmed in several hours, and also was perhaps not as familiar with oral pleasure as I expect he will be from now on.”

“We left the restaurant and went to a grocer, where he bought a small container of table salt. Then we proceeded to the hotel. After we arrived at our room, he went into the bathroom. Minutes later, he emerged and asked me for the bullet vibrator. I gave it to him. He looked at his phone, and minutes later, he asked for the code. I gave him the code. He then ordered me to remove my clothes and put them away. He noticed the wet spot I had made on the back of my dress, asked for the dress, and sniffed and licked at the spot. He is quite an oral person. Then he ushered me into the bathroom where I saw an enema bag hanging from the shower rod and thereby recognized your hand in these proceedings.”

“He put on some latex gloves, lubricated the bullet vibrator, and gently pushed it into my sopping cunt. I almost orgasmed then, feeling his finger momentarily enter and brush my cunt lips. He was scrupulous to avoid touching my clitoris. I craved to have his slick and dexterous hands pleasure my wet cunt even a little so I could have release, but he was scrupulous in his avoidance, leaving me shaking with excitement and frustration. I then realized I needed to piss, and he let me piss into the toilet, but he made me show him and he watched me. He’s definitely quite a voyeur with the dress and also the urine. Then, while I was still seated on the toilet, he turned on the vibrator. He had pushed it in just far enough that it was pressing right on my g-spot. I immediately asked permission, he granted it, and I orgasmed with a grunt and a shudder. I hadn’t realized how worked up he’d gotten me and how much I’d been holding back.”

“After orgasming, my womb ached with emptiness. He had me stand up from the toilet and bend over. He told me that I must hold the fluid in until he allowed me to release it. Then he inserted the enema tube into my bottom and held it there while he released the hot stream of fluid into me. It was piping hot, but not enough to burn, and it felt wonderful. It was hot, and the vibrator pressed hard against my g-spot, making me desperate. I took in all I possibly could, my love. I began begging him for permission to orgasm then, but he refused, and told me I could only orgasm once he ordered me to release the fluid.”

“My legs started to shake, and I told him I would probably not be able to hold it much longer, and then he would have to beat me. He seemed unconcerned, and then he tapped my abdomen, which almost had me lose it, and then he squeezed in what felt like another gallon of fluid, though I expect it was only a small amount. I sat down on the toilet but he had me stand again, and I made an animal noise and complied. I hope you are proud of me, my love. I was grunting and grimacing with discomfort and frustration with every breath by then, and he was looking casually at his phone. I thought I was going to loose my bowels and my orgasm both any moment, my love, but you’ve trained me well, and I continued to endure. I’m not sure how he knew I could. I suppose he was testing my limits.”

“After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only two minutes, he told me to release, and I sat, released, and orgasmed hard in the same instant. Luckily, he immediately held me down by my thighs on the toilet as I shrieked and voided my bowels explosively, or I would have sprayed the entire bathroom since my legs were flailing so much. After thirty seconds, my discharge was down to pushing out additional squirts, and my orgasm had finally ended. Then he made me stand up, wipe off my  bottom with tissue, and bend over again.”

“He repeated this procedure two additional times, each one more torturous and ultimately gratifying than the last. It left me terrified of what this man could do to subjugate and debase me further at your hands. None of the other doctors or sadists you’ve sent me to over the years measure up to his mixture of deftness, understanding of the human body, empathy, and precision. In your hands, he is a diabolical instrument.”

“After my third enema had run its course, he shut off the bullet vibrator and gently pulled it out by the safety cord. He made me clean it with my mouth, wash it in the sink, and then tidy up the bathroom. Thanks to his help in restraining me on the toilet, we hadn’t left much of a mess, and it only took me minutes. He had undressed. This man is an Adonis, covered in lean muscle, with the added virtue that he is significantly larger, even limp, than any statue we ever saw in Italy. His body hair is light or shaved other than the top of his head.”

“He carried me lightly to the bed and put me down on my back in the middle. He had a stiff erection at this point and didn’t ask for any help from me. Then he lubricated his cock and spread my legs, and for a moment, my love, I’d thought you’d given him permission to breed me. But no, my hopes were dashed when he held my legs up further and started pushing his cock into my bottom. It was uncomfortable at first. He has quite an instrument. I’m so happy he took me from the front. It was good to be able to watch this demigod enjoy my bottom with increasing excitement. He is so massive and energetic that he apparently rubs many of the good spots in my vagina as vigorously as some smaller men penetrating me vaginally have. As a result, much to my surprise, I orgasmed along with him when he released his seed in me the first time.”

“After this, he pulled out and asked me whether he should be satisfied, which seemed to me an odd question. I asked him whether he was satisfied, and he told me no. He then spread more lube on his cock and immediately pushed his way back into my bottom and started to enjoy me a second time. He lasted longer this time, and I came two times. After this bout, the same puzzling question. I think he wanted me to tell him to stop, but when I asked him whether he was satisfied, each time he would say no. After his third enjoyment of my bottom, I stopped orgasming. After his sixth time hours later, he was exhausted, as was I, and he finally weakly agreed that he was satisfied. He was careful with the lube and did no permanent damage. Even counting that group affair you sent me to years ago where my cunt was taped and glued shut, that I have ever had my bottom used this hard. Whatever you tell him to do, darling, I beg you to consider your words carefully.”

“He took me to my quarters on the base and departed with a kiss and a smile, and I enjoyed a good night’s sleep.”

“Your Loving Colette.”

“Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s beautiful. You are too kind,” said Zach, and then added, "Though I'm not sure how I should feel about being called a diabolical instrument."

“Flattered,” answered Colette. “You know, you look pretty worked up. I’d like to remind you that I get off work at 5 PM. If you visit then, I can give you any oral or manual pleasure you’d like until you’re a little calmer. My panties are quite thoroughly wet and crusty today from thinking what might happen next. Maybe you’d like to sniff them or suck on them while I service you.”

“Would you like that?” Zach ventured.

“My husband expects you to use me as a sperm dump whenever you’re feeling inclined.”

“That’s not what I asked,” Zach said. Then, because it was clear that Colette wouldn't answer directly, he changed the subject. “How is your ass?”

“Oh, it’s fine, just fine,” Colette assured him.

“Well you’re acting like you’d like me to come by, and I’m always inclined, if you put it that way, so I’ll see you at 5 PM.”

“Wonderful!” Colette said. She actually did look happy. This relationship was inexplicable.


On the way to his room, Zach called Berte and talked to her with his voice. "Please wear an evening dress when I pick you up tomorrow."

"Will do," Berte replied. It was so good to hear her voice, the distant quality, the slight European lilt.

“Have you tamed your machine?”

“You mean tuned it? Yes,” confirmed Berte.

“I love you with all my heart,” said Zach, feeling it viscerally.

“I… really love you. I really love you,” Berte replied with what sounded like astonishment.

“I feel happy.”

“Me too!” Berte squealed.

“Bye for now,” said Zach.

“Okay bye,” said Berte.

Immediately, Berte texted, “I felt that.”

Zach texted, “I meant it.”

“Did you feel mine too?” Berte queried.

“Deeply,” Zach texted.

“Plus your voice is ultra cute.”

“It just slays me."

He called Khushi again to see if she was done with her slap and tickle yet. She didn’t answer. Since he still had an hour until Colby arrived, he decided to take a nap. He was extremely horny for Colby now. He fell asleep dreaming of how it would feel to stroke her dark chocolate body, hold her firm little chocolate ass in both hands, push deeply into her dewy pink slit, and watch her face glow in ecstasy again.

(To be continued)
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12: Monday, July 13, 2043, 1440 hours CST: Colby's Torment

Zach awoke when Colby ran a cool hand across his brow. She was sitting on the edge of the bed next to him. She leaned down and they tongue kissed for a while, just saying hi in a nice quiet waking up kind of way. She got up again to go get a glass of water. She was wearing a knockout purple summer dress. He looked at his phone to see what had happened to his alarm. It was only 1440; she was early.

From across the large room, with her glass of water, Colby said, “I half expected to find you balls deep in another woman.”

“Well you know it’s happening sometime, which I suppose is your point.”

“I don’t want to share you.”

“This situation is far from ideal for me, as well. Frankly, it’s a madhouse. But I have a role to play in these women’s lives. I want to be available to them. It’s my choice. I chose it. Colleen gave me the chance to decline the mission, and I didn’t.”

“Oh, so now it’s ‘Colleen'.”

Fuck. Shit. Zach was going to give that bait a wide berth. “I’m glad I didn’t say no, because I got to fall in love with you.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Isn’t it enough of a reason?”

Colby ran over, hugged Zach hard, and cried. They lay down on the bed, she crying softly into his chest. He held her, and his body demanded one thing. Feeling her so close to him was driving him insane. His cock strained and itched in his pants to be inside her. As she cried, he ran his hands over her, trying to comfort her as well as give his itching need to be with her some release. His hand ventured to her breast and he rubbed it and felt the nipple harden. She looked up and saw the raw lust in his eyes. “Don’t you ever quit?” she asked incredulously.

“I’ve missed you so much,” he said, looking at her intently. “I’ve missed you specifically you, Colby Lincoln.” He was almost crying now. She just wasn’t getting it. Her tiny hand ventured past his waist and found the bulge of his rock hard throbbing cock.

“Well you’re hot to go,” Colby sighed, “So I won’t leave you hanging. I love you, so I’m not going to torture you. I can give you what you obviously need now and sort myself out later.” As she was saying this, Zach got down under her dress, moved her panties aside and began to tease her lips with his tongue. “None of this,” she said, moving away from his mouth, getting off the bed, and starting to undress, setting her things on a nearby chair. He joined her, throwing most of his clothes straight into his clothes hamper. When he turned around, she was standing there, lean tiny naked chocolate perfection. “Where’s the lube?” she asked.

“But-” started Zach.

“No, this is for you,” she said, “unless you want head, or even, you want my anus, baby? Would that make you cum a big load?”

Zach couldn’t even think. He wanted it all. But he knew she was just handling him. Dealing with his visceral need to be with her. He was upset with himself. “This isn’t right,” he said. “You’re sad right now, and you’re not interested.”

“I want to give it to you, baby,” Colby insisted seductively. “Lay back and let your REAL girlfriend take care of you.” She squirted lube onto both her palms and stroked the lube up and down Zach’s cock, gripping him nice and tight. Her hands felt SO GOOD! He grabbed her breasts in his hands and felt their delicious firm softness. She grabbed a towel for her hands, and he grabbed her, threw her down on the bed, spread her, and speared her in almost a single motion, so great was his need. “Oof!” she groaned.

And then he pounded her like a maniac, his cock driving farther and farther into her while she hung on for dear life. Her teeth bared in a grimace, whether from pain or pleasure, and he tensed and exploded into her with a howl, “AAAAAAAHHHHHRRRR! Oh God!” His orgasm filled him forever, until he relaxed and fell to a crouch above her. “Did I hurt you?” he croaked.

“NOW I’m turned on,” she beamed, “I’ve never EVER seen a man cum that hard. I’m very proud of myself.”

Zach moved in her again. He loomed above her, watching her beauty and taking exquisite pleasure in her tight loins. Tears began to fall from his eyes, splashing randomly on Colby as he covered her vigorously. “Hold me,” he pleaded as he continued to move in her harder and harder. What the hell was happening? Tears were pouring out of him.

She gripped his rippling muscular ass with her tiny hands. “I’ve got you, baby,” she cooed, tears spilling from her own eyes to join his.

(To be continued)
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13: Monday, July 13, 2043, 1655 hours CST: Colette's Demonstration

“You’re back!” enthused Alexis. “Come look at this igneous formation with us.”

“That’s volcanic rock, right?” asked Zach.

“You get an A in freshman geology,” said Alexis. “You see this depression here…”

About five minutes into her description of this point of interest, with Zach holding on for dear life, Colette’s alarm rang. “Oh, it’s five o’clock, closing time,” she said to the others, “I need to visit the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back.”

“Wait,” ordered Zach, and Colette turned back around. He spent a moment reconsidering outing her in front of her colleague Alexis, a known blabbermouth, then plunged ahead. “Remove your panties,” he ordered. Colette, visibly embarrassed, hesitated. He looked over at Alexis for her reaction. She was looking right at him, her hand partly covering a smile of gleeful amazement. He looked at Colette and started taking off his belt, and she quickly began to comply, kicking off her shoes and yanking her panties down. Once her panties were off, he commanded, “Give them to me.” She was right, they were crusty with dried excitement on the edges and wet with excitement in the middle. He took a big whiff. Today she smelled like spicy scrambled eggs that you needed to fuck immediately. His cock woke up in his pants and began to uncoil and respond.

“Fuck, I’m not getting left out of this,” said Alexis, and started struggling out of her own panties. She handed him her panties. Now he was holding two pairs. Hers had a moist, crusty yellow stripe in them that smelled like fresh fish, asparagus, and with a slight stink of his cum from this morning. It was exciting to smell his mark on her. More blood flowed into his second favorite organ.

Zach ordered Colette, “If you need to pee, stand over this trash can and pee.” She hesitated.

“I don’t need to go,” Colette said. “I can wait.”

“Do you have urine you can push out?” Zach asked.

“Yes,” Colette answered resignedly.

“Then pee for me. Into the trash can, please.”

Colette stood over the trash can, lifted her dress so that Zach could see her stream, and unleashed a thick clear stream of piss powerfully into the can. Relief mixed with dread crossed her face. It was a lot of urine for not needing to urinate. After several seconds she stopped and then shot in a smaller, weaker stream. He handed her a tissue out of a dispenser on the table and she wiped herself. “You hydrate well,” he commented.

“Thank you,” Colette said, stepped away from the can, and dropped the hem of her dress.

“Here I go,” said Alexis, stepping over the can, lifting her plaid skirt, and unleashing a big healthy stream. She wrinkled her nose. “Sorry. Asparagus for lunch.”

“This isn’t Simon Says, Alexis,” Zach pointed out.

“I’m having fun,” replied Alexis, “and I don’t want my teammate and colleague to go it alone.”

“That’s sweet and unnecessary,” Colette told her. “I’m fine, Alexis, really I am.”

“Alexis, you can stay, as long as you don’t touch Colette. Touching her is not allowed.”

Alexis looked at Colette, “Not allowed?”

“Correct, not allowed,” answered Colette.

“Well, I’ll just pull up a chair, then.” Alexis did so, and sat mock demurely.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock,” Zach ordered Colette. Without hesitation, she dropped gently to her knees, unzipped him, and fished out his cock, which unfolded nicely, and popped it down her throat, starting to stimulate it to hardness. She looked up at him; she tasted Colby all over his dick, though she didn’t know who it was. She looked curious. Eventually she would learn whose taste was whose as the complex web that bound the crew grew tighter and tighter. She was a maniacal cock sucker, and had him up and hard in moments, and then set a pace that would finish him off in record time even though only a few minutes ago he had finished intercourse with Colby three times in a row.

“Slow down,” ordered Zach, “I want to enjoy it.” Colette kind of followed his instructions. She spent the next half hour edging him expertly near orgasm and then backing him off, daring him to order her to finish him off. Just as he was about to give up and order her, she twitched her throat an extra amount as she had him about halfway down. Immediately, his orgasm hit him like a brick, and she smashed his dick down her throat as he sprayed like a fire hose and screamed, “EAAAHYAAAA!!!” his hands yanking her hair in helpless spasm, his entire body shaking.

“Wow, that was masterful!” Alexis acknowledged. Zach looked over at Alexis and found that she must have been jilling quietly and furiously the whole time. She was wrecked. Her dress was up, her legs were hung wide over the chair arms, and her wet hands hung in her lap. There was a wide spray of girl cum on the concrete floor, probably several shots worth. Her hair was in disarray. She had a great big sleepy smile on her face. “There’s nothing better than watching a hunky man strain at the very edge of cumming for 20 minutes. So hot!”

“Thank you,” said Colette demurely, getting up from her knees. The two women sauntered out of the visualization room arm-in-arm, leaving Zach to clean up the girl cum and the asparagus-scented trash can by himself.

(To be continued)
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14: Monday, July 13, 2043, 1800 hours CST: Bulgarian Roulette

When Alexis, Charisse, and Michaela showed up at Zach’s building at 6 PM, he had everything pre-arranged. For the tall lady of the flowers Charisse, he had one firm foam pad for her knees to bring her tummy to the height of the surface of the bed as he strapped her legs to the side of the bed. For the small Alexis, two foam pads. For the tiny and fiery Michaela, three foam pads. He strapped down their arms as the girls chatted and giggled happily together, waiting for whatever perversions he had planned for them. All three were wearing blouses and short skirts, Alexis without panties as she had given them to him earlier.

Alexis gossiped to the other two Breeding Bitches, which is what the three had started calling themselves collectively. Zach was their “Big Dog,” but also they had taken to calling him “Sack,” a play on his name, especially when telling stories or tall tales about large or particularly messy loads he had ejaculated. Alexis continued her gossip, “Interesting tidbit, bitches: apparently Sack here has some arrangement with the new girl Colette that lets him order her around. What did she do Big Dog? After you fucked her the first time, did she beg you to be your slave? I could see him having that effect.”

“No,” answered Zach simply as he worked.

Alexis continued, “We’re working along when all of a sudden Sack orders her to give him her panties. Turns out our man here is a great big panty perv, aren’t you Sack?”

“Under some circumstances.”

“Then, he orders her to pee in a trashcan, which she promptly does. THEN, he orders her onto her knees, and orders her to suck him, and THIS is where the story gets REALLY interesting. She goes to town on him like nobody I’ve ever seen before. So after maybe twenty seconds of this…”

“It was longer than that,” interjected Zach.

“…he orders her to slow down, he wants to enjoy it. She then proceeds to edge him more expertly than I’ve ever seen, and this continues for about 30 minutes. Can you imagine the Big Dog grunting and straining, always only a moment away from orgasming for thirty minutes? I was jilling furiously the whole time, came six times, and three times I sprayed the visualization room floor with girl cum. It was quite the show. Finally, just as I was about to start screaming at her to just let the poor man cum, she jerks, stops squeezing his shaft with one hand and smashes her face to his crotch as he makes this animal howl I’ve never heard him make. And I could swear, because it’s Sack of course, that her tummy bulges as he unloads down her throat. It was epic.”

Zach had flip-up vibrator holders that he attached to the bed frame between each woman’s legs that could be flipped up to put a flexible vibrating nub on the woman’s clitoral area or flipped down and out of the way for completely unobstructed mating. Once installed, he carefully flipped all three vibes up onto vulvas and switched them on the low setting.

The results were nearly immediate. The laughing and joking abruptly stopped. Zach paced behind the women, his daily sluts, his daily tail, running his hands along their immobilized bodies and playfully spanking their asses. Their eyes were now all closed, and there was heavy breathing, and the beginning of a low musical note from Charisse. Alexis growled, “Up me or fuck me now, you bastard, I want to cum!”

“Okay, but I want to be fair,” Zach replied, and turned each of their vibrators up one notch. First Charisse, on the right, who sang out one clear mid-range note when he did it, shaking and orgasming, and then set to exhaling musical sighs with each breath as she tried to resist climaxing again immediately.

Next, Alexis in the middle, who whimpered and flinched hard against her bonds and then yelled “Oh fuck!” and came with a whimper, followed by heavy panting.

Lastly, Michaela on the left, who cursed as he approached, cursed in Bulgarian, the intelligible part of which was, “…my cunt… fucking machine…” she growled, and then “Ugh Urrrr!” as she came when he clicked up her setting, and then after she growled, “Get down here and stretch my empty cunt you useless fucking pig dog man whore!”

All three women were orgasming regularly now, Charisse with a single clear note and a shimmy of her body, Alexis with an epithet and a whimper. Michaela was panting continuously, with a growl or a curse in Bulgarian or English when she came. Zach undressed in a leisurely fashion as he watched the Breeding Bitches struggle against their bonds and helplessly and repeatedly orgasm. He put his clothes away neatly or put them in the hamper.

He turned on his interval timer for five minutes and lubed up his cock. He was going to be doing a lot of quick changes. He flipped down Charisse’s vibe, yanked her panties down to her knees, rammed his cock to the hilt into her twisted up puss in a single stroke and then pounded her furiously. Her eyes bulged and she squeaked out a note. All three Breeding Bitches were pretty used to him now, so he liked to start them with an extra surprise when he could. “This is like musical chairs or perhaps Russian roulette, ladies,” he explained, “In that I take five minute turns in each of you until I ejaculate into one of you, and then whoever captures my semen also gets a prize.”

Charisse’s was a puss Zach had been dreaming about since she had slathered him with lube for Aanya in the greenhouse earlier. It was a particularly puckered up version because of the vibing. Her kegel muscles were strong, and they had been grasping at a nonexistent cock for many minutes by then. When he entered, her whole puss vibrated in shock, and then as he began moving in her, she clamped down tight around him and snapped and thrilled hard. She sang scales, one note per stroke, almost instantly. When the timer rang, she had squeaked out two orgasms and was most of the way up a third. He strongly smelled her spicy chicken scent in the air. He flipped her vibe back up, lubed up again, grabbed one hunk of blonde hair and one hunk of blue hair, and hammered to the hilt into Alexis.

Alexis’s quim was a size smaller than Charisse’s. Though hers didn’t have the incredible tone of Charisse’s hole, it had a kind of thrilly, squishy goodness which, combined with her innate tightness, was hard for any man to last very long in. By now, though, Zach was familiar with her wiles. Also, he was doing the Breeding Bitches hard and rough, and he actually preferred soft and deep, where he could really stretch out slowly inside of a woman, feel all of the unique qualities of her hole, whether vagina or rectum, and kegel fully with each stroke. So it was easier for him to stay calm as he was violently slamming them from behind with maximum vigor. Halfway through her five minutes, Alexis cried out in a long, low moan and splashed a thick blob of lady juice onto his scrotum as she orgasmed. By the time he was done, her slutty, fishy, asparagus-laden scent pervaded the room.

Then it was Michaela’s turn. Like the other two, there was no way to copulate with her too roughly, so he yanked down her panties, bunched up the back of her blouse in his hands, and slammed into her with all his might. Luckily he was rock hard, because Michaela’s tiny puss, a size smaller than even Alexis’s, put up an almost painfully tight fight, but it was so good to open her up anyway, hear her grunt which he knew by now was deep satisfaction, and listen to her string of complaints, “You kill my tubes and rip all my babies you…” and then a string of very nasty sounding Bulgarian cursing. Michaela had to stop cursing to howl out an orgasm, and then continued to talk more softly in Bulgarian. Zach could feel Michaela tensing, opening, and shaking, readying to squeeze and twist out the pulses of her next orgasm with her taut cunt. He smelled her strong, healthy, tart scent underneath Alexis's fishy scent.

It was then that Zach lost it with a “RAAAA!!” and felt her clamp down and then flutter in mutual orgasm as one nice big hot squirt of semen scoured the back of her quim.

A moment later, the timer rang, and Michaela said in a voice glowing with satisfaction, “Is more like Bulgarian roulette; I win.” For her prize, Zach fed her a bite-sized chocolate heart. Then he made sure all three girls were topped up with water and made sure their quims were universally slick with lube. Then the game began again.

Zach played two more rounds with the girls, and Michaela won all three times, so it was truly Bulgarian roulette. He was a little disappointed; he’d wanted to climax and ejaculate so badly into Charisse, but he trusted he would make good on his next chance to cum in her at noon tomorrow. However, he knew only too well the words of Horace, “Seize the day, trusting in tomorrow as little as possible.” He thought he was probably falling for Charisse. It was a bit easier for him to objectify her when she was all turned around and tied up like this, but all the same. It helped to divert himself by looking at the nature girl's big pale white ass contrasting her tanned back, begging for a spank, her tight pucker winking and begging for a good hard buggering, and her radiant smile and mischievous eyes looking back toward him. He must soak this in and enjoy it while it lasted.

The three agreed this had been good fun, and better than riding and squeezing their orgasms out of an exhausted Zach at the end of the day. After the game, he spanked the laughing three out of his building as quickly as politeness allowed and settled down for an hour-long nap.

(To be continued)
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15: Monday, July 13, 2043, 2100 hours CST: Colonel Bruno's Overnight Debriefing

At 9 PM, Zach knocked on Colleen’s office door. Her voice, strident, through the door, “Enter.” He walked into the room and shut the door. She glanced at him, then back at her workstation monitor. “Just one second. Have a seat.” He sat quietly as instructed on one of the chairs facing her desk, probably the one he’d sat in to lick her cunny. Even though he’d seen her naked, even though he’d had her bareback and had cum in her, in this moment he felt as shy as before, because she looked the embodiment of authority; moreover, she remained his commanding officer.

At the same time, she looked so young, a brilliant college sophomore writing a term paper perhaps. In the semi-darkness, she was stunningly beautiful, her dewy lips slightly parted in concentration, her dark blue eyes gleaming in the reflected light of the monitor. She made mouse clicks, presumably to shut down, and turned to him. “So how has life been treating you?”

“I’m busy,” Zach said. “I’m blessed.” Her intelligent eyes seemed to bore into his soul. “I’m not kidding about being blessed.”

The room got darker and quieter as her workstation powered down. Colleen leaned in, smiling. “Do you mind if we discuss crew relationship matters while we have privacy here?”

“Anything,” said Zach.

“I’ve been hearing phenomenal things about you,” she confided. “You’ve given many of these women enthusiasm about their lives and futures I’ve never seen in them before. Charisse calls you a miracle worker. Berte, oh Berte moves me, how shiny and enthusiastic versus her old drab and all-business attitude. She has thanked me profusely for giving her that little tip, you know…”

“The one where you seduced me by proxy?”

“That’s the one.”

“Good one. But thank you, for her sake,” said Zach sincerely.

“How are you and Berte doing? Any problems?”

“We’re working everything out. I was doing what I thought she needed in bed, but she doesn't need-need anything special, of course. She wants a normal, equal relationship where we do what I like, too. She straightened me out quickly. We’re getting closer.”

“Sounds healthy,” said Colleen. “Now, about Colette. I know she’s married. She told me he’s in an iron lung, and that they haven’t actually seen each other in many years. Is it a sentimental thing? Should I be concerned?”

“Well, it’s more than sentimental,” Zach disclosed. “They have this whole thing going where he sends her to people and directs them to do specific sexual things to her. He also requires her to provide them with certain sexual favors.”

“And now you’re that person?”

“I’m trying it on for their sake. I’m not sure how deep that rabbit hole goes yet. I’ve expressed my reservations, but I’ve followed his instructions so far.”

“What are your reservations?”

“They want me to punish her with a belt sometimes, really injure her, not permanently, of course, but still. It’s nothing I’d ever do of my own volition. That may be the tip of the iceberg for all I know. I’m concerned.”

“I’ll talk to her. I want to make sure this won't become a problem. What did they have you do to her? Describe it in detail, please.”

“Surely I can spare you the details,” he said. Colleen looked so young and innocent to him in that moment.

“Don’t worry, you’re not going to scar me,” Colleen assured him. “I was in college when I was barely a teenager. Not many were willing to risk the jail time, but even so, there were plenty of takers. By my senior year in college, I’d had a dozen lovers, mostly men but a few women. And then I hacked government computers to join the Navy at the age of 15, and things got several shades darker, as you’d expect, especially since I was passing for eighteen. On my twentieth birthday, I had my first foursome at our base camp on Mars, and I did the cooch, butthole, and mouth thing, what is it called?”

“Airtight?” said Zach. He giggled helplessly.

“What’s funny?”

“Well, Alexis and Michaela have a not insubstantial wager over which of them will be the first on Mars. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they find out it was you. I hope you like massages and cunnilingus every day for a year. I guess it would be from both of them.”

“Doctor, you have a lot to learn about the precise rules of wagers in the Navy. Just because I was the first doesn’t mean I win their bet.”

“I stand corrected,” said Zach. “At any rate, that’s why I laughed.”

“I think you understand now that I’m no shrinking violet. I’m going to need you to talk openly and specifically about any private matters that might affect the mission,” Colleen insisted. “Now tell me exactly what her husband had you do to Colette.”

“I understand the need,” Zach sighed. “Okay, he had me give her some pretty extreme enemas with a vibrator in her, not dangerous for a trained professional like me to do at all. She liked them. Then he had me fuck her in the ass. She enjoyed it well enough. And there are rules. She can only orgasm if I give her permission to, that kind of thing. That about sums it up.”

“How does it feel to have your very own slave?” Colleen teased.

“Fuck off,” Zach rejoined. “I’m doing this for them. I’m not saying I’m not getting off on it physically. Colette is, well, you’ve seen her. But what I get out of it mentally, emotionally, is that Colette is fulfilled, and her husband, I gather, wants and enjoys it, the poor guy. And anyway, she’s not my slave. She’s X’s slave.”

“No excitement from making her do stuff? That’s not what Alexis told me.”

“Jesus Christ,” said Zach. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t like to think of myself as getting off on that. I’m still trying to understand that part of it, fair enough?”

“It’s okay, Zach,” said Colleen. “This is exactly why we sometimes need to talk specifics. We, your female crewmates, that is, already know that you’re a man who likes to take charge in the most caring, sensitive way you can. There’s nothing wrong with that, Zach. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some of us want some of that from you. I need some of that from you tonight.” She gave him that look, the wanton look she gave him the first time.

Zach rose from his chair then and bent over Colleen’s desk. She rose and they kissed lustily for a while across her desk. The commanding officer was obliterated, and a fresh young wanton mouth sucked on his tongue and urged him with her kisses and hands to do more. He lifted her partly up onto the desk, slid his hand into her pants, and fingered her wet crack while he had her pinned there. She started huffing and puffing. After a long several minutes, he reluctantly broke the awkward clinch and resumed his chair. “Ow,” he muttered. His dick was rock hard and he shouldn’t have sat down so fast.

Colleen slid off the desk and backed into her chair as her breathing slowed. “Yeah,” she agreed, “These panties are done for. I have to tell you, Zach, I’m sorry we have to be so formal in public. You probably figured out that I have been creaming for you since before all this, but, you know, we all couldn’t go there, and we’re professionals.”

A look of surprise must have crossed Zach’s face. “I understand all that.”

“Don’t interrupt,” begged Colleen, not the commanding presence, but momentarily an awkward young adult. “I’m going to spill the beans this time. None of this ‘I always thought you would make a great dad'. It was actually me dreaming about your weight on top of me, feeling your ass as you took me, that kind of thing. And then came our first time and that big, hot mess you put up in me. I practically died from pleasure. I kept finding bits and spots of that mess under my desk the next day. I was nervous I’d missed some and that someone would notice it.”

Zach welcomed Colleen's admission that she had lusted after him. It was maybe not so surprising, he realized. Many basically college-aged women like her preferred to date more mature men versus their age group, which was largely crushing beer cans on their heads for amusement. That would go double for Colleen, who was light years ahead of her age group in both capability and social intelligence. He would take all the lust she had to send his way, even though he somehow hoped for more. If she wanted more from him, he was ready for more, but he could be content. It could develop. But why was he even wishing for more? Wasn't his love life already complicated enough?

Then amusement crossed Colleen's face, and she said, “I hear they have a nickname for you for the semen thing.”

“Please don’t repeat it.”

“What, ‘Sack'? I almost lost it when one of them mentioned it, and I had to be, ‘oh, is that so'? It was challenging.” Colleen was now tearing up with laughter recounting it. Then she pulled herself together and got back on her mission commander track. “Okay. Getting back to Colette. We need to stay close on this one. It’s critical. Anything more about Colette?”

“It will probably be fine,” Zach concluded.

Then she sighed, and asked, “Okay. Who else? Oh yeah, Ayana and Khushi.”

“Not a concern, I assure you,” Zach said, “It seems like everyone knew I was sweet on Ayana, including Ayana herself, but that means even more that I want the best for her, and my heart was already getting over her before all this, knowing I could never make her happy, physically happy.”

“Don’t think that the irony escaped us of you pining for Ayana while most of the cis women on this base were secretly creaming for you, myself included. We took it as proof there is no God. But in the end, you did make her physically happy, didn’t you?”

“I guess I did at that, indirectly. Khushi is something else, too. As a fellow lover of women, lord almighty she got a good one.”

“I guess that answers for your state of mind regarding Khushi. Any jealousy?”

“Jealousy?? I have no right—”

“Don’t do that to yourself, Zach,” she told him. “You feel what you feel.”

“Okay, so here's how it is for me,” started Zach. “When I’m with any of you, I’m consumed by you, all I want is you, you coming home to me, me coming home to you, having dinner together, getting ready for bed, in the middle of the night, waking up to you, you know, a regular relationship like I’m used to. I’m coming to terms with it, my new reality. But I’m not used to it yet.”

“Don’t you get that with your three housemates?” asked Colleen.

“No, it’s different. We’re all getting to be great friends, but it doesn’t feel like a normal relationship to me in any respect. More like a continuous party I drop in on daily, which is not bad. I’m not complaining. With Alexis and Michaela, my guess is that it will just stay friendly with benefits. With Charisse, I’m hoping it will develop into more. But it’s not comfortable. Not comfortable yet, at least. Maybe I don't want to get comfortable with it. I’m living in interesting times.”

“Back to Khushi and jealousy,” Colleen prompted.

“Sure, I miss Khushi like I do all you others. It hurts when she doesn’t pick up because she’s busy with Ayana. Is that jealousy? I’d feel the same way, I think, if she was too busy with work to pick up. And I’m happy for them. I’m extremely happy for Ayana. I was worried about Ayana. But none of that is jealousy in my mind. Heck, I’m sad when you treat me so formally on the phone, but I’m not a child. I know we need to be careful.”

“Of course, Zach,” Colleen hastened to add. “Unlike in our male-centric world, I’m not asking because I’m concerned you can’t handle it. I’m asking because I want you to have an outlet, and because I care about you. I care about you very deeply. I mean…” she paused for a moment. “I’ve lusted after you for a while as I said, but now that you’re going with me, with us, I think I’m falling for you, Zachary Carson.”

Zach was overwhelmed, and replied, “I’m in awe of you, my dear Colleen. I can say that with certainty. After our casting couch episode, I started preparing myself for maybe being your ship’s cat, your booty call, whatever, more like an Alexis or Michaela thing at whatever intensity. I was sure that as the colony developed, you’d find other diversions, but it seemed there would be this golden time where you were looking in my direction, and I was ready to treasure that small part of your affection. Now you’re saying maybe more. Well, I feel great about that. I feel blessed. Bring it on! I think I just need to get over my instinct to grovel in the dust at your feet.”

“Is that a yes, we’re doing the falling in love thing?” Colleen asked hopefully. “Not exclusively, of course.”

“Absolutely, it’s my great honor to do the falling in love thing with you,” Zach smiled.

“Don’t hurt me, now,” said Colleen. “I can kick your ass.”

“Come now, we’re human beings. As Colby so eloquently reminded me, you can count on me hurting you and vice versa,” Zach rejoined. “But never on purpose, I swear. I will work on my obsessive thought that I don’t deserve you. If you get even a whiff of it, just point it out, and I’ll take responsibility and handle it.”

“I will.”

“Should we get to our evening?” Zach suggested. “There’s something between us that I feel wants to be consummated somewhat urgently.”

“Just a few more crewmates to discuss, Big Dog,” Colleen smiled. “Then I’ll give you all the treats you can handle.”

“Seems you know all my nicknames. What’s next?”

“Aanya. She concerns me. I see her as angry and bitter with a healthy dash of self-loathing,” observed Colleen.

“We’re working on that,” said Zach.

“Working on it how? This is her week, I understand. Are you…?” Colleen made a gesture of her finger penetrating a circle made with her other hand.

“Yes. Do you need the details? Really?”

“What do you think?”

Zach sighed. “Working on it, as in on her back, in the dirt, legs spread, me pounding away in her, and she’s screaming out primary colors and orgasming. Are you satisfied?”

“So she’s getting her baby anyway this week?”

“With a good dose of luck. She actually told me she already knows she’s pregnant after our first time together. I hope she’s right. You know, she has already leapt the chasm over to the love and trust side. It’s just completely new and terrifying for her over here. I think we just need to love her until she melts all the way.”

“I like the ‘we’ part, because it’s this village we’re creating,” Colleen said.

“Exactly. There’s Charisse, Michaela, Alexis, especially Alexis, bless her heart. She scares me and she moves me.”

“Who else is there to discuss? Colby?”

“We cry together. She is understandably sad that this situation, and therefore our relationship, is a not normal one. I’m right there with her. We’ll conquer it. There’s a lot of love between us. She’s my chocolate treat.”

“I love how you talk about these world famous scientists, saying ‘she’s my special girl, my itty-bitty sweetmeat, my chocolate treat'. Are you going to have problems respecting us in the morning?”

“I don’t think so, but I’m not the ultimate judge. Whack me if I do that, please,” said Zach. “If anything, I have problems getting over the hero worship and realizing these women are just human beings. You especially. I know I’m a wonderful guy; I’m handsome and compassionate and all that. But you’re a goddess, a superhero. You’re Wonder Woman.”

“You’d better be careful, or by your own direction, I’m gonna whack you.”

“Youngest Navy test pilot ever, and one of the best, I understand. You were the youngest astronaut ever as well. Youngest mission commander ever, bringing success to one of the most harrowing space missions ever. I rest my case. Face it, Colonel Bruno, my Colleen. You’ve got the right stuff, a bad old days level of right stuff. The rest of us, we’re great. But we’re just the best at what we do and can do a few other things. You are a freaking honest-to-God life-saving hero.”

“You’ve saved a few lives in your time as well, Doctor,” Colleen smiled, “I should whack you now. But instead I’ll say I’m also a flesh and blood woman who wants your support and comfort and love. You can’t do that for me when you’re groveling in the dust at my feet.”

“Spread for me now, then.”

“Whoa there! Business first, then dessert. There’s Anming,” Colleen said.

“We didn’t hit it off,” reported Zach. “I don’t know why. There didn’t appear to be any interest on her part.”

“How do you figure that?” Colleen asked.

“When she arrived, I asked her to dinner, and she declined,” Zach said. “I’ve called her a few times since then. I’ve left a few voicemails. No response. It seems pretty definite.”

“I don’t get this, because she told me that she told you that she would be ready to get together with you and start figuring things out soon. We actually had a nice thirsty conversation about you at our first face-to-face meeting. I don’t want to gossip. Suffice it to say you made quite an impression. I guess there was a misunderstanding.”

“Why didn’t she want to just go out with me?” asked Zach.

“She’s dealing with medical problems at the moment that are extremely distracting,” Colleen explained. “When she’s out of the woods, I think things will be different. That might take a while, Zach, just to warn you.”

“What kind of medical problems?” asked Zach. “I’m her physician now.”

“Ayana is handling it ably. It’s confidential. She’ll tell you all about it when she’s good and ready,” Colleen assured him. “I’ll encourage her to speak with you during the dry run at the very latest.”

“That would be great.” Now Zach’s interest was piqued, but he understood why, if she was considering him as a potential lover, she wouldn’t want him to know embarrassing things before they’d even had a chance to talk. “Well, I think that’s everyone, he said. “Should we retire to my humble abode? Please? God, I’ll take you right here. I’m so hard for you.”

“I don’t want it like last time. I want it in a bed. Now I know how fucking uncomfortable this desk is.” Colleen came around her desk. “Stand up,” she ordered. Zach stood up, and she got on her knees, unbuckled and unzipped him, and pulled his pants and boxer briefs down to his knees. His dick stood at attention, almost straight up. “Now that’s the right way to salute your commanding officer,” she chuckled, and took it into her mouth. She used lots of spit, which was important. Good action with one and sometimes both hands. No throat action, but here she was with a good bit of his dick in her mouth, mouthing and handjobbing it lovingly, and that was plenty exciting. Just that it was her and her beautiful face loving and enjoying his dick here in the semi-darkness of her office, what a sight.

Zach felt the love and emotion in her taking his penis into her mouth and stroking him. He could feel she wanted to satisfy his burning need, wanted to feel his cum, and his body responded. Her fellatio was good and wet and loving, but was gentle teasing compared to the intense throat fuckings he’d started receiving recently. He tensed his hips toward her as she bobbed and teased him further and further up his arc, and soon it reminded him of Colette’s endless edging, it was just not quite getting him there yet, not quite, as he anguished and tensed slowly closer and closer. “AAAAHUHHH!!” he roared as his body spilled over into orgasm. A nice big dollop blasted into Colleen’s mouth. She choked and backed away, laughing and smiling in victory as Zach grabbed the desk to steady himself and huffed and puffed in post-orgasmic bliss, watching her aching beauty as she smiled and looked up at him joyously and lovingly with a bit of cum on her face, looking quite pleased with her work, as well she should be.

“Well done, Sack,” she coughed and laughed, “you got me good.”

“My body is busy making a lot more for you,” he assured her breathlessly.

Colleen stood up. “While you’re doing that,” she said urgently, pulling down her slacks and panties to her ankles, “Finger bang me please.” He lifted her onto his shoulder. “Hmm, okay…” she said. He put one of her feet on the desk so she could spread her legs apart for him. He held her to him and pushed one finger into her wet vulva, exploring. She started quivering. She was already close. He introduced a second finger into her vagina and started to tap gently at the roof and back toward the entrance. Her hips shook. With increasing speed he tapped firmly back as her legs and hips tensed. “Oops, I feel full,” she said.

“Relax,” said Zach, continuing to speed up.

Colleen’s legs tensed, her hips tensed, her back arched, and she screamed, “AAAAA!” as she climaxed, and splashed a bit of wet onto Zach’s palm. They were quiet and still together for a moment. Then he licked the wet off his palm and fingers and gently set her down on her feet. She leaned on her desk and rested a moment, and said, “Thank you, that hit the spot. Did I pee?”

“No, you squirted,” said Zach. “And by the way, thank you for the blowjob.”

“You’re welcome, my pleasure. I don’t think I’ve ever done that, squirted I mean.”

“You’ve done it now. Okay, now that we’re both momentarily calm, can I carry you to my place?”

Colleen said, “As to locations, I think it’s a little too risky to flaunt regulations right here in the middle of the airbase, so here’s what I propose. Come to my place. Let me get you my address.” They both started pulling up their pants and arranging themselves. They texted each other their personal contact information. She grabbed something out of a drawer and handed it to Zach. “Here’s one of my garage controls. Drive right in and park on the right. Why don’t you grab your overnight bag and meet me there. Separate cars are good.”

“Thank you. Thank you for inviting me home.” With that Zach took his leave. It was good that she was really letting him into her life. They would have to careful. He actually didn’t know how big a risk they were taking each time they met. Maybe nobody cared. Maybe it was somebody’s job to carefully surveil these things. Maybe she had enemies who wanted to see her sunk.

Half an hour later, Zach parked in Colleen’s garage. The garage door shut behind him, and she came out into the garage and greeted him, all smiles. She was unbuttoning this and that on herself. He jumped out of his car with his bag and they hugged and kissed. “How dangerous is this?” he asked.

“Not very,” she answered. “But we should make an effort.”

“How about you stay over with us? You’d have plausible deniability. Just a big sleepover with the girls.”

“I’ll think about it. I’ve been thinking I’ll talk to the crew about it on our dry run.”

“Why don’t I do it? That way, if we get a no vote, you have plausible deniability.”

“Thank you, but this is something for me to do,” Colleen said. “Now let’s stop solving the world’s problems and start solving my cunt’s problems.” In the kitchen, she dropped her clothes on the floor. She kissed and undressed Zach, doing a rubbing dance in circles around him as she undressed him, leaving his tie, because, she said, “I need something to lead you by.”

For the first time, Zach noticed, “You have a tattoo on your right ass cheek.”

“Yeah, that’s our mission badge. We all got them together after our Mars mission.”

“That’s pretty funny, a bunch of guys getting tattoos on their asses.”

“No, the guys got them on the arm, but Sara and I got them here,” Colleen said, spanking her ass for Zach.

“Why did you two do the ass thing?”

“Well, our official reason was we didn’t want to mess up our arms, because women wear a lot of sleeveless and all that, but the real reason was that we thought the tattoo artist was cute. He had a big beard and was covered in tattoos but was beefy and fit; he was so different from our clean-cut regulation crew. We hadn’t seen a new guy in three years by then, and so we both wanted to show this guy as much of our asses as he would let us, which turned out to be a lot,” she smirked.

“He was nervous with the guys there, so we shooed them away, saying we’d meet them at a nearby bar later. The guy was married, based on the ring he was wearing, but it didn’t slow him down. He ate out Sara until she orgasmed while I jilled. Then he took me in the back and fucked me bareback like a maniac. I still remember the brand new tattoo on my ass stinging as he guiltily pounded the heck out of my cooter. I guess he didn’t entirely trust I was on the pill, because he pulled out right before he came and shot it onto my back. It was dangerous and enormously satisfying.”

Zach lifted up the wild young blonde with a whoop, threw her onto his shoulder, and spanked her mission stamp. “Where’s the bedroom?” he asked. She had him by the tie, so she showed him by pulling on it. Occasional running into walls and giggling ensued, but they made it to the bedroom fairly efficiently, and Colleen was deposited on her lovely queen-sized bed. They rolled around and kissed for a bit. “I believe the prescription read, make me your slave, and make me forget about something, what was it? Forget what it was! For tonight, this is the only room in the universe, all right slave girl?”

“All right,” Colleen smiled.

Soon Zach was facing Colleen on the bed, and she was curled up on her side sucking his dick. He could bend over her back and grab her ass, and spit and run his finger over her puckered anus, and thrust it in. She felt pretty tight. “I have lube, and a… umm… butt plug if you like…”

“You’re not sounding like a slave master…” Colleen chided.

“Unhand me slave, so I can start preparing your ass for whenever I want it,” Zach commanded.

She backed off with a well-behaved grin. Then it turned into a nasty mischievous grin. “You know what? This slave girl has a dirty, dirty butt. And this slave girl wants to be washed out like you washed out the other one. I’ve never gotten one,” she said with a winning smile, and then her smile fading, “Unless it hurts…”

“What, an enema? No, it doesn’t hurt at all, or at least it shouldn’t. If you’re a very, very good slave girl, I’ll do that to you next time. This time we don’t have the materials, unless you happen to have an enema kit,” said Zach. Colleen unsurprisingly shook her head no. He had actually lied, because he didn’t want to derail the proceedings by giving her an enema before they’d even had regular sex on a bed. An enema wasn’t exactly foreplay for most people, and certainly not for him. “I expect it will feel at least sensually good to you, and possibly sexually good. We’ll also need a vibrator. Do you own any vibrators?”

“I own a magic wand, but it is usually too much. Sometimes I put a towel over my cooter and use it. More recently, I bought one of those g-spot vibes. That works pretty well.”

“We can use that one, then. Why don’t you get it out and show me? I’ll go get my bag. He rose and went out to the kitchen to fetch his overnight bag. Sure enough, he had a medium-size butt plug in there as he’d remembered. This would be plenty kinky enough for only their second time together. While he was there, he checked for and found table salt. It would be good to satisfy Colleen’s curiosity next time without having to run to the grocery store in the middle.

When Zach returned with his bag, he saw that Colleen was on the bed using both her hands to press her whirring g-spot vibe to her clitoris, and she was just reaching toward climax. She looked so beautiful. Suddenly her legs kicked back and her hips thrust up and pulsed, and she said “Oh! Uh.”

“Wow, a demonstration and everything. Looks like it works,” said Zach.

She sat up and crossed her legs shyly. “You caught me. While you were away, I was feeling so excited from all the kissing and fingering and sucking your dick and everything, I thought, I’ll just pop myself off in a second or two, but it took longer and you caught me.”

“I’m glad it took longer.” Zach said, and then put her on her knees on the bed, applied ample lube to all relevant surfaces, and gently installed the medium-sized butt plug from his bag into her anus. Then he told her, “Now you can keep giving me a beautiful show, or whatever you want. Slave girl.”

“I want to suck your penis some more, get it nice and hard,” Colleen said, smiling and smacking Zach on the ass.

 “Can you vibe yourself while you’re doing me?”

“I don’t have enough hands, but you can,” Colleen said, her deep blue eyes dancing. He allowed her to arrange him on his back in the middle of the bed. Then she handed him the vibe and straddled his chest in reverse cowgirl fashion, her quim giving his chest a wet kiss. Then she bent over and started sucking him, bringing her pink vulva into glorious view along with the black stopper of the butt plug.

Zach switched the g-spot vibe to its middle setting and slowly explored Colleen’s vulva with it. She momentarily lost her bearings with the pleasure of it and then recovered and kept sucking. He probed it gently into her slick, tight vagina and started exploring along the roof of it for any particularly sensitive erogenous structures. He knew he had found a good place when her hips kicked back, tensed, and stayed that way. About a minute later, she took her mouth off his penis and said, “You’re. Ugh! Ugh! Oh! OhGodOhGod.” She put her head down and breathed deeply for a moment as her hips continued to quiver and tense with the stimulation of the vibe and then said, “You can’t keep doing that. I can’t concentrate enough.”

“Okay,” he said, turning off the vibe, causing her hips to immediately settle down, and gently extracting it. Her vulva was too far away from him in this position to reach with his mouth, but he started to play with her with his hands. He started gently rocking the butt plug back and forth to stimulate her anus. At the same time he used his right hand fingers to gently tease her clitoris and generally all over her vulva, exploring. Every bit of her was so beautiful, so ripe.

“Come here,” he asked. She cuddled up against him and kissed him. He tasted his cum in her mouth from the blowjob she’d given him at her office. Her cute blonde bob was getting all wild and messed up, and he loved it. It was so good to relax and hold her close, but he also desperately wanted to smell her and taste her. His cunnilingual exploration of her in her office their first time together had been so brief. He broke the kiss and looked at her, so beautiful and joyous, and said, “I love you,” and kissed her. He got up and washed his hands, then came back to bed.

Zach laid down on the bed with Colleen, and they started kissing. He said, “I want something, slave girl. I want to smell and taste you again.” He kissed his way down her body to her vulva. He breathed in the smell of her. She had that sharp, clean taste of hers, like vitamins and love. She grabbed his hair and guided him, which was good. He started with a soft tongue on her inner lips, hood, and clitoris, and then he licked and sucked more firmly as he found places that were especially sensitive. He started kissing and sucking her clitoral area with a bit of wet and noise too, but that was almost too much. Then sucking and putting a bit of pressure on the whole area while tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue made her pump her hips. She said, “Oh! Fuck!” and shuddered in climax, pulling on his hair as she spasmed. He didn’t mind. He had only gotten a taste of her last time. He had been waiting for this feast.

After 15 minutes, Colleen had whimpered through enough orgasms from his tongue and lips, and she wanted more than Zach’s tongue in her, so he spread lube on his cock and used his cock head to tease her clit and spread lube in and generously around her vulva. He didn’t want to rough her up.

She was spread and looked so beautiful and so ready for him. She stopped his teasing by reaching down herself and guiding him insistently into her. Then they were kissing, and he was opening up her tightness. He had missed but now remembered this special kind of teasing sensation she had, distinct in coupling with her, this insistent feeling that last time had him cumming so long and hard in her. He was ragged from so much sex today, and still, this was the best feeling ever.

Colleen had been teased and vibed and licked aplenty already, so she was tuned to a high pitch to accept Zach’s cock. As he pressed into her hungry puss, she climaxed wetly, “Oh GOD! Oh FUCK! Huh-huh-huh-huh!” and then groaned as he continued to firmly open and straighten her vaginal walls pleasurably until he had her completely and they touched hips. It was good that she had already taken the edge off him with her mouth back in her office. He felt like he could last a long time. He moved in her firmly and slowly, feeling every inch of her slick, hungry quim as he pushed in each time, teasing his head, then including his shaft in the delight, and then stretching her at the end of his reach and feeling her vagina mold and thrill around each thrust.

As he continued, he was goaded by her deliciousness to a faster and faster gallop. As he felt his cum rise in him, his strokes shortened, and Colleen whimpered, “Cum in me… cum in me… oh yeah… DO IT!”

Zach slammed into her, “RRAAAAH!” and he ejaculated on and on.

Colleen screamed her own orgasm, “OH FUCK OH GOD oh fuck…” It felt like the universe, his whole life and soul was being teased out of him by her quivering, pulsing snatch through the tip of his penis. He just kept pulsing and cumming, squirting into her. After the last squirt was delivered, his mind began to clear. His whole body and skin radiated with pleasure as he relaxed into her embrace, bending and showering her face with kisses.

It was already getting late, and so they rested and napped for a while. An hour later, Zach awoke to find Colleen rubbing her lubed-up hands up and down his rapidly hardening cock, and then, before he was fully awake, pushing him onto his back and mounting him cowgirl style. Another surprise was that she had removed the butt plug and was guiding his penis up into her anus. She started riding him anally, pleasuring him up and down slowly and slickly with her sphincter. “My butthole was lonely and wanted you. And you know, my earliest sexual experiences were all up the butt. I’ve been dreaming of you taking me forcefully up the ass for longer than I’d care to admit.”

“Well, then,” said Zach, and rolled over to pin her beneath him. He put her legs together, straddled her, and started ramming his dick to the hilt up her ass with great force and speed. He was already feeling pretty excited to be in her exquisite tight ass, but he had time.

Colleen panted or whimpered with every stroke. “Like remember when we first met and shook hands two years ago?” she whimpered. “That time… oh yeah… distracting... huh! Now this huh! Is huh! So huh! Much huh! BETTER!”

The caress of Colleen’s exquisite anus soon worked its magic on Zach, and he was close and barely holding on. She had been mewing and whimpering incoherently for a while and was reaching for an orgasm herself and getting talkative. “Oh yeah… oh God… oh yeah fuck me I’m your slave, master… oh yeah oh yeah hold on… don’t stop… hold on… almost there… hold on, baby… oh JESUS FUCKING GOD CHRIST.” She spilled over into orgasm. A few pumps later he strained and shot a hot splash of cum deep into her ass with a groan, eliciting an extra whimper as she felt it in their post-coital stillness. Blissfully, he covered her warmly for a long hug.

Then it was a thorough dick washing for Zach and a wipe for Colleen. While he was washing her and himself, she shared, “My early boyfriends were dirty bastards, but I loved them. For some reason, I wanted to save my cooter until I was 18, so I used to tape it over with medical tape so they wouldn’t accidentally on purpose go in there. They would never wash after taking me in the ass. Some of them made me suck my ass juice off their cocks afterwards. Isn’t that gross?”

“It wouldn’t appeal to me unless my partner was turned on by it,” said Zach. “It’s actually not very unsanitary, provided it’s only your own poop you’re putting in your mouth. It’s not impossible, but it’s hard to catch a disease from yourself.”

“It’s not that I even wanted to do it. Of course, if it had visible poop on it I would wipe it with a towel first, but you know, I was a kid, and they were maybe 15 to 20 years older than me and very dominant. I was lucky to get enough spit or lube on my butthole from them to start me off right. But I was innocent and thought it was all the best thing ever at the time, of course.”

They returned to bed, turned off the lights, and settled down for the night. Zach, exhausted, fell asleep immediately. What Colleen didn’t know yet and would soon discover was that his body was now accustomed to having three or four women during the night. From all their play, her healthy scent was thick in the room. After a couple of hours, he woke up desperate with an erection. It was pitch dark, and he reached out and grabbed an available girl before he’d even remembered he was not in Alexis’s bed with his usual delectable assortment of naked women.

Zach wasn’t really thinking at all yet, but the back of his mind thought it was Alexis, because she was the same basic size and shape as Colleen. The girl was plenty wet, and without hesitation he speared the probable Alexis to the hilt with abandon, spreading her insides open deftly and forcefully with his raging boner, just the way Alexis liked it best. The thought crossed his mind that she was especially tight and taut tonight, how exciting! As he awakened further, he realized the girl under him had just squalled, “Woof! Oh! Oh God!” in an almost frightened voice that was not Alexis’s.

The cry stopped Zach and startled him to full wakefulness and the realization that he was in Colleen’s vagina in Colleen’s bed in Colleen’s house with Colleen's scent all around him. Instantly the deliciousness of waking up balls deep inside a surprised Colleen, whatever the circumstances, struck him with delicious erotic force. In his sleep, he had spread her legs up and wide and pinioned them there with his arms. He had also moved forward to a crouch above her, her hips held nearly vertical. He was thrust to the hilt straight down into her. This was Alexis’s favorite position for their middle-of-the-night antics. In the stillness of their mutual moment of shock, her slick, shuddering, and thoroughly stretched twat twisted and teased him mercilessly.

Colleen broke Zach’s reverie by shouting, “Don’t stop now Zach!” He roused and immediately resumed his fast, firm, animal rutting of her, sweet Colleen. She cried out, half asleep herself, screamed out all her breath as he pounded her, “YES!! Oh Zach Oh God kill me Oh God yes that giant dick oh god oh yes oh god take me oh god!” and then a deafening howl as she came, “WAAAAAAH!!” She was an enormously controlled woman, and now, in this moment of bliss and complete intimacy they were sharing, she had gained the freedom to be completely out of control. Raging delight bathed his soul at this as his dick continued relentlessly spearing her to the bed, his whole body pounding her.

Zach redoubled his speed and shortened his strokes deep in Colleen’s yearning cunny, his orgasm galloping up on him. She felt his ending strokes and wailed, “Yes! Yes! Yesssss! I’m ready! Oh fuck! In me! Zach!! OH GOD DO IT!” She shuddered in crisis under him.

At that moment, Zach strained in simultaneous orgasm, “RRAAAA!!” A nice batch of piping hot cum from his recuperated body smacked into her, several squirts surging hotly into every nook and cranny of her cunny and soul.

Then, as quickly as it had started, Zach slipped deftly out, as he exited patting a hand towel he had stockpiled before sleep over Colleen’s surprised yet thoroughly pleasured hole. He snuggled to her side, already half asleep. By the time she regained her senses, he was already asleep with cute snores with his hand on the towel blotting her confused snatch. It was not a dream; he was really there in her bed.

A few hours later, Zach’s mostly sleeping hand automatically found what it now correctly identified as a sleeping Colleen: especially yummy. The hand towel flew somewhere, and squish, he plowed all the way up the sleeping mission commander’s slick dreaming quim in a single stroke and then started charging as he covered her. She was slightly more disoriented than last time and began animal whimpers of pleasure even before she awakened to his muscular chest rippling above her as he sprinted inside her, and the impending rush of her own climax consumed her, forcing her to expel her overbrimming pleasure with an animal sound. The sprint continued, him raging with boiling lust for her as he plowed her, in ever deeper and shorter strokes, until he howled and filled her, slipped out with the warm pat of a towel, and cuddled into slumber.

At 6 AM, Zach woke up urgent next to Colleen, lubed up his cock, rolled her onto her tummy, and speared her in the anus as she was awakening. Then he thrust into her firmly with long strokes as she whimpered in pleasure with each stroke. It was nice, long, sedate lovemaking compared to his usual urgent morning sprints. As it continued, it got to the point where she might orgasm and wanted to orgasm from it, and she started speaking up, “Yeaaaah…. yeaaaah… don’t stop…” He grabbed her firmly near the scalp by her now wildly messed up short blonde hair and pulled her head back toward him, causing her entreaties to go up a notch, “YeaaaAH!... yeaaaAH!... fuck my poot you bastard... finish me... don’t stop... hold on baby baby baby OH GOD OH FUCK! I’m fucking… CUMMING!” she screeched as she reached her crescendo.

Then Zach joined her, “AHHRRR!!” and with elemental levels of satisfaction emptied his brimming balls, prostate, and seminal vesicles deep into Colleen’s quivering rectum.

After a short enjoyment of the afterglow, they rose. Zach went to wash his dick, and Colleen followed him into the shower, took the warm soapy washcloth from his hands, knelt in front of him, and lovingly washed off his cock and balls. “This is great,” he said. “Nobody has ever done this for me before.” After that, they got dressed, had breakfast together, and he left in his car. She left a discreet amount of time later.

(To be continued)
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