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Reply #45 on: February 04, 2021, 12:23:56 AM
46: Sunday July 19, 0800 hours CST: Provocation

At 8 AM Zach woke up alone with an urgent erection and only a note left behind by his lovers. What a night! He’d been absolutely insatiable. Colby had been red hot. Yum! Anming, he had to find a better way to wake her up. Or just not do it. But things had seemed to right themselves in the morning. Things had been special with Colleen. Berte had done well. In retrospect, he should have bothered her rather than Anming. Aanya, he thought she’d been satisfied. There would be many special nights with the five of them, he was sure. Yet there could be only one first night for Trigonometry, and it had been last night.

Zach got a text from Aanya that read, “Bad news: test negative. Good news: Michaela has a surprise wedding present for me at sleep cycle. See you with Michaela at 6 PM. Please no more rape for now! Give me a day. I’ll just watch. Love love love xxx.”

Wow, it seemed as though Zach had beaten all these women to death. They could talk about it tonight. He texted Aanya back, “Even if you’re already pregnant like you feel, the test might not be positive until you’d normally have your period, so don’t fret about the negative result. See you at 6 PM! Love love love xxx.”

Zach somehow fit his raging boner into his scrubs. He left his quarters and proceeded antispinward towards Alexis and Charisse. They would be overjoyed to deal with his predicament. Although he was in a bit of a hurry, he happened to glance back over his shoulder. He noticed that the Latin graffiti, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here," had disappeared since the last time he had passed by. Good. Although he didn’t believe in omens, he did believe that words matter. He bet that Colleen did it or had it done. Its instructional value was over. Best leave the past in the past.

When Zach arrived at the quarters of his favorite unrepentant sluts, they were awake, naked, and had soft lighting. “Zach, you’re alive!” cried Alexis in amazement.

“Not just alive but erect!” Charisse thrilled. She yanked down Zach’s scrubs right there in the doorway and latched onto his straining member with her mouth. She gave it a good taste, her eyebrows raised, and unlatched. “He came to us dirty this time.”

“He never comes to us dirty! How exciting!” said Alexis. “Who is it?” Zach groaned inwardly. His raging boner had distracted him from washing, and now he was going to have to live it down.

“I don’t know,” said Charisse. “Nobody I’ve snacked on.”

“Double exciting!” said Alexis. She dragged Zach into their bedroom and cycled the hatch. “Well that rules out Colleen and Aanya.”

“Lalalalala!” cried Zach, plugging his ears. “Too much information!”

“Well, what does she taste like?” asked Alexis.

“Really clean and good and sweet,” Charisse smiled. “Definitely Lawful Good. Like oatmeal cookies.”

“Oh, that’s Colby,” said Alexis.

“For the love of God,” said Zach.

“Don’t worry, tiger,” Alexis was quick to assure him. “Your number one wife is an extremely hard target. She appears to only have eyes for you. It’s tragic.”

“How did you know, then?” asked Zach.

“Sometimes a girl can get a whiff of a girl,” said Alexis. “It was a completely innocent situation, at least on her part. I’m sure she didn’t even notice.”

Charisse leaned back on the bed and presented her wet vulva to Zach. “Do you love me?” she asked playfully.

Zach turned to face her, his cock straining in her direction. “You know I do,” he answered in all seriousness.

“Then show me,” Charisse dared him with a playful gleam in her eye. “Fuck me as hard as you love me.”

Zach fell on Charisse and choked her hard down against the bed. Her arms flailed in surprise. This was not the first time he had choked her in their lovemaking. But there was a different quality to this. His practice with Colette had made him able to be more ruthless than either of them reckoned. Both her carotid arteries were squeezed shut. He used his other hand to ram his penis firmly into her vagina. He grabbed her throat with both hands. Now her air supply was also cut. This was going to bruise. He fucked her so hard and with such energy he wasn’t getting much satisfaction out of it. Her eyelids fluttered. She was at the edge of consciousness. Her hips pumped weakly and her legs quivered in orgasm.

After Charisse was done cumming, Zach let up on her throat a bit. She gasped some air into her lungs and some blood hit her brain. He grabbed a handful of her short hair in one hand and painfully yanked her head to the side. Her hips pumped more strongly in another climax, and a “gk!” escaped her throat. Alexis leapt out of the way as they fell halfway off the bed and onto the floor, with him still fucking Charisse with all the speed and strength he could force out of his body. Alexis pulled out her phone. Charisse was wedged against the floor and the side of the bed. She squirmed in orgasm futilely like a pinned specimen, barely able to move in his grip.

Zach’s scrub pants tore in the crotch and down one leg as he loomed over Charisse. He slammed her head on the deck by the hair. He held her head against the deck with one deck slipper clad foot. He yanked her legs into a stress position and fucked straight down into her. She gave a piercing cry and shook in orgasm. She was enjoying it, so he was excited even though it was way too rough for him. His practice with Colette was helping him do this.

It had been several minutes of heavy exertion for Zach. Charisse was curled up and wedged against the side of the bed with him fucking straight down into her. He took his foot off her head and choked her with both hands. She shook and squirmed silently. The cum was boiling up in him. At the edge of consciousness, her vaginal muscles squeezed tightly as her eyes shut. He held her throat closed as he strained and ejaculated one hefty squirt into her. His work was thankfully done.

Zach pulled out, semen flying, and Alexis jumped out of the way. He lifted Charisse and put her down onto the bed. Her pulse was strong and her breathing was regular, but she was still unconscious. “Wave to our viewing audience, Zach,” said Alexis.

“Alexis, please don’t,” said Zach. “Please delete it.”

“She’s going to have two black eyes and major bruising on her neck from this,” said Alexis. “Everybody’s going to wonder why.”

“Let them wonder,” argued Zach.

“Party pooper,” said Alexis, deleting the video.

Charisse opened her eyes and said, “Ow.”

“Was it everything you’d hoped for?” chided Alexis.

“Serves me right,” said Charisse.

Zach checked to make sure that both of Charisse’s eyes were dilating properly. He flopped onto the bed, exhausted physically and emotionally. He’d somehow needed to call her bluff, violently. It had been wrong, and he knew it. It was like that first anal fuck with Colette. Things had gotten way out of hand. He’d wanted to mark Charisse, do anything he could think of short of permanent injury. He’d allowed his rage to rise up at how much of a joke his love was to her. All he’d done was likely fuel her fear of getting close to anyone. She had set him up in a lose-lose situation and he’d fallen for it. He lay there in a funk. It was the worst sex he’d ever had. Never again.

Charisse left for the head. Alexis rolled Zach over, got some oil, and started massaging him. She had picked up on how rotten he was feeling. “My, you were in a demonstrative mood.”

“I was an idiot,” said Zach.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” said Alexis. “The bitch asked for it, and she was cumming the whole time. She obviously loved every second of it. Well, not the unconsciousness probably, but the rest.”

“How did it come to this?” said Zach.

“Well,” began Alexis salaciously. She was clearly intending to veer his mind away from the subject at hand. “We were expecting multiple men to be chosen. If you were one, Colleen and Colby, since they were both sweet on you, had agreed to share you. That’s even if there were enough men to go around. Don’t let that swell your head, or God forbid, any other part of you. It was hypothetical. They both had second and third choices they were also creaming mightily for.”

During this explanation, Charisse had arrived back from the head. “Alexis!” she croaked and then coughed.

“Should I be knowing this?” asked Zach.

Alexis continued, “The rest of us had grudgingly agreed as long as some of our other top candidates were chosen. That’s why I leapt into action when it turned out to be just you. I didn’t want to risk Charisse and me not getting on high rotation, so to speak. As we came to know you, we realized we shouldn’t have worried. You can’t say no. Psh-hah-hah-hah-hah!” Both she and Charisse were laughing at this, Charisse more coughing than laughing. Her throat sounded painful.

“Yeah, you’re such an easy slut, Zach,” Charisse squeaked with hilarity, descending into another coughing fit.

“I’m sorry about your throat,” Zach said to Charisse.

“I’m not,” croaked Charisse wiping the tears of mirth out of her eyes.

“I’m not going to do this again,” said Zach.

“Drat!” said Alexis, “I was hoping to get you to do it to me. Skipping the double black eyes like raccoon girl here, though.” She flipped Zach over onto his back. She sucked his penis into a thrilled, erect state, despite his foul mood, and began riding him. When, after her first orgasm, he still looked sullen, she tapped him on the chin. “Hey you, buck up. It’s not you with the black eyes.”

“Don’t worry about your reputation, Zach, if you are,” said Charisse. “I plan to tell the truth. I injured myself in a stupid dare. It was my fault. I’m sorry I taunted you, you darling crazy man.”

“I’m sorry I took the bait,” said Zach.

“Now that all is forgiven, can you two shut up?” complained Alexis. “I’m trying to get the Earth to move for me here.” But all was not forgiven, somehow, for Zach. He and Charisse lay there holding hands while Alexis worked her orgasms out of her ride. He looked at Charisse. She was definitely getting two black eyes. She looked at him, examining him. He tried to relax about the whole thing.

An hour later, Charisse was snoring softly. Zach was tense and straining. Alexis milked one more orgasm out of him before he shot a respectable load up into her. “Mmm. Warm,” she said, settling on him and wiggling back and forth to feel every inch of him. “Now scoot,” she ordered him, “and don’t work too hard.”

After changing out his ripped scrub pants with a new pair, Zach told Colleen about Charisse’s visible injuries. He figured he ought to let her know as soon as possible. She was annoyed. Her response was, “Spectacular. Now I’m going to have to file a fucking form. NASA is going to have to put out a press release. It’s not like the press won’t notice Charisse’s black eyes when we land fucking day after fucking tomorrow! Why the fuck couldn’t you have beaten the crap out of her the day we got up here instead?”

“I’m not going to lie on the form,” Colleen continued. “I’m going to say that two of my idiot children decided to have some rough sex. One came out the worse for wear. I imagine the press release will say ‘minor hydroponics lab mishap’.” Zach promised it would never happen again.

Zach did an hour of work then. Today he was working on the air conditioning system. It did far more than filtering out dust and maintaining the air at a specific temperature and humidity. The atmosphere of the habitat ring was as the atmosphere would be in the dome on Mars. The pressure was 60% of air pressure at sea level. It was 50% Nitrogen and 50% Oxygen. This was the same amount of oxygen as at sea level. Nitrogen was important for the plants. Carbon dioxide levels were maintained at 500 parts per million. This was far below dangerous levels for humans and helped plants grow. After the air was dried and filtered, the rest of the carbon dioxide was scrubbed out of it. This carbon dioxide was hydrogenated into water and methane. The methane went to combine with the methane made by Waste Recycling to be turned into plastics and such. Water from this reaction, combined with water from Waste Recycling, was cracked to yield hydrogen and oxygen in gaseous form. The oxygen was used to replenish oxygen consumed by the crew. The hydrogen was used to hydrogenate the carbon dioxide. Finally, the re-oxygenated air was re-hydrated and cooled to a comfortable temperature. As in nature, the four elements of nature, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, were recycled and reused endlessly. The combined actions of the waste recycling and air conditioning plants were powered by energy from the fusion bottle.

Zach met Michaela when she got off shift at 10 AM. He told her about the incident with Charisse, which was still upsetting him. Her comment as they were walking to her quarters was, “Bitch deserved. Nobody come between Zachary and love, any fool would know this. Maybe now in her thick skull.”

“I wish somebody would yell at me for doing it,” said Zach. “I feel rotten.”

Michaela shut the hatch to her quarters. She pulled his hands up to circle her neck. “Now give me black eyes for love also.” She laughed when he told her to fuck off. Despite himself, her lightheartedness about the incident lifted his mood.

Zach’s lighter mood was a good thing. Michaela easily teased him to an erect state and got all the orgasms from him that her libido demanded. When she was done with him, she finished him and enjoyed his reliable hot wet gift deep in her. This made her moan and say something in Bulgarian. She stroked his hair and assured him that everything would be okay for ninety seconds. Then she kicked him out of her bed, told him to piss off, and turned towards the wall. This behavior was becoming a habit. He could see a method in her madness. It was a clear signal to him to not fall in love with her. His personality problem was that even getting kicked out of bed could become endearing to him.

Zach did another hour of work before letting himself into Colette’s quarters at noon. She was in there getting ready for bed, and was nude. She stopped when he came in, looked at him attentively with her mesmerizing bright green eyes, and asked, “Can we talk?”

Colette was an achingly gorgeous woman. “Get on your knees,” Zach ordered coldly. She dutifully got on her knees in front of him. Just thinking about one of her blowjobs was getting him hard. He hadn’t had one since the day before yesterday. Then, curiosity got the best of him. “What did you want to talk about?”

“Ever since our first time together, you’ve been aloof and distant towards me,” Colette said. “You’ve been trying to please my husband and me so much, you’ve obliterated yourself. I miss the man I met on that first night. The man that, sure, adhered carefully to the rules and instructions, but within that framework, was actually himself. I feel like I’m missing the chance to make friends with that man outside of these sexual matters, which is something I’d enjoy. I don’t need you to be a fake sadist or any kind of sadist.”

“I admit my approach to the rules and instructions, to you, has been clinical,” said Zach. “In my world, my normal world, friendship, love, and sex are all intertwined. There’s give and take in all of it. My heart has been hurting a bit, because I know that’s not what you want. I’m still not sure what you want. You’re asking for punishment and friendship? Excuse me for not enjoying inflicting pain on you.”

“You’re angry,” Colette said. “I’m not explaining this right. Why wouldn’t I want friendship, love, and sex with you all intertwined?”

“I don’t know what to say to you. You’re asking me why wouldn’t you want love? I feel like this conversation is too big for me,” Zach admitted. “I’m trying not to love you, because then you are me, and I’m hurting myself. That would be truly sick. But I’ve been failing ever since that first night. I realized I would never be satisfied with that tiny sliver of you. You wouldn’t tell me to stop and be satisfied. I don’t know how to be even friends with you in the conventional sense. Since that evening, I’ve been objectively serving your needs and X’s needs like a doctor serves a patient. You taught me that first night that bringing my heart into it would only hurt us both. I thought you didn’t want it anyway. I don’t think you want it now. I don’t know what you’re asking for.”

“When you whip me with the belt, it’s for my own good, like you would lance a boil,” explained Colette. “Let me put it this way. Are you by chance a Catholic, familiar with the concept of penance?”

“I’m a Unitarian when I’m anything, but I’m familiar with the general concept,” Zach replied.

Colette continued, “I enjoy what the rules and instructions force me to do on pain of whipping. It keeps my head and heart straight. Disobeying is a real sin that I will suffer until it is canceled with a whipping. Then I let go of it. Things are truly back to where they were, not some fake version of it. That’s why it requires real pain, real punishment, not a slap on the wrist. It’s like lancing a boil. Do you want me to suffer forever or give me a little pain and end my suffering now? Well, doctor?”

“It’s not just the belt,” said Zach. “It’s everything. It’s how I’m not supposed to care how you feel. I’m supposed to treat you like an object, right? I’m not supposed to care how a urinal feels.”

“It’s a metaphor,” said Colette. “You can be caring and merciless at the same time. You’re both caring and merciless during surgery, aren’t you?”

“I still don’t understand,” Zach said. “I’ve really fucked this whole thing up.”

Colette rolled her eyes. “You did not fuck up. You followed the rules. You acted as instructed. That is the very definition of not fucking up. This is why I’m having this conversation with you instead of X. I got a glimpse of all of you that first night. This is about my experience of our relationship. It’s not really about X, although he governs the physical part of our relationship. The rest is up to us.”

Colette continued, “About that first night. I’ve never gotten that turned on from just kissing a man. What made me cream my panties was that I could see you wrestling with yourself. You were trying to figure out how you were going to make this work for everybody. That is so you. You got so desperately horny while you were trying to stall for time that you had nasty thoughts! Then you realized that you could order me to do anything allowed by the rules and I would like it. I did like it Zach, to an extraordinary degree. It was so genuinely horny and impulsive of you. You were so responsive, I thought I must be performing fellatio on a virgin boy. I loved the effect I had on you. I felt like the very goddess of the erotic. It was so hot.”

“Why didn’t you say anything about this before?” Zach pleaded.

“We wanted to wait until you had a chance to grapple with the situation a little. X especially cautioned that you wouldn’t even understand what I was saying, and I think he was right. I have no experience with men of your kind, having never had any interest in them. Courting rituals are fake for any man, I would assert. He gets down on his knees in front of you with flowers. What he really wants to do is pin you down and put his semen into you. Everything else is fake, or at least not completely honest. Before this, I’ve only had positive sexual experiences with men who already knew this. They have cast off this pretense or were at least committed to the ideal of fully casting it off.”

“Okay,” said Zach. “I get your point that there’s pretense in romance. But love isn’t fake.”

“I’m not talking about love. I know love. I even appreciate how the best of you romantic men are, or whatever you’d call yourself. I appreciate how you are with other women. I’ve seen how much you genuinely enjoy the process of persuading them. I’ve seen how much they appear to enjoy the process as well, though they may be only tolerating it as far as I know. I appreciate the artistry behind it, but there’s too much pretense in that game for me. That doesn’t mean you have to not be who you genuinely are around me. It means exactly the opposite! You’re not committed to pretense anyway; I know this about you. You’re all about honesty, painfully so. Just drop the courting pretense with me. You can enjoy that dance with other women if you want to. It’s like some women don’t like anal sex. You’re a decent man who wouldn’t force anal sex on her. I don’t like the romantic dance. It’s that simple. Cut it out with me. I don’t like it.”

“I don’t know how to do what you’re asking,” Zach said.

“That’s a start!” Colette chuckled. “What do you really want from me?”

“I want you to be happy,” Zach said almost desperately. “And X.”

“I’m already happy, Zach,” Colette said, “Or rather, it’s not in your purview. Only I can make myself happy. Same goes with X. I give my corporeal self to X. I’m his slave. He in turn delegates certain body parts at certain times in certain ways to you. Even if I knew how, I wouldn’t give anybody else control of my happiness. You comprehend?”


“Do you want anything else to do with me?”

“Now that I see it, I do want to know you and be friends with you.”

“Okay. Anything else?”

“Well, I am genuinely sexually attracted to you. I’ve been thinking about a blowjob, to be honest, because your blowjobs are out of this world. Maybe it was that first night for me, too. I’m addicted.”

“Don’t say “to be honest,” just be honest!” said Colette. “That’s the whole point; be honest. Uninhibited, from the bottom of your balls, tell me.”

“I’m very much looking forward to fulfilling on X’s instructions and cumming in your vagina today. I’ve arranged it with X to do it twice in a row if I don’t pull out.”

“That’s wonderful. You have been thinking of me, haven’t you?”


“Now you’re lying again.”

“Grant me some poetic license,” argued Zach. “You’re always part of my plans for my own future. So I can say honestly that I think of you as often as I think of myself.”

“That’s honest,” agreed Colette. “Don’t use absolutisms like ‘always’ and ‘never’ with me. They are always lies, so they are big turn-offs.”

“Good to know,” said Zach. “Are you done? Because there’s some X instructions to attend to.”

“Not quite,” said Colette. She went over to her dresser, got out a pair of panties, and stepped into them.


Colette pulled them up anyway and smiled at him.

Zach fought back. “Well, I know the rules. I hereby decree that for safety purposes, it’s currently okay for you to wear panties. After all, if you fall with no panties on, it’s much more probable you’ll scratch your cooch. So there.”

“My cooch?” said Colette. “But seriously, it doesn’t work, Zach. I’m required to follow any sexual command you give, and you just told me not to put these panties on.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” asked Zach.

“I’m doing this because I’m an arrogant bitch who has hurt your feelings. I’ve made you feel small and inadequate at least a little bit. You haven’t even gotten that I’ve hurt your feelings, have you? You’re out of touch with yourself. Of course you don’t know what to do with me. And here I am, hurting you again. Feel it yet?” she said. “Think of yourself as a surgeon, cutting out my misbehavior. As soon as you correct me, there will be nothing left of my misbehavior. By next week, there will be nothing left of the punishment either. I’m being such an arrogant bitch, the way I’m treating you right now. Can’t you feel it, you fucking saccharine people pleaser? Don’t you want to punish me?”

“What you’ve told me is useful. It’s technically not against the rules. I can see your point that it’s against the spirit of the rules. It’s not a sexy conversation,” said Zach. “I’ll think about it. We have time to talk about it. First, I have my instructions to attend to. Get your bullet vibe for me, please,” he ordered. When he was feeling uncertain as he did in this moment, he could always fall back on his identity as a physician. He knew how to do things to people’s bodies. Colette got the bullet vibe out of her bag and handed it to him. He put some lube on it from the bottle on the dresser. He ordered, “Spread your legs and your vaginal opening for me, please.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She pulled her inner labia apart with both hands. He gently inserted the bullet vibe into her, positioning it properly. He turned it on using his phone.

“Whip me now, I beg you, and get it over with before we talk further,” Colette said.

“Give me the belt,” said Zach. “Assume the position.” He gave her five loud but gentle lashes across the top of her behind. At the end of this, he could see the resigned disappointment in her face. She was trying to make this work for herself. “You’re disappointed in my lashes, I can tell,” he said. “It’s not against the letter of the rules, but it’s definitely against the spirit. Plus, it makes me angry, because those were perfectly good lashes for any normal, decent woman. I want you to thank me for each of these.” CRACK!

“Huh. Thank you.”


“Thank you.”


“T-Thank you.”


“Mnn. Thank you.”


“Oh fuck! Thank you.” Colette was weeping openly. Silent wet tears splashed on the deck. She stayed in the position. Zach told her she could get up. He gave her the belt.

For the next hour, Zach sat and talked with Colette, who remained standing. He told her about the incident with Charisse still at the top of his mind. Her opinion was that Charisse should get whipped across the cunt with the belt without delay. The woman needed correction. Colette handed him the belt. He handed it back to her and said he’d think about it. She also told him to deal with his own guilt over the incident by having Colleen give him five lashes with the belt. “Keep your balls out of the way,” she advised. He said he’d think about that also.

“It does bring up an interesting point,” said Colette. “You were willing to beat the crap out of Charisse to effectively demonstrate your love for her. Similarly, I beg you to demonstrate your love to me by making me obey. I’m not just talking about obeying when it’s easy to obey. I’m talking about making me obey when it’s difficult for me to obey. That’s how you demonstrate you love me.”

“That’s very illuminating,” said Zach. “Thank you.”

Colette returned Zach to the subject of everything he’d like to do with her sexually. He said he’d like to involve their other crewmates who’d be willing to be involved. Certainly the Breeding Bitches would be willing, and maybe others. He asked her about her sexual history. She had done everything he could think of.

Zach ordered Colette to nurse him and sing to him. During the nursing, she asked permission to orgasm. He’d forgotten that there was a vibrator on her g-spot bringing her into a state of constant excitement. The nursing relaxed him and made him feel better about everything while exciting her. The situation was good.

Zach thought of his preferred way for Colette to ask him to orgasm. It seemed a lot more natural to him and much less annoying than having to respond. He ordered her to tell him whenever she could orgasm. She could let him know any way she felt like it. It could be as simple as saying, “I can.” The context between them was adequate.

In that state, Zach could order Colette to climax by simply saying, “climax,” or “orgasm,” or “cum,” whatever seemed natural to him at the moment. This had the great benefit that he could order her to climax exactly as he was shooting his semen into her. This idea felt deeply sexy to him as well as having the practical benefit of increasing her chances of pregnancy.

After this conversation, Colette said, “I can.”

Zach told Colette, “Climax.” She grabbed him and grunted in satisfaction while her hips rocked with enjoyment. He was going to like this. This happened a few more times. It seemed that she was getting more excited by climaxing like this, not less.

Zach’s alarm rang signaling an hour since he had installed the bullet vibrator into Colette. Their sexual excitement had been stewing for an hour. He turned off the bullet vibrator and took it out. He had her clean it off with her mouth. He set up his phone to record a video of them having intercourse. He spread her on the bed and took her missionary style. He wet his index finger in his mouth and wiggled it into her anus. She frequently signaled she was able, and he stopped frequently and told her to do it. It was wonderful to be motionless inside her and feel her grunt, buck under him, and clip him as she orgasmed on command. It excited him pretty quickly. Within five minutes, he ordered her to climax while ejaculating into her. In the stillness, he felt her quiver and clip him as he pulsed and shot into her. It was exquisite. He stayed in her and started up again after a few minutes of resting. This time he lasted half an hour. He cried for a short time during his second time. He felt so close to her this time compared to any other time they’d been together. Many times, he stilled and ordered her to orgasm and felt her exciting movements and sounds under him and around him. He finally shot his second load into her.

Zach pulled out, patted a towel onto Colette, and sat up in bed. He stopped the video recording and sent it to X before he could think too hard about it. He was no porn star, nor did he aspire to be. He was, however, interested in doing right by both members of this couple. “You orgasmed a lot,” observed Zach. “I would have thought having your vulva whipped sore would make that difficult.”

“On the contrary, it helped me orgasm,” Colette said. “Every time I felt a twinge, I was reminded I was square with the world, complete, and was filled with joy. That joy led directly to me orgasming.”

“You are square with the world,” said Zach. “I’m glad you’re filled with joy. We’ll spend the hour beforehand together every time from now on.”

“Thank you, Zach,” Colette smiled. "Remember, you can ask me about anything."

(To be continued)
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47: Sunday July 19, 1400 hours CST: Insemination Station!

“Okay, let’s get started,” said Coleen. Zach looked around Control Room A from his vantage straddling one of the control chairs. It was full of women he was going to try to knock up this week. All except for Khushi, who was already knocked up. She was here to support Ayana. Colleen stood up and waved her arms. “Come on, people.” The rest of the women were sitting on the deck on little pillows thoughtfully supplied by Charisse. There was excitement buzzing in the room. The chatter died down.

Colleen continued, “We’re here to work out the logistics of the next week, since starting tomorrow this is the fertile week for half the crew.” There was some light applause. “Needless to say, we don’t want to kill Zach.”

This was followed by laughter and a chant of “KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!” It died down into laughter.

“What a way to die,” quipped Zach. More laughter.

“All right,” said Colleen. “Alexis, Colby and Colette drew even days. Ayana, Charisse, and myself drew odd days. The slots are morning, noon, and afternoon. This leaves evenings for Zach to hide.” More laughter. “But seriously, he has all of greater Houston to impregnate.” More laughter. “I’ll be here all week.”

“It makes sense for Colleen and I to take the morning slots, because we’re sleeping with him,” said Colby.

“But will you?” asked Alexis. “Zach likes to prowl.”

Colleen turned to Zach, “Can you hold it in after, let’s say 4 AM, until?”

“Frankly, I had an awfully hard time sleeping with the five of you last night,” said Zach. “I was waking up all the time.”

“We’re making another place with a bed in it out of the study next door,” said Colby. “He could go in there to sleep from 4 o’clock on. Then you or I could go get him. Same thing Earthside.”

“That will work at a minimum,” said Colleen. “Maybe we can figure out a way to cuddle him more, but that will work.”

“Why don’t you and I set an alarm for 4 and take him in there personally,” said Colby.

“Better,” said Colleen.

“Would you like that, baby?” asked Colby.

“Yes,” said Zach.

“Oh, the cute wives,” said Charisse.

“Now,” said Colleen. “What do you need, Ayana?”

“Why don’t you give us the afternoon slot,” said Ayana. “How about 6 PM at my place?”

“That works for me,” said Zach.

“Great! Thank you so much, Zach,” said Ayana. “I’m looking forward to it, truly.”

“My pleasure,” said Zach.

“Colette, any special needs?” asked Colleen.

“My husband and I need after work hours. 6 PM is fine for me as well. I don’t have a place Earthside,” said Colette.

“We can go to my place,” said Zach.

“Are you sure you want to offer your place, Zach?” asked Collen.



“Except tomorrow aboard ship,” said Colette. “Zach can find me outside duty hours, I guess.”

“How about 10 PM when you wake up?” asked Zach.

“That would be fine as long as it was fine with Trigonometry,” said Colette.

“We can make an exception for tomorrow,” said Colby. “The sperm must flow.” There was scattered laughter.

Alexis said, “Raccoon girl and I are fine with the noon slots. Except I’ll take 4 PM tomorrow.”

“I’ll raccoon girl you,” said Charisse.

“Promises, promises,” said Alexis.

“There’s no noon slot on re-entry day,” said Colleen. “That’s Charisse’s day.”

“I can do him at 10 PM if the wives will give him another hall pass,” said Charisse.

“That’s two nights in a row,” sighed Colby. “Not a problem.”

“So we’re agreed,” said Colleen. “Any other business to discuss? Oh right. The press conference on the 22nd at 2 PM.”

“No problem,” said Alexis. “It’s not going to take Zach two hours to knock me up. We can be showered and at the press building by 2 PM easily.”

“I wasn’t thinking of that,” said Colleen. “The brass will want at most one official girlfriend. Zero official girlfriends will probably draw suspicion.”

“I guess I’ll be it then,” said Colby.

“Could I be the official girlfriend?” Khushi ventured. Ayana immediately scowled. Khushi elaborated, “It would mean so much to my parents. In exchange, I can offer you pastries that are supposed to increase Zach’s sperm production, according to my mother.”

“Well, my parents don’t care,” said Colby. “Does anybody else care?” There was a chorus of no’s.

“What about the four who aren’t here?” asked Alexis. “Aanya’s parents think she’s a lost cause. Heh. Pretty funny because sex with Zach has turned her into a wild insatiable bitch in the sack who likes to be choked and slapped around.”

“TMI, Alexis,” said Colleen.

“Oh whoops,” said Alexis, not looking sorry. “Michaela, no. Berte, I don’t know. Could you text her Zach?”

“Sure,” said Zach. He texted Berte, “Do you mind if Khushi is my official public girlfriend? There can only be one, and apparently her parents care.”

Berte texted back after a moment, “No problem. I can tell my parents it’s a secret.”

“The communists still think Anming is carrying somebody else’s child,” said Alexis. “So no problem there.”

“Okay,” said Colleen. “You’re the official girlfriend, Khushi.” Another scowl from Ayana.

“This has the added benefit that you can announce I’m already pregnant,” said Khushi.

“That we could,” said Colleen. “I’ll let the publicity office know.”

Obviously, by the look on her face, this whole thing did not meet with Ayana’s approval. But, clearly, she didn’t want to mix it up with Khushi in such a public forum. She stewed and squished her face up in a most unflattering way. Everybody ignored her, not wanting to meddle in the couple’s affairs.

“Any other business?” Colleen asked. “Okay then, thank you, everybody.”

Ayana stalked off spinward. Khushi glided over to Zach with a lusty smile and twinkling eyes. “Zach, have you got those pastries handy? I hope I didn’t just lie to my crewmates.”

“I have them ready,” said Zach. “The fatted calf, that’s me.”

The women were dispersing, except for Colleen who was still working here. Khushi nearly touched faces with Zach and whispered, “Ayana is a little upset with me at the moment. Can you think of any place I can hide until I go on duty?”

“Colby and Anming fixed up their old quarters as a hideaway for me,” said Zach. “We could go there.”

Khushi’s big smile and flashing eyes caused Zach’s scrub pants to bulge slightly. Cautiously, they proceeded spinward, staying out of Ayana’s sight. She was probably walking to the quarters she shared with Khushi. His private place was just past Colleen’s quarters. They reached their destination quickly. Zach threw open the hatch.

At first it was dark inside. Then some mood music came up. It was a click track, and a nice girl was rapping about being horny, and then a guy started rapping, “I’m going to beat the puss up.” ( Dim lighting came up in the room around then, as Zach and Khushi were standing there listening to this increasingly questionable song. There was a king size bed with a pink comforter against the far wall. There was a bedside table with an array of lubes and sex toys on it. Then the lighted sign came on. It said, “INSEMINATION STATION!” in big letters with an arrow cycling down from it towards the bed. Khushi looked at him, gobsmacked. Zach doubled over with laughter.

“What is the meaning of this?” said Khushi. “Is this some kind of joke?”

“I’ve never been in here,” wheezed Zach. “This was a little joke for me from Anming and Colby. Ugh, where did they find that music.”

“Well, I suppose it is sweet that they went to all this trouble to play a prank on you,” commented Khushi. She and Zach quickly shut the music off and unplugged the “INSEMINATION STATION!” sign, which was truly garish and hypnotic. Zach wondered how they had built it. But of course, Colby was an engineer, and Anming was the smartest person who’d ever lived. Nice to see they were keeping busy in their spare time.

“Well, my erection’s gone,” Zach chuckled. Khushi swung the hatch shut after them and smiled at him in a somewhat predatory way in the dim light. She pushed him down onto the floor and jumped up onto the bed to dance for him. She always had some nice Indian dance music ready to go on her phone. She turned it on and danced very jubilantly for him this time. ( As she shimmied out of her clothes while dancing for him, her glorious D breasts swung out. Their nipples traced magical zig-zags in the air of the room.

The music stopped. She ended the dance by throwing herself onto the bed with a tinkle of laughter. “Can I nurse?” Zach asked. His mouth was watering.

“You missed your special ones, didn’t you?” Khushi said. She put a nipple in his mouth. Zach latched on. They lay comfortably side by side while he continued to suckle. “Soon they’ll be full of milk for our baby. I’m sure there will always be some left for you.”

“Mmm,” said Zach, and closed his eyes. He spent about fifteen minutes on each teat. Khushi stroked his hair and sang Hindi lullabies to him. He was fully relaxed. She undressed him lovingly and undressed the rest of the way herself. She spread massage oil from the bedside table on him. She massaged his back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and scalp. She flipped him over and massaged his front, ending up at his penis. She stroked it to a straining hardness and climbed on. She was very responsive on him, orgasming a few strokes into her ride and not hardly stopping for an hour. He liked to think that she missed him in particular. If this was her being thirsty for men in general, though, he felt honored to represent his gender. He loved to feel the excitement and climaxes coursing through her loins as she expertly took her pleasure atop him. She was sweaty with the effort of her continuous excitement. A virtuoso, she teased his final pleasure out of him. As he violently strained and shot up into her, she muttered something that sounded profound in Hindi. She collapsed in a sweaty pile of sated female beside him on the bed. “What did you say?” he asked.

“It’s embarrassing how good you make me feel. How much I surrender to you when I feel your stiff cock impale me and touch my soul. I can’t live without you, Zach,” Khushi said quietly, half sleeping.

“I’ll always be here for you whenever you want me and whatever you need from me,” Zach said. It was heaven to doze together in each other’s arms. His alarm rang for his appointment with Charisse and Alexis at 4 PM. He had just enough time to shower and meet them. He reluctantly left a naked Khushi still dozing peacefully in the big cozy pink bed.

Zach and Charisse were laying nude side by side on the bed. Alexis was sitting nude against the wall. “It’s a kind of punishment,” Zach said, “to look at your black eyes while we’re making love. I can’t seem to forgive myself. So I’m going to have Colleen whip me.”

“You can’t be serious,” said Charisse. “What would that accomplish?”

“You could call it an experiment,” said Zach. “Colette’s trying to settle my nerves about whipping her.”

“You whip her?” said Charisse with a look of disgust.

“Not all the time,” said Zach. “She’s not into pain. It’s for when she breaks the rules. The whipping is a tangible way of expunging her guilt or regret, or that’s how I understood her. I want to try it. I have to get rid of this ugly feeling in me somehow.”

Zach continued, “For the first time in my life, I feel like I need a whipping. The fact of the matter is, I didn’t choke you or bang your head on the floor out of love or even passion. I did it out of frustration, and the anger that rose in me from it. I did it out of outrage. Perhaps it started from a passionate place of wanting to demonstrate something. But all I ended up showing you was the worst side of myself. I’m not committed to that. I need to pay for that.”

“Well,” said Charisse. “You should know I forgive you. A foot rub would help.”

Zach sat up and started rubbing her feet. “Colette also said you should get a whipping for your part in the matter. Actually, she mentioned that first.”

“I agree,” said Alexis. “You say you don’t want Zach to get hurt, and yet you tormented him very expertly, going right for his weakest spot that you knew was there. He was vulnerable and you exploited him. You gave yourself those black eyes as surely as if you’d bashed your own head on the floor. And now Zach has lost confidence in his goodness. The crew’s confidence in Zach’s goodness is shaken. Soon the world’s confidence in Zach will be shaken, and the world will not be kind. If you ask me, whipping’s too good for you.”

“Harsh!” said Charisse. “I know the black eyes were wrong. Yes, they’re my fault. And now I’m suffering the actual black eyes, let’s not forget. I’ve already taken responsibility. I’ll make this right, you’ll see.”

“Making this right is the minor thing,” said Alexis. “Your manipulation of Zach came from a truly dark place inside you. I fear we haven’t seen the last of it. It was some kind of bitterness that you think you could never have a man love you forever and ever. Then, to reinforce your bitter story, you push away and discredit the one man I’ve ever met that you might be able to build a long happy life with. Or, fear, or something. I mean, you’re this close! He already loves you.”

“Alexis, the armchair psychologist,” said Charisse. “All right, now I feel rotten about myself.” She stood up from the bed and grabbed her ankles with both hands. “Do your worst.”

“I’m not going to do any such thing,” said Zach.

“Quite right,” said Alexis. “You’ve done enough damage with the black eyes and the neck bruises, Zach. Don’t think you’re blameless. Whipping’s too good for you, too. It’s just that you’re exactly the wrong messenger for this lesson.” She took Zach’s cloth belt out of his scrub pants. “This will do. Now Charisse, do you realize that you desperately want a life partnership with a man?”

“Consciously,” said Charisse, “Sure. Yes. For my kid. And yes, for me. Yes, a lot. I’ve never thought it was possible. I stopped wanting what I couldn’t have.”

“Do you realize that this man loves you, and you could have a lifetime relationship with him, a steady one, where you’re not constantly seeking out the flavor of the day?”

“I suppose,” said Charisse.


“OW! FUCKING FUCK!” cried Charisse. “I fucking get it, okay?” Alexis had given her a painful pink stripe right across the vulva with his belt. Zach threw up into his mouth a little. He looked away and drank some water off the bedside. He stayed turned away.

“How many did Colette say, Zach?” asked Alexis.

“It’s always five,” Zach croaked.

“Okay,” said Alexis, “What do you want, Charisse?”

“A lifetime relationship?” ventured Charisse.


“JESUS FUCK! What now?!” cried Charisse.

“That was exactly correct,” said Alexis. “I just want you to remember what you said yourself. Who loves you, girl?”

“Oh Christ. Zach does, but maybe not-”

“Stop it right there,” said Alexis. “How would you know if Zach loves you, Charisse?”

“Do you still love me, Zach?” Charisse asked Zach, with embarrassment.

“I do,” said Zach, focusing singularly on the corner of the room opposite her. “That’s why it makes me sick for you to be hurt like this.”

“Who loves you?” Alexis asked her again.



“Fuck you!” cried Charisse.

“You said it yourself. I’m just the messenger. Apparently you need a messenger for your own thoughts,” said Alexis. “What do you want?”

“A lifetime relationship.”


“It hurts!” cried Charisse. “You’re tearing out my cunt!”

“Serves you right,” said Alexis. “Who loves you, Charisse?”



“AAAaahuhuhuh!” cried Charisse. She fell to her knees. Zach forced himself to look and saw several angry pink stripes across Charisse’s backside, all of them right across her vulva. It was an angry color.

“Anytime you ever pull any shit like that again, you’re grabbing your ankles again, understand?”

“Yes,” groaned Charisse from all fours.

Zach found it hard to concentrate during the hour of work he did following this incident. He was sick at heart at Charisse’s further hurt. He couldn’t have done it himself. Not in a million years. At the same time, he saw the wisdom in what Alexis had done. No corporal punishments for kids, though. It was for adults only, adults with painful regrets.

When Zach arrived at Aanya and Michaela’s place at 6 PM, a sweaty Aanya was shrieking at the top of her lungs. He closed and cycled the hatch quickly. In the half light, he could see they had pushed three beds together into one large bed. A sweaty Aanya was on her knees in the middle of the bed sandwiched between a sweaty Michaela in the front and a sweaty Berte in the back. Both were pumping their hips up into Aanya. Now he saw they were both wearing strap-ons. They paused as he came into the room. Aanya practically fell over, but Berte and Michaela kept her propped up between them.

“There you are, Zachary,” puffed Michaela. “Just in time. Is hard to keep up with young Berte, and Aanya deserves best wedding present, we all do. Please take over.” Michaela flexed her hips down and withdrew a long thick dildo from Aanya’s vagina. “Both based on your measurements,” she said, indicating the dildo.

Zach threw off his clothes quickly, but was not ready to go. Michaela took him into her mouth. Berte started pumping into Aanya’s ass again. She pulled out her vibrator Jill and teased Aanya’s vulva with it. “We’re the British invaders! I’m raping Aanya’s dirty Godless bottom with my big dick, Zach,” Berte growled. “I can smell her dirty raped smell.”

With that, Aanya moaned, “Oh no, Mr. redcoat sir! You’ll break my virgin peasant asshole!” She shuddered and bucked her hips riding between Jill in the front and Berte’s tireless thrusts in the back.

Michaela explained, “Berte will be sleeping with us the first half of her night. Probably also on real mission. By then all of us fat cows and big baby bellies! Fat cow!” she said, spanking Berte’s bottom. “Big belly!” she said, spanking Aanya’s leg. Then she went back to sucking Zach.

“I’m a proper British soldier!” argued Berte.

Aanya shuddered and moaned in orgasm again. The young, big breasted blonde was clearly driving these two older women wild with her nubile body. Although both Michaela and Aanya were at least a decade her senior, all three looked pretty darn mouth-watering to Zach. He looked down at the red-headed firecracker as she choked down his hardening dick. She sneered at it and choked herself on it again, spit flying. Berte looked like a fierce dominant boy with her flashing teeth, sweat flying. She was working hard to please her delicate almond-skinned, almond-eyed lover. He got a full frontal view of the delicate Aanya, quivering and incoherent with passion. Her body throbbed and danced in orgasmic response to Berte’s fierce ass-fucking and vulva-toying.

“Hmm,” said Michaela, drawing his attention. She cuddled his wet, throbbing hard dick against her face.

Zach laid hold of his dick and slapped her face with it. “Thanks, you magnificent slut.” Berte moved Jill out of the way as he approached. Aanya was sloppy with lube and wet with her own juices down there, so he thrust and pushed all the way up into her as violently as leverage would allow. He felt her stretched tunnel throb, buried to the hilt in her. She screeched then, and vibrated in orgasm, crushed between Berte’s hard thrusting body and his solid stillness.

Zach and Berte got a rhythm together and thrust up into her violently in unison. Berte grabbed Aanya’s hair and pulled it harshly back towards her. Zach rammed his tongue into her mouth and mashed her round bubble tits in his hands. He and Berte continued to ram Aanya in unison. Aanya screeched out another orgasm. Berte growled into her ear, “We own every inch of you, strumpet, trollop! After us comes the rest of the battalion, two and three at at time, so get ready for a busy and sleepless week! Ha! Mine is an evil laugh!” This was some next level stuff, thought Zach. Michaela stood over them and forced her strap-on down Aanya’s choking throat. Aanya was quiet now, but quivered and splashed either pee or grool onto his balls.

Berte was exhausted from her violent butt fucking activity. She tapped out in favor of Michaela while Zach continued to hold Aanya up tightly and fuck into her. He paused for Michaela to thrust her strap-on up into Aanya’s tortured anus. They proceeded at a more sedate rhythm than with Berte. Berte thrust her strap-on, a bit dirty from Aanya’s rectum, down Aanya’s gagging throat. Zach saw Aanya’s nose wrinkle in disgust and her body quiver with humiliation as the smell and taste of her own shit fully hit her. Berte forced Aanya to clean her strap-on of every droplet of ass juice and speck of offal. Then, with a smile of satisfaction and glistening with sweat, Berte collapsed on the bed in complete exhaustion.

Michaela knew Zach was getting close. She growled in Aanya’s ear, “Now open your legs, you brown Godless heathen, for a proper Christian British child! If you please the battalion well, we may leave you alive to bear it!” Aanya weakly tried to open her legs a little more and climaxed with a hoarse moan and a shiver. Elaborate fantasy, this.

Zach was at his limit. He’d play along. “ARRRRRR! Take my Christian seed, brown trollop!” Aanya whimpered and orgasmed again as his warm semen bathed her insides and splashed a bit onto the bed. There was already a massive wet spot.

As the four relaxed together, panting, Zach asked, “What brought on this elaborate fantasy?”

“I’ve been researching different ways of being raped,” said Aanya. “When I found this one, I touched myself. There’s a story in my village history museum of the most beautiful girl in town. When the British invaded India, they came through our town and stayed for a week to rape this one girl, up to 50 men a day. The other girls in the village suffered as well. After all, only one at a time raped her. She survived and had a baby boy nine months later.”

“But three of us raped you this time,” Berte gurgled.

“Yes, what a wonderful amazing rape,” Aanya sighed. “I thought many moments I would die of pleasure.”

“What are the plastic collars for?” Zach asked. He had noticed that both Aanya and Berte were wearing rigid collars or chokers made of plastic. Aanya’s was decorated with pictures of beautiful winding vines. Berte’s collar was decorated with beautiful purple, red, and green streaks.

“This is another present from Michaela to all of Trigonometry. They are chokers that say we all belong to you Zach, but also to the things we love. Mine is decorated with green plants, my passion. Berte’s is decorated with, what is it again?”

“It’s a fusion bottle turbulence diagram,” said Berte, running a finger across it.

It was Berte’s turn to be raped next. The theme was apparently wartime rape. Berte was an innocent Fraulein raped by Russian invaders at the end of World War II. While the women had her back and front with strap-ons, Zach forced his dick down her throat until she was dizzy and ejaculated all over her face. It dribbled down onto her bouncing breasts as the two fit women continued to hammer the mewing Berte. Very spicy. Not so much talk or playacting this time.

Michaela described her wartime rape scenario as, “Bulgarian women raped by everybody. Let’s say village attacked from North by Germany and South by India and meet in the middle to rape.”

“I don’t think India ever invaded Bulgaria,” said Aanya.

“Close enough,” replied Michaela. This time, Zach fucked Michaela in her tight twisty snatch while Berte and Aanya mock-fought over Michaela’s ass and mouth and who was whose rape victim, switching back and forth. Zach lay down and made victim Michaela move on top of him on pain of ass spanking. “I have actual foursome like this once,” said Michaela. “This is more fun, being just kidding.”

Zach left the three exhausted women to sleep. He dragged himself to the shower in Head B1 across Galley B from Michaela and Aanya. Now it was Berte’s place, too, at least at night. He felt a lot more refreshed and awake after his shower. He finished his workday, which thankfully merely involved poking around sedately in Air Conditioning A.

After his work, Zach found Colleen in her study filling out some forms on her workstation. “I want you to give me five really good lashes with this, for all the trouble I caused us with the black eyes.” He handed her the leather belt he’d borrowed from Colette. “Charisse already got her five.”

“So I heard,” said Colleen. “I’ll do it. This is all very eighteenth century. Alexis sent me a video of how hard to do it and where. All right. Assume the position.”

Zach bent over and grabbed his ankles. He made sure that his testicles were well out of the line of fire. Even so, the lashes hurt like bejeezus. It was the greatest non-accidental pain he had ever felt. Even though his testicles had been out of the way, he still felt the sick feeling of them being nearby. It was an altogether unpleasant experience. Afterwards, he felt absolutely no interest in taking up the taunt of a woman ever again. If a woman ever taunted him in the future, he would walk away, and fast. Even if he could never count for certain on holding his temper, he could always control his location.

After this, he returned the belt to Colette. “Well, are you absolved?” she asked.

“I think so,” Zach said. “I’ve paid dearly in kind for my crime.” After that, he limped back to the Insemination Station. Khushi was gone, on duty by now. He lay down on his tummy and caught up on medical journals until it was time to go to bed.

(To be continued)
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48: Sunday July 19, 2200 hours CST: The Binomial Theorem

Aanya opened the box. “Here are your necklaces from Michaela, my fellow wife sisters.” Colby’s had Maxwell’s equations on it. They were in big bold white symbols in vector calculus form on a black background. Anming’s was the most striking. It was so black it looked like there was a gap between her neck and the rest of her body. Aanya said it was supposed to signify Anming’s work on dark matter and dark energy. Colleen’s circlet was a blue sky with fluffy clouds that signified her love of flying.

“I want to talk to you all about my restlessness last night,” said Zach. “You all smell so good, and collectively you smell even better. I think that’s why I wake up erect and actually so urgent I’m almost ready to orgasm several times a night.” He looked around at the five women. They were all dressed in fluffy white bathrobes and nothing else tonight. Mmm. Yum.

“Let’s put some menthol on your nose,” said Colleen. “You need a good night’s sleep, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we could use the good night’s sleep as well.”

“I second that,” said Colby. The others were quiet. Zach expected that Anming was with them in spirit but didn’t want to say anything she considered to be a complaint. He expected Aanya and Berte didn’t mind being awakened. Sex was still new and thoroughly wonderful to them both. They wanted as much as they could get.

“We could dress in pajamas,” said Aanya, being helpful.

Anming spoke up, “We share a bed with our husband to fully accept him as husband. We should not then reject him by being clothed, as if he was the handyman visiting. It would be disgraceful.” The other women didn’t say anything. Colleen smirked but remained silent.

“You like looking at our pussies, don’t you?” Colby joked.

Anming blushed. “Certainly not, but it’s a necessary evil.”

“I like looking at all your pussies,” interjected Zach.

“Then it’s settled,” said Anming. She untied the belt of her robe and let it slip off her shoulders, baring her perky breasts and tribble muff. She stood up on her knees on the bed to better display herself to Zach. Berte followed suit. Her generous bosom and neatly trimmed blonde muff was the next attraction. Zach’s heart rate accelerated. Colby’s lean breasts and delightful smoothness with just a hint of slot were next. Aanya, smooth and more of a tan almond, so delicate. Finally, Colleen, blonde, juicy, she turned to him with a sassy look. She knew they were driving him out of his mind in this moment. She glanced down and smirked at his growing bulge.

Zach felt it was appropriate for him to say something. “You should all be so proud of your beautiful bodies. I have the most beautiful wives in the world. I’m so lucky.”

They’d heard him, but he really wasn’t part of their conversation. Colby continued, “Having the option of certain kinds of privacy is a good thing.” Zach could barely make out what she was saying, the wiggle of her chocolate ass as she spoke was so distracting. “That’s why we’ve converted one of the studies into a separate bedchamber. If you’re feeling amorous towards Zach but feeling shy about doing a hardcore scene in front of the rest of us, you can just drag Zach over there whenever you wish and have at him. In fact, I’m going to do that right now.” There were hoots and kissy noises from the other women in response to this. Their robes rustled as everybody donned them again. The moment had passed.

Zach let Colby tug him by the hand into the private bedroom. She sat down on the bed with him and said, “We’ve been so busy boinking like bunnies ever since we got together that I haven’t hardly gotten a chance to just talk with you. I want to be a real girlfriend to you.”

“You are a real girlfriend to me, sweetie,” Zach replied. “What would you like to talk about?”

“How was your day?” asked Colby.

“It was great, wonderful,” said Zach. “Parts of it were hard.”

“What was the hardest part?”

“Getting whipped by Colleen-”


“Calm down.”

“Strip, mister,” Colby ordered. Zach dutifully stood up and removed his scrub shirt and pants. The red welts on his ass looked angrier than he remembered. There was a bit of a scab along the top of one of them where Colleen had caught him with the edge of the belt by accident. She ran her finger lightly along the wounds. Even that stung a bit. “I will kill a bitch,” she growled.

“Hang on,” Zach said. “It was my idea. Actually it was Colette’s idea.”

“I will kill TWO bitches!” cried Colby.

“Hold your horses,” said Zach. “I deserved it. I asked for it.”

Colby held him around the waist and looked up into his eyes. “Honey, this kind of thing is wrong under any circumstances,” Colby said to him as if he was an abused child.

“Look,” said Zach, slowly dressing. “I need to break the fourth wall here and tell you the whole story. Then I hope you’ll understand.” Colby crossed her arms and fumed silently, watching him. “You know I love you and Anming equally, right? You trust that I can love more than one woman fully and deeply?”

“Anming and I wouldn’t have invited the others if I hadn’t thought that,” Colby said. “We don’t need to talk about that. I know you probably can’t even perform unless you care deeply for a woman, darling. I know you must have feelings for all of us. My Zachy is such a lovey-dovey cuddly little bunny.” She pinched one of his cheeks. “Now you just lay down on your tummy, that’s good, and I’ll lay down here. You can tell me anything you want.”

“Okay, then,” Zach said. “Here’s what happened. You saw the video. You know that sometimes Charisse likes her sex very rough.”

“Yes,” said Colby.

Zach continued, “Charisse keeps trying to warn me that I shouldn’t love her, and this kind of thing. So this morning, she asked me to make love to her as hard as I loved her, or something to that effect.”

“So that’s where the black eyes are from,” said Colby. “Bitch deserved it, saying something evil like that.”

“At first, I was just trying to do it extra vigorously, like she asked,” said Zach. “But then  I realized she had kind of trapped me, and I got angry.”

“What do you know,” said Colby. “You are a real boy.”

“That my anger was somewhat justified doesn’t excuse it,” said Zach. “I felt awful afterwards.”

“Did she cum?” asked Colby.

“What,” Zach complained, “are you suddenly Alexis?”

“I’m your wife. I deserve the whole story. Did you make her cum?”

“Yes. Satisfied?” said Zach.

“I bet that disgusting slut came multiple times while you were beating her black and blue, didn’t she?” asked Colby.

“She’s not a disgusting slut,” said Zach. “She likes some things you don’t, is all. And she doesn’t like being injured any more than you or I do.”

“Well, she hurt my Zach,” said Colby protectively.

“Stand down, mama bear,” said Zach. “As I said, I felt awful afterwards.”

“She provoked you, traumatized you,” said Colby.

“Can I tell this?” asked Zach. Colby sat and folded her arms. “I couldn’t shake the feeling. I talked to Colette about it. She suggested it, just as an idea.”

“If somebody suggested you jump off a cliff, would you do that, too?”

“Please, Colby,” said Zach. “I think it helped.”

“Where’s that belt?” Colby asked. “Gonna go whip that bitch Charisse raw.”

“Already done,” said Zach. “Alexis did it. Actually, Colette suggested it first, before we talked about me.”

“Well,” said Colby, “Good then.”

“I’m glad your sense of justice is assuaged,” said Zach. “Don’t blame Colleen. I asked her to whip me, on behalf of the mission, because of the fallout the black eyes will cause, and she generously agreed.”

“I’m going to have some words, anyway,” said Colby.

“You be civilized,” demanded Zach as Colby dragged him back to the main chamber. “I asked her,” he reminded her.

Colby confronted Colleen, “You whipped my boy.” Anming, Aanya, and Berte looked shocked.

“I did,” said Colleen. “I should have talked to you.”

Colby’s voice was cold. “In the future, when my boy needs whipping, I will do the whipping, are we clear?”

“Crystal clear, ma’am,” said Colleen deferentially, looking squarely at her. “I’m very sorry.”

“Now I’m going to take a walk,” said Colby, and stormed out.

“She’s not going to go kill Charisse or anything, is she?” Colleen asked Zach.

“No, she knows it’s been squared,” said Zach. “Wow, she got really activated.”

“She’s fiercely loving and protective of you, Zach,” said Colleen. “Even though she knows justice has been done, she was traumatized seeing your wounds.”

Anming flinched at this comment, and grabbed Berte who happened to be sitting next to her. Berte grabbed her in return. Anming said with trepidation, “We must see them.”

Zach pulled down his scrub pants and mooned the assembled women. Berte and Aanya instantly grew pale and sick-looking. “They’ll heal,” said Anming matter-of-factly. “So justice has been done, Zach? You believe this?”

“Yes,” said Zach. “To make a long story short, I was partly responsible for Charisse’s black eyes. I dishonored all of us. I had to pay in order to feel okay about myself. It was basically my idea.”

“In the future, can we try to resolve any matters of guilt without violence?” said Anming. “I think it sets a bad precedent for our life and our self-governance on Mars.”

“That’s a very sensible and wise remark,” said Colleen. “In the future, we’ll consult with Anming, the foremost survivor of violence among us. Violence should always be a last resort. I’ll put this in the bulletin as a rule.”

Anming jumped up and dragged Zach off to the private room next. He wrestled his pants back up on the way. He guessed they were doing it in wife order? When she got into privacy, she became teary. “I’m so sorry for last night, my husband,” Anming begged. “I was fearful and rejected you in front of everybody. I dishonored you again and again though you showed me only love and patience. Please believe that this ugly unworthy carcass is trying to be a worthy, obedient wife to you. Please forgive me.”

Zach didn’t like playing into her self-deprecation. Perhaps it was best for now to just listen and be accepting. Arguing with her about it didn’t seem to be working anyway. He said, “I forgive you, honey. I love you, honey.”

“I’m not a cripple,” Anming insisted. “I can please you any way you wish.” She lay on her back on the bed with her head over the side and opened her mouth wide. She shut it again like he wasn’t getting the picture. “Please enjoy my unworthy complaining throat like a man does.” She went back to opening wide.

Zach didn’t buy that she wasn’t setting herself up for another traumatic failure. “Have you been practicing?” he asked.

Anming shut her mouth and looked confused. “How would I practice? There are no other men up here.”

Zach weighed whether he should mention a dildo, because he worried that Anming would take it as an instruction and torture herself. Then he had a better idea. “Why don’t you let Michaela teach you? It seems as if she had Aanya trained up in a matter of a few days.”

“As you wish, my husband,” Anming said, sitting up on the bed. “I will consult Michaela. I will also ask her about hmm… As a present to you my husband, as soon as I am completely healed, I will hmm…” She gritted her teeth. A tear streaked from one eye. “You will use my ugly bottom hole for pleasure whenever you wish,” she choked out.

Zach sat up beside her. “Honey that’s very generous,” Zach said. He didn’t want to reject her, and yet. “Please don’t torture yourself,” he begged.

It seemed Anming was resolved. “I’ve considered it. I want to have the man I love fully reclaim my body.”

“I want you to reclaim your own body,” said Zach.

“Then help me,” Anming begged.

“I’m right here,” said Zach, holding her. “I’m not going anywhere. Didn’t you say you’d never had… um… back there before the incident?”

“Yes?” Anming asked, as in, what was his point. “I’m not a cripple. I will offer you everything, just like my sisters. I’m not a cripple.”

There was a lot of stuff going on here, Anming’s self-worth and competitiveness to name a few. He held her at arm’s length and looked her in the eyes. “Go see Michaela,” Zach said. “Then we’ll see.” Michaela will straighten it out, Zach hoped.

Zach tried to change the subject. “Don’t shave your muff,” said Zach. “I love it the way it is.”

“You mean my genital hairs?” Anming looked confused. “As you wish, my husband.”

She continued to look at him expectantly. Zach’s best guess was that she was hoping to gain some comfort and reassurance from pleasing him sexually. He stood up in front of her. “Open your robe,” he ordered. She untied the belt and held her robe open in the front, then looked up at him expectantly. “Spread your legs,” he said. She complied, looking shyly off to the side, her breath quickening. She was no doubt expecting him to go ahead and stick in his cock, dry and all. That’s what she was used to. He fell to his knees, buried his nose in her tribble muff, and took a big whiff of her unmistakable rich, mild scent. She must have just showered. Oh well.

Anming closed her bathrobe on Zach’s head. “Please don’t, it’s dirty,” she muttered. He opened her lips with his fingers and started gently teasing her vulva. “Ohhhh...” Her hips responded. The whole exercise of offering everything to him must have excited and terrified her at the same time. It made sense. The thought of pleasing him sexually excited her.

He remembered to be appreciative. “You smell and taste so good honey,” said Zach.

“No, I stink of menses,” grumbled Anming.

“Your period is over,” said Zach. “I don’t smell or taste any trace of it. Just your beautiful scent that I love. You heard me in there. It wakes me up every hour. It drives me wild. And your vulva is so pretty,” he said, touching it gently with one finger. “How your lips get darker and darker and then pink on the inside. Your pretty little clit and hood here,” he stroked it gently with a finger.

Anming sighed, partly in pleasure, partly in resignation. “Western men are so perverse. They want to grovel in front of a woman and rub their face in all her disgusting places instead of getting on with it as nature intends.”

“Not all Western men,” said Zach. “You need to try more.”

Anming clapped her legs together with an audible clap. Luckily, Zach’s face was out of the way. “Please don’t, my husband. Don’t even think it.”

“I was only joking,” said Zach. He meant to be teasing her, but he’d frightened her. “Really, I was only joking.” Anming relaxed her legs from squeezing them together and looked at him. Zach said, “Perhaps I am perverse compared to men you’ve known, but I like my women excited, if that’s all right with you. Have you noticed that when I ejaculate you are either having an orgasm or have just had an orgasm?”

“Honestly husband,” said Anming, “I just come to my senses and everything’s wet.”

“Well, I’m telling you, that’s how it happens,” said Zach. He decided that perhaps getting specific with her would get her to stop resisting foreplay like it was ritual sacrifice or something. “Okay, here’s how it’s going to work. You’re going to lie back and relax. I’m going to lick your vulva. You’re going to have an orgasm. One orgasm, then I’ll stop. Then I’m going to get some lube. I’m going to spread it on your vulva and a bit into your vagina. Then I’m going to finger you. You’re going to have an orgasm. Just one more orgasm, and I’ll stop. Then I’m going to spread lube on my penis and have intercourse with you until I have an orgasm. Then we’ll be done unless you look restless.”

Anming glared at him, nodded once, and opened her legs. “Lie back,” Zach reminded her. She lay back. He started licking and kissing her neither lips again. He hadn’t gotten to do much of this, because he’d barely had a taste their first night together, then she’d gotten her period. She squirmed. He lifted up her legs and put her heels on his shoulders, which opened and spread her very fully for his tongue. His face was so big and her vulva was so small that it was logistically difficult to get both his fingers and his lips on her vulva. He wet his index finger and pressed it gently onto her anus. He expected a complaint from her but he could see she was already thrilling and lost in sensation.

Zach got curious and stopped to ask, “You’re very excited this evening, my wife. What has you so excited?”

“The thought of being with you again, my husband,” Anming said.

“You mean, waking up all wet, as you said?” Zach asked.

“You ask such disgusting, perverted questions,” Anming complained.

“Answer my question, my wife. Please. Humor me,” Zach asked.

Anming had a thoughtful look like the question had never occurred to her. “The look on your face,” she said simply.

“What kind of look?” Zach asked.

“All kinds. Sometimes you look happy and pleased. Sometimes you look angry, but I know you aren’t. You just don’t know you’re making that look,” said Anming. “When you look at me, I feel beautiful.”

“Thank you,” said Zach. “When I look at you I’m always thinking you’re beautiful.”

“Are you ready?” Anming asked hopefully. “Do you want to push in?” Zach returned to licking her. “It’s dirty,” she complained, then her breath quickened. He began to slowly penetrate her anus with a spitty finger. She squirmed a little, so the intrusion didn’t go unnoticed, but her hips were still thrilling to the motions of his tongue, so it appeared she was past caring. He pushed up gently with his finger and gently stroked her g-spot through her rectovaginal septum. He made little wet noises kissing and sucking at her whole clitoral area at the same time. Anming said, “Grrrrrr...EEP!” Her hips bucked and her sphincter clipped his finger hard and pulsed, pulsed, pulsed as she climaxed. It was remarkable how firmly and evenly her sphincter had clipped his finger given how serious he knew the damage had been. Somebody, probably multiple people, had done a phenomenal job.

“You seem thoughtful, my husband,” Anming ventured in a somewhat worried tone.

“I’m pleased because you’re healing so well back here,” Zach said.

Anming gave a moue of disgust. She had just realized Zach had his finger in her ass. “It’s so dirty,” she groaned. She insisted he go to the head and wash his hands with soap and hot water. Not wanting to discourage such practices, he complied.

When Zach returned, it was pitch dark in the room. He could see by the light in the hallway before shutting the hatch that Anming had climbed in under the covers. He took off his clothes and climbed in next to her. Her smooth nude body felt wonderful. He ran his fingers through her delightful muff. Since she was wide awake, she wasn’t frightened in the pitch dark. If anything, she felt more relaxed. He sat up and stroked her belly and breasts with one hand while feeling around for the lube with the other. He asked, “Is this how you’re used to making love? In the dark?”

She answered a different question. “The lights were always bright in the place where they… hmm… Hot and bright. Maybe it was filmed.” She shuddered.

The lube was being elusive. Zach lay down and held Anming lovingly. “Well, you’re safe now. Please turn on the light a bit. I need to find the lube.” A dim amount of light filled the room. The lube was way over on the other table from where he thought it was. He spread her legs and slowly painted her vulva and a finger length into her vagina with lube. Her hips vibrated with excitement. She was still worked up from the cunnilingus and already near orgasm. He ventured a gentle finger back into her vagina and stroked her g-spot gently as she grunted and bucked her hips. He was enjoying slowly teasing her closer and closer to orgasm. “EEEEP!” she howled, and her hips thrashed once, then all the tension drained out of her. That was fun.

“All right,” said Zach. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, my husband. Please don’t delay further.” Zach spread lube on his cock. He’d been hard for Anming this whole time. It would be really wonderful to get into her finally. He stroked his lubey cock on her vulva. He pressed his cock on her opening. Wow, she was tight. She gasped when the head popped in. He pushed in a little further and then slid in and out a little to make sure everything was slick. She was moaning already and extremely excited. He pressed in a couple more inches. She grunted out a Chinese epithet. Zach pushed in slowly but firmly until there was just no more room in her. During his thrust, Anming sounded like, “Ow! Huuuhnnnn! Grrrrr! Uuhhh!” Then she spat out something in Chinese. The “Ow!” might have been “How!” or in English “Good!” now that he thought of it.

“You like me getting my pleasure out of you?” Zach asked.

“Ssss! Uh! Yes! Huh!” Anming managed. “I’m trying!”

“Ohhhh!” moaned Zach. It really felt the best ever to have Anming’s sweet pussy shuddering and twisting on his dick. She grunted, and in the stillness, he could feel her pussy gripping and twisting on him in climax. She really did get off on his enjoyment. Well, he got off on hers, too. “You are so tight! I’ve still got a couple inches for you.”

Anming moaned in response, her eyes shut tight. Her fingernails dug into Zach’s back like spurs in a horse to gallop. Well, then. He started bashing her at that crazy fast pace that she liked best. Her howl had a weird vibrato from his rapid thrusting, “AaAaAaAaAaAaAaH!” Her legs kicked out. He had her pinned down tightly though, so she spasmed. He pounded and churned in her. She spat out something in Chinese and then looked up at him fiercely with gritted teeth. He continued to pound.

He paused, buried in her. In response, she quivered and shook in orgasm, “EEP!” and then muttered something. Her eyes were unfocused.

He tapped her cheek gently, and she looked at him. “If you hurt, you shout ‘red’, okay?”

“Not hurt,” Anming grunted. “No hurt.” She dug in her nails insistently, which hurt Zach a little, but he appreciated the unspoken guidance. He resumed and redoubled his forceful pounding. Her eyes widened. She kept her gaze on him. Her teeth gritted, and she let out a long growl as her trapped hips and body shook in futile spasm under him, “Grrrrrrrrrr!” She looked so fierce and beautiful, like she was trying to contain all the pleasure in the world.

It was Zach’s time. He fucked Anming in slow, powerful strokes, feeling every inch of her. She squeaked like a tortured toy underneath him. Only a few more long, slow, delightfully fulfilling pushes, “RRAAAAH!!” He extended his being and soul into her and shot his entire life force, straining into her womb. He fell on her limply, pinning her tightly but not crushing her in the Martian gravity.

It was still and quiet between them for a long time. Zach was drifting in pleasure. His breath slowly quieted. As he was on the edge of dozing, a little nip from Anming’s fingernails roused him and suggested he should get off. He lifted himself and sat up. Her eyes were closed. She had a wide and serene smile on her face. “Surely I am the happiest wife of all time,” she moaned. Zach grinned, feeling satisfaction at a job well done.

Zach and Anming returned to the main chamber. Berte and Aanya were asleep nude in each other’s arms. Colby was curled up nude in one corner of the bed, snoring sweetly. Colleen was sitting by the hatch nude, reading something on a tablet. Anming threw off her robe and crawled over to cuddle with Colby, who roused and hugged her back. Colleen set down her tablet and took Zach’s hand. It looked like wife number three’s time was next. She threw on her robe and they left to spend time alone together.

In the private room, they undressed and lay on the bed together. Seeing Colleen’s sleek lines and delectable breasts caused Zach’s cock, still a little moist from Anming, to swell a little. “This whole training mission has felt like a honeymoon to me,” said Colleen. “It seems like you’ve been on top of me constantly. But it appears that’s a common experience among the crew. How are you not dead?” she smiled.

“You know,” Zach smiled, laying back, “I always think, we’re just going to catch up, maybe kiss a little. Then I see your beautiful body, like that first time in your office, or smell your unique spicy scent. I get urgent and excited then, like I need to push in, every time. It was cruel in the bathroom. I wanted you so bad when you left.”

Colleen chortled, “A girl has to keep up demand. Anyway, I knew you wouldn’t be tormented for long. In fact, there was an avalanche of loveliness more than any man deserves in your future.”

“True,” said Zach. “And here’s a secret, I knew that. And I still ached for you. I can’t seem to get enough of any of you.”

“That is evident,” Colleen smiled. “Just don’t kill yourself. Drink plenty of liquids. Are you thirsty?” She actually felt Zach’s forehead like a mom.

Just to please her, Zach grabbed a bottle from the bedside and chugged down several long gulps. “Satisfied?” he smiled. He pushed her down on her tummy and went to fetch the massage oil.

“Sex again?” Colleen whined, “Haven’t you pushed enough semen up me this week? And there’s a lot more planned next week.”

“Relax,” said Zach, spreading massage oil on her back. “I’m just going to massage you.”

“I know you,” said Colleen. “Once I’m all oily and slippery you won’t be able to stay out of me. And this is ready to go,” she said, touching his erection. “Can’t we do something else like read poetry? It takes some effort for a woman to take this thing, you know. You have to breathe properly, or you’ll get the wind knocked right out of you.”

“You’ll be here all week,” Zach said, kneading the lithe muscles of Colleen’s back. “All right, here’s a poem for you. ‘My Colonel Bruno walks into a bar’.”

“That’s a joke, not a poem,” said Colleen.

“Wait, I’m not done,” said Zach. “‘And ding it goes, it is a metal bar’.”

“Still a joke,” said Colleen.

“Well, it rhymes,” argued Zach.

“THIS is a poem,” said Colleen. “There once was a Zach from Nantucket-”

“I’m not from Nantucket,” said Zach.

“It’s poetic license!” said Colleen, “Now shush.”

         “There once was a Zach from Nantucket,
         With a penis the size of a bucket.
         The girls he would romp,
         Their vaginas he’d stomp.
         If there was a hole he would fuck it.”

“That’s actually pretty great,” said Zach.

“I took upper division poetry at university,” Colleen said.

Colby woke them up at 4 AM. “My turn,” she said. To Colleen, “I hope you haven’t been draining him dry all night.”

Zach answered first, “No, she just teased me mercilessly so I would build up more and more semen for you.” He and Colleen had done it once before they slept, but no matter. “Come here, girl. I desperately need to make a deposit.” His penis was rising to attention as he sat up on his knees.

“I’m not a bank,” Colby muttered. She looked at him with concern. “How’s your butt?”

“It’s not slowing me down,” said Zach.

Colleen got up and put on her robe. She leaned over the bed and gave Zach a hug and a kiss on the lips. She hugged a standing Colby and bent down to give her a passionate kiss on the lips, which Colby didn’t resist. “Good luck. Do good,” Colleen said intensely to Colby. Then she waved to them and left.

“Yes, this is the real deal,” said Colby, smiling.

“Are you excited?” said Zach.

“I’m always excited around you,” Colby said, gazing at him with intense passion. She let her robe fall from her shoulders, displaying her lean chocolate perfection and erect dark chocolate nipples. “I woke up before the alarm. I was cumming more and better than ever last night. I’m sorry I’m being such a bitch tonight. I’m really edgy right now.”

“My medical opinion is, you need a nice relaxing massage followed by some vigorous clitoral stimulation and fingering. When you’re so excited again you’re ready to kill me, then you’ll need to be held down and fucked very firmly. We’ll apply perhaps several doses of that until you fall asleep. In the morning, more doses. That’s my prescription.”

“Sounds like I’ll be walking funny tomorrow,” smiled Colby.

“That will make two of us,” said Zach. He was feeling his stripes, but he was fine. Colby was extremely excitable, screaming and crying out her orgasms as he fingered her. He gave up before she did. He just had to have her. She smiled and said, “Mmmm!” in a very satisfied way as he pushed in with quivering excitement. He pounded the stuffing out of her twice in a row without hardly stopping. She shrieked and took the Lord’s name in vain all kinds of interesting ways the entire time. It seemed whenever he stopped for a breather, he would find that she was grunting and clipping him in the middle of a climax. After the second time, he was slowly softening in her, and they were joking and laughing together. She was just so cute, he wanted to go a third time. She called him a madman. She persuaded him to wait until morning. So they slept.

In the morning, 8 AM, Colby was gone. Zach was urgent. He threw on his scrubs and looked into the big room. It was empty. He hunted for her. He caught her outside Head B2 in her robe and deck slippers and carrying her sweaty gym clothes. She resisted and complained only weakly as he carried her to a weight bench. She argued that she was already walking funny. He opened her robe, dropped his scrub pants to his knees, and rocked into her firmly.

She was wet enough to take him. She complained they would be seen, then climaxed forcefully and kept climaxing as he pounded her. He only lasted a few minutes. He had been close since he awakened. He had her pinned there and was talking about a second time. She hit and slapped his arms and chest and complained until he let her up. She jumped up, seeming half amused and half irritated, and ran back into the head. She dripped semen the whole way, shut the hatch, and locked it. She shouted at him through the hatch that he was acting childish. He went off to shower in Head A1.

(To be continued)
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49: Monday July 20, 0830 hours CST: Show and Tell

After getting out of the shower, Zach turned on his phone. A message from X came through. "This is Colette's insemination week. I have additional instructions and rules for you. These new instructions and rules apply for the next seven days while she is off duty."

"1) You must only ejaculate into Colette's vagina at most twice in a row every other day. I understand that this is your normal insemination schedule. Correct me if I'm wrong. That's a total of four inseminations, each totaling at most two ejaculations. Otherwise, you may use Colette in any way you wish as often as you wish. You may use a condom in her vagina as often as you like."

"2) You can have anybody else use Colette in any way as well. They must be tested disease-free and use a condom in her vagina. They must pay her $20 for the first orgasm and $100 for any subsequent orgasms. Subsequent orgasms are only $50 for students, seniors, members of the armed forces, or the homeless."

"3) Colette must pay you $1,000 for each insemination. That's a total of $4,000. She must obtain this by prostituting herself to people other than you. She can owe you money. She must pay you in full by the time these rules and instructions expire at midnight on the seventh day.

"4) Please lead Colette around nude on a leash whenever possible. I understand this is against regulations. Try to get the agreement of anyone you encounter. Remember that you can offer them sexual favors from her, for a price, if this would sweeten the deal."

"5) I understand you enjoy massages. Colette must give you a one hour massage along with every insemination."

Zach had more than an hour before Colette got off shift to absorb these instructions and figure out what to do about them. His first visit today was Alexis and Charisse. They could help. When he arrived at their quarters, they were asleep cuddled up together in their double bed. The lights were low. He took off his scrubs and slid in behind Charisse. She roused and then settled back. He dozed cuddled up against the two women, against Charisse's backside.

It was not long before Zach was fully erect and wanting to wet his penis in Charisse especially. She roused, and muttered, "I'm still all hurt. Please use lots of lube. Better yet, dibber me if you need me. My flower is still feeling really mulched."

Zach assumed she meant he should use her asshole if he wanted. "I'm here for you. What do you want?" he asked.

Charisse sat up and looked down at him. Alexis roused and peered at them both sleepily. Charisse's black eyes looked horrific in the dim light, and he cringed. "Zach, you're so sweet. For the first time in a long time, I'd rather skip it. I'm beat up and healing. I know I'll be desperate tomorrow when it's supposed to be one of my official days to get inseminated. Let's do it then."

"I love you, Charisse," said Zach.

"I know, you moron," Charisse answered simply. "As I said, if you need some satisfaction from me personally, you're welcome to, you know, put a seedling in my back garden."

"Thank you for the offer," said Zach. "I don't need to."

"That brings to mind," Alexis piped up. "I'm feeling a little guilty for whipping Charisse. Not whipping-guilty, mind you. We don't want to start an infinite whipping circle or anything. But I'm thinking you should ram my tooter instead of Charisse's. You should pull my hair back nice and hard while you do. It will be somewhat exciting, but I can't cum that way, I don't think. I'll get to feel you in me, cumming in me, without cumming myself. That's how I want to be punished."

"Okay," said Zach. He lubed up Alexis's anus and stuck a lubed finger in to lube up the sphincter a bit. He lubed up his cock and rocked into her anus somewhat roughly. He grabbed a good handful of her short hair with one hand and pulled her head back sharply.

"You got it," Alexis groaned. Compared to the only other time Zach had taken her ass, it was a sleepy ass. It was tight as hell, though. Last time, when Michaela was giving her oral, it was a twitchy, jumpy ass. This ride was nice and quiet once he had her pinned down and had a good pace going. Her ass didn't stink badly. He was rising rapidly towards orgasm.

"Um," said Alexis, "Sorry, this is magical. Could you keep going?" Zach took a more manageable pace. He hoped he could last a while in her extremely tight ass. He had just done Colby a short time ago, which would help. He pulled back her hair even more smartly. She grunted, "Uh, that's it."

Alexis pushed her ass back to get more depth of penetration. "That's it. Hammer my fucking insides!" Zach pushed in hard but stayed in before stroking again. "God, yes."

To last a bit longer, Zach thought of stuff he had to do that day. It was time to check the fusion bottle and core for radiation leaks. Sometimes, when there was turbulence, some charged particles could escape. They were mostly not dangerous. Of course Berte would be all on top of any turbulence. Ah, Berte. Her tits looked so good in the lighter gravity. He must not think about Berte. "How are we doing?" he grunted.

"God, yes," moaned Alexis. Let's see. What else did he have to do today? All the Colette rules and instructions, ugh. He hoped Alexis and Charisse would help. He should ask as soon as Alexis got wherever she was hoping to get. He re-tightened his grip on her hair and pulled it back smartly. "Ah!" Alexis cried.

This was hardly being punishment for Alexis, apparently, Zach chuckled. He thought Charisse really did love him. If she didn't love him, he knew, she would just ignore him. But instead, she was really messing with him. That implied passion of some sort. Then again, she needed him or wanted him for the impregnation thing. Now she was an absolutely wild ass fuck, very responsive. Better not think about that.

"Don't stop," moaned Alexis. "Don't... oh... I'm... huh... HUUAAAUUH!" she shrieked, thrashing once in orgasm.

Zach sighed, "RAAAAH!" and gave Alexis one powerful hot squirt. It felt so good to finish. Even in the half darkness, he saw her beatific smile. Her eyes were closed. She was blissing out. She looked so innocent in moments like this. That, combined with having his cock buried in her ass, was intensely erotic. "I thought this was supposed to be punishment," he said.

"Well," Alexis croaked. "You messed it up. I don't even know how. That's the first time I've ever gotten to the big O with just an ass fucking. And it was a very big O."

"Congratulations," said Charisse softly. "Zach is magical. You know, the only time he ever dibbered me, I went crazy. It was intense. He's big, but it's the shape that gets you, I think. Um, Zach, do you mind? Now I want it. You can go straight in. You don't have to wash. Just lube me. Oh, I'm itching for it."

Zach withdrew from Alexis. Her stink became stronger. He had definitely stirred something up in there. Charisse presented her anus to him enthusiastically, and he lubed it up. He pinned her and rocked into her. Her hair was too short to pull. He spanked her ass cheek. She said, "Just, no. Just fuck me nice and slow and still like you did Alexis. It made me itch to watch it. I want to feel it. Oof! There you go!"

Zach pumped sedately in Charisse's ass while the two women kissed. He didn't think he was going to have so many problems lasting this time. Charisse sang scales. Each time she got to the top, her whole body quivered in climax. She felt a particular way under him, a feeling he adored.

"It's funny that FINALLY it's our fertile week, and we're begging to get ass fucked,"  snickered Alexis.

"You ladies are infinitely perverse," Zach said. Charisse was having orgasm after orgasm, each more profound than the previous. He had forgotten how responsive her back door was. There had been just that one time before in her garden. It had been such a special time; he remembered it for that. When everything seemed easy with her. "I think you really do love me," he said.

"Heeeeeuh! For the love of God! Aah... ahh..." croaked Charisse between orgasms.

"Lay off, Zach," scolded Alexis, "You're disturbing the lady's cornholing."

"RAAAAH!" cried Zach.

Charisse croaked, "You're cute. You're a moron. You're gonna get hurt. I'm not a one man woman."

There was no use asking what that had to do with anything. Zach pulled gently out of Charisse. He said, "I'll bring Colette with me when I come by later."

"Fine, great," said Alexis. They were drifting to sleep.

Zach left them and showered in Head A2. He spent half an hour planning his day. He called Colette, "Where can I meet you when you get off shift?"

"I'm in my study next to my quarters," Colette said. "I'll leave the hatch open."

On the way to Colette, Zach stopped off in Medical B to grab a box of ten condoms for himself and a tube of lube. He didn't want to torture himself. He might want her bad enough at some point to wear a condom. He didn't want to break X's rules. He wanted to have one handy. That was him, prepared. He smirked.

Colette was using the study to spinward of her quarters. "I know I'm early," Zach said.

"That's okay," Colette said.

"What's that?" Zach asked, indicating the dense text that filled the central window of her workstation.

"This is a temporal combination of the status logs from some mining drones. Alexis and I are using them for exploratory digs on Mars. Nobody got confused today. That's great. Alexis will be happy. When Alexis is happy, I'm happy." Colette's watch beeped. She stood up, reached under her skirt, pulled off her panties, and handed them to Zach.

They were crusty and fragrant. Zach took a deep huff of them and smiled at Colette. "You've been missing me."

"I enjoyed our time yesterday, getting to know you better," Colette said.

"Likewise," said Zach. "Very much. I feel like I'm allowed to know you now! It's wonderful. Well. In addition to our continued visits, X has something special planned for you this week."

"The magnificent bastard," said Colette. "I knew he would."

"I'm not sure you've done anything like it before," said Zach.

"I'm curious," said Colette. "Look, you're blushing. Spit it out."

"You're going to have to earn your four inseminations this week," Zach said. He told her X's new rules and instructions.

Colette looked calmer than he felt. "I'm good with women," she said. She undressed seductively for Zach. His pants bulged. He might need one of those condoms soon. She handed him her phone. He slipped it into his pocket. "Since the only moneymaking opportunities today are with my crewmates, who do you think would be interested? I have my own opinions, but I want to hear yours."

"Well, the Breeding Bitches Alexis, Michaela, and Charisse," said Zach. "Decidedly not Colby or Anming, I think. Although I wouldn't want to make the decision for them. I could be wrong. I'll try out my seductive powers on them, the powers you despise. I'll see if I can persuade them, if they need persuading."

"I don't despise your skill, Zach, which is obvious," said Colette. She led him into her quarters. She got a dog collar and leash out of her dresser drawer and handed them to him. "I don't enjoy it pointed in my direction. Actually, I welcome it in this situation. What an interesting conjunction of skills we have here. Pray continue with your assessment of our crewmates."

"A moment while I think," Zach said. He leaned down and sucked one of Colette's perfect teats into his mouth. Mmm. He wanted her. With an effort of will, he unlatched, straightened up, and looked at her. He fastened the dog collar around her neck as gently as if he were preparing a child for her first day of kindergarten. He was sorry about the leash. He wanted to worship Colette. She deserved to be worshiped. He knew she would probably like it, though. X knew her far better than he did. Should he say something? He didn't need to. She read him like a book. He recalled that she enjoyed watching him struggle with X's instructions. So be it. They smiled at each other.

"I'd say everybody else, with the possible exception of Khushi, is persuadable," he mused. "And maybe even Khushi, if we can get Ayana to seduce her into it. To Khushi, I represent her desire for men. I'm the wrong seducer. As you saw in Alexis's little game on the excursion vehicle, Khushi wasn't entirely unpersuadable. We're late, though."

"We are?" asked Colette.

"Time to visit Michaela," said Zach.

Zach dialed Michaela. "Hey there."

"Zachary, my little fawning kutchentse, why were you not in the control to greet me?" asked Michaela. "Are you stretching another cunt, you nasty? Or did somebody scratch toe?"

"Nonsense, my darling," said Zach. "Why would I bother to stretch another cunt, when yours is the tiniest and tightest of all? No, I was wrapping, or maybe unwrapping a surprise for you, my darling. May I bring Colette along? She needs your help. If you're not in the mood to help her, she will stand there and watch us. Or, she can stand outside, if you prefer."

“I have heard but did not believe. You, a dom, heh," said Michaela. "Be my guest. Your antics will amuse me.”

Zach arrived at Michaela's with Colette drawn behind him by her leash. Michaela had stripped down out of her flight suit and was nude. He shut the hatch. He told her all about Colette's moneymaking needs and the rules and instructions pertaining to her. Michaela said, "Absolutely Breeding Bitches will help. We get down, will make four large just like that. Might as well make ten or twenty for next time, eh?"

"Four grand would be fine," said Zach.

"Oh, I see," taunted Michaela. "You want this elegant cunt all for yourself." She looked way up into Colette's face as she said it. Colette was nearly a foot taller than the diminutive woman. Michaela slid a finger into Colette's wet pussy as she said it.

"Hands off the merchandise," said Zach.

"Calm yourself. I will buy her to lick my holes to orgasm," Michaela said.

Zach got out Colette's phone, and they touched phones to transfer $20. "I was hoping to lick you myself after your long and no doubt fragrant shift," he said.

Michaela picked her discarded panties off the floor and shoved them in Zach's face. "Tough. You're not even undressed. Satisfy yourself with these and I may give you a little sniff next time. Maybe you pay me," she smiled. She lay down on her giant bed and spread her legs, displaying both holes.

Zach grabbed Colette by the front of the collar. He led her to kneel and put her face on Michaela's vulva. He let her go to do her thing. Michaela enjoyed Colette's oral from the start. "Oh, oh yes. Oh such a long tongue up my backside! Uh! Much better than you, Zach."

"I eagerly agree; A woman's touch is better," said Zach. He got no argument from either woman. Colette's mouth was occupied. Michaela was inarticulate with enjoyment. He undressed as Colette continued to work her magic on a moaning, bucking Michaela. This was a yummy scene to watch. He was straining erect. He grabbed the lube and thoroughly prepared Colette's ass. She would need it sooner or later, maybe right now.

Just as Zach was completing his preparations, Michaela climaxed with a low moan. Colette licked her lips and stood. "What next my darling?" he asked Michaela.

"If you must ask, you don't deserve," said Michaela. Zach grabbed her up and spread and speared her as Colette watched them dispassionately. "Oof!" said Michaela as Zach rocked into her well-prepared cunt. "Have her touch self while watch."

"You heard her," Zach ordered. Colette stroked her clitoris with one finger.

"But no orgasm, must wait," said Michaela.

"Make it so," said Zach as he fucked the tiny redhead's tiny cunt earnestly with long, thorough strokes. Delicious. Michaela was breathing and moaning. She appeared to be making eye contact with Colette, who was standing behind them. The cum was boiling in him. "Soon," he said.

"Wait," said Michaela. "Wait."

"Maybe I can go again?" Zach suggested. "I really need to."

"Okay big baby, shoot then."

"UUUHHAAAH!" Zach put a good strong squirt deep into Michaela.

"One pathetic little drip," said Michaela. "Will stop calling Sack." Even so, as soon as Zach pulled out, semen poured from her.

"Colette, please clean us up," ordered Zach. Colette started with the semen coming out of Michaela's vagina. "It's something you can't afford," Zach taunted. He was trying to do a good job with this whole game. "Yes," he added, "How does it feel to be ingesting your chances of having a baby because you can't afford it?" Colette was busy licking and sucking out Michaela's vagina. She followed by licking up the semen Michaela had caught in her hand. She licked and sucked his penis clean last. He was getting another erection.

"Don't steal her for blowjob, rude," complained Michaela. "Want her to finish what she start here first. Also more ass, yes." She held up her phone.

"Well, I shouldn't keep her from a money making opportunity," Zach said. Michaela touched her phone to Colette's sitting on the bedside and transferred an additional $100. "Go," he said.

Colette picked up the tiny woman's legs with her slim but wiry strong arms. She rammed her tongue into Michaela's asshole. Michaela moaned, "Uh, Christ woman know way to my heart." Michaela was lost in pleasure. Colette worked hard and expertly. Zach looked on in fascination. He had thought, especially due to his fascination with the human body, that he was pretty good at this stuff. These women were at a different level. He was relying too much on his handsome body and not-too-painfully-big penis.

Michaela was making high keening noises like Zach had heard her make that one time with Ayana. Michaela screeched and thrashed in orgasm, nearly falling off the bed. Colette stood up and resumed her impassive position. "Glorious," Michaela groaned. "Worth every fucking lev, you magnificent whore. Now Zach, I want return favor. I need return favor. She made me bitch in heat for her and must give."

"Well," said Zach. "I don't see why it can't be for both ways. An orgasm is an orgasm. Another $100 will buy you one orgasm out of her with your mouth." Michaela, swiftly picked up her phone and tapped it to Colette's. The particular tone indicated another $100 had been transferred. "Please lay down on the bed and spread your legs," he told Colette. "As usual, you tell me when you could climax, but don't do it until I give you permission. I want Michaela to get her money's worth. Be prepared to hold out."

Within a minute, Colette said calmly, "I can." Michaela redoubled her efforts while Colette squirmed and looked off into the distance. She was multiplying numbers in her head or some such. Her hips rocked uncontrollably, and raggedly, she gasped, "I can." Zach allowed the pleasurable punishment to go on and on. Sweat beaded on her forehead, and it went on. Her eyes were wild, and it went on. "I... please!"


"HWAAAAAAAAAAAHMH!" Colette howled with her entire body. Michaela had to back away, she was thrashing so much.

"Mmm. Tasty," said Michaela. "I need to pee now."

"Okay, we'll wait here. Hurry back. Mr. Happy wants another turn with you."

"I have bag here," said Michaela. She held up a medium-sized plastic bag.

"Okay," said Zach, a little confused. "Knock yourself out."

"Want to pee her mouth, then she catch in bag," said Michaela. "Unless rule."

"No, she's done stuff like that," Zach said. "I mean before..."

"Spare me vanilla boy," said Michaela.

"If you're going to be that way, let's make this interesting," said Zach.

"Hurry up say," said Michaela. "Wery full bladder."

"I'll hold the bag," said Zach, taking it from Michaela. "If she can make herself climax before you're done peeing, then you pay her another $100, fair enough?"

"Seems fair," said Michaela.

Zach said, "Colette, darling, get down here on the floor on all fours and masturbate. That's good. Tell me when you can. Bend down and tilt your head up. Good." To Michaela, he asked, holding the bag in place, "How much of a head start should we give her?"

"Enough," said Michaela, squatting on Colette's mouth and unleashing what sounded like a fat torrent. The overflow spilled off one side of Colette's face into the bag.

Michaela was down to squirts but not done. Colette gargled. Zach said, "Climax."

Colette shuddered in obvious orgasm, swallowed the urine in her mouth, and cried, "Oh!" Michaela squirted another shot of urine into the circle of her mouth. Colette drank down Michaela's remaining squirts and dribbles. There was no longer enough left in Michaela's bladder to overflow Colette's mouth.

When she was all dribbled out, Michaela sighed, "Worth it." She touched her phone to Colette's and there was a familiar beep.

"Wow," said Zach. "A few more sessions like this one and she might actually be able to afford to get inseminated tonight."

Michaela didn't want another messy ramming from Zach. She said that moment had passed. Plus, if she did that, he would have Colette clean her off again. She would want more head from Colette, and it had already gotten too expensive. So piss off. Colette had earned $320 from Michaela.

In a pent up mood, he led Colette away to Head B1 nearby. Once there, he bent her over the toilet and fucked her in the ass with great enjoyment. To his surprise, near the end, she said she could. Zach waited until he started ejaculating to cry out, "Climax!" Satisfying. They showered together.

Zach released Colette until 1600 to relax or sleep. He told her she would probably get another break 1900-ish to 2200-ish. After that was their date. They parted.

Zach worked four and a half hours looking for radiation leaks in various parts of the ship. He saw Colby floating around in the core. "Fancy meeting you here," she said.

"Darling, I have a question for you," he said. "What would you think if you saw me leading a naked woman around on a leash?"

"I would think you had a perfectly logical explanation for your behavior. I would feel no need to look into it," Colby said. "I expect it would be for humanitarian purposes."

"And you'd be correct, more or less," said Zach.

"And would this be Colette?" asked Colby.

"Would you want to know?" asked Zach.

"You're right, I don't," said Colby, and they left it at that.

He stopped by Anming's office and had a similar conversation, but more deferential. Anming asserted he had the absolute right to drag any woman who "enjoyed his favor" around naked on a leash if he chose to. If anyone misbehaved, she would "mess up the bitch." He shuddered inwardly, thanked her, and left her to her work on the Unified Field Theory. Maybe her remarks meant she wanted to try this herself? It was a thought. There were safe ways he could do it, like he'd been doing with Colette. Aboard ship might be safe and fun. In front of the breeding bitches might be a good debut. Oh, the harmless embarrassment she'd suffer! On the other hand, maybe it would activate her and be disastrous. He'd have to be gentle.

Zach asked Colleen her policy on leading women around naked on a leash in general. She said that she was okay with it as long as everybody else was okay with it. He assured her that he would confirm they were. He blushingly brought up the prostitution angle with her. She replied that she might if the circumstances were "appropriate." Zach interpreted this to mean if it didn't seem cruel or weird. That would have been his answer, given other circumstances. They were on the same page about a lot of things.

Zach ran across Berte and Aanya playing ping-pong in Recreation A. They thought the idea of leading a naked girl around on a string was funny. They gave him a lot of good-natured crap about it. Berte seemed to give Aanya the confidence to be more assertive. Aanya spoke for both of them, to Berte's great enjoyment. They couldn't be two more different people, but they were developing a profound relationship. He mentioned that he might bring the individual in question to their assignation at 1800. He said there might be an opportunity to buy sexual favors. They laughed at him and hit him with the ping pong ball several times. He said he had to go. He was supposed to be working.

Colette was waiting naked for Zach when he met her as arranged at 1600. She handed him her leash. He called Alexis. "Do you mind if I bring Colette with me this time? She has a problem I think you can help her with."

"Anything for a colleague," said Alexis. Then, excitedly, "Will she be able to participate?"

"Yes, subject to certain restrictions," said Zach.

"See you soon!" said Alexis and hung up.

Zach arrived at their quarters, Colette in tow. Charisse and Alexis were naked and excited to meet Colette under more intimate circumstances. They had all the sex toys they'd brought with them or been able to manufacture on board displayed in a visually pleasing array on the bed. Wow, those black dildos of his approximate size were a hit. There were two such strap-ons here in addition to the three he knew Michaela owned. Or maybe they were shared. No matter.

Zach filled the excited women in on all the rules. He let the three of them kiss to get acquainted. The two of them sized Colette up like a piece of meat. They squeezed her tits, stuck their fingers in her holes, and spanked her ass joyfully. They tried to haggle with him playfully. Maybe they should be considered students. He was firm.

Alexis won the toss of a coin to buy the first sexual favor. She eagerly paid her $20 and opted to go with oral. From the start, she wasn't disappointed. "Get in there, bitch!" Alexis cried, holding Colette firmly by her leash and grinding favorite portions of her vulva and anus. Alexis came explosively soon thereafter.

While Zach took Alexis forcefully in breeding position, Charisse took charge of Colette. Charisse tried the $20 head. He noticed excited scale climbing. While he fucked Alexis, he did his best to taunt Colette that Alexis was about to get her eggs bathed in semen. Colette was too poor to afford insemination. Alexis was matching Charisse orgasm for orgasm. He heard the beeps of Charisse buying the next orgasm. Her squeals and peeps sounded nice and wet. His semen rose quickly. He told Alexis that the next time she climaxed, she would get a baby. She moaned out her next orgasm excitedly. He roared, satisfied, and pumped a respectable load of semen into her. They rested in bliss and watched Charisse enjoy the strap-on fuck she'd bought. After two strap-on orgasms, Charisse was done with Colette and gave her leash back. Charisse remarked how wonderful it had been for the taller woman to dominate her and choke her while fucking her. At 5'9" herself, it was rare for Charisse to find a good female sexual partner taller than her.

Zach pulled out of Alexis and had Colette clean them up. He taunted Colette about the semen that she'd missed. He directed her to only clean Alexis's vulva and to keep Alexis's hips tilted up to aid insemination. It was an opportunity that she, Colette, might never have. Just like with Michaela, by the time Colette was done, Alexis wanted more head. He did too, but he wanted to support Colette in getting her money even more. Alexis bought two more oral orgasms. Zach had to take a turn. The three women chatted and laughed while he fucked Colette slowly and deliciously in the ass. Near the end, Colette got serious again. He gave her permission. Colette shared her amazement with the other women. Alexis shared that she had recently climaxed anally without any other stimulation for the first time with Zach. They agreed that Zach had special qualities. The two women agreed to help Colette earn her money for the week.

Zach and Colette went to Head B1 to shower. She had earned an additional $640 for a total of $960. He was proud of her. On the way out of the head, they had a fortuitous encounter. "Hey, Ayana," he said.

"Hey," said Ayana warily, seeing Colette naked on the end of a leash behind him.

"Would you mind if I walked around with Colette naked on a leash like this?" Zach asked.

"Is this what you want?" Ayana asked Colette directly and incredulously.

"It's the instruction of my husband, and therefore my fondest wish," answered Colette.

"Not my idea," said Zach apologetically.

"So you're into this kind of thing?" Ayana asked Colette.

"Yes," said Colette simply, not wanting to explain more than was necessary.

"Well, you are pleasing to look upon," said Ayana directly to Colette and ignoring Zach. He didn't mind. If the situation was reversed, he might very well be suspicious himself and wonder whether everyone was doing okay. Ayana spoke to him, "To answer your question, I don't mind if she wanders around naked as much as she wants. If you don't mind, please wear clothes yourself."

"No problem, will do," said Zach. "Look, there's something else you could help Colette out with. Isn't that right, Colette? I'm going to take off her collar, and hand over her phone, there you are. Colette, why don't you take Ayana aside, say into this handy restroom here? Explain the game you and your husband are playing. Maybe Ayana would be willing to help? I'll just sit here in Recreation B and play solitaire on my phone until you return, okay?"

Ayana's eyebrows raised, but she allowed Colette to drag her into the head and shut the hatch. Zach sat down in the recreation area and whistled a happy tune. The minutes rolled by, and he became almost certain the dollars were rolling in. Half an hour later, he became concerned they would be late visiting Michaela and company. Colette appeared naked, breathless, and smiling. Ayana had apparently scooted off in the opposite direction. "You were exactly right, Zach," Colette said. "Once I got her alone, she was putty in my hands." Colette had made an additional $120 for a total of $1,080.

"You've done amazingly well," said Zach, putting the leash into her hands. "Please go ahead and relax. I'll see you at 2200 at your place." They parted ways.

Zach got to Michaela, Aanya, and Berte's place and peeked in. This time, instead of a loud, screaming, orgiastic mess, he saw dim light and three peacefully sleeping women. Michaela was curled up in one corner against the wall in her standard "piss off" sleeping and napping position. In the middle of the bed, Aanya and Berte were cuddled up together. All they were wearing were their plastic chokers. Berte was spooned against Aanya's backside gently snoring, cupping one of Aanya's splendid bubble breasts. Berte had such a happy smile, even in sleep. These two wives of his were a real item. It was so cute. Berte's pale skin on Aanya's bronze skin looked amazing.

Zach crawled over and gave Aanya a gentle kiss on the cheek. She roused, saw it was him, and muttered softly and cryptically, "Wait, it's growing back. Red. Need sleep."

As soon as Aanya roused, Berte's eyes popped open. "Me too," she said simply and shut her eyes. Zach gently climbed off the bed and climbed back on to give Michaela a gentle nudge. Before he could touch her, she muttered, "Piss off." And that was that. He gently slid off the bed, crept out of their quarters, and quietly closed the hatch. Their exhaustion was understandable. They had been at a fever pitch the previous night. It was the first night the three of them had spent together. He expected, given how wild they'd been, that they'd kept each other up long after he'd left.

Zach was horny from imagining the nasty things Ayana and Colette had done, but not overly so. He felt like cuddling from visiting his three sleeping princesses, but not desperately so. It felt good how it had turned out with the three. He rightfully should get really pent up for Colette. He wanted to give her some well-earned nice big loads. She had literally earned them.

It struck Zach that he could now complete his workday by 9 PM. He texted Colette, "Meet at 2100 for massage and prep?"

Colette texted, "?"

Zach was being an idiot. He shouldn't ask Colette. It was his job to tell her. He texted her, "I've changed my plans. Be in your quarters at 9 PM. You will be sitting naked on the bed wearing the leash. Your legs will be spread and your vulva held open. Don't put anything on your vulva. I want to smell and taste your natural scent." Was he getting better at getting exactly his hearts desire out of her? He set his phone for 2055 to make sure he arrived at Colette's at 2100 on the dot. He imagined that holding one's vulva open as the minutes ticked by was an unpleasant and desiccating experience. He wanted to set a mood, not torture her.

Over the next three hours, Zach completed his day. A healthy fusion bottle gave off small amounts of beta radiation in a couple of different ways. Beta radiation was made of electrons. These were harmless at the slow speeds they occasionally escaped from a healthy fusion bottle. The other way that fusion bottles could give off beta radiation was a bit more dangerous. If the mixture was wrong, free neutrons could be produced in significant numbers. If neutrons were produced, the magnetic bottle wouldn't hold them. Magnetic fields can only trap charged particles. The neutrons themselves were dangerous to nearby people and objects. Traveling so slowly, they were absorbed before they could get very far. Hitting air molecules, they combined with Nitrogen to form Nitrogen 16 and and Oxygen to form Oxygen 17.

These were the isotopes Zach was checking for. Nitrogen 16 is an unstable isotope that decays in seven seconds and emits an electron, more harmless radiation. Oxygen 17 and even Oxygen 18 are stable isotopes that occur naturally in small amounts and are harmless. The main reason to look for stray neutrons was that they could damage the metal and other materials comprising the fusion bottle. This would cause further loss of containment or even catastrophic failure, which would be bad. Protons flying everywhere, even at slow speeds, were highly dangerous. They exploded when exposed to Oxygen, just for starters. This explosion produced flaming hot acidic steam. Not friendly.

Happy fusion bottles were good. Leaky fusion bottles were troubling. Loss of containment was deadly. The fusion bottle room was designed to contain the explosion, but the bottle itself would be destroyed. Since the bottle powered the spacecraft, it was mere hours until the crew froze and suffocated. The dry run vehicle had only one fusion bottle. In the unlikely event it blew, the crew would escape onto the excursion vehicle and return to Earth early. On the interplanetary vehicle traveling between the Earth and Mars, both fusion bottles had been installed. If one failed, they would limp along with just the other. If both failed, the crew was dead unless the failure happened very close to either Earth or Mars.

Never fear. Fusion bottles carefully watched and regularly overhauled could operate indefinitely without incident. They were the safest power source ever devised. It was the testing and other procedures followed in their operation that made them so. Zach was playing his part in this.

Zach opened Colette's hatch at 9 PM on the dot. She greeted him with a big smile. "Welcome! Here's my bare vulva for your enjoyment. I got moist with anticipation."

Zach enthusiastically dived in with his face and took some nice whiffs. He spent a few minutes savoring every corner of Colette's vulva with his tongue and lips. From her breathing and movements, this was pleasurable to her. "Please give me your bullet vibe," he ordered. He spread some lube on the bullet to ensure comfort. He slid it gingerly into place as she thrilled at his touch. He activated it on the low setting with his phone. She bucked at the feel of it starting up in her and then smiled at him. He had not had many opportunities to touch and play with her vulva. He wanted more. He stroked a lubed finger around on her vulva. He traced her clitoral hood. He enjoyed its gentle slope and her responsiveness as he gently and lubriciously stroked it. He gently tugged and massaged her labia. He circled and felt the little divot of her urethra. She looked at his face as he carefully examined her. She sighed raggedly.

"You're a happy camper tonight," observed Zach.

"You look like you're having such fun. It thrills me to see that," said Colette. "I'm ecstatic at the transformation from the tense relationship we had. I'm looking forward to getting bred by you later tonight. More than even that, I'm looking forward to conversing with you. My husband indulged me to require you to settle down and get a massage from me. I'm going to enjoy giving you that different kind of touching."

"Well, I'd better lay down," Zach smiled. Colette spread massage oil on him. It felt wonderful. She asked him about his life. He spoke of his childhood. He'd grown up in a suburb of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His mother had been a nurse, his father an archaeology professor. He remembered his older sisters as always being away. They were five and nine years older than him. His parents were fond of road trips. They would often take one of their three children with them. He grew up at several neighbors houses as much as his own. Their parents' circle of friends were supportive of each other in this way.

Colette's parents' families had been wealthy. Behind the scenes, her father was a violent drunk, and her mother enabled him. She may have gained her distrust of artifice in relationships from this, but perhaps not. She was sent away to boarding school at an early age and for many years. These all-girl schools were exclusive and private, with age-old traditions. The students were objects, being trained as marriage chattel for the upper class in the old tradition.

Zach observed, "Well, my childhood was boring and lonely compared to yours."

"That's interesting," said Colette. "My childhood sounds boring and lonely compared to yours."

As Colette was resting there, Zach's alarm went off. He turned the tables, pinned her, and pushed his penis into her slick, excited vagina. Bzzz! He ran into the bullet vibe. It tickled! He jumped. They burst out laughing. Still laughing, he shut off the vibrator with his phone and gently removed it. She cleaned it off with her mouth and set it aside. In his excitement, he had also forgotten to set up his phone to make a video for X. He found a good spot for his phone and started videoing.

Their conjunction was a joyous one. Zach felt extremely close to Colette. Her massage, though only sensual, had enervated him. He only lasted a few minutes the first time. He badly wanted to squeeze a big load into her. His body worked with him, it seemed, and focusing, he ejaculated three big squirts deep into her. They were so big they overflowed and squished out around his penis. Win! He held her in breeding position for a few minutes. He held her hips raised, staying in her, giving his sperm the best environment. His extra cum dribbled and dripped slowly down her back and onto the bed.

Zach remembered. "Damn!" he said, "I can't have another orgasm in you unless I don't pull out. I really want you again. I have to have you again." He moved in Colette a second time. Frothy rivulets squished out of her onto the bed. It didn't damp their spirits in the least. He was embarrassed until he remembered how excited she'd gotten over washing her classmates underthings. Surely she would enjoy washing the sheets she'd been bred on. Maybe he should even try to get them messier. Inevitably he did, many Colette orgasms later. He cried out almost painfully at the end. He felt his heart and soul shoot into her. For a moment, he felt perfect. As he held her in breeding position, he joked to her, "Do you feel you got your money's worth?"

"Oh that's right. I forgot you were being a whore," Colette joked right back. "If you were faking it, very convincing."

"But seriously, I have feelings for you Colette," said Zach.

"You said that," said Colette. "Can I ask you why you're afraid to say you're in love with me? It's evident."

"I'm aware I'm a proxy," said Zach. "It's not right for me to need you. Everything is so complicated for me right now. My feelings often don't match with reality."

"The reality is that we treasure you, Zach. I promise we'll try hard to never do anything to hurt you. I want you to be free," said Colette. "Nothing can ever repay the debt we already owe you, that I owe you. I like to pay my debts." She smirked and touched her phone to his. A deep gong sounded, signaling the transfer of $1,000.

(to be continued)
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50: Monday July 20, 22:30 hours CST: Reentry

Zach entered Trigonometry's shared bedroom. The women were sitting in a circle, wearing their bathrobes, talking and joking. Chatter among the wives died. Colby looked over her shoulder and said, "You're home early."

Anming, across the circle from Colby and facing Zach, quietly rose to her knees and dropped her bathrobe. She dutifully displayed her exquisite almond body, her small dark brown teats, and the wild muff he loved. Her gaze, intense and hopeful, dropped shyly. The ultrablack circlet around her neck was stark against her perfect skin. From across the room, her scars were undetectable. The women, who had all been looking at him, their gaze dropped. His cock was coming to life in his scrub pants.

Colby turned back around to follow his gaze. "Oh, right," she said. The other women got on their knees and faced him. Colby turned around to face him and dropped her robe next with a pained look that confused Zach. Her beautiful milk chocolate body was revealed. Her dark chocolate nipples made his mouth water. A little shadow on her mound indicated she hadn't shaved in a few days. She looked at him looking at her beautiful body, looking angry. He wondered what was going on with her.

Colleen dropped her robe next. She had a smoldering expression for him. She was all pale, pink, fit, and glorious. Aanya and Berte dropped together, giggling conspiratorially. Berte was stocky, busty, muscular, and giving him an intense eye job. Her blond bush was starting to look a bit unruly again, yum. Aanya revealed her delicate almond beauty and gazed at him serenely. Like Colby, she had a shadow on her mound, like she hadn't shaved in a few days.

In response to this onslaught of beauty, Zach was speechless. In his confusion, it seemed a reasonable response to remove his own clothes. He tugged off his scrub shirt, mourning the few seconds he had to miss gazing on this smorgasbord of luscious nude womanhood. His penis was fully erect and straining as he pulled down his scrub pants. He threw shirt, pants, and slippers into the hamper on the first try.

Zach turned back towards his wives. "Colby," said Colleen.

"Yes," said Anming.

"I can't wait," said Zach. Berte approached him and stroked lube onto his cock as he crawled towards Colby, who looked uncomfortable. He grabbed Colby in front of the assembled women and spread her legs. His penis rocked into her vagina easily given the lube Berte had stroked onto him. Colby was not smiling and provocative, as usual, but quiet and thoughtful. She closed her eyes as his penis filled her womb. The other women surrounded them, touching, stroking.

"Dear first wife, I envy you," soothed Anming. "Take our beloved husband's gift into your fertile womb. Next week, my turn!"

"Next week, we'll have him rape you just like this," moaned Aanya to Anming, "Over and over again."

"This isn't rape or even mock rape," corrected Colleen. "This is our husband missing our precious number one wife, isn't it, Zach?"

"Oh yes," moaned Zach, overcome with the moment. Colby's vagina resisted and was inexorably opened and conquered by his slick passionate thrusts.

"You enjoy this tight cunt, huh?" moaned Colby from underneath him.

"Yes!" cried Zach.

"Orgasm her, Zach!" cried Anming, lightly smacking his ass. Those lashes still hurt. He slowed down and began stroking deeply. This usually got to Colby. He could manage the frequency of his strokes more easily so he wouldn't burst too soon. He wanted her to orgasm at least once before he let go in her, at least once. He was so worked up, so suddenly. He could finish right now!

"You fucker, you bastard," growled Colby. Zach could feel her body squirming now, responding to the stimulation. Her vaginal walls tightened around his well-buried cock. Her womb sucked on him as he withdrew and fought him quiveringly as he plunged forward.

"You're getting your baby, chief," Colleen said to Colby. "Maybe right now. Here it comes," she said of Zach's obvious excitement.

"He's waiting for her to orgasm," said Berte clinically. "He always waits for the girl to orgasm. Hurry up, Colby. Zach looks like he's in pain."

"Fuck me!" Colby's legs kicked out. "HUUHHH!"

"RAAAHH!" cried Zach as he strained and shot a nice dollop deep into Colby. It was a surprising dollop considering what he'd just been through with Colette. In the stillness of his final thrust, he felt Colby shudder and squirm as the hot fluid bathed her insides. He'd been concerned she'd faked it because of Berte's goading, but no, she'd really climaxed. The feeling was unmistakable. He was relieved he hadn't accidentally shot too soon.

"Oh good rape," Aanya muttered.

"Not a rape despite your fevered imagination," Colleen whispered pointedly at Aanya. Then, in a normal voice, "Let's let them rest." Colleen patted his back. He felt the other women's hands slide off him. Colby was resting passively under him. It was one time he wished he was shorter or she was taller. He couldn't see her expression. Zach closed his eyes and rested atop Colby. He allowed his offering to do its good work inside her as he knew she must wish. She didn't seem to be wanting to go anywhere either, at least.

As they rested, the other women talked. "I'm over the moon," chuckled Colleen. "It's my fertile week. Zach is knocking me up tomorrow morning, mark my words. And I'm flying tomorrow! Flying all of you home. Everything I love best and want most. Baby on board. Baby on board, Berte."

"Baby on board, sir!" Berte agreed lustily.

"Baby on board, Aanya," Colleen said.

"Yes, and I know the moment. It was that first time, I know it. Here I am, right after." Zach guessed she was showing the photo taken at the dinner they'd had together just after they'd first made love. She looked ecstatic in that photo.

"Exactly so," said Colleen. "Anming, I'm confident for you."

"By next week, he'll be left with nobody but me, morning, noon, and night," said Anming. "I'll be hollow, like a used condom." There was uncomfortable laughter.

"Ew, Anming," said Colleen, laughing.

"I already look like a used condom," said Anming.

"You don't either," said Berte. "Give us a look. Wider. Um. I wish I looked that good. Mine's all pouty, see?"

"What are you talking about?" said Anming. "Yours is young and dewy and pink, just like Zach! You'll have mountains of dewy pink babies. You're strong and fertile. I'm a broken old hag."

Zach pulled out of Colby and nuzzled her face. "Are we good?" he whispered.

"Sure," said Colby. "Yes, go shut that right down."

Zach crawled over and hugged Anming from behind, startling her. His wet cock slopped on her back. "I want my number two wife, her sleek tight body, her brilliant mind, all of her," he said.

Berte grabbed the bottle of lube and moaned, "Yesss. I want to see." Zach wrestled gently with Anming, who was shielding her eyes.

Colleen turned the lights low, and Anming relaxed somewhat. Berte grabbed Zach's half erect cock and stroked it with lube. "Do you need it more hard?" she asked.

"No, it's good to start this way with her. She's very tight and sensitive." Zach rolled, spread, and rocked into Anming. She covered her eyes with one hand while weakly pushing on Zach's chest with the other. He pressed her under him snugly but not painfully in the Martian gravity. His strokes were deepening.

"My husband, I beg you... hmm... hunh..." moaned Anming as Zach continued to rock into her rapidly. "Grrrrr! EEP!" she cried in orgasm. He felt her convulse under him. "In front of everybody," she whimpered.

Anming groaned something in Chinese. Her vagina had completely surrendered to Zach's fully erect and slowly pounding penis. Her womb quivered and twisted in delight as it helplessly received its conqueror again and again. She howled as her entire body suffused with intense pleasure. He ventured to invade her wet asshole with his index finger. Her anus clipped his finger as he pounded her. Her vagina pulsed around him as she cried out and swore in ecstasy.

He noticed buzzing and looked over to see Berte pleasuring herself with Jill. Aanya was rubbing up against Berte and fingering herself. Colleen rested her hand gently on his back. "God, look at her," she said. "You deserve it Anming, sweetheart." Colleen cried out, "Oh yes!" as Anming shrieked out another Chinese epithet and orgasmed wetly.

"Yes, crush her pillars of ecstasy, fertile ox!" Berte cheered. "Plow diligently her expectant furrows and spill your creamy white pearls deeply!"

Anming laughed and then shrieked again in orgasm, "AHUH! EEP!" Zach stopped momentarily to feel her deliciously quiver and clip underneath him. She wheezed, "I have no secrets at all now! Berte is translating my ravings. They sound so foolish in English."

"I think they're very sweet, like poetry," said Zach. "Thank you, Berte."

"Husband," Anming piped up from underneath him, "This unworthy sickly sow is growing sore, in all honesty. You've been so... hmm... continuous lately with my unworthy carcass. And I am nearly dead of shyness in front of everybody. I beg you, Colleen is fertile this week and requires your cream."

"I can't get enough of you, my darling Anming," said Zach.

"This ugly mule is grateful and awaits your continued pleasure," Anming answered resignedly in a quavering voice.

"I will relent," said Zach, slowly withdrawing his wet tool. "This is only because I want you to be healthy for next week, when I will not stop, understand?"

"Yes, my husband," Anming said meekly.

"I want to give you time to get used to getting loved in front of the other women," said Zach. "We don't have to all at once."

"This mortified one will always obey, husband," Anming whispered.

"I know," said Zach. "Rest." He crawled towards Colleen with a look in his eye. Berte intercepted him and stroked his cock, wet with Anming's excitement, with more lube. She kept stroking. "You're going to make me cum, Berte," he chuckled.

"Fine with me," said Colleen. Zach had been passed from wife three to wife four.

Berte lay down in front of Zach and spread her legs and lips for him. She examined the corner of the room. It was an invitation to what she wanted. He rocked into her. He heard Jill click on and looked to the side. Aanya was watching them and using it. "I need to finish in your vagina, okay?" he told Berte.

Berte's eyes fluttered closed. "Spill your creamy white pearls deeply!" she growled. Anming's cussing had excited her. Zach fell on Berte's delectable love pillows and stretched himself into her quivering young snatch with immense satisfaction. He pounded her thoroughly and deeply. "Fuck my fucking pillars, Zach," she moaned. She gasped and quivered in orgasm. He pinned her hips and legs up in breeding position and plowed down into her. She made noise with every thrust, "Hunh! Hunh! Ugh! Huh! Mmm! Mmm! Ugh! AAAAAAAH!" She shrieked and quivered in orgasm as he continued to pound.

Aanya watched and orgasmed on Jill, "Mmm! NNNGH!" She offered a play-by-play, "Zach is getting close... oh we can see the semen filling him up to his eyeballs, yes... almost... almost... NNNGH!!"

"RRAAAAH!!" cried Zach in extremis. A sizable couple of warm squirts launched deep into Berte.

"WAAUUGH!" howled Berte, buried under Zach.

"Triple play," said Colleen. "Very nice. All right, bedtime kids."

Anming was already puttering around, preparing the room for sleep time. She paused to spread menthol under Zach's nose and then continued other puttering. He was still sacked out on top of Berte's hips in breeding position. They were both blissed out. Aanya wiped off Jill and put the toy away neatly in a drawer. Colleen and Colby were whispering together in the corner. He climbed off Berte and gave her an intense kiss and a last squeeze. He crawled over to his spot in front of the hatch. The room quieted. The light went lower a few more levels, but not off. They all drifted off towards sleep.

At 1 AM, Aanya and Berte crawled over him and out the hatch. There was some hugging, kissing, quiet giggling, and groping before he let them go.

Colleen woke him at 4 AM, wiped the menthol off his nose, and led him to the private room. Her mood was ebullient. "We have to go, because I feel like making you make some noise," she whispered into his ear. They entered the private room and cycled the hatch.

"I know why you're happy," said Zach. "You're flying today."

"Also," said Colleen, pushing him over onto the bed, "Getting knocked up by my sweetheart, my lover, my HUSBAND. Fuck, it still sounds weird to say that. It's not that I don't want it. It's just there's FIVE of us, for fuck's sake."

Zach's face was down between Colleen's legs enjoying her clean, vitamin scent. "I try not to think too hard about it," he replied. "You've got some fuzz down here, too."

"We're watching and learning, Zach. Oh! God! Fuck!" Colleen quieted as she thrust out her hips, enjoying his tongue and lips caressing her vulva. Zach stopped. He wanted to hear what she had to say. "Oh. And by that I mean, we've all seen how much you enjoy Anming's bush. You smile at it. You run your fingers through it. You run your nose through it. You've done everything but fucking name it."

"There's an idea," said Zach. "I'm going to call it The Eternal Forest."

"Oh no!" Colleen cried in mock horror. "Seriously, we took a secret ballot on your favorite body part. Anming voted for Berte's tits, which are no doubt high on the list. The rest of us voted for Anming's bush. She was horrified, then admitted you'd specifically begged her to not shave it off. We required no further proof."

"I like all your individual grooming choices," said Zach.

"Fuck no you don't, you liar," said Colleen.

"Shaved women are all good as far as I'm concerned," said Zach.

"Any kind of women are all good as far as you're concerned," Colleen quipped. She grabbed Zach by the hair and directed his mouth pointedly back to her vulva. "Oh fuck God yes!" she whimpered. Two intense orgasms later, she begged to be mounted. He required no further prompting or fluffing. His penis had ached for her since her first climax.

Zach spread Colleen and speared her. He rocked once and pushed in firmly up to the point of her discomfort and stopped. He was instantly reminded of the remarkable coaxing, teasing qualities of her vaginal sleeve. He plunged forward at an energetic pace. He was looking for a pace that wouldn't have him cum too soon. The pace had to be too fast for him to feel the maddening sensations fluttering across Colleen's inner walls. "Don't hold out, Zach," she soothed. "You can go again."

"I want you to, hmm," groaned Zach, "I want you..."

"I'm close," said Colleen. "Do it!"

"RRRAAAAHHH!" Zach half growled, half howled. In the stillness of his final thrust, he could feel Colleen's pulsing vagina drain him. She moaned as his third hot squirt sluiced into her. As her orgasm kicked in, he felt her walls even more insistently drain his body. He ejaculated four shots, five, six. There was a pause where he shuddered like a pinned insect or a puppet. Then he ejaculated another, weaker squirt. My Holy Jesus what a woman! What a feeling! He never wanted to be without her. He rested as her pussy continued to provoke his completely drained system futilely for several more pulses.

All was quiet. Colleen grabbed Zach with her heels and held on. "Mmm, lover," she muttered from underneath him.

They caught what they could in a towel. Zach set Colleen on all fours for a second bout. She went down on her elbows as he pounded her from behind. He was deeper now. Her walls provoked and thrilled him. This time, he had staying power. He was able to ram, beat, and spank several clenching, crying orgasms out of her. The delight of her slick tightness caught up with him eventually. He finished with a plaintive roar.

Zach wanted her a third time. "My terms," Colleen said, and mounted him cowgirl style. It was good. He got to lay back and admire the exquisite beauty of the woman riding him. Her vagina was even more maddening, if such a thing were possible. She had two satisfying orgasms out of him. He rolled over and finished with two anguished squirts into her. Normally, he didn't think he would have had anything left.

Zach slept like the dead until just before the 8 AM alarm. He awoke agitated and hard. He grabbed a groggy Colleen. He wet his penis head on her slick slit and rocked into her insistently. Her hardworking puss was fully awake and orgasming strongly by the time he spilled over a few minutes later. She coaxed and teased out all his new baby cream along with his heart, his soul, and his sanity. "That was a near death experience," he croaked. She laughed and held him tight with her arms and legs. "I saw a bright light and everything," he insisted.

Colleen wanted to get going. She had to get ready to fly. Zach began thrusting again. "Just one more time," he begged.

Colleen surrendered to his madness and held on. "You loon," she muttered. Despite her skepticism, she enjoyed every minute. Zach finished with an anguished cry. His body thrashed and somehow came up with one additional dollop of hot cum. He felt hollow and satisfied. She declared herself full of spunk and raring to bounce up and fly, for fuck's sake. They grabbed their undies and flight suits. With a towel between her legs, they ran to shower together in Head B2.

After theitr shower, Colleen and Zach split up. She went to stow things and do preflight checks with Colby. He went to wake up Charisse and Alexis. He opened the hatch gingerly on the two lightly snoring women. A gentle announcement of "Rise and shine, girls," got a deck slipper thrown at his head by Alexis. He took off his flight suit and neatly folded it. He put his underpants, shoes, and socks on top. He climbed in behind Charisse and snuggled close.

Their alarm rang at 9 AM. Charisse got the first ride. Both women remarked at how drained of semen Zach was and made respectful noises in Colleen's direction. They knew from the meeting that she'd had him that morning. Even without the meeting, they would have somehow known, he mused. When they were done with him, they playfully threw him out and threw his clothes out after him. They were apparently trying the Michaela approach to "Don't get too attached." It wouldn't work. He thought it was adorable.

After showering, Zach went to work packing perishable medical supplies and other items that were to go back to Earth. There were also his personal items. Alexis had given him some dildos and things they'd had Berte make for them onboard. They wanted to keep them. They only had enough room or weight in their own personal allocation to bring back the toys they'd brought up.

The crew reported to the excursion vehicle at 11:30 hours to strap in. Colby closed and locked the two airlock doors leading from the dry run vessel. She closed the two excursion vehicle airlock doors. She floated to her seat, shotgun next to Colleen, and strapped in. There were more preflight checks. At noon, Colleen counted down, somewhat anticlimactically, "Five... four... three... two... one... mark." They detached and backed away from the dry run vehicle.

"No time for any of your fun and games on this trip, Alexis," said Colleen. "We'll be on the ground in Houston within two hours. However, there is a tradition for Mars excursion vehicles." She played "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire" by Queens of the Stone Age ( Berte asked what had prompted this selection. Colleen told them the story of the three wise astronauts. The first wise astronaut, a graduate of Caltech, proposed that they play "The Ride of the Valkyries." The second wise astronaut argued, "That's so nineteenth century." He proposed they play "Radar Rider" by Riggs. The third wise astronaut argued, "That's so twentieth century. And THAT'S not Rock 'n' Roll, THIS is Rock 'n' Roll." He put on Queens of the Stone Age, and so it was decided.

They came at the Earth's atmosphere shallowly and skipped a few times before settling in. The forces on Zach's body never rose above two gravities. It felt like four gravities. They had all been living at 38% of earth's gravity for the past week. It was quite a change. Soon the force lessened and they were free falling with some kicks from the steering jets. The force went to one gravity when the parachute opened. During the descent, their cabin pressure had slowly increased from 60% of Earth normal to Earth normal. When they reached ten meters above the landing pad, the landing jets kicked in. Touchdown was barely noticeable.

Assistants arrived to unstrap them and slowly help them out of the excursion vehicle and down the stairway. A small contingent of Johnson Space Center brass were there to greet them. Zach's bones and joints crunched and ached fiercely. He kept undercompensating for the violent downward pull of gravity. The assistants whisked the crew away in wheelchairs to a series of debriefings, medical checkups, and red tape.

(To be continued)
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51: Tuesday July 21, 16:00 hours CST: Ayana

By 4 PM, the entire crew had been released after arriving back on Earth from their training week in low Earth orbit. They had each been individually pushed, poked, prodded, queried, lost, found, briefed, debriefed, lost again, examined, and tested. Khushi's pregnancy was confirmed to nobody's surprise.

The Breeding Bitches, Charisse, Alexis, and Michaela, returned to Alexis's house. This would be home base for the Breeding Bitches until launch. Trigonometry, consisting of Colby, Anming, Colleen, Berte, and Aanya, took two cars over to Colby's house. This would be home base for Trigonometry until launch. Zach had stayed with the Breeding Bitches before launch. There was a clear expectation that he would sleep with Trigonometry from now on. It was unfortunate. Trigonometry put menthol on his nose to keep him from molesting them at night. In contrast, the Breeding Bitches were thrilled to be molested as often as Zach had it in him.

Ayana and Khushi drove in one car to Ayana's house. They were followed by Zach and Colette in Zach's car. By the time the four arrived at Ayana's house, Ayana was acting giggly and stoned. She had been wolfing down marijuana wafers during the car ride. Gravity was a problem, but it was even more of a problem with Ayana unsteady on her feet. It took all four of them working carefully to get themselves and each other into the house without incident. Khushi whispered to Zach that they had worked out exactly how many marijuana wafers Ayana should ingest. She should be stoned out of her mind but still awake and functioning sexually. Ideally, she should be brought to climax as he ejaculated into her. It all sounded carefully planned.

The plan had been revised to include Colette. Her help would make it easier. The couple had rigged up a curtain near one side of their bed. Ayana was propped up on her tummy on a nice wedge pillow. She would be face to face with Khushi, who would kiss, excite, and coax her the entire time. Officially, Colette would be very pleasurably making love to Ayana's back half behind the curtain. Zach would get involved once Ayana was orgasming and ejaculate into her. That was the plan understood by all.

Soon, the three women were nude and Ayana had been positioned on the wedge. The curtain was in place. Colette quietly led Zach into the room. He could see matters progress, but Ayana couldn't see him and therefore wouldn't worry. "Can you stay here with me?" Ayana begged Khushi.

"Yes I can, my love, because now we have Colette here to help us in the back," said Khushi brightly. "Come here for a moment, Colette. You know Colette, right?"

"Oh yes, I do," Ayana moaned. "I didn't get enough of you in the restroom, sweet thing! Will you make my day and use your mouth on me again? I'll pay you anything!"

Colette leaned down, nuzzled Ayana, and gave her a long sensuous tongue kiss. "I will use my mouth on you, but that's only the beginning. I'll pleasure you, and pleasure you, and pleasure you until you're out of your mind! And Khushi can stay right here watching your beautiful face as I pleasure the hell out of you. How does that sound?"

"Oh that sounds wonderful!" Ayana cried. "When does Zach get here?"

"We'll let him in after a while," Colette told her. "But first, we'll pleasure you for a long time so you're really excited, okay? Then we'll move on to that part later."

"Sounds great!" Ayana thrilled. She was so stoned she was slurring her words. Colette returned to behind the curtain. She knelt at Ayana's backside, gently spread her labia, and painted around the juices she found there. She motioned Zach forward to get a good whiff of Ayana's sweet, meaty, citrus scent. It was divine. Colette smiled when she saw Zach's cock respond to this stimulus.

Colette took Ayana's panties, which already had a bit of a wet spot, and dabbed them on Ayana's vulva. She handed them to Zach to whiff as she worked on Ayana. Colette took him into her throat for a minute of straining, thrilling fun. She backed off to a handjob, nodding to him and smiling. His cum wasn't boiling yet, but he was ramping up nicely. She wouldn't have to do much to have him ready to go on a moment's notice.

Still jacking Zach slowly, Colette used her mouth on Ayana. "Oh sweetheart! You're going straight to my heart! Uh... huh... mmuh... aah... UHHAAAHAH!" Ayana's whole body quivered. He faintly heard Khushi kissing and saying encouraging things on the other side of the curtain. "So good! K my sweet, you must tryHAH... uuh... mmmuh... nnnhah.... heh... heee.... EEEEEEAAAAAH!" Ayana's body writhed. Colette was driving her wild.

Without warning, Colette coaxed Zach forward and placed the head of his cock at Ayana's vaginal opening. She positioned his hands on the bar holding the curtain. She reached around him on both sides to hold Ayana's hips firmly for his thrusts. Because Colette's hands would be gripping Ayana's ass tightly as Zach fucked her, it would feel to Ayana like Colette was fucking her from behind instead. "I'm gonna strap-on you out of your mind now, Ayana sweetie!" Colette announced.

"Promises, promises, oh my FUCKING GOD!" cried Ayana. Zach rocked forward into Ayana's slick, well-prepared channel. Colette pulled Ayana's hips back in synchrony with his forward thrusts. "UUAAAAAH!" cried Ayana. He felt her excited, tight, and thoroughly lesbian vagina quiver and pulse in orgasm unknowingly on his cock. Such delicious subterfuge! He felt his semen boiling hard in him. Colette had made everything ready. He would let loose at Ayana's next climax. Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust, "HUAAAAH!" Ayana cried out. He turned beet red with the effort of not crying out and ejaculated forcefully against the stretched back wall of Ayana's vagina. On the first squirt, her hips danced a bit, excited but confused. On the second squirt, she jumped. Colette held her hips firmly buried on his cock. At the third squirt, Ayana made a sound like, "kuhuh!" After the fourth squirt, Ayana said, "Hey, I've pissed myself!" His body was quiet. Ayana's tight vagina clipped him once more, fluttered deliciously, then stilled. Colette pulled him back slowly. He slid his penis out of Ayana's very wet and very confused vagina. Colette patted a cotton cloth tightly onto Ayana's vulva, trapping in most of the semen. She held Ayana's hips still with her other hand.

"Just relax sweetheart," soothed Khushi, "It's over! I'm so proud of you! You did so well!" Colette was holding Ayana's hips motionless and pressing the cotton cloth firmly to trap in the semen. "Just be calm, darling," Khushi soothed. "I love you so much! You're so brave!"

"Huh, that was really odd..." Ayana mumbled. Zach left the room to give them privacy.

Zach put his flight suit back on and lay on the couch, drifting. It had been pleasurable. They'd accomplished their goal. Ayana wasn't freaking out, at least not yet. In fact, she seemed to be handling it well. They were all there completely in service to Ayana. He had gotten extreme amounts of pleasure out of it as well. He supposed it was not that very different from wanting any woman to have a good time with him. Except it had been extremely impersonal by design. It had worked, though. They had climaxed together. He had been excited enough to load quite a volume in her. It was auspicious.

Colette came out and said calmly, "They're all settled. She seems happy. I made $200. Priceless, of course. Khushi promised me she would try my $20 oral, even though she insists the only woman she finds interesting is Ayana. Ayana is trying to broaden her horizons. Such antics. Are we going to be doing this all week?"

"I'm not certain, but you seem to be a hit," said Zach. "I'm booked all four times. I can certainly use your help."

"What now?" asked Colette.

"Let's go visit the Breeding Bitches. Charisse needs to get knocked up in four hours. Do your joints hurt?"

"Yes, terribly."

"Mine, too."

(To be continued)
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