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Author Topic: Founders (MF, MFF)  (Read 1576 times)
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31: Thursday, July 16, 1615 hours CST: The Breeding Bitches

Zach knocked on Charisse and Alexis’s hatch right at 4:15. Charisse opened the hatch in all her tall lithe glory, her hazel eyes dancing along with her smile as she ushered him in and closed the hatch. Alexis sat on their bed staring at Zach hungrily and ready to pounce. They had a little incense burning in the room. Charisse said, “We know how hard you’ve been working, and we want to take care of you Zach.”

“We’ve been watching you dash madly about trying to please all of us since we all got here,” Alexis said. “Berte won’t stop raving to me by text message every time you boink her, which is apparently a lot, about how you take her and fill her repeatedly and fulfill her in ways she never imagined, blah, blah, blah. Honestly she’s so cute.”

“Colby gleefully apologized to me for draining you dry last night,” giggled Charisse. “Even though we know she didn’t.”

“Because I know you snuck away from her to bang Colleen at the very least and probably some others,” Alexis pointed out. “You were not kidding when you alluded to some kind of hormone avalanche going on with this crew.”

Charisse set Zach gently in the middle of the bed as Alexis made room. They began to spread massage oil all over his body and massage his tired muscles. He hadn’t gotten much sleep in the last 24 hours. Soon he was on the edge of sleep as Charisse gently massaged his cock to hardness. Alexis straddled Zach’s head and poised her vulva over Zach’s mouth. When Zach reached out his tongue, Alexis relaxed down with a thigh quiver and a satisfied whimper to give him easier access. By then, Charisse had massaged Zach to hardness. She climbed on and started riding him Saint George style.

Over the next hour, Charisse and Alexis switched off riding and face-sitting Zach to many orgasms for themselves, pleasuring each other all the while with tongue kisses and breast fondling while they encouraged Zach to just relax and let them pleasure him and each other. In the middle of it, while Charisse was riding him and Alexis had not yet climbed back onto his mouth, and in his state of bliss, he blurted out his undying love for Charisse once again, to which she replied, “There, there, you’re so dear to me, I’m coming to meet you Zach, never fear.” Whereupon Charisse actually had a great big whimpering orgasm on him. So, she was coming in more ways than one, apparently.

During the session, they arranged it so that Zach shot once up into Charisse’s quim and once up into Alexis’s. This was not hard for them since they knew Zach well and were both confident lovemaking experts themselves. Beforehand, they chatted about it extensively while riding his face and cock. They agreed that Zach was especially pleasurable with the heat and punch of his cum inside them. They always deeply craved that sensation as part of their lovemaking with him.

The two amazing women were done with him by 5 PM, and happy and satisfied, with still dripping pussies, Charisse and Alexis both pushed him out the door and admonished him to not work so hard.

From there Zach went immediately to wake up Colette again, drag her onto the floor, and have her suck him to orgasm. He ended with a particularly long face fuck this time, holding her hair tightly while ramming down her throat, reaching for orgasm. Once he spilled, only a drop, he stood there and almost choked her out since he forgot for a bit to let go of her hair and let her breathe. This time they exchanged words. “I can give you a massage,” she said. She’d smelled and felt the massage oil on him along with yet another of her crewmates’ anonymous pussies.

“It would be against the rules for me to ask you for that. It’s not a sexual favor.”

“I could make it sexual,” she replied.

“I bet you could,” Zach replied, pulled up his scrub pants, and left. He rinsed off in Head B1, with soap this time to shed the massage oil and its scent. He worked for the next 45 minutes until 6 PM. He had a lot of work to catch up on, since he’d only managed three hours so far today including this bit, and he was supposed to be done with his watch for the day now.

At 6 PM Zach quietly entered Michaela’s and Aanya’s dark room. He shut the hatch, pulled off his scrubs, and quietly joined Michaela in her bed. She was naked as usual, and she roused and spread sleepily for him. He slowly pushed into her half-erect and fucked her shallowly until he was fully erect. Then he fucked her slowly and deeply with her legs up on his arms. At first Aanya appeared to stay asleep, but something roused her, perhaps just the strong, spicy, and excited smell of Michaela’s cunt juice filling the air. At any rate, about ten minutes into his slow ride, he heard a vibrator click on and then get muffled, presumably by Aanya’s vulva, in the other bed. As he continued to take slow pleasure in Michaela, who breathed deeply with pleasure and whimpered and grunted softly in climax occasionally as he did so, he also heard breathing and quiet little moans from Aanya in the other bed. So cute.

He sped up into his short strokes before long and finished strongly but reasonably quietly in Michaela with a nice firm push and a couple of reasonably strong squirts. He patted a towel onto her puss as she kissed him and whispered, “Blagodarya ti lyubov moya,” as she drifted back into slumber.

Zach walked softly over to Aanya and got into bed with her. She was naked, vibing herself and quivering. “Can I help?” he whispered.

“Kiss me,” Aanya whispered back, so Zach tongue kissed her quivering tongue and mouth deeply and played with her quivering breasts. Even after all he’d been through, his cock was filling with blood for this woman. She was such an innocent, such a blossoming flower, he couldn’t resist her. He had to remind himself she was three years his senior. With her ageless South Asian beauty, she looked much younger than him. And then there was her brand new sexual awakening. She gasped explosively and twitched in his arms as she reached her latest climax and clicked off the vibrator.

“Do you want anything more?” he whispered hopefully.

“No, you should rest,” she whispered back, “And I should, too. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he whispered back, climbing out of her bed with his fully hard cock, still moist from Michaela. She was right, he should chill the fuck down and take care of business instead of fucking this poor innocent woman’s pussy raw, though she had said it and meant it much more kindly. He pulled on his scrubs and left. He was surprised to see it was only 1833, 6:33 PM.

Immediately he walked back to wake up Colette again. After closing her hatch he switched on the light and dragged her out of bed by her hair onto the floor, which was probably not nearly so painful in Mars gravity as it was in Earth gravity. She was getting dark circles under her dim emerald eyes and looked pretty beat up. It was hard to tell whether she was loving this or hating this, but he had to trust that she wanted this experience. If he was overdoing it, he trusted that Colette’s husband would eventually set him on a better course.

He held the top of her head by the hair, opened her sleepy jaw with his other hand, and rammed his cock, still half-hard from Aanya and moist from Michaela, forcefully down Colette’s choking throat, cutting off her air supply. He just held it there as she jerked limply and her throat quivered, teasing his cock to hardness even as she suffocated. As her eyes flickered on the edge of unconsciousness, he pulled out his now fully erect and straining cock and let her breathe for a moment. That had roused her. Then he grabbed her hair with both hands and started violently face fucking her.

This kind of brutal stuff didn’t really appeal to him, though he knew it was what was badly wanted here and he wanted with all diligence to apply it provided the application remained reasonably safe and sane. Instead, he thought of Aanya and her quivering excitement as she reached for her orgasm, and quivered, and reached. He used Colette’s throat as a masturbation sleeve as he thought of Aanya, innocent Aanya, who he would meet in the garden tomorrow, and hear of her life, perhaps kiss and pet a little, a bubble of normalcy. He thought of her beautiful features, her petite stature and generous breasts for her size, her slim belly, quivering in the darkness, leading to her cute tight twisting quivering snatch… “AAAAUGH!” he came down Colette’s throat. Then hastily, without looking at her, he pulled up his scrub pants and left without shutting out the light.

Now Zach needed, desperately, to work, and to rest his aching overheated balls while doing so. About fifteen minutes in to his resumed duty, Anming called him. “I have good news,” she said.

“What is your good news?” Zach asked.

“I’ve been cleared for sexual intercourse if I want, but if I have any pain, we need to stop immediately, of course,” Anming said happily. “She told me we should not engage in any sex into my anus, putting your penis into my rectum that is. Ayana made me promise to tell you specifically that you shouldn’t do this so that you knew for certain. I’m sorry if what I’m mentioning disgusts you.”

“Anming, I’m a doctor. Nothing about the human body disgusts me. It’s a miracle,” said Zach.

“Of course,” said Anming. “I have another message from Ayana,” she said, gathering herself. “Ayana tells me that stimulating the anus itself with a finger or a vibrator without any penetration would be very beneficial to healing my sphincter, because it would stimulate the nerves down there.”

“I would be happy to help you with that. We could wash you off very gently and carefully in the shower, and stimulate the nerves. I agree that it could be very helpful to your recovery, training new nerves to take over to help the sphincter where others have been damaged.”

“You must be so disgusted with an ugly invalid like me,” Anming moped.

“Anming, it brings me the greatest joy in my life to help people who are hurting and help them to heal. Let me take care of you,” he pleaded.

“Very well,” she said curtly, and hung up before he could make a date with her. Well, he could call her tomorrow and check in with her. There was no rush. He texted her, “So happy to hear your news.” He added a heart emoji.

He worked until 7:30 PM and then bothered Colette again. She was looking pretty ragged when he dragged her out of bed. He choked her with his swelling dick until she fully roused and started to struggle. Then she let her do the work, since he had done most of the work last time. She was very efficient and had him straining in no time. When he told her to finish, she finished him. Then he left without another word.

He worked some more until 8:30 PM when he dragged Colette out of bed again. This time she was really dragging. To wake her up, he ordered her to get the belt and assume the position. He then whipped her three times across the pussy in quick succession and as hard as before, causing her to whimper openly and start to cry. She was awake though. This was hard work for both of them it seemed. She serviced him especially well after her whipping. He was urgently ready to release, his thoughts of self-disgust at the whipping somehow blown aside, within a dozen minutes of her starting. To finish, he grabbed her hair and face fucked her brutally. Once he came, he held her head to him to suffocate her for a while. He saw that her hair was getting frayed and torn, so he decided he should not mess with her by the hair anymore for the time being until it started looking okay again. While he was thinking this, Colette passed out. He took his dick out and she gasped immediately and revived a few seconds later. Once he had checked her to make sure she was okay, he left.

He worked until 9:30 PM and then bothered Colette again. She hopped right out of bed this time. She looked even more wrecked than at any previous time. I’m a monster all of a sudden, Zach said to himself. How could she possibly want this. Be that as it may, she seemed almost grateful this time to tease him to an excited edge, and she gleefully gave him another orgasm down her throat when she heard his order to finish. He went to Head B1, rinsed off, and tried to shake off the whole Colette deal and get his head straight for Colby.

(To be continued)
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32: Thursday, July 16, 2200 hours CST: Anming

At 10 PM, he arrived home at his quarters. All and all, with breaks to take care of Colette, he’d gotten another two and a half hours of work in for a total of five and a half hours for the day. Colby jumped gleefully into his arms in the low gravity and gave him a big wet smooch with lots of tongue. “I have a surprise for you, baby,” she said.

“What is it, honey buns?” Zach asked.

“Now, hear me out,” said Colby.

Uh-oh, Zach thought.

“You should know that Colleen is just a little bit peeved that I moved in with you.”

“She is?” Zach said with what he hoped was convincing incredulity.

“Yes, she said there were a lot of women trying to get their own piece of you right now. She made the point that you needed your own place to retreat to. I apologized for having starved everybody else out with my attentions towards you since we got here, but Colleen stopped me to get to the more important reason.”

“Which is?”

“The other reason is that Anming is going through a really difficult time, and Colleen put me in there, as her second in command, to watch over Anming and make sure she is getting back on her feet properly. Now, I hadn’t guessed that, because I admire the hell out of Anming, by reputation only mind you, because I’d never really met her before. I guess we all tend to think our idols are made out of stainless steel. I didn’t know she was facing any difficulty. I understand why she’d want to be circumspect about it, I suppose. I mean, she is arguably the finest theoretical physicist ever, and that includes Einstein, Feynman, and all the rest.”

“I agree. Even to us lay people, she’s a God,” interjected Zach.

 “Plus she’s creative and she’s even witty as we saw in the excursion vehicle. To be honest, I was a little intimidated to be actually sharing a bedroom with her all of a sudden.”

“My discussion with Colleen was left unresolved. She just wanted me to think about it, think about Anming, think about what would be best for you. After my talk with Colleen, I thought I’d better at least go and actually get to know Anming and find out how I could support her. As we got to talking very honestly and openly like sister crewmates should, it was then I heard what had happened to her, and I practically couldn’t stand it. What that rapist did to her was sickening. I was so angry at that evil man I couldn’t sit down. I cried my eyes out. I guess you and Ayana and Colleen know all about it, but it was quite a shock to me. ”

“Me too. I cried too, and I’m a doctor. I’m supposed to be able to see injuries dispassionately. I couldn’t,” Zach admitted. “So I still don’t get it, what’s the problem? Why do you need me to hear you out?”

Colby continued, “Well by the end of our heart to heart, we were sisters in every other sense than genetically. We wanted to share a room, we wanted to hang out and play go, and we had confided our interest in you to each other and talked about our dalliances with you. I heard how she lured you to her lair for a red hot smooch session. You must have done good, boyfriend, because she ran to Ayana and got cleared immediately for ‘flight,’ as one might say.”

“Wow,” commented Zack.

“So at the end of THAT discussion, we were both like, would it be too weird for, like… the three of us? Now, neither of us have ever done anything like that, so we had some more discussion, and at the end, we were like YES! We are going to share everything! Including sleeping with you at night and even the naked sexual parts, Zach, that is, if you don’t mind.” Zach opened his mouth to comment but Colby shushed him. “Hear me out,” she continued. “Now neither of us are interested in women in that way, sexually I mean, but we are definitely gum-swapping buddies now, so no problem. What I mean is that we don’t mind if things get naked and a little messy with the three of us. We’re not going to be grossed out by rubbing up against each other in bed or hugging or holding hands while sexual things are happening. Or watching each other, you know. In other words, by doing this, we’re not handing you a logistical nightmare. You can just come at us any way you’d like and we’re ready to roll with it, baby. So will you try it?? Anming is so sweet! We guarantee that you’ll like it. Please say yes.” Her eyes were imploring.

Zach realized he still had Colby cradled in his arms from when she jumped into his arms and kissed him. He put her down and said enthusiastically, “Sure, especially since it’s so important to the two of you, I’ll try it.”

“Okay,” said Colby, “Now here’s the plan.”

“There’s a plan?” said Zach incredulously.

“Of course there’s a plan,” replied Colby. “You two have never… right?” She made vague gestures of the fingers of her two hands getting together.

“Heavens, no. She’s been injured,” replied Zach.

“Well I insisted that the two of you break the ice together in a lot more normal way than with me hanging around. So we want you to go to her room and spend the night with her.”

“Let me get this straight,” said Zack.

“Now I know,” continued Colby, “I really wore you out last night. You still look pretty wrecked. Anming and I talked about how passionate we’d been and how you weren’t able to keep your hands off of me all night long last night, and she’s fine with just cuddling you tonight if you’re too tired, just like you and I were going to.”

“I appreciate that very much, honey.”

“You’re so understanding,” said Colby with a big smile. “I’m so happy!” she squeaked. She got on her phone right away, presumably to text Anming the good news and warn her I was coming over.

“Can I ask a favor?” asked Zach.

“Sure, anything, honey-dog,” Colby answered, still texting on her phone.

“I was really looking forward to making love to you again tonight. Could I maybe sneak over after Anming is asleep and hang out with you a bit?”

“Sure, honey-dog. Knock yourself out,” she said, still texting away madly on her phone.

He grabbed fresh gym clothes to wear to their workout the next day. “Okay, then. I’ll see you tomorrow no later than our morning workout.” He turned to leave.

“Wait!” she dropped her phone, grabbed him, and hugged him and kissed him passionately. Looking him in the eye, she said, ”You come back to me, do you hear?”

“Always, my darling,” Zach said very sincerely. “You’ll have to tell me to go to get rid of me.”

“All right then,” Colby said. “You try to show Anming a good time, okay? Lord knows she deserves it. Be good to her.”

“Count on it,” said Zach, and left.

From his quarters, Cabin B3, Zach walked antispinward through Hydroponics Bay B4 and Storage Area B4 to arrive at Radial Arm Bay B2. He cycled the pressure doors on the radial arm bay and climbed up to weightlessness in the central cylinder and then down Radial Arm A2 on the opposite side of the ring to Radial Arm Bay A2. He then cycled the pressure doors there to arrive at Laundry Area A. From there he walked through Storage Area A2 and Hydroponics Bay A2 to arrive at Anming’s door, Cabin A2.

Anming was waiting for him when he knocked on her hatch. She was naked when she greeted him and let him in, closing the hatch behind him. Anming was a touch below medium height for a woman and slender, with proportional breasts and dark brown puckered nipples. He would not think about the scarring. Instead he looked down at her cute little muff. It was adorable, like a little black tribble. Her face was unblemished and lovely, her dark brown eyes seeing through to his soul, just like when he first met her climbing out of her T-38. She led him over to her bed and they lay down together. Zach was still in his scrubs but with his shoes kicked off. They kissed. There was no hurry. “Colby is a curious woman,” remarked Anming. “I truly believe she would rip her heart out of her own chest to save a person she cared about. We must protect her, Zachary.”

“Of course we must, but she’s a strong woman, too, and you or I would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. I don’t worry about it. You know, Colby said the same thing about you, that we should protect you at all costs, or something like that. But you’re a strong woman. And I trust you’ll stay close and let us support you in any way possible. As for me, I’m quite sure you two, when you got together, talked all about protecting me.”

Anming chuckled, “Yes we did. I was worried about us both wearing you down. She assured me that you were quite virile and could handle us both easily. I’ve seen no evidence of that yet,” she teased. And with that, there was a little tickling and wrestling and more kissing. Zach got up and took his clothes off. Anming stood up and ran her hands over his tight abs, his lean but muscular arms and legs, and his muscular chest and back. “You truly are a specimen, Zachary. Oh, hmm, this is embarrassing to say, but I’ve always dreamed of having a Caucasian lover, and living in communist China, of course I’ve never had. You are built like an action movie hero, my fantasy.”

“For my part, I’ve always dreamed of having an Asian lover as beautiful as you, and you look so young—“

“Don’t flatter me so flagrantly,” she said, slapping him on the arm. “I’m an old hag.”

“What are you talking about? You’re five years younger than I am, and you look like you could be in high school. Seriously, I’m going to have to check your ID before we go any further. I want to make sure I’m not committing statutory rape.”

“Will that do?” she said, pointing to her Nobel Prize diploma hanging on the wall. “They only give that to has-beens.”

“You’re awful!” Zach said, resulting in another tickle fight, with them rolling and wrestling on the bed and rolling off the bed in a pile of laughter. Martian gravity was good because you could roughhouse almost like when you were kids, and you would just bounce, like you did back then. You didn’t need a padded room and a judo mat like you would to do the same things on Earth.

Anming ended up straddling Zach’s tummy with a suddenly serious look on her face. Her peeking open vulva had just stamped a juicy wet spot onto Zach’s tummy. She leaned over and kissed him fiercely, passionately. She was trembling. As they kissed he sat up, lifted her in his arms, and stood up, because she was literally that light in Martian gravity. Then he laid with her on the bed, and kissed her neck, and kissed her breasts. Her breathing changed. It seemed they were quite sensitive.

He continued to kiss her nipples and began to explore her vulva with a gentle touch. She was very wet. Gently, he stroked a finger wetted from her gently across her clitoris and her hood, feeling and delicately exploring. It was then that she kicked her legs and hips and made a low sound like “hmm!” like a little growl, followed by a squeak. “Did you just have an orgasm?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m afraid I can’t help myself. I’m so excited to have you here. Oh it’s so hot in here, isn’t it?”

“Well, you are smokin’ hot in the metaphorical sense,” Zach mused, continuing to stroke Anming’s vulva with his fingers, “but I’m sure the climate system is fine. It’s probably me. Women tell me I’m very warm, like actually warm. I’m probably heating you up.”

“You certainly are in every sense of the term,” she breathed raggedly.

“Good to hear,” said Zach. He got down between Anming’s legs. She had a rich, mild scent. By her smell and taste, she evidently had showered just before he had arrived.

From just a few licks, Anming seemed quite enthusiastic. “I had a boyfriend in college who used to do some of this to me. Oh, oh, wait, I can’t talk when you do it.”

She was a talker. Well, so was he. And he liked to listen. Zach stopped. “Just the one?”

“I’ve had several boyfriends,” she said defensively. “He was the only one who, you know, with his mouth. In our culture, it’s all about the state, and if not the state, it’s all about the man. A woman serves, even a somewhat famous woman like me. In the bed, definitely a woman serves. I loved that boyfriend. He was the only one who understood me at all, I think. We had to part ways, though. You go where the state tells you to go, or suffer the consequences.”

“Well, now you have a boyfriend who can’t do without this,” Zach said, “If I can presume to be your boyfriend yet.”

“I know enough about you just from talking to Colby,” Anming chuckled. “Sure, boyfriend, you’re my boyfriend.” He started licking again then, and she quickly became inarticulate. “Ow!” she said pretty loudly.

Zach stopped. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Anming said breathlessly. “I just said “how” which means “good” in Chinese. I’ll try to stick to English when I’m gasping,” she joked. “Let me practice: YES! What else? Oh yes! HEAVENS!”

“I am not sure what kind of porn you’ve been watching,” Zach commented.

“Mostly Victorian-era romance novels. ZOUNDS!” joked Anming.

“Knock yourself out, but I can’t tongue lash you and laugh at the same time,” retorted Zach.

“I want you to stop tongue lashing me anyway and… hmm…” Anming got serious again.


“I want you to make love to me and get all the pleasure you want covering me tonight. I want you to feel as good as you just made me feel.”

“Let’s try something a little more sedate first,” Zach suggested. He lay next to her again, face to face, lubed up a finger, and slowly glided into her wet quim. It went in slickly but with some back-pressure. She was both tiny and tight.

She breathed heavily. “This feels good. I actually haven’t had anyone do this to me in a long time. Not since I was first playing with boys. It seems like most men want to get straight to the point.”

“That’s fine, too, sometimes, but slow is good for you right now.”

“I agree! Feels good too… Zach… a... ry... Uhh!” then she bucked and squeaked. “You’re… ha-ha… you’re going to make me do it again… oh!” another buck and a squeak. Well, her g-spot appeared to be in good working order. He added some lube and added a finger. Now her vulva and about the first five inches of her vagina were getting thoroughly lubed up with both natural and unnatural lubes. “Hey… Huh hah!” she said with a squeak and a buck of her hips.

Then he started finger fucking her in earnest with his two fingers doing a come hither motion brushing her g-spot. She started making noise now with every thrust of his fingers, and her hips were shaking. He had to hold her tummy down to keep her from bucking out his fingers. Stroke, stroke, stroke, she seemed to be in continuous orgasm now, her arms kind of frozen in a fending position above her, her eyes closed, her breath filled with rasping growls or squeaks. She was doing wonderfully with this, but he didn’t want to wear her out, so he stopped. “What did you do to me?” she gasped when she could catch her breath.

“That’s your g-spot,” he said simply. “Do you want more of that, or should we move on?”

“I want some more of that some other time,” she said enthusiastically, “But I want us to have pleasure together now, like I said. I want to give you pleasure. I want to be able to tell Colby when I talk with her tomorrow that I took good care of our man, that I made him feel good.”

Even though Anming was already very wet and well-lubed both, Zach spread medical lubricant all over his cock, spread her firmly but lovingly, and with the fingers of one hand guiding it, slowly pressed the head of his cock at her tiny opening. “Oof!” she said in surprise as it gently popped in.

“Please talk to me now and tell me if you feel any pain,” Zach asked.

“It feels good so far,” Anming said with a smile. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, you know, with the engine of destruction. I know babies come out of here, but…”

“Relax,” soothed Zach. “Nothing’s going to happen that you’re not ready to try.” Slowly, by the quarter inch, he pushed into her.

“I’m feeling pressure!” she reported.

Zach stopped and asked, “Good pressure or bad pressure?”

“Good pressure!” she said emphatically.

“That’s good,” Zach said, and continued.

“Oh, it’s rubbing everything! Oh! Stop! I’m about to,” Anming’s hips kicked and she growled and finished with a squeak.

“Are you okay?” Zach asked.

“Yes!” she said, “I was afraid of having one, you know, with so much pressure, but you’re rubbing everything it feels so good. I couldn’t help it. It was wonderful! It kind of hurts good like when I’m limbering up. It’s not a sharp pain, though. I’m fine. You’re too solicitous, Zachary. I can tell by the excitement in your body that you want to use me very hard for your pleasure, don’t you.”

“I do want to very much,” Zach answered as he slowly slid in further, “I can barely restrain myself. But the last thing I want to do is hurt you. I couldn’t enjoy that.”

“The slowly growing pressure, is great,” said Anming, “Could you move out and back in a little? You know, the intercourse motion? I want to feel that.”

From his position about three quarters of the way in, Zach rocked back and then forward about an inch, back and forward.

“Faster?” Anming ventured.

Things were obviously feeling good to her, so he picked up his pace and the length of his stroke. Now he could just barely feel the back of her. He had about an inch to go. He was going very fast and shallow, and just tapping the back of her lightly.

“Ow! Ohwooooo!” she howled, clearly in orgasm, thrashing.

“Are you good?” he ventured, stopping.

“I’ve never felt anything like that!” she said. “So intense! You’re touching my everywhere! And I look down, I can’t believe it all disappeared in there.”

“Actually, you have another inch to go.”

“My word!”

“This is fine, though. I feel the back of you now. Your vagina will stretch more as we make love. I won’t force it. Enjoy it,” Zach said, and he started fucking her deeply and slowly. Her body made movements that urged him to go faster and faster. It seemed that she was used to or liked a very rapid pace. He didn’t mind. He found her pace, which was pretty fast, but she was ecstatic at that pace, just out of her mind shouting random Chinese words (he assumed) or howling out orgasms with increasing ferocity.

Finally, Zach relaxed about Anming’s condition and pleasure and started enjoying himself, and immediately he noticed that Anming’s yummy juicy pussy was driving him around the bend. He had been so focused on making sure she was okay that he didn’t notice his orgasm creeping up on him, even though the pace was not really his pace. He liked it slow and sometimes very slow where he could feel a woman more. He was all the way in now, hitting the back of her not too hard. Felt very good. At this pace, it was all jiggles, but in Anming’s Chinese puzzle of a snatch it really didn’t matter; it was going to get him. He panted, “I’m going to… inside… okay?”

Anming was beyond reason at this point, her eyes closed, clutching him, shouting things that were either Chinese or gibberish punctuated by wet howls that sounded really pleasurable.

Zach thrust in and stayed locked, “RAAAAAAAH!” Anming flinched at the noise, and then as his hot cum burst from him in pulses, she flinched and moaned with satisfaction, her hips dancing as squirt after squirt shot into her. Mmm. She gripped him so darn tight. After a few moments, the contents under pressure started to leak out, and to save her sheets, he pulled out and put a towel on her. Then the cum flooded out of her. He couldn’t believe he had that much cum left after a day like this.

“That was,” moaned Anming, barely conscious, “Indescribable. After that, I feel like I’ve never really been made love to before. It was so intense, so exciting, so pleasurable. It was like a whole new experience, a kind of Nirvana. If I can have that every day, if I can even tolerate it with out exploding into sparkles, I will surely be the happiest woman ever.”

“Wow,” said Zach, a little intimidated, “I hope I can keep living up to that review. Well, you’re already the most brilliant woman in history, so why not go two for two and be the happiest? I’ll do everything I can to make that come true.”

“I can’t see how you can’t,” Anming said, “The whole thing was so intense I was barely conscious most of the time, out of my mind with pleasure. I probably missed 90% of it. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I can actually experience all of it. I want to keep trying and see if I can.”

“I think that’s enough for you for tonight,” he counseled. “Let’s see how all your parts are feeling in the morning.”

“Yes, doctor,” she sighed. “Colby and I also talked about our other crewmates. How their needs would be met. Zachary, we know you need to see other women, and if you need an evening or two away from us occasionally, we’ll understand. Or even if you just need some time alone, we’ll understand. We talked about it. We want to take care of you, and we want to take care of our other sister crewmates despite wanting to keep you all to ourselves."

Zach said, “Thank you. Colby and I have a sort of unwritten code about that. I call it our bubble. Now that she’s let you into our bubble, I think we still all want to maintain it. She ignores anything she happens to witness between me and other women. I in turn try to expose her to as little of it as possible. This way we maintain a kind of illusion of normalcy, of monogamy, in our relationship. Now that you’re with us, I guess it will be an illusion of stereogomy. Will you play along for Colby’s sake?”

“I will. I enjoy the notion, too. Being in a stereogomy, as you put it, is already far outside my comfort zone, so any amount of normalcy we can create is good for all of us, I think. Being in a stereogomy with Colby and you, though, I just know it will be good. We are solemn sisters now,” Anming declared. She continued, "When Colby and I talked, I had no idea how good it could be. Now I want to stay in bed with you all the time. If I feel good tomorrow morning, would you please get some small satisfaction in my ugly body again?”

"Yes, and it's a lot of satisfaction, and you're very beautiful."

"Don't contradict me; it's very rude," Anming joked.

"You're asking for another tickle," Zach warned, "but we should sleep so that you can be ready for more fun in the morning. Oh, I almost forgot. We need to stimulate your anus, like Ayana said."

"Oh, not that dirty place," Anming said.

"Come on, roll over," said Zach. Dutifully, Anming rolled over. "Now I didn't bring a vibrator with me on this mission, because I'm an idiot. Maybe I can borrow one later. Even so, I'll do the best I can with my fingers." He put a pillow under Anming's hips so that her anus was on prominent display. He got a rubber glove and some surgical lube out of his pocket, put on the glove, spread lube on two of his gloved fingers, and began massaging around and on her anal area with increasing vigor. "Let me know if anything starts to hurt," Zach said.

"It's not hurtful, just disgusting," Anming said with a moue.

"Well, this is part of your physical therapy, young lady," Zach said. "Here, this might make it more pleasant." Zach began playing with her clitoris with his other hand while he continued massaging her anus. This became a problem, though, because she started bucking her hips forward to rub her clit more firmly on his finger, closing her butt cheeks on his other hand. So, he penetrated her vulva with his fingers and started teasing her g-spot. He did it so that in order to get more teasing she had to rock her hips back and present her anus to him like a good girl.

Anming moaned, "You're a disgusting brute," as she stretched and rocked her hips back reflexively, sighing and shuddering with increasing pleasure as he teased her g-spot. Now he was massaging around and slightly inside her anus very vigorously. This would be very good for Anming's recovery. Zach could tell that she was also nearing climax from the stimulation. "No I won't," she moaned, fighting the feeling. "I'm a disgusting slut," she whimpered. Then she let out a low little growl followed by a squeak, and her whole body shook.

Zach stopped the stimulation and started to wipe her up. "It's not disgusting at all Anming, it's beautiful. Please don't torture yourself for taking pleasure in my loving touches."

"You're right, Zach, I should never reject your touch. It's just that... hmm... we'll discuss some other time."

Zach turned out the light and snuggled back next to her. They drifted off to sleep. Zach had a silent alarm set in his watch that would vibrate and awaken him when it was time to look in on Colleen and perhaps catch up on more work. For now, he fell asleep cuddled up joyously with the incomparable Anming. To Zach it was the best feeling to drift off to sleep next to the brilliant theorist and passionate woman in the dark, looking forward to a lifetime of ecstatic bliss for both of them together.

(To be continued)
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33: Friday, July 17, 0030 hours CST: Comprehensively Colleen

Zach got up when his watch quietly buzzed him at 12:30 AM. He crept out of bed, but Anming woke up. He said gently, “There are a few things I need to attend to. Doctors never really sleep, you know. I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Very well,” Anming conceded. “Hurry back.”

Zach threw on his scrubs and went to Colette’s quarters, where he expected Colette was trying to catch up on sleep before going on duty at 2 AM. Sure enough, but she was awake and reading. She was sitting in a chair and had on a skirt with no panties. He said, “Give me the belt.” She got it out of her purse and handed it to him. “Assume the position.” She bent forwards facing away from him and grabbed her ankles. He flipped up her dress to examine the damage done by the lashes he’d given so far. The region was still a little angry-looking from the lashes he’d dealt her four hours ago, but there were no nicks or bruising, just angry skin. He gave her two more hard lashes across her backside and vulva and then gave her back the belt. When she had put it away, she got on her knees in front of him. “Suck me,” he said. This time, she tasted yet another anonymous pussy on him, namely Anming’s. He’d had some rest, and he was always horny when he was up at night, so not even five minutes later, he was hovering near orgasm. “Finish,” he said, and she bobbed a few more times, giving exquisite pleasure, and he spent satisfyingly down her throat with a grunt. It was a fair sized load, too. She waited until he’d finished and then licked his dick off. He pulled up his scrubs and left.

From Colette’s quarters at B2, Zach traveled spinward through Hydroponics Bay B3, Storage Area B2, and Laundry Area B. Then he cycled both rim hatches of Radial Arm Bay B2 and proceeded through Storage Area B4 and Hydroponics Bay B4 to his own quarters at Cabin B3. From there, he walked through Hydroponics Bay B5, Air Processing B, and Storage Area B5 to arrive at Hydroponics Bay B6 where he met Charisse and gave her a hug. "I still love you," he said.

"Don't hurt yourself," Charisse said.

"Don't worry," Zach assured her. "I'm a big boy, and I can love who I just have to love, and be responsible for my feelings." He continued spinward to Berte’s quarters at B4. He then traveled through Recreation B to Head B2 and rinsed off in the shower there.

After Zach’s quick rinse-off, he continued spinward through Exercise B to Radial Arm Bay A1 and cycled both rim hatches to enter Control Room A. Alexis was there, thankfully not being orally serviced at the moment, but her panties were sitting there on the main console. She waved to him in greeting. “Do you always put your panties there?” he asked.

“Oops, sorry,” she said, in a way that said she was not sorry. She then braced herself against said console, flipped up the back of her skirt onto her back, exposing her bare ass, and said, “Fancy a shag?”

Alexis had a nice ass, and she was one of the best wigglers of all time. Something felt wrong but oh so right about her audacious proposal. When was the last time he ran across someone and just spontaneously fucked them, versus racing around like a mad rooster on a schedule? On the other hand, could this get him kicked off the mission? “Should we really be doing that, what with you driving the ship at the moment and all?” asked Zach.

“The ship is parked in orbit,” she argued. “There’s nothing to drive.”

“But we’re supposed to be acting like the ship is going somewhere. This is a dry run. What would Colleen do?” Zach asked.

“Probably missionary,” replied Alexis. “Isn’t that where you’re headed?”

“You know me too well. The difference, though, is that she’s off duty and asleep.”

“So much the better. She won’t care if you’re a little bit late. Look, I’ll be standing up right here while you’re fucking me. If there is either a real or a fake emergency, I would otherwise have to get up from my seat to deal with it. That takes a few seconds. Since I’m standing up while you’re fucking me, it would take me less than a second to slide off of you and go deal with the problem. I rest my case.”

Zach got behind her and found her not surprisingly to be wet. “Would you like a little oral to warm you up?” Zach asked.

“No, I’m fine,” Alexis replied. “I’d rather not keep you long, and if you get started, you know me, I’ll just keep begging you for more. How about you? Need a few strokes down my throat to firm you up?”

“Not necessary,” said Zach, pulling down his scrub pants and getting out his mostly erect cock. “This conversation is doing nicely.” He thrust in while her muscles held open for him. She stayed that way for a bit to let him harden up in her wet teasing tunnel, and then when she felt him to be fully hard, she began clipping him lusciously in rhythm to his strokes.

“Fuck me, stud,” Alexis whimpered. “You own this little pussy, don’t you? All of this little pussy, yes, Zach. Oh yeah! Hit all the way up! Good-good-good-good-AHHH!” Alexis orgasmed and shook but held steady on her legs. “Oh yeah, open me, does it feel good tiger?”

“Yeah,” said Zach, who was not very articulate in moments like this. Now that she’d orgasmed, she was apparently making sure that her quickie lived up to its name by using her strong cunt muscles to snap onto his dick and stroke and tease it in maddening ways. So it was, in not too many more strokes, Zach unloaded a couple of good squirts into Alexis as quietly as he could manage with a satisfied grunt.

“Ooh, piping hot!” Alexis moaned. “Just what I needed to wake me up. Could you be a dear and fetch me a towel from the head?”

Zach pulled up his scrub and fetched her a towel. She replaced her hand with the towel, and said “That was so yummy, honey. Thank you.”

“Always a pleasure,” said Zach, and slipped into the head for a quick wash-up.

After his wash-up, Zach stepped into Colleen’s room. She had a dim light burning for him. She roused as he slipped into the covers next to her and gave her a gentle snuggle. She turned towards him, and he gave her breasts a squeeze then started kissing her. They kissed and he felt her ass, which was a very nice firm ass. “Honey,” Colleen said gently, “You must be exhausted, and after me, you probably have a lot more to do tonight, and you should be asleep. Please, just rest with me awhile.”

“Not unless you’d rather rest,” Zach replied. He grasped her hand and put it on his already stiff, throbbing cock. “My body wants you, Colleen, and so does my heart, but I can wait. You have a lot to do too, and I don’t want to wear you out.”

“Whatever you want, I want,” Colleen said, “and I’m so happy you want me so much. It makes my heart feel safe.”

“Well, I want a lot,” said Zach, “I want to smell and taste your yummy vulva a lot until you’re very ecstatic. Then I would like to thoroughly feel the inside of your yummy vagina with my penis until all my swimmies, that’s a medical term, come out to play. Then, I want to suckle on each of your breasts while you play with yourself with your vibrator. Then, I want to take you very definitively in your lovely ass and release many less fortunate swimmies into there. And then I should go catch up on work. Should we give you a butt plug?”

“I like your plan. No butt plug. I want you to open me the natural way as God and many drummers of not-so-very-good traveling rock bands in my youth intended,” requested Colleen.

“You’re still in your youth,” Zach pointed out.

Colleen corrected her statement, “Many statutory rapists intended.”

“Fair enough,” Zach reasoned. “Will you sit on my face and show me how best to lick you?”

Colleen spent the next while teaching Zach all the licks, kisses, and sucking her vulva liked best in that very moment. While Colleen was doing a very ecstatic crying hip dance on Zach’s face, Zach was enjoying Colleen’s responses very much, and her taste, and her smell. Her smell was just especially Colleen now, like no other thing or woman, with maybe a hint of capers this time. He loved giving Colleen joy this way.

“I’m very ecstatic now,” Colleen joked, and sucked Zach’s cock up to hardness in a nonce. The girl had skills, no doubt from her misspent youth as jailbait. Then she wanted to keep driving, so she climbed onto him cowgirl style and started having some big beefy howling orgasms from that, really crashing down on him and wiggling as she did them. After three or four of those, Zach was desperate and turned her over to finish in her, and it was everything he’d ever wanted and then stillness.

Zach got Colleen a towel, Colleen got out her vibrator as requested, then Zach latched on very hungrily to her right teat while she started vibing the other breast and her vulva. Colleen was very surprised because she thought he had been joking about that part, or that he had been just talking about regular boob kisses. She saw how much calm enjoyment he was getting out of it, so she liked that. It was unusual, but it was fine, and maybe even a little sexual. It seemed to help her along well towards having an orgasm with her vibrator. Her excitement kept Zach very awake during his suckling this time, and it made him very erect as well.

It was a quicker suckling that usual, because Zach became urgent to take Colleen in her ass. Colleen, after the vibing and thinking about what their next agenda item was, also became impatient to get thoroughly buggered. Colleen said no vibe, because she wanted to enjoy the ass fuck by itself. That’s the way she liked it. So Zach put on a lot of lube and speared Colleen in her anus, and started fucking her nice and hard, and she loved it. She was very tight, and she was also wiggling with excitement, and so it felt very nice to Zach. Colleen was able to work herself up to one giant crying groundswell of an orgasm, and this orgasm greatly inspired Zach, who soon after strained and shot his semen into Colleen’s backside with all his strength. Then they rested. And they kissed.

“Let’s do an enema for you during one of our rec periods,” said Zach. “It somehow seems weird to me to wake you up at night to give you an enema. It’s something that you should come to me for in the morning or evening and say, yeah, do me.”

“You are really touchy about consent, aren’t you?”

“Right now I am.”

“Is Colette getting you down?”

“I’m good. I’m clear.”

“You can say no as well, you know.”

“I’m aware of that. It’s not that bad. Maybe I’m getting more used to it. Physically, it’s very pleasant. I’m trying to understand it erotically. I don’t think I’m doing a particularly good job. I almost wish I had a natural inclination towards this kind of behavior. Dominance I can understand. Having a slave who will do your bidding sexually is a rush even to me, provided the consent is there, and it is. Showing her off to Alexis was fun too because I knew Alexis would love her more, not think less of her, but she didn’t know that, so it was a kind of guilt-free humiliation, a kind of icebreaker between those two, actually, a fun prank, and I’m up for stuff like that.”

“Actually humiliating her, I don’t think I’m willing to do, so that’s maybe a problem for them. I don’t want to think of myself as someone who does that, even consensually. I feel even more ambivalent about the whipping. She did some wrong things, so now I have 12 of 20 lashes still to give her. She looks disappointed when I do it soft. I can do it, because I’m a doctor, and I’m trained to cut people open. I know it won’t kill her or even permanently injure her. I can see that it excites or activates her on some level, it’s just ugh.”

“Do what you think is right,” Colleen advised. “Maybe Alexis can help.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Zach. “I’ll talk to her about it.” With that, Zach put his scrubs back on, hugged and kissed Colleen tenderly, tucked her in, shut out her light, and left her to sleep.

(To be continued)
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34: Friday July 17, 0200 hours CST: Zach Seeks Comfort After An Argument

Zach thought of Colette after settling Colleen back in for the rest of the night, but she was already on duty. At least he had kept on her, and that should count for something. He could bother her again starting a 10 AM. He rinsed off in Head A1 and then went to work completing his previous workday.

Coming out of Head A1 into Medical Bay A, Ayana was there. “Hey,” said Zach, edging past her.

“You’ve been a stranger,” said Ayana, smiling at him. “I heard you had a lot of fun with Khushi yesterday afternoon.”

What did she know, Zach wondered. “The movie you mean?”

“Of course the movie,” she said with a bit of a look. “Have you guys been doing other things behind my back?”

“The movie wasn’t behind your back. Was it? She said she’d invited you.”

“Of course I knew,” said Ayana. “I found out about it at the last minute, but that has nothing to do with you.”

“I didn’t know. I assumed she’d spoken to you about it,” said Zach.

“Of course you did,” Ayana agreed. “Look, there’s a really weird vibe going on between us now. We’re good buddies, right? Hey, divide up the crew between us, and all that, right? We haven’t communicated at all since you set me up with Khushi. Thank you, by the way, truly and deeply, thank you Zach.” She suddenly got very moved and grabbed him in a fierce hug. Zach put his arms around her and hugged her back. Oh, she smelled so good. Well, enough of that, he thought. She continued, “You did us both a huge favor.”

Ayana continued in a different tone, “You must think I’m an ogre for my recent behavior, but I’m not, Zach.”

“I know you have your reasons. Khushi explained them to me. I can see your point of view.”

“It’s not just an opinion, Zach,” Ayana explained, “You don’t know what it’s like to be a lesbian in India. It’s not exactly frowned upon, but it’s considered childish, like wetting the bed. A young woman, lesbian, straight, asexual, whatever, is expected to get married and have a big family by hook or by crook or be shunned, no ifs, ands, or buts, especially Khushi. You saw her family.”

“I did.”

“Then you know how strong her family’s expectations are for her. How she’s been indoctrinated from birth to think not of her own happiness and success, but that of her family. If she steps out of line, her parents would shun her until she stepped back in again, and maybe not even then. They can’t know.”

“I get the idea, but nothing has changed for her. I still see her pleasing others before thinking about what she wants.”

“She doesn’t know what she wants!” Ayana said angrily.

“That’s exactly what her parents would say,” Zach pointed out.

“Except I really want what’s best for her!”

“Her parents would say that too,” Zach pointed out.

“I’m not proposing a lifetime of abstinence, Zach. I’m talking about only a few months so she can clear her head. And it’s something I’m going to be right with her on at every step. In the beginning, we agreed to an open relationship, because I need a little sexual variety, and she thinks she wants men. She thinks she is not interested in other women, just me. So we decided to go monogamous since she agreed to try this. No outside partners.”

Zach knew her to be violating that rule despite her promise to Khushi, but on the other hand, he had just cuckolded her, so he clearly had no moral high ground in the matter. “Look, you two do what you want. I don’t know anything about being gay. Have you talked to Colleen? Gotten some counseling? Because you two have been fighting.”

“Yes, we have, and we’ll continue to,” Ayana assured him. “We have a regular weekly session. I promise you that I want Khushi to live her best, fullest life, Zach. And I actually hope that includes you sexually, because you’re a really great guy, and if there’s any man I trust to treat her right, it would be you. I just miss our friendship, Zach. You’re eight for eleven, man. I give up!”

“Nine for eleven.”

“Shut the front door. You boinked Miss Nobel Icicle?”

“You know what happened to her.”

“What –men- did to her, yes.”

“Men?!” fumed Zach. “Now you’re pissing me off.”

“It’s not you in particular, Zach,” Ayana assured him. “I’m speaking of systemic sexism propagated by men that continues to put men in positions of power over women, leading to the systemic abuse of women. And are you a part of that system? I don’t think you can see your way out of it.”

“I’m NOT a part of THAT!” Zach fumed, and got out of there quickly before he lost any more of his temper. As he got to the other side of Radial Arm Bay A1, he thought to himself sarcastically, well that went well. That was really mature, Zach. He called Ayana. "I'm sorry for my outburst. Anming's torture is a really emotional thing for me right now. My behavior was inexcusable."

Ayana replied, "I'm sorry too. I wasn't trying to imply that you had anything to do with Anming's torture. I honestly don't think that for a moment, Zach. You are one of the best, kindest people I've ever met. I wanted to mend things with you, Zach, and through  my careless blabberings, I fucked it up again. I feel horrible."

"Well, I forgive you. Let's keep trying."

"Likewise," Ayana concluded. And the conversation ended.

Zach was still upset at himself and the world, and he didn't understand why. He strode antispinward past Berte’s to Colby. In the dark, he lubed his cock. “Hey baby,” said Colby sleepily, ”Oh Ahh slow down, honey. Slow… C’mere. Oh you’re crying. It’s okay, baby. It’s okay. Colby is here to take care of you. Come on now, oh yeah. That’s my stud.” Then there was a lot of panting and pushing in the dark for a while. Then, “Mmm yeah baby, mmm yeah baby, HUH-AH!” she climaxed as he kept moving in her.

Then finally, “RRRAH!” as Zach climaxed into Colby. He slid out and patted a towel on her, then put on his scrubs and left while she drifted off again. He felt right again, healed.

To avoid Medical Bay A1 where he had run into Ayana, Zach walked antispinward to Head B1 to wash up. Perhaps the avoidance was childish behavior; perhaps it fell into the category of self-care. At any rate, he continued antispinward to arrive at Anming’s the long way around the rim. By the dim light, he could see Anming was sleeping peacefully. He let her sleep and went to finish his duty for yesterday. About 4:30 AM, he was back, and climbed into bed with Anming. He was tired, but not tired enough to not be immediately aroused by her proximity. He was already pulsing hard remembering her curses or endearments in Chinese punctuated by howls of ecstatic orgasm. He checked her and found her still not just moist, but wet. The exploration of his fingers roused her some.

He lubed up his cock, spread her as she roused further, and pushed slowly but firmly all the way into her as she emitted a mewing noise. He grabbed her ass and started pleasurably fucking her in earnest. Almost immediately her regular whimpers began. One of his fingers was lubed up, and he used it to tease her anus as he held her ass tightly and fucked her, but remembered not to penetrate his finger very far into her anus. After one particularly strong growl and squeak roused her further, she started cursing in Chinese again. He entered his short strokes and she went crazy, “Ah! Oh! Oh! Ah! Arrrrrr!”

Zach climaxed with a “RAAHHH!” and a good big squirt of cum, relaxed onto the bed, fetched a towel, and pulled out. Now he felt gloriously right with the world. He fell directly to sleep.

(To be continued)
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35: Friday July 17, 0600 hours CST: Anming’s Agony and Ecstasy

Zach’s eyes popped open as he felt Anming playing with his hair. “Don’t concern yourself,” she said. “I texted Colby. You got practically no sleep last night. You can skip a workout.” It was 6 AM. He was urgently hard for Anming, and grabbed her, and felt her. “Oh!” she said as his fingers checked her and his very urgent cock pressed against her. She spread her legs as she recognized his intention, and he immediately covered her and started working his way into her as she again made her mewing noises of being opened by him. He could see now in more light that she was having good pleasure from it.

Zach buried himself fully in Anming’s slippery tightness and pressed deliciously against the back of her, and then he started his horny sprint at the pace he knew she liked best. Immediately she started growling and squeaking. He held her hips tightly as before and rubbed the slippery fluids around on her anus with one finger as he fucked her. He perhaps penetrated his finger a little too far into her anus as his excitement took him. He picked up his pace and she screeched, howled, and dug her nails into his lower back. He felt his morning batch coming up for her. Anming howled in climax as she felt Zach’s climax erupt in her, “RAAAAHHH!!” and then Zach whimpered “Huh! Huh! Huh!” as he helplessly slammed squirt after squirt into the back wall of Anming’s shuddering vagina.

As Zach regained his senses, he saw Anming still in her reverie, eyes closed. He slowly removed his finger from her pulsing anus. Her legs were up where he could see them, and she could see that her toes that were curled slowly relaxed as the hot cum pacified her body into a stupor. He pulled out and patted a towel between her legs. Immediately she curled up into a fetal ball and quivered and whimpered with aftershock after aftershock. He turned out the light and settled down to sleep again.

In the pitch dark, Anming said haltingly, “You touched my dirty hole again. It was not painful, but it does bring up bad associations for me." She sighed a deep sigh. "About the wounds that left no marks. He reserved my hmm… woman’s hole for himself, as I said.” Zach found her in the dark and held her. She was trembling. She continued, “But on some days he let his men have my mouth… as many and as much as they wanted. He had dozens of men. And on those days, hmm…” Here she stopped to cry softly for a minute. Then she continued, “On those days they would use my dirty hole as much as they wanted.” Sobbing now. She calmed down after several deep breaths. “Even after the forced feeding. I would pass out from the pain, and they would throw cold water on me when I did.”

Zach just held her, held her tightly as sobs wracked her body.

Zach had thought she was done, but she continued, “One time, a man transgressed, only for a few moments, and he killed him, shot the man in the head while the man was raping me. He was always watching. The man’s face disappeared. He dropped like a rag doll and his penis jerked out of me. His blood was all over me. I think a piece of his brain tissue… landed in my mouth. I didn’t think I could feel sorry for my attackers, but that was when I was reminded they were just as enslaved as I was. When I was in my cell at night, I used to hope that the baby was his. There wasn’t much room for hope during the day, only anger and fear.”

Zach said, “I love you. You’re safe now. We’ll all protect you with our lives. They can’t reach you any more. It’s over.” Then they cried each other back to sleep.

They woke up again at 7 AM, and while Zach was still rousing, Anming found spots of blood on the towel. “Oh Zach!” Anming said excitedly, “I’m so happy! I got my period finally!” Anming immediately texted Colby with the good news. Colby called Anming, and Anming put it on speaker saying, “Zach is here with me!”

“He has a way of shaking it out of you,” Colby said. “You know, I got my period the afternoon after Zach and I first made love. And then I had my new guy, my perfect new sexy guy, calling me all the time saying ‘Can I come over? Can I see you?’ and me fending him off  ‘cause my cooch is spouting blood and I didn’t want our second time to be like ‘wow, I’m all covered in blood, gross’.”

“So that’s what happened,” said Zach. “You know, menstrual blood is fine. It washes off. I’m not some guy out of Deuteronomy, ladies; I’m a doctor. If I had a cut on my arm, and it bled a little while we made love, would you be grossed out by that? And that’s a real injury. Menstruation is a natural process that tells me that you ladies are healthy and ready to bear children, and if you’re looking to have a baby like we all are, what could be better than that? That said, it’s perishable organic matter, so it should be washed off afterwards.”

“I’m not worried now that we know each other better and I know how much you like the other place,” Colby said. “You can pound my bloody cooch any time you want it, baby. Just put a towel under. I told you when I moved in that I gave you my everything, and I meant it. The good, the bad, and the ugly, right here.”

“More like the good, the better, and the ravishing,” rejoined Zach.

Anming said, “You promised you would lead me into dangerous territory, Colby, and I solemnly promised I’d follow you. So far, I’ve experienced pleasure beyond my wildest imaginings.”

“Woo! Zach! You did good! I think you have a fan girl, baby!” interjected Colby.

“At any rate, you haven’t led me astray. Though I’ve never known a man to express the least interest in my, hmm… bloody cooch… I will I suppose, hmm… offer it as well.”

“Talk to you later, Colby,” said Zach.

“Wait! How goes the honeymoon you two?” Colby asked.

“Indescribable,” Anming moaned.

“I know, right?” said Colby slyly. “So no trouble with the size?”

“Oh, I had so much very happy trouble with the size,” said Anming. “I never want to have any other kind of trouble again!”

“I had fun, too,” offered Zach.

“I’m coming over,” said Colby and hung up. By the time she got there, Zack was asleep, having unlatched from one of Anming’s teats. Colby undressed and got into bed with the two of them. Zach snored softly while the two women chatted animatedly about how they were going to organize Zach’s room and their former room. They decided that the three of them would live in Zach’s room, because it was very symbolic. It meant they were very serious about Zach, and he was very serious about them, and they wouldn’t be just another stop on the rim. In turn, they would decorate their former room to be a hangout place, and yes, love nest for Zach, but they could have fun with that too.

Zach’s watch buzzed at 8 AM, and he woke up. The women were still chatting away happily. He got up and threw on his scrubs, hugged and kissed them both, and left.

(To be continued)
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36: Friday July 17, 0815 hours CST: Is It a Dream or a Grind?

Zach began walking spinward towards Charisse and Alexis’s place. They were already two hours and fifteen minutes into their sleep cycle, so they wouldn’t care if he woke them up a little later. He thought he would maybe have Charisse first and then Alexis. As he walked, Zach called Colleen, but she didn’t pick up. He left the voicemail, “I propose every evening at 8 PM. Let me know what you think.” He duplicated the message by text.

Charisse and Alexis were always easy work. They always knew what they wanted out of him and knew how to manage his state of arousal and their level of stimulation so that they got it. They kept him fucking when they wanted a pounding. They rode him when they wanted more control. This morning, which was in the middle of their sleep cycle, they each wanted a quick pounding and made very satisfied sounds as Zach chased his own pleasure and inseminated each of them as they wished. As he neared orgasm in Charisse, he helplessly began to whisper another profession of love to her, but she put a finger over his mouth to stop him, and he finished in her with no further comment other than a satisfied grunt as he climaxed. He put his scrubs back on and left as the women drifted back into slumber.

After Zach’s tryst with Charisse and Alexis, he did an hour and a half of work. He got a text back from Colleen confirming their 8 PM regular time. Then Zach met Michaela in Control A. They climbed up and then down through the axis of the ship from Radial Arm Bay A1 to Radial Arm Bay B1 to reach Michaela’s quarters. Zach asked after Aanya, and Michaela said everything was fine with her, then she sat on his face and directed him how to lick her as she had orgasm after orgasm. She was wonderfully fragrant and tasty after anticipating him during her whole watch. Zach loved it, as she knew he would. Then she had Zach pound her missionary style to several more orgasms with her legs over her head and out. Satisfied, she coaxed a big batch out of his balls to fill her satisfyingly. Then she told him lovingly and a bit worshipfully to piss off, threw his scrubs at him, and rolled over to take a short nap.

Zach called Colette and met her in her quarters. She was adhering to the dress code. The lashes across her quim had cleared up nicely, and he gave her four more, which visibly excited her. This helped him feel more positive about the punishment part of his responsibility to her. She forwarded a message from her husband to Zach’s phone. He promised to read it later. He then face fucked her and climaxed in several strong squirts onto her held-open and freshly tenderized twat. After that he left.

Zach took a thorough shower then and got another hour of work in before meeting Berte at noon. Zach and Berte agreed that Zack would tuck her into bed at 2 PM as their daily time to meet during the dry run. As usual, Zach and Berte wanted to do everything, but Berte had spoken to Colleen, and was increasingly sensitive to getting him on his way with a minimum of fuss. He nursed on each of her glorious breasts for a short while, leaving him hungry for more. Then he had Berte sit on his face for about ten minutes and reach a few orgasms. Then they had a very gratifying fuck where Berte orgasmed a few more times. She stopped him at the end, though, and had him penetrate her asshole and climax there. She shouted obscenities at him while he fucked and came strongly into her rectum, and she derived a toe curling erotic thrill from this. He left her in her bed masturbating furiously with Jill. He went and rinsed off in the Head B2 shower.

Zach got another hour and a half of work in before meeting Aanya in Hydroponics Bay B1. They talked about their lives and kissed. Aanya took out one breast at a time for him and he nursed on them. This led to him kneeling in front of her, going up under her dress, and pulling her panties aside to lick and suck her quim to several satisfying climaxes. Zach felt really good about just serving her and petting her. She’d had too little of that in her life up until now. They made a date for this same time next week, when they were back in Houston. Then they parted ways until Zach would see both her and Michaela at 6 PM during their sleep cycle.

Zach got another hour and a half of work done and then met Charisse and Alexis in Recreation A for a game of foosball. The special rule was that every time a player scored a point, they got a minute of standing oral from the loser. They almost got caught while Charisse was sucking off Zach one time and Khushi and Ayana walked in. Zach was facing away from them as they entered and was able to covertly stuff his cock back into his pants. Charisse on the floor looked pretty suspicious, but she claimed she was looking for a foosball that had dropped there. Ayana and Khushi ignored the situation and chatted amicably with the three of them for a few minutes and then left.

Both Charisse and Alexis beat him handily but still managed to suck him off to an orgasm. He came with excruciating satisfaction down Charisse’s throat. Charisse and Alexis then played each other while he watched and cheered them on, especially the oral part. It got so they were trading orgasms near the end. It was close, but Alexis won. Alexis’s prize was a fast and furtive missionary style fuck on the couch from Zach while Charisse stood lookout while jilling herself.

Zach rinsed off in Head A2 and then worked another hour before slipping naked into Michaela’s bed. While Aanya listened to them and masturbated with Michaela’s vibrator, Michaela straddled Zach and rode him to several orgasms, then had him roll her into missionary position. Then Michaela just about ordered Aanya to come over and cuddle with them. Michaela had Zach pound her very gratifyingly while she in turn kissed and teased Aanya up towards her next climax. Somehow, as Zach spent with glorious delight and satisfaction into Michaela’s womb, Michaela herself climaxed, and she also put Aanya over the edge so that Aanya also orgasmed with them in a glorious three-way cum.

Aanya then led Zach into her own bed where she continued to vibe herself while Zach fucked her energetically from behind, sending her into spirals of cascading orgasms. Zach lasted a fairly long while in the ecstatic Aanya. After this, Aanya switched off the borrowed vibe, Zach tucked her in cozily with a towel, and he quietly left them both to complete their sleep cycle.

He rinsed off in Head B1 and then did another hour and a half of work before meeting Colleen in her quarters at 8 PM. Zach enjoyed sitting and talking with Colleen for a few minutes before enjoying each other in bed. Waking her up for sex was fine, and if it was only occasional, kind of spicy, but he much preferred as a regular thing wooing a conscious Colleen to pouncing on an unconscious one, however willing she was in either case.

Without getting into the sickening specifics, Zach confided to Colleen that it was being a struggle for him to work through his strong emotions about what Anming was sharing with him about her torture and captivity juxtaposed with him whipping Colette with a belt. Even though he knew darn well that Colette was gratified by it, it made him feel unclean. That was why Ayana’s careless statement had stabbed him so deeply. He was afraid that her unintentional implication that he was ethically implicated in Anming’s torture was true. Colleen worked through with him the good things he was doing for each of these women in each of their unique contexts, and that helped him work through his emotions as a whole.

After Colleen, Zach took another shower so he could be sparkling clean for Anming and Colby tonight, who were apparently headed for their first threesome. It would be fine. He spent a few minutes finishing up his workday. Before joining Anming and Colby in his quarters, he relaxed in his study after a long day of testing for contaminants and fulfilling his crewmates’ sexual needs. Was his life a dream or a grind? For the being, at least, it was a dream. This pace forever would become a grind. He expected that over time, the honeymoon period would settle down and his crewmates would want him less often. So he didn’t think it would ever end up becoming a grind.

(To be continued)
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37: Friday July 17, 2045 hours CST: Colette’s Husband’s Second Letter

Zach read Colette’s husband’s second letter.

“Dear Doctor Carson,”

“I know you’ve been busy. Please make contact using the public key I previously supplied to you.”

“Your actions suggest that you’re struggling with uncertainty regarding what motivates Colette sexually and are therefore struggling with the necessary judgment calls that arise from applying the rules in a judicious manner. I want to make it easier for you to understand things at this point. Colette, like all human beings, is extremely complex sexually. Be aware that this description of her chosen sexual expression is broad strokes, not nuanced. Working together, we can give you a very nuanced picture as time goes on. Especially with your ability to execute procedures flawlessly and unflinchingly and your observational skills.”

“First of all, Colette needs to feel trust for both of us in an untrustworthy world, me for honestly and diligently creating the framework, you for honestly and diligently executing that framework. I am already trusted, and you are being as honest an executor of the rules as I could hope for given your understanding at this point. Part of that trust, but only a part, is consent. Consent is all-important in this. Unlike most external factors in her life that she has no agency in at any level, we are external factors she does ultimately control with her consent. It’s everything to her that she could say, for example, ‘I don’t want to be owned anymore,’ or whatever aspect, and our response would be, ‘sure thing.’ Given her nature, it’s highly unlikely she would ever not want to be owned anymore. Even so, it’s everything that the choice is still ultimately hers. I hope this makes sense.”

“Secondly, Colette wants to be owned as a thing and used as a body. What I mean by ‘owned’ is that her body is owned ultimately (and consensually) by me sexually because I can request that you do anything sexual that I want to request that you do, and she has absolutely no say in the matter within the context of the relationship, and she loves that feeling. Sexually, simply, she is a piece of property, and I own the property, and you manage the property. She loves that. In her world, you could almost replace the word ‘ownership’ with the word ‘love’.”

“By ‘used as a body,’ I’m saying that she loves and craves the simplicity and the fundamental nature of being seen and treated purely as a physical entity, as in, a chair is for sitting, a Colette is for fucking, or for whipping, or for enemas, or whatever I choose and you execute. It’s a very simple relationship to have, and in Colette’s world, and perhaps even in ours, it’s much closer, it’s much more intimate than the regular relations of meat puppets being fake towards each other. The antithesis of this being used as a body would perhaps be a cocktail party. Being used as a body is fundamentally real if the we are real in our behavior and going where my whims and your whims within the context of the rules and instructions take them. It’s like the saying ‘Dance like nobody is watching.’ She wants that kind of real from us. That whim. That dance. That flick of snot. Nobody else is there to witness it. She has the pleasure of ceasing to exist. Its just us and nothing. And within that nothing that is her is everything.”

“She is gratified by your sexual and erotic excitement, the fulfillment that lives in the realization that all of her as an object of sexual gratification implicitly and authentically delights you in all the sexual ways it does. And you demonstrate this, and she feels aroused by it. She wants to see your erect cock, your excited face, your cum shooting out, feel your body fucking and straining in her and on her and your cum fill her and splash onto her, hear your ecstatic sounds, have the smell of your cum and excitement pervade the room, and know from all this that the object of sexual gratification that she is authentically moves you. She is similarly gratified by my sexual and erotic excitement that we share through correspondence.”

“She wants to depend on us; she wants to take herself out of the formula for her own sexual gratification. She craves the complete freedom of expression that comes from having her personal sexual agency completely removed from the object that is her. The toilet flushes when you push the handle. The Colette orgasms when the meat that is her is subjected to certain instructions, and then you push her handle by allowing her orgasm and she orgasms. Her complete freedom of expression to have that turn out any way with no personal agency, to burp, fart, scream in pain, or orgasm, or anything else that her body as an object does in response to our stimuli, whether that is whipping, fucking, vibing, whatever. The meat just does what it does, we control it, like we would flush a toilet, and her agency is completely removed and completely embraced by this expression.”

“In this absolute dependency is complete interdependency. We can’t dominate in the unique way we do it to her without her to submit. She can’t submit in the unique way that she submits to us without us to submit to. That is one facet of our interdependency, and there are so many others. Overtly, we control everything, and her agency does not exist in that context, like flushing a toilet. However, you could also say she covertly controls everything with her consent.”

“I hope that this inadequate explanation of an extremely complex interrelationship gives you some insight. As we work together, you’ll find your own more comprehensive understanding of all this.”

“I would like Colette to bear and raise a child. Since Colette is coming up on her ovulation week, please consider these next instructions as practice for that. Starting tomorrow until you receive new instructions, I request that you you specifically put your penis in her vagina, move it however pleasures you without pulling it out, and then orgasm once and inseminate in her vagina in a way conducive to impregnation. I request that you do this once and only once a day. The timing is up to you, though I request that you be rigorous in doing this once and only once per 24 hour cycle as of 0000 hours tonight. To prepare her, you may put the bullet vibrator she carries into her vagina and put it on the low setting for up to an hour beforehand. Once you are ready to fuck her, have her remove the bullet vibrator and clean it with her mouth before doing anything else. Those are my instructions.”

“I understand that you are good at whipping Colette painfully with the belt. Modify the punishment to five lashes of the kind you are performing per infraction for the time being. These lashes, when applied, must be applied in quick succession. If there are multiple infractions, please administer no more and no less than five lashes per day until all infractions are cleared. I’m aware that you find these punishments distasteful, but over time I’m sure you’ll understand what these punishments mean to Colette and therefore be able to administer them without any ambivalent feelings.”

“Have Fun,”


Colette's husband was getting a lot more specific with his instructions! Well, what did Zach expect considering his inventive interpretation of the rules and instructions to date?

It was long overdue to communicate directly with Colette’s husband. He followed the instructions for sending X his public key in the clear and then started an encrypted chat with him. “This is Zach Carson. I apologize for taking so long to connect with you directly. Please forgive me.” The man might be asleep or anything. He would hear back from him soon.

Next Zack called Colette, waking her up. "Meet me tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM in your quarters. Be prepared."

"I don't know what was in my husband's instructions," she reminded him.

"Then be prepared for anything," he said, and hung up.

(To be continued)
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38: Friday July 17, 2100 hours CST: Stereogomy

When Zach arrived at 9 PM, Colby and Anming were still at work on the room. It had sprouted an amazing amount of storage. Anming’s Nobel diploma was displayed prominently on the wall along with some other beautiful paintings and photos he had not yet seen. Colby was all chocolate naked petite strength, with just enough boobs and butt for Zach to know she was resoundingly fertile. Anming wore nothing as well. She was a few inches taller than Colby, slender, willowy, and looked pale in comparison to Colby, a light caramel, punctuated by her unruly tribble of a muff. Einstein had his wild hair, while Anming’s was short, straight, and perfectly restrained. Little did her fellow scientists know (as far as he knew) that Anming’s unruly hair was elsewhere. Anming also had a bit of string dangling down. She was wearing a tampon. They both looked happy and relaxed in their nakedness. They seemed to be getting along great. Zach was happy to see it.

“Honey dog! You’re home early!” Colby said leaping into his arms, which was becoming her routine when he came home. She gave him a big wet kiss that tasted of marijuana wafers. Were these two ladies stoned? Anming also approached and quietly put her arms around both of them.

Colby said, “We can finish arranging the room later. Come help me Anming.” Colby climbed out of Zach’s arms and started tugging on his scrub top. A moment later, Anming’s hands joined Colby’s and Zach was wrapped up in his scrub top that Colby was trying to pull off of him. Anming was chasing them both trying to pull down Zach’s pants. All three of them were laughing.

Some of it, he could tell, was nervous laughter, since these women had never seen another couple have sex in person, and neither one had ever allowed a third person to watch them have intercourse, either. But it seemed they had discussed this between them and had a plan that they were comfortable with. If they were in control, and especially Anming was in control, he felt more comfortable. Since Colby's request that Anming join them, he’d had a passing concern that Anming might be triggered by being with multiple sexual partners, since this had only happened to her before in the context of her rape. That was the last thing he wanted.

As it stood, they were still trying to wrestle his scrubs off of him, and he wasn’t making it either too easy or too difficult. Colby had wrestled his top off and was now grabbing off his deck slippers and throwing them into the corner as Anming continued giggling, laughing, and trying to wrestle his pants off. Zach was being passive, and just wiggly and difficult, so she was making progress. Finally, Anming got his scrub pants off, leaving him in his boxer briefs. “We’re going to massage you,” Colby told Zach, “so get on your tummy on the middle of the bed.”

“You want these off?” Zach asked them, indicating his boxer briefs. They nodded, and he took off his briefs and threw them into the open hamper where they had thrown his shirt and pants. Then he got to the middle of the bed on his tummy and closed his eyes. Soon he felt some oil and two hands on his back, probably Colby’s, then two other more petite hands that had to be Anming’s. As they worked, running their hands over his body and talking about more things to do with the room, he started to get aroused. The wrestling and tickling was not particularly arousing to him. He’d done plenty of that kind of thing with his two older sisters when he was a kid. However, two beautiful naked women rubbing him with oil, this was different.

After a relaxing time, Colby had Zach roll over on his belly. His cock now lay fully erect against his belly. Colby put a warm washcloth over his eyes. “Hmm,” said Colby.

“Hmm,” said Anming. “Distracting.” Apparently she was referring to his cock.

“What should we do about it?” asked Colby. In response, two oily hands, Anming’s, closed around Zach’s cock. Zach took the towel off his eyes and looked down the bed at Colby’s beaming face and Anming’s shy face. There Colby was, with her big eyes, cute button nose, big sensuous lips, and incandescent smile, now spreading oil on his cock and grabbing it. And there Anming was, with her intense brilliant almond eyes that drilled into your soul, her long dainty face punctuated by her thin aquiline nose, her small mouth and thin lips, her lower lip with just a hint of perpetual pout, gently holding and stroking his cock. If Colby was the epitome of cute and pretty, Anming was the epitome of serene beauty.

“Okay, so you know about baseball, right?” Colby asked Anming.

“I know it’s a game played by men outdoors,” related Anming. “They wear caps.”

“Women too,” Colby explained. “Now when I was a kid, the way we would pick which team would go first was to do this,” Colby moved her hand down and held Zach’s shaft at the base. “Now you put your hand here, got it?” she held Zach’s cock with her other hand directly above the first and then removed it. Anming tentatively grabbed the shaft of Zach’s penis as indicated. These two prim, proper, and mildly stoned women were kneeling on the bed on either side of him with their hands on his cock! It was utterly delightful. He felt so lucky.

Colby continued, “Of course, we would do this with a baseball bat instead of Zach’s penis. So the first one to reach the top wins,” Colby put her other hand above Anming’s on Zach’s shaft, covering the head. “See, I won, because I got to the top.” Colby took her hands off. “Now you start.” This time Anming put her hand at the base, Colby followed, and then Anming’s other hand. “I don’t know, it’s pretty close. I guess it’s right up there. Okay, you win.”

“What do I win?” asked Anming.

“You get to put your mouth on it first,” replied Colby.

“But you won the first time,” argued Anming, “so we should both do it.”

“If you insist, sister,” Colby agreed. Anming took off her top hand, and both women approached his penis with their mouths and started kissing and licking it experimentally, like two good friends trying to share a yummy popsicle without inadvertently kissing or anything. They were sharing territory back and forth but trying to stay away from more than occasionally bumping lips or tongues. These women were driving Zach insane with their friendly tentative play. He looked down on them in utter fascination. It was mind-blowing levels of erotic. Colby began sucking on his very tip while Anming wetly mouthed one side of his shaft. Then they switched places. “Do it,” said Colby, and Anming pushed her spitty mouth down on his head and got his head and a bit of his shaft in her mouth before reaching the back of her mouth. Her look was intense, but she had to back away as well, intimidated by the size of it in her tiny mouth, Zach figured.

“Lookit here, girl,” said Colby, and pushed just a little bit more of his cock into her mouth and then choked resoundingly and backed off. “I know what I wanna try!” Colby said suddenly. She lay on her back on the bed, put her head over the side, and opened her mouth. “Now do it,” she told Zack. “Fuck my throat,” she requested. Zach slid off the bed, stood up, lined up on Colby’s throat, and put his cock in slowly as Anming looked on. Colby took a little more than she had with him prone. Then Colby choked a little and Zack backed off a bit. “Rrrr guh!” she said around his cock. It felt wonderful.

Zach tried again, slowly pushing in, and Colby choked a little bit later as he backed off and came out of her mouth. “I think this would have to be a whole thing,” he said.

“I agree,” said Colby. “I'm very rusty. It was fun to try, though. It really is easier. Give it a try, sister.”

As Anming positioned herself on her back on the edge of the bed, she sighed, and said, “This ugly throat will attempt to open for Zachary.” As Zachary approached Anming, she abruptly sat up and then stood up on the bed. Then she walked over and turned on the dim bedside lamp. Then she climbed off the bed and turned off the overhead light. The light was much better.

“Oh wow, that’s good,” said Colby. “Good thought.”

Anming took out her tampon, wrapped it in tissue, and threw it into the tiny trash basket they had wedged between two wardrobes. Then she got a big towel from Colby’s pile of towels, pulled down the blankets on one side of the bed, laid the towel down on the sheet, climbed onto the towel, and pulled the blanket up to her neck.

“Is everything okay?” asked Zach.

“Yes,” said Anming. “Sometimes when thoughts come up, I want you to hold me. I want both of you to hold me now. It makes it easier.” Zach moved Anming and her towel over to the center of the bed and then got in beside her. Colby got in from the other side, and they hugged Anming between them. Some tears fell from Anming’s eyes for a little while, and Zach and Colby held her. Anming turned to Zachary and held his face in both her hands. “You will go with Colby now,” she told him with a stern look, “and I will watch.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” said Zach.

“Don’t mind if you do,” said Colby. Zach got out of the bed and got in on Colby’s side. Anming moved over to give them both more room. Colby lay on her back holding Anming’s hand. Zach pushed down the blankets so that he and Colby were exposed, got his face down between Colby’s legs, and started licking her with a big wet tongue like she liked him to start with cunnilingus. Mmm, Colby smelled and tasted like fresh spicy oatmeal with perhaps a hint of weed. As Colby’s hips began to rock and her breathing got deeper, Zach started stiffening his tongue more and focusing more on her clit.

Anming shifted, and Zack could see over Colby’s naked mons that the two women were embracing each other and pressing their foreheads together as Colby climbed towards her orgasm. As Colby approached her orgasm, the two women kept their faces touching and breathed the same ragged breaths together. Colby said, “Oh! Huh!” and looked into Anming’s eyes, and then spilled over into orgasm, “Aaaaah! Hah!” After Colby was fully done and had relaxed, Zach went back to a soft wet tongue.

Colby kissed Anming’s face, and Anming smiled. Anming said, “You looked like you enjoyed that, my sister.” Anming kissed Colby lightly on the lips and pressed her forehead against Colby’s again.

“I did,” replied Colby. “But fair is fair; now it’s your turn.”

Zach moved over to Anming’s legs, but Anming said, “Come up here please and hug me and kiss me, Zach. Please, it’s enough that I’m here with you while I’m all bloody.” Zach pulled the covers back from Anming’s body so that Colby could see them while he pleasured Anming. Zach reached for the lube on the bedside and lubed up Anming’s vulva. Then he lubed up a finger and held Anming tight as he started to touch her vulva and clitoris.

Colby snuggled up to Anming on the other side, and the two women touched foreheads and closed their eyes while Zach’s finger roved slickly over Anming’s vulva. Zach began kissing Anming’s neck as he ran his slick finger back and forth over her love button. Anming turned to Zach, put her tongue into his mouth urgently, and began to quiver. Colby began kissing Anming’s neck. Anming said, “MMMMM!!” into Zach’s mouth as her hips jerked in orgasm. Then she calmed as Zach and Colby continued to take turns kissing her mouth, face, and neck. “Everything is wonderful now,” said Anming. “I feel so loved.”

Zach took a look at his hand. There wasn’t even any blood on it. Even so, he took the washrag Colby had covered his eyes with and wiped the lube off his hand. He needed one or the other of them badly by this point, and he looked expectantly at both of them. Anming pointed to Colby, and Colby said, “Come on, baby, I gotcha.”

He climbed on the bed, and Colby stroked some lube onto Zach’s penis, and then she stroked more lube onto her pussy and anus both, looking suggestively at him. Zach spread her and thrust his cock firmly into her quim, beginning to open her up. Colby groaned and sighed. She felt wonderful. Zach looked over at Anming, who was hiding her eyes. Zach stopped and touched Anming, and asked, “Are you okay, Anming?”

“I’m fine,” said Anming, “I just never thought I’d be in bed with two people having sex. I feel embarrassed for you two with me watching. Colby and I talked about it, and we knew we could get through it okay, especially with the marijuana crackers, but the reality of it…”

“I know,” Colby seconded. “I’ve never done anything like this before either. But I feel comfortable, make that wonderful, with Zach on me, in me like this. And I feel wonderful having you with us Anming, sister. Here, come and touch him! Rub his back! Spank his ass! I would love your help with him.”

“Get going, Zack,” Anming said as she gave Zach’s ass a little spank. Zach began moving in Colby again, and Colby sighed and shut her eyes. “I’m watching you both now, you nasty depraved man,” said Anming, “So don’t stop.”

“You tell him sister,” Colby encouraged.

Anming gave Zach’s ass another, harder spank, and then said sternly, “I know you can do better than that Zack. Push harder, faster! Make her orgasm!”

In response, Zach put Colby’s legs over his arms, grabbed her ass and started pounding her as hard and as fast as he could, as Colby shouted, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” like she had had just reached the top of a roller coaster and was now going down the other side.

“My word, Colby is very limber,” said Anming. She spanked Zach again. “That’s it, keep it up. If I must watch this spectacle for you to feel comfortable, Zach, at least Colby should get, well, what it appears she is getting.”

Sure enough, Colby was sighing louder and louder and building up to something. Then she shuddered with an “Ohhhhh!” as she climaxed. Zach rested for a moment as Colby shuddered underneath him. As Zach was about to resume fucking Colby at a different pace, this time firmer and deeper, Colby whimpered with deliberate self control, “The next one goes to Anming.”

Zach slid out of Colby and sidled up to Anming, who looked just a little nervous. “You need to get as good as you give, Anming,” Zach said, gave her ass a very gentle spank, checked to find her still wet and lubey as before. He spread her, and lined up his cock, still wet and lubey from Colby. Anming covered her face in her hands, and Zach checked, “Still okay, Anming?”

“This ugly one is embarrassed, right in front of everybody,” Anming complained.

“Not everybody,” Colby quickly said, “Just your sister who loves you, Anming.”

Zach pushed in. Anming said, “Hung dah! Very big! Very much pressure!” Anming’s nails dug into Zach’s muscular shoulders, and then she whimpered, “This ugly slut loves it so much, is killing me with pleasure!” She whimpered again, “Thank you Colby, sweetheart. Thank you Zach for your pushing in me...”

Zach slowly picked up the pace and force of his thrusts towards what Anming had ordered him to do on Colby, Anming’s favorite amount of pace and force. If he was disciplined, he might be able to hold out until Anming came. Don’t think about it, he thought to himself. He pounded her extra hard and fast as she whimpered out curses in Chinese. He looked away at the wall. They really had done a good job on the place. He pounded, pounded, pounded, and felt Anming straining underneath him. Zach wondered where they had put all his stuff. Anming’s legs kicked out and she howled in orgasm.

Zach looked back at them then, and it was quite a sight. Anming’s eyes were squeezed shut and she was shuddering underneath him, transfixed with pleasure. Colby made steamy eye contact with Zach and was breathing hard, clearly aroused by the scene. She rested a hand on his rippling, thrusting ass and whispered to him, “Let loose, baby. I know you want to.” Then Zach slowed and started pounding Anming deeply and thoroughly, kegeling with every thrust, feeling the slick and snappy tight shuddering clip of Anming as she gyrated with pleasure underneath him, allowing her quim to pleasure his cock as he best enjoyed it. As Colby studied his face, Zach’s thrusts shortened and quickened as the need to inseminate Anming took firm hold in him. He strained, “Hmmm! Ahhhh!” as his orgasm devoured him, and he poured all his love energy, all his healing energy into Anming, into every warm slap of cum filling her to the brim as he strained rigidly and she whimpered and shuddered, pinned beneath him.

As the couple rested quietly, panting, Colby said, “That was so beautiful. I felt all the love flowing between you, especially as you finished, Zach. And I saw her eyebrows raise as she felt that hot gift I know you gave her hit deep inside her. I know how that feels! Ooh, splendid!” Colby had a big smile on her face. “Watching you two: I like it,” she added.

The ice appeared broken at this point. Anming and Zach lay on the towel while Colby lovingly cleaned the menstrual blood and semen off of both of them with a rag that was a bit soapy followed by a warm wet rag. Then the three lay down under the blankets with Zach snuggled between them.

Colby then talked with Anming about what she wanted next, which was to have her vibrator in her pussy while Zach straddled her and fucked her ass to orgasm with her legs tightly together. Anming covered her eyes again as they got started, but then when she saw how much Colby and Zach were enjoying it, she relaxed and enjoyed them enjoying each other. When they were done, she even cleaned them both off with two rags as Colby had before.

Zach let Colby know that Ayana would like some physical therapy done on Anming's anus, which was healing from reconstructive surgery after repairing the damage done by the force feeding. Because she hadn't known about the force feeding torture, Colby was upset, and climbed over Zach and hugged Anming tightly, shedding some tears on her. Zach didn't mention the anal gang rapes to Colby. It was confidential, and furthermore would only upset both women more to discuss. Anming again insisted her backside was dirty and disgusting, and she begged Zachary not to pursue the matter further just for that evening. Zach agreed.

They left the bedside lamp on, because it helped Anming to sleep, and drifted off to sleep together. The air of their bedroom was filled with Colby’s spicy oatmeal flavored pheromones and Anming’s distinctive rich spicy scent, thicker than Zach had ever experienced in Anming’s case. So it was not much of a surprise to either of the women when Zach woke up close to 1 AM. He had been used to awakening for Colleen at this time.

First he grabbed Anming, who startled awake but was fine once she saw it was Zach. She was wearing panties and a pad, and Zach took these off and lubed up his cock for good measure before taking his pleasure again in Anming to her great pleasure. Afterwards, Zach wiped up Anming and pulled her panties back up as she drifted off to happy sleep, wiped himself off throroughly, and then speared Colby in her wet vagina thoroughly and took good long pleasure in her, giving her a couple of good, satisfying orgasms in the process. Then the three drifted off again.

At 4 PM, he woke again, quickly speared Colby, and put a batch deep in her while she orgasmed. By then, Anming was awake and vibrating in readiness for him. He slid out of Colby and immediately mounted Anming. Anming was quite wet. He pushed into Anming’s tight quim easily given his Cock was also slickly wet from Colby’s wet and his own cum. Anming immediately climaxed and continued to climax readily and loudly throughout Zach’s long ride.

Colby stayed awake and moved closer so that she was face to face with Anming as she felt her pleasure. Zach was too tall to easily bend and bring his face close to connect in this way with these women while he was moving inside them, so he really appreciated the fact that Colby could stay right there face to face with Anming during her pleasure. Anming began kissing Colby’s face in a happy way after each orgasm.

As both Anming and Colby continued with their excitement, they began pecking each other on the lips. It was a bit tricky because Zach was jerking Anming up and down with his long hard strokes pushing towards his orgasm by then. Finally, Zach came explosively “Rrrrraaah!” straining hard and still in Anming. As this happened, Anming and Colby mashed their faces together in a passionate tongue kiss, and this caused Anming to shudder again in orgasm underneath Zach.

The women didn’t say anything about the kissing, but drifted off to sleep again together, forehead to forehead, as Zach cleaned the blood splashed on Anming’s pelvic area with warm wet rags. Then he cleaned himself, got back into bed, and snuggled against Colby’s back since there was no room any more between the two women.

At 6 AM, Zach awoke again, his cock straining hard and pushing against a half-asleep Colby’s delicious petite bottom. Zach got some oil to slick up Colby’s tight little ass crack to finish in it as she continued to doze, but Colby roused and put in her vibrator and turned it on. Zach knew what that meant, so he enjoyably and enthusiastically penetrated Colby’s tight anus with his big, hard straining morning erection and began slowly stroking it in and out of her as Colby upped the power on her vibrator to an intense level, no doubt feeling by his excitement how close Zach was to orgasm.

Zach just rested for a while in Colby, feeling her quiver as the vibrator excited her more and more. Then Colby whimpered, “Go for it now, baby,” and Zach started fucking her deeply, firmly, and intensely again and almost immediately entered his short strokes. He could see over the top of Colby’s head that the women were kissing again, and Colby was quivering with pleasure, right on the cusp of orgasm. Zach strained into her “Raaaaah!” and shot a nice big morning load, several hot splashes into her rectum.

This tipped Colby over the edge into orgasm. “Mmmohhhh!” she cried as she broke her kiss with Anming to make sound. The three rested quietly together for several minutes, almost falling asleep until Zach’s softening cock was pushed out by the tightness of Colby’s anus. Zach had the presence of mind to have a towel handy, but it was not really needed as Colby’s sphincter snapped shut and kept all the cum, thank you very much. But then it was time for Colby to throw on a bathrobe and run to the bathroom to pee and maybe push some of it out.

Anming was awake and aroused after witnessing her mates’ excitement and from all her little kisses with Colby. She rolled Zach onto his back and washed Colby’s very mild stink off him with some more warm washcloths. Then, when he was fresh smelling again, she teased him erect again with her hands and mouth and then climbed onto him. She was too small to straddle him, so she squatted on him and moved herself up and down on him by pushing with her arms and quadriceps. Almost immediately, Anming began orgasming, and when she did, she would slam down on him, and Zach could feel her rhythmic contractions, then she would continue riding him.

When Colby returned from the head, Anming asked her to take over. It was Anming’s turn to run to the head. Anming threw on a bathrobe and ran out, and Colby cleaned off Zach’s cock and then jumped on. Zach rolled Colby over, though, because she knew Colby liked being on the bottom. By the time Anming returned, Zach had finished very delightfully in Colby, and the three dressed for their workout.

(To be continued)
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